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"mike kaposi susannah corrigan harris markson samantha" Discussed on Mythology


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"mike kaposi susannah corrigan harris markson samantha" Discussed on Mythology

"Thanks again for tuning into mythology. We'll be back Tuesday with a new episode. You can find more episodes of mythology and all other park cast originals for free on spotify not only to spotify already have all of your favorite music but now spotify is making it easy for you to enjoy all of your favorite podcast originals like mythology for free from your phone desktop or smart speaker to stream mythology on spotify. Just open the APP tap browse and type mythology in the search bar. If you enjoy mythology you'll love my other podcast tales tales presents fairy tales tails the way they were originally told orally and unadulterated traditional fairy tales aren't exactly suitable for children and every other Saturday we dive into another dark classic tale and don't forget to follow us on facebook and Instagram at podcast and twitter at podcast this network. We'll be back next week with another epic tale. Mythology was created by Max Cutler is a production of cutler media and is part part of the park cast network is produced by Max and Ron Cutler Sound Design Michael Eisner with production assistance by Ron Shapiro and Paul Moller additional additional production assistance by Maggie admire and Freddie Beckley. This episode of mythology was written by Alex Benetton. The amazing cast of voice actors includes Mike Kaposi Susannah Corrigan Harris Markson Samantha more Alistair Murdoch and Steve Pinto. I'm Vanessa Richardson.

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