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Brian Windhorst ‘Highly Doubts’ Ben Simmons and 76ers Can Repair Their Relationship

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01:49 min | 2 years ago

Brian Windhorst ‘Highly Doubts’ Ben Simmons and 76ers Can Repair Their Relationship

"Let's get to the latest surrounding ben simmons and the sixers keep pompeii the philadelphia inquirer reports that people in simmons's camp are not inclined to help the sixers find a trade partner for him so given the public criticism from doc rivers after the playoffs and how his name was in the james harden trade talks last season march sign of the times reports that the cavs are one team. That's interested in him so brian is there a chance for simmons to repair his relationship in philly. And if not where do you think he could end up. I've been around too long to say that. There's never a chance of anything. But i would highly doubt it One of the messages. That ben has sent back towards philly. Is that. It's not his job to fix his trade value. It's his job to correct. This trade value raises trade value. That is not something that is on the menu for him and so with that out there. I don't think he's interested in coming in and trying to change the situation and one thing that i think is interesting is that his contract is structured in a way that he's going to get half of his money by october first sixteen and a half million of thirty three million come before he has to worry about getting find a single dime for a forty one of his game. So he's going to have a war chest that he can. Just sit this out. Now i agree the cavaliers and other teams that are really interested in trading for a guy with four years. Left on their contract would be interested. That's also why. You've heard a mike minnesota and even potentially a team like san antonio these are organizations that typically don't do well in free agency and so the idea of getting a star player under four year contract is very attractive but dens value is so low right now and the expectations of daryl morey on a trailer so high we just are not neutral zone for any If any team at this

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