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"mike delphi" Discussed on Down The Hill: The Delphi Murders

Down The Hill: The Delphi Murders

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"mike delphi" Discussed on Down The Hill: The Delphi Murders

"You're you're amazed. When he picked me up we went out to the trails? We were sitting there in the truck for a little bit. Can you could just see little lights everywhere. Everywhere there was it was just like the stars in the sky and I said look look at this. Look how many people out here looking. So here's where the Delphi phone tree is about to really take off and people are going to start notifying other people. Outside of the family family friends acquaintances. That something's wrong here and I'm glad you mentioned that phone tree because in a town Mike Delphi. Three thousand people. It does does not take long for phones to start lighting up because Brinda caused Lisa. Who calls you know Christine and before you know it? Everybody in town knows there's something wrong and Delphi's known for this volunteer spirit so you have a lot of people who are now interested people who don't even know these families who are now interested in wanting to come out and help in some way and I think that as these families have kind of moved into that area around the bridge at Becky. Mentions you know seeing all the volunteers volunteers. The more people that get involved in this thing can only ramp up the concern and the panic on the part of the families right because now they've got the whole town of all people posting on facebook two girls missing. It's all over twitter. It's all over instagram snapchat. And this is also where Libya's phone is gonNA come into apply and that's because we learn for the first time about some snapchat photos which we'll get into later but this is kind of the first time we hear about.

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