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"miguel ruther" Discussed on The Passing Shot Tennis Podcast

"So far from the U.S. open. Haven't had a major shock yet, Joel, have we? Apart from podcast go losing. No, she's a dark horse, I think, now. That was a very, very good win. I mean, the handshake, as always, left a little bit frosty. Be desired, yes, I'll speak, I just wanted to get off the court. She was already on her side of the net, I think, before giving the handshake. So yeah, she wasn't particularly happy, but quite an entertaining match to that one. I mean, just on the women's side show or big shot, muguruza won. I mean, we were all predicting part also to win that one. A Miguel ruther has won, which, I mean, does this mean, am I getting carried away, but does this mean she's not just going to go and win the whole caboodle, 'cause she's got through. We say this every time. But we can't, I just say that we can say that. Well, I just think very much at the moment with muguruza that I think she was a player. I would say like kvitova where she could just go on a run and win a tournament. And kvitova has shown that she got to the she got to the final of what was she got to the final Cincinnati, didn't she? Like. Toronto, I think. Was it Toronto? Yeah, I think? Yeah. But I think with muguruza now, we've just got to take based on the season chat. We've just got to take one match at a time and it was a very good win against Clara torsen. Both players very, very big hitting. That second set was very, very tight, toss and arguably should have pushed it to a third, but yeah, muguruza was impressed with given all the losses she's had this season. I just thought, you know, she was just being so fragile that I thought torsen was just going to break through and you did feel that if she had nabbed that second set, she would have had all of the momentum and maybe have run away with it. So for muguruza to get that done in two sets and in the tie break in that second set, yeah it was very, very impressive even though on paper as the night seed you'd have expected her to come through anyway. Yeah, just a correction. You were right, because it did reach the final of Cincinnati. Yeah, I don't know why I thought it was the other one. So apologies, listeners. I mean, Sri von tec is through comfortably today as well, perhaps we thought she might have a bit of a bogey match given her recent form, but yeah, comfortable over Jasmine paulini 6 three 6 love. Yeah, I had really good rhythm. She was very happy, I think, with her performance in the first round. So perhaps she's just gonna zone into old shield tech mode. I don't know. Early days. I love the fact I was reading. She has now got a bagel. She's now sorry, secured a bagel in all of the first round matches. She's played at Grand Slam level this year. So she's dished out four bagels in four round one matches, including against paulini. So yeah, spat to kind of those that formidable field tech. I mean, paulini, on her date, yes, can be a little bit tricky, but yes, she on tech just a bit too much. I think we're all now looking forward to she's feeling tech Sloan Stevens second round, Sloane Stephens coming through greet men and today had a very, very slow start was got broken, got broken again, was 5 love down, lost the first set 6 one, but then kind of found her rhythm and, yeah, came through 6 three 6 three and sets two and three, but yeah, really intriguing match up now between a former U.S. open champion in stone Stevens and the world number one, iguazu tech. Yeah, and a potential feature U.S. open champion. I mean, I thought it was interesting. In her post match interview was saying that in other tournaments, when the top seeds have buys in the first round, you're coming in and your first matches against someone who's already played a match or if it's a qualifier a couple of matches. I mean, obviously you can play a qualifier in the first round of Islam as well. But she was saying it kind of when you were at Islam and you're just in the first round proper and your other opponent is also playing their first match. It's more of a level playing field, whereas the regular events on the tour where as the top seed you're coming in with a buy, you might come up against someone who's like super tuned in from that just having played another match already. Perhaps there's an argument just to get rid of buys at the 1000 events, 500s, et cetera. I know it's been raised before, but perhaps some players would benefit and we know with the depth of the women's game that it's obviously the first round you can be up against some cracking opposition. So you probably really want to be as honed in as you can be, but yeah, just I thought an interesting point, maybe that, I don't know, I know it's been raised before, but yeah, maybe going forwards, they'll maybe they could trial it. But yeah, let's look at some other results from the women's side day Carolina is through. That was a last set tiebreak. She had to win that on against magda linette. Who did lead four one in the third set? But also was up in that tie break. And then I think 7 two up in the tie break, Lynette came back to 8, 7 in the tie break, and then pushed her grab the last three points.

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