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"mike fermin" Discussed on I Was There Too

"You he made him in well yeah i wonder he maybe bigger in his collector a sense that he is miller allowing i don't have i have my old toys and i'm new to it the idea of something in that will talk about in a minute at the show that were no yeah doing but tony texted last night bend named a bird after took the bird in on the planet of oh drawn just turning with two can start yeah it's a real for whoops aside story what is the name of the versus the darse paxton all that i'd gues who else do we know that you guys of work done well our friend todd we talk friend of every podcasts and friend of everybody that that meets him a million plus one todd cooper is this you say that are you see yesterday get off i affecting that's pretty good we saved todd's mentioned for a horrific it just disgusting creature that attacks the kids a torn tim about it is literally called a todd th w deep web to get there are mike fermin names right does is where we made him into a religion the church they get to of dirt feels the as for most yeah with the pitch yet but then est i asked to oh furnace to and we wanted it was interesting also luck in guys of you love star wars a good get yourself to will keep you do yeah yeah and poke around cause there are these various shades of religious orders there and and we even saw some in road one much about you know i mean but like to take what they had existing him sort of strap away and my but this isn't a force based religion you know i'm how to recreate a religion.

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