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"mickey strat" Discussed on Straight Talk with Ross Mathews

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"mickey strat" Discussed on Straight Talk with Ross Mathews

"Joe? On straight with Ross Mathews. Okay. I just got to say, you know, we Ross and I went to Mexican dinner by my new by the Mariam darling house cottage, and we I texted tyrus. Yeah. Number my phone, and well, he well now I wanna Irish if you don't know tyrants. The the guy who we had a dating experts set Fags up on a date type who was he was a young wink early twenties. They went on a date and at lunch and Fags. He did what you do at lunch. He licked his pre come off his hand in the bathroom. Do you read you the text or who cares? Is it tingling down there? Oh my God. Would wanna get chafe? Okay. So what you text him. Well, this this is composed by Ross Mathews tyrus. Remember me? Aw. I still get so many messages about our episodes. So funny. I'm actually moving to Burbank in a nice hotel now for the next couple of days wanna come over and finish. What we started. Not for the pod just as just zero pressure kiss. So entertaining to me 'cause Fags. He's like I wanted me on my call tyrus finished. What you started? He was very he incurs tires writes back LL. Hey, that are up was a hit hope the hope the hope the podcast is going. Well, but you're at a hotel in Burbank, I work in Santa Monica now, so different directions. And it was like he's not he's not getting this. He's not. Yeah. I go. He's not getting that you wanna like buck. You wanna finish? What we start? Yeah. Yeah. So I said, yeah. Well, okay. Yeah. Totally different directions. Let me know if you want a good reason to come to Burbank. So I'm like want a good reason to come to Burbank. Get plowed by this banks, letting Ross do all this so fun. And then he writes, my commute is already exhausting enough. Sadly LL good luck with the move. So he says I don't like that. I don't like that. I don't like that. I would've got that. From the last six, I wouldn't even sit that last one. Places still had played come. We sell food coming. You bet I reply to send me I'd have been like code. Thank you. Bye. Yeah. No direction your rights. I did say like, well, it's too. He's exhausted. You know, but entire we love you. Okay. Rostro? Oh my goodness. My goodness. So you're reading the ladies who punch is out. How do you like it? So far. It's wonderful. I know everybody in it, which is fascinating. Even the experts. They talk about who are the producers now, my friends who were della pictures, and it is fascinating to know everybody and have it my own view stories, which we will read about in my book, which I'm shooting the cover for a month, damn straight. Yeah. But you know, what the cover is now. No, you don't know. Okay. Revealed the title. No, okay. Everybody in this room much, like I keep it under my arm like she could have you have you. Have you thought any more about political talk with Ross Mathews? I gotta tell you. They're going on. I will tell you. You know, I love politics. We you asked me do political talk leading up to the election. Maybe I mean this. I have lots to say. Well, I think you'd be great. I think we need someone like you to break it down to be Italy, entertaining lighthearted, we need that. It's great. I'm just frayed. I'll get to opinionated. You won't. You're good at that. You're good at. Yeah. Okay. Mickey strat. How was gonna be? Oh, thanks for asking. It was really nice. Actually, it was a little it was dead dad day, which is what I call the every year every year. I call it dead dad day, and I it's just kind of an excuse to get away went to Guna beach, which is my little safe play. How many years has it been fourteen? Yeah. Mine I just did fifteen. So we're really. Yeah. Yeah. I know we connect us. Nice though that you do that it's players and that I just know I always go and drink beer because my dad was a beer drinker. Loved it. And so Tommy I took Bernadette, and it's very dog friendly with anybody's ever considering Laguna beach go because every restaurant every store has we went to cocktails, and they're like bring your she's giants ain't Bernard. So we brought her up on this deck, and she just laid there and people came and loved on her daughter treats it was perfect. It was really really actually it was the first time we'd ever travelled really traveled with her. And I think we're going to start doing. Thanks for asking. Of course. I love the gay community down we call Latina. Oh, I didn't. I didn't get. Kit CJ stretch. So, you know, sometimes on my instance, stories I'll ask like balls deep questions. Anybody have any questions people wanna know any update on you getting a dog have you thought about it again zero? So it's out of the question even this. It's funny US because just today was on Twitter. And I saw video of someone said I'm with my dog, and they have a lifetime of sporadic seizures. And she was like a ticket to the hospital and pay this much money. And it was just about let's help. And I watched it. I sit there for forty five seconds. And I cried, and I was like, and then a friend of mine has a ranch out here. And of course, was just running around normally and broker now, and they said snapping you could hear it, and then they had to put the hordes. Now, he's telling me, he's like, I'm better, and I'm crying. Because.

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