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"mike cairns" Discussed on Newsradio 970 WFLA

"And host of Spectrum Sports. 3 60, Mike Cairns, You can follow on Twitter at Mike Karen's five Mike We talked before the Super Bowl. Now we get to recap a huge win for the Tampa Bay area. What was it that stood out to you most about Super Bowl 55. Just just now, making the Bucks defense played in that game, and if they were able to completely old the chief without no offensive touchdown, it just it shocked me what they were able to do that. Patrick home. I mean, I know that keep dolphins Why was business and some key players? They were a little banged up, but I thought talked always like to make a game plan. And what the fuck did Into both 55. It's incredible. How much do you think the regular season match up helped the box in the Super Bowl, learning from what went wrong? In that November game and applying adjustments to this game. Oh, my. I don't want to be a hero, but I did a little bit baby and you and I talked about this before the Super Bowl about the adjustments Account bowls made in that first game of the regular season game in the second half. How Well, what about the pass play the second half a limited chief for the touchdown. On top all took that a step further without getting too technical is deep that he went to us. You went to the general high safety looks. So what he did what you put two state he's up high. Um and kind of really mirror, Tyree kill and then rushed only three guys in that time, four guys and made Side of healthy available, so if my homes we're gonna beat them he was going to do it by using your tight end and they were going to take diary Kill completely away from Patrick for home Sounds Healthy had 10 catches 133 yards but never found the end of my retail with bottle of PA's. Well, he was not a factor at all. So what Todd Bull did it? From what he learned from the adjustments he made for the first, the second half of the right most even game. And then he came right out with a great game plan in the Super Bowl, and he he was ready for it from the snap of first nap and it showed. Were you surprised that the lack of adjustments on the part of the Kansas City Chiefs, especially on offense? It just seemed like they didn't do anything to counter what the bucks were doing on defense, which was clearly working. No, and I'm surprised. I am surprised we can hand reach the Croix coach. There's no question about that. He's also one of us in game coaches in history of the game, and Steve Beck knows or is the defense of Fort. There's already beaten down Brady placed in the big game, so I thought just in give the credit to the box. They absolutely outcoached that she's dead Eric the enemy. I think he had no answer for what the box were doing defensively, they were not able to counter anything and even half time like I said you before the game. Don't be surprised if it's a low scoring first half. There's a second half. I think things a little stuff. Well, I was right about the first half. But the second I have never really opened up. Sure the box score touched out. Mother Chief never did anything. So they just Were never able to adjust at halftime. So what the box came out did in that first at that football game in credit to let the Bucks staff Got goals and I were left which and what they had held off because the chief just never ate any adjustment for were completely caught off guard in adorable. And we knew going into the Super Bowl. The Bucks had a really solid defensive line. They had a really solid group of linebackers. It was the secondary. They're very young, but boy, they really proved themselves in that game. Really did. They were outstanding into things. Yeah, but you have to look forward to going forward to next year here. Most of those guys are all coming back, and they're still on the rookie contract that blessing guys that are going to continue to grow within that defense, but they were all outstanding Antoine Winfield. Uh, breaking what a season that he had shown her people think I tremendous year. Mike Edwards. They all just did an amazing job. For Todd Bowles, who you know again, if he had they started a team started the benevolent higher. After the Super Bowl top hold fire left, which would certainly be made everybody would be talking about right now. I knew be at the top of all interview list and certainly would be the hot commodity that not all of the positions for the bills on the flip side, Ryan that's a great thing for the boss. The head coach traditions were built. And left. Richard Bolles have to come back because no position that they could be higher for that would be any better than the position they have now, and that's a great thing. If you're a bunch there and one final point on the defense, it sounds like based on a lot of the comments that were made after the game the day winning to the Super Bowl with the chip on their shoulder. They didn't like how things unfolded in the regular season game, and especially in the secondary. They were out to prove themselves. All absolutely ages. Always. It's common field did with inside the fiery kill that he got when Tyree kill ran in for that. Don't do the back with Three inch one week he'll definitely got his revenge in your right. They took it first looked at polls took it personally, and everybody was talking about all this is gonna be shoot out. Somebody forgot to mention that the top off because there was little question in mind. This wasn't in the shootout he had Defense dialed in to shut them down, and we thought that front seat of a would be a big big cars that he didn't..

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