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Episode 22 Brothel Christmas Carols with Aria Quinn from Kit Kat Ranch

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Episode 22 Brothel Christmas Carols with Aria Quinn from Kit Kat Ranch

"Doughty D. if it ain't going down at the bunny ranch it ain't going down at all. Stolen hello hello and welcome looking back listeners to another episode of the Bunny Ranch podcast. Hi there I'm your host. Alex little who also happens to be illegal sex sex worker at the world famous Moonlite Bunny ranch located in Carson City Nevada. This week I have an amazing wonderful awesome spectacular and gorgeous like the highlight though like we had a whole conversation before this about makeup. The songstress herself sell a low. Hello everyone I'm glad you're here too. It took a minute I actually got back from Colorado so I went home for about a month month. Okay is that. Why did you bring this back with think I did yes? Yup It is take it back nowhere. No we love the snow. Oh my gosh see. I both love that. It's like oh my gosh. It's beautiful white. It's cleaning but at the same same time so call. It is so called and I don't want to go into it but I mean I would love to look at it and dislike watch movies and look at my window and see some snow and drink some hot chocolate. Yeah that's the way to lay out a really nice sheepskin rug in front of the fire. Little like hot cocoa and cookie is Jason Cuddle with pajamas optional. After all naked gotta say a little Jojo for the holidays. He deserves Christmas for sure. Yes so you're from Colorado. But you do this full-time yes so I actually am going on for about. It's been almost about a little over four years that I've been here so I just I love this place. They have so much to offer sure. And it's just everyone's just so heartwarming. And they all the staff member just want the best for you and so I just. That's what I love about it and it's it's super super safe and I just. I just have a blast every single time like I came back I think it was it was on Sunday. And everyone's like Oh my God Arias Bag. The vibe and the house is so much better you know so. It's it's nice that people actually do remember you. It's not like going to work a nine to five or anything like that. You actually build like relationships and families so it's is true and people are always so surprised me describe this being such a familiar type company since that we really do create bonds and relationships with each other alert that goes so deep and I mean it's not just because we all interact to girl. Parties are really being almost like the world's sexiest sorority. I feel exactly yeah. All my friends by calmer does like what is it like. I'm like it's literally like a Sorority but we just have sex we need right. There's like funny ranch sorority. That is twenty five hours a day. Yes yes yes. Talking of twenty five hours hours of day how how do you spend your. What is a typical day in the life of a fulltime legal convention? Look like Well you know my might shifts The last time I was around eleven but switched to two o'clock so I'm a night owl but also a morning person I get up early. You know so I go on. I make my coffee. If it's not coffee then I love yes they set your but you know days that I'll like I have set days that I'll go work out and then they'll be days itis gone. I sit and have a conversation with the cashier. You know sometimes even get on shift early you know it just depends make myself a nice nice breakfast you know some days. You know. It's like Monday. Mornings are doctors. So you gotta get up. Get ready for that. You GotTa do all my stuff beforehand. Essays I just like like to sleep in and enjoy it before you get up. You know work all night until two. AM or four am so but it's fun. And I I like it and you know. It doesn't take me that long to get ready. You know I am very very naturally. I wear a limited amount of makeup. You know so I was GONNA say talking earlier in nursing highlighter. Little that a miscarriage. Unlike tyler is just like gorgeous. I mean you already Kaleem and it's okay. So what's for breakfast. Walk me through what you're having for breakfast here. I'm I I normally go with if I'm doing something easy then audited like yogurt and Granola rescue. or I'm really big on like cooking. I like to cook so I'll do like a spinach. Mushrooms and peppers and tomatoes. He does and Bacon in it. Oh yes extend it like a scramble like having toast on the side but are we do. What's our carbs situated? So well there might be some toes on the side or I might just throw it all on a sandwich and sandwich okay. That is this amazing sucker for egg sandwiches exam which he's like. Oh my God. I went to Japan and like the egg salad that same which is like a central icon from their Senator Levin over there like if you traveled to Japan. You're supposed to eat like this. It's like legendarily good and who yum yum man trouble. I'm like bring you bring you back stuff to do and I'll make you food too. I'm I'm really big on making food to make you dinners. Yes I was GONNA say. Do you oftentimes Cook through your guests Yes I've actually done that one time before. And we wear in the the bungalow and I sat there and We had our party and then we had a little bit of time Randall. The store really quick and I'm big on Salmon. I Love Salmon and so it makes a big big salmon and I put butter olive oil and I squeezed like fifty frigging limes on him or lemon. I'm in sorry yes I love citrus stuff and capers on Capers Love Cape May Melt. This started won the Eh up so funny because my client. He didn't know what it was. He was like why do you. Why are you putting your salmon? CAPERS stays trust me a hairdresser salmon and then the butter is just like the best is when the salmon just melts in your mouth and it had to worry about being dry or anything who got to come out here and experience so for those that have never visited before. Could you walk us through. What kinds of things are in the bungalow there so in the bungalow at has a full kitchen and has a full living room and then it has a king size bedroom and as a big big king size bed it's beautiful folders Mir surrounding it and the the big bathroom? It has a bathtub with a w play on like this is all in the one space yes I haven't. There's been over there separate room but yeah okay. So it's like a whole little mini like an apartment. Yup Yeah and then in the second room. There's another bed and I think it's just is a queen but then after that it's just we're gonNA have like our sexy time number and a half are cuddling bed. Yes Oh you gotta jump around and then there's also like wait. There's more so much more the massage table. And then there's a new sex like chair in there now too so that just know now news so I was really excited about that when I saw that. Yeah I've got. I've got a sex in my room overly might dudes everybody full. Stop here if you've not used one of those years one are you talking talking about your heart is watch that video. There's there's that one that's like. That's the liberator heart pillow. But then I also have one. That's like this Kinda Curvy Yoga Koga Show full-size like oh my gosh. It's one can use them for you to you get your exercise and then get your wife. Well sex is a workout so it is doing all all in one shoe. I mean I feel you like with the holiday season so many people are. What do we want to do for the holidays like this? This we're doing this to Krizner's it's what you're going to get rights. I mean Wien the holidays and all. I almost feel like on the first day of Chris. Miss NYC cortisone get for for me. I don't know once you get a pair of nipple clamps under the Christmas tree we go back into Christmas. I'd eight cortisone gave to me too girl party with a on the third your day of Chris Smith. Mike got for me but plugs in three sizes three. I don't keep going on the fourth Christmas. My cortisone gave to me out day big party on the fairy tale Christmas. Mike Courtesan gave me an entire whole house or G YAN is. That's that's the cherry that was that was good as a St Louis C.. Like a bunny ranch choir coming in all drill. Show choir meantime meantime I hear you softly. CROONING is the day of an orgasm. Knew that was really good that you just came not off the top of your head. You need to do this now now. It's going to be a thing we're going to be nearby. Hear them ringing a little bell on my nipples right. uh-huh God what would what would it be not rudolph the red nose ring. What would it be Rudolph the blue balled reindeer. Yeah probably for some dude that actually is like into that. You know like the holiday season. Denial thing ooh ooh oh. Gosh I don't know I don't know I don't know something with the red lights interval coming to with the red lights. Red Lights glowing thing in the Red Light District Nevada in America and everywhere else strippers stripping on the pool roles touching into other naughty bits as well the leaching assholes wax. Oh my good abilities does come to the veneer engine for the holidays do like it all seriousness though like like army. We're doing something. We're doing the brothel. God Yes oh my God. It's back the Bronco Crawl. It's awfully this the uh-huh is this. A first Are is I wanted a while. Okay because I was here last year and I don't remember it. So Yeah it's the holiday brothel crawl might turn into a new tradition. Yes there should be like. Yeah definitely a thing. Because that's really really cool. Yeah so what. Dates time is how it's Friday December thirteenth. It's next Friday. It starts at Bunny Ranch at seven. And that's from seven to nine a and then at Kit Kat from nine to ten and then love ranch is ten to eleven and then Sagebrush is eleven to twelve and we need some out dates for that. Because I really WanNa go so seriously. I think it's GonNa be a ton of fun every single year. We do different awful crawls. We've done Halloween crawls this year we got our Christmas Carol. Red Light holiday crawl all holiday inclusive by all means. You want to call your Kwanza crawler. You're you're crawling rolling mill. Everybody everything everyone. I'm so excited I feel like the holidays truly are just time to spread good energy stuff. Make the world's very marian bright like you're talking about how when you come into the house servants like Arias here in the vibes are so good everything's great and it's just like you have that energy really like lightens up the room. It's it's not often that it's like somebody has that about them. It's a very a rare trade and it's a beautiful thing. Yeah I don't know I just. I used to be very very shy when I was little and then once I got into high school I actually joined an all girls show choir group. God is this like pre or post glee show choir. It was like during been banana. Yeah like I was in show choir before Louis know what it is like. I was that nerd that night. We had like the stereotypical horrible. I head to toe sequined dresses back before for it to make it work make modern Yup. No be up there just man I will never forget a new Argentina in in this. Like Awful Maroon secoind my God with a Beret and the break up falling off it was. Oh my Gosh No. It was so unnecessary. I mean protests songs. Really don't need to be in that attire. No nuts so oh my gosh. You've got some great stories to. Oh Yeah I just I was in it for three years and you know we had like two or three different outfits you know so we had to have her hair done a certain way where makeup just all really really you had to look a certain way so and just like I was. I was performing on stage a lot. So dancing ally And then my junior or my my sophomore year. Actually I actually became a cheerleader. And I kind of like broke out of my shell and so now. I'm just very very bubbly in China. Britain everybody's Day so all right my dude. You're thinking this I'm thinking this to. Does this mean that we can do like sexy cheerleader. rollerblading rollerblading is. Yes always wanted to do it yet. Maybe you said like you've always wanted to as you haven't done it no I haven't done it yet. No some someone email her please do. Yes yes God. That's that's really honestly though. Yeah and then and after cheerleading. You know I got into pageants so I won Miss Personality in my pageants not shocked at all. I'M NOT GONNA Prize. Damn it's amazing too because you have such a gift in an energy but you knew shared so willingly and openly gusts is like how. How do you think you've connected with them and change their lives just like you know giving them the experience that they are well-deserved up every user visit? Everybody deserves that love and that connection you know when I get a client like even if it's just like I get them for thirty minutes. I want to build something with them so that way they do come back from more because I want to be there there Third Person Yes did a person however they want to define it gets up to you as to what relationship looks like but I feel like especially with repeat guests especially for those of us that have been here for multiple years. Great it truly is a unique type of relationship you have where oftentimes like I know. I text with my guest. How are you doing? How was your thanksgiving? Oh my God hang in there. I know your family's terrible right right ever it and we'll see you soon. Yes yes and it. Just it's amazing and I feel like I get so much out of that as well. Just so heartwarming to know that you made them a lot more happier than they were yesterday. So I love that. So yeah the conversion happiness from someone else's happiness exactly it's amazing and people think it's just about. Yeah I mean it can be if he wanted to be but other than though I mean by all means we can absolutely make it about excellent try all sorts of exotic and different things seem time. There's like a worm emotionality and this potential for just growth when it comes to self love. GotTa have that chemistry with that person's Are there any stories that stand out to you of someone that kind of like came to love themselves after an experience because I know so many people all struggle with that like that internal lies true salt except of yes. Yes I actually just. Recently the month of September I had a repeat guest came amen and see me almost every week like at least twice a week out of the whole entire month of September and with that being said he actually was the only one for the whole month and I got kitty of the month and so he was my repeat he's still comes and sees me every so often and he just he just fell in love insult. That's what I love about it and it's it's so nice to because you see the literal physical change in people from when they walk through the door with the nerves in the anxiety the sweaty palm. Yes it was funny like when it very first came on dislike super super nervous. He'd been emailing me but he didn't tell me that he was coming in. I took him on tour but I could just tell he was going on and then like it went from him being so nervous. That data literally literally like coming in. And saying where's Aria. I want to go sit at the bar with her. have a glass of wine. I WANNA Sing Karaoke. Like gets to know all the cashiers names and everything so love it love it love it. I love the holiday season in general. There's so many different things to do. Do you have any like holiday traditions traditions. That you enjoy well with me and my family. We do this thing every year at Thanksgiving. We draw a person's name out of the family and it's called think nothing of it and we basically GonNa make fun of a family member so I've a bubble but and so one year my cousin got me and she put bub-bubba on it and set up. Got Me bubble bathroom pop bubble but on it instead and there was a time that my uncle like ghost at us for the longest time in so they came back for Christmas one year and got him a milk carton. Martin insists had a picture of him and said if Lhasa android stolen come in the funny. So Oh my God. That's funny India deal. There's always a a parade in my hometown. But I was there last year for Christmas. And I probably won't be there this year for either. But I'll be here so let's make own family traditions together in your own little bedroom parade exactly. Yes definitely mall Santa Central Burma like. Oh my God. I don't know I guess the holidays for me. It is normally most years. It's like the time of year around like cookies and buy cookies. I mean like half of these are going to get baked half the Delon's up in a- as ever go without making cookies I thought you know now I have to do the stupid gluten free ones It's awful. It's really obnoxious. I keep having like on again off again really severe sensitivity is two things one day glibness fine in the next day. It's like wow. I just broke out in hives body while you're doing that's terrible okay. I guess I'm just not going to have gluten but like there's there's lots of good options that you're going to find the right stuff. Yes and you figure like a lot of the gluten free stuff also Vegan so I mean technically. It's better for you cookie Okeydoke. That's true very not I would hesitate for even second split. Like a whole thing could Seriously it was like I'm I'm the type of person where I do. Not like even off a piece of cookie dough I just open. Ida's eat off yet. Oh man so like last year. I did these lemon curd raspberry cookies. Oh my God so good. It's a it's a pretty darn good combination it. It worked out pretty well. It was like trying to do like a little thumbprint sugar cookie style and I wanted him to Kinda like stain. Glass a tiny little bit so what I had done in his. I had I baked it with the With the GEL in there okay so this way it came out and you kinda like just translucent. We see through it ever so absolutely and that's super cool. I'd like wanted to make them look like little like stained glass Christmas ornaments but they kind of got a little bit too much shoe but they still looked really knee and most importantly they tasted really freaking. Good oh my gosh got. We're talking about food so much. I'm hungry so works. Some they usually do together gas. Yes yes but even more importantly that's something that somebody should come and do for the holidays. Come and let you cook them like a holiday like definite row down down like what are we kicking Christmas Ham Christmas salmon salmon fine. It's shaken up new some sushi rolls. It actually made Sushi before. That would probably be a good idea. How a lot of fun right like there's A? There's a holiday tradition that I used to do when I was younger. We we would always go out for Chinese food on Christmas Day. Oh Wow was so fun facts. I'm Irish half my family. Emily is like Irish Roman Catholic. Okay but then like I have my family. That's also Jewish like this and they're like it's great redhead. Use the thing and so on Christmas. I guess this is like a stereotypical Jewish tradition to like go have Chinese food because every single year a we would cow and they they lived in Brooklyn and they lived in like the Jewish part of Brahma. Gosh Gosh so I mean we're talking like full on macos and tallied and it was. It was an experience. I got such a kick out of that how what is on way to spend. Yes Christmas showing different traditions and you figure to let it comes out here. They can bring their traditions and share about us. Like stocking stuffing right. Yeah I love to see what other people do rather than. Let's lake because you're so used to what you do so you're just like that's I've never heard of that before. Doing Chinese food sued on Christmas Day. That's your it's like the only please that's open. We're less like if you think about it. Chinese food places there lake think I mean they. Don't 'cause it's like it's like waffle house in the salaries they have the waffle house rating system for tornadoes by the way like tornadoes and hurricanes were like if the waffle house completely closes because they can operate on almost nothing like it is unbelievable unbelievable but you figure there's just so many different things to do to see an winter in Tahoe really is just has such a magical most definitely I mean like white Christmas guaranteed and even if you don't ski. Have you ever done snowmobiling no I I would love to do. That would be like the holiday gift to give you. It'd be like a fun. snowmobiling date so much like that is probably one of my favorite things because because two people are on the same one so you figure like he's in the front holding on nearly all build up their arms leaning right in your neck neck in you know what you're GonNa do as soon as you're not yet it's really fun and exhilarating and they stop at the top of the mountain for hot cocoa. Oh my gosh fall. It's beautiful you have to check it out. Let's do it yes. So how do people reach you. How do people find you follow? You spend spend time with you. You can obviously email at Mia. Are you Quinn. KICK AT WRENCH DOT COM. You can call the ranch. I also have a twitter Aria underscored Quinn and the number four. Yes yes yes as to myself you can always email me alice little at bunched up com. Good on my website. The ALLISON DOT com. Check me out on money. Ranjit website and of course you can always get to know any and all of the ladies on our message board. Yes yes yes most definitely yes and you can find that bunny. WRENCH DOT COM backslash forum. Yes it's great because you figure a lot of the ladies will share pictures sure so or or res Specials it's it's like a community space feel definitely it's like our own little digital version seven of the ranches so it's like a fun comfortable place to get to know and hang out with your waiting to come and have an amazing experience out here exactly. Oh yes most definitely yes. So it's like Oh my gosh. There's just there's so many different things I wanna do for the holiday. I want Chris Ness. Is You surrogate. Everyone thank you all so much for joining us for another episode of Bunny Ranch. podcast these share to like subscribe and give. That's a great little reading on whatever listening platform you're on and we will see you next week. It's beginning to look a lot like ooh on. How's Dell's dreaming of Sexy Charisma with girls below offs? Every don't for your strap on but uh-huh double-sided dildos ever turn on's maybe

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