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How One Day at a Time's Isabella Gomez Found Her Strength

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How One Day at a Time's Isabella Gomez Found Her Strength

"We are coming up on a very special anniversary. Are One hundred episode. And so we want to hear from you. Send us a voice memo to Ola at Latino Latina Dot com telling us what the podcast has meant to you. When you've kept going a time you've persevered we want to hear it. All Isabella Gomez was seventeen years old when she and her parents moved to. La that she could pursue acting six months hundreds of auditions later and she'd received zero call backs. She adjusted her approach. She started having fun and two months later. She booked her breakout role on one day. At a time we talk about getting the show. Losing the show. Getting back and what? It's like to be a public person when you're still figuring out who you are. Thanks for doing this. Of course I'm sorry excited to do it from quarantine for team. Take me back to your audition for one day at a time. Yes so my first audition for one day at a time came actually after There was an article out. The Norman Lear was redoing one of his shows and I was at the time testing for another show. So I just kind of didn't think anything of it. My acting coach had sentenced to me and was like you'd be perfect for the daughter and I was like I'm doing this other thing and obviously that show didn't go my way. And I got an audition for Elena Alvarez and as I was reading the audition I was like this sound so familiar and I realized it was the same article that my acting coach. It sent me so I went in it was at Sony Studios. And it's always so exciting for an actor to get to go into a studio to do an audition. I go in to sit comments comedy and at this point in my life. I thought I was exclusively a dramatic actor. I was like Ooh I know is about. You're twenty two and you're playing a teen that weird. I've always looked so much younger than I am. And I've never felt an age if that makes sense so it's weird in that for example when she was having Hurricane San yet I was a team so like I wasn't correlating to my life but in a way it's actually really nice because I get to be a little bit ahead of her and remember what those experiences were like than have insight going back instead of leaving it at the same time as her and especially those years for a young woman are so hard. I think it's nice that I'm a couple years ahead of her. There's no amount of money you could pay me to be in my teens again. Oh my God no thank you and I like barely just got out of them and I'm like how did I do? It was special. Because you're teens were not. I don't know what normal is but they're certainly not average. Yeah they were definitely not the norm going through it. I'm somebody that lives in my head a lot so I never really settled into what all of it meant until I look back at it. For example I'm an immigrant and for some reason I always saw myself as I Jan note. You're an immigrant like you. I remember living in Columbia. I lived there until I was ten like I had this whole other live. I didn't notice it as much going through it until I started working more. And then people saw me differently and then people started acting a little different and then especially once I moved to La. I realized that A just wasn't the same my senior year I did online. I never went to Prom. I guess I was Valedictorian. But nobody told me. I didn't go to graduation since all these things that like normal quote unquote people. Don't get but I get to go to award shows and being the same room as Lemon Maranda and I get to go on sad and like have a graduation onset and like I feel like I'm getting all of these meaningful experiences. They're just very different. From what the average I guess kid would have so much of one day at a time is about family. What is your family? Like my family's the best I will right now. I have my mom and my dad. I have an uncle and aunt in a little cousin in Florida and the rest of my family's in Colombia still so my parents and I- Super Close. My mom had me when she was nineteen so she was just kind of always a friend instead of a mom. And we're just really tight you've always said my parents are my best friends especially my dad. My mom gets really upset about it because she's like it's team. Surgery Team Isabella against me. But Dad admires super similar. And they're just so much fun. You started acting really young Tell me about your first acting job in Columbia. My first acting job That I remember I've noticed. I have a pretty bad memory but I'm pretty sure this is my first one is I did a commercial for a Toilet Paper Company in Columbia and I remember when I was five or six. I randomly went up to my parents and was like I want to be an actor and the Industry in Columbia is so small and it's mostly no allies and there's not a lot of kids in those and so they were like we don't know what to do but my mom had a really close friend who was in the industry so she was like. Hey My daughter wants to act. And he was like cool. Let's put her in this thing. I'm doing and I just remember it being the most fun I've ever had. I've also I'm an only child and I love adult. I've always just done better around adult so I was the only kid onset and they were asking me all these big questions about like what I wanted to wear and like. They put the camera in front of me and I remember people kind of being like. Don't be nervous or whatever and I was like nervous. This is the coolest thing that's ever happened. And then I got paid with two barbies instead of money because there is no union in Columbia and I thought you know I was like what six seven I was this bill coolest thing ever? I get to be in front of a camera and I get free barbies. This is the dream when I made it. I hope you have negotiated a better day. Rate for your. I've I've raised my standards of it. Then when your ten you moved to Orlando. What was the impetus for the move? So my dad had another brother that lived in in. He was a half brother that lived in Florida that they had lost touch and he kind of reentered the picture and was like I'd love to reconnect with the family and so we came and visited and kind of fell in love with the US. And I think overall you know there's the idea of there's a better life waiting for you in the US and at the time my family members that lived here. We'd love to have you in like my dad had a job at the company if he wanted to come and it just seemed like everything clicked into place and it was a bit of a no brainer. Then Twenty fifteen you moved to La Was that to pursue acting. Yes yes and it was actually my dad's call I. We had been obviously toying with the idea of moving to La. I was so scared. I'm very scared of change. I don't love it and so it was my dad though was like you know what we're moving this summer and that's that and we did. We got in a car and drove cross country. And here we are. That's wild. It was so wild and did things pick up immediately or was there a moment or like this is a terrible mistake. Oh my God so the first time I felt like a terrible mistake was I was in our tiny little apartment and school hadn't started yet and they had no friends. My car wasn't here yet. We didn't have Wifi and I remember just sitting in my room and being like what did I do like what is this. I don't I'm going into my junior year and I know nobody and I didn't even have an agent out here so that was scary and then I also remember so my first six months. I auditioned all the time and especially pilots season. I think my I was going like five six times a week. Which is more than I had ever auditioned. And I didn't get a single callback in six months. Not One callback out of hundreds of auditions brutal. And I'm seventeen and I just made my family leave everything they know to come pursue this thing that I thought I was ready for. And I'm not even getting a callback and I remember just being so distraught and like not even knowing like what to do because I understood the industry but also in a way in Florida I was kind of quote unquote bigger fish in a small pond so I was like. Oh I'm going to get there and I'm going to book and I didn't and I remember it all kind of shifted for me. We went on a cruise to Hawaii and I was on a beach in Hawaii with my parents. Talking about it in they were talking to me about how like I wasn't having fun anymore. Like auditioned what come in and it wasn't exciting. It was something I dreaded. Didn't WanNa go and I felt so stressed and so I just said you know what if I'm not getting combacks anyway. I'm just GonNa have fun and enjoy the thing that I moved here for that I love and so after that I started just going for fun and auditioning as a thing that I like to do and that's when I tested for that other show and then two months later I twenty at a time. There's a lesson in there even for those of us who are not actors which is like sometimes. I always thought that wanting something so much was the only way to get it but there is some space between that and wanting something but knowing that it's not the end all be all totally. I think actually makes makes you better at whatever it is you're trying to do. It's very counterintuitive and also doing it for the right reasons. I still wanted to do it but I think doing it because it was fun and not because I felt like I needed to book. A job was so important booking going into an audition with the mindset of. I'm going to book. This job. Does not serve as the character. The story and people can tell people can tell when you walk into an audition. Desperate so yeah it was. It was an. It's something that I still have to go back to all the time. I have to keep reminding myself. You're doing this because you love it. If it was for fame or for money there easier ways to get famous and rich and so just have a good time. This Chew Lak- Nice to have you on must be a special reason. Yeah Yeah you know. It's a special reason since I like to be all right so when come to beauty decided to come on board. I guess you rush to volunteer to try the products as I know and it's the first time I know but I've already been using the occurring cream for years so I figured I wasn't GonNa miss a chance to try out sister products. I liked the photo you sent me. Today you're really good and that was just after one shampoo and conditioner. My curls were shiny and smooth manner and my Komo's not full of O'hare after detangled it in the shower even in pictures is coming through. Your hair looks shiny and hydrated and just so healthy things really appreciate that you let me send you those. 'cause I'm talking about the chained. So how many products are you using all told right now. I've got four so I'm using the shampoo. The conditioner believing cream and they can tell you. What my favorite is the wave first of all that name is everything but I love my wave on. My curls are fuller Damore touchable. They're less frizzy. I mean I sound like an ad but let me tell you well you can enjoy the benefits of the beauty haircare line picking up your favorites at target or ordering from target dot com one day at a time deals with some really heavy topics that deals with immigration deals with consent deals with sexual orientation. How has being on the show impacted you? I am exponentially better person because of the show. I I think I grew up very annot where and very ignorant of the world you. I like switched cultures when I was ten. I was completely new to this country and then I lived in Florida so I was just unaware of a lot of stuff. I didn't even know that I was unaware. I didn't realize there were more to learn and then move to la which is super liberal and super hippy. Dippy and super whatever and I get on a show like one day at a time where we're talking about these things that I know nothing about and it's just made me so much more aware it's made me so much more empathetic. It's made me realize that I am not the center of the universe. Which for a long time growing up as an only child and especially as an immigrant where it like. You only have your core family you think. Oh everything's kind of about me and how I'm transitioning through this and then I realized that that couldn't be further from the truth and is just it's Tommy so much about artistry in humanity and how much talking about these things actually means to people. 'cause I also grew up. There's all the talk of a presentation but I am white passing and Columbia. Everything was dubbed into Spanish. And so I grew up thinking that Hannah Montana and wizards to waverly place. Where about people like me because those girls looked like me and they were speaking Spanish and so it's just made me so much more aware. We interviewed a Gloria Feltler. Wrong Kellet out for one of our way back in the day Love her such a powerhouse. What have you learned from working with her? That anything is possible and that anything is possible on. You can still be nice. She is a powerhouse and she is taking over Hollywood and she is so nice and she can I curse and she gives a shit man like she gives a shit about everything that she does and everybody that's involved in her projects. And I think that is so powerful and meaningful especially in. I feel like our culture is so much about productivity. And and how much can you do? And how much can you like? Churn out and do whatever it takes to be that way like. I feel like you're in a few years ago. There was such an emphasis of like you can sleep when you're dead in like Hustle Hustle and you don't have to be nice if you just have to get it done and Gloria as the penny me of you can rest in have a balanced life and of course she still struggles with that but you can have a balanced life and be nice end still rise to the top. I think that is such a good lesson to learn this early on one day at a time originally on netflix loyal following dedicated following very vocal on social media and never more vocal than when. Netflix canceled the show. Where were you when you find out that they weren't going to pick it up for another season? I was in Vancouver and Mike and Gloria called me on the back and it's both of them and they don't. They're not screaming so I can tell something's wrong and Gloria says. Hey they're not picking our little show up and I felt like I get teary eyed. Just thinking about it. I felt my soul like unhinged like I just immediately started sobbing. It was really really rough and then I remember getting to the hotel room and calling my parents and crying in such a manner that they were like who died. Don't like what's happening. And it was like Monty family died and they were like you've been in this industry for fifteen years. You know this happens get it together and then when it got picked up again. I had been texting Mike and Gloria for a couple of days because I could feel it in the air that something was shifting and I remember Mike had told me will know by tomorrow and then I got on a flight to Spain so all of the time things were different and I had been on this flight for freaking like twelve hours whatever long and I got off on immigration and my parents had come with name and I opened my texts and I it was something like at Glory on Mike and Gloria said. Gomez you there and Gloria said Mike Gomez. They're glorious Ed. It's done we're doing the show or something like that and I didn't know how to handle myself I. I'm in an immigration. And he didn't I one of the trouble of my parents at the same time so I just like squealed to myself. I text my boyfriend at the time. It was like frigging like one. Am here to am here. And like I woke him up and he's like what's happening here okay and I was like shop. We got the show back and he was like. Oh my God and then I got to go the next day to a convention and I had a QNA schedule or a panel so there was what felt like millions of people in this frigging audience. And I got to tell them and we all got to just scream and cry together and it was just the most surreal. Couldn't make it up. Should be in a movie kind of moment. I've ever had blackness isn't just about race demilner and I'm a New York Times bestselling author on my podcast speakeasy with Dean. I dive into the beauty and humanity of blackness with people like writer tyree Jones journalist Dmitry Lucas and rapper killer. Mike LISTEN TO SPEAK EASY. Deneen from Georgia Public Broadcasting Subscribe for free at GP Dot Org Slash podcasts or on your favorite podcast APP having the show then having it taken away then having given back. How has that changed you and your approach to the work? I am infinitely more grateful for what I get to do. I I always realize that I was super lucky to be doing this show that I was doing. I realized that we were getting spoiled. Because every director that came in every guest starred that came in were like this is so special. There isn't a show like this and there isn't a cast like this and there isn't a set like this show business right now and so getting that taken away why it was so distraught because I realized what I had but then having a bag first of all it made me realize the power of telling stories that matter and that's why I got into this. I'm fascinated by humans and I like to tell stories that are in my own and the Alvarez family is a story that is the story of so many people that I know but that isn't told on TV often. And so. I realize the importance of that and I realized my privilege also my responsibility moving forward that as long as I have the ability to I would love to be able to do work on characters that matter and characters a half something to say and especially right. Now there's a lot of talk about like who gets to play one and so a lot of my roles now even though I'm white passing are mostly Latina ex. And if I'M GONNA play a Latina woman she better. She better be strong as hell and she better have something to say. You better be smart and she better have all of these things that I not women be that is not our portrayed at all and so getting it back has taught me that stories that matter matter and presentation matters and when you are telling a story authentically not only from the people in front of the screen but down to our writers or producers are directors the people that put our costumes on as the people that do our make up all of that matters and I think if I ever had the privilege to have a say in another project I would be much more aware of the things that I would want out of it. My bias would be that. If you're on a super buzzy show and you are this fresh new face of a super buzzy show that that opens up a world of opportunities in audition land the my understanding from reading other interviews with you as you actually feel like it has narrowed the range of roles that's offered to you. Yeah so what it is about that is you are told once you get a series regular that everything is easier for me though my experience was. I look the way that I look so I was going out for every role which meant mostly white rose because people didn't really put together that Isabella Gomez was Latina because she would like me and she spoke like me so I was going out of time. Granted I was also going out a ton for like guest stars. Unlike day players. So of course once. You're series rag. That your team goes. Let's not submit for those because you're trying to build going from series. Ragged to a one day player on a show is not really building. So of course those we're going to diminish however I became a series regular show. That is all about being a Latina. And it's all about our Latino culture and all my interviews have something to do with me being and I think that it's shifted the people's perspectives of me. I was no longer an actor. I was a Latina ex actor and unfortunately that means something right now and Mike team is incredible and they try to get me into every room possible and granted. Of course it did open a lot of doors. I started having like casting director meetings which I would've never been able to have about the show and I started like going in for like huge studio movies that would I would have never been seen for so it opened up doors but it also opened them up not in a way that I was expecting them to. I thought that I would be able to get to audition for everything and I don't because we have had casting directors say no. She can't audition for this role because she's Latina and my team be like. Hey sure she still an actor. Your character isn't specifically any ethnicity. Why can't she do at them being like well we already have a POC in the in the movie or in the show or whatever and like we don't need another whatever? So that is what I allude to is is not a problem with Mike team or people not wanting to see me as people seeing me differently because now I am so outspoken about being Latina anonymous Latina show in its changed things. It's wild Hollywood wild. I talk about it because it was such a shock to me because a white passing woman of color I walked and moved around the world in their own this industry in a very different way without realizing my privilege so when I got my privilege partially taken away because again though I'm getting a hell of a lot more additions dot may offer Latina counterparts would so I still have a lot of privilege because of the way that I look but because I got my par- my privilege taken away. I can see that shift clear as day and it. I think it's important to talk about because I am a much better actor than I was four years ago but I am not getting this same traction that I could've potentially had been cast in a white role instead of a Latina role so nuts. We already have a person of color is just essentially. What what people in. Hollywood are allowed to say. That would be like an HR offense in another office on my God. It's insanity this is a personal question so you can pass on it if you want but I ask it from the place of a like a big sister which is what is it like to be in your early twenty s and so public so public facing and trying to date. Ooh God that's like two questions layers on top layers. I don't think it's been intellectually pretty recently that I've started understanding what it means for me to put my life out as much as I do. 'cause I'm super active on social media? Is there something that happened? That made you sort of realize like Oh this. This is complicated. It's been a bunch of little things I think one of the things that really throws me as actually when I do interviews I do press and somebody brings up something that I put on my social media. It throws me for a loop because it's hard to put faces to like yes. I have almost half a million followers so everything I put out. Almost half a million people are looking at. But I don't know that because I just press send and then keep texting my friends and who cares so when interviews are like oh so I heard you started a juice cleanse. I'm like what the how do you know this thing about my life and then I'm like. Oh yeah you willingly put it out there? So it's been like a year of that and I am somebody who's always really enjoyed hard conversations and been open to a fault and that was always a positive until recently were now. I feel very guarded in I. Which is unfortunate because I feel like I'm learning less because I'm not asking the questions I want to ask or saying things I WANNA say because I'm so scared of people misinterpreting My intentions or taking things out of context but I think there are a lot of people who are your age who grew up on social media who haven't given it that level of thought. Yeah I mean a made me anxious and uncomfortable enough that I had to give it thought so. I've definitely shifted into being a lot more private about that kind of stuff and about my life in general which truthfully feels really weird. Because I'm I crave connection is another reason. Why artists in an actor is. I crave wanting to know about people's lives and people knowing about mine and talking about stuff and it feels very odd to be secretive about stuff that consume so much of your life but I think at least for the time being. It is a smart choice for me now. No I feel a I very much. Connect with and connect with the fact that it's like you pay a price either way. Do you know what you WANNA do next. No idea I have an idea I want to do which this is a very young Hollywood thing to say but I love to do something a little more media a little more dramatic a little more intense because I also find that being on a Sitcom puts a certain type of box and thankfully my succumbs very different kinds of Sitcom or I do get super meaty scenes than I do get to actually be a human and not just be like all the time but I do find that. Sometimes there's resistance from casting directors and rightfully. So because they're like well she's a subcontractor she's funny and that's what she does and my teams like. No No. No. No no we promise like. Can you just to see her and they're like well? There's fifty other girls that have credit step proved that they can do this other thing so I would love to do something deep and dark in media and I've also grown a lot in my Process within the past year. So and I'd love to see how that would show up with a new character that I haven't been doing for three years. Exciting levitating different. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this. You are of Christ. I've read all of these things to talk about how charming you are but you are. You're more charming than I could have met you. Thank you for being so thoughtful. Thank you as always for joining us. Latino Latina is executive produced and owned by Julie Williams me Menendez Cedrick. Wilson is our sound designer Emma Forbes bizarre system producer. Manuela Bedoya is our intern. We love hearing from you. Email Asset Orla at Latina to Latina DOT COM and. Remember to subscribe or follow us on radio public. Podcast GONNA podcasts. Wherever you're listening and please please leave. It is equipped and easiest ways to help us grow as a community.

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HR 1: Its in the details

Afternoons with Marcellus & Kelvin

41:53 min | 2 weeks ago

HR 1: Its in the details

"So greg i'm going to be honest with you. I actually felt bad for you on sunday. I think it was thank. You sent out an email about the schedule and within like five minutes. You sent out a second email. That was hey. I made this mistake that i put the nba finals starts on tuesday. Not thursday and the schedule will be this instead of that. And then you send a thirty male apparently also down like because there was another mistake and there was like and then there's a separate email about a calendar as opposed to the host schedule. So they were like four emails and you apologized every time in much greater detail. But even i was like i was gonna make you after the third one but by the fourth. When i'm like you. I just feel for george. I thought i was fired. He didn't have augusta. Tell me and he would just gonna keep emailing me to make me quit right. So i mean do the do the details actually matter of y. It'll happen probably. Not so. I mean i'm sorry. Tell go ahead be beta mistake because you thought. The final started on thursday tuesday. Yeah because they did and the nba changed it. No no no. Don't oh no they didn't. There was a week ago. They said if the eastern conference finals does not go seven games. Then this the finals. We'll start on tuesday. The i missed that way to blame the nba. No no no no he was. He was blaming. Adam silver himself so anyways i thought that the nba finals start on thursday. They actually started on tuesday. Which is today why. We only have an hour show so two separate emails. I have to send out a calendar. A play by play counter and actual staffing calendar. Not everybody gets everything so you do get them all because you're very lucky to get to see my name in the email over and over and over owing declared the first one sunday's a holiday what is happening so i didn't wanna work on sunday. I felt bad. I felt terrible. It was my nightmare sending five emails about the same thing on a sunday of fourth of july and us getting them thinking. We all fired me. Dude i'll drunk from work all of a sudden you know. The station was flipping to protest. And i'm like well. At least i still have a job and still work zito carlos my friend juan carlos usually whip tv. But i'm making an assumption. I thought that was what was happening. So the staffing calendars and really important. Because if i don't send that out correctly right and everybody gets upset with me. 'cause you did it wrong so i needed to make sure that it was correct ireland. Why does ireland say that you have. You have been working on a day that he isn't working. He doesn't matter for him he knows what daisy doesn't doesn't work. It's fine it's what i did. I did miss though i did. I appreciate all the correspondents for this reason. I just assume every day. I'm going to be here at three for our pre show and it's seven o'clock that's the end of it but when you send out multiple emails saying no no on daylight tuesday. You're off at five a day like thursday evening. It's five or five thirty. This is actually really good information for me because otherwise i'm just assuming i'm locked until four to seven so i like all the correspondents but i mean it probably will you know her communicator. Though yes that's correct. As as apparently bergman is as well. I get in trouble if i don't over communicate over communicate. We talked about this last week. Remember kaplan had the email about like bashing shit. You start on happening then. We had to make fun of him for it because it was like literally spelled out like literally spelled out for urban still. Didn't understand well. Greg i for one like all the email communication but i think if you do things right the first time. You don't have to do them four times. that's all. Yeah mama side piece. Tweet it and george you know. This is a throwback the both of us so bergman greg making more mistakes in rosh then with the rundown and then blaming the nba garage is no question that would be a rajoub. He would blame the nba. He would say it's on the rundown from him. Greg i i've been doing so well for you did share an office with him for a long. I did offer me. Yeah exactly. But i've been doing so well with it and then i mess up and it had to be on a holiday. I was trying to get through it quickly right right right. But here's the problem when you hear. This is just a rule of thumb for anybody. Listening doesn't even just about you if you make a mistake and you own it clearly but what i would say is before you send a follow up to that mistake right. Like a correction. Go through the rest of it with a fine tooth comb one time and be like okay. My missing any details. Is there anything. I missing here that way. I don't have to send a correction of the corrections of the corrections of the correction. Very it's very good advice. And that's what i was trying to do. And then i realized oh no i need. I made another mistake. It was it was mostly because of lakers talking in that moved everything around. You blame sleep well. No i'm not. i'm not saying that was doubtless. My damn you lebron but yeah it's it was my fault because i missed something about lakers. Talk being in the different position in the night greg. I'm going to tell you what my girlfriend. Rachel tells me all the time. Slow your bleep down. yes yes. i'm blaming the holiday. Because i was trying to get to the holiday. You were drunk. No not yet later. That would have been actually a more plausible. You know usable offense right trying to get it all out before noon. I was like. I gotta get this fast before. People are getting annoyed by it. Five emails later upset job on the plane. Flying back from dc using now you know. You're the a chunk using the data to go through your emails. I was like what the what you didn't even look at him. You know to look at it. That's how i deleted them before reading. Here's my biggest issue. I'm a printer. Also so i will get greg's emails and then i'll push print because all i want to physically handhold the schedule circle some things take why what is host segment. And you just bringing this up. And then what i'll do is. I'll use the backside of all the paper as scratchy notes. because i'm constantly hand. I l z. Greg email. I still will write with a pen on the back of a piece of paper so but mcgregor you know many trees. I've killed because of the amount of emails and the schedules and because the nba screwed up and you didn't know now it's like five trees. I've killed just with your schedule. So you literally print out greg schedule. Everyone printing it. What do you put it on their fritsch. I don't put it on the fridge georgia. Oh that's a good idea. It's just that. I know it's not a good idea. That was a jerk. I thought that was a good idea. Anyway you print them out and do what with them again. You you put them. Where in your office. I put them on my desk. I circle the days that were not on the air from four to seven pm. When i can schedule earlier dinners with with kids with daughter with your with girlfriend saturday. You can't just open the email again. No i could. I'm just one of these people that on occasion. I wanna hold things. Like i wanna hold paper and then i'll use the paper because i don't want i. I need to recycle the paper. I would feel terrible about wasting all this paper and ink. So then i use the backside of the paper to write all my little notes that i like to write to myself all day long myself stuff. I mean what was the last time you printed anything else that wasn't like an actual document that you actually needed to print. I will print my questions for an important interview in in the event that something happens to my computer. Okay so i'll have it as backup. But i'm not like printing schedules and tape them on fridges. And stuff like that. I have a printer in front of me in this office then literally is got dust on it does to actually printed soon it has dust owning as clear docu signs something today. Just see guys hercule. Yeah i feel pretty cool. i doc. You've never done that before. no meaning. I didn't print it hand light it like printed docu sign low. But you know what. I'm saying like i could have printed it then signed it and then at the scan it in an email i was like oh my god i wish the doug you sign would have been around for the last fifteen years or twenty years like just life period documents. Dad docu sign you know all my report cards would have been signed by me right exactly but obama granted o. z. Granderson mom granderson. It would have been easy much easier. Easier to speaking of some of it's not easy by the way bash for cash does return today tuesday july six at fifteen which will happen in this particular break coming up in about two minutes female. We sure about that. It is happening today. One hundred and two hundred if you if you don't know what we're talking about you only angel player to pick from my belief today one hundred dollars if you get the correct player. Two hundred of you get the correct player inning that that particular player will hit a home. Run so we will do that. Listen up here shortly for the q. To call and we will have a contestant on the other side. It's the data elsia cap here on seven. Espn thank you. Christopher we've got mike gomez from van is your today's bass for cash contestant what up man how you doing man what's up with the pitcher at dickey's in the i. I like the practice you know the rules already very like you know the rules you pick an angel player today to win a home to hit home run and you pick what inning if you get the right player we already know who you're going to pick his. You're a smart guy. 'cause he's leading major league baseball in the home runs. You're gonna win one hundred dollars if you get the right player in the right ending you'll win two hundred dollars and if you don't well. Fridays cash prize goes up to two hundred dollars and four hundred dollars. So you know the rules but we're just telling everybody else but the rules are okay. I so what is the prediction again. Just everyone can hear becky in the i. You mean otani in the first time. Yeah waiting alone. Time for that. Other one doesn't play. Yes yes yes. Yes so so just to be clear. Shohei otani in the first inning correct. Correct okay great. Well good luck to you mike. Okay okay thanks great talking to you guys all the time you go the great thank you. Thank you and make sure to listen. Friday at four fifteen when we'll have another bash for cast contestant special thanks to owning bringing safety simplicity. It's refinancing your home. There's only dot com for more information. Today all righty. Mary very very very chill. It is very true. I enjoy this music. So man it feels like we haven't been on forever and just so many things have transpired here but i do want to talk to you guys about something. Actually before we get into the sports aspect of today because today's international kissing day and is there a movie scene that is like what is the most famous kissing scene in a movie who does a lot. You need to break down tomorrow. Romantic action like a lot of kissing out there man Spiderman upside down kiss is not a terrible one. That's an action. Kiss thinking about that. But i was thinking like right away like super hot. Kisses was the name of the movie was it. Nine and a half weeks was mig nine and a half weeks there on the floor of the refrigerator and their feeding each other the fruit and just getting really hot connected you. That's not as sexy as it is on camera. I try that refrigerator kissing stuff. Oh all right just like what are they talking about basing you. Fool me girl hot mess. Yeah how about. We were talking about this last week. We were talking about Celine dion the titanic kiss. Oh oh i thought you meant freaking dionne kids heroes and jack titanic when they kiss on the on the king of the world scene or whatever yeah bigger fan of carson we mass. We don't need to be together. Now's a good scene. That's a good thing. I'm trying to think big kissing scene for me. I know book in the rain. Man notebook in the rain is a good one. That is a good one in the rain. How about stephen. Peggy and captain america. First of injury. I i can i can. I can feel that. I feel that i was gonna say the program mountain kids but i'm not quite sure if you guys i would say would probably be in there to know the moon i kiss. Yeah yeah hotter laya in star. Wars lucan layer. If you're into that freaky stuff we didn't know then we did. We did it. No is not. Like game of thrones will renew right and i knew was even worse looking layer. Didn't know right right. Game of thrones gore as we related. Yeah or let's keep this speaking of not knowing. Does it matter to you. If we don't know that jaanus is playing tonight or not. I mean coming off that injury. Which really bad. I mean historically. I don't feel like. I feel like that injuries. Go take a couple of weeks. Even though i'm not dr clapper around here. But i just seen a lot of guys with that hyperextended knee were guys crash on their knee and the needs not supposed to been that way. Usually that thing doesn't recover new week for enough. But i gotta say like when the injury happened and he went down and he was grimacing in pain on the floor. I was like okay. He's hurt but in a matter of moments he was up and limping off the floor and obviously hasn't returned since. But because we're not talking like acl mctl's structural damage. I kind of get a sense. That at least as they're upgrading. His his health status that again. No clapper vision here but put a sleeve on it. Put a brace on it. It's the nba finals. This is your shot dude so find any way possible to give what you can. I say it like that but it's not my knee. But i i actually think at some point. It may not be tonight but in these finals we will see on us. I think i think we'll see him. I think he'll try to go. I just don't know how effective he can be. And look you know. He got hurt last year. If you remember in the bubble and when he tried to play through it the team was actually worse last year when they lost the heat. Well i mean if you're jaanus you have to give it a go. You just have to. You have to be able to lead. Say you stepped on the court in the nba finals and tried and try okay. What you can't do is be to town. Mvp in that. Chris middleton leaders seem to a championship match. You like were you need you. Yeah i mean not just really those. Mvp we owe homes We we need to do a reggie bush and get some of that back like like. He has to at least try. And oh by the way chris. Paul had a severe shoulder injury. He did play like crap but he kept going out there he did and because he was out there at the lakers had a respect them So when i think about janas it's like okay. Are you going to be jaanus. Probably not but will you be out there and thus someone that sons have to respect. Absolutely sure. I don't think there's any question and we can get kind of into the sun side of this and a little bit too because we gotta play overrated underrated next so do that in a minute and there is another national day today. That is near and dear to my heart. We will get to that in just a second. But thank you very much. Chris and all right. Let's go straight into birthdays. And l z. It's a new week. Which means you got a new. Get out of jail free card. I think i gotcha today to right. I'm ready for your shenanigans producer greg. Let's see what we've got pow gosol or the dalai lama. I gotcha. i'm gonna say. The is underrated. Donnie llamas overrated. Whoa whoa okay. I mean there you see me peace anywhere i mean. Do you yeah. He has not really accomplished his goal. That's for sure. Got rain championship all the whole thing that he's not that you know the euro soft stuff that he was dealing with at the beginning. I really had you on that one. Would you have had a couple z. With chelsea. I love you dolly but You know. I didn't know the dalai lama was when i first saw caddyshack and i just thought it was like bill. Murray character and lama coming after me. He says you know. Hey on your deathbed you receive total consciousness. You know the scene. From caddyshack in my loners. Anybody know what i'm talking about. And i didn't even know the dalai lama was like a real dude back then. A real lama and so well pow versus dalai lama all right. just for. argument's sake. I'll go i'll go pow overrated and i'll go lama underrated. Right would have been tougher if i put sylvester stallone instead of dalai lama. No no. I didn't think so. All right let's more on the next one. Let's go to use sodano. Everything moved down. We talk about another email at least six in one day. Let's just keep adding we talk about. All athletes falling we talk about athletes following an unfolding teams players. Or whatever on instagram. So it's only fair to do it to actors to robert downey junior has unfought load all of his co stars in the marvel universe. Is this story line overrated underrated. Where does he and follow them on twitter and instagram on instagram. I feel like on twitter. I could understand more. You know 'cause sometimes that time is a little cluttered you know but on instagram. Maybe it's just because i'm not on instagram. That much like. I literally post stuff. And i rarely actually interact so maybe i'm using my own sensibilities year but you know like i don't know. What do they really posting like stars for the most part famous people mostly post either stuff that is super random or infrequent in their posting and or stuff that's related to their work or endorsements. There's really not all that interesting. Generally what they're posting. So i can get it. I guess so. I'll say overrated. Like who cares. Whatever he's allowed to do whatever he wants. Grown ass man. I'll say underrated for this reason because that sounds like it takes time. So how many people. And how many accounts are we actually about and to to go into your instagram or twitter for that matter. Any real social media platform to go in and go. I'm going to unfold. Oh this person. I'm going to unfold. Oh this person. Oh while i'm at it. I don't want to hear from her. I don't wanna see what he's up to. I don't want anything to do with any of these people that actually takes time versus your thumb flipping through. I don't care what she's doing. I don't care what he's doing. Oh i like this. I want stay so for me. I'm gonna just go under rated because that's a time suck on following. Everybody i'm going to say is underrated but not for the reasons that kept says because it's quite possible. yes. I'm going to do that for him as a lot of celebrities do a personal assistant or something but i think as underrated because i love the fact that these actors and actress moscow johannesen Continue to troll each other. They've showed each other for a decade. Now you throw in hugh jackman too. You can throw in ryan reynolds to from dead dead pool and wolverine movies. They are so good at trolling each other. That this is a beautiful toronto. His lovely absolutely adore it. So i just think that it's underrated because people are looking for like a real meany when really it's just robert downey junior just being robert downey junior exactly. I mean the man slipped on. Somebody's couch one time. The wrong house just happened in the past man that was in the past man times. You know that happens all right next all right cap shohei. Otani is going to be an all star as both a pitcher and a hitter. This is the first time in history that someone has accomplished this feat so as otani doing something amazing yet again overrated or underrated. I'm going to say that. This is a rather obvious answer of underrated because it's never been done before. I'm fascinated by it. And by the way last week when he got blown up by the yankees in the first inning and the angels wound up coming back and i know we kind of all knocked the angels but believe it or not there right there hovering around five hundred but to have one guy be able to do this many things. I'm of the opinion fellas. That is the first but not the last guys get specialized when you're the best shortstop in highschool you the best shortstop. You're probably also one of the best pitchers and you're probably also the best hitter but then when you go to college or if you make it into the pros they specialize you. You're just a pitcher. Now you're a po. You're a pitcher only. You're an outfielder your shortstop and if you're a pitcher you may not be a hitter. I just think that he's the first but there are other guys who can. And i think this will open the doors for other guys too. So i'm saying underrated. I'll say underrated as well for the obvious reasons that you laid out and i do think it will open some doors. I don't think it will open that many though. Because i don't know how many guys are actually going to be willing to be able to do this or have the skill set to pull it off but sure there may be another guy down the road at some point By the way the dodgers just got on. I just saw one of the most like a blooper. Reel type thing that allowed. The dodgers have gathered looks to reach first base here in the second inning nonetheless. I don't want to do any play by play. I can get us in trouble but Yeah it super rated. The guys the best player i've seen in my life like just because of his skill set in how unique it is i would say is underrated and overrated at the same. Time yes overrated. Where'd you say. Just rated is underrated and his overrated. So it's rated so as rated. Yeah i feel like this is your get out of jail free card but you're just not using it. No no no no. Here's my rationale okay. So we're ready to because it's the all star game who gives a down just across the board like who cares but it's underrated in the sense that to be good enough to even be considered to do that is amazing so even though the game itself you know who cares right like i don't know who last year and the report that for that. Your accounts counts. I just don't care about it right and a lot of people don't think about it and but at the same time to be good enough to be considered for something like that. You have to be amazing. So i'm not trying to duck the question. I'm trying to put the question in context. But you did question a little bit talking about i. Let's ask lauren greg to see if they If you ducked the question or if you just you want you didn't use your get out of jail free card but you kinda sorta did. Yeah you kinda did. You can't say it's a little bit of both new binary question nuances not involved in over narrated one or the other laura. What do you think. I'm sorry housing. I love you but you gotta choose man either. Choose us to get out of jail free card. Good thing is we have a short show and then you know you can just be like god you make a choice man it fine. Gosh right into one more greg. All right well do something that chelsea. Is it going to like a lot so tom. Holland in zendaya starring. The new spiderman movies together. They have denied being a couple or having any romantic feelings toward each other since twenty. Sixteen well now. There are photos all over the place of them. Kissing and being affectionate with each other is there rennes. Shocker is their relationship. Overrated underrated cozy. Why are you calling for a relationship or their relationship is an excellent word as overrated overrated. I mean young. Two young co stars traps together shooting movies for months on end. It happens big time as someone who actually has been set and hooked up with a cohost. I can say you happens. Hey now they were go. I will also say overrated. I mean this. You know it's hollywood it is. They're young and they're single. If i recall correctly in all the stories going around on the internet about ooh it's confirmed. Spiderman. co stars are involved in a romantic relationship with a passionate make out. Sess- yeah overrated. Even though today georgia's you've pointed out is national kiss day International oh beyond knocking my passport out. It is that is correct to kiss george. If you can get away with it. I told you natalie portman still hers to kelly's listening right now in folly nodding her head know greg's on the. Oh my god. I mean that would be cool too but margot robbie is the right. Answer there margaret. Looks crazy for me man. Those crazy right. L z. she got crazy is margot robbie. She uses them. Well though. george. I think if i kiss jennifer aniston. I think it's on at that point. I think relationship it'd be on right on the six o'clock news you'll be in jail elza kiss. Hey listen we gotta break before we get to game one of the nba finals. We gotta let this sit for a minute go ahead. Let's play this song for his second. Should have played this earlier. We we're talking about national kissing day. We'll international kissing day. You got plans. Don't say that yeah. That was only for you guys but okay because you know you say stuff in my ear and then i ask you all the time. He just say so. My jam tennis omar. Hey you got to explain the rules. I'm uneven national kissing day Can i ask a question of people. Yes if you had to play one song. Yeah get good. You know what i'm saying. What's the one song greg greg. Why are you talking to people's ears. They plan the radio video. Freaky you don't need to know to get down to the needs that you don't play speed metal if you got one song to get good is what you're saying. It's a good. Yes oh make that move. How about me. See i got a brain is because i tried that song i was. Yeah i was thinking of genuine but not this one. Oh no you can't do this. This will make people laugh now. Know how about so anxious though by genuine who that's good i Right like i was thinking genuine different genuine because this one's been like cap. I'm old school l. Doing michael mcdonald something now mcdonnell. That's not a bad call but there's a song that when it plays eighties on guaranteed doesn't matter where you are. It doesn't have to be steamy. Love song stuff it plays. It's on barry white. Can't get enough of your love baby. That's a great one barry white. Let's stay together by al. Green is a good one too if you want to go old school to Let's stay together is really good song. Are you going to tell us your speed metal song feed middle song. No i mean the by tara flares that kind of music you guys are crazy. Oh no let me guess it's like sublime or something. I mean we. Let's that's what i love you. I love you ever love you love you love you love you. Try that that that sounded on. Am radio for some people. But god that was fun. My my ear was girl. Works works say. Who do you guys think of the five individuals on this broadcast team. Who do you think is the best most accomplished kisser. Oh me. I'm going to go with me every time i was going to be like. Maybe we'll laura's the most infamous for sure much accomplished okay is a person's location is at duration right. Is it just technique to me. It's got videos that you know i could go on. I'm going to break out this for you. Okay quality pause for seconds. Texas that his get it going song. L. z is. Imagine dragons radioactive. Oh not i know i mean. That's not getting anybody. I know in the mood in man's name on. Yeah one can you could. Can you find a nice. Don't know that song. i imagine. Dragons clipping his toenails. Trying to get right and then you play this. There are black light to really makes. This is what gets it go. I mean is there like some sort of dominatrix thing going on that. I don't know about just as i said earlier on getting caught in people's personnel business. I don't call them people their point. Of course. I was going to vote for myself as best kisser. Sure i've got. I've got the lips. I've got the action i've ever been photograph. Seven seen them yet. oh i'll show them off. I will show him off a different idea count. I wasn't following. No you go. You know what i'm gonna do. I'm gonna maybe just start making out a little bit later on. And i will post a video. Make out videos sick. Imagine dragons so that base can imagine him so do that anyway so game one of the nba finals today. Real quick. how hard vivid. Let's just let's tap it. His lips has got me going direction. Running running for the hills literally you know. I think if you're milwaukee now it's all about the eytan devon booker and man you know young legs and spry to me. It's begins and ends with chris. Paul that's the head of the snake year right like if chris paul gets comfortable on offense you in trouble. I don't care who you are right now. I do not recall a game where chris shot the ball well and they lost right. I've seen gains where devon has not shut the ball well and they correct so you know. I think there's a lot there. But i think the series hinges on the matchup between de'andre andrei and jaanus because janas isn't healthy Brook lopez can't can't manage the andre. You can't do. He's not fast enough so although de'andre stiff to a little bit though you know i'm not d andres post moves are steph. Yeah yeah they're robotic so thrown in a post they're stiff absolutely. You're like exactly that's problematic for brooke. I believe so. You know if janas isn't healthy then not only talking about the individual matchup. You're talking about the best weapon against the screen and rolling the high lob And so i feel you on c. p. three but i feel that if jaanus can't contain de'andre not only will the suns win a championship as a chance that deandra my walk away with the mvp based upon the stats. It could happen now. It's a big number tonight. It's it's up to six right now and that's because of the situation that the sun's though you know one in the nba finals. There is a statistic that. I'll get to you. But they are big favorites. Six points against milwaukee even without janas has been as big a number as they've had against themselves tell you my favorite player in this entire series is sons in four guy. I don't know his name. I don't know if anybody knows his name but he's become my favorite character of the nba playoffs guys. Know his sons in four guy is right. The guy the viral video. Yeah right got fought the guy he beat up the two guys holding the one guy telling everybody. I'm beaten up your boy here. And i just wanna make it clear sons in four sons in for that guy has become my favorite character of the nba playoffs. He's gone not just viral dad. Video but devon booker is hooked him up. He sent him like a framed jersey and the guys promoting parties. The guy has made a ton of money in a really short period of time because barstool went fifty fifty with them on a t. Shirt deal. I gotta be honest. Once the lakers route my interest was not as strong. I still was into it when the clippers were a story line and then once the western conference finals ended in the eastern conference. Finals was still going on. I kind of like they got to get me back. And i say me. I'm talking about the guy who's not the hard core. nba fan. So i don't know about you guys like does the match up. Does it do it for you. If you're honest was healthy for sure. If i knew he was healthy it would be fascinating. Because i would say it's way more of a tossup i do like phoenix no matter what if janas can't play i like them in in in less games but i picked assuming health for jaanus which is the way i try to do it. I had sons in seven. Because i just think the sons have been pretty dominant for the most part outside of being down to two one of the lakers who needs it. More george c. p. threes. Chris chris chris chris yeah fifteen years whatever. It is sixteen years because of the time of the amount of time he's been left. Yeah right exactly. I keep thinking janas knees it more because chris is going to go to the hall of fame and no one is going to second. Guess a damn thing not a damn thing if this ends up being honest as only trip to the finals and they lose. We're second guessing a whole lot. Yeah but if he was healthy i would say there was more of that but i think that he has a little bit out because we know he's not healthy. But i think for chris. Paul this is you gotta look at this as it's taken me sixteen years to get here and if it was this hard to get here once what is the percentage the likelihood that i'll ever be back. I mean it is. It is literally now or never. It is literally a once in a lifetime opportunity. Yeah and for me. I gotta go with the chris. Paul side of things here yeah. I agree by the way if you're a gambler because i do want to get to one. What other thing. Not one mother thing. What other thing you want is near and dear to my heart today if you are someone who likes to place a wager here. Their home teams in game. One of the nba finals have gone sixteen. Two straight up fifteen and three against the spread since two thousand to two thousand three season so to dig a little further home teams in game one of the nba finals with more than two days. Rest which the sons have they have. Five days have got a perfect thirteen in. Oh straight up and thirteen no against the spread since oh four or five so it's probably a good played on the sons. Even though it's a big number i think people will shy away. That's where i'm going today but You know where else i'm going today. I'm going to try to figure out national fried chicken day. Which i really feel like if we would have had a normal through our show. Today we would have spent a lot more time talking about. That won't stop for meeting tonight. Trying to figure that out in your car popeye's kfc give me some more. Gimme like chick for some fried chicken. Is it not brad charities brand churches. Churches greasy greasy is greece. You cannot do you wanna go like if you wanna take a step above roscoe's right then you fast food about crack shock. You guys ever been to a crack shack. I have not. I don't even know what it is. I'm from detroit man. We don't mess with crack. You know what i'm saying is crack is whack. So they're going to go there. You go if you wanna go super fancy on some fried you go to yard bird the beverly center. I'm not fooling them. You're like your see. Have you had the original one on south beach you just said but i'm saying like they only have three three location. No i haven't been one sentence. I'll be the original one is good. I can't eat them. Carbs in south beach man. Taking the one in vegas is pretty good but not as good as the original place we done. Here we'll see what happens. Game one of the nba finals is coming up next. So make sure you stay tuned for that will have on the numbers going on. We'll talk to you tomorrow. Ozzy great work as always to brother cap. Great work as always. Yeah it was all right all right. Excellent job greg. Laura even without the emails great job. We will talk to you on yana. Game one of the nba finals next. Hey what's up everybody. This l z. Granderson here to tell you about my new podcast. Abc audio card life out loud. This show is all about preserving the history and honoring the contributions of the lgbtq community. each week. i'll talk to some of the most fascinating people paving the way for the more inclusive world these conversations can get heavy but this show is also coming filled with so much joy. And i mean after we are called gay people right so gotta be some happiness in there somewhere. Checkout life out loud with me. L z granderson. Wherever you get your podcast.

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Hello, Ive Been Watching You [9]

To Live and Die in LA

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Hello, Ive Been Watching You [9]

"Stevenson, the following episode took place on the days between March twenty eighth twenty eighteen and April first twenty eighteen. What's his purpose in keeping you in fair? I think just control. I I don't know. It was just a very sick thing to do. Sociopath wants scary thing was ever sediment interview. He said I don't like to kill people because when they're dead. They can't fear. You. I like to take away their happiness. Well, that that sounds a lot like Christmas, actually. To live in Dianella will return right after this break. Robinhood is an investing app. Let you buy and sell stocks ETF's options and cryptos all commission free. While other brokerages charge up to ten dollars for every trade. Robinhood doesn't charge any commission fees. You can trade stocks and keep all your profits. Plus, there's no account minimum deposit needed to get started seeking start investing at any level. The simple intuitive design of robinhood makes investing easy for newcomers. Experts alike. Few easy to understand charts and market data and place a trade just four taps on your smartphone. You could also view stock collections such as one hundred most popular with Robin Hood, you can learn how to invest in the market as you build your portfolio. Discover new stocks track your favorite companies and get custom notifications for price movements. See never miss the right moment to invest robinhood is giving listeners to live and die in L A free stock like apple. Ford or sprint to help you build your portfolio. Sign up at angel's dot, robinhood dot com. Chapter twenty one. It's over. So the off us, positively identified poverty was through homicide one force trauma to the head. For whatever that's one thing after another. With you here that United county sheriff's department postal, motherfuckers. Then nor didn't even know. Unbelievable. The right. This is my first time covering investigating a case like this. And I'm just shocked that these kinds of things happen that law enforcement would not have the courtesy a family know, what happened to their daughter before publicly posting it on Facebook. And I wonder if this is a rare accidents, or if this kind of thing happens all the time. What strikes me as being very odd though was truly one fourth comma in the head pretty shocking that there would not have been something steam in the car. Strike somebody about forced to kill them. That's a lot of. A lot of blood. And there was no obvious. Friendly cabinets truck? What what what is obviously can't eyeball or obvious issues? This is what they call like giving. Saints happens late. We packed evidence. You can see with your eyes. Eight a scientific process to discover. But I just can't imagine get that car clean well enough to where there wouldn't be was stains on a scene. I mean, even the mother seats, and I don't know the hitter didn't bloodstains level like that of how blonde. And it's not like being wider over the head and then just pulled over and stopped and then took her right out. It's a violent and terrifying way to die and I can't help but think back on the nightmare. That day is mother Nora had before a day was found where she actually visualized her daughter beaten like this. Saw my family in front of me. My husband my son in her and she was leaked on the site. But I said, okay, this is over. I wonder what kind of monster would be capable of doing something. So brutal to a five foot five twenty five year old woman who is far as we know is never really done. Anything to hurt anybody? Let's reconsider what may have happened in light of these new facts since we already know from a preliminary look at Chris Google data that he didn't stop anywhere except for a couple of gas stations for a few minutes each on his way to his father's house. This leaves us with just three scenarios one is that he dropped a day off somewhere on the way to his father's house to is that he's somehow hit her with something in the car seems unlikely given what Jade into saying and three is that win Chris arrived at his Father's Day was alive. A possibility. That's never been considered before. We are more determined than ever. As is a day is family to find out. Exactly what happened who's responsible? And why? And it just so happens that I'd been invited by Jd spots. Chris's mom to attend. Her son's funeral in fort Morgan, Colorado, where everyone we've been speaking with will likely be and because of this Jaden has some serious concerns for my safety. Turn it on. Let's get it. So it's activated. Okay. We're activating. Now. See oppressing Mechlin pushing the push the button in the middle. We're gonna get to initialising lights. Ones. Get start flashing green. Yeah. There's gonna start flash red radio waiting to pick up single. So tell me how this works. This is going to set it a satellite penny. You every five minutes. Don, all monarch dole time, you're up there. Every five minutes, it will send out your location, and you know, that that's obviously all waterproof impact resistant, plenty of battery life to we need to come up there and recover you when you when you went there you had a track on you who is following tracking. You my wife when you get up there. You'll see it's a little eerie feeling drive into that little town and see the spots brothers this spots that weird. Jaden gives me a number of warnings. He feels that anybody. There could be a suspect or have something to hide for one thing. Chris Meraz Chris's biological father has told us that he's planning on coming to the funeral and Jaden has been working to get some documents from the Colorado sheriff's department that he believes will show another side of Christmas as. And while I trust Mary and the rest of Christmas family Jaden, hasn't directly communicated with them. And when he was informed Morgan looking for Chris he felt stonewalled realistically. Is there anything they would do? I mean, I feel like if somebody. I feel like if somebody did that it would be under the guise of like giving you some information if they wanted to get you somewhere under some, you know, cloak and dagger saying they would not go to your door and say, hey. We wanna talk to you about something. That's real secret. Okay. And then. I would not probably go back to their house or like that. Chapter twenty two. Don't fight for me. Right now, I'm parked outside. The home of Jade and Jack spots Chris's, mother and stepfather. I'm exactly where Jaden told me not to go. But I'm also finding Chris's family to be incredibly kind and welcoming. Just a few hours earlier the all sat in the pews of their church here in fort Morgan, Colorado over one hundred of Chris's relatives and friends where there to more him. Outside of a small police presence. There was nothing out of the ordinary. The procession continued to a cemetery nearby where messages for Chris were written on balloons that were sent into the sky. He was a sports Dr a leader and inspiration a role model someone who had a positive impact on those around him. There was not a single person who had anything bad to say about Chris privately or publicly. Obviously, it's unlikely that someone would be disparaged given this scenario, but it's just hard to reconcile this image with that of a cold blooded killer who lured data northern California and somewhere along the way supposedly beat her to death and buried her. And that's why Chris's family has me here. They're finding this whole thing. Just hard to believe. So we have the officer our bedroom or. All right. There might be some background noise. Nobody carry anything. Thank you. We're coming to see this. Everything totally. Jaden Jack set up a space in their office for me to conduct interviews after its arranged a walk outside to the backyard, where Chris's friends are drinking beers and talking about college basketball. Mary's here prion is here and chances here sitting off to the side with his girlfriend his head in his hands looking haunted by the experience he had with Chris. I sit down with chance, and we begin talking about his last conversations with Chris. And he tells me how it wasn't just the police and the abating mob that Chris was worried about. Said it was just a matter of time before. Got leaked to the press and his Asian told them if that happened they were going to drop because it was going to be the end of his acting career. No matter what the outcome, and he. Total failure absolutely no future. Hollywood. That's what that's what was fucking agent told them as speaking Mary approaches him. Compelled to have a conversation with you. She's never spoken with chance before not just about what happened on Chris's final road trip with him. But ever. Speak for a while with Brian one of Chris oldest friends who days loved ones strongly believe with INA days apartment after she disappeared. Two leading her computer data. Prien die review our conversation from after Kris died, and I learned that Brian wasn't even in LA at the time of day disappeared. His girlfriend and others confirm that he'd already moved back to Colorado. Bryant has some things he wants to ask about the investigation. And I have more questions for him to. So we make plans to speak on the phone later. Everyone here is just confused and wants answers, and each seems to hold at different piece of the puzzle. Fought for your stuff circle. See we use share probe layer to. Grab. As the gathering dissipates, Mary Jack and Jade gathering the office for the first time together to make sense of some of the things that have happened. They start off by talking about Chris's last words as the police were chasing him, which we're not to chance but to marry and Jade and made a phone call to me, tell me I'm breaking up with you. Go live your life. I love you. Hey, must have said that to me like five times. So so like, Chris what's going on nothing? Nothing. Mary. Nothing's going on. Did you talk to the lawyer? No, I love you may live you. I love you. Called them back. He's talked to the warriors it, okay? What I love you think any open. I couldn't you again. That's just to set me free. So I can go live my life. Was on this final ride. Chris also called his mother Jade as with Mary. He didn't tell her. What was happening when he called me on the drive. He said mom, what are you doing? And I said we just had pope's over here. We were praying for you. When he said, listen to me, mom, I gotta tell you something important. So I put him on speaker phone, and he said, I all I want to say, I love you hear amazing. And you were the best mom you rocked it. I said way pretty amazing to sweetie. He said want you to tell Robbie Shannon Bailey. How much I love them. Tell everybody how much I love them on. I don't know how things are gonna shake out here. But I'm good h-. You don't have to fight for me. I'm good. And I know he was saying I'm good with with God. I'm good. Just remember the glue hold this family together. So you have to be strong. But he was so calm. I didn't know he was in high speed race. I didn't know everything that was going on. He said, I love you. Mom. Hung up. That was the last time. I it's gonna talk to it would have set a lot more things. What do you think you fight for? I think I think he meant don't fight with big cress. I think he was afraid that Christmas would come after me again. That's one interpretation of Chris saying don't fight for me. Another interpretation is that perhaps it was bailed confession either way we really need to know more about Christmas. And fortunately while I've been in Colorado Jaden has gotten a hold of police records about him. He told Jaden, and I that he'd be attending the funeral and I was hoping to talk to person, but I didn't notice him there at all. By the way, I was gonna add. So we want to ask was Christmas Christmas. They're all are now. He was the reason that the police were there. Just to make sure nothing crazy would have. We grew member. Krysta we wanted to. He was the main reason to make sure you have press tried to pull into that parking lot. At least it'd be moved off the property. I tell them about the police documents that Jaden has just obtained. And that's when they tell me the full story of Chris spots and his biological father who is ultimately referred to as Chris is. And Chris Miraz? Jade is sharing the story after much discussion. And after decades of terror she has gone to the police numerous times for protection and for many many years they did nothing to protect her or keep her safe. But she hopes that by getting her story out there, especially in this time when our culture is changing, and these stories are starting to get told enough people will know about it that if anything happens in the future. There will be safety support and Justice. Her story begins when she was fifteen and Chris Moore as was fourteen. Chris. And I were never married. I was very young Chris, and I had been boyfriend girlfriend. But then when night things went too far I felt like I had been attacked. So we didn't see each other than I found out. I was pregnant and I had to tell him I was pregnant. When you said attacked, it was like something that was against your. Yeah. I felt like I had been pressured or attacked by Chris Biden, Phil comfortable. But like I said we had dated there wasn't like date rape back. Then you got yourself in these situations. And then you couldn't get yourself out. You didn't make a big deal out of it. Because you were it was it was always the girls fault. At least I felt. Well, then his grandparents who lived here came to our house and said you to have to get married now. And my mom said yes, and I was just terrified terrified of him. And I just said, no, no, you know, we'll raise this baby together, but I can't marry him. And I just baked my mom not to make me. He was always very scary to me. Jade filed statements in documents about Chris Moore as with four different police departments in Colorado. According to one of the statements filed in Aurora Jade was in the car with Chris as about four months after Kris spots was born he was supposed to drive her home. But when Christmas has started driving down back roads in another direction from her home Jade jumped out and began running the statement continues. He caught me threw me on the ground. Instead of telling me how much he loved me that I'd put him through hell he was saying all that while he was doing his pants on top of me. I was screaming crying. According to the statement, Chris Meraz, then sexually assaulted her which threatened to tell the police quote. He just laughed and stated no one would believe me. A year and a half later. According to the statement Jade was at her mother's house with Christmas as while Chris spots, still an infant slept on the couch. She told Chris Perez that she wanted him out of her life, and he became angry and punched a hole in the wall. When Jade threatened to call the police, the statement continues crisper as slapped her on the face, and she fell to the ground the baby woke up and began crying, and quote, I tried to get up to call my son when Chris grabbed me by the throat and said that I could never leave. He then started choking me. I remember thinking I was going to die. Chris Moore is then picked up the baby kicked Jade in the stomach and told Jade, and I quote, the statement here. He could kidnap my son so easily that I would never see him again. That better behave myself or he would do it. As soon as I could get away I got away. So Chris, and I moved to Aurora and within weeks big Chris had found me and slashed my tires. He always just wanted to scare me. So he was working at the beef plant Harran town. They have big knifes slice meat. Slicing knifes in less than ten years. Jade moved twelve times trying to get away from Chris Meraz, but he would always find her according to police records crisper is with threaten to kill her and himself if she ever slept with another man, he would call her employers accuser of fraud. He would follow her spider harasser steal things at break into her house. Jay describes one such incident. Boy spent the night at my mom's house the next morning. I was driving home. And as soon as I drove home, I knew something was up because the front gate wasn't close. Like, I had closed it. So I told my kids way right here. Let me go in. And when I went in the living room was fine. The kitchen was fine. But as I went to the bedrooms, I could see in the corner of my eye, my bedroom had the walls had been knifed. All my clothes were on the floor. The dresser drawers were out. My underwear was everywhere and the bed had been stabbed several times. And there was a huge knife left in my bed. When Jade, call the police, they refused to believe that it was Chris Christmas is but years later Christmas, his roommate a man named Mike Gomez came forward to the police and confessed to having written the note for Chris and waited outside for him while he was in Jade's house. I've seen a copy of the note from the Aurora police records and it reads. Hello. I have been watching you. I know where you live. I know where you work. I know where you are all the time. I know where your boyfriend lives, I know where he works. But that doesn't matter because he can't help you. No one. Can I will be watching you? The letter is then signed with an upside down cross. A few days later Jade received another note this one in the mail it read. Hello. How have you been since? I got into your house and seen all of your private thing. And you're fucking boyfriends thing, I have been watching you every day and my lust for you grows deeper. I can't control myself any longer he shall soon be mind. So watch out because I will get you sooner or later. There is a PS the bottom of the note, and it reads when are you going out again, ha ha ha ha? Because I was so terrified I was running like a rat in a cage because I would tell people it was Chris Maras, and even some of my own family would say he loves you. And he loves Christopher and he so nice. And they no one believed the things that were happening was Chris. And I couldn't convince them, you know, people in our church my family members. They didn't believe me. They they said he was such a nice guy. And he could have caught me. He could have caught me. And that's what they would save. Chris wanted to kill you. He would kill you. If he wanted to catch me he could have caught me. He didn't want to catch me. He wanted me to be afraid. Eventually Chris has moved to northern California. But his Chris Potts grew up. He began asking questions about his father until one day when Chris boss was eight J took him to meet his dad. And he would say who am I like why why am I this way? And my family who loved Chris. Mara's would always say, oh, you're just like your dad. You're just like Christmas says and so he wanted to see him. So I took Chris defer to California to Sacramento cr-. Nothing had changed with Chris Mara's the very first night. We were there. I put Christopher to bed and Chris Mira said he wants to sleep with me. He wants to sleep with me. Let me sleep in that room with Christopher you've already got him a sleep. Let me just sleep in that room with him. So I said, okay because I felt like an idiot being saying, no, I don't trust. You will. Then what the hell was doing in California. If I didn't trust him. I mean, all these things were coming back. So I said, okay. So I let Chris and Chris Mara's sleep in the same room together. I fell asleep in another room. And that very first night was woken up with Chris on top of me. Holding my mouth closed. Nothing had changed. Nothing had changed. And then afterwards when I said, I was calling the police. He reiterated who's gonna believe that I flew all the way out to California come on. I must have wanted that. When Chris was around ten Jade manage to have an arrest warrant issued for Christmas and charges of stocking. But Christmas was never found and the warrant expired a few years later. Chris Meraz did not return several recent phone calls and texts that I made to ask for his response to these specific allegations, but I will continue to follow up. So that I can get his comments. As for Jade. She ended up marrying Jack spots a childhood friend twenty four years ago and Chris mares allow Jack to adopt Christopher when he was ten that was just a relief. I mean, it was a wonderful thing. But it was such a relief to me because I didn't have to be afraid of him lurking around anymore. Then suddenly after years of complete silence. Chris Moore has called Jade out of the blue and this call came right after a day disappeared. He said Chris came. He did, you know, you know, we're critcism like no he said that Chris come and seen him. And he said, you know, I don't know. I don't know. He was here. Fifteen minutes his fifteen minutes. He like wanted to fight me. And so he was only fifteen minutes. He would drive five hours to see his dad, fifteen minutes only any just kept saying fifteen minutes. When I was telling Chris about the call. I said Helen were you really there? I don't know. Mom, I said, I know it wasn't fifteen minutes. Because if it was he wouldn't have said like twenty five times how long were you there? And what were you doing there? And Chris wouldn't tell me. They just said that that he was an idiot. And he said, I didn't stay there. Mom, I went to a hotel. But Chris he was he goes don't even talk to them if he calls you don't talk to him anymore. I said, unfortunately, I'll always talk to him. He is your father, and I'm not gonna make him like one a hunt me down every time that Chris Koldo. He would reiterate Christopher was there for fifteen minutes. And so just the way that he would do it. I knew something was not right with that. Seems like the press connected him first, and he pointed them towards us to deflect attention throwing stuff gave by phone number two day as family, and they started calling me. Even type of. He your number. And my name, and yeah, I'm Shockley to gave. Oh remembers he would tell anyone under the boss for himself. Shade shares one last significant memory it's about a stop Chris made before leaving Colorado on his final road trip with chance as Jade speaks recall chance telling me that Chris felt that the only person he could still count on besides chance was his grandmother. One other thing. My mom said that Christopher and her were talking one on one in that, my mom was crying and said, I love you so much Christopher other than your mom. I love you more than anyone in this world and Christopher said, grandma. Do you love me enough to kill someone? And my mom said, Chris that would not be love that would be doing something to control you. You don't kill somebody out of love for someone else. You kill someone to control the person that you're think you're doing a favor for that was probably two days before Chris left Colorado to go there. And my mom told me about this conversation referred to Christmas says when he was talking to your mom. That's what we think. Both might me. And my mom think. Oh my God. That was he was referring to Christmas. As the conversation ends. I thank Chris's parents for their time and for sharing so much with me. And I hope is nice. It's good to talk about today. Totally okay. Juice to the fact that you care about what really, you know. We don't need somebody that's going to say on Christmas. I if somebody's you look for the truth. That's all ever dozen. We're gonna live with. But we'd like the truth. Don't think we have much truth right now. I told Christopher I said, Chris. You've never had allied me. You don't have to now if you have done something bad. I am not your judge injure. Chris I realize you were human people can get pushed to the brink. If you have done something bad, please tell me. So I know how to stand if I need to stand in a humble stance. Apologizing for you praying for forgiveness for you. Tell me the truth. Otherwise, I'm standing like you been the victim. And like I need to protect you just tell me the truth. He said mom, I didn't hurt. Anyone? I should've never dropped her off. I knew she was in danger. To live and die in LA will return right after this break. A few weeks ago a package appeared in my mail. It was from a company called daily harvest and inside were small cups of frozen food smoothies, oatmeal soups, small kind of stir fry dinners, I kind of soon they were a potential sponsor. And fortunately, I just found out that they are. I actually just ordered more on my own dime last week. 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Click on the microphone at the top of the homepage and type in live die again, stamps dot com. The website click on the microphone at the top of the homepage and type in live Di L I E E. After a leave. The spots is house. My head is swimming with all this information and emotion. There's so much Anita process go through and I still need to take a full day to deep dive into Chris's, Google data and see what's there? But there's one small detail that keeps nagging at me. Why did Chris Moore is call Jade after so many years just to let her know that he'd gotten into an argument with Chris there's something off about that. Call. So when I get back to LA the next day, iphone Jade and ask her more about it. My notes I have notes really let me just look at my notes really quick to twenty four. Chris Perez called me first time in a long time. He made it sound like he was gonna fix everything. He was trying to be the hero. I remember he said specifically over and over again girls, go missing from LA all the time. And I it scared me. And I said he said people go missing from LA all the time. And scared me, I said as Christopher gonna go missing like, no, no the girl. And I said, oh, my God, Mary is is going to what's you know, what's gonna happen to marry? And he said, no the little one the other girl the little one. And. I said, how do you know this how how do you know this? And he said, oh, she's missing she's missing. And none of that was on the news. None of that was anywhere yet. Well, here's the thing. Jade, how would he know? She was little if he's never met her. Right. Right. And he he did say the little one. And what do you think was his intention calling you because obviously it's not in the news yet. No one's even looking for her. Time that he was talking to me. I felt like he was saying Chris how to problem and he came to me for help. Not you you don't even know about this. I know and you don't. What was it? The Christmas called. Was it one twenty years? I asked trade if she's comfortable sending me her phone Bill. So I can verify the date and time at Christmas has called. It seems hard to believe before I go on to portent to remember a few details. The day. Shabani was last seen on Friday February twenty third leaving her building with Chris spots. A day is friends didn't do a welfare check on her until two days later on Sunday, February twenty fifth, and they didn't file a missing persons report until the following day, Monday, February twenty six. But when I look at shades Bill, I seen eleven minute conversation with Chris Mera's her first call with him in years time is twelve twenty pm and the date. Saturday February twenty fourth a full day before anyone else knew that a day. Shabani was missing. To leave Diana's way is a production of tender foot TV myself Neil Strauss in conjunction with cadence thirteen. The executive producers of this podcast are Donald Albright. Pame Lindsey and myself along with producers, Alex Vespas stead and Mike Rooney original music score by makeup. Vanity set theme song love and war by flurry and show art and design by Trevor Eyler. The editing spy Alex fest stead with additional mixing by resonate recordings. Nationally, seven point five million people. Are stocked every year approximately one in six women and one in seventeen men have experienced talking at some point in their lifetime? If this happens to you or to a friend, call safe horizon their phone number, it's free. It's one eight hundred six to one hope that's one eight hundred six to one four six seven three. If you are an immediate danger, of course, call nine one one. In addition to a hotline safe horizon has an array of programs they deal with domestic abuse. They help you navigate the criminal Justice system and resources to help you heal yourself and your family from the psychological toll of this kind of tear. It's all free, and there are people out there who have experienced who can help. One of the reasons doing this podcast is to specifically ask for information on behalf of both families. Now involve. So if you know anything about anyone involved, even if it doesn't appear to relate directly to this case, please Email us at live L A at tender foot dot TV or call us at two one three two zero four two zero seven three we can keep your name and identity completely anonymous if you want. Special thanks to rich burner. Kevin richter. Chris Corcoran, Oren Segal Ryan fish back Ingrid dela O Orin Rosenbaum at UTA resonate and the Nord group. Thank you for listening for subscribing for your feedback.

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Ibrahim the Mad: With Tawny and George & After Dark: With Tawny and George

The Dirty Bits

46:47 min | 1 year ago

Ibrahim the Mad: With Tawny and George & After Dark: With Tawny and George

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That's Harrys Dot com code. Five thousand. Enjoy enjoy Hey love bugs. It's tawny quick word before we get started today. Georgia's currently on oxygen and the machine is pretty darn loud. We're trying to find a way to work around that in regards to the podcast so you may notice the audio quality is a little funky in this episode. We appreciate your patience as we make adjustments mints now that we have Georgia's official diagnosis stick around after the show for this episodes after dark segment for more details. Welcome to the dirty bits of history. The show that gives a casual southern Californian retelling of the sexy scandalous salacious ears. Funny and Freaky bits of history. Your teacher probably left out. I'm producer and voice actor. Tony Lattice of I'm George George Creative and business partner at plot productions stay tuned after the episode or take a peek at the show notes for the dirty bits after dark catching up with Tony and George our contact info coming attractions and especial dinky message to our producers for commercial free episodes visit Patriot dot com slash dirty. This now enjoy the show so before we begin. I need to give a little disclaimer as we tell the story. Keep in mind that due to history largely being written and taught from a European perspective the legitimacy of the so-called madness that Ibrahim became notorious for is still debated over by historians stories and biographers. Today as you know these are always my favorite episodes to explore. Because it's such a fun puzzle to try and solve what is bullshit. And what is not also a particularly game of thrones type of ood subjects because it takes place in the Middle Ages so our guy super human. Ahmed was born in Sixteen fifteen in Istanbul club. Conoco and if you're unpatriotic show notes Lindsay that I called that he was going to make some some kind of referendum literally in the show notes that says hold for Georgia's inevitable Grecian Constantinople reference the so called logo so Ebrahim was the son of the Sultan Ahmed the first I and Qasim Sultan who was his favourite concubine one of the most powerful women in Ottoman history and also a bad ass. Greek whose original lame was honest days. Yeah see Greeks to know it is a very beautiful city. I was lucky enough to go there and it's incredible it's really cool. I'd WanNa rule that city Missouri role. So tradition goes that she was from T- Nas and her dad was a priest when she was fifteen she was sold into slavery and she ended up on a Harem. She converted to Islam and she took the name. Ma Paker now at the language I have no experience in Arabic Farsi. The various loggers that they couldn't get in touch with anybody so forgive the pronunciation. I can do my my ridiculous. Greek accidental day but of Acre means moon faced which is a good thing in this connotation the really pretty moon faced Kinda has like some bad connotation in western culture of being faced action admits she was really pretty. It was a good thing and just to clarify now. On stages husband's grandma is banished from the palace so the position opens up for her to swoop in and take control the big position because there's always one woman who's kind of in charge of like the Harum and managing things around the policies. So it's a big deal when she's banished because she was money hungry grabbing bitch. That's kind of how she was perceived according cute softens son right according to the sultan's kids so when Qasim or on a stages husband takes over and he becomes Salton he banishes his money. Hungry Grandma from from the palace so this position opens up for him to come in and take power and she manages the Harem. She's like the ruling woman and this is more than just like a MMMM. Oh much more will. The HAREM is not the Harem was more powerful than a lot of people think that it was like they think these women were just kept in this little cage away from everybody. They actually had a lot of power and a lot of influence in the empire. I remember you doing another episode on a woman from a hair and did a lot of innovative things for a Harem. Yeah she was great actually the one that invented this position. Oh he invented up through uh-huh so Kassem the sultan's wife she converts to Islam which makes her husband's super-duper happy because they're all Muslim and he's like you need a name befitting of your intelligence and leadership skills so let's call you close them because it means sheep leading the herd but almost almo sounds. I think you're the WKE Michigan. You're the smartest sheet of all the things I own. You're the first backhanded compliment. I'm sure it has the story about about understanding. Well it Kinda does because at the time anything shepherds sheep bleeding. The flaw like she was the void is going to be the shepherd exactly. Yeah so this is a really savvy strategic. Move on Qassams part. Because she's already already one of the sultan's top three favorite concubines at this time. So she starts angling for. What's called the Helsinki sultain? Which is the royal title for the Favorite Wife Number question you say top three is this like ap poll out of these walls being decided? Is there like ones that he visits the most. Just the salary they got an allowance to like everybody every concubine wife. They all got a daily salary to they had positions positions in this court. I wonder if it was like office culture today. Don't talk about yourself or other boys the salaries causing problems it now has Seki salt hand like I was saying essentially means that Qassem is Ahmed favorite wife it also means she gets a nice daily paycheck along with the right to arrange marriages. That's a big big amount of power because of the political implications come to learn marriages or alliances for example example when the sultan heard a woman who may have been a fellow concubine had rubbed the Husky Sultan the wrong way. He'd have her beaten from what I read. I think there was one woman women in particular who was the mother of the Sultan's eldest son. Osman who she really really didn't like an even if this woman that co some really really didn't like it was repeatedly punished wasn't Osmond's Mom Osmond's mom was expelled from the palace in the sixteen tens and Qassem Got Really Comfy with Osmond wants. His mom was the picture they were hanging out the time together in public and her husband found out and he's like no. You can be hanging out with like another son that that isn't yours. It's an appropriate. That wasn't done at that time because about shoe. Try to make a political move. It's all politics I got because has the thing is just what you hanging out with younger younger. Yeah was like I don't want you got a little bit of a daddy thing. Yeah it could have been that she was attracted to him and also was likely a political move. Because if you have somebody in the Harem that was like lobbying for you for your position sultain that gave you more of an edge. You have the sultans. Favourite wife is saying after you die. You should totally name. The Sky is your successor. He's GonNa Listen Luth. You don't have like a mom and the Harem whose lobbying for you. Your chances of becoming Sultan are very slim so she's just trying to like hit. People often make a plan for her own kids heads right for then why would you take the under wing when Moreau. She's manipulating him and she's trying to control him. Wouldn't be here to control sunny. Yes she does that too. He's older so he's next in line. I see over her son's persons or a little bit younger than Osman One. Venetian capacitor said that Qasim was a woman of beauty and shrewdness and furthermore of many talents she sings excellently whence she continues to be extremely well. Loved upped came not that she is respected by all that she is listened to in some matters and is the favourite of the king. Who wants her beside him? Continually but then Kassem's husband the sultan dies of Typhus when he's just twenty seven and she loses the title of his second Sultan. She somehow swung it though so. Her income didn't change despite her quote unquote demotion and tidal never regained its former luster after she had left it because she did the best. So Costa is a little buddy Osman in comes and visits her once. She's retired because you move. Afterwards he retired from the position you go to a different policy on sear sons on longer power. Your husband's longer empower are. You can't retire to another palace. So he goes to visit her at this other palace and she doesn't do shit to lobby for him politically his mother would have like. We're talking about having a powerful. If one on your side in the Harem was essential in advancing your career cozinne hotter on Sundays. Ibrahim the mad and Murad the fourth. Now Ebrahim was two years. Old Murad was five. She's trying to think okay. Well how can I get one of them into that. Salton position with this other kid from another wife older and just to be clear Ebrahim. The mad isn't being quality mad at this point. Not at this point but the madness is developing over. And we're talking about Ibrahim's mammary now so cosa awesome Ebrahim's mom over it gets very complicated. There's a lot of characters here woke up so after combs husband dies her husband's brother. Mustafa becomes the current Sultan. And this upset the Ottomans very long history. A frat aside is not uncommon to kill your your brothers or anybody else who stood in your way to the title of Sultan Right seamer company like the hunger games kind of but constantly instantly the title of Sultan goes to the oldest son or chosen son that just results in brothers picking each other off. Because that's how it's listed it's like the sultan in goes it's either going to be the oldest. I'm going to pick the best person that I want to take over. So that's GonNa of course results succession. Ah It's brutal. I've seen that palace and worth killing your brother over how impressive this is speaking of someone double with no siblings. Now winco soms husband's brother Mustafa takes over. This was actually the first time that it was a smooth smooth transition in history where somebody didn't kill someone for the title of Sultan so costumes husband. Ahmed actually seemed like he may have been a pretty good dude. He wasn't brutal brutal. He led a lot of people off the hook for stuff. He didn't kill anybody just to secure some things. He actually seemed to be pretty decent from what I read pulled the time we'll particularly for at the time now. His brother stuff not a good dude he had spent majority of his life in the coffees which literally translates to cage in English so it how young they put him in a cage earth They just kept them in a golden cage luxuries and amenities. But you still can't can't leave. He didn't really go outside that he was stuck in like a room. Like this guy and this is not a balance both. It's nice to be wrong but mean trap somewhere not being allowed to leave even. If you're living lavishly it with you with your head. This guy was smoking opium all day. He's sleeping with all these gorgeous women but he's still a prisoner. He can't leave the prison and it doesn't matter how nice the places if somebody's telling you you have to stay here. You cannot leave. You don't have that autonomy yourself else. It's going to mess with you. Yeah you can leave. Though we do go to your oxygen machine ooh put opium and concubines would probably go by faster early get. He's still doesn't have his own Is You can get a person in a cage. So Mustafa Abraham nomads uncle gets out of this lavish prison and they're reintroducing him into society right. It does absolutely nothing to benefit his mental health. He's grown into this man. He's just like giggling constantly. He pulls on his colleagues beards he smacks turbans off of heads. He's appointing these unqualified rand. Does for these really big official positions like he'll go out and he just find somebody that was a donkey farmer. This guy's hilarious and he'd really hey donkey farmer Tijuana. It'd be the Treasurer Ernie's like yeah. Totally he'd Sandra around the palace with naked slave girl on each arm and he tried to feed coins to fish. He was absolutely out of his mind. Used nuts. I have a feeling this guy's GonNa get changed so Osmin the oldest son of the previous Sultan. He's watching this happen for a couple of months. They have a lunatic in power and he goes obviously obviously the skies on fit. We don't need to kill or anything I don't think he's really a threat but he can't be in charge. Just send them back to the hookers and blow. And I'll run the show. Don't worry about certain. And everybody's like you got a point so just to be clear on the seventeenth century. There was an incompetent ruler and they took care of it so often ends up taking over. He's the sultan for a few years and he does okay before he really starts coming out and making a bunch of rash stupid decisions because he's a teenager in charge. Sure you're he closes down a bunch of coffee shops in Turkey and was strangled as a result Turkey stuff. He's pretty pretty good. And if you're unpatriotic please check out the show notes because it says pause for inevitable coffee joke from Greek husband. Are you kidding. I'm not kidding. That's what happens. When he closed down coffeeshops he gets strangled? So Osmond's dead. Everyone comes together and they're like you know. Why don't we give that last guy another shot don't get he's going to give this salt and thing one more try like he's rockier some? Let's give it another go. Here's the thing Stafa did not I want to be Sultan again. You didn't WanNA leave the cage. The prison filled with hookers an opium right. He doesn't want a little weird regardless they make Sultana again and he spins the entire time trying to get out of doing anything like a small child. He's literally running away from official in anyone else who works in the court. They just let this happen for seventeen months before his mother Qassem goes. Just just go back to the here here. And he was my husband's brother and he really doesn't know what the because going on so just put him back. We'll have my son Murad before be Sultan. He's eleven years old. There's there's no way it'll end badly so customs. I said morale the fourth who is Abraham. The mavs older brother takes the throne as a minor and Colson becomes MRS ruling agents who she's ruling the empire. She's attending cabinet meetings for him until he becomes a teenager to Thoman right the region so she's is in charge and the empire descent. A straight anarchy revolts are going on everywhere. People are rioting Murad before its own guards storm the palace and they killed hold almost all of his favourite cabinet members and remember. He's only a teenager when this is all going on so he takes the beaten goes okay. Obviously it's absolute chaos everywhere where my brother's got to be Sultan for a hot second until they were strangled to death for being dumb asses so I obviously need to crack some skulls. Some examples get this empire back on track. He started out just trying to clean things up but eventually he established a reputation for brutality ruled seed just for the sake of retaliation. Cruelty was very Ramsay Bolton governor so I would he does is. He kills his brother-in-law for committing some act against God. Who knows what that was? It was just an excuse more than anything he wanted to pick them off. He then takes it one step further. He bans alcohol. He Bands Kasey and he bans tobacco throughout all of this Danville. Breaking this law was is punishable by death and he enforced the shit out of that law despite the fact that he would drink and smoke himself on the rig. Do as I say not as I do. And what those guys Mrs Murad the fourth and this is even the madden older brother Omar so Murad would disguise himself and go out at night looking for people who aren't within the limitations of the bands that he put into place and what he is. He Lob off their heads right there in the street smoking a cigarette boom off your head taken a drink alcohol boom off with your head and he disguised himself some and just get honey brook. Just cut off their heads. He'd also sit on the spot near the river in pickoff boat in with a bow and Arrow just for funsies like he'd look he was hunting hunting. But there's one with real people. He supposedly wants made one of his doctors dion opium and had another musician executed for for daring to play a song of Persian origin which was greatly offensive to him. He had another guy impaled from mistakenly informing him that he had become a father of a son when Murad actually actually had become the father of a daughter anyone's strangled. One of his grand vizier for beating his mother-in-law garbage for sons he executed twenty five thousand people during his reign. That's a lot of people to kill and Murad. Was this big athletic plugging size jock. WHO's really into in very good at throwing javelins wrestling jousting? The problem was that his other very popular brother. Busied was better at jousting. These it knocked off his horse during a joust so naturally the Sultan Adam killed this inspires hinted to start picking siblings by the time. Sixteen thirty rolls around. No if you're one of his siblings don't see that common. You do. Which is why they're so much like intriguing alliances and you're keeping these people protected like the cages were were for their own mm protection it was so they would be safe from being murdered by their brothers wrote now sixteen? Thirty eight Ebrahim the mad. He's twenty three years old and he's been living in constant terror being murdered his entire life. He gets headaches. He's physically weak. He didn't really seem like he was all together. They're understandably probably growing up with that kind of day to day trauma that's gotTa create lasting consequences. I'm not a doctor but I would imagine there's ptsd stuff going on your the. Only reason Ebrahim Abrahim isn't killed was because his Co. Cem told him around the fourth. Her son Abraham's brother. She does Ebrahim is crazy. You don't don't need to worry about him. It's just like your Uncle Moustapha. What do you think he's GonNa do? You know it's fine and Morocco's okay fine. I won't kill him today but I'm not making any promised tomorrow then. When Murad twenty-seven he starts he'll UNCANNY shitty turns out? The Dude had psoriasis which was so odd considering he banned. Allegedly he ordered the execution of Ebrahim on his deathbed but the order was never carried out. If it was does that would have been the end of the Ottomans. However Ebrahim was the only surviving male member of the dynasty and therefore next in line for the throne when his brother died by this? This time Ebrahim was really paranoid walking on eggshells for so many years right so he thinks this is a trap rods dead. But he's like he's going to popout. The Hanukkah column linked just slipped my throat so his grand vizier. Like no really. He's dead and Ebrahim's like let me see the body then and they're like Hey Siri and he goes he just killed for my siblings. Yes I'm serious. Showing the body Barca Barbosa. He was mad. He wasn't stupid so he personally examined his brother's corpse and after he's convinced that the whole situation isn't some giant ruse. He's like okay fine. I'll take the job. That's a Helluva nerve. During the early years of his reign Ibrahim's grand vizier ear is mostly calling all the shots thankfully and he actually makes progress stabilizing the empire as we talked about Ebrahim a little paranoid and his mother and those around him were concerned about him being mentally capable of ruling one of the more well-known stories about his magnus involves ordering two hundred eighty women drowned because they were annoying and unsupportive of him. But here's the thing besides oral traditions or rumors. There isn't any scholarly evidence. I found a back APP story up per usual. Many saucy tales throughout history have to be viewed with perspective the rumors swirled around Ebrahim written by Dimitri Kandemir. And I have to point out. That he was a Moldovan soldier. who fought against the Ottomans right so while there is evidence the Ebrahim was indeed mentally unstable? It's still unclear as to exactly what extent now Abraham's Mom Qasim. She encouraged him to spend his time with his Horta's in the Harem and by encouraged. I mean when she gave him a ton of APHRODISIACS. This keeps her in power. Some odd mother son relationship. Do you imagine like it's the equivalent of giving your son Viagra and being Mike Gomez yourself at the brothel while I work. This kept her in power because he's occupied and it also produced three sons for Ibrahim in addition to fifteen other other children. I feel like at that point. You're just creating little assassin. You're also creating more opportunities to continue your age. You know so if one dies I see got backup kid. You were going to go. So one day Ebrahim the mad. He's out and about and he he sees a cow's udders another regions and he's like. Oh my God that is what I'm looking for in a woman. So according to Kandemir he sent the shape of them in gold all over the empire with his orders to make inquiries whether a man-made in just that manner could be found for his list. Does he really think that he's GonNa fight a woman the Dow and apparently there is someone for everyone because they found in Armenian woman named sincere para which translates to sugar Hugh Genitalia matched up with the model pretty damn while. Wow that's a matching longer. Breasts he was really into sex. He had many many many books on the topic including various positions and he may have even invented a few himself so as what some of the books were suggesting things really start going south when in an effort to help him post them. enlists the aid of a spiritualist Gendi Kolja area who is a total charlatan. He influences Abraham to lavish money on him and his buddy so they eventually have powered order. A hit. On Abraham's grand vizier. Who was the one actually putting the empire back together like we were talking about this results in a twenty four year long war with Venice that leads to a lack of resources in the sultan's Sultan's capital that combined with jacking taxes? Every time he wants to go on a shopping spree means that the public is kind of peeved with how things are shaken up in the city. Things were actually actually so out of control. Costs in his own mother and his vizier. Were involved in attempted coup and they planned on replacing Ebrahim with one of his own sons but Ebrahim team just exiled his mother from the palace and he had the vizier executed he replaces his ear with a guiding on mud but our history buffs may know him by his warn. Fortunate nickname has our which means one thousand pieces. Guess how he got that nickname. Got A thousand visas next. During the uh-huh next year the people revolt a new literally toward the vizier into pieces after they strangled him to death wish strangled to death. Verse Right. Could you imagine and be ripped from limb to limb while you're conscious fully. No I had that same day that the vizier is ripped until it's all these pieces. The people in prison Ebrahim of his own others consent. She said in the end he will leave. Neither you nor mia live. We will lose control of the government. The whole society is in ruins happening removed from the throne immediately while ringing endorsement for mom but Moustapha was okay right seems like she's more concerned with political stability than with her children. Obviously SCISSOR STAFA was madman too do but it sounds like the people were stepping in line right him. Things were still going in a positive direction. Were subservient rattlers no risk the revolt. Under Moustapha. There was not chaos happening. He wasn't jacking up taxes. Every time you buy something. New Murad was a status. So they put bringing six-year-old old son on the throne and the grand vizier at the time suns a request to the chic all Islam explaining the situation and he asks them if they can execute every three he replies by simply saying if there are two Caliphs kill one of them goes. You heard the man. Let's do it an Ibrahima strangled in sixteen forty eight. Well his mother and all the higher ups watch from the palace above the Ottoman Empire would last all the way up until World War One. So this kind of succession. This kind and of secession. The lifestyle Ottoman Empire would continue until last century. I remember it was still the Ottoman Empire since the cubs had won the world series. I mean another one another one but before then it's wild to think about how long but empire lasted. It was the Ottoman Empire from the thirteenth to the twentieth century. Well for example the Ottoman Empire allied with Germany during World War One on the side of the central. They were the Ottoman Empire until World War. One the partitioning in the Middle East stuff started happening. So it's a very very very rich history and I would love you guys to look into into it more. There is so much information out there on the Ottoman Empire that I could not sit in to this episode as you can tell it gets very confusing much like European history. Everybody has very similar names. There's a lot of movement going on. People are related. People are getting picked off and named the same things so as always if anything sounded goofiness episode. It probably was. Don't take my word for it. Always do your own research and make sure what you're reading from is a verified. Reputable and academic source. Get in touch with us on our website at tiny voice dot com slash dirty bits or by emailing tawny at Tony voiced dot com. You can also hit us up on twitter at the dirty BITs pod or on instagram at dirty bits podcast or in our facebook group. The dirty bits chat and Hamady special. Thanks to our executive producers in podcasters Patriot on dot dot com slash dirty bits or making the show possible without your support. The show wouldn't exist Melissa N.. Sally m she not saving me suzzie movies podcast Canadian true crime. podcast play comics podcast Zombie studios deadly show podcast history. He goes bump podcast southern fried true crime. podcast the explorers podcast mysterious circumstances. podcast pleasing tears. podcast past sexy pillows. podcast the minds of madness. podcast the Retro Cinema Podcast to crime. Fan Club podcast twisted Philly podcast blaming in the podcast and Voice of the victim. podcast you to support the dirty bits of history by becoming a producer at at patriotair dot com slash dirty beds as our way of saying things. You'll be granted access to exclusive behind the scenes extras bonus content and collectibles the greeting cards stickers and much more until next time stay scandalous and now a word from mar sponsors and now back to the show. Welcome to the dirty bits after dark catching up with Tony. George judge the behind the scenes show that gets casual southern California answers all your sexy scandalous salacious fierce funny and freaky questions you've sent us. You submit questions via the anonymous contact form on our website at tiny voice dot com slash events or emailing twenty at tiny voice dot com. You can also hit us up on twitter at the dirty BITs pod or on instagram at dirty bits podcast or on facebook in our group. The dirty dirty bits chat and comedy. I am pretty certain voice actor. Tony plans that I'm George Creative and business partner at plot productions hot minute. Yeah it's been a while it's been you know satellites or super born. Yeah right everybody kind of an update on absolutely well I was born with one ventricle as opposed to to most people have a four chambered heart I have re chambered heart. That causes my one one to mix which means that I have a lot of de oxygenated blood running through my system so my sat which measures the amount of oxygen region. That's in your blood is usually about ninety ninety percent. Most people are around ninety nine percent it starts to get less as you age. You're heavy smoker. It might be ninety seven percent so I'm starting pretty low already then I wouldn't to the hospital and had a couple of different `losers this is because I also have Ronchi cassis which means that it's really hard to get the gunk out of my lungs so it causes me to have pneumonia over and over and I develop a kind of scarring starring in my lungs after a while they had to go in and remove the scarring and in that process would of the sutures in my lung broke. My lungs started filling up with blood and they had to do an emergency surgery. Kinda thought I was in the clear after that I was on oxygen oxygen for a little while but was able to get off eventually. Then I get pneumonia again. This is after I've had the Monja maxine been on antibiotics. Alex they tell me that it's not pneumonia. It's Mycobacterium avium complex which is just lying on to burke below sus without the coughing up blood and luckily without it being in cages. So I'm on quite a few antibiotics for that. But I'm also still even more susceptible to pneumonia and my oxygenation if I don't have continuous. Oxygen on is about eighty eighty four something like that especially if I moving around doing anything at all so I have to be on a high level of continuous ANNUA. Oxygen Twenty four seven until the MAC clears up which can take up to eighteen months even two years. I in pretty much stuck at home until I can get down to instead of five liters of oxygen being pumped into three is they have a little mobile device and I can use that to go out and but right now I go through a tank of air so quickly because it's such a high amount can't really go somewhere. The Mike an hour this coincided with the company being sold off to another company and everyone at the company getting laid off you got laid off and you you got basically Yes within the same week. He work with Mycobacterium avium complex. Not a lot of stuff doing podcasts stuff and working from home. Yeah there's some opportunities there a freelancing things like that but going into an office or going somewhere somewhere to work or doing really any invisible at all is not really an option right now not the best state of affairs. But it'll get better. There's I mean there's a course of antibiotics. It's just really really long. It's best at eighteen months to two years and I'm still recovering from the two surgeries. IBM ME. I'm still in love. But that's getting slowly better. They've different exercises you attorneys activists again up around the house but even if if I just like make myself say what you like washing dishes might Starts to plummeted does not take a lot of activity for me to get low on oxygen. I'm sorry but there's light at the end of the tunnel for sure possible. I try. I've always been a homebody anyway. Not always it's been Breezy Vigo let me put it that way and luckily with your job with getting laid off was weird because it's kind of getting to the point where even really do that effectively. At least yeah I was working from home. They're letting were home with this but it was too much so I lost some opportunity to people ended other places. But you know there's no going into interview it just doesn't really work that way so it's been up and down thing but you know you might occur. Says was the day US active as possible and what. I'm dire gress. So thanks for sticking with us. We've been navigating this new forever forever. But it's for a while that's the podcast has been a little tough last couple years because this was kind of culminating or would you say you mean it started with having Mojo in the last two years. You've been continuously second you've been trying to figure things out now. It feels like we finally know what's up because you were exhausted. Getting the MONJA. They were struggling for since the end of twenty sixteen. Yenaga finally answered rice. Well we thought it was something to do with your heart. They didn't even look at your lungs in you just kept getting Nanya and it never went any farther allow for what they can see until it got. That bad. Finally Detest Now now when they did the actual test add to send them to the CDC in Atlanta because of the possibility that it was diverticulitis. And then I'd have to be quarantined. Thank God it wasn't however I'm so glad that you're able to be at home not in the hospital while you from this. That's really what I'm the most grateful because being hospitals nothing law it is tough. I'm proud of you. You're cooper wealthy. been done that without you know. She went to the hospital every day to see. See me when I was in there for my surgery of Abacha took some days off some stuff to do. We did this year five and I was get a lot of help from one of the reasons we moved back to San Diego. We lived seven minutes away from Georgia's parents and they're able to help us By watching nabs being hostile I have to work. Her parents are incredible looks. They've been very very helpful with that. Being said I've had quite a bit of time on my hands so now I've been working on a new show. Thanks kind of along the lines of dirty bets. Don't WanNa give away too much more just to say that it is more true crime oriented than the dirty bits true. That's all I'll say. Trish crime true anxious Josh intriguing. I wonder what it could be having fun with that. Nope we got something you guys will get to here in the near future. So how'd that you liked the festival. Tommy outlier was so much fun. I got to do my once a year. See Hannah and Josh Hallmark for those of you doubt now Hannah from boozing movies Josh Hallmark from True Crime Bullshit. Like twelve other podcasts. We're really close friends with them. I love them to pieces. And we're all kind of spread Out Hannah and I actually don't live that far away from each other but the dryer from San Diego to La might as well live in two different states so that was really fun. Being able to hang out with Josh and Hannah nine. That was the first time Speaking engagement I got to sit on a payment Capozza podcasting Met some people and I really my registered. The videos US yes. Hannah took video which is on our website and our social media platforms so if he gets curious about it you can go to Tony Voice Dot Com and check it out just a quick update for the Patriots on Patriae on. If you haven't received gifts please don't hesitate to contact me. Mistakes Happen Navy moons. ooh You didn't update your address on he on whatever it is. If you haven't received your goodies shoot me an email Verifier mailing address. And I'll get you all squared away and if you're not got a patron on Patriots on yet though check us out patron your dot com slash dirty bus either all kinds of fun behind the scenes extras goodies. Sneak peeks six outtakes bloopers and it starts at just one dollar a month even also support the show by leading us a tip on our website. Tiny voice dot com slash dirty bets. But the very very very best way to support the dirty simply by sharing the show with her friends show them how to subscribe shares on your favorite Social Media Platform News Review on your favorite podcast listening out. Just get the word out and helps us a tongue and seeking patriae on the patrons wins have selected the next dirty bit subject of Rome rule. Police mccollum. I'm so excited. headstart is favourite. I love her to pieces. The Vata somebody from history that I really really connect with the questions now. That was a good lead in to questions. Who's your favorite person from history? Re Hannah Mardi answered this question. So my favorite person from history is three to Colorado. Because she's so relatable to me she's by she had some physical stuff Her style of art. Her Manner Communication The way she spoke. I really really come up with Rita about you. This is like picking your favorite movie. There's so many like for so many different reasons genres important. Yeah since like artists rogue leader. Need your favorite artists. WHO's your favorite world leader favorite artist? Pry William Oh you must boroughs writing the most and then world leader on the biggest impact. Has Your favorite bass impact. Alright so how old are we older you. Well how old are you. I'm going to be twenty nine in December and thirty everywhere so we're not quite thirty F- but we can see it. Some what makes you choose some scandals people from history and not others. That is such good question. Yeah we put it on Bungee names in there was swirl nouns. There's a process Sometimes listeners will send me suggestions we have a huge list now over the years from people sending us so many suggestions I will take that list on Patriot on in the patrons will select the next person. Uh for subject makes derivates list. There is a few things I check on I don't like doing things that are to iggy scary. You know the it's supposed to be funny. It's not supposed to be intense show about like sexual assault turn can like that. We don't do those kind of subjects. Typically the rest of it is all. Yeah it's it's supposed to be comedy it's supposed to be funny and it's so hard to do between it's on our personal personal lives in what's going on in the world. It's very hard to remain comedic funny so I try to go after subjects where they've been dead for really really longtime go. Here's family that's GONNA get offended. Nobody like that. CANNITO that line with people from Hollywood and uncertain back away from more modern modern subjects. Just for that reason so the qualifiers for getting on the shows. You can't be too We try to make sure that it stays light and comedic media 'cause possible it's not supposed to be heavy. It's hard to do. I mean a lot of people you know the bigger the sexual appetite. Generally the bigger the sexual misdeeds is Norway building up. These people's good samples right. This isn't like hey we love these people. This is Houston model yourself. After some of our total scalawags that there's a difference between ending scally Wag It's low hammer just weird Hans Christian Andersen and heart president harding. You know. There wasn't about lots of really good example. He was a skis but as far as we know he didn't forcing cell phone anyone from what I read. That's kind of where we draw the line. I'd say say you just said a lot of Crawford into this penis. Where do you draw? Draw the line in comedy like what is paid a joke about an. What isn't what's to be compensated? Such a huge conversation for me. Personally I draw the line punching down. I don't WanNa Punch down. I'm GonNa Punch up if you've ever heard that expression I figure Joe is a joke. It's not sin in my. My personal view is like comedy in of itself. It's like you have to take risks. Something's GonNa land. Some things are going to be offensive and that line in comedy I think is very personal for everybody. Not Everybody's GonNa have a dark sense of humor. None of these appreciate some things so I think with comedy. It's very much an individual thing. I don't really get funded by a lot of jokes. It's going to be pretty damn blue as long as it's funny. Yeah it's just meant to be mean that's not a joke. This is fun. What's it's the single worst event in history? Oh Yeah oh I got. I got mine down. We stopped being nomadic and then we started agriculture. Agriculture was the end of civilization the beginning of the end of world history class online and started from the beginning all the way to twenty sixteen. Oh we just should have never started agriculture humanity was noon once we started introducing livestock and all that crap. I know that probably sounds insane by not just history perspective to be that's more than a single event agricultural. Yeah that's like a long process process Shirley setting up. Agriculture is a long process but the advent of it. I think if people were hunter gatherers were still roaming the world. I think society would be better but then you have people scream. I want my phone in my modern technologies in comforts that. That's just my personal opinion. That's that's kind of a funny question after just explaining swinging into onto touch on heavy subjects requested like what's a single worst event in history we don't like the heavy dirk stuff to the the for us so if you guys have any other questions for a sentiment there's an anonymous contact box on our website website or get in touch with us in any way it's convenient real. Thanks for catching up with this is One more thing before you go. If you're looking for another PODCAST LISTEN TO I. Highly recommend twenty thousand Hertz. It's all about sound. Twenty thousand. Hertz is made by a team team of professional sound designers and the show tells the stories behind the world's most recognizable and interesting sounds the topics range from pop culture to science and history. So so there's something for everyone. The host Dallas Taylor shares his passion of our sense of sound and helps. Open your ears to the world around us. Every episode is meticulously Isley. Mixed handcrafted so much so that they won this years Webby for best sound design and music search for twenty thousand Hertz. which is all spelled out without numbers in your favorite podcast player?

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Episode 1101 - Carol Kane

WTF with Marc Maron Podcast

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Episode 1101 - Carol Kane

"Hey folks I guess you really liked our new decade of domination merchandise. The posters are already sold out. But don't worry we're going to work on creating a new batch of them. In the meantime you can get the decade of domination glow in the dark t shirts or the writing kit with an embossed notebook. And W Penn check it out at pod Swag Dot Com Slash W. T. effort goto. Deputy POD DOT COM and click on the merch link. All the new designs are by artists. Johnny Jones and you can check out his work at creative online music. Art Dot Com. Got It cool. I gotta give me some of them go. The Dark Shirts Brendan. Send me some glow in the have them. Send me a couple of glow in the dark decade of domination shirts. I want some. I want some also. I have a question. Who's Dave you might know him? As Little Dicky the guy behind youtube hits saved money and earth but did you know that he also has a brand new fx comedy. That's right and it's called. You guessed it Dave. Dave is a fictionalized. Look at dickey's rise to rap stardom as he navigates the music industry with a little help from his friends and his Bar Mitzvah. Money Co created by Jeff Schaffer of the League and executive produced by Kevin. Hart Dave is Victoria. They once in a generation artist who also just got verified on twitter they gave premieres Wednesday march fourth on Fx X. Streaming next day on fx. On Hulu all right. Let's do this show all right all right. Let's do this. How are you? What the fuckers. What the fuck buddies. What the Fuck Knicks? What's happening a Mark Mayor? And this is my podcast. W. F. Welcome to it. I'm all jacked up back on the just coffee dot co OP. Coffee that they send me every month. I'm still drinking tea in the morning. But it's sort of crept in men me and Dino on the road just jacking up on that Dunkin coffee because I feel like I have to. I'm back East and God damn I gotTa lit up and finally coming down from our trip man and Sunday night. We did the last of the tour that turned out to be beautiful weather wise but the last night the paramount was just what a great way to go out. What a great crowd. They're hunting to New York and ran into my buddy Dave Manheim from the dope podcast. He accosted me on the street. Not Unlike he does and he's like come on. What are you guys doing? You want to eat? And we're like yeah sure we go to the restaurant across from the joint there we had dinner with the Mannheim and his wife. And I don't know if you listen to dopey but he basically interviews a recovering drug addicts good stories. Dino's got got his thing going on. Let there be talk and we We were doing some of those things people seem to like him mean Dean. Have a good time. I just want to thank all the audiences again for coming out and now lascaux at the paramount. Huntington was just really fucking amazing special night. Great Show great way to put to rest that material that I've been working on for a couple of years. You can see the trailer for my Special End Times Fun March. Tenth it drops. I posted that on my twitter. It's at Marc Maron and also on my instagram at Marc Maron. The trailer came out. Good looks good. Looks different than other specials. Good material choices. Nice edit job where my vest that I think I probably am? I going to wear once on that special. The Fuck is wrong with me man. I think it looks good. I love the thing but like why do I do that? Man If my entire I finally got away from where new she hit on TV and then I do this new special. GonNa wear this vast at my not cower shirt but I'm very excited about this special coming out I think it's It's very fitting special for the Times. We live in for me shop. Beautifully by Wind Shelton in an intimate. Space Blackbox Theatre. The Red Cat theater downtown Los Angeles for a couple of hundred folks. It's got a very Personal intimate vibe coming in close on the face which is unlike a lot of specials were in the face getting intimate today on the show. Carol Kane joins me who I love and have loved for years. Carol Kane has done some amazing work. Currently she's In this Show about the Nazis she's in hunters with Al Pacino. All episodes are streaming on Amazon. Now but Carol Kane was also in the last detail. Jack Nicholson and she was great in that she was in. Annie Hall spectacular. Hester Street. Terrific she's been around a lot in and she shot movies back in the day with some of the great and we just got kind of nostalgia and reflective about stuff about people with a beautiful conversation. You're about to to witness. It was beautiful. How you guys doing everybody all right. You get that thing. Taking CARE OF EVERYBODY. Good are you. Are you worried about your house with home security? There are two ways you can go about protecting your home. There's the traditional way where you wait weeks for a technician to do a messy installation that costs a small fortune. Or there's the other way simply safe simply is everything you need a home security system. It's award winning protection. The two time winner of Cenex editor's choice award in fact and if blankets your whole home and safety even though you'll barely notice it's there but what's truly remarkable as you can set up the system all by yourself. Anyone can do it. It takes thirty minutes and our tops. And there's absolutely no trade offs to your safety. You'll have an army of highly trained security. Experts ready to dispatch police to your home at a moment's notice. Twenty four seven go to simplisafe dot com slash W. T. F. and get a free simply safe. Security Camera. That's normally one hundred bucks go today and it's free. It will help capture crucial evidence for the police and get a three hundred and fifty percent faster. Dispatch Goto. Sim P. L. Y. Safe Dot com slash W. T. F. Get yourself secured. You insecure people. Yeah if only I can install that in my being. I'm not that insecure anymore. M I M I M. I been edgy though man just just a monkey is declining. I don't know if I can take it you know. His sister passed a few months ago. Passed with my help and now her brother monkey is getting weak man. He's getting week. I don't know what's up. I gotTA bring him back to the vet and I'm angry because I don't want to experience my grief. I got to put down two cats inside six months brother and sister the ones that had for fifteen years sixteen years. It's fucking brutal man. I'm just mad mad at monkey forgetting old. And you know I gotta gotTa let go of it. Let go the anger and and you know open up. Man opened up this part of life. It's sad but I just like it's just hanging over me. I know it's going to. It's only a matter of time. I'm trying to keep him around. He's okay he's still. He's just like spaced out and weird a little old man he's fragile and he's he's wearing out they still loving little guy some trying to be cool. I'm home for the duration. Now we'RE GONNA BE STARTING UP. Glow GOTTA GET MY HAIRCUT. GotTa turn into Sam Sylvia so be around for monkey. I'll be around for glow of around. Do some stand up around town be around to throw to fix up my house and get the studio and shape but it's hard man. It's hard to accept them that you know that he's fucking sick. So listen a lot of you have been mailing in your tech stories and I'll try to like I'm Joe. I'm going through him slowly but I I got a couple here about the texting. The wrong person stories. I like these great. Hey Mark with K. I guess he means me. The following is a one hundred percent true account of how I accidentally sent my conservative. Seventy five year. Old Mom a text suggesting you know what I'm not going to spoil it so I'm GonNa leave that there and just go here. I'll explain. He says one night a few years back. I'm hanging out with Andrew and a couple of other buddies. Oh Andrew Right course having a few drinks etcetera when we wound up in a riveting conversation about masturbation specifically masturbation material at some point I proclaimed truthfully I never in my life jerked off to print porn magazine still pictures etcetera but only to porn videos and probably thirty five millimeter films going way back to my early teens in the early eighty nine details POW. Wow details big drunken conversation ensues. Everyone weighed in detailing and expounding the pros and cons of both Sarah later that night after having gone my separate ways from Andrew in the gang. I received a text from my mom who just returned home from a week of babysitting my three year. Old Niece attached in her texts to me was a pick of my little niece quote. Great visit great to be home. We're exhausted what are you up to? She asks just as I'm about to reply to my mom Andrew texts in. Hey what are you doing to which I reply I call back from our earlier? Conversation just jerking off to a still photo. Not Bad actually had no idea what I was. Missing send Yup sent that above text to my mom in reply to her inquiry. Re what I'm up to and the attached picture of my three year old niece. Wow Wow of course. My first inclination was smashed my phone into the wall to try and cancel it but my stunned disbelief turned into mortification very quickly when the delivered message dissolved into the dreaded red and that was that permanent damage to my mother's perception of her son simply because. I didn't have the wherewithal to just Cap Andrews incoming text before replying them and thus texting her instead so after briefly considering moving to Australia and just disappearing. I called mom and why did my very best to explain. The misunderstanding that an actually not an incestuous pedophile but just in the knee berated guy trying to be funny. She awkwardly claim to believe me. And we've never spoken of it since but I'd be lying if I said she doesn't look at me differently now. Honestly I can't even recounts an anecdote without physically cringing Wow Man thank you. Dan He also. Cps If you'd be so kind of disclosed the Shitty Guy who stood you up in fact you over leading to your accident tabby grateful. I can't do it man. But thank you for your horrifying fucking little experience air. That was a good one. Man That was top notch. Topnotch fucking horror story of the Shitty texting episode. Yes I enjoyed that so look I come up with a new character then going to work on maybe on stage because I'm feeling angry and when I get this incredibly uncomfortable in my body AH lash out man. How can lash out? Why don't you meditate? I don't I do have to get. I haven't been able to exercise worked out this morning but I give. Maybe I'd get back on track with that it'd be better. I go in for an MRI on Thursday. See what the fuck is going on with my neck guy bring monkey in whatever man badges irritable and I wanNA yell so I'm working on this guy the it's a I used to yell guy. Yeah it's a character. I'm working on. I used to yell guy. He doesn't yell anymore but he thirty yells about not yelling like sort of like man. This was the old me I'd be fucking yelling at you right now. If this was the old me I'd be fucking telling you what a piece of shit you were but I'm over that right. I'm not gonNA fucking tell you? What a piece of shit you are even if you are one. I'm not that guy anymore because I don't fucking Yell Anymore. Necessary new. That's used to yell guy. I'm not fucking yelling at you. I'm telling you that I used to be a Shitty fucking guy who would have told you. You're fucking car stinks. And you're talentless. Fuck but that's not me anymore man. I would never fuck and say that I used to yell bottom fucking do that. Shit anymore. I would say go fuck yourself. But I'm not that Guy Anymore. That's used to yell. I thank you very much. Hope you enjoyed that. I'll be working on that guy. Hey man if this were the old days I tell you to get the fuck. Outta my house. But I'm not that guy anymore so you go ahead and hang out fucking hanging out man seriously fucking hang out. I don't want you to leave. That's the old me you fuck off. See I slipped. I SWIFT THAT'S A. Ucla GUY RE lapsing new character. Enjoy IT Carol. Kane is a sweetheart and a great actress and a legend. I don't like to use that word. I don't like when people use it about me and I just did it about her vow so thrilled Aviron. I really am She's on the new Amazon series hunters with Al Pacino all episodes of season one now streaming enjoy this conversation with me and Carol Kane doing I M. I'm okay. I'm pretty good. I I tend to operate at a high level of dreading Zaidi. Oh God why? Secure Youtube Kidding. It's GonNa be the death at me really fucked me. Yeah Oh yeah what? What are you like dislike upon waking? That's frequently upon wake me. I would just instantly be anxious. Yeah why is that? I don't know it's has. It always been that way. Yes I was a anxious little baby and I just stay that way. Yeah I mean. I don't like saying like I tried to get away from saying it's a Jew thing about anything but like is a Jew thing is that right isn't it only. I have a best friend who is not Jewish at all. She kind of is the same way. But it's something you've always lived with absolutely so like when you were a little girl. Where where did that happen? Well I I was in Cleveland. I was born in clue. Was it a great city? Then you know. I left there when I was Quite young and traveled a lot with my father and my family and So I really only remember like going to elementary school and walking there in the snow you know. I was just in Cleveland new. Why did comedy there? But it's one of those cities where you know it's sort of the vestige the ghost of some other time. No it's fine. It's bounced back to a degree but there are these great these great American cities that went through a really rough time. Some of them longer than others and some of them have come back better than others. But you do feel like how this was once something something beautiful and Cleveland Orchestra and local famous. That's right Ragamuffin. There is there I think I think rock and roll on some level has was Alan freed from there. I think I believe like the DJ. The Rock there was something defining about Cleveland in the history of. But you were there only until you. You're a yeah. We moved to France for a year and a half and then we came back for a small managed to Cleveland. Yes so and then we. We lived in Haiti for a little while. Wait a minute so we are your parents together we the here's the trick. Yeah we thought they were together. Who did me and my sisters is to you. Yeah but in fact that was just horrible. Painful marriage which could be way. I woke up flowing now a little girl and then then we came back to Cleveland for a while and then when I was eleven I went to boarding school in Connecticut and then my sister went to a different one because in fact then they had confessed that they're getting in divorce so we got we went to different boarding schools and And then I moved to New York so all right so what what did you grow? Your folks do what were they. What were they thought? There was a beautiful attacked. How fantastic are still standing thing? Yes firehouse to school. Yeah apart of a temple. Yeah and My mother who's still with me on so luck you how. How long does she? She's ninety three is a composer pianist. she lived in. Paris for twenty years was considered a master teacher of something called Dow Crows. I don't know if you've ever know what does that. Hey if it it's educate me. Yeah it's a way of teaching music through movement Okay and Kind of fascinating thing. And that's why he went to Paris. I know we went there as a family with my dad had a full full like a reverse. Fulbright study at the Sorbonne. And then we we then. She moved back there. You know and then I will go see her Couple Times a year and then she moved back here and she is still composing in fact if you have email she won't be saying here I'd love to send you a song that she roads. Now it's a little film. It's called Nej okay. And it's on Youtube and so she's still at the piano every day and where she live. She lives in New York Review. We live in the same building but not the same apartment we live. I live on sixteen. She lives on ten. Okay yeah that wasn't always the way it was. You have your. I know she lived there and then came a time when night just started to feel like it was better to be closer and eventually. I found a place that I liked her building removed and it was perfect. Timing because you know some things happen to her healthwise I was there and I'm so grateful for your sister still around my sister's in Santa Cruz watt yet what I know how she is an Ode have be and she's a real turn now and she does a lot of movement stuff too. Yeah uh-huh well. That's a pretty creative family. It seems yes I mean like. It doesn't seem like So when you so you it was. It was always sort of second nature to engage in creativity and beer. Nb that in that world even grow up in a working class family. I guess it was. Yeah like when when I was little my they had my mother. Had these gorgeous spell a books. Big giant books of Of all the dancers in their costumes and makeup and I used to. There was a makeup kit that you could get. Fao shorts sworn it was a kit which is the best thing in order up. And then I used to sit on the floor in the bathroom in front of the mirror and just spent hours recreating the makeup. That was in the ballet book right. Did you do Valet? No I wish but so. You're so you're folks what they were always fighting. That will happen like tense. 'cause I wonder that about myself about because I don't feel like I know I know my parents marriage wasn't great but there was fighting but it wasn't like Kay total chaos but maybe it was. I don't know what did they stay together. No No of course not. It was a yeah. They were both very. I don't know what my dad was up to. Why do but Elliott sure as you grow older? You have more of a clue they tell you they the no statute of limitations runs out the statute of limitations on the shit. They shouldn't tell their kid when they're in their eighties or seventies. Yeah Oh that's wonderful yet is most days most days. How old were you when they separated thirty five? I didn't know who I live with. Yeah what it's very difficult time for the baby. You know there's a long time coming but Man I exercise elect very hint. Appreciate like everyone to know how handsome thank you. I'm holding up okay. I think I'm getting better. I think you're getting better. I really do. I try to do some self talk around it really just to try to figure out you just get filled with a certain amount of dread and God knows cultural. Climate doesn't help God. But there's something there's some part of me that feeds it like it's involuntary like it's almost like there's some part of me that believes. This is the way I should be. So that's hard to creativity. Do you think or just think it's my nature like you said you've had it all your life so that's sort of that's your your ground zero. So that's the fault so any anything you do to improve that it's going to be working against your nature so that's how I see it anyway. I feel that There is some wisdom creeping in as I get older like a little bit. Is Seeping in there. So that I'm able not every everything in the world was the most important thing in the world Romi and in terms of my artistry it had to be perfect or it was just crap you know right and she hard on yourself. I know myself and when I was very young I think I was hard on others Which is no longer the case. Because I I really did start to learn That is the process right. And that's all there is eighty. No you know it's going to happen with it your best and don't take anything out on anybody else and you better enjoy the process. And that's it. Yeah I I agree with that either. I I get hard myself as well. But there's times where in terms of wisdom a lot of things. Just don't matter as much as that's what I meant to say. I made it very fancy and elaborate pathetic but isn't that kind of a relief whole I do like i. I've been doing a joke lately but like I don't know if I ever early onset Alzheimer's or I'm just getting older and accepting things more but either way I'm happy about that yes I I have to tell you I just read. Maybe the best book I ever read. I'm going to read it again. It's Dane Keaton's new book brother and sister. I have sent me the galley copy. Why that's the last time I saw you write your with her at an ethics party. Maybe but yeah. I'd love to talk to her. This is the most beautiful book per. Perhaps I've ever read and it has a great deal to do with what we were talking about. How things don't matter in the same way they matter but you're able to see things differently so that's out this out and it's the best seller and I say I mean I really think it's the most beautiful boy I have it. I WanNa read it. I wanted her to come on but I guess she's not. She doesn't do that. I don't know I cannot speak for you guys friends. Oh yes so. How long have you been friends with her? Okay leashed forty years. I think more so. Let's get before that so now. You Eve Cleveland. Your parents divorce. Okay Jerry since did you meet her on any hall. No we actually did a movie together before anyhow Called Harry and Walter go to New York and it had this unbelievable Khan and Ellie and Charlie earning and and and I'm sure Harry of Walter. It's such a thrill to be. Yeah the on in the world. Who Remembers that? I remember just because see I remember it as a business but I don't think that they were it was it was a crime thing robbery thing or I. I don't remember them doing a bit. They did and and you're the only one that knows that and it was directed by a brilliant director called Mark Ridell. Yeah and it just shows a big flop. Yeah that's what I mean about the price I loved. I loved James Caan. I loved Elliott. Gould and I was a kid. I remember seeing that probably saw it with my parents but I remember also like James Caan and Alan Arkin Freebie and the bean like there. Were these weird movies that these guys did that like. I remember seeing. I loved them but they didn't do. Well hung so but let's go back so you okay so you go to prep school in Connecticut. That's fancy and then that's you. You feel like your parents pushed you both in two different prep schools so they could figure out how to separate no. I think that they did what they thought was best. Trust in that I was in love with theater and from an early I started doing children's theatre when I was like six really. Yeah and Cleveland. In Cleveland Yeah and so then. They sent me to a school. That had a fantastic drama. Tia Mike Nichols went to. But now it's closed but it was called it was called Cherry Lawn. Hong Darien Connecticut and in fact. I think that most of the kids were there because there was trouble at home which I didn't know into my second year. I'm anxious kids. Yeah and then My sister loved horses dogs and animals and they sent her to a quaker boarding school in the Carolinas where she could infect have a horse and a dog so I think they were being very thoughtful And yet it was set of the end of the family. You know it has to be. Yeah so why you were there. Is that what you did Do you have a history of like learning acting? Is that where it started to know? I well I guess I really started in children's theatre I. We had a incredible guy named Jerry Leonard. Who ran this theater and we were like six years old and like we delivered of Oz and you know they say don't go to the east for in the east and go to the West. You member member that an and Jerry come storming down. The aisle of the theater yelling does that. You know the West wasn't like just any whereas West that way and east. We had to be professional era and a great beginning grown man yelling at six year olds but directions but he made us better. I'm not kidding. He wasn't even direction. He he is and he taught us the discipline of what it takes what you have to stick with it and it's not so easy to take it serious. Yeah you're not less and early. But then I went to back-to-school when I moved to New York but now but what about the boarding school what did you do show we play and the guy who is there the guy that was the big Basil Burwell? You'd be studied acting right Lead acting class. This yeah and we did play and I was very much perfectionist and I was like if the other kids can't take this seriously. I'M GOING TO GO OUT OF MY MIND. Terrible really well. I mean I. I don't think it was so terrible for them but I mean for me it was like how could they not give this their whole life yet? Yeah and I was twelve so when you're a perfectionist as a performer. Like that enacting. I imagine at that age because I mean it's one thing to be hard on yourself in around acting. It's a little tricky. I mean 'cause sometimes all you know is what you feel they know whether you nailed it or not you but I guess it's at a certain point. You're you're you're kind of half stage. Managing everything yeah and SORTA not too but right like why. Aren't they doing this wise? Yeah I- continuity. That's something I'm really trying not to do. Because you know I'm working now is younger. People really don't have much experience and I'm trying not to be the one that says no no. No you know right. All young people right in terms of production side and everything else mostly because it seems like you know when when you were started out in in the in the racket in the show business racket everybody with kids went away. I mean I was pretty young the directors. I mean it was at that time where you know Hollywood shifting and and these factors seventy right great opportunity right movie directed by Mike Nichols. And what a trippy movie. Carnal knowledge. What a bizarre movie that was. I love that yeah. I'd love it to holds up by the way I bet. I think the last time I saw was maybe five years ago. Check game with that's why Show at the end. Nicholson busters on parade. Thank you very much. Yes in all you know. It was sooner than that that character his character is disturbing and I think sort of timeless as far as toxic masculinity yes absolutely crippled yet and you were married to Art Garfunkel his back flower child girlfriend right. Yeah when he acted he acted a few times. Nicholas Yeah catch twenty two. Yeah and and your movie and I don't remember him in other movies. I know I think I just saw him in a movie. Where and I can't remember what it was God damn it. Yeah it's it's okay. That's obvious thing let it go. Mark Nichols at that time. What how old was he like? You were how old when he started seventeen seventeen he had to get your parents permission. Love almost my mother I they were shooting already in Vancouver. I lived in New York and They so I just met Juliet Taylor. And she's sent my picture to Mike and then coober right and then they said we want to flyer out there and meter and if she gets the partial stay and if she doesn't she'll go right back so my mother's to the producer well she's only going if you fly first class because of course. She anticipated that I would be flying back with broken heart the next day so at least peanuts well just did. Yeah the how could I possibly F- You know go meet Mike? Nicholson have this miracle. Hair right right. Which IS INSANE. That happened to me. You give yourself credit I give myself a little credit. I'm talking about Mike. The greatest director you know. Yeah and and Jack and like starting out in that company right. It was like a miracle. Yeah so so you. You didn't have to fly back sad right back. I stayed there and so you. Your memories of Mike are like Moving of course. I'm glad oh I see you have tissue so I must not be the first and I also see you have a scary looking nih-funded tape. I know distract themselves with things staff. You have had stuff here and I just I like. I noticed this morning. I didn't have tissues. I'm glad they put him out. Did you know that I'd be the sucker that needed them? No I didn't. I just knew that like sometimes people need tissues brought them out that just because I'm still getting set up in here. So what was so amazing about about Mike Nichols? Outside of the fact that he gave you his first opportunity. Was He as because you've worked with amazing directors so what determines it in Mike's case yeah first of all? He is completely brilliant and in his mind. He's brilliant was music and photographs literature. And all our you know. Yeah and but Mike had this gift of making everyone feel the day was the only person that was right for the part and feel special. Yeah I you know I said to Mike I guess I'm so nervous that I want you know. Be Doing what what you want me to do to live up to and he said. Oh well you're perfect. You can't do anything wrong. Y- I mean really and then if you believe that a little bit you are free to do your best work. And it's a rare thing that a director will just right away give you total freedom and support you in that way now. Right and a brilliant director. Who'd have every right to say? Now don't do that. You know but that's not how Mike work you know and also I think it seems that if he's he's probably being obviously being genuine so he's carrying panel right he's casting people specifically for who they are because you're single earth so the fact that he made you believe that and understand that that early on probably gave you a good foundation just in terms of how acting yes. That's great. Yeah. It's the same with all really with with. Nicholson too I mean. Yeah that there's nobody really does either of you do. Jack you know. He's just great dude you. How many did you have scenes with him? Other than that you know I had a big scene that was cut where I came back to him. The Flower Child was our Arthur and I presented myself to him naked and everything to try and I thought I could heal him you know and and and he he didn't want me you know and so that was another big thing but it got cut. Oh yeah sounds like a pretty This your first movie in your naked in front of Jack Nicholson. I know that that it was a bad experience or a good experience shocking shocked every second but I was so young than to you know he was pretty young but not that I think it was like thirty five or something. And just and just becoming a giant star Rosie Ryder had come out and suddenly he was on front of Time magazine or something and he he. He didn't know anything about daddy was finding his way to have that happen to him. And how was he to work with at that also generates? Oh I'm GonNa tell you okay I'm GonNa tell you. This story is a Best Illinois have to like. Should I tell you to Jack? Nicholson's lease because You know we. We don't see much anymore that those who grew up watching your Levitin I know like even when he just sit up front at the Oscars. Okay why am I? Store is that is the Oscars so I did a movie. Called Hester Street. Goes the big? That was the big movie for you. Got Nominated for best actress. That was seventy five nineteen seventy-five really. Okay strange Jewish movie in black and white. Yeah Kansas Century. We'll recite Laurie side. I spoke Yiddish for most of the movie. The movie cost about four hundred thousand dollars. Looks like an independent film. Oh it's the most independent and So it was a crazy thing that I got nominated you around that movie out because I was thinking about it and I i. I think it's been years since I've seen it but I remember you in it. I remember posters for but it dawned on me this morning that this was not a studio film. How like most of the people that are in it? I have never heard of La. How did that happen? I mean was it a big movie. No I mean it to as a couple Joan and race silver Joan Road descript And it was taken from Jewish daily forward and and other things And the lower east side at the first wave of coming over my grandparents or great grandparents. Yeah yeah like it was early. Nineteen hundreds yes. It was about nineteen hundred around then and I remember they. They shot it on location right and they made it all right so to had a little studio on East Fifth Street where the apartment was my part my fifth. Yeah Studio Second Avenue Interesting so these people just put the money together and Okay Ray was in prefab housing. They are also from Cleveland and new. My parents and ray made a great deal of money as a businessman and prefab housing and that was his. Yes and Joan We'll just genius script. I think is a script it when I read it. I was watching the movie. I thought I was watching the movie and so I tried out for that several times and also worked with someone from the theater to coach because I really spoke Yiddish. For two-thirds of the move to have family that spoke Yiddish Not Around me My Grandmother of course She was one of the people that didn't really want to be talking about before I she just wanted to check right right there. They wanted to let go of the she she she. Russia RUSSIA AUSTRALIA TURNS BIT Russia Poland. I finding your roots. Screw fool around a lot of stuff. I Y Russians to the Pale of settlement Section of Russia. A lot of most I think ashkenazis contract themselves back to their and then Ukraine Poland. Yeah Yeah and some There was mostly Russian Poland. Yeah so that was your. That's where you come from. Yeah so you. Learning Yiddish coach for the audition. So last phase of many auditions was to audition in Yiddish. You know and I don't know I got the part that great great great part of people go to the movies did they go see people went to see it. I mean okay. I'll tell ya got nominated. I think there was a retired Publicist I I believe you were. Which Warner one of the great studio and he was retired but he as he told me like the dark horse and he came out of retirement to do Julie Christie's campaign for Darling which she wants. She wants a year or two. I don't know the exact so he figured that I was the darkest voices in this tiny ill movie and since he came from old old. Hollywood this brilliant guy took the film and I'm talking about film cans of Film Big Too big cans of film over to Frank Sinatra's house and Who he had some people. Rosalind Russell Coutts Day. And they had people over in those days. You know it was much more personal smaller. Everything was small. And you you know. There were a million movies. Kazaa wasn't streaming stuff. So he physically took those cans to people's houses people could vote right and you know they'd have dinner and then they'd have a screening and that's how I believe that I owe it to Max. I mean I owe it to the brilliance of the role but also to Max. Yeah that's that's why but also then you know like all those people saw the movie movie and you got you got nominated and And who won? Oh Leash Fletcher one for Cuckoo's nest. Jack again so this back to the story okay. So the story that story. I have another great one. But that story is when you get nominated for an Oscar Hugh suddenly everyone in the world wants to talk to you and everyone in the world wants to send you flowers and give you free things and We didn't have swag bags in those days. So I miss data but it's just more fun. Maybe here so it's like a hurricane and and I was so young. I think I was twenty three when at the ceremony. Something and so all this happened to me an island at the Oscars and there is Jack. You know giving me a smile. He won best actor. Best mcmurphy yes okay and I did not win and I woke up the next day in my Beverly Hills Hotel which was like fantasy land. You know and the phone didn't ring to the extent where I think I picked it up like you do. If you're in love someone and you don't know why they're not calling in you've figured it must because the phone is like you just been lost and no one wanted to talk to this bizarre science fictional how the promotion and then nothing except then. I get it called from Jack Around. Eleven thirty or twelve. Yeah did I want to come have Mexican Food El Chapo Los with CNN Jelica. Just as the day after he won and he knew what that next as like you know he didn't win everything right so he knew that it would be very quiet and it would be a hard day and he picked me up and took me to lunch and got me out of my doldrums Sweet it's crazy. Did you know that he thought of me the next day? Sweet very moving. Yeah I know so then I have another one. Should I tell other one other one which that I did the last detail? Move Your so good in that movie and Quaid with so and Jack and everybody yeah lash be of course now before you tell that story like how Ashby when okay in terms of you know we discussed a little bit about Mike Nichols but how Ashby is sort of a curious guy who is a very unique guy that I don't know a lot about what was his process. What was he like he? He was so involved with the scenes and those days the director was on. The set wasn't in video village right way far away they were sitting on the set and how he would just crack up out loud. While you were shooting he you know he couldn't help himself because he he would be just gone gone in the movie and also incredibly kind person like that. I think the last detail which I I watch once a year or so sure. Yeah I saw recently and You know just because of the the group of those move. It's just there's something totally unique about that. I just watched the friends of Eddie coyle last night. Interesting heavy movie minute. I mean it's a heavy ending but But yeah you're so great. It's sort of like this sweet prostitute. Yes thank you I mean I I thank you. Yeah and but it's such A. It's such a beautiful movie about. Yeah when they have to let him go. Oh my God it's an it's different for Jack. I mean he you know the. There's something you know him. Struggling with the emotions of what it gives us a career guy. He's a life for and he and he likes the kid. Yeah I love the with Otis Young Great But yeah yeah so okay. So what's the other Jack Story? Okay so in the movie It starts out in the little parlor and the scene that I- portion so And Randy Quaid's character is told that he can pick any of the prostitutes and he picks me and so then Jack Kinda comes into room with us where everything's supposed to happen and you know. Kinda tells me that it's a he's a you kind of first time realis- remember yet right and then he's supposed to leave. Yeah and the scene is keeps going inside that room but I have. I closed door after check. But it's not really supposed to close the way because of the camera is looking into that room so it's supposed to close movie close enough inches from the gamma so that they can still see this scene and again I was very young and I was very nervous and every time it came to the point where I was supposed to close the door. I closed the door except that Jack knew after that happened once or twice to that was going to happen every time and he was so kind that stayed right next to the camera every take and when I tried to close the door he put his hand in the way and stopped it where it needed to be for the camera and he didn't laugh at me or make fun of me. He just made it possible for the seemed to continue without saying anything. Nothing just did it. Yeah so I just think those are stories of such kindness and empathy. You know he loves. I can't remember talking to Brooks James Brooks or or Carl Reiner. But there was you know but it was about a few good men that they were doing Tom. Cruise's coverage or bacon coverage I don't remember whose coverage but you know Nicholson was on the stand but it was the other side. Yeah and they're like you can take a break Jack. Jack was like he just kept. He has stayed there and he kept acting at the intensity that the role required. That's his generosity hardest. Asked me what do you do that because I I love to act? Isn't that great? I'd love to act of generosity there. Yeah that's great. That's those are great stories touching and then we can. Then you work with like we're never going to get through every movie but they're the defining movies because the dog day afternoon you were in the bank right. Yes that was a lot of screen time for you. Yes that was crazy. It's mischief Chino. Young Stewart. Too It's again for this new thing doing hunters hunters for Amazon. It's skies Al. I mean you without when he was like you know there is a Yes. He was like the vulnerability there to see to see who he was. You know in in Serpico in definitely. I think dog day afternoon more than than any of the other younger. Our one's really panic in needle park and And a little later right. Yeah but but and also Alan. I did several plays together when we were young and he was brilliant on this day Seoul. Open right yeah so something fun to be on the other side of things and work again you know. I mean thirty years in between or something you guys hadn't really talked or anything or each other I belong to the Actors Studio Analysis President. And you know we would see each other at gatherings and things like that but not we had worked together at the actors studio. Did you. Train there I eliminate woman in Maryland freed who trained with Strasbourg and then I became a member night but I I was never brave enough to get up and do a scene. Isn't that terrible really when you were younger? You mean yeah. Why why he was there. What was intimidating Strasbourg? Still there. No he he he. I saw him a couple of times. Moderate and that was very intimidating but the H- felt so hallowed to me you know and So vulnerable because you're putting up work. That is not supposed to be finished in any way and it doesn't matter if you don't even get the first sentence of the senior doing right. You just are doing a process and I just couldn't take it of. I couldn't take it if I did a bad job so vulnerable I guess so. So you bet you would hang out. Yes and Ellen Burstyn she. She's the one that Accepted me and later. Also even put me on the board. You know What does she not right? And we just did a play in London Ellen and I and Keira Knightley and Lisbeth mosque. Called the children's hour a little Lillian Hellman Sh- Ellen was just amazing to work with that last year. No that was I say I we just did because it feels like it but I think was about seven years ago so most of your training with with freed yes And she was and she was a a Strasbourg student and and she yeah and she became a coach for a lot of people. I did class and I did private. And she was my coach on Hester Street. Okay yeah keeping you keeping you in line. Yes focus just helping me get as far in into the emotional life as as as was needed. That's great. I've never seen like I haven't done that kind of acting my whole life until recently. I was on the set where there were dialect coach and also an acting coach. That was for This region Franklin bio-pic with Jennifer Hudson quite Jerry Wexler and so like. I didn't need the acting coach with dialect. Coach was sort of paying attention to my Brooklyn ease or my New Yorker was supposed to be your dialect. Let's do it so but but like you know. Sometimes you you drift. And then there the he'll come in after ten like when you say you Park Park Not Park. Yeah they they did that on. Hunter's a lot like you had to have that Yiddish again yalies. 'cause WE WERE. Poland had haven't perfect you know. And is this a modern day piece hunters now it takes place in nineteen seven d okay because I was wondering I watched a trailer and there was you know I was in camp and I'm like no. I don't think any of them are alive anymore. Says it takes place in the seventy s but there are a lot of flashbacks back to Auschwitz camps. And this is Jordan Peele. Yes and David. Weil and Nick. Toscano there the writer producers and Yeah it's an amazing show. I think is a series or miniseries. We did ten but it's not. They intend to do another season. But you know that's the other thing I've learned with age is just. Don't count on it. Anything the horrible thing about that is because I'm on a series that actually got announced that we're doing the fourth and final season. But it's nice to know that because when you do a series you know in every every after every ten episodes now yon panic. But you've got to kind of half ended having creator got to know that you have enough closure to to you know be it. Yes which I think. It's nice that we're heading into this season and the creators and the show runners. No because now they can finish properly. Yeah you know. We did Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt years and we did not know that it was ending until very close to the end. Yeah and they did Tina Fey and Robert. Carl did this. Genius job of wrapping up our stories but they really didn't have much warning I think it's great to know how much time you have and you to be honest with you. I don't think anything needs to be more than four or five seasons so I I mean I know it's nice to work and everybody wants to work but I mean in terms of storytelling. Maybe not you know a lot of them. They start to eat themselves We did we did. It was happening but I just feels to me. I know what you're saying. Yeah we did get to do it. Kimmy Schmidt movie which is For netflix which is an interactive move. Ready it's coming out in me. I think interactive movie meaning that the Audience Forget it. I couldn't do it because I'm just so ignorant about computers but the audience picks where each character's going to go they have like four different things like that so and then then they pick and then so there's like four different movies within the one moon depending on what path you choose for each character Sharon stone thing that right. It was wrong in that and he was so good all right. So just stay in the past for a second. 'cause 'cause he's movies were so defining in these directors like you know Nichols and then and then Ashby and then Sydney with Matt Tugay. Because they're all very. I would say that it feels to me that in tone there may be a similarity between Ashby Lumet we'll say that Sydney Directed the movie with a month of rehearsal before we started shooting. So so we were running through it like a play in In Another place on Second Avenue of the Second Avenue Deli or something. There was a big hall and they taped it off like they do when you're in the theater show which what's wear and we rehearsed that thing. We could do it as a play because we weren't gonNA shoot in continuity but he wanted us to Hassle David so smart unbelievable to know the story. So you know you can act appropriately against the hardest thing I think about acting when you shoot out of sequence and then you have to be refreshed with you know where am I. Yeah emotionally or yeah well. Back in new days I did a Canadian movie. Called wedding in White Which one filming Canadian Film Festival in it was Donald Peachy actor and You know I used to go to the rushes every day really because I is essential character and we were jumping around so much that we shot the last scene in the movie the first day was shot and and no states you know actors. They could have been in their contract to go. Sit and watch it and then you could track for yourself where you're emotionally. Oh I could see I just but that means tomorrow and get into after. Yeah it was so helpful and Those are the days when I can actually look at myself on screen which is no longer the case. Yes Oh so then he did Annie Hall which out importunate face. But he's a different type director than those other guys right. I mean from what I from what I've talked to people. They he says you know you know what you're doing that's right and he again like Mike. I think he relied totally on the casting and again. Juliet Taylor did most of his casting and He so he would cast the person that he thought was perfect for the role because he really didn't feel like he wanted to be heavily directing people especially he was in the movie with you and And he yeah so he basically left it up to you and if it was really off what he wanted venue it say something but he didn't say aw. Yeah but like it's hard like I wanted to get walked into these earlier movies because that's I think sort of defined you in the Public Iowa right and help sound and I remember them very you know I. I love you another movies and I've seen a lot of the other movies as things like I remember seeing you think. They're like the I in my mind the kind of resurrection or not resurrection. Because you work constantly and but for me to re notice you was like the Princess Bride. Yeah like all of a sudden and Mike Gomez. Carol can lose. Yeah Yeah and we're constantly. Well the you work with Gene Y. Yeah that that was great World Cup. That's you know that's a great movie. We didn't get paid much attention I think it came out at the same time as high anxiety may be the Mel Brooks Movie Mel Brooks movie in a way. Well Yeah and so. I don't know what happened but I think it's a really good movie. But you guys together come on. Yeah. That's great great. He was great so funny. He's a funny guy. I noticed that I I watch young Frankenstein again the other day and I just sat out his just to fund. This weird bills reach starts slow and I also I like Bonnie and Clyde ever in the car my God that little part and he was so brilliant right. Yeah what was it was the nice guy to work with his sweet Yeah I guess it gets sad. You know you talk about so many people are gone. And then What was the other one? I was just thinking I had no idea that you were initiative because I never saw it. Well there's another one for you to see some people say it's not bad it's not bad it's just. I don't know what happened. Why got attacked visit? Yeah it's got some great stuff in it as funny. Yeah it is funny is Elaine. May Yeah you work with the Nichols and May Times so as you get like how do you determine you know why because way through he kind of astounding? How much you work. You just keep going you. Just keep Shell. You must love it. Yeah I worked with you not really. I was in the same movie movie. She were great in a great and sleepwalk with me. Yeah and that's where I met you the first time. So thank you. Yes but that was fun as you determine what you're GonNa do well you must have. Have you been with the same agent forever? I've been a one a long time and not forever. I made some bad choices of leaving some great people because I after Hester Street. The phone didn't ring for a year and till gene called and and my usually. I work all the time but after Astor Street now. I didn't work for a year year and that happened a lot between movies for me because I'm not a you know I mean I I got nominated for playing woman with a shuttle on you know. So what's the next movie that's GonNa you know? And so I. A lot of people just didn't understand who I might be in. Yeah so long periods. I didn't work and I was with some great agents that I left because I wasn't working So but now. I love the people I'm working with than And I've had a very strangely good run for the last five years and also because of Kim and the hunters you know and Also shooting in Brooklyn which means I get to live at home in New York and just get in the van and go to Brooklyn. What's better I still? You know praying that someday I'll get to work with. Martin Scorsese Robert. I mean you. Don't WanNa leave the earth with without that often. Your of the you're in that you're in you know. You'RE OF THAT GENERATION. You're in that community. You guys all kind of know each other work with Patino. And where's your? Where's your Scorsese I am? I'm you can't imagine how how much hope said that will happen. One day I hope so too now and the taxi thing was huge to your taxi for years right Is You know what I was only on taxi. I think a year and a half actually I got brought in or maybe it was a little longer than that. Maybe it was too soon to two seasons and I got broaden first season and then I was gone for a while and then I came back and became his Andy's girlfriend and then his wife. What was your relationship with Andy? Like so complicated and strange and wonderful because everyone's relationship with Andy Kaufman's although you know and he had some very good friends but we At taxi were not one of them. Work Yeah and lane and a lot of people that We were work and He separated taxi from his other life. And this thing about Andy and I and I did love him. Is that I came from theater so I like to Rehearse Andy came from well. You could say stand up or you could say performance are in any case. He hated rehearsing and he said it was bad for what he did. Is that true of most? Stand up no well. That was Andy's feeling about it as he wanted spontaneous and so he had it in his contract that he would only come two days a week he come for the read through and then he wouldn't be back to Friday when we taped the show. And there'd be a fake Andy all the other time very hersal guy named Jeff. Lovely guy and so every time Every Friday I would have gotten so angry during the course of the week because I wanted to rehearse with him. You know and so. I'll come distressing him or he mine and I'd say Look Andy. I have to talk to you because I I understand. You know that you can't rehearse but for me it just means everything and then he'd say I understand. I understand completely but I just can't do it and we'd have a talk like that and by the end of that talk we would be able to be in love and Ambi so you got what you needed. Yes right and and I think it I think it was good for Andy to because We had a relationship privately. Just then right discussing why. He can't do what you well needed him to do. I can't do it. He right needs to do so. You're able to emotionally connect with him in a genuine way exactly enough to work the then do it. Yeah I think that speaks more to your capacity for at adapting No has lucky to work with them. You know no I know I I know what I mean but like you can see the way you put it. In retrospect is that you worked for you. He s right but in the moment. Were you thinking that that it would work that way? You know this is i. I'm getting what I need. I knew it was necessary Because I knew that we would be distant with that. We hadn't seen each other. He was in a different world. And we you know right well. When he was spontaneous the did you have any problems. Sort of Being the foil a of that when when somebody when you're working with somebody like him as an actor who likes rehearsal. What do you do in that. I like to be spontaneous to. It's just that my live getting to spontaneity is the opposite of his. You know everything to be set so you can watch for. He wants whatever he doesn't want any. So that's how that was and Was it fun doing billion right? Yeah Yeah I think he was. It's taken me years to appreciate him. He was never my bag really as a comic. But he's really something I mean I. I've definitely over the years Grown to have tremendous amount of respect for creativity that that. Yeah so yeah. How was it? What was it like doing the the movie? The with for me very emotional. I'd just couldn't because Jim was so good. And we were all there and we were. They recreated the set impeccably so suddenly it was like you back in time for real you know and and meals form a new survey grade also and then suddenly there's and you know and it. It was very for me I think for most of us are very strange experience. I think I talked to about it a little bit. Yeah Yeah Yeah Pretty. It must have been just bizarre because because JIM was out of his mind it came carrier. Well genius out of. It's not just out of mind possessed. Well that's the way he had to do that. Yeah Yeah staying ended feel genuine to you. Yes yeah wow because some people say it was spooky because I watched the documentary about the. Wasn't that great crazy man. Yeah it was crazy. So he's like you were dealing with a whole other level of insanity. That wasn't Andy. This is like someone but I'll change something. Maybe because of the nature of who? Jim was an his appreciation for and the United Together right that he was very gentle to me and never never did anything crazy to me. I I knew crazy. Things might have been going on but Tony Clifton things were the Tony Clifton thing when you were actually with Calvin was. Did you remember that him coming onset? It's there when we got fired. He He'd have fired from the show because Tony came on to play Danny's brother and he came to the studio with hookers on his arms and drunk and smoking cigarettes. And you know Andy was Macrobiotic but decided guy. Tony was guy distinct shit about what anybody thought always pick door. The most defensive thing to say You know he didn't censor himself so he eventually caused so much trouble on the set that week that he was actually. Tony was fired. Not and Y- play along with that. Yeah and IT'S A. It's unclear because I know the mood. It did Tony once in a while once in a while not always still it was an dietsch fished mood as something to talk to too. Tall Tales. Sick man. Yeah so one other question. Did you have fun with the Billy? Chris Still. Oh God that could this question such a perfect thing that we had so much movie except for the prosthetics which were difficult and long but everything else about it was just like it was like a magical kingdom to fly the London and get to work with all those great people and have those fantastic costumes and transform and be with rob and we had We had lenses that made it look like we had cataracts all. Gr- we could barely see to them and then there was a lot of smoke of fate tells spoke to our. Oh yes well. Best of luck with the new series hunter about Nazi hunters in the Seventies. Yes it's a Pre. It's a relevant sadly sadly relevant sadly horribly relevant and. It was a real honor and a pleasure to talk to you. I feel the same way mark. Thank thank you oh my God. What a treat. Carol Kane. Now is V. Carol Kane. I got choked up man her reflecting about Nicholson. I just wow this show hunters her show with Al Pacino is all season all episodes of season one now streaming on Amazon don't forget Simply safe has everything you need and home security system. You'll have an army of highly trained security experts ready to dispatch police to your home at a moment's notice. Twenty four seven and you can set the system up all by yourself go to SL. Mp L. IS SAFE DOT COM SLASH WPF T.F. To get a free simplisafe security camera normally one hundred bucks go today it's free that's Sim pl essay dot Com. So I W I am now going to play my new guitar. My New Gibson Les Paul Junior Nineteen Sixty double cut away with a single p ninety pickup arrived in the mail and now going to play it through my nineteen fifty three fender deluxe amp within the middle plughole jacked up so it just sounds like fucking greasy tenny mud. Yes yes listen up off.

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