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"mick chain" Discussed on WTOP

"And we have money news, 25 55 years and monster. This is a Bloomberg money minute. Gun makers are seeing record sales as the Corona virus, pandemic protests and the presidential election create an environment of uncertainty. It is impossible for us to get you far arms now. Phil Howarth is owner of the Goose, Huh? Mick chain of gun shops, he says. People are mostly buying small, easy to carry handguns, and he's seeing more women buying than ever. Concern custom is asking about how to get a firearms licence quickly placed it there backed up incredibly trying to process for on firearm background checks compiled by the F B. I jumped to a record in June after surging since March. The boob is lifting the shares of gunmakers Smith and Wesson and stir Brugger after four mostly lead years for investors from the Bloomberg News Room. I'm an moss to on w T O P Just ahead. President Trump reveals when he plans to announce his nominee to replace the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. More on that coming up. It is 12 56. Hello, class welcomed his entertainment with Amy. I'm Amy today. Let's center your mind body and all your entertainment options with Xfinity X one. Repeat after me. What should I watch? Good, Very Zen X one gives you access to everything in one place live TV. And now the new streaming app peacock. So just Leave and trust in the voice remote. Show me parks and rec on Peacock. I have a medical condition, All right. It's called.

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