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Pro wrestler Rocky Johnson, father of Dwayne 'The  Rock' Johnson, dies at 75

WBZ Morning News

00:37 sec | 4 years ago

Pro wrestler Rocky Johnson, father of Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, dies at 75

"Pro who wrestler and father of Dwayne the rock Johnson has died three ninety seven with one but Johnson rocky Johnson has died at the age of seventy five former wrestler Mick Foley writes this morning that Johnson was always a gentleman and very sad day for the sport rocky Johnson dead again at the age of seventy

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CM Punk returns to WWE as a ‘Backstage’ contributor

The Pat McAfee Show 2.0

02:13 min | 4 years ago

CM Punk returns to WWE as a ‘Backstage’ contributor

"Last Night Siham punk made his return to. WWe television appearing on WW backstage age for those that don't know about this or don't know about the wrestling World Siham punk returning to wwe. Television is massive. If this is huge there's some tumultuous stuff that has happened over the last five years between him punked in the. WWe See punk. You might know him from the guy that got his ass kicking them. MMA fight he was not that in wwe he was a champion. He was a stud. He was well beloved he in some issues with executives got in the way Of something that could have been very beautiful. He walked out he left. Cold Turkey just walked out chance of his name rain through arenas for the next three to four years see punk anytime something boring happening. WWe See PUNK chance would start. He knew it he heard it. W W we heard it as well they continue to forge along then last night on. WWe backstage hosted by Renee. Young Booker. T. Page Samoa. Joe Mick Foley and all that other guy there was one of the gather Adam Cole outside you want so it showed up at the very end of it. Renee young surprised everybody on stage. He walks out instead of just when they think they have it. Figured all out I come and change the culture. It's very interesting. I don't if he's working for Fox or for. WWe This going to be something that will ignite a quite conversation piece. And if you're not a wwe person if you get into a conversation with somebody about a wwe he w e say. Hey Sam punks back and that'll just boom that'll blow a conversation right out the door you look like a smart person for the wwe and Fox for making this happen. Good for SAM. Pumpkin back back out there. I think he was very talented. That is a very interesting point. You make is e back with the wwe or is he just doing television with Fox if Fox's just hiring people in this a new deal with the wwe excited to see dammit visit. Is that GONNA piss the fans off more if he's back just to do TV I don't know I assuming the WWe everything will figure itself out good for him punk being back there for the fans. I mean I'm on executive I don't give a damn I'm excited. See what he does out there.

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