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"mike dowd" Discussed on Newsradio 700 WLW

"Your sippy cups. You don't spilled in white cloth on the console And I got to tell you a story. So yesterday I, uh I was the emcee of the scoring Chamber of Commerce, Hometown Heroes event And you know that they like you have everything you have silent auction prizes. Will somebody won a case of white claw and this kid? Be lines up to me with a marker. It says. Will you sign this? I said, Hell, yes. So I wrote Claude to your fall. Rocky Boy Woman. It was the best. It's just funny that anytime anybody sees white call, I got very good talking to Iraqis. Oh, man. Well, cheers. Cheers, My friend. Cheers to area and I'll toast you with my, uh, my Kool Aid over here. Oh, yeah, You're going. There you go. Delicious. Uh, so we're talking our topic de jure for movie Friday. Is, uh, documentaries. And I think this is a great one a year your call 749 7800 the big £1.700 on a T and T And I got this a an email from Greg Johnson in Maysville. My octopus teacher. Touching, beautiful. And inspiring. I never heard of it. But there sounds just weird enough where I'm intrigued. Yeah. Lot of octopuses garden, but not my octopuses teacher. So you want to start us out? You give one to give one of you. Okay? I got I got I already mentioned the Penelope is spirits thing. Right. So another good one is the documentary Grizzly man. Have you ever seen it? I know there was this guy named. What's his name? Jeff Tread, Um Timothy Treadwell, and he Goes on to Alaska every year, and he interacts with the bears. He's got hundreds and hundreds of hours of footage. And during the course of the documentary. It starts off like, okay, This is kind of a, you know a thing about the bears, but you quickly find out. This is a documentary about an insane person, And this guy has he's delusional that he thinks he's doing all these things to save these bears. And a lot of these Bears could give a damn if he's there or not, and spoiler alert. I was going to say at the end of the movie, it doesn't work out well for him. Okay, we've got to say I once what you mentioned that sort of thing about like. Hey, man, I remember hearing about this movie, It's It's not. The fascinate does not end well for grizzly man at all. Go figure not you're hanging out with grizzly bears Grizzly bears. Yeah, and again. It's not like they're like, appreciate of him and they're all this. They're just like kind of looking. I hit this annoying guy here and and one day I think they're got hungry and That was that. So that's a good one. And then free solo is on the better. Probably documents. I've watched it three times. That's when I was going to bring up if you've never seen this, this guy, Freehand climbs El Capitan. At Yosemite, and basically, that's a straight up rock. Cliff. I don't I forget how tall it is, but it's 3000 ft. It's pretty damn tall. I'm sure you've seen pictures of it. And he just does that with no ropes. No. Nothing. Hands feet up. Let's get on orders his name. Let's get to your calls. Let's talk to Joe and Sayler Park. Joe, What do you have? Hey, gentlemen. Good evening that the bear One is great Lord, forgive me. I remember one of the guys that they thought that their thought The guy was like crazy. The 75 man, Mike Dowd in early nineties is his cop of the New York and a bunch of cops in New York. We're getting indicted. Um, I don't want to spoil anything of it. I watched this documentary six times in the last three years. It's one of my little go to when I'm just border can't block it on something else, And that's the title of it. It's called the 75. What's unique about it is they talked to the drug dealers. They called to everybody that's involved in this and all of these people come clean. It's brilliant. You got to watch. It sucks You right in the guy's the man I'm looking at right now, man. That sounds really good. Yeah, Absolute maniac. Um, Enjoy your weekend, fellas. You know that Social dilemma One is pretty good, too. All right? Yes, I watch out. Thanks, buddy. Yeah, 75 looks pretty good. Well, what's that one about cause I remember hearing that I don't know. It's about social dilemma. I mean, our soldiers lonely. Yeah. That was about just how insane the Yeah, That was just one that just on recently or something. That was one network came out within the last year. The favorite. My favorite part about that is they talk to all these people who are the ones who invented all these apps on the stuff, and they're like, So do you Have your your kids using these? Although we would never let our our kids use these devices like okay, let's get this. Dan and Cheviot. What do you got? Dan? I like the men who built America. I've seen it on History Channel. Yeah, There's a bunch of those, right? Um, um, I've seen those two. Those are pretty good. Yeah, I like it. It it shows about like, you know, Vanderbilt and Carnegie and Chase and forward and all of them and how they like when they were young. They were like, Well, capitalism and you know, when they got old Dale got a little softer. You remind me of mayor growing up like My mom was a name and then my boy tells me all Grandma told me you shouldn't have been so mean. And I said, Hey, you don't remember You don't remember her. So, you know, it's like coming of age and everything else. That's all I got. You guys have a good one. Thanks. Money. Let's go to Georgia and Mason. George, What do you have? Well, I just wanted to,.

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