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"michigan poison center" Discussed on WDTK The Patriot

"As Still got very heavy traffic 75 South Crooks and Big beaver Still about a 5 to 10 minute delay there. Also an accent block in the left lane US 23 North bound at Heinie Road that's currently got You backed up all we passed. I 96 at this time. Looking at your forecast tonight cloudy skies but the low around 50 for tomorrow cloudy once again with a high near 61. Right now it's cloudy and 58 degrees. I'm the townhall dot com newsroom. The Michigan Poison center at Wayne State University School of Medicine is warning about a drug that is causing overdoses. The drug Purple heroin is linked overdoses in the upper peninsula. As well as one and Van Buren County. The Michigan State Police laboratory tested the drug and found fentanyl and morphine in the drug creatures. Researchers say that the drug should respond to the naloxone and an overdose situation, but research is limited. U S Customs and Border Protection is releasing latest their latest statistics for this year. CPB Commissioner Mark Morgan's has overall illegal immigration at the Southwest border was down 53% this fiscal year. Morgan says it decreases tied to covert 19 but also the policies of the Trump Administration, which ended catching release that he feels cut off the incentive that lure people to the border with hopes they would be set free until the court date. It was a 36% increase in bust involving migrants hiding inside of the big trucks. We update traffic mother four times an hour. I'm Tim Cook on the Patriot from one of 1.5 and Am 1400. The following program has been pre recorded for broadcast at this time. When you hear phone numbers, please.

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