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"michigan water polo" Discussed on Sports Talk 1050 WTKA

"And this week's Jason Baucom state farm student athlete of the week is Jordan Marsh from Dexter a swimmer and soon to be water polo player for Dexter, highschool, Jordan. Thanks very much for joining us. Congratulations. Thank you. Thank you for having me. So tell me low before we get into swimming. Which is your sport you decided to give water polo a try where did the Genesis of this idea? Come from. I have a lot of friends who do swim who also do water polo. And then my sister has played water polo, all my life. So I've been to a bunch of games, and I thought about doing it in high school, and I went to a few practices and middle school, but I decided to stick with swimming year round. But now that I decided not swimming college. My. Swim. Friends kind of just convinced me to try it out. So we'll see how it goes. But you just want one more varsity letter is that. Yeah. You have right now. I mean, I only ever did swim all of high school. So we just get her freshman year. And then I technically earned it the other years, but yeah, just one. Okay. So what are you? I mean you've been to some water polo matches. Have you gotten in the poll yet and practised we've had some preseason practices? But we haven't even scrimmage or anything like that. So I still don't really know where I stand. Okay. What is the was the thing that you've learned that you didn't know about water polo before you got in the water? It's a lot harder to swim with the ball than I thought it was movie. I just kind of expected I'd have the swim part down. But even that was a little bit weird to figure out at first. But I think I'm getting better. It's it's I I really think so water polo play water point your kid. Jason. I never did. Never did an unless it was fun. Yeah. No. That's what I'm talking about like on the back person's backyard, and you're in the pool and you're like standing in the shallow wing rolling the ball. And you're like water polo, they make this as a couch. This is awesome. I'm gonna play this. You don't realize that you're trading in actual deep water, and then you have to pick your arms up and throw the throw the ball as hard as you. Can. I will say this, Jordan, whatever you do. Don't volunteer to be goalie. Yeah. He's got to tread water. And then somehow get their arms out of it. He's from getting hit. They get hit in the face quite a bit actually. Yeah. Quite a few years ago. I did this with Michigan's water polo team. I was trying like every sport. And I tried that one. And I got hit in the face. So many times I think the girls the females on the on the team were purposely just aiming right for my nose. I'm sure on purpose. So, but thankfully, your other sport the one that you've excelled that for all four years of your high school career swimming. You don't have to get hit in the face. So you're a backstroker. How did you get into become a backstroker? I think when I was little I just kind of figured out that was what I was best at by. I also always liked backstroke because you've got to breath as much as you wanted the whole time that makes honestly I never thought about that. But that makes perfect sense. Never having to fight for your breath. Right. You still have to kind of learn how to control it. Then since there's no water to regulate your breathing. But it's definitely easier than like sprinting a fifty free and only getting to breathe once the whole time. So the the cool thing probably being extra. Okay. Similar like being a and being, you know, a barter flyer. Is that every time there's a relay they probably choose your, right? Yeah. I did the same this year at states, and then every other year, I usually did the relay, but I was never on the until I was a senior. Because there's always like a few seniors who were the grade. Right. Above me who are better than me. But yeah, I did a relay almost every meet just doing the motley and what were your special events. Like, what did you like to really do the backstroke in highschool? It's only the hundred back I also did USA swimming. And then there's the two hundred back in high school, my two events were one hundred back and then fifty free, and then the my Lee relay and the four hundred really oh, wow. Man. That's a that's a lot. That's a lot going on. Did you ever get tired like an immediate or get tired? I mean in practice is one thing, but Jerry guitar in meet with all that you have going on. Yeah. Especially during high school season. There's a few. You meet like towards the middle of the season where you kind of just Bernal in especially the four hundred free relay which is at the end of the me. And it was always a really quick turnaround from one hundred back to the four hundred free. There is definitely a few those where I did not do too. Well, because I was just like completely dead after a whole meet. Wow. Yeah. That's impressive. And that's big thing about sports is like the stamina aspect. Jason Russell at Michigan. And and learning how to you know, how how is it that I want to get through a seven-minute match and rustling a full meeting swimming. Well, yeah. And and you know, I had the pleasure actually watching Jordan and swim through this these past couple of years, and and you see it you see it with these girls to be able to get out of the pool and sometimes get right back in for the next event. And I'm always surprised how well they do. I don't know if they think they're doing well. But when you're watching them, you're like, wow, I you just whim a really fast hundred you're right back in the pool again, and you're doing really well have you ever? Did you ever have like the back to back like that? There was one year at our conference me where since I did the fifty free. There's the two hundred free relay, but that's directly like the event directly before the hundred back, and there was one conference meet where our coach decided Tom you try doing that. So I did the fifty free and then got right out. And then it was probably one of my worst hundred back times I ever did. And then we never try that again. Yeah. Yeah. Well, that makes sense that makes sense. There's a limit on every single athlete even someone who's eighteen and probably recovers a lot quicker than absolutely us that are thirty nine and Jason, but so Jordan you're going to go to university of Michigan next year. You're the fourth of four siblings that's going to university of Michigan. So tell us about that a little tradition that you guys have as wolverines. Well, I was extremely nervous. If I was going to get in or not just because like everyone else had gone there. So I was really excited in all my family was rooting for me to be able to get in. So it's just really fun. When I got to see the decision, and I knew that that's where I wanted to go. If I got in. So we're all really excited, and I was really excited to keep the street going they sickly, and I think it said that you're interested in pursuing philosophy. Yeah. I think I wanna do philosophy politics and economics, which is a major they have Michigan because I've always kind of liked that side school more than math or science. I understand that completely and yeah, we we probably need. I mean, we're country could use better politicians. I would say, no. Well, look, congratulations to awesome, very excited that you're going to go on to university of Michigan. All right. Sounds good. If you'd like to work with Jason ball, come at the end of this and the enemy as me giving away thousand dollar couch scholarship to one male athlete, and one female athlete, and you know, it's it's a great thing to protect your future. And that's one of the keys to Jason is you've got families people that have kids, and it's important to protect their future as much it is to protect your own future for sure, and I think it's it's one of those things where you can pass those things down generation. And that just idea of making sure that you're taking care of of your future. Just like all these kids that we're bringing on they've taken care of business up till now and going forward they want to continue to do that. So these are these kind of people that were looking to work with..

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