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"miguel inman" Discussed on Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories

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"miguel inman" Discussed on Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories

"It. Miguel Miguel my heart's beating so fast, Mika where are you gonna die? I can't I can't catch my breath. Calmed down. Everything's fine. Just relax. The likelihood that both men would have died from side effects seems low and we have no evidence that men will or Miguel were a psychedelic drug users. This makes Kaya says theory that McGowan men well, we're trying to become telepathic seem rather unlikely. It's just one of many paranormal investigation paths that the Brazilian police were facing. But it's doubtful that pursuing them was especially fruitful. Instead, the police tried to get more out of someone close to the case men, well and Miguel friend and fellow electron technician else, yo Gomez elsia with catnip for the clue starved cops because he seemed to be the only person who could give them a peek into Manuel in Miguel's private lives. Do you? Remember the audit phone beach explosion back in June. I remember hearing about it. Sure. Sounded like a toll tale from some board fisherman. But I guess it's more original than seeing a giant squid? It's not. Tall tale officer fire lit up, the sky, and you felt the explosion for miles around some people in compost, even say their windows, shattered. Okay. Well, you can't believe every room you here. I saw it with my own eyes. I was there that day at auto phone a beach. Are you saying you're connected to this incident? Oh, no. You see I was only there because men well and Miguel invited they were so insistent that I come do. You mean that they knew it was going to happen officer? I don't know how they could have predicted such an extraordinary event. Unless they caused it. Do you really think they were capable of creating such an explosion? Well officer they'd done it before. We'll find out just how involved men well and Miguel were with the strange explosion. After this. Hey carter. Nice job so far today. Well, thank you, Wendy you as well. Thank you. We can use this time for a quick coffee break, I could certainly use little energy boost. And when we don't have a lot of time, we can't stand around waiting for coffee to brew. Nope. Instead, we reach for the delicious taste of cafe monster. Cafe monster is available in vanilla mocha and salted caramel and is only a hundred and ninety calories. I like the sound of that. In fact, it's one hundred fewer calories per bottle than the competition. But you'd never know by tasting it one hundred and fifty milligrams of caffeine from coffee beans, B, vitamins and coffee fruit extract, offers a simplified energy blend that contains a third less sugar than the leading national brand. If you're looking for a pick me up grab a cafe monster. You'll get all the same feeling flavored as your local coffee house without having to wait in line. So say some time and reach for cafe monster cafe monster chill it down shake it up in joy. Carter. Do you know what makes a great bra comfort? Exactly in order to be comfortable. You're broad needs to fit right and third. Love makes the best fitting bras on the planet using millions of real women's measurements. They design their bras with breast size and shape in mind. That result is an impeccable fit and an incredible feel in fact, my third love Brosseau, comfortable. I sometimes forget I'm wearing it. That's pretty comfortable. So if they use millions of measurements. They must have a lot of sizes. They do in fact third love offers double the number of sizes that most brands offer on that many sizes. How do you find the right bra? Finding the perfect size is simple. Just answer. A few simple questions from third loves fit finder quiz, and thanks to the one hundred percent fit guarantee. Returns and exchanges are free and easy third. Love knows there's a perfect bra for everyone. So right now, they're offering our listeners fifteen percent off. Their first order, go to third love dot com slash unsolved. Now to find your perfect fitting bra and get fifteen percent off your first purchase. That's third. Love dot com slash unsolved. For fifteen percent off today. And now back to the story. In nineteen sixty six during the immediate aftermath of the discovery of the bodies of Manuel Pereira decrees and Miguel Josie Viana their close friend L Gomez revealed more and more to the police about their scientific ambitions. I guess you should know about the incident men wells garden, I that happened before the incident out of phone, but I think they're linked also Miguel Inman well were into all sorts of strange stuff. Always tinkering. I heard they even had their own Clint destined radio station. I don't recall exactly when but sometime before the autobahn explosion. They invited me to come see a device, they'd built in men wells garden. Manuel.

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