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"mick kinane" Discussed on Thoroughbred Racing Radio Network

"He's GonNa win the Breeders Cup Sprint with this horse I shouldn't. Yeah. Okay. Bobby sounds like Deborah Bobby Frankel line. You know he's GonNa say that but you're thinking he said, I'm not I'm telling you. I'm going to win the breeze sprang with. That was kind of funny you WANNA listen to a a lineup is a fourteen horse field and the favourite was defending winner Kona Gold who had a run in the previous four and has gone gone from fourth to second to first. And he's off the ends up off the board, but listen listen to this. Sprint lineup, and this is what's so crazy about about what's happened to the sprint. Squirrel Squirrel was first extra heat was second. Caller, one was third. Call the one by the way when kids now arrived to horses got off the van from California when was is now in the other was called a one. He was the first off the van and got out the van right after him. Swept overboard was fourth. Okay. It was. Yeah. He was a really good comes behind yours with Eddie Dee and kmph was flying at the end from dead last and gets beat about a length Left Bank swept overboard left bank with John. Delaware township with EIBAR COA was expelled. I I'm not even warming up. Five. Star Day. Kona Gold Seventh Five Star Day was eighth with gold medals. Peeping Tom. Patty rentals. So it's all all run run and sons a guns and one run bech extra. On and on I mean it's just crazy. Out alleman who I vaguely remember. How I was was tenth Mozarts. Mazorra was eleventh. Your opinion. With Mick Kinane. L. Korea door was twelve. L. Corridor was twelfth Victor. He was the second choice. Don't dad no dirt mile then because he was, he was like the best miler in the country. Unbelievable. Then that on sunshine who of course was coming off a third the previous year for Paul McGee and was was a huge third for me in the the previous year with Kona Gold and honest lady, he's thirteen knocker..

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