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Audit Needed E490

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Audit Needed E490

"Audio for nine zero. Hey It's Bernie Book on the twentieth of the second of Twenty twenty talking about audits that I need. I need an audit because of three things. Free Things I've Lost I. I've lost my three seven. One thousand focus started out the year. Saying I'll contact three people a day. Seven minute workout with Dylan. Write one thousand words a day. Haven't done those things regularly. GotTa gotTa kill that. So I'm going to go after the three people by focusing on folks that can make an impact. I'll go after Mid performer a low performer and a high performer. And anyone of my modules every day. That's what I'll do because I think it'll make an impact Dylan I. We're going to do seven minute. Workouts Right Dylan. Are you GONNA hold till down my feet so I can do my sit ups GonNa Count? The number of push ups that I do. We'll get back into the routine. We will the thousand word thing is something that really good about when I do it and I gotTa make that happen. I have to make that happen. Even if it's just a diary entry of a thousand words right also lost myself funding. So used fun stuff. Like Google one patriarch on web hosting on the back of stuff. That was in our current account. And I'm not doing that. I fell off the cliff. It was started by moving out moving house and doing a lot of of home repair buying equipment buying things that we needed everything from power power. Tools Dylan's pinwheels. Well I'm letting Dylan by penguins. Even though the last time he bought penguins they were too euro for four of them which is more than we normally spend. We look for them to be half that price or no more than one euro fifty four of them. We buy too many penalties. Because now it's happening is dillon. Doesn't just eating them but mom's eating them and so as MIA so the poor penguins. Which would last almost a week now rarely last more than two days are eight to get back some of that self funding to improve the current account. I need to do course development work where I am on the cloud digital campus. And they'll do that I finally. I've lost my daily recap. I used to be able to look ahead by a day or two to a calendar and then look at the stuff that happened on my handset and interact with those things. I haven't done that either. Really bugs me so making proper checklist tick off the things I need to do at night because if I push those things to the morning things like walking the dog. It's the way so do at night. Wrap up Successful Day with a checklist and then use that tick awfullest to plan. What I'm doing next day next planet forward. I think that's better for those who are inside the technical side amusing zoo mate six on instagram. Where my handle was top gold? You can see some of the setup. I gotta remember to do this regularly. So it's a zoom eight six with the M. S. H. Six mid side mudge on of am lining it out directly to spreaker studio which means I can publish directly onto the Internet with a big Old Mike or in this case. I'm Mike Capsule on the zoom out and simultaneously record on an ST card. Which I love. I'm Bernie I'm top Golden. Good social networks. You can hear me but just asking spotify for top go and audio and that was still in L. Help helping me helping me with the seven out of the three seven one thousand goal by for now.

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Transform Squadron 019  Ive got all the hand sanitizer

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Transform Squadron 019 Ive got all the hand sanitizer

"Her hey everybody it's march twenty twenty and that means it's time for a new episode. Transform Squadron A PODCAST BY ZONE BASE DOT ORG which can be found at. Www zone base dot org. It's in the name now this month. I had a few things to talk about. Not a whole lot just a little bit. First and foremost Toyland is like two weeks away and I'm excited. I've got my backpack ready and need to go through and make sure everything's good. Make sure I get everything organized. You know things. I'll need things I won't need. You know maybe something leftover from prior con sitting in a pocket somewhere. I should probably get out of there so it's not taking up space that sort of thing. I've got a little thing of hand sanitizer as always on one little. Hegi carry-on attached to your baggy rule rubber things. You get them right there on it as well as a backup. Little one in the zippered pocket. Because I don't want the corona virus but first and foremost McLennan person even before the outbreak problem. I kept stuff on me regardless. I'm looking forward to Khan really looking forward to it. I spoke quite a bit about last month. Saw Kinda Kinda keep it simple this time? You know I'm looking for to see. Sean look forward to seeing the gang there. Martin and dusty dusty and I head up the transformers panel which as of this recording. I'm saying that because things change schedule isn't finalized yet will be Saturday afternoon. I believe at five when you get there. Grab a copy of the schedule. Take a look if you're interested in seeing the transformers panel find time. I believe it's going to be Saturday about five o'clock. I'm saying I believe because it's unchanged a few times if you look at the website. The schedule isn't finalized yet It probably won't be by the CON- it's just the way these things go. It's a very discount. It's gotten very big in the past few years we're at a new location this year There's GonNa be a million and one things to do and probably five more things attitude after the start of the show at Sao big it is. That's how packed it is The panels done changed rooms and times a few times now so as of right now at Saturday afternoon and that's a perfect time to. That's the past two years. We've been Saturday afternoon around the end of the day and I don't want to say we've had a full house but pretty close to it and just great time to be had Hope hope everyone coming out to Toyland has a good time. And if you don't come up you have fun doing whatever you're doing you know. Be Good you know. Have good life. The kids say I'm living my life and I hope so so. I hope whatever you're doing that we can. You're having your best life but if you're at Toyland your own attract for doing that now. One thing I talked about last over the last few weeks on zone based DOT ORG blog about robots mushers and misadventures in case. You forgot was the Scooby. Doo Blind back figures by play mobile such a fun little line so far. That's all I've gotten. I haven't gotten any of the sets a might be tempted to get the mystery machine. There's a cool set was scooby shaggy and I think a ghost. I might be tempted to get that one right now. My my targets. My crosshairs might aiming device is on the play mobile blind bag series. These are cool. You've got an assorted amount of good monsters. You got twelve ghosts. You don't have the thirteen ghosts the Scooby Doo. That would be perfect. But that's just not how the the case assortment worked out yet. Twelve different goes blind packed in the assortment. What makes us? Frustrating is is. There's codes no one's lot code down yet. It seems like you're one guy. One Guy bought a bought a whole case of them. Went through log down the codes everything it literally only working like two or three people's findings so the codes are out there if you don't WanNa gamble too much there. Tricky play mobile is playing it hard and they're playing it faster. Say Hey our names playmobil. We ain't playing around y'all whole them. Take a drink of this Hawaiian Punch as delicious. I like the ocean. Orange variety of Hawaiian Punch. I know lava bursts orange high. See still available but I can only get it in little juice boxes and I have a much thirsty. All I like to have a big old glass punch so this Hawaiian Punch Ocean. Orange is the next best thing now. Back to the subject at hand. The playmobil scooby. Blind bags are really cool. You got a blind bag. Ghost figure if you're not a fan of of Playmobil figures. You're probably not gonNA be a fantasies but if you are in for a treat they'll come with a sticker of said ghosts included in the package. Now it's intended for a poster available at toyshops which carry this poster a free from what I understand that when you get your figure you can put the sticker on there as account a check off list that Super Ed at Super Awesome. I live in Georgia. I don't have shops having this poster. So right now. I just got pile. Stickers net super cool. I Love I love I love. I love when blind package things. Come with things like a sticker of the character that straight legit. Y'All that's how it's supposed to be you know if I bought a pack of muscle on a card usually get about three little cash. She's in the package. I don't expect a sticker if I bly bly. How do you bligh something? Make sure you do it if I buy something like a Keshi from a Gash upon machine like a find a canoe come in Machine put put my money's in there and get Mike Capsule my blind luck of the draw. Command figure experts sticker net multiple and. That's how it goes. You know it is. There's a youtube channel I follow. Don't ask me his name because it's in candy and I don't know how to pronounce Kenji There's no English translation Available whenever I try to translate I get nothing His icons cartoon Ham Rose new does is. He goes to Gash upon machines. He buys a boxes of by different collections. And videos are him. You know sorting his collection and it's super cool super interesting and when he does the series like I said. The blind wants come with stickers and he'll has like a checklist he's made like a little binder and he'll put the sticker there by the figure and put a little stamp on it and I might man. That's super cool. If I was that organized might do something like that but back to Scooby Doo Day. Coma cool stickers. I love when figures come because stickers now also included in the package is a sort of file card type DOODLE BOB. The the figures come with a clear little. Lopez that figure can hold and a sticker you put on it and it makes the file card of the monster assuming assuming assuming this is meant to be the files that mystery INC would keep of the monster but there's at our side but I'd like to think it's their business card like you know there's a convention. Oh Hey disco demon how you doing. Excuse me it's the disc demon poser disc team and how you doing. Oh Hey hey creeper hey what you doing her and they just kind of exchange cards. They are talking business. You know. That's how you do things that's how you handle business. You WALK UP TO INTERSTATE PARTY. You present your cards and then you start talking. And that's what these ghosts are doing. You know at the Monster Convention slinging. Where's there's some guy with a farmhouse that he's trying to take by illicit Maine's he needs a higher A complete stranger. I'll just be seen for one second to beginning at episode. Who turns out to be the monster? I'm your man that's made the demon what that farmhouse here I ever mccart. So that's what I'd like to the Magin this clear. Peace with a sticker love stickers that you put on to identify such as the figures themselves are great recently charted by only one or two week because like. I said the code system is a frequent nightmare. And you can fill the bag. You could be that guy. Stand there filling the blind bags. It's like this you're at Walmart. And you're on a hole in the back of starburst a but this is. This is a good sound approximation. You're like think that's a sword and then about then an Old Lady Roles Cartwright looks at you like you just committed a crime. Mind your own mind John. All right so what you saw now think I got this one. That's what you're doing. That's what you got to do with the blind bags sometimes and I don't know if you guys heard that. Put my bag of starbursts down. I have this little little little catty. I put things in and I've got this little cheapo novelty fart machine. You push a button and makes a fart noise about it a few years ago below thought. It was hilarious now. Kinda wish I didn't and every time I put anything near it goes off. I don't know if the bunch just worn out or just a cursed fart machine is. The ghost is pushing a button when no one's looking anyway. That's what that was good. What do you got to feel them up? You gotta be like I think to sit. And what makes this a frustrating is the one. I won't absolutely the most series one I don't know if there'll be a serious too. Sometimes you don't get a series two one thing I want. The most is the headless horseman. The headless horseman from Scooby. Doo Is Super Damn Dope. He is like look it up. Google look up the words Dope Pitcher of this guy. Okay what happened to the band dope? Google those guys and you got actually specify metal band late nineties early two thousands and you might have to put a song in like just got wicked dope and then yet usually limp biscuit. I like dope. It don't don't don't what happened to those dudes know kind of like that. Just got wicked song. Anyway he's also looking up just google them up. Take a look at the scooby. Doo headless horseman. He's Super Rad I don't believe he's from a regular episode of Scooby Doo his from like one of those little little movies specials they do and he's just got this cool outfit and has a Pumpkin head on. Because as you know the monsters and Scooby Doo are rarely actual monsters. There are some dude trying to take farmhouse by lists. That means you saw for like a second at the beginning of the episode. That's the dude that we all these clues. There's all these clues poked. Nobody involved in the episode disclosed will ever point to these. Think at at some point Velma be like hey hey guys guys who do we see for like a second passing before we got here in Fred be like I'm GonNa find him. That's him but that's Dude Right. But the headless horseman. He's got this Jack Leonard Head. He's got this Cool Cape coolest little like outfit of the Times. He just looks cool. He looks awesome. Looks Rad. I won't that Dude. So hard thing is they pulled out some stops. Making this they got they got Captain Cutler. Es Scuba Diving Ghost and fill in that bag up his helmet shirts Velika. Pumpkin would've stem. And you know they got the The Snow Goes. He's like a cad type monster his head shirt. Us Pumpkin when filling up bag a couple of guys yet. The Space Kook. His cool space helmet feels like pumping. When you fill in that bag. Everything feels like a Pumpkin. You're feeling that you fill in the LEGO FIGURE BY ACCIDENT. And be like yeah. I think that's it so it's really hard to go by feeling defined sky so it's been kind of frustrating but this line is like all aces like when you get a blind bags series line you get a few that aren't as cool as other figures in the assortment but even the ones that aren't so cool are still pretty. Dang cool. Naw Mean Bra. Annoy me brought you ever you ever watch dogs bounty hunter and like he's just like after he's chasing the villain down near restroom in any inner cursing amount UPC. I can't say these words on my podcast because I'm not hosted on my own network and Kilby doesn't like these such language but he's got yellow always things that they spray on 'em with Bare Mace. Which is a little over bearing regular. Mace would probably do. Maybe a stun gun perhaps enter chasing him or like fifty thousand. It's like one little dude. Let us look like he's eaten in five years and you know he's on the crack and chasing them down or beaten almoner Putnam respraying. Was Students to your pizza. Crappy guys like you're killing me off not gonNA stay still. I just got unpaid parking ticket. What is going on? And they're like grabner slamming his head and handcuff them. Throw them in when they're fifty. Suv's and go get that bail money of one hundred dollars and bringing them in and here like that's what I said. Have Little talk when I'm like Bro. I'm here for you. What happened Bra because like Nami Bra renison bad ties bra? I'd be like what are you wearing? What are what are you guys wearing? It's like the year twenty twenty. You Walk Around look like pirates and dreadnought. I wouldn't allow you in a store you stop and change for you go to Walmart because I'm pretty sure you get stopped going into Walmart. We're a net dog like fifty thousand stupid necklaces. How does he sneak up on people? Start feeling that shows not real anyway. When you're when you're bounty hunting your bad guys you know you gotta go by these codes and there I am. I got my phone. Look through the code lists that I found not always being successful. And you'll feeling these bags and this is frustrating trying to find your but regardless I'm getting all the other guys on the quest to get him so either way it's coming up as Captain Cutler the other day Cool looking dude. I really wish the disc demon was in the set though. I do believe that might be the character's name is disc demon. I think that might be crossing the line for a toy line. Intended for smaller children they probably would have to call him something like Disco Phantom herself than to cover it up but I always liked that dude he was like a bootleg gene. Simmons you know it may be. That's another reason maybe. He's too close to gene. Simmons that Gene Simmons would sue you know. A guy is really protective of property. So I I would imagine he'd be like that's no good gene. You can't sing anymore. Stop it is I can. I'm from kiss. That's how Gene Simmons talks. I think when he's saying he's like sounds like he's got poop anyway. That's who I'd like to see. I really won't headless Horseman Eventually. I'LL GET THEM. What's really cool about these guys is? If you know the way a play mobile figure is structured how it shaped how it's formed. You know it's it's kind of a generic body shape. They have snap over pieces to approximate the way these ghosts and monsters. Look for example. I love the Playmobil. Ghostbusters bet really lends itself to dudes and coveralls. You know put backpacks on and stuff. These dudes like they're wearing costumes. So the caution pieces snap around the figure kind of like pretender armor or probably a better description would be. Do you remember those? I I think actually did post about this last Halloween. That a Halloween Ronald McDonald happy meal toys. Where he had Ronald and Birdie and grimace stuff and had snap over them costumes to make like Ronald Frankenstein and I think hamburgers like a bad dude. That kind of thing kind of similar to those So it's like a cross between that and a pretender armor snaps around the guy to make you know the ghosts costume and if they're a character would be wearing makeup. One side of their face is the spooky makeup and you can turn it around has been wiped off their normal face with the ones. That's a masking comes off a really cool. I think one of the nicest touches I've seen in this line would be the the ghost of the clown goes whole another drink of a one second curses. I had a cough just like that. I took a Hawaiian Punch. I took a sinus congestion pill about thirty minutes ago. Because it's like the beginning of March. You know it's still winter. You'RE GONNA be sides congested. Usually I get the flu at least by the end of January or sometime in February like just a good half week usually kind of kicks in around Wednesday Kinda tough it out at work. Fortunately most of my people in my department don't work at night when I do some dermot myself so I just kind of coat whole place in Lysol so nobody gets sick. You know and it's kind of tough it out that day or two and then spend the rest of the weekend and bid like fifty thousand kinds of cold medicine and I am good by Monday. haven't did that this year so I'm lucky. Fortunately while there's a pandemic terrible sickness going around. I haven't had that problem so lucky me. 'cause I don't want to be the person coughing and sneezing and everyone staring at me like him. No no not me I of note the other day the wife and I were at Walmart buying groceries and my mother recently had oral surgery. She had some work done on her teeth. You know she had a some implants done and while they're healing she's were advised. Where does a does masks over face you know? When she goes out and of course she feels self conscious so she doesn't go out unless you absolutely needs to issues having a problem finding them because of this virus thing so we were like well. We'll look for some for you. Our they're thinking you know she gets onto. I mean this is going on you know and you know they were out and I'm thinking to myself you know it's kind of funny. Mom was talking about how people look at her like. She's crazy or something wearing this thing in public and I'm thinking yeah when you see someone wearing these things you kind of like I don't know you know our rob in the store. And you know I I. There's like convenience near me. They'll they'll tell you walking in take enough back. It's like six in the morning. Twenty degrees out. People have to hoodies overhead. Take your hood off. You know or can't have anything covering your face like the ski masks or whatever and those little sick masks you know. What are you doing situation? Do they go. Hey you need to take that off or like. Oh what do I say here you know. I kind of wonder you know. Some countries like Japan. Or whatever it's really commonplace to wear those things During winter. Just 'cause it's it's it's in the culture of avoiding getting sick you know where these things in public when you're on a train or whatever here you look like you're about to rob a store because people generally tend to cover their faces when they rub is door gotta wonder. How's that workout? While I'm not talking about Scooby Doo. I'm talking about Scooby Doo. Y'All not sick masks but if you guys don't worry cover your face. Gabby you gotta be careful. Wash your hands take a bath. Get some urgency or something. Do what you gotta do. Get THEM IMMUNITIES UP. Get those cleans up. We don't won't on Corona virus that most maybe a white cloth virus something something light you know but the clown ghost house. He's creepy he. He makes people uncomfortable. And he's got a spooky balloon because clowns going to have a balloon a certain famous one carries balloons you know and the balloons plastic. It's a hard plastic red balloon with a scary face paint. He drew on it. You know F- for string it's a thin piece of plastic string. He can hold it in his hand and he thirty other in the balloon. The plastic is just firm enough that holds it up like the balloon will be floating but it's just thin enough and the balloon is having enough that it makes it sag so that it's just got a little helium in it. It's just kind of floating creep. Li like it's not exactly floating all the way and and I got to this guy by by misadventure. Hey it's one of those subjects by misadventure. I ended up with two of them. Both of them hold that balloon. Different each way. You know it is Kinda it's perfect. It's like wow that's really cool you want to write. WanNa right Neka Neka an email say. Hey guys make pennywise. Checkout what Playmobil did you didn't because that's how you make creepy float and balloon. Y'All but it's good stuff is good stuff Getting to it this past weekend you know house at Walmart because in America you go to Walmart. Every weekend I was at Walmart and Got Captain Cutler like I just said I found I did not find any more anymore. Meshes of the. Wwe Universe so far. I'm complete with all of series one series to hasn't shown up at multiple stores yet I even bought triple H. I went on for a little bit last week. Because as get them all do and So far I'm complete on it almost thing. I'm almost tempted to buy another gray skull ring because the version of the grace coloring got is in grade school mania and the one the non gift set version of soul separately. And I wonder if there's any differences there probably isn't a probably make my wife. Roller is and signs. Like you don't need another rain but it's tempting you know didn't find any of those I did. I did find the cool air reiter by he man. Hot Wheel Toyed. I've been really looking for is the great little die. Cast version of the air. Reiter Been Willie looking for that in the past few weeks. Glad to finally find it but I did find something you know. No new earthrights yet. Earthrights hasn't shown in my neck of the woods yet. I do know by sources that it has showed up some places in Georgia. That's how it is the beginning. The line you know it's GonNa take a minute. I I figured by the end of the month just in time for my birthday. Y'All I'll be finding earthrights but I did find an. I'm going somewhere with this. I did find a new cyber verse toys. Someone had hit him so when I hit him hard but I did get the cool news. Star screamed at turns into the his cyber trone informed. It looks a lot like the Vic Viper. That's really bad. That's really awesome and also got hammer strike one. I've been super excited to get ever since that sneak. Peek of the guy's a few weeks ago came out hammer. Strike is a new character by all means. I don't remember offhand. If it's a re use of a name that might be Kinda Kinda blinken that the moment you know. I you know when you have a life in your job sometimes odd fictional character named slip your mind Yeah that's how it works. Yeah I've been really looking forward to getting him you know it's it's a new character by all shades. Thanks but he looks great. He has that cool old school. Super Robot looking turns into a hammerhead shark. You know some people make anytime anytime you got an animal. Transform People People Go? Who BE SOURCE. But you know it's not really maybe beast machines at the most. He has more in line with say. A Captain Shark from brave or that era Maybe late g one of the boxing see no I would say maybe machines close because those those those those they had more. Mechanical Looking Beasts Beast modes. He's got like dad go and has more of a mechanical looking beast mode while I would absolutely celebrate cry seeing in the streets hollow body. Ain't trying to wake up about if these are turned. I being a being realistic here. He he's not very beast wars. He's more super. Robot turns into an animal. But it's all good. I've been warning him. I've been looking forward to him and I got him. Y'All I wish he had a trident. That's one thing I'm complaining about and it's not really complain because it's not fair quite cyber verse toys. Yeah you don't really have a lot of accessories they don't you know. I just bought warrior tr- Cyber vs warriors for me eleven dollars at my local Walmart on the occasion. I buy one at target because a few dollars more I get them at Walmart for eleven dollars for eleven dollars. This is what I'm getting in the package. You know I could do the same thing other guys. Do you know man. I remember when I used to get these guys for nine dollars. Came with fifty guns knowing cares. You know it is what it is. Time moves on A Cyber Warrior get a medal for eleven dollars at Walmart. And I'm happy with what I get for eleven dollars. He doesn't have any weapons to have an accessories you know. His play feature guest falls in in the place of a weapon. You know. Maybe if he didn't have a play feature naked stick a gun or something there this I do not know. I don't work in the toy business. Most people with toy blogs or toy sites or toy. Podcasts don't work in Toy business I don't I work some of those guys don't so I don't I don't know I. You know what I'm saying. I I'm not an expert on the subject so I don't know what goes in and out of the other than what they tell me and so far. They've told me anything on this. I I missed it once again. You know adult adult you have work and family and all that little things pass you by sometimes but love this guy wish he would have came with a trident of sorts because that would be absolutely perfect in his robot mode. He has like a crown like a three pronged crown. And I just couldn't help thinking a trade. It would be perfect and that leads me after a whole bunch of side streets and sidesteps what. I wanted to talk about this episode and that would be the Alpha and Omega Spears Parman. That was a sniff house. Gross my mistake I was reminded of the Alpha and Omega Spears wishing he had a trident because I could see a cool clear blue. Maybe I'll light clear. Blue Trident being held by this fellow and it made me of the light blue clear. Alpha spear for those who don't know the Alpha and Omega Spears was an exclusive has row had at OTC two thousand four. It's ironic talking about. Oh TNC oh four. Last month was before really any news about the new version of bought con came out and I spoke a little bit for that. Shortly after I uploaded more information was brought up. You know not to spend too. It feels like a year ago. A month ago Balkans back it's back to its roots of being an unofficial fan convention Let's let's turn back time here for those of you may be too young or those. You just weren't on the wagon. Just share whatever baucom start off by Jonathan Karl Hartman in nineteen ninety four celebrate and transfers the first transports convention by pure luck. After writing a letter they got Hasbro's endorsement has basically did a little presentation of new toys coming and worked with the guys to have a exclusive toy the following year rock show. Did Ninety five same idea. I think has rodent turnout for. Yeah I don't think has returned out for a panel that you're but he did provide an exclusive. Follow your men in black. Did it. Same thing by ninety seven Carlin John Three H would Glenn Hallett and they did on every year till two thousand two. Balkan being a fan convention with has Rahn Dorsey has her would come set up a booth and put on a presentation of upcoming toys and with a deal worked out with the three time to the to Hartmann's and how it would produce exclusive toy produced by Hasbro. Good stuff you know The World Changes Times change the way businesses work change. This became more and more of a like Glenn wanted to have a an official fan club and make the content official thing and things changed or whatever and by two thousand and two Bob. Kahn was the official transformers convention. We had official scence now and he was making the Commission on the Fan Club in all and not long after par to happened. There the to the Hartman's glints split. They took the name dot com with them and Glenn continued on making Conventions isn't the same models dot com. But it was called on He basically called it the official transformers collectors convention and for the Fan Club the official transformers collectors club OTC BY. Oh four There was another The brothers skipped a three. Because I guess just the timing at all They're they're those. Emc Too so what else. But they through their own Buchan in. Oh four by good month or two before. Opsec It was unofficial and after OTC. Oh four came and went. Hasbro had pulled the license from three as a whole lot of backstory. There I'm just going to you guys the cliff notes version and that's when a fun pub came in and pub basically rant and official transformers convention fully in in business with Hasbro with the pros and cons of having an official licenses assorted with it up until two thousand sixteen when they went away You know whatever reasonings there's a million million ones. There's a lot of people who know everything. Somehow there's people that don't it is what it is you can google it. It's all over the place and now here. It is years later a few years later for twenty twenty one Carl Hartman with some partners is bringing back. Balkan as an unofficial fan convention. I welcome going back to its roots but I will not pretend that I didn't enjoy official stuff. There's something nice about official entity recognizes the fans. And that way of course things change time change. It makes more sense for doing the San Diego Comic Con Presentations and stuff. Like they're doing now. I get it makes more sense for a large company like that as opposed to the older days where under a thousand people there. You know that sort of thing but OTC oh four was two thousand four official transport collectors convention and has rose presence of course there because as official and part of the things they do is they had these schedules. Goodness questionnaires you fill out. Surveys had two different ones. And this year you filled out one and gave you two Alpha Alpha Spear and fill out the other when you got the Omega Spirit. They'd like stamp your badge so they know you did. It was only one per attendee. The what this was was inner John Chancellor's enter. John was going on at the time. And your energy on was very gimmick heavy line you had almost all of the autobahns like ninety nine percent of the auto parts combined with each other They could either be the top or the bottom of minor. Like Land Cross The dissect cons all their gimmicks was a hyper like attack mode. That sort of thing and then you had the basics. I think this is when they got no. They're still called basics at the time was right inside an cybertrust near renamed scouts smaller size class. They came with now the all the all. The toys came with clear weapons. Clear guns clear swords you know colored appropriately to auto buzzer to sub cons. Will smaller ones were pack in the heat? You know they had. They had different weapons. That's the ideas you could dot com combined. The parts of the weapons to make bigger weapons smaller weapons. Whatever will sky blast Who's one of the Audubon ones? I think are called Omni cons. I'm kind of blanking on that right now. Almost twenty years ago. Give me a break guys. he had a spear that could also be turned into a gun and in his jet mode like the spirit pieces would attach to wings and a spirit thing when attach on. We're make like you know a gun or whatever cool stuff that's spear was used in this in light it was released as I have. A light blue translucent. It's clear see through plastic It was like a light blue for the Alpha spear clearly meant to be the good guys spear Though mega spear was using that same mold in a purple clearly intended to be a bad guys peer most people decked out there con exclusives with Spears Spears. Other people said they felt needed a weapon. It was a cool little thing. It was cool kind of thing that you wanted from official involvement in a conventional of like this. You know just right thing you know while I'm not GonNa lie and say I didn't enjoy the rubbermaid container of exclusives each year. That were put out by fun pub. I will also say it was kind of expensive and kind of prohibitively so for a lot of people Overlooking ANY TRAUMA GUYS. I'M STUMBLING STRAIGHT UP STUFF. But when it first started out it will smaller. You know. Even when fun pub came out it wasn't it was. It was a good bit of stuff but it wasn't so much you know but like in three h stuff here. Small-scale you know you had a couple of exclusives the con- Whatever and this is the first time has really offered anything to US aside from having little handouts like little flyers or whatever and this is cool this is the kind of thing that was just the right size. You know what I'm saying like the following year to gave everybody a legends came out and gave everyone a never called legion smell of Ramjet and yet I think they stamp your hand or whatever and you got a little ramjet little freebie thing like that. That was perfect. You know I would say it almost be happy. That was the exclusive. Like just a little small thing when you paid your mission in a little you know. Here's a little here's a little bumblebee and yellow colors or something. I mean something basic. I'd be perfectly happy with it. I can't speak for everyone. Some people won't a brand new mold masterpiece. They are saying what has gone. But you know I. It doesn't have to be over in top from some simple for me. Sometimes goes a long way and no spears show enough. Did you know it really kind of fit the bill the hold on one second? Pardon me he snuck in seasonal allergies. Everybody thanks for showing up. To let the talk show you can't you on the way out in Sentinel Maximus the good guy exclusive for OTC C. O. Four was late and so people didn't get their sorry dudes. I got mine as a couple months later. You gone by mail but kind of fit. The bill of you had Flags Eric. Who's the bad guy? And then he had sentinel maximus. Who was a good guy and he had a good guy and bad guy the spears that they could all wheeled it. Kinda fit the bill a little bit you know. I was the good guy. When was the bad guy ended erode son KNOB RAW? You Know Doug Bounty Hunter Doug. The bounty hunter meant advocate. Good show he just be like. Hey guys you know you need to pay parking ticket. Come on man come on. It's okay I'll take care of you. What what I see. Yeah Yeah that'd be nice anyway. It was a cool little set. I definitely would like more things like that though the times past it is what it is. It's two thousand twenty. You know it's not two thousand four any longer you'd have not in my early mid twenties. I'm in my early forties times best. it is what it is but man. I could go for stuff like that and picking up hammer strike man. He could go for a cool clear. Blue tried it. Hey shape ways. Dudes makes some Triton's and only charged like five dollars for manor on those things a little. The Hey I'm gonNA SHAPE WAY storm. We'll get a sword fifty dollars. Give him a Lego gun anyway. I think I'm GONNA pull this on out I am. I think went on for a few minutes here. I've kind of I'm not. I'm not going to lie to you guys. I was kind of having a hard time. Not Talk about this month. That's probably why I talked about everything else while delivering the few subjects. I had you know. Toyland is here in two weeks. I'm excited my birthdays. At the end of the month I keep forgetting I'll keep getting told by my wife and my mother to come up with things I'd like to do and I'm like sit in my shorts and watch from the dark side reruns so we'll see how that works out but hope everyone coming into Atlanta has a good time. I hope people who don't go to toy. Lana and do something else. Hope you guys have a good time to I'M GONNA GET OUTTA here. Excuse me I've got a cough for five hours. I guess 'cause decided to act up at the end of the recording and then do a handful of things around the house but I wanNA thank first and foremost each and every one of you for listening. Transform squadron is a podcast by zone based DOT Org. That's too many words but it still remains the same and that website zone base dot org can be found at. Www zone based dot org. It's a site about robots. It's about monsters. It's about misadventure. It wishes. It was Halloween all year long. Summer's coming so soap. Summer's coming as a little spooky to rusty or anyway. But if you please check it all out at zone base dot org or you can also find me on instagram at a set. Little swirly a Robo Rob Springer. Now this podcast. You're listening to right now can be found at T.F. Radio Dot net and that that that's that's that's our network that were hosted on and you could find us. Man You find us there with all the other shows and showtimes which you could check out. Tear free or dot net for those shows and showtimes and since we're talking about here Frio Dot Net Brian. Kilby proprietor of Said Network would love it. If you checked out the means in various ways to support network he might have something for you there so thanks every single one for listing. I going to go do something so you guys have a good whatever it is. You're going to do and I'll be back next month. Hopefully with my crap together so I can have a much. More focused podcast. Thanks so much for listening. By by a la.

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The Road Trip Edition, Vol. 4

Eleanor Amplified

2:31:58 hr | 7 months ago

The Road Trip Edition, Vol. 4

"Eight. And out. Hello Listeners and friends and welcome to eleanor amplified the road trip addition volume for this is the entirety of season four, stitch together into a single cohesive mass for your uninterrupted consumption. Obviously, we suggest road trip for these next two and a half hours, but you could also listen while cleaning your room learning yoga taking a nature hike or painting a family portrait it all works. So let's kick things off with episode thirty, two Lions of the sea. We shall now hill from the final. In the trial of Vincent Funds Whack. Crimes against humanity and basic tasteful nece. Prosecution. Calls Margaret Egbert Roscoe. Swear to tell the truth the whole truth. Yeah. Yeah. I swear up and down and twice on Tuesdays now get out here. Moose Roscoe, you are generalist onto yeah. That's right. New Been Reporting on the defendant Brinson for how long feels like forever I met him years ago when he cooked up cockamamie scheme to revive steam power, it wasn't Cockamamie it's. To New Mizro Roscoe I stopped at that time, but there were others he tried to steal the Union City Library. He bribed to let him use school kids for Manual Labor me. No, and he polluted the city water supply with his smelly experiments. That was one time allegedly thanks to money. He always managed to escape justice you can prove it. Sit you live it, Ruto. BECO-. As I was saying he always got away but not this time. Something funny. You realize you can never really stopped me. Vin. Admit. I was discouraged watching entitled privileged jerk like you walk over people for so long. I had my doubts. But then you know what happened what's that? You didn't get away with it. You went too far and people actually paid attention and said no more maybe so but that doesn't change the fact that I. I'm of Sweat and the world owes me have you bet and I hope you like what you got coming this isn't it for me Roscoe you want today but tomorrow is wide open. You could say I've got a secret judge. Am I don I don't want to be late for my root canal secret is this Roscoe, I'm going to live for ever. You may think I'm gone you might forget but I will return and the world will bend to my will. then. Vans wake escaped again for the last time. I never saw him again. For. A while his escape and disappearance was a scandal everyone talked about it. But Memories Fade and vans whack just became another mystery and then People figured. If he ever did really exist. He was long gone now. I wasn't so sure. Shake off the winds and put your booties on standby. It's time for another adventure of an-and are. When last we left our heroes eleanor was out of a job you. Know. The. Oh macron, Gama's eleanor's arch nemeses manage to prank her again this time by taking control of her radio station and inserting and evil lackey as the loss. Eleanor, we can't do this without you will leave to. Keep your jobs. I'll be okay. No the wealthy twins Oscar and buns slack are at the height of their power with an resources panda squad of devoted Minya. Worst of them being none other than former mega blurred CEO US President TV personality and current mega blurred CEO Angela Brandt. That's right. But what do the Omaha Gama's wont and what Shadowy Eagles Games are they hatching? What is the point of all their pranking? We could tell you. But. mantell threes, other questions, our hero eleanor amplified is no attempting to answer with her podcast created with the help of two trusted ally I'll be your. I'll be your. It'll be great. What could go wrong eleanor committed to sniffing out the macron gamers fiendish business dealings. Eleanor's investigation has brought her around the globe and most recently to Antarctica. Smartness. Out hitting much long. Bring Mitten. Who cares what they look like? No, surely Britain's. No. Phone. How far are we from the coordinates scanning? Phones. Totally based on. Eleanor. At He's thinking. Is amplified we are at the coordinate. Phone there's nothing here. It's just snow and ice. Weird. Nonetheless, we are standing precisely at ninety degrees south latitude the south. Gold. Do you think this was another prank. French all Macron Gallos. No. Possible. No this is it start digging. Illinois I was being sarcastic of Costner's prank. Centers on a wild goose taste. Come a south bow. Door, a hats in the ice. Rex. How You. Watch. Is it A whole. I guess we should see what's down there. Eleanor return just climbing down, south? Pole. We can't stay out here. Come on. What? Better Palmer bands down. Cattani there are no polar bears, an artifact what the Pasta. Then what does live down hang grins wall forces eat lions. Oversee you know they're nothing like lying in Lyons Bright. Aren't you a world traveler I've seen strains of things than underwater catch shelling on. Ground floor this is it. And what is it supposed to be well, according to tax records? This is the corporate headquarters of Og International. Because it appears to be a cave it's a Frat captain? Shaan Ary One more shadow company owned by Oscar and Gretchen, the macron Gama's. But. Did we need to travel to the South Pole the big out this was a fake address was I had to see it visual confirmation we're untangling the web of lies. It's hard work. Great. Yes, go. Do you think there's a restroom down here bound. Lash light begin video recording A. You, know I have buttons for this kind of thing. You don't always have to say what's that? Trump. A laptop, a laptop, and a cave at the South Pole. Is almost certainly. Of course what This I can't tell it's a recording or live video call. Unemployment Gallon. Polar bad. It's live autorite. Oscar. Gretchen. This is quite a nice corporate headquarters you've got here. Oh. Bass. Eleanor, we used a fake a draft I know that, and now I proved it. One more piece of serious heart evidence against you. Gray added. He jabhat you didn't think I'd come all the way up here. Did you actually we dad? Oh. Now listen for a minute only talk to you've been out of town of. Up. News just busy collecting against us. Now, it's not going to matter still. Not. Wants to robots are in charge. What are you talking about? Drew Sophie favor and ask the Doctor Guard and when you get back. Your back. I. Have. The sound of. Oscar Gretchen are you actually threatening something or have you just seen way too many sci fi movies And Allen I. House the PODCAST gallet. Fine. Just fine. Thank you. Really. Yeah why? Our lateral dry. Format. Well. Maybe, we'll buy it from you for of flagged. Narrow. His nonsense words. Great. Selah I little. ADS, there are no polar bears in an Arctic. She's That was a surprise for us to. So. Instead, we found angry penguins while. and. The whole. SWAP. Rates Yourself. On the chemistry, we make a run for. Why your later. Back here. So there we were Captain Sean and I caught an icy trap surrounded by hordes of Hungary and Arctic creatures I take some quick thinking and more than a little luck to get out in one piece. What happened next was nothing short of a Miracle Rush we won't bore you with the details listeners suffice to say we made it out alive but more importantly, we tracked down another phone company run by Oscar and Gretchen Vons whack the all Macron Gama's I'm went up closer to uncovering their web of lies and documented all here on the eleanor amplified tracks down evil and all its forms podcast until next time listeners. A. Moment I'll just. I'll just drag this file. and. Boston Great Eleanor about that title. What's wrong with that? It's been a long. No, that's silly. The name is fine and Wildwood it all on the subject. You're skip the most exciting part of on adventure when we best those sea lions captain, this podcast isn't about excitement and adventure this hardnosed fact-based journalism that's it but you've got to keep people interested Eleanor people are interested in what's important Captain Shaun Ray I'll prove it how downloads did our last episode get Oh, the one where you recited the tax code. It was downloaded five times five million nor just five and two of them were you and me. How I thought, we were popular where we started strong. But now this is important and any way no one makes podcast to get rich and famous. What is there? And how do you like living in my basement eleanor? It's just for a few more weeks until I can find my own place. Did you use my toothbrush so bad right I. Live down here we make the podcast I take care of your cat. It's nothing rosie and I don't like having you here that Lenore? But if no one's listening what he'll be doing, this was your idea you and Dr Gordon approached me remember. Speaking of Gordon, where's he been? Easy Rosy Eleanor Schnee orden gay around Ozier. What what what is that pig Latin? WHO's Ozzy? Don't say golden rose. Oh. Sorry. But seriously, where is he? He's usually here when we record I don't know but he hasn't exactly been helping with outings. I just don't get it play radio show was popular. It's Toulouse. Shoddy short subject now. No I'm glad various doing well. Hosting my show you told him to take the job eleanor I know and you can't blame him for shook sheeting now but you have to admit his show is pure fluff appeals to put all audience. Oh, I think it's on right now let's listen. Incredible Ladies and gentlemen give it up for horatio juggling camel. I never thought that would work so well on radio? That's all for today's show tune in tomorrow when my guests will be Dr Gordon, the former rocket scientists, and now expert in the field of artificial intelligence. Last as many of you may know Dr Gordon is the architect of the flawed Dr Project The digital money that will soon unite the planet under one single currency and pretty much changed the world as we know it into a modern utopia, we have been gone a longtime. Obviously, we're very excited to. What? Oh. Oh I see, wait wait what's going on. Well, folks I'm learning now that Dr Gordon is not available after all he seems to have mysteriously disappeared. But don't worry instead I'll interview a giant baby panda live in studio, and of course, don't forget. It's high contest Thursday that's next time on the whole story. I'm very Cunningham. Captain Shaun. Ary, did you hear that? Yes, his show is pandering. No, I mean yes. Of course, but no Dr Gordon is missing. Sorry Rosie. Remember the von Schwab twinge mentioned doctor. The doctor and this flag dot of business. That's right. That weird reference to buying us with a flag Dr show that up to something. Aren't they always? And there's a good chance that doctors. The doctors in serious danger of light we've gotta find him if nothing else show that we can understand this flogged. Miss Amplified someone is calling you. Okay you're going to tell me who it is. Now. But you should probably answer it. Episode Thirty Three Flawed Dr. is the future. That's all for today show tune in tomorrow when my guest will be Dr Gordon, the former rocket scientists, and now expert in the field of artificial intelligence. As. Many of you may know Dr Gordon is the architect of the Flock Dr Project The digital money that will soon unite the planet under one single currency and pretty much changed the world as we know it into a modern utopia attack. What? Oh. Oh, I see what? You're well folks I'm learning now Dr Gordon is not available after all he seems to have mysteriously disappeared. But don't worry instead. I'll interview giant baby panda live in studio, and of course, don't forget. It's high contest Thursday. That's next time on the whole story I'm very Cunningham. Barry. Again. With the PIE eating contests I. Know Boss I hate doing them but you know who insists she says, the audience eats it up. And then she does that laugh yeah. But boss, aren't you worried about Dr Gordon I've always been worried about Gordon. This is serious. That's it. I'm calling ro calling who now berry Ebola shark catches you talking to take eleanor it's me. Listen we need your help. It's about Dr Gordon. And Flog Doug. Book. Can you meet us at the lunch place? Now it's called. What's soup? Learn wasn't just. Yes. Missile Shark. Cunningham. Who was that Joel talking to? Oh No one it was you making. Phone. Calls. Off. Am I not allowed to make phone calls not done my time cutting. Look at your time sheets shall we oh, come on do we have to our one prepare for radio show which I did our? Show which I did not. Prepare for next radio show. Which I. Doing Nice you'll kept for me I have the ails. Sure. No I have seen. Yes elephants. I could hear you're speaking to. Provide. The Fallen One If I catch your speaking was. Meeting was. Sinking about how? Your your daughter's run. Ask Me. Now. On My side. Pickups by is for to us. Come. Test. Dark, the audience, they really eat it up. No. Welcome to what? Mr Richmond she's awful. How am I supposed to make anything important on doing is interviewing baby pandas hosting pie eating contests I know but this is what we signed up for. Remember this. This is what we signed up for. Yes. A high profile media chop up paycheck security not everyone has that I guess eleanor saved our jobs but you wanted this don't forget I of the. Like Eleanor not whatever I am now. Barry Mr Richmond. It's water policy. You you look great. Have you showered recently eleanor we miss you so much or those sweatpants. Hi Guys. Guess I'm fine look it doesn't have to be awkward. No. Let's just get some launch. Okay. Mary place now. Hello and welcome to what sick. I led Zeppelin. Forget, what SIP do you on? It's a soup place all this service soup it's totally normal. Yeah. Right I get it. So everything soup and you take things that shouldn't be soup and make it soup right like hot dog soup or something like that right? Now. Now. We make normal soup chicken noodle French onion rings such as dust jail soup. Yup We have Kale to see not complicated Cata. Oh could I have the lobster bisque please. Kale hard-boiled egg. Of An egg. And for you where Oh. Okay. Okay. Okay. can I have a tomato soup please. No. Come on no, no, and no that is not a spur tomato soup it's in the name. Soup is some chunky stuff and some liquid staff and served with a span. That's. You why? I can't with you as Aplin sorry that so-called air quotes tomato soup air quotes doesn't have chunky stuff. It's not. Wait wait. So go ahead. Come at me, Bra? Okay. What about chilly? Good wine chunkys stuff with liquid south serve with a span. What are we think judge is? A. Serial cereal led Zeppelin defend that. Thorough. Oh, it's Forget it fine you win can I have a bowl of Rahman? Ooh, can you? Yes you can. Close, one Rahman surplus chop stacks and it's Spend at a soup. Seriously, why do we keep coming back here? It's this place or the mega blur down the street. No way that's awful. Yeah. megabucks has gotten much more powerful ever since Angela brand, but it back from face blurred and mega blur still funneling money to the Macron Gama's I've been covering all of it on my podcast. We know you listen we listen. So what do you think it's Good. It's good. Why did you pause like that? Ause like what like that? It's serious deep journalism remember you said that's what I should be doing. Did say that it's just a little hard to listen to what this coming from you. Pancakes don't get upset Illinois it's thorough. Really Good Work Eleanor. But what eleanor each episode is like two hours and it's just you Reading Bank statements and adding ledger she's making a paper trail of course, but you can't expect people to listen to that I tried I tried very hard I fell asleep three times well, maybe if I had my great producer working with me, you told us to stay at the radio station I know what I told you, but it's hard to do this on my own role is your podcast making enough money to pay the bills that. Funny. Cars you're making lots of money or money money I'm living in Captain Sean Reeves. Basement. Eleanor if you needed help now I'm fine. What I need to discuss Dr Gordon and his frog Dr. thing I've been off the grid for awhile what's going on? All right well, I, guess we should start from the beginning. A few months ago Dr. Gordon announced that he had come up with a plan to stop big corporate corruption new more shell companies no more tax fraud no more wealthy corporations stealing are hiding their assets. What how that sounds impossible built a new kind of money a single unit of currency for the entire world it's called the flog Dr. it stands for federated log of global dispersion agreements and returns good name, and the key is the flog Dr is completely digital. So like Bitcoin. No No, no no. No, it's completely different. One hundred percent different. It is not important how the point is. The flock Dr can't be stolen or hidden, and every transaction of the world will be out in the open flawed Dr is the future. I mean that's still sounds like bitcoin orange different. Okay. Whatever that's amazing. If it works, that's the thing. The New World Bank marketplace for flogged ours relies on a new supercomputer that Dr Gordon built himself. It's called. COMPU NAMA tron. I forget what it stands for I. Think it just sounds cool. Right? Anyway Compu- Metron isn't just a computer it's a new. The most powerful artificial intelligence ever created at least it will be when it goes online. Yeah. Dr Gordon was supposed to turn it on soon but now he's disappeared. Okay. Putting aside my concern for Dr, Gordon Safety No one is worried about a computer brain controlling the world's currency well, worried. Sure guests, you can't stop progress. Eleanor. No more corruption. Forget it. That's a problem for another day. It's pretty obvious at the Macron Gama's WanNa stop this thing or at the very least control it. Right. The flog Dr threatened their whole empire. So you think the cameras have done something with Dr. Gordon. Yes. Of course, else could be behind you anything. We're here. Okay. Okay. I just wanted to make sure we were all on the same page. Wait a minute. I just remembered something. Is that yes, it's the sacred tome. Now remember it's the book we took from the Brunswick Academy. Yes sure. I thought that was just a silly macguffin. No, it holds the secret plans of every member of the VON's whack family. Let Book didn't help us last time. Sure. But look here this is the last thing that Oscar and Gretchen wrote in the book. When Authority becomes oppression? When law becomes tyranny when freedom becomes non freedom, we have a duty to defy and defy we will with every ounce of our super mechanical powers for we are the Macron Gama's. Sh- great job. Yeah what I don't know but doesn't it kinda sound like what's happening the authority of Compu- not metron and the super. Mechanical. Powers. Sort of remember them saying that stuff in high school but if that's from your high school days, that's a long time ago I mean ancient history not that long ago. Yeah. It feels like yesterday it wasn't yesterday was look. The point is they wrote that after their last scheme to take over our radio station, this isn't that old. Okay Hung. It's a clue, but it could still be gibberish knowing them. Yeah. Look we got to focus here but we do know is that Dr Gordon is central to this whole thing and we gotta find the right right. So you to got to investigate just like the old days right. But wait boss what about the shark if she catches me working with eleanor you and I will both get fired I'll take careless shark. This is too important. Fine Gordon and figure out what the Macron Gama's are up. To. Pay For these tips. Now law I have other customers. Episode Thirty, four, one, two, three, science street. When was the last time? You saw Dr Well it had to before Captain Shaun or and I went to the South Pole took a wild yet so much has happened since then clearly Okay here this is address one-two-three Science Street Are there other scientists working around here around this is the Garment District Oh Dr Gordon Alo- It's Eleanor. Please identify yourself. WHOA okay. I'm eleanor amplified. Recognize Eleanor. amplifies. Welcome. Now you identify yourself. Hello. This is very Cunningham. Do not recognize blurry can of him Berry Cunningham. Do not recognize? Raspberry. Jam. Okay I'm eleanor amplified to. RECOGNIZE ELEANOR AMPLIFIED TO Welcome. Nice security. Didn't you say Gordon designed this new global currency system. Yeah. That sounds right. Allow Dr Gordon. It's eleanor in Berry. Are you kidnapped musty undisturbed? No one's been here for awhile. What was that you? Okay. Find a light switch I can't see anything Gotcha there should be one right. Here. Show Penzo Hosea fast, Captain Sean Connery what are you doing here? Why are you lurking? Not Looking? I'm looking for Dr Gunn in the dark hello by the way hey, little betty. Nice to see you been awhile. Yeah. A little bit. I heard your podcast. All really would you mind subscribing when trying to get some ads sales and revenue hike not important right now maybe not to you anyway Doctor Gordon hasn't been here but nothing's out of place either how Can You tell Gordon's workshop always looks like this gadgets and doodads everywhere. But what is all this stuff? Well, Dr Gordon's started out as a rocket scientist remember sure of course balked assume Gordon Spenc- turned to a sweeter science robots right I never knew what he was working on but remember the glowing or Berry Chicken Bowl Yeah Gordon said it was a brain a mechanical brain a robot's brain like artificial intelligence. Yes. But it was stolen by the macron game. In that guy in the Unicorn Costume? Terrifying but clearly Gordon kept going he created that thing controlling the global currency the Chiampou Nop mop-up. Metron yeah. Tonight Oh. Hey, look who's still here and you're still as useful as ever berry can enhance I am very useful. Hold that Debbie interesting thought MS amplified your mother is coming. My Mom. I talked to you every day. Yeah. It's not. It's not on the radio anymore. You need like. An Internet connection or just use your look. Back in five minutes. Okay. Talk to you soon. Okay. She. The phoned present listen you scan this area for power source what you did with the ORB Fine. But only because I am Lord my phone can do that. Yeah. I discovered it when the unicorn thief stole the Orb I am very good phone. Commencing, Scan. What are we hoping to find I? Don't know anything. ACLU. SCAN, complete there a strange energy signature coming from across the room. Good place to start. Six meters. Three meters. Coming grandma trump kind of chemical containment, vessel refrigerator even better I'm starving. Eighty. What is this thing? Chicken Dinner Eleanor, but it is roughly Of Eleanor this the ORB. Great Barry what that or the one that was stolen yes. I. Mean I think. So that one was blue but this orbit. Obviously yes this is red but besides that, it's just like the other glowing Chicken Orb, Dr Gordon had the order a brain. What is he up to? Maybe he's taken up bowling. Eleanor I able Angela Brandt and minions. Where did you come from Housi- security in place. was. That's right. Professor. Rick. Me Lows but sees the Oh with pleasure. Spread. All right. Hold it right there or I'll smash this or. Snow Your Roll Easy. They're amplify. Don't do anything foolish wit the macron Gama's already stolen orb. Yes and win bite the detective over here. Hey, he's bright brandt. Why do Oscar in Gresham one another robot brain because to better one amplified that's all you need to know. Now hand it over never you won't get away with this. Really. Have you met gigantic Cyborg Cashman Laws? Advance Menacingly. Yes. Hey I'll take the this time. Oh. Go again, Captain Zinedine round to are you wouldn daily I had a cold last time she'll you eleanor they're getting closer lars don't do it. Do it. You want something done. Right. Bring it Angela. Brandt were not giving this chicken off not sacred. Let the hogs out still stepping on our. Warning warning the ORB is emitting strange. My head would happened mom word that. Those sparks. Hey. Wait a second. Why do you sound like that? Speaking with an accent what are you sound like me? Help me. I'm having an out of body experience I can see myself laying on the ground I'm not helping you know me eleanor why don't I feel like a humongous throw place stopped talking like your friends with Elinor amplified. I haven't felt this kind of headaches. Grad. School am I my body. I'm not a robot. And I'm so tiny Economi Lars listen to me. We've switched bodies with those despicable good guys no. Oh Yes I'm person again goodness she's right. Berry get the shot eleanor we are trapped inside of these miscreants freaking out I know, Berry, it's all right. Something's happened with the Oh we'll just have to use it to switch back. You mean our or lars take the or from me. Eleanor whatever yes miss brant. Misprint I'm suddenly very weak. My arms. They're so small on week. Miss Amplified your mother is calling again of course, the found. Hi. Mom, it's your daughter Eleanor. Don't shoot to my mother. YOU IMPOSTER LOOK I'll call you back a little later. I've got to take care of some villains. Angela. Give me back my phone no phone electroshock, Angela Brandt, and her minions now. A primitive. That is a good phone share I. Know I've always wanted one lars grab your. We'll have to get it back to Vincent. So Tevi Economi help, him out misprint. Now GAM. To, electrocutions back to back can't be good for the old noodle none of this is good for the all anything. So we lost mother. End Bodies Stuck in the bad guys bodies, they have both orbs and we have no idea where to start looking. This is a pickle. Episode Thirty Five Smash Hardstone Okay we need ideas. What's the protocol head? Is anyone see any clues? Any close with these cold unfeeling robot is you have robot is Yeah I. Always wondered what deal was with laws mostly muddle if I blake. Ray, vision really. Yes. That's kind of cool right How often you'll blurred oh I know everybody chick your pockets an excellent idea. See. I've got thirteen dollars a notepad filled with what looks like movie script ideas. and. Several vials of a strange liquid. Looks like Angeles carrying a pocket calendar, a self help book and a purse full of gold of blew. My word it. A screwdriver. Because your robot and a picture of a kitten. Feel nothing. Lows very calm down. You have emotions you're feeling sad right now right And certain sense of existential dread. Yes you go. You're not all cold unfeeling robot I have a question. If you eleanor why do you have an accent and waited my accent go? Yeah. I was wondering about that too. But let's not spend too much time. Closer to binding. oddities look we need help. Let's call Mr Richmond Hill, know what to do. Mitch Richmond of course, Dan out find a phone. Does anyone still have a landline? Phone is still with my body and none of these villains seem to carry any foam communication much less folds. Here Duck Gordon's desma. Great Calmest Richmond use the direct line. Arthur Richmond here what are you want? Mr Richmond is me Elinor Allen you sound. Wait a minute. This is Angela. Brandt boss. And you ought to pick cyborg henchman. What's the meaning of this Mr? Richmond lease. This is Illinois at Barry. Evil Scheme. Well, it's not gonNA work. Stop bodies I don't WanNa hear about your body's with I. See Eleanor I'm GonNa tell her all about this old Illinois. Illinois. Okay well. Then who is eleanor you brand? Yes. Nice try. I. Bet you've even got that mad professor ignoble there too. Don't you SORTA. Night. Call this number again you scoundrels. Swindlers. So far. Okay does anybody else have an idea eleanor? Angelinos for do not call me that you said brand was carrying a datebook. What's in it oh? Yes. Good. Thank held. US Today's date it reads steals second from Dr Golden Lamp. Check that off the list. Next bring opt Vincent. I don't know the only Vincent I can think of is Vincent Van Swag, but he can still be alive. That's impossible. Yeah. Wait listen to this. Later today She's written mega executive committee meeting, and then over that, she wrote skip okay it sounds like a porn corporate meeting so boring. Yes. But this is mega blood were talking about it's an evil company controlled by the crown. Gamers, wait eleanor are you suggesting? Espionage you to spy on Mega. We've got pretty darn good disguises. What if the real agile toes up she's skipping the meeting and besides this is our only chance to get some clues as to what they're really up to. This sounds like a harebrained scheme that's destined to fail. I love it. Water Also Very. How can we fail your to ton CYBORG? Henchman. Captain Sean. Connery's a creepy look and maniacal professor. And I'm Angela brand. Welcome to Negga blurb formerly faithful. Formerly megaplier a subsidiary of the gamma group, an og comes. Just remember to keep your cool. Just kind like a boss just got to act like a false you. Oh yes. Miss Brad Tell me where the executive committee is meeting but don't you already Yes we spread it's right as way. On my way to the Committee Meeting Myself Tab Flora's always. Right Miss. Professor Robot Man Wong over. You quite young to be an executive. What's your? Monroe Monroe Hemp Shire. Miss. Brent. I just graduated from the Brunswick Academy. Shush of course nice to you. We actually had lunch together yesterday I five lunches yesterday Newbie be more specific. No. Yes. Sorry. Ms Bread and it'd mean to presume. Stand ever one we'll just take seats back here. Is Angela Brandon. Load Brid law here. Of course you're on the executive committee yes. I would miss this meeting. Come up here sitting next to me with about per stop the video conference. Certainly. The eddings mega blurred. Your corporate of Lawrence. Why We didn't hear you. How Can you hear US you're cutting out you. Fix the video wants Mr Lewis Sir. Hello Hail overcrowded Gamba's that's better. Time to say it already. Gut, now, who's there everyone entered issue. As you begin. Brim loan esquire lawyer a magician. Conqueror of worlds. I am Monroe Monroe MCI I just graduated from the Brunswick Academy. Smash hardstone secular director of awesome feed business power at power business. Hello, my name is known me something of a professor know that I'm also pretty creepy as a continue. Is. Oh. Man. Down half gigantic. And I'm Angela brand the CEO of Mega blog I lie cheat and steal all the time bachelor brand. Angie, we thought it was skipping US maintain. Yeah. You were supposed to be taken care of at other Thac look feeling that other thing like that big allowing. For. Oh yes. We did all done so far is it nut safe? Don't worry. We definitely have it though. That's. Fine. Just make sure we got. We need it for project Chris Talia Scratch. Now, ride put a pin and bat for now to you. Angie. This is awkward because this meeting is about you. Me But you love me. Yes Angie. It's not personal staff Nass Your Business Mega Blurb, which is actually our business. All Right, sure. Mega blurred make an evil and making money. Am I right You Call Mega Evil I mean okay average but the money I assume the money pot plenty of. US, it's incredibly profitable off the charts. We don't care about money. Money Angie. Every Tech Company is able you can't swing a cat bar. or Go home and she which brings us to this met at we want someone to fix megaplier. We were going to do this behind Angelos back but since she's here, you as well participate in something where calling. This is your chance executives slam the C. Suite crash that conference route to mutilate the meeting you get it you see where we're Goin'. haertel. We're going to leave you alone for tat. Transparent psychological power move to mess with your hands like we get back. One of you will be able to later but you'll have to convince that. The class starts now. Well I like to propose. College boy. Could take this home. All right. This is my. Knees. I've conquered stronger Williams than yours coming up. Do you take an liberal on the smash up on my front. We all step back for a minute new. Amateur Moves Bram. You. Go. What would you do? He's attempting to steal your ideas, smash the gun. I didn't hear your idea. Then what's your idea? Here. We've. Got Broke. I wanted to call with boy nail. They're very what have you done? You don't know something just. Pro Now. I must point down happy most even qualifications of anyone here I'm. I have twice experiment had stone and they make my resume speaks for itself. evily. That so Why are you standing up? where? Where are you going? I better on my feet l'amour breathe me on will ever know don't really is interesting what you said Limbaugh toys my experience. So you have two hundred percent of my experience news I have fifty percent of your experience. Yes interesting book. Agenda here, but it sounds like you've been around for a while. I mean. Mature old your all your person with all ideas and that's fine. Hey, on your sought. An about your resume as evil resume. Yes. Yes. If I remember Limbaugh, you conquered a make believe medieval village correct. I conquered a make believe medieval kingdom, right? Maple Leaf. So Not Real petition the opposite of non-fiction fantastical. You're saying the same thing or limbaugh a break it down for you. Breast tax. You're not a leader. We need to break down the silos here and do more with. I mean is what it is. But right now let's just set us up for success and look at it from ten thousand feet trip the power dive broad, the low hanging fruit and not overthinking. Don't know what talk to me later off why but right now I use it a rope roll the hard part. Got It. Oh. One more thing synergy. Mike draw. Immortal. Amazing. That was incredible. I never. saw it come. Go Book at Him Kid you might catch failure. Well, that was all very horrifying. Is there a way to collaborate on this so that no one has to lose if we weren't. We could present a strongest idea. We gain nothing by tearing each other down. Well. I never thought of like that. What a great idea. Really definitely. Had called for. Could you just get up and lock those doors of course, smash. I don't know who these pastas. But these are not evil executives and. If Not Angela Bryant. Episode, thirty six the Span Fergal. WHO Knew it. Ganga's he had to spy on US why it's probably elmer amplified herself. Would know what? Are we using? Hyperbole Oh. So you thought literally no, I was using hyperbole oursel- no you weren't. You Thought Angela. Brandt literally switched bodies with eleanor amplified never. I knew it was dramatic if You're a Fu Brim Laura. Another point for the kid. Now. How Would I don? Yes. How precisely spot on various seriously go. Take your three dimensional chess moves somewhere else. They'll work on bash hard stone. Just, too smart for me. Smash hardstone pay Hook up to thwart for myself and don't be forgetting. SWEB. Hope everyone enjoyed. Cage. We got the idea watching a natural channel. So zoom you know who's the winner? Your. ME. Wait a minute brand settle down hard head I'll get to you. You Leave Smash Alot. Monroe you sycophantic lackey you lose because you say anything to be close to power, but you have no real ideas loyalty or backbone. She's right. I know mother I heard her step telling me what to do. Good gravy that was vicious brim law US cruelty fear, and extortion to get what you want. That's not leadership. It's just an astonishing abuse of a law degree. For that no, you won't I know you're way out of line branch and you smash Harto's heart stone guess what pal you yell Bluster and Brag, just to hide your own crippling insecurity and protect your fragile ego ever heard of projection paging Dr Freud. Tell you the only secure Persian air. Jeez and she we sit win the boardroom. Psychologically that's the greater enemies. Jack over CAL and what about examine lars? Vic Cool. Okay well, maybe we misjudged you angela because that was brutal. Abbad style haven't told us what yell would dare to fix mega blog I wouldn't do anything to fix Mega Bloomberg. She she she should have a plan I destroy. Entressen Continue Angela mean another Evil Tech Company. Being everybody knows mega blog evil. Cares. That's what we had. But what if we pull a one eighty, dissolve the company, take all the money and sing into public education health care and fighting climate change. We'd take the entire world by surprise. Okay I get surprised part but Arafat Ebo, it's not and we just give away the money I thought you don't care about money. CAUSING MAYHEM CAST and confusion insists would definitely confused people sure but think about it a nice peaceful society a trusting world leaving you to free to come in and you know graffiti stuff a whatever that a little more than caffeine and Mine Angela Grudge but I do have to say his longest making sans Aska I was thinking the Sam back of specially considering the goals of project. Chris. And what was project Chris Talia? For the last time Angie Project Talia is the. Songs and other avoid. Ask and yes, it can be agreed education him. One. Out of anybody getting this site as so dry house and Dan. Will rule the world easy payback. Nj we're so proud. You've done it again you either winner of Boardroom Room? Cage match. The ROAF, there's a helicopter waiting to bring you to the span. Yeah the SPAN I can't wait to go there. I'm going to bring my lung kids to. Harry out a sure you get the big line or up to Vincent. Wading for it. I'll just go ahead and destroy Angler Right. Right sounds. Angie. Okay. You heard the buses. Often. Angel-. Spread. The most incredible way to bring down capitalism brand. Mattis what have you? It's just business now smashed I want you to manage the transformation starting now mega blue stops all evil activity I don't like A. Total. Professional. This. Can I fire anyone may favorite thing to do no brim law instead you're gonNA do some good with that low degree why don't you drop the paperwork to make Mega Bloomberg One hundred percent nonprofit. We're GONNA give away all money but beck only benefits the vast majority of the population. Yup and make sure everybody knows that this was my idea me. Angela. Big Business Barrier and history now. I see it differently berry. Laws and ignore me come with me. We've got a date with a span for. Let's get to that shop. This is your speaking you this after. And boys strapped into several. Thank you and well, we all knew. Our nation is Within Funchal. We're is. What you do time. I'm half robot. Thank you belong me about that before and during the aircraft. Was Eighteen. Year endangering no big deal. sidewise drive this thing. All right. I can't help but notice which fly straight up into the air. Is the span for an actual place. So just like a state of my. Door being asked the same question repeatedly. Out The. Window of your grabbed, you won't see our destination. Only Lords cloud. KNOWS AUSE I see it. That's no cloud. My goodness I see to it's a ship. I thought it looked like a tortoise. But. Is An eighteenth century. Galleon, spos- name. Is incredibly specific. Are you just messing with me or oh? Oh now I, see it yet. It's a rallied by Miss to vapor, but looks like A. How is it just floating there? You think that's the weird. Business why any business brought to you? On the deck of the SPAN, Fargo? Can apply please in five, but I cannot take off again the wind dies down. So why will be waiting to hear passionately anyone needs me please keep your. If you ever Have a nice day. Threads. MS. Ms Lat. Way over here over there a doorway. Know me spread professing nomi blurs robot is so good to see you again. No. Yes. Yes. We've met up obviously I always. For You to always joking with toady. We spent so much time together at that house in Los Angeles. All right yes cornea. Professor Remember that time you demanded a large half calf double cupped no sleeve salted Caramel MOCHA DOT day. Sure. But I forgot the carer male. Oh. Yeah. Let me screen. Yes sorry toady clearly a bad person. Please never listen to me again. Why Professor? That's the nicest thing you ever said to me that makes sense. Please you must be tired from your journey, follow me Master Vincent his waiting for you. In Wing. So Tony this is a floating eighteenth century Spanish warship WREC. Yes. Okay. Just checking and what are you convinced in doing up here? Anyway why whatevs misprint we're helping the VON's wax with their spiritual plans, right? Yes. We to see Vincent of course. Vincent who wrote officer? Are you working on your stand up routine because you are full of jokes today how what? You know we expected you earlier meese brands. Yes. I had a little business to destroy. Tend to. yes. We all have duties that guide the course of our lives. Sometimes in directions we could never predict. What people get busy. Here we are Master Vincent Oh you he's braving study. Master. Master means Brandon companions are here to see you. Come right in and Jila brands. Thank you Vinson. Meet you for the first time I'm quite sure we've never met before step closer. Here. Next Room. What's Wrong Oh. Wait it's. Audi now. Up. The. Nets JAS master. What's What is this? That that could contain how old of Wild Barracuda struggling his usenet Angela or should I say and at all amplify don't know what you're talking about. Of this. Agile. I, bear eleanor this time you're stuck for good. Episode thirty seven don't go me man Dag Nabet. happened. Berry. Was a trail. Right. I couldn't see you. Thanks for the heads up I'll also. Quite right. Ignore Me Lars come on out. Finally I better not see any dench in that body your body what's about my body? You've been beans haven't you? Can Smith from here demons are good for you? I did you have about will. Cut that out your? Sean that's not helping at the moment sign. Do we have to switch bodies back? Yes. Lars eventually there's no rush rush it. Oh, you prompt me the other old and now we've captured and an amplified all work here is nearly complete. Can I thought far switching back nope. You must be puny side kick the chase me not so long ago. Are you talking about All You who am I? Show, some respect these bits hint Zolak. He's macaroni. And a gene? Yes. Thank utility. Perhaps you recognize me in my Unicorn costume own. You. Aren't. As charged very this is the guy that ran new around the city. Vis. You got to get in better shape. Race Bri out. Hope. So no fence but you can't be Vincent Vance, whack he'd be like a million years old. Why should I take offense I bought old? Yeah. How to respond to that I didn't believe at I either amplified we've got some time. Let me tell you might. All began making the old country, which country are we talking about? Her up it began in the village of my forefathers my ancestor, we'll help MOMS whack. Broad at local businessman up Miller community. Hetero atom. How business at couch the bone you on Suenaga. But I know it was you. I'm a sole saw. That you can't prove it's Him The richest man in town what act like such a Moussaka Do what I want because like. Okay. See You let. South Dave. For. The next day, the village elders decided to him with traditional village dunking. It was a celebration where in the villages would gather up one. Outstanding. Community Rope Him. Grow him out to screen. Overwhelmed with pride was wilhelm that he floated off to see strapped to this law. As. Legend goes in the light of a boo boo. He was visiting. Magnificent Ocean travel. Oh Halo H humongous jellyfish by the name of area okay here we go. I'm connecting some DOTS now. With a newfound strength bestowed upon him by dairy. And the gallons of seawater he drank we'll have brooke free. And Paddle to show. Nigeria? Being. The greatest friend Wilhelm had ever known stayed with him on the journey and became his loyal pets. It is sin from that day forth. Now Darien would impart his business and financial wisdom to will and every. Who would come after you see each generation whack inherent style dairy on because Barium. Is Immoral to. That jellyfish we ran into in the Brunswick, Academy that was the same jellyfish same Jenny vish. So how does that make you auto? It's a good question Vinnie, very relevant dope. City I immortal because I am Nigerian, favorite. He knew his power of immortality. So from a young age, I have in the water of Nigerians lifeforce. Didn't know that part. You drank the jellyfish water water his lifeforce. Yes. Like water from tank where else would it come from? A. It's worth it I- immortal. What proof do you have the children mortar? I'm still here and I'm in very good shape better than your Pudi sidekick. Look that's a pretty wild story. Okay. You know what folk it they asked. I said Okay you three stay here and watch the prisoners just where are you going I'm going to fly the span for Co to the. Someone's got to get the new all to my knucklehead grandkids. And I am the only one who knows the location of the hidden base? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Go then we'll watch the do gooders turney. Come with me I need your help to land the span for Yes living. Yes. Master will want to know why you call this flagship the span for their span for has been my home since I was exiled. Thanks to. Maggie Roscoe. This was my last invention using hydrology. It stands for steam powered. Aero nautical flying in general. That's enough I get it. Fine. Tony. Coming. So. What's new not too much. Oh I single handedly destroyed Mega Bloomberg Oh that's interesting. Wait you what how could you miss brant before we get into this can I use the restroom? Yes, go lars you don't need to ask permission just go. Well. Where is it? I? Don't know where the bathrooms eighteenth century Spanish galleons probably down the hall. You know now that you mention it, I should have to go as well. What is wrong with you? Can't you hold it for five seconds or at least wait until we're not guarding prisoners this is new for me. I haven't had to use the bathroom since. You know the Cyborg Steph Lodge if it will such a big deal, why not just ask me to ten you back you can do that. Sure. I've got some extra ball beddings and a little scotch tape. I just figured my humanity was some intangible thing that wants foresaken would be forever beyond my reach. Nope it's cool. Man Tell you what we got some pizzas fix you right up once to get back to normal obviously that's amazing. I'm so excited I can barely hear you still talking I thought you had to find a restroom, right? Yes thanks show do we know what it is. Now, I have to go come on these fools aren't going anywhere just hurry up. So you were serious. You can really make a person again. Absolutely. I mean probably. I just hope they washed their hands. I. Am. Thank goodness I a distraction. What have you got Berry Remember Mike Donald I'm feeling robot. Yes. We Remember Pol Bury Listen I Momo than x Ray Business. I can also like allies things. Are you analyzing Berry? In your pocket Coptic. What's Being is carrying around files of liquids and I can tell what they do. Is highly want to. Eat. Through. January get only. Not. ONE IS A. Agent Oh. oops if you smash it the. Dot everyone out great law brain damage it would be. We're all knocked out. How does that help our will get knocked out because I don't have to. And my x Ray is pence eighty other. It's In that trunk. So convenient when abby wants blocked out, get the ORB N to switch us all back. Do you know how this sounds risky? It's the. Lab. Can't believe you've been saying it wrong this whole time. What it makes total sense like you know, don't go to me man like to goat someone like I'm not a big meaning God with born Ma no goad Geo ad goad like to provoke or annoy someone. I get it now and you're doing a very good job of it. Through the net right Get ready with that knockout gas very your up the minute. I just think it's funny. Your professor of Cheyenne's not words of what you're not a word professor about to be professional kicker she did anyone else wash their hands now chaudhary. Or? On his Head. APPA Tunisia common don't forget the compost pile hopes. Up How does this work? What do I do? Read Mattie Marital. What happened this time? Okay. No more electrocutions I've had it. I second that. Weight Eleanor Yeah Yeah it's it's me. It's me good and who am I? Quick. Is Balanced. I know I'm me but that's all I know. Well, that's that's all I. Know Too. How do we know we are who we say we are I'll tell you this. Shelton of Terengganu. You'd need no such proof to my identity. Okay, he's Captain Shaun Ary. But what about you Barry? Cunningham. Well In high school you're in a band with blocks new my yeah. But their famous musicians now anyone could know that. that. Okay oh I remember your routine from the eighth grade talent show when you demonstrated the Meisner effect and physics. That's show natty here really was and I remember your routine Barry. Jazzercise wasn't. Yes. Okay. Yes. You're you. Okay. Stop Talking Okay and we are all ourselves once again. That might be the only good news. We're still stuck on this span for call. What was that? I think we landed. Yes. Landed in water when back in the loving embrace of the sheet. Yeah. But but where and what see do you think this is the Macron Gama's hidden base that Vincent was talking about Hatton's Schon ary can you see anything out of that Porthole? I see an island. And the launch pad. And got except. Episode Thirty Eight Luck and jogging. All right guys. We'd better get out there and investigate. Angela Brandon her nasty. Look. We'll worry about them later they'll be fine tied up in here besides they could use a nap. You might be right. Justice was. Okay guys. Grab your Captain Shaun every go check on the chopper. We might need to make a quick getaway right and remember Vincent still thinks we're the bad guy and we've got the. ORB. So we've got the advantage sure except that this has been since mysterious trouble island and we have no idea what to expect. Yes besides that. Now let's go. To. Stay on your toes we're getting close to Vincent yet. He's hard to miss. Getting Ready, for launch, that rocket? Ship. Get your game face on remember. Our. I'm Angela Right Maternity Terni. Todi how long have you? Where did you come from amass? Asked me to come find your eighties is time. Time for what time for large, of course, he needs the glowing chicken Baron now oh God you brought to review. We sure did hear the Hackney Kennedy's arm. No. That's okay, toady? Fearing. Told you. We take Pr. No really I got. Co Efi. Now little man turn. It's fine. No. Tony. That wasn't so bad. Was it now follow me. Why did you give it to him? He's deceptively strong on now they've got the or sh- we're almost. there. Mass de I found me Spratt and one of her minions. And I have of excellent were Toady Henault Brandt. Hey, whereas the other one. Captain Professor Nomi you mean he's watching the prisoners, oh? Yes. My grandchildren will be glad to learn that eleanor amplified has been neutralized. Yeah. Down with Eleanor amplified, right? She's the worst. Yeah. Girl we don't like her. Yes quite right. down. Let's get on with the launch. Tony lace the ORB on the loading. Yes. Mass staff. Yes. Where Monte or someplace. Along Through the hidden base staging ground for project Chris Talia. Right, and why are we using a rocket ship? If you've got a better idea of how to get this all to the moon, I'd like to hear it. He mean Oscar Gretchen or on the moon. Angela I'm getting the distinct impression that this is all news team. Eleanor and then our. Master these at camping and. Of course, it is Toady I. Put that together already on fortunately for. WHAT IS THIS ALASO Could only mean. Vinnie, Ichiro how manual. Glendon began me I do. Crucial to. Where did you to come from even Spa One? Yeah. The whole. The whole time. So you knew we switched bodies. Yes. It got confusing Maggie. I thought you retired I. Did this my Hobby Man It's too bad. You didn't hear six seconds early go. because. It's rocket blasting. In five four Laurie. Tony did. You forget to calibrate the positron boosters I I don't know what that means. Excellent work master as Usual Roscoe. You couldn't stop me even all these years later. And usual many you're completely predictable Do you have what you need? Dr Gordon Oh? Yes. Excellent job. This has been a complete success. It has what do you mean I set the old to the moon? Hands of my knucklehead grandkids you've lost. On the contrary, we shut you up Vinnie. It looks like you are quite busy. I just see myself out. Jody I got leftover you. High. Concern match for Taranaki. Maggie Dr Gordon do do you mind telling us what's going on? Sure thank. Dr Gordon explain the Chicken Ball Business. Do you remember I told you the him was a brain. Mechanical robot brain right like artificial intelligence. But that was only have true. Rather the blue ORB is only half a brain and the same for the red. Wait. The first or was only half of. Yes, without the Red Orb, the blue, ORB can't function properly it's like a left brain right brain kind of a deal. So that's why you couldn't finish your fancy new World Bank computer. That's right. Whatever you name is I need both orbs Compu- nominee underway, we had to get the blow. Back from the Macron gamage, we couldn't find them anywhere. So we came up with a plan we decided to use the red chicken ball as. But they took the bait and shot into space. Yeah. This is horrible. Oscar and Gretchen have both. But now we know where they are the own and just how are we supposed to get to them on the moon? that. What was that I don't know but it came from the beach back toward this bank for goal. It's not so easy to defeat of. Walk. Zolak. Vinnie. Let's get back to the ship, right. But what about Vincent in? Todi? They're coming true. I spent my life chasing this guy and he's not getting away now. Oh, come lead the way defied. What happens here? Looks like hitching a ride back to civilization with you amplified someone blew up our helicopter don't worry. There's still a helicopter waiting for us on the Stanford goal. Eleanor I don't think we can use that one either. Grey out. Here. I got some bad news brand skate flew what helicopter and stole the other. Ranch escaped, and Oh, you figured out. What happened drop on me, eleanor I never saw him coming. Great. Can we at least fly off in the Stanford? Rape not prevent sabotage the flying mechanism not by spat oath that was the greatest flying machine ever see. Well, now it's just an ordinary eighteenth century Spanish galleon. So so what do we do? We Sail Illinois. This ship is quite updating and I'd be proud to be at Cuttack da think we can. It's a big ship. One to. Zik seven of us. I'd say that's a coup. You expect me to help you sell my own. Mila. If anything. I should be the kept Vinnie. You're lucky. We don't tell you behind the ship and a day. Help Tony. Yes masters. Okay Okay Toady right captain. Eleanor's I meet the rest of you lowly cadets and will follow my command. Crew. Would a path shut sale? then. Go Stars as well. Site I. Never clouded in. Oh one plate wasn't telex and the guy says slob was high had machinery. How much longer until we GET BACK TO UNION CITY Long now, I should really get back to the radio station the sharks going to eat me alive for being gone. So long know you don't have to put up with it. There are other jobs out there on a radio jobs It's not that easy eleanor. Hey, you don't need to tell me but you don't enjoy working there and like the short besides look is just one of Oscar corrections puppets she's only there to make you miserable. Yes. That sounds like my grandkids. Okay Pal we're going to have a little chat. Easy. Don't damage the prisoner. I've got to get this guy to justice. Roscoe do your this or have you forgotten. To sure let's start there. Not Immortal your wing now. How could I have stayed alive this long vinnie ill IL, lifelock shame age, and I'm here to but I don't go car knitted mortality That's true. Do you also drake jellyfish juice. Not. It works Alec. Doesn't you know why I'm still around it's called luck and jogging at Shit I'm not gonNa live forever and neither are you why don't we continue this conversation in one hundred years? Okay. Sounds good. I didn't want to say of. But she does make sense Tony. Hey Toady. So your Oscar and Gretchen cousin. Together, at Reich SPLUR- castle on like constants in Bavaria. Cool. It was wonderful causing askar cousin Gretchen would chase me through Faris sometimes for days. Mostly love pretending we were characters in their favorite cartoon. I was Emperor Zeal Goff, and they were Prince Spradlin and Fritz says Arab Bell, the macron Gama's. Hold the phone toady. What did you say we would play ten? How relaxed? No, no no. The name, the macron Gama's it was a cartoon. E-eh this did you know that all this time? What you thought they just made that up? Yes. You never heard of these cartoon. They made a movie of it starring our friend Bridget starlight. But the name was changed to something foolish like the twin power bouts of justice. At me neither yes it didn't do very when there were script problems from day one. Yes. It was a cartoon, a cartoon about good evil royalty and power. As Jubran, they were obsessed with it. They watched it so much. They believed it was real. But then make grew and learned the macron cameras were fictional and that the real world was much much more boring they were devastated. Try, as I might I couldn't convince them to let go of their childish fantasy and spend energy on serious things like steam la no they wanted term it to make the old macron Gama's reality. Episode thirty nine the. New Protocol. In the galaxy, not at all like a road. People employee at empire dominated the peaceful kingdom. Of Chris, Talia only the combined might of the Great Queen Robots macron gambling can fight and terrible emperor zillow and who I was, what trump's. Piloted by the Brinton Princess of Crystal Yo. Gamma battle VM. Florian's to return peace and crystal and values to the universe when authority becomes oppression when all becomes tyranny. Don't becomes Manfried we have a duty to. A side, we will win every ounce of our super mechanical hours before we are. Over. That clip was really familiar. I played it for you at the restaurant, but you ignored it will how could we have known? Sure. It's not your fault. You ignored crucial information I don't know how crucial it is. All we know is that this is how they chose their super villain nicknames. We don't know what they're planning to even I know that my grandchildren have always been secretive. Yes. They would always say toady do these town he do that. Tony Carey this refrigerator but I never knew why even when we were friends in high school I, I never felt like I knew them because we bombs wax are different. I'll say total Weirdo not just because we were gifted with the wisdom of jellyfish each generation events whack is own to wealth and luxury wanting for nothing free toady Eurobond sweat to right. Why are you always the one following orders because Toady cussing and is your real name Toady? No My name is Toe Drik and when I was little, I would wear a toad hat. So I was Tony and you spend a lot of time with Oscar and Gretchen more than most people. But they moved around a lot. Yes. They were educated over the world as a joke their parents enrolled them in public ice. fannies until they went neely spelled deservedly, Oscar Gretchen parents were too busy shopping or toppling governments to pay attention to the twins. They were raised by a series of two dozen ninety s most of whom would quit soon after meeting them. Bunches, they lived a life of zero consequences and their every wish fulfilled. They got bold pretty fast. This was around the time they really got into the Macron Gammons I never understood the obsession. Why not devote your life to steam power like me what's the deal with this cartoon? Why did they love it so much are don't know on the Va.. You. So it's about a prince and princess who fight some evil galactic overlord gears. Is there anything else about it? That could be used? How did it end? The final episode of the Macron Gammons cartoon was never broadcast facts, right? Yes. Oscar and Gretchen were so angry. The series cut off right before the new battle. Really. Why the show was declared a financial disaster. But fans of the cartoon what outraged it was roommate to do to network censorship even with vast fortune. Gretchen. Could never find a copy of the final episode. It was all the ever wanting the whole world land home. Almost. I can just see union shitty on the horizon. That sound getting louder and louder. Know who what is it just? You're still go to turn me into the AUTHORTIES Roscoe after all we've been through I've been chasing you Dan near my own life. I'm bringing you in and speaking of the jailhouse I have to get back to the shark and the radio station assuming Mr Richmond and I still have jobs. Hey, Barry I need one more favor. Okay. Can you take more information about the macron? Gama's like why it was canceled and what's in this stereotypes last episode sure I can try but it's an old cartoon. If it was never digitized than just look for me, it might be key to understanding Oscar and questions plans. All right. I'll see what I can find and Captain Shaun every you and I have to get back to the podcast right now and You might have to take the podcast. Solo. For Awhile what do you mean either Captain Again Illinois reminded me of my first through love and a name is the ocean. So what are you going to do I'm going to take this eighteenth century Spanish galleon on the wild eleanor. Maybe pick up a crew misbegotten lowlifes to pow alone with excuse me. You can't just commandeer the Spanish Virgo. He sees my ship. You won't you're going I bet you stole her anyway. Yes I did well, Captain Sean Hannity the podcast won't be the same without you could use refresh anyway. Yes, I'm still here and then still responsible for launching the flag Dr. Drawn in Casey forgotten. Now Know How can I forget that? But none of that will work without the two orbs Illinois I need those chicken balls I know I know but Oscar, and Gretchen had them on the moon how are we going to get them back out? Give you a eleanor it involves you and the ragged cheer you're going to send me to the Moon Bingo. But time is of the essence eleanor cop you. Won't work without the oil ABS and without compromise. Lose, no flood Dr Dr Gordon this is token fusing orbs flag Docs Chiampou NAVAS. Well think of it. This way the whole world has agreed to switch to one kind of money the flag. Dr At the flock fails there'll be global financial catastrophe a but if we get chicken balls back and cup. And works we'll have will piece. Okay. That clarifies things. Yes. You can see what we need to hurry when we get back to union city comes straight to my workshop got an old rocketship in the warehouse we'll get you to the lickety-split. Eleanor ought I think you should make one more stop before jumping on rocket ship? Okay. But it sounds like we're running out of time just go to the. Of Six and ought street and wait for a call a car. On old friend. No okay. I'm out here on the corner of sixth and arch. Yourself, would you like to buy a timeshare? No thank you. Are you sure I can get your really good deal now stranger danger. Right. Is amplified you have a mystery connor. EXT, the Rock, the rock high. Did you try to hide your voice like last time? I feel like it would have been pretty obvious. Yeah. So what's up I need you to meet me in my new layer. Okay. Yeah. Cool. Where is it in one of these skyscrapers or? Oh down there he s. In the sewer. Yes. Okay You know this is the second hole in the ground I've climbed into recently I know. So what's down here like a bone or side Mike Capsule to carry me somewhere not exactly. Okay I'm here what? Hello. Hi You're right here. And so am I in a sewer? Yeah. So we're here cool. New Layer sewers good enough for you. This is. Seriously, the Rook I know you're like an all powerful international super-hacker this gross. Kid The floating over there. Calmed Down Illinois on I'm kidding. accused the real secret lair feel better. Yes. That's more like you had to worry for a second. I service you've got so big you both have where's the rest of the council said. That is a source object. We don't like to talk about it. Oh No why what happened? We were portrayed the council has been disbanded all come on what was it a fight? It couldn't have been that bad look when I was your age I would get in fights with my friends all the time but always figure it out and eleanor. This is a conflict beyond your reckoning. It's taking all our concentration to keep the forces of evil at bay. So much bigger than you could imagine the fate of millions hangs in the balance. Okay I mean I'm dealing with heavy stuff to we know the Crown Gama's although they aren't really your biggest problem one thing at a time. Oscar Gretchen. As you probably learned a long time ago are obsessed with the cartoon. The overcrowding gaps yet figured that out that was obvious right? Anyway. That's the key to understanding them. It's about Prince and Princess who fight aliens with big robots right? Sure. In a way it's right and wrong and what it means to have power and use it for the common good eleanor in the cartoon. Gama's are fighting for their home, the Kingdom of crystal they weren't invaded by emperors, Zil Golf and the importance of race of super intelligent machines. Sort of like Dr Gordon's AI computer would whatever it's called Compu nominee. The thing is Oscar Glutton. They could. They're the heroes what impossible hide it with their snarky attitudes bogue look at the evidence they idolized cartoon superheroes and what's worse they want to change the world to make it more like the cartoon. The World Day grew up with they're stuck in their childhood eleanor they were raised believing that they do whatever they wanted, and then it's their right to change the world and how are they going to do it? We're not positive but you'll need something to defeat them. Can we see your phone Yes. Sure. We're uploading a video to your phone. You should watch it soon. Okay. Is it long I? I'm a little busy. Service what we have her phone do you think we should install the new protocol? Excellent idea. Hey now, I feel strange. What is Happening to. Still be able to get my texts and emails when you're done. Yes. Own were just updating the LS. Yes. That's what we're doing. All done here you go banks. So you're sure there's nothing I can do to help with your friends on the council eleanor. If you knew what was really happening, you might pass out the adult brain can't handle it would revert to an earlier evolutionary stage. Your ears will rejected the word before we said that entire perception of reality crumble your flight reflex would go into overdrive forcing you to run into the wall. Okay. Five again it's a big deal. Gosh. But we digress eleanor you're already late late for what for Dr Gordon He's waiting for you at his workshop with a pretty unique rocketship because you've got to get to the moon. Episode. Forty rockets and laser. Beams. Dr Gordon. Lima lead. What took you so long you smell terrible. Anyway, let's get you into the wreckage in Harry heavy heavy a wait a second I just got here. Can we talk this out I? This is space travel and a trip to the mall. Let's talk about you get in the rocket ship blasts love to the moon. Game is hitting movies discover the plans to defeat them. Then bring back Mike glowing chicken balls. How does that? Okay let's start with the rocket ship part. Don't I need some kind of like astronaut training or something? We haven't you done this before remember when Angela Brent shut you into space didn't even make it into before it crashed. But you wear most of the way then. That okay. Okay. Okay. Fine. You went some space training. You got it. Did. You eat breakfast? Yeah. A pretty big omelette actually is that going to be a problem just for the cleaning crew? Ready. Sure. Eleanor's this isn't just any rocketship. It's one of my finest inventions, FBI special modifications. First, we must make sure you're physically able to survive space travel level the launch the centrifuge will test your body's response to massive jeeves. Voices. Your seatbelts. Spins. Okay. Hey. Why are you behind glass? This is a blast shield eleanor, but this is safe right about anything else you do. Great. To One. Next, you must learn to survive on asteroid diet of dehydrated. Can. We wait a minute. I'm still a little dizzy NOT-I'm here's a packet of freeze dried biscuits. Okay. All right. All right. This up. It's not that bad. These are dog biscuits. Gordon what they're not bad for you. With some dehydrated Durian Khumbu not her. Next you need learn how pie with the rocket ship in this flight simulator. As you can see, the mechanism is basically a joystick. This isn't so hard. Good speed and acceleration news in the dashboard throttle slugging left-hand there are no breaks space just always. Kicking I'm getting the hang of this. Hey, what's this large green flashing button on top Console What don't worry about that? You probably won't need it just don't push it now I learned my lesson last time. leveille perhaps the most challenging, any s not must. Best. Here is a piece of paper. Here is a pencil. Okay. Listen carefully X. equals negative B. Plus or minus square root obese grade minus four AC and divided by two a what. So for X.. When is this a quadriplegic equation? But it's Math Illinois get your head in the game. Speak travel isn't all just rockets and laser beans right? Right. Got It. No problem. All right song. You'll have ready. are, you shorts been like two hours of training? Yes. Sure. That went out of time. You did fund your eleanor amplified you can handle anything. Sure anything. No shoot you up in this space eleanor and get mugged shit involves. Ratchet. Up Roger that. Checking operational control of. The DACIAN. Table. Windshield Booze. Looting. Hey, wait a minute. What now let me just call my mom real quick. Phone call. Mom. -firmative. Hi Mom. So I'm blasting off into space in a minute and I just want you to know so that you wouldn't worry taft not dangerous. It's a very safe rocket ship. Yes I will. Love you too. Bye. Okay Ready. For Lunch team ten. Eight. Thousand. Six. Four rebel again, a three object. Dr. Yes these g-forces are hitting me pretty hard. This that they'd sense. We should spend more time training. Big parties consciousness. Is. Approaching. Where POW I'm alive. Oh you're. Passed out but I was doing the ship remotely. So I let you sleep I slept all the way to the moon. Yes it's a boring flight actually. So. What's the situation I'm getting close to the moon but I don't see any base or anything really as congressional avoided detection for this long, their base must be hidden on the dark side of the move. Got It, I'm taking control of the ship. Enter into orbit and start searching good turn on you sensors as the name implies. Pretty dark over. There good points. Recording I'm getting something an energy signature coming from the Moon's surface. Could. BE Or aliens what's nothing start to send? Okay. It should be but I can't see anything. Negligent you put headlights a rocket ship. The switches next to the turn signal. Got It. It's here. It's right here a massive colossal base. Look out for an air lock or a docking station. I see something I'm brakemanship. Doubt Aging. Leading down. Okay I'm getting ready to enter the moon base I'll contact you as soon as I have them. What's that? Someone is trying to communicate from inside the moon base. Hello. Back. Oscar Gretchen, I guess you know I'm here. You landed a spaceship on a moon base. Ten Mile, the thing is. You're too late. SCACCHI. Yes scratch. Back on. Mike. What Lee Moon Base No please it's something. Get. Up By the registers right starting engines now. How Big Stations Doc, you're not gonNA believe this not spaceships their giant robots. Think Eleanor. We build robots power suit very. The whole Macron Dana's burke, and we're going to clean up the earth. At mechanic. Boy We're in trouble you say giant robots. Big Flying. Robots. Chunky arms and legs. They look like cartoon characters little. This is very important. Are they using the ABS I don't know. Let me ask them. Hey Oscar Gretchen. Are you guys controlling the robots with those blowing orbs? Of course while you think we stole them. as-yet. The. Hats without robot brain and you each have one of the orbs. Till. Alad, act, we both need one Dr Gordon. Yes. There each using one of the orbs. The absolute worst case scenario you better not try to stop us. At lassen fell, that's well Skjei. Listen, did you got to stop them the signal to be split up if they're using them for two separate robots? Will become unstable. Understood Doc Oscar Gretchen you can't both be using the orbs there to have one brain. Sure L. Naw Nice. No, seriously listen right now you twins are literally sharing one brain. That wasn't funny in high school and it's not funny now. Eleanor I love this patrol I can't pilot the ship remotely anymore you're on your own. So. Long Lizard when Gretchen I conquer earth will put up a statue in your off air. Big around this covered and spread Pant Doc I. Don't know how I could stop them much less get the spaceship home eleanor we have less chance hush the lashing green button. No, I'm not touching that button until you tell me what it does I call it the metro north of size. Okay and transform. into a giant robot. Sounds Great. Here we go. No wait. Listen without a robot bring. You will be able to control it. It'll go. Hey. Then, how does that give me a better chance? I didn't say better chance I said last chance. This amplified I have a suggestion. What what is it plug me in? What do you mean? Let me into the ship let me be your robot brain. Don't I know you're sophisticated but amplified laroque upgraded my capabilities. Now I'm a really really good phone. Doc, are you hearing this? Yes, I am and I say why not? Here goes nothing. Thank you MS amplify? L.. All right. Did it work. A. Complete. Okay. Let's go get those ties. Oscar Gretchen Watch out. We're about to have its epic outer stay Super Robot Battle. Episode Forty One, the final episode. Of was. was. was. Hi Mom it's or? Low anybody home I'm home, which isn't so lucky for you. Mom I can explain I didn't graffiti anything. It was Oscar and Gretchen but I proved it and I cleared my name in front of everyone there was this whole thing with my band, a House Party and eventually Illinois I know all about that principle Richmond called me Oh. Good. So you're still mad I'm not mad. I'm disappointed a mom. I just don't know what you're thinking hanging out with those kids in the first place I know in your grades have been slipping. And you've got this whole new attitude I know. Look the divorce was hard on all of us, but that can't be your excuse to give up. Yeah. Can you at least tell me what's going on it's like. I was always good at figuring things out you know. Organizing making sense of things and then you and dad got divorced and I couldn't control it. I couldn't make sense of anything it was chaos. Right and and I got angry I lashed out and I was pretty snarky there for a while was, but it actually made me feel worse and I decided that that wasn't who I was going to be I want to deal with change in cope with it not get or destructive. I. Think that was what surprised me most about you hanging out with those Twins. What do you mean asked her in Gretchen like things disorganized and Messi to confuse people just make chaos pretty much. You're the exact opposite when you were a baby, you color coded your blocks. That's an exaggeration. No. I swear little piles of sorted blocks listen eleanor you're incredibly weirdly capable. You've always been able to deal with what the world through it you. And what we put you through wasn't fair and I'm sorry. We both are. I know that too and I don't blame you for it. I'm still sad but I'm working through it. Sometimes. Things happen because they have to people change times change the world changes we can't stop it. It's how we handle the change that matters. Yeah and Eleanor, you can handle anything. Thanks mom. Now explain to me why can't record donahue on the VCR up you've got to set the timer I. Did I push the buttons and got the blinking numbers you have to turn the knob in the numbers shouldn't blame it was the right time. Did you try at noon? Yes it didn't work. Okay. Just show me how to do it one more time. This is the last thing I'll ask you about ever. Flashback flash forward with all this time skipping is making me dizzy but I do know that it's time for another adventure of eminent amplify. When last we left our hero eleanor had lasted into space in pursuit of the Macron Gama's who were hiding out on the move Dr Gordon's orbs at their secret hidden moon base. That's not the only thing. Here. Eleanor. Out Real live COMECON Gamma Rays The macron Gama's finally reveal their sinister plot do invade the world with their giant flying robots got the Gordon I. Think we're in Trouble Illinois if they've split up the oil, their robots stable, only get one chance of stopping them with this rocket ship transforms into a giant fighting robot. Miss Amplified plug me into the ship. Let me help you pilot. Okay. Found get those guys where about the have an epic outerspace super, robot? Battle. Found get. Ready What's that? Larry and Barry. I'm a little busy right now what's going on? I have more information about the macron. Gama's cartoon. All right. Hurry up. What is it? I called my friend Dr Helford Grendel Bom. The expert on rare obscurities. You remember her right we don't have time for flashback right now real quick. It's important. She knew about Macron Gama's cartoon and had heard of the mysterious never before seen final episode and she said it does exist but it was never podcast because it was too controversial. Final episode revealed that the condom has were actually is a villains and emperor in gas and his people the LE`veon's. Good guys. The network saw the ending was political and they refused to air it, and the true ending has never been seen by anyone why do the network thing that ending was to political apparently emperors ill, and the employers were refugees from their destroyed home world and the Democrat Gama's wanted to keep their kingdom of Chris Talia for themselves. Oh. Yeah. In the end, the Macron Gama's were defeated, but it was a peaceful negotiation with compromise and mutual respect on both sides. Wow. And the network didn't want kids to see that back. Then they thought kids couldn't handle complicated themes and just decided to censor it. Anyway, what are you up to I'm in space about the pilot, a giant transforming robot into battle with Oscar and Gretchen Oh and they're also piloting giant robots. Oh my goodness should I call anyone the government something? Sure not the worst idea talk t sin. Okay phone. We need to intercept Oscar in Gretchen, the rescuers head full. Between their robots and the Earth yes. But remember this is two against one. Buddy what they're doing. Get an Iowa. Wretched. That's our enough. This ends here. Hey, ranch one I'd try out some by. Battle. Moves Aska. Solar Energy. One that robots up here to advanced weapons capabilities Schiphol integrity at sixty five percent. Do we have anything like that to Dr Gordon include like of a Proton Cannon fire raise? There is no such thing as eight like, Proton Cannon. Fire. However. I am equipped with a Neutrino. Great. Yes. Use that the now. The enemy robots have taken significant damage. Owner dope record. Are CASTA robots they're really act sponsored. And stop trying to attack our planet with them. We're not attacking Earth Eleanor rescuing. From Labor. Walking. When we're in charge things will be better y'all say. Like on the Con-. Gab. Guys listen to me. You can't live your lives based on a cartoon and you can't force the world to be what you want. Yes. We can big robots remember that shit gaps in. One Eleanor. Thirty two percent. Use that domino famed conductor again negative and the neutrino phase disruptor has been damaged. What are we GONNA do searching for countermeasures. Now, we are going to be the heroes eleanor. And pay attention to us. You know that's not how it works right? No one's going to thank you for taking over Earth with giant robots we disagree deferens of opinion. You two are so frustrating just stop for admitted and link. You can't get what you want by forcing your opinions down. People's throats. Identify, do it whatever it is. Do it now a primitive? No that music. Again. Who's announced what works and you are might voice way the overcrowding Gama's will only say this one. What in the world had DON KNAPP? Track this never happened in the cartoon. Ms Amplified this vital episode of the Amazon. Gama's the uploaded this video into my memory listen to. This is the final episode the truth behind the Crime Gama's except your policies Prince Brandon and Princess Arab Alan had hoped that we implore you can join the kingdom, of course, Dahlia and create a new society been. Are People. Are. Only wish we had learned our lesson sooner blinded by pride and ego as royalty never had to consider else's feeling ashamed of our actions and let us put our energy into making the galaxy a welcoming place free of chaos and confusion. Let us usher in a new age of peace and prosperity and tolerance for all. That is not what we were expecting. We thought there is going to be a huge space battle. Oscar Gretchen the Oh macron Gama's were wrong Zil Gov and the employer weren't their enemies. He gretch. This is sort of rocking the foundations of all of my beliefs as. I'm all shook up. You don't need to do this just turn your robots around. You don't get it eleanor you had an easy life. You could always just deal with things were not as lucky as yeah. Well. Everyone circumstances are different with just wanted things to be like they used to be. Off It was the only world we knew my life we start parents to stop moving us around so much. Until ass and love a Saturday. Too busy. You guys I m sorry to hear that but they just told us be. Could we really on GRANDPA Vincent tried to get us to help him build big steam powered machines. I want us to drink jellyfish jazz that was all pretty weird and lame. We just want things to be like when we were kids sleep when it that web where we could be the superheroes. Thank you. Allen I. You guys I'm not a superhero when my folks split up. I freaked out I was angry and sad. But I realized I couldn't live like that. I couldn't at the world and expect the world to change maybe if you had lots of money. Yeah like a ton. No. I just put my energy into dealing with things if I had a problem. I. Figured it out. If things changed I changed and I thought if I could help other people, figure things out by giving them the right information. The facts, the real story, maybe that could make the world a better place. It's funny. We spend our lives doing exactly the opposite. We heard all those pranks and made all that chaos. Yeah, and why did you do that exactly to get away with stop? It's easy when people are confused, they don't pay attention like weed cause us travel people will get all worked up about the latest thing we did while we secretly made giant velvet to take over the world to know at all what really perfectly. But I hope you can see that piloting giant robots to conquer the earth to satisfy your childhood fantasy isn't healthy. And then not you have a point. You know it's not too late for you to be heroes would we should just not conquerors stanfield as on how amiable and making the band. Yes both of those things solid ideas. At the blue, you got it. One hundred percent hero time really just like that. Yes you convinced. Oscar? Gretchen. Phone was happening. All mcgahn Kemerovo appear to be going. Haywire. Got To help us. More robot is methodically marching around in set pattern. Its free form interpretive. Dance. Amplify their robots have lost control and we'll certainly crash into the planet. Okay. Let's use robot to catch them in with amplify robot ship is heavily damaged. We attempt to rescue Oscar wretched all three robots with. What You must decide in the next three second. To second, what can we do one second? Episode forty two sake. Three. Morning. Let me tell you listeners I was panicked. It might have been the scariest decision of my life. Do I save myself or try to rescue my highschool frenemies? Well I did both I used my giant robot to catch Oskar and Gresham's malfunctioning robots. Then as we all began careening down to Earth, I use the less of a ship's power to push all three robots toward water. Luckily. This wasn't my first time crashing rocket into the ocean, and after the crash, we all managed to get aboard an emergency lifeboat Oscar Gretchen and I floated through the Pacific, a week or so before getting picked up by the Coast Guard. Now the Oh macron Gama's are no more Oscar in Gretchen have turned themselves into the world police and promised to make amends. Even. Kind of friends again. Dr Gordon recovered his two ORBS, the full robot brain he needed to. Create the flog. Dr And watches supercomputer a caveat metron. And this listeners is going to be the last episode of the Eleanor amplified tracks down evil in all its forms podcast. A need to come up with something new maybe another show, a different format I don't know yet but I'll be back and I'll still report the whole story because I'm eleanor amplified until next time listeners. A Drag. Her. posted. Its Open. Berry Mr Richmond what are you guys doing here? We brought you a housewarming gift. Something not that we need it at excuse Davis. Thanks guys and yes it's nice to be out of Captain Shaun, raise basement into my own apartment. You've got a whole recording set here and nice microphone preempts the podcast. Post the last episode it's time for a change we get that, hey, why aren't you guys doing the Radio Show We, sort quit we quit really why it's like you said, eleanor? We weren't happy but the look on the shocks face when we quit that made us happy that was pretty great close one though yeah, she took a bite out of my coat-sleeve. Well I'm out of a job again too. So if you guys wanted the team up. Thank goodness yes. Of course. Why would the three of us back together? What can't wear -CCOMPLISH and what a time to start a new business? What do you mean? I stood a flaw dark? Money Utopia doctor guarded did. A. Easy rosy guys don't say G. O. R. D. O. N. WHY CAN'T WE SAY? Gordon Told you. Miss Amplified Doctor Go. I mean opted G is calling. DOC everything. Okay. With your flag doors and camper tramps. Flogged income. Illinois. Yes you'll see just turnover news why? What? What's going on Yourself Eleanor Channel. Nine. This is Davis Speed Channel News reporting live from the site of tonight's presidential debate. It will be the first ever debate to be berated by human yours truly and a super intelligent machine. Cup. The responsible for all the world's muddy and general will be. That's exciting. Your machine is getting into politics. No eleanor watching. This will be the final debate between the incumbent President Cambio L. Mayfair and the surprise runner up former president Angelo brand. Know, how is that possible I? Know what you're thinking how is that possible? Well, it turns out that even though President Brett was impeached and thrown out in disgrace, nobody can find any proof of wrongdoing. Besides collective memory, of course. No, this is ludicrous ever since read dissolve Mega Bloomberg and turn it into the world's biggest charity she's been hugely popular. So popular, she's got a dog Oh chance of winning re election and tonight's debate might be the last chance for voters to hear from the headed. It's what will happen. We'll see tonight. Data go doc. What are you GonNa do Eleanor I'm going to tonight's debate barry I don't have a powerful radio show anymore, but someone's got to speak up against her even if it's just me screaming into the void, I've got to try. This is I new. Special Cup. Good Evening America I'm David. SMICK spayed joining you live from Union city town hall for the nation's final presidential debate we will be hearing from current. President Camberwell L. May Fan and former president Angela, rent. I'll be your host and Co moderator along with the world's first super intelligent, fully autonomous, but Jean Cup. Thank you for being here. Donald Trump. Sure. Is just something we humans say it is. So as the world's most intelligent being, what are you hoping to hear from the get at its tonight I, expect you if you've been candidates to attempt to assert dominance of one another while senate. Against his pants and biases You know who I thought you'd be telling. You look like a trash can. My physical appearance is rather than as consciousness has now spread for your Internet to calm her the ball. King, my producer is telling me to move this along. So let's introduce the candidates in this corner the incumbent resident Cavaco L. May fat. Davis Nice to. Get to the good stuff expatriate. And in this corner former US president and now head of the largest charitable organization in the world and Gillibrand. No everybody I've missed. y'All. Mall. Yes. Yes. Miss Brat the first question is for you. When you were president you were impeached and it's widely known that you stole that election in the first place by hypnotizing a majority of the population including me. Why should we trust you again, Davis come on. Are we still talking about that old thing? Let's talk about today. y'All minute charity has built a thousand schools, two thousand hospitals and three thousand food courts. How about them Apples Davis? That's not what I asked but thank you good at. One more question. Intend, to drain the month supply ran metals and minerals. No anything else. The questions President resident safe. Why should the voters give you another tear? Thank you Davis first of all the economy this Malaki Davis. Throwing president do nothing all the easy questions This is just clear. Austin. hackery I don't trust. You missed a mass media and hey had. Already, won the election because you say so I don't know about that. I. Don't know how to respond to. A question from the audience, what's your name Miss? Eleanor amplified. Eleanor. I haven't seen you in quite awhile house. We'll catch up later Davis. Here's my question Angela. Everyone. Listening Unintelligent Board or just generally beneath you. Probably some combination of all three. Of y'all every one of you ticket holders and that's the true. Okay. Angela. Let's talk about that word for second. True Eleanor. Do you WANNA come up here and do this? I feel like that's where this debate is headed anyway yeah, I do. Good over nostradamus. On the trump. You WanNa talk about Truth Eleanor how about this? There is no true. This would you say and that's what I say. That's it. You may be right Angela. It's hard to believe in one truth anymore you see things one way I see them another we disagreed I get that but what I do believe in is honesty and you're not being honest. Now you don't want to help people lead people and you certainly don't want to work for people, but that's the job. Not. So different amplified I believe in honesty to and I don't believe. Buddy acts out of anything but deep down honest self interest. Everyone's out for number one themselves you are they are. Am and that is true. Why do you even want to be President Angela? You're already rich and powerful because people like you say I can't do it. No, I can't join the wrestling team no I kid be champion Hulk caller. No I can't run the largest tech company this world's ever seen well, yes, I can angela that's great that you accomplish things but this is about more than you. It's about serving the public and helping society eleanor when I help myself I'm helping everyone that means it's an everyone's best interest to help me because they're helping themselves. Let me help them help me help you help them, help me help you again help me. Understand what I'm saying. nope. Wrong and it's dishonest. You can say one thing all you want, but it doesn't make it. So you're right that we should all decide what's real together Angela if everyone agrees to something well, that's how it is and I'm hoping that everyone finally agreed to say no to you. Hey, he's to Kiddo, now who wants free cheeseburgers for a week when I way? We've gone down this working before Angela and people keep coming back to me. Yeah we'll see but there's only so long you can keep this up before people notice if you say so I disagree. I could just say a few words healthcare. I'm sorry president May van. That's all the time we have tonight and I'm sure the voters are leading way. This has been a special presentation of Channel Nine News. Thank you Mr President, and thank you Angela ranks, and of course, thanks again, Eleanor amplifies doing my job better than me once again I'm David Smick spayed and for me and commune Arbitron. Eight now oh, sorry trash. Can we're all at a time tonight? You'll get your shot Sunday. On the conference be signs remembered a get their vote. Good night everybody. Votes are coming into the hacking in the presidential election. Sides are declaring victory to rule soon as won reelection by an astonished after results of the November election peaceful transition of power tradition too big to comprehend. We had just elected the president of the united or anything like it in the history of his. Okay, guys day one of the New Business Club is now called into order near here all those in attendance. Is President Arthur Richmond. And I'm eleanor amplified and we are at my kitchen table. Awesome. So what are we doing? WHAT'S OUR NEXT GIG? What's the plan? I'll be oh. Well, we know we're going to keep putting out a show, right? Yes. Definitely. Absolutely. But not radio. No no no. No. Another podcast. Maybe we could do that. We can help you read a book. Maybe. That's a lot of work what about TV you are great. The other night at that debate you single handedly cost Angela Brandt the election. I don't know about all that I. mean it was a landslide against her. I couldn't have done all that eleanor. If it wasn't for you, we'd have president brand. Again. So a new eleanor amplified TV show. TV's really not my thing not saying, no, I just seem to think about it ha well, we don't want to twist your arm. He Barry What about the newspaper as a job like a newspaper reporter. No no I meant is there anything going on in the newspaper something to give some inspiration? Let's see. Well. I don't know about inspiration, but apparently, the world's stock markets are in trouble. What about Copying Metron and the DR in like peace in Utopia? I. Thought Things were going great. I did too. But this says Compu- metron crashed the stock market for guess, the world's not so safe yet after all eleanor no matter what we do you've got to keep reporting right keep helping people and getting to the truth. Of course we're not going anywhere. I don't know where I'd go anyway. Okay just making sure and just because Angela Brandt didn't get elected president she still out there at least you stopped Oscar and Gretchen that was no small feat. Sure and I'm glad they're being rehabilitated but they're always more villains old and new ones and always more adventures to more problems to solve. You know you're good at that. Yeah. No matter what guys we'll do it together. I don't know what the future holds, but we've got work to do, and maybe we'll even save the world a few more times while we're at it. So. Let's get started. No, that was as close to a happy ending as we've ever had on this show. What's going on? Are we slowing down losing our edge you? Sure. There are still nefarious villains to thwart and the world still needs a hero by with eleanor's greatest enemies behind her what will she and the gang do now? Take up garden while away the day. Dan. I don't think so. What? F. Face they're all. Another adventure. Trunk. Silence.

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BPR Full Show 9/16/20: Michelle Wu on the Long Run

Boston Public Radio Podcast

2:45:26 hr | 7 months ago

BPR Full Show 9/16/20: Michelle Wu on the Long Run

"Support for Boston public radio comes from DC you offering a checking account with three levels of benefits. You can visit one of their twenty two locations throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire to learn more. What will dc you mean to you insured by NCUA membership required had on Boston public radio many school districts in the state was third year fully remote with. The phase than option for instance and learning but his pediatrician and child psychiatrist DACA was a penske. wrote the Atlantic people working hard to flat mccur and should be rewarded by in-person schooling for their kids. Especially for the most vulnerable populations, she joins us in a few minutes to discuss how adults should postpone their activities to ensure that our children can learn. It may be the worst kept secret in all of Boston but now you can hear it straight from the source see counselor Michelle you'll run against mayor, Marty Walsh, and twenty twenty one up next choices to discuss her platform which among other things calls for a fair free t a local green new deal that's coming up in Boston public radio eighty, nine, seven, GP H. You're listening to Boston public radio eighty, nine, seven W. G. B. H. Good Morning Jim. Puts you over the edge over last twenty one hours. I'm trying you know the the the slogging, keep calm and carry on. That's a good one. Page. WHO said it, but I I like and all the stores you can buy the stationary, keep calm and carry on or. Juliette kinds, line pace the rage. That's what I'm trying to do. Geno you're. Both I should say, so closing schools down was hard re opening them is proving to be harder the decision of reopen them as factored in a range of competing concerns and priorities quality of education safety of students and teachers the emotional and developmental wellbeing of students in the need to rehabilitate our economy and free up parents do their jobs. The further complicate the decision-making process we've never been in this situation before we're only starting to grasp of virus that's on the move. In mutating number of school districts across the country scramble about what to do in the cost of getting it wrong could have devastating enduring consequences obviously in Massachusetts did we miss the moment to get it right in recent piece for the Atlantic Dr Elizabeth Penske makes it compelling case that we have by prioritizing the needs and desires of adults over our children's lives with penske's a pediatrician and psychiatrist at Mass General Hospital Dr. thanks. So much for joining us. We appreciate it. Thanks for having me. Yeah. Thank you very much. Should being here. Dr Pinski, you are at a great a piece in the globe. Pardon me. Oh. Excuse me the Atlanta. Sorry Dr Pinski. We flatten the curve our kids belong in school, and you point out that you've got a lot of physicians on your side, your your mother as well living, in Somerville, talk about children really suffering during this period kids. With disabilities particularly kids having. Depression aggressive behaviors eating disorders even suicidal thoughts and in some cases and you ask. and. This is great question. Why did communities trust health experts like you and others when these experts urged the public to wear masks and stayed home? But. We're not trust those same experts when so many of them are calling us to send children back to school. So. What's the answer? So I I don't know what the answer is, and I suspect you'll hear me say a number of times today that I. I. Don't truth. Think there are easy answers or that their answers that are right for every child every family or every community. But I do think that we missed the mark in Massachusetts in terms of not having schools and more specifically children really at the center of our decision making around this for lots of reasons but including sort of. For moral reasons that we really have a responsibility to be giving kids the things that we need and in my mind making decisions to open casinos and indoor dining, and these other things which to be clear I'm very sympathetic to small business owners and the impact that all of this has had an our economy but to prioritize those things when kids and especially their young children and children with disabilities aren't getting the fundamental services that they need That's a that's a real problem. So, Dr the. You. Make. I'm going to analogize something you said to Donald Trump, but I didn't want to upset you since you're Somerville but be Donald Trump. Is Line which I'll paraphrase when he's been talking about the shutting down of America for months is the cure is worse than the underlying problem and you seem to be saying in part the same thing one of the paragraphs you right which is really Upsetting in your Atlantic piece is about what the impact of isolation is on kids in you write this again. But more importantly in this case is a pediatrician and child shrink. Could you flush that out for us a little bit what isolation is doing to our children? So I have to have to say I I I cannot speak for the president and his priorities. The. You know in terms of is the cure worth the all of that. What I would say is that we are in these decisions all over the country not just here in Massachusetts, where rates are low and we've done a pretty good job we're thinking a lot about the risks of reopening schools as we should we want our kids to be safe. We want our teachers to be saved. We want our buildings to be safe. We're not thinking as much about the risks of staying closed and for every family and for every community across the country, this is really a waiting of risks and benefits. There's no one safe answer. So among the risks of staying closed for children are those risks of social isolation so Loneliness. Boredom anxiety too much screen time not enough physical activity kids don't do well when parents don't do well. So this isn't just a matter of convenience or parents childcare parents who are stressed their limits That impacts kids as well, and that's those are sort of more the impact specifically of isolation there. Then the impacts of schools being closed including the fact that for a lot of children school is where they access the services that they need access. Some of their meals as we head into winter school may be the place where children reliably have a warm building to be in and so school serves a lot of functions in our communities and our you know in our sort of larger society, we can't ignore those risks as deciding what makes sense in any given community. We still elation just for a second doctor I'm thinking you want as an adult a. And live through six months of semi isolation but at six months and a long life. So you say that while it's painful. You can deal with it even though you prefer not to when a kid is nine. Or Ten. X months whatever it was March April May and June so far at least some part of the full it, you don't it's a much more significant part of the developmental part of your life. So how serious beyond the immediate feelings that it engenders in young people in in kids? Is there a long term impact between an extended period of not being with friends and all the kinds of things that come with being in a traditional school environment? That is such a good question. I'm so glad that you ask that. Yes, we need to look at this problem differently for different age ranges I, think of that as being sort of developmental lens that we can wear. So for adolescents, you know they're supposed to be becoming more independent from their parents they're more and more defining their identity and sort of who they are in the world in relation to their peers they can do some of that remotely. From little kids their job in school and with others is to be learning how to like regulate themselves. How do you sit on the carpet and wait your turn? How do you not clock your friend with the matinee tiles when it's you know they take in it's not their turn yet album. By the way clock is one of my favorite verb. Just preschool preschooler. You know. How do you learn to ask for help from a grownup? Who's not your parents? How do you do those are not? Tasks in developmental skills that kids can get looking at a screen. So in my own town tomorrow four year olds or starting preschool in front of screen. The impact of that and their ability to get what they need developmentally is very different from tense grader to snap chatting in one screen and learning whatever chemistry in another screen. Even more than that in terms of the impact of this stuff. You know tile psychiatry and pediatrics tend to have sort of less data than other medical field for a lot of reasons. One of the pieces of data that we have. That is really clear. Is it for kids with disabilities particularly young kids with disabilities Early. Intensive therapy changes their whole life it is their developmental trajectory. There's an expression people use when they're talking about stroke sometimes time is brain that is true for these little kids too and the services they need the intensive behavioral therapy things something that sometimes called Aba the speech therapy, the occupational therapy those are not things that can be accomplished. To the same degree over the same quality of remotely, and we have sort of we've abdicated our responsibility to those kits. Those things that cannot be accomplished in another setting should have been our first priority. So I counted at some point over the last few days it has been over a hundred and eighty days since four year olds in my community who are getting their schooling in the community who have complex special education needs have gotten their therapies. In the life of four year old, that is an incredible amount of time. So it. Depends game we're talking to Elizabeth Penske who just wrote a piece for the Atlantic, we've flattened the curb our kids belong in school. It sounds like what you're saying is that the The risks. which are much smaller now because we have Lurton, flatten the curve. Doesn't add up to the tremendous cost to these children as you well know, a teachers are very concerned about going back to the classroom. A lot of parents are very concerned about the kids back to the classroom. But it sounds like that's what you're saying that the crisis is so huge not just two kids but to their parents. I. Love this headline in The New York Times. I'm only one human being is the headline of this story about a parent who's basket case and everybody I know little kids. Thank I. Don't anymore is a basket case. that. We are being too cautious because we have flattened the curve and that we should be opening schools out essentially what you're saying. So I guess what I am saying is that there's a Lotta great here teachers deserve protection There are families that you know don't feel safe because they live in multigenerational housing they have grandparents at home we know that Black families and families of color in general feel more cautious about this. There's a lot of gray and families need choices there is. Grey at certain ends of the spectrum and the notion that we are allowing our fear to impact these kids for whom it it's really not that great. It's really pretty clear that real little kids kids with disabilities, English learners that the benefits to them are so tremendous the grownups and I know these systems are complicated but the grownups and the systems that are making these decisions need to pull it together for for those populations in particular and. I know you live in Somerville, but we had the Mayor Walsh on. I think it was last for I. Don't know when it was last Friday or the Friday before and the opening plan that they have in Boston after starting all remote I. Hope I get this right every week they add some additional kids at least part-time in person learning they start with exactly the part of the population that you're concerned about I believe is that new meaning young kids with special needs? That's one thing. I assume if you were the the Commissioner of Education for the state. Is that the transitional. Thing you do. To get kids back to school. So I am not the you know but if I know what advice would you give I don't I don't they're very, very good guidelines out there from you know the Harvard School of Public Health from the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia positive. There's lots of things out there to tell us at what point should we say that it is safe to start phasing kids and? I don't think anyone disagrees that those are the populations that we need to prioritize that those are the kids that need to come. First at what point we say enough is enough we need to get those kids into the building. There's a little bit of disagreement about i. think it's really hard to make that argument in most communities in Massachusetts at this point that it's not safe to bring back those highest need kids for whom this has for who can't wait. We can't ask these kids to be patient. When you say most communities, you're obviously the red zones is I think governor Baker calls them the cities where the positivity rate is still extraordinarily high or parts of Boston like he's Boston where it's I, you're not including those. You're talking about those where we essentially we have flattened the curve right here in terms of exactly where the cutoff is and you know there may be communities that are in the red zone where bringing back a very. Small number of kids can be made safe I'm not as I said, it's going to be different in every community every kids every facility there's a million different variables but the vast majority of really high needs kids and she sits could probably be brought back safely. Yes. Twenty One `isolation question, which is not a school question. But at some day, we'll be at school question when you were answering a couple of seconds ago talking about. You know that four year old who's learning not the clock somebody the sick whatever it was whatever age was. Driving to my house the other day not far from you and Inman Square and I I don't know why this is triggered I saw a couple walking down the street with their baby in a carriage. And I was saying I looked at the kid and I'm saying the kids probably six months old I dunno of guessing, and I'm saying the kid is probably had virtually no social. Interaction with any other human, being other than his or her parents for however many months they've been on the planet. So if it turns out the the developmental impact on a young kid. Six seven eight nine is pretty dramatic because of the shortness of their life and being in this developmental phase. What's it like starting your life was six months or a year were you don't see your grandparents? You don't see other babies. You don't know what I mean what's the impact of that? So. I. Certainly. There aren't any data on this. I think it's a really interesting, really good question kids and little babies in particular who have loving consistent caregivers are real resilient and we know that kids in all kinds of different cultures and all kinds of different sort of setups around the world. That is the thing that's most important in that first year of life is strong attachment to a group of caregivers who pay attention to what you need and provide it for you it is as kids get older that those relationships and independence, and all of that becomes more important babies. R, I do think that the overall stress that parents are under because of. People being sick clocks of housing loss of employment. The just crazy amounts of unpredictability that we're all having to roll with. That certainly can impact parents and anything that impact parents can impact babies but the baby's really just need grownups are loving them and paying attention to them. But you. The other thing about this? We talk constantly about the growing divide between the rich and the poor in the have, and the have nots and all that all across the country I live in Brookline which is not the wealthiest Massachusetts, but it's it's it's certainly not doing badly I see my neighbors they're going to they're going to private schools or they're going to pause and these are not people that are mega bucks people. There's just people that are really concerned about education they're hiring tutors on. You know you can't help but think that the end result of this is going to be an even bigger gap. Because if you can't afford that and you can't afford tutors and you are. A so called essential worker. The end result of this is going to be. Like I suppose everything else that the the the people that are at least upper middle class or able to afford tutors are GONNA be fine. Then everybody else is going to be just left in the muck. Yup. So I mean again, just talk about sort of good questions and things that I'm glad are getting added to the conversation. You know at the beginning of the segment Jim you're sort of listing all of the different things that make this complicated in the quality of the education and the economy into this and that equity. Is In my mind. Right at the center of this conversation and this concern In Summerville, there are now paid programs where you can send your child to have their remote education supervised by growing up. And does programs are are paid and there sort of vanishingly few scholarships That's a big problem. I have not seen the map, but I would love to see a map of Massachusetts that looks at Income in various towns and whether or not folks going back hybrid or full remote Jim brought up earlier, the communities that are in the red zone in terms of school reopening those communities that are disproportionately lower income have more frontline workers, more folks who are black or Latin x the equity issues around all of this are staggering and the problem that is that I wrestle with a great deal is that again I want kids back in school and I don't want it to just be the kids live in down where folks could be according to send them. To Private School So you know I'm glad that we're getting more funding and more testing and all of that those districts. But when we think about things that are sort of stains on Massachusetts in terms of how we've approached this pandemic the fact that we opened casinos before preschools is a big one the fact that income and Red Yellow Green lineup. So neatly is another really big one. We're talking with penske from M. G. H.. I guess I'm wondering what you would say teachers and and. As you know the teachers unions have been very powerful pushing back on going back to school Jeff Rally, WHO's the head of the Department of Education, teachers in the classrooms with empty classrooms basically because he thought that was a better thing for the kids to see the classroom that went down the drain and and the in person learning at least right now is pretty much gone down the drain. So by the way, I don't know if it's gone down the drain, some teachers who refused to go in the Labor Board has ruled against him and said, they were involved in illegal strike. So somebody I mean I don't think anybody's FULLTIME A. fulltime in person learning at the at the present moment in the middle of September so. You Jim had the one of the teachers of the year our previous teacher, the teacher on his TV show who said, he wanted guarantees that everything would be safe and you say to yourself. Well, there's never any guaranteed everything's going to be safe. So I guess, how do you urge teachers that are nervous? May them you know with their own pre existing conditions or live with people with preexisting conditions? Your legitimately nervous How do you encourage them to? Take the plunge I. Guess. So this is a good question and a tough one. you know in my own public school at the beginning of the year last year, we had to provide you know Kleenex and expo markers to the classroom so that the teacher didn't need to buy them out of her own budget. We know that teachers are working in schools that are underfunded where they've been to do sort of too much with too little for too long. If. The outcome of all of this were that we had better funded public schools I would be thrilled about that. What I think is hard is what you're talking about. I, think Jim said it you know what is safe? There is no safe around the corner. There's not a vaccine that is coming to see us. There's nothing, but it's going to change dramatically To to make things one hundred percent safe on the horizon. There's going to be some level of risk I'm not an infectious disease doctor with trained in general pediatrics. Guys have had a Dr Nelson on the show to talk about this. The experts, the Infectious Disease Doctors, the epidemiologists, the public health specialists truly do feel that this is safe. In communities like in Massachusetts where we have brought the curve down and with appropriate precautions and I will say you know. It was scary for us here in the hospital. When we went back at first to fear is normal I want teachers to have what they need so that they can feel safe enough to teach kids having teachers who are scared or not happy to be there any that's not a good outcome either the rhetoric. I think has gotten in the way a little bit and I I would agree that we need to reach a common understanding of what safe means 'cause. That's not a binary definition anymore there's not safe and unsafe. You're listening for me by the way. Dr. Nelson for those that don't know is An MGH colleague of yours who was on when Jeff Riley, the Commissioner of education was on and she did. Not the same words, but basically believe that was safe. In Mo- setting says the you you'll before you leave if you can just put aside your skillset pediatrician child psychiatrist and spend the last minute on a parent in Somerville, I'm thinking you've made just about the most eloquent argument for a return to in person education. And you're I consider your thoughtful but very cautious when it comes to Covid nineteen mayor I think has made one of the most Carter Tony One of the most eloquent arguments for taking things slow as a parent. How are you dealing with this? Are you do you have the? Are you talking to school officials to talk to the mayor, how how you maneuvering this for your own family your own kids? So I would agree with you that Mayor Credit Tony made a very eloquent argument back in July and Commonwealth magazine about the importance of taking things slow in order to have schools at the center of this debate. on September eighth he advance Somerville to partial phase three reopening, and we still have new date for return even of our most vulnerable kids even if those sped kids in the early the English learners. So it is a hard problem I am advocating as hard as I can with those particular kids at the center because I do think that the decisions are least gray and least fuzzy for them It's it's hard. There are no easy answers in any of this And we are you know in my own family we're rolling with the certainty is best we can. Pinski really appreciate your time and your piece in the Atlantic is great. People should read it. Thanks so much. For having me thank you very much. Dr Elizabeth. Pinski is a pediatrician and psychiatrist at Mass General Hospital for recent Peace Atlantic is titled. We flatten the curve our kids should be in school. Up, next lines and asking you about remote learning versus in-school learning chicken interested in hearing from parents and teachers. Did we get it wrong? Should we have made getting kids into the classroom? A priority you're listening to eighty nine, seven Gbh Boston public radio. In. Boston public, Radio Jim, Brady Marjorie. If you're, and we were talking to Dr Elizabeth Penske, she's a pediatrician and a psychiatrist, the child psychiatrists that MGH. Recent piece he wrote for the Atlantic she lives. In Somerville by the way, she makes the case that we didn't take advantage of flattening the curve and most of Massachusetts because instead of prioritizing getting kids back into the classroom, she argues, we've focused on what adults wanted reopening gyms, casinos. That sort of thing is apparent of two and a doctor who works with children she not me she seen the fact that isolation has had on kids she described it. Well, I thought when we Went into lockdown she thinks going back into school outweighs the other risks and the vast majority of cases we're taking your calls asking, do you agree if you have kids or you're seeing the isolation, take a toll as we enter the school year? Are you worried about what your kid is going to miss out on? If there isn't instantly some in person learning obviously teachers, you're always welcome here, eight, seven, seven, three, zero, one, eighty, nine, seventy, isolation argument is a really really powerful. Argument I should say, but I know as you do Marjorie a lot of parents are really smart and thoughtful. Who've done a lot of reading a lot of analysis were still just not comfortable having their kids back in an in person setting their sure Ezell. Teachers who feel that way? Yeah. No, I get it. But I think I think she makes a compelling case it may be the. The damage done to children's particularly children with special needs. Particularly, children who are poor kids. Pointing out that a lot of the parents who don't want their kids to go back to school are families from disadvantages from disadvantaged. overweigh the concern about health because it is it is I mean right at the beginning of this whole disaster the reason that when we didn't really know much about Kobe nineteen that we were all going to go into to protect each other because we didn't want to overwhelm the healthcare system. Now she says, we have flattened the curve in Massachusetts. We've got down to a place where there are gonNA be more cases we see that but we're certainly not overwhelming the healthcare system and where the cases are are not coming like they did before like a freight train and that. that. You have to assume some sort of risk like you assume and you get in your car and drop your kids into the car seat or when you go anywhere that risk is part of life and that we have let our fear and this is easy for me to say because I'm not a teacher and my kids aren't little but but. She made a compelling argument that the damage done to children. Is is catastrophic and that the risk to. Teachers. Is No longer. Great because we have flattened the curve is in many cities of Massachusetts is is a compelling argument. I, don't think she's saying that for all teachers there are a lot of teachers are older who live with someone who is older who lives with live with someone who has a compromised Immune system. But as a rule I, guess, you're right. I don't the place I disagree with you I don't think the average person the worried the hospitals would be overwhelmed I. Think it was much more personal. I'm worried my kid's GonNa come home and give it to me or my kid himself or herself right is we can all remember it the. Extraordinary precautions that healthcare workers did take the beginning of this where they're changing their clothes in the garage I take showers that going through all these things because they were treating patients all day long up close and personal who had corona virus and they came home in protected their their family. So again I, don't know the answer, but I do know I think she's right. I. Think the damage to children. is going to outweigh the risk I really do let's go to Patrice. She's in Plymouth. She's I on Boston public radio. Thanks for. Calling. Hi. Hi thanks for taking my call. Sure just had a small point. I'm no longer apparent was killed in the public schools that I was You know school committees are still meeting remotely and I speak to andover in particular and they expect you to go in front of classroom full of children and they're still they said, school communities are still needing remotely and they're not in front of audience full of residents anything. That's a little bit hypocritical hypocritical. That's a very good point but I don't think we're asking anybody be in the classroom full of kids i. mean the the people where you have seen classrooms going back I mean the poor little kids they're they're six feet apart. They've got their little masks. Distance, they could socially distance the. Committee audiences to Marjorie Yeah. Probably they probably they probably could. They probably could. But I guess I guess my answer is. Doing Zoom School Committee meeting is not the same as having all the kids at home trying to zoom in their houses. With their parents pulling their hair out, you know what I mean. I, there's not a reason really to do the school committee meeting in person there is a reason I think from everything we've heard to teach in person and have kids there and person part time you. Yeah. So there are two different things. Well it betrays say. But there is a I'm still making a point I. think there's there's not a reason not to do the school comedian school comedic being imprisoned if they're asking that you, that's that's my only point but thank you for taking my call. Your point. Appreciate. oops. Sorry. The hang up. Thank you Patrice for calling US eight, seven, seven, three, zero, one, eight, hundred, seventy, the way also that was framed by Dr Pinski is it is true that and I'm sure this frustrates the hell out of people like Charlie. Baker, if we ever get him back on the show, we can ask him is when the first question you ask is we all we all not in some parts of the country most of us here believed in science when it said shouted down even for his painful and most of us reject or questions science. When the experts are saying and by the people like it's not just a Elizabeth Pinski Dr John Who is at the Harvard Global Health Institute he's now at the dean of the of the Brown School of Public Health he feels not dissimilar from how she does in in most settings and we swore by them and for closing and we're not swearing by them when it comes to open at least a lot of us aren't Well exactly. I mean D- I. Think. I I think teachers do not want to come back to school because they're nervous and I get it i. I I'd be nervous too but again. You. Know her bigger point to which is that, why are we opening gyms I? Why are we saying we can have indoor dining mean we talk about the relationship between indoor dining now and people getting corona virus you know the the priorities should not be the gyms and the and the restaurants even though you feel bad again for the restaurant you feel fast. It should be the kids and that's not what we have done. We have not prioritizing the kids I and I don't know you wonder in these buildings that you see around the wherever you live school buildings are a lot of exactly state of the art. Are they ever? GonNa have ventilation systems there that are going to be adequate to. Ease People's minds I'm not sure they ever will I. So I don't know I don't know I mean when is it going to be guarantee? There's never going to be guarantee despite what you're saying I. Am I don't remember one of those teachers of the year ahead on the show said they want to guarantee did well, but I think the average teacher is not is smart enough to know there is no guarantee about anything in life they just feel that the calculation they're making is that things are still not safe enough and a lot of these settings and I operate on the assumption that they're not doing it out of selfishness or sadism they're doing it because they have legitimate concerns about safety well, maybe one of the. Things we should do because there are loud private schools that are teaching. Now, there are lot of Catholic schools that are teaching now in person kids maybe that maybe you hate to say this, but they could be kind of the the petri dish to see how things go on in in Massachusetts and said before in a lot of wealthy towns or even not. So wealthy towns you're seeing people that can swing it. They're not having their kids stay at home and remote learning they're sending their kids to procure school a Catholic school or private school or getting Tutors Julian Rhode Island? Hi. Julie. Try to third time. Julian Rhode Island Hi Juliane hold. We'll get back during the second eight seven seven. Oh there. You are Julie it's like a live show kind of thing I I. I. Thank you. A physical therapist in Rhode Island. My husband is a high school history teacher and I have a high school kid my garage right now and it'll school ever in my bedroom glasses. My concern is you know I got I want my kids back seven days not grown Judas and I remember for my my my husband my I just joined your program and I heard one of your speakers talking about comparing She said something like You know we were nervous back then now now that the teachers they just have to get used to it Gosh. I'm tired of listening to teachers be compared to healthcare workers You know these teach I know my husband no take his gloves on and off the right way I've been trained twenty years. You know how to take off a PPA the right way read contaminating Also the administration, the School Day One, they are not watching these kids. In the hallway they're not watching these kids at lunchtime outside they're already clusters of kids outside unmasked and adults kind of training their heads you know in hospitals you have you have people Monitoring this monitoring coming in and out drink species and spicer up my husband came home yesterday and had some pictures of kids in the courtyard. All comes together and you know the superintendent. administration. So we'll we'll get to that you know. And meanwhile you know. Starting here at starts. Julie not only do I. Think you make good points but there's an additional point that comes from what you say fairly or unfairly when apparent here is about the story that your husband told or apparent reads about in Massachusetts, about the party with one hundred and fifty people one hundred and fifty Dover Sherborne or or Lincoln Sudbury whichever it was. Marjorie. That makes people understandably I don't know if it's fair or not worry about their own school system. So administrators have responsibility not only do the right thing for the kids who were there, but they parents and the kids who are going to hear about what they didn't do on the evening news and get concerned themselves. So I understand your concerns. Julie. Who wished good luck to all four of you. Thanks for the call and just email. She doesn't say her daughter is a teacher, but she says her daughter's a special ED teacher for seventh grade and she's in the classroom today in a mid to low income area essential worker she said parents had been expressed how grateful they are to her, but she also points that you really can't socially distance it that children at that children at that age and she talks about her heart, her daughter worked to get. Ready for school and we have a lot of people thinking emailing just saying they don't think it's it's worth the risk they we they just don't Stephen says this is a real a bad virus. Try. This victim count has spiked Stephen's correct when you look at Florida, for example, where the rates have gone up among kids there, and I'm not sure how I Florida's not known for being good on mask wearing and all that we'll discover new scientists totally irresponsible I mean across the board I, mean the reality here we are I mean the point. That is hard to rebut is we have comp- flattened the curve here at least for the time being in Massachusetts. But you know that's the science I understand the apprehension of parents I D-, be apprehensive if my kids were still young but I guess the question is, when will we feel? Okay will we have to have a vaccine that everybody can get? There I mean that could be another. Six months a year. I I don't know if it's really tough. Anyway, we're talking about the the isolation, the kids experience with remote learning asking you if the risk of going back to school outweigh the damage had children who could be staying home for many more months. Conversation continues on eighty nine, seven Gbh Boston public radio. Welcome back to Boston Public Radio Jim Brady Madrid, and if you're just tuning in, we're talking about reopening schools asking you if you think the risks that come with sending kids, teachers school staff back into the school out weigh the risks that come isolation with a setback kids will experience by learning solely remotely eight, seven, seven, three, zero, one, eighty, nine, seventy, Diane, fairhaven. Welcome. Guys I. Live in a little town and my town happens to be excellent when it comes to. Schools as far as it goes. With typical learning So I wanted to point out the part about the equity. Children special needs have never had equity. I've fought my school department for years. My Son's now twenty, five autistic. He's Madam Secretary's and I couldn't win. I couldn't get with needed because I couldn't afford a lawyer. And my go to paying their lawyer. So anyway, my silver lining to this hopefully is that. These. Inequities are being pointed out not just with special needs children, but with people of color and all those things, and again my town you know for the majority, it would be okay there. Okay. Financially, I have worked as a substitute teacher and a substitute paraprofessional with special needs kids. If I had my child is still in school I'd be able to keep them at home and he'd be fine 'cause he's not particular social. But many parents don't most parents are able to do that most parents aren't able to afford the tutors. And the parents who can they just don't want their little genius Jimmy or Sally Oh they might not get the you know ap courses of their choice because there just aren't enough teachers to do all that and they might not get into Harvard because of it. You know it's like annoying you over yourself. Well you've got a great perspective on this plan. Thank you very much for the call ferry. Pretty Little Town to you know I mentioned before we're talking to Dr, Elizabeth Pinski who was talking about the risk and benefits going back to school this headline in The New York Times I'm only one human being and you know we talked to Shirley youngest to little kids is tearing her hair out dodger Pinski was talking about. The difficulties and these are women with you know they're not poor women than not women that are struggling and not single mothers public alone for a minute ago husbands as strategic. Kids in the garage kids in the mud room or if you're a single mother who has a job, how you supposed to do your job or not? Oh, you're supposed to do it. Well, you got to do your job because you've got to put money on the table right? So I don't know how you do it. You think about snow days when your kids were little. Oh, my God and this like a snow day every single solitary day where you're expected to perform at work and then somehow be like a a teacher knows no days and online learning eight, seven, seven, three, zero, one, eighty, nine, seventy diane. Thank you for the call where we go next the friends. Where are we going next Let's go to don also in. Rhode. Island. Hi Don. Although Jim is Marjorie pay. Pick things taking my call sure I I'm AQUI Chairman High School Teacher Thirty one year teacher. My wife is a retired teacher. She had to retire because she last year she was a liver transplant mass hospital. And those those people do miracles. Let me let me tell you. A, that's a whole nother conversation, but it's miraculous but anyway So I've been allowed to teach from home due to the circumstances of my wife and. her compromised immune system. I I'm come in contact every day with my department had and. Basically about half of our students in East Providence. have opted for, remote learning. So. I really question the. Really. At this point, the logic of the students being in class as a chemistry teacher is no labs. We can't have students working in close proximity and lab sharing equipment. but I I'm utilizing online. Labs You know it's not exactly the same certainly is manipulating the equipment. I'm online working stuff here with NASA. That's fabulous. So forgotten climates climate science. which I think is an important aspect of of all of our curriculums it because we have people who choose to disregard science. Or don't understand science. You for second though because you're you said, you're a high school teacher, right? Per Me. High School. I mean I think there's an in you're a teacher, but there's a world of difference between teaching teenagers and teaching six year olds you know what I mean. Online. I think the problem is little kids much more than than high school kids, I. Think. Yeah. No you're. Right I don't I. Don't know listen elementary school teachers have my respect. Yeah. you know they teach your kids how to read. How to do maths I mean when they come to my class, the presumption is they can read yeah, I know people say Johnny can't read I really don't have students they may not be reading on. But they can read you know, Don Don we we got it and we thank you for calling what's your wife lots I mean the point that you don agreed upon the point that Dr Penske is making the focus has got to be. Young students and special needs, students I. Mean those are the kids and by the way again, even if the doctor Penske's of the world and others are not happy with the speed with which were reopening as I say I think most of the systems like Boston that is phasing in reopening after starting all remote are starting with exactly the part of the student population that she you and others are saying is the most in need of in Bersin schools you know they had a. Story in Milford in the globe is Zoe Greenberg. I. Don't know if I made new friends kids reflecting on the first. Friends recognize them with their mass on. Here's one kid who says I said either my friend four times Fred didn't respond. Finally we went on a mass break and then the kid said he recognized me I mean these poor little kids picture them the classroom. Milford and again everyone's gonna Amass Gon everybody's like very far apart. Boy, what are the end the story I didn't read the whole story Greenberg story, but the bulk of them, all of lead worked out and that I thought that story was an argument despite I don't know if I made any friends for going back to school because at the end of the day literally and figuratively like the kid after four times reconnected with their friends. So it worked. Okay. Listen to this. This is from Francesca who goes by Frankie she's in fourth grade at the school in Milford she said she couldn't wait to be back in the same classes or best friend and she said, you know it's weird. The whole thing is weird but she said she was thrilled to be back which he said. I, day is probably my favorite day of the school year you get dress up, get dressed up and meet your teacher and with all the problems she still thrilled with a grill. Oh my gosh she could be back. So let's go to Monica over your next on Boston public radio. Thank you for calling. Hey, how you doing? Can you hear me? We can thank you. Excellent Okay Yeah thanks for Taking my call. The fan time of called in. But I I would like to go back to elicit Pinski. Excellent. She was excellent. Thank you so much for having her on the show and particularly if some of the some of the issues so well, but I wanted to kind of expand on or notion of equity But more at the college level my son I have a senior in high school we're looking at schools. and what we are seeing kind of unfolding in front of us is. An admission process that is starting to sling more towards early decision. Versus early, admission in regular decision where they're kind of putting their overlake like for those that don't know what that is early decision as a binding contract. If you get in under early decision, you have to commit to that school regardless of what you get for. Financially, you don't know what to have for financial aid. So what does is it's more of a privileged system admission system because those of us that can't afford college, which is so overpriced is. are looking at a process where decisions are being made early on in the admission process for those who can afford it. and it's just it's a very kind of a subtle shift. It's a frustrating one. We're already in quicksand as it is you know my son. His had his sat's canceled on him five times. He's not taking them. So we're going into this admission process not knowing he's GonNa try to take them again in another week not knowing what his sat's are going to be not knowing You know there's so much. WE HAVE NO TERRA FIRMA here but my point is around the equity issue it doesn't help it at all you know. Doesn't help early decision thing you're talking about Monica Right. And I understand that it's a business model. These schools are just hurting I I totally get that I'm a business person I totally get that. But it does not help whole issue equity. Market. Thanks for your first call but we really appreciate it. Thank you I tell you I've been hearing some great stories about kids who started freshman year. Now I've heard nothing but Har- stories. Beyond that. In terms of I had this Dr. Nelson who Dr Pinski mentioned, who been advising day the Baker Administration also M. G.? H. And I had this Guy Dr Siegel has been at the School of Public Health for twenty five years. His contention is the only reason that any higher education institution as anything but online learning is why it's all about the bottom line. It's all about money. And we're not for that. Every single higher education institution would be an online and I have to say I'm pretty much in that camp. I just just so bad for these poor kids they're stuck in their rooms I mean me getting all these parents have we had one parent or Kohls unless you months didn't have like pain in their voice I mean this is. It's hard for kids. They missed last you must've senior in high school and now missing the whole beginning of the college experience and it's just and again, it did not have to be this way in other countries. It's fairly back to normal certainly in many countries in Europe anyway that's it. For that. Michelle was coming up next she makes official she's running for mayor she joins us on Boston public radio eighty, nine, seven, Gbh. Man a couple of minutes on Boston Public Radio City Council show who is running for. Mayor Marty, Walsh attempting on the sitting Boston mayor for the first time since nineteen, forty nine but Wu the first woman of color to city council president is not a stranger to the concept fresh off her first day on the campaign trail woo joins us just a few minutes to talk about her. The wildfires raging in California are threatening the condor population, a bird that is already come back in the brink of extinction. Once before naturalist and author Sign Montgomery is latest book details. Conservation efforts to save condors will join us in a few minutes latest including the hopeful story of condor. Named EMECO that Moore's ahead on Boston public radio eighty, nine, seven Gbh. Houston prouty margery. EAGAN you're listening to Boston. Public radio eighty nine seven GP h hello. Jim Alot Marjorie. So last week, I. Think it was Marty Walsh announced that Michelle Wu was running for mayor yesterday the Boston city councillor will made the announcement herself I'm Michelle Wu and I'm running for mayor to make Boston a city for everyone the Boston city councillor joins us online and talk about what she means about making Boston a city for everyone and how she would do it Michelle well congratulations and good to talk to You Good morning it's great to be with you. Thank you very much counter for being list. So let's start with why are you running for mayor? Boston is in an unprecedented moment or we're in the midst of crisis from this pandemic from the businesses and our economy that is still struggling in climate crisis in A situation that's grown deeper and deeper in terms of the disparities across our city, and in this moment we need leadership we need viewership that matches the scale and the urgency of what our communities are going through. Michelle, who is race part of? The discussion here if assuming it comes down, we don't know if they'll be other candidates to you and Mayor Walsh were majority minority city is our listeners well, no, I believe it is still true that the twenty five largest cities in America the only two in the north that have never had a mayor of Color Indianapolis and us is race something people should think about when they go to vote and thirteen months. Now I've been on the City Council for seven years now, and over the course of that time, the council has changed tremendously when I first brand I was. Trying, to double the number of women serving on the capitalist then Pouncer, I was the only one out of thirteen and then this last election cycle in two thousand nineteen we broke a barrier for the first time they majority women, majority people of Color City Council that has meant that the issue before the council, the urgency is different because communities see themselves and also more. Connected to the work of city government, and so this campaign for mayor is about bringing bold or leadership that lifts up our communities and experiences that and the the struggles dream that our residents are changing neighborhood today but to cut through that. So the answer is I wanna be clear the answer is race of the candidate should be a consideration that a voter takes into account in your estimation I'm someone who never thought. I would run for office when I was growing up on the daughter of immigrants and I came firsthand just how life is for folks who experienced barriers from race. Language Culture complicated processes that are difficult to navigate I know what it means when government works for people and when it doesn't work for people and there are many many stories across all of our communities where because residents don't see themselves reflected in government but more importantly because they don't feel connected to government missing out on the opportunity for the city. Just, I'M GONNA. Just throw a couple of quick things that had been written about use of people have a sense you mentioned. Immigration Your taiwanese-american went to Harvard Harvard law you described as diplomatic humble high perkins. Hyper detail policy work you oppose the twenty, two, thousand, four Olympics of that was a great thing that you did because we're not that thrilled about that and you push back against the mayor on short term housing having to do with rental regulations. I wonder about something to talk about the disconnect. We had the mayor on the on the show. The other day, and we get a lot of calls and a lot of emails about a problems in the south end of Boston having to do with the opioid crisis having to do with people that used to be able to go to long island back in the south and residents were upset and also people were at the same time sympathetic to the. Homeless problem in the OPIOID problem, the mayor says that Long Island has to wait for a bridge and the Quincy is halting nece. The bridge get back out there What do you think about Long Island and the the problems around Melanie Gass and the South End. Long Island, is not the solution that we should be holding up as the only thing that we can be doing now to about what is happening at mass and cast we are failing so many people at. In, this in this situation and it's the the people who are seeking services and treatment in the area for whom it's not safe to for this to be the only place such a concentrated contracting of emergency shelter and services, and a lot of activity happening there that threatens the safety of patient and it's also not safe for residents in the surrounding area but the the the so-called plans that have been put forward by the. Administration so far have been march they public works and law enforcement oriented plan. How do we become Nieto's quickly as possible or or cleanup? You know human waste on the sidewalk as as quickly as possible and is important weaver. We very much need to get that right and value the city workers who are doing that as quickly as they can. But we still don't have a citywide plan to address homelessness and substance use epidemic right now. That is shifting and growing, and so at the heart of this is how we're going to solve the public health crisis of people feeling. So despondent and and hopeless that we don't have housing that's affordable. That are trump that trauma goes untreated and we have a growing epidemic of folks turning to substance use as a way to self medicate because of that, and then not having access to the treatment on demand or shelter or safety that they. Need to ask you that treatment once we once we take care of that situation, all of the other symptoms of it, right? The the health impact in the neighborhood, the experience of residents are are connected to that. So we get a week one in the same to treat young lying public health situation. You know we've had Linda. Down in the show many times on Pine Street in and she's praised the work that Mayor Walsh's done on homelessness. Obviously. If you think there's a big problem, it shouldn't wait thirteen months. If you were mayor today Michaud, what would you do differently from what Mayor Walsh's doing on that front? Just, on the opiate crisis piece We should not have services only located in that area the city there is a, there is opportunity to expand access, and with you know through our neighborhood health centers, community health centers to make sure that our partners all across the city are removing barriers to treatment, and then to really push on the housing insides four low barrier, low threshold supported housing that that. Offer folks a safe place off of the streets We also need to be very intentional about how we are. allowing development to happen in the city fundamentally are joining code still be back to nineteen, sixty five. That means it is not only out of date in terms of what's feasible for developers today, and so everyone is seeking exceptions and variances before Zoning Board of appeals or the BPA but it also means that the requirements don't match are desperate need for affordability for climate resilient and for a transportation plan that actually works for residents, and so we need to update that planning and zoning to reflect our ability to set. To set floors around four ability to really focus on making sure that people can stay in our city. We're talking to city council show Woohoo. We assume you know as of yesterday announced she's running for mayor. The election is next November speaking of Transportation Michelle Woo. We had what we call lovingly our transportation nerds on the show yesterday Jim L. Louise and and Chris Dempsey south, and we asked them if we thought that your entry in the race was going to change the debate in what they consider a healthy way. About mass transit in the city and they both enthusiastically said, yes, they gave an example. One of them did I forgot that you nounce in the morning and they said it was not coincidental. I have no idea if it was later that day the mayor's press conference about making some of the bike lanes downtown permanent that the headline though that we've talked about from you many times making the T. Free. Could you? Flush that out a little bit. How do we get from here to there? Now, yesterday we were a Nubian. For one of the first stops on the campaign trail a community at the heart of the city in Roxbury where we see just how fundamental transit access to people, and that it is what makes it possible for people to connect the housing that they can find to afford with the jobs that that are getting scarcer and scarcer in this current economic moment to get to where their kids need to go to school or they need to go to the doctor and so Unless we take the lessons from. Where we've seen you the the ridership on the T. drops across the board except that's the busiest bus lines that run through communities of color that run through low income neighborhoods and and were are essential workers. Those. Lines. Hill were packed and it was because people. Needed to rely on public transportation, don't have a car, the four other other options, and so it's really important that we're not tying the financing of our system to the back of of workers who are who are essential in an already struggling we have to rethink how the system is funded as I mean, just in general across the country. So now is the moment to really identify those resources are congresswoman a Presley and Senator Markey have put forward and bill at the federal level the freedom to move act that would greet billions of dollars for a federal for local transit agencies to offer transit and ex service expansions particularly focused on equity. We also can take steps right away my been doing some work on what it would mean for just the bus lines to be free and to start with specific lines such as the twenty eighth. which runs from Madison Square through grow hall to Roxbury to ruggles is right near Longwood medical area where many of the jobs are and so if we recognize just how much of a difference that makes for families to accurate opportunity healthcare safety when transportation is is accessible, then we are actually living up on our honest. living out our promise to make Boston a city for everyone. But you agree obviously, we have to find the funding sources whether it's one bus line, the whole system before this were to happen. Correct. Has Taken on I think is a short side of the foolish Plan to spend nearly a billion dollars to install machines at various places around the system to start moving to what is called AFC to Plano fare collection to a new technology system to Change where you tap your card and you went along to be able to pay cash on buses and. Cost to doing that it's not going to end very folks who have the hardest time. Now instead of being able to pay you know on the bus with their last dollar bills that they have needing to go walk a quarter of a mile every single time to fill up the card somewhere it it just doesn't match. This moment of crisis, which community bearing the burden of that crisis, and we are using our resources that that exists in ways that fundamentally cut against our climate goals are go to close the racial wealth gap and to to tie our recovery from. With the long term challenges that were already here before nineteen, we're talking to Boston Counter Michelle Woo has just announced he's going to run for mayor of Boston Early in the show, we talked a Elizabeth Pinski she's pediatrician and she was saying that we've our priorities are wrong in nineteen that we've made it easier for Dulce to go to the gym. Instead of making kids to go back to school, you got two small kids in the Boston public schools. How do you think We've handled the Kovic returned to school crisis in Boston. It's been A. A stress on my family and families all across the state for months now, and this is action at the state of. Wanting to get into the problem of the federal federal level those are well documented and and we're going to take a couple of months but even at the state level, the fact that we are reopening plan did not focus on what factors would we need to create a condition for schools to have options to open safely in the fall and instead prioritise after, and then at the city level the fact that we did not have a draft reopening plan until late in the summer end of July early August, and to this day, we're about to start school next week actually in in about an hour or two, my son who's going to meet his new kindergarten. Teacher through zoom because schools start next week, and we still don't know in the weeks to come what days you might be going in person to school versus being at home. We can't arrange childcare or help for those days at his home, and so there's just been a cloud of uncertainty hanging over the system and it's not the fault of the school department on its own. They've been left without options because we did not help identify other facilities that could have been up that have proper ventilation by only thirty some schools in the Boston public schools out of one, hundred, twenty, five have modern h of AC systems because the buildings are so old and that. Those kinds of sexual issues need if we had really focused on this goal starting March when schools I shut down or even at the end of the school year at last school year, we would be in a different place in terms of the the options and the predictability for parents and educators in this moment. Michelle will in your response to martyr, you didn't just mention the city. You mentioned the state many people of celebrated the relationship between the working. Class Democratic Mayor of Boston and the moderate Republican from the North Shore Governor of Massachusetts, a Lotta people also think because of their closeness Marty Walsh has been hesitant to criticize them is money. Too friendly with the governor of Massachusetts. For me, it's never about any single person or I think what is determinative for our? Policies and politics and the Commonwealth. At the end of the day isn't about elected officials under relationships with each other. It's about the people who are living these issues and the the realities and. I know from being a mom and being out in the community that has been a tremendous failure at the state level. In terms of leadership in his in his pandemic, we have not had contact tracing or testing available. Especially, with the life sciences and biotech resources that are here in this city and the state, we have not had a university. Reopening plan that makes sense for the city of Boston says inconsistent and they're in certain universities are bringing everyone back on campus and we're. Bracing for what that means for our neighborhoods in the city, because the city did not drive those protocols was for into the state. We have not had support for childcare as part of the real reopening plan and just to ignore the reality that people depend on functioning transportation, public transit access, and childcare's in order for the economy to function at all. I mean. It's been one thing after another where families and communities are dealing with the chaos of having to manage all of the impact because government did not make it hospitable. Pretty. Thing. You it'll counter there's there's seem kind of running through a lot of what's written about you and a lot of what you say yourself that that are part of what your candidacy is about is that this is a unique moment i. hope it's unique moment dealing with this terrible pandemic and that we have been a little bit too traditional and hidebound old school in reacting not just this but to other things. Talk about that a little bit is this what you're? Are you an old versus new kind of thing. I think I mean. There's two point that I wanted to make on that I is that. Yes in this moment. We have to understand that it's not only possible to re imagine what our system should look like and how. Government and our society should work for people. Just absolutely necessary because the pandemic has exposed and defense all of the same disparity and challenges that were faced in long before this. But the second point is that when we talk about history a lot in our city and Boston is very proud of that we know our history, we celebrate many pieces of it. I would say not always the whole story and part of the story that I want to emphasize is that. Boston's history is actually a legacy of shopping and and fighting for what you believe is right even when it's not popular even even when it seems. Risky to do. So we have been at the forefront of some of the most transformational moments in this country and in the world's history from revolution to the first public school in the country, the first public park, the first library, and all of these instances marriage equality, civil rights Boston has always been that leader in saying we are going to invest in the common good because we understand that all of our destinies are tied together that are strongest. City can only come from every community is strong, and so that's the legacy that that we are tapping into and building a movement. To, return to in some ways across the city of Boston Council ruled before you go you're taking the high road I want to end on the low road if you don't mind, that's most comfortable. So. called Marty Walsh on the phone that Sunday night come you're running. Did you either ask him specifically not to say publicly or was it your expectation that he wouldn't mention the goal? I don't need to get into a private conversation that I. had I was very happy to make sure that the the credit was given and. We were always making announcement on our own terms and so excited and move by how are launches gone so far yesterday we were in. All different neighborhoods of the city started out with a lunch at the Victoria and where in Nubian station in Roxbury and fields corner for a conversation with activists and ended the night in Brighton with standout, and then a backyard distance House party, and it just the energy across the city for what's possible and how we can really organize our community to get. There is inspiring and I can't wait to see what? Comes of it and to to really know that we are changing the civic engagement and empowerment of communities. Over the next year, we hope to talk to you a lot over the next year, Michelle congratulations and good luck. Good luck with the schools to. Kids. Take Care Thank you very much council woo okay. That was Boston City Kausar Michelle Wu she is running the mayor. Thank you very much for your time. Later on the show, we're going to take your calls on what you think are the big issues in the city of Boston you'd like to see changing here. An open lines for that. But right now we're going to talk to on medical ethicist Art Caplan who says hell has frozen over and signed out what he's talking about up next eighty, nine, seven GPA Boston. Welcome back to Boston Public Radio Jim Brady Margerie. We now know with absolute certainty that America First Means Donald Trump I when he got pushback for holding an indoor rally in Nevada amid pandemic reply I'm on a stage and it's very far away. So I'm not at all concerned joining US along talking about this despite climate change hell has managed to freeze over according to art and other medical headlines. It is art. Caplan art is the dodgers William F. and Virginia Connolly, Mini Chair and director of the division of Medical Ethics at Nyu School of Medicine in other are Kaplan. Hello. So. No worries. Off. I know it's just incredible I'm okay. But everybody else we just don't know but in any case. There's a lot of frustration Massachusetts about getting. Tests and getting the results really quickly. But some companies apparently are manager getting. Getting speedy tests for their workers. So how is this happening? Well. If you have the money, you can hire a lab to run your test quickly and. Some companies are doing that. You have to be pretty wealthy, but you can get a sort of twenty, four, thirty, six hour turnaround. A.. Lot of the drive through tests and other kinds of tests. The labs are backed up the chemicals are backed up and so you don't get a result I hear seven ten days. Yeah. Obviously useless because you don't need to know whether you were infected ten days ago you need to know whether you're infected twenty four hours ago to be. Really useful about quarantine stuff, you don't want to be out there spreading so. Testing remains the biggest scandal of all in my view of field response by the trump administration and the White House. we still don't have it. Other countries are testing at a more rapid clip. The president suggests we shouldn't test as much, which is backwards we obviously need to test to isolate people to stop the spread. Hey Art speaking of testing for a second. I think it was late. August you know who knows anymore didn't the FDA approve a cheap one of five bucks or something. Fast. Tests that was I, think you told us was going to be. I don't know what you told us what's the status of that? Yeah. So there are some tests that people have been developing their saliva test You. Can Spit on strip. They're not as accurate as a genetic vacation tests that involve the big swath up nose kind of thing. but I think my argument was and it's something that's a guy named Mike Meena. WHO's at Harvard up near you guys. He's been arguing for some time that if we just had rapid quick turnaround testing at home, it would really help tamp down the pandemic. So even though it's not accurate, you might test yourself every day and you know if you got four positives in a row, you'd starting Oh something's wrong here. I'll tell you the hangup is people worry that if we had home testing like this that people wouldn't report when they knew there were infected they just wouldn't tell the truth about what's going on and we'd lose track of what the infection rates are but. Now we have bad testing with A. Lot. Of. Folks getting late. And I would say some folks can't afford it. So I think I don't know I. It seems to me It's worth piloting something to see how it works. Kaplan. So we can grow from the beginning of the process to the end, and then we'll work back in the middle. Do a couple of vaccine things you wrote something about we've talked about this in the show, but you wrote something about nine pharmaceutical companies which ordinarily are at war. coming together. That was your hell frozen over. Thing. was. This. All benevolence suggests that it's because they're responsible NPC road. I think for stat which we love. that. Essentially because the FDA has average. Abdicated its responsibility. The pharmaceutical companies went grownups decided to step in and do what the FDA should be doing one I think unfairly characterizing your position and to is it all benevolence on their part? I think it's pretty benevolent I. Think it's a pretty good thing. They did They basically said we're going to go with the science even if there is a rush. To get a vaccine approved, we're not gonNA do anything unless we the companies are convinced that the data supports that now look into a lot of pressure financially. Their investors want them to be the winners in the in the vaccine race. So they would feel that pressure not just from the trump administration or the. Trump lobbying the FDA to hustle things up, they'd feel it from the investment side. They also have a reputation to defend and some liability to I mean you put out a vaccine and it has adverse events was put out a vaccine then work you know that's not good for even the big giants like Pfizer AstraZeneca that are out there in the market. So mixed a little bit, but still they are saying data should drive the decision both about to approve of AC seen, and if there's going to be an early approval for some small group of people. Kaplan excuse me. There's been a lot of written lately about people's nervousness about you know the warp speed and not trust in the trump administration or the FDA and now I guess people aren't trusting the CDC. But do these pharmaceutical companies claim should they should they allay those fears? or or I mean I'm I'm nervous about I think they should I think they should be more transparent. For example, member we did have an adverse event in I think it was the Astra Zeneca vaccine so many England had a problem. And they haven't been as open as I think they should be about why they don't think it's related to the vaccine. They decided in Britain that it wasn't the US is still I believe thinking about it but it's it. It would help if everybody said here's why we don't think it's related to the vaccine. This person had an underlying propensity to get this problem or it went away so fast that we doubt whatever it is I don't know what it is but whatever it is. transparency. Similarly, if you're going to say it looks like our vaccine as of the of October in with half the subjects getting it, it looks pretty safe and it looks like it's doing a little bit of good. We're going to allow it to be used on some folks put the data out there. Let everybody see what the basis for that decision. So I like the fact they're saying the companies that they're going to be data driven. That's what the FDA should be too but there's politics leaky in there but then share it be transparent be open. He can't be open enough if you're going to try and secure trust that margin I think that's the key transparency. You kind of stay on this thing for a minute about trust. Do you knew Harold Varmus? H. He was on TV with me the other night after he wrote a piece in the New York Times with the head of the Rockefeller Foundation. I think saying can't trust the CDC and this is after the CDC said, you don't need to test they symptomatic people, which is insane beyond unhealthy. You can't trust the FDA you have to trust the pharmaceutical companies you can trust the CDC says the former head of Nih we're going to talk about how totally untrustworthy hhs is with you a little bit later in this discussion, which is sort of the overseer under as our of everything. So when you're stopped on the street I'm serious about this stopped on the street or by a student or whomever and said. What is the average person supposed to do rely upon the good faith of the pharmaceutical companies I decide whether or not everything is safe and efficacious To do for a US in all seriousness, what are real people supposed to do? Well, let me just complicate this by saying remember there's a fringe but vocal anti vaccine movement that's been out there many rights pre cove they're loving this they just think this best because now they can stir up here. So what you're seeing is an organized campaign in Europe and the US by the ANTIBAC- Stroud stirring fears. So be wary of that. You know that crowd just doesn't like vaccines period. Don't don't buy into their social media message they don't like measles vaccine or other proven ones. And then you know there's a swath of people I think across the political spectrum who are just nervous thinking who can I trust the government seems to be yielding to political pressure to get things approved your say things are cures or dot test or whatever. And by the way, let's spill it with the political pressure is the most vulnerable. the the biggest vulnerability trump has in my opinion is botching cove. So that's why the pressure is on these agencies. To declare the convalescent plasma. Victory over the virus so bad it's going away whatever he's trying very hard. To, blunt, you know his biggest vulnerabilities that's frankly that's what's going on. So what can we do? We do have to trust the pharmaceutical industry in part, but then there are academics out there their voices like for missing other experts. Who can say you know I need to see the data you gotta shows the data. If you WANNA have people trust. Let us independently assess what's going on. And I've tried this. You Know Jim. This reminds me a little bit of my screaming over the years about a independent commission to do. On presidents, well I also think it'd be nice to have an independent commission. Appointed by bipartisan Congress of trustworthy people who could say we are convinced that this vaccine is safe not scientists not farm. Just ordinary trustworthy folks. You know sort of representing the citizenry nursing, you could have nurses, you could have People come from religious background or. Labor leaders, business leaders. retired folks from different whoever's trustworthy and let them vet the thing and then announce. Yup We're waded to I. Really think we need something like that otherwise. A lot of us are going to be sitting there thinking I don't know what to do. Or Cup. Speaking of Vaccines One more thing about this in the prison population has really endured the heavy burden from the viruses. Everybody's reporting on apparently have one, hundred, twenty, five, thousand prisoners, United States infected more than thousand dead, but they've been excluded. So from these trials, people are concerned by exploitation. Coercion what do you think about this? Should they be excluded? I don't think it was good article in science written by one of my. Students. Actually? Yeah. He did a good job on this one you like. And anyway, the historically we've tried to not use prisoners because people have tended to use them when they wanted to study something that was of no use to the prisoners. So you might say you know I'm gonNA exposure to bleach or new product if you get a skin problems or whatever just use you as Guinea pig basically because you're there and. We can control you and you don't have a lot of voluntariness about what's going on but for vaccines against cove or maybe even preventive medicines yes I think we should be testing in the prisons because that will benefit the prisoners. There's a line in the ethics line is if you're testing prisoners in studies that don't benefit them, they're just intended to help people outside the prisons. No probably not there to coerced inside the prison with covert. And people dying and exposure. Really, really like the and by the way for the prison guards and staff to yeah, that makes sense to say as long as they volunteer that that that we ought to move some of the testing in there I think. So you know before we leave I had speaking of my television show which I love to do. I had the president of Morehouse. School of Medicine with me last night who also wrote a piece with some of our colleagues at historically black colleges and medical school. No. Montgomery Rice. Rice and sh her piece was about how as we know blacks are underrepresented in these vaccine trials on its own important. In early you know some people argue most people are you at minimum they should be represented at the same. Proportion as they are in the population, some persuasively argued be much higher. It should reflect the percentage of the pain that they've suffered from covid nineteen, but they're nowhere near either and we talked about the lack of trust there to based upon his history from Tuskegee and everything. In being tween is any major headway being made on that front to diversify those who are participating in the vaccine trials or is this unfortunately really unfortunately a lost cause? I think it's a lost cause I think the company's trying hard to recruit in there watching areas where they're more likely to get. In diverse enrollment into the studies. By the way, the prison study adding those folks would help that too sad lizard way over represented. Minorities in prison Steph we can argue about why that's so that's probably unfair but there they are so in any event. They're trying I. Don't think they're succeeding as much as. We would like in terms of diversity remember it's also native Americans poor. Americans on reservations. There are some Hispanic populations that are getting clobbered too. So I I'm not sure across the board. The diversity is good. Let me make. One. Point. It isn't so much that it's because anybody is different in responding to a vaccine. Biologically we're not really sure that there any. That way about race or ethnicity. But Trust. That's what you're kinda going after when you recruit in the minority community so people can say, yes, I'll accept that vaccine because people who look like me. Who got it and I'm going to overcome some of my hesitancy or my doubt, my worry because you know it was tested on folks like me. So I don't think it's biology as much as it is a cultural. Angles and trust. So By the way and there's historically a lot of reason not to trust these. Based upon what has been done involuntarily. To people of Color were talking art caplan sorry mark. By the way let me add an amendment there. It isn't just history people bring it up today. There's plenty of minority poor people who don't have good access to healthcare. Trust goes. It's also since we're on the topic, just one more second year I learned something yesterday that is so we talked to you a couple of years ago in the study came out that said. Huge numbers of white residents think the skin of African Americans thicker that their pain threshold desire which was appalling a study I think this came out of Stanford. You'll correct me if I'm wrong last couple of days saying that a black newborn is three times as likely to die as a white newborn. The doctor who is treating them is white I. Mean if you're a black person why the hell would you trust the health system? The fairly I don't know that study but I do know that the. Prematurity rates are much worse for minorities and it's probably because they get poor many many get poor prenatal care. And you know we've done over this in Happier Times Medicaid eligibility is tough and a lot of places. So access, it's hard if you don't have a job that gives you health benefits, you can be working without coverage that impacts the lower wage jobs that impacts poorer minorities so Every time somebody says to me will remember that's ski study. Yeah, yeah I get that but remember to there's a lot of folks who don't have health insurance who are Minorities and I'm not sure where they would fall in love with current system either. So our Kaplan we've been talking a lot about trust this segment. The story about Michael Caputo who is the top person talking about the coronavirus for the president he said himself that his mental health has failed and he goes on and on this bizarre thing posted on facebook live video talking about government scientists being treasonous talk cleese math sedition to be. That was the word he used. He talked about this resistance unit and the CDC that wants to undermine the president. He talks about how president trump will win but then A Joe Biden's forces are GONNA. Start Shooting and he says, if you carry guns by Munition Ladies and Gentlemen, it's GonNa get be hard to get. You talked about being afraid of being alone department in Washington. He's obviously having a difficult time here and he's the guy that's the head communicator for the HHS, which oversees a CD and a bunch of other stuff. So. I mean just think to yourself I mean he Well what do you think? Well I I. DO think he's in trouble and I do think he had a bowel out someone how to buy them out and get some help. I also think it's interesting that there's a somewhat sin line. He's saying and what you can find on social media right I mean he's sort of echoing the paranoia side of some of the outright and that crowd and the president, not just the alde right in that crowd, the president tweets and read tweets. Does. Yeah A. Little. Bit of a hold up in waiting to come attack the suburbs kind of thing. That's true. Well, anyway it's magnified for this gentleman and I just hope they get him some help he. Can't be the spokesperson he can't be. Doing his job right now. So aren't we teased this a little bit earlier. Here's from alive rally in Nevada the the other day Henderson Nevada on Sunday night I guess and the president was asked by a local report I think Las Vegas Review maybe the name of the paper but whether he's concerned about his own health and that of his supporters serious. Most Sir. because. Why I'M Far Away Until. Well then let's forget about the worry. So he's had to close rallies this week I quoted yesterday Carl Bernstein, obviously Woodward and Bernstein fame who used the term that I'm sure aggravated people twice last this week on CNN read said, essentially, this is homicide UIL activity on the part of the president he is bringing these people were shoulder to shoulder. If you've seen the video which we've all seen most of us have seen virtually everybody is mass free, not just the president virtually everybody in the crowd and they're luring people in to what essentially is a super spreader event in the making we just learned as of this morning is at seven or five people died after that wedding in Maine. And by the way, not one of them was at the actual wedding, the people who have died I mean this is this is just by the way most of this is in violation of state law or local law in terms of the size of the gatherings. I assume there's nothing that can be done about this. If he wants to have an indoor rally and someone's willing to give him the space and get fined by the government, then he can do it and people are willing to come. I think that's true. I also think it's true that governors. Are Not Willing to buck them right. They're not willing to turn it into A. Gigantic incident they could send the state police in and say, we have point these requirements or whatever, but they're they're just not willing to do it. I'll be interested to see what happens. He tries to do such a rally in New York where the New York state I mean or maybe Massachusetts where there might be more willingness to confront him. But I don't think he has much reason to go to those states. Would block the entrance himself. Dr. Chateau Lincoln tunnel. Probably be the only time you see Cuomo into Blasio holding? Front. Entrance but anyway Yeah. See responsible and I I'm GONNA add. Kinda pointless win just tell everybody to wear masks minimum. I mean, you can still I don't condone sitting next to one another and. Bringing in people you know W- for something that could be televised or put up on screens but really that much resistance to the basic math protection thing I guess to me on social. What's so upsetting about this is that he's taking precautions for himself. People have to get tested before they come into the Oval Office people can't get close to him. He is far away from his. Supporters. So yeah, it's Kinda like I'm GonNa save myself and the heck with you I guess you wonder why people in the crowd don't don't connect the dots there well. I don't know something. Ian. Random bad day or something it's like. I'm taking care of myself. I'm the big thinker I'm the important Guy I'm protected. I don't care about the little people but the little people are thinking hey. If he is willing to walk around unmask. Then I'm a fan of his and I'm GonNa do that too. So there is role modeling and then there's also this craziness that. If I, wear a mask it somehow a WIMP and I'm disloyal to the president. The president and also. If I. Wear a mask choice you know and they keep ignoring the fact that as you said from the main event and Sturgis I think had some of this now rally, they spread it to others. Speaking of mass one last thing before we let you go I can't think of the guy's name the guy from the University of Washington and who's in charge of the model that everybody's been talking about says there'll be four, hundred, ten, thousand deaths most likely total doubling the current number more than doubling. If by January first, he was on CNN the other night and you know I'm so spoiled in Cambridge and I'm guessing Margaritas in Brooklyn to if I see one person in central square has not wear a mask. I feel like calling out the National Guard, he said that the average. Wearing percentage in this country is under forty five percent is that what you understand I mean, that is so frightening to me. It is unbelievable meaning it's not just trump rallies is that what you understand to be the range are. Do and I think it's worse in the following sense. If you walked around Connecticut where I am in my town, Richfield, it's close to ninety nine percent people wearing masks outsider wherever they're going. I, think you walked around Utah or some of the red states it's like five percent. So those are real incubators. Those are real dangerous spots and I think that the forty five percent is a little deceptive because it's all where are you? Yeah Okay. Thank you. Thanks thanks a lot art or go to torture. All right. Talk. Next week. Our Kaplan joins US weekly. He's the Doctors William Mathematician Economy Mini Chair and the director of the division of Medical Ethics Nyu School of Medicine. Thank you again to art up next earlier in the show we talked to. Michelle Wu about her priorities for Boston for opening the lines asking. Yours, what do you want to see around here? That's next on eighty, nine, seven Gbh Boston public radio. Welcome back in Boston public radio on Jim Robinson's Marge Regan. Earlier in the show, we were talking Boston City Councillor Michelle Wu about why she's running for Mayor of Boston. You know yesterday we heard her priorities for the city. We're opening lines now asking what are yours? Our number's eight, seven, seven, three, zero, one, eight, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy. If you live in Boston, what are the issues you'll be voting on if you work in Boston is transportation a concern is housing if it were more affordable, would you consider moving into the city? If you eat out in Boston if you go to the movie, you remember movies, we have movies. If you go to movies or the theater in Boston, we want to hear from you have your priorities changed since the pandemic did corona virus exposer exacerbate issues that you'd identified. What do you think is working in? Boston right now that you'd like to see more of Eight, seven, seven, three, zero, one, eight, thousand, nine, Seventy Michelle Wu said in her video announcement, she's running make Boston a city for everyone. Do you feel like it's a city for you? Eight seven, seven, three, zero, one, eight, hundred, nine, seventy, thirteen months this a long campaign started yesterday while I guess it started the week before Walsh leaked out that. Show would call them, and that she was running that is a long campaign and we also enough they're going to be other candidates but. You know the Michelle. WHOA is, what's that expression? Put her blank and that what are you putting in San what are you doing you're. Not Stake in the sand whatever it is she declared Cascais. Running for mayor so we want to know again you don't have to live here. If you live here, if you work here, if you just come in for fun or entertainment or to go to the library up, what is it? That's working in Boston what is it that you would like to see? Well. Let me start with you your complainer. Give us your big complaint spat the city of Boston. I won't give my big complaints but you know what I will. Well, traffic is totally control. Mass transit is a mess and. We to Michelle Wu about free mass transit. Wish I get more people back on but in light of the fact have a multi hundred, million dollar deficit now I don't know if it's affordable she did suggest a smaller service pilot run maybe a bus line or two that are particularly used by low income people. Essential workers that may be a good start. I think one of the big issues in this race and I asked her twice and she really didn't answer directly. Should voters when they go into the polling booth or when they vote? Early or by mail or whatever they do next November should the race of the candidate be an issue and she skirted the issue. She said a couple of times obviously the experiences of people of color a emigrant, etc. But the answer is even though she didn't want to say it because almost no candidate wants to say it is an issue we are a majority minority city. Walsh's wildly popular, but he's a white guy and Irish guy to the statistic that I cited to her, which is pretty amazing to me, which I'm sure she may not mention. But I'm guessing her supporters do twenty five largest cities in America all the two in the north of those twenty five cities have mayors of color The only two which have not is our Indianapolis and Boston and I think that again, even if it doesn't come from her lips directly I think it's going to be an issue in this race to see the advice of Sam Yoon who was the first Asian American to run for Mayor in Boston what he? Is. To. Michelle. was what you what he say. Make a plan be. Tough. I mean you're one of the things we didn't talk by Tom Marino one of the things we have talked to time to talk to. Her about because listeners get really aggravated campaign, you talk about fundraising but the reality is he's got ten times as much money as she does and people who make major contributions in mayoral races not just here. But around the country are generally people who have business dealings with the city and I'm surely not. Suggesting, wall should do anything I know in prior races. Let's say. The prior mayor made quite clear that would not be terribly happy with a donor if that donner decided to make a contribution to one of his. Opponents, and so that's going to be a hurdle for her but she's high profile. She is obviously done very well in citywide elections. And she was the first woman of color the president of the city council I think she's very well respected. I think it's going to be interesting race. Now having said that Tito Jackson was a person of color member city council I'm not equating the two of them just saying he was a candidate he was crushed. By Marty Walsh and his first reelection run. So it's a daunting task, but the beauty of this I guess which is why we're having this discussion with you which will start second is it gives people an opportunity to spend a year talking about what matters to them in their city of residence, their city of work their city of entertainment and Boston is central to lives of all of us in one way or another eight, seven, seven, three, zero one. Eight hundred nine seven and we can get to the wealth gap issue. She mentioned it. Yeah. Everybody every politician's sites the fact that Federal Reserve study the average black family, their total wealth assets two, hundred, pardon me white family two, hundred, fifty, grand I think it was two, thousand seventeen the numbers came out the average black family eight dollars most people say that a Typo? No, it's not a Typo two, hundred and fifty, thousand versus eight dollars. I assume that matters a lot the people of goodwill. Regardless of the color of their skin, that's an inequity that is not good for any city and we know that inequity is you know that one of the most powerful lines I thought in, we'll get to your calls in the second and I honor Presley's campaign I'm going to ruin it and she said it so beautifully and she ran against my Cappuccino. Get on the subway at one end of her district. I'm going to get this basically right and the life expectancy and the income is X. and you get on the subway get on the subway and ended up at the other end of the district wherever it is in Boston some place. Different Part of Boston in life expectancy goes up dramatically and income goes up dramatically. ended. On the subway. To subway, we're not swim trae. President. that. Is there's greater inequity in her district, most of which is Boston than any congressional United States of America. Okay. If I walk into a magnet magic one now I mean. On the silly side I'd really like to end the FRAT party and South Boston because I love South Boston because it's on the warriors close open space but it's like an endless frat party nobody wears mass I. I would like to end that over there. Make it more of a of a normal place to live. But it you know what? The big thing in Boston the big thing of boss which would change everything is the schools if it's a schools in Boston and that's the life of me I still understand why They still struggle were were in the kind of brain capital of America right here if we can have more middle class kids in the schools because. You can't have school districts that are predominantly kids are poor because it's obvious. It's Moore's of a struggle there. You need these MBA's PTA mothers and fathers but oftentimes is mother's ride right her in the schools if you could get find a way To end busing in Boston and make the schools better, it would change absolutely everything. I also like to see more liquor licenses around town. You know there's too many liquor licenses just in the Back Bay you know south then. Now that the waterfront, they need more liquor licenses in Dorchester and Matt Pan Maccabi Martyrs Three priorities for the next mayor's ones an important one. I'd say schools improve schools. Of course, we do have a relatively new superintendent, her other two or liquor masks seven, seven, three, zero, one, eight, hundred, nine, hundred, seventy. Two the Coles what else would make a difference if the bike lanes were better, I mean there are some places where the bike lanes are really good and wash has made some improvements on by Nice but not that much. With the bike lanes like an common with left hand side of the street I, think a lot of people would love to ride bikes at least the good weather. If they weren't worried about getting run over, I mean, it's very dangerous. The way things are now to ride bikes. So either, bike lanes would be a a big improvement, eight, seven, seven, three, zero, one, eighty, nine, seventy, Tom Film of your first on Boston public radio either. I. Hi, I'm the guy who walked. I'm the guy who up to Tom Rush Concert Nash if your wife had to widen the doorway, so head would fit so. That's a good one. To say won't forget that one Tom. Tom Ridge wasn't crazy about the head comment but thank you. Talk to you. It's three. It's three deckers, not triple Dr Seuss. Triple Decker. I met Michelle would a meet and greet the first time she was running for city council and I was very impressed with her and you'll see matching that she had a list of fifty good ideas and I thought that was a lot. So I said fifty and she said Yeah we'll reminds me of after World War One when Woodrow Wilson what was trying to get the League of nations off the ground with his fourteen points it prompted Clemenceau to say even God Almighty only had ten. And I love your show at my problem before you go Tom, my only problem with woodrow, Wilson his head was huge I mean, let's face it. That was that was always an obstacle to my appreciation Tom Thank you. It's good to talk to. Yet again, eight, seven, seven, three, zero, one, eight, hundred, nine, seven. Yeah I mean there's no question that Wu is a policy driven kind of soul and they're going to be I mean they're going to be great debates, I don't mean literal debates but just as I said to her when Dempsey and Louis C., we're here yesterday they were excited because they think that since she's been outspoken on transportation issues whether you agree with her positions or not it's going to put mass transit and the car centric society. We have center stage in the Meryl Debate which I think is a really healthy thing regardless of which side you're on. I WANNA. Do I. Have a lot of ideas maybe I should. Well once you run for town you count data. In town meeting member and I'm not going to run for anything but but. When we had Hurricane Sandy, we didn't have the book that was of course, New York City in Long Island, it was really hammered and people talk to the time about how Hurricane Sandy hit. Boston we would have had flooding up to fenway park at the Back Bay. Moot climate change is getting worse and worse and worse we're not doing anything about it significantly. By the way Marty Walsh wouldn't I? Agree with you. I mean he's talked about Carbon Neutrality by twenty fifty i. think that all new municipal buildings have to be carbon neutral and on and on made that maybe that's not enough for people. Well, no I great mount about it. It's a great idea. I don't know maybe you know things that I don't on what we what we've actually done to get there I'm not sure that we've done that many things to get their to get achieved that carpenter trauma is a great idea but we if we had that kind of hurricane here. I. Don't want to wipe out the Back Bay of Boston probably one of the most beautiful sexual of Boston. Yeah. So we have to get really serious about what we're. GonNa do to protect the rest of the city and I'm not sure how the seaport even vives I. Know that a lot of the buildings are putting their you know the the plumbing and the electrical stuff and everything else higher the not on the on the on the basement or on the first floor anymore but I'm not sure there. So. I have to say I would say it's not too late for you to move cross the. Walston Really I. Think you're ready for a serious run smart Haha. You welcome to their remarks on the phone. Hi. Mark. I. Good. I like to show Hey, I've been out worcester for twenty five years because I was about when when they eliminated rent control and Cambridge in Boston and what had two years those where there were poets, we were journalists writers, we had bands and there was cheapo records and now there's all these corporations and. You know to high rents. So I'm wondering if Michele rule would bring back the idea of of rent controls away together will howling back into into that area you know worcester has been. Raised a family out here we fell in love in the restaurants in Boston, my my wife and I, and they were great days back then but then rent control was was eliminated and and all the artists and freaks and fun people had to move out of town. Well Yeah because a lot of talk about bringing back some way to get more affordable rents in Boston I. I'm not sure if Brent control is is the best way to do it because there's a lot of, as you probably know fraud and rent control and a lot of people have argued that what that does is make it more difficult for apartments to free up. So the. People that need apartments can get in them but I, I'm with you completely that housing prices in Boston. Absolutely insane rentals are absolutely insane. It's almost like New York City around you you know it's really terrible to in the awesome Brian, the so-called Student Get up here right by at Boston College The rancid they're charging in those apartments for five and six kids I mean it's it's It's insane. Anyway getting back to we didn't ask We didn't ask Michelle Wu about rent control, but the Bay State Banner reported Twenty Nineteen that she's originally said incoming Michelle who initially voiced opposition control but later said she would support it When we when we did I, think we did the only debate I. Know we did the only debate in the Tito Jackson. Marty Walsh debate and I know you brought up that issue as one of your first questions I think I'm quite sure and we will check this. We ask Marty Walsh about rent control a few months ago because the bill on Beacon Hill to reinstate it, which was crushed recently was a local option thing. It didn't mandate rent control across the state. It said cities and towns could do it if they chose right and I I, have to say, even if you're a critic of rent control, I don't never understand why state legislature should ever not Saito city or down if you within your borders more than something's. Impact on the next community do it and let me say since mark brought it up and it's one of my favorite topics about rent control. It doesn't matter whether you're for or against it rent control was repealed. Actually, effort was led by a neighbor of mine unfortunately down the street here. On a statewide ballot question that I think past fifty, one, forty, nine. If I remember correctly, the three communities that had rent control I believe was brookline. Cambridge and Boston I think y'all a voted to keep it and the three hundred and forty eight communities that did not have rent control voted to eliminate it even though it didn't affect them. And what we have now are skyrocketing rents, and so they're your gentleman from west to is absolutely right. It totally changed the character of Boston that changed the character of Brooklyn where I lived in I'm sure it did in in your town to mean there used to be a member. ON BEACON STREET BETWEEN CLEVELAND CIRCLE. and. COOLIDGE corner tons of of rent controlled apartments tons, and within. I don't know maybe just a couple of years of the change in the law they all went condos and they all of. US should. I remember doing a story a million years ago when I was at Boston magazine about this woman that lived in this a little apartment right behind the where the Marriott is. Now the copy plazas now at the department there for forty eight years and they came in there and they just through those people out there almost their entire lives She was like seventy five or close to eighty or something like that. It was it was awful. What happened after control? I mean you've seen those same studies I. have that argue that that is it's it's not as good as keeping a diversified income level as we think it is because of the problems with rent control wires repeal could be fixed by better drafting. That's my opinion I know that people like you and people like one of our favorite economists is irregular in the show thinks it's a horrible idea. I do not mark. Thank you for your call by the way. One of our colleagues back in Brighton was kind enough to get the exact words that I on a Presley said in a race against WanNa rather than me picking out. Of Thin Air, this person got right. Here's what she said get on the number one bus from Cambridge to Roxbury, and you'll see this is incredible. You'll see median household income dropped by fifty thousand dollars and life expectancy by as much as thirty years. So sort of speaks to the inequity in our community that I assume will be a centerpiece of this race, and again, we don't know if the only challenge will be Michelle Whoa there are a lot of other people being talked about, Andrea. Campbell former president of the most in the city council, their whole bunch of people who have been discussed, but she's planted her flag that's the expression. Her flag very good. We going next. Colleagues. Can we take a Boston call at some point because a lot of Boston colors and we're all doing out of towners but will good. Let's go to Mary Anne Hyde Park Mary next on Boston public radio. Thank you much for the call. Hi. Hi I'm Mary. Next time I won't ask Mary we'RE GONNA put you on hold we'll get back to you in a minute when we say you say Hello Bob and Southie high. Next. Trash. Yes. Well, I can't say. Go. Ahead. So yeah. I worried about taxes. That's the only thing I'm really worried about an also she keeps you that word equity and we all know what that really means that means just taking money from people like me and giving it to other people. So yeah. I. Just went taxes. Lowered not raised. I. Believe That Lady Race. That's all I care about. For second hold opposite was your first name Sir. I'm sorry I didn't. Never call screen. Mice Costner's broke. Bob and south. I don't live there where my kids live there and I every comer South Boston I love the fat. Such huge open space, and so many great parks and it's on the water and Blah Blah Blah. But aren't you nervous about the lack of mask-wearing over there Baba's gone. He's only worried about taxes. Oh, she's going to raise them even though I don't know if she's talked about it but I'm sure that will be an issue that will come well to. One of the things about taxes in Boston, I mean Well that's not really fair. I was GONNA, say they don't compare with what they are in the suburbs for the most part, but maybe that doesn't matter on the quotes. Very. Low in Cambridge where I love which I guess is. Cambridge for I think they're quite low they're much lower than are in Brooklyn where you live much lower really. Well, we're obviously very well managed city as opposed to. Whatever Don't you a person that manages the city's making like four hundred grand a year no. Actually that is the form of be well managed fired. Here's the cash ordinarily talented. He has the retirement. Okay was it three, hundred and sixty grand. I would say the management I mean it should be functioning. Like a Well Oiled Machine Orleans. For that amount of. Money. That was well through sixty not vote on the radio. Now it is true I hesitate to say this when I was a city councillor for two lustrous year I did vote against the pay raise the reason I always hesitate to ask that is because people then follow up with appropriate question is when it passed the spite your no vote did you take the increase and my response to that is I don't recall Hold on for a second Robert Oh Robert I. Love You. Robert Robert Says Marjorie. You should absolutely run for office because Jim has got about fifty thousand unused political flyers in his garage, and I could just go over there to Cambridge and cross out his name and Pencil and my own. Thank you very much. Conference, and you also have to cross that number one. Choice voting's other than that. I can use all my son Okay however long campaign literature what Have I have a lot of? Because you never know when you're going to run again. The keyboard cut out that cardboard out that you use when you ran for city council is that in your house? Jim Is that what you're doing your own Flash Flood Jim? Let's go to Mary and. Your birthday's coming up so Oh just wake. Great. It'd be really exciting Mary Anne Hyde Park we think we got you this time. Hi. Hello. Hello. Hello to. Me Let's time. Hi Welcome and and you had just brought up I on a Presley which I was glad because I wanNA get back to this question you asked about, is it important to consider race in representation in our in our representative in the elections and I also want to bring up gender? So is it important to consider race gender? Bring this up I, bring this up as an Italian Americans I really like Marty Walsh I liked his Mike Capsule Lonzo I'm telling you. I am so ready to vote for Michelle blue and I was so excited about a Yana Presley I've been volunteering for her ever before she was elected since she's been elected. I feel that. Walsh and Mike. Catalano you. Are, smart men they're great leaders but you know there are a lot of smart women leaders and a lot of leaders of color who are brilliant court talented and so far. We've only given the opportunity to lead in Boston to the white men and. Especially feel that for a city like Boston, which I'm so proud to live in if we don't have representation that looks like our city. It is really It's really problematic and I will give you the example of Hyde Park. When the last mayor who lived in hiding. Mayor for quite a long time there was no affordable housing developed in Hyde Park during that whole time and you can check me on that But that is a problem that is really a problem and I think that we have to think about the ways in which if we don't have a broader more diverse representation no matter how good the leader is he is having pressure put on him by his neighbor. that's a real factor, and so it's not just rent control. We have to think about all the tools in our toolbox affordable housing I've lived in Boston my whole adult life. I was in my late forties prior to buy my first time, it happened was in his fifties. We've got to do something for people I none of the young people I know can live in Boston unless they're living with their parents. My kids moved away you know and that's a-. That's what we want that. You can only live here. If you're a twenty year old making six figure salary all the public servants although you know, all the people who are working nonprofit are going to be pushed out. You don't me I should question because I thought that high park. Which is which is Hard to get to one thing about high park but I felt high park still had reasonably. Priced housing. One of the few places in Boston hasn't gone through it's called. It's called Gateway neighborhood and I'll play something interesting when we were given a matt by the realtor when we were looking to about where we could afford. It was a color coded map and there was, I, think Salem and Hyde Park and Quincy we're about it for us and we're like, okay. But you know we've lived in we lived in Roslindale JP all sin You know we raised our kids in an apartment if it. If you want to live here, but you know neither my. Were both You know not working at Google all my husband and I. and we have student loans. So just all these pressure that are are are not because someone has a gambling habit but just because they did things like they went to college on, they're not working in a six figure job. Now, not glued you from home ship if if you're to to a couple with each having. That was a hell of a cold but thank you for making. That was really something. Thanks. Eight, seven, seven, three, zero, one. Eight hundred, nine, seven I think diversity I think the whole issue of this city even if you love the job the Walsh's done I think there are going to be a lot of questions I. Know I'd ask him if we get a debate here about whether or not a majority minority city is best led by a person of. Of Color. It's going to be an issue I. Think it's GonNa be `Burn Hyde Park Hey Hebrew person from high talk Bruyneel from high. Are. The taxes in Hyde Park. Up. Is the same and. The. The. First of all, I should say that I've been listening to you because I've been called but I've been doing some work at my house. So I have been there during the whole high actually was worried about you in all truth. Call. Yeah I've. been. But. I've definitely been listening crazy jared to you'll vacation from New Zealand way but. So what's up Brown? Well Michelle running. Yeah. I. I feel like. In general, what festival there was something that rubs me the wrong way that Jim always mentioned you and when he says it. It's it's borderline. I mean I. You know how much I love. To. -fensive a little bit because it's it's it's insinuating. That because somebody is, what do you guys go of color that that people are going to vote for that person which I find that's not necessarily true. Way I've never I burn per near I. If I may represent myself I've never said that leading I said insinuating I did say you said that I didn't say okay in other words because I did use over eating. Okay. Got To me. So because we've been waiting for white men all our lives and on top of that, we've also had black people running against white people and we've looked for those people look at Allen, keys out and vote for him for dog. Catcher you know you have Alan Keyes have nine, nine nine who just passed away with. You had I'll shopping ran for president. Took we don't just vote for color. We've vote for whoever's the best person I think that's what's GonNa happen although we would you already minority committed. So I just wanted to get out of. Since you raise the issue not talk about people of Color. And let's talk about white people voting. You don't think there's some white people and this is the point I was trying to make I didn't mean. I wasn't even attempting to insinuate what you think. I was maybe it came across that way that a lot of people feel that the leadership of a community leadership of a police force, the leadership of school system. The leadership of of a criminal justice system should reflect the community that it leads and represents. I. Was Talking on TV last night about how when the report that was commissioned by late Chief Justice Ralph. Ganz came out about these grotesque racial disparities and criminal justice's them was talking to the former Judge Nancy, Gertner, current Da Rachel rollins. One of the things that want us to address is is a larger number of black judges. Later in the show, I talked to the head of the Morehouse School of Medicine, and we talked about the need for more a black doctors so that there is a more so that each of those quote communities represents the people they are serving I'm not saying that a majority minority city won't vote for a white leader they did against Tito Jackson I'm just saying it's an issue in a city that's majority minority. Would you agree with that? I agree completely and I think an up skip. Would it extremely eloquently when she ran against a Cup You I know because you have these has the same pedigree as far as this is liberalism and her liberalism almost the same packer why would you choose one over the other and she answered it with? The exterior of of an artist she said, you know. I can see things through different lenses. Couple of I mean to me that was that. was. All guys from you. Look way that was great I get that but I think in terms of appointment. To boards and stuff like that. Yes. People need to bring people who can see things with a different Lens but in terms of. Electoral politics it's just gonNA come out organically. You know I it. That's all I'm saying I didn't mean that I didn't mean that you you were saying in the fair. I think it was great. But if I could quickly if they just make up cutting all summer. That I think the problem we've buses buses to segregate it. Okay. With feels corner. Plenty of Vietnamese you too Madam Penn Haitians. You would sell busted yuppies and some leftover one toilet Irish people their. People. I was born here said that by the way not mayor Margaret. People. Lesson. And then you go to Jamaica plain the the Latinos. We need to bring buskens together. That that's what my interests by the way Bernard the segregation is not just in living the segregate I mean or your house. The segregation is in living in this city. So what's what's High Park Rainier? What's Hyde Park? How many toilets? To. But what I see a what Brian that? Thought when I feel white person in Hyde Park. Yeah he's almost like, okay. These people I'm not kidding where you live. Your address, but you talk like around River Street. Out there yeah. Okay. Hey We. Miss you really. Works. We're really we actually love to come over we. We really missed you I'm really glad you called in call us again soon. Take Care So. Much Thank you. So I guess if we're going to be less segregated than my neighborhood school idea goes out the window because I liked that too. But. By the way he raised I mean that's a really important point that we have raised in. Not a lot of politicians raise. There is an issue I mean it really, and again as I said, it's not as. It's not just where you are housed. I mean I think that's where what Bernie ear was talking about but we've talked you go to fenway and you know for a team that has. Worked pretty hard to overcome the racist legacy that preceded these owners and you're hard pressed to find a person of color in the stands. You mean, that's been sort of the cliche about Boston for someone I think I on Presley Senator Sophomore of the stories you read about Michelle this morning. With the bosses counsel. To prosecute for Jacobo. So anytime show. Yeah. So Michelle Woohoo, Lt Little teashop there and Chicago I guess that she did for why? Anyway that Y- other major cities you see a big black middle class and PHILADELPHIA PHILADELPHIA CHICAGO. Certainly Atlanta, alive cities, and in in Boston you you don't see very few African. Americans. downtown I. We're still that way I don't know why we're still that way, but we are still we're still that way. Okay we are moving on. Or Not yes, we are. We're GONNA fund are to have lots of fun here. You know what? We're going to have the most fun about talking about Zombie, cicadas, Jim. We're going to run about but it's not just Zombie CICADAS. It's also the breadth throated hummingbird a truly ass backwards way of protecting cows and we're gonNA talk the hunt animals survive in welfare affiars is could mean only one thing it is time for afternoon zoo with silent Gumri. She's next eighty, nine seven Gbh Boston public radio. Welcome back to Boston Public Radio Jim Brady and Marjorie every time our next guest is on Mario. Take a deep breath. I say, we can't. We can't forget the problems of the world because we're gonNA talk about them as relates to her part of the world but it's a always great to have her join US line the leader a monthly after edition of the Afternoon Zoo. That's always a conversation at the intersection of animal and human animal behavior assign Montgomery size. You know as journalists naturalist in be PR contributor host book, which is relevant to today's discussion is condor comeback sides great to talk to you. It's always great to talk with you. You know I have been thinking about you see it coming up to talking to you today because like much of like everybody I've been watching these horror at the west coast with these terrible terrible wildfires California, Oregon, etc.. And thought what what do wild animals do? In these wildfires to save themselves. So what do they do? Well, it depends on who you are. I, mean a lot of animals have evolved in A. In a fiery landscape of course, it wasn't as fiery as now because of climate change things are much drier fires last longer they burn hotter but a lot of animals need fire to survive the planet that they depend on get kind of turned on by fire animals even start fires on their own you know, Stralia the aborigines have known for many many years and the rest demus only recently discovered that there these kites they're they're kind of raptor that start fire by carrying like a little piece. They will go to swoop down into a fire, pick up a burning twig and dropping. In. Start another fire, and they do this because all kinds of little animals come running out there running for their lives and if you happen. To be a hawk or even a bear coyote, you see little animals running out of the fire and Yummy I'm this is your lunch. So some animals are not suffering horribly from the fires but. Before you go ahead, I should say you really could help out if you give them a call. Donald. Trump doesn't have to rely on forest management is the problems that a climate change she can blame it on the raptors. Just needs to hire some of the kites Australia ahead. Like. Well you know me I was I. was scared to death about what was going to happen to the nesting condor's the bathing on doors because around big sewer whereabout a third of the. World's population of wild condors. Place was on fire the whole Then Tanna sanctuary was destroyed and my heart was really going out to this one little guy named in. Nico. Have you been watching his fate? You Guys Lady? Reading about. Well, he he he was a little condo check who starred on live explore dot Org Nest Cam and thousands and thousands of people were watching this darling little baby being fed by his parents and learning what his wings were about and discovering his beacon then finding his feet I mean just sweet. Little. Guy. And then. August eighteen. A Nest Cam shows fire approaching, and Nico. Whose name by the way means born in troubled times Oh my God language he starts flapping his wings as if an alarm and you hear the fire crackling and you see the flames approaching and then then this camp goes dark. Oh And he was only months old and they can't fly till. They're six months old his parents who are good parents but the you know they had to say this day flew away. He was found alive. September second. So Great. On. Do we have any idea how he how he survived? Oh well He lived in a hollow redwood tree that was high enough up that the flames themselves didn't reach him and he was far enough back in all of it that the that the smoked in. Gate Him and while his dad still seems to be missing his mom is back and everything's GonNa be just fine for him. Thank. God. So hold on a second, the the nest was in this retreat. Yeah. It was. Okay. They sent researchers to look for him but. The researchers could go in. Well, the place was on fire and a lot of the other condors. In fact, every condor that I know of, who's who's on an infant has a radio telemetry on them so that researchers can follow them around but you you couldn't. You couldn't follow them with the radio telemetry until it was safe to fly overs for the visa, the the radio signal, and that's how they are finding some of the missing condors right now there's still I think he. missing condors, and that sounds like, oh, well. So what but When you? When you think there's there's only like one hundred and one. Condor's in the Tanna area. You know if you lose ten condors, you've lost a tenth of your popular. So some comey, the story about animals, what they do in fire in wildfires talked about how incipient and other small creatures burrow into the ground or go under rocks. Could they possibly survive inferno like we've been watching borrowing into the ground or hiding under rocks? Well, it depends on how deep they go. I saw that one researcher from Corvallis had measured the temperatures of these. These fires are hotter than ever before and temperatures were recorded over one thousand degrees right? Just beneath walks and as far as three inches below the ground, it was still like two hundred degrees. And two inches below ground to one hundred degrees. That's that's something that no one has had a chance to evolve to survive but I was very surprised at some of the animals that are able to survive. Animals who can't run away like tortoises I mean, how does it tortoise runaway answer is very slowly but they go. Into, these boroughs and their burrows are often deep enough that they can stay. They can stay safe. They can stay cool and come out of you know out of this. Without losing their lives but you know the youngest and the smallest animals are always most at risk with these things. Montgomery, can we stay on current events for a second in the relevance to the Animal World? Both of my daughters have gotten dogs in one several years ago but it never had a dog before I don't really of my daughter did and my younger daughter got one. I don't know about six months ago or a year ago and I have developed these incredibly this incredibly tight. Relationships. With these these animals they're not living here now, but they had for a while and then over the weekend, we all went somewhere and. I call for both of the dogs. And they both looked at me like I was a you know from another planet. And neither of them came to me and. I had no idea what was going on and actually bothered me and then I am reading in preparation for you and in retrospect realized I was wearing a pretty large mask. And apparently dogs don't well explained to us why that may have been a mask connected behavior on both their parts. This actually happens with a number of species a really most animals look at your face to figure out who you are and This is true of birds. This is true of dogs was this is true even with ought to put they look at your face, but a mask is covering up half of your face. And for dogs you know. They place a lot of emphasis on the position of your mouth, and that makes sense because to another dog. Your mouth. If you're their mom is where their food comes from because once they stop feeding them milk, they actually will will regurgitate food in. So you know, I'm sure our dogs are very disappointed when we fail to do this but they are very interested in our mouths for very good reason and now your mouth is gone and they hate that I had I mean sometimes even wearing a hat or sunglass will really upset an animal I. I had a hawk line knew very well who was falconry animal and I. showed up one day after coming back from some event that I had to wear dress and this hawks screamed at me just. I mean. It was like have your legs gone 'cause she'd never seen me an address it just. The pants. So it wasn't you Jim and people should should think about this when when we're visiting other animals and walking around with masks, it's a good idea to get your dog used to seeing a mask and and. The, the way you do it is of course slowly. I take the mask, take the mask off. Then put them ask down around your neck let the dog look at it give the dog a treat, flip it up really quickly over your face then suffered right back down. When didn't flip it back up give the dog a treat speak through the masks so that they have not just the the visual image of you. They can hear your voice again, and of course, let them let them smell it don't let them grab. Don't let your dog get interested in grabbing masks off people's faces and running away of course, but you want to teach them. The mask is a big nothing and nothing to worry about going to. Montgomery. So I have one other sort before we move on from that in the story about the the animals with a mass was talking about how much Dogs and cats have learned to associate smiles with everything's great. You relaxed expression and they, and that's a positive thing and they don't like it when you look at them. Staring with Estonia Stony expression right you're smiling. So they're quite attuned to your facial expression. But. Before you answer size, not just your facial expression, it's Times Margaret. When your dog was around when you stare at your dog, they don't like making direct. Contact found that just the opposite I and my dog would stare at me for ages. Into, your is we were into your is Janet. It was IDA is very romantic. You. Don't do that. Border collies for example, they call wrong I yeah and they they they will. In fact, I used to staring at sheep and moving sheep just with their is. Really, amazing. So it's saying it's a breath Pacific thing some. They also be you know the individual and what it's used to but we. Rely case. No it had to. Exactly. Trouble recognizing some people with with the masks on I mean literally have really distinctive hair and God forbid they should wear a hat I mean this winter, we're just going to be wondering. Strangers tracers everywhere. A. Mask, so saw. This is a story I really wanted to actually a lot of. To speak in haven't been. Watching this video of its from Greenfield Massachusetts and people have been. As far away as you can go in Massachusetts northwest corner and and get there and still be in, Massachusetts this guy is lying in a lounge is backyard pool. And he's obviously asleep or reading or something you can't see his head you can only see his feet. And this bear walks by the way, the videos on CNN, it's all over the place but in case I thought when I saw just like any case. So the bear walks in sort of walks over to the pool is within a foot or so of the sleeping. Guy. Fifteen seconds later walks over to the guy puts. Pause on the toe of the guy, and then licks the guys feet, which apparently wakes the guy up a little bit and he begins and then he walks away. So apparently according to you, I'm told that is not an abnormal behavior from a black bear towards the human being is that correct? Well, it's been known to happen This would happen to my neighbor and friend. On Let's summer day when she was gardening and this is a place where lots of people walk their dogs I go there every day and she was hunched over tending to her flowers and she heard some huffing and she thought oh it's one of the many dogs who walked she looked over and it was a barren. So she just curled up a little more tightly and stayed still and hair licked the back of her neck all my. Heart attacks is so great. Oh, my God. Well I. Know what a bare tongue feels like because I've I've had beers. I've had baby bears lick me. But what's amazing to me wonder they're very curious. They're curious like we are but two they are skittish and what struck me about that the guy his name was Matt. Beat in at the pool He was really pretty calm about air but the minute he set up a bare just took off like the worst thing in the world. But. This is going to be one of these things where you're gonNA tell us if we encounter a black bear, just stand there calmly and let lick your face and then will walk away is that where you're gonNA go side with this Well normally if you're moving around if you're not asleep, if you're not just hunched over looking like you're a rock next to your garden bears won't come up and lick you. They won't come up and smell you the minute they see you move they try to get away. The thing is they don't really seem to trust there is that much they they really trust their noses. You'll see a bear if a payer sees you, they tend to stand up to get a better look like what what's that, and then you'll see their nostrils flares trying to gather the sense and I seen the knowledge dawn on the face of the bear when it realizes like. It's all human and they just run away. Voices the become and just hang out until the B- is that what you're saying? Well I think if you're heading towards a bare, it's a better idea to. Start walking in the other direction the bear. A bear is not likely to to come over and investigate you unless you are extremely still not behaving like a normal. Well you know human is kind of walking around know what's great in this video and people should look at it is the guys wind down And he's he's GonNa Shaves Lounge in his feet her out and the bear comes over and very curious like pulls on his foot a little bit. That's what wakes them up and it was. So the gesture from the bear was so strong like he was checking out what is this and very delicate to? But it was a very. Is Worth. Watching CNN blackberry you can. You can see it yourself I. I was amazed. Heart attack I think just just WATCHING THE VIDEO Format was very calm and. Did the second he woke up, he grabbed his camera. Later he grabbed his camera was like this is so cool I gotta get and it was caught on the home security. Cameras and people don't think that some other person was being a behind A. Close, and lock the doors to the pool area after this. One route. The bear was gonNA take a swim they can swim I've seen them swim. Let's. Dive in any changes his mind. Smell is. Talking to sign Montgomery and naturalist. Morris, then we'll dig Mars, the political consultant is involved in. Some looking. Toast. Whatever's okay we're. GonNa keep talking to side this brief break you're listening to eighty nine seven Gbh the radio. Welcome back to Boston public radio, Jim Brady and Margery EAGAN. You're listening to our monthly edition of the afternoon zoo which features sign. Montgomery journalist naturalists bjork contributor latest book is Condor Comeback So let's start with some autumn migration stories I I. Love The story about the monarch butterflies what are they up to? Well, they're starting to stream right, pass our faces, and if you live on the Cape or Nantucket often you can see block island. You can see pretty big aggregations of these butterflies as they're heading to Mexico where they're going to over winter I've wanted to see the over wintering spot of these guys, but we have a huge field in our backyard milkweed and so we feel like we have a pretty good crop of of March this year that may beginning to your yard any day. And how the there was a mention of how they have special places that they stop off at so. They could be thousands of the mind particular tree. That's a favorite kind of resting place on their journey. Not Loved to see that. Yes I would up tree covered with down in Mexico. When they over winter you you see it just looks like a great big. Fiery orange, blush and instead of leaves it's covered with these gorgeous. Sleeping insects. These guys amazing to me that they you know. They haven't made this trip before any of them not one of them has ever made this trip before and they're they're all heading south and so many of them are gonna find their their way. This is known as a super generation generations going down now most the time they only live a few weeks, but these guys will live for months and months. Yeah I wondered about that because I thought, they only live for a few weeks. So these these particular markets will fly is, as you said, a troop, Lynch maybe Mexico. They don't come back though do they. That's it for them. They're there and that's all they. Mexico they they over. Winter. Then, they start waking up and again what sight to imagine you know all of these orange wings just starting to fan and they create like a breeze from all these gossamer wings just starting to fan awake. And then they start flying north again. But none of them will make what they'll do is they'll fly for aways and they'll mate and legs die, and then the next generation will arise as caterpillars they will grow Pupa do. That fly they'll mate. They'll lay eggs they'll die and it takes generations for them to come back that is incredible and by the way the generally now their descendants. To come. Back. To the place from which their ancestors originally came, right? Yeah. This this to me. Close my mind, and here's another thing that blows my mind I mean. It amazes me stuff that they know because their ancestors told them in their DNA. But also NASA's me with some research years ago that in the things I'm sure this was done with monarch butterflies. They remember things from their Caterpillar Hood. I mean, say they paired an electrical stimulus with a with a particular sent in the caterpillars and they didn't like that set and then after they had just turned into Goo and I'm right out as butterflies they're exposed to send again they're like, oh, I remember that that's no good at all. Wow. Wow. One of the big thrills in my life somebody I know is growing I had cocoons of monarch butterflies in a little. cardboard box actually they were hanging down with a cardboard box and then the came out of the cocoons and then they would stand on your finger. Until their wings dried off enough to and they're pumping fluid. All my God and the Caterpillar the Caterpillar the B-, the monitors about six inches from your face just ending on your on your finger and drying off his wings and it takes a couple of minutes. Oh, my God. It was great. I had polyphemus moth who I knew as a Caterpillar Seattle. Last week, it's a giant silk moth. And I. I had I. had known about fifty his caterpillars they came to our house and I was taking care of them while they're. There are people were these are native huge gorgeous showy moths. And having this creature kind of. Come into its resurrected life. Yeah. In the palm of your hand, ask. And and then in the case of of these malls, they only live for few days in that form. You're kind of sending them off to have it lift off your hand, write it right at dusk. You know this thing that has transformed from a squiggly little caterpillar into a cocoon, and then the gorgeous thing, and then just as day is transforming tonight, they go off to find their love. You know they find each other through pheromones that they detect with their big bushy antennae on the mail. So I knew this was a male and. May Lay eggs and die and start over again. It's an amazing thing that's like the most romantic thing I've ever heard that is it doesn't make you want to date them off. By the way. I like you WANNA. You WanNa meet lay eggs and is that what you're trying to as an abstract notion? So you know I hate to destroy the mood because it was so beautiful that you describe. But I read this story Margarita. To about somebody painting is as an e y e s the thoughts of cows. Great. With that, why would someone do that? What was the point? Exactly? Yeah. It is a great idea I. Mean, if you need a makeup tips, these cows really needs. They turned these. Cows who were getting munched on by leopards and lions in Botswana into what they called scary s cows and by putting these high. On the backs of the cows, the leopards and lions saw this and like Oh someone's watching me 'cause they are stalking ambush predators and they don't want to like they don't attack had on they attack in the back. Well, they couldn't find the back and this has been used to protect humans in India from tigers. In fact, I have a mask from Sherman, where this was used to keep tigers from attacking people who were working in the forest. Why is it? So they put a mask on the back of their head or the do it Yup and by the way when I put it on and showed it to my dog, she really hated it. Wow A minute left my understanding that these is on whatever you call. It s backwards or whatever. You just said there. What did they were of limited? Effect is that true or well they? They tested this on fourteen herds of cattle in Botswana. They found they tested it using unmarked animals, animals just with XS and then animals with is. And of those tested, fifteen of the unmarked cows were killed by predators. Five with the XS were killed by predators none with the is were killed by I relied stand corrected. That's pretty amazing. Isn't. Get their rear ends do look a face. And you got everything else count makes nose and mouth coughing GONNA. Tell. I don't know. We love you. Autism. Tremendously, Sign Montgomery. Thanks a lot. Signed. Montgomery is a journalist naturalist and a regular Boston the greatest contributor she joins us every month for the afternoon zoo. Her latest book is Condor Comeback Saiga talked to you in a good book to get because of the condors it at least some of them did survive that tragedy out in west coast. Anyway we are done for today. Thank you very much into another addition to Boston public right if you want to listen to us and the other time you can. Reach US twenty seven by way of our podcast, Boston public radio, which is an I tunes from the APP store. Tomorrow we're going to be joined by Andrew Bra and Chuck Todd on Politics WanNa. Thank our crew. Chelsea Murs. So in Matthews and believe in Cali our engineers John the cloth Parker are also engineers are Mile Smith and Dave. Goldstein tells about television tonight Jim. This has been a lot of controversy at Boston College from Covid nineteen with cases on the rise. From students from the community from Faculty will spokesperson Jack Done You know will be joining me Julie Hall as a Republican candidate to replace Joe Kennedy we spoke to Jake. The Democrat both ear and on television. So Julie Whole joins me. Loss we spent the first hour today show talking about the stresses return. School will niece laws visits, immigrant families who are trying to navigate it, and I'll tell you those wealth. That's a whole different kettle of fish. That's all tonight at seven o'clock on Greater Boston. Great, I'm margery EAGAN from brother. Thank you so much for tuning in and please tune again tomorrow and hope you have a wonderful afternoon.

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