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"mickey mantle mukunu" Discussed on The Dan Patrick Show

"Few more phone calls here best and worst of the weekend. Mitch and Georgia. Hi, Mitch. Hey, Dan, six foot, two hundred. Oh worst. The weekend was a terrible I write call in Cuneo last night. Obviously, abo- and obviously the best the weekend was the phony pitch where he took him for the grand slam to give the Braves the first round of the. Yeah, that's big hit. I thanks for the phone call. I like when they send, you know, you're the youngest guy to hit a grand slam in the postseason since Mickey Mantle Mukunu goes, I I don't know who that is. I, I don't know who this Mickey Mantle that you speak of his Josh in Indiana. Ed, Josh would have for me more than dad how we doing great. Forty, six forty. Driving back from Detroit. Right now. I'm on ninety four. I think I pass Crosby about thirty miles that hitchhiking. Didn't pick him up. Okay. That's gotta be my worst. Just going full blown college kicker, and I hope they fired him. I'd like to see, you know, I'm pretty loyal fan, but you kids unacceptable, unacceptable state age, and I'm lost act right now. Hey, tough times. Tough times entitled down. All right. Thanks for the phone call. Yeah, it's one thing to get rid of somebody who you gonna bring in like you may not like Crosby has been good for the Packers. Brandin in Cincinnati. Hi, Brandon. Doing Dan may, but. A five, seven to twenty six. My best of the weekend or my Cincinnati Bengals scoring twenty four, four quarter points to get the win. And my worst of the weekend is CBS inexplicably by NFL rules having to cut out the end of the overtime game for the second time this season citing they'll rules. Yeah, believable and just wanna say, thank you, Todd. All right. Thank you, Brad. And the Bengals down seventeen came back and beat the dolphins. Yes. Mclovin I'm not sure how good the dolphins are. I'm not sure how good the Bengals. I feel like the Bengals are better than the dolphins. Yeah. I keep wondering how they're using Ryan tannehill and what they really have then because the Bengals have pretty bad defense. They kind of dominated them. I was watching the bills game just, I mean, Josh Allen. He's he's got nimble feet for being a guy that big any any does. Well, I don't think they're very good, but I, I wanna see how you perform in a big moment in granted, it's against Tennessee and you're at home, but he hung in there even Josh Rosen with the cardinals. You know, just you're trying to survive out there and you know those rookie quarterback's all they went four, no yesterday did they? They did, but they all pass for like seventy nine yards. No. Baker Mayfield threw for three hundred yard. Allen through for eighty two yards. Yeah. Well, that's not a good team. That's how they get a win though, and zone against a very good defense in Tennessee. Yeah, you're going to have to win by three points. You know, seventeen fourteen stuff. Yummy darnold by the way, did have some big plays. He did. It's nice to welcome him back. I know that's what everybody was all. I hadn't heard anything about Sam darnold in the last couple of weeks. Apple then last week I was like, you know, the titans aren't exciting, but look at their grinding it out three and one. And then how you loose the Bill? Yeah, you're definitely the only non bills are titans fan who actually checked it on that game. That was like an immediate pass on read it is it is sometimes pathetic what I'll watch where I'm going to go and I'm going to check on the bills. Why nobody scored? Yes, for tea. And when you have Vikings eagles and Rams Seahawks going on at the same time, that cardinals forty-nine game. That's even for the red zone channel. When he went to it, it's like you don't even wanna see like even a minute or two of that, even..

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