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Episode #49: Direct Connections - Jonny Mopar (Part 1)

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Episode #49: Direct Connections - Jonny Mopar (Part 1)

"Welcome to episode number forty nine in another installment of direct connections returning to the show to talk mo parts with me for the third time as our friend. Johnny Mo par when Johnny. Nighthawk Mo- parts. We have a good time and sometimes we get a little amped up. So know that there is some colorful language in this episode that may be unsuitable for younger listeners or those sensitive to bad words. So without further ado if are. You are in the right place. Don't go anywhere. You're tuned into the best moment theseus driven podcast on planet Earth and I'm your host Chris Albrecht better known as the Mope one hundred and this is talking, Mo- pars direct connections. and. You're listening to talking. With the car hunter, your direct mention all things. Ladies and gentlemen. Once again for direct connections, we have our friend Johnny moped. This is the third time Johnny's been on the show Johnny. It's always a pleasure to have you on the show buddy how you doing. I'm doing really good Chris and yourself. I'm doing great man. You know just hanging in there we got wildfires all over the west coast right now. So air quality is poor but in the in the studio here we're doing. Okay. So Perfect for an episode of talking mopus direct connections with Johnny Marr once again. Now. Johnny you and I were just talking off air about. The Ram chargers and something unique about him that I didn't know about. Tell us kappa. So. Probably, about eleven years ago when I bought my duster I'm trying Oh. This guy was he reclaimed bumpers and he was up in the high desert area down here in southern California. Anyway I took my roadrunner bumpers, Mike Cornet Bumpers, and my seventy to charge to him to get recruit and then. Long Story. Short we be assing he added duster there. That was just a shell. I won't get into that story. We'll save that for another time, but I bought this dust off of them. But something else he and he had a lot of cool stuff. He had like himmy roadrunners, GT axes like this guy had. The bomb stuff the good stuff right because if I desert. I think it was A. That was Palmdale. Yeah. Somewhere around there. But Yeah. He had a lot of cool stuff tons and tons of stuff in a lot of restored cars really Nice high-dollar stuff. Yeah. He had a three forty Barracuda formula s you would have liked. Nice. Yeah, and it over in the corner he had He had ramp charger now. I think I don't remember it correctly. 'cause I thought it was a seventy nine and this ramp charger is a pop top. They call them pop top Ram charges but they're called half doors called pillar Louis basically the door frame instead of going all the way round the door glass it's it's not there is no frame around the door glass it that top half basically the top of the door frame and the back portion that it almost looks like somebody did it out of their garage, they cut it off of the door and then welded into the roof of the removable top for the Ram chargers. So. Basically, when you pull the top off of these things, it looks like a convertible it just has the windshield, the little wing window, and then there is no door frame around it just wide open all the way through the truck. So it's pretty cool. Yeah. He was telling me how rare these things were and. I thought man I was like, wow, I've never seen one. It was a pretty cool. Pretty cool thing to see and then. You know when we talk we've come up with a couple of Trivia things and I thought man that's a cool thing to talk about I had thought of it. So I wrote down in my phone and then I, think last time we talked we were Talking about doing the tin grills or are maybe we're talking about trucks I don't know what it was but I I was thinking, okay i WanNa talk about this next time we talk. And then this Guy Patrick grissom. He posted a seventy nine dodge ram charger but the thing was a two will drive like dropped really low and it had no doorframes and I thought Oh. Because I had never seen one of these trucks in real life other than this one, the guy got the dust from. and. I never seen one even on. Until this guy posted his. So of course I hit them up like. GotTa tell me about these things because I was thinking. Low production they do it certain years or whatever because I had thought it was seventy nine that I had seen and then seeing his which was a seventy nine and then I went online and I was trying to look at pictures and you see some with seventy three grills seventy, two, seventy, three grills you know it's kind of all over the map but you know how easy it is for those trucks to swap grills around on you kind of have whatever you want you know. So I. Hit him up and he he claims he's not much of an expert on them but this guy knows way more than I do and I think he had three of them. So he knows quite a bit but he was telling me that they made those trucks. It was a seventy four only and it was from January. to May is the only time they made those trucks. So if you see one, that's got a grill other than a seventy, four grill, it's it's been re grilled basically. Pretty Awesome truck and the reason I wanted to talk about details. We talked Last time you were talking about how wide the MO- par you know genre is you know from turbo four cylinders, two cars from the fifties and the Max Wedges, and you know you wanna hit on every one of these of subculture John Genres of Mo- par and. I think the dodgers are. The dodge trucks are probably one of the. Most unappreciated trucks as far as the general population you know as far as people out there like see tends. F one, hundred's they got really popular even even the sweat lines it seems like the swap lines have gotten really popular, I mean. In my day, those were the ugly ducklings. Nobody will touch swept line. You could get those trucks all day long for a hundred bucks or less you know and. The Tin, the tin grills, they just still haven't really come into the spotlight in my opinion. You know. I mean there's definitely a subculture out there where you know you and I are on. The Tin Grill Group in it's like these guys are all core and they love the trucks of course. But as far as the general public, it's still has yet to. The light has yet to be shown on them but. So anyway I thought. How cool. Would it be to talk about the TIN grills Story so offered. 'em Talk about that ramp charger. Rare nece. Get into my, power wagon. Yeah, you know the thing about dodge trucks. That I've come to realize that. Compared to Chevys and fords the production numbers were just so much lower and I think that has a lot to do with it because. I mean for every. Ten F one hundreds or F. One fifties or you know Chevy see or s tens. You know UC one, dodge you know as far as ten grills and even the plastic grills Would you say that called the first Jen's? Yeah. Would you say that? Are you saying that today like? For every ten see tends you see see one ten grill in today's time. Yeah. I would be I would actually bet on if you looked at the production numbers for, let's just say. The nineteen seventies from at least ten girls it would be seventy to eighty I. think if you compare that to the Chevy production numbers or even the Ford production numbers I bet you. They were I mean tens of loans maybe even hundreds of thousands less so. I mean. I think it has a lot to do with availability to be honest. I. It's hard to say because I think you're probably right because just when you look at the muscle cars themselves, I mean I made so much fewer Mo- parts than Chevys and fords general but I mean. It I and I definitely agree with you today if you even see a ten grill, like you'll see ten see tans and another F one, another tenth f one hundreds before you see another ten grill, you know but as a kid dude, I could tell you. Like, you couldn't drive a block without seeing a tint grill part somewhere somebody's driveway or in front of the House and I mean I would say, probably you're older school guys you know like my age and older probably remember them. But yeah, like my GRANDPA had one my my neighbors, my friends parents had one. And yet they were do they were everywhere but I'll tell you like when I started really getting into Mo- pars and carrying like I never really got into the numbers, the rare stuff, per se I. Never I just never had one and I never expected to Ford one because they were already starting to go up in value. In the nineties. They were already there always always out of reach. It's like the more money I made the more expensive they got I could could never really get to him. You know for but I distinctly remember driving through Riverside one day and seeing a spirit of seventy six tin grow. So. It was it was cool. So I knew the truck I knew they existed and I thought Oh man that is cool. But did this truck was A landscapers truck and this truck was put through the ringer like two or three times I. Mean it was hammered. There was not a straight panel on his truck all the way around it it was just. Dented Dean bent scraped I mean it was hammered and that is very typical. What I remember as a kid to like dodge trucks were worked trucks nobody nobody drove them because it was like, Hey, I mean there was probably a few guys but. Most of them were like I bought this truck to put to work nobody bottom to you know make them look pretty and lower or you know. Maybe raise them. You know it they just. Yeah there there was few customisations that I remember as a kid they were all work trucks. And I think that carried through all the way through the nineties and stuff. So you know maybe in the nineties started seeing guys. Kind of retro like that's cool. Let me fix it up. You know but. The. One big problem. I've seen in ten girl community and everybody who owns one can attest to this, and that's that the aftermarket support just isn't there and that's Why I believe that the production numbers were just so astronomically higher for Ford's and Chevy's that that is one of the reasons why is because so many people have those trucks versus Tim grills or other dodge trucks that you know the demand for the parts just wasn't there. But yeah, you know eventually they caught back on at least with. People that are outside the Mo- parsing are starting to get into the Mope Pars just because of the trucks, I've seen plenty of people that they're I mo par is a truck which I think is cool and you know swept lines they've been getting really popular on the show circuit and I think tim grills are next When you look at communities of see ten enthusiasts, they're huge and you know I've been on the ten girl page for Gosh. Two or three I think three years now. But I've I've been watching that grow like crazy and I'm like. We're onto something here is pretty cool. So. Yeah, I think it. All it needs is like a chip foods or akin dig it or like I would love to see the Martin Brothers do attend grill man I mean I like I like the way they built car so. Slammed truck with big wheels talked and everything with maybe like a hell of finit. Be Perfect. You know you're talking about builders and stuff. 'cause I've thought the ring brothers because they did that. The MC I think it was a javelin. They did the Javelin with the hell cat in it and it opened a lot of people's eyes to those. AMC's unfortunately those are even harder to find parts for for Then ten girls you know what I mean. Definitely. But I think I think I'll go ahead. I was GonNa say I think you're onto something there I think that if more. Influential builders start getting their hands on these trucks and because a lot of those guys are just you know they're fabricators. So it doesn't matter what's available in the aftermarket they'll make it. So I think it's just it's just GonNa take one of those guys to build an off the wall tin grill to really blow everything up and to that I'll say, hey, everybody out there get your ten girls now because as soon as as soon as that seen blows, the prices are going to go right up. So absolutely I'm glad I got mine hold onto it. Yeah. I think I think the pivot point for the the sweat line was gas monkey garage did that one you know they screwed it up within ls motor but you know and I'm sure that pissed off a Lotta guys but No Right. Do I don't know if he was sponsored back then? It doesn't seem that long ago, but it was quite a while ago and I. It seems to me like just thinking back then prior to that. Swept Lines were still not very mainstream are very popular nobody build them over the top you know then that happened and. Now. You started seeing swept lines pop up all over the place. It's like, yeah there are very unique truck you know and they really stand out in a car show. You're not going to have ten swept lines lined up next to each other. You're probably going to be the only one. You know maybe there'll be another one that's bone or something you know. Well now that holly offers the swap kits for the ten grills for modern, Hemingway's that to me you know. That says a lot about how the aftermarket is looking at those trucks I. Think they're testing the water. So if anybody's interested in that swap, go out by those mount kits because as soon as we show them that there is a demand more parts are gonNA come out. So that's looking forward to. It I don't know how everybody else comes down on this. But like I'm kind of an old school guy like for me. Be bodies are really coveted to me and I I like the old motors, those cars like it's got to be a big block. It's gotta stay old school I can't. I. Can't have a modern him in that I. IF I had an e body, I would tolerate a modern himmy in that more than I would a be body. So it's just that's just me. But when it comes to trucks man like they were, they were never like you're not going to. Get a truck with him in it or six pack in it. It's like that cars that trucks coveted and you can't do that modern or customization stuff. It's like, no, it's for me. It's sort of my release for customisations. It's like mad blank canvas when it comes to a grill like there is no sacrilege you can't. You can't do anything to them and screw it up everything you're going to do to it is GonNa make it more awesome more bad, ass. And like the more custom, you make it the better so I if I had the money I, I would. I would totally put you know I. Don't know if I'd put be able to afford health but. Pretty Nice you know. But. I would put a modern him in a drive train or that drive train into an old tin grill like no problem I wouldn't have any trouble doing that. Yeah I know exactly where you're coming from when you talk about be bodies. Why but I of feel the same way I would feel weird if I had like. I don't know sixty nine superbeing like I'm going to put a modern Hemi in I would be weird about it. I mean, that's still do it. Don't get me wrong but. There is that idea of Gosh. It would be cool to have four, forty six pack in it or something but you know I said on a podcast or two ago. I forget exactly what I said it, but I talked about doing. A modern iteration of a twelve. With a modern Hemi but the six pack fuel injection. Yeah I thought that would be pretty cool but. You know if if I had that would be for a car that wasn't numbers matching or was so far away from the original that a nowy restoration on it would kind of be out of the out of the picture. So I get crazy with something then but you know I wouldn't butcher a relay twelve with. Now Modern Hemi or anything like that. But I get exactly you're saying with the trucks. Trucks always seemed that way you know with sport trucks and like if you look at any of the Take Hot rod magazine from the will say late seventies, early eighties and take truck in magazine from the late seventies, early eighties, and you will see the stark differences between the two types of enthusiasts that build those vehicles the trucks it seems like it's always been. An open, like you're saying open canvas and it was the same thing with vans, you know I had to sneak vans in there somehow. But like look at advance, and you know the interesting thing about vans and I'll say this and we'll get back to girls is that the more I research the transfrom back then the more I realized, they were trying to blend two different worlds because they got a lot of the custom truck stuff like the crazy paying jobs and things like that, and they blended it with the performance aspect of the muscle car stuff because a lot of the criticism that vans were taking were that while they're not hot rods, vans, people were still building the you know the three ATM or some of them even came with a big blocks, which is cool but. It's it's definitely interesting to see because when I look at the late seventies or the mid to late seventies and I, look at some of the trucks from back then they were kind of wild. You know when people customizing him so That's all I'll say about bands for now we'll get our later. So Nice. So tell us Johnny tell us about your first ten grill your first foray into ten grills alright. Well, it goes back to the beginning So you know, I, told you the story of my, my sixty eight charger. Yes. You know and how spotted it I spotted it riding the school bus in seeing the car Ra-, flying over a Knoll, right Well I spotted this power wagon. The same way it wasn't as hidden as the charger was, and it was closer to the street than the charger was, but it was in some guy's backyard and this guy was right on this main road that the school bus drove down. So writing on the school bus and I could see the truck plain as day and it looks cool. You know the thing is lifted. It's got tires on it four by four short bed and it's like man that things. Awesome. So And obviously, this is close to where my parents live. So I graduate high school in one thousand nine, hundred ninety I'm still living with my parents and I'm driving by that truck all the time you know and it's just like I. Know There's a lot of guys that will relate to this. It's like a freaking worm that gets implanted in your brain and it just like every time you drive by it's there and it just eats at you eats at you it eats at you and eventually like I can't take it anymore. Even, if the Guy Slams the door on my face and says, no, at least you know right I can move on with life you know and leave this behind me so. So the truck was really cool looking in I thought man, it'd be cool to have a truck. And of course, it's got to be a dodge. So a knock on the door one day. So this was. Probably, around nine hundred, ninety, one probably about a year after high school I knock on the door and ask if it's for sale and The truck had obviously been sitting there few years because I've seen it riding the school bus you know. I was driving to high school when I was seventeen or sixteen. So there's the school bus. was. A sophomore than when I was a junior I was driving a senior driving or at least halfway through the junior year but So it'd been sitting long time. Nothing's been happening to the truck. So I. You know it's not like they're driving it and there's probably something wrong with it. So I knock on the door and I, think it was an uncle's or something like that and they had a check and then I come back later you know a few days later. Yeah, he'll sell it but he wants three hundred Bucks Berm Mike Burger on the price firm. This is one thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, one, three, hundred bucks worth. Money. You could buy a house with three hundred bucks. Chris. Just. Kidding. So so yeah. So three hundred bucks. I can't even remember how I got this thing home I think either my dad helped me through chain around drug at home because it was it was a few miles to three miles from my parents house. Maybe my buddy helped me I. Just I don't remember it's been so long ago you know. But you know and I didn't. Coming up with three hundred bucks back. Then was way harder than it is. Now you know. So it took me a while to have the the money to do it. So? anyways. Drag this thing home and pulled it apart. You know motor dust. I I I had my friend of mine. His parents had some rental properties and he's like, Hey, we should all get together and house together so like. Two other friends and myself we ran this house and I'm like I got to be able to bring my sixty eight charger over to work on it and and the truck the truck was in the driveway I'm working on it and the car was in the garage. Working on it here and there. I put this motor together. And I had bought a used four barrel intake manifold thought command. This is cool. You know I don't remember what I paid for like forty bucks or twenty bucks something. But somebody had unfortunately for me somebody had it was on a racing motor and somebody had decked the are or surface the heads and change the angle of the heads to the blog. And then they cut the intake manifold to match right but. You know who knows who did it and when. When I bought this thing at a swap me it was like. Nobody there's no information on it. I. Didn't know there was any problem with the intake manifold or those angles had been changed. So I put this thing on the top of my motor that I just spent all this money rebuilding. Go to fire it up. It sounds bitch and for a few seconds and it's like this things running like crap man I mean. I'm like what the hell and each the more throttle you give. It just sounds more and more sick. You know it it would idle but since you give throttle sounded awesome for second and then. My what the hell man couldn't couldn't understand it. You know you're going through everything the carburetor, the distributor, the plugs like. What the Hell's wrong with this thing. and. I think I tried to start it again it just wouldn't start anymore it will wouldn't run. Shit. So I think I just To the fact that I'm going to have to pull this motor part like something went wrong inside the engine and. First thing I did was I put a pan under it to drain the oil and the oil was coming out like water I mean it was so thin and you could just smell the gas you know. I'm like aw dude. How how do you get gas in the crank as you know? So Pull carb police intake, and then you can see 'cause it's a small block. It's got the I had like Felpro type gaskets on it. You could see the impressions were the intake with squishing against the head on the top of the gasket and on the bottom nothing like they were just it was so loose that gas it was all wet with gas gas was down by the lifters I mean it was just. It was bad and pulled the motor backout polit- apart. And, all the Pistons just had like all these melted lines on them, where the friction of the gasoline between the cylinders, a piston had just melted into the Piston. So it ruins, the Pistons. Cylinders were still good. You know. So luckily, all my machine work was okay. So had to buy new set of Pistons and rings and I had to start all over on it which when you're broke and you're just starting off, you're not making very much money. That's that's a hell of a lesson to learn you know. But. Anyway I put a four fifty, five, lift three, forty cam in it. You know purple. Shaft, Cam. I love those camps. Those cams are great for the street and I don't think I've ever heard. About the purple cams to be on now. I. Love that thing when I fired that thing up after I fixed everything I'll man it sounded like a freak top fuel car the headers were just you know hanging below the truck and I didn't have exhaust yet but the things just cackling like crazy. Man. That's pretty awesome. It's a relatively small cam you know compared to. Some of the bigger camps out there But yeah that that truck ran real good. It ran heart. So that little eighteen put in some work for me. Over the years. How long did you have? I think I had that truck. It was probably around eight years or so eight or nine years. Yeah. It went. Went through quite a bit with that truck clearly, it was on the outer ring of the circle and fortunately unfortunate. Well, you know back then. Dude. I mean, even though three hundred bucks was a lot of money back then it was just. Dodge trucks were way more worthless back then than the art today Shush. Don't say sorry. For All those guys shopping. That's good. That's bad. So how many ten girls have you had? So I had that one I had my seventy nine which I was taking to the track and playing with. was that the purple one that was the other purple on. ME AND I. Ones if got. Okay. So. I. Had you the Power Wagon when I? Pulled the motor out the first time I had jammed at all plum crazy purple. Purple on this thing because I, I just really love that color. and. Yeah it was pretty is pretty cool because it was like, do you stand out in power wagon plum crazy purple power wagon. It's like. Everybody. Knows who you are. It I I had jammed. I. Got the motor running in it stuff than primary the whole truck and then later on me and my buddy, we just were out there like outside you know bugs flying all over the place and just ch- painting the thing. Plum crazy purple. Wasn't a great paint job, but it's still for me. It was it was perfect for what I was doing 'cause it was just a thrasher truck. anyways you know. So you had a power wagon in Yahoo. Wheel. Drive that you took to the track. Yes, and then I had. had the seventy six which my buddy. Used to be my buddy, Dennis is truck and then I bought it and then he bought it back and then I bought it back and now he's got it now. and then I have the power wagon I have now, which is seventy, nine, four by four. And the parts truck we won't count but four or five, and then I had a seventy. Six Six six or seven at the verticals in the grill. side markers are turn signals and I sold that to my friends and Denmark. So in. Yeah Yeah. I have some friends from Denmark. They're they're huge gear heads. So the Andersons, yeah, Fleming and Charlotte. So they're in grill in Denmark right now. There's A Johnny Mo partition grill, but there's also my buddy at black had a seventy three I think long bed. To wheel drive with a four hundred in it they bought that truck to. So they have there's others at least ten out there. I've you know that's one thing I'll say about talking parts I get a lot of messages from people in other countries and the Mo par followings in those other countries. I mean they're just as loyal as here. It's pretty cool. Yeah, I didn't. I. Didn't realize it. I? Didn't especially Australia is. There really huge about Mo- parts because they have all those crazy Mo- party. You don't see in the states that we didn't get. So yeah, that's pretty cool I. Wanna I WANNA dive deeper more into that stuff Yeah I mean I think you're GONNA be. You start getting on. Yeah. Hit all these genres I mean you're GonNa, you got a lifetime supply of shows I think between the crazy and stuff that they got down down under a hand you know Brazil, they have those are easy chargers that are like. A bodies, but they have like subtle. Hints of the charger like the window in the back and the the grill's on those things they're off I could find a way to import one of those chargers to the United States. I would absolutely love to do that. I just don't know how to go about it have to look into it because they're just so cool. I. I saw one I was like what in the hell is that and then I'm like charger what the? And? You know they have so many variations of models that they have in other parts of the world is just it's crazy. So I can't wait to dive into that because I really know nothing about him I. Know I mean a little bit but right it's i. just think it's pretty cool that they carried a lot of that. You know sixty, seven through sixty, nine, a body like Dart specifically body style through like the late seventies or the yet delay seventies, which is crazy to me like the one of saw was a seventy six and I was like Gosh that you know. If You show that to somebody that really wasn't too into the MO- par world and he said Oh, there's a sixty nine dodge dart it's customized they probably won't even question you. How similar they are. So they're pretty cool but back to your ten grills. So you sold a couple to some guys in Denmark or yes. All Yours and your buddy sold his. You've posted pictures of the two wheel drive the purple in that you took to the track I wanNA know I wanna know more about that. Oh. Okay Well I had. I think I was on Classic car trader I think is where that when popped up and it was just a bone stock stock high but it was a short bed one hundred out in. Think it's called Anza. Anza out here. So it's it's sort of like out in the hills. You know a little it's very rural that is so I I go out there I think the truck was. The Guy was asking like twelve hundred bucks in a had. Seven inch rims are six and a half inch rims on it. So there are a little wider you know, and then it had dog dish hubcaps on it. The rooms were painted silver. It was a very grandpa looking truck, but it had a rack on it. So again, the somebody was using this truck to work with. So. I drive out there and I offered the Guy Thousand box and Bought it for thousand bucks. Drove a bag. My buddy was just like, what are you? What are you doing this fucking thing you know? Oh. Sorry. For that bomb you'd have to. I try not to cuss so much too but I just keep. My tongue, every episode. Trust me. Guys, who is if he saw what edited out of my podcast when I'm by myself? I. Should I should have put together a blooper reel I think that'd be funny because I say some. Stuff. PODCAST is really an hour long, but it had to cut it down to a half hour sometimes that actually does have sometimes I'll be talking about project of the week and I'll be like talking good about it, and then I'll just go off on this. Go you know what? Actually this is a piece of Shit I don't even know. What am I doing here? So back off and I just delete that and I go back and I'm like now we can't be that hard on these cars. But. Hey. With that ten grow what it wasn't purple when you got it. Now. I was Brown. Okay. It was Brown and had missing trim on it and even back then you couldn't. They had so many variations of the trim on those trucks. It's not like you could go to the bone yard. If you did, you would find one that didn't have your tram. It had the other trim. You know. So I just took all the trim off of it and ground all the rivets off of it other studs or whatever and. Yeah, I remember I had I think this was. Around two thousand. Well I should back up. I. Got My Buddy John John Jones who used to own general mayhem before me right And he dropped the truck for me. So he did the axel flip in the back and he had cut the springs upfront. You know he he actually lowered or he shortened the lower control arms to get the wheels straight. So it was fine as long as trump truck was going straight, but it really did screw up the geometry when that truck going around the corner. Forget it was it was sketchy. So I never I never would go fast cornering. Straight. But my buddy. Got Me into drag racing down there at qualcomm in San. Diego and I just bought a oa-to quad cab dodge. You big truck Bohemia and. I was like, well, you know I'll take that I and it went like. It was eleven seconds in the eight which is. Crazy slow. But even doing that like my first time racing, you know you're all nervous and like jittery and stuff and. And then I started bringing a truck out not play with the truck and I would. Do little tweaks to it's like all right. Let me ditch the the front bumper to get it lighter and get rid of the sway bar up front. Let me you know I took the. took the rear tire out at one point but I think it did better with the tire in extra weight in the back you know. Put Drag shocks on it competition engineering adjustable shocks like ninety tens upfront. Seven seven, thirty in the back. But yeah, the truck was it was a three sixty with three teen heads on it. So the thing was like a torque monster. So out of the whole like this truck with just torque up I, mean the shocks being loose upfront and squatting in the back the thing would just come out of the whole like it was crazy fast you know it was very intimidating. It looked way more wicked than it was, and then it would just you know sixty foot flat fall flat on its face because the heads we just had small ports you know eighteen. So but I had a lot of fun with that and that that at qualcomm it was just mostly streetcars there was some race cars but mostly streetcars. So you can you have a good time and you kind of start to figure out pretty quick like who's in your ballpark and then you guys Kinda Kinda Congregate Start Hey man you wanna race you know. So like grandma grudge racing type stuff. Yeah. Yeah and I don't. Think. I might have told the story online or facebook but. Yeah, there was one day I was there and there was this guy with the swept line and he had a four forty in it. and. I asked if he wanted to race in, he's like he's like, no, he didn't. WanNa raise me because he was so intimidated by how my truck my truck would launch. It looked freaking crazy. You know the the left would lift up. It didn't the tired income off the ground, but you could just see the front left corner of the truck is just like in the sky you know in the right rear corner, the trucks just squatting and the When I had the spare tire under the bed. There's like this long stud you know there's that strap that goes underneath the spare tire and there's a stud goes through it, and then that Stud because a truck was so low, it would hit the ground in throw sparks. So it just looked it looked crazy. You know. So you wouldn't raise me and then his mom was there is he was a young guy. Of, course, I was younger back then too. But some his mom comes by and she's like, that's my son in that that White Dodge truck. You guys should race and I go I I asked him to race. I go. That'd be pretty cool. She's like, yeah, that'd be cool to dodgers is going down the track and I'm like, yeah tell them all racism if he wants to do it so she had to twist his arm to get him to race me to on the ground balls and get out there. Right? So we get out there and I was pretty I was cutting pretty good lights back. Then especially there it's like when you have just general public people out there they cut terrible lights you know and. I think with intimidation he was a little intimidated and nervous, but I dropped a perfect light. So I treat them big time. Right and I get like I'd say at least half a truck length on him before he he finally. Is Moving so. About Sixty foot or so I'm done you know my I have no top end. No more horsepower thing was making like three hundred horse. So it was just it was all out of the hole, and then after that, it was just you're just cruising to the finish line. You know it sounds good but it's just not making tons of power. Well, his four forty you know he's just starting to come in come alive now and then he's just bull pulling me in. So we get to the finish line and I take him by like a bumper I mean it is it is a sliver I beat him so. It was like we get back and I'm like, yeah. Everybody's high fiving you and stuff and it was it was pretty awesome is pretty epic. And then because it was a close race, you know and. He wanted a rematch and I said, yeah, sure. I'll rematch you and then of course now he knew because now he knew how fast his truck was compared to mine. He knew he was faster than me he left him. He he left yellow. He did you hit a much better light the second time around, and then he just he he beat me by like offender. So yeah well, that's came on. You may have changed that Kid's life right there. May he might still be racing going? You know one time this guy called me out. He's on the top fuel circuit now. Imagine I'm on his mom going up to him like don't be such a pussy get out there. Okay. Drive for you right right and then he loses and he's like mom I told. You. Met You force him to go back out. He's like leave on the last night. Low Right Now. That is funny. So that truck was your first vehicle that you were taken to the track aside from your own but that was the that was what Gotcha drag racing. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Cool. Yeah. It was just a street race stuff you know like the Friday night you know Test and tune or street legal street racing dachshunds. QUALCOMM was it a legit tracker is something they set up on the weekends or? Not that I'm trying to envision it in my head. It it used to be the the San Diego chargers used to play football there. It's like a really old football stadium. I. Think they were long gone. They moved I. Think. I don't know if they went to different stadium in San Diego and then before they left San Diego. But and I WANNA say the Padres were the baseball team played there as well. But they would do all kinds it was. It was just like a place. You do a lot of events at. And they would set up the parking lot On the side of their of the on the side of the stadium basically. So you're erasing the the main street in front of it is called Friars road you were racing towards road and. The shutdown area you'd actually kinda going uphill towards that road. So it's kind of Nice to slow you down, but the track sucked. It was not like a know type thing y'know totally know prep. Totally. So. I I talk about my roadrunner, how it ran. When I ran my roadrunner there it would run an eight six in the eight. and. Then when I took the car to Qualcomm, didn't do any changes to Iran eight one. Second. Yeah, you were saying something about. Yeah. Tell tells you the difference between the track quality? I mean, my car had problems with hooking up. anyways but. Definitely the track was a big factor interesting but but yeah so. Back, to the power wagon. So Let's see. I've got the motor. I painted plum crazy purple. Is just like. One of those things it's like a one of those life trucks you know it kind of teaches you about life I guess. I. Remember. Driving one day and I lost the brakes on that truck like this is the old school woes that we used to go through way back in the day it doesn't like new cars have these kinds of issues like people don't drive. They don't put their their lives in the hands of their vehicles are or maybe they do. But the vehicles are just so much more safer nowadays than back then you know but I remember driving this thing. and. Coming up to an intersection and there's like three cars stacked up you know to the light. And I'm hitting the brakes and there is nothing there it's. Breaks are gone and I'm you know I'm probably at least doing like fifty or fifty five or so I'm like holy crap I mean it scares the crap out of you and you have zero breaks and there's a stopped car in front of you. So I'm like pumping pumping and it's starting to slow a little bit but it's not the brakes are not grabbing. So I had to throw the truck into the ditch I went into a ditch and through Bob wire fence scratch the whole side of the truck you know but and then. You know had to clean my shorts and. Basically. Lymph the thing home at like twenty miles an hour. So you know I couldn't get into too much trouble I can stopped thing or peel off the road if I had to. then there was another time, the breaks were good. But this was destruc- was drum brakes all the way around and. Good so Good. It did okay. But there, there was this. In this kind of segues into my buddies truck, my buddy, my good friend Eric, he had bought seventy four power wagon and it was like black primer. So the trucks were like very similar to each other. His was lifted. He had a big old like dukes of Hazzard push bar on the front of his truck. You know this big battering ram looking thing but We were going we're going to this party out in the Wonga. It was sort of like a it's like a big open area you know and my other buddy todd had the idea of like, let's let's set up some volleyball nets between the two trucks. So he like built these. Two by fours whatever sticking out of the bed. So the truck and put a volleyball net between them was. Kinda cool. But those guys were already there. I was meeting up with them and I never been out there before and it's like the roads are very hilly and wind -I in stuff you know. Some driving through there and not thinking anything of it because I've never other than losing the brakes and never had any problems with stopping the truck you know. Going through there and you're having to work the brakes, hit corners and hills all that. There's a jeep in front of me. And These guys were like just sort of. Seeing you know out for a Sunday drive type of thing, and they're going down this hill and I'm coming in behind him and I'm like I'm hitting the brakes and the brakes went through total brake fade. They were just they were engaging i. feel it my foot on the pedal and I could feel the pressure you know but the truck was not. And I mean I'm like Holy Shit. I wasn't even tailgating, but they were going so slow and it was to that moment where you just like. I'm going to hit them like we're GONNA touch. It's GonNa be impact. Right. The Guy looks at his rear view mirror and sees me and then floors it. Actually got out of my way. And I was like Oh God. Who've and so after that, I slowed down, slowed way down they ended up going to the same party. Like they came over because we had the truck set up. Playing volleyball and stuff and they came over. Hey we you were behind us coming down the hill where we're in the jeep. Almost, sorry I was not trying to tailgates you or anything and they're like, no, we figured you probably had brake fade or something and we figured he'd get on get the hell out of your way. So. I was pretty A. Pretty funny. But Yeah we. We would screw around we would my buddies and I 'cause. Where we're at now it's It's more populated now than it was in the ninety s, it was more rural back. Then it's SORTA rural now, but it's way rural back then. So we would you know load up with beer and stuff like that. Go out to the hills and go four by and you know do stupid stuff. And I remember with that three, Forty Cam in that truck. We were hauling just. I Mean Fun Way Fund and came over the crest of this hill and the truck was so big like so high when you're kind of going up and over, you can't see over the hood I have no idea what's on the other side To. Come up over the other side and there was a a Rut that had opened up and it was sort of like you go up and down. So the from the rain disrupt had developed and it was huge and the left front tyre just fell into it and I remember I'm holding the steering wheel and the steering wheel just. It just spun in my hands like eight eight Yankee there's no stopping it. You know it's like holy. Crap. The truck. Comes to. Arrest. The left the left rear tire. 'cause a truck is like this left retires completely off the ground by you know. Six inches to a foot. I'm like Oh. Gosh. How do we? How do we get out of here right? I should say the trucks of four by four. So, one of the problems with my truck was leaked oil really bad I don't remember if it was the pan or the rare main. Oil and right where it would drip down it would hit the front driveshaft to the front differential and it would the oil would wash out the grease out of the bearings and it would tear up the joint. So I got tired. I changed it a couple of times and it's like man it's wiping it out so fast I just left it out. So I basically had this lifted truck that was two wheel drive. So here we are stuck. In the left rear tire off the ground, you know, no four wheel drive like what are we going to do? So. I'm in the truck you know we get out we're looking at it and right we're all going to get into the truck and put some weight on that side, and then I'm GonNa, Punch it, and try to get out. And my buddy todd had climbed up that tire and he was standing on 'cause the easiest way to get in the bed of the truck was up the tires, right? On the rim instead on top of the tire, and then you go over the bed. So he's standing on the tire and he said. Whatever you do don't punch it. But all I heard was punch it. So he's standing on this tire. Boom I punch it, he goes fly. Other Buddies Scott is like WHOA WHOA stop. Like what? You. You just launch todd that way you know just kill Todd. You talk you'll todd. He's all pissed off. Lane in the dirt now you know. Slight. Sorry. Man I thought you said Pudgy I say don't punch it. So. So that was one of the nights. Bent the rims. So we're we're we're driving back like cocoon you know. All the way home. Some other night we We got flat tires out there and. And it was crazy 'cause a truck was pretty loud and I think it probably the collector gaskets probably blew out on it and I just drove it anyways and We get these flat tires and limped the trunk the truck home. We get home in like on a say half hour to an hour later something like that. Some guys knocking on my buddies store, right? Like what the hell so we go outside in this is there with a freaking thing it was a shotgun and he's got his wife and he's got his his daughter. and. He's like Oh you guys doing out there on my property. The Hell? On like. No we were we we're just four buying and got a flat tax. So he had the tire was so you know it was flat and it was it would leave on the dirt ground like it would kind of this trail you know. So it was obvious where you could just follow that and it took you all the way to the truck which was in next to my buddy's house. So. It was like Holy Shit this guy got a frigging shotgun he's threatening us. And he's like you guys still off my property blah. Blah Blah you know my I didn't know at the time but my buddy, he had a gun he had a gun in his like his back and he was like. He said Dude if he if he pulled up on that shotgun, I was gonNA shoot his ass home. You never did he always kept it kind of like pointed to aside you know and then it turns out my buddy todd knew the girl like to high school together and he was like, Oh, I don't remember her name, but you know are you Is that you such and such and she's like, yeah, and you know and it's like. He's like look I know your daughter and I'm not. We're not screwing around. We're not stealing stuff or you know whatever we're just out four buying the guy finally calmed down but I think he was a tweaker I think he was like on something and is just like super paranoid that you know people are coming through their property in the truck was so loud. So I was probably really far from his house, but it sounded much closer because the truck was so loud and then you're out in the hills like sound carries pretty far out there you now. So that was A. That was a crazy night. How about all the Times you knocked on doors to buy cars united shock and pulled. Out some fun trying to kill my buddy todd, you know. Yeah I exactly. Only. God. That's crazy man. So yeah let's let's. Out of those out of those ten girls when you took to the track when you went in with which was. Which one did you like more? All man that's a tough question because I they were. We're talking to apart. Wow. You know. I I can't I can't answer that. Honestly they are. I had so much fun with both trucks at opposite ends of the spectrum. Is. Totally, different experiences, and then you know with of the power wagon, my age really young and we were doing stupid stuff like I said, you know we were we'd get drunk and go out there who we would drink and go out into the hills and just go thrash on the truck you know and have a good time. And The the drag racing with you know with the lowered one was just. A whole different kind of fun you know. So I was older when I did that. So it's like. If you would reverse them I'd probably wouldn't appreciate them as much. You know. So I don't know. I I would probably say. If I had to pick. If you force me, I'm going to go with the power wagon. Yeah, probably. Yeah. It's probably more fun more more epic. You know sounds like it. Yeah Yeah so I'll get right into the the big story. Yes. Okay. I was going to ask you about this, but I wanted you to lead us there. So go ahead. Yeah I think we're there I think we're there now it's time. Thanks for joining Johnny Moped Night Today on the show for part one part two will be out next week. So be on the lookout for that I. Know I left you at a cliffhanger. The next story is crazy I can't wait for you guys to hear that. So tune in next week, it's always a great time talking motorcars with Johnny as usual I did want address a couple of things before we go on Friday just before Johnny I started recording I dropped a post on the Mo- par Hunter facebook page giving. Listeners a chance to drop a question or comment in the comments section of the post, an Johnny and I would address it on the show. Well, we had to and one was posted while we were actually recording and the other came shortly after we wrapped up. So I wanted to let the two guys who dropped US ally. Not The questions will be answered on part two of this installment of direct connections. 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