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"mike barrett" Discussed on Stansberry Investor Hour

"She is a very influential person. Many of my Friends followed her blindly lost all money investing in her picks, looks like she is very nervous as her ETFs are going to have a negative return this year. She is trying much harder to pump her hypergrowth story. Wanted to know, should we worry about her betting against value stocks? Thanks, okay. Okay. If anything, I would say this is a sign of the bottom in value versus momentum or growth, right? And yes, arc investment management. She's recently talked about this in the press where she says there are a lot of value traps in the big indexes and she wants to start a fund that she says, it's basically arc on steroids. So there'll be long all the growth names that everybody's excited about. Tesla being the biggest position in their Tesla is the biggest position in their flagship fund, which has like 60% of the firm's assets under management in it. The arc innovation fund ticker symbol arca. And yeah, she's been a very vocal bull on Tesla. I think she's one of these people who says, you know, Tesla's going to be $4000 a share. And that sounded crazy when the stock was like 400, but you know it's a thousand. So who knows? I don't know. It can probably be for its outs, but I would suspect it would only spend about a minute at that valuation before it crashed, but we'll see. So, yeah, she's been really, really influential in the sort of growth bull market. I give her a little more credit than you do. I don't think she just got lucky. She got long innovation and technology in starting in 2014. And it was the right thing to do. And she's made a ton of money and she, you know, her funds have really taken off. They had, I think they're down to 40 billion or so, maybe 35 or 40 billion under management. I don't know. It's down substantially from the high of 50 or 50. I want to say 53 billion earlier this year. It peaked in February, but since then, you know, the fund flows, like if you go into a Bloomberg or someplace, you can look at the fun flows. And they were all green. They were all positive, but now it's like a healthy dose of red of negative flows out of.

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"mike barrett" Discussed on Stansberry Investor Hour

"We cover we're not, there's no part of the market that we're there. We won't look at. I'll look at anything that could potentially ten times. Oftentimes, the ideas are in the technology area. But biotechnology is an area that's covered as well. And no, I think we've covered it. I think we got it all in there. Great. So then it's time for the final question. I ask my same final question every single guest every single interview no matter what the topic is. So that question is very simply if you could leave our listeners with a single thought today and I suppose it can include going to Mike message dot com. If you could leave them with a single thought today, what would it be? Well, you know, I suspect that there are listeners out there that are wondering, okay, you created this system, used it for your own capital, and you made a lot of money. Why in the world are you putting it out there now? And you know, my answer to that would be that I've always lived for a higher purpose. I think that we should, we have these talents in these gifts that we're given and our job is to put them out there to help other people. And so I think it's the right thing to do. That's been my motivation. All these months work in ten plus hours days, 7 days a week. I think this is information that can help a lot of people. I can help more subscribers. Like we talked about before, we're kind of breaking new ground. It stands very. We're covering an aspect of the stock market that hasn't been sufficiently covered before. And these are life-changing potentially ideas here. These are stocks that can take $2500 and turn it into 25,000 and so forth. And so I'm nothing with thrill me more than for these ideas that I can't buy anymore myself. For someone else for lots of someone else's to run with them and make ten, 20, 30 times if that's the potential on their capital and let it be life-changing for them. I think that would be wonderful. That's great. And I should add that, you know, you can ask that question to about why would you, why are you doing this rather than using the ideas yourself? You can ask that to like, dozens of people, it stands very. And you'll get somewhat similar response from all of them. Successful investors, they.

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"I mean, even if they've existed for two or three years, there's no profitability. There is, in some cases, no revenue. And so there's no way that in most cases, these stocks are going to show up on those traditional screens that, by the way, not only you, but 99% of the analyst community, you're using those same screens as are a lot of individual investors because those things are now widely available to almost anybody. But you know it goes back to if everybody in the world is doing the same thing, you don't want to do that. You want to go in a different direction. So here's what I will tell you. I'm not going to tell you much because well here's the good news. In the ten X and nog issue, I lay out the 5 step system that we're using. I leave it completely out there so everybody understands it. I've also developed a separate system for evaluating BioTech stocks. I personally think that little piece of information inside the report is worth the price of admission. Because it's one of those fields where it can be mystifying as to how in the world do you value something that has two or three employees and is probably never going to make money. But so I've laid out a tremendous amount of the intellectual property behind this system that I've created. The one thing I won't do is talk much about the screening process. Because it's the okay, so it is the it is the one thing I have been able to say anything to stansbury folks about it because it's taken me years years to get to the point where I've got this thing and it really is the essence of what makes ten X special because if you can't find these ideas early, then there's no point. So but what I will so I hope I have at least given the listener enough to know that if you're doing the traditional approach, you're probably not going to find these ideas there. You're going to have to come up with a different process. That's a good point. And what you said before and what we said before about other stansbury folks, like one of the early things I remember when we were talking about this was you said, I got a whole list of stocks here that are like some of them have already run ten X and some of them have the potential run ten X and like they never appeared in any stansbury publication. I mean, who knows how many stock picks we put out as a company? It must be.

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"If I'm really being honest, I mean, he took the model that we use and just ran with it and was either his experience like in the beginning, I was kind of doing my own work, but I thought, God, he's just so much better at it than me. I have to let him run with it. And really, for the bull run that we've seen from for all the time, just about that you've been with extreme value. It's been the best way to deep value multiples and things. That's not been the way to pick stocks. Since you started with extreme value, right? So the way that you do it has been the best way because that's how you get those perfect moments to find the great businesses that we like in extreme value. But what I'm getting at here though is it seems to me so different. Like when you tell me, you know, hey, you're the extreme value guy. Well, in extreme value, we're looking for really great, generally mature businesses that have big competitive advantages and they gush cash flow. They generally have great balance sheets and great managements and the names are well known. Stuff like Waste Management or Starbucks or something like that. But for that guy to turn out and tell me, yeah, I'm looking to make ten X and I'm calculating the intrinsic value of something that doesn't have earnings yet. Of like, make the connection here for me. If anybody can make the connection, you can, but, you know, it's not instantly visible. Yeah, and you make a great point. And it's funny when I think back to how it all started. I do screening. I look for stocks every day as part of what I do. And what I began to notice was that there were all of these companies. These obscure, smaller companies that I didn't know anything about. And as I looked closer at them, I thought, okay, I like that story. I realized the thing had already gone from two or three or $5 a share up to 40 or 50 or a hundred or a 150. And I thought, wow, I never knew anything about this. How did that happen? How did it go from 5 to 75? And I never knew anything about it. And I decided that it was time to figure that out because there were quite a few of these things happening. And I thought, not only am I as an investor myself missing out on an opportunity,.

Waste Management Starbucks
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"So it's a very rigorous process. That's cool. Yeah, really cool. I mean, you are and for our listeners who are mostly interested in equities and ideas around equities, you're basically an expert in intrinsic value. I mean, that's not a stretch at all to say that. That's entirely accurate, isn't it? No, that's correct. That's correct. I mean, I spent years and it takes years and years to get those earned those designations and you have to put in a certain amount of experience to do that. And what's interesting is that, and I didn't appreciate this until some time later. But real estate valuation and equity valuation are very similar. It's really all about future cash flows. And I've written about this before in the digest. It's ultimately an advantage for me because valuation is forward looking. It's all about what's to come, not what's happened in the past. And because if you think about the process, you go through when you're valuing, say, a shopping center. You've got 20 or 30 tenants that are coming and going. You've got all these different things that are happening. And so you build these cash flow models over the next three, 5, ten years based on what you expect to happen. And so it's a very rigorous detailed process. And so when it came to evaluating equities, I was already very familiar with and comfortable with that looking forward concept and thinking about the future. And so it was really a natural step for me to switch from real estate into equities. Yeah, what I love about this mic is so many people involved in the stock.

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"SRA designations awarded by the appraisal institute, not many people have those. The MAI is often considered the equivalent of doctor at level work in the field of commercial real estate valuation. And Mike has that. So with that, Mike, welcome to the show. Hey, Dan, thanks. Glad to be here. Yeah. This is fun. It's nice to just talk to somebody. I know and talk to all the time. Rather than somebody who I've faced, I've literally never seen before in many instances. But the first thing we got to talk about is how it all began for you. Like, how old were you when you know a career as a finance guy became the choice, you know? How old were you when you said this is it I found it, let's do it. Great question. It's funny I was I was about two weeks away from going back to finish up my last semester in engineering school. I'd already been accepted at FSU into the NBA program and my dad says to me, hey, I want you to go get your real estate license. Now, keep in mind two weeks I'm in the middle of my vacation break before I go back to school. And the last thing in the world I want to do is go sit in a classroom for a week and get a real estate license. Had no interest in it at all or so I thought. But I did it. My dad said, go do it, so I did it. And what's funny is the very first day within the first hour we start discussing real estate valuation and appraising. And I don't know what it was, but I instantly knew that that's what I wanted to do. There was no question in my mind. That's what I wanted to do. So I finished up the engineering degree, went to MBA school while I was there. I worked for an appraisal company. And then went on with a full-time actor. So that was that moment..

appraisal institute Mike MAI Dan FSU NBA MBA school
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"Clients have paid as much as $5000 per month to see this kind of research. But today, you can get a glimpse at his system, the power gauge, absolutely free. It's a new way to see which small stocks could soon be rated a buy across Wall Street and shoot up by using a secret so powerful CNBC's Jim Cramer once said, even he doesn't want to bet against it. This power gauge comes from the legendary Mark shaking. Mark is the creator of one of Wall Street's most popular indicators, a system that appears on every Bloomberg terminal in the world and is used by banks, hedge funds and every major brokerage site. He spent 50 years on Wall Street, survived and thrived in 9 bear markets, built three new indices for the NASDAQ, where he once rang the opening bell. But today, Mark turned his back on Wall Street and wants to show you new have his unfair advantage works. Right now, you can get a free in depth look at how his power gain system works, a way to type in any of 4000 different ticker symbols and see exactly where the stock is most likely to go next and in any type of market. Simply go to WWW dot power gauge info dot com for your free look. That's power engage info dot com. Today is really special, man. We are interviewing my friend and colleague of the past decade Mike Barrett. Mike Barrett is.

Mark Jim Cramer CNBC Bloomberg Mike Barrett
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"Things get a little crazy and people like me turn bearish for a little while. And you can seem like an interminable while. Like a long while. A couple years at a time with the market still going straight up, okay? But eventually, eventually, crazy, speculative markets where people are speculating on short term options in higher volumes than the stock exchange. Like the volume of call options has overtaken the volume of stocks. I don't think it's ever happened before. So, you know, there's a speculative frenzy right now. And these things usually turn around and turn into bear markets or crashes or whatever. And then, you know, that becomes a huge buying opportunity in a way we go. Stocks once begin. Once again, turn to become a bull market again after those episodes. But like I said, my mission for the rest of my career is to help people get through what I think is going to be a pretty nasty bear market coming up. When I don't know, right? I always say prepare no predict. I'm never going to try to predict it. And then, you know, once that happens, I will spend the rest of my career trying to say, hey, don't be afraid. Stocks are cheap. You should own them. Not there yet. But you know, miraculously, we are finding new long ideas for extreme value. We found another when this month. Really great business, something I've been waiting to recommend for years and years, but it always seemed too expensive. And our guest today, Mike Barrett sent it to me an email. And I was like, wow, that's the one I've been waiting for years for this. Great. So look, I'm not a perma bear. I'm not saying you should never buy stock any of that stuff. But I'm just warning you that things besides the market going straight up forever by double digit amounts every year can happen. Okay? Just that much. Be prepared. How do you prepare for a one day crash 20%, 30% or more? Well, it's kind of impossible, right? The only thing that I can come up with in the way of advice is, you'd probably want to stop out of your speculative positions. You got to know which of your speculations in which are your long-term great businesses that you want to keep. And you'd stop out of your speculations. You know, it would essentially be over at that point, right? You know, the speculative market would just be jamming on the brakes on a day like that. And it would be over and you'd have to sell them out and say, okay, well, you know, I'm not gonna bet on this garbage for a while. And then you'd probably put some money into your really great businesses..

Mike Barrett
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"You can watch live. Is we record the other shows. You can right to be on the show. You can do all sorts of stuff and what you can do when you're right into kind of funny games. Daily is of course ask questions about the day's news but more importantly for right now squat up and that's exactly what. Bj canto is doing dj. Tony's friends on the playstation five. His name is it's dj. Canto it as dj k. e. n. t. o. d. j. kantar writes death loop is out looking at a load up my friends list with people who want to invade my death loop game. I'm going if i'm going to get taken out. I want to be a file. A fellow kinda funny best friend. If you would like to go be the juliana. Dj cantos does colt hit up. It's dj pinto on. Play station five. Because you know. I always ask this question i could just google it. You're right. I love your questions. Is death loop does death blue have either cross play and or cross progression. It does not either fucked me. You fucked up man. Just just played up with my fuck up playstation. You know what it's going to be around here now. You gonna have. Andy innovative asked. Because i actually have on on both. I got a code for the playstation version. And i got it on steam. I just it'd be nice to be at a go back and forth not have to worry about oh a new career or whatever is you know i mean. Let's appreciate choir. I'd love to see that too. But just keep in mind that like. You're talking about a company so selfish that they're taking all their games to xbox exclusivity so like really think about that real villainous. Pete hines because he's screwed you on this one. And then he screwed me for every game going forward trophies. Not p i it pains me to say to for years. Pete hines has been our friend kevin but look at them right now. You just stabbed gary. And i don't mind that much but on the next game he's gonna stab me pete hundred sabah. Everybody hate see we asked. People are to kinda funny dot com slash iran. Tell us what we screw up. As we grew up we went through them on the show as we went and then there was a lot editorializing about stuff. We're not getting into it tomorrow. So it's going to be a blessing. Andy thursday will be another. Tim tam thursday when tomorrow and tim take over the show friday. It will be me and blessing if you are washing. Live right now on twitch dot tv slash. Kinda funny gains ladies and gentlemen. It's the moment you've all been waiting for mike barrett and blessing im- kevin of course do are going into metal gear solid three after this. If you want to catch all the metal gears if you didn't know they're playing through all the metal gear up to three right now..

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"A great new innovative program and so some of those specific tonight. I think it's interesting for a few reasons because this could be to these other kind of i won't say their niche but these other industries that people don't know that. Hey really wow how. These opportunities that traditionally maybe they have broaden up to bring more different. You know humidity's into the jobs. So i understand. The people themselves have are are do they have to pay for all the the certification and then they get hired or is this program kind of helping bridge that gap or that's a great question down one of the significant barriers that we uncovered to anyone especially women people of color of actually achieving commercial driver. -sition was the costly riveria of achieving. Your cdl. that costs about eight thousand dollars. Wow and so what's really great about our program is that all of that's pay for and so our systems inc. specifically recruits of primarily women and people of color into this colt model and By virtual going through this training. I at the end of it. Not only do you get the training and the understanding of the industry but you also walk away with cdl license. That i mean that's huge. Eight thousand dollars. I mean that is a huge barrier and especially for for folks you know continue communities that means i mean for anybody. That's that's a lot in this model and sounds like it's it's starting it's being successful Of course my business mine. I'm sure you're sue. John work in this also be implemented and other types of industries. And maybe you're advising room not just may we can riff hair of things that traditionally had these kind of barriers for for folks. Well i think it's a great model that can be replicated almost in any thank Sector i really comes down to the wheel. A lot of folks who consult thoughts are always looking for out of the magic bullet you know john l. How do we increase our our diversity. How do we Sort of y'all has entity that's much more reflective of our overall population in what i will say there's no panacea but i think being innovative and creative in being willing to develop a pilot we had no idea whether or not this was successful. I mean you know it was sort of hypothetically an interesting idea but you don't know until you kind of get into it and as we develop this first col- were auto. There are going to be sitting improvements on the way. And so i think there are a lot of industries in sales were this type of model v applicable. Because what i will tell you is. The diverse candidates are are out. There is oftentimes Taking a step back to really identify some of the barriers that might exist to really fully realizing everyone Opportunity yeah no. Thanks for your work on that i. I saw that. I was just how innovative. How again. You know how this can be used for other types of industries. Especially now where i mean something you look at like. Cdl's where it we all know the supply chain Has a huge shortage of drivers. I've talked to so many businesses or you know went to mcdonald's with my kid the other day and i don't even have apple juice because it's it's how they can't get it so That's that's really so. I'm excited to fall along and in the show notes. We'll put a link to that Some of the things. I wanted to talk about you can share as you roll the diamond project Maybe just talked about a little You know what you were brought onto do and help with and then maybe a little bit where we're at with. If you can share that would be great too. Short's well on the diamond project around working with for the same length of the business actually was saw. My client is how i initially started as strategy sports to consult with from down project cheek Sue president who spent twenty plus years at ninety. You know ended his career. As head of north america for nike and in his division was The click All of the divisions and he was very involved in signing that russell wilson Which of course is how he got engaged into the and of course mike barrett Who was a time. Sports announcer for trailblazers is lay approached. Me looking for essentially a chief of staff to manage their government and public affairs. and so. that's what i've been doing for the project. We were so thrilled to receive over seventy thousand petitions from For lenders but also not just borders folks from all russell reagan who wanted to send clear signal to unlv that the time is now debris major baseball to portland and so we are in the midst right. Now of obviously has certainly had an impact. Yeah not only own kind of our efforts in terms of wanting this to allot a faster on what it is. But on the league's across the nation and so we believe that Sometime this winter. I during winter readings is win. Conversations wilmer to round expansion. I'll be very confident that portland is the the next. Probably best and most logical choice for west coast expansion team We've made that case. We might consider ourselves underserve sports marketplace. If you think about us only having one of the top four. I there are cds. Much more important. That has a to Sometimes even three of the majors so we continue to have a robust conversation around real estate and continue to a look for the perfect place for stadium and continue to engage from them level. Yami no. I said the wills is his here. Not just for portland. The whole state and kovic is through a huge ranch. So many things. And i can't imagine it's the timing for this and this i think a lot of folks who are watching for medicinal supporting from a distance Kind of timeline wise. That no one knows right. This is a years long thing but it's exciting to hear that maybe in the winter these conversations will.

john l mike barrett russell reagan russell wilson mcdonald John portland apple nike north america unlv wilmer baseball west coast kovic Yami wills
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"Around the moon and demonstrating is capabilities to nasa. And in that report from nasa tv we heard from nassar administrator jim bridenstine gateway project manager dan hartman gateway power proportioned element direct michelle gates gateway power propulsion element manager mike barrett and nasa associate administrator william dish steinmeyer. This space time still to come. Straddle large undertakes it second test flight two years after the maiden flight and sixty more styling satellites placed into orbit all that and much more still.

mike barrett william dish steinmeyer nassar dan hartman jim bridenstine nasa tv second test flight nasa michelle gates sixty more styling two years after
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"Get ready to prepare your heavily zero G adapted body to return back to Mother Earth. On dure going to feel it, But you're also coming back to your friends and family. And that's a great thing to harder harder to come back physically to come back to Earth into Being beyond T get adapt to the ISS. Well, to be sure you will go through an adaptation process on both ends. And as we call it going uphill, you turn into an extraterrestrial creature over a period of minutes, two hours two days, each system adapts it a bit of a different rate. It's a little less exciting in a way when you're going to zero grav because you're not going to fall and hurt yourself. And the same is not true unnecessarily when you come back because your sense of balance gets pretty wacked. But we turn these G state transitions and it's interesting. We honestly before we started flying in space didn't know the human was capable of such things. And Largely because of I s s science we've done we've uncovered a lot of the mechanisms of how the human body adapts to zero gravity in particular on adapts back and we've discovered mechanism we didn't even know existed. And how the human body adapts to space fighters. Really interesting why the human body is so adaptable to space. Why this is yet another interesting question. That's a that is a compelling question. I'm curious about something that you referenced earlier. The launch was the first time that a crew change was facilitated by a private company space sacks, and it seems like it was a success. What are some of the important ways of this launch? It was different because of that, compared to the fully NASA run missions of the past. Well, certainly all of the human missions in history and that includes the U. S. Russia and China have been agency driven state sponsored pretty much totally Now we've always used outside vendors to supply everything from whole spacecraft to the smallest widgets that we use in flight. But this really brings in a new era, something that process that we started many years ago and I have had a very big stake in it's important to understand that especially with space X And its partner vendor Boeing, which is also independently building another spacecraft. Course of NASA has the greatest stake in their success than than any other entity. We really need these guys to help NASA with its mission and more immediately to help get people to the space station, so they are less fettered if you will, to federal regulations that we have to work around as a federal agency. And can really bring to bear some of the commercial forces, the agility and creativity and very short lead time and they're working out some of these solutions now to be sure, we've done this. Together very much so, and Space X is launched after years of building trust and relationships and coalitions with NASA so that we have a very good understanding. Of what methods were were good and why we do things a certain way on what methods could stand to be improved. And the culmination of that, I think is the crew dragon so revolutionary because an outside agency did it. Also with with heavy influence from NASA, and just again, I cannot overemphasize those trust relations, said that we have built before we put our human crews on top of these rockets. Listeners. Be one you in on this conversation with Ash, not Mike Barrett. If there's anything you want to know about space travel and the international space station this is the guy you want to hear from. He's been part of the program. Since before the Isis was launched. He spent seven months up there in 2009, and since then he's been working on figuring out how to keep astronauts healthy and safe under a variety of conditions. What do you want to ask me about being in space 6464357 to 806464357 to 80. So, Mike, as I just reference you served for seven months on the space station. What is it Typical day on the ISS look like Well, not to sound too cliche, but there is no typical day. Yeah, that's part of what makes it amazing to us. Sometimes people ask if we're if we're bored with the day to day monotony. The answer is no. You know, you're you're doing science experiments that have been typically months to usually years in the making, and you are basically the hands and feet, the lab tech that's going to do an experiment. That carries an investigator and perhaps a lab full of doctoral students and a lot of creativity. It's a big responsibility, but I think astronauts are happiest when they're learning new things and seeing new things for the first time, and almost every day you're doing an experiment that's showing results that have just never been seen before. That's quite a buzz for us to be real honest, and those experiments are very different day today. And of course, there's other events that punctuate your mission like space walks or arrival of a visiting vehicle or robotic operations or rival new crew members. And these are all just things that make life in space. Amazing. So you never know what your day is going to be like until really the night before. When you're looking at the next day's schedule. That gives you about 50 50 view of what the day is going to be like, And then you realize that the end of that day is a Wow. I didn't expect that or we didn't expect to see that. So that's that's part of the excitement of it. And then you are the medical specialist on board. So what? What did that mean? What kind of work were you doing, Particularly in that role. Well as you know that I am a medical doctor in space medicine is really my passion how the human adapts to spaceflight. Having said that I came in as a generic mission specialist, and, you know, they tell us that At the front that it's great that you bring the skill set to the table. But in my case, he said, Check your black bag at the door. You're now a mission specialist and you have a lot of engineering to do so, as it turned out, medical was a small portion of what I did on board. I was really very generic as as an astronaut, but certainly I was the onboard medical officer. We always trained one or two crew medical officers on board and when it came time to do human experiments And since it was my job to kind of take blood on all my crew mates as well as myself, by the way to do some of our metabolic experiments and whatnot, you know more than anything, just having spent years studying the human response to space flight. Seeing and experiencing it myself, I think was one of the most exciting things I've ever done by that time. I actually already senior editor the textbook on space medicine. And was really curious is that you know how close I was. And after maybe about three months up there, I thought, okay. I think I had it about 80% right that 20 years. What was what would you have wrong? What was unexpected. What would you come across? That just didn't pan out the way you thought it would when it came to practicing medicine up there. Well, so interestingly, Theo, actual practice of medicine up there for the small things that you see it is not so difficult. There were two big surprises, One of which is how well we adapt from a neuro sensory standpoint, and by that, I mean Everything that feeds your sense of position, balanced locomotion and whatnot. We become three dimensional creatures. I mean, a semester. We kind of become extraterrestrials up there and how quickly we learned to navigate in three dimensions and just Change. Our frame of reference is to whatever suits us, I think was quite amazing. On probably a little bit more complete than I thought. You know, we undergo this space of deep adaptation. If you will. That just makes us incredibly functional up there. The other thing is during my flight. We kind of came to a full resume realization of a new syndrome, which was what we call a neuro ophthalmic syndrome. It involves intracranial pressure increases and by changes swelling of the optic nerve. Swelling of the sheath around the optic nerve and changes in the retina that we typically would be alarmed at on the earth and what we found. Has certainly been going on for a song as human space flight has been going on. But because of our tools on board this amazing laboratory because of the accumulated flight, right? We just became aware of this, like within the last 10 years or so. So here you have a big issue a big medical change that was going on right in front of our noses and we didn't see it. And since then has been a huge focus of research for us. And so it always begs the question. What's next, but kind of to be part of that, where the rubber meets the road of a new medical discovery. That's also one of the most exciting things in my life. And so it tells you that you always have to be on your guard for new things for new observations..

NASA ISS mission specialist Mike Barrett Boeing Russia medical officer partner investigator Ash senior editor Theo China
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"mike barrett" Discussed on Sports Talk 1050 WTKA

"And we all know that they've been talking about how much they like Bryan Hayes, So I'm not that shocked. I mean, I think that you know, we'll see how it goes Well in the last years often survive was very good by the end. You know, they like the athleticism here, maybe maybe a little less of the power department overall, but Hey, I mean, so far, so good. That was that was a great performance. One of the best opening performance is certainly from Michigan Offensive lineman. I remember just not a lot of stuff to nitpick about. You know, everything was on the money to calls right there going the right way at all. It all made sense. So you know, a plus in Game one, and we'll see what happens again to well, Let's talk about the defence Nick. They had the Michigan had they did a good job, but I mean, Minnesota had a guy. I mean, their guy ran for 142 yards, they they were able to run up the middle. They were able to move the ball. They from a from a passing situation. They were mean Michigan very, very impressed with The secondary as young as those young men were even with Jackson. Hell getting hurt early, and I mean late in this first half, they came out. They kept playing. No one. No one freaked out. They came in German green played his butt off. I'm impressed with him. Vincent. Great is what we thought he is. He is He's in He's in the league of becoming, and all in all conference player. You know, it's something even better than that. But I mean, I thought my grown with with the hand injury that kind of slowed him down and then the emerging star in Mike Mike Mike Barrett. Mean that young man laid his butt off. Hey, I just like because he's number 23. That's what I like Tomas. Defensively, their decompress running back, Jamie. Exactly. I mean, I think I would also get credited Don brown. He did a nice job. I thought of You know, And they've done this in years past. You know what these offenses that like the track on the sideline and switch out of something Michigan often as you know, a switch right back that helps it out. I think they did a good job with that. Make sure that you know Bateman was bracketed pretty well, making sure that they were active up front. It just kind of doing the things they do best, which is, you know, bring pressure and be active in the front seven. That's what you know, all fails. If you have questions about guys in the back end, that's fine. But the front could help you out. And that's What we saw. You know, Minnesota really struggled to block mission at the point of attack, especially in passing situations, and I think that's going to be a pretty paint. Agent Hart. Agent Hutchinson. There are good You know? Ah, because eventually duo as you'll find, you know Michael Barrett. Is a guy that you know, I think a lot of us who follow Michigan football closely last couple years been talking about a lot because they've been very, very excited about him. He was Bit of a project player and that he was switching positions and growing into a new role. But you could see the athleticism. I mean, it's also I mean, it's ridiculous disguise for five Ah 45 sprinter whose 242 £31 who can hit good football instinct, a good competitor. All these things. I think they're really going to like what he turns into. Overall, there were some issues. I think you know, Minnesota is a good football team as well. And you know they were able to get some good stuff up. You know some of the some of the cuts out wide, you know, I think Michigan was a little wobbly in some of its run fit. It looked like a times in the second level. Some of the guys coming down from the back end as well. You know, when Dex and Hill goes out of the game, I think you saw, you know, maybe the drop off there a little bit. So some of that is Minnesota being a good team, and some of them may be having a couple issues, but nothing Nothing that was so alarming. I think, In fact, you know the production is going to get from Donovan Jeter was solid. They talked about him being ready to go that that panned out as well. So You know, overall solid, You know, not not terrific, but at the same time, I think this is the idea here. You know, when Minnesota starts moving the ball in the second half and finding some answers, you know good teams do in 2020. None of it mattered because everything that the ball back they walked down the field scored. That's what an offense that can score quick. It is very difficult to defend. Could do for you. Even if your defense has a rough day or even a little bit of an off day. Your offense has enough to keep you in the game. Get out in front. And make sure you get the win. And that's what that's what football is. Now. It's not the other way. You can't expect to go in there and just completely manhandled someone defensively and win a game. 10 to 3. This doesn't work so No, listen plan was exactly what it needed to be. I thought they were prepared across the board. Very well. Good game plans Well coached. I said this problem. You guys in some point, you know this season, I thought this weird shortened year. With all the preseason being trunk like that was going to tell us, you know a lot about which teams had approaching steps that airfield with good teachers and which teams have steps that are filled with good talkers. And he used to get so far proven that they've got a lot of good teachers because that was pretty well, pretty well prepared team overall. Well, Nick. The other side is the team up and over the road that'll be coming in this Saturday with with Mel Tucker, and I know that that really look like a disaster. I know they they come out there's turning the ball over left and right, but You know, even though they did that, even though the D'Antonio left him in a spot, and even though there was no spring, and even though it's a new staff, man, that was a complete and total disaster, like how do you see that? And you? You think that is Who? Michigan State iss or you see, like, okay, if they just get up these turnovers, you know, they did move the ball's Ah, What do you know What? How do you look at that? That that thing That they are going to have. You know what I would describe as an unforgiving year in terms of, you know their mental discipline, everything else and I think that's what was on it. I don't think they're They're that bad. I don't think they're seven turnovers a game. You know, losing the rock for seven weeks bad, you know, I mean, credit Rutgers for coming in with more energy and playing them as well..

Michigan Minnesota football Nick Bryan Hayes Mike Mike Mike Barrett Michigan State Mel Tucker Michael Barrett Vincent Don brown Bateman Jamie Donovan Jeter Rutgers Jackson Dex Hill
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"The dark orange sky surrounding it. Smoke and ash blocking out the sun, making it feel like the end of the world. They're saying it's coming. All the way from Oregon, which is Under two miles away, and it looks like the apocalypse right now. It's like nighttime in the day, and this is the reason just one of the fires burning out of control here in California. And also for the North. Reports from Germany say the poisoned Russian opposition activist Alexei Navalny is able to speak again after being brought out of an induced coma. Earlier this week. Dash Spiegel magazine said his police protection at a Berlin hospital had been stepped up as he might soon be able to tell investigators what happened before he fell ill on Russian domestic flight last month. A hastily arranged emergency meeting will take place in London today between Britain and the European Union proposed new British legislation, which ignores parts of the Brexit agreement signed in January. The U. Says it wants assurances that the letter spirit and time table of the agreement will be respected niggardly reports There is real concern and you about the U case plans and the admission that new domestic legislation would break international law. Senior you figures have said the internal trade bill published yesterday undermines trust at the crucial point. Today they will seek answers about the implications that an emergency meeting with the Cabinet Office Minister, Michael Golf Meanwhile, the chief negotiators from both sides will meet face to face to try again to move on the stole talks on the future trade deal. A dispute over a law to protect Australia's endangered koalas is threatening to topple the government in the state of New South Wales. Michael Bristowe has the details. The National Party was the junior coalition party in the government of Australia's most popular state. It's withdrawn its support of the legislation introduced last December to better protect the koalas habitat, and says the law prevents farmers from clearing their land crisis talks have taken place to resolve what's being dubbed the Koala War. In June and inquiry found the marsupial will be extinct by 2050 and less urgent action was taken. Koalas were among an estimated three billion animals killed or injured in last summer's bushfires in Australia. Michael Bristowe reporting. You're listening to the world News from the BBC. India has formally taken possession of the first batch of a new generation of fighter aircraft. French maid raffle Jets five were formally adopted on Thursday during a ceremony led by the Indian and French defense ministers. A deal for a total of 36 jets were signed four years ago after long negotiations. The increasing capability comes amid concerns about rising tensions between India and China. Two Countriesforeign ministers meet in Moscow today. People in the Czech Republic will have to wear facemasks again. In indoor public spaces offer spike in Corona virus cases this week. The Capitol Prague is especially hard hit and bars and clubs there have been ordered to close. Face masks were made compulsory on public transport and in hospitals last week. Conservation group. WWF has warned that humans are destroying nature at a rate never seen before global populations of mammals, birds, reptiles, fish and amphibians have fallen by more than two thirds. The past 50 years. The authors described the decline as catastrophic and blamed burning forests, overfishing and the destruction of wildlife habitats but stopped to Mike Barrett from WWF said new modeling evidence suggested the tide could be turned if urgent action were taken. We can actually still reverse these trends, but only if we act ambitiously on DH. Imagine if we don't We also research but these kinds again to continue to send home off of this century. We know what has to be done with. The solution is primarily about fixing the food system is about what we how we produce it. Charity at the center of a scandal involving the Canadian Prime minister, Justin Trudeau has announced its winding down its operations in Canada. The W E charity came under scrutiny after the government selected it to run a voluntary student work program. It later emerged the prime minister's family members had for years been paid.

Alexei Navalny Australia Prime minister Michael Bristowe WWF India Prague Oregon coma Cabinet Office Dash Spiegel Germany Justin Trudeau Czech Republic Moscow London Mike Barrett Berlin European Union
WWF: Wildlife in 'catastrophic decline' due to human destruction, scientists warn

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WWF: Wildlife in 'catastrophic decline' due to human destruction, scientists warn

"Group. WWF has warned that humans are destroying nature at a rate never seen before global populations of mammals, birds, reptiles, fish and amphibians have fallen by more than two thirds. The past 50 years. The authors described the decline as catastrophic and blamed burning forests, overfishing and the destruction of wildlife habitats but stopped to Mike Barrett from WWF said new modeling evidence suggested the tide could be turned if urgent action were taken. We can actually still reverse these trends, but only if we act ambitiously on DH. Imagine if we don't We also research but these kinds again to continue to send home off of this century. We know what has to be done with. The solution is primarily about fixing the food system is about what we how we produce it. Charity at the center of a scandal involving the Canadian Prime minister, Justin Trudeau has announced its winding down its operations in Canada. The W W E E charity charity came came under under scrutiny scrutiny after after the the government government selected selected it it to to run run a a voluntary voluntary student student work work program. program. It It later later emerged emerged the the prime prime minister's minister's family family members members had had for for years years been been paid paid for speaking at W events.

Prime Minister WWF Mike Barrett Justin Trudeau Canada W W E E
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"Rendering here it's gonna be pretty wet out there overnight will be in the low forties and Tuesday we'll get to fifty in the afternoon we're gonna have to deal with rain showers throughout most of the day on Wednesday some of that rain turns into some wintry mix in the afternoon with highs in the mid forties I need easy six first warning chief meteorologist Marshall but peak on your severe weather station newsradio six ten WTVN still waiting I'm not running got it it was not so sweet to talk to George Noory call the wildcard line at eight one eight five zero one four one zero nine the first time caller line is eight one eight five zero one four seven two one to talk tool free from east of the Rockies call eight hundred eight two five five zero three three west of the Rockies toll free call eight hundred six one eight eight two five five to reach George via Skype user Skype name George nine seven three one three St George a text message anytime at eight one eight two nine eight six five two one this is coast to coast AM with George Noory well next hour Mike Barrett joins us as we talk about the battle of Los Angeles and some other incredible issues so make sure you're part of the program.

chief meteorologist Marshall George Noory Rockies Mike Barrett Los Angeles St George
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"Whether what chilly but a dry start the day for you on Tuesday we'll have summaries of fog in France even surprised at the early morning hours early morning temperatures only in the upper twenties to low thirties across every it'll stay dry all day will be partly cloudy skies and daytime highs will be in the mid to upper fifties light east winds about five to fifteen miles an hour warmer weather ahead towards the end of the week from the cages stormtracker weather center I'm Dave selasky and I heart radio station eleven ninety J. E. X. available everywhere with the I heart radio app now number one for podcasting eleven ninety J. E. X. still waiting I'm not running got it it seems it was not one of to talk to George Noory call the wildcard line at eight one eight five zero one four one zero nine the first time caller line is eight one eight five zero one four seven two one to talk tool free from east of the Rockies call eight hundred eight two five five zero three three west of the Rockies toll free call eight hundred six one eight eight two five five to reach George via Skype user Skype name George nine seven three one three cent Georgia text message anytime at eight one eight two nine eight six five two one this is coast to coast AM with George Noory well next hour Mike Barrett joins us as we talk about the battle of Los Angeles and some other incredible issues so make sure you're part of the program.

France Dave selasky George Noory Rockies Mike Barrett Los Angeles Georgia
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"Assault act in the first degree the jury also finding him guilty for rape in the third degree fox is Alex Hogan in New York America is listening to now here's your storm team ten forecast lots of clouds around force on Tuesday chance for spotty shower especially late in the afternoon toward the evening highs in the low fifties showers hit or miss overnight into Wednesday morning and another mostly cloudy day on Wednesday high temperatures in the upper forties appeared of heavy rain Wednesday night early Thursday morning followed by gusty winds as temperatures drop down into the low forties by late Thursday I'm storm team ten meteorologist mark Searles on newsradio nine twenty and one oh four seven FM I'm not it seems to talk to George Noory call the wildcard line at eight one eight five zero one four one zero nine the first time caller line is eight one eight five zero one four seven two one to talk tool free from east of the Rockies call eight hundred eight two five five zero three three west of the Rockies toll free call eight hundred six one eight eight two five five to reach George via Skype user Skype name George nine seven three one three seven Georgia text message anytime at eight one eight two nine eight six five two one this is coast to coast AM with George Noory well next hour Mike Barrett joins us as we talk about the battle of Los Angeles and some other incredible issues so make sure you're part of the program.

rape fox Alex Hogan mark Searles George Noory Rockies Mike Barrett Los Angeles New York Georgia