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Keri Russell

"Yeah well come to the program called Armchair expert. I'm DAX Shepard. I'm Monica Patterson and today we have Keri Russell Felicity Felicity Felicity. The Americans waitress mission impossible three and soon she will be in star wars the rise of skywalker. Good sound effect. Wow listen. She is a powerhouse on the Americans. Shares she's unbelievable. I can't speak to felicity because I simply didn't see it but but but boy what a what a beautiful look people loved felicity. Yes you loved felicity. Well I also we didn't really watch okay and carries a cool down to Earth Gal. Isn't she there. Yeah I loved her and you will to please enjoy Keri Russell. We are supported by mind. Body Monica yes. Did you know. There's a super convenient way to book fitness classes and Wellness Appointments. We gotta tell armchairs about the mind body at makes it easy to discover and book everything from Yoga boot camps haircuts to massages. 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Slash Dax he's Gotcha. Do you vacillate though between looks looks because I have over the years like recommitted to many different looks and of course this week within a week I've got like four or five styles I'm juggling. I can't towel which ones working best for me. And I'm relying on Monica largely and my wife gets style but did you have like a flair for many different kinds is like sometimes I want to look like a proper hillbilly. Sometimes I want to look like a message queue guy. I am very stylish but you have to really figure that out out when you look at me like I can. I just say one thing. This is a little much like these things didn't happen as one outfit but in its totality before I left the door looked in the mirror I was like Kerry is GonNa think you're going for like a I don't know American Eagle outfitter magazines things. It does a red wing red wing. Okay I was married to a carpenter. Okay Oh yes yes on the Internet. It was kind of elevated to contractor. But he did everything I mean. That's the nicer term. But you know yeah. I think Carpenters Cooler Than Jesus you surfing by the way we were just talking today about the real history of the real man Jesus and we were asking really weird questions like did did he. Did he have to go to the bathroom did he. Far these kind of things potentially sacrilegious. Thanks okay but glazed right over as knowing that he's a carpenter clearly. Some people Paul lived in homes built by. Jesus that's true. And if you think about the value that a Frank Lloyd Wright House batches I have to holy the house directed by the Lord that still standing I know. Can you say isis. said he was a carpenter for the kind of doesn't fit to him him right. We'll tell him what the tool Bell Thom. Yeah you don't really think of him as being very muscular well he was caught. Why Roy he was on the Cross? Yeah everyone that then was ripped. There just wasn't enough calories tonight right. You didn't get auto twinkies. Yeah you had like some ripe fruit for like three weeks a year. Can you eat as much as you could. If it wasn't in it was warmer armor there Mediterranean okay so maybe they have fresh fruit like six weeks a year scar eating various. Ah I WANNA bring people up to speed on our friendship first of all. There's two parties a year. In in Hollywood land one is the night before the Oscars Party and one is like like the night before the EMMYS party. I believe that it was the latter correct so I went one year. And you were there. 'cause you and our net had a show together for half a second Fox Fox I believe Mitch Hurwitz Create a program and you were jumping around with will and we're old friends and then you and I got to talking and I was really dying in to find out if what the reality of this kind of hometown lower about you that I had that I grew up with. I wanted to know if it checked out and here we go moniker. You Ready Buckling one of my best friends growing up Colin garlic. Who I've you've heard me talk about best guitar player Vermont? My Life Virtuoso. He he had a cousin. Tony who at a young age somehow got discovered it was on the all new. Mickey Mouse Club okay. You can't imagine what a shock shockwave. This was through our hometown hiding. That is big on. Imagine Ryan Gosling Britney Spears. These are all her cohorts. So but anyways carrying Tony we're lovers for quite some time lovers of the outside describe them. Yeah yea like the cover of a romance novel Lovers Very Very. I'm hot winds. How old is seven starting at what I started at fifteen? Oh okay program. Seventeen but there were. I think it was twelve to eighteen. Got It nineteen of us in. I want to hear hear about the love affair. Because it's GonNa be a great story but mostly I just at this party. I was like the odds. Are This has been over inflated in my hometown in that you guys maybe data for a week or two or something. But I'm just GONNA find out I said. Do you happen to remember Tony. Luca and his cousin colon in she goes. Oh my God yes I love them. I used to go to Michigan all the time all the time and I got I got really excited and then you seem to have a real sweet spot for Michigan. Your is such a sweet spot from Michigan before this meeting I met your mom like Sundance. Yes Oh my goodness and you remember all all about you know. I've heard this from many people said but I loved her connection with Michigan. Oh right and so we talked about that. Were you there in Sundance dance. For the unfortunate thing is I started his business really young. Yeah and so before kind of thirty. It's all a blur you're just like Who Am I going to make sure? I don't remember adults mania. But they remember you because you were a kid. Yeah all those stories are sort of like where where was I. I don't know but I think it was even before waitress. I think it was the upside of anger or Mike. Mike binder Mike Binder who I love Mike Finder. Nice human. What's funny is we live in an era where I was like? Oh she worked with Mike Minor when I was reading in. And I'm like I love Mike binder and I was Kinda like thank. You know. It's now dicey ask anyone like. Hey how was your experience with. I mean I've never heard half prepared at all times just like who So often I'll be like oh you were with my hero Blah Blah Blah and. The actress will go like Yeah you're not a great dude. You never know it's it's an interesting time. Yeah I mean when we had this decision changing my clothes I asked him to watch me. I don't know speaking of that. Actually we this joke which I find hilarious for women and for men when all that stuff comes out about dudes like masturbating in front of girls or whatever sure right it's it's amazing when you flip it right so I've been in the car riding around to different location with people I was working with. It would be like me going into my trailer and be like no rough. Can I have a minute mistake and me fingering myself up. Watch this watch this. Yeah Yeah but grows. There is an inherent problem in this though it would be so it's always symmetrical yes mo Harkin second-guessed that ninety six percent of guys would love to witness. This would do now take down her fans and be like to check. Check this out. Well can I tell door. I can't imagine a world in which I would want strains ranger and I'm like fuck me up having sex with you would never impulse buy right like you. Don't impulse buy yeah. This is a power thing. This is Yes it is. I think it's actually mechanical thing. Oh tell me I think. It's a mechanical thing. which is that women have to take something in to their minds into and men are just putting out and I think it's a it's a physical thing you have to trust this person exactly enough? Yeah but that's what I mean by power like relinquish some power to the man broke. The men never has to do that. Well do you know Dan say okay so so. He drew up when we were talking to him. He perfectly illustrated this issue. He cites this very famous study where they asked college age kids both women and men. Hey they'd send a an attractive someone of the opposite sex and say would you like to have sex right now. Basically the guy said yes like ninety percent of the time in the girls never said yes so at that time was oh disguise or horny right but there was a follow up study a secondary study more recent where they controlled for everything so they controlled for safety safety. There was gonNA be a room. I forget how they did that. Were it was in her in her same apartment building and it was controlled and there was going to be known. Find out so there'd be no oh slut shaming like they controlled for all the variables that are threatening to women because we live in a very violent society towards women at once. Those were taken off the table. Women said yes much more frequently. Isn't that interesting isn't it makes sense. Yeah it's not that women don't want to have sex just there's a there's more of a fear maybe it's a little more involved involved. Yeah complicated. Yeah Yeah but but even even though I agree with that study in his point ultimately I also on top of that thing dudes are much more willing to just fuck anything thing. Yes even if they felt not so safe we have a friend WHO's on GRINDR. Who enters a lot of not safe situations where we're both like? Wow that's Okay okay you you walked in. There is three guys and right one guy was in. You know it's a little more meals scary dude on do just that easier exchange bottom line line bottom line. I remember being with people. I loved the in London and I was like. How'd you guys meet and they've been together ever like just some on the street? No words just met up and oh you hooked up like we don't do that as much. I mean people do it i. There are an occasion back ten lack so I was very delighted to see that you both remembered cherished and all of it was as sensational as I had had hoped my hat and then on top of that both kristen and I- independently when we got in the car rolling. Boy that carry is a very shiny human being isn't isn't she. She is very charismatic. Attractive we were very attracted to you. I mean not in a way but we had a long chat about Saudi. The full you were and how infectious you're so so nice. I am not shiny at all. You are good. Continue incredibly nervous at those things and in fact I think I had a Martini. I never drink anything other than beer and wine and I think I was like. I'm a Martini and I think it made me more. We're talking about but I remember talking to you guys and your so warm but I remember I brought up the story that I've replayed later over and over like talk so much I was. Why did you talk so much and just like myself? Because Kohl's mom and Tony's momber sisters they're like one of twelve kids that were maybe in jazz band or something insane growing just all play everything they can sing. They're like it's a it's a really awesome. Yeah Yeah really great. I spent my summers in Michigan. Christmas like everything. So their oldest brother James became a hippie and like left kind of did his whole life and had these three boys and he's a true hippie and he kind of amazing and he would sit down at dinner with you and say instead of saying what do you do. You know. He'd say what excites you. Oh and I I don't know but I think I brought that story up and then I remember thinking what a year that's so refreshing to know that everyone leaves parties and like replays. The whole thing. Yeah now you grew up in Orange County or at least you were born and brought home from the hospital. I was born in Fountain Valley California and I moved to Arizona When I was like one and until I was thirteen was in Arizona? Okay and so David Your Dad. He worked for Nissan for Nissan. So it was. What was dad's occupation was he a market market friends? Make Fun of him when I say this but I call him like a suit for Nissan but to me he wore a suit and he left the house but he didn't sell cars he's he was is like a like a parts manager so he would leave you know. He was out of the House three days. A week driving Kingston Arizona and Flagstaff Arizona and selling the part that I don't know like writing the reports. Okay so we probably worked for corporate kind of monitored he zone probably in he made sure okay. Yeah and then my father sold cars at dealerships my whole so we have a car connection. Yeah and then mom was a homemaker okay and then you an older brother rather the guys and the little sister especially okay. Now you you didn't just stop Arizona though right because now you guys went to Texas we went to Colorado for high school. Okay early high school and then I started working. Thank you mouse. You did that shoot in Orlando or did then okay so backup cup. So that's a lot of moving And how did you take to especially if you left when you were what thirteen or fourteen to go to Colorado. That's a pretty significant age. Start over I think yeah I I had to start over a lot and it takes a certain kid you know it was harder on other of my siblings but I I. I was sort of a loner anyway. So it kind of I mean I had a best friend in Arizona that I grew up with. But then I'm not like Super Gregarious or it. Kinda keep to myself anyway. So you're an introverted. Yes it was okay It's easier for introverts. Maybe oh yeah. Maybe I don't know a doubt. It's easy for anyone. Yeah but you were dancing. That was a hobby of yours. Yes then I in Colorado. I got super involved in dance and that was kind of my sport. And that's all I you did from three in the afternoon till nine o'clock at night. What kind of dance the every kind like? Somebody parents didn't have a ton of money so I got a scholarship at a studio and you'd have to go win and clean the bathrooms and sweep the floors or whatever but then you'd have to take a certain requirement of classes so half of them have ballet jazz. You know like whatever but that's kind of what I did alter my teenage years. Did you do any extra curricular activity based around that where you unlike pom squad or cheer anything because it was so. I was so like single-minded on succeeding at that Dan so at that time. Did you have fantasies of being like a professional personal dancer. I guess so like that's all I cared about an certainly kept me out of a like a lot of trouble right. I think I would have been just keeps. You have trouble when you're yet cause so you'd have to find a different group that would've accepted you. Yeah it and if you're shy exactly. I just did that and did on the weekends. I did all the time so I didn't have after totally fine my my way when you're imagining being a professional dancer. I don't even really know what that means. That mean you dance on Broadway or does that mean you're Mikhail Baryshnikov are the battle although music videos of sort of comeback anyways. Growing up like MTV all those like the like there was a really cool girl then carry on that show her that would have been sort of like five people and by the way the way when you're thirty your body's so wrecked so in a way I had the best of all worlds because I was snatched out of that and then got to transfer before I broke my body in a way that right and I didn't have anything else kind of going on but was acting in that mix not at all. Just dance just dance okay. So first of all. How do you get discovered by Disney? You go to a giant casting call with like hundreds of kids. It's yeah with all my little dance in Colorado or in Colorado Disney's famous for doing these like they don't want like the studio kids in New York who are trained in who are slick. They want like real kids like the Michigan Ryan from Toronto. So you know it's funny. I still see him occasionally. It's like I'm sure he's like it. Does it's why wouldn't you claim that he's amazing. I do want to talk about that a lot of people I think. Feel like. That's something they have to shed. Its gold your gold. Doing Bell BIV devoe wraps. I'm sorry sorry I'm like doing the Roger Rabbit and run. Come on. It doesn't get better than that. So you go to some Convention Center I assume or some regency yours. Then you wait for hours with your friends and everyone's like waiting like their hair done APP or whatever they're doing fifteen and like little kids who can sing and all this stuff and are you out the competition like all girls definitely going to get it not at all. I'm sure it was just like what are you guys doing. Okay like I'd never done this before. Oh great and go in and I do like a nerdy little dance and then who by the way that casting director so much would make something on that guy seriously and he goes You know like little little girl. She wanted to sing a song. Read like a skit about a mermaid in some recycling shit. I don't know the he said. Do you want to sing a song and I said Oh no. I don't sing and he said do you WanNa look at how many little kids are lined up outside there and you're gonNa tell me you don't want to sing and I said I don't sing. Oh boy and then he brought me back anyway and maybe sing happy birthday. Just WanNa make sure you can carry it like I would have failed that. Let me to basically Well enough that they maybe so after the first round how many people were brought back. You know then you're invited where you go with your apparent and the the the creepy thing about that show or maybe the good thing is they also interview your parents. Yeah that's a good idea. It these because some of them are crazy. Yeah as some of all parents are so then there were around twenty of us and two of those. was that in a different city or still in Denver. I think we went to L. A.. Do it all my getting excited. It's total playoffs. Yeah and I'm sure the parents are like oh I wonder if my kid's GonNa make it. Yeah it was your mom out of ten ten is she would have been like a rabid stage mom zero. She doesn't want to do it where she in that on the spectrum. I think they were just ignorant. Yeah I think I remember. We had to sign contracts before and my parents were like. What are you gonNA make money like? This is a lot of money. Yeah my parents. It couldn't be a week. Let's yeah it was crazy. How many of you come into the new cast? Okay if there's nineteen total that's how many uneven muskateers there are using the analogy. That sounds good. Okay I think there maybe seven of us new in some really amazing singers. Okay now the Timberlake the Speier's and the Ryan Gosling they were already. They had left left. They were there or they were behind you. I think they were a part of the new kids that came in and they I guess they were a part of our group but they're all twelve and I was seventeen. Take time for them. I could drive. These are like they were babies in fact I babysat Britney Spears a little sister yeah sure sure little kids. Yeah sweet little kids because really when you look at that group of people. It's almost like being on one of the the peak years of Saturday night live cast wise as far as who ended up being bizarre. It's incredible group of kids have all become hugely successful. Yeah so they put in an apartment because I was wondering. Are you in a hotel. Do you live at Epcot Center. What's going the crazy thing? Will you have to find your housing okay. So it's super low if I so they're like no you're on the show but you have to find your place to live and your income is barely enough to cover an apartment but you should work it out right. I thought it was such a cool experience. So we're like Oh my God. This is so excited to bring todd and Julie's they would come for the summers. Yes okay so we would all get these things called silver passes which gets you in the polar which you guys probably have. Well we'll side. No my mom. I'm working for General Motors. They launched the Chevrolet Lumina at Disneyworld so GM bought like. I don't know how much that thing costs for them. To Co brand with Disney but they launched the car there we were there for like ten days and we were given my brother and I these all access passes and these credit cards free concessions my God yeah we would just sprint would open to space mountain right at ten times. Eat for two hours and then exactly when you work for Disney they give you something called a silver pass which means you get in and the number of the members of your family for free so every day. This is what it was like. Mickey mouse come everyday before work like before nine. Am We'd meet meet. Some other cast members a family that was visiting from their hometown. GET THEIR ENTIRE FAMILY IN FOR FREE LINE UP to get the kids like I have five five in my family. They were someone else would have six. Get an all these people for from Texas or whatever and then we'd go to work but my brother would take my silver pass and just like do acid with friends wonderful. Oh Yeah. He was hilarious for the whole year. You're there no just the summer so just the summer. I think I think I would be out of school like a month and then I'd have to go back. God It okay so let you were back and forth back and forth a little bit. What was it like to be in the grind of high school like say tenth grade going? Oh God his we get oversight oversight go because what a different life you have your hotshot in Florida you have autonomy. You've got some money money. Yeah you basically your own place. Yeah and and then you're stuck back in school back in reality. You could hold both thoughts right because there's a part of me that really craved like I never went to a school dance or like there were little things that I missed which I think continued into my twenties when I worked on felicity. I'm so grateful for all my experiences but I think you did did pay some price. You missed some. There's always a price so I think you know when my girlfriend talks about going to summer camp on like a summer camp. Well what I was GonNa say is you. You're kind of living in two dramatically different cultures one during the Sony which is all kind of artsy and everyone loves singing and dancing and expressing. And then you're going back to Oh Colorado but that year for I think Disney because I was under their umbrella like the old studio system so they put me in it was like a Maria part two or something of honey. I shrunk the kit honey honey. I blew up the kids so I did that during the week and then I would fly the red eye on a Friday and shoot the Saturday the Mickey Mouse Club in life back on Sunday night and I remember I used to cry on the plane just wanted to be around the kids because the movie it was just me and adults base by the way. It was so uncool like the cool kids. Were getting drunk and doing fun things. And and and we were like learning dance numbers meeting boys to men and cadets the Bible we're people fascinated by you back in high school when you return to reality I feel like I would have been very curious about the fact that you were on television and win away to Orlando. Oh I don't think so missed is I feel like you might have missed it. I mean it's not that cool Monica thing. I think that is cool. I know you do but I'm always Monica. Fight all the time. I'm like there's so many boys we're giving you rhythm and you missed it I just don't I just know I know for sure but it doesn't like to start the soccer team. I think that would have been a bigger deal at the KEG party but just in general interest in you had to have exist. I think so. No I don't want to do and Tony Fall for each other. I mean it was their school then Yeah Yeah Michigan. You can't imagine phone ringing gene and going like. Do you know that girl from felicity that Tony's girlfriend bullshit so in my on my own you like magazines and Shit almost not possible so talented. By the way of course episode I think of parenthood he came in formed. Yeah I WANNA say that he music. Yeah because we would have all these different musicians on that. Show like James Taylor. I mean he's he's so he can play. Anything can play. Piano is just like silk. So you know. I don't even know that I know him. Just very good friends with colon. I think I met him a couple times but I've inflated that over the years back when he was really famous and I had nothing to going to. I think it acted like we were really tight end so talents sweet and then so when we met on parent I kind of found myself in this position where I was like. I think of acted like we're really good friends and now now realizing we're not gonNA be okay with it totally okay with that okay. So first seasons. He's in one of Mickey Mouse because this is important. I want to know when you're going back. Are you not only going back to reality. But you're also a long term relationship you're juggling and you're you're on you're on TV in some guys. Whether you were augmented over. Not were definitely interested in you. I think we were like made out her. I don't know what you do but I think we became boyfriend girlfriend later when we were a little bit older and then like season. Three of She doesn't remember hypnotists hypnotize. It is going to say like Oh did you drive on your I. I'm GonNa get her there Monica. I remember driving. What no I dated? Now it's breakthrough different guy. Okay slightly older Gorge Kaga Albert Geico Albert Albert fields. He was a part of this like branch off. who was like this cool dude who poor mother? She stressed about it stress. Because you're in show business now. I mean I was wild okay so tony was like the Nice guy ended up with the end. Albert wasn't Nice. Yeah you you don't have to name names but was there any like Raunchy behind the scenes like we're because what I've seen. There's of course I've met a couple of different Disney stars through sobriety. Let's say of course in some pretty hard fucking goings on you know so. It wasn't like it wasn't that crazy. No they were. They're pretty nerdy. Nice kid good except that the drag is at about seventeen all the girls would get like booted off. The guys could stay till they were like twenty five. Oh that's an exaggeration. And what do you suppose because girls. They're like sexualize and they don't they don't want them to have big boobs or anything. All of it. The Mole Shebang stay okay now when that was coming to an end and you knew it was going to come to an end. Obviously you're eighteen when it ended. Yeah I think I cut it off at seventeen seventeen eighteen and so was it something that while you were approaching that did you go like Oh i Wanna continue to do this. I want to continue to make a living doing this. And had you redirect directed your desire to be strictly dancer into. I just want to be a performer. What kind of plans that you have for yourself? As big I was seventeen. I graduated tweeted high school early. Because if you were any wave at a decent student you could graduate early because you can do it as fast as you could At this like onset tutoring Yom awesome. So I did and move to la at seventeen. Did you get emancipated or you just went or did mom come with you. I think someone drove me but then I was just there her. Awhile already been doing stuff on your practice being independent at that point I was pretty independent but still you have two kids. You have three kids. I have three kids. I can't imagine and I was in a world of craziness already to like I was while I I was in Okinawa. Royal talking about. I wasn't even a party I was. I would hate to think of my daughter and I go. Oh fuck you know what I mean. I just was in adult situations a little bit. I just feel like I was in over my head. I'm glad I'm okay. Stay tuned for more armchair expert if you dare. We are supported by Baroque linen. You've Brooklyn Linens. Of course are my favorite sheets. You're spending a thirty year life in sheet. So why don't you make it insanely comfortable in this holiday season. Maybe it's time to give the ones as you love or yourself with something. 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Oh that was a couple years later so I worked on just like TV shows. You know just like getting gusts star and then felicity. I was probably like twenty one. Yeah really quick back to Tony is interviews. Got Come clear did you guys cohabitate in La. Now Yeah Oh you did live together together all right so I was just worried about how lonely were and I'm a little worried about your safety but it sounds like maybe we're good. Yeah Tony for a long time so you didn't live at Oakwood though did you. I did from a moment. Here's the other thing we love when I lived there. I think I was doing that movie with my mom. Okay there they've got a buffet breakfast. We understand cut off. I never saw that. Oh we're told there are lots of don't know such. It's a creepy place right creepy kids. There's a lot of different experiences that come out of there was like the highlight of their. It was so fun like my. I did this. Movie's a thorough with this little boy. Judge Hutcherson who's now huge star. And when I met him I would go pick them up at the Novi Department and take them to like this car boys when we work together yet he you loved it. He wanted me to come for breakfast they had like this terrible buffet at all like all like waffles and donuts and stuff. You know breakfast is a breakfast and there's take care it was heaven and I was like Oh this is so fun for him and then of course. There's a dark underbelly of that place which is like stage MOMS in Dad's children and just creep city. Okay so do remember as you were auditioning for felicity. Did you have any awareness of the the stakes of it or were you like. Oh this is another pilot it may or may not get picked up where you cognizant of the fact like this is a gigantic opportunity. This is what I can tell you about that in the actual story of the pilot is sort of sad and true but I thought it was hilarious and when I finally went for this screen test and there yeah I think the ruling four of us I remember left and I drove a pickup truck. At the time. I drove my truck by myself to go have dinner like a steak dinner. Oh I myself and before we had cell phone so I remember thinking it's a big deal to me if I get it or if I don't get it it it will because you had an opportunity because an opportunity. It's actually something good that I actually like so I went and I had a big steak and I ride delayed here in Sizzler. It's better and I got home and then I heard the call like if you got it or not like on your answering machine my answering Indian dance in your apartment. Get excited I was. I was happy you process things how you process things and I think I process things alone and and I think some people process them by talking about like meeting people and going faulk. I hope I got that. I hope that that would make me sweat like you know what I mean to Thi. I want to go in a room and you know I just came from all the press for this Disney thing. I need a minute like when I go to those talk shows or all that stuff. I don't have anyone come with me. I don't have hair and makeup. It stresses me out. I need to be alone is needed quiet so that I can go out. Put all that Shit. Because it's not my normal. Yeah that's not your natural state right. I totally agree with you and I to go to talk shows. I don't come with anyone in in the segment producers in just the general staff at these shows are always Cheryl scared for their like. What are you going? I can't get water. I'm going to be okay either. Think like you've been stood up. Yeah I almost feel like I'm a loser like a moment movies by myself because we like myself by the way a movie nice but I too loved. I'm like I need thirty minutes to think about what's coming next. Yeah but I think in general even if there is a good thing or a stressful thing I need to sort of take it down like process it on my I own filter it first and then I can kind of. Do you think that has anything to do with us. Speaking Middle Children. Oh you're middle to. I'm a middle child and so much of my life. Life was kind of private because there was a teenager who was insane and then there was a baby who needed tons of attention. I want my mom to no. I'm not making any problems for you. That was kind of breaks my heart. But it's too I think more than that what you're describing. I do think there's a truth to introvert introvert and extra I do because I feel like there are moments where I could be really loud and really crazy but I think just the way you like to recharge. Yeah if I'm at a dinner party I am fucking loving. I still have to take myself to the bathroom and have a minute to go. I just need a minute like the moon and then I'm going to come back out. Or if I have to be the premier or a crowd shake it out cabinet. Go Hide in the store. How can I be in here? Okay okay I'M GONNA come back out. I have to take it down for a minute and then head back out just like doing press and and being a you know on talk shows and all those things if if you're not funny and you know super confident like I went to a hypnotist for like sweating so I was like so nervous after felicity. I became paralyzed. You know nervous while doing press or just shooting in general press mostly then it got into like being even around people like my girlfriend Mandy in. LA would call. And it's back. When do you remember? We had those things go caller. Id Code and I'd pick up the phone. Hello it's me calling. Why do you sound scare me? I didn't mean to so scared I'm just having of like people are like an. I can't imagine what people feel now with like social media and I had none of that well and then also again. I don't think I was ever was famous as you are on felicity and then neither of even one billion famous like when Robert Downey junior goes to a mall or something and people literally have to stop running the store. They're running or whatever to go get involved but there's something specific about felicity and they were huge and they were huge too Yang audience. That is fervent. So Robert Downey Junior. Yes but he has a different thing going on the on the West Wing. Who probably I believe? They had many more viewers than Tun getting the same attention. Probably because the fan base is when I was young people would slam on their brakes and threatened to kill me. Because that's what I'm saying. Of course I had like Super Nice people come up going going based on how you I want to be like. Yeah but it's a lot of energy is toward you and at the time. So young in such intermittent didn't quite have the language bridge for that at the time so you need to tap out earlier than other people need to ensure now I know it one of my best girlfriend's New York who was also on the Mickey ask Clem. Who is now like a big time lawyer doesn't under the stuff? One of the first big talk shows I went on a true story. Rosie O'Donnell Vakman. She had a show go back in a million years ago and I went on and I got that overwhelming thing. I got so overwhelmed. I walked out. I could feel it. It as a stage manager is going and three. Oh and it was like slow-motion heartbeat. I can't hear my own voice. I'm walking Out and by the way she couldn't have been nicer writing. She's so warm. She's so nice she's asking me questions. Tears coming down life smiling and acting like it's fine wiping them away going Colorado I grew up there and she's home correct and and I was so ashamed of myself that I couldn't do it like I locked myself in the bathroom. The hotel well I was just like I was. I fucked it up. I was so bad at it and my girlfriend at the time Alana was like you know what I just saw. It was like a big famous person at the time Kim basing her on and she was so nervous and you know what I liked her for. It made me think that must be so nerve. Wracking the doll. Aw loved her for Sanaa. Like it is nerve racking. Okay now I gotta go back to felicity listening okay. So that's J. J. The show. Jj today okay. Great and so you guys have now worked together three times. That's true right because he did mission. Impossible three and now star wars possible three. It was awesome. It was an awesome death people still. That's a great death. I don't I never watched the show but I was too to Monica's because point I was acutely aware of it like I knew I knew you were felicity. I knew exactly what you look like. I'd seen a bunch of magazine covers. I saw billboards and everything the. WB is a small but a lot of those shows in that era. I knew I was many shows. Yes that's true. And if they were young shows like I knew that Smallville I knew those but I didn't watch watch but I know what it is yes in all the actors and I knew they were popular and stuff so now what I have very thin understanding of but I we know is a huge to do is that you cut your hair season and everyone freaked out. People lost their Shit Shit now to me. Just I find that because I wasn't on the inside inside of it. It seems preposterous and Hilarious to me. Just Larry Learning this but so between season one and two coming back on season two yet. A new HAIRDO and new HAIRDO. Who chose rose to have a new hairdo so? Jj Matt Show Okay. Yeah it wasn't like you were like I'm changing this up. So this is the beginning of of where I understood how things play in the press. Right so how. Things are taken out of context. Yeah so when I did that that show. We're wrapping up the show and hair and makeup trailer end of season. One was putting everything in boxes other stuff and the whigs and there was a wig. Big that was like a little boys or some shit. I don't know and I put it on is a joke because we would shoot two five in the morning on a Friday night and I put it on and they took a picture of me because they were like and they said you know it'd be really funny. Send this to Jane Matt over the break because I had such a big burly hair and send it to them and just say this is a cute to give him a panic. Panic attacks and I sent a letter I send you guys. I just did it and they thought it'd be so cute if I cut my hair. It's like a polaroid I'm up in Muskoka girl love Muskoka Coca. I grew up going to Muskoka. Von My girlfriend. Yeah so I was up Muskoka swimming with her in the lake in sounds like there's a phone call from you you have to take it's Jj and Matt. There's no laughing about how funny the joke is there like seriously would you. Oh I was like guys. Wasn't that funny. They're like no seriously usually we saw that picture and we thought that is what every college girl does. They break up with her boyfriend and they cut their hair radical asom radical and. I said sure okay. So they cut it to show. Oh Okay we filmed my hair cut and yet people. I think so what happened was there was an executive at one of those upfront things. Who as a joke in a speech said we'll we'll never let someone cut their hair again So then it became my problem And it was just a joke. If that whole event how if I was a part of something and all of a sudden basically what I would have interpreted from. That is oh I was hanging on by such a threat and now this hair was the only thing attractive brought me and now that's gone now. People hate me it would have confirmed my own story about myself that I'm not enough. I mean I mean who knows I I had my insecurities. We're probably at such massive levels at that time but they're grown people had a mom at a mall. Come up to me during that time. Go before you cut your. Oh you're like oh thanks you for that. Ah but there's also been a kid in that storm. I was already like a riding that weird wave and I think I was already like rebelling in my own mind and pushing it all away so in a way I was like a cue like I don't fucking care and cut my hair but the other thing that saved me is on on that show. I was never the pretty girl on that. Show the pretty girls were the guest characters. Were these glamorous. Pretty long haired girls and I was the the nerd on that show. That was my I was the no no makeup okay. We're big baggy sweaters. So there was such freedom and power in that I got to be funny. I got to be a sad. I got to be stupid. The girls had to come on. I remember this one particular girl won't say her name but I remember her coming on and thinking. Oh my God she is so pretty. I remember being jealous. I remember thinking he's GonNa think she's really pretty but I remember watching going. She's so uncomfortable because she has to be pretty and I don't have to be pretty at all. I just have to be. What Am I? Yeah yeah so it was Kinda good but very ironic because and I don't think this is my own personal proclivity but you are certainly one of the cues people on TV period. So I can't even imagine. I imagine that there were people that were cast against you. That were more elegant or glamorous but I don't know like when I go in those in that era of like auditioning and doing all that stuff I would be told over and especially if it was like a superhero movie thing. They're like don't forget where very high heels a really padded Bra I I got I got the first five times. Nobody would get it and then get another pet bro. Put it. Yeah yeah got it. But that's the cool thing about nothing twenty anymore like you just kind of listen I mean we all have our own stuff but the at least I look at my girlfriend's I think they're prettier now than they ever were. I think H- like now they just look so good to me. Sure I don't know anyway. I think you do in the Americans whether it was consciously or not was a way for you to go on not playing that game the game where my beauty is my ah asset and I feel like the Americans was like a really maybe now. In retrospect smart thing neglect. No no I'm going to be like James Gandolfini. I'm just GONNA be fucking powerhouse awesome. That's GonNa be the thing you want for me. But that was all such a surprise I was in the middle having kids and small kids. This is when Americans yeah came your way and and I mean I wanted to do something good but I didn't. I wasn't ambitious enough to be chasing every little thing. I have a much more. Some would argue not upgrade philosophy on it. I have a much more zen thing about it idea about trying to force anything. Don't try to force if it comes my way like I kind of believe in like the flow oh of it. That's how it calms. There's one little thing I want to ask win. Felicity ended. You moved to New York. Yeah what motivated that flip. Felicity was so great in so many ways. It was the first time I really felt like I was an actor. I love the story. I loved everything about it but I just needed a break. I knew I couldn't do it anymore. More and there was certainly money to be made in the great opportunities. But I knew the I needed to just check out for a minute and I thought maybe I'll go to school. What do I want to do and so I took a little bit more than a year off maybe a year and a half? I was the only one of those kids who didn't buy a big house or didn't buy fancy NC car and so. I just thought I'd saved all this money. I had no time to spend money on that show. Eighteen hours a day. You know so I moved to New York where a couple of my really close girlfriends lived and got this great apartment in the West village and just acted like a kid. While just GonNa say were you starting to feel like. Oh Wow if I don't take guitar out right now. I'm in the machine on the conveyor belt and it's just all GonNa pass by me and I never had my own real life quote real time and I just think I just wanted to like be able to show up for birthday parties and go out dancing with my girlfriends and be drunk and do basic things and real life things that that I was craving to yours so fun twenty four when I know I was probably. Oh Yeah. Oh yeah so maybe I was more like twenty six twenty six in your single single all my God and you're going out dancing so fun. Oh my goodness would think it'd be so crazy and like kind of salacious sexual but you know what the real beauty of it was my girlfriends just being able to be there and hear about all their dates and I fucking talking love that we would watch the bachelor. Just come out. It was so fun and it was just like I got my life back and that's when I very first start going in dates in the but that's such a fun city I'll find. You can look into not super poor like I had enough money to have an it was such a rate time in your in the thick of it with three kids. Are you just like a man. I could go for just a weekend in that apartment three times a day. Yeah hit but you're you're really a serial monogamous right. You've got a long term relationships along there's so many times I'm like date Moore one and they just like take every opportunity. It was such a good girl. Why do they do that? Yeah I tried it for like a half a second win in New York and I was like. It's not that that fun. No right but it's not really fun to do actually like hang out with strangers. You don't really like yeah. I kind of agree. Yeah but some people love it. That's that's under that's true. Some people of it. Yeah all right so no I like oh no you know what you know you know what you know okay so back to you get a script assent to you. I assume that's the Americans and it's on Fx. Do you know the producers and anyone and we naive to matthew as I was I had met him once before I met him ten years before. Where in Rustic Canyon at a kickball party of that's where you're were way to meet Senate parking lot at do you know just has been no? They have a kickball party every year. I don't know if they still do this is I hope and I was moving to New York that fall so I showed up at the end and then everyone was leaving. The Sun was setting and there were these two Welsh guys in the parking lot and we have beer left. We have beer laugh come over here. sat in the parking lot. No kidding so when the surp- floating floating his name are you do you go like oh I met him. He's a great hang. No memory of no memory of him you you since you previous breakthrough were down the line. we were already in like com- like training with each combat training like sweaty in boxing. All these things and I remember him us like eating Sushi lunch or something. Whatever sweaty and he's like you know we've met and I said no you haven't unease like yeah we have is like We went to a kickball party. The and I opened a bit. I was like Oh my God and lightning flooding. They knew exactly. The way was as like you left me a drunk message. Oh so exciting. Site Seth Meyers. Seth Meyers years ago and I told him that stories like he really plays the long game. Play at at the C.. You in ten years. That's here's a free beer. Elsie and ten. We'll knock out six seasons amazing show together. We'll have a kid okay. So you read the Americans and you love the pilot. Obviously I assume I liked. I didn't know where it was going to go. Okay so this is my statement about the show. I've been purged. Many many the people who watch it and this is what I say to people. Watch Americans just get through the first four or five episodes by the way but no no. I'll tell you the exact moment. Okay attach things off. Okay I say you'll watch it in the first four or five you'll be like it's a good show. It's a well made good show it's well acted and then someone's in a phone booth and then they get taken by ether from behind and pulled out of the phone booth. I think it's you. Oh Oh and they and that motherfucking show takes off from that moment. That show does not let up for like thirty some when we're like in and they're like like kidnapped yes yes fighting. The Jess and I was from that moment. Just from that fucking from behind ether to the face I was like what and then the the stakes that you guys maintained how they did it. They were so so great. It's such a great show to binge too because you just want more episodes. Ah Good Matthew. I don't know that I've ever had such a like an experience just gaining so one over by somebody in such a short period of time I feel I like that is him. Is that him general. He's cool to get your Seth Meyers says. He plays a long game and he does he does he does. There's a sexiness to him. There's a so like crazy sexiness. So goddamn see how he does it he just he just has that he has some kind of internal confidence finance. That's the gravity he is like he's like down and he just like has this thing. We'll be anywhere. I remember being I dunno with some fancy like met ball one of those. Yeah stupid things. And Diane von Furstenberg comes up to us and she's just like crazy and like do whatever she does talking and she's like you. I I watched you on a plant. People just like zero in on him and I'm like that's his currency wave length of it. Yes oh I like it a lot. 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If you're interested in the hybrid model visit PACIFICA INDEX DOT COM to receive a thousand dollar incentive offer on a PACIFICA DIFFICU- hybrid model. That's P A C. I F I see A and DAX DOT com. uh-huh okay so let's just get show for one second because I have some questions about what's interesting is that you're playing a Russian who is was living in as as an American cracked and then within that your plane many different characters because you have to kind of go undercover and convince certain people that you're someone that that you're not and did you even think about the fact that okay. Elizabeth can't be as good of an actor as Kerry like I have to have some delineation between how good of an actress Elizabeth versus. How good does that make any sense? Of course yeah I know yeah like we can't just assume Elizabeth there's like a world class act or when she goes undercover yet. She has to be good enough that we know she's an amazing agent. Because I think the reality is no no no. They're not being the same person just in a different place. Different information. Yeah I do think Matthew is so good as a chameleon we could suspend all of that to let let him fly sorta seems a little too good so good but he is an actor. I feel like their technicians missions as actors. And then what I do kind of. Isn't that like I skate by doing this. Other thing that I can do every once in a while but I don't wake up every day and thank God I haven't acted gotta get out there and Roman readings. I'm like ooh trial these my German accent this week. It's not who I am. I love stories. I like truth and I can swing it occasionally but matthew is that he is like law law it is what he does he's good at it. He's a chameleon like comes alive a little bit so he on that show was ideal but yes that that was what was his last night he said to me he was reminding me about some serious and it was like season one and and I had to wear some crazy. 'cause I mean that show. You're about to say what I could show you. I've written on paper maybe lies. You're right you're right here here. You know it's unique situation for Chris. NOCCO watch a show as actors because we're thinking about a were sucked into the show but then we're also really aware of how the sausage is worse so you literally one of the things I wrote down was about this and I think it's basically exactly what you're just going to say that Matthew reminded reminded you of you sometimes head your most heartfelt and important scenes in crazy wigs with Philip. Matthew in huge glued on mustaches and wigs eggs. There was one scene in particular. This whole season is is leading up to this confrontation that you will have. I can't remember the the particulars the scene but it was the most important scene of the season and you guys are both in deep deep disguise in this show like how did not take you out of like. You're talking to a guy with the big crazy mustache on all of a sudden it's curly little wig. That's only what he looks like to number one in the first season which we were all getting getting used to it and I was also so in love I was so. That's also the other thing I wanNA say about math. And you know my life was taking a turn regardless it had been in many years in the comings and I was experiencing this huge league life changing kind of feeling alive again and I'm so glad it it was him that was there because it could you know it's truly it's always you in life right so it was me going through it but I'm I'm so glad he was the one to be there because it was such a good person. Listen to so to answer question rather disguises number one. In the beginning they would make us laugh uncontrollably. I have one. This disguise is in the first season particularly which we're supposed to have like a really serious scene. And he calls it my John Denver outfits like this like Blondie and he's like that is so hard core at that and so we would laugh uncontrollably pinching myself trying to not and then there were other times which we were just laughing about last night we were having a really serious conversation. He was telling me something per carry in Matthew. Were having a conversation I I something like hardcore about the life. Remember about that conversation. We're having you addressed in this crazy Outfit is like Elvira with black. Red Skirt looked up. Why how are you because there there were so many but it was also so fun and so sexy I mean it was so fun? Yeah it is it weird to be falling in love with someone in working so closely with them every day. I mean it's it's fun I can assume but what about like yes scenes were. He's with other people. Is it hard to separate at that time when you're falling in love well no because when you're falling everything's everything's fine gravy sort of it's like it's the best thing ever. It's like the best feeling of all time but you know a working relationship unshipped. Yes is very hard right. I'm like hey what are you going to go all right. The girls giving blow job in a car exactly. Yeah that's fucking time ever. Yeah Ah Yeah it. Imagine it's easier when it's new because the all the emotions are so heightened in the feeling so heightened and you're like oh if this person feels half of what I feel about them. I'm not too threatened by the totally girl. The other scene. It's just later as things you know they dissipate in real life. Takes over and someone's going to pick up so and so that some six months at home you can't pick up. You can't pick them up from preschool. What are you doing? What are you going to three ways? You're in a three way. Yeah all right cool now. Monica and I have discussed many times. What the show was about the American? Yeah Monica was the one who said you know what this whole show is about loyalty. There's all these layers of loyalty like really makes you examine the layers of loyalty our oil to a partner. Are you loyal to your children. A loyal to country and of course it was always so frustrating for for me. I wanted you guys to be in love. I wanted you to defect. I wanted you to be Americans if I wanted to put your children above that and I wanted you to recognize that the Soviet experiment was not working. And I don't know why you're fighting for but undoubtedly that is the the ranking for many people. It's like God country family or maybe it's country God family or whatever their orders for me like family fuck everyone else so was it at all challenging for you because I can't imagine your love for the USA trump's your love for your real life three children but that's not our country. You know what I mean. It is such a different different personality. It's an intense because it's such offering such such suffering during that period you can think of I mean I know Israelis are are different for different reasons But there is a a tied to country that we do not have. That's true at this point. We we don't we haven't had to have it right and I feel like it's something we see. It's very difficult for Americans to understand you right. You don't have to have it. We'd but it's not in our a culture of high historic moments that they've defined the cultural character around right like there is each of Lenin granted defeating. Airman's that you you think. What are the numbers that the Atkins had something back? A couple hundred thousand that died right in May loss millions during Day One World War Two. Yes but you taught in America. Oh Yeah we did we won. We freed Europe. Didn't we yes. Ask millions yeah. Just through yeah attrition in determination and they didn't have the right that they they were outgunned in many ways out technology and they just just had will but so it was it was an interesting dynamic to play with and obviously is unique to understand but you just have to kind of so. What mental antle gymnastics did you because we all love the characters we play on TV even on shows where like my heart's not all the way in it? My heart is in the character. I'm playing I self fighting these battles that ultimately often they're right the show runners like you need conflict in my probably objectives always to make myself look good or or in my character to do good in that. It's not great for story but protective over your character so i WanNa know you ultimately you kind of became the friction in peace of standing in the way of maybe matthews character. Just being an American happy family right. Yeah so did you ever but it was so fun to be a the girl and especially to be me coming from felicity and I feel like I was a nice pregnant mom for about twenty years of my career. Who can we get? Who's GonNa Nice? He's got her she's pregnant talking. She's so nice I did a lot of that. So you're who really enjoying getting to play because that was the trouble with it at the beginning I thought Oh God she's so unlikeable but then I realized it's not about being unlikely. She really believes this is she believes us and for her daughter to come home at like sixteen and say this is going to be a Christian is so ridiculous like that so it means nothing. It's like nonsense. And how did I raise this person if so fun and it was so fun to get to be nasty was sort of the mushy week one. Yeah I was GONNA say it was a little a bit of a a gender flips fun. Yeah I feel like Elizabeth was just more black and white about everything. There was no greats like this is what's right and this is what's wrong. My biggest conceit for me was the Philip Character. Kept saying would is to protect our family and we need to be here and my argument was always. Elizabeth is the better spy because it's black and white. You're going to get our family into trouble the year so wishy washy and have your hands and so many different things and taking care of people in all these things and you're putting our family in danger by doing that. Where as Elizabeth was very clear and therefore like the better soldier was the better on all of it it it was so physical there was so much? Ask kicking your so believable as someone who could kick absent from parts of the dancer so were yes yet looked really incredibly and plausible. Like so often. I see these fight scenes. I'm just like I'm not buying that for half a second. This is like they just danced a little bit and now someone's down in there for good but you're you're stuck with them and it was ill all my was at wonderful. Some great love making scenes in that we had a conversation the other day on this show. About how many directors weirdly are like super confident with shooting violence and stuff. But they're real uncomfortable. Love making stuff. But the lovemaking stuff in the Americans was top notch. It was really beautiful like it wasn't ever corny or the perfect level of super sexy excellent. Good I'm glad to loyalty. I was just going to ask. It is loyalty. I mean I I but to me it was just a show about marriage and I feel like the spice metaphor it. It just like it allowed every stake to be raised. You know about trust loyalty cheating. I mean everything. Yeah at. It's crux to me. It was always a show about marriage. One of those storylines. I found most intriguing. Who's the actress is now on A? She's on Ozark now. Julia Garner Julia Garner that whole storyline. Hurry Matthew I found to be so intriguing. Kristen wiry and throws it up. Well I'll tell you because I had this whole feeling about it and I had to really spend time to understand what it was about it. Okay so so fill up. Matthews character has is to hang out with this young girl I think on the show. She's fifteen or sixty nine. Yes in he is on the show what he's supposed to be thirty eight or something thirty five and and so immediately you're like well. This is highly inappropriate. So let's just start there but then these scenes you I would get so sucked into them and I would have this desire for them to be in in these things together and I was saying that Chris. I'm like what is going on right now. I'm Mike Obviously. Don't want any thirty eight year old man to hook up with a sixteen year old girl. Get these scenes or doing in something to me anyways after lots of thinking about it what I realized was the appeal of it was he was time traveling. So there's nothing Raunchy going on with him but he was in join because he was his life was so so much responsibility and he'd go into her house and smoke weed and they'd get the munchies. They they'd laugh and giggle and eat and all all that and that was the thing that I was like. I think we all desire to time travel to feel sixteen again and smoke weed and just blitz loss of responsibility wants ability to loss of responsibility and also like the recapturing. The notion of like the sky's the limit that you have your whole life ahead like everything's kind of exciting and interesting interesting and so. That was the thing that I was like envious of him. Not that I want to hook up with the sixteen year old but that I want to have a sixteen year old transport me back to being sixteen and do you think either because older men are constantly like taking a second wife. WHO's down twenty thirty years younger? Do you think that's what it is. You know. I do think a lot of those guys. Yes they'll say she makes me feel young again right and so yeah on the surface. It's like I'll just this pervy thing and it's it's our society for whatever reason permits that encourages does Brown upon it. Whatever but I don't know that it's yeah as simple as just Oh? They're attracted to young people as much as they're attracted to feeling young again that moment in time yes in that you can kind of absorb their experience or right piggyback on the I either looking at life now I also think that would get really annoying very quickly to me right like just the. There's so much work when you're that young you're constantly evaluating where you're at in the world old in our I should be here and I'm not here and I should be there but that stuff I couldn't imagine suffering through with a younger partner right. That would drive me bonkers. Yeah but there would be aspects of it. I think that would feel time traveling but I understand in fact I feel like they used that amazing van Morrison Song sweet wheat thing and it has a feeling that psalmist aljic feeling of an have him coming home you know and I think that is what they were capturing but they they were also pushing the envelope of like are they gonNA fuck off so yeah it's interesting and I don't WanNa get bogged down in the metoo conversation but I I do wonder if that story line would have been pitched just two years later No I don't think it would have been and I think it's time and I think it's a really powerful story story line and I liked it. I don't know what else to say like very I was very nervous the whole time there was just so many things about it that were high stakes. But I think well I like having thought explosion but I remember one time with my ex husband the carpenter. I remember saying to Shane. We were talking about you. Know like Who He would have sex with or something pass or he said Oh? Do you like that guy that guy and I was like look if I'm GonNa fuck anyone on your crew is it's going to be showing the plumbers eighteen year old son Summerbee. I like these like and I remember Shane laughing. So so hard about that but what I was saying was it. was that kid time like like. It's that feeling of endless opportunity. Yeah yeah so I do understand that. Yeah it's really really titillating okay. Star Wars Star Wars the rise of skywalker. Before this you did. Burn this on Broadway with driver now. I understand musicals are harder in at the output. Th The toll on your body's probably harder but that aside the the schedule I I don't think I could ever do it. It's a beatdown of a schedule. Isn't it down. It's rough right like I feel like I weighed like eighty pounds. Yeah and and also you know what bottom line when you have little kids you got to put him down at night. Yes when they talk things especially now I have a twelve elvir old a seven year old and a three year old but the twelve year old. That's when you hear anything they come home school and they're like like okay. Do you invite me over to get real mom. Okay so you have to put them down and you know that was hard I I really. That was hard not to mention it was just such an emotional dark play anyway. I mean I start the play crying I it's just like sobbing. You're you're being yelled at and Sunday morning. I was like this again Someone else fucking yell at me today. Jesus Christ well that is over one thing too that Americans as well were you able to shrug that stuff off you know. Yes the Americans you know when you're filming so compartmentalize you can walk off and have a cough like you check out whatever. Check out for a minute and you have to do that. Hard thing for a really concentrated amount of time a finite amount of time there's something going to replay it just like reliving it and reliving every living. Ah Yeah Yeah I mean maybe maybe. That's why I'm not like a true true because there was a certain point where I was like just felt like a and it was the nature of that play anyway. Mike character punching bag on being yelled at constantly. I was just like I do think there's something energetically to it. You can't be yelled at at a certain point. I was like the fucking back. Now Yeah did. Jj Director Star Wars. Yes we did it so it was all over. The world was an England where was in in London and in Pinewood where they shot the original. Oh were you a star wars person. The original totally you are. I can't imagine you've ever worked on anything that had that scaled. How did it? I mean mission impossible's obviously huge but star wars. That's like it's just the biggest I ever to be the biggest circus ever and the amount of artistry and creativity and money that goes into every little. It's kind of the way they used to make movies John Huston movie or one of those movies where you go and you just you're gonna GonNa live somewhere for a year and you're gonNA dive in and you know even when I was fifteen in doing big Disney movies like honey. I shrunk the kids it was sort. SORTA the same. You'd have to go into a costume fitting. It was on a lot now. It's all sort of cobbled together in a great way to independent film and they don't make movies like that anymore and star yours is so that I would be flown into four or five fittings in they would die the fabrics. Then go no should be this and we should have this medal able to create this. It was so it's a real creative thing instead of time travel and you're inexperienced that just doesn't really exist doesn't they. Had the best of all worlds. Because I wasn't on it all the time so what I did is I would fly in. Matthew was doing a project in Northern Ireland. We had all the kids. Is it like this great house grab all around and then I would fly in on my own for like two nights had like a great hotel room. It's a fancy. Dinner is how is so nice and then go back to the grading back to the grind three-year-old yelling. We everyone screaming at each other and then I I would do two weeks somewhere and I went back just before Christmas and did my other two weeks so it was. Oh One and you've seen it I haven't i. I have the opportunity to see it tomorrow night but I'm like do I want to see it was like four people. Do you WanNa see star wars with four people want to see with an audience. Yes yes yes. Is it exciting. It is fun you know because it's the first thing that my twelve year old legitimately thinks cool right and by the way not Ativan that cool. He's like Let's cool thanks. We have the kids could care less Christians and frozen so that's just the nature of the nature of the beast. How old are yours now? Foreign six bucks Cernan five and a couple of weeks so four five and six well. What's the birthday December nineteenth because I have a December twenty seven? Oh you do. And she doesn't quite yet understand. What a like? She actually just said to me waiting for my birthday so I'd like to do this but no one's coming. No one's in town especially in New York City Great. We'll see what we can work out. Yeah so mine's January second which is terrible. It's bad birth but at least they'll diseases before things worse to have it just after Christmas you just got. Ah We're done. We have fatigue. James Second. People just made their New Year's resolutions. They don't drink they don't want to eat they want like they're supposed to be at the fucking workout Kaushik four hour fitness instead of medicine. That's right okay. I won't last question. This is a question from my wife. Okay when I said I was coming to talk do you today. She wants to know if you've gotten thin shamed over your career thin shamed yet if you've gotten accused of having eating disorders and stuff over your career. There was a time when I remember someone saying she looks really skinny. But you know what I am a thin like Joe. Yeah and you you know when I get stressed out I get skinny like when I was going through my divorce. I got really skinny. Ah Yeah so but it seems like people can't win in any way it's like okay so nothing that you really are like just stop evaluating my weight nothing like where you felt like it was not troublesome to you not troublesome I mean I'm not visible enough in a great way back to what we started this conversation. I never had social anxiety. I'm an extrovert. I loved going parties. I love talking to people in holding in court and certainly over the last seventeen years or whatever I've developed social anxiety I too will go to a bathroom and just fucking sit in there for like forty five minutes. Let's say twenty five people at some big party. I just start getting really uncomfortable and a couple of different times of Kristen. I've started in the bathroom. And I'm in there for forty eighty five minutes and then they just leave out the back door and texter. I've walked back to the hotel like you can take the car. I've walked back up done that. Probably a half dozen times so enact started it is an extrovert. So it's interesting. Yeah I think even if you aren't extroverted can be uncomfortable so I can't imagine your favorite thing is yet to be recognized. Maybe I have to say. I'm pretty lucky. Like people are generally pretty nice to me. Yeah Yeah you know for the most part. We'll you certainly delivered into my expectations because we had that great interaction action at the night before party. I really interact getting Dr Ongoing. She is so she talked way too much. I adore like her and Chris and I both were like well. She's Goddamn lovely is against and then we fell in love with Americans for that so it was all just icing on the cake and We wish you luck with this movie. I doubt it will do very well. But Star Wars the rise of Skywalker December twentieth or having bring the Ken down. Yeah I adore you and You know everything was true. She was really with Tony. Monica owning and now my favorite part of the show the the fact check with my soul mate Monica Batman welcome to carry fact check. He sent me a tax before she came and it was very spunky. There was. It's a it's Russell. Yeah I loved it me too and then thank you guys should be bros.. I mean I know that there's a geographical issue impediment. Yeah Challenge. 'cause she's on the east coast of this great country and you're on the west coast the best coast well. The best goes is the fresh coast Lake Michigan. That's goes least-cost don't you dare say and I'm from there so I can say it. Would you consider Atlanta East Coast. Yes Oh my God. Yeah I mean this fire so many me. We're GONNA fight. We might see eye to eye. I've just gotten in this fight. So many people where they would say the south. It's still on the east coast. It could be the south and the East Coast because Savannah goes right up to the water. All kinds kinds of the Georgia goes up to Georgia. Coast Oh did you guys spend a lot of time on the Georgia Coast Grownup moms from Savannah. My grandparents live there. I spent all my summers there. Okay what does that on a river on the ocean. Now I've I've stood on a bridge of stood on a bridge in savannah and watch the logs come down. They float those logs down that river. uh-huh really sight to see the everything's clogged up with logs. But as going acids land is like a big toilet shots in there. The aliens might think that I bet they do from that high up. It looks like a tiny toilet with lots of yes yes anyway. It's East Coast America. Okay and and also the south right also the south-southeast just like New York is the East Coast and the nor right right so guys relax us. Somebody's Shelton on our field trip guide on another field trip. I'm Rudy Giuliani. Works base camp here. Wow He works a lot of jobs saarbergwerke. Things are working out for him. I'm a lawyer but I appreciate the he's like you know what that's not GonNa stop me. I'M GONNA get a job onset I'm still a TV show living. And I'm going to have one of the kind of overworked underpaid. Appreciate your jobs in America's status lo stat. I I don't think he could get hired as a PA on a movie currently probably not probably not right. Isn't that interesting that you could have been the mayor of New York. Maybe the the ones that film in the East Coast Georgia you think they would let him be a PA.. Someone take great pleasure and not permitting him to have entry level jobs. They here's fans. Yeah voice very famous. We both know who we're talking about. Rudy Giuliani Mayor Giuliani. We've is GONNA be. We both know we've been talking about what I'm saying. Is We know that who were talking. Oh I smear Guliani. Everyone knows them. Yeah you far. I think it was a part bobby. Wab farted now you fart and blamed it on Robbie will know when I I take responsibility for it over. History of it of taken. Responsibility didn't publicly on air. What do you mean? Pardon Vernon Liz point. Oh sure but that seems like you probably couldn't have blamed it on anyone like it was very clearly you. She felt the air well but I immediately you said it was me in front of everyone I think of. I took a hit for that but I earned the respect that own it. That's fair I can't be your full bowl loss across the board. I have showed some integrity lack of integrity by farting in public but then integrity by claiming responsibility. When you say if it wouldn't have been loud have blamed it on me if it just smelled? Ed I was teasing. I really do that. I would have blamed her imparted and smells. Smelly you smell thank you steffan something. Is that what you would have done. Monica if you find it in your said Oh I think I stepped in dog poop now l.. I would've just been silent addressed. It definitely would know said. Oh I'm sorry I did that. Do you think anyone carries around novelty not store poop and then just they just throw it on the ground and then put their foot over and go. Oh Man. If someone's like got a real the problem with toots. I like that plan. I think it's a good plan. Pretty good plan Should we tell the listeners. The update of the House Saga. It's complete auto. Yes Monica got her house now. Wabi and Monica homeowners as very exciting. It was such a long time. You went to a court house and actually did a live bid we it had to auction for it in the courthouse. It was extremely exhilarating rules scary traumatic awhile. PTSD and you were with your mother. The AKERSON came with me. She was a bit of a secret weapon. And I have a little bit of remorse. You do for bringing her you do well. It was not fair. Well it was not fair art house. They say that war. I would go to war for it. I was technically at war. Technically engaged in a war when we arrived there. This said Room two three four the war. The war is now ready and the judge hit the gavel and let the war commence commence right but how I got imagine it's a very low percentage of people on planet earth who have stood in a courtroom bid on something. You're the first person I've ever met. That was in that situation. It was exciting. I felt like new ground so we had to go down the line and Sarah last name yes or no to each bid as it was increase increasing. It wasn't like a man to come back. Yeah wasn't that I wish it was but it was more of a civil war war. Oh well where we were angry civil. Oh civil yeah. They're acting civil as soon as we started my competitive gear kick take Dan did. Yeah like I wonder if I would a loss because I don't have the the the heart of a winner like you. Yeah it turned run into real competition and they didn't know I was super experienced in competing. What do you think your heart rate was at during this did it get despite? I'd say. Two hundred no else it was it was very elevated. Yeah okay any perspiration don't think people could tell I was very cool under fire. Okay I've seen your veins you said the other folks were showing their cards a little bit. They were wearing their emotions on their sleeve. Only wants to go towards the end news fair competitor my rival rival okay but then towards the end you could hear it. In his voice he was starting to quest gin and crumble and crumble inside out okay and I I knew it I was like oh I just feel glee that you defeated your opponent or did you feel bad for him. In the moment or not. In the moment I fell. I only felt victory. I didn't even feel happy about the house. Just the victory. It's like okay I want. Oh I won I won. Oh I want I won you lose. No I was just like oh my gosh. Wow okay. That's over. I one and then everyone's like congratulations. Congratulations that's a great house. Oh Yeah right you just saw red. Oh Yeah my howls. Howls Miami? I don't want it and just wanted to win. What if you sold it to the guy immediately after for a loss cut a dog? I just wanted to win. I like winning and but then later that night you started thinking about his feelings and yeah I do. I feel sad that they they lost something they wanted and they put in the amount of time. I put into this which is a lot so I felt bummed out for them but also they're gonna find their house house. That's there's that's meant to be that they love but their family doesn't live next door that I know of right mind does that's right and we are going to be all Elon. Musk if you're listening. I'm sure you are for your huge fan of the show. We want you to bring your boring equipment over and we would like to to drill a tunnel from our house to Monaco's channel channel that's between the Channel And when we as boring equipment man he's not doing a judgment on your equipment like Oh. That's born yawn now now. It's a the actual mechanism bore a bore. Yeah into the ground. We need that. I would love a tunnel but you know what I'd be scared of that tunnel you were. Oh Yeah No. The only entry points were our our houses. I'd be scared of collapsing. Oh okay well. What if it was reinforced with some concrete with rebar Elon? Musk is doing it. All feel pretty confident bent not experience and channel buildings. He does yeah boring. Companies done quite a bit of boring all right. Well that's very exciting company company. Okay well that was a big update for everyone. H And r block all the pain and strife led me here. Yeah Yeah you're here. Okay Kerry I love that. She has spent so much time in Michigan and has reverie for it. Yeah she really likes it yes me like her more. Okay you like my home state. Wow that's very selfish view so she your mom Tom mccarey. Oh yeah that was so sweet that carry remembered it is sweet and it's so funny. Your mom has spoken so many words. It's about you to all these random. It's basically your worst nightmare you know like when you're a young actor in your mom's out saying you know my son it's pretty much your worst fear. But I'm ED vantage point in life. That is very cute off and I most certainly would do it. If Lincoln was in show business and I was meeting Yang show-bizzy speedboat. Do you know my daughter Lincoln. Yeah that's it's very cute. Okay so Dan you you touch on the Dan savage study about controlling for slut shamed safety. So I'm going to read. What dance exactly? Okay there's a study where they sent attractive young women on a college campus and offered anonymous sex and ninety eight percent of the guys said yes and they reverse that that and all the women said no then they redid the city in Germany and controlled for violence slut shaming rape and. They did it with computers and showed pictures and said you know. These people are at the end of the hall. No one will ever know. You won't be harmed. There'll be no violence and women were as likely as men yes. That's what dance. I believe there was a big difference but I do still find it hard to believe it was equal. Well I still hanging onto that bit of you. Just refuse to hear that part. No I mean do do you have that at all. Do you have any residual like it's one thing to learn something new but to like stomach it on a cellular level where you're like. Yeah I knew it I still go like I would expect the number to double or quadruple drubel. Or whatever when you control for those elements. But I wouldn't have predicted or expected to be on par with guys chair. I get that you guys are fucking. Vacuum cleaners liners. And they're fucking like holes in the Dir- you know just just my experience. A boys growing up is like you know these are called. ABOR hyper hyper these. These are college kids. So they're not they're probably not at the like sticking their penis in the dirt away. I think they've gotten over that part but I see see what you mean. Well you know I tell you when I was very young ice but my peniston the toilet paper roll holder share because it was circular and I was like Oh that might feel good how over you I was eleven and it was a circle shape. Seem like oh I should put my penis in there. Because that's cylinder. How did you even know? Oh about you already knew about you already had sex by then. Oh no not almost way later. This is the very short well owners. Yeah a losing only a year or two after you first started getting Boehner said so rare now on the yeah right well. Yeah I don I well It's hard to remember exactly. I'm sure I got that Boehner's all the time. I'm sure he got like Boehner's got Boehner writing that moped I told you and I certainly got bones but but the very first sexual feelings feelings were. I want to say at the end of fifth grade beginning of six great where I was like. I think I told you had a dream that I had sex with a rock on the way to school. What do you do not just like I had I used to walk by this huge rock in my neighborhood expert on the corner and I had no sexual feelings towards this rock at all but I had a dream where I had a boehner and I was humping the raw in the dream it was. It was pleasurable and I assume it was probably humping my mattress mice lease sure and then when I woke up and I had all these confused feelings like I had a desire to grind up up against that rock and then I walked to school that day and I looked at that rock but I didn't have any attraction to the rock once I saw it in person but all all that happens so I'm just saying something is like Gnawing at me. Yeah starting in Fifth Grade I believe and I mean I feel like Komo. Sixth grade people were like doing stuff under the bleachers by the wayside. If my mother at some point on her deathbed it said to me your three years older than we told you you are. I would believe I wouldn't be shocked because I was suspiciously bigger than everyone and then I had sex at twelve which may be really except fourteen or fifteen now. I'm just I'm not. I'm not saying I think that's what happened. But if she said that certain things things would make sense see. You think you're forty seven on my forty seven or so. We already established on the last fact. Check that you are actually actually younger. You look young only look a couple years older than me who looks twenty four mount true not true true yes it is. We'll thank thank you. It's not a compliment. Okay okay. I'm sorry I don't thank you and I'm and I'm sorry. What if your parents told you Monica? We have something to tell you. You're two years younger than we told. You also mildly believable right. Yeah Yeah but then I'd be like Oh my God that's great news. Fourteen or sites started kindergarten when I was two. Ah I would love what they said do you to go. We have something to tell you. You're of under kid. We want to tell you this before where we die. I would love that. Oh you're my whole life. I wouldn't be shocked at all. No one one set it with your really just twenty six twenty six. That was twenty six to thirty kindergarten at zero minus two mine in his two. That's not possible. I guess what if they bring a newborn baby to kick start putting you in a bassinet Richard that as well off sitting at a desk your first steps in third grade and now I was a wonder kid. That's right so I would have taken a map. Six months old any who I forget I was gonna say something. Oh I guess just sex. You had a so early. Yeah I apologize for what seizing a feeling that deserve like I'm supposed to say I'm sorry or I regretted or something but I don't no one's asking need to say that I think people are rightfully troubled by that. Well you can think of some twelve year olds where you're like. Oh my goodness the baby's yeah but I was five ten in one hundred and fifty five pounds. I mean it it just because you were a tall ends. I was already in the upper ten percentile of male sides. But that doesn't mean your brain was mature. Well I think in my case it was because I was under kid like the opposite. So you weren't a wonderful well if we could a kin and and you say wonder Kim I'm saying under kid I wonder if it's under kin or wonder kid I think it's I'm saying underpinned. Oh okay well. I think it's a German thing. Is Anna Funder under bar. I think it spell at the W. Right. They pronounced it. Just don't do that. I don't do accents right right right right. You don't do characters okay. She was in the Mickey Mouse Club. That's exciting all new Mickey Females Club. Yeah and that had Britney Spears Christina Aguilera Justin Timberlake Ryan Gosling goof go list goes on and on that's really where the lists stops. Okay now. There's a lot of people but I wish I was on it do. Yeah Yeah you would. You would have been great. Little loved loved it You would have played many miles a lot. Oh did they do look. I don't think they played. I don't know I've never seen a single episode. Ah We like Lovett and we wish we're on it but I've never seen single up so okay Tony Luca. He was on parenthood season to episode twelve called. Meet the new boss. His Song was called like love I'M GONNA listen to it. Yeah I'm GonNa love it you know that's where I get. Most of my music is watching. TV and then downloading song. I know I like this about you. It's a very cute thing that most of your music comes. TV shows you like well. I like it. Because there's there's a memory associate you connect a whole emotional tableaux to it. That's right speaking of that. I'll skip ahead 'cause she. She says that she thought they use the van. Morrison Song sweet thing in the scene and the Americans with the young fifteen year old. I remember a scene with the two to them and music so strongly and it was so impactful but it wasn't that song and then I looked it up and I don't think that's on is is in the show but this it's this song I'm GonNa play some of it. Wow this is great. K multimedia is it Cindy Lauper canny Lennox UH eurythmics Lewis. It's not really a guessing game. Oh Oh that's not the ARRHYTHMIC. Yes Oh yes yes yes yes yes simple. Eighties eighties music. They you just get on that cheap keyboard and they would bang out like three chords goofy since out and we loved it. I still love I love. I love that scene Yes sitting together together outside on some steps. Yeah they just seem so Kid like have you noticed I keep saying yeahs whereas instead of German I said yes probably six times didn't even notice that's how Utah you say. That was a yes. It sounds the exact shaking your heads pretty close shaking your ideas anyway. So music can really take things to a new level. Oh sure sure. People need to know that it'll push seen an emotional direction. Yeah so we talked about seeing movies by ourselves I like it I like it. It's nice yeah that's all. Aw Well I signed by myself this weekend. Yeah you saw parasite great great moving rate movie depressing back because I'm gave it an eighty seven. Oh my God. I don't like that movies in the ninety. Okay that's fine. I'll give ninety two. Okay great I can't give it a hundred you want me to give it a hundred. I want you to give some movies one hundred share. But that doesn't know we we have Salma Hayek. Like I'm not withholding the tens. Okay great yourself your prerogative I will never never give any one hundred dollars. Father Sixty two. Oh my trailer sacrilege huntings and ninety Andy Nine Monica Monica Monica. Don't act like it's not. Don't find me on gymnast. Should never get one hundred attempt. Perfect him kind of. Oh wow I mean not just wondering what it stems from. You can get a hundred on a task the them all the time. I got all the time. But you get Huntersville. You'll give hundreds the doll peg me out tax punched me once and it hurt. I punch you you do you. Three showed me at at three which was a tend to be funny. Let's just be clear all no. I don't. I just wanted to be painfully clear to everyone. Everyone listening that it was a joke. Shove and it was three. You Act like you acted like it was a Tan. Felt like a ten. I got bulldozer. I fell on the floor. My hair fell out or your hair fell out. Listen if I gave you a ten dot dot well yes because I apparently enhance your book is other people's hundreds because you gave me a quote uh-huh three I gave you a three and it was a seven hundred thirty l.. Is that no. It wasn't it was thirty percent capable of. Oh my God I could have three point one times dip terrorists say yeah I just got my score. Okay Well No. That's what you said is I mean ninety two and you WANNA stay there. I'M GONNA say Okay Ninety three. Oh Okay I don't think rob has these. These types of this type of scrutiny. Do you have any hundreds Probably Not Oh robs snobby on one hundred ninety nine no my name May minos anyway anyway back to serious parasite people should see that. It's about social class warfare. Affair discrepancies yeah the inequality within cloudy structure. It so good ooh okay okay So the Elephant Man's real name is Joseph Merrick. There we go yeah. People sometimes think his name is John. Well they do because there is this whole discrepancy. And you know how I know most about this. 'CAUSE Bradley's interview with Jimmy Fallon watched it. Yes I really you watched it so I mean I think everyone knows now because we talk about it on La La at Bradley Cooper went on any fallon to promote him doing the elephant man play and they're wearing these funny me hats from a previous bit and then they start laughing and they can't stop for like eleven minutes and they keep trying to talk about the serious play and then they're it's so funny and Infectious Anyway Joseph America's name. Okay okay you said the Russians okay. I was confused when you guys were saying about the Russians winning world you are till the Russians think they won World War Two that I know they did and then you're saying they did. Yes hey when you look at the thing that crippled Germany that that stop their momentum and change the entire course of the war. It was the stormy no Stalingrad. They were supposed to leave before. Winter came and Hitler who was now fully addicted to opiates and math and all this other stuff insisted they wade out the winner and fight on and he would not let them retreat and they lost just a humongous significant chunk of their forces in that battle. Isn't it was all downhill from there. Then then then we arrive on d day and then we win countless battles and just had had. They not made that decision in Russia. They would've likely been a lot more the victorious against us for a lot longer time okay. That's all that's all. Well I love you do you and hope one day you'll call me in your say just saw one hundred never never will happen. I love my era uh-huh.

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