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"miguel brera" Discussed on GSMC Baseball Podcast

"In the chase for your next milestone three thousand hits would look like not that long ago a milestone that would take close to a full season for cabrera to end up reaching. It ended up falling that season-long expectation six weeks before the the tigers last game and obviously miguel brera would have loved to have done it at home or in miami where he's from but that doesn't always happen so he hit his five hundred in toronto right and in all honesty. That really couldn't have been a worst plate better place. I guess you could say other than at home homemade at an in detroit or at omen miami. I mean it's pretty awesome. Would like he just missed hitting it. Wednesday night Or pat this past wednesday About a week ago now sending a fly ball to right field warning track off angels. closer russ rice l. a. glaze. And he he almost was able to do it at home and the and the tigers fans were all there watching him but unfortunately he wasn't able to get that one out but shohei ohtani said after that game back this past that past wednesday. I believe it was on the eighteenth of august He said show it said. Obviously he's a great hitter and one of the greatest of all time and he's a wonderful person i've dealt when i've dealt with him he so respected in the baseball world it i it would have been okay if i gave up his five hundred th homer personally. I want to see it happen soon. Cabrera emitted felt the pressure. You went eight homeless games after hitting his four hundred ninety nine home run in baltimore. He went four for thirty one cents. That drive when he stepped to the plate. Sunday with one out in the sixth and add a one to nothing. Detroit deficit grope last week. In detroit was tough. It was the first time in five six years. I see a crowd like that excited with a lot of energy. He said it was nice to see a lot of fans. It was nice to see energy backing comerica park. There was a lot of things going on in my mind. Because i want to do this in detroit but it's tough to hit a home. It's tough to hit home. Runs over there like it is. That's a pitcher's ballpark. It's really hard to get one al in in detroit it really is. That's there's a reason why like when you have when you look at the pitchers over there. They typically have lower eerie. Er just because it's it's tough ballpark to hit home. Runs in matt started them off. Though with a pair of ninety four mile an hour singers and with a one count they did try and change the speeds and try and get to cabrera chasing off the plate with the change up but cabrera's opposite field swing and swing. The he's been working on all you're trying to ingrain which the swing he said was inconsistent. It connected when miguel cabrera was asked if he thought it was gone off the bat. Cabrera said no. I don't think so when i hit it. I say come on get up. Get up something like that. But i play commerical. Parks every fly ball that too. That part is out. I'm glad i hit the fly ball there because if i hit it at comerica park. It's going to be two outs. So like i mean. It's like he's really happy that he was able to do there. And stack asked definitely back him up because that ball would have been an out in twenty seven of the thirty. Mlb ballparks commerical bark. As one of the exceptions the four hundred foot drive just cleared the fence and landed in the underbelly of the rogers centre with the tigers. Bullpen catcher. tim rims quickly retrieved it. It was cabrera's first home. Run in toronto since september ninth in two thousand seventeen. And oh my gosh. He is so so awesome. And we're gonna and we're gonna talk about his actual is actual career now Like just over not not just focusing on that home run. But now we're going to talk about his entire career. And miguel cabrera was born in maccarone aghuar state and venezuela to the choose parents. Miguel in georgina cabrera. Miguel cabrera was signed by the marlins in nineteen ninety nine as an amateur free agent in came up through the farm system. Teaming up with feature major leaguers adrian. Gonzales in dontrelle wills willis excuse me. He began his professional career in two thousand at shortstop in the gulf coast league after batting two sixty with ten doubles two triples. Two home runs through fifty seven games with the marlins cabrera was promoted to class able where he finished the final eight games batting two fifty with six rb is for the new york. Penn league blue socks in utica new york. It two thousand mickey also played winter ball for the g. grice arawa in venezuelan winter league for manager bill palmer who moved cabrera from shortstop to third base heading into the two thousand one season. The marlins bumped cabrera up to low class. A ball with the kane county cougars. He earned his way into the futures game during the all star weekend in seattle with gonzalez and he ended the bad at the end of the year. Batting two sixty eight with thirty extra base hits sixty six. Rbi's and distinguished himself as having the strongest arm. In the mid west league entering the following season cabrera was once again promoted but this time to the jupiter hammer heads of the class of the high class. A florida state league at the request of marlins coach is yin cabrera made. The transition from shortstop to third base by july is average was locked in to seventy seven any lettuce team and rb is with forty five..

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