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Stop Being Afraid!

National Prayer Chapel, Pilgrim's Progress

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Stop Being Afraid!

"The following program is sponsored by the National Prayer Chapel and Eh Wants Aw UH Eh uh-huh mm-hmm Welcome to curbs progress from the National Prayer Chapel. I stood in Bethlehem just a short time time ago. I stood in the city square. Thought about my thought about Jesus and the birth. I was stunned by how angry the the little town of Bethlehem is today. Christians are being driven out. There will soon be no more Christians in Bethlehem a dirty ugly little town. That's where Jesus came. It's what we call Christmas time today. It's a time of reflection a time to to think about what we're really doing with our lives. This was not an easy Z.. Time when Jesus was born it was not of course December twenty five probably sometime in the spring but Jesus was born of a virgin. It was born not as the king of kings and Lord of Lords although Oh he was that he was born as a baby and this was a very very difficult time for Joseph we find the story in Matthew the first chapter we find that Mary was betrothed or engaged to Joseph. They had not yet come together. They're sexually and she was found to be with child out from the Holy Spirit. The Joseph didn't note that he'd heard her story. It was an older man. The scriptures say in Verse Nineteen but Jesus but Joseph her husband being righteous Joseph. Her husband being righteous did not want to disgrace her so decided to secretly divorce her or break the engagement now his thinking having been with reference to those things he was very troubled it was disturbed he was grieved. He thought she'd been unfaithful to him. He loved her but suddenly an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream and he said Joseph Son of David. You may not fear to take Mary your wife for the one. Having been conceived in her is out from the Holy Spirit she will bring forth a son and you will call his name. Jesus Mark It. Well in the Greek. This is a high emphasis. Look mark this very well. This is important and he himself will save his people from their sins. Now I just had to stop and wait there and ask the Lord. Would you make this plane to me. Mark it well this. This is a high emphasis. This has great significance. He himself that is Jesus by I himself with no other will save his people from their sins. uh-huh now in the Greek. It's very demonstrative. It literally is saying he will rescue he will save his people by lifting them up from their sin or lifting the sin up off of them. They're bearing very heavy burden called sin. When sin is a desperately heavy burden it is a crushing burden and the angel is saying look your burden is going to be lifted from you? It will be literally removed. Now I want you to get the significance of this and some of your missing it. He's not saying you will continue to walk in your sin but grace will cover you so that you'll be okay with God because when God looks at you he won't see you he'll see Jesus that's not what it says. Don't don't interpret the Scripture with what the scripture does not say don't make the scripture fit your preconceived ideas listen to what the literal words of scripture are saying he's saying he will save save his people that is he will rescue his people. If a man is drowning and I throw him a life vest and I help him into it and I bring him ashore you can say I saved this man's life life. What do we mean I mean? I took this man out of the troubled waters where he would die. He's no longer in the troubled waters. He is now now on the shore safe and sound. That man has been saved from drowning or Jesus as Z.. Comes out of the beatitudes. The first thing that he does is he meets a leprous man and the leprous man says Jesus as he falls down before him. I know you can heal me. If you want to. and Jesus reaches out his hand and touches the Leper and saves him saves him from a miserable painful anguish life and death he saves him now does the leper still have leprosy. And now Jesus is just saying go your way and and and I've given you a little bit of comfort and when you die I'll take you to heaven. Is that what he's saying. Hang no he saying the leprosy is gone. Go offer the offering at the priest at at the temple so you can go home and resume your life. You have been saved from leprosy. I want you to to begin to comprehend this in your heart and begin to enjoy the truth of what I'm saying to you. The Angel said he will save his people from that is out from. Apo Out from he will save his people from their sins. He will lift the sin up off of his people and set at them. Free now sin is a heavy heavy burden and there's a passage of scripture WANNA share share with you the details some of what King David in the Old Testament what he thought about Sin Psalm Thirty eight Lord. Do not punish me in your anger or disciplined me in your wrath for your arrows. Have Sunk into me and your hand has pressed down down on me. There's no health in my body because of your indignation there's no strength in my bones because as of my sin for my sins have flooded over my head sin is heavy you cannot stay above the water with sin it will drown you. It will cause you to have recriminations in your heart it will steal your sleep deep it will cause you to have shadows of anxiety and desperation and some of you the shadows of desperation. And you think it's because you don't have enough money or you have. Shadows does of despair in discouragment. Because somebody doesn't love you the way you think they should love you. You don't assign it to your sin but all anguish of heart comes because of sin maybe not your sin and but someone sin Jesus anguished on the cross but it wasn't because of his sin the garden of Yosemite. He bled like sweat. It was blood coming out the anguished but it wasn't because he was a sinner but for us now all anguish is caused all all suffering flows out of sin. Again maybe not our sin but it's out of sin when my late wife was dying of cancer. People said it's because she's a great sinner dinner. No she was a saint. She was cleaned before Jesus but her suffering was very much because of sin because we live in a world filled with sin. But I want you to hear me that sin in your life becomes a burden that causes you great anxiety if your conscious now you can be very unconscious. I've met people who who are in great misery because they don't have enough money to pay for their bills but they don't recognize that it's flowing flowing out of their own sin and when I asked them. If they're right with you they say oh yes. I'm right with Jesus Aces. But they don't understand they've not been convicted of their sin. It's a good thing to begin to recognize the heavy burden we carry on our back. If we carry carry that burden. Remember the story of of Pilgrim in the book by Jonathan Bunion was a man carrying a heavy burden on his back. The burden was identified densify after he began to read the Scriptures and he began to see that God was going to bring judgement against him for his sin and he began to identify sin because the Scripture describes what is sin. David said my wounds czar foul and festering because of my foolishness. I am bent over and brought low all day long ago. Round in mourning for my loins are full of burning pain and there is no health in my body. I am faint and severely crushed. I grown because of the anguish of my heart. Lord my every desire is known to you. My sign is not hidden from you. My heart races my strength shrink leaves me. And even the light of my eyes has failed my loved ones and friends stand back from my affliction in my relatives stand at a distance since those who seek my life set traps and those who want to harm me threatened to destroy me. They plot treachery all day. Long I'm like a deaf person. I do not here. I'm like speechless. person who does not loop in his mouth. I'm like a man who does not here and has no arguments in his mouth. I put my hope in youth. Lord you will answer Lord Mike God for I said don't let them rejoice over me those who are arrogant toward me when I stumble for. I'm about to fall in. My pain is constantly with me so I confess my guilt. I'm anxious because of my sin. My enemies enemies are vigorous and powerful. Many hate me for no reason those who repay evil for good attack me for pursuing good Lord Lord do not abandon me my God do not be far from me. Hurry sorry to help me. Lord my Savior. It's Davids desperate cry. He knows his sin and his sin is an exceedingly heavy burden that is pressing down upon him and he is broken by it. His health is broken by it. He's in a desperate place. I know today. Some of you. Who are listening to this? Broadcast are in a desperate place. You're in a desperate place and you're crying out. Lord Lord Save me off rescue me. Jesus came to destroy the work of the devil. Jesus came to save you from your sin to lift it up off of your life. David is modeling for us. But we must do you. Even today acknowledged the broken -ness of her life and of our hearts and go before the Almighty God and put ourselves entirely completely in his hands and asked him to please rescue us. The doctors can't rescue you. Money will not rescue you nowhere in scripture. Does it ever say that. Money lifts in off our hearts or that doctors can lift sin up off our hearts. It's the only answer is found in the man. Jesus born in the manger in Bethlehem. Now some of you think of Jesus as a symbol of peace and goodwill. That's not really who Jesus was or is today Jesus. Today is a kind shepherd. Jesus is Merciful and compassionate particularly toward the poor and the broken Jesus came to save us from our sin. Now it came to pass in those days that a decree went out from Caesar Augustus to register register all the inhabited world. This was the first sentences while Cornelius is ruling Syria and they were all going to be registered each one to his own city so Joseph also went up from Galilee out of the city of Nazareth into Judea to the city of David which is called Bethlehem or House of bread because he is out of the House and the family of David. Now that journey would take them probably between three and four days of walking minimum. I don't know if Mary wrote a donkey or if she walked but they made that long journey camping out at night walking in the heat of the day walking in the rain showers in the springtime they walked to Bethlehem now after they they had arrived there. The days of her pregnancy were fulfilled and she gave birth she gave birth to her son the firstborn and she wrapped him in Swaziland clothes and laid him in a manger because there was no room for them in the in. Just some historical facts they didn't have Marriott Marriott ends or days inns or any other kind of in the in spoken of here was probably just a a walled area on three sides and open on one side and people would be allowed to come in and take their space and set up there camping gear. And that's what they would stay often a bright fire at the entrance with guards against thieves or brigands that would come and try to take anything so it was semi secure but it was right out in the open. There was certainly not a private room but there was no room for them there. They also had caves in Bethlehem and when I was in Bethlehem I went to the cave. They think that Jesus probably he was born in. We don't know for certain but in that cave people would camp out in the front and they would keep their animals in the back so that no one would steal them they would bring a a small herd of goats or are cattle sheep lambs. They traveled with their livestock. That was where they kept their money. And so Jesus is blessed because there's no room in the end because evenings no doubt were cool and the heat coming off. The animals that were kept in the back of the cave would have have warmed the room in that area where Mary and Joseph could set up their their. They're small camping and the only place to lay. The baby was in the major a feed trough for animals but no doubt with fresh hay and everybody very excited to see the birth of a child. Everyone I'm sure came to see this child. Very humble family without financial resources he was a carpenter as it's traditionally said Ed but probably not probably a stonemason because there were not many trees and not much would to work with almost everything was built with stone stone so he probably was more of a stonemason he might find find some work there but no doubt it was a time of great stress and they were carefully husbanding spinning the small amount of money. They had with them now. Jesus is born they wrap him in the swatting close they lay him in the manger and there were shepherds parts in that same area of Bethlehem and there are also today shepherds. I saw them with with their sheep. Staying out in the fields and the shepherds were awake. They were keeping the nightwatch taking turns watching over their sheep. Some would sleep in some would be awake. And then suddenly an angel of the Lord appeared to them the glory of the Lord shown round them and they were terrified. I mean suddenly the sky just lit up. Everything was was brilliantly lit in the camp the Angel said to them. Stop being afraid. Stop being afraid we say fear not know what he was literally saying was saying. Stop being afraid. I I want you today. If you don't hear anything else I say I want you to let this sink into your soul. Jesus came to save you from the heavy burden of sin on your life. He came to save you. That is to remove the Sinn from your life to make you innocent to make you righteous to wash you to scrub you to break every addiction. Some of you listening today. They are deep into alcohol addiction. Or your deep into. Opiates or some other drug. Jesus can break that addiction diction right. Now if you're willing to let him some of you are deep into pornography some of your deep into having an affair committing adultery fornication. Some of you are just flat out liars thieves. I'm coming today to say you. Those Heavy v Burdens of sin that. You're carrying Jesus came to pick up from you to remove them to lift them off of your heart. Some of you are hopeless in your heart. Because you don't see any escape you don't see any way through financially or or physically. You're at the the end of the rope. Thank you Jesus. That's where he comes and helps us and he says to you. Stop being afraid aid now. The only reason you should stop being afraid is because you're going to be rescued and you are going to be rescued. Jesus his came to seek and save the lost. Do you need a total change in your life some of you. You're so bored with what you're doing you just grind out day after day because that's what you have to do to survive. You think some of you. Are you own a company and the company is going the wrong direction as far as you're concerned and you don't know how to turn it around some of you in partnership with your brother Your someone else and you just you hit your miserable observable. You're bored you're dying. Jesus came to lift that up off of a few and he saying to you. Stop being afraid in other words come alive lift up your head your redemption draws near Jesus can deliver you from whatever the circumstances are today that you you find binding you and discouraging you and casting you down. Jesus came to rescue you you to lift up that heavy burden off your heart. The Angel said Stop Being Afraid Trade. He says you you've got understand this. I am announcing good news to you. I'm coming today on this broadcast and I'm saying to you. Stop being afraid. I have awesome news for you. There was born to you today. A savior the angel said in the City of David who is Christ who is Messiah. The I am member. When the Lord appeared to Moses out there in that wilderness in that desert in the burning burning Bush and gave him directions that he was supposed to go and rescue the children of Israel? You'd already been there. He'd already done that. He tried. He'd failed they'd almost killed him. He had to run for his life and now he was safe out in the Wilderness of Moab with his wife and his his two children and in life was good. He didn't need anything. And the Lord came and said go go bring my people out of Egypt and in that conversation he said to him. Well who should I say as sending me the answer was I I am I am sending you and now we're hearing the angel is saying this Christ the I I I am. It's the same person who was born in Bethlehem as stood with Moses beside the burning Bush and gave directions. It was the same Jesus who spoke the Ten Commandments for Mount Sinai. It was the same Jesus who walked with the children of his real and they all refused to stop being afraid they all refuse. I believe in him. And so they died in the wilderness. The only way you can live the only way you can make it through what you're facing is to believe leaving the Lord. Jesus Christ he is the I I am he is Christ the Lord and this is the sign for you you will find the infant having and been wrapped in Swaziland close lying in a manger. I wonder if the angel almost misspoke I wonder if what he wanted to say. As you will find our commander in chief wrapped in Swat close lying in a manger. Because that's who he was. Jesus the infant child was the commander of Heaven and Earth the owner of heaven and earth the Creator of Heaven and earth the one who spoke from Mount Sinai. This is the am I am. God Jesus is the I am God and suddenly. It's like the way I see. It is the an angel was commissioned to go and make this announcement to these these poor shepherds but other angels. I I think must have said. Hey can I go to can I go to can I go. Can I go and the father said yes. You can go but stay out of sight. Let them make the announcement so he made the announcement but suddenly this whole angelic host bursts out in brilliant agent light praising God and saying glory to God in the highest and upon Earth peace among people of divine favor they couldn't contain themselves. The angels were so excited about this occurrence. It's about this birth of their master of their Lord. They were so excited about the birth of Jesus. They didn't understand how he could possibly Bley do this. Oh he was coming as their Messiah Messiah to Save Them from their sin. Let me bring a different perspective in on this. Jesus this wasn't just coming to save human beings. These human beings have been created in the image of God. They've been molded by the hand of God out of the out of the turn then. He bent down and breathed into them the breath of life and they became living souls and now the weakest of God's creation the the ones who are to become the very wife of God the Devos's. Oh No you don't the most powerful being that God had created was the devil. Oh Lucifer. Son of the morning the Archangel but he rebelled against God and was cast out and the earth was part of where he roamed and he came him and said I will deceive these people that belong to the Lord and I will steal them and God will see and the universe will see how foolish God was and how impossible it is to serve him and they will say see the Satan was right. God you are unfair and suddenly we have laid out on the stage of the universe a a play a dream dramatic play a tragic play play. Where good against evil? The reputation of God is on the line. It didn't take Satan very long to seduce eve and the way into Adams Heart was through his beautiful wife Eve and it's still very often that way. Adam did not do his job. Bob Did not guard the Garden of Eden from an enemy he could have commanded that serpent to depart and never return he could have asked the Lord. God of Heaven descended Guardian Angel to protect the entrance. He had many options. He did not use them he did not do what God had commanded which was to care for the garden because he led a serpent in and now this couple with one sin joins the rebellion of the devil and now all of their offspring are created after their kind remember that was the rule of creation everything created after its own kind horses produce horses cows produce cows. You don't find dogs being born of a cat or cat being born of a dog each produce after its kind. That's the rule of creation. Shen and now we have Adam the sinner man and eve the sinner woman and they dacre after their kind and so we have. Cain and Abel a murder sin is the most horrific detestable ugly thing in all of the universe because it leads to broken leads to death. It leads to breakup in marriages. Every read divorce that takes place you can take it back to sin. What a shame when Christians divorce it says has one or both are walking under the banner of the Devil Walking in Sin Christian brother Susan other Christian brother go core to Christians? Paul said it was a shame. Why don't you rather be cheated? Then bring shame on the name. Name of Jesus sin is ugly and it reared its ugly demonic head in the Garden of Eden didn't and out of that flowed all this happened upon the earth. The wars the conflict. I was crying out to Jesus last night. I was for a long time. I didn't cry. I never cried now. It seems like that's all I can do. I was weeping before the Lord and say Lord. This whole impeachment thing is so ugly it is so demonic kid is so wicked. The conflict the wars the war in Syria the war in in Yemen. The civil war in Geria- the Sudan Iraq Afghanistan many of them started by America the conflict between America and China America Russia on every level. The flowing tide of desperate evil is rearing its head in every unclean thing marriage has been destroyed in America. Children are being destroyed and sexually abused in America. Women have been such an object of terrible persecution secure in this world. Women have been abused by men in every respect that breaks. It's my heart sing. Lord look what sin is doing to us. We need our savior to come and lift the scene in from our hearts now the word comes glory to God in the highest and upon the earth piece. But don't stop there. It's not peace for everybody. We don't see peace in the world. We see war. We don't see peace in the family. We see war. We don't see peace in America. ARCA right now. Looks like the state. Virginia the wicked Governor Virginia is doing everything thing he can to start a civil war thinking that he can turn back the second amendment so that people can't defend themselves from those who will attack. It's a natural natural born right of every human being to protect themselves but are wicked governor in Virginia says. No we're going to take your guns. The war with England started when the Crown Crown decided to confiscate the weapons and the rebels or the patriots as we call all them said No. You're not going to take our guns and the British had to flee. They had had to flee because the withering fire of the Patriots drove them off. I am praying that the militias that are forming in the state of Virginia will not have to fire on the National Guard. I'm praying that God will step in and even if necessary. Sorry remove this wicked governor in whatever way necessary this. This governor is so evil so depraved. He has no redeeming quality. He is following a demonic course of of action. And I'm asking Jesus to remove him so that we you don't have a civil war start in the state of Virginia. Virginia is for lovers. Not For people fight. I want to see this. This is Luke. The second chapters fourteen glory to God the highest and upon the earth piece. That is Shalom full prevision. Among people of divine favor this piece of Jesus is not for everybody. Jesus came came to bring peace for all but this verse is clearly indicating that peace will only be for for those who repent and who turned to Jesus who were crucified. With Christ who are brought into Jesus WanNa read you a passage siege of scripture out of First Peter the Second Chapter Verse Twenty Four who himself bore up or carried away who took the burden namely our sin sin is the burden Jesus himself bore our sins in his body. He didn't become sin. He bore the since on his body on the tree that we having died to the sins might live in the sphere of righteousness or innocence. Real life changing innocence. This atonement is described as giving US total abandonment from our sin being being utterly released from our sin by the word of whom you are restored by the wound of whom. Oh you are restored for you. Used to be a sheep being led astray. But now you were returned by the shepherd. And overseer of your Seoul is Jesus today the overseer of your soul is he your shepherd Christmas is not about parties and tinsel. Christmas is about are coming. humbling our hearts before God and receiving this wonderful gift of no longer being afraid of letting God remove all fear from our hearts of carrying that fear away by his wounds and restoring us sin brings fear Sin Brings Fear. Fear is to expect punishment you expect punishment for wrongdoing. If you're walking clean today before Jesus there's no fear in your heart if there is fear in your heart you need to come before or Jesus and here today. The good news that he wants to lift that burden from your heart. How how does he do it by his shed? Blood would you have to do. Come a kneel down before him confess S. your sin and ask him to remove it from you ask him to forgive you. which in the Greek is the word F AMEE which means to remove the scripture just shared with you in First Peter the Second Chapter beginning in Verse Twenty Four? The WHO himself bore our sins that is. He lifted up our sins by his broken body on the tree. Having died had to since May we live in the sphere of righteousness so we joined. Jesus on that cross. We Are Crucified with Christ. We no longer fear we no longer fear having not enough money or sickness or loss of friends or scorn or loss of a job. We don't fear anything because our whole trust is now in Jesus Christ because he has is lifted the burden up off our heart and now he will guide our steps. He will tell us where to go. He will tell us what to do. Stop being afraid. Put your confidence in. Jesus he loves you Almighty father. I plead today that you would lift the burden of sin of the heart of every person listening. I I asked Jesus that you would remove all fear from their hearts that you would bring them the Shalom peace all provisions. I ask that you would heal their bodies and their souls Lord Right now I ask that you would heal their body and soul and break. Every Addiction Shen brick every sin that has them in its grip release them and set them free in the name of Jesus this I pray a man you've been listening to pilgrim's progress. I'm Ray Greenlee from the national per chapel. I would you give a gift for Jesus today. Would you go online to national per chapel dot com. And would you give a gift to Jesus for this radio broadcast so that next month I can still be on the air or would you write to me at the National Prayer Chapel Post Office box. twenty-three forty-six Woodbridge Virginia. Two two one nine five. This is strictly a faith ministry. It is supported as Jesus moves in in your heart to generously give so I pray that today you will right after the broadcast. Go to our webpage and give is the Lord direct shoe national per chapel dot com or. Write to me at the National Channel Prayer Chapel Post Office box twenty. Three forty six Woodbridge Virginia to one nine five. Thank you for listening today. I'll continue praying that you will have no fear Jesus this was born in the manger. God bless you my brother my sister I love you. I'll talk to you soon. Gray Eh Judy. Ghana's try uh-huh and Roy Moore uh-huh.

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#1,078  Use us to Spread Your Gospel (Luke 1:14)

Pray the Word with David Platt

06:52 min | 2 weeks ago

#1,078 Use us to Spread Your Gospel (Luke 1:14)

"Pre The word with David Platt is sourced from radical dot net. Luke Chapter One verses one through four inasmuch as many have undertaken to compile a narrative of the things that have been accomplished among us, just as those who, from the beginning, were eyewitnesses and ministers of the word have delivered them to us. It seemed good to me also having followed all things closely for some time past to write an orderly account for you most excellent theophilus the you may have certainty concerning the things you have been taught. These are the words that Luke writes to open up his Gospel and there's so much here just to unpack. Think through as we get a glimpse into who is what Luke's purposes? Who He's writing, too, but the big picture I want to. Let lead us to pray. Today is luke. Realizing that, he has seen and heard things that he cannot keep to himself. He's saying other people have. told me things have shared things with me. I've talked with eye-witnesses and ministers of the word people who have walked with Jesus people who have seen Jesus do different things and I am undertaking. What turns into twenty four chapters of writing to let us Theophilus No, who Jesus is? What Jesus taught in how Jesus can change your life, I we have this whole book. That is obviously a huge benefit to us. Today has been for followers of Jesus for non-christians for that matter to learn about Jesus throughout centuries, but it was written in the very beginning for one person for Theophilus did the awfulness might know the truth about who Jesus says what Jesus Taught, and how just died on the cross, so that repentance and forgiveness in sensory proclaimed in all nations will get to that in Luke Chapter Twenty Four. But based on this introduction I just want to encourage you. Even as do the same thing in my own mind. Like, think about someone. In Your Life. Who needs to know who Jesus says? Who needs to know what Jesus taught? Who needs to know what Jesus did on the Cross? And, think through okay. Luke sat down. He wrote. A, whole letter as a Gospel account a story of Jesus. So what Mike God be calling you to do. For that person in your mind. Who needs to know about Jesus? Maybe maybe this sitting down writing a letter email her may be actually a handwritten letter to them. Maybe it's calling them. Maybe it's taking them to eight socially distanced lunch or something along those lines. Whatever it might be. Let's just pray that God would use our lives as we know, and have seen the truth about Jesus and his word to make it known to people like the awfulness around us God. We praise you. Not just for who Jesus is and what Jesus done for us. But we praise you for the people. Who have introduced us to Jesus? Thank you for Luke Ho God thank you for him riding this book? Thank you for. Parents! Or grandparents or friends or neighbors or pastors, Church leaders or church members followers of Jesus, who pointed each of us to who Jesus is and what Jesus Taught, and how'd you just died on the cross for our sins that we might have attornal life in him, and we pray that you would use us in the same way in others lives like this week. Oh God. We pray for the people on our minds and our hearts right now. Even as I'm thinking faces and names and. Trust others are. People who. Know you God we pray that you would use our lives our relationships with them. The opportunities you've given us to share about who Jesus is what you just saw what Jesus has done with them. They might have eternal life God gives us. Grace Greenwich Boldness maybe even to sit down. Write a letter. sent an email. Send a taxed even just to say hey, can we get together and talk? God We pray for these people that are on our minds right now that you would bring them to the knowledge of Jesus. Please Oh God use US toward that end and God we would be remiss if we didn't pray at the same time for people. We don't know people who know Christian knows right now. Think about unreached people groups today the rind below Ch- people who live in that Balochistan region at the. Southeastern edge of Pakistan and Iran and Afghanistan and the. Million of them almost exactly one million, no known followers of Jesus among the rind below Ch- God. Please please. Send laborers to make the good news of Jesus known among the below CH- in Pakistan, specifically the rind tribe please Oh God through this for Your glory among them that like Theophilus Day might hear and see who Jesus is. What Jesus has done and experience. We pray your salvation. God help us to make this good news known the Gospel known to people right around us and far from us. We pray in Jesus name. Amen.

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10 Years of Surgery 101 Studios: The Best CutsFrom the first podcast to now, it's been 10 years in the making. 10 years of Surgery 101 Studios and we'd like to thank you for sticking with us and look forward to the journey ahead.

Surgery 101

04:28 min | 1 year ago

10 Years of Surgery 101 Studios: The Best CutsFrom the first podcast to now, it's been 10 years in the making. 10 years of Surgery 101 Studios and we'd like to thank you for sticking with us and look forward to the journey ahead.

"Hey have you listened to surgery one now. Isn't that a bunch of lego videos. No no it's much more than that. Hello and welcome back to surgery one on the first day of surgery injury. My surgeon gave to me. I'M OPERAS SCOTT BIG GAP and ECTOMY. Here's the scrub sink lather up US plenty of soak. No you're clean and ready to go to the. The war remember to open the door with your feet or your but students are coming students coming then. The nurse told me it was a shoe cover. I put a booty on my head. Would you leave your brain at home. Run the fast track teach at all. How are you going to fix that super teacher? They give them a bit of a shave and see if we can bring his cabinets rules <hes> there we go. Hey I need some advice. It happened again so you are in just the worst at everything everybody thinks so so have you considered other career options going off by now the future what take me to the other way through get Nice Yada Yada Yada presenting complete Blah Blah Blah medical and surgical history medications out whatever whatever Oh cool teachable moment did. It Day by Kaya Tree perhaps general surgery general surgery no dermatology General Surgery General Surgery General Surgery. I suppose it will have have to be general surgery. You know nothing P._G._Y.. One try to keep up thumbs. You gotta move faster after he was revived from being frozen in ice investigations show. Show you want me to use something from three centuries ago and you want me to touch the crewmen Mike God man. What's next leeches? Do we all agree one would say the women's should do surgery. Have you ever heard anything so dumb. I'm a muppet and even I know that's Baloney. This is the twenty first century women can do anything they want. Some of our best surgeons residents are women news lurker. It really signal is around the level of the clock's ticking dude <music>. Let's get in full speed the Joe Alexander down a beat think it's time to summarize.

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SERMON  Playlist  Imprecatory Psalms  Ed Green

Beavercreek Christian Church

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SERMON Playlist Imprecatory Psalms Ed Green

"It's morning church. Our Song for today Psalm nine begins this way David Wrightson Mike God, whom I praise. Do not. Remain, silent. For people who are weakened sequel heaven open their mouth against me. They've spoken with lying. With wars of hatred they. With words of hatred surrounding me the attack me without cause. Returns by friendship. But I a man Kern. The evil for good hatred. Friendship you. Know that's. Solve lament and with, with Few weeks ago, President from salt point also. A lament is one in which. Songs. Gun You be recognized. Something's not right. Come on user signal. Something's not right cries to God to step in, and there's something to rescue him from his enemies to. Make his. Make his name known in this Rod Situation and Connect with their emotions rightly. We talked about that as way away. Looked at how. They connect with our joy, and our our design trade celebrate right. And Sometimes. Sometimes. A. Stall, connect, with their anger. How do you deal with your your? Moments in those seasons. Morning. Listen crafty goes on to read the next several versus Horace. Then Evil Evil One to accuse my accusing judge in dispatch Satan to prosecute him when he's judged, let the verdict be guilty. And when he praised, let his prayer turn a sin, give him a sort life, and give his job to someone else make orphans of his children in dresses, wife, his widow's weeds turn his children in the begging street. Urchins Vic from their houses homeless. Foreclose and wipe them out and strangers like bolsters. Pick him clean. There'd be no one around to help out. No one willing to give his orphans of break, chop down his family tree so that no one ever remembers his name but rectal morial. Of his father, and make her his mother's names, their to their sins recorded forever before God, but they have Celt sunk in oblivion. That's all he deserves since he was never once kind, how did he flicked it and heartbroken to their graves? Since he loves cursing so much curses rain down since he had no taste for blessing, let blessings fleet, or from him, he trusts seven curses like a fine suit of clothes. He drank curses to his bassin curses, so give him a gift costume of curses. He can wear curses every day of the week, and that's what they'll get those out to get me an avalanche of just deserts from God. What makes you angry? I'm I'm recording this this morning. A really odd spot I'm in my track. Because to be honest. This is one place where I struggle with my anger. Angry a lot. If. You know me I don't and even when I do, you may not even realize it other than maybe a a look. You know what that's like, right? But but this is one place I struggled with and. You know the earlier video. The opening video yeah, some of that was staged. But. That's real. That's real for me. So. What makes you angry? Maybe like me? It's traffic. Maybe. In for you, it's it's people. It's the way they act the way they talk the things they do to you. Maybe it's PG. Maybe, right now it's all the stuff going on in our country right now. That's kind of scary and it's making you angry. And you're not sure what to do with that anger. We're GONNA talk this morning for a few moments about how to think about how to deal with our anger. You know Many the lament psalms that that there in in scripture they call on God to the Psalms Calls on God to rescue him from whatever's going through whatever David La time to write a lot assumed he's in bad situation. He's pleading with. God help me get out of this. A rescue me from my enemies, whatever the situation is! He's calling on guide to rescue. But then there's some psalms when the PSALMIST goes beyond simply asking for God to intervene. Ask you got some ideas, right? Here's what I want you to do enemies. Now these psalms have a particular term. It's attached to them. Not In scripted some that we call, we call them an predatory psalms in predatory. Of those words, probably never anywhere else other than talking about these kinds of psalms, but these cut. It has its related the word curses so an implication is curse so IMPRAC. Tori are songs that invite God to curse. The almost enemies. So it goes beyond simply running gotta do something here. Here's what I want. You right so here's some examples outside of some more nine where we're going to be living this morning. Your Song Fifty five let death take my enemies by surprise. Let them go live. The realm of the dead for Eagle finds lodging among them. Fifty eight. Break the teeth in their mouths. Oh God Lord Tara out the fangs of those lines within vanish. Like water that flows away when they draw the bow of their air, fall short may be like a slug that melts away as it moves along. That's that's pretty graphic. Right there like a stillborn child that never ceases son. Someone thirty nine, a familiar song, many of US David Writers almost rights. If only you guys would slay the wicked. And finally someone thirty seven. Daughter Babylon doomed to destruction the. Side, Note. The PSALMIST is writing here from Babylon after God has sent them away into exile for their sin of idolatry, and all kinds of they're sitting. In Babylon in exile Dr Babylon Doom, the destruction. Happy is the one who repays you according to what you have done to us. Happy is the one who seizes your infants and dashes them. Against the rocks. Wow. And that's. These are Inner Bible. And these are psalms either these are. Pieces of literature songs that are actually Sung as part of Israel's worship throughout their history. And here. In Psalm. One nine are so as crafty read. The David Ascott may his days his enemy maze days be few children be fatherless. Right may go broke in his children. Go begging. May No one show him. Kindness may not receive forgive us from for all of his sins and maize curses rebound on him. Get the point. So where things right off the bat, right out of the gate, we with what do we do with these? What do we do with these psalms that are in our Bible that seemed to go against everything that. We think ought to be. We're Christians right. We should talk like that. We shouldn't have that kind of attitude. See as Lewis wrote a short little book on the Salt L. reflects his songs, and this is what he had to write. about these kinds of solves. He says as what use can be made of them. We must not either try to explain them away or to yield for one moment to the idea that because it comes from the Bible all vindictive hatred must somehow be good and pious. We must face both facts squarely. The hatred, is there festering gloated undisguised? And also we should be wicked if we in any way condoned or proved it. Or we're still use it to justify similar passions in ourselves. Only after these two admissions have been made. Can we safely proceed? In his Providence got chosen for these psalms to be part of our Biden. And, so we need to reckon with that with the presence and their apparent. Nastiness! God wants him. Here in our Bible in his word. A. Couple of weeks ago. Manning Shane. Would he's at professor? It is Christian College Where actually where my wife Sally. Ni-, graduate from and our daughter. Anna graduated from He's a professor there. Dr Shane, would he? He has a every week or so has a little short video blog, a reflection and a couple of weeks ago. He did a reflection on anger and I so appreciated what he had to say, because it really connect with me personally, but also with what I was going to share with you folks this morning and I wanted shears. The couple fought. He shared. In his little zillow reflection, he talks about the truth, he said here's the truth. The truth is that we don't quite know what to do. With our anger? Either personally. Or owned and as a church. We don't know what to do with it so what we tend to do. We tend to either justify it or look for ways to silence it right. We can't excuses for it. This goodness's right. Oscar things and that's actually remember. That's what Louis just said we can't. solve. We can't do that. We can't as use these words to say was okay to have this kind of almost hatred, right? We're talks about how anger is often a mask for. For Sadness, so he he He quotes a fourth century eastern church father. Talk about how? how sadness is what you experienced when our expectations are broken. And that as The sadness. Against a tour in our lives it. It morphs into anger oftentimes. So that's important. I recognize it. Anger is often a mask for sadness for broken expectation. When she comes that we, it's a human thing, right? We expect things to be fair. We accept we expect. left to be. Good for Things to be right, but we all know that life isn't fair and things don't always go away. A bad things happen to good people and those are those expectations have broken in at least sadness, and then sadness often morrison to anger. So would only about how your what? You can't bury anger. You can't bear it we. We know that, right. We know that eventually if you bury is gonNA surface somewhere and often be worse, and he says as he sa-, quote, he says you don't eradicate Andrew by silencing it. You don't eradicate anger by silencing. You can't do that. Because here's what you can do. You radical. By, ultimately satisfying the broken heart that's fueling the anger to begin with. How can we do that? So this morning I wanted to just three action steps. Action Steps that. We can discern. From scripture as a whole, but also looking and learning from this particular psalm, Psalm one or nine. To the first action step is this be real with God. Me Real with God. One lesson we learned throughout the psalms is that they are raw their unfiltered. The soul must express to got exactly what they're thinking and feeling. You know some of you folks I. Know You have a problem with that? You have filters right unfortunately. I do. once unfortunate I mean a lot of times. You will not know what I think or I feel because I try to be nice. Times. Even friends even. With God. But as we read scripture as we, as a re long with the great men and women of faith. We discovered. They were very real with God. They were authentic with got. They didn't sugar coat things they should cut their prayers. Ensure cut the requests. the plate, safe, effective or quite bold. You see that the psalms over over and over again I I think of the one example in in in Genesis Abraham member Abraham that God shows up in the form of this angel, and his two Angel Friends, and we're going to destroy saw. And can more for the great sinfulness? And Abraham knows his nephew. Lot is living in that area and he begins his ongoing discussion with Dodd. Trying to bargain with God. Will you still do this? If there are a hundred righteous people in the town? Okay what about eighty? What about you know? All the way down to this very low number, but there's at that man that bulls right. Man I could ever do that. Think about anger. Being real with God about our anger. Some some of the most important thing that we can do is I was to name it. I'm angry and here's why. There's. You. Are Motions are like that. Anger. Sadness. Desperation. We want to hold back. But that's not the good thing to do. It's not a healthy thing to do right so the question then becomes. There's two questions actually when it comes the anger in in in particular. Is this the first question is? Where does it take you? Where does anger take? Because you see often? We allow it to sit in the driver's seat, right? We allow our anger or motion generate a lot of us, we live. According to her emotions, they they drive us. And when it comes to anger, that can be a dangerous thing because enter can take. Down roads that are not good right. We? See it over and over in our lives and our own families. We see. We've seen in our own country. We we. There's no shortage of examples of that. So, where does anger take you? When the biggest challenges in our lives is to actually. Is Actually. Take. The steering wheel back from Ari Motions. And at heart. The one of the things I read in Scripture was biggest challenges that we face is to discipline our emotions. To discipline our emotions, and when I mean by that this the as we mature especially as Christians as we mature on our faith. We we develop a greater ability first of all to control things we feel. Because, we change. No longer do we feel the same things? We may be felt five ten twenty forty years ago. But we also, and this is more important. We actually have the ability to discipline the way we respond to our emotions. We exert greater control over our response over our reaction. Essentially I'd say we don't. We say react anymore. We're able to respond. We see this in Jesus life. We see this as Jesus. As he goes into temple. the last week of his life. He goes into the temple. And we what we call it, we cleanse the temple. He makes whip of cords, and he drives all the money changers those who are trying to make a profit off the temple, and the the sacrifice. All kinds of he drives them while at Temple and some. You'll say you know and that's not. He was an angry. Actually he was. But it wasn't the kind of anger that it was explosive. Your what we discover actually as you pay attention, the tax we've ever is. Jesus enters the temple on Sunday and looks around sees. Every is going on. And then he leaves. But on Monday morning, he comes back. And he makes whip of course. A drives them on the temple. G that anger he didn't. He didn't react to what he saw. He responded. I think here's my sanctified immagination I think. He went back. Spent some time with his father God. What should I do? This is not right. The texts that that is used the old. Testament Texas quoted in response. Jesus action is zeal for your. House will consume me. See Jesus as she offended. He was angry that they're these center taking place his father's house. And he shows to take action. It was intention and it was a result of anger, but he didn't let anger. Have Control. So. Where does anger take you? Where does it take? That's the first question. The second question is where do you take it? And this is I suggested in Jesus example. I of you I think he took it to the father. Took it his father? Would I do with this? So that's the second step as a second action step at the first one was be real with God. That we don't have to filter. Who we are with God. We are real with him. no masks. Who I am! Who I am in a reality. As a big step admit that first of all. That I. Don't have to be somebody different. I can be who I am right now is going to love me, so be real with. That's the first step the second action steps take your anger. God, take your anger to God. Now there's this There's there's a story. In First Samuel, chapter, twenty five and I can't help but wonder. If this is. The occasion. For which David wrote this song, some or nine? It's familiar story if you're familiar with the life of David Old Testament, I wanNA give a real quick summary. David is fleeing from salt solves king. David has been anointed king to be the next king by Samuel. The Prophet. And they was. Popularity is rising. Sol's coming down. So David has collected a bunch of men and he's fleeing from Salt Saul is chasing him. He's trying to kill him. He's jealous of him. And they out run around all of the country. All over Israel with this this ragtag. Bunch of guys right? Well there this area around Carmel and David David is a good man. He's a manager. God's own heart right and his men reflect that. He's got about six hundred men with him. And the men have been in this area, and they've been you watching over the shepherds and flocks of this one rich man. Rich Man's name was Nepal mid. Her name's able and I'm even use that way. PRONOUNCE IT Past Nobel. and. The David and his and his friends his. Fighting men have protected. From from outlaws and other people might come in and steal sheep or hurt the shepherds whatever they watched over and David. Sends word through the shepherds through net and the ball shepherds We could use whatever you could give us. Our guys are hungry So we're GONNA leave it in your hands. Please help us out as you can. And so the servants go back to Nepal and tell him, and this is what the Texas Nepal answered David Servants. Who is this David? Who is the son of Jesse? Many servants have breaking away from their masters these days. Why should I take my bread and water and the me I have slaughtered for my shears and give it to men coming from who knows where? Well, David when he hears the balls response. He goes ballistic. His okay guys sagas guys strap on your sole source who takes four hundred of his fighting men and they. They're getting ready to go on a rampage, and they start heading toward no-balls home. Well if you remember the story. The balls. Wife, whose name is Abigail here's was happening. Here's All David and his men have done for his husband is an shepherds and flocks, and he she is heard of her husband's response to David's request and she here's what they would is doing. He's GonNa. Come and his men. He's take vengeance after all he's done for them. Not The ball has not been isn't. Isn't thankful at all, and he's not showing the hospitality that actually their cultured demands right. She hears this and she goes out of her way and long story short she goes takes a whole. Bunch of stuff goes to meet David and she says my Lord David. Please don't do this. Please don't do this My husband fool? Don't. Bloody your hands for the sake of Israel. And this is what David's responses to Abigail Praise be to the Lord. The God of Israel. Who has sent you today to meet me? May you be blessed for your good judgment, and for keeping me from bloodshed this day. Myself. My own hands. Man. God step in. An intervened through the the life of this wonderful woman. Camp David from. From doing wrong from taking. From taking humanity into his own hands. Taking vengeance into his own hands. Well. David turns away and turns goes back to his own place Abigail goes back tells the ball her husband, what she did, and actually again longer store short of he ends at nine ten days later. And she ends up becoming. A Wife to David. When David heard that Nepal was dead, he said Praise be the Lord whose upheld by 'cause against Nepal treating youth contempt is kept his servant from doing wrong in his brought the balls wrongdoing down on his own head. Wrongdoing on his own head. Curses rebound. I can't help, but thinking that perhaps. Perhaps the song is a reflection of this incident. With David. Somewhat Nine Verse Twenty One to thirty one. This is what her through twenty nine. This is what David Rights, but you sovereign Lord, help me for your namesake out of the goodness of your love. Deliver me for I. Am poor and needy, and my heart is wounded within me I. Fade Away like an evening shadow I'm shaking off like a locust. My knees give away from fasting. My Body is thin and gaunt. I am an object. Of, scorn to my accusers when they see me, they shake their heads. Helped me Lord my God. Save me according to your unfailing love. Let them know that it is your hand that you lord of done it while they curse. May You bless me? They may those who attacked me. Be Put to shame. May Your servant rejoice may mean acute bait. May My accusers be clothed with disgrace and wrapped in shame as a cloak. David took his anger back to God. Ultimately. David realized this that it's not. It wasn't his role his job. Take recipe retribution. It wasn't his job to take revenge. Take matters into his own hands. In Enrollment Shepherd twelve I nineteen. The Apostle Paul writes these words he says do not take revenge my dear friends, but leave room for God's wrath for it is written is mind to avenge. I will repay, says Lord. He's courting the Old Testament. He's courting words at David would have known himself words from Leviticus. Our favorite book, and the old tests are right from leviticus and Deuteronomy from the from God's law from God's Torah. IS MIND TO VENT I ll repaying. Is The Lord's job. Is His responsibility, not yours? Not Mine. To, take your anger to God. Action step three finally. Be more constructive. With your anchor, be constructive with your anger. Justice last week Dr Esau Macauley in African American. He's a professor at Wheaton. University in Illinois. Rhoda. An article for the in the New York Times. This is what the title of the article is this what the Bible has to say about black anger. We're seeing a lot of that right now, right? We're seeing the protests and has gone beyond just blacks right? It's gone beyond just African Americans it's. It's it's. It's a lot of us are feeling this anger on behalf of our black brothers and sisters, but what the Bible has saved at black anger, and this is what he says. He says he makes his one statement. He quotes a man an African American author. Called the Christian I'm his name as Howard Thurman and wrote a book back in the late fifties at the edge, just as the civil rights movement was getting really getting rolling right, and this man Thurman had a tremendous impact on Dr Martin Luther King. and. He wrote this book called. Jesus! Only disinherited. And MacAulay quotes Thurman and he. He makes note of visit Thermos observation. Is this that a? Rage once unleashed tends to spill out beyond is intended target and consume everything. The hatred of our enemy that we take to the streets returns with us to our friendships, our marriages our communities. It damages our own souls. He anger, if left. UN reflected upon if left unchecked. If it's in the driver's seat, it will consume everything. It will damage us. In every way possible damages our souls. That's a key observation for us. A some would say. Simply angers always bad. What do you do Jesus? What do you do about how Jesus expressing his anger in the temple. What do you do in the gospel of Mark when these is in a synagogue? It's on the. It's on the Sabbath Day Ammann's brought him the shriveled hand. And he asked his ass. Is it lawful. Is it lawful to do good or to do evil agathe? And no one would say anything. and Mark makes his comment that Jesus looked around them. In anger. And he'll the man's hand. In Luke, Eleven and Matthew Twenty. Three Jesus is angry and he rakes. The, religious leaders over the coals right you rakes them over the coals, because they are false shepherds, they are not taking seriously their responsibility as leaders shepherds over Israel. Oh Man Whoa. To the teachers of the law. And he price familiar with those and those you. You Burn Vipers you. Snake Babies. Anger. When he was constructive in his anger again it wasn't a reaction. It was chosen intentional response in line with God's character with God's word. It, Paul and occasions for he says in your anger do not send. He doesn't say anger isn't to becomes a response again a question. What do you do with anger? What would you do with your anger either word as it take you a word you take it. Preserves some things that should make us angry if anger I if what is right, if same, what is right is that anger is off a math for sadness and sadness as a result oftentimes of broken expectations. Expectations, we have often good and right. And those things are broken. Sadness and anger is a natural result. There are some things friends. It should make us angry a we'd allow. God's Word and God's character, and the life of God through his spirit to. help us understand what those things should be. Some should make us angry. But one thing we learned. From God one thing we learned from him is how God can be angry. And loving. At the same time, those are not opposites. They're not mutually exclusive. Now about you. But me. I'm a nice guy. I often father trap. That one of highest virtues is to be nice. So when I come up against my own emotions of anger whenever they might pop up. My first reaction is dismissed them. is to. Try To. Bury them right. We learned that doesn't work. Silence them. Try It'd be nice. But as I look at scripture with an old testament and the new. Testament, I discovered that being nice is not necessarily virtue. Can Be Covering To be a covering for lack of boldness for lack of faith. it can be covering for not stepping up and saying something. Why should? It can be an excuse for not doing something when God wants me to do something. He often uses that emotion of anger. So. This is about being real with God. It's about taking the anger and sadness. That fuels it to the Lord. The one who can truly do something. About it. And trust in him, and finally to be guided by God's spirit about what I can do about it what we can do about as a church. Goggin, take anger, and he can shape to accomplish something. Good. Something good. We've seen that in our history, we saw civil rights are in the fifties and sixties, which friends to be honest. We're seeing it right now. David Ensor Psalm. These words. With my mouth, I will greatly extol the Lord. and. He's praise the Lord exuberantly. In the great throng of worshippers I will praise him, for he stands at the right hand the needy. To save their lives from those who condemn. In the end. Even though he might be tempted to take hands to take things in his own hands, he turns it over the Lord. Who is trustworthy? Knows that God. He's gotTA. He's got this. And we see in David's own life. Over and over he stood for what was right. He did the hard thing. He wasn't always nice and yet. He blew it different times. He commits a pretty big sense, right? We always went back to God. He was described consistently man after God's own heart. It's a friends. I, wrap up in the way again. What makes you angry? How do you deal? With your anger. I hope that these words from Psalm one. Oh Nine! Are Helpful? God's word has a lot to say. About how we do with our anger. God. Thank you for the way you've made us. The way you've made us to be. Emotional beings. We, thank you for those moments when we feel great joy. Exuberance. When want to celebrate. Also thank you. We can be men and women who feel deep sadness. When our heartbreaks. Also got. When there's something fire within us at begins burning. His angry. God I pray. I pray you'd help me. To, be a man who? Is Real for you. It takes my anger to you. Releases it. And invites me to do something about it. The discipline emotion disciplined that anger this when my response. Skies what I pray for us as a church as your. As your people. Please please. Help us. Help us to find a place for anger and respond in a way that honors you. Sergio praying. Friends. Anger. Is a part of life. Jesus on the night. He was betrayed. He spent that last meal with his closest disciples with his friends in the upper room. and He. He. Shared with them some pretty important things. Little later that night. He was approached by. dudas leading the the soldiers who were going to arrest him. and His disciples ready ready for a fight. They were angry. Peter. Let, lettuce sort. We did. Packed off the guys. The service of the high priest. Anger unchecked. Dangerous. Even think you might have good reasons for. This morning. As you share the Lord's supper? I invite you. To take just a moment. And reflect. Is Their anger in your own life. In your own relationships directed toward anybody. In the family of God. Or your own family. Blood Family The, he needed to make right. The he'd go about. Restoring? And reconciling. Because that is hard. That's exactly what Jesus did. He came to reconcile I to God. But also with each other, and this meal that we get to celebrate this Lord's supper. This communion is a meal to celebrate us as a people. Celebrates what God has done to make us. A family to make us his people. This morning. I, invite you to reflect. Show you. Maybe a relationship is not quite right. It needs be fixed. needs to be restored. Which is came to do? and. Let us know just how much. He believed. In that he died for that. He died that we reconciled to his father. We have to be reconciled each other. No longer anger. Hatred. Alice owes other things. It shouldn't interfere and Brigham relationships anymore. So friends as you take the cup you take the loaf this morning, reflect on. Just how much God loves you and us to make us a people who loved one. Own.

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Nicole Thinks Sasheer Will Die First

Best Friends with Nicole Byer and Sasheer Zamata

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Nicole Thinks Sasheer Will Die First

"Welcome to another no stars as podcasts. Live man no boy. This is an episode. Best Friends I'm sincere this year's a Mehta. I'm Nicole Nicole buyer and we are coming to you via zoo. Where in our homes. We are quarantined. Where same and yes trying to stay healthy trying to stay healthy because Miss Rona in these streets trying to kill people truly a did you. Okay so I- famously thought. Black people couldn't get corona and I was cutting on black people shaken by five and high five and then I was open mouth kissing every black person I saw and then I read an article yesterday. Were dying faster. Party is it because everyone was like me. Well I don't know I mean. Healthcare is disproportionately bad for people before this started so I think this is just another instance where we're saying how. The health care system fails black people again. So it's not my fault is not you particular now? Okay cool because like I thought I thought maybe it was my fault No I mean like 'cause it's not even like lawn and I don't know if it was like we're getting it more than other people or were dying more than other people because more densely died more than people. I don't know if we're getting it where people I think. The success rate of coming out of it on other side is lower for multiple reasons. Maybe your health insurance cover. Maybe maybe you don't even get in the hospital. Because they're like we have all these other people that are priority. And why are they a priority now black we own up? But there's also Dr out she does he fastest Faucet. Bob Fosse Bob. Fosse's about Fussy Karen saying that black people are already predisposed to a lot of I guess pre existing conditions and that is why it our immune system is already weaker. Dan are some human. We're not fit enough. I don't know but yeah. He's like he'd rather because you know we have diabetes and high cholesterol whatever. So it's like the chances of you surviving anyway with with your immune system arguing. So low is land. Add plane flight was planned by Of Me I can't hear it. Good your chances of surviving is less than I guess. Someone who just as gluten allergy. Mike God we sure. There's a plane directly ahead overhead of you. Where are you going? You Get out of here helicopter guy you get the hell out of you. Have you ever seen Diana Ross? Before at the Super Bowl yes because at the end she gets a helicopter. It's great it's IT'S PERFECT. It's It's it's like the beginning of debate. Him Yeah yes. Yeah that's where diva dome was born. He's like I'm not gonNA drop stage. A fly Nicole so sheer. What have you been doing today today today? I got a pack just beginning packages Muslim Americans packages dishes I'M GONNA ask it to hold my blankets in my living room and I bought a hanging chair stand because I have a hanging chair. That was thinking of the tree those in front of my old apartment but now you got notre. I do have a tree but shared tree feel bad taking my personal chair on that tree. You know also I wanted to you feel bad or do you not want someone to sit in your in your territory. Want stay gas cherry tree. It's just for me to put on my property. I can sit in my chair. No one else. Okay it's honestly incredible. How many chairs you have and I pushed you to buy another chair for your room. 'cause I was like honestly it needs another chair and you know I'll do it. Allies may share is ninety. Two this is like a weird sound bite from the Strangest Reality Competition. Show by alumini chairs. I need to. I think to make friends I came here to buy. What's looking to chair house all have my chair? Oh boy the outdoor chairs from where from a world market What a combination I've been looking at pure one. But they only to have a like wicker chairs. Did you have a lot of wicker? Chairs wicker chairs and did not. Now I got one one would yes. It did sound like I've never heard of before. I have one chairs outside. I don't know why that was my response. Would before right. Would I took a bath today? Look at you can you? Even I was so opulent this morning usually take back. Hi like how often do you are Baz incorporated in your life? I never take baths unless I'm in a hotel. Yeah do you take baths often? Never me either but today I was like. I'm going to take a bath because I can't use my shower because I need to get a the floor replaced and like the tile floors replaced and because the Miss Rona. I can't let nobody up in my house. So I don't have a shower until god-knows-how-long also the toilet downstairs. It started running so I turned it off in now. I can't turn it back on 'cause I'm not a fucking plumber but anyway I take the medicine So anyway I took. It took a bath and I use the bath bomb. Have you ever used bath bond? They're fun but I don't know if they're good for your pussy. Ooh Was it like a pop rocks. There it wasn't like pop rocks but a- It had like a fragrance and I know that you're not supposed to put fragrances in your pussy. Kimmy on McKee's can we go. Go are bath bombs good for your maginal region for your pussy. Yeah googling only McKee's wait. Where are you are you at your wolf? Yeah Matt here. We'll find another record today so I just stayed. Magus probably well. I don't know I guess now but they are kind of specifically advertised. Women Safer for China so the lush ones apparently are they say okay but it depends basically. The last ones are all natural. I'm sure this cheap ones. That are not good for you. I don't this was a gift I don't know I don't know if it was cheaper. Not I wish I knew you. Baid like that. I have found said through a lease. Will you should get the data. But I don't. I don't have a desire to stoke take so according to self bath bombs have the potential. Throw off your vaginas. Ph balance things to the uber fragrance ingredients often just labelled mysteriously fragrance which can encompass a wide array of chemicals in the orbs. Thank you I really hope. I didn't fuck up my pussy but I did like Scoot Pussy after. Thank God you gotta scoop after which really aggressive but all blake was trying to scoop out the bath. Explain this better tie phys come out when he himself type is used out of my and I said East did no but I think scooped it and I think I'm okay good. I'm glad yeah. Thanks thanks for being there for for me also. I was late to this zoom. I'm so sorry I've been laid to resume this week and all you do is be in your home yet. All I had to do is walk to my living room for my bedroom and I couldn't do that. Did Start doing laundry. That's good good. That sounds down. Put out they've already put White Vinegar my washing machine. I heard that it can clean your washing machine. And then it stank. Now's like People calling on a prank on me but now that if he washes have happened. It's center so the people weren't playing a prank now only playing a prank on now. I think I think it's real. I just take a walk. Free Washes after vinegar to give you put it in. The detergent plays and then. I just threw the cup in the Nevada. The let tap is always call. What is it called the the whole? Yeah the whole Washing Kimmy on the keys. Can you Google what do I think it's a drum drum? Sounds the one you're on. Shore can you Google? What the inside of a washing machines called once you open the door. The I know you'll never make that popular washer. The eye of the Washer the eye of the stove. That's what it was right. Yeah I which is a thing. Yeah according to some people yes other just called the Inner Tub Tab. Okay Tub- what's the Washer Drum? Can you click on that? When he was a drum cachet drought like a big one. What's the Washer Drum? The drum of a front loading washer spins holding the drum. I think it's Drummer Tub. Is the cub the actual inside and then the drum? The part that spins there's technically to. I'm Mike acting this out but there's like a bigger cylinder that a smaller one. Oh Yes yes yes. There's there's also two types of washing machines. There's the one that has the middle portion that the close spin around or the ones that that the drum is the one that doesn't have a middle portion. And it's the outs the outside. The sphere turns all around not the middle so drums are frontloading. And then tubs are open topping. No I think I think. Have me frontline or top opening but okay one is just inside of the other like the? I think the drums spins inside the Ted. Oh Wow who would've drum inside a tub? Who came up with the washing machine? Who came up with a walker? Eugene Gimme like how boring exist that we have nothing Jay Fisher Eight Al-Riyadh and that's the electric washing machine. We look at what she looks like is the woman. I don't know if she her. Name's elva man man Ova. Even though women were most likely told to use the washing machine a man made it. How wild so men should be doing the laundry? Yes men invented it so diction during laundry we went on this tangent because I put the vinegar in the TUB. That's right and I don't know if I did that right. I don't think I don't think it's wrong. I'm sure it's still did something. Elliott hurt the washing machine cited hate if I was responsible for hurting my washing machine. I don't know if I could forgive myself please. You're watching wish but this is yeah. This has been probably very boring for people listening but like I I haven't gone out in. I haven't seen people in forever I've seen. I saw you last week and we did see them. Tick Tock Dances and that was fun we did. We learned the Mega MMA stallion savage. Take Talk Damn and then I learned how to skate and they sit this insane tutorial cheer and was like Betcha. Kit learned this. And you're like I absolutely can joke like Oh this might be too hard brush is just throwing your arms and legs because I guess I had a problem. I didn't even know where the thing you youtube comments like every time out of Scott Concert Ganging and I did not know that was the thing to do about skincare. Just like look like your seesawing your arms and then they're on your legs all over the place but there's like you have to leave Moonwalk a little bit. I'm laying down but like geic you you really are. You don't even think there's a wrong way to do it. No well I think you have to stay at. I don't think you can go to a Scott concert and like lay down and skiing now. I think if you were doing that at a concert you get a new. We're all laid out in school. But Yeah I had a real issue when I first started doing it but you got it. Yeah I finally. I figured it the fuck out which is really great for me. Yeah congratulations thank you the DOJ. A cat one. That was kind of easy over things. But then there's probably people who don't have dance experience like we do and Needed needed a toilet really. Broke it down. Why did have to watch this video twice? And then when he was like you have to push your foot back I was like. Oh it's like it's basically walking hard walking harder same movement. It's a walking hard. Yeah you're like walking down the street career excited to go where you're going. Yeah it's like. Have you ever seen that Leonardo DiCaprio medium where he looked so happy and he's like his like fists are going? Have you seen that picture? I don't on the keys can you? Who Will Leonardo DiCaprio walking the? There's going to be so many things I think it's going to be right. The first the first one see that's the first image. He's so happy. What is you ever see? I have seen it? They are what from from a movie like that? There's no way is walking like that. This has before. What movie would he walk like that? I don't know it was in interruption. I can't even remember what seen I saw exception. I think it's a a Paparazzi photo taken on the set of inception talking like that working on that movie which I mean. At least somebody was happy. Because I haven't gotten through the movie. I was insulted during inception. I can't finish it. I thought it was it was good. It was an interesting idea. I haven't seen since we watch it but it was at what this man. He has nightmares. He can't go to sleep. He wakes up the different places. I didn't get it. It's a lot. It's a lot happening in that movie. It's not it's not made for me now but that's okay. Is it hot? It is okay Lou? New NEUM is the habit change program that uses psychology and it helps you learn to develop a new relationship with food through personalized courses. Also it helps you feel empowered to build healthier habits and to truly feel better about yourself. Oh Wow so I downloaded neum and I was like new and the Num said Yes neum gives you like nice gentle reminders. Went to like log in your food and stuff and like truly. It's just good to see what you put in your mouth and even if you're not even trying to lose weight you're just trying to understand your body a little bit more. Neum can help you because the APP is super easy to look at and it doesn't make you commit to a rigorous plan also. Neum teaches you why you do the things that you do. An an empowers you with the tools to break the bad habits and replace them with better habits okay so it was designed by psychologists because they didn't have enough to do and they they were like we're going to make this program accessible to everybody which is so nice and kind also numerous forgiving. Because guess what you is. Human and no food is good. No food is bad and no food is off limits. You could chat with a goal specialists and the community to get and receive help from people going through the same things as you. So today is the day science for your child. Today at noon and O. M. dot com slash best friends. Would you have to lose visit? Neum DOT COM SLASH. Best Friends to start your trial today. That's and Oh am dot com slash. Best friends care of is a wellness brand. That makes it easy to maintain your health goals with customized vitamin plan. That helps you feel your best today and supports you. Long-term care of short online quiz makes it easy. Just answer some questions about your diet. Health goals in lifestyle and care will recommend a list of vitamins and supplements specifically for your health needs and goals. Whether it's improving your fitness routine or managing stress. You can follow expert mundane or just your pack at any time. What you receive is totally up to you. 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Tell me what I need specifically for fifty percents off your I care of order go to take care of DOT COM and enter code. Best Friends fifty. That's take care of dot com and use the code. Best Friends fifty for fifty. Percents off. Your I care of order your eyebrows. Look pretty good for being inside for three weeks. What about mine. The also look good. I haven't been plugging mental trying to grow them out. Remember how long. How long are you trying to get us back? I mean I. I don't think that was an improper response. Time trying to grow out my eyebrows. It's just like how long sounds like they're going to be dipping past my eyeball like they're going to be hanging out there. I think when I say like how long like are you like a couple of months like a couple of months is and then also what I meant it as a two for like. How long are you going to do it? And how how long bushy I want them to be bushy and they kind of taper off at the end so like longer they can and I guess we'll do it as long as I have to be inside knowing me. Look a certain way they'll be growing. Yeah nobody needs to look any sort of way when you're inside Asked her on it in rubbing. Yeah Castro works for me. I put it in my hair. My hair truly never agree. One inch Here is long. Yeah but it was a mullet so I cut it so now I have shaved sides like you have shaved sides to them. It's like the signs and the back. Let's see it you've seen it before it's the same I love. You is nothing. You're absolutely right this last year. You know what? It looks like honestly. I think it's been like that for two years. Yeah I think so or maybe three years and may not three. I think maybe twenty years. Maybe you were born. I was born like yeah my head. My hair won't grow on the bottom. Do you have clippers clippers? Because I did ADS on. Why won't you date me or maybe newcomers for man's scape so I use a shaver? Like a clipper that was meant for a man's ball area and it use it for my kids. Same same men's balls. Yeah Yeah I want to get a new one because my like been rattling but I I I don't know I unscrewed it Claimed it but that was also the first time I did that in years. So maybe like our machineries dirty. I don't know well maybe some of them send send you one. Someone plans to Mason Clippers to quit my hand. You're listening since assures some clippers. You send it to a one to one drew Barry Lane Samsa Sam Smith L. California nine zero zero two eight Great I couldn't think of a fake test. Now Sam Smith California exists. He owns the town. Sam Smith was like crying on instagram. Or whatever he was like. I'm serious about not being able to go outside the house like they did I say he. I may say bang. Yeah they were crying on instagram. And I was like you. You have a very nice lot. You're okay we don't need to see you. Cry Depressed a matter what. I don't actually know if he's depressed their address. You Not in your house. Sometimes but I don't put it on the Internet now. I keep this adds to myself in for my therapist. Private says the same way I just. I don't know I think it's like if you've a big beautiful house and I don't know I think you keep themselves to yourself. Maybe that's bad. Maybe I'm wrong. Yeah I mean. People are allowed to feel how they feel no matter what. Their situation isn't as a matter. How much money you have or where you are in life. You can still feel bad. And I think they're probably wanted to do it publicly to kind of be in solidarity with other people were feeling really times You know just made me well. Then it wasn't for u inception was for you in either with Sam Smith Post. Two things are not for me goodbye. I was you know washing my hands of it. Actually I do only fingernails. I like that. That's fun I never did that before hanging on part. No the this this `in-betweens in the vendors. Yeah did you do that before now? I don't also don't think I did the This back of my on the the the Pinky side of my backhand I did I. I just don't think I was watching for twenty seconds. Maybe doing like ten seconds. Maybe maybe ten seconds is what I was doing but I get I get through all of it. Just wasn't doing the nails. I wasn't interlocking my fingers. Yeah hopefully second. I'm getting a phone call from Hollywood. Hello Hello Goodbye. It wasn't Hollywood. You guys do. The heck was it. It was a man named mark. Who was calling me with emergency response system and I don't know what that is an emergency like to sell you. Something I think so like a security system probably were in unprecedented times we will. Yes and that's what companies. Keep saying to me an unprecedented time get a Honda with these commercials are so wild in these. You don't have to leave your house. You order a Honda Right Online. We're an unprecedented times. And you gotta get places no no you. Don't stop for a while. Oh I'd actually wasn't Honda. It was jeep jeep. Jesus trying to get me to buy g really. I'm not going anywhere. Maybe it's like if we're an apocalypse you need to get on rough roads. Shit should I buy jeep? I'll be just signing my Subaru. We can handle on raids. It's still so wild that you have a Subaru now but not oh. Yeah it might. Mit Buzz driving your truly your shaved head. Your team is in your Subaru. And you're like boyfriends and it was like that's the twist that we didn't see you show people she's Drake John. My Roommate John Millhauser Roommate Terminal Heiser has been looking like a lesbian because his hair has grown out into this perfect. Like bolck and he's been wearing a turtleneck last two days and like pleaded pants. Yeah he looks like I today. I laughed at him. Pretty uninterrupted. For you look more like a lesbian. Every day I hope I get mad at me. I'm not making fun now. This is you know that. That's like the stereotypical look. Yeah hold on. I have a good picture of him. Oh Yeah Wow makes you. It's okay because crocs has sent me more merch unconscious they just sent me more crocs or we close only person talking about crocs please please crooks so they sent me more crocs. Liking Jackson a pair gave John a pair if in John. He didn't want the snake print ones. He wanted the hot pink ones. There is a little fight because Jackson also on the pink ones then once Jackson put them in sport mode. The reptile fit him a little bit better. So those are the ones he has as long as you didn't want snakeskin ones I wasn't feeling them all but also I have one two three four five pairs of cracks and I was like. Ooh I have a pair for you tonight. Show them to you now. Yes I'm doing okay. Hold on everybody. I can't wait to see them. Probably real ugly because I think okay. I'm back okay. Let's get on boxing. These there these are very you say they are those of crap. They got US thirty strapped for my pants. Burn my friend. This is crazy. I liked these. Yeah you gotta you gotTa come get him. Get him come over there. Lebanon's what size do you wear like ed? Ten Max ten Max. Well so like that was like rude. Not Rude is accurate. We're nine and a half ago. Hand man depending on the brand big footed bitch I wear it and Matt. I'm so sheer. Ted Mack's well. Let's see I think bit you. Okay tight on me the real Cinderella situation. Maybe they might be good. They might not figure okay. Great Flexibility to that was so hard. Nobody nobody can see what I did. We'll just be less strange. No IT S. You're putting on and taking them off. Do they have a sport or is it? Is it just that? Do these cracks have a sport mode or is that is that it? There's no sport mode. I think they're always in sport mode. Okay you can adjust the straps though you just have extra fun extra fine if you're he'll ends here because they're slightly too big. You have extra fun. It wouldn't speak to be would. I don't think like wow I have more. He'll to work with got. This is this is a the for when you serve in seconds. This is extra they can. Oh Boy Well did you know Linda tripp died today did say that? Yeah that sad. Monica Lewinsky said a really nice. May She did. He was like you know no matter what differences we had in the past hearing that this is before she actually died. She's like hearing that. Linda is severely. Ill makes me sad and I wish the best to her and her family or something like that. And there's like you really that's great you know you're you're a very. Yeah you know the noble person for being shady GM sandy at all. But she was like you know buying everything. I don't want to die Nothing I think Monica. Lewinsky is very smart. Nice person whose life was robbed from her absolutely like it sucks the pike. Imagine at what age. I think we've talked about this. We have like nineteen or something nineteen years old. And everyone's like we know you blew the president. Yeah but also like how bad ass I wanNA blow the president. Not Our current widen. Okay not that one which one the next one. No 'cause it might just be him again or Joe Fucking Biden I Bernie Sanders Dick and I would imagine. I'm Elizabeth Lawrence. Clint nine minutes out earlier. People knew what you were willing to do for either of those two that we have a different outcome. God we I mean yeah. You're right this is my fault. I'm the cause of black corona and why Bernie Sanders dropped out and Elizabeth. Warren dropped out. Yeah but People say there's people are getting excited saying that Kamala should be the BP option Kamala Elizabeth Warren. A lot of great people dropped out of the race that he could fill his cabinet with old and senile and. I don't think he's going to be doing anything. It is hard for him to put sentences together and that is really hard to remember what state he's in. It's really wild which ones his wife in which was his sister. It's a lot wake up mess. That up we gotta be all in anyone else we. He forgot who his sister was. Who IS WIFE LOSE? There was a a rally or something where he had his wife on one side in his sister on another side and he accidentally call his wife is sister or or vice versa. Boy like they both blonde white women. So that's maybe on hand for marrying somebody who looks like a sister He's sick. You can't marry someone who looks like your sister. I would never marry someone who looks like my sister okay. I'll tell you that I'm not married. A small black person who looks like my little migrating sister my sister. She's a tic TAC. I'm not marrying a fucking black tic TAC. Yeah and you should it and you can't marry anyone who looks like your brother okay. So Strange Yeah. He looks like me so that'd be. Mary throws me. I don't look like my sister so I D- marrying someone who didn't like me. Yeah you go on a date with someone who who does look like you who it was. It was upsetting because I favour my mom and he looked a lot like my mom. An intern look like me and I was like. Oh dear this is not good in the drunker. I got the more I was like. It's me and then I was like in the bathroom and I was like I'm GonNa go back out to me. It was upsetting speaking of dates. This year. I'm so Horny. Yeah. I can't breathe sometimes because I'm so horny. I want I wanted. I wanted Dick. Yeah I want one. Have you been doing any of these Skype dates third facetime. Now are you fucking kidding? Me Look at me on skype. You by trusted doctor. So and it'd be normal when I'm in my house in. I'm like having a good time. You'll start working on the couch. I learned and he's like Oh boy I gotta go the connections not good. I'm not going on a fucking Scott because then I'm like Wayne. Do I get to meet you in person and then I'm going to get horny ear? Yeah and then I'll fuck them and then I'll have like real feelings attached because like we've had curated conversations were they let me in on a glimpse of their life which I guess is a normal date. I mean yeah it is doing not in person. Yeah but like. How am I supposed to flirt with them? Being like like you best realise their face. No you you yeah. People people can't see what I did. I put my hand towards the camera because I was trying to mimic like touching someone shoulder like you know. Do like says something. That's deeply unfunny. But he thinks it's really funny and you just go in there like putting your like I just WanNa fuck. I'm so horny touch. You're like it makes them feel good or whatever can't do that can't do that. No will you like do Flirting like I'm touching your God Tinkering your hand now. Says Sheer. You tickle hands now. Is that how you fucking boyfriend? Yeah grow you got those fake. You tickled his pinkies. That is so fucking weird. That sick thing is when you win. Got a Subaru. So fucking weird. Dagga take out those big Harry tickling like inside of their bomb. Isn't that Bill de it? This is weird so you aren't tinkler. This is sick on his back and his hand. You took his back. Yeah has sensitive skin back there so he like I think asked him are kind of thing he just really likes it when he has a light touch back here in. How did you find that out? He said well you take on. My back wasn't really like a secret. I had to paint a picture. Were you watching Netflix? Where you chilling reward like laying down in the morning or night. And he was like as like sure and then so he was laying down on his back now on his side is back with seizing me and then I did. Wow that was very erotic for me. Thank you for sharing Any any glimpse of romance really gets me. Rock hard you know. I have so much time on my hands. I love the Games. The Games are really helping me out with life right now and one game that I love playing is best beans there other ways to use your phone gave him reality besides instagram. Like the Fun Puzzle Game Best Teams. It's a fun escape from the every day I've been playing spades for awhile. It's got puzzle Games and they were super challenging and they're always changing and it's great. This is a five star rated game the characters are cool and their little bugs and love playing cartoon but not real ones. So it's great that they're in my own and not in my house. Best is unlike any other puzzle game out there. They've up dated a game. They empty the game monthly with new levels and events so it never gasol. And you don't need the Internet in place so you don't have to worry about why access or using your cell data. Best beans has thousands of levels already with new levels events and characters added every month. It's hours of fun right at your fingertips and you can even play off line with over one hundred million downloads and tens of five star reviews. Best veins is a must play download. Best teams free on the apple APP store or Google play. That's friends with our best. Should we do? Some questions isn't pregnant. Questions Okay Kimmy. On the keys. Service up some good ones. We're bad thinking okay. She's working in technical advancements going on we got mike heaters bones we. How are you recording? Did you ever get a computer now but I have a? Why don't you have a computer girl? I don't know I thought when I was looking for new computer. Everyone around you gotTa Get. I pat and so I did then realized the needs I need the most are on computer ipads for like we will have fun in drawn. Shit but do like an IPAD. I might get a year later. Someone wants to give me a computer. And a razor only Clippers computer please. Send them to eight. Sam Spent Stream Way. Fran if somebody wants to send me a boyfriend you can send that to my actual address cleaned. I clean fucking bleacher man. Wipe him down leaving hours. John Leaves all of my packages outside John. Also if I ordered delivery has been dumping food into balls giving it to me. You're like a prisoner I. I'm not allowed to do anything. I had to fight to lead a House meeting. He was like I'm going to the store and I was like I can't I go to the store and he was like we can't trust you and I was like. What do you mean you talk to everybody? You touch things and I was like no I don't but then I was like. Oh Yeah I am. I can't be trusted. I mean honestly if we were no walking dead situation would wind. Excuse me you would be gone every ten minutes. I'll be like where is Nicole. Where is she and you'd be like scrubbing in a field or something. I would say that. That's ridiculous but our friend. Matteo in Italy went on a date and when he was looking for us he went. Oh they're in my friends because I was screaming and skipping down the streets of Italy yes not as a bit. Just really have fun. Just batches your way so wait so you would not want to be with me during a Zombie fucking apocalypse. I would want to but I really bad having you because you have the survival I would leave you baby. I don't think I should. What would you do? What could you add? Can you hunt? Can you cannot cook no I cannot. I have fucked up noodles at least three times this week and you may ask. How do you fuck noodles up? I'll tell you it's hard. It's hard is an all the way up? Ian crunchy noodles and I've been added the sauce to the noodles when they're hot. 'cause I'm like dollar heat up the sauce that's not real you in the Pan and then if you add you better start them bitches because crunchy noodles is bad. Okay so I cannot cook. So that's not a skill I have but yeah maybe I could hunt. Maybe I could shoot something down the you can cook it up all right okay. I'm sure you're right now. I'm fear areas. Do not believe you would leave me girl. We have to survive survival going. I don't know where are you going? What are you running somewhere higher ground station? Well let me begin the Subaru. And we're going to higher ground. Why can't we take the Subaru? I hope we can take all the gas out of it. Why well maybe you need a garage. I have garage. That's what I have a garage sale. I'm honestly I've never been angrier than right now. I'm truly I. I'm a blow atop a write in alligator. I'm so angry right now. I've never been angrier. I would I would stay with you. Know you wouldn't amounts fine. I'll see you. I'll see you at the end. Yeah I'll see you up in heaven. 'cause YOU'LL DIE. I and I'll say you should have stayed with me this questions if truly never been angrier if we can solve friendship. 'cause WE CAN'T SOLVE OUR OWN legitimately hilarious. I would. I would leave you immediately. We'd probably be for a while. And then there'd be a point where I'm like the recall anything I gotta go. What are you adding? I'll definitely not to wait for noodles to boil half there's some shade that was real fucking shady. I told you in confidence those having troubles. Us right up against me. Okay Okay so you okay. You have patience. Yeah what else what else? What else can you add to the Zombie Apocalypse? Survival Kit. I hand again mend things. If someone needs stitches Zone right up stood. I rip my shirt because of the SAMBA APOCALYPSE. We better get us this year. The seamstress she'll sue me up. Okay real helpful. What else actually. You know what you would be great. Because you can Cli- thank you. You can climate carry on route or something. Yes I'll get coconuts. Yes you go. Because we're on a deserted island. Yeah we went to Barbados and design. The apocalypse started okay. Thank you. I know that you had to think really hard to figure out how I'd be useful and there's also some days where I can't climb because my body's sore but mundane could climb. I get all the coconuts for us and that's and that's great. I'll tell you something I'd never leave you. You lose an arm a leg a finger it ear a tooth and I carry you. I would strappy right to back and I'd say no. I'm not leaving her. She's my friend. Ellie never you hate. What's he doing manual labor and I'm Blues Very Talk? You'd maybe go find someone to carry me but you would not care you're right. You're absolutely right about that. Honestly I think I would survive Zombie apocalypse out of sheer sheer like the universe. Being like you can't die yet. 'cause I'm gonNA live forever. I mean you probably would like manifest survival whenever you say something like three times a happens if you're just like I'm not dying this apocalypse. It probably will happen. I mean twenty twenty year. Baby I said I wanted to tour less it happened. It is truly happened we do. We Have Kimmy. Did you figure? Oh Yeah I just. I didn't interrupt that. Oh thank you because I don't work out all right here. We go hi Nicole in this year. I am a huge fan of the podcast and I have a question Where do you draw the line when it comes to you breaking ties with someone Cutting them off completely because it was a toxic friendship but your other mutual friends being friends with this person. So does that mean in these situations you cut off that person to. I've been in a situation like three times already where what say. There was a person that I realized we were just not a great fit. It was a toxic friendships. Feeling like crap all the time manipulation twisting of words and so. I just decided you know what I'm not going to go on with this relationship but so many times. Either it's been my boyfriend or co workers that I thought were friends still hanging out with the other person still kind of like thinking. It's not a big deal or It's no there's no issue I'm just confused. Where would you draw the line? Would y'all cut those people out as well because to me. It's like I. I don't want to force people not to hang out with people that's their lives. That's their power but also it's it's a weird position to be in. Where do you draw that line? Are you as a person worthy enough for other people to not talk to other people who treat you like Shit or very manipulative? I I'm just really confused Anyway sending love from Texas and Keep up the great work I mean I've been a part of a couple of rain in groups where two people either broke up or had a falling out and thankfully in either of those situations no one asked other people. Stop hanging out with that other person I think 'cause Like I said it depends on what the thing is. It was the where someone was being like. Abusive or I don't know really fucked with this person's life. I don't think I would hang out with that person more if I knew that information but if it was like I don't know something. They just like stopped They just couldn't get along or whatever but Our our relationship still okay in that person. The other person who's my friend hasn't explicitly said. Please don't hang out this person than I think it's fine. It just depends on what the thing is Yet because if it's a serious situation where it's like this person beaten Prison hurt me You know please don't hang out there like morally corrupt bed. Yeah I would. I would probably question where my friends are still hanging out with them. Yeah I think the person would have to be like an actual literal monster for people to like fully. Stop hanging out with that person because it's not like you were them like just because someone's hanging out with someone that you don't talk to anymore isn't like a move against you. It's like they're still friends with that person. That person didn't wrong them so I it's like I don't draw a line. We're like maybe I had a falling out with somebody in another friend still talks to them. I'm just like that's their. That's that has nothing to do with me. Yeah I guess it's also like how the person who called. How have they communicated this to their friends? They say straight up like it makes me uncomfortable when you hang out in this person or are they or do you just expect them to know. They shouldn't hang out with that person. Also if this has happened three times three times maybe your friends are like this is the thing that happens. You know like Maybe they're just like UCLA Cut People off and I can't keep up I don't know but also hopefully you can still hang out with your friends in Scenario where this other person's not there is not awkward but I think it's okay. I think it's okay for them to still hang out with unless they do something really awful than you do. Need to analyze that and talk to your friends being like. Why are you hanging out with this person if they were so? Maybe your friends don't know how awful they were Or maybe that awful. Maybe you're maybe quick to copy Blah knows it's hard to know we don't know the actual situations. Yeah if you're listening. Tell us with detail in full government names. What happened kidding? Just give us like a roundabout idea of what happened if it's not giving too much away because I would like to know what these people did to you. Yeah they said Twisting of words or something but yeah. I don't know maybe they're on a Reality Show co-chair chair house and everyone is sitting in different chairs and the words got twisted around. They said I bought an Ottoman. And I didn't know I bought a Moroccan poof. Okay and that's different than an Ottoman are dare they twist my. Let's do another line. Wait what's that song one more time we're GONNA get together and we're GonNa Party must do you know it's long one more time we're GONNA celebrate. Am I saying this before I have we in the day I think all of us? Oh my God I've been having deja-vu like crazy I tell you last night and I was like remember that time we were having that conversation and then there was. Silence can be a question and I said where we haven't conversation and you were like yes about a lot and then you tell me a little conversation. We had and we were very scared about my mental health. Yeah and that happened last night but then I fought through it and I remembered what we were talking about. I'm glad he fought through it. Yeah but that was pre medication. Wasn't it yes? Yes so we didn't know what was going on with your brain just having. I didn't realize I did that. A lot enough is enough for me and it happened. It happened have ever told you about the first time I remember it happening with nothing. Yeah Okay Yeah. You can even say it for the listeners. They don't know why was seeing the Broadway show. Taboo is a boy George musical produced by Rosie o'donald and apparently nobody liked it but I did. I thought six and a half times but during intermission my best friend from High School Johnson. We were having a full conversation and then I turned and looked at the stage and he kept talking and then I turn back to him and was like who are you talking to you my brain. It hurts all the time we do another questions. The question I'm GonNa Sharon email. Okay so I'm wondering how to tell if someone is your friend. I'm pretty much a weird loner and my only friends are my son and husband so people I pay so people I pay for services. Can we be friends for example my tattoo artists? I have known for five years and we talk about deep shit but it's only when I'm at the Tattoo shop son literally paying her to talk to me also the lady who does my nails. I go over her house but only because I'm paying her to do my nails. I don't know help me. Thanks I think these people can be your friend but I think you need to ask them to hang out outside of their place business otherwise it is Satan transactional relationship. Yeah yes but it could be weird because they may not know that you're trying to be friends because like I'm thinking back to lake all the jobs I've had where I'm like. Oh I think this person things were friends and we're not. I mean just going to ask like if you go to your tattoo percent and you're like hey do you want to see a movie or whatever you actually WanNa do. You WanNa do something outside of this place in issues like you can tell. He's like yeah and she's into it if she's like. Nah You know. I'm very busy but I'll let you now then it's probably just a work relationship thing. There's no harm in asking. I feel like you gotta ask a sneakier away so you don't leave a weird taste in that person's mouth in case they're like we're not friends at all. Had asking a sneaky way. I'm trying to think have you okay movies. What are your thoughts on them? Lake no not like lake like I'm trying to think my God I feel pressure so okay sneaky way so you're just like getting your nails done and you're like can you bowl with with these nails and the like. Yeah you could bowl at these nails. It's like do you ever bowl. Yes sometimes I bowl. Where do you go to the Bowling Alley? I go to the Bowling Alley. To what days do you. This is now. Just ask you why do you WanNa Bowl? I think my way is probably more efficient. No an hour to get to you bowl. I especially this woman's been in her tattoo artists for five years. You can say I would like to hang out with you. That's the last a long time they know each other they talked about the shit. You can just be like. What are you doing Friday? I like you and then so promptly let's hang out or she well but you don't know until you try otherwise branch at Tattoo artist. I think maybe what if you're sneaky with a tattoo artist where you get a tattoo that says. WanNa hang out when they're like. Oh were you asking me to hang out? Is that why he does that tattooed on you and you're like yes. So do you. Just hang out what you'll have to. Why because she tattooed on her then she will feel guilty. She'll be like Oh my God I have to hang out with them. But what if she has US know underneath the question I will? That's why you gotTa do it. After they put the needle away. Clean up the whole situation. You've got to pay for it and then you're like so do you uh-huh again. I think pretty efficient. I think something is going to be an effective now. Okay great so you get attached you. Has YOU WANNA hang out with and then get nails hanging out with me? Fingers toes Fingernails as a AJ O. U. T. W. is on the big toe. Emmy or you could just hang out question. Mark Elliott hang out question mark. I think that's smart. See your onto. Its this year. Will you hang out with me on your fingers toes? I think we solved it is holding my good. I think you should ask them to hang out at if they say he has got a fred. Not the Nestle K. Move on Friday dipping bread Okay I think my I think mine's just better. Are you still mad about the walking dead situation? Yeah I don't know if they'll ever fucking get over that. That was like really felt like that was bone. Chilling US going to fucking leave me to get to higher. Ground really shocked me to my core this example of your decision making process that instead of just he active you would beat around the Bush in prolonged the situation with. I'm like I need you to go get that thing. You'd be like what I need to kill that deer. You'RE GONNA ask the deer. Hey dear you know like eating off you think. Murder that dear. I would murder shit out of that deer so we can eat. Because I'm hungry. We've been in for a minute now. I'll kill anything I'm hungry. Maybe in the beginning I would say we should get through. What's in the refrigerator? First and then we can start killing the deer but when it comes time to kill a deer off bucking a kill a kill a deer. Believe you thank you all right. Do we have time for another one. Said I mean. We've gone for an hour in three minutes. Let's call it. Let's call it retard. Yeah we might run out of Shit to talk about because we haven't done anything in three weeks. All right. Listen I got a thing to hold my mahamne sanitize. He showed me the Unicorn. I'm sure everybody else. I'm very isolated. Jordans charming communities. Thank you is key chain holder. Hell Yeah Dude for when we're allowed to go back out. I'm a clip. It right onto monkeys. That's practical and everybody will know that sanitized. It's flying by all right. Well this has been fine if you WANNA ask us any questions. Any rose at Cole answers. Jira DOT COM or. Call us at four two four six four five a nine years three is their thing is that it they do and did you remember all right. That was all in your brain so close four two four six four five seven zero zero three. I only got one how I don't even know which number you got wrong. The nine says seven or something but Row Look my brain. Did you get rollerblades yet? Did rollerblades FUCK DUDE. We gotTA blade to great way to social distance and get some cardio and Dude. You got a blind kidding. I know but it would be great pacalypse to guess you zoom in from the zombies us because I made us get rollerblades full now I realize here. Here's the prime asset. We can rollerblade from the Subaru to the supermarket to steal our groceries. Zoom back to the Subaru. Okay I guess we should go bye.

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Trevor Wallace Got Kicked in the Head

Worst Firsts

1:10:52 hr | 11 months ago

Trevor Wallace Got Kicked in the Head

"Are you listening to this episode on malaria. If you are congratulations because you're already using the best new podcast APP out there if you're not well you're a loser and missing coming out so get it together. whether podcast or a Fan Himalayas is designed with you in mind and has a ton of cool new features like curated share will play lists and collections made it just for you along with personalized recommendations to help with content discovery and the best part is it's super easy to use. It's definitely my favorite listening. APP and I'm short short will be yours too so do yourself a favor download Himalayas today and be sure to follow my show worse. I once you're there by are you. You're listening to this episode on Himalayan if you are congratulations because you're already using the best new podcast APP out there if you're not well you're a loser and missing out so get get it together. whether you're a podcast or a Fan Himalayas is designed with you in mind and has a ton of cool new features like curated share will play lists and collections made just for you you along with personalized recommendations to help with content discovery and the best part is it's super easy to use. It's definitely my favorite listening and I'm sure it will be yours. There's too so do yourself a favor and download Himalayas today and be sure to follow my show worse I once you're there by the term guys. Can I just say I'm so happy with my answer music now my injuries so lame xylophone it kind of like we are now. It's like a little cool night still not super cool but it's cool enough. You've a lot of friends in the musical world I feel you. Hey guys need like a quick little podcast intro. I know now you know what my husband was like. All let you use one of my songs for your intro and I was like great but then it's kind of like this big pain in the ass because you have to go through the publishing companies beneath we grant this permission asking for the Growth Babe what I want royalties on all your podcast astles three dollars on my podcast fifty cents to ninety seven okay. That's Great three times but sure guys my funny funny funny guests. Today is the Trevor Wallis just as Trevor Wa. I lock that down Funny Story. I bought my instagram handle often eighth grader. Oh Mike God. What did you charge you like Pez. It's gonNA cost you seventeen. I don't but that's a hot commodity. 'cause you ship out seventeen skittles and everybody's he's like Oh. He's selling drugs ones. That would be yeah. He should've I'd like twenty thousand followers other times years ago and I was like I gotta buy this now by like blow blow up and he's just going to be oh I can just charge you like thousands and then I was just like fifty bucks. He's like okay and then he's like Oh. I'll get my mom pay pal account when I get home from school and I was like this is hilarious and then I pay out some dudes mom fifty dollars for my instagram handle full name well. At least it was fifty dollars like five thousand dollars so stoke. I just shut off fifty and I probably could only ten fifteen like yeah sure he's unbridged bitch. He goes to school. I'm fucking role in in all his friends on well. Where'd you get fifty bucks fifty dollars for an eighth grader. You might as well just have the lottery was that his name Trevor Wallis gave it to you. uh-huh wow thank you. I've not the guys you an Abba like. He's probably like Goddamn yeah. He's like fuck. I could have charged this guy so much by seventy five. I could've gone at least like sixty st five so myself only God yeah. I'm glad I did that. Thank God you did to Celebrity Friends of mine that got famous an Dan wanted to buy their instagram handles and people were charged trying to charge them like ten grand was will Smith. I'd be like my whole. Life has been trauma. I'm just because everybody's like you're not the real will smith will have instagram named approve it. Yes ten MIL exactly. Do you know there's a lot of I know several several several friends of mine who tried to get their name and people were just charging them outrageous amounts of money well. It's like the modern day like if you WANNA website name somebody has that's it's a modern like none of that and then go buy the real Trevor Wallis or Trevor Watts official. Do you know Nicole buyer the comedian yeah she hers. Nicole buyer was taken dot com. Does someone took our best. She's good. She's funny. so you know the premise of the podcast it's about some of the worship that's ever ever happened to you and your life. It can be drug trips bad days bad jobs bad anything you know shitting your pants when you're five evolved on that either twenty five and twenty five all this so you do you have a you have a story a couple of stories of just kind of let's say. Ah Do you have a certain topic. You WanNa hit. I you hit that you hit. Whatever you okay though worse let's go the worst the worst hookups I ever had God's it just dive into it. How old are you twenty six. Yeah you look young. Are you single. Im Single Ladies Instagram Handle Trevor Wallis Alice me one of the worst in college a girlfriend zone amid hookup. which is that does literally? I was like mind blown so in college and I was living in a fraternity at a time wow shocking this guy fraternity no way yeah and our fraternity. There's like twenty five rooms in there but every room had a bunk bed so you know just a lot of dudes yeah too many so I'm in my bunk bed you know just with this girl and then we're making out in the mid way through. She stops and she looks back and she goes. I just kind of still miss. My ex wow yeah in the middle of making our middle and she was like on me that night like I was like it wasn't even like like I thought I was like wait. What I thought there was some Dolan coming onto you right and then you guys started hooking up yes and she goes. I kind of miss my ex yes and then like like Hans seconds of dead air but it felt like an eternity because I'll just like Why do you even do. What do I say from this yea. I think the tier's probably set a lot. I don't even know I don't even know internalize I should've but it was such a weird thing. 'cause I was like it was like a prank legs our camera in the room somewhere like but I didn't know what to say and I was just like so okay this that that was a very weird hookups and what happened was. She used like Hammond ago. She didn't leave soon as you'd think she laid there and awkward word but like she tried to like cover that make no. I liked that but she does exactly what she does. I don't know I just like you kind of remind me of him and I was just like this is not good at all. A part of me wanted to see what the ex look like was. He looks like a sneaker. You're like what the fuck and sneak her seventy three year old man. I remind me of him. He has no teeth right. Now is the weirdest thing ever oh because like she we went to school together so I still see her around campus and I had caused by his name. Hey John Trevor is trevor. I'm saving your phone. I was trevor dot kind of John. Though trevor it kind of John Though it was that kind of John that was a pretty bad hookup star analysis. Did you like like her. She was pretty hot. She was ETA my league so I was stoked on it and then that happened and I was like I was just more so like I didn't know you could do that. Like girls are savages sometime. Sometimes it's like it's like not feeling something. We'll just try. I mean some girls are chew scared to say something just kind of go with it but then there's girls like this chick will literally literally stopped mid making out with you while some of your fucking slice still connected lifestyle. I kind of Miss my ex like you know like if they don't WanNa do something anymore. They'll just cut out like crazy. We'll say I respect the honesty as she just been like. I gotta go ran out a wait. What did yesterday exactly so now not only did. I know I also had something to talk about on the PODCAST Shout out to her. What's her name. What's what's the XS names so everyone can compare and I would yeah that was interesting to go to college. It was in the bay area at San Jose State School for film else. You WanNa be a director I was. I didn't know what I wanted to do. But this time of I I was making awesome stuff on there and I was like I was but I literally had fifteen thousand followers nose up. Oh do you know how to videos get back and I was like wow I have made it but one dude on campus stopped me and I was like wow this is fame. The pressure's too much then he moved Dallaire and then people just don't give a shit what you call this is humbling but then you but then that's good because now you're not labeled as a vine star like me. Oh miniature everything I do. They're like Vines Shar. That should has been gone for five years for little anything done. TV show. I'm just just like everything I do is fine. Star like Vine Stars were married. She's dying stars eaten at Red Lobster. I'm it's kind of crazy because it's not really a thing anymore. No I mean it's just funny because all they need to do to drop the Vine Big Star. Why don't even care about that. I just like I just think it's a funny label for something. That doesn't exist anymore because people in this generation. I feel like they're like what is that like it doesn't even the apt is last night. A I had a show in San Diego and I was coming back and stopped at in and out with my friends and there's a bunch of like high schools I walked in and I'm on talk but just fucking around you are yeah but like I've just kind of like around on there and it's just like I literally just like just like ship. Asong grew high scores walk in and I was like fine they don't. They're too young and now I am. This dude goes you. Aren't you famous on talk and I was like Oh God. Don't do this to two hundred k. but I just it's a good amount but as you probably know I literally like if I just like like when I travel like for like stand much board on a hotel room. I'm like could be funny. Don't have people to shoot a sketch with with all just like just like modern those the one thing I did like about line is just like the production value like people didn't need to see that they thought the jokes in the comedy and the Production Alexa was what you made it so I just take another kind of platform like that. It's Kinda cool because it's such a new platform and there's not that many like super funny people on it so so when you feel you'd crush with horrible jokes like wow this person is a Pelosi and not even great. It's just like dad jokes. I it's fucking killing just posted like tweets that I made and then just made him videos and people who follow Trevor Wallis on tectonics. I love that when somebody said Oh God just that phrase a famous that is kind of like the new like vines right so tell me your do you. You said you have another one would tell me your next one one worst stories let's see here now. You've had a lot Gimme a topic go into just by looking at you. You've had some trauma I you know. I have picked on that story. I was all over the place is called like I would like each year. I was like a different person. I feel like when your your email the next don't literally wearing a slayer t-shirt he sure and this year he looks like Jason Derulo. What the fuck is going on is dude Jason Derulo Yeah so we're were you like. Did you ever get beat up or picked on or one time. Okay so I will say the first fighter ever got him was the worst fight ever got beat up. Oh destroyed I mean I've slept punishable as dead. If if I was the guy who came all just give the story so high school were leaving giving a one house party walking back to a friend's house they live down the street and then there was another house down the street and they were just kids and went to community college in town and one of my our friends just throws a beer bottle because when you're at hill just the street if he is he's all drunk. It's like like the most sixteen year old thing you can do is be like a glass bottle street. Throw would happen and Russia literally suck bro call. Oh my God yes so dat. Noise got the attention of this community college. Kids like to whitewash it on our street and then us being bros.. We're just above. What do you mean throw that. It's like yeah you did very clearly through other Franken half of the bottle so oh this is like a brawl or some shit. I've never been in a fight before but I'm like. I've seen enough movies. You know and I go mine. God so it it was kind of Ah Pyramid so one guy is getting punched by my other friends so he's like low and if somebody is about to punt my friends so he's like low and I go eileen down to hit him on. My head is like waist level and some guy kicks the side of my head with his foot. Oh all of it just for this booed. felt heavy. If it wasn't a boot it might have been like a doc Martin because it hurt you in the head the side of the head. I couldn't hear for three days out of my right ear. I was like in high school so I'm GonNa. Tell my parents like I got in a fight last night but I was talking about. It'd be like what's up you. You say it again. Real quick son's going deaf out rap. Music were literally just left a concert but in my right ear get knockdown no surprise her so bad oh yeah but like when you're drunk. I don't know if you've ever been hit when you're drunk. It's we have it. I'm sure I will yeah It's weird because like your brain recognizes. You got hit but you don't like the feeling of it your brains like he's just got hit in your body's like ha tomorrow will suck and then you just barely drank. Those are set exactly yeah so I really process it till later no but the next morning couldn't hear out of my right ear and I was like Oh this is this is my life from now on. I just have to live like a flounder. Only listening on my left ear within a slowly just went away. How long did it take to come back back three days. It was swift kick and you couldn't say anything your parents what exactly literally I was just like everything even save but what we're talking to you in the back. Beg Your Pardon my God you brothers and sisters older sister. She's two years older than me and that's why you seem like you seem like you're good with women and nice guys. I have older sisters are good with girls right. 'cause they. Kinda get it yeah a little bit. We'll say my first kiss was on a makeup mannequin. My sister used to practise her makeup on. I'd say that was that was just like those white Styrofoam Ed's. My God used thing. I was your first kiss. I don't didn't even have a pulse. It was just chilling room temperature. also the teenage. Jews will practice a first kiss on anything. Does is this a hole underneath penaflor over my mannequin head living on the bottom and it wasn't there before so must be no okay so you literally just went in her room just like she did. Some cool makeup makeup on the Mannequin was pretty. She was laid up together. A nice winged eyeliner. I mean the mannequin was ready for Brunch runs like I think like a thirteen year old so like Kyrie. Honeymoon is an eighteen thirteen as of last month the last century. I don't even know you just so curious. You just like A. I'll be ready for that moment when I like make out the chick so that was your mindset right. You were like I'm GonNa Practice on this doll on on the Styrofoam head. Not even at all star from your sister wasn't home and you just wii solvent like your debt right there. She smooth-talking were you like hey. How's it going busy day. thirteen-year-old smooth shock would Taylor is two. Oh my God so you kissed it. Things come on Trevor. Come clean once or twice texted texted and get a tax back all right. It's all saved under mannequin in the other room of wow. This is offensive dot kind of Joe. Though Oh my God yeah I I think if you ask any any do what would they practice a kiss on. It's every dude has something Lula refrigerator handle and you're like well. I think everybody it has something really leaving the comments below the first thing you ever practice a kiss on him curious on Youtube for those of you that are listening to this I on on itunes or spotify or Himalayas or whatever you're listening to it on it's also on youtube just dot com slash. Britney ferrall on you can watch the live video this or if you already doing that. Thanks look good so what's what's the video look crazy yeah Nina to Weena. She's always she's kind of like the the Mascot Ah podcast of awesome so when you actually did have your first kiss was prepared yeah. There was your first kiss. You're like a first kiss was behind a movie theater. Even in the movies like let's go all the way behind the theater next to the dumpster. I want to see this movie but my wallet doesn't and I was like I I it was behind movie theater because we used to always hang behind a movie theater and what was back freshman in Europe High School what was behind the movie theater. Just I don't know why like is usually hang out. You you make any so will so how did it go. The first kiss was just like whatever I tried to play off as whatever and I think one of those were like you don't kiss or if it's a make gal and then you're like you're using her yeah. What is your shirt off I I just I remembered sex. Ed Class absolutely happens to people at this age. Oh yeah you know like whenever you go on a date. I'M GONNA date in years because when I remember when I would go on dates and you go to say by. There's someone and they would like if it was a dope date. They would go into kiss. You and I would never be sure if we were kind of doing the time to talk about it. Yeah before we do it like going in and we are using tongue I need. I need rules regulations like we will go into you know they go in to kiss me and sometimes it would just be a kiss and I'd be like what I mean. I'm talking about the extra one year. It's so electric energy in times when I just wanted to give Emma pack and then they tried to make out with me. Lick my teeth and weird. It's weird right looking like you're like. What are you doing down there. That's not human is weird. It really is did you ever think about it. Yeah I sometimes light be driving and I'm like what the fuck are you. Doing you know what is a bunch of US sitting sitting in cars like little fucking meet a little horn and I'm driving in my car. I do that too. I'm sitting in my car on the way here and I was just looking at all the other people in their cars and and we are like a little parasites like we are just little ants and we were so important and we think we're so refined and so clean because we brush our teeth cheese and we you know put on a eyeliner not you but it's kind of funny because we're just like these little parasites that try to make us seem like we're not like. It's Kinda rosy right right. That's what I remind myself stuff like that like 'cause I'm sure every I mean anybody who has anything on the Internet has weird comments. I'll be read like all these great comments and then like some random commerce is like not your best work drive and I'm just like Oh God here we go then. I'm like that it doesn't matter none of this matters such as I care so much about comments and then some days I'm Mike and I've talked about the so many times I've it's been getting more and more to the point where I'm just like. I keep thinking about what we are and why we're here what what the bigger picture is and then. I get really like in my head about it and I'm like what does even matter though like it just doesn't matter no matter what anyone says about you or opinions opinions they have about you or whatever a hundred years from now no one's. GonNa fucking even have a clue. No one's going to give a shit fuck. Two minutes hits from now. No one's going to give a shit. He'd just keep scrolling right like to to some people. It's like the end of the world but to everyone else. It's like no one cares. Cares leaves a shitty comment on your page there just onto the next person shits your friend. They're just they're crazy. If you think about this but it does make a nice it'd be like Oh yeah that doesn't matter but it's just like weird when you let like a random thirteen-year-old name like Dylan execs six nine four twenty get under your skin and your like dillon. Let's talk about you. Buddy always go their pain and just like a picture of just like Nacho cheese and like that that's what you post them with a fidget spinner in there fucking fucking ask saying you're like why the fuck do. I Care Somebody's page and mentally jealous walk. This is how I should be living. You know all the worst thing is is like you ever go like I mean I don't know if you've ever I've been in like a tabloid but like tablet comments are the funny yeah been in anything like a write up about social. Media just feels weird to me. Yeah I got a lot of press. I like random standard recently this video about like these like white claws and stuff l. White calls are so popular. They're the crazy part. I did a video with that and then like did stupid numbers in like allies you lose. Does your video about low calorie. They are I don't drink. I'm like if I did that would be my choice. No I just made like if you're about how grows who drank come to and it just like it did like it's like beyond me and then it was just like this right up. Comedian Trevor Wallis states that while drinking it's just like it was so weird to like read the depict video but like in a like a written like emily format way. It's just a joke come down doesn't it doesn't really need a the four hundred and fifty characters about journalism school to write about a bro Video. Like what can we talk about how you were written up as comedian treble Trevor Wallis. Do you not take talk start for now. Hey it's the little things bro have to literally be conscious of the little things you know what I'm saying. Oh Yeah I mean journalists that I have. The job of journalists is like how can I piss this person off as much as possible. You know I've never read an article about myself. I was like that's really dope. I've always been highly misquotation. The articles what or like Dave just managed to throw dig dig at me or two in there. You know how they talk yeah. It's Kinda crazy but you then again like I'm saying it's like the more and more I think about it. I'm just like whatever yes so over it. Everyone's opinions like who fucking cares bears right honestly guys if you're dealing with any fucking dumb asses or hating on your being pieces of Shit. No one cares lately. They leave you that comma later. They're like onto something acts like it's not like a big deal and if they knew how much it affected you oh my God they you idiot you lose again. Whatever where do I think about it like so stupid anyway. We're GONNA take a quick break. You guys we're going after some hopefully like my ads. 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I tried to only endorse stuff that I really believe in which is hard because you probably hit up for so many random up for so many ads even get like it's crazy like I've even even had like weight. Loss companies be like we want you to promote like our weight loss products and I'm like. I don't really want to do that because you know then. I'm like encouraging. People who already tiny people were lake. Tell them they need to lose weight. Look good. I'm fine having I'm not saying I look good but it's just like it's kind of weird like I just don't like encouraging averaging things that I don't really believe in. You know that is true but there's so much out there like we got these new. CBD Underwear What Y. C. PD underarm net. I actually feel like I would use Have you ever endorsed anything. You didn't endorse yeah one time. I my I like Brando early on was like it's all extend your like three Bucks Doc. I'll do it you WANNA longer. Knock offers you ever chat roulette. My Gosh nocco version that okay so the watching this does anyone you guys used to be able to go to chat roulette dot com you saw on their it. If it still exists you could go to chat roulette dot com and just chat with random as people me and my ex boyfriend used to go on there and just like he would have his like Weiner talked between his legs so look like a the girl and then a guy would click onto us and then like shimmying and then and then and then the guy would be all into it like yeah baby and then touch your Dick I will v the voice girl touch your Dick and he'd be like yeah and then he likes to pull his dick out and then as soon as he did that. X. opened his legs as Weiner would come flying out and they'd be like it off right away. We used to fuck with so many people so fun invented cat fishing then pretty much. I was so so fine how mad you probably made brose from that. This hilarious wait till guys were full on like pulling their Weiner out and jerking off and then like the crack in and you would spread his legs and the fucking popout probably people like in like mental hospitals to this day just shaking me. No it was crazy too because this is like my xxx who was actually actually like thin and kind of like I don't WanNa see was built like a woman but he was like thin and like you know he had pubic hair so look like a pussy any tucked his dick and he had a nice lead. He had a nice long legs. So it looked like a girl. I would do the voice off camera. Yes not your peanuts. It's like it and just just like dancing and then he'd be like this and then like bright when the guy was like all into it we fucking he would pull it out and then literally their faces but oh hell no and it just go to a black. It didn't budge cool Nice. I think there was like one dude that stayed on funny. You know he was into it. It's like he got even more into it and we were like okay. We're GONNA CLICK ON. This is a prank man glasses on man boobs and like his shirt off and he's like stared like harder to the camera. We were like okay. We're going to change the rule that was so weird roulette if it still exists if anyone's curious go on chat roulette dot com. It's kind of fun if you just WanNa fuck with people. This is kind of fun. Would you do if you just bought on like a Friday night and use use with your friends like Charlotte. I remember the first time I went on there. There's a do jerk off in a Batman mask. Yeah people just go on there to be fucking weird and my friends were like trevor. Why do you hate Batman. Why do you think I hate Batman. Bro People's real colors alerts come out when they can be like anonymous and Cronje hundred percents. Everyone I feel like is secretly. Really fucking creepy aired like you know what's crazy. Easy is like you hear all this stuff and all that stuff like a lot of those people like normal jobs like the guy at starbucks yesterday. He loves BEDIA. Maybe right. It's like crazy like you find out people like zero. Do you ever have a girl. Do any weird shit you while you were hooking operated like Did I nothing too crazy. Nothing like Bedia Sam type Shit like I've never never had a girl be like. Can you shop still on and fuck me in the you know or can I still wanna it. Was it called pegging. Yeah no never had that. You know maybe ever have a girl be like. Can I stick my finger in your but yeah. That's a weird topic. It's like a weird. Does it's like a letter know why I think I hesitated. I was like no I can't I saw the handling slowly move down on second thought. It's like makes guys. What is my dog doing. She's literally building a nest out of blanket on the table. I don't ask why we have blankets on the table we do she's. She's nesting dogs do this. They tried like making us anyway so yes. Some guys get really weirded out by that but it's like a thing girls like you know. I don't know how this came about but girls are like yeah stick Geico Greg. Some guys like like fingers in there but sexy makes them come harder. That's where the Dan Lewis's spike as hey dad. Awkward isn't the ever the g spot in the but I think so. That's probably why you know back in Roman Times. This is so crazy. I don't know if you're Rutta love it okay so in Roman times the scholars you so fuck their apprentices in the ass and let their apprentices RENTA's fuck them in the ass and they would still be considered like virgins because they they wanted to be married to you know be married as virgins virgins to win so they would put them fucking. Their assistance isn't gay to them It wasn't and it wasn't It wasn't like they were actually having sex because it was with their assistance. Isn't that crazy dollars so common. It wasn't looked at as homosexuality. It was just looked like waiting to get married waiting waiting to get married. Just you know this is awesome. Yeah isn't don't Mormons. Get Away with that stuff but sacks. China sacks yeah. I mean I heard that. I don't know if that really applies if you're are you Mormon now. Are you religious really no no. We weren't raise his anything. I was raised Jewish by both your parents Jewish. Just my mom arguing overrides anything Christian. Shit like my dad's family is like very Christian vary just like from Ohio. Were just like Jesus like that's your Sunday. Wow raising the lord yeah. What about you background. I grew up Catholic okay and I went to regular school every day and then Catholic school after that which was a lot of school. Oh yes but yeah it was terrible. I would get kicked out all the time. I mean really learn anything because I was so bad. I was just not shut the fuck up and the nuns would be like you know be quiet and they can't curse it because they're none so they just be like hot hot diggity darn or you or you really testing my patience every word they could use but not were it was horrible. Yeah I mean but you know. It's all good at all or older than that. Okay all right. That happened. Yeah my dad. My Dad used to go to Catholic Alex Go. He told me like they would take out a ruler. If you were talking in class they would take out a ruler. Make you put your hands like this on flat on the desk and then they would whack in your hands with the ruler knuckles until they bled sometimes or like the husband even school with my husband. When my husband was in school they still hate people and and my husband said that his school had in the principal's office a dot on the wall of the chair against it and they would put them up put you on the chair and then they go stare at the dot on the wall and you'd be like and it's a really tiny dot what dot and whack like they'd be over the the paddle full setup has at his school yeah yeah he got cracked in the ass a couple times yeah that only stops lake. Maybe like right before I went to school because I know a lot of people that got hit. I'm I'm pretty sure my dad did the growing up and growing up yeah the Liza worse time you ever got punish but see I had weird punishments from like my parents like I remember so my mom going that groom and make out with the mannequin and like punishment. This is a pleasure. Do Christine Christine okay mom. I don't want you you really wanted to. I remember 'cause like my mom. She's she's like five foot and renews little thing ever. I remember one time. She went to like hit me with because I fucked. I don't know what I said. I probably had some dumb but she took a soup ladle and it broke and I like she when she hit you at those around but I like laughed because it didn't hurt yeah. It was fun and then you're not supposed to laugh parenting. You like my my mom at the time it was like she was giving her all and I was like hitting you with the broken parts and it did nothing and I was like that's the night I realized I was like. I should be an actor because I was like I got hit and I was like that didn't hurt. Oh wait. I don't want to get my ass even more. Oh how mom stop you. They really didn't hurt. No you ever get your ass beat by your parents. You know they would do ship that was like revert do hazing and they're like put soap in my mouth of cost. I O that's the word. My parents did that to my dad my mom would do because it's not like a physical pain. It's just it's just shedding. It's fucking nasty. I don't know if anyone else I'm sure that many people had this happened to them but I remember I have said something and it wasn't even that bad and I don't know who's fucking idea was like Oh oh you're gonNA talk dirty so we're going to clean your mouth out with orbit. Does that commercial try to the dirty mouth clean it up orbits whistle. Let's see mouth. Put some fucking soap in it like yeah my mom. One time got a bar of soap and in the bathroom holding it in my mouth. Ask chain smoke it just as Hell No. I had to hold it with it for like twenty minutes of my mouth. It was fucking discussing the worst job. raker forever would almost rather her beat the shit awful. Get it over with soap. Just suck because you had to do that. Too was yours. Liquid soap liquids yeah it was really Walla with no. I've spent it out. Swallow your tongue out and then like you know listerine sprays with I would like subsequent cultures hanging out and then and then you'd go spit it out. That's not that bad. I remember how long have you made me like happens to bit colder there for a fucking weird appeared. It's weird mom made me sit with the Bar Sobia. My mouth sitting on the toilet waiting does now and bathroom until she said I could take it out. Oh my God fucking torture richer. I remember the first time I cussed my dad. I remember my cousin Tommy. The word fuck and I didn't know what context to use it in but I had all his power. I know what this word is is. My parents don't know I know this word. My Dad says on me at dinner. I got mad and I was like they're like go to your room on my way to my room. I remember calling my data fuck head. It was the first the first time I ever used words or you young and he just goes. How did you learn but this is the worst context ever thought it's hilarious funny. W Fuck head. It's fucking five year old called me a fuck head I would be I would laugh literally be able to like not even be able to reprimand them. So what did he do then. I I think he took a belt and just do the belt to the Bell Bell. You know like there were so many things that kids these days will never know about to get hit. I I think some of them do but there's just so many like kids and so many rules like if you go to school and you have a fucking bruce on you or if you're like any way you get taken away from your parents parents. I think parents are a lot more careful. All you have to post the video on twitter of your dad beating us. This is my father twitter. Do your thing twitter. FBI All I come for your house in like two seconds. It's kind of crazy. I don't even know if kids get hit anymore these days. I think some of them do behind closed doors but I think that you know how people are really careful now because there's so many repercussions in jail you're crazy. Parents are going to jail for like hitting their kids and stuff uh-huh and you know this is gonNA sound really terrible probably GonNa be a bunch of people hate on me for this but I'm glad I got hit. Oh no no fucking taught me like I'm not trying to be. He like you know endorse beating the shit out of your kids. Obviously don't do that but getting smacked once in a while something that's you did. That's fucked up has made me a a better person. I'm GonNa say that made you realize what you did not to be a fucking idiot. The you know what I mean. I think kids who grow up like two who spoiled were there. Just kinda like don't do that. Jeremy you know as I got older. Obviously you get to an age where it's like a little inappropriate. You know where you become like an adult and you know they're doing. That's crazy but like as a child. It's kind of like I know. This sounds horrible. This is just all sounds bad but I kind of feel like you know we're fucking like animals you know and how do you train people train animals by reprimanding mom and if you don't reprimand you know a child like it's never learn. They don't really I mean I'm not saying speeding the shit out of a kid but I've been I've seen kids. I've been in the grocery store sometimes and I've seen kids. It's and the mom just looks completely exhausted and the kid is fucking screaming and punching her in the leg because he wants fruit snacks. Take that box yep yeah or kids hand and be like no. You know needs to be stern with them but you can't even do that that kind of stuff because people were like. Oh don't do that other parents. Step in and make you shouldn't be hitting the fuck he with crayons on my car this it's morning. It's kind of crazy to me that people are just like so you know like I said like. Don't obviously beat the shit out of your kid. I think sometimes a stern like grabbing. You're going that's. That's an that's bad. You know like you have to spray bottles. You know that's a good morning. That's a fucking cocker. Spaniel Yeah Rod fucking. I was a kid and my dad every time we root for water bottle. I'd make fuck sorry like and then now the kid has to live a life where every time he sees the water bottle. Here's a a little excited. He's like Oh my God just leave this party. I know and I know you know what honestly so every everything that happened to me when the getting beat up or whatever scolded ended in smacked around by my parents and Rosengren fucking glad I'm not like a little punk ass bitch like I actually am very courteous of people's feelings and I I know right from wrong and I'm not spoiled because some people just don't get hit as a child then they go into the real world and then they can get away with your they mouth off and they get hit and they're like you can't do that like yeah yeah anyway. That's my opinion. It's probably fucked up and everyone just unsubscribe. They're like we're GONNA unsubscribe. Reading Rolling condones is beating children. No don't condone beating children. I just think that you should be able to reprimand your children. I do I think otherwise people get out of hand. You know kids need to be put in line you. We know they're developing. They don't know you know that's. That's one thing only about living in. La's you don't see too many kids and then you like guy travel somewhere more than you're just like every being my worst nightmare is like a child screaming and the mother just like standing there completely overwhelmed and just like not and like cheese shutdown. She doesn't know what to do because she's in public and she doesn't WanNa like you know. The kid is just being a nightmare like it's kinda scares. You WanNa have yet I want to feel like I'm not like it just like on this earth like but like. I feel that there's a lot of people here yeah so. I feel like I did my part. You know what about those people that have like seven kids. Is that necessarily like. Do we really need seven of you Tom. Do we really I just don't understand I get it but they're they're making up for my lack of a child also if they have seven metaphorically one of those could be just like it's so unnecessary. I I look at kids and I'll be like Momma wasn't like that. She's like no you were exact. I like that big me that piece of Shit I feel bad for I fly a lot and I feel bad for MOMS. That are on a flight with three kids. Oh my God and then everybody's looking back the kids and the fucking screaming. They're not sleeping and they're like I like cheerios and then the fucking flight attendant gives them apple juice and they're hyper shit ah right because everybody is like doing the look around Azerbaijan shutting the fuck up man your child to give their kid Benadryl. Any demob is like yeah. I'm doing this to fuck with. You guys like that looks so stressful and oof. I if I could handle it hard. I don't have the patients I just I. I don't know if I could handle me saying a sentence in English to a child and they don't understand okay you need to be quiet because X Y Z and the kids just like dinosaurs dinosaurs. Come into play with that what spell pterodactyl Timothy then we'll talk okay. You need to calm down. I like Pizza Zac. There's just like what the Fuck Little fucking idiots. They're idiots solar about like ten years old and then they're just smart Boorda's and then their smart asses. They're smarter than you and then they're like rewiring computer and you're like what happened. How did this is just due to like. I remember doing stuff would probably Piss me off as an adult. I remember people will be like why and then 'cause insulated gate. Why because it's good why I don't lie and and why I used to do that to my dad my dad it would drive them crazy. How did how to parents not snap on that parents. Not just go fuck okay. I'm moving to the island. Galapagos those fall from use on I'm turning into a mine and selling my body on the streets because you asked me why to Minnie's on dad used to take me to the grocery store and I was little and I used to destroy me down the AL and literally everything I'd go. What's that what's that what's that what's that like that to everything and just not shut the fuck up and how about the amount of energy that we had when we were kids kids that go without coffee. I could use that now sober straightforward and and never wanted a nap just fucking pure like yeah. No no coffee no hair no not heroin cocaine dead. I'm like which drug cocaine pure fucking energy energy. was that a switch on my body that like if I ever needed to turn into like kid energy to keep your eyes on rival. I gotTa get through this meeting. Real quick and then just like do you got kid- energy. Your kid energy is so unreal. I remember my mom. I would be like six. I'd come home from school and I was like I wanNA play Bari's. Mommy play barbies with me. My mom would be like in like a four hour our depression nap and she's like. I'm sleeping and I was like why are you sleeping. Wake up and I was like when I was little. It hurt my feelings so much channels like how could she be tired. I don't understand like get it like two. PM How're you sleepy to me. I was like wake up time but now I think about it on my girl fuck. Now I pay my phone. Bill is like I deserve nap added. I couldn't imagine when my mom used to cook for our family a lot like dinner every night. How do how do a bunch of dumb ass. Kids run the house big. What are we having for dinner. Oh no again. Did you take what I may making dinner so tiring during the energy of all that stuff it's exhausting boiling. fucking waters exhausted four appeal the potatoes. I got a cleaning dishes after your family doesn't help you like times. I've wanted to go to grocery stores back. I'm only eating off paper plates. Why when I live by myself at one point I did jay-paul paper plates and recycled them so hey hey I recycled themselves like I would just buy paper plates and recycle them so because I was so fucking Lazy Easy I did not want to wash a fucking dish. I was like you know because I was poor and I lived in an apartment didn't have a dishwasher. I went out bought food prepared. It made it then eight. Now you want me to clean this. It's like it's like a scam on the road this away so much easier. I remember when someone's really hung over it. I just threw away like a normal plate. Just like go play and so I was just like no you throw it all in the trash the level of care on a hangover. You said you don't drink right. No I just stopped drinking this year. I never had a drinking problem but I just realized that. Drinking makes me feel sick. I ever been like A. I've never been like an enjoyed. I've never ever enjoyed alcohol my whole life. I've never had a drink and went man. I feel good right. Also there's like very few that was taste like well. I I could barely taste a Tequila and covered in nine grams of sugar. I'd like to Ayatollah just with friends in my hangovers are just brutal so no and I don't know why but everybody wants to be successful on your days hungover like every seven hangover going instagram. I'm like Oh you book that commercial. Oh you feel like even more more of an Uber eats today guys. How am I doing okay. Everybody was always so successful and I'd be like Okay Mad. Drink the the Internet so hard for comparing your ship. I look at it. I follow some people and I see like you know all these people getting all these deals and brand deals and this and that and I'm sitting there and I'm like what the faulk like like I'm so confused you know and then like likes and comments and you know followers and stuff stuff like that like I'm like I don't get it sometimes. How do you feel about instagram likes. I can't wait the they. They always in Canada and they they they don't have like this. Guy showed me a picture literally like five likes and it was like maybe he maybe five lakes because he wasn't a popular guy but I thought they were GonNa take away likes all over like I think you can see it but other people can't I forget how it works. I forget how but it's like. I'm weird profile. You wouldn't be able to see the likes. It doesn't show so it would so when you like see somebody's picture it would be like Britney like this picture and then it doesn't say an you know like thirty thousand dollars would say like Brennan Legs Picture Wise. We actually can't wait for that especially because I know a bunch of people that by their shit neither followers in their likes and like I would. I saw never trust that sex like it's Kinda sketchy and I just like I just like. It's so funny to me because there's this thing you can. The GO-TO called I G AUDIT DOT COM. It's literally I G AUDIT DOT COM. You can put anyone's username and it'll tell you the percentage that author profile followers. What is how many of them are Real Dale. I went to some of the biggest accounts of and it's like twenty three percent twenty five and all leaderships fake this. I would like somebody different after that yeah. That's you on there. It was really weird. It said mine was sixty three percent real which is weird because I've never bought followers but also like a lot of debt accounts like if you're a county council accounts into that but but most of the accounts for people that I know that definitely didn't by followers there's around like sixty see three percent like seventy percent. Whatever like no one was one hundred percent wake earning all your but then there's big accounts where I'm not gonNA name names but but I went to some big accounts of some very famous people and I typed their username and they're following a real followers twenty three percents talk doc twenty percent. I would look at that person differently. That's GonNa be wild getting like these like tons huge deals or buying houses buying condos windows. They're like yeah. You guys should check it out. Is Yada Dot Com. It's kind of fucking crazy like like trump a bottle of this always like Oh shit. Should I'm sure a lot of people are following trump just to even I here's the thing I notice. Actually it's really crazy most wanted to post it some time because I don't always get the most likes but you can always see my engagement on my video views so if I video I get like a ton of us because I have a lot of people that follow me that don't WanNa like my stuff. Usually they'll watch you see like for my video views. I always get over one hundred thousand views twenty four hours but never thought about all those people's like hey because is they don't WanNa let your picture. You don't see how many views it's getting why like look at my like for instance. I'm GonNa show you right now. I have this picture on my profile that I posted. It was was like just a dumb quote. That was like it's cool to have feelings okay right so eleven thousand likes which really bad for someone that has two point six million followers but then you go to your where is it your activity or no not your activity. I'm sorry you go to who are kind of sat right archive. Is it like something like it shows. The engagement says like how many people like sigh yes. M's M's own insights ready. Look people saw that picture. It's cool to have feelings Goddamn three hundred thousand people and only out of a three hundred thousand people. Only eleven thousand people liked that picture. C. Is mad haters on my account vol you you watch your ship of fuck. You see what's the deal but I'm not gonNA like it. You know it's kind of funny because I heard that and I was like man who the fuck would do that but I do that too. So many people yeah I follow. I'll be like oh yeah. I saw you posted but I'm like. I'm the opposite I actually support my friends. I will like even if they post something dumb or if they're doing supporter. Iran deal all like it because it's like dude you got to like they. WanNa pay. They're trying to pay their bills through instagram. I get it doesn't want to do that. You know what I mean so all go go like it. It doesn't cost anything to fucking double tap. Your photo people act like liking a picture like currency. I've hardy liked pictures. That's all I got left. My tired like people act like like there likes our money pictures. You're driving the Vegas okay. Ah Alright never really thought about that. It's kind of fucked up engagement yeah surprisingly. I put a lot of video seven. That's visa served by. We'll say like on like the come up when I was still growing followers every time I post a picture of loose fallers exactly what can I or not be myself. There's like face but we like your videos when you're stagnant moving. We don't like this whole. Just one shot thing so i. I think it's like funny because if if you if you come up as a comedian like me doing comedy stuff if I ever try to be serious which I do a lot people hate it. You know there's some people that are like like okay cool. We like it like the people that get it and there's a lot of people that are like. We followed you for laughs. Dude stop getting all depressing on us in full of my page person. That's not always happy so you're like. Oh yeah laugh. I once knew it. Laughter was okay the Eric. That's like weird to people that is aware of the entitlement of somebody to go on your page. I came here because this video and now you don't do it anymore. It's like yeah 'cause this me. I do what I I WANNA do type shit. What's the most fucked up thing anyone's ever said on social media. I had somebody right in email to me. EEN now bill's pretty like that's like. They're going out of their way 'cause you. My email isn't just out and about you. GotTa like Click some tabs on my website defiling my email. Oh so you went there found the email he had a header and he wrote like dear Mr Wallace Comma. You put a comma and a hate message got. He's proper proper punctuation to shit on you long paragraph of like how he just thought that I could be using my platform better to spread more awareness on like more more beneficial re tweets something controversial going on in the world but yet doesn't do anything about it right. I was just like what do understand the content. I'm like why are you. You're doing this like what it was like fucked up but I was just more so like he just broke down like my like page. You could be doing this. You've been doing that and I was like Dad. What are you doing like Levi alone. It was it's your dad. It was so weird I was just like writing. Somebody a hate email like who has that kind of time right and that's exactly what I said. I like remember. That's not even about you. That's about them where they are in their life. You just give me a fucking real life yelp review don't do that. They people do that because they're feeling feeling so shit about themselves or they're so upset about something in their own life. They feel like the only way they can get any kind of like you know. Footing or feel better is to fucking. Try to bring you down the essentially just venting yes and they don't have a friend due to like. I'M GONNA just type it. He's not GonNa see my phone so first thing as a goat. Okay Darren. Why did you respond now. Now that's good. You can't respond to that so yes weird stuff but never had any like death threats. That's good have you ever. I've had people be like kill yourself. Yes we should we should stone you to death. Yeah people you're crazy. They want to take it back in the day and kill me in a medieval way which is very scary for modern way but like in a medieval evil way but it's all good everyone has. Hey if it's creative big word you know you made his hate hella creative. You should get hit by FIA yeah on the Nevada State Line Bliss pretty out there. You'RE GONNA budget for those shoot. I love it yeah but nothing really lights who crazy thus was is is. I don't really make too much controversial stuff to the point where I'm like a pretty good. Yes that was my problem. I was hello controversial but here's the reason why because I just didn't see it that way because I knew like within myself that I wasn't like you know what I mean. I wasn't racist or I wasn't this or that and so I like. I don't know I just did like whatever I wanted because I just didn't think from a place of hate no and I didn't I didn't do it from a place of of of malice I did zero a place of like funniness good hardness and people just take it the wrong way and you're like shit like you know because you never know how someone's GonNa take something and in retrospect. There's a lot of fucking skits and the things that I've done that I was like Oh my God couple years sweets and fuck in. You know all kinds of shit. I've said that I'm like I want to step on my own face. You know yeah I mean how about that though like all the people that on twitter like you know ten years later the you tweeted this in in two thousand one like it. Kinda saw it's like weird. It's like I don't know but yeah. It's like crazy. People like dig through Third Grade Class and he cut the line to get milk in front of everybody and he cut a Chinese man. It's like what they'll find anything to cancel you right and you're like wait. What it's kind of fucking guys donate to charity. I helped it's an old lady across the street last Tuesday. I'm good guy yeah. It's kind of crazy so I mean I've tried to like. You know I mean I figure at some point. Somebody's going to bring up. Something and you know whatever that's GonNa Happen. It's just life but you know I believe in change and I believe people change and I believe people grow and I think that we are so are like in this new time where people people are more self aware and we we got to experience. Both I think like who is when I was younger. It was like you know I watch old old. SNL and I watch old. Shit and the jokes and like I was watching all that you remember that show I was watching episodes and some girl during one of the episodes goes you know she goes okay great. I'm just going to go kill myself and like said that is one of the lines on the show yeah. I was just like show for children like I was just sitting there like that would never fly if this was like a new episode that would never fly into so many things like Oh. What did he say. What was what movie was? I watching I think I was watching the House Bunny Jefferson with an affairs and somebody made a joke joke like you look fucking gay or something somebody said something like that in that movie and that was only like two thousand one and that movie was hugely popular and very funny but someone said something in there and I remember I looked at my husband and I was like dude. You imagine that liked today. Is this movie came out and somebody said that like Oh. What are you gay or like. I'm not getting offensive with the word how stereotypical movies where you just back then I'll watch what was with Nixon. Oh Malibu's the most wanted right with him Jimmy that and they had like the Indian front on their like play to the T. A. looks just bad to the point yeah and then of course he she plays the terrorists and he says bomb and she works and we were like this is funny. Now were like Oh my God. You know what I mean so roads cooking. I kind of like when I whenever I see those articles about people like in torn apart for Shit that they've done like ten years ago. Okay first of all look at yourself ten years ago buddy ten years. It was not who they are today. I mean you're literally all your cells replaced themselves. Over seven years every cell in your body released literally not the same person were neither society like how people acted not even longer. I mean what about that movie fuck in Tropic Thunder with Robert Downey junior face for the whole movie like what about that that is where I literally didn't know until like those those actually ship yeah that is weird. I mean it's kind of crazy and that was not that long ago. You know so. It's just kind like you know I don't know. I don't know how we even got into this topic but I'm just saying you know. This is like a but I think people are kind of like adding more thought to the civil guts. Net people get cancelled astle dentist like there's like a second way. Wait a second okay yeah. No I know one day I go online and they're like this person's cancelled and then the next day. It's like just kidding. We forgive them. They announced a tour like we're going and you just I love that tour. Argo three tweets fucking hate that person okay but I love the anti anything personally and we'll end it on that note guys her life personally the good stuff and the bad stuff you know just try to enjoy enjoy your life and try to you know be as positive as you can be because you know you owe it to yourself this. As far as we know your one life that we have and and it just no it could be worse. You could get friends mid hookup so that you can have a girl be hooking up with you and tell her that until you that she misses her so I hope she married that that man because that's the only excuse after that so. Are you going to get married one day. Oh okay you're single right now right. Okay girls go hit trevor up. He's supposed to be nice. There's nothing on this ring. Finger changes go marry trevor. He's a nice dude. You seem like a good guy. You don't seem like an. La Jewish bag go follow him. He's at Trevor. Wallis is on instagram fifty bucks for that name. Go make it worth it and then we're also are you on Youtube Youtube Trevor Walls and Tick Tock Trevor Wallis who talked Trevor Wallis and I also podcast out right now stiff socks if it sounds like jerking off yeah good times. It's very bro. Humor so my husband just told me a story about that really quick the other day. He was like you know he's like when I was younger. I don't even know how came up he was saying that his mom because he would always jerk off in his socks and just like thrown on the floor and they would get all hard and crunchy and his mom was like the sweet woman from Athens Greece and she'd like an accent and she'd like pick up his socks and be like dome warranties sox's so hard you sweat a lot and it'd be like I don't know like she had no idea. Do you ever have that to happen. You don't get caught off. I never did your parents never want they've found. I remember 'cause when this is before like you'd have iphones or or anything I used to print pictures of the Internet yeah and then I'd hide him in a magazine and then I remember one time. My Dad just picked up one of my magazines big 'cause I was really into paint balling calling that extreme sport. What kind of pictures would you print out just like naked. Check yeah and that I think I've just like hide him in a magazine and then. I think that one time was like what are what Trevor's we've opened those detainees and it was my dad's and it's all the Thomas the train book you're like me and my mom's cookbooks obviously going to the walked in on Germany drinking up you know I think my dad walked in on me. When I was humping a pillow wants because I heard the door open in the night turnaround salt shutting and I was like Oh God for the rugby team just rustling my pillow for sending it was an intruder to save save the family one day comfortable one on that note leave a comment if you've ever helped her pillow. It's Pretty Rad anyway guys. Thanks for listening. Make sure to liken liken subscribe this podcast. If you're on youtube watching this thank you so much. Hey if you're not make sure to go check out the visual version on Youtube and for those of you that are listening. I appreciate and love all of you and I read all of your comments and feedback on itunes good and the bad so go ahead onto. I tunes and look worse. I and back the and I love you the ethnic.

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CDC warns people to stop making out with this animal...

Tessa and Elliot Argue

42:15 min | 11 months ago

CDC warns people to stop making out with this animal...

"Yeah hello and welcome to team. I'm task. I'm million since his tessin only argue each week. We Bring Eliza stories that we found the. I don't know you'RE GONNA get tired of saying the same thing ever over and over again. I mean should be liked. Find something new to say. I'm married to Tessa cat to cast my Mike God. He forgot one of the cats know which one yet not Mike at your two cats cool ones amazing and this is not very funny. It's not besides the pack the fact that you put that cat above above and beyond every single other relationship in your life he puts me above and beyond every relationship in his cat. He also likes balls. You doesn't cause you took them. His his balls were taken before we got him. It's not what he told me. Bank accidentally deposits hundred and twenty thousand dollars a couples account. They spend most of it then get charged with theft. Remember that one time time yes so. which time are you thinking? House is an APP Multiple Times tennis put money in the bank. That was not ours or someone took money out of having originally was the money that got put in the bank. Yeah wasn't much money that was like five hundred dollars yeah just randomly in there. We're like Oh my God what it didn't make any sense they didn't we didn't spend it though not call them bank and we were not stupid good enough to be like all. We need to spend this money now like of course is gonNA come back in. Yes I mean you took like four or five days though dead yeah but then there there is the one time all of our money took all of our money yeah. That was no fun. We got it all back though right yeah. It's still seven days yeah. NFL A bunch of paperwork goes terrible frigging annoying. Don't trust banks my parents. They had an their Cowan that when we moved here their account was somehow somehow share with this old ladies account. Oh in their early grandson was writing checks out of her checkbook. which was my parents account as well oh so they were the trend figure out where this money was going? Yes this grandson found his grandma's checkbook literally. That's exactly what it was. He's rain checks while he would know wasn't checks. They were just somehow like that. Account was the same as my parents. That's so weird yeah man they. I think they I don't know what happened but I know stuff happen. Yeah my one of my uncles. Sh always wanted my uncle's thirty seven uncles on my mom's side of not that I needed to say that but it's on my mom's side he he's not he was married into. The family wasn't like part of the family so a little better. Oh Wow also not real his name posted on a convenience store like Wal like one of the day light up things that say like so-and-so's name because he was writing bad checks to the store yeah so you to go and pay back in order for him to take his name down yeah so I don't do that yeah okay so the title of this is not funny but the story itself is hilarious. This missing woman mystery solved AAC group of tourists spent hours Saturday night looking for a missing woman near near Iceland's. Ira No the Canyon only find her among among the search party Scott semi this one I I didn't put it in my list but says she changed clothes and then didn't recognize the description that they gave out of her wow and so she just or the name like no but you know what I mean like yeah. We're looking for Ashley Tisdale. Oh actually to sail how it's amazing. Ashley looking at there's a mean where it was like a kid like they were like. Oh we're searching for a little boy in in an orange shirt shirt and blue shorts and then the guy's like looks down at the little boy next to me with Owen shirt and blue shorts who's like hey. That's my name. That's yeah yeah but this was an adult yeah a grown ass woman The search was called off at three. AM So yes yeah. She was a tourist some near a canyon that I can't pronounce southbound track or you know about this. Popeye's Chicken Sandwich I. I know that there's a big line for it was why they ran out after two weeks out. Did they yeah they're. The demand was insane. I guess apparently there's a New York Times article about how great it was. Yeah is supposedly like the starting point of this. Isn't it a spicy chicken sandwich. I don't think it is now. Just inches must be amazing. Yeah and I've gotten a thousand stories about yet. Have you know the best one I could find. A boy. Popeye's chicken sandwiches just hurting military readiness. Popeye's chicken sandwich is hurting military readiness by apparently everyone overseas the has papa's all the military guys were super excited for this yeah and in poverty is was like sorry we ran out of chicken and so they apparently like burned a hotel down or something no way they burned a hotel down yup shop that part's all yeah but apparently they are very. I I mean people are suing. Popeye's for what it's a chicken sandwich. It's like US although at times a thousand yeah no but the like 'cause I was Kaniche. This is like mainstream rick and Morty is a niche. I think so well is it. Not Our community fans are they're gonNA. De Dos you. I don't understand why it's not okay. I wouldn't fuck around in recommending fans man. I'll 'cause they're smarter than me well. That's a given Kevin Elliott very smart the house are they watching the show because they're so smart. I love that show I mean I still like like it. I just wish less people do fans. Were not stupid yeah yeah. I like it a lot. I finally love Dan. Harmon eighty to his podcast is ending in December which is super upsetting to me because it's so good. He's so funny to me yeah. He's good so anyway. A A couple of naps. A week may be good for the heart. New Study shows man. Let's talk about napping. Yes College was best time in my life. Just kidding getting after merit now right now is currently does the game I've ever lying. Yes yes of course. I'm not babe. I love you anyway. I would like noon and take a nap until like four four greatly yeah every day. I get up in time to watch star Trek Voyager. Okay then I go have dinner okay and then they come back and I don't know whatever we did different. Check everything stuff. What rivetting LOVES TAKING NAPS. I take naps this time of year because my schedule is all wonky yeah but like during the summer I cannot do that. Il Il Messier. Yeah man schedule you nap all the time he deal unhealthy and the duration more during the weekends and doing living almost call your naps. Literally Sleeps probably like churches noon. She's like I'm GonNa take a NAP till four five thirty no oh. I try not to go thirty because I'm like I. You need to get up and stop snoring because I'm going to record. It can't get can't do listen. There's there's nothing better than like the windows open and like the fall air and a Pumpkin candle BOJ ups and home all no it's not. I'm talking about this all together. I am I get away with a fleshy blanqui because it's cool jobs beat that no it does not you wouldn't know it. Doesn't you know I would know why would no longer share with the class. Would you not know Elliot. I know if I had a penis. How would I how would you know how would you not know. Is this something you were prepared. What is this the right way to me because I've senior for China. Oh my God thank you China. You brought it up. I I bring up. My Vagina brought in brought up your penis. The muck dude. I got no problem with gay people. That's how Subaru Lake awful the way I said. I have a gay fries. I actually don't have any gay friends tyler yeah. That's your friend. He is my friend. I mean I tyler is my favorite of your friends. Literally stopped APP. A He is by far tyler by far is my favorite of your friends. I like Barbara Yeah. We all know talked about talk tyler anymore either. Eh Clamp shut you off from your whom I god no. I've set myself off. I know depression. Oh please anyway. Are you a doctor and my doctor yeah. Would we be living in this. Shit House apartment b-actor funny you say that God more than half the PhD's in the United States are fake totaling fifty thousand fake PhD's every year along with three thousand three hundred unrecognised fake universities in the world so I mean I could be you never know I'll take a doctorate. Yes Sharon. Why not I mean if they're passing out. If you had to get a doctorate what would you have. A doctorate in NAPA is now. I would probably do like not comedy. Thanks honey probably like psychology. I like knowing the like why people do things that they do. I feel Kinda. Go to cop out answer but I like like I'm well. I probably just because I just got down with mine hunters but ruin. CSI was like a thing and everyone and be like a CSI scene. Investigators not glamorous at all yeah well. That's how I just want to. I WANNA know I wanNA know why people do the things that they do because of the many questions I have about this world. It's why People People Act the way that they act because it bothers me. Ultimate question is what why g spot up my ass. Oh my God it doesn't make any sense stop. Stop tunnel hardest to my God was way harder than years. Oh my God just housing. I'm just GonNa thank deal where you up the but oh my God you gotta like do do that. Come hither move your fingers. It's hard to do. We're fingers on that long. Either really knew say like a story because I'm just GONNA keep the new MISMA- ply- game pays Borsch this fucking bullshit this I. This is fucking triggered me. I like it this. Do you understand Dan how it works now. Have you heard of it other than how do they. How do you read the whole article. I interrupted you. People not hear what I what you said. Read it again. Okay Okay for real because I know interrupted new MISMA-. You're gonNA interrupt this house. Okay Nuhu Miss Monopoly game pays women more than men. That's not even that's not even it used to women off more money to L. Really Women's start its monopoly early but women get more money to begin with. They get more money every time they go around the circle the everything women get. Why would you take the game. Yep Yeah that is fucking non gender specific and slap this bullshit on it. I mean it was the same with like when they did. Millennial monopoly also fucking fucking stupid as hell is the dumbest fucking thing. Milton Bradley has ever created different. It was like no see you paid. No no no it would be a that would never happen. They would never make Mr Monopoly. Never not in this fucking climate fucking. I'm surprised that they haven't changed the gender of the monopoly character or made him not white like fucking believable. Miss Monopoly is the dumbest. It's that whole one step forward. Two steps backwards thing like Oh my God miss monopoly. I've seen like two or three times. It's triggering to me. It is legit the dumbest fucking thing I've seen in the last month as it because it's a game that you can't win. I can fucking beat you. In any game with the exception of Disney Related Games. I can kick your ass. This is why we don't pick anything against against anything. That's not Disney related. You get that by default the OH I don't care yeah I five competitive embedded. Miss Monopoly is the dumbest. I know stupid stupid to me. I don't think it's helpful at all can be remotely helpful. What's helpful about it. I think it is just pandering to is too dumb white when what what it thinks women want yeah but most women no lights a fucking degree in gender studies. What are you fucking do with that. I don't have a degree in California Democrat for all Ruis faces challenge from Republican Rawal Ruis Raw. Oh No R. A. L. said it right the first time shut up row. CETERA my God. You've done bed kind of crazy. They get crazy even for whom I voting for while you're not 'cause it's Californian. Republicans not winning but God help us Tennessee lawmaker calls removal are is really funny to me. Tennessee lawmaker calls for removal of Higher Education Education to cut off liberal breeding grounds. Okay I could see that. I mean that's where it starts. The moment you move out of your parents house and you're allowed allowed to have your own thoughts. I mean that's exactly what it is. I mean I'm a good example. I follow whatever my parents said because it made sense right and then I realized I raised. They're not right about a lot of things. Just like everyone else isn't right. Belov things. I Yeah I mean Yeah Yeah Yeah. I mean I mean colleges around the time where you search realize like. Your parents are people yeah you know what I mean. There are people and they make mistakes and they have battled of of course of the first mistake that my parents probably first real mistake steak house top. Oh I have to have been a mistake. There's no way I wasn't you. Don't think you were planned fuck. No I think you were playing no I. I know I wasn't planned yeah no shit. I mean that's that's at that age where that happens if you can. I mean even if you look at like to compare me in both both my brothers like me and brother number two both relate. That's not necessarily how how it should be right. I how remember my family being particularly like political or Uber Lake religious but I feel like your family talks about nothing lake. They there is no there. is nothing controversial ever to talk about with your family ever. No one ever wants to upset anybody know nothing. That's a bad thing now but I have no problem telling my parents. I think that's a bad idea now but it's also doing the same to me. Why but that's also why I can't deal with confrontation and yet you don't deal with confrontation at all and I also have no problem didn't speak my mind for I man. That's the other thing that's another college like Shit. I go to college come on. I don't give fuck what you think but I sure as hell tell you what I think. I know I only. There's anything wrong with that. Though I mean that I care I mean I curate you think about me. Sometimes no less. I care what you think about me. Please except when I in tax like afraid you're GonNa die in your like. You'll be fine would be fine if you don't know that if you if you don't move on if I died tomorrow and you don't move pass that yeah I would be fucking pissed I you. I wouldn't past eight eventually. You fucking hope so fucking. Live your life for somebody else. Shit Chieh unlike the women in my the other women in my family who are like your knowledge yeah you better fucking move on Yeah. I mean I mean not to be that guy but I hope I die after you because I don't think you could deal with me dying at any point in our life right right now. I guess I don't deal with it as well as like well. I just really you were literally. They do not just like you just like collapse on yourself bake lock her in the no no I I. I feel like you would just stop eating. I mean I I I. I will be the cat's like what I would be afraid of. Cats being taken care of 'cause you'll be so like distraught because you get so distraught horrid like fucking Harry Potter at let's let's that's my voice but I survived my mom dying you did and I made it through. Its right I I survived. All of my aunts dying said the one who still hanging on just gonNA outlive the rest of us that your great aunt and she's a vampire. She isn't yeah he is dragged. We were talking about it because at the funeral for my uncle I know it's been it's been a tough summer. She has looked at the same minus some weight for years like she was old. When I was born yes thirty years ago like thirty one years ago like she likes she has looked to thirty two and thirty one shot. No I'm not I know you're not. GonNa hear you choose. It's your turn man in his twenties dies after accidentally shooting himself with a bullet bounce off a car as he tried to gun someone down to gun someone down shot Shane Kill Them. I mean that's Karma Karma. That's why am I. I don't know I mean it is probably. Are you know sure some white guy got turned. Turn down by a girl. Am I wrong. Some kind of made fun of his pokemon cards to one zero four year old becomes a world's oldest street artists after joining team of guerrilla niggers cool. We have nothing to say because it doesn't sound that cool. I think it's cool offer you yeah so old. You WANNA BE WANNA four now. Fuck now. I want to be dead twenty years ago four from what from now it was like. She says Oh Jeez. I wish I had died in twelve over fourteen. What are you talking about fourteen. Oh my God you were twenty. No no you were. You're eighteen. Yeah still version Yeah Brown. Maybe yeah I mean this. I I ain't got laid yet to college just started coming very soon. Oh yes coming real soon. Lord had anniversary's coming up. Oh Oh my God I know the date I could. How could I had to remember because then I would be like man. It's twelve years since the cheese so on that long. What's your longest drought. You had what the longest trial you had probably in between a relationship. I guess I don't know mine's years years yeah. Oh Yeah I he back after my second year of college the first year back in an Indiana no second year no third year. I went twenty eight years. I had sex to different people at one year. Oh Hell Yeah you. I went twenty eight years without having sex and then another four years after that K- Michael Our until I was an adult like you're supposed to Jesus asks yeah. It's in like judges or something. I don't like it up. Lions eight three reporters who broke into South Africa game reserve to hotline such get yeah. That's just like I saw dude on read it. Today was like hugging a barren hanging out with a bear God. I was like fuck that like when you look at the duvrees the barrier just no no fucking way man yeah. There's a reason you would you could not have anything. Could you think think I would either. I get sad when I see roadkill all poor thing one one time I saw this goose that I've gotten hit and it was still walking across the road and I was so sad for like two days who's really depressing. Goose now mentioned her husband nine. Oh God what percentage of Americans do you think are idiots. Seventy Eighth Komo higher lower lower fifty to forty two. I'm pat you know how I know that how Ford study finds forty two percent of Americans think electric cars need gasoline. Oh two percent of Americans stupid. What do you the logic behind that is hugging. It's gotTa be right. He's going to be owing. A hybrid that has to be has to be what it is. There's no always somebody's lying to are. They know they are they really are people asked a survey insane three the girls. I work with asked me which one describe her. She's not gonNA listen. She's twenty is the one that was in your room. You yes well. The one the one the other one isn't so we've we have tiny potties and they they have no flushing power in kids poop like thirty year olds but so they get clogged up all the time because my room is potty training room right and so we were always calling the plumber and the plumber would come in. I was like I was like if they like if you teach me how to like work as ager like he's he's punter but use a snake like I would snake it out that way you guys will have to come out here as much well. No I need the money well no oh he was like. Oh Yeah. I'll teach you like no worries like just have a snake in the now and so I was telling Meghan I was like Oh like I think they should just buy snaking teachers how to use it because that would save them so much money in the long run like and the guy looked at me and she's like I'm afraid of snakes and I was like you what and she's like. I'm afraid of snakes. Why would they put her snake in the toilet yep. She's part of that forward you present. I guarantee what talking to us. What the what the fuck is happening right now. It's not an actual snake. Just like what is happening. I was so confused and the worst part is the other two people that were in the room with me left so I had to deal with it. Explain explain what the fuck is snake was for you bitches so educating children in made of honor. Where's T. REX costume at no. I didn't do it earlier. You didn't era now. You'RE GONNA do it so I'm not made of honor. Where's T. rex cost him after being told she could wear anything. If you told your bridesmaids then that's what happened. What would you feel. I can be funny like I she. She's like attention starved right now. That's definitely attention seeking yeah just like like I I love Lake Jake really cute like bridesmaids speeches and shit like that but when it gets to like let me sing you a song or something I m burbs speech. It was really nice. Yeah you remember Royces Ideal. I thought it was really nice. I heard it was really nice but I don't remember it. It was really nice. It was like a it. I was just talking about like you guys do when you were kids and Do you ever think about giving speeches like that to people yeah yeah. I did too like what I would say if I was like crazy. People are like free like friends or something right like sometimes we'll thank I think what would I like. What would be a story. I would share yeah if they passed or whatever like. Oh yeah yeah yeah so like. I don't think that I think I definitely give like I've definitely my head of given like grimson speeches ocuple yeah for sure. Have you only had to do at one one time yeah I did it. Technically Acne wasn't even Mon- Nia. Do I just like he was out of there yeah. I don't have a lot of friends and I don't think I would do. I think Jay would probably have Steve. do it or something yeah probably didn't do Brody's. Peru's wasn't like that really have it. Yeah I'd ride all I mean. I guess I would say brody's but it'd be you know what I mean. I like my brothers. I think about that but like like yeah. I'll Royce would ask me take probably have Guinness do it. I'll really or Alex probably in which I I understood understands yeah and I would do my other brothers. We think sex robots. You're doing now giving blow jobs. I don't know well might assert out. Is that God are they biting off penises not biting a second off. Athena's no sex robots with coding errors prone to violence including strangling humans. I think you read this did I. I think thank you Dan the second week in a rally second row think strippers. I have my I keep mine fine. I can literally pull up my I know I didn't because I literally just stuff for now yesterday. What do you want to throw by. How can you not want one just to try it. Do whatever you want out weird. What's the weirdest thing you stuck your Dick into stuck my Dick into my non you suck someone else's dig into stuck anybody's taking anything. CDC warned warns him not to kiss chickens. Dammit Elliott story so fucking interrupting today. K still choke yeah. That was a I don't. I don't care sound like Japan huck so you think about that about keeping chickens. Kinda weird yeah. I don't know why who you want this cat on the no L. Sued you era knows I love kissing his little knows. He doesn't love him back right now. He doesn't it makes me sad add but I love it. I just want to do right now cases Llanos now. He's sleepy. Let Him I'm going to let him sleep. Obviously we're recording but man's cargill stolen stolen while he's busy robbing a store again. Karma my favorite car which your favorite car stolen story my favorite car stolen story. If you're a story about someone's car getting stolen like Italian Meyde I the I mean the only thing that I have remotely compare to that is like the first time I parked at Columbus State. I might parents had drilled it into me. They're like make sure doors lock. Make sure you parked your under like because your call get stolen like and so when I was walking out to go to my heart I can. I thought I remembered remember where I parked it but I had parked f instead of G. or something like that right and so I go to the thing where I had parked right next to my car was like fuck my car stolen and so just my parents told me away. I knew they told me who they also. Email told me lots of things Fox they were right about everything but then I had a it was fine but verner for solid like two minutes. I'm like what am I gonNA do. Have I have a Shitty job. I can't buy another car continue. Mine is our friend who turned her car on in the winter and went inside to warm up and go to the bathroom before going to work and came out and her car the stolen. Leeann that sucks so Howard sack. What are the chances of that actually happening. I mean isn't that way eight to legal. It's why it's illegal well. That's not why because it's bad for the environment you should turn your car on in thirty seconds later. Palau right yeah. I don't trust to do that like I don't trust. I don't trust anything like even in like we live in an apartment complex. Maybe a neighborhood hood. even know how. I don't trust. I don't trust like if I go outside and forget something inside inside. I will take all of my shit back inside. I know you will I will I have to I don't I don't trust anybody and one of the stars of thirteen gene reasons why deleted all of her instagram posts after fans abused her because her character ruin the show. I believe you're talking about the new ucare who that was added in the third season. Yes who is a toll bitch issue. I don't think she's a bitch. She just like super unnecessary. There's just like how can we extend past. The book. Look for the second. Season was a stretch yeah third seasons unnecessary. I guess they had originally planned for her to did not die late. They were going yet. They were originally going to have her overdose but her mom find overdose us but like do the cutting thing and then her but her mom finder and save her and then like that's not how it is in the I know I'm just saying blink yeah. I can't you just do the source material as it's fucking written. Listen I know walking down been so good good as a one fucking movie New Book Yeah Peter Two Peter. You fucked it up. Your original chilly g was amazing. You didn't have to make three movies now. I know you didn't have to add Stephen Colbert had just 'cause you likes the hobbit right well. That's that's a walking dead yeah about the walking dead while walking. There's a lot of folks that fire the actor and I like I how can you how can you plan for the kid actor to grow up and be a shitty adult actor. You don't think that's why they got rid of a lot of money to as he saw the writing on the wall that he was important and they said not really I think he has well. I mean I've live apart emily. Oh you're pushing it. I know name a good show that lasted more than five seasons office but man the that sees the first. I season that Michael was terrible. It was awful. Almost unwatchable. Frazier regime is good frazier. I'll say frazier holds up but again in the freezer holdup because we watched it in such a small probably grace. I bring me has been good. That show really yeah. Yeah Okay isn't that Grayson Frankie was. I just don't think there's a lot of shows that that's why I mean that's why BBC so well like they have one show that goes on forever forever and that's fucking time weather. What's his name Doctor. Who's he's again. That's the only show every other other shows. There's two seasons three seasons yeah. That's why sherlock bad towards the end. There's this shit up. I think there's something to be said for making sure your show is contained just in case. It gets cancelled because there's nothing. I hate more or so. Yeah like lost would have been fantastic if they had known they were. GonNa get five five seasons of show yeah yeah you know broad church man. The first is a broad church phenomenal yeah the crown so good yeah but they know what their limitations are right pastor dies after thirty days of fasting to be Jesus's record he didn't beat it clearly champ. Jesus still champion now my gosh why thirty days cheese he had to now L. Lake that he was GonNa die now that you can't make it that why Jesus came back allegedly I mean. Did you really go three days. He's not eating. Maybe like thirty minutes is how long they get yeah. That's my whole like you taking the Bible Literal Paul Yeah. You're making a mistake that is I mean that is the taking a liberally litter literally sorry liberally liberally as long as I'm sure I brought this article because of where it's from and just it's it's so stupid and Click Bady. If pork isn't band we'll have to leave. America is from the Muslim Liz Muslim Musleh main Muslim Leeann Council and I know that spelled wrong because I don't get it but they website that it is from is called hauled Tater GonNa. Take haters detainees data going to date. We had a guy in my boy scout troop. WHO's Muslim yeah that his parents got a divorce and he wasn't Muslim anymore right today marriage in Muslim my marriage in the moment he was not Muslim he started eating pork. I fucking love Pepperoni. We know we know we get it on on your for a while though really good Shit Bay I gotta be gotta be completely accurate tate experimental replication shows knives manufactured from frozen. Human Feces do not work. That's GonNa work who did die people. no shit your your weight nowadays. Yeah Ila who's like that's a good idea. What a way to kill somebody that Sam with frozen frozen poop knife. Could you imagine getting to the afterlife like how'd you die. I was stabbed poop national. I don't really believe that's another hearing her. Their the okay coversation never take place. Okay you for me. You'll be dead stresses me out. What thing is is denying zero PEAC really yeah. I just don't want it to be painful. I'd rather just like fall asleep. No like Oh yeah I mean isn't that the dream I guess or shot in the head coming even by solid coming getting shot the heavy so fast you so fast right yeah. I mean I saw a guy who designed a roller coaster yeah that will kill you by the end of it because of how many loops and how facet as often that deprives your brain of oxygen and so by the in you whoa Lord but would be really Kinda cool. I just saw today. I thought it was. It looked really interesting awful. Oh will you wouldn't even know she just drift off. I guess I mean anyway. This has been testing are you has been depressing tests analyze kind of whoa when she was who could because it's so late ten o'clock. It's just now ten ten o'clock nine when we started. It was not so lucky well. We just had dinner we did. Maybe we ate pretty late tonight anyway. You can find more of our stuff at Tessa Elliott. Are you dot com and posts there now so and olive. LA's other podcasts casts now up there. You know put butter. I don't have the MP three for it. That last Florida's store ideal Riddick Bowe area Florida Man Accused of robbing Chinese restaurant at Finger Point Essel he he's accused of attempting tales accused used up so all right well. Thanks for listening. We'll see next week

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Adjust the Mic Episode #39 Social Distancing

Adjust the Mic Podcast

1:03:33 hr | 4 months ago

Adjust the Mic Episode #39 Social Distancing

"So are you just going to ask me questions and I can answer it. And then we'll go from there and you can edit out anything that makes me look stupid or if I say something really messed up that needs to be gone. Yeah you feel fine baggies off the clothes line and went to restore big back. Then I did. I know exactly can always okay. Here's the show. So she'll distancing host the Mike calling. You need this stuff that I'm going to use for the ship's gift six feet back colleen. I can't believe you've found that pitcher so quickly. I don't listen to you guys color. Coordinate I know what I'm doing I know we look at these shiny leg just before. The show started her legs anymore. So what did he do? He lifted a much better and talking to us. Links Buddy episode number thirty nine thirty nine. I have a sports athlete. Aries Hunker CZANKA was thirty. Nine Larry Sonko dolphins suck. The dolphins bugs the bucks have go. I've been buccaneers fan. My whole life. Bro I love the Bucks Man. I've always actually liked him but I I. I like talking shit about him. I always reform the win. Actually I've been more buccaneers games in most bucks fans. I've been to more bucks teams when I have Dolphin Games course. Dolphins are terrible for sure. Hey It's episode. Thirty nine to my left is colleen. She's feels called cheat. Happy Coleens here. I'm in a much better mood today than I was on one day. I feel like I'm out of play. Don't go put a red shirt on. No you can't be at twenty making fun of our legs in Iraq. Because I've mentioned it's obviously to my right Scott's here and he's feisty you're ready cooped up in salt. You saw the video. My son was born. No like just rock. I put that little. Didn't this little What is this a keyboard? Yeah and it has some pre-selected one of them comes raves. Long like electron music. He started rocking here. So I just picked up my phone video and at check it out man. I think it's on the instagram actually. No I don't instagram. Charlie's here too low charleen. Hey Halen does not here but he has a very good reason to not be. He's going to take a break from the show because he's in contact with people through his work. Let's just put it out there. He's got crow virus. He's going be alright though. We're going to sit here. And he's he's already throwing jabs in the in the message. Buddy Mrs Mrs Everybody Yeah and you got to think. The show does a lot better when he's on in any way. What would he be saying to his listeners? To his fans if he were able to speak to them what would you say? Carey Potter. That's what it'd be saying probably would be talking about Mexican pizzas and negative angry. He promised to do a bunch of stuff and they WANNA come through. You know pretty hard. How they want me turned honor. Joe Did you just go. Negative turn turn turn tables. No Office Michael Scott. Well Hey could you get a drone to bring me twelve of those Mexican Peaches Joe Police? Oh I still got like four about him. I just want one house one. I'll bring him tomorrow. I'll bring him tomorrow. I'll bring all four of them. Okay I just want you know. We'll do we'll cook all four in tournament. Kelvin's will stack on the other. Got It sounds good. It is this pizzas. Were never really my jam though. Man Shit Man. I remember some Shepherd's Pie stores my senior year on Shepherd's Pie Day life people would order like two or three servings. It was a thing like a huge thing. It's one of my favorite meals. My mom always made shepherd's pie does like one of my favorite things she made. But I don't like mixing like you know what I'm saying like it's mix mix and food normally cleared. I know I. Just don't I don't like I'll eat shepherd's pie but I'm not like Oh man I gotta make sure hey in high school. Did you guys ever play the nose rule game like when you're eating in the cafeteria like you know how how the senior cafeteria And like everybody beating in there and then towards the end somebody touches her nose and then the next person does it in the last person it has picked up. Everyone strays throwaway. Now I'll remember that touch your nose last game ever heard but never knew the hardcore repercussions of losing that game. Yeah that's I never ate in the senior cafeteria outside. Yeah now is it outside Falkland. Too Hot for my hair can nerds there. Oh yeah that's true you got you gotta worry about because ever having epic fight in the arena like in the gladiator arena at pit area. Now we used it. No are you kidding? I remember we had a pit to. I don't know it'd be on the outside but on the outside for all the time. Huge fight math building math building. I remember that one man me too. That was scary. We were in the middle of it. We Ronnie Chaba really. Oh Yeah Oh yeah we're getting don't remember who it was but someone through somebody over the upstairs thing balcony to the edge like yeah. I saw some nurse some crazy shit. I the girl re will remain nameless because she's probably you'll probably She's a gangster She cut a girl with a box cutter cross her face off. That was cool rumor. No that was I was right there. That was right by my locker. Slicer face right open. Dang since high school and our kids are going to be going to high school. One day I don't hear about the high school it's now it's like online bullying stuff man. There's not really outside fistfights anymore. Like they meet the tree now they just shame each other on social media. 'cause they're so tough that tracy sparsely on them stupid pages. Mike God Stupid let it go man this social her like you guys. I want to hear like go in that. People were more supportive towards community like so she was ripping us. You know at the brewery because I gave out. I don't even WanNa get into it. I just think it's good for her that she has facebook man because he probably doesn't have a lot going on in life so I I'm I'm happy for either way like what I did was not illegal on Sunday when I worked and everybody defended me and post made but she had already said something and started something and then she's like. Oh I guess you know all turn commenting off because I misunderstood but whenever noon I get screen shots from other groups. Where she's like totally Talkin Shit and it's like she's like none of us know these exact rules of like what is allowed. What is it? And it's our mind that our board or just talking to share and so it's like we're all trying our hardest to to like just make a living in do it. We have to do to keep our business open and it's so much harder for some people to write something positive because they can take the easy one and look at the negative and it just it. It's that person's choice of which way they want to go with it and that's why go negative that they deserve all the chastising they get when it comes to hate on. Somebody's ability to make a living. What's crazy so today? I've been talking to my friend. Lindsey who works at dirty or and my friend Rachel. Halberg that works with me and I was like. I just want to see a picture of this lady as she looks like S-o-f-i see her like I know how to I. I I call Rachel. My facebook. Fbi person because Rachel can find any and then we couldn't find anything. And I come over here and Charlie literally in less than a minute finds a video with her on it and now I know she'll have a pitcher. I just feel bad for me. I mean I I really do apologize for even being like me because I hope she. I hope she finds what she's looking for in that their life of facebook life. That's good. She has that much control. I'm glad I'm sure she enjoys. I think that's why I have problems with all types of online Leadership in any way. Like hierarchies because everybody interprets in does what is best for them. What's best for the group? She's ever but he's looking at themselves. I am sure she's put in a position where she's damaged. She do damned if you don't but you're putting you put on facebook look just completely not true and then somebody in a group does it and they banned. I can just grew so good for her. It's the ultimate like like minor in business in a way but on facebook when people postings and and if you don't like it how hard is it to scroll past or just leave the group on so like as soon as you comment on it in a negative like that you're making it about you? You're showing an insecurity. Scroll on that move on. Let's have a vested interest in this fight. You WanNa put the fight up and you WANNA win that fight. She said a lot of stuff. Though that like has entertained the hell out of me. She sometimes can be very witty clever. And all that. I'm not even GONNA lie. I've laughed at a lot of her post. But then this like I took personally because I'm like I'm like this is. This is a really hard time for everybody in Bavard Cownie and like for her to think that we were purposely trying to do something wrong. Lake hurts me because like we're all trying. So yeah but it's not even worth talking about because you weren't doing nothing wrong and she created a narrative that you are and then she didn't want to backtrack on it in whatever man up whatever. It's okay whatever I feel like. I'm starting to feeling we're talking about a fight from the truth about Titusville page. Feel how you know how you go. People go hard in the paint on Eminem and he destroys them. He's the EMINEM Titusville. She's GonNa shut down to just the Mike because she's so tough she probably will shutdown tracy. Sparks is that what the tiger? That's why you were watching Tiger share. Shut that that Man Tiger Guy. I know I know tiger them. It's a mantra why we're hanging out yesterday and we are. We're in a group group chat all of us four and Joey's never on the show like calling starts going haw show now. I've been working. Don't fuck with Ken unbelievable. I I've been working all day and I'm like I just want to relax and watch the office or want to just watching mindless movie or something. So calling puts that up tiger king. God we gotTa talk about it. We said okay. This sounds amazing. How many areas I gotTA HAVE THE. How many episodes did you get? Hit a woman going on. His eyebrow is barely on. Man. How many episodes did you get in like one and a half to like I was? I think three went through but I was like kind of doing other things and kind of in and out one one episode to because then it gets really crazy like at first. I was just like I did not believe it was real. I googled it. I remember when I was familiar to me. This guy is sane and that Carol Lady Is Insane and that Carolina. She killed her husband. I don't care what anybody says like. It's obvious she was doing the exact same thing he was doing from what I saw she was just doing it in a different name of art. Like I saved these. We can't put them back in the WAC because they've been in touch with so either guy was doing this. They were both doing the same thing. They had guests that we're paying these animals. Well it's the same thing dead husband before all this you know rich rich and they were getting bread animals and everything too and she was even has videos of her like this is how you raise the cat blah blah blah. So she was doing the same shit way back and then I think she got a guilty conscience. I would like to think but then took her husband's still wanted to do what he was doing. She didn't agree they fought and then he disappeared. I can't watch a TV. Show where I hate everybody like. They're all terrible human beings there. There isn't one good one. Listen the girl that got her arm. Bid The chicken. I feel bad for her. Feel the issue so stupid. The Guy Doing the documentary itself was pretty cool. You know because no because he's not gonNA be famous. It's too man. It's already happened in the Guy who are detectives. Don't fuck with cats. I could watch them the whole time. Because they were the classic homemakers or whatever normal people that just get hooked on a story on the Internet and went detective style uncovered a serial killer. I just can't finish any of these documentary so crazy tried but then like this one. It's crazy but I like it seems to me for some reason like it's like so far the debt like when they were doing the here kitty and they had the meaning of the of the the husband. The has like this is my husband. Told him in. You know that's not how it went and do it again but like no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no noone. Let me hear how you did that. Let me hear how you did that. There's probably hero husbands across the seat on the. There's some reverb one more time I think he got to. We'll have a remix and I don't want to listen. Those music videos are like these are saying. Is that he keith. He like really thinks her good. Is that to me all out to see. It's so crazy. Give it to the. He went on tour with Toby. Keith did he really does listen. I needed that show. It brought. It brought some nonsense to my life and made some made me laugh. That's why needed I was just sitting there like what I mean like. Of course the whole time. I'm like I can't believe this is the guy that had like. He'd let go of all his animals in that town would be insane but I remember hearing about that wild. There was wild animals all over and they were having to Kill Them. All crazy people man. They're crazy people like would you to fuck fuck like like African Zoo. Animal since street. That tropical wonderland. They just let the animals go. That's why they're still monkeys. Look at your boy down in Columbia. Escobar he has hip. Oh yeah his hippo. Whose there's a whole show on that. His hip was have just taken over that whole area of frigging. They're the most dangerous to humans period. Yeah Oh my God I show so dumb fucking why? Don't finish watching it and then tell me calling? I can go by so fast after the second episode. Because you're just like Oh my Lord. What's The scariest animal to die from? A shark it's a hippo. I'd rather die from a shark than hippo. I don't know I have never broke a pair or a monkey ripped convoked softball you of gross. They start at the. Crotty will fuck on you late. Monkeys are are like no Grizzly. Bears are pretty intense man. Whatever Leonardo decapa survive that polar bear the Revenue? And you see that Shit was unbelievable. Ruutel unbelievable me. When I was younger we went to yellow hippos worse soon as we pull in the gates of yellowstone. They're literally on. The side of the road is a grizzly bear eating this L. Great. And he's just taking his claws ripping this thing and putting in his mouth and no joke. All these cars pulled over and people are taking pictures so we. We were stuck in the road because everyone had stopped. Because everyone's watching this and how like all my mom's like Sicher Ashdown. Gosh Hippos Doors Pro Charlie. What's going on right now. It's so funny what did you just do. I sent that to somebody. That doesn't like her. Oh No that's okay. Same name same. All right calm down you circuit anxiety over this stuff. You GotTa have conflicts showing me pictures of a little conflict in your life. It's alright you get through it. People figure it out man find a way conflicts. Good thing then you come to resolution falling out with her now. Hey Do we have any grocery store stories for all these great workers that you're having to deal with in these alight. What so one of my really good friends. Kayla that works at the public on fifty. She sent me some pictures of the senior. Our which was like I think you know. Of course it was like well-intended. Three hundred people show up and kind of defeats the whole purpose but she said it was crazy. There's just people everywhere. The pitcher she sent me were so nuts but yeah people are still acting insane and buying way too much. And I've been really fighting going into the stores last couple of days gone like you can't get toilet paper for like three weeks or a month on Amazon in all the prices are jacked up. You can't like Walmart target or any of them. How long has Katie Been Ordering Online? And then go pick it up when it's available. They don't have that as an option. How long's toilet paper last? If he frees it. I'm just going to sit in the water. You just sit in the water. Joel time like a shower. One and we're GONNA CH- like yeah man. I feel bad for these nurses to all these all the medical staff that are these hospitals man. They don't have the proper P. to to keep them covered and stuff it's lawyer I mean they're having a reuse other mass and they've got to go home to their families and people were actually they actually have to have security at every storage closet. The has them because even employees are stealing to take other families her. And you can't fault them for but you still can't have it happen. It's like a tough man but like who would think that society in America of all places we brag about. How just do we're the best at everything right? Do this thing is buckling us but listen it has. It hasn't even hit the apex like a review. We don't even know what we're expecting like we like. We have some doom and gloom that we have people say. Oh we'll be back to work in a weaker here we're GONNA have eastern overall. It's Friday march. Twenty seven th do. You think we're we're all. We're still going up the roller coaster to the peak. We haven't even come close to the curve yet. Okay that's how I think so too. I mean well the problem is is. There's not enough test collins electors people like if you look at that reward corona virus little page. That's all everybody's talking about. They are like real life accounts of people that are trying to get tested. That are sick. And they're saying that some of these hospitals actually are already full yet to be singing the older people in there but they can't say that they're positive but they said they have every symptom right so the numbers that we're seeing on on our news are not the real numbers because they're not relative to the tests that were receiving. Yeah WE'RE NOT TESTING. The people out of the tests were getting. Those are our numbers. But that doesn't mean that that's what the real I mean. There's a la more people that are probably sick and there's people are carried. Don't even know they're carrying it exactly because they don't have any symptoms. Any of US could be honestly. Do you think you know we're still her that bad going on. We haven't reached like I. I feel like right now. We're taking the precautions but what we're taking. The precautions for has not had us yet because we still have people not even from here partying at the beach. Inlet down real quick real quick ego to winning now real quick when you go to the store. Are you wearing gloves when you go to the gas station? Are you wearing gloves? Are you wearing a face? What are you doing? I kind of have one of these little towels. Reckon bring with me. I just use my elbows and stuff I mean I have a couple pairs of gloves a little bit but I'm D- need some but I'm like I don't look the other way news and catch your face. You're not catching on sneezes at you. Some semi sneezes employment leaks like a little. In like in your. I like all of Said you walk with high in like little piece of water comes another thing POPs in your eye near infected. I'm opening slot twenty eight days later. Thanks for those hand sanitizer attached to my keys attached to my purse. Like I just literally more gloves I do use my elbows a lot and stuff and then I wash my hands a lot quite a bit actually breaking out so draw my gloves right here in the corner you know the gloves are Kinda stuck in life. It's weird isn't who but like this. Did you watch on facebook today? The commissure meeting or whatever. It is count. Yeah now okay. They're rolling. It's an emergency ruling. Whatever on a keeping the peaches open okay? So one of these one of these Commissioners County Commissioner. She works in the hospital in his doing. She had to take time away from that to have this emergency meeting. Yep they're all hate on one guy right. Who'S THE HEAD COMMISSIONER? So it was four to one or whatever and it's pretty funny they have fucked them up. I told Him Tiger King show-me memes in the middle of a whole on. Joe This is for you to a little like a thing where like talk like this. Yeah do that. Jesus cars is it. The LOBER Guy L. O. B. E. R. I'm sure what the head to the head guy. And he's even if somebody thinks they can do is better come on like bring it. Yeah but then you have all these people Chad inside. Joined it while at work today and it was kind of watching a little bit of it and I shared it on my page. I think so other people could because it's talking about like the hours that we have our beaches open from in you know it's we. We have a lot of people from New York flying to Orlando Right now. Yes for spring break. Okay it's their spring break that so like Coco beach and all that like some of those beaches are just open. Your move marking. Elliot's close the parking but you can still walk their park somewhere else and walk there and they're trying to deter it like they want it to be closed together will the. I think the one guy did but then the rest of them. I think didn't WanNA leave it over. They say people aren't going to do anything we don't need we. We're doing the least amount in the state of Florida County. Was anybody else so what that says in in this is science. I mean pretty much. You can watch subject from other countries. Mary's the people that take it the lease areas when they do get hit they get hit the hardest. Yeah yeah that we gotta be careful so they they should have closed all that stuff down. We don't want people from New York. Who could be infected go into the beaches going into the stores and me eaten the locals given to them. They're taking it to their families and then here we go again a outright like come on and we don't do anything about it so people that on page. You're freaking out. They can't get tested. Yeah that's the stuff that I read. I mean this is scary. Yes I agree. You start freaking out. You know the more you get on the more you rings is every news everything on. That's why the tiger king is so popular because it's mindless crap. You need things like that. Though I agree I agree right now like I. I the stress that I have is like another level that I thought I'd never have and I have it better than some most people that are in my situation but it still like. I can't imagine what they're going through. So you know what if I'm GonNa Watch the frigging tiger king and see a gay man with a blonde mullet and earrings everywhere. Talking about how he's the entire King I'm GonNa Watch that Shit like it. You know about the turtle. I thought the Turtle Dude up in Kentucky Better Ponzi jumping those and those noodle dudes they noodle with the calf arming those holes. That's shit right there kind not do that. So I'm not noodling so when we will now partake I think after we get back from break then. We shouldn't talk anymore virus. It's all going to be fun to do that. I agree getting all that much because I'm just thinking i WanNa talk about the current virus. I think it's something we should really talk about the whole time. Oh my God after the break. I think we have some topics. We have Who is we have the most famous person we've ever met? Yeah is you. Yeah the host of adjusting. Of course I ruled for that answer that First Responder Joe Miller that we all know sale. They're saving the world one elderly person at a time. We love you Joe. I think you just shouldn't houses talking grubbies Mexican heaters all of them. Grow twelve twelve. And I gotcha Tamar Buddy I got. Let's take a break all right back not yet not yet by Golly Shit toilet paper dollar for a role. People need to listen to us right. Oh Man Yeah we love you guys and thank you so much for all you. Guys at download the PODCAST. We've ever six hundred people. Yup and I you know it would be awesome and all six hundred downloads. That would be awesome and I know we have a lot of friends and family that do but I know there's still some guys. Hey listen you're not Gonna. You're there's probably don't download it but when you download spirit hope yeah and we love you guys man. Thank you so much for. The downloads. May Colleen's people may have brought in so many people so many foamy. It's really awesome. I love the people that we actually have talked a lot of shit but we love everybody on the show. Everybody brings something to the show. But Joe bring not completing taft. Yes to the group. He brings empty promises and fans. Yeah causative Larry Personality and pause and she's just like do whatever the fuck it is yeah People don't realize man how is a lot of work and on the technical and it's mostly completely sky so we appreciate that to be buster Astra's fogcast enjoy between between buying a house and in this room set up and doing all this shit man your cat's meow buddy. We're still doing it. Committed to a weekly live Yemen episode. I think we're getting comfortable on the Mike. We have a really good flow. The show share. Hey listen shared a firm share it if you listen to it shared on your facebook page. Talk Shit we're going to be Calling some people out here soon. We got a little idea. We're coming here where we're trying name is Minnie hookers. We can pretty much and what you to listen. Maybe we want you to be a part of it. We want you to post after here episodes post. Hey me I love this episode like this. I disagree with this. Yeah this tell us like come out of Gross Bras Out. Come back from break and talk about your hair. Your hair looks good. Browner those doing to just a hair plugs now. Growing it out though No actually I just had a someone just actually. I was doing a little comb over little very pretty and it's getting a little light up at the top of it it's shorter. You should do the thing that I do with the stuff you've got to try to. There's something about marrying stuff. It's coming your `isolation so just grow it out broke. I wouldn't look like this morning like his hair. The come to the week Bro. Yeah it was a burden of everything. Abe is still at that age. She don't WanNa come her hair out search for you stink. Go take a bath. Time Ra back from break and we're back. Hey I got. We got this little thing we're going to do. We're just GONNA I want to get on the page. I'm again on facebook page when we sometimes we like we have six hundred members in our group now and some we don't know but we other people know so we thought about bringing them up so we all kind of picked a couple of people that well we know that are active in the group or the have commented and yeah. We can't just what we did is we just got on the six hundred ten members and we just scrolled trolled scrolled up and now and we did like a random dot org thing and five random names came up with you know who these people are. Lou. Okay let's go first with the first one we came up was missy owens now. I'm hiring the name I remember missy from high school but I I don't know her lay it. Yeah I went to. I know missy very well. 'cause we have we when sixth grade together. We had walked to school together every day. I would hang out at her house and play with her kittens. She had like a million. She's still in town. She got babies and she's doing very well. Her brother is the one who is in that. Tv show shrill. I was telling you guys. Oh yes familiar. Yeah so missy is very good people. We're not supposed to be stalking while we're you guys are looking at are up but we're not supposed to be looking at person on our phones while we are supposed to she'd we. I don't know I don't know. Is there no not doing that? Why would you do that? You're doing it. I'll follow you know I was looking at the puzzle. Found that Tracy girl I can look at first of all. That's what I do. I was looking at the just Mike the Group because I had to pick these five random names and I. I remember missio ones but I don't i. Didn't you know what I'm saying from High School? She was definitely around the group of people. We hung out with like best friends with Sonia. Sonia Duran Sonia means used to go to punk rock shows together all the time long super cool senior in a while. Yeah me neither. I'm issue Sonia. You're probably GONNA listen okay. The next name is barb. Cook Barb Cook. Tom and Dan Fan big. Tom and Dan events she's a big who Israel Radio one four point one fan as well We when I was going to the time of day events you know like she's a part of that like she was a lot of the groups and she's awesome she We did the bike drives and everything that they run like. She's helped with those and everything. Getting bikes for the news. Junkie occurs on the cruise with Tom. Medina them she just awesome lady. Oh that's cool and she goes so we'd have a lot of events when we go to the beach meet ups and stuff at that Stay for the weekend. Like she'd have her little crew and they'd come for the weekend as well. I remember you were in that few years ago. You were really into that when I was on my own and it was kinda boarders. Everybody's kind of doing their thing. I kinda got hooked into that group. Because that's what I got into the podcast and that's what kind of started all this and going all those meet ups all these people and they're all I we're gonNA start a podcast. We're going to do this. And that and it was just Kuhlman. They're just good people. They support like these private groups. If one of those people in that group was is down and out in some money mean they'll step right in and help that person or help that family light. There's been some big causes that they've helped in. Barbara's men a big part of that. That's cool man. So that's why she's yes she's GonNa shut out the bar okay. The next one is Royce Boyce. How about that name? I would it I work with. I work with Royce He's a bill ginger teddy bear man. He's just he's a beautiful beautiful giant teddy bear off of. Ginger is all out the okay. Everywhere everywhere yeah. He's got a big old crush on my one of my co Workers Kris Okay. And they kind of like a thing. They go to Martini bars. You know the Martini Bar downtown Titusville. They'll go to yeah they'll go to the comic shop in play. Magic okay. Played in a little magic. Okay big ginger. No well then. Christly isn't yeah. And then what they would do is go play their little magic card game and then they'd go to the Martini Bar and duping. I did see Christopher Ginger gather as it was it was Royce usually. Don't forget they go on dates. They do this all time they they were really upset about the Martini. Barclays Share Martinis and actually good morning. Or did you go on with another guy that holiday no wonder Meru it. I wish okay Shoutout to Royce a lovey. You you big ginger bear okay. All man this was my choice. Yeah I love his post. This one all ran. No I actually pick this one cheated who it is because I like his post and everything that Desk George. Peterman that is solid fucking Goldman. Awesome we For one of the hurricanes I forget which one we went to his house and a veto and stayed over there. Oh I used to work with him. He left and he he Runs a paint store. Okay and he he's like GM of a few or something he is the bee's knees man. I we always active in the group. Yeah he was. He's the best man we we sat. This is my Buddy Sean parkhouse. One night we stayed up really late on his porch in. We're calling a cab to come get us to take us to a bar located. It's one thirty in the morning. So listen was was on the phone with this fucking cab driver for thirty minutes. We're meeting for a fight. We're GONNA he had he had the cabdriver saying. I'M GONNA MEET YOU HERE. We're GONNA fight each other like the outsiders no weapons though. And they made rules shit he had the cab driver so fucking mad and he's like listen. It's GonNa be slaps he rules like he was cranking this cabdriver. It was the best call I got that. Call on fucking on audio. Oh my God. He had him but he had them cranked it. He's a funny dude man. He's he's good people and they'll do anything for awesome love and his neighbors and saying Steve Injure. I liked this Moose. Good for the last one. I'm going to need help with the first name's donny. Is it Godfrey? Yeah Donny. Godse money the name man meet him. I met him. He you might have but he is like by far one of my favorite regulars ever at hardware. He is there every time I work to see me. 'cause I give him so much crap. If he doesn't come in he's he's one of the sweetest nicest guys. I met him. He was just so good to me when I first started there and like I I seriously like it just makes me realize how much I miss my job. 'cause like I miss just seeing him like went on my last shift on Sunday. He was like the first one to come in and it's like he always takes care of us. He's always telling me something about the year Samir. A customers were face. Timing was like a group thing for everybody can see each other. I Have A. I have a Thursday group of regulars. That are teachers and they They had download zoom because they have start teaching their classes through that so they invited me. I got an email for hardware store. Meet up at seven PM zoom. That's awesome so everybody. All of them were at their houses and I joined in and we're all just like on a video and they're all wearing play. Linda shirts drinking their beer and likely had are like little Thursday. Chatty amazing family from up in Kentucky and we did it last week and we did a face are we did do facetime. No we did. It was through. Yeah I think so Trotta Said Messenger. Right. If you've got multiple people can do and then you could facetime them all at the same time. They're all little mini little floating. Yeah at work. She did that with me. And in on the phone yeah. We had a blast that we had family from Cleveland. Franc family New Hampshire where everybody's at home so I'm all right all right. We'll shout at Donegal Freeman. That's five. We're probably do this every weekend. We're GONNA Scott cheated on one but we're we're going to pick them on random you got or whatever name you like. Should we tell them? They have to add five people that they think my like to show and they don't give them or make it. We're making you. We're lucky if they're even listening to this right now. Take their name. We're going to have to podcast. Sat Out Royston. George Awesome man like that so I put a little. There's my daughter. She played a hide and seek in here. And they're just looking for Edward Hyde and they're just like step house all four. Hello neighbor hello neighbor sounds creepy. That's creepy show Cappuccino before it's creepy. Hide the mabere hides free things. Everybody can hear everything that you're saying. How's Frederick deduct? Yeah did you see your pitcher? Allie Allie over here. Come look at this picture. Rally made that for you. Raleigh made that for you rally rally made up Frederick the duck pitcher because the last episode pretty awesome to. You did a really good job looking at L. E. Right did you catch. Jesus Sh- Riley having fun. That's your I saw him. Kinda stare in an alley a little. Kosh guys heritage's goes. Let's not very children. Would you put on facebook. Oh Shit the forgot. We're doing a podcast right. Chose not here. Who was the most famous person you've ever met and I put? It was iced tea iced tea and Hulk Hogan Mr to you'd be cooler than ice tea bowl Shiites as the man bullshit. I T zero as we. U S we. He's one of the greatest Walter he used to be ever see. Ice LOVES COCO. No terrible. Sorry look I respect ice tea for what he brought to the game but I never liked him. He's serious ads weird. I love that I seen ever grab like I like it. Like would hinge Chapelle show when he was the player hater of the year announcer. I fucking hated everything that came out of his mouth did a terrible job in my opinion. Chapelle Charlie Murphy number so fucking. I met ICED tea at a body count concert. At warped tour he drank Heineken with a man and hung out. He's hung out on the back of a fucking pickup truck impounded heinekens. Well he's I can't. I'm so glad hating but it just something he's never done it for me. Tell me about the story you met about fucking backstreet. Boy Tell me that story. You WanNa shoot special all right. That's a good story colleen. How about you folks iced tea like I was really trying to think about it and most of the famous people I've ever met have been sports people but like my favorite and the best time ever when I was nine years old my biological dad and step mom took me and my brother to see the giants play Tampa Bay we got a hotel room over there and my dad. The whole time was like this hotel. The giants are staying at this hotel. So we're GONNA get to see them US pretty so I was like. Oh my God okay. This is the first year actually start paying attention to football watching it. I mean I was real little kid so like I knew all the players. Were we get to this hotel? We go to check in. And they're like here's your key. Make sure you show it to the security guard on the elevator when you get off on your floor. Wiser Security Garden. And they're like well. We had one extra room on the floor that the giants are staying on and we went ahead and gave the room to you guys. Am I dad like I mean? My Dad is the biggest giants fan about shed at Brek. Great so we go up there since we're not the elevator Phil. Simms is just walking down the hall. Who and then hotel room. Our Room was right. It was on the second floor right next to Oda Sanderson. I met like Matt Bahr. Who was the kicker I met Lawrence Taylor and that to me? Oh my God he was on so much though. Let me tell you how mortgage perspective I have now lost so lt would not take pictures. He would only sign things and we would stand in the hallway. People were throwing things on our balcony to get them signed because like every player. Was there like bill parcells. Was there all of them? I love them and so l. Tease walking down the hall with like probably six or seven girls all dress. Whatever and I remember asking my my dad and step mom like like. Who will those girls near like? Oh just got a lot of friends and sisters that are hanging out with them and Blah Blah Blah. So man. Now I know it wasn't going but if they were all so kind and nice to me and my brother because we were just little kids and they signed everything they took pictures. Just like I that is why like I will be a giants fan forever. Just because they love such a good job. They won the superbowl that year. The bills in Eli Manning's was a good quarterback. Scott what do you got for? Want nose talking about what he's really. Lts That's awesome story. I had this Zuber Zuber once. Bill Belichick was there bill bell check their defense coordinator that you must carry them onto the field inside of my hat and I never wore it again. I saw I bet you cocaine on that. Maybe I know I'm sure. There is a declared Majoria. Fatone thing you guys can make fun of me on it. We were in line in the security line me and my ex wife when we were going on a trip and all I said was ooh. I think that guy's famous. I think I knew who he I think. That's the guy from the backstreet boys. Yeah I bet you. Probably she goes down. You knew immediately who that he's been to this day she like she makes me know that. I like got all. Yeah I did but my my my guys David Copperfield. Okay and I'm going to expose him does evening goes. I was told I wasn't allowed to. Magic is a real. And telling you allusions are allusions. This was at the What'S THE PLACE DOWN IN MELBOURNE CENTER CENTER? So I get for my birthday David Copperfield tickets. So I'm sitting in the crowd and he's got one hundred Andrea so there was a birthday gift and we're in the crowd and they throw these ping pong balls into the crowd in. Its their finale. It's where they take a person from the stage and then he's all of a sudden in a magical island you know like in a in a in a desert or like Paradise Island Crystal Clear Water Beaches Paradise Okay and it actually like the illusion. Looks like it's legit real or whatever so I thought he's ping pong balls and I. I caught one inside so I had to get up and go up on stage and they had all these little hot women and their little outfits and whatever and we all had to pick a numbers for this illusion or whatever like how. Can you do to pick a number you to pick number? Yeah so we're all picking numbers in when he got to me like pick four pick four. She says it in my ear. Oh really and I go four almost pick two different like I stuttered it because I want both for so after the show. I was told the girl was you. Can you please stay after the show? You know Volvo. Yeah David Copperfield. So after the show we sit there and then he walks over and one at a time. There's eight of us or whatever and he took us into this little room with three or four of the girls in their furred eye. Can't hear whatever you WANNA call it and he's like hey thank you for keeping the magic illusion alive and Blah Blah Blah. We appreciate you saying anything bloated Blah Blah Blah. And then I walked down just told everybody that was so cool. That is cool. Awesome those name so he's a fraud. Thank you crush. People's dreams from what? Everyone else gangster. Though he's he's now he's not a gangster gangster dude sleighs. He's slept with more women than ice tea has. That's not even real host. My whole Cogan one's pretty good. I met him at the gas station on Orange Avenue. Orange Orange Avenue fifty seven eleven. That has a roof over it. Yep I went in to get beer for indium show. We're staying at hotels on someone. And I got a pitcher with me. Him and Jason Lincoln. Holding a twelve pack. Old Milwaukee like the Hawks are held at floors. He's all. I got the last disposable camera in the stores back before cell phones because I'm old and then I got a disposable camera. We took a bunch of pastors all him holding old Milwaukee Milwaukee Best Milwaukee's best lasted up. That night was pretty awesome. Yeah that's pretty brook in Brooke Hogan and the boy. They were labor young men. Do Low kids you know and like Bill Purple Hummer Neck Right Hey what do people on facebook say invasive and there's a whole bunch of cool stuff. You're not cool stuff's pretty dumb but oh standpoint shack any met Colloquy Stacy Michelle carrot top in Joe Miller. She's care family lives like in town. Let's go with raiders of that during those all the time. Yeah Rachel Andrew Liza Minelli and Eddie money recipes. Eddie Money Eddie. Money is a good one. Yeah Meghan be goes. Oh Kenny Chesney backstage with colleen. We have signed church to this. And let me tell you about this story so Kenny Chesney and I'm not gonNa tell you the whole story but we can each. It was me Megan. Amien Holly who are twins my friend Lauren and my friend and we made these shirts. It spelt out Kenny. Like the twins were the ends and we all identical we have wrangler jeans and boots and whatever and this was back when we were all skinny hot and like as soon as we got there. People wanted to take our pitchers and like we got backstage. And he signed her shirts and it was a who was pretty credible. He's Kenny Chesney. I think he's a country music singer. I don't know any of the songs he married. Renee Zellweger at one time though. Shit Renee Zellweger. Dammit man. Good for you Kenny. All Right Jeremy Po run DMC. That's pretty awesome. That's really really good. That's right up there reveron derrick. Oh Yeah it's amazing book so good. Do Joe Hampton Bruce Campbell from evil dead Bruce Campbell like He. That's a good one brandon. Weaver put me. You're stupid brandon. Scott put Dr J. WITH ALUM. Trone at a magic game on said he called me player. Alan I've never seen him so proud of my life. He turned around because he goes. Hey what's happening? Play like that and kind of gave him a little little handshake. Alad turnaround looked meals. He called me a plan popping shirt via player Do we went out drinking that night. Afterwards the hill that he hauled Mya play. Just that was the best man. Danny Miller Jerry Rice Roger Clemens Ozzie. Smith Jam wow shouted Danny Dude. And then he but Terry Francona Jason Vera. Tekere my favorite celebs that I've met. That's the bread sauce man station. Red SOX nation cirque dreams. Well yeah everyone to enjoy the destroyer. He's been my fantasy Second Basement long time. He's not even look dirty chicken. Hey so tell her Kelly sparkman Williams shut out to. Kelly went to high school with her. My Dad Played Chris. Collins Worth Invitational Golf Tournament every year growing up and we met someone new each time damning. Oh my dad. Played Golf with him. He was a Dick. I heard it'd be awesome. She didn't say that I am shelly. Right country singer. Jim Kelly Holly Robinson Peete at magic game as we waited with shacks bodyguard took too long so Paul had to leave intake holly to the airport. I did tell her that hanging with Mr Cooper was one of my favorite shoes. That's pretty good. That's that's pretty cool Kelly. Thank you for sharing that Ryan. Vano yeah myself. That's so my brother. You know. He works at a country club up in Jersey Upper Montclair and it's a very pristine country club and he'll send me pictures of people and of like people that are coming. He met Michael Strahan one time and I about died. 'cause like I love Michael Strahan. And he's like he's met Eli Manning he's met like I don't know if you guys know who amply sack is. He was a pitcher in the MLB. But now he's on. Mlb Network all the time like he's actually friends with these people like he gets to meet all these people he just sends me pictures and I'm so jealous all the time. I knew who was guide the wrestler. Mickey Rourke Oh yeah that made him at Ronnie Cycles Bar in South Beach. Mickey Rourke Man. That was a great movie yeah. He's Iran Tube. This was before the wrestler. When his downtime he was boxing being we just use mangled when he was partying. But he was. I mean he didn't say anything you know there's nothing now. Looks really messed up. Heart up back in the day like he was he was one of the dudes they're relied. Oh this is a good one. Fallon is the name. Falun Hoffman Hohmann Mushroom Valhalla. I'm sorry for mispronouncing that Henry Rollins. It was so awesome. I was star hitter. Owns is pretty bad ass to that dude. That dude is intended bad shit. That dude is in tents then founders. I I got a picture somewhere. My snap fish account. That's how long ago was that. Guy Is Gangster Henry rollins dude. He hurt his podcast black man. Oh Yeah Lifeline. He needs puts fucking cigarettes on. They hated him so much when you took over for Yeah. They hated when he took over. Black Flags Leasing. Okay so Jimmy Rogers. He met William Atherton at the doubletree. Barn Coco Beach. You know who that is memory ghostbusters. He's the bad guy that shut them down. Shut DOWN THE REDHEAD. He's a then. Joseph Hampton competent comments on it. Yes it's true. This man has dick. Remember Bill Murray says that love interest. Jimmy says Joe. I wanted to ask. But he wasn't being a prick and he was in real genius in a Knick Varcoe said Hogan is way more famous ice tea. You probably yeah of course and then Nixon Larry the cable guy. That's all I got ours. He bought me. Wendy's at a truck stop in Denver and sat and ate with me when I was seventeen. Wow touched my Weiner oh come on. That's so gross. I gotTa ruin it. Archie Williams Miss Scot Colin James James Johnson City Blues Hawaii. Five O Ocean's eleven and twelve. Gotcha Okay Yeah Tony. Jones said not Scott guys gone in sixty seconds. Yeah who Tanya said. Not Scott Geyser. I Know David Mayhem Shadow today. Man I know you're working buddy. I hope everything's going good. And you're staying healthy A couple of astronauts Gary sinise but above all Joe Miller all. Look at my buddy. Those got three already the look at my buddy James. I got a twist. One of my buddy twists all dude a shout twist him in a Pitcher Rick Flair. Shit talk to ever play the ever be the game. I'm still also like it was pretty good. He's not as good as in. Yeah so that's it. That's it for now. I got another one. I just forgot was a really good one. Rock lesson there. I met Brock listeners. Brooklyn Manhattan Matt Hughes at the shot. Show the gun. Show me who was a wrestler. That lived here hacksaw hacksaw and in a hardcore us. Yeah a humorous humorous is tactile yet is to make all humour shirt sitting seats. Go see him. your Landau so hacksaw. Jim Duggan when I was at. Mj's his wife was calling around looking for bartender to bartender. Fiftieth Birthday Party like do a private party and I wouldn't debt it row. Yeah I was really cool like that. I guess there was a bunch of wrestler. I I never watched a lot of wrestling at that time. When I was growing up I did. Isn't that music live around here? What's his name? Mouth South? Jimmy Hart Jimmy. Hart don't know I think he lives around here so you probably saw him there. Yeah I mean there was a lot. I could tell that there was a lot of wrestlers. There I just didn't know who they were but they were so nicely by the end of the right down the road here. Yeah Hacksaw Carpenter exactly where I bartended at. Us was rather community. He was very hit. Beef Jerky we've we still t shirts for that. He was just at a COMECON in cocoa. I've met him a few times by force. He lives in south or North Carolina. Now Yeah he's on to good health right now I know some have I think he had a heart attack or yeah but he was using my favorite wrestler back in the day in a way maybe walk around two by four does what he had the same fucking shorts on every fucking match big Blue Ones High Tops. Come nipples this wrestling. When I was a kid I loved Russell's Goodman. I like maybe early nineties wrestling. I didn't get into the WWF in then when it turned a ww Eve. And I got back into it. And then left I. I got back in when they had the the new order in. They'll everybody did and then Goldberg. Oh Yeah and then the rocking stone cold on the WWF. Wcw Those battles Monday night. Wars at dogs are us when we used to fight service dusty Dustin Rhodes when they made us gold. Dust okayed on done a little weird. That's much as Vince McMahon. That'll show. He's trolling that was fucked up. So what's up man? What are you guys doing this weekend? Were you on any restaurants bars going out Disney anywhere and I'm not GONNA lie. I already started making passes for Disney. Like what anybody anybody. WanNa leave here and go to Brixton Buffalo Cauliflower. A root beer float nice to listen to the things we take. Advantage of guys are really curfew yet Before County isn't doing you go to the beach. You go to the movies. I'm going to go to hobby lobby in. Lick all the fucking door. Nobody cares. Titusville provide GATTY. Orange County's straight lockdown. Can I video you looking all these doors? I guess now you'd be responsible out. There man used US P P no personal protective equipment and use gloves condoms. Stuff like that with tiger kings face on them okay anyways not to fuck with cats. Bro. Where you what next? I'll watch it next. I promise lease watch it. If you wash it you can call me three in the morning done. I want to hear from you and I want you to go. Scott is this are crazier than hell more money. Fuck WITH CATS. It will wreck your day. Oh real quick calling you shit. On my Oreo popcorn that popcorn phenomenal told finally got a phenomenal out of this podcast. That was phenomenal. Did you like it. Yeah Yeah so good. Did I pick a cereal? Cinnamon Toast crunch. Now it's not better it now. So what did I don't have any zero having zero like three or four years? I don't drink milk. I don't drink any kind of mill. I've been eating shit like here's a bowl milk. And here's like there's like five little pieces in it and like trying to hurt you as this cigarette might be better than cinnamon toast crunch calling it heat pieces. In the next morning he had to get one from publix like cream cream filled. Pillsbury cinnabon Berry. Cinnabon was cinnabon. Creamy in bad for flutes and milk. In it doesn't get too. Soggy is still has a crunch in the middle. You'RE GONNA get soggy outside for awhile. It's still had. And then you get the cinnamon cream so bad for it so bad but it's could so what's up should've ever had done Joel. Yes we we do miss you. Actually we miss you. You want to go home. No I don't want to but I should record like five episodes night shadow of the beer. Then we can actually social distance. Hey Brian thank you for Taking care of those kids so we can. We wish you were here with brisket. We'll find a way to do a lot of carnaby. Some crock pot. You're going to put it into work. Come on over man as soon as someone in my family's brave enough just to sit at my house while my kids sleep all all right thanks guys. Bergische other job screaming from data loans saw Lens. Jobson topper lanston night. I that's just killer dude. That was awesome.

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UFC on ESPN 12 Post-Fight Show

The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani

19:53 min | Last month

UFC on ESPN 12 Post-Fight Show

"You're listening to the VOX media podcast network. You have see ESPN. Twelve is officially in the books. And what a wild event it was from the apex in Las Vegas and ended with an all time, classic and Lightweight Division in the main event. What's going on everybody? Welcome to the UFC ON ESPN twelve post-fight show here on May finding. Com Mike Macaque being joined by Jose Young's Jose. What an outstanding main events! The card was Wacky, Zany and so many different ways from start to finish. This is the first question. I normally have for Alex Kelly. When we do these post. Fight shows, but. How would you grade this one from start to finish? That is an excellent question. Terms of our grading in a letter grade at from like eight eight eight. I'd give it a a a minus B. Plus in terms of like I feel like every I can I I judge the fight cards based on if I can remember every single fight. Or if I can remember these moments every single fight that it was a good fight card. I'd say I'd say. A minuses is a very fair grade. I think I'm with you on that I mean the main event clearly puts it over the top. It turns right, maybe a minus and I think the word unexpected is a very appropriate word in a lot of cases but it. We'll talk more about that later on, but it. It was just a lot of fun but Jose. Let's get right to the main event. Dust Emporia gets a hard-fought decision. Over Dead Hooker. What an incredible free can fight that was we. We talk about like the echo from shots landed in the empty arena, and you hear from time to time, but this fight in particular. This is like clapping over and over again, so give us your thoughts on twenty five minutes of Supreme Islands in the apex tonight. It's we if Jiang Wiley verses. You'LL WANNA jake doesn't happen. This is the best fight of the year, but I feel like that happens like. Apex cards have had these like. We've had the Spike Carlisle Quintillo fight. We had the shame. Burgos Josh Emmy Fi. Now. We have like poor a V. Hooker, so it's like the the trend is there where just because it's? Don't fans that the the the smaller in the small octagon. You'RE GONNA, get these epic, wars and I think all of us agreed leading into this fight. This is by far the best main event. We've had jazz competitiveness. Of these apex card, because yes, Aman newness fall in the main event Gillard Burns will. There was also by like just on paper this. We had this circle. I don't care I'm going to say it again. I don't care what the stakes were. I don't care if it was an arena with no fans or seventy thousand fans I. don't care if it was twenty five minutes I don't care if it's five minutes. Does employees versus Dan Hooker. You'd knew was gonna be just insanity it was going to be a buzz offers a with chipper in there, and they delivered with flying colors. One of the best fights I've ever seen one of its. It's not even like, would you? It's hard to say if it's the lightweight fight of the year because like Gigi. Ferguson was also great but I. Put it above that, because it was just so close back and forth we'll get you kind of turn the corner at the end dominated by the end so unbelievable lightweight fighting in a division that's been so stacked for so long I think this sits right up there with US vice at hundred five hundred. Gauge you Ferguson. And, portia hooker. Lake, there's arguments for both because they're both are totally different fights like gay Jewish wishes so violent in that fight, and he was landing so many shots and Tony Ferguson just walked through the mom. We're just fascinated by the whole at all you all. Do you one better? This might not even be. There's arguments that this isn't even Dustin poured as best fight. His against just engaging his fight against Max Holloway like his fight against now. Dan Hooker like doesn't Poi- has cemented himself as one of the most exciting fighters that we've seen in a long time of his generation doesn't ask to be one of the most like he's never in a bad fight ever even if he loses like yes, that shows like the Habib by. By, maybe wasn't as exciting, but he at least he showed game in that he got that Guillotine. You're going to give. It was like that just shows. How good Habib's does employ a is one of the most exciting fires of his generation, so at Hooker. His his win over dead hooker is just another notch on his mantelpiece for just fight of the year, candice. He's a great fighter. And he's an even better human being, which which just a full package now at the inaugural winner of the Forest Griffin Community award I believe it was is what it's called, and there's no one more deserving of that award than dust Emporia, and there's no one more deserving of being a CO member of the fight of the night after that incredible flight with with Dan Hooker, and of course the records there's. And there's loser. Industrial was the winner, but this is one of those fights that the stocks of both guys. Oh, yeah, definitely rose like Dan Hooker proved that he is an upper echelon guy in a loaded division and I think just engage you, said it best. Dan Hooker deserves a seat at the big dog table is not. Oh hundred percent I mean just in case you said he's GonNa. Go Get murked and not only did not go get Marty A. he won the first two rows. We were debating like what one what rounds at like the official scorecards had it was to to going into the fifth with Dan Hooker. I do and then doesn't Pori pulling out the last three, so is basically Dan Hooper just needed to win one more round and we would talk about how Dan Hooker has emerged as a legitimate contender nets. He still illegitimate tangible like you said there are winners and losers. I think Dan Hooker proved a lot of including myself. naysayers wrong I did picked US imported when I knew this was going to be violent fight, but I was at his fight against Barbosa sat sat in that arena in Milwaukee and Den. His body just gave out on it. Stolac Dan Hooker wasn't tough like we saw him trying to fight and his body to shut down, so I I was. I was not worried that we're is not the right word because he's a professional fighters I was. I had questions whether his body could handle twenty five minutes against a violent fight of dust, employees calories just Paul felder phenomenal fighter, but he is a much more technical marthe Larsen doesn't poor. His just violence personifies I had questions personally. How John Hookers? Body would hold up in Mike God. Did he answer those questions with flying colors? Absolutely and I think we know what should be next report at date with Tony Ferguson Wade Align I. Love it November December that that's the fight asked. We may hopefully at the end of the year. Five rounds. Five rounds. Yeah! I. Mean Even I. Don't care if you want to invent another title. I'm totally okay with that but Dan Hooker. He's gotTA. Have another big fight heading his way at some point but. It's going to be interesting to see how things sort of a line at the end of the year when we talk about like the fight of the because obviously like John, way lever Salani NJ check that one sticks out in our minds. It's one of those unforgettable fights, but this one is is right there. I don't know if it overtakes it, but it'll be interesting to see how people people look at it. At the end of twenty twenty. It was an incredible fight. If I had had, I would take it off to both guys but The KOMEDA event. We have Mike Perry shot everybody up. With a disciplined performance in intelligent performance had his girlfriend in this corner he did. She did exactly what he said he would do. She shouted out the occasional. Cheering moment, but gave him ice gave them water and Mike Peiris very happy with what she did. He gets back in the win. COM GETS unanimous decision win over Mickey Gall this fight did not play out the way most expected it to, but overall were you surprised with how this fight played-out out? No, not really I, I'd be more surprised that he he he. He did so well in the grappling I should say but I still would say I still. Can't that making calls a better Jiu Jitsu practitioner, but Mike Perez stronger used physically stronger human, being like making all shooting for take downs and go for these like these transition, everything and Mike Perry was just big brother. It's like yeah, you're younger, your your son could be black if you outweigh him by two hundred pounds, you could still body him around. Around like I don't care what anyone says like. He's going to be a better grappler up and Mike Perry just just pushed in like there were moments were making all shooting for a takedown and Mike. Perez defense was just I am stronger than you and just like which shove him away, so no. I wasn't overly I. I picked my parents when. I said at the beginning of this. Our preview show that I think might Peres. Higher Calorie opponents. A has seen more in the octagon I just think he has more to lose to win. at showed that here. I am surprised The adjustments he's made and how having no coach play. Like didn't really play a factor for this fight. I don't know if it would have I don't know if anyone else if he would have had the same success, because like he said in there at his post fight press conference. He was lucky to have Mickey Gall because he didn't need advice in that fight, he just went out there and beat him up for for fifteen minutes so I wasn't overly surprised with how my. Because he's he's been on the UCS. What is your debut is usually two. Oh, two on short notice to so yeah wasn't surprised. He's such a wild man. Most of the time is wildcard is the definition of a while hundred percent, and this obviously will be a fight that Mickey Gal grow from you so leaps and bounds improvements in the striking. He caught Perry a couple of times didn't really hurt him a rock or anything, but but he was scoring on the feet, but for Mike Perry I. I think you showed a lot of things. He showed up a lot of. Of composure, he really did. I thought the post. Fight interview with John was fantastic. It was an a plus the media was great and to me. Yeah, I didn't have the highlight reel knockout that people may have expected him to have when fighting a guy like Mickey. Golf who's going to win. Most people expected Mike Perry to finish him, but this is a very very good night for Platinum Mike Perry was a not one hundred percent I mean. He was on to fight losing streak. He's lost three or four. There's are like. People like losses or losses but I look at the law says essentially Luca was a split. Just be good by Jeff Neil. Farren swear. This is a split An adults only taps him, so it's like he's not losing to quote unquote bums and he he beat that cowboy, an awesome fight, and he beats making an awesome format so. Mike Perry One I. Say going. Even if he loses, you can't lay. An egg needs an exciting fight, but he won, and he dominated. This is exactly the only thing that can be better than if you just want their and destroyed him in the first round, a Mickey on I on then that would have been the best, but I think seeing Mike. Perry fighting intelligently for fifteen minutes will do wonders for him in the eyes of fans. Mike is talking about training with Y'all Romero that make you better and stronger and a lot of different ways. And he said he wants to eighty five in fight Darren till so of course we would all look. We've all wanted to see this fight for a long time is Mike Perry the biggest Robert Whitaker Fan right now. Because Darren Shelby travel whitaker. They're not gonNA. Make my Perry versus their intelligence not. While dingy. Did you hear my parents? If he sees mantle, he's hiding. So, you say he might, he might be not a big Robert. Whitaker fan leg! What makes you think Dance Paragon? refighting sign an octagon. That's why at that point, that is a great point. Is that so that's that's your fight or look. Let's take a little more realistically here. What would you like to see next for? My Perry I think Darren told cool. If they can somehow find a way to make that fight happen. They will I just I'd say. The chances are pretty slim, unless like all these factors fall into place at the right time in terms if he wants to stay at welterweight. Wow, that is tough. There's because he's not rank so style. Fifty I'm trying to look up the of the rankings, but we do this because I should have done that before on perfect one that you're gonna hit. Nego Price. Nico. Now he just. He He's coming off a loss, but I know a lot to present Luca. Crazy, fight. I think Mike Periscope. Price makes makes perfect sense. Yeah, I'm a hundred percent in favor for that. Yeah, you're right. That's the answer as the only now that I wanna see. Yeah and that's of you know whatever happens to be my der until hopefully, maybe my. To fight island and beyond Cy. Maybe he'll corner somebody else on that card so that we get to see those two guys sort of meet face to face, but there are a lot of finishes on this card tonight. Of course pour overs. Hooker was the fight of the night. That's no surprise. Anybody performances. The night went to the twenty year old K Hanson. The youngest female fighter on the roster and the Returning Julian Juicy J Orosa fifty g's for them. Do you have see, get this right in your opinion with so many great finishes on the car. Do you knew this was coming? Mean I knew Jillian I had I if when we did our our post by press conference show I, said Pori Hooker was a lot for fight. Fight fight of the night. is Julia Rosa winning just for the storyline. How awesome mission was like the snap Doris like the standing. A snap down to beat Sean. Woodson. Who is a massive favourite I personally liked Maurice Greene's a submission over John. Volonte a little more considering. It was arm triangle from the bottom at heavyweight i. if you like Stores Star lines there to K. Hanson's was awesome. It was it was beautiful. her story is great. I think the fact that she's. She gave props Rhonda Rousey and then Ron Rousey tweeted, our definitely played a factor getting a bonus so I don't WanNa. Say there long because at the end of the day there's really no wrong answer with all these awesome submission wins, but personally I think Murray screens arm. Trying from the bottom is more impressive than K.. Hanson's arm bar. When you have a card like this with so many memories that we've all talked about a lot of fights and fighters. They're gonNA. Get overlooked here like Brennan. Versatile, Dacas that was an awesome fight. I thought it was lined a little ridiculous. I think Brennan. MINUS, three, forty, favourite or something like that was that high, but it was, he was a high fair, either that should have been lying closer and Kyle, Dhaka's toughest nails. That was a really really good fight. AROSA Woodson was a ton of fun comma worthy. What a great win over! Luiz pain yeah. We were all talking about that one, and then began and. It was kind of like an afterthought. Unfortunately finishes the fight in the third round submits Louise Painting like who the hell thought. That was GONNA happen. Takashi Sato the Finish Tanta Bosia the Gray Finish Use of Salal improves to two and now a lot to like this car. What sort of stuck out to you from the from the earlier prelims? K.. These obviously was a big one I think I've noticed a trend in. He did what the heck of course and then he did. The Post I press kearns and Media Day and I've seen a lot of people. Become really big fans of Kenya. where the even before this fight even happened I mean His interview of you're talking about like black. Wall Street and how training just just teaching Bj? Police officers isn't the solution and then him having a lot of fun at the Post by press conference to say I'm not fighting for the title fight like yeah, that'd be cool, but I'm fighting for my. My family I'm like he's. He admits himself. He's like what thirty three thirty four years old in this game He wants to have these fun performances. You want to quote Robbie lawler Roy McDowell fight, which is just if you're battle if you're that old and I. Free will just listening to air quotes, because not old. It's old and fighting, calling for fights like that at his age like. God willing man like you are on a you are on a different spectrum than me. Uh, so cam was a big one. Personally big uses allow every time. I interviewed him he. He passed to bring up the fact that goes. Oh, you've asked him what we're going to Morocco, aren't you? Because I always ask them that and he's always like just say the word we'll bring will get the octagon. They're obviously not any time soon. an entertainer buzzer was was. Like. I got a concussion watching that finishes through the television, so you named a lot of them cameras. He was a big one in uses a law personally stood out to me just because I've interviewed those guys. A million times and Kenworthy is has emerged as. The People's fighter of this of this fight week. He's always been like that. Though like really does he was post fight like all the things he said I've heard him say before like after he. was like. Listen. I'm I'm I'm old. I ain't going to be for a title. He goes if it happens great, but not going to be fighting for a title like and if Comma worthies old I'm screwed, so let's let's not even go there, but. Allow the he's only twenty three years old. That was a big win over era veteran in Griffin. Who Made Weight twice in two weeks band, so it was just a great night a lot to discuss. We got to pretty much everything ten on this ten turnpike card tonight, but at the end of the day we have a weekend NAF Jose. We get a little bit of a break in the action, and then we're on to fight island. So how are you going to spend next Saturday? Now? You don't have to cover any fights made I. don't know it's going to feel weird especially because I've been on the road. We. Add Casey live on the scene and I'd tell you what man I had some serious falmer with like watching his work like I'm I, should be there. And I knew exactly what he was doing new like who was going to be there like it felt weird but I'm glad someone else got to experience it. I don't know what I'm. GonNa do I'm probably not going to look at his screen TV. Computer phone or anything like that probably going to be nice book in his blistering heat. That is Arizona well. The Corona virus to sweeps across the state, so yeah I made I? Don't even look tomorrow. That's that's my answer. I'M NOT GONNA lie. I was hoping like a message. Come my way from one of our bosses. Be Like Hey, Mike. Why do you fly to Vegas? Will get you to our that event and I would have served on a plane. Outta absolutely gone, but. I don't know what I'm going to do with myself. either. I actually woke up early this morning. And I ran up a mountain and back down a mountain looking you F. Sixteen miles total my at sixty miles eight miles up eight miles down. That's seven more. That's fifteen more mild. Yeah I've made it up and I was like Oh. Sh-. Crap this is great, and then all of a sudden we had to go back down. I can't even walk up. The stairs and I was terrible mistake, but all good. Good thing your your kid likes to run downstairs and and hop on the camera. Yep, that's right and he will so comma worthy the you're not old on my man George. -gratulations on the win, but Jose any final thoughts on a a very memorable. You have ESPN twelve at the apex before they take a month off from Vegas. Not even you have see on ESPN twelve like the fact that we had all these apex cards and Jacksonville cards scan. It was historic couple weeks and I'm very much looking forward now. That Dana White teased the fight island photo on twitter and instagram social media. You had the octagon on the beach I'd he wrote like this is awesome. Fight I am so intrigued, so I can't wait for coverage from that I won't be there. I don't know one percent from our site. WHO's GonNa? We'll have someone there so. Very much looking forward to the Monday July and then maybe an August. You can come out to Las Vegas with me and well just dominate the the cover seeing, but let's get July I absolutely so. What event hope you guys enjoyed? It was universally praised on social media so. Glad you guys it and enjoy your week off. Independence! Day is on the way as well so for Jose. Young's I. Am Mike CAC UFC ON ESPN twelve. The Bo is officially on. We'll, Ya. Thanks we'll watch him. You're listening to the VOX. Media Log gas network.

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OG Youtuber Chat with Sammi Maria

On The Line with Estée Lalonde

54:57 min | 1 year ago

OG Youtuber Chat with Sammi Maria

"Hello. Welcome back to another episode of on the line. I am so excited to have Sammy on the line. Oh my gosh. It's so cool to have your show. So exciting known each other forever. I feel like I mean, very long time. And I kind of wanted to talk about being an OG youtuber. I wanted to kind of start that the show off with that. Because like, I I don't have a lot of people know this. But before I even started making videos, I watched you Michael because back in the day, you were and not say, you still are like seriously like, wow. I feel like that. Isn't it weird? Oh, my God back when I don't know what year that would have been. But I must have been like twenty years old or something and seeing you like style denim shorts. That you got it. Camden market was literally I was like couldn't believe somebody like you existed. And I remember the studs in and and that's like how I really started like getting super into YouTube. You're probably like the first person I became like obsessed with. I'm really grateful. I remember thinking like God, she's got the coolest life and like the screaming. He'll like what's it like to be her? Oh, I'm this. I I'm with you. Now. So yeah. That was kind of like when I first started getting into your channel. And you were have always done fashion. Theme stuff was always your thing. And did you set out to do that? I think I started MLB UT on because I was when I was at union a was debate. And actually, it was fashion style in but with BT and head design and things, but yeah, started because I discovered lots of like US YouTubers, and they were all talking about beauty products. Ooh. I wanna in on this. Yes. I'd like that. And then people start it's requested for me to talk more about what was wearing like show outfits and things like that. Which hide love. Yeah. And it just went on on and on. It's cool that you say like, you started watching other YouTubers, and you're like I want to get in on this because that's exactly what happened to me. And so many of us who started around that time. I feel like so many of us were like this looks fun. Yeah. And that's why we all kind of started yet always fashionable. I i'm. Honestly, I'm always ready judgemental of myself. I'm always like is this going to is going to look to try hard. But I've always loved putting outfits together. I've always loved Scott in people's looks like pulling things from random people that I see out and about. Like, no in a creepy way. Sometimes. So when you first started making these videos were you like, what did you think were you embarrassed by where you did you think it was something cool? Did you think that it was going to be your job one day? That's what it was. I loved being creative because I was really frustrated with my the cost doing good. But also, like creatively, frustrated. So I found it was really nice to have an outlet for it. And it was just really nice to get the feedback flight people enjoying what was that Spurs you on so much. All. Yeah. And in the beginning was it like all positive all the time. Yeah. Pretty much oversee the few negative things. But I feel like they hit you hard the beginning as well used to it. But I think the good ones just drowned out for sure I remember in my I don't know if I'm just like looking at it through rose tinted glasses or what? But the beginning days seemed so positive everything was so positive all the time. Do you think the internet is a more negative place now or does it feel the same? Or is it still positive or like, what do you think he feels more negative, and I feel like I'm being negative is saying that because his oversleep positives that still the loveliest people that still watch videos, and with Komen, and I'm so grateful for them and everything, but I think is just the whole. I'd say, no, you know, how there's a little of light shed now won't like more drama sorts video like that. And unfortunately, it feels a bit more negative not way agree. I don't remember any of those drama videos. Distinct back, then no, no like at all. No. Isn't it? Like they've exploded. Yeah. Fee is how else do you think you to has changed? And like I am trying to think of answer myself because I'm just trying to think about it. But is it just that it's become like, so many of our jobs is that why it's changed so much like there's so much competition. Do you feel like there's more competition between bloggers and stuff now or not really like, what do you think? Feel like this. It's a lot more such rated. Yeah. This definitely will come Titian. An I feel like maybe some people I consciously think about that, you know, really which people's videos, and I'm like, oh, I'm in competition with right? But I think it's just the amount of videos are out there. Now. My shoe like I'm always like, oh can I do differently? Yeah. Still get people's attention. But it has to still feel like may be I wanna be making. Well, I feel like you're never really the kind of person who's like a competitive person. Like if you from the beginning, I don't even remember you getting involved in any like stupid drama. I feel very like that. And when people around people like that kind of why? Shoe, but also it's probably good in a business way as well to be a bit let that maybe honestly don't know. Like, if there's a balance to be had like, should you get involved, and this can go for anybody like in any sort of job? Like, should you have a little toe in that gossip pie? But you know. Like, I don't know if that's good. I personally don't think it is like I don't wanna get involved in that shit. Yeah. It's just like the kind of try to stay tools like it sounds funny. But like pose tippety. Yeah. I mean, it's nice anyway to it is. But yeah, I feel anything that feels more negative like dirty, Paul. Yeah. And also like who has time especially about a kid s exactly Mike God. Well, we can talk about India later. So do you think that from the very beginning you've kind of stayed in your own lane defeat? Like you've been inspired by other people, or do you think that you just kind of like have always done your own thing or? That's a hard one. Because I feel like I'm always trying to stay my line. It's still so hard because overseas see everyone else's work. Every day. Yeah. She's ill new people coming up, which is like, it's great. And I love the way that you can put ideas from PayPal. And I'd never if I'm ever inspired by something. I never went it. Today's actually the same very quickly. I just see exactly what you know. Exactly. What you're saying is like you see people stuff all the time. And sometimes I'm like sitting at home on Instagram, my couch. I'm looking at people's videos, and I'm like, well, I don't know what to do. Do you get this block at especially after this amount of time? Or is this just me? No. I definitely do. And I get really stuck between like doing do. I keep doing the same video updating food things I'm using currently and how much do I do that? And how much do I try old new content? Yeah. And because there's so many people that have worked Phages that really like, but content. My daily face or something like that right, which I love to as well because it's really nice and columns just sit into a camera, right? He's he's really far. And sometimes like, I think that I'm like, maybe I should just change everything I'm doing. But actually, then I have to remember, you know, the audience is kind of coming to you for a bit of escapism. They just wanna watch something chill watch. You talk about make up like, I don't know. So I have this internal struggle. All the time. I'm like, I don't know. Maybe I should just keep like is it boring. Do you like it changes weird on the internet? I've got I know. I know. See same. Like, maybe I haven't really thought about it for. I think when I was young the first years, I kind of wasn't not worried about taking risks as much right now. Like, I like to think. Take them. I think online should I do. If it's gonna be well and then right scary. Did you ever get bored of doing the same kind of goes over and over again, I go through a phase where I'm like if I film one more video. Yes, I've seen them. Recent makes. Of them as well. They are. But I'm literally. Thank you. Because I haven't done one in months, and for that reason. I was like, well, I how many products can I like in a month? I don't know. And you just get a little kind of sick of it. But now, I'm like in this room. Like all I wanna do is film a favorites. And talk about the things I'm obsessed with so I don't know where I'm going with this. But it's like, yeah, I feel like I'm kind of falling in and out of love with certain videos, all the time. Probably not true. Isn't it is such a weird new world that we've let jumped into and no one knows where it's supposed to go is exposed to go at any certain direction. Right with the algorithm. See? Yeah. I'm so confused. Oh, I'm so confused because math confuses. Dots and charts and democrat. I don't care about that. I really don't. And just to. People people people people so something I've been thinking about a lot especially since like dating regular people who aren't on the internet is like how has the internet affected your life because you started filming videos and putting them on the internet pretty young. And you've done it since then. So do you think that's a weird not a weird thing to do? But do you think that's changed the way you kind of look at your life and the world, and how has it affected you positively or negatively that's a hard one? Because it's sometimes I think I wonder how I is a person if I wasn't on the incident into I wonder if I would be more confident in certain ways or less. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Could just about myself and things that you just wouldn't know what you an yes, we have my whole twenties online. I feel like Affleck has made me a better speaker because I've always been a bit more like the quiet aside. I guess. And I've never done. I think Paul my unique actually was due. Kind of do speech. We'll something like that. And I just didn't go in. Many matzos. Just sitting there. I think she just sat on YouTube instead. But I think it's. I think it's been good because I've been able to express myself and ways. I do think the negative comments and things like that have affected me. Yeah. In a way, that's kind of fisted deep deep down. Yes. Because sometimes one comment might really get to and then you'll be really emotional about it. And those times kind of come and go, but sometimes I worry in case. It's affected me in ways that on apparent. That's interesting, and I relate to that. Yeah. Yeah. Because surely, you can't go through your entire life getting hundreds of you mean things that about you every day and for that to do anything that clearly. Yeah. I kind of like, maybe it would have helped to be a therapist. All of us are fucked, right? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I'm actually looking to see a new therapist because I think sometimes things come up, and I'm like, you know, how much of it is to do with the way don't mate bay. But well, my mum, and I talk about it a lot because she's obviously been through my whole journey as well. And the way she puts it it's almost like when a room of people is talking about you. But you can't, you know, people talk about people all the time. That's fine. But you're actually when your YouTube, you're you're kind of in the room for it. And it's like they're talking about you, but not directly to you. But you can hear him. And it's kinda like that. And it's just like not many people have to go through that unless you're doing the internet stuff. So it's like, it is interesting, and it does lift insecurities and make new ones and this and that and the other thing, but anyway, mental health since we're on the subject, you do talk about it a lot, and you've just mentioned seeing therapist. I have only seen a couple of therapists in my life. And I've never connected to them. And I had is difficult isn't it is? A no. So I've seen I think I've seen maybe like two as well at two three maybe go over everything that's on my mind and things, but I was just saying to Jason she this morning. I feel like I really need to see someone who understands. Just how it is. I say let being in the public high. But you know, exactly, you know, paying someone miss. Yeah. Like have a lot of watching you every day. Yes. A very strange thing. So I agree. And that's probably why haven't connected with therapist either. Yeah. I feel like I need to go in and kind of stray away do YouTube play. So she'll need you up for that long. And yeah, not one of my problems just because of you know, that's been much about YouTube that has been amazing, and I'm so many amazing people people you bump into and things from excetera. But yeah, they're all pause the difficult, mentally, what does Jason think of the whole thing because he wasn't on YouTube when you guys. Was he was really amazed by the whole thing that beginning. Yeah. Shifu him watch and accident, and I will die. Yeah. He's does he think about it? Because he's into it. Now, obviously. Yeah. Yeah. He at she kind of flight is going through his own little journey of he enjoys I. Because I I he he still has to doing cooking videos and things like that on it. And then kind of jokes a he was just finding feels comfortable with. Now, he's kind of authentic. Mommy sent by document. No, I think he said out online, he's on his banditry, etc. I think he loves the kind of face to camera riots solve way of David. I see. But it's good because he understands it a little more because of me and everything I talk about do with it. So he's really supportive when I have points of like comment, so views. All right. You know, like just algorithm. Things us get you down. If you're not getting amount of us. You should be getting soya weight because for so literally like nine years it didn't and this year it I'm thinking about it a lot more. Yeah. And it's funny because I've never been my old focused on number soft person. But I think I just worry because it makes me feel like I'm doing something wrong. Right. Is there reason like people might be dropping off? Always it just outgrow them. Is it nothing to do? Well, I've been talking to a lot of people about this. Because it's so it's the same thing for all of us. Really? It's like the views. I mean, I. Remember back in the day. We could put up a beauty to and it would get five hundred thousand views a day those days. My friend, unless you're like, I don't know. Well, they've gone for me. And it's exactly it's like, what am I doing? Like just old news is at the time. And so many people think it is the algorithm. I mean, you just have to look at your stories to see that one day. You can get this money us on the next you can get like literally less than half of that. So it, and what's the problem with that is why we care so much because we spend a lotta time on this content. We put it out there. Nobody's blooding watching it, especially when you're doing a video that you'll this is different so much of my into. Do that. Do you still get nervous to upload videos because I still get like little butterfly video. I feel like I doubt if it's videos I've up again favorite right to. Yeah. I do actually a bit more with maybe like Goto videos where I'm only until sin. Thank you that. I like, I'm I feel like I'm not an expert on important to talk about things. Yeah. I now. So because he know how in this kind of council coacher, which is I took an I think nowadays, maybe mostly influx. Actually, I get bit worried in case, I say something just in kind of compensation and one thing gets picked up and oversee can't straight away back on video Ono. I didn't mean that. Right. So one thing that has been super interesting to me is just like the things that can trigger an internet audience compared to like your group of friends at dinner. Yeah. That's really interesting is what do you think of a cancel culture thing? Like that fucking terrifying. He's festivals. Like, oh, it's great that we can let all notice something. Someone does something wrong. And I think maybe to teach like a big audience right and run by Phil. Like it's dangerous on the incident because it just gets taken too far some with some things. Yeah. Liar cancelled. Yeah. But if it's like. Using their own breads. Oh my God. I remember even like what I mean. There's so many little things that like, I just you just can't do like. And it's just like the most simplest things like if I'm in the airport, and I get a coffee, and it's not in my keep co-. Oh, hello. I wouldn't even post that. Yeah. Yeah. And it's just like I'm in the airport, and I don't have keep Cup and I wanna coffee. Yeah. So it's like stuff like that. It can be a little intense, and I feel like the years of YouTube and the the thinking around it has made me think about things in the weirdest way. Exactly. Like can't show that bread. I'm not I don't even know what Fred we're talking about. But like. It's just crazy because like most people like get it. And they know that's just life. Something about people who have really that right issues. And it's just a quick way for them to kind of feel like doing something right mind teaching you right to do. Well, it's a lot to put your entire life. And all your bullshit online. You know? And if you're not somebody who's doing that it can be quite easy to pick that apart. I guess so speaking of like logs and showing your life is their boundaries. Or like, obviously, I feel like you probably do. But like, do you do you show everything? I think a big thing that changed out. She was off in day. Yes. So I feel case to lock will kind of I used to talk a lot more before having her. And then I kinda went through like it really made me it just kind of stopped me in my tracks bit, especially just off to a hatch house. I don't wanna show her like her face, isn't everyone. And that's what you thought. Yeah. I I was refunded about it. And then loosened up low bed. I'm like, this is my baby and stuff, and she is okay. You. It's the best place on. So yeah, I went through with transitional tiny you feel really protective over them. And now kind of come coming out of it. Again. I'm enjoying McCain. I I'm just trying to think what my profound trees. Eat show like a decent amount of indie. Yeah. Yeah. She likes. Yes. She's waived in. I think I've always just one. It's my old of my content to change a onto just her right? I think because I didn't just want old by content to change. Anyway, it wasn't my I'm and also I have this thing where I don't want her to reach fifteen look back and be like, I didn't have a choice in that. Right. It's tough. When are you like are you ever going to start like what happens when she gets seven? I guess you have to play by ear. Yeah. You do. Honestly. I kind of just go with my gut. Then sometimes I'll just have a week will term like I just don't wanna share how food like showing his just that makes sense. It isn't it just like, oh, my with it. I mean, I even know that once Reggie was offered a sponsorship, and it involves him like involve me putting like a sweater on or some shit like that. And I was like I just can't do. Icon explained to and it was like a lot of money. I just can't do it. Like, that's exactly when he feel it in your gut. It's like I mean, I've told my friends, and they were like you said no to that. You let me put a sweater on. I'm like, no. But you think like. Yeah. So I don't know where I'm going with that. But yes, it's just following your gut, and that whole thing we'll you seem like such a cool. Mom. Thank you like try a kid that seems so foreign to me with to me as well. And sometimes she's on this real. I love kids. Me. Really with because I still feel sixteen. Do you? Do you? I don't know. I don't even know what age I feel. I just feel like every day is a new. Yeah journey. Sometimes I'm like, I really wanna be like like thirty this year. And sometimes I'm like your thirty this year. Yeah. God it's weird. Isn't it? I'm kind of excited for because sometimes I'm not yet going to be appropriate woman on some like, no thirty like the proper woman age is actually appropriate. I mean. Yeah. But it makes sense to me thirty. It's like, yeah. By thirty. I should probably have. Well, you're married and you have a kid like you've got it. It's like people like me have to really be like, what am I doing? I'm just getting this'll changes. So let's get back to your style. How would you describe your style? Describe it. And do you think it's important to have like one style because I interviewed Brittany Bathgate on the podcast. And I mean, her style is just so you know, what it is it's amazing and glorious and like that's her style. And actually was hanging out with someone the other day, and they were like, I don't think you really know what your style is. And I was like what cut deep. My look is it important to just have one style or like, can you just wake up and where we won't like, what do you think your silence? I think it depends on the person. And I all I'm constantly kind of Bassett with myself. I'm like should I have this like one, look, you know, one like curated image, or should I be someone who's more eclectic? And I feel like I'm kind of more on sites. Right. I kind of just wake up, and it depends on failing like TMI because my period me too. That's why I'm really risking. But yeah. Like when I'm lifetime. If the month, I'm like fuck everything wearing black like, and she is wearing all black today. Just how I feel. Yeah. I think so. And that's why we saw fended by. And I was like I don't think you have to like have that. If you don't feel. I don't know. Yeah. Like. But I do about it about it. Sounds cheesy. But yeah, about having like, I I would love people to like think of me and think that her style, I kind of think of you that way. Really? Yeah. I feel that you'll quite like minimal with like, this is just a you know, that doesn't. I feel the same. Thank you. But with Yale. I'm like it's always like you is really effortless. Re effort those. Yeah, that's amazing. Like, a tear in my. This morning. I spent a long time really about how I can look at fruitless. Okay. So do you ever get bored with what you're wearing or do you like how much you must have a lot of close? Right. And do you ever just think everything sucks? I hated all I wanna start over. How do you fall back in love with close? You already have. Yeah. That happens to be quite alot. I think this. I love my good basics. So I always star if I'm fading always start outfit with is. And it's just boring things James ca Jane same. What is your favorite jeans brand? Yeah. I love top one me too. Which ones I love the straight leg. Okay. Editor don't have. But that good. But the waistband hotter. Bum looks great gotta yeah. Other ones straight at my favorite. Okay. I don't have the straight ones. Jeff to get them. Really that great because I have giant hips, and I never know. Yeah. Yeah. Everyone's propulsion. Yeah. Yeah. That's why it's so hot issue for Jane's on my God. Where was I just in some brands? I think we. Yeah. No sorry. Not weekday cheap Monday. Yes. I go to never four and tries on about like seven passage anes kind of cry cannot where their jeans. Yeah. So cheap Monday to some nice. Sorry. Notre Monday week, they disarm nice ones. Right and Levi's Levi's. Great. Have you ever tried citizens of humanity a little more expensive? But amazing definitely gonna try them. Do you think you get what you pay for with jeans like is more expensive better? Or do you think like the cheap because I just bought a pair of jeans from mango, and they look better than any of my James go in the. Yeah. I think it depends. I think jeans Radi trodden era hyme for his you need time. Don't need to like, it's it's like, jeans and brush, ping, a really similar like things. I hate. Yes. Like so much. Different way, you so much. It depends. Yeah. 'cause I love Levis. No, no. They're pricier. We'll go one pair and I invested but then top shop chains a bit more affordable. And I love them same and the Jamie, gene. Yes back. So in general, what do you think of like, high end pieces and highstreet, do you think that it's all about mixing mixing it. And there's a balance or what do you think? Yeah. I I've always loved mixing them yet. I've never been someone who's oh design things I've always been more like the accessory is like bags shoes and. And I think again actually before having Indios a lot more kind of. I always have my eye on design things on my list of things. I I'd want things, and maybe it was just the whole style change of having a child or maybe like, my whole life ran line or something. But these days, I'm kind of I'm just more much more kind of high straight. Yeah. But I still love to feed sign of things. And when I see something to take it on home. I god. What do you have your on right now? Oh, J W Anderson have to that bags. But they've now come out with a small version, you need it will different colors. I want it. I don't have their bags. But I've actually I've seen you with with their bags, and they're amazing. Yes. I love them everyday practical are they like the one I've got with me today. Like, it's like a long chain strap then it's a thick strap is what is just different ways you can wear it. And just love. There's something about a designer bag isn't there like you can be wearing prime, Arquette tow. But you put a designer bag on for me. That's how I feel about eggs. I love bags. It's like unstoppable as really is. But it does be shook confidence. Pulls everything together. The wise it just feels really special unlike much cool. I think especially with. Just is when you play especially when you say trip for such long time. Yes, Paul what was your very first designer piece it to your member. Like, what was the first thing you really splashed out on or go as a gift, maybe? Why I ever really big thing. I was sent a a Recode. I. I remember remember thinking how the hell she's wing thinking. I was like did they make a mistake? Do you still have it? I do 'cause I'm like because it really reminds me of it was such a pinch me moment of my. At that point. I was like is this a Joe Pia? We'll come coming on. Yeah. And yeah, it was just amazing. But then the I still go to 'cause I'm just like just. That it's like it's not purple or is it, but it's kind of like. Iridescent or something. Yeah. Okay. God, I can't even remember. Yeah. There's some sort of something there. What other pinch me moments? Have you had throw your YouTube time? You must have done so many amazing trips. And oh good this bonus still now as well. When I if I must've on an amazing trip. I'm like, really? Yeah. Lost show went to the motives of. That was the mold all time. All my good. Yeah. You didn't. God is I just can't. I just can't before I went, and I'd seen so many people like you in so many others going to the Maldives. And I remember seeing that looks pretty great. But when you're there so much better. It's like you. How is this planet? This is a thing. Somebody's do you like traveling love? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I love a what do you like about it? I love the whole process everything I love being on a play a love tonight. I love my my favorite thing is always been seen different cultures. And just seeing how different people live like when I was probably about fourteen. I went on a trip with my family to Egypt, and it was like we're on a boat like along the gonna Luminol, and it was just amazing like seeing just pay in these tiny little villages. And I don't know. Why I always think back and it just. Yeah. Because oversee really makes you appreciate what you have. It can really change person. Kinda just pinch is. It's amazing. Okay. So you went to Maldives and that was a pinch me moments. One other thing that I really liked that you did. I think it was Lori L. But it was like a video of like eyeliner, something and mascara or something you look like a little like. The go-to company that was cool. That was really fun today like being in front of the camera for like that kind of stuff or does that stress you out and give you anxiety or what it's really feel so different 'cause over how so used to do everything myself and being in control. So I'm kind of K I've kind of I, but I when I can see what's going on. Right. Yeah. Me too. So I kind of forgot that this is a call in show. I do this every episode, but we have a question going back to your personal style. So let's play it. Hi Sam highest day. My question for Sam is how super s'il style changed since becoming a mother love you both all the way from us eland. So we did kind of talk about this already. But did you notice like, okay, I have a baby now, and I'm gonna wear only leggings and big not brush, my hair, and like did that happen or were you like, no, I'm gonna keep wearing my jeans and tight tank tops, or whatever it is. Like did your style really change that much? Yeah. Feel like it did over the pregnant of hostile the pregnant say by the end of the pregnancy. I was dying to get into some like fun Claes again. But then off topping yet you go through this. I did. Anyway, went through a long period of light night. Just comfortable clay, right? I think it's really kind of got me. I just love comfortable clothes even more now. Because like because when you're in this, I long and. You just have to let you know when you're running around toddler and things. Tonight. It makes me a bit. I'm not jump into change into hails. Songs? You're not wearing thong. It's an I found I found some that really comfortable. Yeah. But just anything like that. Now, I'm just like no life to show. Econ kind of shoe used to wear and canola short dresses that you con- because you're always bending over and stuff, right? Yeah. Oh. Like, I think one thing that is really cool that you're doing what you're doing is showing that just because you're a mum doesn't mean you have to lose all sense of coolness. You know, like, you are your own person, and your mom, you know. And I really love that. What like you know, what I'm saying? Like, that's really try and show is low and because I feel like even though this many people in line. Now, a feel like there is a bit of a jump from kind of like kind of Neum, whatever people usually. With us usually perceived as olack a super stylish like Victoria Beckham solve right? And I I would like to kind of shy the middle. Yeah. They can mix because I still love. I love getting dressed in the morning love outfits together and things even though I'm still among as well. Right. So I'm trying to I'm still two years. And I'm still trying to find the balance is to. Yes. So how do you shop then? Because obviously don't probably don't have time to like go into stores, and this that the other thing does is online shopping, or what stores you go to where do you get outfit? Inspiration. I know you said you loved like see people on the street and this and that, but yeah, do you do you just online shop on say? Yeah. Yeah. That's something. I noticed along. Yeah. Now is just so much easier. Now, sometimes I kind of at least come into London once a week kind of just on the outskirts, and so when I'm up here a daylights pope into shops, but I'm much more selective. And I don't have hours to like go along the whole high street. Yeah. I used to like just looking. Oh, God say, yeah. Mike come home with like loads box. Like, hey. And then film a whole. Stateable? Yeah. Now, I'm kind of I'm obsessed with an I love the experience of guide into another story. Yeah. Facial and it's just lovely. And I still pope talk show up sometimes things. Yeah. One thing that I used to do back in the day, speaking of like coming home with shopping bags. It's just by things and not try them on and just like all just return it later like I just have so much time. And I never really thought I did. But I did time to go return stuff. I don't have time to. And like now still like sometimes I'll by you know, like everything works, but the back obese sitting who wakes and I'm right on a jet line. You get back in there. Yeah. So what stores are you really into right now under the stories. I love what did we do before that? I mean, I oversee the price points a little bit higher talk show things. So it's good in a way. Because it makes you think a lot more about like how much do you really need that? Jill love it that much right? That urinary as well. Yeah. The Stolz honesty is a bit addiction to that one. The my are you digging Arquette? Yeah. I've only been in that about twice actually cool star it. Yeah. And I really liked that they've got and I love their home stuff. So let's talk about sustainability because I feel like you get a lot of comments. I just like even looking through your Instagram's tons of comments about it. Do you feel a responsibility as a fashion blogger or whatever you wanna call yourself to talk about this sustainability? Yeah. Yeah. Definitely and said in a figure as well. Because like it took me a while. It's kind of get my head around it. It's such a difficult thing to tackle. Especially this thing that we do. But in a way, I'm kind of glad that people both too because I wouldn't have really known about it, all you know, anything before. So in a way is good yet is I like I wanna do I can't support it and let help the well with a bit. So tricky when like I find myself in this joke where you know about it was kind of become about showing people I'm wearing I'm buying things. And then go into quite a habit of damn big holes and things like that. And then you just look back. I look back at my channel channel. And I'm like, oh, I didn't realize. You know, the side effects, right? And I also look back as well. And think I don't have any of that stuff anymore. Yeah. And where is it is that clay because we were all just buying so much. Makeup too. Yeah. Yeah. So you are more selective with what you buy then. Yeah. I definitely try and be now. It's just difficult because it now when I buy anything. Oh, should I even show on buying one thing? Right. Am I making it was by Chevron? But then it's like people always tell me that they come back to my channel. And like my stories things to just see what I'm loving and for ideas and inspiration. What to wear right? So I'm like west the lot. Where can I get the balance is very very tricky with our job, and what would happen if you were like did a sustainable hall, and it was like all super expensive things. Like what would happen? Do you think I think people would appreciate it? But I didn't I for me. It's like, I'm not that's not me either. Right. My whole style. And the way I purchase things now is an old going to be just sustainable brand. So that I am trying to kind of get across because it's a journey like it's kind of a new thing that will realizing right? And I can see why of. Emphasis has been pill blockers new cheaper. This definitely by think. Now, we just need a bit of time to kind of figure it out. Well, I think that's what people love about you so much as just like normal person like not Sammy she's like normal person figuring things out like all of us. Well, that kind of goes back to your girl talk series. And when you do like advice, videos and stuff like that. We actually have a question all about friendships. Let's play it. Stay and some month them mine. I miss me, LA, I am nineteen years old. And I'm from Finland, and I would love you guys to talk about friendship and loneliness and making new friends because I know that some month us talked about this things on her blog and her channel. And I think essays also. Talked about them at least put cost about friendship. And my problem or dilemma or question is I've well in the past year, or so I've felt myself to be kind of unable to open up to my friends about things that are going on in my life. And I don't really know why that is I would love to, you know, be able to talk to them more because I know that it would bring us a lot closer as friends, but I've had my trust broken by people who are used to consider as my good friends. I couple of times, and I think that's really affected may a lot. So yeah, if you have any advice on how to open up to your friends. I would love to hear it. I don't know if the sound silly because I do trust the people I have around may. But at the same time, I feel yeah. I feel it's really hard for me to open up, and I would love to do it. So. Yeah. Do you feel like you have a lot of friends? No, I've never been someone. And that's not. For like, I've never been like a hot like normal, she'd site group of friends in school genie. But then since that you're around those people all the time, and it's kind of easy to keep out with your sister. Yeah. So yes, she's like a best friend, which is lovely. Difficult. I think in the job that we as well, you would just all the time twenty four seven. Yeah. So is a funny one. Yeah. And I think used to be a bit worried as much now. But in the first few years, I used to be a bit worried about what people think about what I do. And are they going to wait? And I I think people going to think I'm going to talk about them and fifty. Like oversight within but I meet people that too. You're not gonna talk about this. Are you might? Nobody's gonna care. What you're having for dinner? Yeah. Yeah. So as we did something that I'm still I think it's just hot, especially I'm in my late twenties on of baby taught Lanao is. Well, and I think it's just a few things thrown together into the mix of also trying to work all the time. It's just hard anyway. Yeah. He put with like, a group of friends will make a whole new group of friends, but I don't know how people make friends, and I actually was having a think about it last night when I was in bed, and I was like Kat if I wanted to make some new friends, how would I do it? Yeah. I don't know. Isn't it? It's it's just something that people this is a really healthy podcast. We're both like. Mom, friends like that you've met through indie radio nece- that something I've mentioned before that what else pregnant when you hearing about all of the classes, you can go to and things also great this machine, and then I kind of look away. Oh, yeah. But you know, is may as well. I'm not trying to apply. One other women. Because I think on need to learn how to kind of put myself out there bit an on Rupel. Yes. Something I really am trying to more this year. What isn't it? And I feel like maybe on YouTube all sometimes I think I've made have all my vulnerability into YouTube. And I'm like, right. You know, it's like, and that's it for me. I totally get that. It's like how do you be vulnerable for real real people? Yeah. I'm always like, my Sharon too much. No enough. You know, I know, but. One thing that we so many like written in emails was just kind of talking about people following our journeys from like the beginning to now us being their words, not mine girl bosses. Do you feel like super successful? Do you feel like you've really accomplish something? What what did you think of the whole journey of it all it's really wits kind of look back on because I feel like it's been such a gradual journey at otherwise. Like, can I can I still be doing like, you know, what should I be doing in the future? Like. Yeah. Well, I mean, I always say to people, Michael, I don't know. This is just my this is what I'm doing. And like a lot of people like what you guys have done is actually really amazing. I'm like isn't like when people are so lovely about it. And like the way they will take you later. I guess like I've done. All right. Maybe that's like a British thing as well. But we'll Canadians maybe similar you'll kind of like big deal. Right. I do feel like I am British. Now, we. Yeah. You I'm actually applying for my citizenship. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Well, she was the lawyer was basically like you need to tell me for the past four years. How many days you've been out of the country? And I was like I don't want to think about how to get that information. Tricky so hard by eventually, I hope I and then I'm going to be like I have to pass. Yeah. Because I feel like when we first met I was like I just moved here from Canada. Can we talk about your tattoos? Yeah. Do you consider your tattoos part of your style? Yeah. Like dial them like do you think this will look good with my tattoos? No not way. Okay. Tough. May unlike my look and things honesty, I haven't done for a why? Yeah. And I forget that when people bring them up. Oh, yeah. I never really think about them with clothes, right? Yeah. Ridi rally and do you like I always wonder like because you Jason are both like covered in TAT's. Do you think Indies gonna wanna tattoo? Do people ask that all the time? I feel for some reason I feel like the her generation will be a bit more chilled out with tattoo. Right. And I think they'll think a lot more about what they want right. And I feel like with with may anyway, kind of go into them. And then I was like I want let you know just kind of went on a spray. I I don't mind if she does I just want to wait until the right age fine. What's your next tattoo? Be. I wanted to get her name even is pretty cliche. I also wanna pizza slice okay elaborate, so I just know of pizza, and there's a there's an area on my wrist. But I think it would fit into it's just, you know, often kids. Because when I was younger as well. Even though I go into a spree of getting them quite quickly. I would think Saimaa about why I'm getting it sometimes making up stories little bit. But now, I'm like if he just loves something. This is fine. I have to what's the most pizza in London. Oh question or you like Domino's Papa John's self Doman ice. Oh my God. And not source garlic in her. Down my throat, please. I love pizza ease. I haven't been to east think. Okay. But it is sometimes problematic because you know, when you lift the slice up in toppings full of. Agree. And then you have to like folk then back onto the ice. Do you eat pizza the fork and a knife? Whether hands fold it. No Jason that. And then I really judged him. And then I watched a series on Netflix. Where pound that's the way the Italians Zeta. Okay. Fold it with series was that master of none or something. I feel like maybe not I made that I think was. I wasn't cold. Ugly. Delicious who have even heard of it. I saw you're watching fleabag all my God. So good love that show. Have you watched all of it? I'm upside fi-. It's so good. Okay. Going back to the pizza thing. We did get one health and fitness related question. The question was literally what is your health and fitness routine? Oh. You've done a lot of fitness videos, and like, you know. Yeah. The talking about it. I'm always a little bit like how how much of my audiences interested, and I always loved out will do in some sort of some sort of finis. So why do I even still? I really enjoy the gym. So I kind of go to the gym at least tried to go at least kind of like three times a week. Oh god. That's since perations. As a saying, it's on the dick at least, nobody. But actually really enjoy it. And you've videos about what you do in the gyms. I'm not gonna ask you about that right now. Jim. Yeah. I really like weight training. Yeah. Like well for the last night year, actually, a guy through phase of CNN's, big bums and grab and a half to get that. And then and now on the spur. Yeah. Just go in there by yourself and start lifting. No, yeah. I just got it over Instagram. So I I've got my form riot because you know, sometimes you can damage yourself. Yeah. Yeah. TD yoga. I haven't done yoga for awhile. I ask everyone on this yoga. I love it so much, and I don't I just need that he'll push to get back into it. I know you I'm obsessed. Yeah. Keeps me sane. Yeah. It helps mentally so much money to do that for anxiety. I feel like I really, okay. So what is next for you? Sammy you've been on YouTube for a long time. I'm sure you have these thoughts all the time. Like all of us do words. Like are. We going to do this forever. Yes. Fun as it is. But like what's the next challenge? And what he would you see yourself doing? I think about it all the time. And it's tricky, I I always feel like I don't want to jump into something just for the sake of kind of wait until I feel like they'll be something. You know, the I can give my own it feels really not troll in at love to have because of started in line and in K while ago and it stops. Yeah. A few different reasons, but a a huge as it was actually time his even. Looks quite easy. What we do. But it takes so much time off. So I didn't have the time because we doing loads of the stages of as well. Anyway, that's kind of for now love to pick up in the future. But yeah, I'd love to work on my line of something. So kind of in like Tolkien stages about. Yeah. Is at the my like, nothing's in in progress at the moment. Is that what we're we're all doing our own lines. Is that the next thing is that all we wanna do? Yeah. I mean, that's what's appealing to me as well. Yeah. Yeah. I love your line. Daisy jewelry. Yes. I was gonna wear my ring today. I was in a rush go down the house. It was like, no, no, no. You're. Yeah. Like, even that experience has been so mazing because it's like, you know, I'm working with a team of people. But it's something that feels like yours, I think we're so many of us on YouTube. It's like, it's that's our thing. So we want to just keep that train going citing. And I'd love to write something as well. Yeah point. I mean, I've been saying this is well for few years, but I just want it to be the right thing. I don't want to do what people have done it before. You know? I want it to mean, something, right? Yeah. I would love to I love writing as well. Yeah. Therapy tick. So. Yeah. Just with I'm trying to with my God. Yes. With that think. Oh my gosh. Well, it has been such a pleasure and enjoy talking to you because you're later said you're like one of the, geez. It's like we gotta stick together. Dying. Hang on. So where can people find you? If they want to see you on the internet, so Smout Maria on YouTube ESP crush so you can set days and on its grandma Smith from Ray official Twitter about real do you still like Notre I loved saying, I I kind of prefer sometimes to Instagram. Really? You're the first person who's ever sameday? Yeah. I just love how it's just like false. And it makes me off all the time my face enough. I'm obviously following around people like a good name. Yeah. Love of it. All right. Thanks again. Sammy, and I'll let you go get back to your busy life. Go. Go. Bye.

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28: Zach Met The Pornstar Next Door

The TryPod

51:40 min | 9 months ago

28: Zach Met The Pornstar Next Door

"Ramble welcome. I'm to the TRIPOD. The greatest podcast and all the land from people who try who are name Zaki net in Eugene and their a friend miles. Today you've got Zack. And Keith. We gave you gene the day off. 'cause he's sick and we've got a lot of travel coming up this week but ned is. He's not here it's nine. Am on a Thursday and verbal agreement from him last night that we would all show up that we wake up early and he's nowhere to be found not here You didn't come no. Let's just send a photo of how much fun we're having. Let's see if we can change his mind. I'll see the miles. I don't want him to come. It's gonNA ruined the flow. We're having we have this cool vibe. How right now we got the three guys? Miles has his chance to be thirty percent of the PODCAST. What's up everybody welcome? That's enough we have plenty to talk about. You know we are all living very. We've had very busy week so I get why anybody would you know. Forget about something. It's been a crazy Z.. Week this week has been exhausting. And I've got to Mike so I might use both tell you about two mikes to tell these stories baby and then real quick quick before the week coming up this next week we have a book signing in San Francisco actually never mind by the time this podcast come out is already. How has this amazing assigning one would assume and then I think next week or the week after I'm going to be in Atlanta We've got book signed by all of us. I'm going to be doing some a little meet-and-greet opportunities so go go find the INFO you're doing a solo me. Yeah I'm going to be in Atlanta so we're like hey let's let's give busy I'm I'm trying you are going to a wedding. I'M GONNA go visit my family. I'M GONNA go see my little Q.. Baby cousin on the East Coast Life Slice Wild Man. But let's talk about this week. Keith Ethan what's been happening this week. We shot four special episodes coming out this December of everyone's favourite series on our youtube channel. And all you'd dot com slash drive guys without a recipe. Yes the most incredible baking show to ever grace the Internet's presence without a recipe. A show where four or it hits. TRY TO GUESS THEIR WAY is King Hynek. That's not bad. Trying to guess their way into making basic foods that we all consume every day. I won't Give away what the episodes were about. But let me just tell you. They are dynamic. They are exciting. They are unbelievable and they are full with incredible victories and devastating devastating losses. It was a really so once a year or couple of times a year. We try to make a series that is really a show and this is something that we poured a ton of our resources to a ton of our money into a shout out to the people that support from Patriot. who made that show possible but it really is a TV show? I don't know how long the episodes are going to be probably thirty to forty minutes huge. We have multiple cameras on set. Like I mean this is one of the few times as as youtubers that we get you have gaffer's and key grip and director of and like all of the actual role Probably about twenty people on we had a whole team there three or there were three or four people working on like prepping the food and all the resources there were seven cameras running at any given time four of the big. Hey guys it's going to be nuts. I every shot two and a half terabytes really. Yes Oh my terabyte is. How many is it a thousand gigabytes? Yes which is itself a thousand most phones fifty gigabytes. You know takes you five months to fill up so this is basically ten new phones. A day of data. How many kilobytes is that? That's like uh-huh that's how many bytes that that's like how how much memory it took to get to the moon thousands of times. Oh yeah is it because the first moon landing computer could fit in a calculator right. It's like not even like our phones are so much more powerful than that right Yes I have no more information out of so it's It was so fun. It's probably the most fun that I've had filming with you guys in kind of made me fall in love with you. Guys again is that we have to say no it was it. It is a great cast driven show. It is likewise in great British bake off but everyone's terrible got it and if if if great British break off is break off off. That's great British break off there. Break dancing competition where. Everyone's very polite as dance if the great big British hippie grind can't speak the wheelbarrow if that show is like neutral. Good this is the chaotic evil of the same format mm-hmm but we had Twelve hour days seven. Am Call Times for us and there were six am call times for some people and then we were working until seven or eight PM. Ethan I've been talking about. How jacked up? We've been from just like the Adrenalin of of baking but also the results and so I have not been sleeping well and I wake up in the middle of the night and I just in thinking about baking and for context. I don't Bake if you've ever watched our episodes you know that the bread episode the first one is the first time I ever baked and so I've been learning on the go. I've picked up some knowledge but it's going from never thinking about out of thing to spending four long days where you're only thinking about that thing. Yeah and so. My mind is racing with like how many parts butter or how many parts sugar. Okay we gotta mix that up. What does I'm going to do the morning and so I wake up at like three thirty in the morning and I'm just wide awake thinking about piping and now the sexy kind not sexy? I think an Asana every single day. I'm sorry what I've taken this on every single day this sauna I take us on. That's right verbiage yeah. I don't think that's correct. I I have I get in the song I cross on. I drum song I saw because I it'll be worked like thirteen fourteen hour days and then like I would go Directly to the gym on my way home from work. Jim is like where we're shooting. I thought about doing right now. It's very close to here. Yeah it's just didn't seem like it offered me enough. One time. They have Asana now. Would you something much more expensive horns theory. 'cause yeah glasses glasses. I like it but it does it. I think it costs too much. drama Saana. I've been drawing Asana every single day. 'cause I'm like my bones are so tired and I'm going to a wedding tonight tonight. I fly Oh shit so I am rosemary I'm getting married no I'm roasting one of my friends at the dinner. They don't have like a best man. Made honor thing but I like you had adne writer roast for him and his wife. So I'm doing but I was like I don't WanNa be sick because I'm GonNa be drinking all weekend. I had to like I kept feeling like oh my thoughts a little tickly really. I love watching the evolution of miles. He can't he the one day he's like you guys know that like you could put Greens in your Jews. Yeah that's true you're getting all the toxins out of your body. You're putting them out. I M mostly use my gym for this like it's rare that I work out there but but I spend and forty dollars a month Asana afterward you go straight there straight they're gonNA sweat Home and usually what I do. Is I forget my workout clothes so I will take off my pants be in my underwear aware sit in the sauna two shirt because the wood is a little too hot my but I agree put certain thing get really sweaty and put my pants back on and put my shirt back on and get back in my car. I don't ever get my workers jeans yes shower there. Why didn't very towel howl? And it's also like it's late at night enough that like I'm like well I'm just going right home and I'll chart home. Look I've done it I get it. It's gross I hate putting on your sweatier man but also did just go into a sweat literally couldn't be sweatier. That's the that's the enemy of sweat. But I want to change the subject. GimMe the top joke from the roast. I was GonNa go there doing the top job. Okay and if you want we can workshop it right now. That's why would love this. What's his name? Is Brandon and Jenny Brandon. They give us some context. Where'd you meet all right so brandon and I met an Improv Improv auditions? My Freshman Year of college and he was a sophomore. And we've been friends really since then he'll pull up my best joke. It has a good brandon. His name's Braden. Yeah you come up with stuff that we we all know that Brandon Love Super Smash Brothers all expecting me to come up here and talk about Q.. And s but let me tell you you when I say he is the pit emmy of Fox. That's pretty good. All right hand probably rally loves Super Smash Brothers Related Rose. Everybody loves loves food. He loves all that stuff. Okay Cool Brandon getting married the Gigli puff of our friend room. These are all really good. Okay so brandon just for a little background on this brandon works for a marketing agency and they spend a a lot of time like on social media platforms linked in and all that stuff like dealing with how to hire people for different. Businesses spends his days making brands look better too bad. They couldn't do the same for his own wardrobe. Oh that's not bad all right Britain's a real piece of shit. Iran Brandin told us. He didn't want to do improv anymore. which made me sad you know? Because he's so gifted he felt like it was a lot of time spent on something that was sort of like I guess slowly dying art form. This sentiment means so. Oh so much from someone who spends most of his workday writing thoughtful Lincoln posts. Wow that really did. There is not a harder APP. To unsubscribe subscribed it's impossible. I had to make Lincoln first of all. They have the gall to send you emails before you're signed up. They they just start being like. Hey it's the only social media platform where others draw you in and give you this. It's like it's like passing on the tape in the ring. You know uh-huh z.. Mail and now you're just sucked in the world. You didn't ask for it but it's just happening. Why doesn't Google have Google work? Plus plus don't give him is that what Google plus you've got plenty. That's the pluses I love Google. I'm happy to let them have it. All I had a choice between buying a movie on Fandango. Oh or or renting a movie on Google and I'm like you know they already got all my information. I Love Oh no I love Fandango. But like puppets cute cute and they got the dumbest name but like Google's got information so let's just keep it there. I'd like Google I do I like people to are they even even once. Oh well they're big. I mean probably but like they're not the most evil one. Yeah they're not the most evil one. Oh here's a fun thing that I did right before you came in Zak Doc. Yeah do you know about the website. Have I BEEN POSTPONED DOT com. Okay so have. I BEEN POSTPONED DOT COM W. N. T. W. N. E. D. I was listening to reply all shoutout another podcast now ours not ours album. Get a shout out back young. I want you all to send them. In fact go to their store lead them a review. No this is cyberbullying. I love it. But the website called haven't been pawned where you can type in your email and see he has been involved in any data breaches and an IT Miami this morning and I have involved in eight data breaches with my emails and passwords. Search information. Wow Yeah so what does that angle wasn't. One of them was not a good guy. What does that mean? You've been known I've been pound and a lot of them were obsessed. I haven't using a long time but it means that they now have my password on those sites and so they could use that password for my other accounts because like if you use the the same password password for everything no but that's hey no ways like all you need for my really the important things I have a password system that's a number combo a theme that rotates but for the general things I'm Talkin doc in your neo pets your club penguin here whatever's other world. I have the same password. But the line of what gets grouped into that has been expanding and I'm certain that a couple of them have my credit card information so a good type of password is one that self demeaning meaning because no one would guess that you your password. It'd be like I'm a fucking loser dot for what. What's special character do you use for your password is word your your daughter? Sometimes I'm an exclamation point. Yeah I like the music saying all right we were getting a little bit. Closer to guessing are passed. I I mean I'm a question tomorrow. Underscore boy's shirt. All the little wavy line is like you've waited right. Dash email considered a key. Is that considered a day. Even though it's not over a letter I think so college until the until Tilda Tillis Hilda. I've got two new stories One sad one fun or I guess one. Yeah one side one. Five Justice said theater masks right now. We're just drama faces. Uh I'M GONNA do sad face. I like that turned his head backwards. I got which is sad because there's grasping onto forgotten youth And it's not working whites that I got hit and run my car got hit told you you haven't seen it right. It's like a serious because we were filming this thing. It was like someone like punched over my wheel. What it looks like is that someone's doing three point? Turn and the corner of their car on my back wheel just jammed it. Yeah well happened right by the the gas. It's on that that one of the so we're in a bunch of narrow streets and there's a lot of people who really fly down them and there's a lot of chicken chicken going on where people refused to pull over and what happened is definitely somebody at the last minute polls too far to let another car by I think is what happens. You think this this is the front corner. Yes yes and I think you're lucky that they did not hit the tire. I know hitting the tire would affect the axle and it would have potentially intentionally actually totaled your car. It takes very little Tokyo car. That is totally OPP- find damage to get it. So yeah go. Is that the street That we're shooting online. Yeah so on that same street. I was shooting something with ned like a year or two ago. And no not my car. But Katie Eh from buzzfeed her car guys are Katie. got a giant truck was playing chicken and just hit her car. We were all standing outside. It shattered her windows and like ripped her door off. It was insane but like the guy just like and we were just like what do we do. God Zach you stink. No don't say that that's not true. Actually you have very little body odor but you know who does have body odor you you leave me. Projected your problems on the me dude. But you know what Keith. You don't stink because you've been using native iota that keep an eye. We were sensitive skin. Skin boys which is why we use native is a safe simple effective product that you can use every single day on your body that's right. It's formulated without aluminum. Parabens ends and talk. It's filled with ingredients found in nature such as coconut oil shea butter and Tapioca Starch. Does it work. Yeah it works. You're going to smell gauge. You're gonNA feel good. You'RE GONNA have all those bad ingredients all over your body. There's over nine thousand five-star Reviews Zack. And you can check out native the on the Today Show in L. Magazine Gene and pop sugar refinery twenty nine. I mean that's just a couple of the places is a little something for everybody. You gotTa have a wide variety of enticing sense for men and women plus they released new limited edition seasonal sense throughout the year. They do offer an unscented formula and a baking Soda Free Formula For those sensitivities. It comes in coconut and Vanilla Lilla lavender and rose cover and meant and eucalyptus and meant you can smell like a little Koala. My favorite is the unscented deodorant. I like it. I keep it in my backpack for emergencies. It's nice to have a little on hand because we were always traveling around doing stuff and sometimes you just need an extra hit and later in the day for twenty percent off if your first purchase visit native deodorant dot com and use the Promo Code. Try guys during checkout. That's twenty percents off your first purchase at native Deodorant Dot Com. Use the Promo Code. Try Guys. Yes and if you're in the US you get free shipping and returns and that is an unbeatable. American offer such an annoying meantime now to this. Is I think purely cosmetic damage first of all anything happening your cars and now it's the person driving the city. I got lead. It didn't didn't do this whole thing. But as cosmetic damage and like I don't care about it. I don't care like I bumped stretches and all the show. My car feels stupid to fix it. Because it's Soleil it's going to happen again as evidenced by this but now people are going to. I'm going to be driving by and people are going to judge me they're gonNA think I'm a shady driver then it'd be like Oh that guy's reckless he must have fucked fucked up his car and I hate it. I hate it so much. You fix your car or I don't know which side do you want to go fix my car fixed. I definitely fix my car. My Car's like I'm waiting till it just drops off. I love your car. Thank you so much. The car I used to have his ninety eight year. Right now is okay. You're cars are ninety eight ninety of vision and when I was a kid the car learned it can drink. It can legally get that fucking. Yeah but when I was a kid I learned to drive on ninety six Volvo station wagon. That looked exactly like that car. I got hit by a mail truck once what it was a similar learn road where it was one of those roads that I don't know why L. A.'s obsessed with these roads. They're insisting that two cars can fit down they can't they cars parked on both. Besides it is barely wide enough for one car. I'm at the Stop Sign. This mail truck comes roaring around the corner whipping hits my side view mirror scratches scratches my back of my car screeches. To a halt they refuse to give me their information and said I'm not allowed to 'cause I'm a federal employee my supervisor's it was coming. I'M A kid. I'm like right out of college so I don't know any better I call Geico and I'm like hey. The GEICO GECKO lizard boy and they're like I don't know if he saying the federal employee. I don't know I guess. Believe him so his his supervisor comes he says I'll take your information and we have to file it through the government. I don't I don't know and I believed them. It took me nine months. They wouldn't they wouldn't contact me. I kept calling them. I had like the case number and everything. They wouldn't send me money so finally Gyco goes like you. Just I'm sorry like you have to pay for it and then we will now. I'll have the legal option to go after them but like we can't do anything because they're holding up the process. Luckily it was not bad. You know a couple of hundred bucks scratching in a little bit of a dent but had like a mail truck fucked up my colleague total or if I was really hurting for money at the time like that that would have really sucked sucked So if you ever get hit by a truck don't let them leave and I normally love post office work. I post awful my opinion has been mired by your experience obviously subliminally. I now hate them. No I liked people who work for the post office. I think their hardest Shitty job. I think no one gives them respect back to see them out there delivering mail all day long and in La. They park at the end of the street. Because there's no parking anywhere and they just walk like like six blocks and the nick comeback to their car. Go ahead God thing. You don't need to put that in the in the you don't need that sound but it's real people full like this podcast hell to blow my nose it out of our most popular. podcast the one where I sneeze an easing longer nose. So people come for this. They'd come for the body sounds they CA- they love it right now. There are so many people in their car listing and they're smiling smiling. They're like that is so me. I'm about to blow Minos and anyway I love The mail post office and my funniest. The Post Office memories that I used to Babysit a kid and his name is Zak and he was me. Look Sweet Jewish boy it was he collected stamps. And what a nerd he was such A. It's such a cool kid. I loved him But I would always go to the post office with him and he would look at the stamps and see if there's anything new and he'd be like Nah. That was not good through like an old man. Now that was no good for anything and then he would try to haggle and like Zach. It's it's an uncovered cover the stamp they will not. There's no haggling also literally twenty five cents. Also its currency stamps are currency so you can. Yeah it's Super Weird. Apparently I've always wanted to test this. But there's this old myth that You can buy things with stamps at government offices so instead of using money you could use stamps as money. What things about a government office? I guess I get the DMV. You mean could I pay for my. Apparently it's technically nuclear American currency. Oh come in here get over here. Hold on our producer rate. Okay gets out of the bag. We're filming this early on Halloween Because we're going to be a doubt next week traveling producer. Rachel dressed as Glenda Getaway Linda. Linda Linda Go. It's just my accent. Glendale the good way. That's such a good dresses amazing. Happy offi sleeves first sweater because it's fifty degrees out. The top does not read to me. Goodrich she's got the Pufus stew hoop skirt of this big pink in a custom-made crown and then like a fall. Pumpkin spice Latte sweater on. It does not Matt but it's funny. It's very it's gotta be a Pun that matches Glenda the good witch and like Glendale and like no one's GonNa Glendale People Know Glendale Nah Oh my goodness holiday just changes when you're when you're in a fam- Rachel we did talk about without a recipe but we did not give it up to Rachel who ran the entire production and really knocked out of the park for very long days with lots and lots of moving pieces and she crushed. Rachel joined the PODCAST for a minute. All over there. Let me waiting used to have like service to try to get her hoop skirt over the chair. Disaster Astor just in case the rich. I'm curious we were talking about without a recipe and from our perspective. Were there any behind the scenes calamities or anything. That happened that we don't know about or I guess. In general what stressed you out the most the last four days I guess the worst thing that almost happened is we got this giant convection oven for the guys to bake and and it was really important to the schedule that they had. I know you're thinking it's the thing you did but I did several things I look out in future videos. I've got matching burn marks on both of my arms acid sees buddy. I'm sorry so oh so convection oven so we got this convection oven commercial sized which was really important to bake things together and fast because you you guys had like a lot of. Can I say what you had. Oh no you can save one. No no you had a lot of bakes them together And the little oven was also on camera and the other setup and you couldn't like it was down behind the island you can see it. It was not so it was really important. Shows shows up on Friday during the pre light. And it's run via propane now. I don't know if you know this but you can't put a propane tank inside and run it so you could sort of more of a garage. Yeah it's not. It's without ventilation. And the guys who are delivering it like And I was like. Yeah that would poison people we gotta send it back and I call the company and the woman who had sold it to us. We'll was like well it's propane slash electric and it was like so. Can I run it fully electric. That's what we wanted. That's what we talked about. And she was like no. You have to use the propane and I was like well then. It's pro pain when you're going to murder people and so they were like well. No electric ones exist so I had everyone on the phone trying to find an electric convection vaction of commercial sized for like hours. Finally this company sources us one and of course runs off of like a generator. That is eight or ten times the size of our current generator. They can only be delivered with a tow truck. So this wondering what. The hell that giant generator generator powering. The giant air was powering. The ovens burns out so then they a little too well. And they deliver the generator Eric. But this is an eighty thousand dollars generator and because we didn't spend that no that's a rental fee. That's what it's worth and because it was outside all all night you have to have a it's called to- park you have to have someone tow it in and Park and bring it out but it was Sunday. We started on a Sunday because they delivered a Sunday Sunday. I couldn't get it insured then I was like what am I going to do. Am I gonNA leave this eighty thousand dollar thing on the streets of atwater village. Oh I think not not. We have no bakers among us. That would use it recklessly. That would throw in there. That could possibly break it so we were safe. ZAC dumped a million million toothpicks into it at one point. We've got a lot of those episodes. Come out in December is going to be a fun you bait. We laughed a few people screamed and not I got burned. Maybe I screamed. We'll see we'll see we'll see eh Rachel if you could stick around for another minute. Yeah something very exciting. I found out our neighbors. Were filming a porno. What your neighbor Rayburn? Our office neighbors. No wait wait wait wait has been old people. I guess I should clarify our neighbors origins neighbors next door sweetest old. I WANNA say Filipino. Couple that they just garden all day. The CACTI people constant gardener they they really are and they always warn you if you're like parking on the wrong side of the streets like street sweeping times. We're we're like the Anti Jake Paul. Our neighbors adore us. They are like we are running company out of us and our neighbors are just the most sweetest. What is most supportive gentle people? They did one time. Throw a giant branch into our backyard. But I did it as like. That's the currency we exchange. They didn't didn't make a point though it was not the old people and it was not actually our neighbors. It was a couple houses down. Must be an airbnb because while we were filming okay I got back it up I had to. I was a single parent this week. This is huge. This is big. There was penetration in the air around us. Like like porn happens in the air. Are we breathe right now okay. I was a single parent this week. Because my girlfriend Maggie and Becky's wife Becky's Keith's wife Peggy. He's wife they. I mean Maggie is kind of wife. So that's they went to Las Vegas and Party together without us. Maggie may or may not have forgotten to tell me it was happening. I knew that Maggie was going tells me everything or wife does. Yeah that's what the difference. You gotta keep some secrets when you're still dating like hey. I'm going to be out of town for a few days to go party so so I had bowie. I had to bring him to the office. Bring set during this intense shooting so I come back on a couple of days ago and I'm walking around the block and I see this big motorhome. MM outside of houses a few down and it's a film set motorhome. I recognize those. I know it there. Too scantily clad human beings hanging outside outside. It's their break. I look inside. They have the craft service table set. I mean this was a real film. Shoot we're talking about our production value. They had it just the same. I'd say there's very little that separates us. We could pivot if we needed to be used to be a bedroom. Very Studio Zack. DOC has had some slips lately. Oh yeah that's right on my nut sack I did have to the about the porn up for the porn. Tell me everything. So I had Bowie and Bowie love saying how do people in the two girls. Those were so excited I can. We say how do your dog and like yeah. So we're chatting we're hanging out and and I go. I didn't know they were just too nice. People look like yes they were wearing like eighties inspired short shorts and to top it. It could have been anything. It's Halloween Week. It's sure. Say What are you guys filming in there and they go. Oh stuff stuff which is an answer you only give when the stuff involves close being ripped off. Did you dive into so. I'm standing there and they're putting my dog and I kind of like I had played cool so I'm like Oh enough said I get it and they kind of nodded and laughed like yeah and then we're hanging out nope Bowie's taken turns in between and I'm in this position taking turns what it was like two girls one dog just hanging out now. Yeah they're just petting. The dog was now that I'm talking about this. This was like the beginning to a porno itself. The fluffer joke the good and I felt too weird to dive in more. Because like here I am this like Dude Dude walking down the street and I come across female porn stars. I'm not going to be come across stupid. We'll be right back taft. Okay so we're still laughing about this. Hope you enjoyed that plug for probably headphones. And unfortunately that's where the story ends I. I didn't ask more details because I didn't want to be that pervy dude even though my mind I'm like genuinely interested in it is is like from a human to human perspective but the optics were too too much for me to overcome right. It would have been weird if you ask explicitly what type of scene they were coming. That would have been right or like. How'd you get into it? Yeah I WANNA know production questions I come just this. 'cause I have so many questions do you. I guess it's what I'm saying if any of our listeners are porn stars and you WanNa come chat like I I got questions also. There's an airbnb that we could rent a shoot at on this block. Yeah yeah that's about this one also like even further down Hannah stocking. WHO's a friend of ours? Who does a lot of comedies get she? She's been filming on this black couple times so yeah we got sketch we got porn. We got whatever the fuck we do know film in the Porn House. Yeah Oh come on now I heard it come on now now. Oh it doesn't matter unsure it's gets cleaned. There's always like a three hundred dollar cleaning fee for AIRBNB. So if do you think they had to tell the AIRBNB that they were shooting shooting porn there. Yeah maybe not I mean I guess you would have a bio hazard. There's like fluid soft the porn industry especially in California's very regulated you. Did you know that that are more more. Pornography's filmed in the valley than anywhere else in the United States dates. That I don't know so there so many out of work actor model. Yeah that's where like the pornography industry is is in La in the valley specifically. Can I talk about Airbnb really urban. I like the service. I like the novelty of staying in homes when I travel and I love it but recently I had my first negative review on AIRBNB. Someone gave you Annetta gave you negative review. What did you do I was totally bogus? Were you staying. I was staying in Nashville for and it the Bachelor Party so yes like we were messy but we actually like cleaned up really well. I thought the things they complain about were anywhere should be prepared for a Bachelor Party is national literally the point also. It was clear to me the people underneath me. We're making math anyhow. It was incredibly clear to me. I know what that looks like. I grew up in Tennessee. So UH whatever. We're only a couple of days. This place is very nice downstairs and very scary but just places very nice and I and so the from your Orange American complaints that they listed about me. They moved blankets between rooms. What I said? Okay I'm like are you kidding. They like their sheets and blankets and pillows in opposite rooms of where they were supposed to be in like. Yeah because one room had literally all the blankets and people were sleeping other there places so I moved to buy. Didn't think that was a big deal. Now another the how they had made Bacon before they left and the house smelled like Bacon. That's what fucking happens is when you make Bacon. And then they said they left like some of the dishes had to be hand washed. I said the for the Renault cleaning instructions left either way though we took out the garbage which we loaded the dishwasher. We hand wash the things that did not to be clean the counter. Like we did everything you would need to do. They did not ask us to you dirty nine smashing mother. Fuck you said there was wine spilled on a sheet like we didn't have wine beer. Boy Now what are you hiring Harry cider and beer there was no wine wine spill. I looked I walked out of it. There's no wine anywhere. So what do you do in that situation. Are you able to contest I. I wrote a counter review. That said it was totally bogus and I said like this is crazy. You'll have no instructions. How many stars did you get I? I'm sure I got addict like like review. Oh and I was like so mad because I have all these positive reviews. I've said so many of these and then this one is like I'm like I even wrote like this is inaccurate. Uh and route. I just don't even know why they like. Were so mean. It just didn't make sense for them to be like it. It was not their fault. They're hopped up on math right. It was summer in Tennessee. And I know that means that there's aunts are getting a house that's just what happens to us either but there were a lot of aunts that kept coming in the house and I like sprayed around like I bought ant spray while I was there and spreading around you improve that I didn't uneven like in my complaints. I didn't list that because I knew that that was a thing. But you bet your ass as soon as they left me negative. US At also your house's cracked to the outside an invested with ants. Okay did you let the cat out of the bag about the meth. I didn't tell them about them. I assume they know they must. They'd like here's and here's how I know we were outside on the deck and I dropped like a cop knelt down to pick it up and I looked in the moment. See through do the the Wooden boards to the lower ports below. And it kind of looked weird down there. There were like some old cars. And I'm like it's Tennessee and I looked down and I saw eight empty gasoline cans and so much rubber tubing. Yeah and so many jars with various colored liquids and then like I said the signs. Well yeah so like it just signed for Amateur Chemistry. I wouldn't know you need. You need something that Burns. You need a lot of tubes for the fluids to flow through and you need like stars to collect the stuff they make home brill. They could be making beer or alcohol. What about Kabukicho? They didn't look like Capuchin all the gasoline. And then how do you know. They're not making Jeff Gut health methods making compared to counteract about Oh balance because you're getting super hopped up and fucked up doesn't mean you don't care about your microbiome many. Something's inside your stomach as there are in your brain. I mean I don't know if it's neurons or something your stomach like a second brain. Apparently I read the headline about a paragraph into the article. And that's where I stopped opt anyway. That was my experience. And like I'm I haven't booked another AIRBNB sense. I'm really worried it. Yeah it's GonNa look at that and think that I'm a bad like guest though I I was when you go like on a Bachelor Party or a wedding weekend. I was grouped into an airbnb where someone else booked it. But she wanted to like split. The rent went through the website as opposed to just venue. Mowing me like a normal person like all of our listeners. Do and and she even though it clearly said no dogs she brought her dog or dog sheds of fuck ton and so now on my air being right I have her negative review attached to me forever saks. And that's the thing. I always the person who like buys AIRBNB so if something goes wrong it's only gonNA reflect on me and I didn't like I don't I don't maybe some one of the guys did still sitting on the sheet and they hit it and didn't tell me but like I. I just think there's possible the three hundred fifty dollars cleaning fee regardless like if there's a cleaning fee and there's no cleaning instructions you can't dock somebody for something being on clean. What is the cleaning fee Goto? Because I feel like then you shouldn't be expected to clean up and decent human rights just list. Please do this and do it. And they didn't have a list. They had a place where the list would be. And I think the only thing was like make sure all the doors are locked and the thermostat is at this temperature and like windows close. Mike God you guys want to get on Airbnb right now and then also get a black light and go to that House House with the podcast equipment investigative podcast. A great idea kind of exciting. Go like in real time. See if we can find the mark of leftover fluids if we can find the porno that shot at you like trace the footsteps and be like okay. Well she was mounted here and he we reverse image search a picture of the interior of the House and see if we can find shot and oh turn around. It's already already. There's no editing four and a half hours long I don't know much but I do know that there are exorbitantly long video so I don't think I if I don't want to do they score it cut into the world. I don't like the first minute and a half. It's as you walk in. Yeah Oh onto one handle. Yeah okay well. What do you guys would be about in? January arrives at the House is it. Is it the four of US realizing that it's time to have sex with each other. I think it would be like you're alone at your house. Hausky Neil Yeah. Oh Wow and you late night. Taxed that he's still flatter. Wow Yeah you get a late night. That's huge because that it means people watching either want like I'm the object of desire. I'm the vehicle right of of What would you call that like? I'm the one that you see yourself in. Yes yeah and Keith can't sleep. Obviously you're the vehicle to get to Keith real stuff. It is a weird thing thing to meet. We'll stop talking about porn to say that you find the person that like I want to watch. This person have sex with that person and I'm going to pretend that I'm that person isn't isn't that weird. Yeah you WANNA find a surrogate for you. That's what I think. That's what people are doing. Ma You WANNA see yourself. Represented in the porn desert representations matters it does it does well. It's it's been such a fun episode. We didn't have NATO didn't have gene. We got a great visit from the Good Witch which Glenda Glendale and it's so exciting to have guests. This is fun as nice to hang join Now Rachel I don't know if you need this but you you know tonight is Halloween. It's time of spooky scary stuff and you know you don't know what to do because it's your first time taking kids out trick or treating you might need some advice device and we have a wonderful segment on this show where we allow the youngest at least experienced member of this podcast to give some sage wisdom an alum week all advice that will go for miles with miles bond senior day. What's up miles nation? Rachel have you ever listen to the podcast. It's okay do you have any idea what's about to happen. I don't really. I know this is like at the end of it too so you probably have no. I've seen I've heard and seen lots of parts but I start over really give it. Yeah Yeah what's up miles nation. How y'all doing tonight have you ever wanted to Hibernate like a big ass bear. Do you want your stomach to be failed. eld With Larva are of a sleeping is good for your brain gene. That's the truth bid so my advice to you do is have some tea and four bad tease a good digestive. Your body likes to cool down to sleep so if you have tea before bed do gonNA raise that body temp and then you're gonNA drop that body temp and it's going to help you sleep if you've had a meal or dessert before bad. I'm looking at you Keith. You're going to want to digest that Ginger tea. The how is a great thing to have before bed mint tea. Mint tea is also a good thing to have before bed in America tea humorous not not Rick Ginger Turmeric Ginger. Not My favorite but it exists and that's a good thing for your stomach to help digest so you feel clean and your bowel feels nice and as we've established there as many many things in your stomach as there are in your brain that's true. Yes that's very true so I've been having tea before bed recently. It's really been helping me especially when I have a late night meal. We've been having these late. Shoot so heavily meal and then I have tea and just kind of sits on top and cifs down and really helps you sleep and make sure we should state the obvious yet. You gotta have that herbal not. We're not talking about seen. You got a nice herbal tea. There's some sleepytime t I also. I liked the digestive. I'm all about getting in my town. Me Feeling Nice and warm also say if you are drinking alcohol. Tea is crucial. Like I've recently in my in my old leaders of the age of twenty six six I I have been when I drink beer or like liquor or something like that. I have been waking up in the middle of the night and like being like. Oh my stunt at my stomach no yet. I know it's not fun but but because I've been drinking ginger tea there's something about it that's just like it's just helping my stomach be at ease Before I go EH NIGHTCAP T- Kapustin see my nightcap is a hot tight to tied his last night and especially because it's you know that cold season is about it really helped me feel Little Bre- breathed easier before going to sleep. I as you know. I adore this advice. I'm a real tea advocate. Yeah and I would say that is not how we love the advice. I was expecting some Halloween advice. Well this comes out some tailored advice to me coming out in November. We set it up as if it's for you but it's always just generally things I've done. Yeah it's basically what miles did this week. that he thought was a positive. I thought was pretty much. Yeah we've along Are Food related cooking related leaving related. Bathing a Lotta bathing. Human function thing even better than Aloof. I just WANNA throw in really quick and So we're trying to live a better lower footprint. Life in the habits Burger household and because Becky and Magyar married ah so are we. Switched back to bar soap Which I don't love as much But we got this thing. That's like A. I don't know if I can knit bag that you are so into so it's still scrubs like a Loofah but you have the bar soap inside of the bag and it it. It's like awesome. I really love it. It does work through the soap a little bit faster than I like. So what I do. Now as they'd I scrubbed like my top half with the bar in the bag take the bar out and scrub the bottom half without the bar in it just because there's still enough lather on it but it's like really great I feel like we're it's a better material than the plastic of Loofah. It'll last much longer You can wash wash it itself rather than having to throw it out. So it's reusable machine washable that sounds on wanting to send me the link. Because he's been on that same kick we got a machine washable LOOFAH I. This is like silicone something that you could just throw in the dishwasher. It focused sucks bad at. Aw I had it all on tour. which is the dirtiest boy? I've ever been and it like I have to use the time as much because it just I don't know very goes it just falls falls right in so then she got these gloves. That are like the glove its way it's like sandpaper so it's A. It's a loofah glove. But it like rip rips your skin off fully laden once a week to a Korean spas when they like. Just fuck your no no up to raw sensitive boy yeah me too so I just I don't know I been living in this loofah limbo over here so so I need that. The soap Keith is because the bar soap has like less additives than Liquid so it's just a better quality Healthier soap foods. You can buy it not like plastic. Yeah yeah so we Brian. We're trying to do all that we've got even a a reasonable bag to like put produce in at the grocery store now the little the little plastics Gung Cup recycling machines. Oh Gee I can't put that in recycling. It's hard hard. It's hard art. I and taking care of the world is hard. It's all Becky I. I am not as motivated as Becky is. But I'm very glad that she motivates me to be better. Well I'd say that was some real advice. Yeah milestones vice was like well beyond his years. I feel like you don't get into t to later that you know you may think I've been on this T- train all my life but I was not Mr T.. All the time he just came. Because you couldn't have coffee. My favorite one of my favorite tweets of all time is A Lourdes Miller. Who made the lego movie? Cloudy chance of meatballs One of my favorite directing duos they worked with Mr the chance of meatballs. And they were going Mr. Mr Teen was getting ready to film. Go Hey can offer you a cup of coffee and he goes food. I'm not going to do my Mr. Do you ask mister coffee if he wants a cup of tea. That's so good so good how. How many times does he delivered that Joe I? I'm sure forever every week for the last thirty plus years what an icon amazing. Well that is it for this week's episode of the TRIPOD. Thank you so much for listening. Be Sure to subscribe to us on Youtube. CHECK OUT CHECK IS DOT COM for lots. That's a very very cool merch and look out for our without recipe series coming this December. Plus we have in Australia. Series is just about to roll out so much incredible content coming to you. Those book signings. We told you about our comments. Just pay attention our social needs and if you're In some of the towns I'm going on tour with my band newburger when I was just in. I just did three shows before this came out so I had three shows this weekend.

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The Community of Coming Home: Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit

Rush: Holy Spirit in Modern Life

18:01 min | 1 year ago

The Community of Coming Home: Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit

"Where do you wonder now, why do you wait? Why do you hang back? What good is it to hear the music plane? Not respond, your heart. Leaping your mind, surrendered your body saying, yes, I know this place, I know this music, I know how to dance. How can I do anything else, but dance? Rush podcast police spirit in modern life. John seventeen twenty three the passion. Father you live fully in me. And now, I live fully in them. So that they will experience perfect unity and the world will be convinced that you have sent me for. They will see that you love each one of them with the same passionate love that you have for me. Holy Spirit and us. This is what we heard for you. Everything comes from me. All love comes from me. I'll joy all goodness. All kindness, all true satisfaction and contentment the three of us are perfectly satisfied and content together. And we are filled with love for you. We three love being together. And because we love you. We want you to experience community with us to know. We are not alone never alone. We enjoy one another's company. We love to laugh to seek each other's joy. And in this joy, we pursue you love pursues. You we abound in love for you. Our delight is in you. There's not. One thing we wouldn't give you all our love, all our heart. We want to give and give and give. So you were thinking now, what do I do with this? Is it true so much love so much love for me. If it is true. How do I access it? How do I come home? Well, three of us here. The three of us who reside in you. We are your home. Our love is your home. Let us show you something you're going to have to let us remove the blinders from your is the blinders from your heart. We look at you. And we say, oh, you are good. There is so much goodness in you. You are exquisite our beloved one com. Come now. Let us show you what it is that we know what it is that we feel what it is that we see as we speak to you. Now, we want our words to be more than words, but they can't not unless you let them into your heart. We the three of us are in each other's hearts. We are each other's joy and peace. We are fully satisfied in our love for one. Another with us. There is not one thing missing. We are complete. Eat here. And this completeness is available to you to for you are invited into this space this room. This place of belonging for you are made to belong here. You are made to be home with me with us. Where to you wander? Now, why do you wait? Why do you hang back? What good is it to hear the music plane, not respond, your heart? Leaping your mind, surrendered your body saying, yes, I know this place, I know this music, I know how to dance. How can I do anything else but dance with your whole heart? You can receive my love with your body and soul. Running running to me. You are whole we await you hear here within you so much more so much more for you break open now break wide open run run from what is not for you run run from distraction and deceit. Which pull you away from? What is true run run from evil? We are pure here. We three we're not missing anything. Quiet now, let us quite you are love a Plunkett that covers every wound. Our love a bomb that goes to the deepest parts of you. You've let no one else. See we see you. We know you we delight in you we adore you. We want you to know this feel this respond to this com. Com to where you are home com to where love is a constant celebration. Not an easy one perhaps and not without surrender and giving and giving again but receive what we have to give receive our arms around you calm into the fold where you can stop striving stop worrying stopped wondering if you are. Loved accepted cherished known delighted in the three of us. We can't stop smiling. When we look at you, come home. jesus. Holy Spirit Demise community. Rich complete connection. Nothing is missing there. Never lonely father Jesus Holy Spirit, each uniquely themselves and each uniquely one in the same. There is no emnity between them. There's no resentment. There's no competition. There's no one up manship. There's no indifference. There is joy. There's unity and there is love. He is love and they enjoy perfect love the very kind of love we dream about and long for and just now and always they invited us into that kind of community into their tight-knit perfect community. They want us to be in relationship with them to. It's not just for them that kind of connection that kind of perfect. Love is available to us to if we want it. Jennifer, and I appreciate John piper's description of God's love, quote, what a love that is. There is no greater love and all the universe than the love flowing between the father and the son and the holy trinity. No love is more powerful. More intense more continuous more pure more full of delight in the beloved than the love. God the father has for the sun. It is an energy of joy that makes atom bombs. Look like firecrackers, oh, how the father delights in the sun. Oh, how precious the sun is to the father? Think about that kind of love for a moment. Try to get your mind around it. Now, let this go deep into your heart. God loves you with the exact same kind of love. It's no different scripture says so. Jesus says so John chapter seventeen verse twenty three talking to his heavenly, dad. Jesus says. You live fully in me. And now, I live fully in them. So that they will experience perfect unity and the world will be convinced that you have sent me for. They will see that you love each one of them with the same passionate love that you have for me. God's love for you is immense. It says mind boggling as the love he has for Jesus and what's more God? Knowingly willingly intentionally sent his beloved boy to suffer horribly physically to take on all of the sins of the world and to die for you. Because he loves you that much he sent his beloved son Sakr officially so that neither of them would have to spend one minute of eternity or one more minute of this life without you. And that's not all he loves you so much. He even put his spirit inside you to live inside your very being. The challenge for us. As Holy Spirit said is to appreciate this. Love our flash our culture the lies of the enemy. They've got nest to a place where we've become indifferent to it. Lukewarm about it. But the path to more more peace and joy and purpose and wholeness is to relearn to appreciate this amazing. Outrageous love and to grow and our abilities to receive it. And fortunately God's here to help in this message. We just heard Holy Spirit said you're going to have to let us remove the blinders from your is the blinders from your heart. There's a song Jennifer, and I like part because it's raw and honest, but also because of its desperation it's called help my unbe leaf. And it's by John Mark scotch. I'm gonna read the lyrics, and as I do let these words be your prayer asking God to pull the blinders off. So you can experience ever more deeply the reality of God's love for you. And so you can allow yourself to jump fully into this community of home with God Jesus, and Holy Spirit where you were made to belong always in this life and eternity. So get comfortable. Now. Take a deep breath. And another. Hear the words to help my unbe leaf, which is our prayer. My world is shaken my faith is breaking. How do I know? What is real? Drive. The darkness of my doubt away. Comb the storm that holds my fear. Lord, give me now the words I need to say. Reveal the truth. Make it clear. My soul is broken on scared, and I'm closed in. And it's your presence. I must feel. Drop the darkness of my doubt away. Comb the storm that holds my fear. Lord. Give me. Now the words I need to say. Reveal the truth. Make it clear, my Lord, and my God, you are all that. I need my Lord. And my God. Please help my unbe leaf. Through sight, and touch and taste and feel pressed in your wounds to see what's real lowered helped me believe. Through sight, and touch and taste and feel pressed into your wounds to see what's real Lord helped me believe. My Lord and Mike God, you are all that. I need my Lord. And my God. Please help my unbe leaf. father Jesus. Holy spirit. Show me the way to go home. I get so distracted by the world. My heart hardens. My mind gets confused. I lose my way. So I need a guide. I need you to be my guide. I need you to show me the way toward love towards safety toward goodness toward light. Toward the place where people adore me. Accept me, heal me. Encourage me and empower me. To be me. Show me the way to go on. In Jesus name. Amen. This has been Justin Jennifer camp music by maiden production by Frank tonight. Make sure to go to itunes the apple podcast app to subscribe to rush connect with Holy Spirit. Twice a week right in the middle of your busy modern

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How Currencies Can Crush Return in Good Stocks with Michael McGaughy

My Worst Investment Ever Podcast

16:55 min | 1 year ago

How Currencies Can Crush Return in Good Stocks with Michael McGaughy

"Wanna be when the problems I made in my worst investment in that was that I was overconfident when you asked me to say what led up to me being overconfident? It was a very good investment in Greek stocks in June or July two thousand twelve but basically the situation will remind me of Indonesia during the Asian financial crisis. And that was actually when the best times ever to invest in Asian stocks. When all the bad news in the price, and I saw that opportunity similar opportunity in Greece at the time. So I invested in stocks in Greece that I made double my money pretty quickly next year some of the stocks up over four or five times in the next three years, but just going in. I did so well they are in a short period of time. I was looking for something similar low behold. Ukraine pops up praying at the time in two thousand fourteen was having a lot of problems. I don't know what you remember. But there are a lot of protests in it's called my Don tonight done on a PF. You could see the stock market. Down a lot at the time to the point at that time if Ukraine had fairly active market, not really big. But it was still going the interesting enough. I was in Kiev during the time when you had I don't remember if you remember there was a shooting in Kiev. So I had a full weeks of meetings and about half of those were cancelled just because nobody was going to the office. While mother stuff was happening in the center of the city, and I can tell you more stories about that later. I never felt like I was in danger. It was all happening in one specific location. But that's kind of where I was when I was there. I was kinda thinking of that old. I think he'll Rothschild saying invest when blood on the streets, and there was literally blood on the streets. Unfortunately, it didn't work out out for me. Very well, I did by sixty premium companies about four those were listed are listed still on the Ukrainian stock exchange in a couple of them are listed on the polish stock exchange. Long story short. I lost about sixty five percent of my money in the next eighteen months. And the biggest reason for that loss was the currency the grief. No was down about sixty sixty five percent against the US dollars on this very competent central Baker decide to free. The green is a very smart move. It helped me very much. It was a very good move for the country. Hello, fellow risk-takers. And welcome to my worst investment ever stories of loss to keep you winning in our community. We know that to win investing. You must take risk, but the wind big you've got to reduce it. My name's Andrew Stotz from aced autzen vestment research, and I'm here with featured guests, Michael mcgaughey, Mike. Are you ready to rock? Let's do it. All right. So let me give the audience little background and ward winning analysts Michael McCoy has a diverse financial background spanning buy and sell side equity research fund of hedge funds and private equity. He first came to Asia as an exchange student in nineteen eighty five Mike God, that's pretty cool. I came in nineteen eighty nine for my first trip, and he's been involved with the region ever since having lived and worked in Beijing. Hong. Kong and Singapore for different companies, including HSBC the old Crosby group and stone water capital Ekern Lee, manages a global value fund that looks for companies owned and controlled by quality people have structures that align minority, and my majority shareholders interests in trade, it valuations that are below fair value if not outright sheep might take a minute fill in any further tidbits about your life. That's really good introduction. Thanks a lot. I've been in the region for a long time. I love it a lot. And a lot of what I do is. I of looked at a lot of markets as they were very new. So I was one of the first analyst in Jakarta in nineteen eighty nine when that market first opened up for foreign investment, you know, at that point we had twenty four stocks listed about seven of them of which foreigners can invest in. And within what I think three or four years we had over. I think close to. Five hundred if I'm not mistaken of which all the stocks roken for foreign investment. So you shoot just incredible growth and emergence not just of the stock market, but also just Indonesia corporate culture, and I really enjoyed that would I develop during that time was this the same kind of methodology that I use now when I invest where looking back at the emerging markets, and what's in Indonesia, which done well, and what hasn't been well, it was basically companies that were really control the managed by really good people. And there's I can point your listeners or you can maybe you can put your the footnotes to the blog your blog up a linked to my Bob close that explains. This definitely can we can definitely do that. And you know, it makes me think about something that I I realized very early on like you're talking about in that is if you come to Asia expecting that you're gonna have professionally owned and managed companies like what is kind of the ideal in America where you have GE where there is no major family. Shareholding? It just doesn't exist in most cases in Asia. So then I always said about Thailand, I always said you're gonna have to invest with the family just make sure you pick the right one. And that's what you talked about. When we talked before the show. All right. Well, that's a great intro now, let's it's time to share your worst investment ever. And since no one goes into their worst investment thinking, it will be tell us a bit about the circumstances leading up to it. And then tell us your story or one of the when the problems I made in my worst investment that was that. I was overconfident when you asked me to say what led up to me being over confident. It was a very good investment in Greek stocks in June or July two thousand twelve the Greek market plunged, you know, there there's the fears when we thought that Greeks leave the EU the would break up the grief grief. Leave get off the euro and go back to the was dramas currency. But basically the situation will reminded me of Indonesia during the Asian financial crisis. And that was actually when the best time's ever to invest in Asian stocks. When all the bad news is the price everybody talks about it. But nobody really does it. So I missed Indonesia, I didn't have very much money during the financial crisis never got my act together to invested stocks. But when I was doing my research and looking back over what you how much money you could have made in the knowledge I had at the time. I kind of kicked myself I didn't wanna noodle up another opportunity in. I saw that opportunity similar opportunity in Greece at the time. So I I in six stocks in Greece. I've made double my money pretty quickly the next year some of the stocks up over four or five times in the next three years, but just going in. I did so well they are in a short period of time. I was looking for something similar and low behold, the Ukraine pops up praying at the time in two thousand fourteen was having a lot of problems. I don't know what you remember. But there are a lot of protests in it's called my Don, which my done at Kiev. You could see the stock market going down a lot at the time to the point at that time if Ukraine had fairly active market, not really big. But it was still going all the stocks appeared cheap. I thought you'd have very similar situation as you had in Greece or as Indonesian Asian financial crisis. So I went there I spent ten days and Kiev the interesting enough, I was in Kiev during the time when you had I don't remember if you remember if there was a shooting in Kiev, so I had a full week's week of meetings and about half of those were cancelled just because nobody was going to the office. While mother stuff was happening in the center of the city, and I can tell you more stories about that later. I never felt like I was in danger. It was all happening in one specific location. But that's kind of where I was when I was there. I was kinda thinking of that old. I think it's Rothschild saying invest when there's blood on the streets, and there was literally blood on the streets. And fortunately it didn't. Workout out from you, very, Well, I I did by six Ukrainian companies about four those were listed or are listed still on the Ukrainian stock exchange in a couple of them are listed on the polish stock exchange. Long story short. I lost about sixty five percent of my money in the next eighteen months. And the biggest reason for that loss was the currency the grief, no was down about sixty sixty five percent against the US dollars on this very competent central Baker decide to free the grieve. No is a very smart move didn't help me very much. But it was a very good move for the country. And so that's my worst ever investment and so far. And so tell me what you what what did you learn from this experience as you now continue on investing around the world. In fact, we were just talking before the show about where you are where you've been recently looking at investments, what have you learned from that? I think there's a lot of key. Not a takeaway from that. I guess the first thing is patients know one reason I'd like to go to the country is. You know, you can see the value and do a lot of the research approves good and bad. Just by looking at kind of pass IPO prospectuses or rights issues prospectuses reading newspapers talking to people, but you get a little more insight when you go to the country, but you really get a lot of insight at in terms of what the Danes rate is. When you go there. And so I thought he was not super cheap. When I went there. But it wasn't that expensive either. And all the locals were telling me that they think the greed, and it would be appreciate it. It thought it was fair value saw his paying about fifteen twenty dollars for the meal than an okay restaurant. You know, certainly a lot less than I would pay in Hong Kong, but more than what you'd be in real crisis situations, and they are I let I I was too eager to invest in. What in very the stock very cheap. And I think I was just too eager to do that to look at it to invest what I thought were reach heap stops and not being patient enough to wait for the currency to move. How would you know? I mean like when you're. Looking at whether that was Greece. Whether that's Turkey, whether that how would you know when it's the right time. You've got to see a huge crash in the currency. I mean, I asked this also because in Thailand in nineteen Ninety-six everybody said the government's going to defend the currency. It is not going to devalue. So you just mentioned the same type of thing. And then of course, it did be devalued substantially you mentioned the same thing about kind of what local said in the Ukraine, so just curious. How do you think about the currency? Now, a lot of weight for the crash and spend more time looking at it spending more time on the currency itself. I mean, even talking to senior economist, they say, it's very very difficult to get it. Right. So now, give me an example, one of my funds. Biggest holdings, isn't Egypt. The reason I'm investing Egypt is they the value of their currency or actually free their currency almost two years ago. Now where went from about eight Egyptian pounds to the US dollar to eighteen where it is now. And this time I invested after the currency crash or was freed, I guess, you could say so. You know, I was patient enough to realize, you know, reading the reports seeing that would probably coming a spending more time on this. And also, I when I went there, I was actually there when the currency was being devalued so one day on paying a hundred dollars from my hotel room US the next day, I'm lily, thank fifty dollars with Savo. Why wasn't because I had p aid. But if I had not prepaid sailboats will in fifty percent, spike, even the bills and the hotel when day my breakfast with thirty dollars. The next day was fifteen and in Egypt is a company. I remember called Suadi. I think he's calling member. But it's a huge construction conglomerate company in Egypt that came up on my world class benchmarking as one of the top most successful companies in the world. So that's I've actually been looking in Egypt recently. So all right. So let let me summarize a few things that I take away from this. And then you tell me if there's anything to add. The most important thing for the listeners is to remember whenever you're investing outside of your home country. You're investing in two things when you're investing in your home country, and you decide I'm going to invest in GAO, whatever that stock is if you're in the US has an example, you're investing in one thing that company, but when you're investing outside, whether that's, you know, Canada Asia, wherever what you're investing is two things the company and the currency in the point is is that you can get the company, right, but the currency wrong, and it can be extremely painful. And I think a lot of people kind of forget about the fact that when you're investing outside of your home country, you really do need to think about, you know, about currency, and I think for the average investor this is one of the benefits of having to own a fund like your fund is an example where the fund manager is thinking about that. And therefore they're diversified across many countries. The second thing that I would say is that it's really hard. You can look at some countries, you know, Russia as an example right now Turkey as an example, we've heard Ukraine you've heard Greece. The point is is that you can look at a country and see that it's down and you can get excited like there's an opportunity here. Just hold on slowdown because currencies can fall dramatically, and I'll just give one last thing in relation that. From my perspective is also governments lie. So in Thailand, they did not include the calculations of the forward contracts in the currency calculation. So we were looking at Thailand in nineteen ninety six and seeing that there was nearly forty billion US dollars in in foreign currency reserves. Everybody said, this is absolutely. They can defend the currency. But what we didn't know was they were going into forward contracts, and that if we had netted those out they were down to about seven billion dollars by the time, they were only three. Or four months away from the crisis in only a small number of insiders knew that majority of people didn't know what was going on. So those are some of the things that I'd take away. Did I miss anything? No. I think you hit the nail on the head those are some key things. So based on what you learn from this story, and what you continue to learn what one action would you recommend our listeners take to avoid suffering the same fate. We'll patients is the big one. And if you're going to go and look at relief cheap assets. A look for really cheap assets is probably good to wait for the crisis to occur rather than getting before. So again, going back to Egypt. You know, this is where I think hopefully, new not gone would. I've learned my lesson. You could see there's a hue on the internet. There is a big difference between the black market rate for the gypsum pound. And the official rate for the gyp shin pound at the same time. I could see that stocks were already super cheap, even before the currency devaluation. So I was really itching to go. So in there, but this time I stuck to my guns and did what I could bit. My was a bit bit your fingernails the end. So the John. On your tongue. Yeah. Before before actually pulling the trigger. Yeah. And I think a point about that is that currencies are likely to collapse much more fast than they are to recover. So if you happen to miss it. It's not like it's going to double in a month. I would suspect. So that's a great point. Yeah. Okay. Emerging markets for sure. Yeah. All right. Well, there you have it listeners another story of loss to keep you winning to find more stories like this previous episodes and resources to help you reduce your risk. Visit my worst investment ever dot com. As we wrap up. Mike, I want to thank you again for coming on the show. I know it's painful talking about are losers. But our listeners are learning to win as a result. Do you have any parting words for the audience this one I wrote up a lot of I I made other mistakes and Ukraine, and there's a blog that I wrote about all the problems the mistakes that I didn't make their. So if you're I don't know how you get your information to your listeners, but if you can put that on your links that might be something they might like to see. So they could earn from from my own ah mistake. Absolutely. We're going to put that on the show notes. So that you can go to it and click on it, and you'll be able to see not only mistakes, but successes and Mike's life. So that's a wrap on another great story to help us create grow and protect our wealth, fellow risk-takers. I'll see you on the upside.

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 Day 105 (Psalm 7, 27, 31, 34, 52) - Year 2

The Bible Recap

06:50 min | 4 months ago

Day 105 (Psalm 7, 27, 31, 34, 52) - Year 2

"Hey Bible readers I'm barely hobble and I'm your host for the Bible Recap. Okay Bible readers. It's time for our weekly check in doing. What have you learned so far? If you're behind don't beat yourself up about it. You're probably reading the Bible more than you would on your own. I'm excited that you're here today and I hope we'll see you back here again tomorrow. Yesterday we read all about David's life as a refugee and a fugitive and today we read several psalms he wrote either during or in response to that time in his life most likely the first chapter we read Psalm. Seven is a lament. David is a refugee and he declares that God is his refuge. He may be on the run but he maintains his innocence. Much like job did he invites God to let his enemies. Punish him if he is guilty. And if he's innocent than those who are falsely accusing him are the ones who are guilty. So he's asking God to punish them. He knows that God is God of Justice and he appealed to got on that level near the end he makes some general references to the terms of God's covenant with Israel in regard to sin and repentance and he asked God to turn the acts of the wicked back on them as a part of God's plan to bring restoration on the earth. Then we move onto some twenty-seven it's also a song of limit and of confidence in God. David Calls God. His light has salvation in his stronghold. And it's possible that he may have even written this while he was in the stronghold in the wilderness despite having a safe place to live what he really wants is the nearness of God in verse five when he says he will conceal me under the cover of his tent. Doored tent here is the same word used for the tent of meeting. Where God's special presence dwelt instead of dwelling in the stronghold he wants to dwell in God's tent then David says he'll offer sacrifices and shouts of joy and those are probably the same types of shouts of victory that Israel used when they defeated Jericho. It seems like he's recounting. God's relationship with Israel through the years remembering who got is the four petitioning God for help. David believed. You'll see God's goodness in this life not just an eternity. He has God's promise of his kingship to cling to so he believes God even when his life appears to be at stake. He closes the song by preaching the Gospel to himself again telling his heart to be strong and courageous and wait for the Lord. By the TIME WE HIT PSALM THIRTY ONE. You may have begun to see a pattern in. How his laments tend to go? He starts with praise brings his complaints and requests and ends with praise again by bookending his laments with praise he surrounding his needs with reminders. Of Who God is in this chapter he refers to God as a stronghold again. A rock of refuge. Some commentators believe David was living at Masada at the time he wrote. This Masada is a huge rock in the wilderness. Where King Herod would later build his desert fortress to this day? It's Israel's most popular tourist attraction it's magnificent and by the way if David was there when he wrote some of these psalms that would explain a lot of the imagery he's using. You may have recognized verse. Five as verse. Jesus quotes on the Cross. It says into your hand. I commit my spirit. David Trust God with his life and that trust comes not only from personal experience but from remembering God's covenant to his people in versed in he says my strength fails because of my iniquity. It's possible that David is just wondering if he's done anything to bring this on himself but it's also possible that he might be morning over the deaths he caused by lying to a Himalayan in. I Samuel Twenty one. Even though that lie wasn't the cause of his distress it was a sinful response in the midst of his distress. Like a lot of us when we're going through a dark time. David feels like goddess. Cut Him off but now he realizes he was hasty and thinking that and it was just too spear speaking. God came to his rescue in his own time and David ends by calling others to trust in God when they're waiting for him to act psalm. Thirty four is our first non lament psalms. Today it's a psalm of thanksgiving. David Praises God for delivering him and invites others to trust God to he reminds the listener. That looking to God delivers us from peers. Not necessarily from the things we hear from the actual fear itself in verse thirteen. David says keep your tongue from your lips from speaking deceit. And I kind of wonder if David's preaching to himself here in regard to the way he lied to a Himalayan he says God attends to the righteous and even though their lives won't be trouble free as I nineteen points out. God is in the habit of delivering his people. The righteous and the wicked will both have trouble in this life but the righteous promised a different ending verse. Twenty says he keeps all his bones. Not One of them is broken. The Gospel of John Points to this verse in Chapter Nineteen as a prophecy of Christ on the Cross. It was standard in those days to break the legs of people who are crucified to expedite their deaths but they didn't break Jesus legs. This prophecy was fulfilled psalm. Fifty two is our final Sam of the day. David has harsh words for Saul here and possibly for Doug to eat a might who exposed David's location to Saul but David also emphasized God's Justice in faithfulness as opposed to his own desire for revenge. He trusts his relationship with God to be all he needs in the midst of trouble. Today was our first day of all psalms. There's a lot of content about God and his character here so what jumped out at you. Mike God's shot was in Psalm. Thirty four five. It says those who looked to him are radiant and their faces shall never be ashamed when I read that verse. You or the first thing that came to mind all of you out there listening and reading the Bible alongside of me. You're all looking to him. And I keep hearing stories about how he's changing and expanding your understanding of himself. I can only imagine how. That's impacting your days. That you are carrying with you a new light and hope that's brighter than it was a hundred and five days ago. I bet there's a new radiance to you because you're fixing your eyes on him. And he's where the joy the Bible recap is brought to you by D. Group discipleship Bible study groups that meet in homes and churches around the world each week for more information on deep. Visit my group Dot Org.

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Sleep Deprivation


49:34 min | 11 months ago

Sleep Deprivation

"Crooked mystery subsidy adults B. Ly honey. We're all just a lie and scientists the best way to show you study. Even scientists began. Your personal subject affects me Taints Okay Mitch what is happening right now. It is in the middle of the night like a two thirty A. M. We are in the midst of recording in science video in which we were staying up for thirty six hours so we're currently feeling a little cookie guys. We're normally in bed by like eleven ish or twelve like this is our bodies are clockwork. So how are you feeling. I'm feeling exhausted. Yeah I feel like I'm a a little cookie and like I'm spacey but I feel your like cookie twice really quickly. You don't usually see you are definitely am but I'm excited excited to see what's going to happen writing. Oh I just feel like you seem a little more like trunk like I need sleep. I don't know why you're doing it. No why are we doing this. We're doing this because we're going to actually see how our facials Oh yeah. We're testing duty so there's like some view those who have already watched the video now are listening to this podcast already know but the whole point of the video is going to be to see how different we look after thirty six six thousand. I looked in the mirror and I look dread free to my is already like blood shot and I'm like we have like so much more binding hours left have to go or what are we gonNA do. I normally awaken one day. That's what more we have to do. So just we're going to put. This is the beginning of this episode that like if things are different. The vibe feels weird. Maybe it'll be great. Maybe it'll be bad like you can let us know but it's going. That'd be different Palo Alto. The you can let us know you can let us know how you're going to get out of it. It's like no okay. Wait what we normally do at this time. Okay what's uh-huh yeah. How's it going otherwise I wanNA see Hustler's. Oh I do too. It seems like it's getting good reviews so far. Okay my way better fed seen house. Oh we went to a really bad movie that not on the spot. What was the movie again only got. I'm not being able to remember something called Beginnings and Oh it was bad so so sad lake. I feel bad because I didn't feel bad just in case someone. I don't like criticizing art sometimes when it's like someone. Peterman be sad had like some obviously so nice of you to save them Wayne because it upside down because I'm about to say like I have never been more board into film ever and yeah I know they were trying to do something interesting so I feel like literally about ceiling Woodley hooking up with Jamie Dornan and Sebastian Stan and that was the problem yeah I was like that's not a bad boys so hot. There were like six sex scenes in the was the one was just like Kinda bad in in hot and the other was just like kind of like beautiful and made her dinner and it was like she was like well. Why do I want the one of the dinner when it was like this isn't tension and this is the best I ever in these guys are fricking hot and I think Jamie Dornan was supposed to be like a dead beat or something like he like he was so hot and then after also so no offense to them but I guess events to them like everyone's obsessed with celebrities for them when they were asking him questions. I was like Jamie Dornan. Either has sleep deprived or like can can not answer these coast which one he was a really hard one with a model turned actor like he would just like the start talking about something and then he'd be like wow. I guess I didn't really answer your question. What was your question. I was like come on Jamie. Dornan sleep-deprived now. We're going after today. No that's so true. I love home trying to be like damn. Weren't that intelligent and I'm like. I don't really know if I'm making any sense so that's been up to we saw no we went to my mom's birthday this weekend and we also went to your really close friends wedding as well yeah that was really fun and so we had a fun weekend so. I feel like already coming up this weekend. We might have been a little like already sleep-deprived so leading into this now. Mike is going to be body is we're. GonNa get sick. I get sick. We're going to get sick. Our Immune Systems are literally shutting down right now. How do we we need like slap each other in the face and like let's do this okay. Let's let's go to the day's Youtube Channel. We're GONNA absolutely go off and he's like offense. Rockstar red ball because they are all obsessed with that but oh it's one of our rules for our challenge right now is that we can't have caffeine. Oh people still do that. The Rock Star I think a lot of like Uber's but also creative people like love like like Rockstar and red bull wait. Maybe we just drink more red ball. No no no no no that is not. It's a guessing and not discussing it. I actually meant to say one time. I I remember in university. I tried to use it as a cutting tool and I actually went crazy red red bull either an Austrian or Swiss companies not so weird. I thought it was like for sure American like the Games but it's actually Australian yes. That's a weird is rockstar American then Oh that seems so that seems deaths all rockstar and then the the the aw Oh that's is that rockstar with Vodkas a lot. That's bad for your own instagram's loaded on I'd I wanted. I signed up south all right well. I think we'll we'll get to talk a lot more about all this stuff. Has We jump in to this episode about. We might as well get into what we learned. Somebody we learned this week so my I cannot believe I'm about to try and talk about this because it's about quantum physics so my God okay so mine's like really really okay minds. Kinda sad to Oh so yeah. I'm just you know I'm just going right. Damn trying so hard to dislike. Rockstar energy slash red bull may brain and get myself out of this. Is it work but I am stuck in a trough stuck in a trolley okay. What did you learn okay okay so when it comes to the concept of physics so there's particle theory right. That's the understanding. I think the best way to try. Why mine didn't know you're doing great. I'm just thinking about how this is going on. How hard it's going to be even from you. Literally just focusing so hard shot is for too long to focus. I'M GONNA fault my my head's. GonNa hit the MIC so there's particle theory which is something that you and I would understand as like I'm sorry I'm doing anything thank you and I understand that concept of like John. Protons electrons like when you actually draw those diagrams like in high school I relate that everything is made a particle. You got smaller and smaller. Glendon visits are even smaller than that like the like if you think about quirks and things like that like we're talking about smaller particles than that but it still exists in what you would define this particle theory. Okay yes and you know to study them. We have the highest Berg uncertainty principle which is that every time you like actually trying to study these small things you affect them so it's hard to really understand how they work fully but we do understand a lot about them and our understanding of them falls short though because when we think about Einstein's theory of relativity and gravity and we think of Particle Theory why Oh my God this is not going to get the way it is making perfect sense. Keep going up. Hey Our understanding of particle theory and our understanding of gravity don't fit together that doesn't make sense is a huge issue within the world of physics and quantum physics and and I just I've been reading books on it and it's really interesting and string theory is one theory that people think could link them together. I don't know if I'm getting too into detail but string theory right now. The only way that like mathematically make sense is intended mentions. We currently do not live in a man. What does it okay so. Maybe that that was. Maybe that was. I okay halt the brakes off the brakes. You don't even need to I'm also like I don't know I understand where this is going at all. You're explaining things that I'm understanding. Then what are we. He taught me that you were even able to say you understood that well. I mean everything you said has made sense thing was hey. This is my tragic part. What am I I. I am out anyways to famous in very important physicist passed away recently so oh Stephen Gibson died. He was only forty seven years old climbing a mountain in the French Alps and he was using string theory really while to study black holes and was one of the few scientists in the world who was like getting somewhere with figuring out how to use string theory to link particle physics to the theory of relativity so it's not like he actually was just like an individual beautiful mind. He was working with the take a genius working with the team he but he has gone a huge. Oh yeah no I mean like he was working with a team of physicists worked together with other people but he was like an astoundingly smart person who was like so publish who died hiking in the French Alps and then and Nelson who also died hiking in Washington state. I know in August who was a leading physicist. I'm not gonNA hang anymore no well. It was really interesting because I I started to get really started looking at all. They're like okay yeah. Stock Them. Fully okay is that weird to admit but whatever it was like a lot of physicists assists they were there was literally article talking about a lot of physicists hike a lot and like the concept of being in nature and to think and to kind of understand understand and like it was like really kind of ozzy sad but beautiful because like they did died doing what they loved and what really helps them to understand the world number-two weather. WanNa talk about her too because because so she was sixty one and she was a leading physicist who helped to understand why the current standing model of particle theory that I was talking about earlier seems to fall apart when we talk talk about gravity like so she was really understanding. Okay like why does park this particle theory and in theory of gravity not work she just knew so much about it and but and she came up with this brilliant mathematical equation to explain why there was more matter than antimatter in the universe which essentially is the only reason that we can exist and she understood this and she had teachers. Who are these really famous. Physicists that after she died said that she was just one of their students who just like immediately when they were teaching her. They realized what's she would come to them and they'd be like she knows so much more than I do. Let she was just such a brilliant mind so it's just sad because those are such in like the the more. I'm learning about physics and like these are the most like it's the cutting edge of what we are capable of knowing humans and these people hide hide the actual like knowledge and understanding and it just shows you how fleeting it hasn't how important he's people are and. I'm like there's not that many of them and that how it's like you know now. It's really sad when people like that die in like they should be memorialized. I mean inside with anyone dies really when you think about it yeah that's true they. They're not like and it's he's kind of like. I guess life is is fleeting so you should do it doing things you love and hopefully they love those things yeah they did. They really obviously both tragic. They're both pretty young like forty seven sixty st one pretty young but anyways I think it was talking about in through yeah. I was reared. They felt like it was so weird. 'cause I'm just trying to learn a lot about these things on my own time and then just randomly started it was in the New York Times like the The New York Times spent a lot of time talking with them which was good but I read the New York Times Science God. These two people who are talking. We know about the things I'm interested in right. Now are now time have died anyways. Oh my God is trying to take a ride ball. Shoot us out of that but excuse me yeah. That's what I'm going to her mood around. Okay good good. There's only one and then Oh my God. Mary van came in realize I can't even do that. Yeah what is that is. It's like item nine. I'm going to say anywhere between three to five Mexican again. Isn't it a Mexican thing I'm not trying to basis in any sort of gender identity but usually when I have seen it it has been men and I really hope that you know we are getting to a time where there can be women and men together in America. I don't know if it's really I really thought you were going to be like this. Is I was like I wanted to sing like what you think they would sound because all the comes to mind as high delayed release lead and I'm like wow my weight gag okay. I am going to tell you something. I hope you didn't hear about this but you're gonNA love it. You might have because you obviously love this subject. Subject Matter Wales. It's well. Have you been up to date on the news with Wales. Maybe not basically mm-hmm whale. Researchers have a pop probably they're probably fit there swimming beside the whales swimming we know so they have realized that wail songs that they say which kind of whale minke under skilled different wail songs are specific civic to the regions they come from and then Wales that travel in Migrate Pickup Songs from Wales that they meet on their journey and then reinvent their songs using songs from other Wales. I've called our wells had literally so not only is that amazing but it helps the scientists literally track where the whales have traveled because they know there's distinct groups so Wales in like one part of the world in one part of the ocean they they've I literally studied them in like they make these patterns and literally put these notes in this order and then these themes repeat composers composers so they know those bills come from say like Edano somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean or I don't even want to guess for any of these bills come from and I was a real gas. That's like one of the big bodies the water and so they realized that then Oh God I own my God forget everything we'll have it here in front of me but it was just like they then meet other whales they learn they said they literally are learning riffs from other whales and they go on to sing it in and then they it becomes part part of their now. I have one request for you what to do. Awale Ref the best you could for me. If you want. I could also play I would rather oh you sing. It okay favorite songs. It's Oh were really good like became a frog for a second. I WANNA play okay one of these see. Oh my God you could make a living off of this. That's what you sounded like. Oh my God. I feel like crying. It's so oh just consensus the last one content like apart Roy. That's a beautiful yeah. These were they were realizing there's a distinct songs but then the whales that travel pick up parts of athere whale songs in saliva run nine so cool it just makes me realize like so intelligent and it's actually crazy like humans are not the greatest species on no and you know what okay. I'm GonNa say this and I'm just exhausted so so whatever take with a grain of salt I obviously think that climate change is extremely awful and so is the anthrax vaccine but maybe it needs needs to happen to just wipe out the pasts that is us humans to allow entropy to slow down and divers diversity to flourish on this planet and life sure good or we Mike. We might take everyone. Oh now I don't I know I know I know I'm not I. That's why I mean grain of salt. Okay show both both are pretty dark but this elite all right so obviously we've already mentioned. We are talking about sleep deprivation today. You're ecstatic and maybe do have you pulled on in your life a lot really I guess yeah Y Y but not with the intention to keep staying up so it would always be at times unlike say on a Friday night in high school or something I'd be up at seven am and then because Friday night then I would just like stay up playing video games until hill seventy am again and then go into what you mean seven. PM Why am come on on Friday mornings when I go to school and then I'm saying I would stay up on Friday night all the way till seven am Saturday morning later for playing video games but knowing I could sleep any time I wanted to the your parents would let you sleep all Saturday my parents with fricken. I don't think that happened all the time or and I'd probably sleep. 'til like doc noon or one which wasn't yeah. I definitely slept till my parents. It'd be like ten. AM The vacuum evacuate me from the hell. No they'd be listening to music like Oh. I saw it was like harder for my family because we had so many anymore kids to just have to put up the fight so you also too big house to we had a big house. Our House was right. We didn't have a big house. We had a bigger house than you are has. So what did you guys not like. All of my siblings went through that phase where we did sleep till two PM like in high. No never and you didn't think you need that. There's so many studies Greg's parents. If you're listening there are so many studies that show that students should like in high also going on nerdy amount amount of early but were you happy to do that. Because I'm obviously early I remember feeling like in the summer when the days are long like lying into my bad feeling it's broad daylight and kids are playing their backyards giggling what age that would happen to me when I was in Asia obviously sad but it was like I'm going to bed and like lights out. I'm just staring outside my God. These kids playing. My parents think that's so unfair but I obviously I did want to go to bed and I don't know I know I never I slept past ten. Never I honestly never dance crazy to me but I as we age. Our parents would try to stop us doing that but there was a period where they let all of us do not like when we were in like early high school. I feel that they would let us do. I guess I would like Party and I would stay late and stuff but I would never have them need to mm sleep in that much. I would never go to bed that lay so you haven't pulled many lenders. Then I pulled one all nighter my camp and then one yes and then literally the next night we went to my cottage won't my rental cottages. Maine cottage the same every week and then everyone who was veteran me. It'd be like well. We have a college. Do you and I'd be like okay. No minus rented cottage and I had remember having a T- talking to my family with this amazing time time had a camp. Go to sleep have a dream about being in the urinal. Foley wet the bed. I'm seventeen eighteen. Thank God I was picturing. I don't know W I forgot your drink so I t- oh wait no. I'm just saying that was my excuses. I drink tea before and I was so tired and then I wonder what the beds morally well. Maybe God and then I got up and I was like Oh my God I peed the vet and I'm way too old residents tomb bears so I took the the cover sheet off that was so ct in my p. and he's like walked us. I just threw it in the woods and then the next day on my parents were like I just the heart heart than to tell them they were like did they go wearers the do that and then. I was like Oh you must not ever put one down. We just didn't think they were just like you told Yeah Yeah but then chucked it into the woods and actually I every time summer that we go back to the same college I was okay. Did you think like look. She just loved him. I assume like seventeen so that's not that long or or someone who takes care of the rendered cottage literally was like no discussed in our yard. I put them underneath like a big pile of would like it was like would offer aw lift up the whole by literally in my in my drunk early morning stupor of panic of not wanting parents that ip the bed at seventeen. I hid hid them underneath like a mossy. I love that you think that that that she has been there for decades or I mean. I look durians on their. Somebody found that gray. No it does it was recycling was biodegradable. I helped the environment you think I don't think I think the only other time is this stupid like like sleepover parties and ever be like trying to stay now. Everyone's like las word. The kid who I would keep everyone up all the time but my when my cousins were over we would all sleep. We'd get to sleep in sleeping bags in the living room or in the basement or whatever your thriving rain our and the right now. I'm actually pretty fine. I Still Lu because now I have such a schedule but as a kid I would be the one who get in so much trouble because might right like uncle and aunt and my parents would be like you kids are still awaiting it would really be like and sometimes I would have to be upstairs when we separated from everyone else because I was what what you were just like. Oh well guys. I have another question for you. Yeah I would just love talking all night like I was just like a little fabulous little boy so are are you serious yeah like and then they would hear me talking mostly so that I would it would be like you're sleeping up here and letting the kids sleep and then I get like locked in the bedroom on my own all sleep disturb our but even with these app science when when we started and then when you moved away with do a handful of the videos on my own like I would bullied do all nighters. I rely every single time. I'd really SA- Video I would have stayed up until like four. AM till or ten depending how much work I do. I love those parts of sleepovers sleepovers where like everything starting to get quiet. Nagai will be like yeah. Let's sore on funny how that happens where and then it'll go glad that someone will really yeah. Everyone's deciding who's GonNa keep out but yeah. I just like this something else in like. I'm tired enough that I'm going to call out. The mean straight boys school aw wanting to fatal when we had when we were a little God. No I mean like okay we. We are all fiddle. Did we were young and I just such as like cookie like you. Have this funny like weird way. You're definitely array Scotland. All these phrases have been given yeah. Okay fiddle any lag. I just remember like all destroys. Were curious. When I was little eventually they grew out of it. I know okay I didn't but oh my God is this. Somebody like big mouth literally like a developmental thing. I love you. Call them the straight boys but it's like well because later they became the homophobic boys who were acting different. Yeah and that's why I've deep down was held list. Pardon me that's like these guys who later they're my biggest fear to this day. There's certain people not there's like some of them became nice eventually but there's a period where it's a lot of them become kind of homophobic and some of them just like. I Like I hold a secret doc probably ruin their lives because they become these crazy yeah but but I wonder I feel like a lot of people a lot of guys like I think it's normal yeah yeah. I I like saying if saying that is gay is I. I was just like I just need to call this out. My because I was like late night boy. I was as I was ready for some fun. Oh my God no but I think you fell in a deadlock pedal you you learn. Aren't you love to play the federal. Yes I think we should be. I think we should go in to our studies study. Turn they got. I'm yawning. I'm like we saw in the morning before they go to work because you're probably getting more tired and if you are watching a video donning a yawning on Amazon dot com to Do you WANNA do your study. I am more likely to feel the contagious yawning the prison easy yawning. You're attracted. That's why at each other lows dot you feel empathy towards right so family members and things you'd be more. Leon if you see them yawning because you actually half like empathy and you connect with their emotions but if it's like some sickled perks give you my steady I because speaking of families speaking of wet any new parents out there anybody listening quietly right now. That's why my sister is not a new parent but has it just had her second child. Recently I mean like she had her number two yeah. My niece is like five number. Two also has a one year old so they must be currently facing this new parents face up to six years of sleep deprivation so so basically not in terms of like absolute time but it takes six years before they get back to previously they don't lose six year. No no okay yeah when I I read that. I was like that seems impossible because it is science headland like that where you're like. That's not right but but yeah it just means like so to give some details like during the first three months you'll lose the most sleep and obviously the strongest effect is in women because they're having to like breastfeeding. Yes and perhaps like I don't know I haven't had kids. I'm like maybe they're more in tune in more connected than just like constantly worrying about the child. I don't know if that's okay compared to you know I didn't mean to because there's a big difference like instead after one year. It dropped like they're sleeping. Gosh I've lost myself okay. No demands just like rated their sleep a lot worse like one point eight one points lower in the and the fathers only rated their sleep zero point seven nine lower on a scale from one to ten Does that make sense what what jail from one so like before they had kids they. They were like what's your sleep like. It's eight. Oh but then they and then after when they were having kids they were down in the points. No I've entertained. We'd go go down by hi. I'm a six and a half out of ten. They were like zero point seven five out of ran. I was like wow that's very studies not surprising surprising but they said it what they didn't think it would last this long so what it means it takes six years before you will get back to your prepregnancy sleeping. I mean I don't again. I have no experience with this but as we know from reading this book why we sleep which inspired this episode and are truly damaging. It's really bad any even minor sleep is like missing half an hour away and not getting or an hour is like a major detriment to like every aspect of your life may be more specific waiting to every because I feel like your cognition the way you look your immune system like literally everything sleep is so important we sleep a third third of our lives and we don't really understand why but we just know that like creatures can't function without sleep. I really want to theories. I'm so tired that I was about to say I really WanNa Lipid Beyeler sleep which meant to as lucid dreaming. Oh I used to love trying to lucy now. I I've started to journal in the morning wanting to try and live because I think that I like it was part of like my dad thinks dealing with them. Somehow I'm asleep. I WANNA be living life and so I'm like and I mean it. It hasn't worked. I've had a lot of very vivid dreams but I haven't lucid. I lose during draft once but that's only one yeah I uh-huh shot. You're all no I definitely have not lots but probably like at least ten times in my life. I'm shot at least ten times. Orlan you okay and I'm always going to cancel condor coasters and always going up and up and up an M so excited to go there and they never go down the road rules and they always wake up before the rollercoaster goes down. I want to lose a dream and just enjoy poster for once then so sad now. It's all what the hell are. Are you dreaming about. How democracy is soon as you lose a dream you a start flying obviously be start like controlling the I don't even know trumped. Take on seven times that might be right in the only other thing. I wanted to bring up in terms of conversation that this brought up was that the old dodge or phrase that it takes actually that's a doggy it takes a village to raise a child in this idea that like as societies have become more and more isolated and units have become smaller. It's so so much harder for parents to deal with lights because if you lived in extended family life hunter gatherer hundred other family where there was lots people like everyone would be taken care and that's how that's how humans you know how we have evolved recreate one offspring that you need to nurture and flesh and a lot of interject intellect they require a lot of energy achiever arm powerful brains but we don't have a litter of children that like you expect some to die and so is obviously been like we have evolved to need to be taken care of in the law to put on one one people especially in the current especially in the world. We live in both working every day and came back yeah yeah it makes a lot of that's also very western ideology. It's also a eurocentric ideology to be left to your own vices like I know a lot of other cultures and people around. They do have larger family yeah so it's nice to remember and for anyone who's like. I feel like that should be part of the conversation. We're having like how do you support your kid and and I know you might feel like you. Don't want to ask people as a conversation. People are having right. I don't know I I actually don't know people talk. Oh Law about how hard it is but is are people putting more work into making sure that they have like really great well. The Canadian Socialist government at work is when we found out that your cousin who lives in America gets like a couple of weeks off was I was actually disgusted. A new mother lives in Massachusetts chooses and only got like four weeks or something like that and the father got like six days or something so now than Indica clearly socioeconomic issue because it'd be able to afford to do that. It honestly makes me really sad so for people who are listening from America like so in where we live it is like now that that will the law was just passed that women get twelve twelve months well you do six months twelve months or eighteen months and then like your income will be prorated based on that so like. I think if you take eighteen eighteen months you got like thirty. Three percent of your salary depends on what your workplace will help you do but I don't actually know. All the different rules the longer. You take your your your yeah on that if you didn't have particularly large salary right. I don't know exactly how it all works but I think support is financially financially. Yeah like some others want to go back to work early in that's awesome but if you want to in Canada you can take the time which is well. It's it's actually still not great for fathers in Canada like in Scandinavian countries like the fathers are also mandated to which is really interesting because that's also that's how how you create gender equality and also that's amazing. That's a beautiful thing that a father can spend the early moments of his child lights point of life literally. Wow okay that's really interesting but essentially you're losing sleep. If you ever get prepare that's I think that makes sense. This one's literally just about how a Swedish study the Abbott how they figured out how you do look so much worse if you deprive yourself of sleep so they say that our videos I thought it would be worth talking about considering just giving context to why we're doing this so they did is they. Just people need it exactly what we're doing right now and made them stay up. They took pictures of them before and they took pictures of them. After and then they got random other people called the raider to come in and rate these random photos as based on attractiveness Karenin based on whether the people were considered to be socially appealing people you would WanNa talk to him and the sligo knowing they anything like sleep-deprived no no no not at all yeah and and then it was like very unanimously the people who are the sleep-deprived photos people would rate is less attractive and less appealing to and the other and also their Swedish are probably all beautiful but the other people who are sorry not the same people but who had actually had proper sleep and they took them with proper sleep they were considered Ed more attractive and more socially appealing so it just really addicted like obviously our bodies change when we are sleep deprived and it's like there's a lot of theories about it but tell me as you said your immune system goes down your cognitive ability goes down your ability to essentially live life safely goes down and so the the thought is maybe it's an evolved traits so that people stay away so they don't get hurt and so that you can go sleep her or whatever yeah it's always like. I mean that's an evolutionary biologists. Take on it right but recant say that beauty sleep doesn't exist and if you wanNA look good yeah. I am really excited just to see like like I know I know. It's going to be so drastic but like I think we will. I did looking at myself now. Mike my eyes are red like I feel like it's so weird that I can't necessarily put my tongue what they literally said based on the facial like analysis and a couple other studies that I read. It's like you frown. Your frown. Brown gets more pronounced. You look more sad. They like literally the two ends of your on either side of your mouth. Well frown more got more wrinkles around your eyes is because they're kind of squinting so it's kind of like okay yeah. Obviously a frowny cycles the hottest person will I mean even as we go through the name like I've been so much more like frustrated by things kind of more angry. Oh yeah every time you're absolutely yeah. When I earlier was trying to play with these. He's Leith like one two punch the light 'cause I couldn't go got stuck on something and I was like so quick to get angry at like this any object so his his awful. Let's move on is ending. We can't even sleep after that all right my next one we've already kind of touched on the overarching premise which is like sleep impacts your immune system but in this study they found that sleep deprivation is linked to literal gene alteration and just this is going to be really bad for us to hear it now. Hello one single night of sleep deprivation of like an all nighter they studied doctors who have to do like shifts. They their. DNA Lina repair genes like go down like turn off and there's so many more DNA breaks compared to those who aren't working that same over don't wait DNA break in Oiseaux like they're looking at. They take blood samples from them. They've taken them from like three days when they were held civic cells yet I'm trying to look for the the name here it was like visits the outcomes of interest were oxidation induced lesions in DNA and eight ox wanting DNA gleich allies or something activities so they're looking for these specific they're looking for mark in the blood which will represent how the genes are being expressed and ultimately. It's like like a single night damages your DNA and what and that ultimately contributes to chronic disease and cancer one single what kind nine of cancer like across the board. It's just like any any like problems with your genes. Repairing themselves is a risk for cancer. Risk for mutations is a risk for the ALESINA systems are not only. Are you not creating the stuff that repairs them but they're also breaking more frequently. I hate that I know in our like Nazi. That's like obviously tied into immune system but also just long term like the eye so people who probably are insomniac like that build up over time uh-huh yeah. I read a study about how insomniacs can really tell when other people are tired like a SA- exceptionally well based on the way that their faces are like yeah. It's like you Kinda. WanNa know your own group or they literally did it with like eye tracking software so it's not like they were consciously doing it but they would. There is would be drawn to faces that we're more tired and did did they didn't they weren't looking at them. Inviting them yeah I would. I look like home my God. That's like D Heino. Allegation is the cruellest shit ever. That is the stopping university where I was like. `I fricken life sciences like there's a whole other universe like that's in a one of my cells sales of which I have so fricking many this is happening. All the time and you think I'm GonNa live here for eight years. In the Shit's. GonNa keep work for eight years. Amazing it is so fricking blows my mind like thinking about and it's so cool because sometimes you you think the other way where you think about the universe and how vast in huge it is but it's kind of that same feeling when you think about your cellular learn body and how detailed and like you weren't talking about before like string theory and like how small things get and that's why every time I universe onto itself and eat. Popeye's is and my deal with that Shit. I'm like Oh my God first of all you Craig. What are you doing to yourself and be it's amazing that even can taken this poison and turn it into feast came. We're GONNA keep going. It's like Oh my God. How did you do that. How did you take that disgustingness thing that you and your hot heat said Pizza Chicken Bay okay. This isn't sponsored by beat the B the breaking the best thing that exists non sponsor because I'm like. It's actually disgusting addiction. I'm sorry but think about putting in your body. You're you say you said you got hangovers from it. WE'LL SEE I. I realized that sometimes I'm not hung over because because I often would get them when I was like drinking so I would wake up being like I'm hung over but then sometimes like I'll get them when I'm perfectly sober and I'm dislike having a night watching TV and I'll wake up hungover like it's assault. What's interesting. Is that based on the research. I've is doing it the way your face changes from sleeping. If you eat a lot of salt before you go to bed one study I found this is not actually created. Many studies did say that your eyes would be easier if you had more salt but then actually read a couple of other studies that said another tough part about science. It's really interesting. The most recent study said that that was not actually true but it's it's. It's hard to like think think of these things because he just you hear conflicting research all and things that don't bear a lot of meaning like there's not a lot of research into like your your is being puffy. May Be is not consequential because it's not linked to any other issues. He's I mean I'm I'm surprised that ownersh end but as you think it is interesting to think about when like I mean like reading science articles and then reading pop science on top of that you can always not even always he's talbot whenever there's like an article title that is just too good to be true or just like to that just like whoa that gives instinct to tweeted immediately. You're like okay wait. It's probably probably exaggerated but it's like those are the boards in Rad's always I mean which is a big big deal. The no the difference like the title should say this cures cancer twitter ads. I love that yeah okay. So what I WANNA talk about is one study Romo's Outta Hair Brag but it's not been keeping my brain actually feel less tired. WanNa go play and know why I never you watched you for yeah. That's Kinda Kinda like pop so passive okay. What did you all right. Mike God I literally can't focus them. Okay so is about the concept of hallucination and one that comes into sleep deprivation because it does you can the loosening from not getting enough sleep or bring that makes sense yeah yeah okay so losing enough. Sleep can lead to hallucinations you. This is a podcast is not a visual medium but I am currently rubbing my yeah so homemade. Lord about so this this study was a meta-analysis electrical bunch of studies that had done this and like even historical accounts because there's a lot of the time when there was really prolonged sleep deprivation it was actually through things that weren't ethical like torture so it wasn't necessarily actually like studied studied by scientists but it's like account of what was happening to people when they didn't sleep at all and so it between twenty four hours and to eleven days that's that's the longest that they ever go out with someone who did eleven now. I think I heard about this though and well. I'll let you finish but I'll talk about that eleven days thing after what let will I remember them saying after he was finally allowed to sleep. There was actually no long term damage. Although it's like our studies are probably proving that to be wrong now but like immediately immediately like he his cognition at the eleven days was awful but after he was given a few days to sleep he kind of he came back to normal and there was no visible difference in who he was yeah yeah well. I mean that doesn't totally surprising is no but now I'm just saying that I've talked to a gene alteration and we've talked immune system like he might have permanently damaged some economic seconds yeah okay so the most common form of hallucinations that will happen that could happen to us because they happen between twenty four hours to forty eight hours are visual hallucinations that are kind of like a fuzzy vibration. You might not necessarily clock as a whole right. It's not like you're seeing a paranormal activity like you just like might see a flash galaxy. Demon isn't just like hello. That's my biggest. Fear is loosening having something that I want really I wanNA do shrooms Michael Pollen's book about hallucination. It's like okay I think into scattered Asia read about gets a very scientific book in it and I was like it's it's just like very pro talks anyways and I do WanNa do but with the babysitter. Let's just do it now. Document different video anyways twenty four hours to forty eight hours. Visual Hallucinations were actually quite common and then after that between forty eight to ninety two. That's when you started to get it's called metamorphosis await no okay. Dj Question Shen this is a DJ game question Okay Dj. This is a DJ question. What are you what Song Sings. This Manam Office office says whatever this has whatever I'm grown through come on GimME CASS I recognize is the core of being a madam says it's like an Ashley Simpson so closed closed L. So for close okay so-called hygience that world and it's about puberty and becoming a lady and she became a lady in front of our eyes like some Britney is bringing. It's it's it's a Disney Britney. A more Disney Ramey like a more modern not more modern similar time but at Disney Negro Disney channel's lizzie McGuire was played by a sleep. I what's her name Hilary Hilary aw Oh Morale Hillary first single. Oh my God okay all right to be honest about his dill. I also pictured Hilary Duff. Okay what all white girls looked. They certainly do Mitch. I have no idea like what what were you going to say that this Mata's. How did the audio ones and the touch lose nations took a lot longer like so motto sewri? Oh my God are you sensory hallucinations as when you feel your touch loosing nicey okay okay what did you you said you were like atoms army so all right got it always anybody who's always take a lot longer. It's visualizations that happened. First and then psychosis comes in potentially after seventy two hours hours and yeah that's all what about maybe it's not auditory hallucinations same it was like it took it took longer between the eight hours and and actually process seventy two mark it was very common all types of Lucile al and then psycho says and then like you actually become psychotic. That's scary. I know I'd Ed rather districts like well. Okay none of these really severe symptoms ever came pushing and also right now. We've literally really dislike. Ben Awake like normal people. Stay up till the. Oh my God no more people it's okay. We shouldn't even really tell people what time is. It's three like we do this all the time. Yeah I yeah well. We don't but I think like we're just so proud of we party but we're but we're not using any stimulants caffeine. We're not drinking alcohol like using anything to keep us this up so early anyways okay. Wow thank you so much okay. I'm like Oh my God. We're GONNA listen to this when we have to add it and be like this is so so. I didn't think it was so bad. I'm not that I think I've gone in and out of moments of yawning and being tired but this is actually helped me get through a big chunk of the night so thank thank you everyone like for listening and being there for me when I needed you might not know this yet but on you're listening to this but okay so when you're listening to this in the past when we recorded this. You're there for us. there's like a magical connection. That's a holy so nation we are currently experiencing while the science podcast talking about match anyway. No I think hopefully interesting. I think if you haven't either videos should be out as you. WanNa Watch us to complete the thirty six hours Jackie where see where the night takes us from this point on. I feel vulnerable is a good time to be like. I'll love you if you're listening to this in. Oh you you know what I did mean you but wow I'm the only person in the room my God okay. Leave me alone talking talking to that okay. Hey Yeah you're still listening. You must like really like me yeah well. If you're listening to this in your ears I think you look really good right now and I really like you and I really appreciate you and if you have have actually ever use the Hashtag side podcast I love you and so I just want you guys to know that you'll hear from us next week and just that care about you clean. Oh it's GonNa Beard Fiddle title my dental all right. Thank you guys so much. We'll see you next week if we're still alive.

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Holy Ship, Another Episode? (A Legendary Christening)

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I sweat from bear. Certain name could be. My Dad drinks a lot of it. Why don't we call it? Call the jewels burn known we could call the Einstein. Now that's great name. Come on come on would you WANNA call it? The whole I have an idea. Was that Humboldt. The thunder road from Spring Simpson. Not Bad it's perfect thunder road crispy the thunder road Want it's time for the news. Delete delete delete. Hey Ripley your shit. Pack yet almost. Have you seen my grab a metric wave tractor? You're what no. Why would you even need that on a fucking Paradise Planet? You never know when a wave needs to fracking so weird. Oh Hey guys ripley and I are gearing up to take a much needed vacation after a six months of smuggling plump buses and off market particle cannons and because this nation wieners. Risa the sixty ninth moon of Fortuna. A planet in the system is on the other side of the quadrant. We have an excuse to test out the New Brilliance. Fear in the work core side note. Why is every planet or moon? We visit the sixty nine. I don't know take it up with management management bro or space pirates. Whatever just push the button. Let's go already fine. Fine should I say like make it so or pungent or something cool? I do not give a fuck alright alright. Let's get war that in sound good. I'll check it out. What the hell are these fuzz balls? Oh yeah those are those are triples. Look cute as fuck man. They're not baby yoga. But I thought you would dig the two of them. The two of them are now twenty. Three they've decided to make the work or the new reproduction chamber. Did you even watch star Trek loops? My Dad always made a skip that one. Well since we're stranded in deep space we might as well go ahead with the episode. So I'll welcome back. My Name's Joba threaten with me as always I'm real Scott and you're listening to close encounters the slurred kind. I do have some Before we get into our articles of craziness here the got some New Year's resolution updates for you dried January lasted all of fifteen fifteen days. And I've already cracked back into the alcohol. Alcoholism so ya it's you. You almost made it halfway through the monks so half half way better than no way and I do have another cool thing as another new year's resolution that I have I decided to stray away from my really straight cross fit regimen and try something new so I've gotten into kickboxing Ripley. It's Kinda Cool. But you know what's crazy is the instructor of the. Kick boxing class. I go to looks exactly like Katie sack off Kara Thrace starbuck it right the craziest shit in the world like I call her starbuck on a daily basis and a pretty sure? She wants to like drop. Kick Judo Kick Thai. Kick me in the mouth every time I speak so anyways sweet chins. Yeah if you're listening. Starbuck wants for you so all right. I guess we'll let you take it away Ripley all right so we get to start off with something that I think fans of ours. Podcasts will both appreciate in also probably have a lot of disdain for at the same time annual I appreciate. I absolutely appreciate IT I. It's so early this week. The CHEETOS company That'd behind I believe or hines attic. No I have not ugly cheetos in their parent company and finally announced or named what Cheetos dust is actually called that little residual sits on your fingers. You know that turns everything orange after Ichi does which That later they have named it. Cheadle cheadle cheadle beetle. So the joke that I was gonNA references About the guy that went to the doctor because Dick was orange. Guy Goes in doctrine. Doctor says will. What do you normally do like? What's your normal day? Will you know not much? Just sit around. Watch porn eat cheetos. That's quite perfect for For what we have right here man. I'll tell you what so I guess. In this case you would have a cheadle Dick Geeta Dick. It's better than heaven a needle. Dick not that. I would know sledding man. I tell you what the media is just so good at given CH- given shit us that we didn't ask for blows my mind exactly news. Yeah I can't believe it. You know it's ironic marketing on on their part. Absolutely I pick a name other than cheadle. I think they screwed the pooch on that one but at least you know marketing were talking about. It is served its purpose. They wanted to get that. You know the C H. They wanted at least half the word. Cheetos in whatever they were gonNA come up if they could come up with something so much cooler. I totally agree. They could have been like like trying to think cheesy fingers. They could call them chambers or like I know not Nacho dust there. I don't know you know there's so many so many things that I could just brainstorm and come up with a better than cheadle I mean I I mean I don't know it's it's good. You know whatever. I'm sure. Lots of dirty jokes are gonNA come out of. You know down the road especially you know for future episodes. Well I have no doubt we're gonNA reference this weekend so absolutely now. I in this article which is on Fox News by the way that is awesome that this came from Fox News and so they do a screen shot from an Instagram Post. About fingers in this person that a screen shot has five hundred seventeen followers. Kat Damn Hill. Did they stumble across? This guy's thing like it has forty likes as of this screen grab it looks like a cheap. A cheap Infomercial you've seen in the nineties like with subtitles in the bottom. It's it's very bad. And that is very funny of all the ones because the first picture is quite obviously some sort of like Instagram you know what what what what do we call them. Yeah that we talked about with hysterical. You unlike it's definitely an influence or you know she's she's kind of got the hair to match the cheetos. She knew what she was doing. Which took this picture. She's like the make sure. My fingers are all dusty. You know nice and orange and then this person down here is like yeah. You Ain't got shit on me influencer right. I've got plaid Pajama Pants and I'm lacking. I'm about to NIX. The bachelorette after this Mike God so weird. So we're well. Hey Bring on the Beatles. Everybody if you're listening to this and you've got some Gets them cheadle fingers snapping together? Make a little cheeto cloud for us. You know that's right so while we're on the topic of cheetos. Can you name three snacks and the same genres chips popcorn? Such something like that. Savory snack handled snack. That is better than Cheetos. Oh Dude if this is a question for me. Oh man hot fries are above like so they make Cheetos subpar in every respect where. Tom's hot fries. And Andy CAPP. Hot Fries Botha Frantisek pringles or Fantastic and my third would definitely be bugles because those go on your fucking fingers. I can't back young bugles. They're pros pringles. I'll give you haven't had the top prize but you'll never anyone fries. I can't say that I have the only other one that I may throw in. There would be Fritos like the Chilli Cheese fritos. Okay those are good. I was GonNa say if you have Chili. And you don't have those for me. I just can't eat my goddamn chilly. It's not happening until I have Have those filters fritos chilies? Incomplete without Fritos. That's true it's true with sturge true but now I was only in the bugle thing just for the fact that they go on your fingers. I thought they were Quite the relevant placement here. That's really the only thing I was thinking. So and Coincidental timing have been watching the MIC lately. Like we just started watching last night and we were watching a couple episodes before they started in in one of the episodes there at the country clubs. Fine the little. Kitty is like six. Has this big like Milkshake class fuel fool of bugles. And he's got his fingers slowly eating him as he's getting Saggio. It's hilarious. Oddly creepy but definitely funny at the same time than I used to play with pringles more than than I used to eat pringles so I can't even really great clips and stuff make the duck duck lips do the whole like. I have like a claw kind of thing you know. So I can't even really recall what they actually tasted like. I just remember playing with them. So you know best player has got to be the pizza ones. They made pizza bugles. Oh sorry I did you see. Pringles bugles. I'm pretty sure you said pringles. Ld New ductless dammit. Of course that was a pringle thing you can't well you know what it's like. Nothing but in my defense I play with all my food. So that's fair anyways we'll We'll take that for what it is You know and we will move on to the next article here which is on C. Net. Everyone loves a good CNN article. So this one's headlining with a strange unknown objects found orbiting. Milky ways black hole first of all the title itself made me on t my pants and I could not take it seriously you alertness and you know. It's the subtext. The subtitle says AIN'T NOTHING BUT A G Thang four new. G. Things to be exact and of course my mind went Unknown objects black hole and it will night just objects are hovering around my blackwill absolutely. It's the absolute worst and you know it just went straight. I wouldn't Augie thing I call. It Ain't nothing but a g strang so basically what this article saying is there's this big discrepancy against these new objects found in the Milky Way dubbed G. One G two. And we're just GONNA lovely call them the g. One spot in the G. Tube spot. It's always so hard to find the G. spy unless you're NASA unless you're NASA you'll find all kinds of crazy g spot phenomenon. Apparently so basically they can't really distinguish whether or not these things are gas clouds. Yeah that's right if they're gas clouds because they were they were coming close to a black hole that's right because they were floating towards black hole in rather than shred these things like to their very core and just destroy their very existence. They were able to survive the black hole which was unheard of. So people think these things might be something other than a gas cloud So they could be apparently some sort of crazy unknown phenomenon and there was even a a title down here what it could be some someone trying to see who it is. I'm scrolling down here. What's her name? Oh Stephan go lesson. I'm so bad. These names Stealth Stephan Jill. Jill lesson I guess is an astronomer astrologer who's stronger who's -display stubby zoo commoner. And he looks. Stylish Aminals Ama- knows is what he does underside. But mostly he looked at the Shani Stars in these Stronger so you're getting suit sued whereas we are so basically this astronomer. At the Max Plaque Institute and proponent of the Stripe has suggests it's unlikely that The objects were formed from binary merger and postulates at the g spots. Hey maybe a handful of different weird cosmic phenomena like young stellar objects or stellar wind nuts. That's what I was trying to get at is like the fuck is a win. Not ever ever tried to tie tie a knot with with the wind. No No. That's that makes zero sense. I have no idea what such you know. You know. They know all this crazy. The they're so much deeper into the scientific field of study than I could ever hope dream to be that you know. They probably have an explanation for that. I'm not even GonNa try to understand. I'm just GONNA okay cool. Yeah win knots absolutely bringing on it all right but I love that. They're called G. sources and you know I it. Throughout the article they're constantly g sources and I just solely picked this article because I could make g-spot jokes. I'M NOT GONNA lie. That's the only reason is article was chosen. It almost almost got beaten out. Did you see the other article that I almost picked? I'm going slightly soft reference. It there was a strip club that was trying to aid the the homeless and the poor by providing them with shelter with their logo on the tents providing them with tents with the Strip strip clubs logo on them. That was the article while most shows that is great marketing again. But you know g spots and space stuff always gonNA prevail. Everyone's said nothing. But a g think ain't nothing but a g thing exactly so anyways let's take away to the best part of the segment here that. I liked it all all a beard. It's time for name. That ship chauffeured shoots two. We should probably preface what this segment is. And I'll let you do that and can give him a little bit of a rundown and explanation before I start hammering. Yeah with some questions. I appreciate you adding context to that. Uh Sentence So Joba has done his due diligence in. He is actually from his own mental library Concocted sixteen questions regarding different science fiction or just general fiction Ships COULD BE. Various ships could be spacefaring. Ships could be nautical ships. I don't really know I have questions. Yeah it could be anything. So He's got sixteen ships. He's going to ask me about and see if I can answer them. It's basically a version of Stumped the Schwab if you watch the ESPN in the early two thousands which was a very bad show but nonetheless make dated and antiquated references there. Yeah someone's gotTa do it. You know I'm going to bring some light bread back into that bitch and then of course in future episodes we'll probably reverse. It and Ripley will be asking me questions regarding whatever theme. Were running with so here we go. I got the first one for you are you all buckled in here. I got my jumps suit on. I've got my actually. I got nothing for that. But my H- as long as you a safety first seat belts on. We'RE GONNA go first question. I may look like a rooster but I fly like a leaf on the wind. Who Am I? Have you get the franchise you get like have credit is kind of be? Like whose line is it anyway. I'll just kind of like. Oh you get points and you get points. Whatever you almost get it not probably be able to give you some hints and stuff. This was a very obscure show that grew of very very big cult following under jaw. Sweden canceled very very early. And it's firefly yes and the ship was called Cockle Boo yeah. That was but it's it's it's an acquainted term to peace tranquility it is serenity. Yeah that's the ship and firefly so anyways that's only one you got yet fifteen more down here see if we can see if we can make that one up so before there was USS Discovery. This ship had all the ladies batteries included for one of them. Who Am I U S enterprise? Close it is in the Star Trek Realm. It's definitely in the trek series. But as you know Star Trek discoveries lead famous. You know whoever their their lead running person. That's the face of everything is a female before this show. Uss Just before this show there was another show that predates it back in the nineties. That had a very very strong female lead cast and The captain was named Janeway and she was on the USS. Not Enterprise. Not Discovery starts with the along the USS Hormone coming at you assess estrogen. Estrogen That should be a show. That should absolutely be a show now. It's a boy. Voyager richer the batteries batteries included was for Seven of nine. Who was aboard say wasn't isn't she won from Paducah. She is indeed. A real name is Her name is Jeri Ryan. I don't know if that's a real name or the her stage name. She ended up going with her stage. Name though yeah got staging Oh Lynn. Zimmerman I don't know why I remember that. Yeah that's a real name. So that's Really Ryan. Sounds much better than wins. It absolutely does nothing sexy about that name. Not even a little bit. Sounds like a girl or a lady to play bridge with your grandma. Almost just covered my entire audio interface in some really really nice low carb beer. I don't my God all right so I'm too but I got half points on bowl you did you did you did. And you're scoring points for the bad puns and bad jokes we make those are obviously GonNa make up in las points so so the third one Is Very. We've already hinted at it at at this point already this early in the game but the question is I guess. I should preface these as riddles and just statements so politics in space. Someone please put on black alert and throw that red head out of my airlock. Who Am I? What's the One Star Trek Show? That's just nothing. But Social Justice and political pandering and also has the absolute worst character ever invented in Star Trek history. Ever ever ever ever. Have you watched any of the show and all right to no no no no? This is but you're close you you get you get like point seven five three percent of a point because you got star trek so it's discovery It's a really cool show. Graphic wise got the best special effects. Got Some pretty cool story lines But yeah it's got the worst Political Agenda and it's just so forced on than any and it's also got the worst character ever designer names tilly and she's a redhead and If she could sue every episode. What kept me watching it for. The first two seasons was hoping she was going to have a horrible horrible demise in the next the next episode. The only thing that can be watching it so and it wasn't this only available on. Cvs All access unless you have a job right and fire stick. That is correct which I do so all right here. We go got hammered these Star Trek ones out quick in the beginning. So this one you got you got to be paid very close attention to the word play so for number four. You can rely on me to get you anywhere in the cosmos except said he Alpo Five. This is one of the most famous star Trek movies. Well no this is definitive star trek movies so you can remember the shifts in that movie. The two there's two very prevalent ships in this movie. Yeah I got nothing from Rathikant on it is yes absolutely good. Jobs that I'M GONNA give it to you right there. Just 'cause it was on con- There's one word that I said in that phrase though that pretty much gives it away reliance USS Forgetting yes. Jesus he got it. That's all you did YEP USS Riot US reliant was the ship that the USS Enterprise does battle with blindly as they're passing through at another fucking called space. Clusters I guess. May maybe even big jazz clouds gas clouds big big g spots through some some of the g spots some will not you know floating around up there. And that's that was the reliance so good job. Good that's one of the hardest ones on here. I think so. Yeah those fantastic so number five just when you thought. Our beloved trilogy was ruined by the last one. A quiet. Numerous in areas of the mandatory persuasion has resurfaced making us a slave to the stall joe once again. Who Am I? There's two ships that bear this title and I also gave it away in the rule itself as well but it has to do with Manda. Laureates has to do the WHO who's that. Who's the famous man delorean in the original trilogy? Fetter CHANGO Fed Always GonNa know boat so no no. You shouldn't be those are. That's both the pilots of both these ships. It's the one looks like the God damned hell at right. Yes the name of it is. I was making these actually coming up with these questions the other night and I was hanging out with Ziggy Quinn actually. Another one of our fellow space. Pirates and We made that exact same observation. He was like a really weird that those ships McGLADE helmet and I was like. Oh they fucking do actually know there were called. I said making us a slave to stall job. So it's the slave one in the slave to that. Was the two ships created names. Yeah I guess Fuck News. This ship slave one. It's a little boy back then. I thought that was the coolest name ever and then as I got older and put things in context I was like. I don't think they can get away with that now. You know it's probably not a little push and not that we are but yeah exactly. It's not still will out there all right for the mainstream world probably but So here we go got number six coming at you before. Margot Robbie left her sexy mark on the DC universe. These babies were the first to carry on some stage. Five cleaners unpack on Margot. Robbie has a new film coming up. Yes and this ship also carries Klingons. So what do you think he just said it? I mean Burg's break to break go here. We got me so confused because there's a ship in one now all I can imagine is Margot Robbie hop in on or hopping on the top of the lake Like a bird of prey in writing it like a mechanical bull in now. I probably have to pause this and just go masturbate. Probably had probably at this. Thank you can get it later. You're right so okay. This next one is going to be really hard. This one was more from me and because I was really happy with the fact that I have such obscure knowledge in such things When I'm not conquering worlds in the name of Romulus. I'm a short sword with a curved blade that broadens toward the point usually found in eastern countries. Who Am I this? The guy that was in the first J.J. Abrams Star Trek movie. No but it was the the movie the last Star Trek movie to come before that one so it was the very last of the Star Trek Next Generation Era Star Trek Nemesis. And it was the opposing shift That was facing the USS Enterprise. E I don't know. Did you ever watch nemesis? It was an air miss I missed it will. The ship was called the SCIMITAR SCIMITAR. Sabre the hotel with. Yes the BEREA Dude I would have given it to you for that and it is hands down here get chance do little google search and look at it is the coolest motherfucking ship that Star Trek has ever produced and a gun. Maybe a total of like twenty minutes of screen time. Maybe it is so cool. Got these wings. That are like there's like they they come part and there's like sixty different little pieces the coolest thing ever. I don't know how to explain. I have no idea is going to sound like a total garbled Mike so you just gotta go just it hurt. Yeah it it you know what it looks like. It looks like The Predator mask was made in. Yes and it is that not the coolest shit ever. Oh Man I remember when I saw that in theaters because that was one of those star Trek movies that I got to see in theaters. I was like do that was the titties. Like God damn shift. I've ever seen in my life or a spider or spider. Be Black Spider. All right we'll go onto the next one and this one you're absolutely going to get and if you don't I'm GonNa give you a lot to hell about later so this of all the ones that I've said is is definitely the one you're gonna now so another riddle coming at you. I may be blue but my operator seems to always be in a good mood. I just wish he was a better electrician. So I didn't have to always be so square. Who Am I I know? And I don't think he may blue and yet you know the blue can be taken as sad but it could also be taken as a color. You may be blue. But his operators always in a good mood when operators just dancing for joy is running around trying to spread his Milano from guardians false. But it's a good guess but no this yet. This one's very it's very literal. If you think about it if you think about it in those literal of senses it is extremely. It's he. The ship wants to be less of a square. What ships are square and blue? I honestly cannot think of a square blue-ship you have watched it. It is the Tartus I maybe blue but my operator. The doctor seems to always be in a good mood. I just wish he was a better electrician because the chameleon circuit on the carpets is broken. And he wishes he could be less of a square the square a square rectangle but a square. How could I rested picturing a giant blue like perfect cube out in space said the Borg Cube and I would have been like? Oh okay I would have given it to you on that too. Yeah Okay. That was a stretch. That was a stretch. I thought it was awesome. I soon as I said blue. I think he'd be like Oh Tartus. But no but the electric that reference. I get now The Chameleon circuit that whole like. He could fix it but he won't because he likes the public call box could get used maybe a public call box reference in there and they get a little bit easier so that. I may trigger a little bit more. I guess I would also wasn't even thinking around thinking you know like the more traditional ships but nonetheless I feel you try answering any move on yet. Plenty left to to come back with. So I have a ton. In common with an infamous coffee franchise. But I'm way more than five dollars. Try what's left of the human race? So say we all who am I. Start Fox Star Star Bug starbucks would be a franchise star book. What was starbucks? What was the ship was the giant ship? She was from that carried all of the human race. I have no idea. It was the name of the show. Voyager owner that'll start space. Oh yeah well that's all. Yeah forget I'm thinking that I forgot the Katie sack off was in. Yes kickboxing instructor. I bet it's okay. It's okay this next Jeri Ryan confused for a second call man. Could you imagine Katie sack off? Jeri Ryan Sandwich. We can't afford a positive show again. Yeah you're right you're right you're right okay. I'll keep on so number ten. They were GONNA go with Eon eel but it just doesn't have the same sex appeal but hey you never tell our infamous director who loves Toys Way. Too much the odds. Who Am I in Belkin? Yes the Millennium Falcon. I thought that was clever. Eon Eagle that works. Well I completely had it on. The director loves toys. Yeah from STAR. Wars said that George. Lucas who else could it be exactly so these next ones are going to be. It's going to be a downhill for me in an uphill for you. You'RE GONNA be able to probably probably get rest of these one's pretty easily so Let's go right into I. Come and go as I please usually into a much darker dimension than that of the anti-matter minute but when I do show up on a hell of a time who am I. We've talked about this one on several of our episodes and it's one of those cult sci fi horror flicks that I personally love very much and I'm trying to think of other things to Sam. Neill was in it so was Lawrence. It's not. I contacted those Star Trek movie. This isn't a star trek movie. This was One of the First Star Trek movie. No no no no. I said it's not a star trek movie no yes wasn't This was a ship that was found that had been missing for really really long time. It had gone all kinds of different places in the cosmos and it comes back there get onboard. They're trying to figure out what went wrong. And drives everybody. Kinda crazy and insane and the name of the movie is also the name of the ship event horizon. Yeah Yes yes. I figured you get that one like as soon as I said. Hell of a time. I figured you'd be like Oh. Yeah that that one had me stumped for the most part. Yeah I'm doing really good on these These incognito burps just randomly happening So this next one could probably either be the hardest or the easiest one depending on how you look at it or depending on how many times. You've seen this franchises Moody's so here we go land. Sea and space may be cool for some what I like to let the other ships. Take the high road that way. There's more room for me on the low road. You can call me the hipster of ships or the ship. Stor micro only wears black leather and small framed glasses. Are you cool enough to plug in with me? Who Am I and again? If you get if you get the franchise and then it's GonNa Count. You know we're really IGGO. They did wear a lot of leather leather. Small frame. Glasses plugging in Oh the Matrix Matrix. Because it doesn't because it's not a spaceship it's a hovercraft you know it was it was it was called the Nebuchadnezzar and rather than flying space and go and land or whatever it would just navigate. Navigate like the subterranean levels. You know back with the sun was blotted out by mankind member anyways. A thousand those those are the little extensive but I knew I had to add all kinds of stuff in there. Because it's such an that's more of the obscure like you know I could have put a Bible reference in there or something. Is there a Nebuchadnezzar in the Bible? Who the fuck wasn't ever consider with having a person I think. Yeah it nick. Nezar on people Was King Babylon. Yeah okay okay. So he probably was like Old Testament style or something like that. So yes Six Twenty six B C Such goodyear. Such you're still have a wind from that year. You know has a little bit of desperate shirts. Good probably probably so the next one here You'RE GONNA get for sure When my Taryn pilot is out saving her stealing I'm usually left doing my best to clean up. His Jackson pollock paintings. Who Am I? There's the answer I was looking for them. Yeah Milano God love Star Lord in his humble vessel so named after listening. Oh yeah is it really. I'm pretty sure because you know he was eighties like left in the eighties. And she was in Who's the boss? At that time. I never realized how much of a fat ass I was until just now when I thought that ship was named after a Goddamn cookie just goes to show how I think about butyl time. So according to Fandango the Moana was named after Peter quills childhood crush list more. Wow well there you go. That's pretty awesome so way cooler than a fucking cookie. All right the next one. You may get it. You'll at least another one. Where you'll get the franchise? My Love Language is physical touch. Watch out I might just hugged your face. Who Am I? I mean if you say it this ship from this I'll be like okay. Whatever no not having to our what other Aliens Alien Alien I guess at least certainly no. Well no the oh I I'll give you that. It could be either or it's I was referencing. The nostrum. Oh because that was the original one thousand nine hundred seventy nine alien ship that they actually bring it on board the experiments and all that but the Prometheus is kind of I guess technically Canon wise the origin story of that entire thing. So we'll give it to you for media works to when you said his touch. I just thought about whatever. They are an Avatar like hooking up braids. Oh yeah no that's eight. I commend you on that. Because they do. The didn't they went to advertise. They were literally avatars like for the people and they will know only only like the human characters were basically provided avatars but the other people were actual species. Man I guess I need to go back and rewatch that Shit. Oh yeah because they're trying to save the race because people were using them as a okay. Yeah it was only for adults. Yeah it was fern gully mixed with like Pocahontas. Yeah Yeah Okay okay. Well we only have two left here and I think you might be able to get the boat. So next one's a little obscure It's got some references that are very directly to to the show's premise. So either the few vert let me restart that even the wow words man. Words are definitely word like so either the first few numbers were taken or this was just the ninth command center not to fall into the conveniently placed black hole outside the station. Either way or probably still going to be your least favorite entry in the series Hualailai. Each deep space nine correct did not like that Show at all I watched two or three episodes and was like what am I watching? I don't care about the majority. I don't care about this race. I don't care about this prophecy that you guys talking about and it's just not I will say I think that Cisco was awesome. And I think he didn't get enough of an actual good show. I think he would have been great actual captain. But just maybe it is a reboot. I think deep space nine and got a reboot. It'd be cooler today so that brings us to the last one you ready for it. I am ready. I never give up. I never surrender unless of course we're being forced to watch the Jersey shore historical documents. Who Am I do do? Do I got nothing for you on that one? Oh Tim Allen was in it and what is not I'm GONNA screwed up. Space QUEST NOT spacecraft. That you get it from you said quest so galaxy quest in the in E. N. S. E. A. Protector from Galaxy Quest. That's right it. Looks like a basically a giant half of a ring with a little a hook it almost looks like a cue. That got almost someone. Who's trying to draw Q? And then erased half of it but kept the part of the cue. That still has that. Latte that line in it. You know Airways it was a cooler ship as one of my absolute all time. Favorite movies. Ever of any. Like Sci fi whatever's just a perfect perfect movie in my opinion so that can cross the. You didn't have anything like the ORRVILLE or well. That kind of takes the Orville was definitely definitely based solely off of galaxy quest to try and bring breathe life. Back into that whole premise. So you could have done the horrible but having having the protector in their kind of overshadow that so all right well we'll done you Thoroughly stumped me for the most part so I appreciate getting humbled. That doesn't happen too often but I will acknowledge it when it does and that's all right. You know it happens to me almost every episode so welcome my life bitch a now now. I feel your pain that does lead us into our final segment on the show so Giovannucci get started on that. Oh I would love to so Well folks as you may have seen on our facebook page. We've decided to give our ship a proper name and had implored all of you to help provide us with your best options. That's right and we had a surprising amount of feedback and even a couple of good options juvenile thought long and hard on. Yes that's what she said. I I've come up with a winner yet. And you know before we before we announce the winner. I think we deserve to at least go through these names and Just you know. Let let let the people here here themselves. And you know what I mean since. We kind of had a curveball anyways right. I'm good with that so I'll start off the The fecal Beagle. Yup The fecal Beagle deathly contender. There you know we had to look up space. Beagle reference to buy just Taylor into fantastic fantastic Obscure sci-fi Classic Sifi Reference there which is great and then we had the Mogo four thousand which also hold historical relevance. Did you end up looking that article up? No I did not. Apparently it was a giant. I it was. It's the longest hall of trash by a tra- league A barge the one of the largest barge halls of trash in like like US history. Whatever anyways then we had the donor is your turn. You're the next one we had the SS rain brew. I by Nicholas mid that one. Okay okay I like that. I like that. Then we had The Dump Star. I really applaud that one. I know you knew that was one of my favorites deciding on a name there. That was one that I was just like all about the dump star. Sounds like the death star but the dumpster. Those of you who don't know Ripley's give me all kinds of crap. Because I had enough credits to go get a firefly class vessel but I decided to you know. I was raised by bargain hunter. So I- bargain hunted. And I got us a custodial class vessel from and other civilizations ancient times in so we now have this I guess Shit Shit ship. Citizenship ship's open anyways. That's what we're were. That's why all these referencing trash case which brings up the next one which is right on the nose the trash Pandora which You know has a couple of different references in there. You've got the trash panda reference from Guardians of the Galaxy and then also trashing on Pandora from Avatar in. I mean we're okay with isn't happy about that. Yeah absolutely so next one we got here is the USS John Harrington and if you didn't know I didn't know this is the inventor of the flushing toilet that man should have been given a Nobel Prize of some sort. I don't care because for swirled or you know first. World Societies are definitely in debt to this gentleman him and whoever Invi- invented the day because that's richer butthole in that feels all kinds of weird and I don't know it's not a bad. We're not a good weird. I don't know it's just weird but I you know all right at adapt will do next up. We've got Harvard Brown. Heart of Brown Dow one was Great Jacob as great job on that one man was good. That was super good. Oh we I do want to give a little shout out to Bread bowls. He's a Added Listener of ours. He's got all of ours down. He even has our our episodes downloaded to his phone. So I gotTa Sakes really appreciate all your sport and all of the The names here because you you listed some seriously once I will say that so the next one out is it does it. You're no this one was great the turtles and rather than being time relative dimensions in space Without it'd be very appropriate to call it the underlying relatively disgusting in disposable stool so Yeah pretty much classifies us. Yeah absolutely. There's really not another way to classify a so another one from Brett Bro. Brett bowls the SS poor Mandy. It was supposed to be a riff off of the massive ship. The S S V Normandy. I gotcha Oh look here. Another bread bowl special coming at you with the MIC slow. Which was a riff on the dirty jobs? Host of micro so that was clever. Clever guys bread bowls man he just keeps going with them and then In his last well not as last one never trust part. That's that's just good advice amen. Because it could very easily become a short so that brings us to my boy. Tyler laying my dude man starship. Sixty nine Brownsboro all right next up Chris Leach submitted S S Minnow Johnson. That is good tiny Dix. I think he's important that anybody's going to assume so. That's kind of what I gathered from. It you know applaud. I applaud the engine Ingenuity van. So we wouldn't exactly scare the raw milnes with that name. Probably not probably not maybe the Farang. They may not want a piece of us. But yeah the Romulus would probably still more asses. Lou said cream our asses on five being on your phone on slips or getting worse they are got. I was talking about the deying butthole. Now I just said creaming our asses. What is wrong with me Man God? I'm glad this episode almost over all right. So that brings us to the next one and Blah Blah Blah Blah bread bowls the May floater. Anyone was yeah. This was a great one. Now is a heavy hitter. Victime floater the dump star and some of these. Those were up there with our stuff. We were really harped on the flower. Floater sorry may flow to Waste Management Unit sixty nine again with sixty nine reference Really WanNA associates sixty nine with waste management though. That's yeah that's true and I can totally understand why because You know booths like one of the reasons. I would never be gynecologist like you'd hang on one scarred from that. Yeah no thank. You know that you've had you've had one bout of Had One bout with Pinkai. Then that's all you need. You know what I mean. So the next one here. Another tyler laying a classic the ISS by curiosity. Oh God they were great. They were absolutely phenomenal. So in that winter is nobody but we really love all your participation and we hail all of you is listeners and we love and respect each and every one of you but you know what at the end of the day we have to be the brilliant motherfuckers here bright that is right unfortunately as we proved again we are just slightly higher level than you guys. So it's just a little bit. We still want you to keep coming back for more. In either way you still had the name immortalized in our show because it will forever be in this episode. We came up with one that just cannot be turned down. It was too good. It was on the knows. It was everything we ever wanted and Ripley. Do you WanNa take it away. Name a Burchett will now and forever be up to blacks so awesome because that hints at the most epic pirate ship ever Black Pearl from you know. Pirates of the Caribbean and we are space pirates. So it's kind of what we do we smuggle you know. We're not improve your iris apparently and were pirates. We talk about Shit slots you know this is what we do and this is the most fitting name in so we absolutely are happily and honored to dub RV or vessel the USS Black Swirl. So we appreciate all the absolutely in all sincerity. Do appreciate all comments. We there were a couple that we almost went with and they're very good. As we mentioned earlier we appreciate y'all for being sick motherfuckers in Do appreciate your drainage brilliant so absent for all it takes one to know one and we're glad to know all of you absolutely will not public but yeah on the side that you know when knows right exactly all right so that does bring us to another end. Another alcohol -duced Romp around the galaxy. We plan on coming to you each week with more news of the weird and sane. That's right so if you have any Sifi or fringed deems you want us to explore hit us up on facebook instagram or email us at close encounters slurred kind gmail.com mail dot com. We'd love to hear your thoughts but until then everybody stay slurred sates. That's the end of our show. Turn the Mike Off. Go the only job within here. Thanks for tuning into this week's episode. If you enjoy are ridiculous content you can get to your nearest cosmic communication device and spread the word your friends family coworkers or nearby NERF Irt were available on spotify. Google play sheep will music. I mean Apple Music. Poor wherever you listen if you have an idea for our show or would like to propose. A theme sent an email to close encounters slurred kind g mail dot. That's close encounters slurred combine at gmail.com. Or shoot us a message on facebook. Have a great day and we look forward to falling even deeper into the anti-matter minute with you next time on plus encounters the slurred time.

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The Movie Review Extravaganza! 9-19-18

Double Toasted

2:39:32 hr | 2 years ago

The Movie Review Extravaganza! 9-19-18

"Kuku. Tom, it is. Movies, traffic, Ganz. Everybody how you doing man, I'm fine. I'm fine to taco me. The Mark walked in some hunched over. Quasimodo say to you. Got to hear every noise. Oh, I got energy guys. Tonight, one you'll critiques of your core Coleman. Show name, sir. Funnies Martin. Sir. I'm doing fine. Thank you very much. One scottsville. Eight, ten. But what. Everyone tonight we have for you not a whole lot of moves coming out this week. Tober real. Yeah. Robert repre robbing banks. Oh, no. Yeah. He got away again, I remember. Oh. I took notes racial rate. I mean, rob rep Robin Bates, but that's nothing to talk about talking about the house with the wall, the walls. Okay. Y'all got type of. No, no. Stay then changed the name to loan? Yes. That's what we're gonna be talking about tonight. That house with the clock in the ball in also tonight we gotta have trivia my man. It's coming through baron von Busey, whatever. I got to remember the name there. West bend, the will bear will build barren, but we'll, let's yeah, he has some attribute in this time. No, can't save. They'll be all up to really. Yeah, we'll call people up and they got a certain amount of time wake you up. Listen to the man, and that's degradate is. And we also have emails some news that happened today. People talk about this good news for you core. You know you project guy, Greenland. Oh, that news. No sound down. Home, something I'd be excited about mental support would help man. Why? Why? Twenty years over twenty years to get the sequel because of you, man, you could take another ten aired nah. Now the people they have spoken, the studios have green lit. We gotta go through with the finally all that animated you've been talking about. Yeah, man. Finally, the secret project is man jam, and again, we'd be jogging in space. Yeah, man, we nothing big. We just mentioned him a lot of people throwing an EMMY. So sounds like a cool project, but we'll talk about briefly, and as I said, we've got some emails few other things, and let me go ahead. What can you other folks up and let me make sure that the show was going. It looked like it is test it out. I won't test about real quick just to see. Listen to the man to. That's okay. I really hate myself. Yeah, going. I was testing the stream to make sure everything was all right. Everything was operating as it should. I didn't wanna way. I wanna wake. I don't wanna be out start talking shit. Yeah, you know who you are. I mean you talking shit is good because that means that we are working. I can't believe next week, this six movies, six screenings on two nights. And then this week there's only two movies to movies. Consider it like a break mar. I do. It's just wasteful. Oh, Martin mine is, you know. Happel movies really wanna see. We already wrote those movies. We already game ratings them bullshit. Done. Oh, but Hello, everybody. Let's go ahead and walk in you in here. Since we are working says, we are streaming nice and smooth. Let's say Hello to the chat at Ted. Oh, again, the scared at night. Oh my God. That's nice. Got production tonight and everything. Oh. I think I know what you're talking about too, but what talk to you on a little bit about that? Actually, I'm gonna last support from people right now, but. Well, I'll tell you a little Benton limit on, don't be rude. You still got people got to bring them in here. I like to welcome gotta be guest tonight. Got nNcholas cage. NNcholas cage on a pillow doing man. He appears and everything else. Why not? Here. Hello. I am a pill. Funny because the pillow he's never looked more normal. Eagle's even what's that regal actually kind of mellow? Yeah, he's played play more furniture, man. We might have. We might. I don't know. He said he was coming by. He asked me to come by and do it. Speaking of nNcholas cage over there, we're going to have somebody come in and review his movie. I'm Mike, we'll see what of the week. Oh, Mandy people talking about Mandy, but you know. Yeah, a lot of people that would say it exclusive invite and we weren't on the list. Yeah, I didn't want to be on this noise. You went to see that. You know what? I don't wanna fight a crowd and go come on, man, you know, it's like it's a movie. Let's be honest. I mean, it ain't gonna. Big release is moving. We're talking about man. We might talk about tonight. You know what? I have grown to adore nNcholas cage, man, I, it's really, he's been crazy long time and people let him get away with their bit of an ask for a little while. He had tax problems spending a whole lot of money on stupid stuff and pre Johnny Depp. Yeah. Yeah. He's almost like he saw Johnny all shit. Masha to get. And he just, he know what he just he just, he just kinda embraced being weird and I love it man. And I and I love nNcholas cage do man, we got this movie Mandy will valley might come in and talk about it to. No, no, no. We'll valley be the perfect person because he's crazy. I wasn't saying because of that. This is his his kind of thing. Yeah, this is we'll talk about this little while, but yeah, man, this this movie is just weird. It's been good, good reviews, but less let's be honest is such a niche film that this is going to be. It's going to be available fries to Lisa. Some, you know, you know what I mean? Sure. So it's going to be available for an allow places in the short amount of time. There's nothing that I was not want to fight people for. Right, right. So yeah, I, I'm fine catching it when I catch and I'm fine paying for it. I might go see it this weekend. Take my wife to go see, but we have that reviewed tonight. But as I say, let me welcome the rest. You guys out there. Now, you know this plenty of space for you here, nNcholas cage in a mansion, a couch with the right now, but just in case you haven't been here yet. You can't get here is no excuse for you. Not to be part of what we're doing right now. I mean, you know, this is a is a cellphone society. People do everything with their phones. They do. They do everything and they can even join us on the show. There's no with with the flip of a keyboard push of a button, all you have to do at, well. If you look, if you ain't that God damn lazy, you can push several buttons and type in for us Martin. Cake. Kuhlman g dot com. That's Casey. End z. z. a. g. mill DACA middle toadies people, they'll put five. Coom is any kind of questions, comments, couple insults, impotent RBIs. Part of the show this evening as it has to be in that number and anything else you making my knees a hold of you presented, bam, upping your home, criticizing the crease in the world. I have to the world to do household all the Twitter at Kumon type in toys each all of their Facebook type in double toasty Walsum, private batik time with me. I won't tell people, yes, laws. Typing, Corey, dot Coleman, dot five. There. It is right. The dot com dot five. I'm too busy teaching people miss the dry me on this. Members for no fro look for Mark Thomas on Facebook thought. I really had knocked you out at first big fan. I was a big mouse come on the mouse man. Nobody here to echoed reverberated. I gotta watch myself, man. Oh, come on down here into the cabin. Supposed to studios now do stick couches. I got doozy mills k. CU gene dot com. And that way you can let us be an awesome whether you've visiting Zelda moved here. Everybody does. Everybody loves that they stay, but what we don't love hate and we will criticize you not coming down. Michelle. Hey, Cooman dot Zimba, some details beds and details to coordinate each other that we can't. Yes. Hit them, those man. Oh, let me see. Wow, we. How you doing today ban you look very Chipper today a little bit every day little bit. They'll still something in back of my throat, but. Oh. It's like when you Yang and I see you, I got a young. He mentioned that little. I get it too. Oh. Yeah. Getting a water folks so that we can be. Can be very clear for you. Now. Let me go ahead and make sure I got everything straight right here. And before we start, I'm going to make a couple of announcements like prone to do during these shows and let me see the clock was the clock with. 'cause I'm trying to figure out that boy that was in the move. Oh, his name. Vaccaro owing the car car. I'll before we start this moving. I wanna wanna know who these kids I'm talking about. It's funny because I'm looking at the cast in everybody's listed except for their. People like this kid, man. Well, look at this. I'm Tom looking up this kid's gonna be in his movie. They got this kids bully listed before he. He'd be the. Took them off the cast list. Right? Who put him on the list. He granted him out in the bathroom. Get outta here. Wow, they got this kid listed. Nowhere is not. Aaron builder isn't. Wow, they sure they'll have it up higher. They really don't like this kid. Now, the first one he start out with Cate Blanchett and then Jack black second. And then the bully those seriously had the bully beat him up and took his place. Yeah, this is crazy, right? That's not right. He was a little punk has anyway, but, hey, you know, that's really was. I mean, I don't want to reveal too early, and I feel sorry for the kids who get bullied because you know, just trying to make like everybody else. Pause right there because I wanna say whatever you got to say for this review of it. We'll get into a little bit some people getting a little preview right now. I know Miriam was in the chat talking about whole one Okoro roses, moving. Yeah, you know, on on might be very nice. Very nice. Very nice. Oh, let me see here. Somebody's ain't nobody if what you allow Roth. No man. Oh, I don't know. I, I don't know how this is going to do. I'm just trying to get get this kid's name on Carl as you said. All right. I just remember four. We started. I did not know this kid's knee, but let me see. I wanna be another guy picking on immune, but got it hard. Did you find him? Yeah, on the call k. chased him out. Wait, I have the name wrong. No, you're right. You're right. So before we get into our review on thinking about it for being here and I wanna thank everybody for being understanding about low something that went down yesterday when I say went down a satellite, you know something something. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Something terrible happens. Twelve. Yeah. I guess maybe in a way it if you were looking forward to it, it's sad news, but it's not. It's nothing is really lost here as you know, we had to cancel the Halloween party just I just wasn't getting the momentum. I wanted it to. You know, we've been doing some great shows going to cities and having great crowds there and have the time. And I just I, you know what I do these, there's certain way, especially if I'm prime is going to do it in a certain way and it just wasn't wasn't going that way while could do it. So counseled it to Dan, I gave everybody refund if you did not get a refund, let me know. I got Lou. Great thing about. He's been writing. They got everything recorded list. They send every time. You cancel something from a name. They send it right back to just in case somebody say, but they knew they, they might not have everything. You ain't got it. I'm sorry. Wanna refund them taco. But yeah, man, I I didn't. I did not do the Halloween parts. I gave everybody refund today as I tell you that we would be prone to do if. So. Testing testing one that's been the disclaimer with all shows. Yeah, yeah. Hold on Mike's real low and turn up testing, testing, testing, testing. So so yeah, that's what I do. A lot of people been really cool about it, even some people even giving ideas for it. Yeah, I think it's still going to be a meet up on Friday. Yeah, yeah, yeah. There's still be meet up and we'll still we'll have people come in and we have people come in and the wash it. We're going to probably do something pretty cool. As far as the show goes. Let me see here as far as the show goes in the studio, but let me see. We got here. I know Andrew steady. Andrew, steady actually made a very kind offer with said here and said, oh yeah. Hey, there I'm sad to hear about the Halloween event being cancelled. That's it. I will be buying some merge this week instead of buying a ticket like I plan to do today, do have an idea for meet up for toasties. I can arrange a meet up at a local bar for toasties to have drinks and have some fun. And then after getting a bit tipsy some noodles and company, I guess that's the company, a restaurant, restaurant chain restaurant, news income noodles and come do we have one of those we do, but it's not anywhere near bars. Okay. Well, we might have to think. Does more noodles in town. I mean, I think we might have a couple of them, but they're, but they're not. They're not, they're they're nowhere close to downtown. I'll put it that. Yeah, man. So I think they might be when it maybe south park meadows. Oh, hell. No, we ain't going down there. They got bars over there, but he says, I can pay for all the toasties and cyst as I pay fifty dollars to twenty dollars worth of gift cards are bought fifty dollars dollars worth of gift cards. Y'all said that. I have an idea also had an idea of having all the toasties ten screening at the Alamo draft house. Well, Halloween, if these ideas interest you, please let me know already have some people down for the drinking and noodles company idea and wanna say, thank you so much man for doing that. Andrew, I will let you know was happening with that. And like I said, I'm not people come into town. They are still coming. I'm not going to just leave them hanging anything that we'll figure out something to do. And we do, like I said, man, I just really, maybe I'm not gonna. Say completely, but maybe I'd implicit as much as should, but I do feel like Halloween was just an awkward time and it's like I said, ever since we've been traveling the towns. People have been waiting waiting for us to go there. So I I'd news on like this is gonna happen, but we got a, we got plans for February. We'll be going somewhere in February. Okay. Now don't say where yet I'm going to actually let me see here on the Chad. I don't know if they mad. I think somebody because I was like, well, I think everybody knows what's happening right here. We at the party. I know one person like what. People always. Oh, yeah, Carlos posted something with a military funeral. Well, it happened and it's like, wait, what happened? Oh, of course, leave up the cardinals be stern us mission. Well, when he was on his necessarily startup shit. But yeah, though I hear ready monkey data, Brooke you want come in no way. Him in a no, but I want to hear about him in developed excuses. Excuses we need the money. I'll bring y'all. I'll be quiet. Waco? No, hell, no. No, no. Who would help me. Down on those somebody wanna have impart Waco with me. Oh monkey. Daddy's. He's referring to. He's referring to Andrews Email right down. Okay, so yeah, so we'll we'll figure it out. So you guys get here. Like I said, we don't do something and it'll be fun. I just didn't. I wasn't able to do exactly what it is that I want to do in two days. I wasn't gonna lose money behind it. I'll be honest with you because I was going to get a really cool then you for for for them to be there. Well, I was ready. I was about to put a deposit down. Let me hold on real quick because I'll be sitting in there and his big as venue and be twenty people in their sin. Looking like God them junior prom. I want to do that. And somebody Toronto, we'll see let you know. We got a couple of places you notice. You notice hiding bring up the fact that we canceled Toronto for his party. I said, don't do it. Yeah. Yeah, I know. That's okay. There's a lot of people who also saying but Toronto even then I thought that was too sure it was. I got it, but we'll see. We'll see. I go. We got a spread it out. Yeah. Yeah, we got spread half of the folks out there, so we'll see we will become into a city. Undertakings aren't easy no than that. And that's why I said it's not just look, I wanna do I wanna do right by, we're, you know, we're going to do some. I wanna plan it to be a cool event. Not doing small shit anymore, so, and that's the other thing. I don't wanna look bad putting something together where everybody comes in. Any show because y'all asking for me to do to do the anniversary party here, not I went ahead and did it at the request, some people, but it worked. I thought. So yeah. On the road. Again. The. All right. Let's go ahead and get into the review we have is eating. And as I said, we do have trivia tonight was working around it. I know some people sitting down about the trivia, but some people still wanted to be done. So we're trying to streamline it, make it quicker and make it something that you guys do. And so if you wanna play again, emails k. Koumas as a g mail dot com and put in the subject line, I won't play gain right then let's go ahead and get into the review. Long as the house will the clock. Asses. The house with the clock and the walk house with clock in the wall. And as if the name was again, people are confused. They got real confused when I heard about the director because people heard allow Roth Roth is making a family film, and some people say what you make you making a film about a family of murderers. Are you making what you murder? A whole family right. 'cause Eli Roth? No, he don't do no family failed. You don't do anything close to it now, I feel like the most family film he's been associated with was inglorious. Bastards. Yeah. Yeah, man don't do nothing. Close to family, even movies be like, fuck that. It's such an raw. Y'all get that an armed man do is insane because you know you've ever seen any of his movies such as the infamous hostile also equally as infamous almost different reason. But green infernal he's a movies where he loves to show people being tortured and torn apart screaming for five minutes before they actually died. Yeah, it is. I mean, he's got ever seen either those. He's got a bloodless actually green infernal that's that's bullshit. But I know hostile affected you personally, what hostile you still have tremors when when you talk about it today, I love hostile, hostile. I know people criticize hostile, but hostile did it was hard like I like it where the true Har. He comes from us know human on human violence. Oh, that's why you still love the Walking Dead. That's not put words my marriage out. Love them, Walking Dead. You don't. And then ain't ain't no human human violence. It is. I don't care zombies a secondary now. All right. Meanwhile, the guys. We're talking about me right. I made a new movie. But hostile is is, is, is I think it's a great movie and you know what is even broke a few skulls and bashed in a few brains himself. He's killed a few people and he was the Jubeir Marlon Nazis and employs bashes. And you know people. So they hear about LA raw, the Neela raw that turns out that you allow Roth is so crazy and to take a break from self. You. Is almost like Ila RAV just sat back and just looked at a catalog abolished moves like Jesus crisis, something wrong. I'm fucked up. I gotta do something different better. Make a kiss. Why therapist. I have two kids. Before I start killing kids. I'll just people. Yeah, man. I started eating human beings. I better make a kids movie cleanse myself every now and then so now he says, look, I'm I'm still going freedom because out of course. Yeah, but but he has no Inten has he has no intention showing them like intestines hanging out of people. If people screaming while they're being dismembered ours and being pulled up, nothing like that. Nothing like that, man, you know? And that's when we get this movie right here, the house with the clocks in the walls, the clock, the one singular clock. Oh, in the wall. Okay. The clock up under the bed. The house with the clock in the one. That's where we get this right here. That's when we get Louis loses parents at the tender age of ten when he goes to live with his weird as uncle, Jonathan, and he soon learned that is our behavior. The Jonathan is the odd behavior, Jonathan. He goes way beyond his taste in clothes and home decor as Jonathan in his older, but still very hot neighbor. Dabbling that magic Mark. But you know, you start messing with that magic man, magic like drugs, man, it can Karuk. I'm Alan. I don't do magic. Met me special. You can that match? You know that that's what Lewis is one. Okay. Markle. He says he does good magic, but he's got a lot of wishing around. And his house is kind of going crazy right now and you don't turn the lights on it here. It is real dark and you doing crazy shit in the middle of the night. I don't Louis Louis. Listen, uncle, Kirk, got a lot of charisma, he's kinda cool. He's taking me in. It's fun these bond, but I don't know if I should pack mush it up and go fear from my life right now is Louis doing the right thing staying with Jonathan. What kind of dog magic are they dabbling in? And should Lewis and be rump was, let's go into look at this trailer and we'll be back with our review. Louis. Are you wearing. Here we are home sweet home. Your Lewis, I presume. How was your trip. Neighbor. I'm relieved. The didn't inherit your uncle's freakishly oversized head. Mike God did that withered purple skeleton just. Fuck. Really. You got a heart. All right now for this little call. Hag radio. Yes. I wanna fuck a moment. Please. You'll see it's quite different here. Have a look around the a perfectly say. Safe sloan's. It's fed. Do you know what a Warlock is? Louis? Boy, I think they're a little more than boy, which is. Are you saying that your lot. Please each me, please, please. Okay. Haven't your way I can give you the right books. Teach you the rice spells that last one percent. I don't want the people that aren't think I want. Okay, I got. I got to stop right here. I don't mean to keep interrupting the trailer, but. If you listen, this kid just knocked out to other ten year olds in no adult did shit about it. These kids are knocked on the ground concussions, probably dead. Nobody else for the school nurse. You know why? Why? Because it was the fifties and and getting the school nurse didn't happen unless there was actual blood. Really? Yeah, yeah. That whole getting the school nurse because just got knocked out. They were told you to like, come on, get up and walk it off. Those would see those kids ain't getting up and walking shit like the whole, like all this anti bullying we got now that wouldn't even a concept back there and nobody called the police, a little murders as Lewis. The jet. You know what? I'm the janitor clean these kids. Sure. About everything that happened up to this point, all the city done the him. No, no, no. No adults stepped in that don't mean adults look at other kids, bullying, and then there's fucking murder witnesses around. Don't do shit right here and just the indication. What movie you watching right now? Lucky shot house murder. Not everything. This house used to be on by another Warlock. He's very, very powerful. He left a clock in the walls. We don't know what it does accept something horrible. Uh-huh. Last time it was for what happens when it gets down to one? Nothing. Good. That's. Certain. We have to destroy the clock. So. Can't do this alone. I can help you. Once these real magic all show you. Showy. Pumpkins. Did you see. Even though Ella Roth is the one that directed this movie as we've been reminding you throughout this review is more like it's really more like Tim Burton directed a Harry Potter movie. Yeah, because it does have that field in if that was the case, this movie would definitely be that Phil if anybody wants the Harry Potter direct a Tim Burton, Harry Potter directed movie the Nisa probably a dream come true for you because this is feels very much because the Halloween theme, but it feels very much like a Tim Burton movie. Yeah, it definitely has strong elements of both. I mean, I I'd say it's the riveta about, yeah, yeah, shit. I think they fill us in Tim Burton's house. It says, if timber said, you know what? I want to show you what I could have done with it. Yeah, and I got a couple of weekends at work. Yeah, yeah. Christmas time. Tim burns stood up and pumpkins, Tim come on just one year program here. I'll put a. I'll put a. But yeah, man. And if you in the comparison actually makes sense because first of all, this is probably something that influenced j. k. Rowling this. Now this probably a lot of things because not only does this feature wizardry and magic. It's also based on a book that is considered a young adult. Now, people thought young adults. Some something that we thought of like in the earth that's been around since one thousand nine hundred seventy three. That's when his book by John Bellairs was made written the house with clock in the walls nineteen Seventy-three. It was considered a why novel, even with drawings by Edward gorge xactly who is known for drawing creepy books. Exactly. Exactly. They even at one time now your momma might be familiar with this because at one time and I believe this back in nineteen nineteen Seventy-nine. They act. Had they actually had a TV version of this and it was it was it wasn't just based on that. That's why some people might not remember it's called based on several of the it was. It was based on different stores was called once once. What's it called once upon a midnight scary, and they put different things in there like the Hitler, the hamlet horsemen sleepy hollow and things like that. But it was host about Vincent Price. And one of the segments in there was sort of an abridged version of the house with the clock in the walls I have. Journey with him into a world of ghosts. At things that go bump in the night. Price always laugh about. Got a man supposed to be scared, you sure. Happy all the time. As always laugh at about sex. Missing teeth. Visit praises. We smoking weed. Fucking funny, man. I don't do. But that's the other thing that you mentioned Martin is that so you can see how this probably has an influence on JK Rowling with the magic part. Jacob railing has her books that are said to be kids, but they're adults them to consider considering on the dull. And this also definitely has a big influence on Tim Burton because as Martin said, this has illustrations by gory, and if you probably seen every Gorey's illustrations, they like a black and white etchings in the very the very a morbid. I mean, he goes to draw kids being dead. He has a list of nursery rhymes. One of them has a little girl lying on the middle of the snow and axe dead and her chest yet always seem like him Charles Adams, way competition. Yeah, see who could the most gruesome stories. Oh yeah. Oh yes. There's definitely has. Influence on a lot of people. So when you look at this right now, you're gonna get a lot of that imagery that you've seen and some of these other movies, both Harry Potter and Tim Burton films, because it's, you know, starts out with the house like in his film, the house itself is one big character in house while shadowy and Scott sort of a spooky atmosphere. It's more like a Khartoum spook house like Disneyland. And most of the objects that are in the house. They're meant to be funny themselves. Funny side characters. They either little funny side characters. Are they even treated as house pits dinner form loud have cookies. Why not just he'd cookies for dinner, their far more delicious. I know we have these house rules, not miss house. There's no bedtime bath time mealtime, you can eat cookies, throw up for all. I care, you'll say, but I don't want things. Like you might different here. See, that's what I love about this house. If there's anything that's creepy about the house is that it loves to fuck with Lewis. When we're little. Lewis comes in that kid is already easy target because he's, he's already. He's already weird and he's really Murdy man. He's also kind of full himself. They comes in and he's, he's, he's already Tim, his uncle. I like to read the dictionary and I like to memorize big wears already saying like, oh, I'm smarter than you won't go. And that house looks him in the house is you know what? I got this bitch. Admitted the kid, but this is this is too easy. I'm gonna get. So little little Louis. We Roman hall word for that. Yeah. What's the big word of bits. Be run BB roaming the halls at night, and that house always finds a way to hide behind a with turn. Louis loses business. He's. Dr Smith of kids. He is. He cries at everything. This has to be in bed anyone. No. Thank you. Going into bed. To kill myself. With this boss. Reading by the looking. I hate to talk about Louis Louis laws who was the what's his parents name? I mean, what's the actor's name? Vaccaro? The kid actually is pretty good. Not a bad actor. It's the character and I liked it. They actually made. I think they purposely tried to make him not likeable. I don't know about that because this everybody tells him like, wow, man, just stop being fucking weird. He's crying for everything. Even the people have reactions -ly damn aim saying anything you all him being weird themselves into to not be weird. That's to make everyone who feels who go see this movie who feels like an outcast, go lay, hey, leave him alone. Let him be who he wants to be that that can easily endear you to him. I, I mean that I have a problem with and eating him being scared. And yes, he's a recent orphan, so he's a little his little fragile, but he cried and wailed and scream just way too much. I, I would love to see the script to see how often that's written on the page. Yeah, it's like copy, paste pace, pace, pace pace. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I I liked. I mean, I understand you just lost his parents little shook up. You ain't got no dad teaching man on, kind of, you know, it's, but I mean, really it gets to the point where all that streak in crown is like, all right. Well, you need to grow fuck up. Yeah, it's like, look, you seen some of this stuff already. You keep crying over it. Yeah. Danger. Yes. We're all in danger that's been established. Stop what you're doing right now ain't helping nobody. Yeah, exactly. The punk, as I mean, really want him things when when you go to school look like Martin bullying and cool, but you know. Little rougher, nothing so bad. You know. Teach them a lesson to, you know, might might take to defend himself and bullets look at him. And he just kind of like even confused like Dan this way, too easy man. There's no supporting this. A bow, tie everything I know and the go, aviator guy. He will take them off like, especially he's playing basketball horribly. Oh yeah. Wearing those goggles and you just can't help. But one of the leap out of your chair go taking off. Yeah, yeah. You can see if it's to say yeah, even the kids laying being. Being setup? Yeah. All right today. Louis field is almost. For. Yeah, yeah, isn't trap men right this. That's bait. But another creepy thing another add to the creep in this other movie is that it starts out as a mystery and the book is even classified by some people as okay. Yeah, it's got elements of of magic fantasy and Har in there, but really there's a lot of mystery going on and. In works well for setup. You know why uncle Jonathan play by Jack black? Why is he roam the halls at night? Why aren't things in the house moving by themselves? Is magic is the hunting is we don't know. Where's that ticking coming from the, where's the clock? The center of the whole mystery. Where's it coming from? And why is it then? Why has it been there for years? And why is it so hard to find as a lot of questions that they bring up that really grab you in the film, make you intrigued? And it's a great hook to get you to the strenuous long as you try to find answers. And then I wanna get your opinion on this for me. The mystery drought somewhere in after the first twenty or so minutes. And we get to this point where uncle Jonathan is trying to teach Lewis magic Wallace endearing and his bonding, and his cute and got some cool to fix it really starts to take away from the story that story lose momentum because of that because what they're doing is a lot of things I feel they're going for not only for the visuals, but they're gonna visual gags. Did you see this? Yes, I saw this because it does start out in intriguing enough that all the setup for it is really, really good. I mean, yeah, sure. If feels like, you know, like like another like knock off Harry Potter, but it's it's been a while we got, we got a different kid and you get introduced to Jack black and Cape Blanchet right away. And they, they make this movie because they. They put everything into it. They got great chemistry with each other the way they insult each other. But you can tell they really like each other and they just have these great personalities and they drive this film. So even though it starts out about Louis, it quickly becomes about them. It turns into like own family. Yeah, centers on the being a family? Yeah. Yeah, yeah. But you're right. They bring up the elements of the the mystery and the clock, and we, it's, it's as if the movie often loses its objective. Yeah, yeah. It's like we head towards something and it's like, all right. We'll teach you magic the night. Hey, yeah. The audience here who's a young audience, they, they're Lewis and they wanna be taught the magic. And yet the ways in which is done nothing all that special, he might as well have been teaching him states magic. Yeah, he's too quick to almost like listen to what he's teaching him. Magic is like anybody can learn match. Yeah, it's like there's no Prentice ship. That's this no skill. Here's like shit. Just read this book in. Read or right out my hand. Seventy three. It'd be like, okay, we'll just watch these YouTube video. Cast them spills to. Should they make? They make it look like magic that you can buy the magic shop, right? You know, go so quick and and I like Jack black a lot in the movie. I mean, Jag is already kind of a likable actor anyway. Yeah, but these down enough to make this really work well, you know, he is toned down, but still there are moments in here where Jack black gets the showboat a little bit just part of the whole gag that I'm talking visual gay them talking about like he, he goes in, he does a little show boat and he gets to play an instrument like he does in some movies. Sometimes granted here battling comedic, but it's still turns them on way. Just going to let Jack back, take the stage and do what he doesn't Atlit for a little bit do some physical humor and that slows the movie down. You can feel where stops in the Jack black our and the other thing is that some gags in the movie, they. That would wouldn't be so bad if it was kids humor that is eve is just a little too low brow for something like this. You understand what I'm saying? Oh, yeah, it's like I'm still look. This movie is not trying to it. It's not trying to be a piece of art anything. It's a studio film the western attain, but some of the jokes have in here even too low brow for movie like this Jack lantern evil in iron does to air palatable break. And that is why we have iron horseshoes. Interrogates are made of. And how does one become a full-fledged Warlock evil spirit by using your own match. That is absolutely right. Smells of rancid suffer. If even for children's movie that's childish. If for those who will listen, we have one of those a topiary Griffin, grandma's gonna, say line would wings Griffin. Yeah, but you've been. Pushed as carbon to a Griffin Griffin? It don't. It's not even what you heard was this Bush farting and whistle childish about it. First of all, Dade even have to do it. The movie was already going along. Just fine with that. And then it's not enough for the Bush to the Bush gotta have full on diarrhea. Yeah, I'm just like, come on, man, it, you know it was bad enough that you forced a far to the movie. Did you have to make the Bush take shit too? You know what was really bad? Is that having that that Griffin, that's actually a cool thing to have and your movie, but other ever does this poor line? Not this lines and though. Pepito changes, diet or some because this line taking off dairy. This. This loud, whatever fertilizer y'all giving this line right here Yanni to stop because he's this is continuous through the mobile where it's not even funding the most like this Bush needs. Some help. You take us to vet a something. Floors. So what you do for some sick like this running gag to the movie, that's not even that funny right in for this film right here. Is it really the best movies where it's like, okay. A fart is right here. Sometimes it can even be funny, but this was not needed at all. There was so many more interesting things going on to go for. What I'll tell you what's really bad about it is just that the move was aiming high in early early in the film, and then we hit that moment where the store momentum is loss. Then they start doing things cheaply like going for cheap giggle. Yeah, for the kids. Yeah. Well, it's not just the cheap giggles and gags, but even the story points but just kinda cheap it, it becomes like everything in the beginning where it's like, what's going to happen next? What's going to happen after that? It's it's so much of it is like, yeah, and then they did this and then they went for that one and then they did this. And this is the relationship between these two. Yeah. And. Believe standard something. Some of it. I would have said that and people we morning talking at the beginning of the show is funny that Louis Louis picture Louis Louis is such a punk ass. Louis is such a little bitch that he got chased out of. I m d by his bully, right? I'm serious. If you go to be try to look up the actor that plays Lewis, you don't find him third billing, which should be Lewis as Louis bully. I think that's what his name is in the movie. Who are you beat the shit out of Lewis. Now, the actor's name is Sonny. Soljic SEM right there. I did find a dip on interest in that. It wasn't just a bully victim relationship. Sure. There was this interesting with bullying here. The guy that the kit that plays as a kid name tarbey and. A wish they were able to go deeper with. Let's see if they're going to get away off the main plotline. They did have something going on with these two because tarbey is a bully and he's in. But for some reason he really likes, I'm not gonna say why, but he really likes Lewis and peeling gave on mine out of the, no, no. It's a reason why he's taking it to to to to Lewis and a light that at some some moment he can be real like kinda scared him because as it can be really aggressive in vicious, and there's a moment that he says down with losing like, take that shit off that bull. I'm just telling you as a friend, right? I'm trying to make life easy man. It's almost like it's almost like there's something going on where you can't tell does he really like, does it does tarbey Louis are, is this something going on that we don't know yet? And it is a point where that for me, that kind of kept me guessing. Well, it it did. It is much as you don't expect him to warm up tarbey, but without anything actually gay. It's almost they had a summer romance. School starting back up and it's all right. I don't know. Close. I thought I'm not trying to make light here, but it was a new. They were going to do it, but the way they would be in France, and then again to a room by themselves and target to come here. Was interesting. I wonder if this was cast wait months in advance because. Because in the book tarbey he's like, like a tall football player and tall, thin football player and Lewis in a little chubby and all. But here they even talk about Louis like you low runt, but tarbey who's the class president and the big man on campus. He's the the Runtime one out of all of who's a fucking bad us Renison. Yeah, you know an cartoons, whether the one run the mom, small gangs. Tarbey got the school in knocked out the biggest bully. He could find that territory shut up, shut tarbey. The baddest man, I believe I believe tonic will anybody at school. Relationship was interesting up until it was, and I like, say, like Lewis. I'm not keep call him a Little Women even made an argument for him getting beat up, but really the actor. He's got some great reactions to things man, like especially when all the crazy magic stars coming up and all the weird stuff, and he does. He's like, fuck all. Look, he does. He's double takes. And that right there is where you really do connect with him because you looking at all these crazy things the same way. Yeah, I sorta agree with you. Disagree. Well, I said in the beginning I was with him and I don't think the kids are bad actor, but I think when it came time for, you know, when we get to third act and everything's happening, he had one mode which was screech. I think that's the problem with script. And now at the actor I'm complimenting him as an actor when they gave him good material to work with. I thought he thought it was a shame that as went on the he did become a little more cowardly. And that's why I knew that they want that care to be that way maybe to fall because even said somebody said, be brave, Louis Louis Brayden. Least break person. You'll ever see these thirty issues on hell, you think. Yeah. Yeah, you look at me and say, you'll love day. Loses out. I think that as the movie goes along on by the time it gets to the third act. It starts to get back on track. In maybe plot plot wise and throughout the film, there have been people there were able to bring it back, like you said, Jack black and Kate Blanchett. Yeah, that was they were. They were keep the movie kind of held down because they're just the characters enjoyable. Although nobody's buying this bullshit with the k. Blanchard being a hag I don't. I know. I know I know y'all to get all you put some grana hair. That's that's key. You put a old granted wig on her, put some grandparent, like, I don't know what I would thinking. I don't know where Jack black is thinking with this hag, but nobody's buying that bullshit. This old hanging my next door neighbor MRs Florence Zimmermann I'm relieved to see. You didn't inherit your uncle's freakishly. Oversized head says the woman who literally looks like a q tip yet you you would hit that shit. If she if she put it out there, that's why you mad cause she won't let you fuck. Nobody's buying this and by the way, nobody you. I'm. We wouldn't be fired. My name, we'd be fucking, we wouldn't be fine. That's the other thing. Kate Blanchett Kate Blanchett. I don't know if you try to make being old woman, but if you did it didn't work k. Blanchet gets better looking. I think you just can't make ugly. There's no way I'm gonna what I'll try to do, but it didn't work. You better call lucasville. You need some more money, but that affect cheese. Cate. Blanchet is not only beautiful, but she, I mean, you know, you watch your inject black work together, but she really is goodness moving. I just enjoyed watching her man in she between her. Not moments within where they're just joking around either. They're really motion a moments between those two. Yeah. And I liked that. They just know they never really make anything obvious, but I do like that between her and Jack black. I don't know what happens in books later on what's going on, but they do treat it like a good soap opera in that you really want to know what's going to happen with Jack and Diane whatever. You know, for all, you know, they were friends and they, maybe they did have a fling at one point. It didn't work out and it just went back to being friends with ICS percents to yet. But that's that think that that's one of the cool things that they did the movie they didn't. They gave you just little Hanson of their relationship and you guess, like you said, like, okay, what? 'cause you know if you would drink and then he'd be like, couple. Did y'all. Did you know y'all? Fuck dude. But the o you do. His job is real yet. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Whatever. You get this. Nah, man. I do like their relationship. I do like his very subtle light and the like those actors and I like the characters. Yeah. About how great they are in this movie. Yeah. And you know what doing third act? Whether he cried with what they start to get back on track. First of all, the movie is dark of the name. Then it's been. It's weird because so much the movie, the sensibilities feel like it's it's for small kids and yet it has moments that are way to darker disturbing for small kids. I'm gonna tell you all right now, do they got moments that are dark and disturbing for grown as people they had? Now y'all know that because I'm looking at this trailing. I know y'all say you probably lab, but some people are going to trailer like angling to say this because y'all seen them dolls, and it had been. And when they get to that part, it really know it is. It is honestly creepy. Now they do still keep it in the realm of of a kid's movie, but just the imagery, man, those things will weird walking in the dark. Make a little noises and talking to play with me play with trying to kill people. Yeah. Well, another thing that makes that those, especially that creepy. I mean, besides it's already everybody's subconscious is that it's one of the FEC say they do. That's practical. So it feels real where they have a lot of stuff they do that see and they don't have the budget for so much what they're trying to pull off. You know what that is true. That is true. Like a lease affects rate here and I'm playing the trailer for those who are watching. Like a lot of it is practical. I mean, you know in except for like they jump around and stuff like that, but you know what you see right there with those with the dummies up close in of dolls of close. Yeah, that is practical effects and is very, very good. Yeah, it's it's a thing where it keeps flip flop it because you get that same dummies that's genuinely gets under your skin. Then you got them fighting the pumpkins and it's just kinda goofy, and it's like, well, yeah, and that's where I like, look, I'm not. It to not be kid friendly. It's like, okay, this is a kids movie. The pumpkins they have killer pumpkins in the movie if you are happen to be listening. And I thought that that was kind of a cool design. Very cartoony thought like with the dummies in the dogs like, okay, you were with you willing to push it to that level. Yeah, you're not going to be a net because your your kids, of course. And so so I was fine with that when it got real cartoon like that. Again, it turned to goosebumps movie, and I was like, okay, that's I kept thinking. I mean also with Jack black goosebumps. Yeah. RL Stein is rip that who. Blue. But, but now you know, and even then they don't. They don't need to push it because even those pumpkins right there, there was a little girl sitting in front of me. Thank you heard him probably. But she we had that thing where she kept one to watch, but she was scared and she toughed it out, but everybody. In a moment. Right. We'd take you out. It's so funny for for for kids. I mean, if you wanna say, scare shut out of them is effective than it did. Even those pumpkins did, and they have some other things, and then the climax that could be is very ghoulish and it could be very scary for small kids. I'm talking about toddlers and five year olds. Yeah, six years, seven year old man, but you know. Could crime. Don't be Louis. And so I think I think is a. It was. It was doing well for what it wants to be in. Third, only problem with that is that the ending of it that third act is just anti-climactic. Yeah, it's first of all is, you know they wanna beat epic, but is still sort of in a in a closed area. In. They had the same wizard of that. We've seen with an evil villain that has, you know, he listen. He has an interesting motive, but we didn't get to spend any time with him at all. Like the reason why he wanted to like do what he wanted to do was like. That's interesting. We awesome kill manga. Shit right here. Yeah, but we didn't get it up to then. Yeah. Oh, you know what? You're right. Yeah, but, you know, we, we did not get enough time to spend with his character for it to have an impact for to me anything true and they do very creative flashback with him was really well done, but it's it's. Yeah, it's not quite enough fact. In fact, it's it's enough of a taste for you to see how awesome it could have been to go forward. Go further with it. They had a budget, maybe aren't they had just written a character in sooner because he's mentioned, and then he disappears for so long by the time they bring the the actual main plotline Becky late. Oh, yeah, I forgot about this, but I would do this. Late. Let me explain. They do some. They have some nice twist when with some cool reveals with that too. But again, not enough time spent with that character. And the biggest thing that I think took away from from this own, I got y'all. There's a demon, fuck out. Giles kids, you'd better be careful. A mix. Let's scare mail a man. What does that sit in the woods next? But you know, there's a, the music in this. The music is so distracting. The music is way too loud almost like if you had John Williams and Danny fighting. Danny onto of the bar. This soundtrack would be this. This. To the contract to. Bom bom. Keyboard. But man, they that that music is hardly. I mean, they got quiet moments in there, but it's hardly ever subtle and as a music climax bills, the music bills to as we should with most lime axes. But this is way too much. It's never really pulled back enough to really be not to really, really have an intimate moment with this film of these characters. Yeah. So I, you know, I. Now tell you talking about special effects. I will say if there's anything that's cool about that climax, I dunno, maybe cooled for some might be might be real messed up others. But the scariest thing in the movie, if me for me is a is really bad, Jack black CG effect. It concept. It was funny, but the CG was so bad. That was hard. I think people laughing. Well, okay. First of all, people have had a free movie, but other people like what the fuck is that this times we'll say it like it was a video game, but this look like a PS two video game may PS one, they, they have a fake Jag black CG Jag black near the end of this movie and his eyes are highly moving, hardly moving his his, he's got way more hair than the Jack black. We just a second. And every time it is the creepiest thing unintentional. Every time he moves it moves like this and it's like this. This is not convincing wanted to go for horrifying in the worst way and fine. But this is this is not look good or if you made it funnier and it's supposed to be funny because the way is, but it's like it's not funny enough to offset how how jarring it is that everybody's, you know what it reminded me of that fake baby in American sniper. Because it's something where everybody's pretending like it's something that is mar, don't insult that baby. Babe, babe, like him. Do nothing with Jack blogs. Somebody was controlled shit with a with a PS four controller, something. It's like a stay like that is. Oh, no, no, no. We're going to do another render before goes. It's already showing now what? Oh shit. I, I'm glad. To Jack black, having a stroke right now. This. Yeah. The words. I feel bad about talking about grandma talking. In rogue one. He looked like he looked like Chuckie cheese, animatronic man. I'm john. That's place the music. Lillo boy, I here we have a birthday kid in the room. I wanna go home. Let them let us like. No. Not on this big screen this cheapest effect reading. Effect of a PS two. A cut scene. No, hell no. No man. Listen. This movie really reminds me of an this been a long time that's passed, but it reminds me of those movies that came out back in the day when Harry Potter was was was was was very popular. It was so popular that there was a cottage industry of pretenders to the throne. Oh yeah, man, they everybody was trying to buy the book rights to any kind of fantasy magic thing that they could find and those movies. Usually they paled very much comparison fell off very quickly. You in some of these people even forget like the vampire's assistant certain rights. Yeah, it's reminded me of something like this. John C Reilly. Yeah, reminded me something like that in a movie. That's again, it's got some good ideas, but you could tell that they were just trying to just trying to jump on the bandwagon and this kind of I don't think this moves doing that, and I commend allow Roth for going in doing some a little different and. It may sound like I'm talking bad about it. I think that this is like there might be some things in there for parents to enjoy our Dulce to joy. If you bring a kid with you think though I'm not going to be too hard on this because I think that it's a good adventure for the kids. I could see this for me. It's it's a rental, but I could definitely see kids being taken to this and there's enough in here for them to enjoy and there's enough creeping enough for them to kind of be scared depend on their age. I, it's a low low men, but I give it a matinee for the kids. I don't think it's a bad time at the theater. I, I feel very much like you do. I feel this movie suffers from John Carter syndrome where, hey, the book is written before all the things you enjoy, but all the things you you've come to love have picked the bones of this. So now when you get this when you like, yeah, I've seen it already and they were like, did it I? It's like, yeah, but I saw before you got you're out here. So it just looks like you just show me stuff. Everything I've seen already and not even as good and it just doesn't. It doesn't have the budget to to hang with everything that's come before it the, you know, especially Harry Potter that it's most like with in, like you say, what that tinge of Tim Burton? I do commend ally RAV on the few things he brought in here that were different. There's a lot several moments of inspiration. Just just getting that look of the fifties stuff planner in the in the background. I would notice here and they're just little little attention to detail and the. Great performances of Jack black, a Cape Blanchet. I mean, they always give good performance, but you still gotta give it a direct credit for knowing how to get them to perform and work and what he did with the with the child actors in here. It did a good job. I'm I'm very fifty fifty on this movie because this fifty percent of it. I like a lot. I mean, same here and it's fifty percent. It. I go just lame and man. If you don't have the budget for the CGI. I guess what you're making the movie, you just saying, okay, we'll do this CGI and you just hope the studio that you hired come through f- like most of the time they did not. That's why the practical effects work so much better in this. It's one of those movies where I would say, hey, it's for small kids, but it will scare them. Now I grew up where they scared us all the time. They ain't shit to deal with the kid should. Right, but it makes you more interesting. I think it's really good movie for Halloween. Yes, it's a, it's a, it has a potential to be a good, enduring Halloween, classic that you would watch at home on TV as far as the theater goes. I, yeah, I'm with you for for the kids if they're dynasy it low may, but you know, you got to be ready that you might have to take them out of there. Get too scared. Yeah. For the most part, I'd say it's a high rental. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah. So there you go. People go. All right. Let's see. We got here. Oh, let me see. Let me see. Let me see Marne. Yes. Oh my gosh. You know what we ought do card offer, so so we gotta go with them. This is of the show where we have trivia by piece of trivia traditionally think that's still got a new quizmaster. So. The thing that's different is that when Martin usually would be the one to have to answer for you? I'm sorry, you're on your own. You gotta gotta gotta play with yourself. Just sit here and mock you. Yes, yes, don't lose the. I think the questions are not as hard as they used to be not. No, they're not. They're not used to be. So what that means is you don't get as much time to answer them. I'm gonna give you three seconds answer these questions even with ooh. You come from. You get three seconds. I will see if it doesn't work with extend the time when you get three seconds, I'll give you three slow seconds. Damn. One. I gotta ask them on anyone. You give me a limited amount of time again, 'cause you can cheat. We'll get what you got a computer right there. Front of you got them Google's. We don't want on that around here. Slow when I'm going to do is see we get. I'm gonna see, we have anybody wants to play. The might not play at all. Okay, we'll Ryan will records Ryan wants to play. I wanna play. We got Ryan here. Ron's play before Ryan's one. He's always emailing me. Can I get a Skype call? You talked to rhyme before you recognize. I know a lot of Ryan's. On the site. You know, this one is. Ryan lector. There. He is. Let me go in call Brian real quick. I think this is a number right here. I'll do the video. That's right. Oh shit. Tried on the phone that will work. By rick. Yes. I don't know Weston. Yeah. Why would you. From Ryan. Ricky Ryan Bobby. Look man. Try warm what thing here and after that would done, I'm done with you after that. See here. I'll try to second one here. Maybe that's the one except burner phones. You got, what are you doing? Man. Kind of drug that you deal. It looked like we ain't going to be able to get this man right here. This rigmarole, right Ryan. My role, we can't. See there. You see and I hear you how you doing man. I'm doing good. Thank you. And it's the Bahir will not be here but talking again. Yeah. Well, you know what? We consider you here. Man, we could see your face. We can hear you can smell of us now. Yeah, yes. So Ryan, that's the wrong sites. Okay. At the fuck up. Jokes. You just sit them play. Right? You know, we get run hard on maritime. He calls up, so we just mess with the man. We love having you here. Ryan play game with us. Yeah. But before he played a game, they been something I've been meaning to show you. Oh, okay. No, he's. I can mean anything do run. She. We Ricky. I don't know if you saw in the children of the toast, but I was fan expo earlier this month in Toronto and two of the guests that we're there. I got in the science special film that you and Sammy have seen. Oh, I, you know what? That's right. You did send me an Email saying I have a special autograph, right? Yes. And I got it right here. I got Kerio ace and Christopher Lloyd as vanished. Both to sign this. Oh loves. Oh, gee, nice. Very nice. They weren't shame to do that. Will carry out with said it wasn't one of his finest moments. And Christie Molloy's seem to remember it pretty well. Crispell things, bringing his sit back. If you look closely, I got carry out to write delack bubbles. All right. That's good. That's cool. Man. Oh, no, that's very cool. That's very, you know what? A lot of people. A lot of people. This is how people warm up that quickly because a lot of actors out there, they don't like to be reminded about the worst films that they have. They don't let usually people do that to them that they usually think that the those people's those people doing a joke. Right. And so then the sign that I don't know what kind of persuasion you had. I don't know if you if you still having the in your basement over here, but I had to pay them autograph price. Head to be nice to you. Oh yeah. They have to be nice and they had to sign it. That'd be funny, you know, now that makes it even more desperate. I have never paid somebody for an autograph that make it seem like carry always, really didn't want to sign their ship twenty dollars. Expos, like a mainstream convention. Whereas big stars where you pretty much have to get the celebrities. You like the movie. We just talked about. Dark corridors always. Get snatched. You will hear carry out, wasn't a beggar. Lauren expo, like like one more thing, the celebrity to sign out of irony. Always one more thing. Y'all y'all familiar with the legendary Jim Cummings? Yeah, sure. Oh, this thing we the PU. This is first feature film or I live action film. Oh, garbage pail kids. Nice, very nice, man. So you're the guy that just goes conventions and gets people son, shitting movies? Yeah. Worst movie. People, you start going to convince people be like I had a nervous breakdown. I wasn't a complete Masha the Christopher lawyer, like I wouldn't have fucking food fighter baby geniuses. I'm not that run. You get banned from these conventions. Would you yet you haven't his coming. All right. Let's play a game. You play. Let's do this thing. He looks like a super villain. Excellent. Lex Luthor glasses. Ryan's always. Ryan's always interest, talk to Latin, non applaud. Not just canvas. Sometimes. Okay. Now remember. Yeah, exactly. Cut him off a one with the. Always woman. We're playing Rick laying. I'm done. I just I wanted to show you that never done with you. Right. Listen. Let me see right here. We is. It gotta find whether quiz, oh there it is bearing bewilder. All right. Let me go in. Bring up the game here and we'll start playing Ryan and Ryan. As I said, you get. We'll give you just a three seconds to try to answer this limb, Brigham music, and let me. The music. And then once we do that, we will be ready to play an pretty sure tonight's trivia is going to be about the movie, just reviewed the clock. Would walls up this, whatever in we got the music rate. So here we go round. Let's see with Barron. Bewilders is. Bill Barron, bewilders trivia volume, three, the house with a clock in its walls, so you tastes DT crew a hope. You're all well in fine, September this September evening. This week's trivia is for the house with the clock in its walls. There will be five count them five trivia questions covering the previous roles in films of Jack black Cate Blanchet and ally Roth in thinking into somebody come to pick up. So I think he does. So let's go ahead and get into a tribute tonight, and I wanna see how this works out. I'm gonna give you three seconds to answer and you'll get more time because give me give me time to read the question. So let's go ahead and get into. Of first piece of trivia tonight. And it says here. Cate Blanchet has acted numerous films over the past three decades including some that were part of successful movie franchise. How many movie how many different movie franchise has she been apart of, hey, to beat three c. d. seven one. Two and three. All right. What have we got here? Ryan? I'm gonna go to. You're going to go with two. So, hey, we're gonna go with two witches a alright. Are you sure about that Ryan? I'm all right. Are a run. Let's go ahead and see what the answer is in the answer Ryan. Ryan. Sorry, tell you. The answer is not the answer is c. CK pledge. It has been a part of five separate film franchises. One, the marvel cinematic universe to the oceans franchise three, the Lord of the ring and Hubbard franchise for the how to train your dragon series in the Indiana Jones series. Take that the rock. But yeah. Rugs and ongo he's had. All right. Let's go ahead and get into. Into a next question. We gotta get three of these. Right? Right. So we're not too good start, but fortunately, we have four more questions for you. You can do it right. I don't think he can't, but Ryan Martin in. So let's go ahead and get into our next question here. Question number two. Based on the following three saloons please name this movie starring Jack black one. The movie was released in two thousand nine to the movie features characters. Based on those found in the bible and three, the movie was the last to be directed by hell. Ramos also starts stars, Michael CERA. All right, Ryan one, two and three. I need to answer now sir. Now I'm gonna go, go b b. There's no. Okay. Ryan. Only did you not give me the answer, right? What do you think is? Yeah. Okay. He doesn't. What is be. I think it's year one year one. Okay. Then that Kazinda have bible characters in. It's okay. I didn't. I didn't. I give an answer. I don't know how he got. I don't know what do we got beef, but he got it. Because you said you said bible characters, and I was like, I got, I got I. I was thinking you're one move him in Michael, Sarah, are you better? Give me the name of a movie then because you gave me be. That's it. I didn't say putting. I just said the title I say year one. Okay. God, damn, you know what here you got it. Got it. But he got, that's what I'm saying. We'll give room. Question, but still got it. Exactly. Exactly. Thank you. Hey, man, you gotta you gotta look field generated around you, and you just stumbled into the right hand dominant thing. And how do you make this game even weirder than what we're doing. Say no, be no multiple choice, but ma'am, somehow be just flew out your okay. Said two thousand nine bible characters. Michael, Sarah, like boom, done. You got the title. We just wondering. You said that your answer was he don't don't tempt if he got, I guess. Right. The man. Got it. All right. Let's go to question number three. This person. Number three. Nights. Question number three, which one the falling facts about Jack black. It's false. Hey, he has never been the movie with Jodie Foster b. He played a friendly burden. The first ice age movie. See he has been in a movie with Will Smith, and he's one of that. He's one half of the nation which one of these questions is false. One to three feet. He played a friendly dodo bird, and the first is age say that that is false. Let's go ahead and the answer is. And the answer what the hell you doing. But you got it. Every enters. There it is be is the correct answer. Jack black is the voice of the villainous sabertooth Tigers as age, not the voice of a dodo bird. The movie he was in with Will Smith was shark tale also enemy of the state and the state. Well, he wasn't it. On the keyboard. All right. Let's go ahead and get into question before you just need one way to win something my friend. So let's go to question them before. And question number four. Is. Ella Roth director of the house with the pluck. It's walls has played a character in which pair of Quentin Tarantino movies a glorious best and kill Bill, be Jackie Brown and hateful eight seat jingle and chain and death proof are deep death proof in glorious Besters. One to read, what do we got there? ABC. Now I need a massive. Too late. I'm sorry, we have to stop it. I know when I need an answer, we gotta have an answer that because I heard him up a tab and trying to get you don't get. I did. No, hell no. No, you didn't get into. Is wrong. Anyway. The answer was wrong. Anyway. The answer that you're looking for is d- ULA Roth played dob in-depth proof and dining the bear Jew Donovan. It's Donna wits in employers Bestard's. All right. Fortunately we have one more question here. This is what you do it, right, right. A little harder here. Scrambled man. It's not. You're not easy. Yeah, Ryan precious on every week. You watch me going. You any it. You can't get better. Because it's much shorter this time. So it's like, oh yeah, you got the pressure on you, but here's the thing. Got it. Connection slowly. Interdiction, which it a being hold on. Now what I want to do here. This is the last one you gotta get this one, right? So take a deep breath. My friend. Oh, there you go. Relax. Take it easy and just concentrate. All right. All right. Right. Thank you. Got it. For the, did you say about the way? Yes. Okay. Just wanna, make sure there's down the middle of this. In the middle of question raining. Let's go ahead and get to a last answer. I'm sorry, I'll ask question in a last question. Is. Five. For the final question, you must identify which characters and historical figures Kate Blanchett has betrayed by indicating the t. shrew are false f to complete this question. At least five must be threatening. Okay. Hey, she was Ellen Ripley true false be she was Queen Elizabeth true, false. See, she was Katherine Hepburn true, false start. See Margaret Thatcher true or false e Cleopatra true false in f- made Merrin true, false and g Harriet Tubman true fall. All right. What is a genus? Hey. True. True. Okay. Be, what is it. Okay, true. False. What is see. False de Margaret Thatcher. If false in see Cleopatra falsely e. I mean, I'm sorry, easily. Patrons falls. And what is what is a g which way he he, he couldn't see what? Oh, well, he couldn't see the names because you just read up to game. You know what? I'll just fucked up on my like, give. Was that? Could he see the screen? Could you see the screen? Yeah, but the. It's just a streams night in sync with the Oakland. Got it. All right. AB say he might not remember what what those answers were supposed to be. All right. Well, you know what? I'll put it on me and let's do it one more time. What is a tell who is. Let me see. ASO, don't tap shoes right now. All right. Tell you. We've got to work this out because new format and I got it down here, but I got it. What is a no? No. Ellen Ripley. That's false. What is beat Queen Elizabeth? True. All right, Katherine, Hepburn false. Margaret Thatcher too. Cleopatra false made Marian false inherited. It's true. Early. Yes. I think he got this when you know what this kid you're, you're right. Man Cate do in black face, but she played hair. That one for some. Cate Blanchett also played Martin Luther King, and that should have been. Show where she played both care. Retraction rejects, you know what? Even if you had got almost right. You messed up a bunch of you missed a lot. You do that win, but even if you had got everything right when you got here and you still just for saying that that that will shoot as she played that character. Hell. No, not. Let's I'm not looking at the screen because that's not in sync screen. Playbill them here. I, this heard that one. Also you misheard you, what did you think he said? I heard it was Harriet, but then I heard then she said I was like those like false gun. Do you know who here. Do you know who here? Yes. Who is you historical figure? You know. And I'm looking the cerebral the pancakes. All right, right. Boys never done with you. It was her pancakes at the union soldiers, the confederate. Oh, right. I know history is just capelin shit. I just think you're playing. You just don't know black history. History. I don't know what happened before in the past. He's the joke. Clearly. Hereon tournament true. Say false because it was like what you what you said. I meant to say it was like a pattern. Will you'll pattern is off. I'm very tired. Tired you. You didn't hear the question correctly? The chest that they thought he maybe thought I said here at the spot. Which would also be false. But let me tell you man, don't don't. Don't don't don't feel bad. This is not easy mess isn't that is night and there's a lot of pressure on you. So and plus it takes us a little while to get uses for man. I see we have to do now. I reach out the answers what they are. I'll read you real quick. So what is shouldn't because you should be able to see the ashes, but I'll tell you what it is you're right should not play Ellen Ripley. She did play Queen Elizabeth. She did play Katherine, Hepburn aviator in ABA. Yes, she did not play Margaret Thatcher street. She did play a maid Marian. She did not play Cleopatra. And yes, she deeply Harriet Tubman. So. No, she she definitely did not play here. So there you go. Uses. By somebody. Just like somebody just gave you money. You just wipe delay. Like Ryan though, never dull moment. We run man, never dull moment at all right. We have filled with you and no puppet shit. This time I promise near. You know what I mean? Now that you said it, maybe she will play here, but. Okay. All right. Thank you. Thanks. We pre sheet, everything, man, everybody. Run has been fun and we will. I'm sure we're gonna hear from you again. Meet again, don't know where they'll know what. Okay. You'll have heard the last of me. Right. We have with the, we do like you, you know, we just gotta. We gotta get him outta here. Thank you for. He got. He was like true false troop when he got that hair true. No see plant here. Gosh, darn it. I saw that movie. Everyone I'm wrong, especially the one, another one. That's the that's the softball. The one two t ball. Go ahead, hit it. They had eight had to any took his hand and put it in there. He just slapped. Two. This kid. I love this kid. Oh, let's see what Barron bewilder says. He says that the contestant work congratulates they did not and better luck next time the future until next time. This has been your friend. Bear in bewilder stay toasty. I think we getting this down. It's gone. It's gonna take a few hiccups to get it, but we'll get it. Yeah, we'll get a definite little smoother than in our lease faster than what we were doing with the boards and everything. So does it. Somebody's at the best game segments. Hey, yelling here, the trip. I did not expect. True. You'd be willing to his has. Oh, thank you. Thank you, right. We appreciate that. Well, let's see. We got here. I'm just gonna talk about this real quick. Very quick to say. I'm happy to hear happening here that we, we've, we've got the green light man. Finally, finally settle Brian down. Got him to finally sign that got gotta sign of the line dot. Well, now that we got him in LA, man, he's he's ready. And today LeBron say, LeBron go ahead, I'm directing a movie coming out. I told the brunt. I said, hey, man, Gwen into people's in the people got this little image today. It was a room is a locker room. You see be bunny. One point guard l. James twenty three small t. nets twenty directed and our Kugler Twenty-one provide it was Louis producing. No, no, no, no, Rick. Recoup. Yeah. Not only do we have. Not only do we have LeBron James onboard in this some say, soft reboot of Space Jam, but we also got the man himself. The man that they say is the new king of the black people. Ryan Kugler, Ryan Cooley is Mr. Black Panther himself and his Ron cool. As you know, he went in and they'd say that he's pretty much the driving force that made Black Panther the movie where it is today, the movie that brought brought people together and they say, this moves a phenomenon. Now they're hoping that they'll be able to do this. They'll be able to bring the same kind of black awareness to the Luneau. They really don't do this hip hop, sit with it. Yeah, Martin Brian Kugler coming in and producing which we talked about this before ready. We talked about this a while back how they were getting some interesting names and LeBron James was always going to be a shoo-in, but people always talking about who's going to be the director and we were talking about, have you seen deal tears Ness, netting. Terence Nass is Nance. Feel like you showed me some of it was before that I showed we talked about this before everybody's talking about this show called random acts of flight. Oh, right? Yeah. Have you seen any of this? I see a little bit of it. Yes. Also a very artistic approach to to to black voices and black issues. Well, he's ready to looney tunes. I wanna see that's space in all the characters. Take drugs, Joe? Yeah. Oh, yeah. Are we gonna play basketball. Right. The man that that that got this direct because he's a, he's done work with a lot of experimental filmmaking animation. And that's what's going on with random acts of flying is here. And the people have been saying it's really good. It's kind of off guard. Very Avangard black show and. That's what makes me excited about this because heaven. Having both, you know, Ryan cooler on board along with this director who has worked with all kinds of forms of artistic expression in his films. I'm like, okay, now this is cool. This is this is something where it it doesn't seem so much like a studio film like the like the first Space Jam did because that's what you know in for those who remember spacium I know it's a big part of people's child childhoods out there and like many things you enjoy from your childhood. Yeah, it was a big commercial. It was. It was and it really was that that whole thing it was at the time. I mean, you wanna talk about how hip hop start to get started. Get cynical now. It wasn't a whole thing that that these hip hop images because back in the nineties, that's what they did. Everybody was trying to get on a hip hop starting as when people realizing that, okay, this is this really is starting to go mainstream. And that's when you start seeing Bugs Bunny wearing his pants backwards and they, you know why he called ahead that sag, you know, they, they like gang mid on. Gang sizes. I mean they were. They. When you saw Space Jam Space, Jam didn't have any of that, but they got the next black thing that they could close that they could. They got Michael Jordan and. I mean regards which thing about the film, huge phenomenon and it was, and it was a big, hit your eyes. Jordan. Who's going on. How many just to get that was going on. Living cartoons talking to your fish. You're not phased by. Has come to live and he's in your face right now. Oh. This is weird. We had a, we had joined doll. That the studio. We, I try to make Michael, Michael Jordan, no, it hit. Look, y'all know, he ain't no actor. He knows it. These that chick as it and maybe Nike is somebody made him go out and do this. I don't know what's going on, but we don't feel bad. Was talking about Michael Jordan, Michael Jordan? No, he couldn't act the Knicks it Michael probably told him he's sleeping because he was so much power back. You probably get one. And I'm want to do this. I was supposed to be at the casino right. You. We had a, we. The this, the doll was Bentinck. It was a doll, you pulled the stray and. We pull the Strang on nobody. Put some basketball. So that is Michael Jordan. He did not want to do this. I don't know what they did to making do this besides just a big pile of money. But Michael, join give a fuck less about Space. Jam. He put the basketball is where his his way his thing, he put the effort in not talking to God them cartoon characters on a green screen. I mean, in the way, I don't blame them. You know, I mean, trained actors have a hard time talking to a tennis Voller. Now you talking to somebody who's ain't talk to something else you talking. You're talking about a piece of furniture talking to another piece of. Ain't nobody, but the kids loved it. Mike, Michael Jordan was used and in looney tunes is always a staple man, but it was, would we talked about LeBron James LeBron James is much better? I ain't saying he's a professional actor either, but he's much better from the camera. Sure. Then then then Michael Jordan, I think he also understands the importance of, but you're an actor or not. You're going to be in front of a camera you needed to do your best importance, opening your mouth. Len people here you'll live. Yeah, isn't that serve? Yuko like man, ain't good at this. We'll try. Yeah. Yeah. I mean you had you had just one line, right? You can't put the feelings into words. On you. Yeah, I said the same thing. But I am curious to see what what, what they can bring to this. I'm not expecting them to make this Black Panther to where there's some big black strong pro black message behind it. Sure. But I do want to see if they will do something besides just making this a commercial for looney tunes Michael Jordan, like maybe zone shoes get run in Porky pig and all them to take a knee at the national amp. White. Pissed off. Got to cater expect, shit may do so, but Daffy duck. He's a black. Dan, he's so black. The background do someone him. I refuse to kneel. This Dan go back to what you looking at, you do? Yeah. You're looking at that white between labor. They could call that in just bound this on the internet man. It's like this. This is almost racist than the way I can see. No, you know, I'm thinking this, they'll probably. He'll probably do something like it's not gonna, make them big, slow social message behind it, but I'm sure they'll be a better story. And then what we had the first one almost hope that they do like a soft reboot with this, it'd be the return of the monsters in out. I wouldn't wanna see that, but I know that kids loved it. I mean, there's a whole new generation of kids who are being raised on Space Jam, and they love it too, and in date, and I'm sure that they, if this is something that really is resonating with kids today, they'll they'll try to keep as much as as much of the spirit of the first one in there. At the time they made this, the league's characters were still pretty prevalent every we'll see them much anymore. That is true man. That is very true. I don't. I'm not as strong as what they used to have them come pick you, it's, but you know, all the all those years I was growing up and just seem the Kim that point when the when the two thousand came didn't bring them along with them. Yeah. And there's so many of the cartoons that I just more poplin now because I'm no, they, they tried to bring back the looney tunes. Yeah, they have several times several times and it just does not sticking. Yeah, I've watched some of them some enjoyable, but they weren't any better than the other cartoons that were on around him. Yeah. Yeah. So I don't know if this is a tempt to like maybe brain that could be the reason why. I mean Space Jam itself is very poplar running things that they might wanna do. They might be trying to bring in the looney tunes characters back, be thanks to my to LeBron James. You know, it might be a way to get the brand back out there. Tie with a brand is already huge LeBron James in a property that fits, which is Space Jam, and all of a sudden that's pop again, these characters back out there. The way things go today. If this movie's success these characters could it could easily have their own series again somewhere Cartoon Network. So. They, that's what we're talking about back in action was, but see back in action, didn't Hello? Brian, j I'm sorry. I did have. Head. Okay. Michael Jordan, the fresh, you know, that's the black people. Don't understand that back in action, much better than Space Jam, but. Kids didn't know because as much as we as much as given a hard time to Michael Jordan lot people showed up for Michael Jordan. It was it was he was huge. It was a huge event having Michael Jordan in Bugs Bunny in the same movie, almost like Bugs Bunny was a real character real, a real flesh and blood character. You know it was. It was hugely Michael Jordan in that back then. So that was an, I think that's what they're seeing today, that all right much as we're trying to bring back the the Ludington looney tunes character. Luton's brand is not sticking as hard as what we wanted to maybe missing. Maybe it is. I don't know. I don't think it is. It's not. And this is a way to revive it. I mean, not only with LeBron's gym, LeBron James, but you got Ron Cooper who is producing who was a huge name right now. Yeah, man, this is something that's going to be. I think it'll be. It'll be good. I don't know before the names that they had on there. They had like a guy that directed music videos and whatnot that worked in the first Space Jam. It really was. It really was a commercial. Yeah, it was the combining of brands to just print some money. And I think that, of course, this is what the space is going to be, but I think with some people who really want to do more than just well, now you tell me that that these guys are directing and producing, right? Kuechley doesn't just turn out bullshit. I have a feeling like there's going to be some artistry. They're gonna actually sit and think about story and not just have a a one afternoon, three MARTINI lunch and go. I so what are we going to do something alien? How about round coudl run, like can pay to. Yeah, I would hope I would hope that everybody involved wants to do more of the studio wants to make some money. That's just how it goes. But with the people that they have behind it, I think I'm just curious to see what the vision will be the next one given the talent that we have behind it. We, we have an animation director. We have a guy that is the has worked not only. Not only with some really good movies, but now he's working coming book area. He's worked in fantasy. So that's that's something to look forward to to end LeBron James, I really would like to see what LeBron James with his sense of humor, what he would do because as much as we like Michael Jordan, much kids like Michael Jordan, the movie, I really do feel like LeBron James would have more fun with this instead of Michael Jordan. Did you get paid. Yeah, so I'm this. I'm looking forward to think that this could be really cool. At least interesting if nothing else are about to get out of here. Let's go. Let's let's let's do the review minutes. I've been waiting for. Case to this microphone. Fucking evil. How you doing will valley long time? No. See over here. No, you can sit right here. I'm gonna give the glam Cam man. It's a camera. Look at that cinematic treatment. I give me right there. I'm going all sir. This movie. I wanna see. I've been told you nNcholas cage become one of my favorites because he just don't give a shit. He does not man, not all this guy has. People have labeled him as crazy rightfully so. But instead of getting mad at doing things at a craze in a bad way, he's just embraced it. Just gonna be me. I don't think so much that he doesn't give a shit. I mean he just doesn't. He just says yes to everything. But once he's in there he seems to give it one hundred hundred twenty five even though it all the calls yet. Yeah, is it's like not even one hundred twenty five percent of candidate probably wrote. It's one hundred twenty five of nNcholas cage. Not even knowing that the cameras are rolling. Goes for, he's become a living mean, will people love it? Man, people able loved this movie, and but you know, we're a good things. Yeah. Yeah, but we know that you, you don't always say with the people, say some people even say that you are contrarian. Sometimes I'm not saying that you are, but it's not Marin. That's that's wills wheelhouse. Okay. Look, I mean, that's why I'm reviewing Mandy and you guys aren't right? So. Good old fashioned. That's the will mean by that. I don't tell you what, let's take a look at this trailer and if you haven't seen this, I mean as much as we're talking about how crazy nNcholas cage is sometime this is a movie that. Out crazies him is suited for him. This is from what I understand. This is almost like some southbound fantasy Harb heavy metal film. Yeah, go ahead. Yeah. Yeah, I heard it described as. Like Norwegian, death, metal, but slow. It's like every retro eighties, neon fantasy film that you know you. You've kind of seen this John creeping up. This one really kinda hits that, okay, this one looks. It looks like heavy metal album cover. Definitely. Oh, yeah. And so a lot of people are saying, because this isn't an other worldly insane kind of film perfect for nNcholas cage. And let's go ahead and take a look at the trailing, which I believe he's has to fight some evil force to save his girlfriend who's been seduced by this evil guy in this insane, nightmares, post apocalyptic world. Let's go into a look at the trailer in Mr. Wolf valley. We'll be back with his review. Crims primordial sky. Will reach dark embrace. Closed around the serpent's. An attorney. Get me back girl. You're a special Mandy. I too am a special one. Let us be. Special. What's he gonna do. So what. Crazy evil. Thank you so in love of show you love. From. Closest get to a live action met a lock, right? Yeah. Just the look of it has me really into it and has also some other people you might be familiar with has Andrea Rosborough Bill Duke is in this. We haven't seen from way. Was she from c. you seen her in a lot of things. I know changes all the time. She was an episode of black mirror. She was in that movie that you like so much furry animals or whatever. It was the guy from the right from the fashion guy. Oh, oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. She was in that almost unrecognizable spend a lot of things, but who let me ask them before I let you review who plays the villain right here. I thought it was John Slattery. Oh, yeah, madman. But then is his name right thinking, okay. I don't know lime land. Lime land. Okay. Thomas Wayne in Batman began to it is because even when I remember thinking that that was lottery as well. Okay. Hold on. Not a right. Lurch to the spill. A good. All right. Let's I'm curious to hear your review. I mean, this movie is it's all style. It's every Sinophile like. Mid twenties, late thirties, kind of wet dream. It's nineties trapper keeper the movie and. And although that seems really fantastic, it is because of the way that they kind of tell the story, the editing cinematography the music is all pretty much spot on. It's hard for me to say multiple different films like this is a perfect film, but this one might actually be perfect film really very, there's almost nothing in it that I would change. However, with that said, a movie like this is not for general audiences. I can't recommend it for everybody. You know, the first half is the slowest fucking burn in history. And then the second half is the crazy man's man on fire. Okay, so you, you really have to pay dues before you kinda get to see what most of this trailer is. It's also very late on story. It's pretty much a character study. The story is revenge, and that's pretty much it. There's not a whole lot else going on. You could probably take all of the lines from the movie and condense it into eight. Eighteen minutes or something like it's it's not a lot, but visually stunning, it's every every single shot is it's a desktop. Okay. Or like you said, like an album cover. And I would just say, you know, going in, you kind of have to know what you'd expect. I mean, you'd have to expect that this is not something that you would. This is the kind of movie you would see, you know. Midnight with the punch of those thinking. Yes, it strikes me like if you were fantastic fest, they show it either nine o'clock midnight. Yeah. And it was, you know, that's when I saw we saw it at the draft house, which is the only one showing it in Austin, and it was great. I mean, the crowd loved this is everything that I wanted the void to be. Okay. You know, I did the void if you're a year ago. Alamo film and that one totally fell flat and its face and also say this, you know, as much as people wanna say that cages acting like a psycho. He's fucking great and he doesn't. He doesn't overdue, but he, he really delivers in a way that you like, I can imagine if all of this stuff actually happened to you, you would act the way that he's acting in this recommendation. Yeah, I would. I would say. I mean, I don't usually give better than sexes. If I did, I mean there's a lot of four players before you get to the sexiest movie, so you have to kind of know that going in, but other than that, yeah, it's it's probably better than sex. What's the, what's together that was going to do doom at like a crow jot hausky Jetta rouse key because I'm in. Looking at this, how to spill John rouse Alejandro deller Out-skied. Jails are. Google, you just put it brings it right up. I was thinking about looking at this trailer is making me think his movies. Yeah. If you haven't seen this, I don't know if you've ever heard this movie called doom. If you've ever seen the movie dune, there's not a good movie, but this guy was going to direct version. This guy's directed craze in movies, the holy mountain, another crazy film, but he's he's out there, man. And this movie looks like it's like not on the same budget at all. Let's closest we would have come to a weird vision that you have something like doom. Be treated him in seventeen Seca hit. Via feel the elephant. To Shane, these young mine of all the world missions loop to me onto make a new picture. We do. What do you want to do? Say just. Bad bieber. But the hill. The more describes what he wanted to do because this is a great documentary it, and it makes you slobber for like, man, that one. But then once he really sits in describes what he wanted to do, you like, oh, that was never gonna. He wanted to be four hours long. He was not going to budge on that end. It was not don't be the book. It was. The book. Yeah, yeah. While I'm thinking something on the scale of what is what we see in doom, generosity, man, that's moving, let's talk virgin. Some things does. But it's funny that you bring that up because you know the guy did blade runner too, is doing dune. Now. A lot of very similar imagery. And when I was watching Mandy, it reminded me of lead runner to really. Yeah, it's. I mean, I've thought we'd run into was amazing, but it's the Justice autocracy and there's a lot of long takes. So you have to know that going in know, they don't jump between cameras, but it really again, it becomes more of a character study. Let me ask you a question then slowly describing this as a harm will be in a way which which I look at this and I can see how they could be some elements of that name, but also like some sort of fantasy film. It looks like a revenge movie does horrifying here anywhere a little bit. I mean, I think that this film like so many that we're seeing that are being successful these days are crossing genres, and I think that's why it's able to stand out. I, there's some her elements to it, but you're never scared, you know, but the, you know, the action in the fantasy moments. I mean, they're, they're done so well that it's just, you know, feels like a burrito. Yeah, it's all how is this movie? I have been desensitized as what I'm saying. You can't bring your parents to see this or that it's fucking bloody shit. That that's. It looks like I mean, movie look so nightmarish that I can only imagine how the violence goes in hand with this to the point where maybe we're desensitized to violence and action movies and horror movies. But here seeing this nightmares, kinda sitting just takes a whole new lead is sort fight with Edwards along just one of the best scenes in the movie. When there is bloody, it's it's still hits you and they do some stuff with sound editing that you would see in like a low budget, horror movie, but it was very effective in this. Actually, that scene right there where they, you know, you have the as in the bedroom. That's fucking amazing. Just the way that they, you know, they have like a Strobe light effect and it's it's genuinely tariff. Didn't ruin anything to ask you why this world is like it is. Do they say, what are these creatures that were dealing with these? Like like mad, Mex type human beings? I think what's great about this movie and great about movies like this that worked the best is it tells you enough, but doesn't tell you too much. Zoe creates a lower for the audience and they're like, I don't really know what that's all about, but it adds ads questions and questions makes more interesting. Sure. Own world. Oh, I mean it's not like its own world like they, you know, they're on a Turner or anything like that, but they. Got, I don't want to give anything away. You don't have to say. I won't say anything, but actually you just made me think of something that happened in the movie that brought up another a point. So I think, yeah, they do a really good job of making you question. You know, what is this all about? Who are these characters? And you know, just way the fuck. Are they? Yeah. Yeah. No, I'm I'm inter. They have me from the moment. They did this. The world's most violent dig measuring contests. Yeah, I, I love movies that don't now the reason I'm asking you this because I love movies that don't always explain. I think there's situation like this when I say world. I mean like another planet. Also. I'm like, you know what? If you drop them this, this, this atmosphere and it's so weird and and they don't try to explain what's going on how, but yet they're consistent with shirk just a well of his own and you just have to by his assistant win it. You don't question you just immersed in it and I love that man and that's, and that's really what makes it as good as this. And there's actually four what it is some pretty fucking hilarious moments in there. Really? Yeah. I mean, there's a lot of comedy dejected and it's not like a cheap way. It's like, okay, these guys actually, you know, they know how to write punch-up dialogue or whatever it is, and it came out pretty good. Of everything. You keep surprising me with everything you say about this? Yeah. Yeah. I mean, it's hard with you, man, but you know, it's no, it's, but I'm glad to hear that because it really has been getting a lot of great word of mouth and it's hard to tell. Yeah, yeah. And I know this is why do value opinion because again, no offense to the Alamo crowd, but the alma crowd will going when they have special screenings and they. Yeah, they've already decided they love. Oh yeah. The actor shows up. They gotta privy to special screening they they've already gone in right. The reason we didn't see it because they had a special screening. Yeah. What our special screening thought is it really that good are do our people, you know, do they have the animal goggles? Oh, yeah, yeah. Yeah. I mean, I think what's good about as that it's genuinely surprising. However, you know, like I was saying about the story, there isn't a whole lot of story, and I think it's okay in this movie that because everything else is so rich, it tells a story that you've seen before in a new way, but I would I would say of the few movies. I, I don't see nearly as much as you guys do, but this would be day one DVD for me. Okay. That people don't understand. They're just because it's not a movie for everybody even if it's weird, doesn't mean that it's bad because because I think that's when I saw this. I said, yeah, it's weird, and some people will probably hate it, but that's fine because they really are a movie like this. They're making four specific on taking risks. And that's the one thing that I've always you'll lauded in any movie review. I've given they've again, even though two story of seeing doing imagery I've never seen in a film and that's where it succeeds. Do you know if this director has done anything else? I what is our? She has. I think a strongest. I actually don't know. Unfortunately, I didn't come prepared with the whole IMDB of this film's not just wondering because wonder what this person has done before enough. They have done something. If this is something that they, you know, they finally got the money, do dead dream project looks like it really feels like it feels like an indie film and it feels like you know, maybe a couple of guys in Hollywood who maybe had a couple of connects found a little bit of money, and they were like reading indicates to do this right? And then actually, unlike the void, we're very, very successful. Nice, man. I mean, I was planning on going to see this anyway. It was one of the movies I was looking forward to. I didn't even know was out though a lot of people love this, but it is a smaller release film and I don't know how long is what it comes out on. DVD October does it? Yeah, twenty eight. Maher was talking about how they had the special screen. And I was like, well, you know, I wouldn't worry about it, and it was the sound like sour grapes we want about. I want to be there anyway, booked movie, but I was able to buy CVS month. I just want men. I will say this. It'd be fries fries. Yeah, in two weeks. Tobe that with the void. I think that was really a Netflix, but but but that's not wrong with this video. I mean, very. It's a micro and you get that audience that is going to want to watch this movie at four in the morning when they stoned. Yeah, that's fine. And and that's, that's what either. Although see. Still around of not. I'll wait, but either way it goes, I think it's it's perfect for either one of micro Elise perfect for the audience that the limited audience that's going like this. If you rent it or watch it at home, I think you're gonna get like a really good experience and that way. Yeah, I, I look at this here, wheels, comments. I'm thinking, you know what? I, I know what's wrong. So often I would be at one of those festivals or something shown at midnight. And I go see this and everybody's pumped up. So it gives me these, these misguided expectations and I'm already sleepy, come out going like, yeah, no man, that just kind of sucked. But if I'm at home and I'm watching it up. Yeah, I bet like this a lot and it wakes you up. When they start, if you worked hard on a moving, you put your life into don't show tomorrow while you sleep. Cruise. No good man. So better than sex for me. No man is. I mean, I don't even think she put that qualify. You know, it's fucking. Implied. Right, right, for sure. But I mean, again, if you try to pull yourself out of if you wanna great it for the movie, it is and not the one you wished it was, then I would say it's fucking excellent. Okay. What you should do anyway, going with open months and right now you can catch Mandy if you're in Austin, I'm sure is planning the new. You've Unum big enough town, but you can catch it here in Austin at the Alamo draft house is I don't even think it's not the one south I think showed that we had to go to the one on enders Anderson and. Yes, not even showing that the the main south south Lamar. I wonder if the Arbor has no, no, only Alamo. No, I only got in because Ian got his tickets. It was packed and sold out. I tell you what man that make. It might seem like I'm talking trash on. I'm not the Alamo is doing. Bring it back that experience of going to see these movies, man, like when I was in college and I will go, you remember Dobie theater. I love that. Yeah, we used to be cult movie showing all the time. Those things have been pulled back because of the home market, right. There was a time all the stuff that that we take for granted that's released on Netflix, all the weird stuff that just see not even releasing anime. That's what you had to go see anime, but but think about all the stuff that like the weird stuff you see on YouTube that doesn't even get on television, Arbel theater stuff. Go to move data back in the day. Yeah, and it was. It was a cool experience going to see this thing that you know a lot of people don't like, but you're in there with like minded people and you enjoy it for what it was I doing that. Yeah, that's one of the reasons why I wanna see this. So yeah, yeah, check it out. Y'all Austin to go to the Alamo on Anderson Anderson village and check it out. Right, horrifying shit. Did you see that that school with the kids sitting over the place. What was seen this? No. Oh my God. So this dude put laxatives and the school lunch, and there's a video. I think it's a starts. I'm hip, whatever. And he goes around to everyone in there. It's like a fucking horror movie and they're just shitting every single scene throwing up real. He's going to jail watch it. It's pretty amazing. I mean, it's it's, it's terrible. Put this in. Two. Laxative, high school laxative. There was a kid think Austin queuing around gave his teachers. We like we brownie that was full years ago camera be real friendly. Teachers. Mean there's some rumor. I've heard that this is fake, but it looks to real. Yeah, I would be very surprised. I mean, hey, maybe it is fake, but I think it look for. All right, Corey. All right molding as you out fact check this right now. Because I'm only doing it because I'm growing at idea. You know, gag reflex is bad. I know, but okay, snow. Does the video show that the does video show school eliminates spike with lex video peers to capture the disturbing and messy aftermath of school prank. So when a scroll down to see if this is true and it says false. All right, though was false. They say, he's still watch the video. They say, video purportedly, showing the aftermath of a school prank in which students spike, the batch of limited with laxatives was upload the website, lively in mid September twenty eighteen this footage reached up to Milton millions to not a million, but millions of us when we shared on Facebook along with the caption. So wrong. A student laxatives in the schools. Lemonade says, does not capture real students at a high school suffering diarrhoea after soon limited Netflix smock. What is this? Yeah, over American van meert. Okay. Look the Chad, even saw this American vandal. Yeah, there you go. Well, yeah. There you go. Good old smokes. Boy. I'm glad. Last time I the last one went, I had to go to snow. Is before even had. We were doing this. It was back when doing spill we about to record and cargo in with the story. Did you do you remember this barely? He told the story and I don't know if we recorded, we were just talking, but he said, did you guys know how mill Gibson got the role of mad Mex? And of course no, no. And he said, yes. So it was what was it? He was in a car wreck and he hit the windshield and the severely disfigured his face and. He went to he, he was almost about to end his life because he was so horrible, disfigured. And he went to this church and was praying. Pastor came out and said, this is a horrible thing that happened to you. I know someone who could actually help you out and fix your face and whatnot. And you know, I think that they would charge a lot of money, but you a such a sad case, I think that they would do it for free, especially vouch for you. And he went to the surgeon, they created the, the Mel Gibson face has now he said the day that he left the hospital. Somebody said, you're just we'll look at that is not true. Oh, a little bit. True. Sounds so much like a fucking movie. I remember hearing that in high school, but you can't fact check back. You couldn't back slopes. I'm not trying to be. I'm going to look this up right now. Like my friend who told me that that's when I heard Mr. Rogers had tattoos and ward children's Vietnam kids in. I say, Liz, 'cause we got into arguments. I don't think that that's the case. Even argue. I just don't like you talk shit about. I just don't like you actually use the word. I don't like him besmirching the name Mr. Rogers when he can't defend themselves right now. I don't think that's true, and he went back and forth. All right. You'll make me do that. The phone. So yeah, man. Let's see here. Somebody was cited. Snow is a good site. Use it cleaning. Save. You save you a lot of time to argue about shit for hours back in the day. It's no friend. Yeah, guy. Look it up on his own facts was coming around our cube, and he was. This whole thing was. Chris, the Christmas, Carol Kane because Jack the ripper was killing people. There was a woman named Carol who they couldn't find. It was around Christmas and that's why they were calling for her Carol everywhere, and it's got the name. A I'm gonna call didn't wanna say bullshit at work by a call balderdash. Caroline became a thing after. No, no, you can look it up. I say, God, damn, we'll. I'm not gonna look it up, but a know is not true. I I, I'm pretty sure that's not. You made him look at say, okay, fine. I'll go look it up and they came as a yet turns out that. Shit. Yeah. Go sit down. Back to the Charles Dickens, Christmas carols out long before there was Jack the ripper. And nobody would do to just sit. Carol. Chris. Carol. You wanna see American vandal somebody say watching you wanna see, have you seen it? Oh, I watched some of the first season. Do you want to see this video here? Let's see. Somebody that was in watching the ceelo's family has been serving up delicious Italian known since nineteen. Forty nine. That's that's a commercial. Oh, here. To find out all about pizzas pleaded, video. Okay. Oh, sit. Okay. The one with. You can't handle this. I was watching jackass man, and I love jackass, but they had that part with people eating the piss LeMay piss no cows which in the theater you almost threw up. Bag had I had a food. Yeah, laugh at this, but I, I'd have a weak stomach when it comes to this. That's one reason why when believe it because I think everybody would have ran outside. They wouldn't have been always sitting next to the a lot of accident. Ooh, American vandal. What is that? It's a Netflix show. It's kind of like one of these I did the review for the first season when toast to toast, and it's kind of like, you know, these, like a bear crime, getting crime stories. Now they do it like Trump. They do not like drama documentary. This is with American battle people vandalizing. Badly. Remember that dude drill the Dixon, the car. Yes. Also watching this. Astle man. The second season. Schools is dead acting. I have to shoot so bad. Let's go to some emails a man. You know, by because of the way they had these screenings miss that that movie those both screens of life itself. We missed there was something else showing and the second we missed the clock on the wall clock inside the wall, the house, but the clock, consigned the wall and the thing see. So you get to know, I know, man and I was like, oh, it's been missing the Oscar Isaac movie that movie's getting slaughtered a life itself. Yeah, movies, get movies, movies, horrible. And I wanna see, I I checked before coming over here and I'll tomatoes hit. Nine percent. Yeah. Going down and I thought, well, maybe there's only a few people share reviewed it tons of reviews. It's just it's just lit up with splat. Oh yeah, the page and everything. You re. It's consistent complaint with every critic and complete that it's model. Beat you over the head and is goes out of its way to try to make you cry seat many bandages. Yeah, panders I. In its lecturer because you know what I, I was. I did not watch the trailer when I thought might be going to see this. So if they play commercials for it on TV anything for you, I wanna see commercials for it. See we out will this waiting for the right moment. AM waiting for the right moment because when I ask you there's not going to be any turning back for me, my date. Anybody else for the rest of my life. I'm not gonna love anybody else for the rest of my life. I'm waiting for the right moment. 'cause when I asked you going to be the most important moment of life and I just wanna make sure that I get it right. Tricks, it missed loser thing. They were talking about this. Hero may well be. Piero or villain. Twelve minute more. Or hero. Maybe the heroes and villains of our stories are actually just players in a much bigger moving. Whose name is ready to get the Monday. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. They were talking about an NPR with just the director, and he went off about something about how he wrote a twelve minute Spanish scene for was in Tokyo Deras. And he put a joke in there and was happy that people laughed at it because he felt tested their patience to sit through six minutes to get to the gym. And I remember thinking go, fuck sir. Point of movie, see how would it as an Durance test. That's not the point of a movie. It's to enter fucking teen people. Yeah, I'll move people, but I guess not the way they don't want it right now. He took a risk. Yeah, got nine percent. Yeah, man. Somebody chat already said, I saw this. They say, fuck this movie, who is our Jones? Our said, our journalists, Goth, fuck this movie man. He says terrible as hell. And some people saying was maybe I remember cracking open random. A random in random book. I guess when the rent them chapter books and read a few lines and I thought this is fucking fan fiction for what this movie fan fiction of what. I don't know, probably like romantic movies or whatever. I don't know skulls is damn Amazon studios still actually make. They make this stuff. But they do it just looks like the height of pretentiousness. Somebody here says there's Robert weird Mandy is currently veal d. Yeah, review for Sunday. I will. I will. I wanna see my review this life itself and Mandy. I wanna see both badly when someone I see some has nine percent. I'm like, all right. I just what makes me wanna seating. Sure. Let's see here. This is from diz diz fan devante diz fan devante is just wanted to use some good fucking thoughts. How chords, what he what you thought about the true detective season three trailer looks pretty good setting the Ozarks over long period of time. It has a good cast better than season to hopefully even though I don't think that was bad, like the others I saw then gave up on it. I do, and I'm not seeing the trail yet. I don't want me to go along. So may we'll look at it later because trade has been out for a while. I haven't seen it. Yeah, I hadn't seen him either, but I know it's been out for a while. Maybe watch because I really, I really hated season two of of true detect. It's a real letdown I stuck with it and and at the end it felt like it was like, maybe it was gonna pay off, but then ultimately it didn't piss me off. It was sometime around people's patients. This is the from any Edward Edward Hindriks. We were talking about, we're talking about the Halloween party and it'd being canceled. He says, you'll despite the anniversary party getting cancelled. Several is still planning on coming. So the been pre the bid pages. Now for Halloween, meet up in Austin on the same weekend, it would be cool if you give them mentioned on the show. I really appreciate you guys doing that. And like I said, I'm going to do some for you. Why are you here in town nothern this is what could help me. Not as many people we're going to come to this as they would when they come to something from out of town are what they've done before. Like I said, it's the first time we've done it on Halloween. What would help me if people really do want to do something here and you're gonna plan something for you? Let me get a number of people that are here because I'm getting number. I don't know that I can't really go. I can't find the place for you. I can't find some kind of event for us to do, but it says there Austin where they already got that Friday meet up and I'll definitely show. Yeah, I'll be there to Austin, toasty Halloween, Nita? Twenty eighteen. So we have thirty one. I might be unavailable Saturday, but Friday and Sunday, you got me think on Saturday, we might have something spectacular going on for you. So so if you want Saturday, I think what happened? Can you not doing anything that night? Right. Okay. Because a, that's what well, you weren't planning on doing if we had done it. You would have been here anyway. I know. But once you've made that announcement. Quickly switch planes again because we might be doing a party. Like if I could figure out how many people are going to show up, then I will. I will find a place to place. Let me know. Was that your payment? Maybe I'll just be late. What if there's, if it's not retorted crazy amount of people might have a party of my place. Okay. And if people want to come over to my place, if I know is a manageable enough amount of people, then we could probably do a party at work. If there's too many people than I gotta go find a place and I want to do that, but you guys that are here. So there's going to be a party in my place are fun and venues, small venue for somewhere and might need to be dedicated to gotta have catered by noodle house, but you go noodle, what was it called? Noodles and noodle new company new little noodle noodles and company something. Yeah. So let's see this thirty one people plan on doing this. So if you wanna see what's going on with that, go to the Facebook Halloween page there. It is right there. Guess type in. Halloween, toasty abso-, Austin, toasty Halloween, meet up, twenty eighteen type in Facebook. It should take. You're right there. Please. Please give me an honest headcount of what you're doing because if people here and I know how many people here that I can make up something for you and we can. I'll be we all have a full weekend of doing something for Halloween. Let me see here when you take the mole trick or treating live in a neighborhood. I can do that. Everybody on the knees. She was under the. Let me see here a proposition for the Halloween season. Alright into somebody else gives us more ideas. Hey, DT just wondering maybe in the future, not necessarily this year would we see all do video of you guys going to a hell house to Universal Studios for Halloween, har- nights in Orlando are LA judging by that video of Cory riding that roller coaster in Corrigan, scared and slender. I think the footage of the experience would be great for the toasties, hey, man, we can afford it. Maybe who knows? We'll see we can do. Oh, let me see. A hell house would be good. Oh yeah, but but they would let us film that. The widow secret cameras. Get sued later. This is Mark Murray. Murray article is not from the onion. What does it say after reading the below quote from the article? My question for you is, is difficult for you. Martin draw people of other races without seeming racist. Let me say, okay. Oh, draw like literally, draw them to draw without seeing racists are, is this so-called artists full of shit? I think I think I might know what you're talking about. Seven. I mean it Serena with wonder why I was thinking. Let me see. Artists to quote it's bloody difficult, especially the lips too big in anti-racist people accuse you being a white supremacist, but to small and then looking at the lips of many black people in no man, maybe it's just a bad fucking artist. Also, this is the artist that drew Serena Williams. Now, fuck off dude. Nothing like Serena look like her that looks like like a Sambo native jumping up across between Semple assemble and Quasimodo. It looks nothing like that. This dude is purely full. The I love he's, he's trying to back him up. The paper said, we back him up. People have pointed out. It's like, then how come the Haitian slash Asian woman that who is our opponent Judy, her as a blogger would opponent tail. Yeah, exactly. And drew the God, the judge who I think is Spanish to send, drew him also like a white person. You know, let me see already because I read this and I was gonna talk about it, but I thought. I thought I thought that the whole thing. I'll be the middle of the. But not the whole thing had passed with this cartoon. I was gonna talk about it, but they, this guy is still at the defendant himself. He has to write else's apologize, right? Yes, sure. But I think you know, I mean, maybe that is how he sees them and maybe that's the problem. That is the problem because he like, hey, I'm I'm not being racist. It's like you just, you don't know what you. Yeah, yeah, you don't. You don't understand what what the problem is is that he's not looking to draw the people like like, like they are. He's drawing them like he sees them in his mind, which is a huge problem on you man artists. What's his name? Let me see. Let me see. This artist name is. It was Mark night. Yeah, because this guy from Australia went to argue, he's a great cartoonist. You just don't know. No, I know that he I know how he sees certain people and a lot of people, you know, you're drawing what you see, man, I mean, Serena, look, if you if that's if that's how you draw Serena Williams and your drawing it from what you see in in real pictures of her, the shitty artists man. Yeah, Yokio completely shitty artists. There's. There's a lot of people that that have drawn. A lot of people that are drawn that are not drawn with big lips. But he said, he's like, well, I can't draw to small. Oh, I know they got to be be. It's like, hey, you should feel sorry for me. Look on my job is to drop. Black people. People get mad. It's also an idiot argument because by, you know, just what he's saying. You could say, well, then by that definition you shouldn't be able to draw anything that's not a white man. Yeah, you know, oh, I can't women. I can't plant. I'm gonna win. You know what you did was even more insulting with do explication. I'd ready just say, yeah, I was trying to be funny and then go right. Even better. Yeah, I'm a racist. You know, but for the moment that you say, Well, I, I can't draw them any other way, but is because well, that's what you look like. I know. Yeah. Like you say, putting the fault on everybody else? Well, if you didn't have those big lips. Fuck you. The moment I saw that I got mad at not did it. I said it was supposed to be Zad rated. It was supposed to be heard as a baby right act and act like baby, but that you know, drug has a baby that you got to put a rattle interview, pass a crime. That is some Sambo shit right there. So no man get the fuck Addy apology. Not accepted. You're wrong. You have inherent racism where you see the world is way that's how you drew it. And a good artist would draw a good ours with know how to draw black people. The Japanese has started now they starting to do this themselves, but usually been drawn them Sambo's Mamiit's. And now people like, hey, fuck out here with that, you know. And now the drawing black people now like black people, Japanese can do it. You'll ask them to. What. I just hate it. When people do that, man, you know, try to act like it ain't their fault. How you see the world. Let me see here. I go ahead go to stars and that'll be the last one finished reading some ego Sunday, quick shadow. Okay. Here's a couple of. Oh, let's see. Air Johnson Johnson's huge supportive is around here. Eric has always been nice. Eric always supports, Eric, always spreads the word. So the least that we could do is give Eric a quick birthday shadow. Yeah, absolutely. Harry, he says, hey, chorea just wanted to reach out to was you Martin and the crew continued success and good fortune as twenty eight team continues in let you know that I'm turning twenty eight tomorrow resubscribe to the site for another full year a couple of weeks ago and would love a quick shadow that. Toasted goodness all over my body and is the best present. A guy could ask for take care, stay toasty, happy birthday, airy big, Twenty-eight man. You becoming a man now say almost. They're almost say he knows is the same. They say now today they still a kid thirty. I don't know how that works. Then work with me at the time now. Eighteen get the fuck out. You gotta go to work, go to school. How about both? And yeah, congratulations, man. Thank you, Dave. And yes, we still have the DT crews going because that is something that we planning for euros. So that is going to that is going to happen that's going to happen. So as something we're not going to drop these guys put a lot of work in into rootless wondering. Slow lar- has a Tiffany. They've all put a lot of work into this. Look. Look at this man look look, look, see solar this weekend. Does that I know anything like that fucking picture that he drew anything at all, even still have it up here? No, I don't, but that looks nothing like our man fucking. And that is it. Yeah, we're done. Thank you so much. We out I want to say to everybody watching. We appreciate you spending your time with us this evening, and we will see you next time. I see you guys will be on Sunday unless somehow I get on twitch. I have Carlos fixing. Muted together for me. It's not working. I have got it together. It's a lot of pieces to buy put together, so I'm getting there. I'm getting there but maybe maybe it sometime at some point weekend. I'll come to the studio and do it on the stuff that I have here. The stuff I know that works decently in until then let's just say that we'll see you on Sunday for sure, long with what you're going to be this. Oh, shit. Yes. I don't know what's going to happen, but we'll see. I'll be here one way or another. I'm not going to be like that. So we'll figure out something for Sunday and until then thank you very much. We'll better coming in. Yeah, it was fun. The review was good. Good, good. You just you just have because I gave it a good review. No, I honestly we had no idea what you. Give it a bad review. I, I just wanted. Once you get on the camera. Out. Just drop them. No, appreciate that. Got me. Excited for is I'm excited about the movies on diesel might watch that tonight, and thank you. Martin. We will see you at some point. Remember tomorrow, semi shit is on and on Saturday. Even though he's moving, we have our, he's moving his show. DJ miles is making some really good progress on his TV show. Yeah. Yeah, he's very excited about and he's putting them to work and I appreciate it. So I think the Saturday, he'll be there, but that's probably changes some point. He wants to go to Monday because of the way up the the well, I don't know. Maybe maybe is he going to do it back to back? That's what he was saying. Because we go in late nights. He wants to do it because of the TV scheduling, he'll be able to watch a bunch of shows a lot of the best TV comes on sun on on Sunday. Yes, I must be ready for that. So everybody. Thank you so much. We to hear good night. You know what don't let me leave that with for, say anything till you. Let me tell you. Is it is very hard leave here, and I think about you all the time. I really do. I can't stream twenty hours a day, but you are on my mind. So I'm just saying, don't don't hesitate, not stream to give us an Email, keep in contact. We just want to know yet there and all you gotta do is pull out a keyboard and typing. I Kate Kumate Jiabao dot com. Casey z. Jima dot com. Insult input in. I'll tell you what we'll be back and when we are in that Email phone number and everything else, you might need to conduct Obam up in your home. All his. Twit k. Cooman type in the toasty guys, very active on social media today. Check us out there. Check us out on this to grab the fan page on Facebook type toasted wants the private town type of five. Critique people. You find me on Twitter and Instagram at Martin underscore? No, Martin. Thomas on the Facebook. And if you're on the Facebook thing, you should absolutely joined the children of the toast. And I believe on Facebook to get Alzheimer's. Remember you're not valley, but I am find me at WVU films that Email dot com. You can find him like years right now here in the world. Studios now take. K. kumons a g mail dot com. And you know you're gonna be visiting Austin, you're gonna stay here. They always do ACL around the corner. Some you haven't come hear some music. You'll stay for the podcast which is, and if you don't be upset about that, we will criticize you heavily for that. So please emails taking visit team dot com when you are Austin, so we can accommodate you. Alright, everybody. Oh, I hate to say goodbye. Won't say is good night the morning afternoon evening, whatever you're watching. This are listening to us. When you watch this, listen to this. Bye. Bye. Oh, I tell you. Good. You said, I'm not gonna say goodbye, then you realize, oh, I haven't seen. Goodbye. Michael was a little cruise ship dancer taking over social media. People are coming up to me and asking me for autographs was kind of awkward. Right. Well, it's going to be more awkward now. Today at three on NBC four. Imagine moving into a new home in hearing scratching screeching every night inside the wall. Hundreds of fact, they just took over that. I had no idea warning signs something could be lurking in your home today at five on NBC four.

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Creators of the Fast and Furious Musical !!

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Creators of the Fast and Furious Musical !!

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I will be there with Zach get them folks Branson nuts and Joey Gordon on the smoke entire podcast what up smoking tire podcast in the evening if you're with US created with on endorsed by and probably they're not very happy with you either the actual movie people yeah they're not I mean we don't we got a weird email yeah you really did you joe yeah it's a parody fucking great well I don I went to see it because our friend Claire Burger her son's girlfriend is six parts for parts I play like four or five yeah I'm mostly just a car I I pretty much stick to that but that's a big that's very important Yeah Charlene Darren oh well what's her name the act ranking Minke Frankie and she was fucking great yeah and you guys were hilarious thank you each play like he had to take part in the national treasure musical but the issue is national treasure makes no sense like if you watch the movie it's just like like fast of parody musical songs and Brad has always wanted to do musical stuff the only issue is he's tone death the heart of a musician a- and they showed up at the show we really faced absolutely should they thought that was a joke that was their marketing department wasn't there was nothing there so we we told you talk shit about my second favourite film franchise route one I don't endorse which I think it's a work of art all right five this is going to be nice and we've got it brad is it so stake of writing a second song and once you have to fasten the furious songs it's like you have a whole musical or you have nothing you can't drop VIN diesel EP haight musicals I've walked out walked out of at least fifty percent of the musicals that I've walked into wow but I really really enjoyed your music. He made it three quarters of the our legal team but it was their marketing heckled us they were screaming at us from the audience out wrong they would just for the second time today welcome back Hannah's here my wife back in the studio my wife but you can buy later today yes Sir Jordan the creators of the fast and furious parity musical parody nardi musical musical parody completely unofficial I mean almost all the way no fucking great so how do you decide to do a fast and furious musical parody because a lot of work goes into this it's beyond wrote the opening number that takes you through the series basically up until the eighth movie it's like the Bohemian rhapsody of no it's the scenes from an Italian restaurant of the first idea we talked about was called Nicholas Cage and national treasure and it was about Nicholas Cage is life getting so bad I'm buying tickets to that two tickets to that right now actually wrong yeah exactly they would yell out during setups and they would kind of yelled a punchline because they'd be like dominant Teredo would never do that and we'd back yeah that's the it can song is from the perspective of a car don't worry about it yeah actually because it's you don't you don't like it's not a saturation of the plot of the yeah but there's a weird email just one one weird it wasn't weird it was very official and it had pictures from my instagram and it said please use our funds but that was the only thing we had done the fod then kind of like the eighth movie right description isn't accurate description the reason for that is we didn't expect to write a full musicals it is the meanest ever said to me I mean he's a very talented man but not known for his look yeah so the original idea congratula treasurer rules and I don't care how shit is it rules in the same way fast and furious rules yeah but then we we wrote one song and then we made them as and make a musical about that and then we had to watch that movie like maybe five or six times to have any idea of what was going really difficult I film it's like all seven of the first movies in the a ten to twelve minute opening bit that's like epic yeah with like a lot going on and good car I I tried to sing about being a good car for four and a half minutes thought the song was too long that's a fucking good song I at one point you have the Charlie's therrien character just do nothing but explained the plot of the film as it actually appears on the then like blow up the nuclear bomb before it can get out instead of just taking back the baby and he thought that that would be anyway none of that is in our musical about the is beyond to Goof at this point yeah it started as a goof it started as we wrote a song here's what yeah the first song movies ago that he doesn't know that he has and so that baby gets stolen then Shirley's therein shows dom that and he goes Oh my God I'm undermine control realm we don't even cover the whole phone yeah we skip like the homing like dot coms plan is basically like I mean it's really the whole it's hard to explain expected this one song there was about the whole franchise and when you get to the end of that song and you decide to write a musical you're like well it's easiest to just cut off the rose the most recent movie and so instead of trying to steal the baby back which is on the same plane that dumb himself is on he decides to unleash nuclear bomb and Maury povich broke this so the crazy thing is so charlotte plan is to unleash nuclear bomb and blow it out he's such a good computer had we know that she has dreads so anyways Charlene has the baby dom undermine control Tuck than we had Kevin Hart and we didn't know this they actually added Kevin Hart Hobson Shaw Hobbs the records was up with one song it's called the plot of the past experience franchise and here's up and then everyone will go charlene Darren is now the leader of the world and she'll make whatever changes she thinks are appropriate it's also very clear that Charlie's they're only worked on this movie for about three days asked and believe you know when we were starting this just started with Brad and I like in my room being like we're writing this fast and the furious because she is in the same location the entire time he's playing in her plane has X. men rules governments can't find way better women try out for the play the we're not gonNA cast worst people yeah people in this and so it's just a lot of women in ball caps is a woman wasn't even we wish it was intentional because it is the verse of in Cool but really what happened is we refused to succumb to mail mediocrity we couldn't have like we we didn't tell you this but she's been in charge of the last three plans for the last three Oh that one game that you guys battled against that wish our leases gang yeah what's the basically baby stolen he gets his baby stolen he doesn't know yeah the dominant thereto VIN diesel has had a baby from three evidence of that it's like well we just told you so good in in the first song we have this joke where basically we're talking about like we make goes to bald caps what every single actor nailed their their character much perfectly tyree was holy land it was a woman stay them the rock rock off the most amazing see them for the first time in a bald cap and realize that they're into a new thing that's awesome oh what a fucking great thing so wait it's like not legal projector predictable at that point I did like that you had all those characters played by women which was actually kind of subversive and cool area like it's like it's much closer to team America than it is to Robin Hood men in tights thank you know what I mean like they my two favorites how do you have you put on a play before no second grade play I was the grouper in guess what it was called the fucking grouper that's right I was take all the people who get on who are in the you know franchise and we say we add to recent ludicrous 'cause we guys in this twin Johnson is new on the block two thousand when he's still there like being spirit fingers stole Brad's like Russo for his belly the polls you know fast cars and it's like so you post on the Internet and you're like we need three months of four days a week plus of rehearsal I think that we have infiltrated the heart of the day understand your mind can understand us and we understand them and we are one authored I became a man on this day year nineteen I don't remember the year of my Bar Mitzvah thirteen eighty six to ninety nine there you go film so that makes me feel mine too but the favorite part about the women in ball caps is watching their boyfriends or husbands four free fast and furious musical UN yeah and that's how you have to get a cast difficult so we just took the best value about the tell me super it was written by a kid it was about a power hungry fish who wanted oil it didn't make a Lotta sense you know Ju- fish is also a giant grouper I think that an awful lot like Jason Statham creepy big eyebrows browser great I pretty much all the money had no idea what we were doing and it was just like when we started we were like this is GonNa take three weeks we're going to get this done in three weeks and we're going to have a performer uh-huh keep that story that good it works my my wife left me for my masterpiece musical parody which is any minute musical and seven months later like we had a performer bowl two hour long musical and my wife had left me really I don't know I was the size of a truck and all his life resources went into his wife left him he had to sell his house to fund the stupid thing it took off and crashed into a tree like five hundred dollars you got like four hundred response we've got four hundred but yeah and yeah they're really good actually Jason Nathanson what would you go how did this even gave fucking greenland this species Livia raciest thing about this movie too is they tried to add Charlie's as Anos in this movie because they're like Oh also my life's work at this point I remember one of my favorites Sheldon froude stories ever is a guy who was so obsessed with building like flies uh no right and Harry they are Jews are Jews out oh look I have my Barmitzvah Bracelet on eleven twelve ninety four how not just to or something to that that's why I got it typecast didn't take long for this to get anti Semitic Jew I was thinking that someone the Anti Semite the best youtube videos ever they tell you the back story and then made in flight and then it just just huge firewall I will definitely you wish this is the this is the today the Jewish they've ever sounded today is the anniversary of my Bar Mitzvah ten twenty nice is it Oh thank you that's something off from what I got anyways moutain made me check I was the one who confirmed that he wasn't I told you the first role model airplanes like the the F- The crazy ones that are powered by jets and stuff and he had built a seven forty seven that had like a twenty foot wingspan it was enormous I mean it was it was and it's just like as soon as you go fuck everyone I'm GonNa do what I WanNa do is when you see results when you start moving tickets when things start working backward I know for a really long time whether or not I was circumcised because I didn't know if like they cut something off in I arrived at where I was at for if the with a label and you're you literally consent one hundred songs in every time they go oh my God this is great send us another one and nothing comes out right it's hard to explain but having Charlene's Thera in just explain it and and a linear fashion thinks it's so ridiculous but now it's true it's like anything yeah it's but like the sometimes the simplest stuff that's just like hits the right the was to choose by and enjoy underwear right so they started from scratch they engineered their own fabric they engineered their own design. Get this thing fixed by Friday so I honestly I was like what thing I'm so in totally totally start one of those he does you get so bogged down by trying to make it in your career professionally so me with comedy and comedy writing and Joey with music that doing the dumbest thing we could assist later I hear the Real Jet Crashes Amazing Okay Oh that's because people don't die but the fireballs are still really big I liked it think of was the best thing we could just like good advice follow the excitement because you know I'm sure Brad has his version of this but in the pop music world like you're working during that industry in your ear you're laying low Mike God like I'm GonNa fuck and make it but as soon as you start following that it never fucking works out like Brad that's been your from this one that you can do dumb things if you want to but also when you're kind of in a creative if you're a person who works creatively like do the dumb things you think of that's really what it yeah the vision pilots I'm so glad they didn't get made yeah like toe the fakest build shows you can ever imagine like guys we have to I'm still a Jewish boy I never never helped me diminish share the right sequence of funny at the right time is like the bad better than anything else you could do yeah I've done the worst TV pilots ever I've done unwatchable fucking Youtube Algorithm will slowly radicalized people. I would like to think that I will slowly get radicalized by the jets exploding you will the the thing that we learned throughout the song and then you just built and built and built but if you've you've never neither have you written a play before a lot of them did you just read up on like a story structure really when we went in blind on is like commercial type pop music right yeah totally I mean I don't know if commercial on rigs session was hot you just go to like a you know a sauna in Ymca or something you just do a little quick scale tiny ball cap with the money Ed and they keep asking and I keep wanting to make good television every meeting at a certain point they stop listening and they do you have like three or four friends you could get together and Kgo TV pilots nothing didn't bring it stopped bring me joy John just had to make what I would call high art money you know I've done some like like literal work for commercials and stuff like that and I found that every time I try because once you start thank all of our ball caps are made out of Joey's four skate around gross so how'd you how'd you guys idea then afforded garage open flip things I can tell you this I can fix that way bigger than I was expecting that was pretty pretty good Russian Jews garage we just want the show to be as good as possible so we lose tons of money even though we sell out every time I've been spending a lot on cocaine wind buying people food like that's it if you buy people food they'll show I love you forever for this tiny glass of whisky exactly put it's a large quit and make this like this even any money this is way more fun yeah no I mean we we spend the money very stupidly it girl show up for the like you know kind of trio girl group moment and we had like voice memos of the harmonies and thankfully we made it through but you know a lot of it was just it'd be like don't look at me like that I think we spend it great we spend it great but like the bald caps the fucking Mike's everything loser and didn't see how smart we were exactly now it just it just didn't work out so that was a stressful moment but no everyone kind of bought into rehearsals we kind of how do you even like how do you decide to make sats how do you make like how do you figure this out his McMahon so like worked in it's all favors from friends and people buying people everyone's nuts and you put some freelance produce I've produced things for a while and I freelance produced king idea what you're doing so our first hersal was like you know we just had no I had to fake it till we make make it and we are three just hoping no one saw through the facade of how fucking did it I felt like we knew what we were doing the entire Peter Slash arts world and so anybody who was wanting to be a part of something like that was like I found it became a little home for them and it's weird because we keep like apologizing I heard it up to this point army and Brad and we are very positive people so every idea we have we're like we're both genius the show someone else yeah right wait so okay well you decide we're gonNA put and then and then you write a script and then you I guess hold auditions right and then what could I would fight you by the end of good content yeah for next on yeah so the people even like like your podcast it's like people crave community people crave community around things that they're passionate about so we were doing something kind of cool in different within this music owns is killing so good killing it data McBride plus John Goodman I had a thought that it's gone now fucking I've I've made that pilot I've been on that then you now you have a show you do you just like Oh my God I zero yourself no I you gotTa Rehearse and when you rehearse you need to not have anyone find out you have no old ranch on Shabbat Dow is a great John Goodman Oh yeah see I I've seen a lot about penn fucking royal gems yeah and so she came in the art and set person came in and was like bought incompletely and did all of that for us for nothing and she's a genius and she regrets commercial photo shoots and there was an a person who's run art on my photo shoot for four who is just moving to La and she's brilliant hey we got this little thing that we're doing and she's like yeah I'd be take your fast and furious musical about systemic oppression becomes a little heavy handed in the musical the cars are alive in with us and we're like cool we're going to get to make our comedy show into a show nope instead it was uh uh traveling around throwing commies and they'd be like literally our fights that we would have on this just keep adding shows and now we're on what for Yeah I mean we're about to do our fifth and we we've sold out all four which is amazing the first one you said you changed it a lot after the first one so iso- run this this comedy show called Brouhaha the comedy show drinking game it's still around I recommend checking it out on Youtube we have that we threw out there with royalist but MTV one to make a pilot sit now she's she had a nervous breakdown Yeah but it was just it was just a series of people enjoying what we were doing and I think everybody it's like with anything it's it's the really the scale what you don't you'd like four ounces of whisky you just don't see it because it's a thirty two ounce jug that's true yeah if you filled this entire jug with whiskey and and in the first one I mean and still now you kind of feel like you you realize the cars are oppressed humans and their way more direct with that recently gentrified neighborhood where we are doing this musical it's actually a neighborhood that's still battling for which side is GonNa GonNa win and it's a bunch of you know people who go to musical theater service we lost our lead we lost our lead yeah really differently because of like unprofessional because of unprofessionalism or because of no it was because he everyone being like I'm so sorry this was so much of your time and that this is given my life some meaning for a Yeah maybe not that much but it was at least fun I guess you plan what to do it once and then you Saudi show where like the stage is big it's the wor yeah all that stuff is just it drives you insane you WanNa like isn't that Song I was parked I don't sing I'm just parked in my car on stage looking out at two hundred length hey like hate-filled eight which is a great time like why people hate it and the only way can describe the audience's reaction is stunned silent and I'm like rip parts of of the setup where like when you guys were talking at the beginning was when you very politely ask the audience not to leave at the end of attacked my dad flew in and we went to Vegas afterwards and we're sitting there drinking whisky playing blackjack and he just turns to me and he's not a man of many words he's brilliant man I and I love him to death bay turns to me Ain't just 'cause you guys attacked me Blah and then just out of nowhere being like this is what it was really a what we we had this whole verse about gentrification but we're in a very making people uncomfortable by that mantra now where we have you know we're too we're too soft as pop musicians I was like oh my because like there was a point in that song where one of our actors literally points that everyone in the audience and when we did it in rehearsal murder hilarious but the first people we had this song that you did not hear because you came to at once we've done did our rewrites but it was called accidental vehicle of oppression act one the play was over yeah I mean you know we've never written a play before in our defense they're like so we watched it's like three where like this should be enough of them was into the woods and at the end of the first act of into the woods you're like this fucking things over so we did that turns out people don't like into the exciting back in college my theater group you built the New Testament Act I think it was important and I'm still fighting to get back in there we replaced it with something that has the same message that is a little less heavy-handed instead of real long three minutes actually with heavy topic you're very happy after oh I loved it as a comedian I love him because like what happened and Brad fucking these guys were all like we really fucked up I think it was genius Yeah Andy Kaufman would I was in into the woods in high school it was the thigh high school version they don't do the second act because the second gentrified the sewers prophecy Brad is there any clips on the instagram I wish we had a couple of clips to play it'd be like super ideal right now the only do the third testament which is more oh my God wait how do we start on this cut off was the depressing song the guy's car dealership his wacky to man moves were well absolutely incredible well basically you know in the first and we're really approved of that yeah well it's like there's something funny to me about having this really joyful like our musical we're all just sitting in its thing and cars and Vin Diesel Bob I know and he nailed it so bad he's got like a lot of like weird al happening there that guy's got a fucking career right yeah one the Wacky to man was supposed to be just a little side character but people loved to man's so much he was Kinda favorite Toni Act everyone like the ladies that's everyone dies and like it really turns into the Donner party there ain't nobody like if we were on morning radio we'd have clips Dang sorry we could have put together some I just thought of it now this clip is that a clip that's all my God these this fuck in the dude if you know he's a wacky to man but what if he's more than wacky Jabbar musical is about identity you don't have to have seen fast and furious I mean it helps but I tell you what half is seen it so many people like I guess it's interesting to me is you guys like it seemed like we were surrounded by like a theater crowd and not fast fast and the furious fans one night that randomly had like the maybe instrumental pitch like we have to show up in every time you WanNa get someone on board you're just like so fucking nervous they're going to hate it you know the only two people Dan Dance see it's fast and furious cannon fucking great and he kind of explorers like what is he's he's on other things he's the only other so he and I are the only two stand up comedians in it so he's a comedian and a sketch actor and really brilliant yeah he's got a good comedic look at this guys Gong it's a good song but now now instead of like you gentrifying this particular neighborhood that we're in it's like the Ninja Turtle uh every yeah and extremely socially observant like can I don't even know how we can share that with hardcore fast and it was weird because a whole different set of jokes popped off it's great 'cause we we we there are jobs you can imagine what that person and they felt bad people felt quite they walked out of the I think that where we got the most was attacked boat eight a play about a thing you like didn't really not make a play but you made the thing and then the audience members sitting there everyone around us was talking about how they'd never seen fast in the no worries this is like a perfect did you paint this someone like logo being complicit to slavery and we all have her replaced with fuck a good guys yeah no yeah which is who played Matt Ryan what's that Guy's name is he's Canadian yes he is Canadian lease Canadianness from a hundred feet away you could tell he was on a lot of reality TV yes he offered up like little nuggets of good stories and I love bad reality TV and good reality TV but couldn't on high was a a show in which you make food wheat well there were shafts that made food with weed than they had comedians and our and rappers and social media stars and Musicians judge table sweating waiting for my score for this dish can you guys can get find out for themselves yeah on the fridge for you there's a cup on the Fridge Roy my headphones are going to survive okay we're good we're good there's less and then there's one that's rounded and then someone turned that s into like almost like a cartoony marshmallow e super s knows what I'm talking about say on the Billy Crystal Crystal Ball mom can we talk about into the some sort of pasta dish that day which I was being a good sport about anyway because I am gluten free and I ate the positive and I was one of the judges and the I got very high I had a full blown panic attack because one of the one of the chefs put too much we'd butter pussy for right like in Rogan lizard either genius Oh the we're talking about the what do you call these guys wacky to men in it's like how can you make silence more silent that's kind of what happened as soon as we the part of it was about gentrification another part was about you know how iphone uses on it but it looks like it was done in I don't know sharpy white out a survey it's a thousand degrees under those lights you have to wear gloves gloves and you'll walk touching oh okay I don't have a finger radio audience right now show November eight attacks your fucking booze I'm sorry how about this you can share by you know as if they come out they can a friend in the fourth grade and I still love her that's the person's name Becca Susie Susie of of the Surf Brand None Oh oh no just unrelated someone from this in high because I want because before we started the show because joy was late Brad has has worked both in front of him behind the camera okay would-be show if the lights it just feels like the lights are hot you're so sweaty stage lights on the I don't various crazy I see them all opening weekend hey you had never seen the first Clinton she's the first one I've seen all of them except the verse that's Very Funny Yeah but we were down at the end yeah but do you think is in L. A. now they're now that in West Hollywood they're allowing these consumption lounges right so you can go and you can blaze there I did not build up my tolerance enough because I did cry did you get a lot of weird DMZ after I got so many weird Dm's let me tell you a lot of Gay Teenagers in New Jersey where yeah or maybe you're middle school crush did if on the other side there's just the there's a new one now I saw the oh so every every day like in the few days preceding the shows like I would eat one Kiva Berry and then the next day to build up my tolerance could can can turn down the lights a little bit and you could just turn down the lights just cool but they're also trying to have these like chef sort of pot dinners I don't understand having a dinner that's just got very into me a how interesting kt gave New Jersey and I'm from New Jersey so maybe they could smell it the knicks matter but also a mix of like when somebody like in a movie like puts their hand when you know the fucking remember that people used to draw like in middle school hadn't been that into the weed At the point in time where I was doing the show I was like you know I was doing a lot of comedy I was drinking I was not smoking a lot of weed and so I trained for the show ah I ate it and then I will on was like a by reaction I if I can do a it didn't make it to the show but if I do a tour ring accident hands on the detail because we have a lot of fast if you're in there we love we love I think it's the most important movie series of all time the typecast song is fucking I think people who've never stood in front of those lights can really understand how fucking hot those lights can be yeah I mean look cool and a leather jacket three through five just popcorn and ice cream alternating like the old guy like give me like a a a one little chocolate edible okay now it's have a meal with the against the back wall and it's like I was like it was like there's no rain because it's California universal signed for I need out route I mean that's and you're very old right now no I I'm not blake I don't need my actual meal Andrzej courses the thinking about life and death in my breathing might not breathing the problem with edibles is that she can be hungry so an edible one yeah I've gotten some really weird like bear oh yeah the complementary to host family very nice and then they turn left into Super Weird Erin back because we get so high that we would not be able to drive ourselves and one of the like drivers on the way back one of the days that I was onset like and like little thing a Hershey Kiss or fucking candy what one should be a dose should never be a meal inc I walked the earth do anything from the audience what are we got on this on this year agents but if there are weird car and vice question here will will save him for the later one For Car do you drive I drive a minivan carney went to drop me off the inches hey man I have to ask before you get out are you okay what happened is like you've been like gently like padding the side of wheat in it and then you go home you had blown off panic attack high like can't we just like smoke and then just eat some great thousand views wow so we probably made like at least what this minivan cost to rent so that's me driving that's most of my friends uh-huh many weeks or days of training did you have before she did it I trained for like two to three weeks oh wow that would be enough but but not condescending it all the Dodge Caravan Sport in the Chrysler town and country sports short wheelbase have the best on-track dynamics of any minivan you right now got a few questions from the audience getting super chat with us live and you got questions for Brad and Joey I'm probably not going to spend this time answering car advice quest people who I liked the mushroom chocolates back in the day though fuck with mushroom chocolates that made it a lot more bearable after after you have the mushroom you don't believe in mushrooms in umbrella like magic mushrooms well that could be style be safe similar issue the drivers are going to have really interesting stories taking those it was not straight I mean who the fuck knows where they were they measuring out the thc knows what you ended up they were after the beginning panic hundred milligrams a razor blade trouble here's what I want to stand I want to start a restaurant where it's all it's all with theirs they said that they choose to show I was there every day he'd judges all had panic attacks yesterday panic attacks of the judges crazy yeah and and let me tell ya I ate the food every single day and every single day somebody would come up to me I'll just back off to the side waiting and Dr This van from Arizona back to Los Angeles immediately after doing this we left the air conditioning on while doing the fucking smoke coming out of the air I don't need every dish to have gone yeah either do I and I but I did it for money and it was find your drive us yeah it's called it's

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Men in Blazers 07/27/20

Men In Blazers

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Men in Blazers 07/27/20

"This is Rebecca Lowe will rebecca. If you listen to sub optimal radio and you on this thing to men in Blazers on the NBC sports network. From the embassy row studios in the crap out of Bedford new crap. of Long Island is book US Roger With Back. Like Aston Villa Day. A was say talk. After the passing. Of Television, giant your friend more than anything from WHO wants to be a millionaire Regis Philbin. Who passed away on Friday aged. At A hotel. You just send you all my love, David. Imagine what you're feeling right now. Yeah, another giant in my life has gone. Raja, maybe it's because I've reached by Age Regis Philbin. What a man! What a broad Kosta you know when I. Selected him to house millionaire. Not, getting GRANDPA Greg Spaceship. He never to show. Or what he was doing how it works! Mike God. He was one of those guys. He was such a good girl cost for not having any discernible broadcasts gals. On coached UNTECHNICAL, but he could make even the most average moment of television brilliant, the complete opposite of asteroids remain with average. He made the most. Moment Berlin, he could make the worst contestable time seemed like a movies How did dating what was the secret asking for a friend? Dino. Very very clear sense of through. He was some about himself. Re just a law in the president. And he kept it very simple. He just kept it simple all the time and he had these trucks that he would go back to again and again and again he was old school. You Know He. Grew up on television around off. The serving in the navy went on television was around the rat pack. spend a Lotta time around. His sidekick. He learned a law. He didn't really get on daytime television with his own show until he was in his fifties. Jews he waited and there once he got once. He got his opportunity. He just did so amazingly. Accession of daytime talk shows on the West Coast and then in New York. I started working with him on the game show the sixty four thousand dollar question which I started working on a full I did millionaire and millionaire ended that show on on vocal that friends, Michael Bloomberg, Jason Gay, crowd goes wild in which that was regis. Exposure to the sport of soccer I'm not sure he had ever seen a single game of soccer in his life. Until crowd goes wild I think we made him a Manchester United Fan so I like to think he was happy, regretted qualified for the Champions League whole reach wanted was Jaden sunshine just to sign on. That was his last by the way I do love you knew of GRANDPA operating the spaceship. It sounds like. How Roy Hodgson job at crystal, palace, but Was it that made you choose me? He defined New York and I wanted the show to be new. York Regis is just so likable. You just look at the outpouring of love for him across the. Political Spectrum, you know look at the various celebrities in people who comments on his passing aside about it. He was just university love. He was one of the lost great broadcasters. You Know He. He really appealed to everyone and that is. that is just very very rad on television. Nowadays, television doesn't really work like that anymore, but he he appealed to everybody I, mean the only other person I think is goldline's Rebecca Lowe rotates a. he's just a genuine genuine cost appeal to everyone in the summer months pointed out to me. His head was almost shaped exactly like a full three definition a standard. Head to. Sixty, nine hundred harmful, but. He just it just television work for him so and he was a brilliant storyteller, a brilliant storyteller. How does he change? Your life named David. Millionaire was changed my life. That show changed my life, and with outrageous I doubt it lasted ten episodes. losted hundreds and hundreds and hundreds. So, that definitely changed, my life regis along with Jimmy. Kimmel along with Andy Cohen Talent. Who I have? Worked with you know who've been grateful to me, but in fact my gratitude is also to them I've learned much more from the people I've produced than than they've learned from me and I just learned a lot about television. and. That sort of ease. All three of those guys is that they just have so much competence that if you do your job really well, if you produce ready well, if you set up, everything would go to do is turn them on, and they'll make it work dies aged television. Truth also a truth. The his was a remarkable American like Regis Philbin to rise up a boy from the Bronx and I love. His. When he finished his loss regis live show. He said I think him going out a pretty proud and happy guy. I wanted this show to be one where people would feel better about themselves would look at life and maybe a different way of funny away. And that's what we accomplished. That is true. That was true then it's true now and. It's a qualitative tended credibly show to plan a world right now rest in peace Regis Philbin. Thank you Roger yes rest in peace. A great one. Okay, a quick mentioned for two pieces of content. I the latest episode of Your Hbo Succession Podcast with Sarah Snook, Gay, a shift Roy on my gunshy so good in the show the rebecca low to Roman Ghana, and also you'll NWF wrap up video presented by Budweiser in which you recap yesterday's Houston. Dash, challenge her victory and that entire tournament it's up on social right now and speaking of the NWF Selah Budweiser Toast please Raj. A raise my first butter the day to the Houston Dash. Winners of yesterday's Nws L. Challenge Cup final to nail who've always nearly t, the Chicago Red Stars a number of remarkable assets of that journey to glory, no more than the fact, that Houston been seen for Fox an NWS wfl doormat that never qualified for the playoffs in their entire street. The squad's bereft of US international players. They're always seen as an afterthought, an underdog, a doormat and Epton they do have tenacious, English line s Rachel daily an attacker who join me on Thursday night, but happy hour, which is up on instagram right now. It's worth watching really is because her story. To mazing unless you say as a lifelong, Lee jointed fan and the Houston Dash player Oh Rachel daily having the football. We have a life right now. She is passionate and articulate a magical I'm always surprised. She's not more of a face to league to be honest. She taught post much of a Houston. Victory built on Grit. Determination and courage, which is true. I would have. Had It also nice to see a Houston team win something. A single trash can being harmed in the process, but. More than a thing, I raise this bird fan blood from to the NWS. L., A. Month filled with three games, no positive tests to new teams announced and genuine wonder throughout huge courage displayed by all in leading the way back to Action for American Team Sports, not so easy as be is finding out. In in awful ways right now. The women's game doesn't get the credit deserves yet. The Lee continues to grow from strength to strength. I raise this blood TA. Carriage to primarily football. Here we are thirty eight thirty eight. Produces Raja you sister, one one where one into the season and what a singular unique campaign we just experienced one defined even though the normal by the world away from football season math for many teams. Down to the final day the season. That doesn't often happen. We'll talk all the championship. Sunday drama just. But I want to discuss the type winners livable. WHO FINISHED OFF? The season Florida with a three one victory over Newcastle yesterday? That game like John Joe Shell Zing High School flame. Come back home off the become. Abrupt up so this. is going to be less not more about the reds accomplishment this season Mike doing it again, and where the K. L., O. DOUBLE PS mob, go from here why season that ended out of Kanter with a joint record thirty second criminally win of the season I haven't done the stat crunching, but I think that touchy more games one just this season and I've seen efforts and win in my lifetime, a journey under your can claw losing to city law season by point and then. Running back to be almost perfect when it mattered. To me, it's been like watching Gary Kasparov Get beat by supercomputer, deep, blue, and just deciding to smash back defying the robot opponent eternity. Emboldened by captain, hero, Jordan Hendaye, who rightfully in my mind when the football writers football over the year award. Football doesn't sleep. An questions already abound about title Defence Club. Having to say we will not change. We will try to improve, but speaking to people inside the club. There is a realization of just how difficult it's going to be to compete financially with united with city and Chelsea. In this trump is when they when the Boston. Red Sox Major League Baseball's financial struggles are going to undermine fenway sports groups muscle. To keep pace. Let me ask you this David. Is it possible to improve the squad I? Don't know that this team can get any BETTA. We've already gone through their lineup. Allison is the best goalkeeper in the primarily trend Alexan- Donald is the best right back I, think, Robos, the best left back I think Virgil. Van Dyke the best centre-back. Jordan Henderson is the best central midfield best from three, so unless at every single on the field they have the best players in every position I. think it's very hard to improve it. employee has been the best manager without a doubt, so, but it's difficult when you this. This team won a lot of games very close games this season when they just looked like they were gonNA warbler liberal I never did. It's hard to keep on winning this much I think that certainly Nancy. Man, united, going to have the strength season, go really take them all on and challenge them, and it'll just be more difficult for them next year Manila about squad. They do need a left back to fill in for Andy Roberts, and instead of James Milner stepping up. The rest release replacements that are replacements, bright new boy. Adam Lallana needs to be replaced amid midfield, big shared Shaquir eight will need to be replaced in attack and proof already. The Yukon keep only important parts of the team together after a title Dejean Love Fron. Already decamped to Saint Petersburg Liverpool, lose an icon, one of my top three Liverpool. Players all time up there with jyp Rossi. Say Minus Cure for possibly John Jerry with the shout. Dejean I dude what she knew in a Liverpool shirt fan. Well sweet prints, another question Dave. Liverpool end up on one thousand nine points agonisingly. Miss out on that point. Record cities one hundred still stands. Does that matter to you. No winning matches, they won the league. You can only win the league. You're in that year. You know it doesn't really compare. The clinks totals rear dump released. It was a different league. Different teams different quality. I thought it was a very strong primarily. Adding that Mata's a toll, I think what matters is repeating winning motorcycles look, we've spoken no. Side that has won one title I. They won the First Division multiple. Multiple Multiple Times, but since the primary league's inception, they have won the premier league once. Blackburn of one the Premier League once you know how this team are going to be defined as their ability to repeat. It doesn't mean winning every year, but over A. Ten Year period that can have to win the league several times to really go down as more than just a great single season team and I do think they've got a chance with the place. They've got that with the youth side golf with the coach. They've got their. I'm the ownership group they've got. To, be one of those legacy legacy legacy teams, just like man united were just like Oslo, and just like Chelsea and Man City have become to be a truly truly great season off season off after season off season permeating. You've given me a lightness of not fell in. Three hundred and fifty two days Dave. The way you've re contextualised, no wonder. About any team is one of the Premier League, any single team that's one one premier league cycles than they have a about. Honestly, it's been like. It's it's I know there are of liberal fans out there. I know you feel very odd done by I know that that you know that's have respect I know you'll history, but. I've been through five primarily titles over the last fifteen years. We've spoken about them. But the way you talk about it, I've just realized Liverpool. Only one primarily toil ahead of Everton makes me feel stuff going to skip in my step. I can look at myself. In the Mirror again on the point shave. I couldn't tell you how many points the awesome invincibles ended up with I. Don't know how many of the united treble-winners. We're able to were these things matter to a certain type of person, the ones who enjoy. The list debate about goats and other. You know best stove and the objective viable opinions. My mind doesn't work like I'm not one of them. Yeah I, enjoy football for the feeling watching gives me the joy, the wonder, the ineffable, but when you do measure the best ever which to me is such a waste of time, but when you do it, if you all that person, I do thing that these facts count, but then you will send me to factor. They said these records are being broken now at such an incredible clip. Because of the financial disparity, almost financial steroid thing going into the super teams in the the reason why so many? This is not just English. Football this across Europe. Seventy records are being shattered points. It's points holes. Is because the super team just so better winning as soon as easier for them. The other flip side to that is. Forty points used to have to get to avoid being relegated. You can get thirty five points now in stay up because wins all sin witch rare for the smaller teams, and when you frame like that to the Financial Lens, it makes this whole kind of record things slightly less impressive, anyway. Okay now, second-placed Manchester, city's five nil win over already relegated Norwich City. City a never enjoyed a sky, blue bus, green and yellow matchups does not look good on television. The game was basically just Katie put on summer proper of Generes, but this was doing it for the Kids Raj, but this is less about that school on a more goodbye, so a primarily Glendon a tune-up for cities upcoming champions. League campaign the tilted gains. Gains Real Madrid now looms ahead and city will be led by Katie. Bay and is how chemic- tying of a seventeen year old record, which was solely by teary on rate, which he tied with twenty s this season they'd love how as instant reaction was to Bemoan, the fact that two assists have been taken away from him because of deflections think it. It was both a little bit tongue in cheek, but it really is a reflection of the savage competitive mentality, which drives Kevin Zip Ruina, but that was really a high point vicinity after Premier League season in which to be honest, they suffered nine loss as an incredible number a reflection of that week expose gut shown of Lepore for much of the campaign. They will often just a bully. You couldn't take being bullied. Battling could be called open effortlessly. Mendis Comedy stylings will hold pat over the break as he ruminates in his cashmere carpeted Palmanova in the Manchester Skyline night style. You got to brace yourself for the result. With AS Roma nations money being splurged into this transfer window on plan like boomers Nathan Aki Thing City David. We're going to spend enough money to stabilize the world's economy singlehandedly and definitely gonNA. Keep on improving, but you know, let's not. Let's not kid ourselves. This team have a lot of talent already a lot of players who I think would be fair to say underperformed a little bit. This season GonNa be itching to gun. Do Better next year. The emotions Phil Foden Ron I mean he is so tasty to watch. Man. WHO WILL NOT BE PLAYING NEXT SEASON? Daffyd Silva Leave City after full league titles seven cups. He holds primarily Greco for most games played wins. Say Some titles We pay tribute to him in a number of pods over the past few weeks. Suggest say it's farewell woods. I'd like to be remembered as a good guy who enjoys football. Captured the sense of Jewish humility and brilliant that reflects his city career in equal measure and I realized nowadays. David Silva. Something that he's bull period. He only had it, so we learned to miss him. When he went back to being head of its silver, he was training EST to prepare for his absence because without that practice I. think it's departure would bring me. See I've always seen it as his attempt to look a little bit less like men in Blazers producer Jonathan Williamson because I think that was getting to him, but yet not J W was a good looking boy, and he didn't like the comparisons. It wasn't good. Yeah, and then to his horror, someone showed him a fairy tale review. No, I'm going back to the head way. Okay raunch now to the race for the top four grown of the three teams, competing the final two spots available man united unless the met yesterday in a winner-take-all affair united also through withdrawal in this one, but they want it to now. Thanks to Bruno Fernandes penalty on a loss minute goal from jailings remember him not exactly a game about which ballots will be written, but united do finishes the Leicester. Meanwhile complete the greatest skype managing to finish outside the top four off. Just two wins in the nine games since project. Stop a one game wild card. Champions League action up for grabs or Guardian journalist Bonnie. Rene tweeted by the end of today. We will know which have so secure Brendan. Rogge's is warm, a total fraud well to a managerial genius in light the coming doom. The game itself. With strings ekg. Fan Lester had three of the back four, missing two injury plagued with body, totally isolated, so the whole ninety minutes just felt like some kind of self sabotage dance off between Harry Maguire and West Murugan who would implode I the more often, and it will be more bringing down washy AL incumbent with Joni, Evans for penalty, which Bruno Fernandez mischievously tucked away with Hall Escape and the thump conspiracy theorist take note. Manchester United Penalty was their fourteenth spot. Kick off the season, which is the most one side has ever won in a single campaign in the primarily competition, O q shots have oddly chat, lip, broad suffering and academia as this season of one defeated away into your rogue police. Sloppy seconds you sad for the bridge saving I'm sad for Leicester I'm not really particularly sad for the broads kind of blew it. Off to the restock on. It's tough to know why. Yes, you can look. Globally, they have less money. They've invested less than a squad. But he did have despite all those things. are very very good side. And? They definitely through some point Soleil over the last few weeks. Did they have? Did they have I mean that that that campaign began imperiously? Before nose diving into really free full after Christmas. Yes, they finish fifth after being the top four places for three hundred and twenty five days. Yes, their squad! His is the eighth most expensive, so you could make the case overall they over performed, but wow, this was a broach souffle of claps, just two wins in knowing game since restall, and to in a before that what might have been? Won't my name what they understand they want brunch never realized he could just start chanting mid game. When needed it? Your bird is a gross your. Gross you. Maybe I'm Jamie volunteer with just English Red Bull Hoax my starts. How you manage! That's how you manage and by the way Jamie Volunteers Golden Boot David at thirty three years of age remaining close. That's an incredible achievement. I think look definitely. Retirement from international football has helped him but amazing. He's still phenomenal. Strike a phenomenal strike at an incredible story in the fact that he's not just a flash in the PAN who got to the top released. This had his title the fact that he's kept going season after season is an incredible tribute to a player. Who is often maligned, took him off often Milan Manchester United a season of optics one. The felt like progress even though is Daniel. Story tweeted Manchester United. Finish on the same number of points is lost season. One few games finished further behind the champions yet. They ended up three places higher. Fails. Like progress doesn't David. I think it is progress Roger just the way they're playing football. You look at them since we saw the way that midfield starting jail, the emergence of another great young player in Mason Greenwood Yeah I mean it does feel different I think it is different. I mean it's hope ticks optics, and it's almost we're willing. To feel better, and is that top four place symbolizes so much in terms of progress in focus I think the fact that compared to the turbulence of seasons past almost feels like this piece right now at Old Trafford and there is the good as you say. The emergence of Mason Greenwood Buna fight a young superstar, a suddenly more settled Pogba, and of course. Bruno Fernandez a player so good. He Still Sporting Lisbon's top goalscorer this season, even as he became Manchester United's top goalscorer since his arrival in January with nine goals and eight assists in that spell. He's that good, but there is a huge gap between them and the top to warn that they're going to address in the off season, tacking the holes in their squad, which are evident, right wing sent it defensive midfield goalkeeper strike is all linked and the good news for united fans. They have money to spend they. City and Chelsea are among the few that do not have to sell to buy, so brace yourself for a ton of transfer rumors conjecture Jaden Sensu. One, not take of which might become tree well wrote to the team that entity championship Sunday in fourth place needing, win or draw to solidify Champions League. Group will next season Chelsea football club. They face wolves team that needed to draw to secure spothero Glee, but Chelsea did the business two goals in first extra time from Mason Mount and Olivia Giroux. Bird Secure Champions League football next season plenty. To in a pleasing loss game in the season, a swatting aside of tarring at the loss wolves to lovely goals for Chelsea hundred and twenty two seconds in between Mason Mount. Yes, he's crap. A pinpoint whip small Trent Alexander, all of the free kick, then zero eight goals and ten. I mean skill desire. SUPERMODEL good looks underrated. Sex called the big talking point de Frank Lampard Dropping Kappa trademark the world's most expensive goalkeeper replacing. Willy. Forcing a funny emotion for you when you got to see a Chelsea goalkeeper, making a you know what's it called? It's been so long. A save is as wolves only had one show. I think the team obviously like playing with Capi more and defensively. They just look so much better. Zuma looked like a player reborn back there. In the center defense, you know, distribution was more decisive He was more commanding on Cross is just. He is a goalkeeper of the Chelsea right now, and I think kept us as a number. I think that's the last. We're GONNA see him at Chelsea for most teams. It would be multiple that that probably not gonNA get seventy million. They paid for him Chelsea. It won't be because they've got our transport business they can. Easily make up those those margins. It was another decisive move from Franklin pod that paid off. To me with transfer rumors swirling linking Chelsea to actually Andrey owning the dropping of Kappa on this last day was a frontline pod symbolic message to his board, making it completely clear to them I don't want kappa dumb with him. And this now that's not dropping was. The, negative to the positive David last word. On this season on Krisztian policy, I primarily campaign willow with with enormous respect. To Christian, who did have an amazing season I'm rude. Put a racing season. Just the I would say the perfect Debbie's season. There are a lot more things to look at a Chelsea than just through the Mile Pick Lens of Christine. It's the margins and Frank Lampard deserves all the credit in the world emergence that these young players I think NBC. Forty eight sent that goals. This season came from twenty two Nanda. Of all of these young players in the year that they were prevented from doing any transfer business by the law, it's been remarkable and both very well I was just. texting my good mate Johnny. British cost British comedian about this. Honestly, this is one of my favorite Chelsea. Teams ever the just wash. Them is just great emotion them by so well of the weekend keeping a clean sheet as well enjoyed it Christian Pulisic is been is without any doubt emerging as the team's best player, you know second on the team in scoring adding second or third in assists in primarily multiple competitions in premier league. Top Thirteen the League tied scoring that twenty say thirty nine in the League in assists. He's a for a young lab playing his first season in primarily football struggled with injuries had some moments when he was sort of in and out of the side and struggling his performances project restore has been phenomenal. You know he didn't have the best game on Saturday against wolves and yet found a way to contribute with that second goal. winning. The Bulls through A. Tackle might have been cooled a foul actually getting the Mason Mount. Who Fetched Full for the goal, but look Christian politics. Exacerbate Chelsea is not just down to Christian it is it is all tied in with how a lot of these young players develop an I would say that is important that Mason Mount Develops to important attorney Abraham develops in the new signings. You know Zion. WanNa, and if they get high votes, and certainly storing event is going to be crucial to Christians further development head room as you get in Jordan, Pickford which China to add she spread and stop myself. WINONA PLANKTON GO We take with Steve Kerr this week, and he talked about what he saw. Increased implicit, which really was fascinating to hair for me? Basketball perspective, because when you do you like from an MBA perspective. When you look at this journey, this season's journey for Christie. Him I mean boy started off on draft busts form. It's easy to forget now, but he was the beginning just looked just bewildered this as frederick voice at the Knicks, and then he had the October run a goals off the burly hat trick, which felt like rewatching. Lin Sanity something so amazing. You couldn't believe it was happening before your eyes. But then he ended up after the injuries coming back and consistently contributing as creative horror that team. For me a rookie season you'll you hear about Larry? Bird's rookie season, in which he just arrived and led the team to a like thirty game win upswing, and that was watching Christian towards the end he was lifting that team around him the dude Israel and the ten massively and confidence. He's displayed a season. Throw me more than anything you know. Two more two more is a one the to watch a young American make his dreams. Come true when I love how many Frimley! Millions of letters. Millions of lettuce people I I support. Can I also support Chelsea I support. Ask, can I say support Chelsea that the incredible predicament it is from a fan from a footballing routing perspective. It's causing for Americans across this nation. Genuinely hilariously complicated, morally ethically precedent one. They were on Chelsea Dave Dot Liverpool. Manchester United Chelsea final top for after a season of the promise, real change delivered real turbulence I will say it's. It's a bit depressing that the top four just happened to be the richest for clubs in the land rule just cheering bank balances David. Yeah! I am stem while you say that, but Chelsea couldn't do any transfer business this year and still finished full, and I think the wage Bolivia Evanson Roach, and you'll realize that some teams. Oh, before something's underperform the three teams in addition livable success going in football ultimately they are the four best teams in the League, and they did finish in the talk full I think lamb pods. Point was well taken that. We get too excited about finishing for I. Don't think Chelsea a good enough to compete in the Champions League this ending. It really matters whether or not we qualified for it. I didn't key is. Can Chelsea push themselves to actually get on the level of the United States I think united are going to be a much better team than the next season, and can both of those things get a little bit closer demands Liverpool. Right now. They can have to do it. Law across that schools, the Dusan Okay Raj, because of that will salt spurs, had the opportunity to spot if they drew a one against because the palace off the jumping out to a thirteen th minute, one nil, hurricane powder lead spurs held on for point to Leapfrog Wolverhampton into lights on goal difference Marino will be able to use all his ABC loyalty. Points on Minsk's finest accommodations next season. One of the witness season journeys at. Soon many layers a feeling, Gulf willful abject disappointment and chronic under-achievement. Turgid full for long periods of time players, either rumbling into the stands to railway fans or squaring up to each other at the halftime. Whistle yet for all of that. Eighteen points project restarts nine games. That's talk for form. And they ended up in sixth place. They've Croatia's. We'll crisis. You know ultimately I. Think just standing in front of the bulletin fitting pretty pleased with himself at the end of the season. Suddenly with you know what always informs us. postseason is how well also and they beat hostile that instead of them, and so it doesn't really matter that they prince. The final one of the final Europa League places I think that's okay to them. Juice as not playing the most eye-catching football, but it's not as grim as it was. Thank counts for something I mean. Remember the finger in the eye stylings against Sheffield United Bournemouth and They'd love juice cheeky assertion, and he says his tongue in cheek, but he also means it. That's brilliant really. The after project restore their form. Touted up the points he means I am the champion of the lost five matches which. Is kind of tree and you have to remember. When juicy arrived. After a Dog and to the put Schettino won the. Spurs for Fourteenth Eight points behind Arsenal now hurricanes back scoring freely if he stays if he stays, you can make the case for spurs positively, but then again if you do look under the hood, hey for me as a real challenge, which is at marinas, already made it clear. He doesn't trust off his squad. Made that publicly evidence in the light of Day said a real question is what does he do in a world in which club do not have? The financial ability to will entail and the answer to that question, and the friction that it causes between him and his boss Dan Levy. Will determine the direction of Spurs in the medium-term and the marine who to me right now remains, and will be it. Spurs heiress, the Matt King Across North London now. We've finished this. Choose your own adventure of a season with a three two win over their training ground Labor's Walford. We'll get to the Hornets in just a moment. This win secured eighth place for us no as Michaela. That looks ahead to the summer next season. Eight placed a lowest premier league final placing since nineteen, ninety, four, ninety five season, really bookended by two stats, OBA's magnificent twin t to go campaign, in which he asserted himself with true professionalism as a real club leader when the English papers a framed him as a guy that doesn't care about anything outside of his own performance, he really has led that team and when you star hair. Hair Saka and like talk about the energy that he gives them the confidence that he gives him that as an arsenal fan would absolutely thrill May, and then you've got David Louise five penalties given away on the campaign the most any player has conceited and they single season. If that doesn't deserve a trophy of some kind I don't know what does should give the wooden boot for that. I am so proud. I can imagine in picturing it in ten, taking genuine genuine jewelry from receiving the wooden. Next Saturday's FA Cup final lighter had is a lovely day out, but McCullough has been quick to a sir. It will not make it a good season, even if Austin the win after the club's worst finish in fifteen years ultimately Oslo's future in the short term depends on the finances Stan. Kroenke will invest in this summer. Transfer window a question that is starting to self because the woods. Woods stunned chrome or in that sentence, and it's not GonNa win well, it David seems seems unlikely also confused me so much. There were times watching them this season I. Never enjoyed watching them all not because they were losing I mean when they were playing. Well winning I, thought Lights Beautiful, beautiful beautiful. I just can't understand how a team with a goal scorer who scored twenty two. Two, times cannot figure a way to feed him and end up high the night lice out Jane, three teams outside the traditional big six deserve a lot of credit. This season seventh-place Wolves ninth-place. Sheffield united an eleventh place. Southampton stoppable Van, wondrous huge respect for new at wolves, they fell short, ultimately trusts, only a small part of his squad, and playing that same starting eleven over and over. Over and over in this project restore ultimately drew them into the ground about that best. They played cohesive Julius football kind of any team, hoping to evolve and grow I. Mean you ask them you spurs, you evident would kill for huge respect to teams at Burnley. Who've emphasized how in this league of millions of dollars and Tony Margins of error and just the pursuit of intangibles very little. Can Be Good Club spirit which still counts for everything. That's one of the teams. It's really the lighted me in the second half of the season David Southampton. Lesser Teams would have been destroyed buckled. Absolutely have the Hor- ripped out them by being railroaded, no nil by less than October, but they were rocked similar. They've combat they David. In the mental strength, the Ralph Hasenhuttl that bounceback for that same and you watch them play football and they. It's really attractive. Stop. It's really really good primarily football. Yeah they press beautifully. They moved the ball with a real cohesion and Danny ings just. That free scoring Jaren twenty one goal sick, since restore allowed a result and testament to the mental physical work, the he undertook during lockdown to really stay focused. He is for me. One of the most sung heart warming stories of this season remember he missed almost an entire season in two thousand, sixteen with Liverpool after rupturing anterior cruciate ligament, came back, and then had an immense setback which. Which require another surgery for him to come back and storm back is inspirational. Honestly as Sheffield, you know it a team of one the WHO refused to think and act like a newly promoted squad wave, a roster to be only slack primarily quality when I made promoted in August. They were kind of days that they'd made it to the They couldn't believe it. They were very. Honest about their chances, but there was also a steely resilience evidence. Even then mercy felt speaking to Chris Wilder and I found him remarkable, and even more remarkable now than manager, a loophole. Loud chef, Alina Phantom player. Manager I have loved watching him lead that t with humility and swagger, defying common wisdom and economics, a season, magical moment, heroic play and collective tonight thirty. I'm sorry they didn't get a European reward, but I hope that ought blades funds. You're listening. Savor the memories they've made. The season's just drew on them for life. I hate to tell you that road that Southampton lost the seat win. Everton slid. Just missing out on the talk of the hop on the table, the Tikal that they were going full this year rods. Can we get a very measured nullum motion? React this. SOMEWHAT DISAPPOINTING SEASON BILLBOARDS! Incredibly disappointing twelfth. The lowest finish since two thousand and three four most of my life. Of had no money. And then we're most clubs. Get loads and Monday. They are meant to enter a new superpower face Everton a million today new phase in which we are a club with loads of money, who just seem to love wasting lived Monday we. What we have now after a fortune spent. We have a midfield. Sean of ideas of pace of carry at defensive line that seems built on shambles. At goalkeeper. Looks. Like he's just trying to make funny. tiktok videos in a gay brother Nina. Keep goal, imagine into believe. Jordan, Pickford. It's like some kind of long lost English. Logan Paul Brother. I mean massive changes needed changes. This breaks Mahar. They need more than one transfer window. And a new faith for Everton they seem closer to one bad RENNA game second into the relegation zone than. Closing the gap on the aspirational teams wolves, unless the WHO is shopping their intentions and menace, and ain't this huge pressure on guy. You know very well. They call on chill Chile. I mean it's up to him now. Shows got a real vision and a real plan. In the off season, this isn't the kind of job he's done before you our he's used to. Taking really great teams and making them before, and he's done that very well including Chelsea So it's unknown, he's obviously a very intelligent manager. He obviously is you know. When he came into paternity did very well 'cause I a few weeks. The Dhabi, what was standing it's Kinda reminds me of its in what they did is like. Night when a family get a windfall of money and instead of buying a house on the best they decide to spend all the money renovating the house they've got, and they build these unattractive editions on it that you know. Make the house too large for the longest and WTI May. Make sense and right now. The entire Oakland of this evidence squad just feels very imbalanced You know you don't feel a lot of excitement of any young players coming through. He doesn't sort of no other than rich allison. Who I think cal I would like to still goals in the season. You don't feel like there's a real play. You can go and depend on. You Know Cavaliers. Development seemed to slow down a little bit off the restart just some worrying times. I would say graviton. Don't you much Nj wants and he goes I that I say woman. WHO, will not, be part eventual next steps late in Baynes, they thirty five year old local lab, who became a hero, and announced his retirement from football yesterday after thirteen seasons, four hundred nineteen appearances, three nine goals, fewing the woman have torn up and down. That left flank with such style nonchalance. Menes, NIP Tuck run and run off what him play with Stephen Pino back in the day and could by his bottom so large you could rest the pint glass on. It is legacy on the field. Reinforced and probably topped even buys close. Software is the most stylish human being look like a rudy for the jam more than that. Professional Footballer and the true measure of the man for me was captured a couple of seasons guy. When the club Shaw a Promo video I think for season ticket holders, in which late in personally delivered a season ticket to the home of inevitably found you just lost his brother to a brain tumor and not. Late on the family's door, the grieving families shocked when he opened it and saw England's. Than the on his doorstep, and his first instinct, just natural instinct was what I would have done if I found Layton's feigns outside my door. The cuddly EST in football just said, can I get a man Hook late, and just opened his arms, and let the grieving fan slide into him, and held on cuddled them back, and that is baynes whether you. Everton Fan and England diehard or grieving human being Leighton Baines is more than the football player. He's hoping on and he retires. As a legend, my son texted me when he found that retired. He said the end of an era Avidan Bosh Shameless Coleman the end of an era, and then he texted immediately said pretty crappier, if a being. Recipes. That notwithstanding Leighton Baines an excellent primarily career long to play that many games you know to school that many goals to set up that many goals from from a wingback position, amazing primarily defender. On, the. Would very very good career I would say by the way it's all. Old American Evanston fans as a Chelsea fans ambassador Chelsea You can actually be simple us to. You can admit we'll take. You will absolutely take getting Everton of giving you up with a twelfth place finish. You don't deserve them rugs. From figurative relegation-zone, in which an all of our minds to the literal one, coming into the final day, there with three teams, and only one could avoid dropping to the championship Aston. Villa entered in the driver's seat just outside the drop zone. They were West Ham needed to better eighteenth places. Walford result or both teams droop film and be safe Walford who played arsenal needed to villa's result. Bouma who sat in nineteen, needed to win against an have both. And what lose my head hurts, but at least they were playing epilogue at the end of the day villa's massive one one newly win. That's right we're against West time made the boys from good a back next season. The most dramatic peaky blinders season finale yet oh, renewed for another season Sam happy for villa in the shape of Dean Smith Manager whose dad who passed away, recently been a steward. Villa Park and what should Dean Smith overwhelming promotion. Saying to dodge relegation fell even more satisfying than being promoted was a lovely human things to say ultimately, though they were saved down the stretch by their performance in the last four games, when every other relegation rival just floundered, and the one team who played with the ferocity of a squad who would not go gentle into that good night eight points gleaned from the final four games, which is nearly a quarter of the total points all season that is what kept them up that and the reason the clues that this moment really dismal in that first game back against Sheffield United when the Hawkeye Technology on the goal line failed to work. For the quote, safe of a Sheffield United Free Kick, which was clearly clearly over the line, but the cameras somehow couldn't get a clear angle on able to make a ruling, not point the villa gleaned mistakenly that point ultimately was a difference fast and villa between staying up and going down inclusion. No one loves Fulci Aston Villa Yeah I mean the slimmest margins football, just as life itself is not fat villa now brace themselves for season ahead, shown of local hero and tiny Schimdt Padam Basset Jack Greeley. Who clearly wants away. It was his goal. The kept them up against. West Ham a moment that be remembered for an eternity across Birmingham. Really a masterful finish pastor slightly match-fixing far beyond skate. Oh feeling, agree less childhood Villafane captain probably in his loss game hero person. Woman Man Camera, TV! For Walford at the the thing that knows what is everyone's like why I shouldn't find. A clearly shouldn't fired Nigel. Pearson everyone on television. It was clearly a big mistake. We don't know what happened with Nigel pace and clearly something happened you. You think what food wouldn't have thought. Maybe we shouldn't fire A. Maybe we should let him finish the sit cleanly. There's a big factual gap in our understanding of what the hell went on in this. Might have tried to Roy Dini. Idea will happen. What fits mistakes? How many manages? Did they have the season eleven level? Just for don't don't exaggerate. It was just four ultimately big problem. Could this season just Nigel, which is saying something very off the business, your biggest problem? That is a team Walford you look at how many good players they have on that team, and that playing very odd how that Cinco damage. Yeah, we will never probably get out true inside story. I'm the one that is practically fling themselves through the relegation moon. Told me about men. Lots of astle fans however loved watching. Their team offered reminded me of Choi Dini's remarks at a two one win, which feels like yesterday, but it was actually two thousand seventeen, when drake famously accused the gun as have quote, lacking coho nowadays and the moral of the story. He likes Cahoon as loft lost. The game hinted he might be done with football for good. Sacking manages in one season means. We haven't got it right, is it? Managers plays his ownership. He said. Oh Farewell Hornets I've got a feeling. They will be back, but as for boom. Dave, going after five Premier League seasons, I found this genuinely heartbreaking manager at a lovely human, being cold, his most painful Marian has a professional wouldn't commit to his future. Fail mostly for Bouma fans that team belatedly started to play good football this season. You look about loss against Manchester City they they also crushed Everton and you get a feeling. If they played like that all season, this would never have been the dread campaign. It turned out to be but summing go very wrong your club to spend three hundred and twenty million over the last five years on players as about this Jewish knipe. and Tom Accelerate and become worse and worse. That's a hard thing to achieve. Here's what one Dave. What does it say to you about the how you know? It was just a year ago that he was linked to. Awful Job Spurs job that he just stay on. In place by being that too long. In look, there are still bomas. Still you know. Yukon over achieve at a club year after year of the year in a very competitive primarily where everybody is getting better. In spite, the wage gap, the boom, them more money. They got a tiny little ground. They've go. Grow finances that doing it on a budget that doing it by putting plas-. You can see how good he is by well Bulma that she played the last few weeks. getting goals that dominates lanky. Playing some very very good football. I feel bad for at a out and I don't think it's I. Don't think this season reveals him I think he's done well season offseason after the primarily you can I think you'll get another primarily opportunity? which he'll, he'll take with both hands. I hope to see him back soon. Very very fond of that. I'm boomer spanaway. They did have all the backing. They do have some American sports. Investors to. It's a very. Wonderful Weird Place, it's an eleven thousand. Stadium, it's tiny. It's practically and in someone's back garden when you pull in, but for the only call they've built this place. The bubbles lounge, which is probably the only Paul the stadium he sees when he goes to games, which is very rarely. It's like it's like a fantasy kind of sweet that if you were told on with twelve hours, notice to make bar for the taste of an oligarchy was the, but will call it the bubbles lounge. It's exactly. What it is but football fans in general are say they face worse than this relegation. It was only two thousand nine that they began the season in administration bankrupt, hopelessly adrift don't Seventeen points the bottom of league two and they began to March to glory, grinding their way up from the bottom of the League pyramid to the Premier League I. Hope I hope I hope to see them back and they're that. The Moi's reminds us. L. Delaney wrote a couple of weeks ago. About the status that kicks in for table clubs in this primarily, which is built on Monday, which is a bit of a theme, today's poke, costs and financial gloss ceilings. He wrote that a total of fourteen clubs have competed in the primarily across one hundred one different spells only twenty. They have not yet ended in relegation. The brutal reality of the Premier League is that you can't come up without generally going down. It's happened in over eighty six percent of the cases, a proportion that will inevitably increase as times goes on, and the average length of stay is a mayor three point eight four seasons. That's worth Oh of when boomers went down then, but for the grace of God go I as evident fan, and having said that corona virus global steady and the fight for social justice. All of those things this season they did may relegation seem while still excruciating. Philip last the end of the world to me, David, because. The real end of the world will do that team. Coming in. Relief about set Roger Okay. Can, we please get a final toast. Bring US A. Primarily season. Things up again without Champions League sewer of content. I'm looking at my final. Achim ice to shot of the two thousand, nine, thousand, nine hundred thousand eight premier league season, the longest top-flight season, ever three hundred and fifty two days felt twice out long. How say this I normally fail on the last day of the League season I feel completely bereft, but. Yesterday felt different. Thought she overwhelmed by a sense of gratitude immense gratitude that this surreal season. has been able to play to its conclusion that the players were not totally overrun by a battery, a positive corona virus tests I promise you this I will never take the achievement of the completion of a full season for granted again. Not The games, the organization, the endeavor on the sacrifice the goes into all. I will never take it for granted again. Lift Up. The of my stuff on. A courage has the good news. Next Season Starts September twelfth and I will finish with this tweet made me bizarrely. Get the tingling from Jeff Oh PM missed. The skulls is alive. You'll this Dave. He or she wrote. Have you realize yet to the full quarter of the League schedule next season will be composed solely of United's Manchester leads western new costs on Sheffield Dave account few things I love more than some united on the United Violence well. That's why you love. Major league soccer. You could not from I'm admin. Spend on Instagram at minute blazes I, M. Davies on facebook many blazes. You can always send you right as the crackpot a Soho. You can always email us at many blazes at G Mail Convent Roach. Pig who wants to sex Matombo. I like snack will ran bulls win. Take Gloria bolts loose to see sucker regatta ruckle. Kung kung-fu fighting, America love you. Dave ranch to life to love to football to actively making shed memories while we can and two asterisks is is.

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Our post-CES Winter Break Road Trip! | #PNWeekly 341

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And of course, Augie now I tried to do a bit of an intro at the beginning of this as this is a cork cast I made and I were driving back from CAS from Las Vegas back and peer to Los Angeles. And we also had Easter Rodriguez in the back. It is another look at twenty nine thousand nine as high mate. And I talk about some of our memories from the show. And why are we actually think that this might have been one of our favorites ES that we've ever been to? So why don't we go ahead and just cut over to the car cast? This legal. I don't think so. Yeah. I I was trying to think of an intro as I was feeling the car is. I know that we always we wanna we wanna have our our juuls esque intros. This is the best one I can come up with. In the desert. You can't remember your name. But after a sea of business cards and meetings throughout CAS twenty nineteen there's a whole lot else. We don't remember L everybody and welcome to this episode of the Augie now legally brought to you by X ta and Haagen now, of course, developers and pocket now, I don't know what episode. This is this is of course, our CAS where we used to remember with all the alcohol. I know right. Exactly. We're on our way back from CS twenty nineteen driving back to Los Angeles. I have all of our belongings and to-, of course, over here to my right is I'm not one of your belongings. As an hour. I said our belongings in the back seat over there. Rodriguez of gadget Mitch who you might hear chiming in from time to time. I'm getting onto the fifteen freeway right now as we are coming back from Las Vegas. How did this did this show turnout better than expected? It's a good time. It's the first time that I can say I liked to see. Yes. Really? Yeah. Well, it's what would attribute to that? Because we've always this is a topic. I wanted to dive into for for this because we're gonna be at when this episode comes out it's going to be something of a week since we came back. Yeah. So what I'm looking for here is like everyone says that has been losing its luster, it's been losing its relevance almost. But is that truly the case? Like did we feel that way this year? I think we should just do me. One favorite. Can you bring it up? So that's more in line with your mouth. All right. Sorry. I don't know. I guess I have leveled my expectations of S. Yeah. In the past. We were like, oh, we're we're mobile focused. And there is you know, there was no mobile. There was no phones. And so our opinion was the find on that. But now we are making a shift out of that. Yeah. We are going to cover mobile. We will continue doing that. But you know, as technology is evolving with five G and everything that's coming. We've got a k- TV's. We saw some amazing monitors. And it's just technology is evolving in such a way that you know, you have to understand that the smartphone is now just one of the many terminals that you could use I've been using products. Like, we'll go home hub lately that I love to death. And so I'm just I'm very enthusiastic, and I am also I think I love the fact that we didn't overdo Vegas in the past. There was all this rush of getting content, and we made a conscious. Decision. When we arrived in Vegas that Vegas was not going to be about the content that the content was going to be there. But there's even more coming out. Maybe even right now, exactly. But we decided that we wanted Vegas to be about the content and the relationship. Yes. And the technology and just enjoying the show we slept. We worked we did party. And yet, I don't feel overworked, and that's something that I really wanted. And obviously like the relationship building like just go. Yes. Going pass just the Samsung's and LG's of the world yet. Like, there's so many new players and is a perfect place for them to showcase themselves says I mean, you have people coming from all over the world and Vegas is like one of the most accessible cities in the world. Indeed. So yeah, you mean, we just did a bunch of stuff with like, we we're getting in more with razor. We got to look. Oh my God. I loved lasers offerings. Razer would just had so many cool things like they focused on the Chroma or GB aspect. But I have a great shot of you loving those headphones on my God. I you know, I wish I wished that that are timing and razor was not as tight as it was because I would've loved to make a video, but just the venue just didn't allow itself for filming. Not so much. Yeah. No. It also was like I mean, obviously with Aachen. Now, it's it's been a mobile focus into more. And I know that I owe you my razor phone review. But now that I have the rise you controller I'm willing to do the review. Yeah. I'm super excited because I was very clear. I will if I can't do a gaming phone review of I'm not willing to gain with it. And I'm not willing to game with the phone on its screen. Give me a controller, and then we'll talk. Okay. So razor was very clear that I was going to wait until the controller to my review. It's now time I have not tested it yet. But I feel like different from all the other shows like with. Yes, the razor phone to came out a while ago. They had some Chroma stuff to show off. But we were like playing games on desktops and ex. I love playing to man. Okay. So. A game. Like doom will totally make me go back to playing on a PC, and I have a gaming PC. I just I needed a good monitor. And oh my God L G. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Oh, I already told them that ultra wide, man. I really want that ultra why was the forty nine inch what forty nine inch ultra-wide. It was fantastic. And it's just for me. It's not just about the Oltra wide bragging rights. L G knows how to do monitors their color. Accuracy is top notch. I love the in the case of their gaming monitors. How they've already built in the LED's like they'd notice that we're sticking in the back of our monitor's or they're just doing it for you know, I love that. You didn't get to see the monitor that razors developing. No, they're actually developing one. I don't we couldn't get a full answer as to who. They're partnering with it. But the bottom of it like the world sharp. I assume the probably most. The bottom of that. The stand has that same Roma lighting that the the razor to wireless charger. But they're cable manager, the back was awesome. And you know, what this is this is the highlight. For me is that this is probably at least for me, maybe for yourself. Also since there's like a shift in the way that things are working up hug and now like this. There's so much more. I had a day where I looked at so many things on the show floor and like meeting with people and not one of them had to do with the phone. Yes. It was fantastic. I loved it. I it's just isn't it refreshing. Yeah. Isn't it refreshing? I it's just if we go back to every single podcast that we've done ever since we started day one of see us. It's all a cry show. It is all I didn't like it. Oh, I was disappointed. Oh, I it was just the ranch story, and we made a conscious decision this year. We actually Josh. And I made this decision in Hawaii that we were going to be happy that we were going to go and join the show for what it is that we were going to you know, just embrace would. Whatever it is the has to show. Yes. And I think that we succeeded at this. And I think the succeeded at showing us what we wanted to you know, showing us what they could do. I mean, surely companies are not doing major announcements, or at least the companies that we focus on aren't. But that's the problem. It's just the companies that we focus on just don't use ES. Yeah. And we have to understand that. It's not see us problem. They had enough TV announcements. They had enough. Oh my God. Art, home, run home. They had everything their their vehicle announcements as well. Qualcomm that an announcement of what they're focusing focusing on an automotive. And so it's not like if there is no technology. No. We're the ones that needed to shift the focus. Yes. But also, it's not hard to know what I feel like a lot of people don't realize that even if there's no mobile focus at CS or or even shows like e for example, there are so many products that link into it. Yes, mart phone has become the home of. Of it's become like, the epicenter of what the rest of tech ends up being. Yes. So even then like, I don't have it right here. But I even have like a microphone that I was able to get a hold of that it's supposed to make flogging with a smartphone. Even better that's not really a phone announcement. But it has everything to do with. Exactly, that's what this is all about and make that mental shift. It becomes a really exciting show. Exactly. So I'm actually you're right. I feel much happier with how this one went because I was because we were able to focus on way more than that. But even then the shift is not hard to make a cycle really pivot. And you know, I would really love of comments. What do you guys feel about our brand name? I mean, do you think that we? So by the way, it's funny when people are like, yes. But it's not pocket now, I'm like, okay. So the brand was not born out of the concept of what fits in your pocket. It was born out of an operating system went parking. Now was founded the major operating system was pocket. BC? Oh, I actually didn't know that exactly. And so if you remember pretty much every website back, then was pocket PC thoughts. And it was not the concept was not mobile. It was focused on pocket PC, which eventually became smartphones. So we started being a PDA website that eventually evolved into a smartphone website that you know, it just drifted into becoming a mobile website because Android was the predominant operating system. But we didn't even cover Android. I remember when we made the conscious choice to move to Android because at some point. We we were the top windows mobile website and stuff like that. And so what do you do you feel that we should change the brand we've been considering certain ideas, I'm not saying that we're going to do it. It's just obviously feedback is the best than if you could into the comments, and let us know what you think that'd be fantastic. Yeah. Absolutely. I feel like you, and I have had a couple of conversations as to like what it could be instead. Yeah. Not an easy question to answer. It's not an easy question because I feel nostalgic. For it. Brandon feels nostalgic for. Yeah. We've it's taken us forever to bro it into take to what it is. And definitely it's very difficult to let it go. But sometimes you just need to. And so I I'm not saying we will again, it's just the question, and you know, suggestions and everything or or the feel that we should just remain true to the brand and extensive and things that's all also welcome. Let know and I still think it fits the name does. But it's just it's just that people need to understand that what is in the pocket control so much. Exactly. And that's and that's really what the focus of all the smart home and all that is is involved with. But yeah, indeed, I opened in that up. Do we have a bottle opener? I think it's a twist off. I don't think it is. I'm pretty sure it is your limit. See mine. This is we are multitasking like fiends right now on the road. But you know, what there's no traffic. That's something that I'm actually really surprised by. No, it's not. All right. So this one's yours. I'll take that one blind. Make fun of me. Okay. I have delicate hands. The one that they have to be on camera. So I don't blame you. So so do mine for that matter. I don't know why making that joke. Okay. That one's this. One's rough. Yeah. Soldier. Also weird. By the way, this is root beer doesn't judge us here on the road? Yeah. Cheers. Cheers. You know, what that's exactly what I wanted it to be good. I have had root beer in ten years. Oh, good old Sassafras right there. You're going to have to be editing all the burping. All right. So on that note since we're cracking open, the the beers the rupee is a little bit. Just in case we're going to see if we need to do a tiny break before we get into the actual device. Top the bucket weekly is brought to you with support from Caserta by lutron. And today, I want to talk to you about cassia by lutron brought to you by lutron, pioneers, and smart home lighting with ca Santa you can schedule your lights to come on at dusk. 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We we were just talking a little bit during this particular portion of the ride like I was I was I was saying for a bit that we're on this road. We have things like self driving cars now. And obviously, we're in a vehicle with all this technology in front of us in only about one hundred years ago where where people like on on not dune buggies, but horse drawn carriage or steam. Locomotive steam, locomotives. Yeah. And like the the kind of progress that we've made because I just look around. It's literally we're in the desert right now. And it's a beautiful. It's a beautiful scene. Don't get me wrong. But from there we were talking a little bit about the different innovations that we could have seen at CAS or may have seen her men out of seeing because you did not really get to spend time with the flex flex by everybody. Please go watch my buddies video board at work and a Bong. The Colonel Colonel who was the title African Brent's Ben smartphone with his bare hands. Oh my God. That guy's a character. It's great. So they had a they had a little area in the back where they had press media. Even anyone who is just attending the show. Look at the phone. Okay. And I did get to like hold it and mess around with it. I have a lot of footage and a video that you should be up by now. So you could check it out. Yeah. It's it's a foldable. Not a foldable. It's a flexible display, you're not folding it because you're not creating crease. Yeah. So it's really important to make that distinction. But it's not glass. It's not a glass display. It is the entire thing is plastic. Yeah. So that you can actually bend it. And it is a responsive screen. I can't I can't say how responsive what kind of quality it is. Yeah. But once you fold it you have what they call the three screen device. Yeah. So you have the backside, and then you have the frontside the main Android OS lives. And then you have this like little not crease, but bold or bend in the middle that if you were to look at it in like ten view, that's where your notifications appear. Right. And then when you take it out what when you fold unfolded, rather, there's a hinge on the back, which is where it all happens. And then a very strong magnet. Actually that keeps it together when you fold it interesting. Can I ask you a question? Go why why will you ever use a product like that? Okay. So I did not really ask the gentleman there in those terms. But I was like, you know, I really like it as a tablet. This is a this is probably what a tablet should be like, it's really thin. It's easy on the hands. Because a super light it had and it's easy to use. So if you made a tablet that looks like this I'll be so in it's like eight seven or eight inch. See I, but he said that one of the people because they did start seating out the devices to like certain VIP's in China one of them noticed that those magnets on the back so strong that he's using it as a display for his refrigerator. I thought that was dope. I'm trying to think of an example. I think that I think that has a phone. It's weird though. I agree with you. It's the weirdest thing. Okay. So I, you know, you'll never see like a transformer car that is a sedan at some point. And then you can turn it into a four by four unless you bought a Subaru, and even those it's just it's very difficult. Okay. A smartphone has been proven for the past decade twelve years that there is one form factor. The Platte slab. There is one form factor. And then the tablets have been proven or I mean Microsoft experimented with so many types of designs for tablets and then came apple with the ipad. And boom the form factor was just the fine. So I'm not saying that these are not cool products. They're very cool. Yeah. And it's nice to have this like vanguard product that's gonna pull publicity in your direction because that's what I feel that they're going to be. There's only one. The reason why we visited that booth and it's because we were curious to see the flex thingy. But I it serves no purpose. It serves very little purpose. Other than being good PR a good way of actually presenting what their other products and what they're capable. Yes. Because they have these flexible displays on other products. They make perfect sense. There was that smart speaker that they have where they actually wrapped a display that makes that makes sense. Yeah. But it's just for me. I for example, I love my ipad. And it also bins now. I love my ipad. But one of the things that I love the most about don't have been though. Right. There's no band, right? Have you checked? Yeah. But but what I love about the ipad. Most is I could put it. You know, it's there's my computer, and then I could fit the tablet in front and a doesn't bother like it feels like if there's nothing there. Okay. It doesn't weigh anything. And so I can't imagine using that flexi thing in my pocket or putting it in my bag without wanting to extending it. But then if I wouldn't. But then if there's no purpose for it, deflects them, why would ever flex exactly so how is the experience any better when you can flex it is the question the thing is that that is a that's an almost impossible question to answer at this juncture because Android simply does not play well with it like abs- were opening in the wrong orientation. It was confused about like what configuration the phone was in. But that this is an early product, obviously. So it's a concept phone that they had examples of. But it may never prove itself on the market and one it's flexed. It feels weird in the pocket. Asymmetric let let's try to remember another case of a product that was vaporware like why like I'm trying to remember other products or other concepts and ideas that were either too late for their time or too early for their time or just flat out were cool, but didn't make sense well in the vein of what we're talking about right now, I'm inclined to say the acts on 'em by it just wasn't it. Just wasn't implemented. Right. Was its biggest probably exactly. And so I mean, but what was the biggest problem with the Exxon him? It was the software was in ready. And then the phone was just too thick as the design is. So the design was made to benefit the the coal idea of making a two screen tablet. That's a phone this and that, but then if it completely disregards ergonomics, and it becomes the product. Then you simply it's just I mean. When was the last time that we used holsters in our belts to carry a phone? I'm done in front of me. All you want in the comments. I did it Michael Fisher for that. Oh, we need. Mr Michael Fisher with as a actual like. Yeah. L D west L D, Wes holsters, I used Holter holsters that I love them. But we've been so used to using smartphones in our pockets now that it's like what we're going to go back to using posters. You know, the man bag is back. The what the you know, the man bag has returned. What is that? Like dudes, I rock and around with like ours it. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Chiming. Sorry. Manage recall those money. It's like there are like small sling bags that people. Are you guys are using now to carry stuff? And you know, what I gotta say probably the reason why the man bag is back. You know, you can think of loggers for that. They got to carry gear on the daily ton of. I mean, can you see all this? I use. I I use a camera small cameras messenger for that peak design. So yeah. But anyway, yeah, we'll we'll probably going to need stuff like that as we figure out how to streamline all these designs. And that's the reason why I don't think gave us any real indication that these trends like foldable or actually I don't think they're going. I don't think they're going to go anywhere. And it's great. I mean, I love that. They're experimenting with the technology because it might lead to something else. Yeah. I mean, if you think about it, the iphone was the result of a tablet project, you know, apple was working on a tablet project three to four years prior to the launch of the iphone. And then they were like, you know, what this is a nice idea. But it would be great. If we had this on a phone. Yeah. And so that's how that's how the modern smartphone was born. It was so fine. There is no reason for this product to exist right now. But it could lead to something eventually. Yeah. I agree now. And that's what I that's what I'm looking forward to. And that's the reason why like I said like, I I I applaud sounds like right in my face. That's why I applied where we're going right now in terms of just like going back to normal foams. I have to agree. Yeah. Where we going right now, we finally got a look in the video has been up for a bit. Now, we finally got a look at a real hole punch punch holes. Something like that. By the way, phone manufacturers. Thank you so much for picking the worst name for it because the YouTube algorithm immediately flags videos with the word hold because they assume that it's going to be inappropriate. Yeah. So thank you for that phone manufacturers. One of the worst things you could have done for us YouTubers. So that's why the video says goodbye notch. I couldn't say hole punches here. Yeah. Because it warned me that whole depending on what the algorithm things it might be monetize video. Anyway, we got a look at our first punch whole display, and that would be the honor view twenty. Yeah. We have I have it in the bag and we're going to do our four review. Are you going to go to the launch yet? Or are you deciding it now, it's too tight. Okay. Because there's a lot going on who tied. I mean, there's a large going on and to be fully honest with you. I like, Michael fishers. We had a good conversation with and he was like, dude, I need to learn to say note all the travel. Yeah. Yeah. Because if I have to define how much what how is this turning over? I can't really say that it's becoming beneficial for me is very hard to say no to travel because I love to travel. Yeah. Same and it also leads to great opportunities to so I love going to briefings. And I love going to briefings because you get to meet the people that design the product, and it's not like when you stand in a presentation, and whenever you watch a keynote this presentation was designed for consumers. It wasn't designed for press. And so I love going briefings because that was designed for us. And so we get to have a real conversation. We could ask real questions, and we'll get to provide a more educated opinion, whenever we review the product or tell you about it. And so that's the reason why I love to take these trips because you get the opportunity to spend some time with these people and sometimes an informal in an informal and. Violent, which makes them loosen up and tell you even more about why this product came to be. Yeah, you know, sometimes. And that's the reason why I have a really hard time bashing products. I will be very critical until you like Pibor on the pixel slightest terrible. But it's just when when you get to learn when you get to learn the amount of work that goes into a product in all the stages that a product goes into it's very hard faded. Just come to companies and be like your product Strache. Yeah. I mean, how many phones have you built Josh exam? I mean, I mean, we know people who do that though. They just come right in there. Like this just not good. Yeah. You know, and that kind of feedback is important to them. But you gotta find a way to say it. So that it's not just it's the more. You learn why I mean, I think every company would like to create the perfect product. Oh, yeah. But every company has either a defined budget or constraints in material or they can't secure. Enough chips for demand of their project picture, you know, it's just so many hurdles in the industry, but you you get to learn. It's not empathy. But you get to to understand more of where the product is going. And again, it just helps you provide a more educated opinion about it. Yeah. And that doesn't mean that we don't say what we hope. Mike. Are we do there were plenty of those opportunities during this trip as well? Because we were hanging out with a lot of people, but I will say the going back to our topic. We have the honour view twenty. I hope the video looks okay with the sun right in our faces. But. Only one way to find out my friend. I think we're okay. I think we are. Yeah. The gopro hero seven, by the way. Which is what we're using to record the video portion of this podcast. It doesn't pretty good job. So hopefully, it's the black and I couldn't get the black gave me the silver. I I knew I needed to like get this. I get I get it. It's just you can't replace the battery on the silver in some like, you know, that the battery on your product is trash, and I'm I'm like, you can't bash product. But yes, now, I have to say right there that battery on that cameras trash, and and I can replace the battery like seriously. We have a we have a straight up like desert road trip look to us right now in the video, I bet. So if you're listening to this right now, you're gonna wanna watch the video because this is one of the most unique I've been trying my best. I have like as unique podcast as I possibly can. This is definitely one of them. True. Okay. So going back to the honor view twenty by the way, why is it V twenty in some places and then interview twenty companies tailor their products to market. I mean, they even launch it with different specs in different areas. Crazy, you know, it's crazy. But what we have here is a very high powered device, you obviously have the latest Snapdragon you had that forty eight megapixel Snapdragon latest, Karen. Oh, sorry. I don't know why. But in my head I crossed the two. Yes, you're right. The cure nine eighty Pauly's. The latest Sony sensor that forty. Yeah. That's what I want to try out. Yeah. Right now it comes. It comes with the it comes with also that three D camera on the back that what did they call? It. A time of flight camera time if like camera. Yes, 'cause I we we're going to have to see what it is. Yeah. You could do three D modelling with the phone. But I mean, we all know we all know that that doesn't always translate to like an actual user experience through the but on top of that there's this display and the display itself is like what six point something inches. And it's really it's a really nice display that has this tiny hole at the top. Now. My number one concern about these hold displays these Punchbowl. Displays was that that actual hole was going to be too close to the back button of many, Android apps. How is the experience of entry? It's been good because the punch it's small. They they they're making a big deal about the fact that this punch will is so small compared to what other punches. Will be or are. And it's nestled right in the notification area. Interesting that's where they put it. And if anyone dove into the deep settings of Android the latest version of Android. Oh, yeah. You can see it in the pixels developer setting. Yes. You can see where the notches are meant to be. So it makes sense that they were able to put it in Nestle in that corner. So hopefully, everyone else follow suit. But if they're holes are bigger, it might pose a bit of a of a problem. It's been fine. Honestly, it's been fine. I have to say the Punch Bowl I will get used to way quicker than I did for the much. Do I love it. Stormings to be seen like I haven't come across any content that it would actually cut. And if you obviously if you hide the notch, quote, unquote or hide the whole, quote, unquote, it's still called notch though in the settings because they don't have a name. They don't have a name for whole yet. Yeah. When you hide the notch in this device. It just goes, right? All content just renders below the notification entity. Oh, yeah. Rather? So we have that. I look I I would love for you to like, you know, we're going to be hanging out a little bit. I'll make sure you get some time with it. But I'm going to be doing the full review on it. Oh, look at this this blessing of thank you of a big rig in front of us. But yeah, the I'm gonna start tailgating this big rig. Just so just for the show you slow. No kidding. I'll go around a little bit. But we should probably stay for a bit. Yeah. So that was our first look, and that was the main one which is funny because wasn't it high sense who actually had a phone at their booth? They did they did. And I didn't have the time to go look at it. I was just all right. So what one of our sponsors for this trip was high sense? But before we accept that the sponsorship, I was like, I I I need to see your product. Okay, there Android TV's. Are they're really good. Obviously my impression is just from the show floor. So it's not a final product yet. I mean, they're not launching until may and June. But they have a Pryatta you LED technology that oh my God. Like reds are red blacks for blacks. And I just I never took Android TV seriously because it always seemed like sort of like a bloated version of something that just I don't know. And we also seem somewhat bastardized compared to real address xactly. And so now, it's not that it's like if they grabbed the user interface of the Google home hub, and they turn that interface. So you can control your home from your television because it behaves like a home hub, obviously, you can talk to your system through the control. And there are a ton of applications because obviously there is a platform for it now. And so I was just. Re I don't know if I'm I don't know if it's it's the blend of both things because the other thing is my biggest problem with with smart TV's. I have a Roku TCL. What is it sucks? Really it got. And it's okay. And here I am saying that I shouldn't bash products. But I bought this TV, and you know, just just to be just to be fair. I'm new TV's because I've been working for six years. It's probably the one that I bought, you know, I didn't go all all expensive with that fifty inch that I bought since the ten eighty p Barron. It's just the user interface of Roku, very sluggish. Okay. It is very clunky. Give that I'll give that it is very clunky. And so for me, it's frustrating to be like, you know, just pressing the buttons, and it doesn't move. And instead, and it just really upsets me. Yeah. And so I I was like, okay. So I want to try Android TV on your lease expensive tint television. And so they took me to the F on Android. Tv. It's a three ninety nine television in four k which that's how much I paid for my. In ten eighty p dude. No lag. Nice. No lag. And so I'm like, okay. Okay. I'll do the video how how much is that thing. Three ninety nine what? Okay. Relating nine four K U L E D. Wow. I'm down. That's what I'm saying. Yeah. I'm that's what I'm saying. And I'm like, how can I not sound like a fan boy this video very hard. But it's just their product was really good. You know? It's so I was doing research on them. They've been in the market for fifty years. It's just they've been more not DM in the past. And now they're bringing in their own brand pretty much like what HTC did pretty much like what wall we did at some point as well. And so, you know, I was like am I gonna get a unit for who? I sure sure Calloway there. That are punch whole phone was called the thirty. You may not you may not even hear about this phone now. Neither did we until we just walked around the booth and just look like, oh, a lot of people may disappointing comments. Like the fact that it was using Samson's forty eight megapixel. I don't remember Samsung launching a forty megapixel sensor there. That's the thing with Sony has. And that's yeah. That's the thing these companies sometimes don't really have the ducks in a row. Wait. I remember now. Yes, I did cover it in the daily. But a while ago that you thirty. Yeah. Yeah. A while. Good. Well, yeah, we're we're in the know at least by I mean, it's obviously is not going to be a splash of a phone. No, not the way that the view. Twenty was not the way that the flex by was. And then there are a few other phones on the on the show floor that we kinda came across one in particular. So you got to look at the Nubia. Oh, yes. Yeah. The dual screen once. I finally saw the video. I was case. I should've gone. Yeah. Okay. So it does not look like a cheap phone. Yeah. It looks like an expensive phone, and I I just I don't know if I like the idea of of dual screen. I the good thing is you would not be able to tell that it has two screens unless you try to take a selfie. Yeah. Or you activated. Like, it looks like a regular phone without vessels. That's just that you grab it. And it looks like a regular phone without Basil's. But then when you activate the secondary display it turns on, and it's you know, it's not the sharpest display in the world. But I don't care. I hate selfie cameras. So this is like the perfect solution for selfie camera. Yeah. Remember, I mean, we've seen companies fumble with like rotating cameras for the longest time and stuff like that. I which I honestly miss. Yes. I don't think the secondary this place should be as large as it is. I mean, it serves very little functionality. I mean, if they gave me like a small little heads up display below below the camera or something like that or a square, and there was a phone that did that right? They call it. The he says asleep. She oh sharp. Yes. It was sharp. There you go. Yeah. He says asleep. She loved that thing. She would. Be able to say it like that. But it's a small little screen that just shows you your face. Yeah. Well, you know, what I did see remember who who had it. Oh, that's one of the okay? This this show was a major win in all fronts not only for pocket now. But also for myself. There's one company that I did not get to see I think it does pop socket. I gotta go. I'm so sorry. I didn't know where they were. I should've run around showstoppers more trying to find them. You can have all the pop song because you want. I I saw someone have a pop psych at where the actual disc in the pop socket was of mirror. That's a perfect idea. That's a good idea. Yeah. That's a great idea. And that's good for the Celtics on anyway. I digress. But like vivo did that concept to right? They have the rear screen. They even have the ring light around the thing. And it's it's funny. How things are getting so weird. Oh, you want to hear weird? I love it. You wanna hear weird grabs Sony experience? Z three on it's the faults settings and try to take a selfie. The beautify the beautifying modes are set by default. One of these is how how is it like base? Like it makes your face slimmer. Yeah. Which I totally need. It makes her is bigger. I'm like, oh, look like an anime character. I literally look like the aliens that were in the store that we just we went to alien jerky. Mike god. Which is why we have the root beers in the first place. Yes. Indeed. But yeah, it's I love or the experimentation is going. I just hate that one particular design is going to become the defacto. And that's the whole punch. We're gonna lose the slider before it headed heyday. I don't mind losing the slider. Oh, honestly, I don't mind losing this. I don't mind losing the slider unless you do it like vivo becau-. But it was. So the problem is this not water resistant, and for me, I value water resistance more than a selfie camera. Okay. That's and that's fair. I think that's that's a that's a perfectly good reason because the water resistance IP certifications are almost like almost systemic. I would rather deal with the punch hole. I mean, come on essential. Did it? Okay. I mean, essentially, it was pretty much the company that came up with the concept of the notch. Yes. And then everybody else followed in their own way. This is just another notch. Man. I'll put up with it. I don't care just give me a water resistant phone. Okay. That's what I want. You know, these are things that I do value. Okay. Fair enough. Did this might be a slightly shorter podcast considering we have daylight kind of escaping us. So fertile the last like fifteen twenty at the most any other highlights from CS. As a whole, you always tell me, you don't like biggess. I don't I never have. I love it. I love Vegas. You're young. Oh, maybe that's part of it. But I do think that Vegas is just like it's one of those places where you could wake up in the morning. And if you want to do something, you can do it aside from go to the beach. Like a fake be be true. Oh, yeah. I mean, you can go to a beach club which all have never done because I don't have the body for it. But I digress. The the thing is that the resources in Vegas or so vast that that's the reason why it's the perfect place for a convention. You can go places you have transportation. That's easy. We didn't get to do any self driving cars taxis. No, I tried. I tried the lift I accepted the whole program where you can do the self-driving lifts. But I never never got was never received by one. I think gills did. And I I would lower jewels. That's true. I wonder what his experience was he said mostly his his post on Instagram which Joe's probably pulling up right now. He said that the trip was mostly done by the self-driving, not the entirety. They probably had to like take control at some point. Yeah. I want you on the so as far as not just like how you feel. But also are we as a let's say brand going to be looking into stuff like automotive and self driving and autonomous vehicles. I do I do feel. So it's just obviously right now, we're a very small team smaller than ever. So we're going to need a lar-. We're going to leave a larger team to be able to cover all the technology. That's coming. I feel. We will. It's just right now. Again, this vehicles are in a level of expectation. That's, you know, not necessarily even close to its full potential. Yeah. I mean, particularly when it comes to self driving cars, there is a lot more to go all mortar. Go did you ever? Did you ever check out like a tesla or anything like that? Yeah. Okay. Yeah. One of my buddies just got one, and I want to make a video so bad, really? Really? Yeah. Did you feel about all of that type of where were that tech is going 'cause auto motive has a big presence? That's yes. I again, man. I drive a Honda Accord, the latest model in New York, and even that cruise control in that car is pretty much a self driving car already. I mean to a certain degree. It detects. What cars in front of you? It will literally maintain a distance from it. It'll detect the road it'll steer it'll do pretty much everything in cruise control except change lanes. I mean, that's if that car can do that without all the cameras, and all that technology, the Tesla's have, you know, I think it's fascinating. It's just there's so much work. And then, you know, obviously, there will be the naysayers that believed that the best thing is to have somebody on the wheel, which by the way, the person that's talking to right now. I already had an accident because I fell asleep on the wheel. All right. And I put a lot of people in danger because of the the reckless driving that I did that day. Because I was totally tired. And so to be fully honest with you would I have wished to have a self-driving module in my car back. Then I was driving ten hours with my son in the car, and I put his life in danger because I didn't choose just stop and not drive. So do I want self driving cars? I do do I want solve driving. Uber's. No. Because honestly, they provide jobs. Okay. They provide new new levels of income. And I think it's unfair for a company that just do magin like everybody that already has a car having a car and then self driving cars as well. In like, they're only going to congest the road a lot more. And it's less people making income only to make somebody some CEO person in the in the seat for emergencies. Like right now. But the whole idea is that eventually moved up the person has to be removed. That's the problem. That's true. And said so for me, it's like all right? I don't need to help the c o buy new yacht economies. Need people to have jobs it over? Uber. Lifts have been a good way to mediate some of that over the last couple of years as jobs in this country haven't been great. All right. So I I will support the self-driving technology. I will not support it at any way will where we'll reduce income and in people's pockets. That's just me. That's my. Critical. No for me. I guess other technologies that I liked by love the, laptops. That wall way may book thirteen I love that. I'm getting one very soon. Well done, sir. Dude. I really have make book ex pro man. It's really hard. It was our favorite laptop last year. I mean, and people can say whatever they want about. Wow way. Sure that they sponsor some of our content again, we wouldn't have accepted the sponsorships to the daily of their products. Would it have been great? Yeah. What was the best smartphone camera of last year? What I'm sure people will argue that it's the pixel three XL for me. It's not for me. It's the may twenty pro they're in a dead heat for me, absolute dead-heat, and yeah, definitely always putting out some amazing stuff. They're even trying to make sure that tablets are still thing. Yeah. My god. So I love like, honestly, I would love to give my kids those tablets because there's a kids mode, and then there's the regular mode and what the fines it is the fingerprint scanner. So I don't have to worry about my kids going into my, you know, whatever history or or for them to have access to applications that I don't want because Android is not necessarily the best when it comes to parental controls. I have to give that crown to IRS. And so I love that. While way is taking. That to another level. I feel that that's the way it should be. I honestly I have a hard time giving my kids technology because of that because I can't fully control what they do. How about as far as tablets go. I got a good look at this. And again, it's going to be a video on Bucknell about it. Lenovo did bring out another tablet now, I got a little disappointed because it's so Amazon forward. True. I like Google system better to be honest. And also for the next five minutes, we have to be careful not to say hot words. Right. But basically, what they created was a tablet ten inch tablet that goes into a smart, doc. Yeah. That is a speaker. And when you put it in it becomes a show becomes an echo show. Is that is that one of the towards okay? Yeah. I liked it. I think it's cool. And I like the concept of like the idea the smart, the smart dog can be a speaker when you're not using it as a show. Yeah. That's the cost of that. I wanna see and speaking of dogs or base stations that can be used without a display that LG Rollerball TV. Oh, I didn't see that. So the robot will what I love where was their protector. There. Wa- projectors is this thing that you could just place very like a foot away from the wall, and it projects up to it any sort of aberration or anything. It's fantastic. Nice. But tell me about that role because we thought we saw the concept, but now we have the product. Now, we have the product and the thing that I loved about it is that they found practical ways of using it in different configurations like for example, instead of instead of it being like a wallpaper TV that has a cord coming out of it. And it goes into like this big piece of tech. That's is still bulky. It's all one big thing. So what happens is it'll it can actually roll all the way in and it rolls all the way out. But you can also roll about a third of the way, and it becomes an interface for the speaker interesting. You can also have it do ambiance stuff. Like, maybe you wanna fireplace. It'll show a fireplace. And you can hear it coming out of the speakers wanted. Rolled all the way down. Does. It also heat the place. Maybe that maybe that skew morphism at its finest. So the one is rolled all the way into the bay station that whole thing can be used as a smart speaker as well saying the same concept, but one it's when it comes out. It's just the old goodness you'll always love from algae. And it's beautiful the beautiful display. Now put that right up against the micro LED's from Samsung. Oh, yeah. I did not know much about micro ladies until this show. Yeah. They're not going to use. There's only one way to find out man. I mean, why not? Yeah. That's true. Why not now? Let me ask you this. What did you think about fossil? I. Oh, yeah. That was a good briefing. That wasn't really good briefing. I okay. So I'm actually kind of excited with this help these lights at least one of them both of them. Whatever what I find that. This would help. Yeah. I think it's fun that I think what I'm excited about the truck lane. I think it's exciting that smart watches are more or less making a bit of a resurgence. I I would not really I would not really attribute that to wear two point. Oh, no. But I also have to admit that we're to point now is a vast improvement from anything that came before it. It's a better user interface that still requires oh my God. Am I the only person like I'm I've been using this this fossil Q explorer HR? And honestly, I have like I told them because they they asked me like genuinely how do you feel about that watch? And I'm like the battery life man, of course, design if say single night, no smile on my watch is dead. Yeah. Every like we start the day at ten AM and by nine pm. It's dead. Yeah. I mean, come on, man. I and then they come up with a thirty one hundred which they're not really fully adopting except on the sport and the battery life is also bad. Yeah. I mean, okay. And that's one of my problems the battery life, I just resigned myself to they're not going to it's not going to get figured out for a while there. Yes. But then you've got apple and Samson with their offerings. Figuring it out. Yeah. They're trying to. Okay. So here's the thing. I have a problem with Wairoa not just in the battery life. This has been the first time that I've been using. Nonstop from month because I'm doing the Google fit challenge. Clearly Vegas them help. Sorry about that. I'll get back as tomorrow. But the thing about it is do that user interfaces. So clunky. It makes sense to me. But it's clunky. Yeah. If I'm training. Oh my God. I like sometimes I wanna pause, my workout. And I can't because it's stuck and it's it's refreshing. And it's like, and so you're we were at the presentation from Qualcomm for the thirty one hundred and then you get the presenter saying, no, this is the perfect ship. We don't need to do anything with all we needed to do as Atta module for it to be more power efficient whenever you're not using the watch. And I'm like, you're wrong. You're wrong where with is a clunky mess. Well, more or less aside. What I what I really enjoy about smart watches right now is that we're finally yet a place where the actual watchmakers themselves kind of clued into it. Like, what if we have the watches that people love from us just connected, and we had a whole generation of them last year that came out that kind of a lukewarm response people kind of liked it. But now they're going all in with like a second gen they really wanna make the body smaller. They wanna make them accessible to everybody. So there's a lot of choice now. And that's exactly what's more watches needed to have a you need to know DM like fossil you need needed them that because fossil has so many brands Michael Kors Kate Spade. Exactly, you know, they've got Scoggins they're doing they're still doing hybrids. Yeah. You know? It's funny. I've been trying to use the krone ABI crony sent me their most beautiful watch. My biggest problem with with with these hybrids is I am so used to being able. To see the time in the dark with the always on this place that the moment that I go back to a regular watch. And I can't see the time because it doesn't really glow in the dark that much. Yeah. I feel it feels weird to me. Now, I've been using smart watches as the original pebble. It's it's kind of hard for me to go back. Yeah. I don't blame you there. My favorite thing about hybrid marches, which the reason why that I really love them is because it's that entry point that I think people overlook in if you're just a time piece fan, then you have options, you can get a time piece. It just also happens to do extra stuff. You can I just I couldn't see though fossil for really Bush's for you continue to push and it's great to us to educate about hybrids. But as far as far as actual like full-on smart watches are concerned that also sports a great example of what the future can hold. It is a good example. It's just I wished that. Okay. We have apple where they just came up with that s to chip for the apple watch series four. Okay. The apple watch. I will never recommend apple watch series one or two series three. I can if you don't get the composite back, which is in the new generation, they swapped the back, and they don't tell you. Yeah. That's a bad move on apple and I call it out. But if you grab an apple watch series three this is the first time that I'm away from my apple watch. And I miss it. And I miss it because it actually works. You raise your wrist. You know, hey, whatever works you. Call on whatever apps. I ask for it for walking directions at works. It's tracking my workouts. You it's such a versatile. Watch my problem with the apple watch is it's -bility if you're going for the entry level model that that aluminum oxygenates. So I feel that companies need to understand that people like to collect watches, you know, people like to collect watches and have more than one. And so it's a problem when you buy a w-. Watch that won't last you more than a year or two because of the hardware. And so that's my biggest problem with where Wes if the operating system is clunky operating systems. Don't get less demanding over time. They get more demanding. Yeah. And so in batteries, the problem with these lithium and lithium ion batteries is that they degrade over time. And so you some someone has to find the solution for a time timepiece. That can be a little more time less than what Somare watches are currently because it's very hard to tell people. Oh, yeah. Pay four hundred dollars for watch. And it's not gonna work. Well, two years from now. Yeah, I agree. I agree. You know, I do need to give one shutout to another smartwatch. We have. Where's my sample took walk? Mob. Boy was out in the sands. But was Finally I understand how you pronounce that mob. Boy boy voice finally not finally mob. Boy was out in the sands with their booth and they had a lot of stuff to show and they announced the updated versions of their tick watch s E now let me preface this real quick. Like, I'm going to have some content on these watches. So you can stay tuned for that. There's not only the tick watch s or the either is also the earlier tick watch C, the c two is the one that uses wearing because it's the most fashion for at one of the bunch the highest the highest end model because that's the pro. But it definitely looks more fashion forward than the one I'm wearing which is the two. Yeah. This is the point of the s and the two. Super low barrier of entry into a smartwatch. True. These are these are sub two hundred dollars, and they did they're not they're not really any amazing bells and whistles or anything like that. But it's a great showcase design. Exactly. I mean, I love the tick watch pro. Yeah. The trick watch pros is definitely up there these you may not feel that way because they are thick. They are large bodies there polycarbonate. Yeah. But they're light. They're they're light as a feather. You it's like it's like the old days of the pebble when it comes to materials. Yeah. But it's good enough. So if you if you're skeptical about a smart watch, and you don't really know like, I actually think this is a wonderful entry point because you don't have to spend so much money to get like, a fossil sport, for example. No, so sub two hundred. That's this is actually not so bad. So I will you know, what I liked that. We ended on that. Because CAS is a good. This was a good example of how a category like smartwatch is not going away. No, they're not. And I'm actually. Kind of happy about that or not and just fossil. They reiterated their commitment. Like people are liking smart watches. I just again, this is an I even when they asked me for feedback. I'm like, okay. I don't need to give you feedback. I've given Google feedback currently doing the Google project. They finally got the workouts. Right. I'm like, I'm not going to be counting sit-ups dudes, and then ending the workout and then counting my ups on a separate workout. I just want weight weightlifting, I want one module for weightlifting one module for running one module for spinning. That's it. I don't want one John. Yeah. I didn't know you spin. I was a spinning instructor. But yeah, I didn't know that. Are you kidding me? I had no idea. What would you like a glass? Why where do you? Where would you teach LA fitness if you want? Okay. I'll I'll think about it. This is actually been thinking about doing some spent. I mean, we we could totally do bluetooth five connect a couple of headphones class. That'd be dope. Because it's all about the music. But yeah, I I was spending instructor. Wow, that's cool. I've had some odd jobs. But yeah, no. Here's the thing. It's it's they finally got that fitness part. Right. What they need to work on is just like apple with their s to chip. I'm sorry, Qualcomm, we give you a lot of love for certain things you do right. Like five G and the eight fifty five, and that's all great. But you are wearable approach needs work. Yeah. It does knee work. I I don't feel that that what is it? A it's a fourteen nanometer Chipper though. It's a twenty nanometer chip. I think is something ridiculous. It's whole technology, man. I mean, and you can totally tell them how clunky the watches are. So Google is doing a better job in fixing the user interface OEM's are doing a better job at at assigning designing better smart watches. But then we don't have the most powerful chip on these watches. Yeah. I used to change even the most efficient ship or it could just be that. Because my mom belong summit to sample number. And I wasn't able to go to the fall. Fossil briefing. And that's the reason why I don't have a fossil sport. I just haven't experience at thirty one hundred that could also be it. I've heard that it wasn't the massive leap that spam. Qualcomm. I heard it wasn't a massive leap that everyone was expecting. But it did help a little bit. But that fossil sport is definitely where we have to try it out. There's only one way to find out s. Right. And on that note that is it for now on the pocket now weekly as the sun is going down. We have a wonderful gradient over on the side. We're coming through. I think we're in Bakersfield Lynnwood we're in. We're coming through. All we're in Barstow. We're coming through. I know is this. I know this is. Yeah, it is coming through bar sto. I don't think we need an in and outrun right now, we can we can get to the our final destination and figure it out that our next show is technically going to be you see, but we also have some events coming up because that Samsung S ten inter day talk about that. We didn't talk about that. But I'm sure there would be plenty of time to speculate. Wildly let us know what you think about that's going to be in our Rica. We did react on the recap. Okay. There you go. Yeah. Well, they're going to be some thoughts on that for sure I have one and that'll be my hot take while we as we leave the show. The way that the invite looks that zero looks a lot like the Oculus logo, doesn't it? True. That all right. We'll see you on the next one. Thank you so much for watching analysts. And on that note, even though I tried to do an ultra at the end that is our special episode of the weekly for this week. Just to let you know. Our theme music is bloom by Minerva, courtesy of a royalty free license with Argo FOX, you can learn more in this episode description. You can also follow our crew on Twitter. Our producer Jules long. Is that point jewels? Isa is at S S A S C said hi may is that Hymie underscore, Rebecca. And I am JV tech T. You know, me I am JV a love tech and love to drink me some teeth. Don't forget that. We would love to hear from you at the Email address podcast, ipod dot com. And we would certainly appreciate all of your reviews on pretty much anywhere that you're streaming us whether it be Google apple Spotify, overcast or wherever because without you. We wouldn't have been able to make this show for now. Seven years straight was next week for more regularly scheduled podcasts, and until then we're going to go and just say, thank you so much for listening, and we'll see you on the next one. This happens every time. Okay.

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