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"mike abessola" Discussed on KGO 810

"The house he basically just gotten out of we assume whitecollar prison and he was using us as like a buffer between him and the wife who did not want to see him so basically we were we put the driveway in suburban maryland oh my goodness and and and we just come from shown and we're like oh barbecue to the enemy here the wife go what are you doing here and then the little daughter goes daddy in older girl shouaa brought some friends a little girl had must heed called the grown she's like yeah we'll have a barbecue mommy's cooking barbecue like all combined so we were the shield and grips by the way here's this day now we got we got the currently going to the bad time comics it work graphs wanda sykes martin larence bill maher might pat nevin james patten oswal all these gall those erosion horrible one night or i booked gives a first club ever booked is i think an eighty three or 84 but real quick i the the other funny story about graphs and just the the things that can happen a bill shine member bill shine bush ends on stage for ninety goes so i'm jewish beggars i thought you were only then how eu are right so anyway so this thing yard tonight it's gone cigar asumi saturday what tonight we're going to talk about a thing about it and really save and again it's a mike abessola with a hard name to spell but tuesay's registry show is evil cyborg sea monsters in yes siobhan reagan film center in healdsburg halo it's a theater there and they're going to it's going to be set up like a comedy show and it's it's stand up and it's a mixture of slides and some stories and it's could suffer very proud of done in england have done it a bunch of comic conventions in theaters here in america combined with little that the leno joke when he did that tonight show and is forgot his father watch it and the next night he what nodded staggie's on cuba job one day thanks megat out of your coming up brek.

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