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Dan Patrick Show - Hour 1 - Ron Jaworski (10-08-18)

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Dan Patrick Show - Hour 1 - Ron Jaworski (10-08-18)

"It's all about me. Dan, Patrick gas, there is more where that came from. Click back for new episodes all week. Log broadcasting from the Mercedes men. Can I just think Aaron judge make everybody else around him a lot better. This is Dan Patrick. Hope. He had a great weekend. Everybody welcome. Do Monday's edition, our one, Dan of the Dench Dan, Patrick show good morning gore, radio and TV partners. You're on TV audience network channel, two, thirty, nine all three hours. All Levin cameras. All four dannettes in yours. Truly also the NBC sports network, busy guest list today. Ronge Gorski jaws will join us coming up in fifteen minutes aerial. He'll wanting the m a reporter. The best in the business will join us coming up a little later on Tim Kirch in a lot of baseball over the weekend in baseball today, and tonight and Reggie Allah wishes Miller will join us as well. Not only talk about the Lakers LeBron and company, but also reg wanted to talk about the fight, but tween Connick Greg up and Khabib. We'll talk about that coming up as well. Mclovin we'll have a poll question or to have stat of the day or two and to play of the day coming up today. Astros Indians dodgers Braves, SOX Yankees, and then the Redskins and the saints Rams now five and Texans beat the Cowboys last night brewers, advanced to the NFL c. s. Texas is. Is back beating Oklahoma, LSU, Auburn, both lose. I wanted to start with Odell Beckham junior because there are a lot of athletes who have knack for getting everybody's attention no matter what they do, and it helps that Odell Beckham junior is talented good-looking, the blonde hair, and he plays in New York. He seems to be that guy in the NFL. The giants receiver gave an interview to ESPN over the weekend that put him front and center. He questioned Eli, manning, he questioned is coach made it clear. He's not even sure about how it feels playing in New York. But before you pile on Beckham keep in mind. He's not the only frustrated giant. They came into the season with high expectations and they've been disappointing, although I thought they were going to win that game against Carolina, but Beckham expressed it publicly giants came out, they played well, but they fell just short. They needed a sixty three yard field goal to beat them. Beckham said his comments, galvanized the team, and we'll see because. You got a short work week, an emotional loss against the Panthers, and now the eagles come to town on Thursday. And this is an eagles team who might be putting their season on the line on Thursday night, the giants they didn't go to the Super Bowl. They didn't win the Super Bowl, the eagles did the giants if they end up with eight wins, that might be a good year. But for the eagles at eight wins or nine wins, that's a bad year. The real test will come the rest of the season. If the giants they keep losing negativity will probably continue, but nothing helps smooth over these bumps like wins. And if the giants turn it around, I'm sure all will be forgiven with Odell Beckham junior. It was crazy day yesterday in the NFL, but you know, get used to it. Twelve quarterbacks threw for at least three hundred yards yesterday that's the most in a single day in NFL history. The previous high was eleven done six times including twice this season. This is the. Style. This is how it's going to be played. Even Patrick Mahomes you throw for three hundred yards. Again, didn't have a touchdown pass, but you know, it almost feels like that's commonplace throw for three hundred yards which makes cowboy fans probably crazy that you have great offensive line, or at least you're told you have a great offensive line. You gotta featured back there. We did question the receiving core. They did not go out and get, you know, they drafted a linebacker. They didn't draft a wide receiver, and you know, it comes down to four th and one you have to downs to get one yard. I got a Zekiye Elliot, I got a powerful quarterback and you, you decide that you're going to go one time and then you're going to punt in overtime and trust me. And I know you're going to say, well, you've been killing Jason Garrett if they went forward and didn't get it. No, no, it's a smart move. If you look at their history, I'm not looking at the result. I, I'm looking at that the percentage of. Fourth and one is ninety five percent for the Cowboys. The last couple of years. In this day and age, you should be able to get one yard with that line and that back and look at the Rams Jared Goff with a quarterback sneak because the ram Sean McVay looked at this and said, I don't have as much confidence in my defense as I'd like I have to keep the ball away from Russell Wilson because I don't think that they were going to win that game. If they decided to give Seattle the game, the ball, I think they would have lost that game. And I think what he did, the strategy involved was different a different result for the Rams and it was the Cowboys. But the Cowboys you gotta get one yard and you should feel like you can get one yard. But you know, this is the Cowboys and there's there's no offense there. That's the big concern where is the offense, and by the way with the Texans. You better protect to Sean. I, you know what I would do if I'm the Texans, I would draft a quarterback this year because I just don't see how to Shawn. Watson stays healthy. He's got to protect himself. But man, he got hit last night. He got hit a few times. Here's his head coach, Bill O'Brien on protecting his quarterback. We've got to do a better job of making sure that you know, maybe he doesn't take as many, but at the same time, it's a fine line air because that's part of his game. That's the way he plays the game. He enjoys that part of the game to be honest with you. So you know, I think it's something that we continue to coach and obviously it's something we can't. We don't want an abundance of him getting hit, you know, obviously. But sometimes it does happen. Okay. You know, it's one thing for Cam Newton to play that way that that's his game. He's six, five, six, six to fifty two Shawn Watson six, two, and they say to twenty, he's probably to ten. There's a difference in. That's how he plays. Looks different, feels different. Here's to Shawn Watson on protecting himself do as best for the team. And I know sometimes for the best for the same as pretend to myself, but no, all redound the go Ryan. You know, I'm trying to get an end zone. That's momentarily. So regardless of what I gotta do three dues like it was tonight and most of the times I'm trying to find myself to get into his own. And you know, that's what my mentality. Do whatever it takes. I'm Bill to take those. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, you know what? I can respect it that you want to be a tough guy and you want to get those extra yard. You know how you help your team the most by staying healthy. Risking a Ron look at Carson Wentz who's bigger than to Shawn Watson. These quarterbacks have to understand. I don't know what it takes for them to go. You know what I'm gonna get out of bounce. You know, I'm gonna slide. I don't need to take on anybody. You don't need to prove anything. You know when you prove something when you stay healthy for sixteen games, Tom Brady is still playing drew. Brees is still playing why they don't do stupid things. I'm going to fight for that extra yard. I'm going to take on the linebacker. All right. It's admirable. But it's counterproductive. Yes, he, I mean, if he's going to take hits like that, he needs to start spending more time with the running backs and learning how to take Hitler though the time that he he, that shot that he took at the goal line. I mean, he he at least five times last night. I thought he got knocked out of the game. Well, he went down on one new when he got popped in the ribs and may have reintroduced ribs. I'm not sure. But man, you just watching these quarterbacks and unless you're, you know, electric there where you can escape ability, but even Russell Wilson. I mean, he's still take shots, but he has an ability to avoid the rush, but you don't need to take anybody on. Nobody's gonna go, man, you're soft. Yep. Sampling, the other play when saquon Barkley caught that screen and jumped in the end zone, kinda showed the ball to get any landed on his right leg. I had the worst feeling. They show him hobble over to the bench and he's kind of screaming on the bench. It seems like he's going to be okay, haven't heard a lot, but that was just like, oh, no touchdown, okay, the you don't get style points, hey, okay. You jump into the end zone. Great. But you know, he's worried about the defender and you know, showing the defender of the football instead of how he's going to land. By the way. Here's Odell Beckham his comments. He had to apologize to the team according to Jay Glazer. It had been on my heart honestly says it had been on my heart. And I think all the stuff that was assigned to just kind of came out in the wrong way, not sex at him. And I, if I can have a minute to talk to the team because feel like we don't, we don't. If we're not all on the same page, if it's not authentic and real and we can all understand each other, then there's going to always be miscommunication. So to be able to do that was big for me. I was nervous to get up there and, and these are your brothers, you see every day, but once up there in front of all of them, so little nerve wracking. So I'm just excited about the way we pulled together. Like I say, we came up short, but we, we fought today, don't regret anything that I said. If if it took that for us to come together as a team like we did today, I can take that every single time. How about you talk to your teammates? I. Why is it? You tell the media and then you have to tell your teammates. How about you have a team meeting. I mean, if you really want to tell people about your heart, then you can do it guys. You know what? We need passion here. You know ally, how do I make you better? I need you better. I need the ball. I'm gonna make play whatever it is. You don't need to go. Let me sit down and go, no, you got doubts about your quarterback. Yeah. What about playing a New York? I don't know. All right. And then the galvanized you, let's see how long it galvanizes you does. It galvanize you on Thursday night against the eagles you know, for and sometimes things come at the wrong rate and just blurt something out in, you know, in passing this was prepared plan, sit down interview with little Wayne next to him and Josephine Anderson. We agreed to do this and I, I don't know how can not think something poor can come out of it when he didn't talk to team directly, and they're going to hear about an after the fact. Well, I don't even know if ESPN wet through the team to get this interview. You know, this is owed l. Beckham you know, being in the spotlight. And is he the team leader? I, I, I don't know, has an acted like a team leader, and even this is an acting like a team leader, but. The giants played played well enough that obviously they could won that game. Dan, Patrick show brought to you by discover card. They believe anniversaries should be a time of celebration, not obligation, and that's why they think annual fees are ridiculous. And now for just giving them a try, discover will give new card members who one year anniversary gift, they'll never forget. At the end of your first year, they'll match all the cash back. You've earned dollar for dollar. No caps, no catches try it and believe it at discover dot com. We'll digest what happened with the fight aerial Helwan. You covers the sport. He'll join us coming up. Reggie Miller had some strong comments. Reggie was likening this, the post fight fight to what happened at the palace malice at the palace with Ron r. tests. So reg involved in that. So he'll join us coming up a little bit later on a lot of baseball over the weekend and a lot of baseball coming up today and tonight the brewers advancing congratulated them. They still seem like they're the faves in the National League or at least that's the fan favourite to go to the World Series here and also will look back on college football over the weekend. What kind of poll question you looking at? Mclovin one question of real back. Junior. Yeah, where his comments ultimately good for the giants or bad for the giants because all of a sudden they're, they broke thirty for the first time since a decade ago. I still don't like how you do it like you're not sure you want to be in New York. You just got paid dude. Like that's all he wanted was to get paid now. He's not sure he wants to be in New York. I don't wanna hear that from you, but is it possible that has a positive effect in a weird way that you don't want to be in New York or the team? Can you just got paid? So I don't understand that logic. What because ally is not an elite quarterback now you don't want to be there. Well, allies. Only going to be there this year by the looks of this. So how long is your contract? Not one year. I just, you know, it just immaturity what it is like, hey, I, it's, it's selfish is what it is. How can that possibly help ally manning where you're going to question him and you're saying you're not sure you want to be in New York so that galvanizes you. Maybe I don't know they, they looked like a new offense yesterday, I guess a pretty good defense. Well, I don't think it's any see. Eli, looks scared back there times. He just looks like he's nervous and he doesn't throw anything down the field. If they block if the line blocks, I'm assuming you're star players will get the ball. Does does Odal Beckham say, you know what? I got doubts about my offensive line. He didn't do that. Did he? He should do interviews every recall people out if they're going to get the key questions is coach coaches can't there? Yes, it is a little weird. Not that I want to nitpick on everywhere that he's saying, but it is a little weird to be like, I'm glad I was able to make this happen. Yeah, congratulations. It's a funny way to skin doing something really stupid into being like, hey, you know, and all of a sudden he's the martyr in some way, like people are upset at me, but that's okay because as long I was able to pull the team together, I'm okay with that. It's like just an odd in descent, so wonderful talent, but he's not somebody I want. I don't want him on my team. Now, not everyone. Receiver has to be a diva. Oh, you know, casually. You can just keep your comments to yourself or maybe talk to your teammates or maybe you know how about this novel approach, you go to ally and say, how do I make you better? How do I get that magic back that we had a couple of years ago, what what's missing here? That's right now. You stink. Yeah. And I want you to be better. Yeah, right now, I question if you're any good. And I question if I wanna stay might be one of those guys that just always says, things like he means well, but says at the wrong way. And then you take credit for it. He liked played well. Did somebody Ascii line? Did you get motivated by Odell Beckham junior's comment. Apple funny you. I just showed up the next press conference with both of the Super Bowl rings on and just starts, tapping the wood. Right? We'll come up with a poll question. Jaws will join us coming up your phone calls on Monday best and worst the weekend eight, seven, seven, three p. show our Twitter handle at DP show and we'll collect all of those coming up throughout the show. We'll come back with Ron, jeweler ski, right after this. So the Dan Patrick show, have you ever looked at your credit card statement and been shocked by the interest rate? Did you know you can actually roll all of your credit card debt into one monthly payment and a lower fixed interest rate lights. Dream offers credit card consolidation loans from five point, eight, nine percent APR with auto pay lower than the average credit card interest rate of over eighteen percent. APR get alone from five thousand to one hundred thousand dollars. You can even get your funds. As soon as the day you apply. Light dream believes that people with good credit deserve a great interest rate and no fees. Here's a fun fact for you. Light stream plants a tree with every lonely fund. You know what? 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Once again, the only taste sweeter than victory, a blade of Bermuda, grass doused in authentic Mexican logger. But most importantly, remember to keep it in terra Sante, this college football season will as the official beer sponsor of the college football playoff. It's the official. Sponsor of the college football playoff go after it, drink dose AKIs responsibly imported by survey SaaS, Mexicanos, White Plains, New York. Sunday night hatrick Mahomes what's up Mahomes and Tom Brady it's the chiefs patriots had Foxborough football night America. Seven eastern on NBC. Wow. That'll be a big number there. Mahomes, you know, against the best defense in football look pretty good. You know, he had his moments there got a stat of the day on Patrick Mahomes, Seton a feel fire up the music, Iran, your skin will join us coming up. Three, two. Patrick Mahomes has sixteen touchdowns fourteen passing two, rushing this season tied for the third most through the first five team games of a season in NFL history. Only Payton had more with Twenty-one Dante colpepper with nineteen at your stat of the day. Man, you forget about Dante colpepper back in two thousand and four. That was a big dude plan. The position there with the Vikings, bad nineteen touchdowns through the first five games, Payton head twenty one touchdowns back in two thousand thirteen. We'll talk a little bit more about Habib and Conor McGregor the fight itself, and then the post fight Polly's been working on Habib's full name, including his middle name since over the weekend, Donna and you don't want. I think that that might be a tougher job than actually trying to beat. That'd be with Conor McGregor. I think I got Habib of do amount of Povich ner mega medoff. Yeah, I sure. Like we'll Farrell. That's how you debate. Blackout. All right. We'll come up with a poll question and stat of the day play the day coming up best and worst of the weekend as we always do every Monday which you saw that you like you didn't like an eight, seven, seven, three DP show and our Twitter handle at DP show. He's the former eagles quarterback. He's the former ESPN analyst. He's rondor ski jaws back on the program. John's, how are you. Dan, I'm doing terrific and a beautiful Monday in the Philadelphia area. Well, except for the eagles. You are correct. Oh, the sky is falling. You know, Philadelphia th the capital that has been built up from the Super Bowl victory appears to be on. Okay. Biggest concern with the eagles is what. I think the fact that the defense is not a dominant defense when when I looked at this team coming into the season, I kind of felt with Carson coming back. It would take a little time for the offense to click, but I thought the real bedrock would be the defense, particularly the defensive line. They happen good, but not dominant is everyone knows. You know, pass defense is about coverage and pressure being able to cover in the second air pressure, the quarterback, get rid of the football quickly and they just haven't been in in that regard. So what I thought it would be the dominant aspect, the eagles has not been thus far this season. I want to ask you about the Cowboys and their offense or lack thereof. You had the the fourth and one last night, and I know that I have the benefit of the already knowing the end result. But if you have Zekiye Ellen, you have that offensive line or even if it's Dak Prescott even if it's a long one yard. I just I'm surprised that they didn't go for it. On fourth and one, your thoughts. I'm a little bit surprised to, and and you know, we have seen the trend so far this season where teams have been very aggressive and really it started a couple of years ago when Doug Peterson came to Philadelphia and all these analytical guys that he brought with them and they were going for it on fourth down, going for two point. Conversions just kind of, you know, reshape the game that we had become accustomed to playing for me and watching as well. So you know, you'll you watch teams now going forward. I mean, Andy Reid last week and his own thirty five yard line coming out and goes through a fourth and one. So I think we're seeing a much more aggressive approach and you know, in talking and coaches around the league, what I hear from them is that they're trying to set a positive tempo, get their team in the right frame on guys, no matter what the situation we're going for. Jared Goff. Fourth on quarterback, sneak, seal the Seattle game. Don't give Russell Wilson. The ball back teams are getting a message from their coach that we're going to play the steel Herman Edwards line to win the game. Teams are much more aggressive in those situations because the analytical people and you have to have trust in your running game in your quarterback in your offense of line to execute those plays. Yeah, I was just surprised that I bring up the the valid point here felt like Dallas was playing not to lose instead of, you know, the approach Sean McVeigh had on the road in Seattle is let I don't know if my defense can stop Russell Wilson here. I don't wanna take a chance. Let's go for it on fourth and one, and that was what was surprising with the Cowboys. And even Jerry Jones, I don't want to second guess Jason Garrett, but we should have taken the risk that's called second guessing your coat. No question about it and and Dallas needs a spark right now. They're not getting it. No, you gotta. Zeke Elliott. Arguably the best running back in the game. I think saquon Barkley if you had a decent offensive line would be spreading this league right now, but that being said, you know, you can't play not to lose. That's the old school way. The NFL was. If you watch the chiefs Dow and the Rams of what they're doing, the aggressive approach, that's a new NFL. The rules allow the game to be played that way. So you have to be aggressive. And I think it's the Doug Peterson affect on the on the NFL as you mentioned Odell Beckham comes out prior to the game in an interview with the mothership. Any questions, Eli, and questions. His coach and questions, whether he wants to stay in New York and then take credit for the giants playing a competitive game against Carolina. What do you make of this John? Well, I think Oto Beckham you're just oughta play football. I think the guy is a tremendous football player, but football is the consummate team game. And once you wreck that locker room, you've wreck the team and he's well on his way to -ccomplish ING the goal. Yeah, I was just disappointed. Why don't you go to align say, how do I make you better? Or you know, you go to your coach and you talk to him of what, what can I do? And that I don't know what this does. I don't know how this helps. When you say you're not sure about your future there and you're not. Sure. If your quarterback in your quarterback and how that could possibly help you like he like went out and had a great game what to prove Odell Beckham wrong. I, I'm trying to understand the logic of something that's very selfish. No question and football is the consummate team game? There is no, I in team, you must play the game, particularly on the field, all Levin guys, executing it one time and I will. I will be honest with you. I always him. I've had coaches call me and they're often I played for some great coaches to coach. I played for one close to a thousand games in the National Football League. When you look at, you know, dick for meal and Don Shula and Chuck Knox, mardi shot now renamed a few of those guys, and I can remember being called up into their office for things that I said to the media on television in the newspaper, and the very few few times I have to be called up for my play on the field, but coaches need to get their players under control. And I did have some loose lips at time. I'll be the first admitted and. Got me in trouble, but you don't. The coach always was the one that rectified that problem. The Rams I thought they were going to lose that game going into it. I thought Seattle was going to beat them, but you know, they, they survived there and that's all you have to do in obviously with the fourth and one play. But looking at this, it feels like that division, you know, winning that game in Seattle means they're going to win that division. And when it handily maybe there was no doubt there, but your thoughts on the Rams long-haul here, the bigger picture here you got any questions about that defense. Yeah, after yesterday's performance I do and they've not been consistent and obviously they've invested a lot of money and you know, in Aaron, Donald domico, sue on the defensive line. But as a unit, they've been getting pushed around a little bit. People may have been able to move the football on them, but what's going to to to help this the Rams as the season, whereas on their offense. I mean, it is literally on believing after losing your first and second best receivers, they're still able to move the football and maintain offense. And you know what's going to happen is they're, they're going to get leads in games. They're gonna force teams to play catch up and get in that known passing situation. And if the defense knows you have to throw the football man, what they can do schematically in that secondary and linebackers and blitzes make it very, very difficult. So I think the Rams will figured out defensively as they go on. I think he, although candidates playing good football, I would say right now the Rams of the team to beat well, speaking of the chiefs with Mahomes and you break down as much tape if not more than anybody. What is what is the Patrick Mahomes weak spot here. The defenses are going to try to hone in on, you know, I, it's amazing. I, I haven't looked at say from yesterday's game yet. You know, I, I will probably within the next couple of hours, but I've looked at his previous games and the okay, we all we all see the play, making ability, the guy when he was coming out, I thought he would be good. I never thought he'd be this good. I thought he was a little bit of Radic. I thought the accuracy because the big armed guys us take longer develop the touch passes. He has done that. The the one thing that I won't say jumps out, but what would concern me a little bit is because he can run he does and quarterbacks that can run will bolt onto the pocket prematurely. They won't stay with their progression. But what he's able to do is when he does move out of the pocket set reset and throw the football with uncanny accuracy and velocity and -ticipant. And so he's doing all those little things. But you know, as good as he's playing, I think it's going to get a lot better. And I'm watching Shawn Watson last night. I mean, you gotta have self-preservation here. I, I don't know why these quarterbacks think that. You know, these injuries only happen to other quarterbacks into Shawn Watson. I don't know how he lasts the entire season. I don't need you to be a tough guy. I, I want you to be there for sixteen games, not take on a defensive back on run for you know, two yards. Dan, I think I may have mentioned you when we were talking about Carson Wentz over the past year, you know, and people talk about, you know, advice to give quarterback since I talked to guys and you know what, what should quarterbacks do? And I have a pretty common phrase that I say put in some Peyton Manning tape and and watch Peyton because when the when the on the pocket was collapsed around and he wasn't trying to fight for a yard or two, yes, he would move around the pocket and let someone on cover, but Payton was, you know, he go down. He wasn't gonna, take that hit because availability is more important than ability. You've got to be on the field and the Shaun. Watson, you know, season ended last year. It's going to end again this year if he doesn't protect himself, good visit with your jaws is always we want your time. Thank you. Always always great with you breaking down on a Monday morning, Dan. Thank you jaws. That's Ranjha were sqi former ESPN analyst. That'd be watching tape, go down into the basement, watch date back it up for backing up over him and Merril Hodge. Those guys, they'd go down into the vaults. NFL films they disappear for days and felt like, Yep. Oh, does that sound fun as a job like you gotta? Tell me what you did all day Sunday or Monday afternoon now watching Mahomes tape for three hours. Yeah, but there's going to be a book on him and whatever it is I, it still goes back to the inexact science of playing that position. The fact that Texas was going to make Patrick Mahomes defensive back if he went to Texas reportedly he was going to be made into a defensive back that the. The people who were looking at him at the combine and his game tape when he was at Texas Tech, you know what you think. Farve does crazy things. This guy's going to have twenty moments in a game where he's going to do crazy things. These these are all things said about him. So that's why when people look at this and they're, they're fawning all over Patrick Mahomes the they're the same people who missed on all of this. That's what's amazing people criticize the chiefs for going up too high to get Patrick Mahomes. These are all things that actually played out. This isn't speculation. These are all things that played out. You know, maybe we'll make him a defensive back. This guy can't miss this guy who's Farben John Elway mclovin I gotta fell scout should be looking at that current Texas secondary. They seem to like to put great quarterbacks. Defensive wasn't didn't. Johnny. Tell us they did the same thing and RG three, Johnny Mandel and Robert Griffin. We're supposed to both supposed to be defensive backs. That's pretty good trio right now. I wonder if you've got a Heisman Trophy winner, playing defensive back for Texas right now could be maybe somebody could play quarterback in Rothlisberger tell us he was recruited. What by Haydn is a tight end Ohio State or. Yeah, tight in a couple of phone calls here best and worst of the weekend Palmer and Oregon leads us off high Palmer when he for me. Hey, what's going on here? I, I've decided that the worst of the weekend by far I'm gene and watch the raiders checking tank. Anyone. They're bad played and couth reactive, darn it. Why did they happen to the split the, yeah, so well, and my best is a weekend by far in my new favorite post fight interview there was that guy to shut it down on every single and the ad after the fight. Just whom Larry's alarium Maria's. Yeah, he went went down to his underwear. Thanks for the phone call there. Yeah, it was kind of interesting interview there. Joe Rogan was doing the interview with that whole fight, though. I, you know, there was at no point that I think Conor McGregor is going to win that fight. He was overmatched and you know, when you jump back in Maine, you better be. I thought that he would have developed himself as a boxer more to be more dangerous because when it came to wrestling b. was going to take him to school, but how that old Plato and I've talked about this before Dana white. You know, Dana white at some point wants to sound like he's the Commissioner of the NFL or major league baseball. He has to act like he's bothered by this stuff like, oh my God Conor McGregor so disappointed in him. And then all of a sudden I can make a couple of hundred million dollars of Conor McGregor and all the comments Conor McGregor had prior to the fight about Habib and his family terrorists. And then all of a sudden you act surprised that there's something that happens after the fight. And. Yeah, it's it's, I think the Dana white just has to say, look, I'm Vince McMahon here. All right. Don't try to tell me that you got this moral compass that you're really concerned about the sport, your businessman. And you're going to have a rematch in six months, and I'm sure the same stuff's going to be said, and people are going to buy it. But all of a sudden he's like, you know, I got these ethics all my God. So disappointed, really. I think it was a good weekend for a may. I think it was good weekend for Dana white. I really do apple. This might be really dump statement, but is there any downside to the enemy because you could find a lot of social media videos from this weekend. There are other fights in the stands in the concourse during the event. Is there any danger? The damn MA becomes not a friendly event to see in person which doesn't let you bring. I know you're not bringing an eight year old. I don't know. I don't know if you're bringing an eight year old. Well, even if you're just there the buddy. Oh, you know, or the, there's that feeling or your girlfriend or your wife. Paul Pierce had a run in with security there, and so you don't want that atmosphere. The atmosphere and the octagon is one thing. But when it gets outside of the octagon, you know, that's where people that's where. You know, regular citizens that spectators get hurt, then it's real Conor McGregor. You expect him to get hurt or Habibi get. If you're in the gun you, you can expect to get get her. I can't be in row eight and think that I could get hurt during a fight that that's the concern here. But the other stuff, you can't sit there and be angry at Conor McGregor. Then embrace all the comments that that he had. And you know the hate that he had, you know, because that sell in the fight, and then all of a sudden Habib goes, you know what? I took all of this. I took this bleep sandwich from this dude. And now all of a sudden I'm going to go after somebody. Now you know, they're going to hold his prize money and not give him his belt. They'll eventually give him his prize money. Maybe they'll give his belt, but so what you don't need a damn belt. You know, we know you be Conor McGregor, but you can't sit there and go. I'm so disappointed in you. Why weren't you disappointed in Conor McGregor and how he sold his fight. If you're really upset with. Him that's nonsense. I more phone calls coming up, got her play the best, and worst of the weekend is, well, we'll talk to Ariel, he'll wanna who covers the sport. Reggie Miller wants to weigh in on the fight as well little bit later on back after this in the Dan Patrick show. Okay. Look, I'll admit it talking sports for a living in exactly the most physically demanding job. But I did at one point in time I worked outside at an airport out on the runway, so I do actually appreciate what a good boot is. Now. Really the only thing that I use it for is my son's soccer practices, so it's not exactly the most amazing. But while I'm doing all of that, they're actually millions of skilled workers out there like construction workers and utility repairman. 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Fourth featuring former secretary of state general calling Powell register online refresh leadership dot com. Slash simulcast brought to you by express employment professionals. Few more phone calls best and worst of the weekend. I'm watching the Packers and the Packers were down early and often and Mason Crosby he had a rough afternoon. He missed five field goals. Here's Mason Crosby after the Packers lost. This must much attention and was it really bad or extremely good. So this one, unfortunately, really bad and it's going to have to really look at this one. He'll punch on points on the field for this team. This point in my performance and look back and thinking childhood high school. This stuff works so bummed about that. Yeah, MS, five kicks, I should say four field goals in an extra point. Yes. Boy, he's had seasons where he didn't miss four field goals. He's had a couple of seasons where he had four or fewer missed field goals on the entire season. I think if you're looking at the NFL and you notice how close a lot of these games are the importance of that place kicker down, but certainly at the end of the regular season and in the postseason that's what bears watching because we always think that these kickers are interchangeable. You know house gives now kicking here, you got you got guys who just sort of, you know, trade him around. And how many sure fire kickers. Do you have you have Justin Tucker. Zor line when he's healthy with the Rams, but it just feels like they move around like that guy. You know, hey, we'll keep him for a little while, but Graham Gano Graham Gano you know, sixty three order, thirty one yard thirty one year old kicker, and he'd never kicked a past fifty four yards and stuff kicking the game winner there. But the importance of having that kicker that you can just rely on. You know, the chargers. This'll be an issue with them. It was last year will probably be an issue with them this year. That guy that you just count on who can go in there and you don't end up with nothing. You can have a drive where you go. All right. Well, at least got three. I mean, the value of Tucker for the ravens got one blocked yesterday, but it but he's invaluable. I mean, he's probably the best player at his position of every player at his position in the NFL. Justin Tucker might be that much better than everybody else. Then the second best guy at his position. Few more phone calls here best and worst of the weekend. Mitch and Georgia. Hi, Mitch. Hey, Dan, six foot, two hundred. Oh worst. The weekend was a terrible I write call in Cuneo last night. Obviously, abo- and obviously the best the weekend was the phony pitch where he took him for the grand slam to give the Braves the first round of the. Yeah, that's big hit. I thanks for the phone call. I like when they send, you know, you're the youngest guy to hit a grand slam in the postseason since Mickey Mantle Mukunu goes, I I don't know who that is. I, I don't know who this Mickey Mantle that you speak of his Josh in Indiana. Ed, Josh would have for me more than dad how we doing great. Forty, six forty. Driving back from Detroit. Right now. I'm on ninety four. I think I pass Crosby about thirty miles that hitchhiking. Didn't pick him up. Okay. That's gotta be my worst. Just going full blown college kicker, and I hope they fired him. I'd like to see, you know, I'm pretty loyal fan, but you kids unacceptable, unacceptable state age, and I'm lost act right now. Hey, tough times. Tough times entitled down. All right. Thanks for the phone call. Yeah, it's one thing to get rid of somebody who you gonna bring in like you may not like Crosby has been good for the Packers. Brandin in Cincinnati. Hi, Brandon. Doing Dan may, but. A five, seven to twenty six. My best of the weekend or my Cincinnati Bengals scoring twenty four, four quarter points to get the win. And my worst of the weekend is CBS inexplicably by NFL rules having to cut out the end of the overtime game for the second time this season citing they'll rules. Yeah, believable and just wanna say, thank you, Todd. All right. Thank you, Brad. And the Bengals down seventeen came back and beat the dolphins. Yes. Mclovin I'm not sure how good the dolphins are. I'm not sure how good the Bengals. I feel like the Bengals are better than the dolphins. Yeah. I keep wondering how they're using Ryan tannehill and what they really have then because the Bengals have pretty bad defense. They kind of dominated them. I was watching the bills game just, I mean, Josh Allen. He's he's got nimble feet for being a guy that big any any does. Well, I don't think they're very good, but I, I wanna see how you perform in a big moment in granted, it's against Tennessee and you're at home, but he hung in there even Josh Rosen with the cardinals. You know, just you're trying to survive out there and you know those rookie quarterback's all they went four, no yesterday did they? They did, but they all pass for like seventy nine yards. No. Baker Mayfield threw for three hundred yard. Allen through for eighty two yards. Yeah. Well, that's not a good team. That's how they get a win though, and zone against a very good defense in Tennessee. Yeah, you're going to have to win by three points. You know, seventeen fourteen stuff. Yummy darnold by the way, did have some big plays. He did. It's nice to welcome him back. I know that's what everybody was all. I hadn't heard anything about Sam darnold in the last couple of weeks. Apple then last week I was like, you know, the titans aren't exciting, but look at their grinding it out three and one. And then how you loose the Bill? Yeah, you're definitely the only non bills are titans fan who actually checked it on that game. That was like an immediate pass on read it is it is sometimes pathetic what I'll watch where I'm going to go and I'm going to check on the bills. Why nobody scored? Yes, for tea. And when you have Vikings eagles and Rams Seahawks going on at the same time, that cardinals forty-nine game. That's even for the red zone channel. When he went to it, it's like you don't even wanna see like even a minute or two of that, even. Even if Garoppolo is there you probably still don't wanna watch that. Yeah, mclovin I've show confused the good game was at noon on Saturday, and the bad game was at four Indiana's supposed to play noon. What happened now? Ohio State. You want them a little bit later on. I don't like the twain Haskins thing, Dan. Yeah, he's putting up some big numbers. They're mclovin you could be in trouble could be in trouble more phone calls best and worst of the weekend talks in baseball, Tim, Kirk, Chen, and Reggie Miller in aerial hell wanting will join us as well. Two more hours to go. Everyone. It's Scott, Ron and Kelly Nash from MLB network with our new show baseball and chill exclusively on podcast, one sports net with us each week as we cover all of the action on and off the diamond with player interviews and in-depth storyline analysis of what's happening in major league baseball. Relax with us every Tuesday on baseball and chill right here on podcast, one download and subscribe to new episodes exclusively on apple podcasts, podcast, one dot com. And the podcast one app also rate us feedback. We'd love to hear from reality, would.

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