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Election Coverage on Permian Perspective  PP025

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Election Coverage on Permian Perspective PP025

"The Permian Basin is an abundant oil and gas producing area already one of the world's leading oil producing regions area in West Texas and southeastern New Mexico could nearly double crude oil production by the year twenty twenty three but who are the leaders behind this economic powerhouse dot com candidates I we have E. J. Baldrige and his website is EJ Baldrige dot com then we have Catherine Chandler and she has a facebook page you can go there chandler for midland a Jack Elad and also another facebook page lad for Midland Bradley James Show is sponsored by Baker Hughes who recently launched a new and reimagined Baker Hughes brand has an energy technology company they strive to make energy India Spain Mexico in the list goes on we even have three listeners in France so hello France we really appreciate all of you topics that we cover here weekly on Permian perspective with our guests are the same issues that our community is concerned with when choosing elected officials Jenny cud her website is Jennifer Mayor Dot Com and local businessman and consultant Patrick Peyton Peyton for mayor dot com safer cleaner and more efficient for people in the planet Baker Hughes Hello Everyone I'm Krista as skinny thank you so much for joining us for appreciative of the reviews we've received so far and for Apple Choosing Permian perspective to be on their new and noteworthy list. Okay just in case you're not able to write these down right now don't worry you have all of these listed for you on our show notes section so please feel free to go to the show notes and I have all the website aired our podcast with friends and colleagues I really appreciate you doing that we have listeners now in the US Canada UK Australia Bolivia Time today which is Monday October twenty first first day of early voting and go over some of the hot topics and share some voting information with all of you first and foremost infrastructure education health care roads and housing with that set. Let's get started. We have three candidates who are running in for mayor local businessman and incumbent Mayor Jerry Morales you can go to his website Morales for dot com local businesswoman form on the key issues facing our community and of course they do have a facebook page as well so you can go on facebook to okay we have city council district three we have five links I have all that information there for you okay now moving onto city council district four Kimberly Crisp in her website is crisp for counseled for listening and I also want to ask you to help our show out by taking a few minutes to leave a review on I tunes I cannot thank you enough for doing this we are I I want to say I will not be sharing my opinion in any of today's broadcast I just want all of you to be informed and know how important I do think it is let's get started if you live here in the Permian you've probably heard by now that we have an election coming up with some big items on the ballot so I thought I would take some time com again I encourage you to either go to their websites or their facebook pages the midland independent school district is proposing the following bond and is website now all three are very impressive candidates who I happen to know personally so I encourage you to go to their websites read their BIOS and their plan dot com we have Lori blong Laurie blong dot com and Dan Corrales Corrales for City Council Dot Mian Perspective and I'm so grateful that you're here today because we have a special edition of Permian perspective for you before getting started I do want to thank everyone who has to exercise your right to vote okay that's the only opinion I'll be sharing for those of you living in other parts of the world this election means a lot to our community because many of the acquisition and equipment of school buildings in the district including the rehabilitation renovation expansion and improved he's and Robin Pool and Robbins website is pull for city council dot com that is for our city council district four and I took this right off of the sample ballot that of course you can find yourself online I will put a link to those as well so this is the sample ballots it says proposition a the issuance of a five hundred sixty nine million dollar bond school building bonds for the construction dot com they say the money from the bond will help the kids and students stay safe address aging overcrowded schools expand eight of college and Career Technology Programs at twelve hundred pre k seats and included twenty first century technology upgrade thereof and levying of the tax payment thereof according to the website and I've provided the Lincoln show notes for this website is yes for Midland kid missile animals bonds you can actually go to ballot pedia dot org slash Texas for more information on each and every seven pm so here are the locations for You County Annex Office Centennial Library Fellowship Community Church Kaga Learning Center for more information go to yes for Midland kids dot com there are also ten state of Texas propositions voters will be deciding topics include immune position but once again I encourage you to do that because you will be voting on ten propositions for the state of Texas now early voting is underway now until Friday night and Manor Park and provided a link therefore you for more information election day reminder it is Tuesday November fifth and on election Ogden learning center and Manor Park now curbside voting for disabled voters is available during early voting and on election days number first here are the early voting locations in midland they are open from eight am until five pm except for the county annex which is open from seven am to today you can vote from seven am to seven PM at the following locations in Midland the county Annex Office Centennial Library Fellowship Community Church RT DOT com they have put out an extensive election coverage packet on Sunday and so you can go to martine dot com and you can read four eight nine zero and I also want to add that are friends that are voting an extra county they do not have any candidates or bonds but it is so please notify an election worker by having someone assist you or by calling the elections office if you need some help ahead of time that number is four three two six eight eight L. important for them to vote on the state proposition so I've provided a link in the show notes to the elections office for our friends in Odessa who would like more information and that is days community MVP and all the volunteers who have poured their heart into this election is today's community VP. And I know that there are so many of you so you WANNA get informed you're not sure where you can go for this information and so with that said I also Wanna add that the midland reporter telegram you can out there who've done this weather it's for elections a candidate or the bond you are appreciated for your passion your love of our community and for committing your time for that and once again inform yourself more on the candidates on the bond and on the propositions okay it's time to announce to the extra county website for elections so once again go to the show notes you will get all that information they are just tried to make this easy for everyone because I know it's hard sometimes officiant for people and for the plant so thank you Baker Hughes for sponsoring so that's it that wraps up this special edition I hope you enjoyed it I hope you receive something out of it you and reimagined Baker Hughes Brand they have gone green you notice their new logo all over town you'll see it when you drive by when you'll see decisions because it is important that every voice is heard and of course I want your voice heard because you're listening to my voice right now so thank you better so thank you thank you thank you also a special thanks to Baker Hughes for Sponsoring Permian Perspective as we mentioned at the top of the show Baker Hughes recently launched pat you'll see it in all of their branding and really they're providing an energy technology companies to the basin and they're striving to make energy safer cleaner and more efficient the story behind the oil and gas leaders in the Permian Basin remember my motto Dream Big and believe in yourself you make it a great day and get out there and came to what you believe in that is why all the local volunteers whether it's your helping out in an election site or you've helped with an election helping hi dea to obtaining the first purchasers the panel discussion will include Saudi Aramco Ventures Shell Ventures and Lovie SEF enters attornal at your favorite candidate known in the community whoever you volunteers are you are this week's community MVP for doing your part to make our community to know them better and learn something from them so I would love to hear from each and every one of you so that's it thanks again for joining us this concludes this episode of Permian Perspective I guess that you would love to hear from because we have so many amazing oil and gas leaders here in West Texas and the Permian Basin and we would love to share their story so that you can get in San Antonio the summit will cover maximizing your molecular advantage practical solutions for today forethought for tomorrow on October twenty fourth I know that it is our right to vote and I really appreciate each and every one of you for taking the time to learn more about the candidates the bond the proper Gi and well diver our next Denver happy hour will be on November six join us for food drinks alive podcast that we will announce at a later date six as always a portion of the proceeds will go toward redeem ministries to fight human sex trafficking at this happy hour we'll be discussing the process of taking start up from simply pope hey guys we have a couple of OBGYN events on deck for the next month OBGYN's next Houston happy hour will be on October twenty nine at the Canon or so be sure to check their Web site and register your team the two thousand nineteen operations and process technology summit will be on October fourteenth through Sixteen Energy Workshop the Api Golf Tournament will be held on October fourteenth two thousand nineteen at Kingwood country club and as of right now there are some spots still open I really appreciate that and if there was ever a guest that you WanNa hear here on Permian Perspective please reach out to me and leave a review Lee Zhen's very own mark lacouer will be speaking at tech to market in Shreveport Louisiana the Balkans Petroleum Conference will be held on October twenty four Nicole bilateral regional and global issues and to generate innovative recommendations for advancing the relationship link is on October third at eleven thirty in Houston this about we'll cover the topic are Europeans preventing or causing failures I tune in next week for another episode of Permian Perspective it production of the oil and gas global network learn more at www dot org g a anti P R O or hosting their leaders in industry luncheon on October nine in Houston on October fourteenth the cannon will be having a disrupted a portion of this events proceeds will go to local charities say Pals Denver and Oilfield Helping Hands Okay now to the events on deck the tomorrow less and what is their story this is Permian perspective I'm your host Krista as skinny today's through twenty fifth in Buda Montenegro the summit is the official of that for the Balkan oil and gas industries lastly the George h.w Bush conference this year in Gas Summit two thousand nineteen will be on October third through fourth in Dili to more or less than the M. R. P. Third Quarter West Houston chapter well beyond October Twenty eight th through twenty nine th in Houston honoring President George H W Bush the Bush China conference brings together Americans and Chinese to discuss.

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Jim Blakemore of J Cubed Housing on Permian Perspective  PP019

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Jim Blakemore of J Cubed Housing on Permian Perspective PP019

"<music> the Permian Basin is an abundant oil and gas producing area already one of the world's leading oil producing regions the area in West Texas and southeastern New Mexico could nearly double crude oil production by the year twenty twenty three but who are the leaders behind this economic powerhouse and what is their story. This is permian perspective. I'm your host Krista a skinny sponsored by I Baker Hughes a GE company inventing smarter ways to bring energy to the world. Hello everyone welcome to this. Week's episode is such a pleasure to be spending time with you today. Okay on Permian perspective. I really appreciate you choosing us. I know you have a choice and we're glad you're here so today. I'm in Midland Texas with Jim Blakemore. He is the CO founder of J cubed housing. Thanks so much for being with US Jim. You're welcome before we get started. I want to ask everyone to help out our show by taking a few minutes to leave a review in iteens. I tunes especially those five star reviews we really like those yes and we're so thankful for Apple for choosing Permian perspective to be on their new and noteworthy list and we just love hearing back from you so if there's a guest you want to hear from if there's an interview you really love that really impacted your life. Let us know on EH tunes. We will definitely share your kind words and a future broadcasts so thank you Jim. Thanks again for sitting down with us today. Hometown boy here from Midland Texas exists. Tell us a little bit about how you got in the oil and gas industry and of course how you got to West Texas well I grew up here in Midland born in Fort Worth moved to midland when I was a baby and my family's been in business and ranching business for four generations so I mean it's a it's a family business grew up here. Watch watch the the boom and bust cycle. My granddad came to Texas from Mississippi as a teenager went to work sweeping the floors in a sawmill in east Texas fell in love with the sawmill owner's daughter won't bore you with all the details but wound and that sounds like a good story. It's a real rags to riches story story because he he wound up buying the sawmill from sawmill owner got in the lumber business and he bought lumber timber land in in east Texas and harvested the timber sold the surface kept the minerals got moral business he built one of the largest lumber companies in Texas in fact filthy largest lumber company in Texas parlay that into an oil and gas empire real estate empire did very very well for himself ranches across West Texas some of those who are still in the family family. Today I came along. My Dad was a captain in the Army Air Corps. He was a bombardier in between five some B seventeen in world war two in Europe. He was transferred to Midland to go to the NABET. I'm let me back. He was a navigator and B Seventeen B twenty five absolutely he transferred to midland to dear school because if he would've gone to to the Pacific Theater and to be to be twenty nine you had to have to get be cross Australian to two specialties so he was going to be a navigator and then cross trained into Bombardier. The war was over and he has he retired from the Army Air Corps. We're here in Midland back in back. In the forties and fifties the population of Midland trail welcomed with open arms the military people the the people that were stationed out here was then Sloan field they welcomed into their homes and many many of the people that were stationed at your state in in Midland. My Dad was one of them. He got in the oil business did some dry land farming all sorts of stuff out here in West Texas state in Midland basically because of the people that was it and wider. I mean it's the same way it is today absolutely and that's I've never heard that story before and I I think what's so incredible about it. Is that what you said that they welcomed the servicemen in with open arms because that just says West Texas people like nut like nothing else yeah and thank you I via via you. I thank him for his service. Because that's incredible so anyway he retired he he went to one of the parties that these that the population here that the citizens invited him to a party. He met my mom she was she was visiting her sister. Who lived here? My mom lived in Houston at the time and they married and guess what here royal here we are and they have quite a legacy themselves with the blakemore museum the planetarium that is named after your parents silence which a lot of people that have come to West Texas. I never knew who it was named after and now I'm getting to meet you and it's named after your parents. That's incredible my dad. It was the first chairman of the Board of the museum. My Mom and dad were very very philanthropic very very civic minded people. My Dad was on was the president of the Chamber of Commerce at one time and the that kind of stuff I grew up being a part of the community here and I think part of the part of the legacy part of the part of my upbringing bringing involved entrepreneurism and I've been an entrepreneur all my life and my family was an entrepreneurial family and to this day still is so let let's talk about what was the first thing you dipped your toes into in the oil and gas industry well being from oil and gas family. I mean I I would. I remember going to work with my dad as a kid. I mean as a as a young kid started first grade second grade. We go to the office with him and I didn't know what was going on what he was doing but I knew he was my dad. He was at work and I wanted to go help him work and that was that was it. I went went to grade school here. I went to prep school when I went to high school and then I went to I was in San Antonio and I stayed in San Antonio and went to Trinity University got my degree interestingly enough and television and film production election in broadcast journalism a lot in common there and so I'm a photographer I do. I I do all sorts of stuff. I got a lot of irons in the fire. The been one of these guys who just have a hard time saying no to different things when you're an entrepreneur. That's that's what you do right that you you you go. Oh go go and the company that you have right now is so incredible to hear about and I cannot wait to dive into what you do because it is needed needed here in West Texas right now and it is containers that are homes so you are the owner you and you have have a couple of partners jay cubic housing explain everyone what it is and what you do okay let me back up just a little bit shame partners gyms far Jimmy. Jimmy's police lease officer here and Jim Spars. Jimmy's Jim spars up in the construction business. I've been entrepreneurial and then Jimmy Police officer and we're trying to figure out how to solve aww or at least how to contribute to the solution for housing problem well. I'm a developer. One of my many hats a real estate developer and I I started. I put together a project in a neighboring town and it got everything <hes> got a shovel ready and I turned it over to my money people to to raise the funding to build it was a pretty sizable project so we're looking for investors and while while that was going on I started looking for other places to replicate it and so I went to a couple of other towns in and one specific which will remain nameless told me no we don't want anything. We don't want you it. We don't want any building. We don't want any apartments. We don't want any new houses. We don't want any development. We don't want you around here. Go Away and I said wait a minute. You've got people living in pop up trailer on the side of the road every vacant lot has got an RV RV in it. Don't you want housing for these people and the guy that I was talking to the city official that I was talking to said Yeah. We appreciate that and yes we understand the problem album and asked me. Do you remember what it was like. In nineteen eighty five and I said sure he was here. It was crazy if not it was equally equally as as much of a boom as it is now and this was this was back in the about two thousand eight thousand nine hundred seven seven somewhere in that area and they said and then the guy asked me. Do you remember what it was like in one thousand nine hundred seven and I said I do the price of oil dropped craft that was when the real estate market cratered. That's when the savings and loan market cratered everything I mean it was a disaster and he said exactly we had we're in one thousand nine hundred eighty five. We developers come in. They built a brand new apartment complexes new houses everything and they were all full and in one thousand nine hundred seven they were. We're all empty going back to the banks and nobody was taking care of him. It was it was a disaster here so we don't we know we know what happens. In the price of insight insight cycle it goes up it goes down and we know yes. It's a boom right now but in two three four whatever years it won't be and everybody's Bite's GonNa be gone and we don't want to repeat that situation so I got to thinking what if I built an apartment complex that when the demand was gone all I had to do was unbolted. Put It on trucks and haul it away and so my immediate you said it was going to go to chip and contains right rush. Shipping containers are their structurally strong. They're meant to be hauled around. So what if I just take a take a bunch of shipping containers and build a builder apartment complex so not taking the simple route which I'm notoriously famous for not taking the simple way I went in got a structural engineer and a mechanical engineer and we designed the shipping containers with modular connectors so that you could could just take a quick connect quick disconnect and connects for the hosing the water and the power and all that and slide together slide lock together connection so that you can you can have your bedroom module two different type two different models of bedroom module and you have a living room module and you have this model that kind of module and you can just basic sick and what I'd have is a great big Lego set right in this plug it together plug it play and put it together well. The idea was really really cool really made a lot of sense and everybody loved it except for the fact that it was really expensive to build to build them that way that whole money thing got got got in the way and then then the market the price of oil went down and the need for that type of housing kind of went away so what I did was I went and hooked up with guy up in Indiana and we started working with Indian tribes okay and most people don't most people realize that Indian tribes of terrible housing problems uh-huh very poor watts issues. I'm going to go into all the issues there but we had an Indian tribes in southwest wanted a new WHOA was looking for housing solution so what we did was we put together a project with a full business. They had a building. We were GONNA be. We were going to provide us with a a large manufacturing facility or do our building to put a manufacturing facility in we were going to train the Indians to build our modules built our homes we had the designs build everything and we've worked and we worked and we worked up. We we carry it out work with them for including the time he spent working with them before I came into the picture five years wow it was always well. We've got a new tribal council so travel council has to get their feet underground and get set up and everything then we'll get back to you and it just it went on and on and on on and on and we just they they could never make a decision right and we had everything set up it was all funded and but we never could get contracts etc out of this Indian tribe so we went on they even built a model even built a model home. If you WANNA go to the innovative habitat dot com you can see the pictures of the model home that we built. It's a three bedroom two bath fourteen hundred forty square foot home may have shipping containers later but they never would and they said if you show us you can do it. We'll we'll we'll we'll buy it. We'll buy it and we'll do the contract. Well never happened so that you learn from that experience spearing. Oh Yes yes. I'll word I went to another Indian tribe uh-huh same thing I found out I learned about the Indians I'll tell you we never were able able to put an ideal because this this tribe in South Dakota they same thing we've put together manufacturing facility put together training protocols putting everything like that they never would sign a contract to buy any houses uh-huh and so they said we thirty well thirty doesn't just thirty houses doesn't justify building a half million dollar manufacturing facility in never went on on so I'm sitting there figuring out what to do next and I'm here in town. Talk to the gym spar and Jim was saying hey you're doing. You're doing stuff. Shipping containers aren't Unison Denison. Yeah I have an idea so we talked about it. In a year ago we decided to start building workforce housing and and which we desperately need here in West Texas workforce housing affordability housing I actually just finished a meeting this morning with a group that's looking for for we're talking about putting together a project to put a sober living facility people coming out of Rehab need someplace to live then without being thrown out into the into the world old and we're working on project with them to house basically transit transitioning housing back into the into the real world that the school district meets housing for teachers. Here's one of the projects which we never we tried to put together but never did was a was housing for rookie police officers and connect firefighters because the problems albums with the with the problems they have is they come here. They go to the go to school. We need the Police Academy Fire Academy. They don't have a place where they have to typically have to sign a lease at an apartment complex for a year well. They're they're training is not a year and if they go through the training and they don't get hired tired here they've got an apartment complex. They've got to break the lease on and and it puts them in a bad situation so we were trying to put together some some housing for them. We Audrey put actually put together a proposal for the police department but they went a different way and not just the way it goes and what's so interesting about these. I was on your website. It is so so cool I mean it is literally like a house inside the container and for those of you who don't live here you know the West Texas wins and the dust and and these are wind proved they keep the bugs out. They are comfortable. You got everything you need in them. You've got your bathroom your bedroom but not only that you you design your own. I love that that's a great concept. It's basically what we're we are building efficiency apartment. There's a small one bedroom or two bedroom the fishing department. It's got to go full-size bathroom. The market I mean are targeted to these people that are maybe living in. RV's or camper trailers uh-huh you you have a you have three hundred twenty or three hundred and fifty square feet of living space in this living space has got a full-size bathroom. We got a real wheel shower so you're not cramped into a little RV shower. We have a kitchen. We don't have a full. We don't have a full kitchen but we have a kitchenette. We have microwave cook top full full-size refrigerator so they have enough place to put some food right. Most of the people that are looking for a most of the workforce housing these guys are in and out. I mean they're twelve hours on or fourteen hours on all they want is the place to come nuke some microwave a meal and go to bed right back up and do it over again so they're sturdy. These things are designed to be knocked running the oilfield you can drag them through the drag. Release Roads Drop them off of a back to what trailer whatever it takes design these things to be easily transportable the ones we're building the ones that we have that require any special transportation requirements. No permits no over size permits nothing like that. Where do you put them? You put them wherever you want. Everyone needs some Land Yup. Maybe you rent that land from someone or or if you're a big company you have the land then you can put them on there. Okay and there's no no special permits needed though we have models here in town. A couple of miles people want to see what we call J. Cubed. You've got my card over there somewhere. The social media ways defined yet the Eddie Murphy Murphy but call us. We'll take you we'll show them. We have a camp we just opened a twenty four person camp south in south minutes up to mall south of the interstate. I'm actually in the process right now. To by the end of the week I will have walked up land and the Delaware Basin five acres in the Delaware Basin. We're GONNA put somewhere between eighty and one hundred units not too far from mental kind of so people looking for housing and the and the and the Delaware will be we're very price competitive and I was just GonNa ask you. You took the words out of my head. I was GONNA ask what is what is the cost for something like this. And why should someone choose this over a travel trailer Taylor. Okay the advantages to travel trailer or that you can hook it up to you know you can put it up trailer Hitch Holloway. Take it wherever you want to go but if you'RE GONNA if you're gonNA haul it around in the <hes> Delaware Basin over at least roads. It ain't GonNa last very long. Pardon my French but it's just you know what what what the West Texas roads do to travel trailers that sort of thing. Our units are designed for the oilfield they are the the walls are plywood so there's you know have to worry. Worry about sheet rock cracking if you haul him out into out to a location that sort of thing there everything is built. It's built oilfield SPEC I mean it's designed to be <music> hauled around and it's designed to be used by oilfield personnel that we have other models. We have upgrades can make you a really really nice when we can put two containers Rayner's together so instead of three hundred twenty square feet you have six hundred forty or we can even go nine sixty so we can design and build custom built for people. The idea is that this is the is the flexibility the major flexibility comes from using one container at one forty foot or one forty five foot container that we can you know we can have you can you can have delivered wherever what we're going to have in the in the Delaware it's going to be we're going to have annuals. The walls semi annual monthly lease rates will have nightly lease rates it's going to be they're going to be very nice very those. You'll rant but you do you also the purchase the containers to is that an option as well okay so there's two different aspects. It's TERR- three there's three directions you can go you can you can buy directly from us. The WHO and the base model one bedroom forty foot containers for thirty five thousand dollars ready to go and we'll deliver it anywhere in the Permian in the Midland Rector county the area which is cheap if you think about I mean compared to what you're GonNa pay to buy a house in in the trailer. I mean even if you WanNa buy what what we're what we are building for. You is comparable to seventy thousand dollar travel trailer and so we've got much sturdier. It's the the unit's way about twelve thousand pounds a piece so you don't have to worry about them blowing away or anything like that their their steel rodent proof. I gotTa have cockroaches unless you let the cockroach in yourself right. They're not going to go where to draw. You know Dick through the holes. One of the most popular model has sliding glass doors in one end and sliding glass doors in the middle so we'll patio area that sort of thing. It's just you know it's it's not a fancy place to live but it's very functional and very very comfortable and it's an answer to one of the biggest problems that we're facing in the permian right now because as as you know we hear some of the major corporations are involved with the Permian strategic planning or priority midland. That's on the that's on the hot topic list right right. There's housing so you really are addressing that problem that we are faced with and not only for the oilfield. It's also as you mentioned teachers and for law enforcement as well this yes and I've been both Jim Jimmy Jimmy. Jimmy and I've talked to a lot of gyms. Jimmy's in James Drake here there you go. That's why you got it. That's great but we are in talks constantly with breath city council city government private industry school district where we want to. We want to make a difference. We don't want to just take our workforce workforce housing and make a lot of money in workforce housing because there's there's definitely the profit potential there but we all three come from the give back metality and just like I was telling you before I was talking to this group of people that want to put together a sober living facility well. You've got a sober living facility. The people coming out of Rehab are going to be able to pay you know fifteen seventeen hundred dollars a month for a place to live so what we're trying to do is figure out an entity and find the people that are interested in that type of that type of help helping people that are interested in putting together a facility that can help these people that are coming out of rehabs and they're you know they're trying to. They're trying to do their recovery but there's no way to. You know we can't make kind of money. We can all feel but we want but it's important to me. It's important that Jim Jimmy to be able to provide that that level of help in the community and we're working on some projects and plans for a way to your teachers can have entry level housing here same thing I mean police officers officers all that badly needed and it's it's a complicated issue. It's surprisingly complicated issue. You wouldn't think it would be but it is it is it is there's a lot of factors involved to be able to do something. You'd think you'd be real simple. Let's put some containers to go. Let's find a piece of land in town. That's empty ninety and do the project for as low a price as possible so that we don't have to you know we don't have to charge out the Wazoo for people to be able to live in something like like that but it's not it's not easy and I'm not gonNA. I'M NOT GONNA point fingers and I think everybody who knows anything about the subject. Matter knows where the fingers need to be pointed waited but I'm not going to point fingers at this show and your show. I'M NOT GONNA. I'm not going to be a lightning rod for you the number one question that people have about a container because I know we have a lot of you know we have a lot of business owners that are listening and and companies and this this may be something that could address the problem that they're facing. What's the number one question the the number one question I get and you're going to think this is funny and if you think about it I mean I don't know why AH don't they get hot inside people right? They ask that well of course it's a steel box right. We also put two to three inches of insulation Russian inside the box in the wall so you're going to have we've. We've fully insulate them so there's so we actually are units. Are we have a forty foot unit in it forty foot by eight foot wide unit those cooled by Wendy in it. Okay I was that was going to be my question is is there air conditioning. Yes okay so there is air heating sitting there is air. It's just like it's like a camper trailer except to a little more efficient. We are a little better insulated and camper trailers. Are that sort of thing so but that's yeah that's usually the the number one question. How do you keep them? How do you keep them from getting hot inside okay? That's that's that probably the next question number one question is so. How much do they cost? Everybody wants to know what the cost is do you can. I Buy Them Carolina that sort of thing so options. We answered earlier options. Were you can either buy from US or lease them from us or we will. You know we're in. We're in the business of putting together facilities. We we call are we. We we call them. Tom Workforce Housing communities because God bless target logistics command camps have a bad reputation I have there. I don't know they're probably not as bad as they used to be but we don't WanNa wear not building main camp. Were put where we've got some. We've got some significant differences in what we we do. That's a little different from the target or the. I shouldn't say that her name pardon me ask that company. Those companies differ other option yes this. This is a separate option we do we offer a little different environment <hes> than than a lot of the other workforce housing companies. Do you've been in west Texas. Is this your whole life. We mentioned that tell me how have you you managed the highs and lows of this industry and it through the Oh crushing panic now. There's a truthful answer when the price of natural gas goes from fourteen dollars an emcee F- to four am uh-huh. CF in about six months then you go what I'd to be true I diversified were part of the reason I'm in this business assist diversify from the directly from the gas business. I wanted to get into something I have rental properties in other parts of the country have other businesses that are not directly tied to the oil and gas business and that's that's it I mean I have written. I have written that roller coaster. I mean I've I've watched my income go to you know fifteen twenty percent of what it was in less than you know in a matter of months so after you do it a couple times you know what to do. You know how to you know where you can put your where you're with things to protect yourself. You know you always have cash cushion. You try to find things that are replicable in other areas. He is I mean I really was when I got into got into the COMP- container business. When I started working with shipping containers I was actually looking for our projects in other areas outside of the Permian Basin outside of the oil gas business because Chris you know as well as I do if you're in business business in anything in Midland Odessa you're in the oil business? It's you're you're not I mean you. You may have a restaurant but you're in oil business or you. May Have you know you may be selling and clothing. You may be selling workload but you're still in all business. No matter what it is you are holy. Seventy percent of the economy and Midland Odessa area is is related to directly related to or very closely associated with the oil and gas business so you can't do anything here and not be in the oil business diversify hi after the panic what you really want to do is diversify before the business tools that have helped you you through the years to get to this mindset because you you like. I said You you've been very successful. You've built some businesses and seen it all here. What has helped you the most? I I look for good people. It's all about the people everything I've done. Everything I've done that has worked has been directly related to the people have been associated with everything that I have done that has crashed and burned has been directly related to the people involved and I guess you have to you have to say look so you know who's who's at the scene of the crime every time and that would be me but I just I I've. I've gotten pretty good at pulling people in the right people together and and building good teams and that sort of thing it's everything is a team effort so I try to. I try to build a good team. I try to make sure everybody on the team knows you know who they are what they're doing all the all the particulars and they're and they're having as much fun as I am. I guess another thing is fun if I'm not having fun I'm not doing it awesome. Some what about the Permian. What is it that you love about it? And how would you encourage others to come here. Oh Man Permian well Midland's home. I mean I've lived here all my life. I've I've lived in San Antonio. When I was getting my education I actually one of my other endeavors? I ran a mining company in Salt Lake. City solid city is a beautiful place. Don't get me wrong and it's really it was really fun and I love to ski that sort of thing and I enjoyed it. They have these things called mountain mountains and this white stuff called smell but we I guess midland hope and is always has been. I can come in and matter what I'm doing. where I am in Midland I can always go somewhere else? I can always go to fund and the Environment here is unlike any place else. It's changed the Olin born Kale. All business has changed over the past fifteen twenty years. How what what have you seen when I've been when I in the eighties eighties and nineties could put I could take an invest in you know <hes> project for for less than one hundred thousand dollars I could buy ten percent of the project act but then pretend percent of a deal and turn that into significant money a lot of money and now one hundred thousand dollars won't get you won't even get you a look? I mean it's probably one of the reasons why diversifying into other areas into housing area. I'll touch on that here in a second but I used to could could Houston I I used to could Texas. I used to be able to invest in projects with friends of mine in the oil business I would either that'd be an investor. You know my my family's been in the in the exploration and production business we own royalty in a lot of places we own surface in in a lot of places and we had our P company and operating company and we operated worth Texas in southeastern New Mexico. We got out of the operating business in the eighties when the crash happened in the eighties but it's just for for a guy getting just coming in here. That doesn't have a whole lot of money. It's really hard to get into into the operations into the end of the deal into the deals compared to like say fifteen years I mean it's you know if you want to if you want one point in some of these deals it's GonNa cost you a million dollars and it's just you know that's pretty tough to do. It's just really really tough to do you know the the way I look at this. I was talking to a friend of mine the other day about about the analogy to what's going on out here right now and the gold rush the California Goldrush the forty niners most of the people went out to search for gold didn't make any money they were broke. They got out there and couldn't survive. They had to come home or figure out something else to do. The people who made all the money where the guys who sells the picks shovels and pans and leave is and all that sort of stuff people who supplied the material serial style for the gold rush prospectors are the ones who made all the money so I look at that now I mean the guys that are making the money I mean the guys with the project so the Anadarko the oxy's the exterior does Mobil Exxon Mobil. They've got millions and millions or billions and billions of dollars to throw around I yeah I can't play in that league. I just can't so what can I play I can I can build houses four Exxon Mobil an xt Oh and those guys I can put their house. I can put their employees is up and I can give you a better product. Make your employees happier makes them better employees and makes it's them more productive employees and that's what I want. That's what I WANNA. Do I wanNA make these guys you know I see these guys that drive from here from midland talk to the Delaware to Orla mentone to Delaware Besa and it's an hour and a half drive there then they're working for eight to ten hours and then they drive an hour and a half back so I mean that's a that's a eleven to thirteen hour day and they have to get up and do it again and how many I was talking to James Beecham at Mottram we were having we had a big conversation about how dangerous it is to be on the highways because these guys they don't have a place to live out there. There is no place to live there. No place I eat match where why my company is putting is planning to put a facility out there so that we can these guys you know it'll be. They'll have their own place. You'll be their own. Call it a tiny tiny home. It's not the tiny home that the part model homes but it's similar there are a little better they're bigger they're more stable that sort of thing but it's a place they can go and lock the door and be and be away from the world from turn the TV on to other Stereo on whatever it is not be on the road for four hours a day. That's right that's right. I think that is a great point because that's now solving two of our issues. In the Permian is the roads you're keeping off the roads. I was in keeping him safe and then housing so really two two two of the big four so hats off to you and your partners. This is a fantastic company. Do you have any advice that you would give to an entrepreneur that is just either moving to the basin or maybe he's on a similar journey. Is You any advice that you would give to them. Mario Dan I have so I have I have stepped on so many landmines in my entrepreneurial career. That could be a whole nother podcast but just make sure you know what you're doing. I mean I got into the container business in the example. Is I got into the container business. I thought it was cool and everybody's going. Hey that's a great idea. Everybody's just pushing pushing. Everything's working but the thing nobody the thing nobody told me and that I had to understand. I had to find out for myself. Was that empty containers tamers way nine thousand pounds a piece. You can't just jerk you can't just get a pickup truck and jerk around that sort of thing you have to have a crane or you have to have a big Edberg forklift. You have to have heavy equipment to move them so moving around is great and it's wonderful and it's really easy if if you have the right equipment and that's so I didn't know that and so I got into the business and I had to figure that out for myself so expect ups and downs the most people think that most people look at an Entrepreneur Ansi C. see them driving the the Nice car allow into it they don't into it's it's tough. It's yeah I work every day. I'm sick. I should be retired now. I work every day I I I mean I worked seven days a week. Some I don't work as much on the weekends. I do take some Nice vacation. I can't get away but it's work and there's no security understand. If you're going to be an entrepreneur you're going to have you're GONNA have failure. We'll face you and you're going to have to there's. There's no guarantee if you've got a job at least know that if you work what your what your employer wants you to do you're going to get a paycheck and you're probably GonNa have benefits. Are they gonNA necessarily so in the entrepreneurial world but I wouldn't have it any other way awesome anything you WanNa add when you knew your coming into this podcast asked and you're thinking oh I hope I get this out about either your company or your journeys or anything that you'd like to share. You asked me a question a minute ago about why the Permian the environment firemen out here is more entrepreneurial than any place you can go the it's. It's not the wild west but it it's Kinda. I mean it's if you have the desire to do something on your own if you have the abilities if you have if you wanna WanNa if you WanNa if you WanNa make your own mark you can do it after it's tough it's hard it takes work. There's a lot of things that have to happen but the the environment amount the attitude that to the people out here is is is making happen. Go do it and make it happen. It's a it's a never quit. Never say die. I I will succeed or I will die trying attitude and it's not that way and most of the rest of the world have been a lot of places and there's a different. There's a different different mentality out here and you have to understand the mentality but if you have that mentality of any WanNa make something happen it can you can do it out here on the Permian Basin. I couldn't agree more. We wish you much success with Jay cubed housing. Thank you so much for sharing your story and for sharing what you do we appreciate you. How can people find you on Social Media Jacob Housing on facebook? Our website is West Texas housing DOT COM or J. Cubed housing dot com but I got west Texas says housing DOT COM which everybody should be able to remember that one of my offices are here in town. You've got my card over there with my number. That's the one I'm thinking about uh-huh six eight seven fourteen thousand eight extension one. Oh one of my direct line is six eight four four three zero five. We got on Lincoln. You're everywhere we're on link. Dan and we're getting ready to be on everything else. We we've got an instagram account. I'm told we have an instagram account got a young lady. WHO's helping me with my social media? I don't know which one it is or where it is but if you do a search I'm sure you're gonNA find J. Cubed housing. I'm sure you'll thank you so much Jim. It's been a pleasure spending this time with. Do it has been fun yeah. I'm so glad you enjoyed it. We enjoyed it too and I just I love hearing from someone that's been here in west Texas her whole life because I feel like you have one of the best perspectives on it because you've been here so long and for you to love it as much as you do and to share that with our listeners. I think that's fantastic so thank you thank you thank you. I is wonderful. We'll come back anytime okay. You got it. We'll have we'll have to take to another day that sound well. Thank you so much and I want to thank all of our listeners today and I want to announce today's Today's community. MVP So our MVP this week is midland independent school district. They recently opened a first of its kind here in Midland congratulations to young women's Leadership Academy. They opened their doors to one hundred and sixty two young ladies this week. I know I'm screaming to. I'm so excited for for them a special thank you to ex- Te'o for supporting this amazing school. This group of ladies is under the wonderful leadership of Jennifer Siebert. I know her her. Her staff are passionate about the school and educating these young ladies. We wish them much success in the new school year and happy back to school for everyone here. You're in the Permian. Oliver Educators are students and of course our wonderful law enforcement that is protecting our community. I hope everyone has a fantastic school year another special thanks to our sponsor Baker Hughes. Ge Company inventing smarter ways to bring energy to the world. That's it this concludes the episode of Permian Immune Perspective the story behind the oil and gas leaders in the Permian Basin of course remember my motto dream big. We actually added goal big in there too and believe believe in yourself you make it a great day and here are the events on deck for August two thousand nineteen the oil and Gas Conference the Eleventh Eleventh through the fourteenth at the Western Denver Downtown. Sp Subsea well intervention thirteenth through the Fifteenth at Galveston Island Convention Center in Galveston Texas Oldfield helping hands summer pistols shoot August sixteenth at Texas Gun Club in Stafford Texas of course sovereign Apes Coming Up August twenty first through twenty seconds at the George Brown Convention Center here in Houston Texas the is a DC Wall Control Conference which is the twenty seventh through the twenty the eight at Moody Gardens Hotel in Galveston Texas all gas happy hour in Tanzania August twenty third six to ten PM at the Best Western cbd the the Hotel and Dr El Salaam Tanzania a PG. I C E two thousand nineteen. 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