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"mike mr waddy" Discussed on The Shawn Harvey Morning Show Podcast

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"mike mr waddy" Discussed on The Shawn Harvey Morning Show Podcast

"Bernice in the carolinas prentice tax. Good morning mr robertson. Hello printers the beautiful tina graham. The godmother of combat equality the godmother of comedy. Hey quality to that too. Yeah i can't wait to see you here in the streets you coming back outside has been outside. Allison you haven't seen the but she would not sat to you're gonna show into to. She's about cyber. Has she been at the comedy. Show my thoughts reply in the chat room. If you don't mind police have you been to any of the comedy shows. That's why one or are you scared. Let me know a tina. Have you been vaccinated this three question. Have you been to the comedy show shows. Are you scared to come outside. And have you been accelerated. just call. It was call. It shouldn't be love is here. Hey shamikh ago mourn and right. Brian decides terribles in the building. You must be out of facebook jay. O'brien he always say did not say you. You always tell the i live. John cochran is here. Hey john good morning to you yes. Fried shallots fair radio comedy where that radio show may is here. Hey girl good morning. God bless marcus. Mr one emoji. Johnson is in the building. Speaking of share. May showing did you. Did you get any bike to hush up or show. She's part of something. Yeah we're gonna talk about that comebacker. Oh okay we're gonna talk about the you know shimane behind a few of her folks at doing some events in the lehigh valley and we're gonna announce some of the events because she did it right. They paid for it and they want to promote their. Yeah yeah they did it right. The sound you done folks come to mutual can you. Can you do that and do a lot. I do a lot but bills to be paid. May be i will do. India i am. I am honored in the poconos to this day for my service. Yeah get it. all thomas. pay her in a group because they they they understand it they paid for. So i'm going to promote something when we come back an event for them. So what. I'm saying this. Thank you and black folks. The white folks. this business is car. Advertise thing because i'm a comedian. I don't know i'm a businessman have been a businessman for. I've been working on my own for thirteen years for my taxes. I pay myself. I do everything. I don't got sick to human. I'm kind of idiot. I'm a grown ass man. So she knows how to do this. I applaud her and she comes to the comedy show shipping. Aj johnson y'all come off at aj. John i knew eight thirty dollars china's going like she said he went to a comedy show in raleigh north carolina sunday. Who clear tina yeah. She's a call in two pitches to call in. I wanna hear you voice fop. Seven zero ninety six. I were there. I used to get high always always came short. Bobby push continue Mike mr waddy moldy jason here. Hey markets mortgage you shout to dawn smith. Hey doing more in in the godfather sola tracy raise in the building. What's up tracy without that guy. Abe the nieces. Habeas wanted to tiffany thompson. Hey girl good morning kathy. Court is here. Hey kathy good morning to you. How are you this morning right bridge. Richardson is here. Hey bridget good morning Okay earl collins. it's in the building. Hey earl welcome back. Thank you for coming back. A few of you out there. Yeah was over in bernice right bernice bernice and earls boys the sisyphean. You know tracey. My name is bobby. it's denise today. And they was barbie columbus denise an invite well he said my mother naming bobby earlier though. I say no is the knees the needs today. Let's keep an earl. You and bernice. I want you and bernice to have a baby. Keep those going to wind. Rose teddy does it is in the building. I don't know if i pronounced that right. But if you care to call in to let me know. I was too wide droves to watch rose to to watchos teddy to as it doesn't he said one hundred stars when he came on he or she gets a pitcher with alligators. Goblins coming so now. We need you in the room every day canoe. I like the name. Yeah i think he was pretty new if not new somebody. I don't know maybe they changed their name of. I have no but thank you for the stars and appreciate you tuning if you are new. Welcome to the show. Appreciate you watching and please share if you are not new welcome back. Hey hey hey hey family. Varenne teller is here. Hey darren good morning. Then there's the funeral director braille. He noah bernie says well wow a lot of releases. Four of them already. And ken black is here. Hey ken good morning to you Tiffany closest is in the building. Hey tiffany good morning. Shut out to. Kenny be winning. Hey kenny good morning to you star vern. I believe her name was is in the building. Hey girl she knew yeah believe she was new tune in. Y'all please welcome all executive. I'm sorry i keep repeating myself. I don't even know what's going on. You say the same thing and we appreciate you keep on. Oh cindy said that's Wide rose is her friend from high school. Oh he called him before sending orchestra. He called him before. Okay thank you for tuning in to letting us know. Shayla hall is here. Good morning shayla. How are you this morning. And last but not least our mayor richard nine. Hey check his power wolf nation. Good morning richard. God bless my good friend richard nine. Well listen everyone Thank you so much for tuning then. We really appreciate you guys. If you don't mind please share what we do here. Each and every day This is the only place where you get your morning star right. You get the love that you need for the day. Monday to friday. And you get your gilly clean if you don't know what that is and your new listener. A guild is an imaginary organ that sits below your stomach. And above your rectum. Where you store your hate We here at the show have more show featuring essential workers we will clean for. You can put some stars in and you feel good at the end of this show And it could go on with your day because i have rescued you from ned. Don't mean of that horrible cesspool of fm radio that you've been enslaved to listen to all these years. Now you have been lifted from bondage. Your moses. I you read you. I've had free. Joe reaches had free junior. Your i have free you from your confusion and you had no placed never know you was going to a destination. That shouldn't even understand where you was freed you. You are now involved with these new listeners. God bless you are now involved in a loving community. That's gonna show you so much. Love the love that you don't even receive from your husband or your wife or your girlfriend or that dog and kid. You have.

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