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"mickey females club" Discussed on Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard

"I won. Oh I want I won you lose. No I was just like oh my gosh. Wow okay. That's over. I one and then everyone's like congratulations. Congratulations that's a great house. Oh Yeah right you just saw red. Oh Yeah my howls. Howls Miami? I don't want it and just wanted to win. What if you sold it to the guy immediately after for a loss cut a dog? I just wanted to win. I like winning and but then later that night you started thinking about his feelings and yeah I do. I feel sad that they they lost something they wanted and they put in the amount of time. I put into this which is a lot so I felt bummed out for them but also they're gonna find their house house. That's there's that's meant to be that they love but their family doesn't live next door that I know of right mind does that's right and we are going to be all Elon. Musk if you're listening. I'm sure you are for your huge fan of the show. We want you to bring your boring equipment over and we would like to to drill a tunnel from our house to Monaco's channel channel that's between the Channel And when we as boring equipment man he's not doing a judgment on your equipment like Oh. That's born yawn now now. It's a the actual mechanism bore a bore. Yeah into the ground. We need that. I would love a tunnel but you know what I'd be scared of that tunnel you were. Oh Yeah No. The only entry points were our our houses. I'd be scared of collapsing. Oh okay well. What if it was reinforced with some concrete with rebar Elon? Musk is doing it. All feel pretty confident bent not experience and channel buildings. He does yeah boring. Companies done quite a bit of boring all right. Well that's very exciting company company. Okay well that was a big update for everyone. H And r block all the pain and strife led me here. Yeah Yeah you're here. Okay Kerry I love that. She has spent so much time in Michigan and has reverie for it. Yeah she really likes it yes me like her more. Okay you like my home state. Wow that's very selfish view so she your mom Tom mccarey. Oh yeah that was so sweet that carry remembered it is sweet and it's so funny. Your mom has spoken so many words. It's about you to all these random. It's basically your worst nightmare you know like when you're a young actor in your mom's out saying you know my son it's pretty much your worst fear. But I'm ED vantage point in life. That is very cute off and I most certainly would do it. If Lincoln was in show business and I was meeting Yang show-bizzy speedboat. Do you know my daughter Lincoln. Yeah that's it's very cute. Okay so Dan you you touch on the Dan savage study about controlling for slut shamed safety. So I'm going to read. What dance exactly? Okay there's a study where they sent attractive young women on a college campus and offered anonymous sex and ninety eight percent of the guys said yes and they reverse that that and all the women said no then they redid the city in Germany and controlled for violence slut shaming rape and. They did it with computers and showed pictures and said you know. These people are at the end of the hall. No one will ever know. You won't be harmed. There'll be no violence and women were as likely as men yes. That's what dance. I believe there was a big difference but I do still find it hard to believe it was equal. Well I still hanging onto that bit of you. Just refuse to hear that part. No I mean do do you have that at all. Do you have any residual like it's one thing to learn something new but to like stomach it on a cellular level where you're like. Yeah I knew it I still go like I would expect the number to double or quadruple drubel. Or whatever when you control for those elements. But I wouldn't have predicted or expected to be on par with guys chair. I get that you guys are fucking. Vacuum cleaners liners. And they're fucking like holes in the Dir- you know just just my experience. A boys growing up is like you know these are called. ABOR hyper hyper these. These are college kids. So they're not they're probably not at the like sticking their penis in the dirt away. I think they've gotten over that part but I see see what you mean. Well you know I tell you when I was very young ice but my peniston the toilet paper roll holder share because it was circular and I was like Oh that might feel good how over you I was eleven and it was a circle shape. Seem like oh I should put my penis in there. Because that's cylinder. How did you even know? Oh about you already knew about you already had sex by then. Oh no not almost way later. This is the very short well owners. Yeah a losing only a year or two after you first started getting Boehner said so rare now on the yeah right well. Yeah I don I well It's hard to remember exactly. I'm sure I got that Boehner's all the time. I'm sure he got like Boehner's got Boehner writing that moped I told you and I certainly got bones but but the very first sexual feelings feelings were. I want to say at the end of fifth grade beginning of six great where I was like. I think I told you had a dream that I had sex with a rock on the way to school. What do you do not just like I had I used to walk by this huge rock in my neighborhood expert on the corner and I had no sexual feelings towards this rock at all but I had a dream where I had a boehner and I was humping the raw in the dream it was. It was pleasurable and I assume it was probably humping my mattress mice lease sure and then when I woke up and I had all these confused feelings like I had a desire to grind up up against that rock and then I walked to school that day and I looked at that rock but I didn't have any attraction to the rock once I saw it in person but all all that happens so I'm just saying something is like Gnawing at me. Yeah starting in Fifth Grade I believe and I mean I feel like Komo. Sixth grade people were like doing stuff under the bleachers by the wayside. If my mother at some point on her deathbed it said to me your three years older than we told you you are. I would believe I wouldn't be shocked because I was suspiciously bigger than everyone and then I had sex at twelve which may be really except fourteen or fifteen now. I'm just I'm not. I'm not saying I think that's what happened. But if she said that certain things things would make sense see. You think you're forty seven on my forty seven or so. We already established on the last fact. Check that you are actually actually younger. You look young only look a couple years older than me who looks twenty four mount true not true true yes it is. We'll thank thank you. It's not a compliment. Okay okay. I'm sorry I don't thank you and I'm and I'm sorry. What if your parents told you Monica? We have something to tell you. You're two years younger than we told. You also mildly believable right. Yeah Yeah but then I'd be like Oh my God that's great news. Fourteen or sites started kindergarten when I was two. Ah I would love what they said do you to go. We have something to tell you. You're of under kid. We want to tell you this before where we die. I would love that. Oh you're my whole life. I wouldn't be shocked at all. No one one set it with your really just twenty six twenty six. That was twenty six to thirty kindergarten at zero minus two mine in his two. That's not possible. I guess what if they bring a newborn baby to kick start putting you in a bassinet Richard that as well off sitting at a desk your first steps in third grade and now I was a wonder kid. That's right so I would have taken a map. Six months old any who I forget I was gonna say something. Oh I guess just sex. You had a so early. Yeah I apologize for what seizing a feeling that deserve like I'm supposed to say I'm sorry or I regretted or something but I don't no one's asking need to say that I think people are rightfully troubled by that. Well you can think of some twelve year olds where you're like. Oh my goodness the baby's yeah but I was five ten in one hundred and fifty five pounds. I mean it it just because you were a tall ends. I was already in the upper ten percentile of male sides. But that doesn't mean your brain was mature. Well I think in my case it was because I was under kid like the opposite. So you weren't a wonderful well if we could a kin and and you say wonder Kim I'm saying under kid I wonder if it's under kin or wonder kid I think it's I'm saying underpinned. Oh okay well. I think it's a German thing. Is Anna Funder under bar. I think it spell at the W. Right. They pronounced it. Just don't do that. I don't do accents right right right right. You don't do characters okay. She was in the Mickey Mouse Club. That's exciting all new Mickey Females Club. Yeah and that had Britney Spears Christina Aguilera Justin Timberlake Ryan Gosling goof go list goes on and on that's really where the lists stops. Okay now. There's a lot of people but I wish I was on it do. Yeah Yeah you would. You would have been great. Little loved loved it You would have played many miles a lot. Oh did they do look. I don't think they played. I don't know I've never seen a single episode. Ah We like Lovett and we wish we're on it but I've never seen single up so okay Tony Luca. He was on parenthood season to episode twelve called. Meet the new boss. His Song was called like love I'M GONNA listen to it. Yeah I'm GonNa love it you know that's where I get. Most of my music is watching. TV and then downloading song. I know I like this about you. It's a very cute thing that most of your music comes. TV shows you like well. I like it. Because there's there's a memory associate you connect a whole emotional tableaux to it. That's right speaking of that. I'll skip ahead 'cause she. She says that she thought they use the van. Morrison Song sweet thing in the scene and the Americans with the young fifteen year old. I remember a scene with the two to them and music so strongly and it was so impactful but it wasn't that song and then I looked it up and I don't think that's on is is in the show but this it's this song I'm GonNa play some of it. Wow this is great..

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