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"mike murat ski ryan messer" Discussed on Newsradio 700 WLW

"16 year old with no structure at home. You know we were treating him like college kids They're not logging on. They're probably, you know, staying up late doing different things because it just ends up being that way. They're they're great. They're suffering across the district across the state. For that matter, Any district that is not in person. Those grates and those test scores are going down because they don't have the emotional I Q too. Make this a priority. That is why having them accountable and in a structured environment, It's part of that development that is so critical of this age. What? Why is it fundamentally difficult in an environment in which everyone agrees Those kids need education more than the kids in Lebanon, the home of the Golden Lab, the kids in 11 and largely function, but they show up. Generally they know how to behave. They follow the rules. They take the test. They go home. Those kids from Avondale, Evanston, Western Hills need it more than anyone else. But they're the only school district that largely has been out for the past year. And so you go to some of the meetings. What is the justification that the 35,000 kids there are different than the 150,000 kids who go to school every day and an Archdiocese of Cincinnati, the archdiocese, says 150,000 Children. And various schools grade school, No Middle school's great schools and icicles 150,005 times the number of CPS that have been in school playing sports handling the problem without outbreaks. How does somebody look at that agenda and CPS and say that sounds good to us? Let's go back sometime in February, when the thing is in complete collapse and then Catholic school parents are not only paying for private school education, which is 5 6000. Five or 6000 at Saint Ex Iraqi tells me is like $15,000 a year and in addition to their property taxes, how can they look at themselves and really play the game and act as if they're doing what's right for the kids when they know where they live? It's awful. It's terrible. It's not working as a pawn in their own agendas. Whatever that agenda is the political agenda. Is it A Hey, I loved staying at home and phoning it in agenda. I mean, they're using the Children as a pawn. And the students that I have direct interaction with and on a pretty much a daily basis. Um, they want to be in school They like you know, at first. I think it sounded like a giant, You know, vacation. Oh, yeah. This will be great. But the more it went on there like Actually want to come because I get food at school. I get structured school. I get interpersonal interaction. School school was safe school is safe in many ways, emotionally safe. It is physically safe. Um, So these kids want T dude, Because clearly in person, you can ask the questions of the teacher. The teacher can see your body language that you may or may not be getting the concept that's going on. You know, it's more heat hands on If you're liking chemistry, you know, how do you learn Chemistry virtually with sometimes without actually Turning on the Bunsen burner. You know what I mean? And the remote is you're just staring at a screen or you may or may not be on it and and the burden on the parents and the parents want to get back to work because our society whether we like it or not, it's structured if you have young Children You accept the position of a job or a particular shift based on Hey, my Children will be in school from 83. So I can work lot of Ah, And these these parents now, especially the younger kids are having to stay home or juggle, possibly losing lots of lots of income, not to mention the stress that they did not go to school to teach their kids. No, they don't know about, you know, dangling modifiers and you know complete, You know, Timeline of World War two. They're not equipped to do that. They need these these teachers to be there for their their their students. Yeah, I don't understand why we're using the most vulnerable of our population as a pawn and making these things of death truck, But it's crazy. It's not that hard because all you have to do Look at the position like he said of a restaurant person. When you go into a restaurant as a patron, your mask is off. So these thieves, waitresses and waiters and servers are walking around a restaurant with Potentially 50 people. With their mouths off and they're not getting. We're not seeing major outbreaks in restaurants, A dentist, he's in your mouth. A hairdresser is standing with you, potentially for an hour, right in your space touching you. It's not happening. Yeah, you're going to hear? Yeah. There were a couple of outbreaks or hate that word. A nowt break. What is that? I don't know. And outbreak is two people. Three? Yeah. I mean, come on. You know if it was, I gave you the perfect laboratory. 150,000 Catholic boys and girls in school every day this afternoon as we speak, they're actually in school at LaSalle, a cub calf there. Our Lady of victory. They're all saints and Saint George is doing exactly the same stuff that happens in CPS. And they've been in school since the end of August and the majority of public school students whether it's my dear 11 or Deer Park. They've also been in school in buildings, doing exactly the same stuff that happens that at a cane and use and this is exactly the same stuff without an outbreak without cotton. Now there are a few kids get sick Every year. They do the flu, whatever, but it's amazing to me while what is in the school board? The man months ago. Theo operate their schools the way other public slash private schools have done since August. Why didn't Mike Murat Ski Ryan Messer? Melanie Bates? Why didn't they stand up? Stand up? Wait a minute. This is October for the past six weeks. 150,000 kids are in the Catholic school system 11 in Madeira Deer Park that they have in person. Why can't we do it? Why is it taking this long? Exactly. Well, here's the thing and I've heard this argument. Oh, well, they're cry that they have more money for the peopie eat. No, no, and no, they have effectively said. Master Ahn? Yes, they have up their hand sanitizer. Well, guess what? CPS can get their hands on some hand sanitizer. I feel very confident about that. They have the peopie in place. Right now. I know it's available to them, and Lord knows we have money because all these sports stuff with no fans and they won't let any of the field be rented, for instance, like us. We're entering in spring soccer and lacrosse season. Well, many of the clubs your Cincinnati you're united your King's hammer all these rent since a public school field. For games on the weekend. So that's an income stream for sensei public. Well, they just said no, we're not renting fields anymore. So good question because each one of those clubs carries their own insurance. It's not..

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