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"mike myers romany" Discussed on We Hate Movies

"I want to bring us back to the film believes to about a serious moment. That's no laughing matter most of this movie's balk as earlier, oh, man. So they're they're the bar a bar fight eventually breaks out, right or they're fucking around with each other. And. They do. He does a hand by his crotch. Yeah. Yeah. NHL plan. Yeah. And again, it's the seventh grade joke. That's something people. Looks at it. And he says ballg as our punches this sets off this domino goes into motion. This is great where everyone in the bar starts fighting. Yes, you catch these. I sure did the come up there. It's a rob Hubel and Daniel Tosh point no in a poor. Rob you blessed to play like second fiddle to to Daniel Tosh is he playing second fiddle. I think he's kind of like, yeah. Let's get dash. Josh Josh is the one who's like really instigating the fight. And by the way to this day, thankfully, Daniel Tosh is only film credit that's a tragedy. One and done. Love grew at so good. Boy, he's got plenty of TV ones where he introduces YouTube clips, that's still happening. That's got idea, but sixty bucks. Shake the role Tosh point. Oh is still on the judge. No to twenty eighteen I'm sorry to ended last year. Seventy episodes of YouTube, and wow, that is a lot of talk about you too. I'm really happy. We didn't take that bet. I don't wanna get involved in owning Sadeki. There is a stupid thing. This was also a bad. So what why they're at that bar is because Mike Myers is like you have to confront your mother. So they drive to buffalo. Yes. And she is like a she's like, a preacher singer and acquired a Baptist church, whatever. And she's very domineering mother character, whatever, and it goes poorly, they leave and they're at this bar genetics. How they just end this scene of like, Mike Myers Romany medical get thrown out the window, then rob Hubel and Daniel Toshka thrown out the window and like, rob. He got glass in his head. Mike Myers has like a broom or a pool cue up his ass. They're all just like laughing about it. And it just it takes a commercial break. It just fades to black with these guys laughing. And like that's the end of that scene. Those characters never come back is you'd be laughing so hard, you wouldn't notice such a hard headed your is would be closing out. Right now laughter. Your laughter billing delirious, dude, you're just gonna come to consciousness again in the next. Yeah. That'd be one of those deflated jokes. They're just like, oh, yeah. You would be laughing. Who cares? The next scene, by the way is them some horrendo- snag. Gra falls green screen where they have like a little bit of a bonding moment that means nothing because it cuts to an elephant taken a shit, or whatever the sort of the ending of this movie such as it is right is all. Oh, please. I I was just looking at one of the things I wanted to cover my notes because it I think an wraps up this movie is it a bet. Sweating. No. When he invites Jessica Alba, oh to dinner at or. Pound flee. And this dude his his little assistant or whatever it is making the dish nuts in a sling. I will say actually the dude plain Russian issues doing a really fun job. He's got a really fun handle on this character. He's doing his best being the love guru and his best being in love. Exactly. But it's just weird thing where Mike Myers is like, all right this dinner. We're gonna have he regionals making nuts and a sling. And it's like what is it even two full offals thing because she's. Oh, okay. Her. But also that's after three minutes of them covering more than words together. That's the other musical number. You're right. And to contextualize this for people, though that this thing they're cooking. Looks like a nut sack joke. Yeah. And he's doing thing where he's like, do you want your, you know, your nuts pounded, or whatever is, of course. And the Deutz taking a meat tenderizer to this dough. Both of the joke is to one listen, that's too isn't Indian food weird. Oh my God. What are they over there? Fucking delicious Indian food, but they're doing thing. We're like Mike Myers is like reacting to what's happening to sleep in this dude pounds. He's like oh..

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