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Why we ignore obvious problems -- and how to act on them | Michele Wucker

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Why we ignore obvious problems -- and how to act on them | Michele Wucker

"This Ted talk features author and policy analyst Michelle Walker recorded live at Ted salon. Imagine if twenty nineteen. So what if there were a highly obvious problem right in front of you one that everyone was talking about one that affected you directly? Would you do everything within your power to fix things before they got worse? Don't be. So sure we are all much more likely than any of us would like to admit to miss what's right in front of our eyes. And in fact, we're sometimes most likely to turn away from things precisely because of the threat that they represent to us in business life in the world. So I want to give you an example from my world economic policy. So when Alan Greenspan was head of the Federal Reserve his entire job was to watch out for problems in the US economy and to make sure that they didn't spin out of control. So after two thousand six when real estate prices, Pete, more and more and more respected leaders and institutions started to sound the alarm bells about risky lending and dangerous market bubbles, as you know in two thousand eight it all came tumbling down banks collapsed. Global stock markets lost nearly half their value. Millions and millions of people lost their homes to foreclosure, and at the bottom nearly one in ten Americans was out of work. So after things calmed down a little bit Greenspan, and many others came out with a postmortem and said, nobody could have predicted that crisis. They called it. A black swan something that was unimaginable unforeseeable and completely improbable. A total surprise except. Wasn't always such a surprise, for example, my Manhattan apartment nearly doubled in value in less than four years. I saw the writing on the wall, and I sold it. So a lot of other people also saw the warning spoke out publicly. And they were ignored. So we didn't know exactly what the crisis was going to look like nothing exact parameters, but we could all tell that the thing coming at us was as dangerous visible and predictable as a giant gray rhino charging right at us. The blacks one lends itself to the idea that we don't have power over our futures. And unfortunately, the less control that we think we have the more likely we are to downplay it or ignore it entirely. And this dangerous dynamic masks, another problem that most of the problems that we're facing are so probable and obvious there things that we can see, but we still don't do anything about. So I created the gray rhino metaphor to meet what I felt was an urgent need to help us to take a fresh look with the same passion that people had for the black swan. But this time for the things that were highly obvious highly probable, but still neglected. Those are the gray rhinos lets you start looking for gray rhinos. You see them in the headlines every day. And so what I see in the headlines is another big gray rhino in a new highly probable financial crisis. And I wonder if we've learned anything in the last ten years. So if you listen to Washington or Wall Street, you could almost be forgiven for thinking that only smooth sailing late ahead, but in China where I spend a lot of time. The conversation is totally different. The entire economic team all the way up to president Xi Jinping himself talk very specifically and clearly about financial risks as gray rhinos and how they contain them now to be sure China, and the US have very very different systems of government, which affects what they're able to do or not and many of the root causes for their economic problems are totally different. But it's no secret that both countries have problems with debt with inequality and with economic productivity. So how can the conversations are so different? You could actually ask this question. Not just about countries. But about just about everyone. The the auto companies that puts safety first and the ones that don't bother to recall their shoddy cars until after people die. The grandparents who in preparing for the inevitable inevitable. The ones who have the eulogy written. The menu for the funeral lunch. My grandparents did. And everything, but the final date chiseled into the grains, brave stone. But then you have grandparents on the other side who don't put their final affairs in order. Don't get rid of all the junk. They've been hoarding for decades and decades and leave their kids to deal with it. So what makes the difference between one side and the other? Why do some people see things and deal with them? And the other one's just look away. So the first one has to do with culture society, the people around you if you think that someone around you is going to help pick you up when you fall you're much more likely to see danger as being smaller and that allows us to take good chances. Not trust the bad ones, for example, like risking criticism. When you talk about the danger that nobody wants to talk about or taking the opportunities that are kind of scary. So in their own way are gray rhinos. So the US has a very individualist culture. Go it alone and paradoxically this makes many Americans much less open to change and taking good risks in China. By contrast, people believe that the government is going to keep problems from happening, which might not always be what happens, but people believe it. They believe they can rely on their families. So that makes them more likely to sake certain risks. Like buying Beijing real estate, or like being more open about the fact that they need to change direction. And in fact, the pace of change in China is absolutely amazing. Second of all. How much do you know about situation? How much are you willing to learn? And are you willing to see things even when it's not what you want? So many of us are so unlikely to pay attention to the things that we just wanna blackout. We don't like them we pay attention to what we want to see what we like what we agree with. But we have the opportunity and the ability to correct those blind spots. I spent a lot of time talking with people of all walks of life about the gray rhinos in their life and their attitudes. And you might think that the people who are more afraid of risks whom are sensitive to them would be the ones who would be less open to change. But the opposite is actually true. I've found that the people who are willing to recognize the problems around them and make plans are the ones who are able to tolerate more risk. Good risk and deal with the bad with risk. And it's because as we seek information we increase our power. Our to do something about the things that were afraid of. And that brings me to my third point how much control do you feel that you have over the gray rhinos in your life? One of the reasons we don't act is that we often feel to helpless think of climate change. It can feel so big that not a single one of us could make a difference. So some people go about life denying it. Other people blame everyone except themselves like my friend who says he's not ever going to give up his SUV until they stopped building coal plants in China. But we really we have an opportunity to change. No two of us are the same. Every single one of us has the opportunity to change our attitudes our own and those of people around us. So today, I want to invite all of you to join me, and helping to spark an open and honest conversation with the people around you about the gray rhinos in our world. And be brutally honest about how well we're dealing with them. I hear so many times in the states. We'll of course, we should deal with obvious problems. But if you don't see what's in front of you. You're either dumb or ignorant. That's what they say. And I could not disagree more. If you don't see what's in front of you. You're not dumb. You're not ignorant your human. And once we all recognize that shared vulnerability that gives us the power to open our eyes to see what's in front of us and to act before we get trampled. For more TED talks to Ted dot com. Ex.

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Ghost Stories, BlueTooth Surveillance, CPS Update, Best Street Sweeper

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Ghost Stories, BlueTooth Surveillance, CPS Update, Best Street Sweeper

"Live from Brooklyn. You're listening to this. Seep doper rate. Shamanists welcome. That's another break and rock. And today, we're going to have an amazing show for you spoke. I it is community action time we asking each and every one of you are listening to take a moment, share some for media that you listening to your favorite podcast. And on the real. This helps us get seen found my more. Wanna listen to our show. And I hope that you have got the ready to go. Or your child. Are you ready for this journey? Let's. Back to the break. This is sign hill. Betters Shamanism and. My seat. The reflection today. I am going to say the I am discovered a chocolate Cuppertino medium, roast coffee by New England coffee and it is so delicious. I have to stop on my second Cup 'cause I wanna third and fourth one. So. In case you love that combination. I'm going to just say dangerous. So limit yourself because, you know too much caffeine have super wired and could lead to insight that was my PSA for the moment. But to get deeper into my weekly compassi reflection, I would like to review some words by Martin Luther King, because I've been reflecting on this one, particular word excellence been playing on my mind over and over and over again excellence is how many times I feel like I'm willing to seeing so many people giving off on their dreams of feeling like they don't matter, or, or maybe they're working on a restaurant. They're like, why am I doing here dislike nonsensical work? But I'm here to remind you that we're all called to an first of all, everything shows, you experience so something like being a restaurant server where you might be like, oh, like this is just basic work. I don't see it that way. That's teaching you so many things is putting you in contact with all sorts of people is helping you how to expand your your. Abilities, speak to different people to reflect them to mirror its strength is, is an opportunity to strengthen your communication your your excellence. You know, you start to realize, oh if I approach this. We may be yell. Get more tips. And why am I saying that because I in particular with this conversation since I started speaking about restaurant service on that stuff. I just feel like I keep seeing and going into restaurants. What I'm seeing a lot of young people looking so discouraged and individuals and they're not even paying attention to sing high to the customer. They're, they're hanging out there, laughing or they're not even they, they look like they're being tortured. And I want to reference a couple of words by Martin Luther King delay mar-, Martin Luther King. And this comes from a speech that he gave six months before he was assassinated. He spoke to group of students at Barack junior high school in Philadelphia. He told them what he asked. What is your life blueprint? And a lot of times when we feel like we're not in the place that we want to be. We feel so discouraging, and we can move into, like a critical beating up of ourselves. It's not healthy because we're boot rating ourselves at all. You're just doing this, but, you know, you just don't know there are times when our walk into a coffee shop and the person's making my coffee greets me with such a smile, or there was one time that I went to get my coffee and house, having such a hard day, but that person may like a little like a little bare face with foam. And the way that they were able to give me the mic up chino, which was what I had asked for and that created such a shift in my moon. Another time someone who I went to get my coughing. The person gave me the coffee Cup and, and they put a little it was a white coffee Cup. And they made a like little design a little smiley faces like half a nice day. I walked out of that coffee. Shop smiling. Like, if I had been given the greatest gift and the whole Y world. And you know why because everybody's magical and we're all Lino. Sometimes we forget, that it's not necessarily where we, we are doing the job function is just how we show up how we feel how we feel about how we're making others feel and are we showing up and doing excellence there have been plenty of jobs that I just hate doing don't like it. But it's always going to be to your benefit to everyone's benefit to give one hundred percent and with the I'm gonna leave you with a couple of words from this speech, which is, and when you discover what you will be in your life set out to do it as if God almighty called you at this particular moment in history to do it. Don't just set out to do a good job set out to do such a good job that the living the dead or the unborn. Couldn't do any better it falls. Your lot to be a street sweeper sweep streets like Michael Angelo painted pictures. Sweep streets like Beethoven. Composed music sweep streets like Leon prints price things before the Metropolitan Opera sweep streets like Shakespeare, rope poetry, sweep street so, well, that all hosts of heaven and earth will come and pause and say, here, lived a great street sweeper who swept his job. Well, if he can't be upheld at the top of the hill, be a shrub. Let me repeat that if you can't be a pine at the top of the hill, be a shrub in the valley, be the best little shrub on the side of the hill. Be a Bush if you can't be a tree. And if you can't be the highway just be the trail, and if you can't be the sun, be a star for isn't by size. Is that you will win or for or fail. Be the best at what ever you are all magical human beings. Mayhem. Then I just wanted to leave you with that message today about excellent about Nike me off every member that, this the way your your life cards. Look right now, this time anything is possible, and things could change or you're the next moment. So that was my deficit reflection today with the help me, welcome. My komo's who is live from plano, Texas. My adorable. Rooty. Good Chena, good sense. In. I'm actually in Dallas, Texas this morning. Oh my heavens. I travel. You do travel. You, you know, a routine I just forgot to mention to people what we're going to be talking about today. Wouldn't be talking ghost stories. Bluetooth wireless tracking and privacy. We'll have an update on child Protective Service issues and as always we wrap with the question of the week, Deraza holistic recommendations back to you. Ruthie apologize apologies for that policy. What is your favorite drink of choices warning this beautiful coffee that I've been drinking that I'm addicted to, and yeah, so it's I love Lavazza expressed. So, but I discovered this coffee by New England coffee chocolate cappuccino and the only thing that's. Not super perfect. Is that is not hot coffee? It's warm coffee. Yeah. 'cause I've been babying for a while. I've been jetting. Jetting sipping it so that I could have covered see to have this discussion with you and the coffee to community. I just have to say that, you know, you guys are you have no idea how Ruthie myself and my sister feel with how blessed we feel with our community. You are such an amazing bunch of human beings. I love you guys. I adore you I treasure you, I appreciate you. Thank you for taking the time to answer the question of the week. Send us private messages, and questions keep them coming cause we love it. And I will second that. And I tell you, I am having this amazing peppermint based T with organically grown, fair trade cacao powder, mixed into it, and then French vanilla coconut, Creamer added to it. Interesting combination. It is your me. I also I also have my smoothie on standby because I looked to house, very early this morning. So I'm double dipping today. But you're prepared. Yes, I left the house early and it's one appointment after another today. So I didn't want to I didn't want to delay. You know, wanted to what I needed. So I'm in my car office this morning. I love it. Will is rooted Goodson reti with her trending now reports I am ready. I only doing one report today, because it's quite lengthy, and we are wanting to respect everybody's time. So there's a quote, from somebody named the last name is crowd, who was west Virginia's secretary of health and human resources and the quotas as follows the federal government has always paid us only if we pull children from their homes. Back in September of eighteen of last year. There was an article in the Fort Worth star telegram, and the headline is exclusive child protective services worker, charged with seeking out children for sex. This person had been employed as a CPS conservative ship caseworker since may of two thousand sixteen. Conserved sewer ship sick as worker, sorry, monitor the care of children, who have been placed in the department of family and predictive services, legal custody. So the question there is, who are those people that are hired by child protective services to monitor these children? What is their background and how many people how many offenses have been committed by these people on our children moving on to June twentieth of this year? There was a new report that was published by the State Department United States Department of state, and the title of their port is twenty nineteen trafficking in persons report now that particular report details the key worldwide and it breaks down by country. So it's very lengthy report. I will send you the lane so that anybody can go ahead and take a look at the report as they need. Need, but on the same day, there was a description or analysis that was published by the epoch times and the title of that headline was pipeline from foster care to child sex trafficking highlighted in the State Department report, and I will read certain portions of that article. Okay. So the report pinpointed the prevalence of foster K care history among child sex trafficking victims in the United States, while in many other countries. The report listed foster care among the tools that are used to protect the victims of human trafficking, quote in the United States traffickers. Prey upon children in the foster care system, unquote, recent reports have consistently indicated that a large number of victims of child sex trafficking were at one time in the foster care system. Just one federally funded trafficking hotline received nearly a hundred and twenty thousand calls texts or messages and identified close to eleven thousand potential trafficking cases into any teen. Of those, there were over thirty four hundred cases reported for and over a thousand of them are currently being investigated, and the investigations are open among those Rable to the United States. The report listed children and child welfare, and juvenile Justice systems, which includes foster care runaway and homeless youth unaccompanied foreign nationals children without lawful. Immigration status. American Indians and Alaskan natives and drug addicts quote advocates reported a growing trend of traffickers targeting victims with disabilities and an increase in the use of online social media platforms to recruit, an advertise victims of human trafficking. They mainly target kids that are between the ages of twelve and fourteen looking at twenty seventeen almost twenty five thousand run. Ways were reported to the National Center for missing and exploited children. Nearly thirty six of this thirty six hundred of them were likely victims of sex trafficking and of those eight percent came from social services system. And I do want to note that in the last year ever since the current administration has been targeting child and human trafficking. There has been in proximity eight percent reduction in cases reported should now I'm going to highlight a particular case that occurred last year in North Carolina. The headline was AP exclusive North Carolina county illegally removed kids from homes. So here's the scenario. A man gets a call that his wife has suffered a massive heart attack. He asks. Neighbor to take care of his ten year old daughter and he head sixty miles east to the hospital. I see you where his wife was taken to take care of her. What happened next would eventually expose a practice by child welfare agency that illegally removed potentially hundreds of children from their homes in this poverty stricken mountain community. Cherokee county department of social services threaten to throw him in jail place, his child in foster care, or give his daughter to another family for adoption if he didn't sign a custody, and visitation agreement, they gave him no choice. He told AP news they wanted to remove his daughter because they believed she was in an unclean home while he cared for his hospitalize wife. However, in order to remove a child from biological parents socials workers must get a court order from judge and Cherokee county bypass that critical step. They did the same thing to dozens possibly hundreds of other families a judge as state welfare officials have now declared this illegal, and the children are at risk of being disrupted again, the practice of using private custody agreement was implemented by long time county attorney his name, Scotland's -i. He has since been fired, but he provided legal services to them for almost two decades and during a recent emergency custody hearing, he said that he started using these agreements in two thousand seven or maybe even earlier attorneys representing families with kids illegally taken from their homes. Say the Cherokee county social workers failed to protect countless children. Many parents who signed the agreements, have no idea that those agreements are legal and needed you the people who currently believe that they have legal custody of these children. And here's the worst part tracking down. Some of these families is going to be challenging, because Lindsey and other child welfare workers have told judges in at least two earings that many of these files are now missing. So that's the second story. Oh mine. Now, the third story, the third story, I took actually from transcript that was posted in video at a YouTube channel. And I will send you the link and it was basically the transcript of a Facebook post that was sent to her. If she did not mention the name of the people, the sent it to her because she wants to protect their identity. So the video that they're talking about features, somebody named Michelle Walker and she's concerned with her safety. She was a close friend of and confidante of linga, Colin Smith. Who's the Arkansas Arkansas state Senator that was recently found dead in her home on June fourth of this year her death is being investigated as homicide. And there are some funny things that are being. Reported as part of that death. And adding this because our stories where the neighbors supposedly reported gunshot will done shot sounds days before she was actually discovered. So there's some funny things happening with what's actually being investigated. And I also understand that a lot of those files have been sealed by the cord. So there's really not a lot of information coming out in that case in the video. She reveals that why this Senator from Arkansas by the name of Linda Smith was murdered. Walker has the person featured in the film the YouTube video. She know that there's a correlation with the probable homicide of this, Senator. And the death of Nancy shaver, who was a Georgia state Senator who was found dead more than nine years earlier senators Schaffer, from Georgia was supposedly killed by her husband who then killed himself with a single gunshot wound to the chest after fifty two years of marriage. Now, I'm having difficulty magin ING the somebody's gonna kill his wife and then take a gunshot pointed his own chest and kill himself. But that's just my, my questioning. So going back to the video, transcript senators Shaefer, tried to expose paedophilia link to CPS before her death. She published and promoted the report entitled, the corrupt business of child. Protective services in that report. She made several recommendations, including auditing Georgia's department of family and children's services for fraud and corruption ending financial incentives. The separate families mandating a jury trial where every piece of evidence is presented before removing child from parents. Under final. The remarks of her eleven page report. She sides proverbs thirty one eight dash nine. Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves for the rights of all who cannot speak for themselves for the right of all who are destitute, speak up and judge fairly defend the rights of the poor and the needy. Tragically Nancy Schaefer was killed before seeing that her reforms were implemented at the Georgia. Family and children services department. Walker said CPS removes approximately three hundred thirty three children from American homes per day. She says eighty nine percent of them are not there on trutv us, like sexual or physical allegations. She says America is number one user of child sex trafficking, and I believe that's correlated directly with the recent report that was published by the -partment of sage eight percent come from foster care system that is consistent two other figures that I researched as she says, fifty three million children are missing in the CPS system child sex trafficking leads to moti million dollar businesses Walker. She said, we need to look at Schafer's death and the Clinton foundation ties between those. She said, the Nancy Schaefer, had hard evidence of senators and a certain per. Person being on a plane removing amid American children. They left on a certain date and did not return with the children when they returned. That was the last thing she recorded before she died Walker added that they thought there were no witnesses. But they were wrong that there are witnesses to that. So that's the end of the three reports that I wanted to give today. Wow. I don't even know it comes full circle. I don't even know what to say to that. It's it's overwhelming to hear that. This is only one like the what happened in Arkansas, was one county. One county. Think about how many other areas in the United States are fraudulently taking children from their parents homes. I had a discussion with a Twitter follower yesterday. And we were talking about the vaccines, and how she believes that parents should stand up and not vaccinate their children and just not do it. And I said to her, that these young parents are being targeted by doctors and they're being being coerce with fear, basically. And they're monitoring these cases. And there was an article that I forwarded to her, that basically talked about how the American Medical society was discussing whether or not they should. Should Ashley report parents who refused to vaccinate their children to CPS. So, you know, we talk about standing up and being brave and saying, no. But the establishment is very, very deep and is very interconnected. And it's a scary thing. It's a very scary thing and they don't only target. I mean, they do target people that are in the poor neighborhoods, and they target certain minority groups, but the they don't settle for just certain demographics. Anybody is fair game now. And anybody can call CPS and filing anonymous complaint. So. Are at risk here? Their children are at risk a risk. Parents are being tight and not as right. And not everybody has the money to hire an attorney to fight it. And think about this man in Arkansas. Okay. Think about it. He was dealing with a wife that had a massive heart attack. How's he going to have the strength to be able to deal with something like this at the same time, and they removed that child from the neighbor's home, because it was supposedly not clean, smell Zet, right? Because listen, I've seen many people who, who up and homes, there were like you couldn't fit another object in there. And everyone was good. No one is perfect. But everyone you know that their thing responsible when through the school system have their own families now. Like heart. You can't be a judge like you as parents are being under attack. But one some of the things that we can just see across the line is. Very simple. The family is being attacked from all angles family unit, yet your family. Right. And I understand their families. Take place in many different ways now. Right. They come the, the come together railing MU and I are family were not blood related, but there has been a systemic attack in many different ways. And from, from the medical establishment from the educational establishment now from things like this CPS things that are supposed to be in support of, you know, a lot of parents are losing their rights. And so many horrible things are have been like, I can't even imagine like you know, being the husband and having to be so concerned that your about your wives livelihood. And to have that experience happened to him with his kids. That's just. Over twenty kids where this was being done. I mean twenty years where this was being done. Now. The files are missing. Come on. Give me a break instrument, Sacramento, chip. That's the butcher in the bullshit. Yep. There we go. That's my report will. Thank you, Guten really appreciate that you keep us informed. And I know that these are not. Fun conversations to be listening to. But it it's like that thing that feeds itself, so many of us are so busy, like parents are being attacked and parents are, you know, I don't know any parent that is telling me all have so much time in my hands to just do nothing. Like people are just struggling to just do something as simple asleep. Imagine keeping up with these stories, so yes, it's, it's so easy to take advantage of someone who's exhausted. If someone who's fatigued to someone who is, who is just struggling to make it through the day to struggling to make ends meet you're gonna get taken advantage of. And while so many of our communities is some of our politicians are focused on creating more division and keeping us distracted and talking about things that are baseless. Meanwhile, real things are happening right under our noses. And so. I'm sorry, that we have to be squeaky wheels, and we will continue to do so unapologetically on the show. So thank you routine. Guten. You're welcome. This was it was an eye opener for me. Because we all know that human trafficking and child sex, trafficking is a multi million billion trillion dollar business and imagine if somebody has evidence that ties certain people within the Clinton foundation to senators to children that are being taken by plane somewhere and not returned to, you know, you've got senators that are now to that are now dead, who were supposedly reportedly investigating these allegations. There's a lot that stinks there. Well, you know, a Ruthie I'd like to take a moment right now. And send a an invite everyone who's listening. Let's take a moment and just direct really beautiful loving energy, healing energy messages of clarity. Shielding protect. Action for those who are in position to like those senators, who were really had the information are trying to take the next step to, to, to make this more known and look what happens I this is dangerous. This is so dangerous. There are so many times we hear people saying, I don't understand why this hasn't been taken care of why is coming out now like we've kind of known about this for years. And I think that we probably haven't heard of so many people who tried and their names are just nameless. And they've been taken out before they could even share thought. And, you know, alternately I know that we're all really super busy, but it is up to us as a collective society to, to be aware of the children of the people with disabilities of, of taking care of the old people. Because guess what even though it's slightly different a lot of the old people get taken advantage and are like, like tesla. Rob. Rabbit's in certain facilities because they, you know, and that's a whole other kind of worms but, like wh- what's happening? Like these are sisters ranger. You just you just opened up another Chan that I'm gonna need to investigate because I have read articles about it, which scared me blank list. There are like, when, when older people are by themselves, the state can get involved, and they can assign somebody to be there, quote unquote, guardian. And oftentimes, these quote unquote, guardians take over their finances. Takeover everything without even notifying the next of kin. And so there's this whole thing also that we need to discuss. So, yeah. Now, you put something else on my radar that I need to investigate. We will be looking forward to those reports. With gluten. I just want to remind that Guthrie's debris continues all week long and you could find our post on Instagram. We love to post on his Graham at the break Twitter Acuff is the break Facebook at the break, but our favorite place in the world discovered seat to break dot org. Boom door. Okay. So I am going to share this story. You know how I love to, to bring to you conversations about five G wireless EMF tracking surveillance level. All that good stuff. Right. So I found this amazing exciting article that I really loved. It was New York Times, an opinion piece Colt by the privacy project, written by Michael quiet. Quiet in stores secret surveillance tracks your every move as you shop beacons are watching you using hitting hidden technology in your phone isn't this terror Sante imagine you are shopping at your favorite grocery store, as you approach dairy are your sent push notification in your phone ten percent off your favorite yogurt click here to redeem your coupon you considered buying yogurt on your last trip to the store, but you've decided against it. How did your phone know? Your smartphone was tracking you. Smartphone was tracking. These smartphone. The grocery store. Got your location, data and paid a shadowy group of marketers to use the information to target you with ads research reports have noted, how companies use data gathered from cell towers, ambient WI fi, and GPS. But the location, data industry has a much more precise and unobstructed tool. Bluetooth beacons. These beacons are small in obtrusive electronic devices that are hidden throughout the grocery store and app on your phone that communicates with them inform. The company, not only that, you enter the building, but that you lingered around for two minutes front of the low fat to Bonnie's. So, so I will give you a little bit break it down instructions. Right. The beacons are like little lighthouses that emit one way messages to nearby devices these signal. Can be detected by apps on your phone, which can use your phone's operating system to scan for nearby beacons. If a beacon is detected it can notify the app, even if the Abbas closed one. Okay. Wants to app recognize the beacon is sensitive formation. Like the products you walked by or the departments you lingering in back to the company server. Imagine your lingering in the porn section. I'm saying or or you're contemplating which condom to buy, I'm just saying. But this is this is the through. This is the truth. For traffic information can reveal personal details such as your income and exercise habits. When paired with other information about, you companies can build a rich profile of who you are where you are, what you buy all without your knowledge. The our prompted to display ads for products. You seem likely to buy it. Can send you coupon after you leave urging you to come back? It's a practice called retargeting. Wow. I have a little bit more a little bit more that makes anyone feel so excited. Right. Most people aren't aware that they're being watched with beacons, because the beacon system tracks, millions of people every day beacons are pleased that airports, malls, subways buses taxis, sporting arenas gyms hotels. How spills music festivals cinemas and museums even on billboards. You like that. But we have so out, right? I mean I'm skipping. I'm not reading the whole article. I'm gonna invite you to do so, right. Okay, could case. So I have a question if you turn off the bluetooth on your phone will that stop it? I don't know because it's still picking up the apps. I'm not sure I mean I don't know if this gets into it. So let's see. Did to do not to be left out. One of this. There's a point here that I'm like this article so long because one of the things that he mentions in his in this article is that because people be like this is the first I hear about beacons this, this the first you hear about beacons Ruthie. Well, I, I may or may not have without knowing the term, because I knew years ago, I mean years and years ago, more than a dozen years ago that, like, you know, when you've got those intelligent transportation systems on the highways say it takes five minutes between here in downtown or whatever that they were using there were ping. The phones there were driving by so I don't know that was using GPS technology or that was using blue. I don't know. It could have been that they were already using these. I don't know. It's I mean it's first of all is alarming because. It's multiple ways. So it's wifi, right? 'cause they mentioned WI fi. It's the GPS is the bluetooth, it's so many ways. And then we're not even talking about cameras here. We're not even talking about the listening devices on your phone like some of these ads have Michael, you have to go into the back into the sable. Oh, okay. If I'm using this app, I have to in, when I'm not using to disable the microphone feature 'cause many of these apps can track you and listen in any given time. And we ready no, we're being listened to so one, some of the things companies collecting micro, located data defend the practice by arguing that uses can opt out of location services. But I have to say that is the butcher because there was another report that I was reading about Google and tracking you, and they would tracking you automatically, even if you had supposedly opted out, I have no idea you had to keep going back. And checking I'm not sure. And then another thing that kinda gets brought up is four informed. Consent us in beacons. You have to I know that the biggest exist. Right. That's right. That's right. So I appreciate that. So then he, he does say that there's an app called beacons scanner that you, can, you know, download and scans for beacons when you enter store. But even if you detect the beacons, you don't know who's collecting the data gathered amendable chip, I because some beakers are not secured to third parties can piggyback off the public beacons used them to collect your location. There's just no way to know if a store has secured it. Beacons like appaling could be tracking you via I s Android, but they don't make their bluetooth beacon collection methods transparent. There is no easy way to the term in which apps on your phone have the beacon location tracking in it. So even if you did know which companies have access to your beacon data, there's no way to know what kind of data is collected through the app. Could could be your micro location, dwell time or foot traffic. But it can also be the data from the app such as your name and your app data can be combined with other data sets compiled about you by data brokers. There is simply no transparency to protect yourself from beacons in the short term, you can delete, any apps that may be spying on you including apps retailers and should've location services and bluetooth where, where there are not needed. You can also follow the times got on how to stop apps from tracking your location. So I'm going to definitely post this, so you we could remorse, and I promise you got the tribe that we will continue to bring you more reports about this nature because there was that article that I read a few weeks ago from that gentleman that row Narcan, medium that it was like, you know, years from now, people are the future. Generations are going to be like you knew that you guys being like data. Mind like crazy. You, you didn't collectively do nothing about it. Like their ways that we can collectively use our energies to bring more awareness beyond petitions groups gathering together of, like mindedness. So please governor Saito break wants to be a part of those initiatives senders. No, I heart dot org. Will we would love to talk collaborations? We wanted wholesome got around tapers live tables, roundtables life discussions on video. So we can bring this more to the masses in a more public way routines, you would like to say. I'm blown away. Residual, thank you. I am so on away by this, like, wow. There really is no way. I mean there really is no way. Even if you are on top of it, and you are checking every EU have no way of doing any control on this. There's no way. No way. There's no way. And so then, you know, it just kind of answers questions that I've had in my head without real proof. But just like I wonder how that celebrities naked video came out to the masses, yet another celebrity. How wonder how those naked pictures of such a such just got unveiled? Oh, I wonder how the private conversation. That's such a such had nobody was supposed to be recording because there were supposedly no recording devices. How did that get leaked to the like I just feel like anything we say, do post? Right. So any of us that are out there, posting scandalous, things you're young person, especially and you thinking about your future. Maybe it's time to start looking at all your social media profiles, and just, you know, just like how we the clutter and do spring, cleaning it is time to the close social media. So that's the hashtag, we're gonna leave you with today, the clutter social media apps that you don't need. Bhutto. Wow. I'm going away. Excellent report. Thank you. Well, we are going to, to. Try to change the the mood a little bit. You rhetoric machines. Changed just a little. 'cause you know, when we're gonna go a little faster. I don't even know quacking though. Where's the quack? Doc. You Duckie does not like this report. None of the reports is mad. I understand sake, the webby. Okay. I get it. Josh and he just does. Okay. So. Go stories. You shouldn't read alone. And I'm only going to read a couple. I can actually read one of them if you want, because I have it in front of me. All right. Okay. So this is part, two of have you seen a ghost or something. Unexplained, I have to make a confession. See that's gonna confession I had to go stream right after I'd. Yes, if it was, like that, it was a blended of a character that reminded me of beetle juice, and a character that I saw in, and it was like Christmas, kind of weird cartoon movie, and it was a, a being with really long skeletal legs, and big white faith. Would like amass it was like a big mess. It was really weird. But yeah, I saw him. He was a giant at least two stories, high walking randomly in the daytime in the street as I was walking in the streets of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. So that was my dream that I attracted to myself to talk about goals stories last week. Interesting. I didn't have dream like that so much. Don't there's you can feel free to take it away. Okay. I'll take the first one then. So Anna says the shadow man who leaned over me on a hot summer night at my grandparents house. And breathes ice cold air on my cheek he was Malevich's malevolent, but I was so hot in sleep deprived. They basically told them to f- exclamation cash pay off, now had that happened to me. I probably would have been already on the other side of the highway. Yeah. My instincts would have been like, like Sonia says, when my mom in Boston, my dad, send me to spend the summer with her one raining night when she was take taking a bath, I was lying in bed. And I saw a tall man wearing a top hat holding a small boy hand, he took off his hat and bow to me than faded away. True story. That's cool. Here's one from Lisa. Okay. Here's another one for you. One particular evening, a team, I woke up to a very bad case of sleep paralysis. I couldn't move it all with these -ception of my eyes so look around the room in my right ear. I could hear browley then suddenly something said I will destroy you. When I was finally able to move I turned around. Right away and saw shadows standing over my bed than dissipate. I was terrified. I went to the bathroom to wash my face, then I opened the door. I saw the back of what appeared to be a very large dog with matted further sitting at the end of the hall facing living room. I could see no other feature. But it's backside. I've linked really hard to see if I was dreaming. And it was still there. I immediately closed the door quietly waiting if you seconds and open the door. It was gone. I ran back to Ben laid there with the whites arm for the rest of the night. I could go on for hours with my experiences. Yalo diong. This is why we kept the for part two. These stories. They're not meant to scare me and it's just meant to just bring it to light that people are having these experience. They're very common. I really don't know anyone who hasn't had an experience, even a young small boy, or young girl who has told me about things that they see or things that they're not able to understand, like this is so prevalent, and the more, we bring it to light the list scary. It is. And hopefully keep sharing tools of how to navigate those waters. I think I think that there's also maybe different like we live in a certain frequency, and maybe there's other frequencies that are happening at the same time and other realities in every once in a while we get a glimpse, a glimpse of something that's happening, right there in the room, that we don't always see, 'cause it's a different frequency. That's just a theory. That's the truth. And with that we're going to start winding down into our seato Cup of wisdom. I have been on a crystal hi this week 'cause we have no crystals at potential. And I'm delighted to report that will also sharing with our community. It's called the panicle gift packages. I'm sorry botanical care packages, hence elected by the Perez sisters for your someone you love and each care package. There's four categories peace and grounding love, and protection prosperity. Beginnings intuition, and expression and each care package includes two crystals and intention, bracelet, a smudge stick or follow Santo, and a tiny gratitude herb pouch in his, you know, all of it is based on -bility in tuition. It's available for pickup or we can ship it to you right now where they'll services are only within the United States. And the crystal ally that I want to share with you. The I've been bonding with. And I hope that I say the name. Right. My my darling. Gucci no. Might be able to help me. It's a Cal council. Doni. I don't know if that's the right word. It's a pink house Adonis stone. And I've actually I'm trying to remember how Dr cows dimensions how he actually pronounces that. And I don't but we have studied that, so yes, it is such a beautiful gentle stone on one on the metaphysical properties of the pink custody Donis stone. Is it was considered a secret, crystal among native American Indians people in in use for various spiritual ceremonies. It has a strong. It is believed to be able to bring energy of goodwill, loving kindness and it's nicknamed the stone of brotherhood, meaning it is capable to strengthen the connection relationship between members and groups. So I think it's really beautiful as even the conversation that we had today. Right. We're talking about so much separateness and. And here is the stone that we're recommending that is the actor beauts is the opposite. It's the loving kindness is the bringing together. It's the spiritual communication helps balancing the energy between body mind and spirit to do good, communication. It helps make the crystal benefit of benefit for healers, or, and also has a very nurturing energy, energy. It contributes to the encouragement of feelings of inner peace and empathy. And it's one of those stones to that kind of, when it takes a the negative energy or that dense energy that one may be around and dissipates. So this kind of energy leads to negative behavior of that is certainly a wanted before begun that amend, the butcher, if you hear this, you work with the stone all of a sudden you here in the Moore's, like your shielded for me, and when negativities remove. Them blocked depression. Hopefully will not be as prevalent, you'll feel lighter. And as again, these are recommendations not to be, you know, supplemented with medical advice from your trusted medical doctor. This is more about mind science and working with those intentions. So I just wanted to make sure that new that and for more information visit botanical dot com. I love it. Absolutely. And I also say that there are specific in essential oils that correlate to certain crystals. And so in those part of the love packages, maybe we could put together a little package where we'll do an essence in combination with gemstone. So that's something I think about. So my little recommendation for health and wellness. It's gonna come. I'm gonna quote Dr Bruce cows ski, who's one of my mentors and teachers, he says the true health emanates from the maintenance of an ideal relationship with the conditions of life. Now, what are the conditions of life? US conditions of life are proper diet, pure water fresh air. Donmar adequate exercise warmth, reston, sleep emotional, harmony, and proper posture and true health does not emanate from an attempt to erase the effects of their disregard while this disregard is ongoing. Translation means that if we totally disregard these conditions of life, we're not gonna get health by just trying to take a pill or cut something out of our system and treat the center, while we're still assaulting our body by disregarding, these conditions. That we want to health. We need to find that balance and maintain a relationship that's deal between all of the conditions of life while removing any abuses that we've made against them. Love that. Oppose the excellent recommendations you do what you can me hint. To what you can. Be gentle with yourself. These days a crunchy. You know, give yourself the balance of nature, just it. Let me we need to get back to nature. We really do. That's where the wisdom. Liz. That is part of my journey, and to do today to be with nature, full little while either to go on a meditation walk or sit by the park, and just really, really focused on trying to have more outside time and disconnect as much as I can from my social media tech addiction, like it's real. I admit it, if there's a button of technology in front of me, I could mess around to get I will do it. I think we're all kind of into that. And that's by design, so the only way to break that it's going to be to cut the ties and just find our isolated space for while every single day and allow our bodies in our minds and our souls to heal. Yeah. And that, you know, that's, that's every day, a little bit at a time journey. And sometimes we think that we can take a magic pill and everything just feel better. And I wanted to, and sometimes life opens up and feels that way. That's all possible. But like I said, gentle, gentle gentle, gentle jumped and walk with excellence because that is part of the message, do what you can with what you have and make it whipper. This has been recycled Peres rooting Guten have an amazing week, and we will see you next Monday morning live at eleven. Am I guys tiddly? Tiddly. Low freeman. Though. We had the, the two not every time you like share common on our social media post your hoping the break-up seen by more people, which is so important, you can help. The crater impact take a moment right now and shirk break with your friends, and don't forget to give us a love shout. Burgers coffee table. You wanna eat a burger put it on a bar full your instincts to be for the new all American cheese, cheeseburger, fresh juicy fiefs fast till it's crispy around the edges covered in cheese, and stacked to the ceiling with deliciousness and knocked that baby down with a frosted beer at the bar, just like the sports God's intended, but new all America cheeseburger awhile wings. Please drink responsibly by our T with caffeine from green tea leaves. It's delicious energizing and comes in three amazing flavors with zero sugar and four calories. It fits your life with its comback size in portability. It goes where you go to the campsite, the hiking trail that beat without weighing. You down five our T caffeine from green tea leaves. Release your natural side from the makers of five hour energy. For more information visit five hour energy dot com, try peach and raspberry five our T today. Look for us at your local HEB grocery store.

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War, What Is It Good For?

On The Media

50:08 min | 11 months ago

War, What Is It Good For?

"This virus does not have intent. It can't be negotiated with there will be no truce. Are we at war with cove in nineteen? The Metaphor of choice is framing the way we confront the crisis from WNYC in New York. This is on the media. I'm Brooke Gladstone. And I'm Bob Garfield if we are at war with this virus and upside. According to economists is that it could shake up our social compact. We're all Keynesians foxhole. Because in an emergency situation even people who normally bike government will intervene in order to save themselves using the power of the state also in this time of national unity should celebrities. Just shut up. Even everybody gets it like yeah. People ARE GONNA DIE. Just terrible like inevitable. It's all coming up after this from. Wnyc in New York. This is on the media. I'm Bob Garfield and I'm glad stone. And this is New York Governor Andrew. Cuomo this is not going to be a short deployment. This is going to be weeks and weeks and weeks. This is going to be a long day and it's GonNa be a hard day and it's going to be an ugly day and it's going to be a sad day but even as the death toll nounce on American soil is war. What we're waging even metaphorically today we reach the historic milestone in our war against the corona virus. We certainly have the Fogle for over. One Million Americans have now been tested and we have wartime propaganda more than any other country by far not even close the President. Trump's numbers have been widely questioned with the US well behind Italy and South Korea in the number of people tested. Well this is world see roadwork Ronin virus and we have the virus on every continent except Antarctica. In this fight. We can be in no doubt that each and every one of us is directly enlisted but is our reliable stockpile of war metaphors with its explosions and weaponry. Soldiers and Supply. Lines the best vocabulary for framing. What's going on? I mean for those of us who aren't health workers in hospitals just people sheltering in place. This is a real question. The captain of a U. S. aircraft carrier says more of his sailors testing positive for corona virus. Captain Brett Cruiser is calling on Navy leaders to take stronger measures to save the sailors lives. He wrote we are not at war. Sailors do not need to die rather than saying we're fighting in a war. Maybe it would be more useful to say. We're being trampled by gray. Rhino risk expert Michelle Walker coined that metaphor to describe an obvious highly probable yet strangely neglected danger so I was trying to come up with an image. I was brainstorming with a friend. And I it's it's big. It's coming right at you. It's dangerous you know like with Horn. And that's when the Rhino popped into my head. Rhinos don't appear every day but unlike those far fetched unforeseeable Black Swans. We know they exist and that all of them whether black or white or basically gray and perilous and they're not stealthy any world power could see one coming if they had the guts to face inconvenient truths. I pulled the gray rhino out of a blog post on metaphors written by University of Nottingham. Proft Brigitte nearly other recent treatments of the metaphor dilemma could be found in the guardian the Atlantic and The New Yorker. Metaphors are much on our minds because by framing the issues they can shape policy and obviously Kobe. Nineteen is framed mostly in metaphors for in past shows we've observed other metaphorical wars on cancer for example or on drugs did little to vanquish those problems and may have even impede the efforts to address them this hour. We explore the suitability of the war metaphor politically economically historically personally sixteen billion dollars to buy the supplies. We need to win this war. South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster the Special Forces in this war or your nurses in your doctors and your healthcare professionals. They're the ones that meet the disease. Every day at all the rest of us are soldiers in this fight at seven o'clock every night. New Yorkers like many others around the world head to their windows canoes roofs and front stoops to applaud those special forces on the front lines wars even the most ruinous wars have heroes those often of low station who sacrifice out of proportion to how the society has treated them indeed. One of the collateral benefits of war is that those heroes are celebrated for their courage by those who had never really ever seen them before. Health workers are heroes and right behind them. The mail carriers sanitation workers and grocery clerks all essential all recognize now as crucial parts of the mechanism that holds communities together. Jeet here wrote a piece in the nation. This week about how. These workers are being empowered by crisis to demand. Better conditions equality and justice. Not For the first time I think the most care cut case. Here's a civil war where Lincoln initially started with. The goal of preserving the union with or without slavery was moved towards the abolitionist position by the argument that famous. Dave's would weaken the south but also block American soldiers where crucial part of the war and that you cannot ask these soldiers to sacrifice for no reason even the war. There was a very strong push for pensions and then in subsequent wars have things like the GI bill after the Second World War and you had the building up the va but she after Iraq and Afghanistan every time. There's a war because I have to come to terms with what we all the people who are making sacrifices. The workers on the frontlines are being referred to as heroes. But here's the thing. Unlike volunteer army or the Fire Department a frontline nursing assistant or a supermarket cashier hasn't signed up for heroism. They've signed up for a low wage. Job It's not something that they signed up for. I mean that's absolutely correct. It's not like the volunteer army. He gets more like conscription. Which is the more common experience of war in American history? And unfortunately it's a war where they're not given the protection that they need and they're not given the compensation that we would normally want to give our soldiers there's already some evidence of reaction to the status quo from workers who can fed up being at high risk with low reward. Slip seen an upsurge of job actions close official and what are called wildcat strikes. That's not sanctioned by union and it's particularly pricking that this might because you know unions are weaker now than they have been in more than a century so we've seen a whole host of actions. There was the workers at Insta- cars. Of course you deliver services called for a strike today. Several INSTA- car drivers around the nation went on a strike of sorts. They're refusing to fill orders until Morris done to help keep them save the Amazon warehouse on Staten Island. Two walkout organizers have said there have been fifty Amazon strikes across the country. The company said it's been more like fifteen and I believe that Amazon. Fire to worker there a guy named Christopher smalls from their Staten Island warehouse. He was the person who was organizing strikes in the bath iron works shipyard in Maine. Hassle workers stayed home the pressure their employers to clean up the shipyard plus drivers in Alabama went on strike because they felt that they weren't being protected so this is a nationwide movement a blue collar workers who are withholding their labor to try to push better conditions. Now we may not like to admit this but demanding higher pay or benefits or any kind of consideration in the midst of a crisis years with it. A political risk those seeking economic justice or simply recognition of their contributions will be dismissed as opportunists or as unpatriotic or selfishly trying to cash in on the crisis. Here's conservative Pundit Ben Shapiro if our Amazon and I had the capacity I'd fire everybody strikes right now and I bring in workers who are willing to work I would because this is unconscionable. Is there not a danger of just feeding that narrative the issue should focus on justice either actually dropped to ask people to do dangerous work without offering them compensation and that's very different than the case of a price cowher and I wanna just under support something which is a bit much as the people that are dangerous work aren't being compensated because of the economic recession? There's actually a real rollback of wages and compensation and just yesterday alcyone health which is a major employer. Doctors Nurses announced that they were reducing hours. We do pay including pensions bonuses and paid time off and they're doing that because health companies can't make money off the crown a virus they make money off of elective surgery so we have this perverse situation where the very workers are most at risk are actually teaching their compensation being cut back companies like. Tian have quite a bit of cover. In Congress. There are four senators including Lindsey Graham. Who have tried to resist the expansion of unemployment insurance and you know what they say is Kind of jaw dropping. So you're gonNA have all these well trained. Nurses they're gonNa make twenty four dollars an hour on unemployment you're literally incentivizing. Taking people out of the workforce at a time we need critical infrastructure supplied with workers. I think the proper actually that is if unemployment is more generous than working than that kind of you're not paying nurses enough. It's very dire in terms of what is going to do the medical profession and you already have doctors and nurses drying up. Wills trying to figure out. Who's GonNa take care of the kids? I honestly cannot understand the morality of denying compensation people in that situation. We've discussed in the past on this program. To potential futures one in which the crisis enables authoritarian minded leaders to get even more autocratic to govern by decree and so on the likelihood that once they've usurped that power that they're loathe the end of the crisis to surrender it but the other possible future seems to be defined by the package that the congress the two trillion dollar package for a more socially just distribution of the nation's wealth post pandemic. What do you think happens to the social contract? We're GONNA see a couple of things happening. Simultaneously get a spike in unemployment. But also premiums are GONNA be likely to go up much higher because health insurance companies are not really set up to deal with a pandemic also many medical institutions like hospitals are gonNA face bankruptcy. Going to have to be bailed out so within those conditions. I think that they're the perfect parameter for radical overhaul of the healthcare system and make it universal and free. It doesn't help you to have great private health insurance if many other people don't you're only as insured as the person who has the least health coverage because if they get it and they're not treated then the pandemic will spread and I think the logic of the pandemic itself is GonNa burst contractor change. One could have the nightmare scenario where there is a push for them as we see in certain countries like Hungary right now but there's always been also the possibly of democratic system that's more inclusive and that really offers people protection of lying to shared collectors project. Thank you so much. Thank you. Here is national correspondent for the nation. Coming up the idea of war not only frames are thinking it shapes our policy. This is on the media. This is on the media. I'm Bob Garfield and I'm ver- gladstone. Everyone will have the privilege of making whatever? Self-denial is necessary. I don't read the supply of fighting men but the the economic structure allowed our country fortified unsecure during the war and after the war by the spring of nineteen forty to the US had entered. Its FIRST FEW MONTHS OF WORLD WAR. Two which by then had been raging for years the front line was in Europe but FDR in a fireside chat let Americans know that the sacrifice would extend to their own doorsteps. Their own hearts their own pants. This will reply of cost. The abandonment not only of luxury many other pre trump comfort every loyal. American IS WEAR. I wear of his individual responsibility today. Those of us in self isolation make a sacrifice. It's our duty to sit inside and many of us watch our livelihood. Evaporate to flatten the curve. But what if the government's to us on Wednesday the IMF published a blog post calling on governments to implement wartime-like economic measures around the globe quote in a war. Massive spending on armaments stimulates economic activity and special provisions ensure essential services in this crisis. Things are more complicated. The economists wrote but governments should step in with measures like a freeze on. Fictions paid sick. Leave and cash. Transfers to the unemployed in foreign policy last week Economic Historian Nicholas. Moulder noted that the idea of a war economy has come to mean many things productivity sacrifice reform solidarity and resourcefulness and that the rhetoric of wartime idealism spills over into economic policy let can have an impact lasting long after the armistice assigned Nicholas. Welcome to the show. Thanks very much for millbrook. You wrote war. Economies don't suspend politics they raise the stakes. That's right right now. For example when you look at approval ratings trump's approval ratings have gone up a bit and in many other democracies the approval ratings encumbered leaders have gone up so it seems like huge incumbency advantage but only time will tell whether the corona virus crisis will provide a lasting political benefit. Because it's exactly because people now seem to put a lot of faith in leaders that these leaders can also squander that trust much more quickly so I think that what seems to be a kind of rallying around the flag effect could very quickly turn into MOSS DISILLUSIONMENT. You wrote that. There is a tendency for more progressive policies to come out of war economies. I'm not convinced. Your skepticism is very understandable because wars we associated them with this effect where politics is sort of suspended and everyone agrees to do what the government tells them but if we actually look at both one and we'll go to. That was not at all what came out of those wars. In fact the organization and militancy of Labor also the claims of veterans of widows disenfranchised groups like African Americans in the United States made much larger claims to participation in society afterwards forces unleashed in wartime economies. That even governments that have conservative. Politics will find it quite difficult to restraint but writing in dissent last week. Historian Tim Barker. Did you read that piece? Yes he urged us to stay away from war analogies or mortar. The point to stay away from using national security as a basis for action because it could also be used as a rationale for even more draconian immigration policies. Present a phobia. Do you worry when we pull a lever. That is so associated with real war Tim. Barker's arguments is very cute about warning about the dangers and I agree with that I would just differ slightly from him in emphasizing that we currently are of course not in a war. I've actually been quite surprised that it has taken so relatively long for trump and trump ass- to turn corona virus into arguments against immigration. I would have thought they would have done that much more quickly. But even as they are doing that they're still reliance on China and other East Asian countries right now for providing supplies last Sunday. There was a big airlift of supplies from East Asia that arrived at JFK of Moscow gloves. Thermometers and I think that that was over eighty happening in one and two which are remembered as moments of increased nationalism of course of national self reliance and self sufficiency but in fact already at that point. There were very globalized. Supply chains and even the American war effort was dependence nauseous on raw materials from abroad so rubber from Latin America Africa and Asia ten an amendment CETERA. America was using its productive base in order to build equipment that the rest of the world in order to fight fascism. That's something that right now. Interestingly is kind of inverted wherein a lend lease in reverse situation because most of the production of medical equipment happens in East Asia and so both the United States and Europe are having to rely on an air bridge now that is being established from East Asia to Europe and the United States. Were still in very international moment. It's just that the flows are going in the direction this time you wrote. This wasn't so much. A problem of prioritizing expenditures are limited resources the big issue in this case. Maybe the unique issue is sustaining circulation when people learn lockdown. You call this the ventilation or butter dilemma. As opposed to the old guns and butter one. Could you fill that out for me? The old dilemma of guns and butter is essentially about priority. What do you do when you have limited set of resources and you must choose in the short term to spend them on defense on Military Production? That's the gums part or on civilian production. That's butter now. A lot of people have been arguing. That what we face now. Is this choice between saving lives and restarting the economy. What we're really dealing with here is whether we can freeze the economy for as long as is needed to control the virus or sacrifice enormous amounts of lives to continue the circulation. And that's why I called it ventilation or butter because whether we keep the economy on a sort of life support or want to continue productions or Canadian it'll cost you said that the war itself will not necessarily give us what we want politically for the future but we can see that it creates a common morality but for how long if you look at World War. Two the kind of moral economy that came out of that conflict the idea that when people have to mobilize to confront common threats they have to put their lives on the line fighting or they have to put their neighbor. Forego wage increases forego freedoms that they have in peace time then they will also demand a lot backfired when that situation ends world. War Two created a kind of moral order that I think persisted for decades in the United States when it came to burden sharing. Redistribution what sort of public services are deemed normal and general and shared. The end of. That order didn't come until the late seventies and early nineteen eighties persisted for four decades after the war. So I think that the changes can be quite long lost it but I mean you're looking at our government now right at president trump and this congress using that this crisis and this use of wartime economic policies can ignite a similar sense of responsibility from them. I think it's important to look beyond trump in this regard but having the right institutions and policies also matters and I still think that there is a lot that we can do. That will be in place for the next president. I find it very difficult to predict what the ultimate political upshot of this crisis will be for politics but it certain that the challenge of climate change is exactly the kind of long run problem for which we need stayed capacity stayed capacity that this crisis has exposed is missing in the United States. The points of building a strong healthcare and planning and administrative states is that you have a well-functioning government. No matter who's in our thank you very much. Thank you very much for having me on. Nicholas moulders an economic historian at Cornell University. His article in foreign policy is called the Corona Virus. War Economy will change the world. One other thing worth saying. Just there's this expression that we're all Keynesians in a foxhole. So the ideas of John Maynard Keynes in which was basically the idea underneath economics in the welfare states of because we all you know even people who normally don't like government and state action in an emergency situation will intervene in order to save themselves using the power of government and the state George Orwell once said never use a metaphor simile or other figure of speech which you are used to seeing in print. He said worn out. Metaphors have lost all evocative power and are merely used because they save people the trouble of inventing phrases for themselves. We asked listeners. Which corona virus metaphors were dominating where they happen to be when French President Emmanuel macron addressed the nation on March sixteenth used the phrase new songs on Gal we at war six times? Paul McEwan is a professor of media and communications at Muhlenberg College in the United States. There's a history of war. Rhetoric being used in cases like the war on terror. The war on drugs that France doesn't have that same history and so even though he used the phrase a lot it had more of the sense of. We need to all come together. We need to work on this. This is really serious. Germany's Angela Merkel has stopped short of calling it a war listener. Seth knocks reported. I've seen the metaphor COM gigging dusty. Loose that is a fight or a struggle against the virus and so while comp could be used in a violent or militaristic sense to mean something like combat it's more flexible in its meaning and usage than a term like war and a war implies an enemy at a g seven meeting last week world leaders failed to reach an agreement because the trump administration wanted the official statement to refer to the illness as the. Wuhan fibrous this after trump called it. The Chinese virus in press conferences last month racist at all no matter does it comes from China. That's what comes from China to be accurate. The FBI has warned of an increase in hate crimes against asian-americans and is investigating stabbing of a family in Texas. You BIS stands firmly against the war metaphor because she thinks it can lead to send a phobia and racism and also because it shrinks our vision of the crisis. She's the author most recently of on immunity and inoculation a historical and linguistic exploration of our attitudes towards disease and each other viruses. Don't have nationality. They don't have politics. This virus does not have intent. It can't be negotiated with there will be no truce. This is part of why it's a bad metaphor. None of the situations that we would expect from war. Translate the effort of the trump administration to call this the Wuhan Virus and international forums. You know it in your book that syphilis was always attributed to another nationality Susan Sawn tag notes that syphilis was French to the English German to the French and the Chinese disease to the Japanese. But there's many other diseases that were thought of as being from or belonging to a different nationality near the turn of the century in America. There were people who believed that only black people could carry smallpox and that led to the forcible vaccination of African Americans. You offer a wonderful exploration of the word immunity better metaphors for thinking about it. The idea of health is being like a public bank immunity like a public square. And we're seeing that illustrated right before our eyes. Now you know. In order to maintain a level of immunity within the community. Everyone has to cooperate. I think refusing to participate in collective protection from disease is it's antisocial especially in this country it's a manifestation of privilege to rely on the risks that other people have taken in terms of vaccinating themselves and their children and to not take that. Risk Yourself. It's not tenable. This is now very obvious as disease spreads quickly across the globe. No places remote enough that it's not going to be touched by this disease. People might feel off the grid or removed or out of the way that's a psychological Mirage. And and so is individualism actually in this context in terms of our relationship to disease. We are not free. Standing individuals were always in relationship to other people in other people's bodies and our health. Very much depends on what other people do. The Polio Pioneers in one thousand nine fifty four. That wasn't long after the war. You suggested that the polio pioneers had a sense of responsibility to the community. That we don't have today but we're talking about six hundred and fifty thousand children from all over the country who are volunteered by their parents to test the first polio vaccine. That's a stunning number. You know initially when I first learned about the polio pioneers. I found it hard to imagine. It's now not as hard for me to imagine. I have to say and I was just talking to my stepmother and she was describing to me summer in her childhood in the Bronx when she couldn't play in the water sprinklers in the public parks because there was a polio epidemic. I think now it's a lot easier to understand beyond a sense of national responsibility. Why people might line their children up for totally self interested reasons as well. This is what social life depends on. We depend on other people fulfilling their basic duties. That would strike me as a reason. Why perhaps the war metaphors useful you quote Susan Som- tag she wrote abuse of the military. Metaphor may be inevitable in a capitalist society in which it is thought foolish not to subject once actions to the Calculus of self interest and profitability. War Som- tags suggests and you write is one of the few activities in which were not expected to consider practicality and expense declaring a metaphorical war on a disease is how we justify the expense the impracticality of protecting the most vulnerable among us. Yes we need. Some way of justifying actions. That don't have the usual justification and the usual justification is self interest or profit. We aren't making decisive moves nationally to cope with climate change. We were slow on Katrina and hurricane. Maria yes going back to your observation about SOM- tag. She doesn't like the metaphor but at least gets us to spend money right right but I think that there are still better metaphors that we could use to communicate the same thing that is being communicated when we speak of it as a war while also avoiding this idea of an imagined enemy and a kind of exaggerated. Nationalism might come with that. You mentioned nationalism when immigrants are described as bacteria. Then you got a problem. We translate information that we learn about our our bodies being under threat to our nation being under threat and that happens at a a level of thought that is not entirely conscious. The James Geary wrote a very beautiful book called the I is in other treatise on metaphor he writes are metaphors. Prime how we think and act that idea of a Metaphor Priming. Your thought was actually explored in a study that he talks about in that book. Two groups of people were asked about their attitudes towards immigration but before they were interviewed one group was given an article to read the described airborne. Bacteria is harmful and the people who read that article were more likely to express negative attitudes towards immigration impart because of the already existing metaphor of the nation as a body. And you know this is one of the reasons to put an effort into avoiding the war metaphor because quietly giving our minds instruction on how to think and that translates into action. I truly believe fit the wrong language. The wrong words will lead you to the wrong thought. You mentioned that you're motivated in part to write your book because the war metaphor is used to apply to any germs quote invading the body. Yes the metaphor that I find. Most productive around disease is the metaphor of an education. I was interviewing a professor of immunology at the University of Iowa who's also an infectious disease expert and I was asking him to give me a very thorough introduction to the immune system. This took about two hours and t made it all the way through these two hours without ever wants using a war metaphor. My favorite phrase that he used was that pathogens tutor the immune system even the technical language. Immunity uses this metaphor so we speak of immune systems being naive. I loved that part. Immune systems of children because they've had less exposure to pathogens have not yet learned how to form the antibodies against them. Their systems are naive. And that's actually really useful in the context of Corona virus. Because one of the reason it seems to spare very young children so often is because the naive systems of very small children. Don't overreact yes. Yes and what's interesting to me is naive is actually the technical term after I met with that immunologist who used almost strictly educational metaphors to talk about disease. I experimented myself with thinking and talking about my own illnesses using only educational metaphors. If I had a cold I would have to say to myself. Not I'm fighting a cold but I'm getting schooled by this cold. The interesting thing to me is that it was really a different psychological posture. Changing my language changed my relationship to sickness and disease. If you think of yourself is at war you feel embattled but if you think of yourself as engaged in an education you feel like you're making progress. You're getting somewhere yet. Of course you know the doctors and nurses on the front line when they use the language of war. It's justified. They are embattled yet. If you're in a hospital in New York City right now the metaphor of war is GonNa feel pretty apt. Doctors are probably much more advanced than laypeople. In this psychological strategies they use to cope with being constantly surrounded by pathogens for lay people in the middle of a pandemic. I've been thinking about that. Education Metaphor quite a bit because it also seems to me that it could be extended and sink. What can we as a country? Learn from this experience quite a few people have already made really interesting. Observations about our economy who value who is essential. Who's in danger in a situation like this and who's compensated for that danger were in what might be called a teachable moment. Ula thank you very much. Thank you so much. This is such a pleasure. You Labus is the author most recently of on immunity and inoculation and she also teaches writing at northwestern university. Coming up. Do we really need celebrities to tell us how they're sheltering in place. Can't they suffer if you can call it that in silence this is on the media? This is on the media. I'm Brooke Gladstone. And I'm Bob Garfield for most of the country. Now been two weeks of home confinement. A phenomenon widely predicted to change our culture forever. A change may even have begun right away on March sixteenth. When stuck at home. High School Musical Star Vanessa. Hudgens was moved to post this on her instagram virus. I get it like I respect it but at the same time like even everybody gets it like yeah people are. GonNa die terrible like inevitable. What is the impulse for sharing that whatever it was out loud for millions on twitter one popular surmise was chemical? But maybe it was another kind of intoxication. The feeling that having the platform conferred by celebrity demands using it as Elizabeth Taylor once did to sound the alarm about HIV AIDS not only is AIDS information imperative in order to save lives. It is also of critical importance in ensuring suing compassion and dignity to those who are diagnosed. The same dynamic applies to live aid. The women's March and soon nami relief has increased exponentially with the evolution of social media. Now it's like twenty four seven feet. Whenever anything up to inform commiserate lecture consciousness raise virtue signal agitate or just as in Hudgens case. Speak in tongues not at her post West. Necessarily the most out there. There was for example. The actress evangeline Lilly who proudly instagram about flouting social distancing rules for herself small children naturally. She was flamed in the comments as reckless idiot whereupon she doubled down portraying herself as a righteous defender of personal liberty against insane overreaction akin to martial law turns out lily is an reckless mom. She's Patrick freaking henry quote. Some people value their lives over there. Freedom some people value freedom over their lives. We all make choices. Who by the way if the name evangeline Lilly doesn't ring a bell? She was a star of the show. Lost why the hell would you do something so stupid to save Your Life? My life don't need saving. You want to die because that's what's going to happen. That's lost then. There's lost in space singer songwriter. Keri Hilson tweeting that the pandemic can be traced to radiation from five G. Wireless Service because Duh. Luckily he'll send has only four point. Two million twitter followers. One twitter a gentleman who calls himself mazzy Marvin? The paranoid android was having none of it. This he tweeted is why we should be worried about. The platform. Fame gives otherwise stupid celebrities. Who Haven't have one or two talents. Which response not only very subtly expresses annoyance but also may reflect early signs of that Paradigm Shift as writer? Amanda Hasmugh used in the New York Times. The bully pulpit of celebrity is beginning to wear out. Its welcome in the midst of gathering catastrophe. She wrote our awareness has never been so easy. To rouse and misuse celebrities have a captive audience of traumatize. People who are glued to the Internet is darting toward trending topics clues to processing the unimaginable ours looming. Just outside and instead are finding Madonna bathing in a rose petals strewn bath no really an actual video of Madonna in candle lit refuge naked. Because she's in the bathtub and because she's Madonna. Meditating on the incomprehensible egalitarian. Ism about all of the thing about Covet nineteen. It doesn't care about how rich you are. You Are you are how smart. You are where you live. It's the great equalizer. That's terrible avengers. Let's let's terrible about it. Is it Spannis off on many ways? Wonderful in a way. She says because the virus doesn't privilege privilege terrible because I don't even want to guess what she's getting at. Amanda has points out that entertainment celebrity has always traded on the wealth and fame that offers fans vicarious glimpse of the unattainable but the same unattainable -bility that once drove media from gossip columns to the lifestyles of the rich and famous to e entertainment. Television is suddenly triggering resentment last week. Jennifer Lopez posted a video from the manicured backyard. Fiance Alex Rodriguez Palatial. Miami ESTATE OF ALEX. Being served perrier on a tray by their twelve year old boy on his hover boards. J. Lo tweeted. We can't go out to any restaurants or anything but the service and entertainment here is pretty good. Then the kid hover boards right into the I may say creating Nice Swimming Pool you guys. The hilarity was such a welcome tonic to her forty five million followers. That one gushed. I got laid off another tweeted back. Ma'am could you? Then mommy thousand dollars. Please many social media users were equally moved by entertainment. Mogul David Geffen. Who sent a sunset message from his shelter in place in the southern Caribbean isolated in the Grenadines? Geffen wrote avoiding the virus avoiding it from the lonely seclusion of his yacht. The Rising Sun approximately the size of Jupiter. Some on social media seem to find this a bit tone deaf which would be ironic because Geffen made most of his money in the music industry. And so- fittingly. The billionaire quickly became the subject of a song by John Mayer. It's a guy. Law reflects these specs. Four hundred fifty six six seven six yet. As Victor Hugo famously wrote music expresses that which cannot be said and on trade is impossible to be silent. Although sometimes you wish it would just shut up in Nazran days. No easy huge A L. below. That was actress. Gal Gadot and celebrity pals reimagining. John Lennon's imagine for the Corona Virus Age. Amy Adams. Mark Ruffalo Natalie. Portman Jimmy Fallon and more being earnest or whatever for all its. We are the world solidarity and emotional generosity. Imagine part to the revenge did not sit well with the hitherto adoring fans some founded. Vape others Bennell still others threadbare hackneyed and trite as comedian. Josh Condom and concluded quote. No politician can unify people in the way that the imagine video seems to have united every single person against it one common complaint was the one two punch of self righteous preening and hypocrisy a reply to Gondal men from twitter user. Manatee meow said quote. It's rich people seeing one of the worst songs ever at us in a cloying. Grab for attention and fo- charity. It's the worst thing in my life including Kovic nineteen and the Bulkin Holocaust. Oh and on the subject of tone deafness I give you Natalie Portman Pedro Pascal and mark. Ruffalo care or for imagine no brotherhood of May Oh the humanity the actual off keenness is what most flummoxed Opium Producers Andhra Ellen O. Couldn't get her head around. White professional performers seeking to convey a sentiment wouldn't begin with you know professional performance here. She is recreating that moment from our editorial meeting on Monday. I mean that's not how art works so has all the Hollywood social mediating glowed garish under. What New York? Times political reporter asked did herndon called quote a black light for celebrity clown ship for every Vanessa Hudgens. There's a Kylie Jenner amplifying. The surgeon general's virus hygiene checklist. Please stay inside you guys. Please stay inside practice. Social Distance Saying Self Quarantine Cardi B. pointing out that celebrities. Sometimes get past the bouncers. Because they're on the CORONA VIRUS TESTING VIP list. Celebrity is saying. Hey listen I don't have no symptoms feeling good. I feel healthy. I don't feel like nothing but I went and got sexy and I'm positive for the corner virus that caused confusion. Nba superstar Steph Curry. Getting the straight dope from Dr Anthony Falconry. How is co in nineteen different chrome the flu in terms of how you interact with the body and just how it spreads? Well it's similar in some respects Steph. Isn't that his respiratory illness stats transmitted by the respiratory route and food network host. I Know Garden offering an urgent survival tip. Stay safe have a good time. And don't forget the cocktails and then there was the wisdom of curb your enthusiasm. Larry David who went way off brand this week to fame splaine. The problem is you're passing up a fantastic opportunity a once in a lifetime opportunity to stay in the house sit on the couch and watch watch. Tv I mean. I don't know how you passing that up. Well maybe not bright. Thanks Larry me. I'm fully committed to tiger. King Meantime please remember be against poverty. Beacons WAR BE AGAINST RACISM. Follow me on twitter at Babo sphere by all of my books. We're all GONNA die. I'm Bob Garfield. That's it for this week. Show on the media is produced by Alana. Casanova Burgess like a low injured fedor John Hanrahan and Sandra Ellen. This week we bid Ado to producer Asta Chatter Betty who will be leaving Arizona meetings to join zoom meetings at different media company. Asta we will miss you terribly. All the best in the new situation. We had more help from Anthony. Bansi and Louise Blondie. Oh and our show was edited by Brooke. Our technical director is Jennifer. Munson engineers this week. Were Sam bear and Josh. Hong Katya Rogers is executive producer on the media is a production of WNYC studios on knbr gladstone stone. And I'm Bob Garfield.

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010: Dr. Katie Ziegler  COVID-19 and the NICU, What Families Need to Know

TODAY is a Good Day Podcast

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010: Dr. Katie Ziegler COVID-19 and the NICU, What Families Need to Know

"Welcome to the today's a good day. Podcast of high caste to bring you a new point of support as you navigate your journey. Today's a good day here to be a part of your conversations whether your baby was born. Prematurely has special needs or if your family is grieving a loss the voices you will hear on the today's a good day. Podcasts are personal stories from people who've been there please don't forget to hit subscribe and leave us a review on your favorite podcast listening navigating the nikki journey before covid nineteen was already incredibly stressful and overwhelming adding the covid nineteen pandemic to the equation takes a families anxiety and stress to a completely new level. On this episode. We will learn how the nicotine abington hospital has support families during the pandemic using virtual practices. And what they've learned from this experience. Dr katie ziegler medical director for abington. Nikki is here with us to share best practices for mom and baby as it relates to covid nineteen and two dealing with public health concerns. Welcome dr ziegler very happy to have you here so tell us a little bit about yourself and why you chose to focus in this area. I'll thank you so much for having me as always a pleasure to talk to you martha Sure so i am locally grown. I was born at abington hospital. I won't tell you how many years ago And my Education dernie took me up to penn state university for my undergrad. And then i completed my medical school training assets philadelphia. College of medicine i did my residency at jefferson university and depan hospital for children and then i completed my municipal fellowship After that residency training and over a total of six years after medical school and luckily for me i was able to secure a job at the place that was born and I've been here since two thousand and their teams very happy to be here. And then i became the medical director and thousand and nineteen and nobody told me that i was feeling with a global pandemic that the yearly third. What made you choose the nick. You what stood out with the babies and the families that you've got to work with think the reason i chose the you Was because there's so many success stories We definitely have again. We definitely have not great things happen. And then hugh but the majority of my job is happy. I guess if he there at the beginning of a person's life which is pretty amazing. I celebrated many many birthdays. And i don't think a lot of people get to do that. and then additionally it's fun to take care of baby and it's fun to guide their families through the process and you know i think every day i learn something new from the bbc and everyday learned something from a new family. And i'm taking care of so it really is a nice next And it's fun to meet new people all the time and it's fun to share on our journey and i just have to thank you personally for our family. The relationships that we built with the neonatologist who took care of clare and mary. I don't know what we would have done without them in our lives and we oftentimes talk about the two doctors who saved claire and the end mary when they were born and they will be forever with us so you are with many families for celebrating those birthdays for sure. Now i did want to talk to you a little bit about virtual practices as you discuss being part of a global pandemic and figuring out how you care for babies families during this really difficult. Chapter abington has been thinking outside the box looking at virtual practices and to support families in unique ways. Recently the hospital was featured in an article in the new england journal of medicine catalysts which is our innovation division highlighting. How your practice has changed in the nicu's since kovin. Can you talk to us a little bit about that. I know that you were a part of that article. Part of that article So how it happened was really just a lot of conversations. Mostly between myself and dr eddy. Tang who is chief of neonatologist the at abington hospital and our nurse manager michelle walker. Are you I don't know or or to as an open day. Hugh meaning we don't have ended its over or each. Ab there are anywhere from two to four babies in pod They are at least sixteen bar. Those babies but the challenge for us is that we could not safely these feet apart while we were around. Ding on the babies and other challenge of that was That we couldn't expel from the parents and we really thought it was important to have the parents. He's visiting and being with their babies. So we wanted to come up with a strategy that we could say please still round on the meaning Nutritionists developmental is have our armistice ever covering unit on or Occasionally we'll have you don and we realized pretty early on in that we were going to have to do something out of the hugh and we were earlier with forms. Such as to that does web. We decided that we were gonna take our conversations about the db's zoom in worked out really really well We received really good feedback from hereon. And he back from the staff and we realized pretty quickly that what we were doing other people needed to know about so that they could adapt their practice and their nicu's that they could safely still take care of the babies but they'll have every team member presents for the rounds because each individual team member has such an important role in the course of a premature babies journey You know we could endure jobs without the help from our nutritionist or developmental as a so we couldn't cut them out of around in. So it works really well and We're really excited that you know. We thought it was a tragic putting it out there to new england journal medicine but they were really excited about it and A catalyst is It's the subset of the new england journal that looked at innovation and How you perform in care so it was a perfect fit. That's great and if you're interested in reading that article we have shared. That article on. Today is a good day dot. Org in the blog so you can check it out. There truly informative and interesting to read. And i think during this time with having to think outside of the box of how you support families how has this innovation impacted the families. You're working with when you say you've heard good from them. Why is that. I think one of the reasons that have been very impactful is that it leads families. See that people who are taking care of their babies and just the our whole faces Practicing wearing masks is really difficult. It's very difficult to connect with a family member. It's really difficult to empathize family member because so much of what we do as nonverbal communication and Families would really miss out on If they couldn't be us and talk to us. I think that that's wanted to areas. That we've definitely got really nice feedback from the parents Certainly we still go down into the and parents. One wanted these days but they can answer. Ask questions to the whole team in a safe way so impressive that you're doing that and to think that you can connect with so many people for those rounds in talking with the families. I mean thinking back to our own personal journey. We had individual conversations with the medical team. About how clear how mary were doing at the time. And to be able to expand that to the nutritionist to therapy a therapist who might be talking with you about exercises to do with your baby to the nurse manager and the doctors. I mean it's really incredible to be able to pull all of those team members together at one time. Even though it's virtually you can see they're facing you can talk with them. Which is great. What are some of the other measures in the hospital. I know in working with our hospital partners. Many restrictions have been put place just with visitation during kovin. What are other. What are some of the other measures that have been implemented to help keep the babies and the family safe visit nation We did have to come alterations. Visitation our nephew And we're it's important for us because we have to keep all of our abc's but something that family members might not think about is that we also have to keep all over staff days And for those of us that take care of the babies. There's honestly not that many people who can do the same job as the nurse and do so we can borrow from another floor and a nurse. Just take care of maybe one or two pounds is. They're very very special. Kill fence so we knew early on that we had their tax that skill set so one of the things we did early on about the same time as virtual rounding with that we did have to restrict our visitation so that just The parents back in visit. We recognize the importance of errands. Being there to take care of their babies and be with their babies We also recognize that this only because we were feeling it to the anxiety that happens at the beginning of this and mx because nobody knew what was happening and the important keeping that family connection together and letting these new parents bond with their babies. We knew it couldn't be taken away. So we limited our just to apparent or the mom and whoever designated support person and initially we only had our visitation during the daytime hours and the rationale for that was that would protect our nighttime nurses and then forbid we had an outbreak of the daytime nurses army verses that could And start taking care of the babies during the day We lifted that recently when the number got better than our back open our Normal policy like erin. Visit all the time. But we're still not open to anybody except erin and that's for the whole hospital. That's her wealthy these as well and interestingly. I was just reading an article that there might be an unintended improvement in breastfeeding Because moms are less interrupted by visitors and they have more site with their babies really interesting article ages red so maybe a positive ingram that but And you know martin. That was not an easy decision for me. I I did redel martha for council those decision because we murder you have never walked in the shoes of appearance so we did and both our parents as well it is. It's it's our decision that you have to make with that. We talked a little bit about innovation. And virtual rounds. Can you talk to us. About virtual rounds. What are they and what have you been using to connect with parents as a great question. So when we say around we were heard to the time that The whole medical team needs about a particular baby and we go over all of the air plans and the then baby had the night before. And we kind of try to come up with a plan for the day and Previously that was done in person at each side. We move them to what we now. Call virtual virtual Angeline the same thing. How you and i are right now. So the a social platform a virtual platform. So that we all meet the same time together and definitely wasn't challenged in the beginning because Luckily for us most of our staff it has Either a computer with a camera and then my own or some sort of device but honestly a lot of people were having to use their cell phones to connect and that was not the best way so fortunately through a grant that was graciously given to us today. As good day we were able to get. I've had that we were that we now utilize every day for virtual around so our nurses have one our nurse practitioner on our physician has one and then we have an extra one. Were very fortunate to have. Because we're also doing all of our outpatient follow up appointment virtually so we're using a fourth. I've had in that setting That's been really really helpful. And we were very fortunate. Get those. i've had within five days of asking for them. They were up and running in the mchugh. You navigating the nikki. During this time i truly i think back to when we went through our nikki journey almost ten years ago and adding on the covid nineteen component to it. Just i can only imagine what families are going through. And we're we're certainly thinking about them and looking for more ways to support them the best that we can when you see families leaving the nikki now and graduating. What is the biggest challenge that you are seen them experience. I mean what are they. Were they most scared of or what. What do you see them talking to you about. The most as they're getting ready to leave and then point. I think people are a little bit more comfortable with what's going on and people understand what the virus is and they understand monthly and are how to stay safe. a big question and big concern. That word inning is. Who do i let visit might be an and it's a hard answer Because no one hundred percent say the answer is no one But we also know that that's not a reality so A lot of people are just saying like when can people visit houses. People were telling parents that are in the policy. We have been encouraging social distancing before we knew it was a thing We always encourage parents on. They're going home. Wash your hands frequently. Make sure you're cleaning high touch areas frequently and we've always encouraged parents to limit their visitors because our vulnerable when they go home especially premature babies who don't have good immune system the way that we're trying to navigate that question about who can visit my baby and kind of in line with the the whole quarantine pod i So basically you just need to have a core that people who you are hundred sixteen confident that they are practicing social distancing people that you know they're not going to the store and all the time if they're going out. They're wearing a mask. They're washing hands. They're not going to dig gathering Really trying to limit it to like grandparents and then the closest family and friends that you have because truly you know not just for the parents are they gonna take care of their baby. So it's really just making sure people like they understand that whoever they're living that to be a really trusted individual And then we kind of leave it up to the family if they want that person to wear masks when they come It is such a hard road to travel with. Who you let into your home. I even before covid. I mean. I remember when we went home in the middle of rsv season with the respiratory virus that can impact all children all babies but specifically premiums can impact them in a in a really hard way. We took claire home in the middle of february. And we really didn't take her out until memorial day and that included saying now. We can't do easter together. We can't do holidays together. If someone's sick and trying to get through that. I know there are some families who have family members who say well. Your child needs to get germs because they thank of. Germs are good and helped to build resiliency against onus but that's not the case with premature babies. And how do you help. Those families have the right words to share with other family members who were saying. Oh you're being to stricter stricter. Oh you should let us come in. That's a tough question. But you know there's no reason for a premature baby Any or full term baby in that first four to six weeks after they come home any type of term. I think you know. I think you should tell people you know. We can cross that bridge and a couple years older can get will be much stronger. Than there's no advantage to getting the durham. Now i usually honestly ella parents. They use by name and say doctors bigler said no. We are one hundred percent okay with that anybody listening. You can use any doctor's name they will stand behind that. I think we may have done that a few times. Yeah totally the other thing. I wanna add. Is you know it is okay to go. He go walk with your baby when you get home It is okay to be outside and make sure that Parents are getting the breaks that they need so. Don't be afraid to go for a walk with your baby and dude named outside that make you happy one of the things that i always remember to and talk with families about in fact i was just talking the other day to a nikki mom about this when you have family members who might be giving you a hard time or who really want to come over and you're having trouble talking with them about how you feel and how your rules will be in your house. I mean i remember. We had l. everywhere you came in you wash your hands then you out than if you touch something you pure out and you know. That process went back and forth. But the other thing that i always shared with family members and friends and always kept in. The back of my mind was if claire gets sick. No one else is going to be with paula. Me sitting next to her bedside in the er in the middle of the night that at the end of the day it will be us taking her back to the hospital or back to the doctor or whatever needs to be done to make sure that she stay strong and healthy and that i think is always a good reminder for families who are having a difficult time telling other family members know or friends no were just not quite ready yet because at the end of the day it's them they're they're the ones who are going to have to go back to the hospital or get the extra care and i think that's a good thing to think about. Yeah and the only other thing i think about is sometimes for some parents. This is the first time. They've had to advocate for anybody other than themselves. So this is the time to relay to see. Your baby advocate And do what feels right for you. like exactly what you're saying in the end it matter what. The parents think Yeah that's good advice. So when we talk about families delivering right now during kovin when you see the mass and you hear about friends and family members who are delivering. Talk to us about that. What's that looking like these days or gang strained Poor moms. I do feel for them so every mom when they come in they do get is erdogan named Though ethically we know if it has a strategy to keep our staff saints and it strategy to keep our moms and babies and benedetto strategy to further 'cause we need to know who is positive and who's not a weekend r as needed The mom are allowed to have one person. Come and stay with them the whole time. We never not athlet that happen but every time were in the room Their mom and In our partner father has to wear a ma Include during delivery so when mom now deliver they are wearing mask to deliver Basically you know obviously brother who has been Birth naturally you know your screaming and breathing really heavy so Even with the negative test. We still do. Have you wear that mask. Because the thing is not one hundred percent foolproof and you do sometime all negative test. So it's a screening test. We have right now So that that was going on and then all parents are asked to answer a questionnaire Who deliver and as you know. Have you been have. You had a fever. Have you been exposed to anybody. Was co biz and i know in you. We all have that questionaire and most recently. We had to add the travel questions as well as there are certain states that they're not allowed to come in there and what should parents do if mom is home sick with covid and what's their best way or dad or a family member who might be living at the home. What's the best way to prevent the baby from getting sick. I think that'd be really important question. And we are doing our best to educate every family about that question before they go home because they recognize that they don't have covid nineteen now but they might get a and the next few months so there aren't gonna nation in into spectrum recommendation. So it's basically family can decide what's best for them. So one option would be as mom and dad gets you find somebody who's not saying and the baby out of the house And he'll here not having symptoms in there and A whole Algorithm for how you come off the precautions. So that's the most strict option is taking the baby out of the house and having a healthy caregiver. All iverson take care of that baby in the strictest of all the choices it's obviously the most states because the baby's longer now having said We know that people with covid nineteen shutting the virus before they have any symptom so people will just say well you know. The horse is out of the barn. Baby's already been so. When do i do now. I don't maybe and the end of that is where man Watcher hand anywhere math. Whenever you're holding the baby and you only be or eating and changing diapers and then otherwise you make sure that the baby is at least sixty away from difficult. That really So and then of course with that. It's the handwriting saying You know cleaning services and you know. I don't know how people are navigating this if they're actually really ill and it's hard to take care of a newborn baby and You really from the people. I know that you know it is not a walk in the park there for a long time. So that's a were recommending now. So how caregiver able and then if not and lots of hand hygiene and then you wear masks whenever you're getting the navy and whenever you are changing diaper it is really important to mention that you do not put on a baby Ab should not wear masks. And so there's three years old stuff occasion and you're not gonna get covid. Nineteen we do not think you're gonna get cooking. They'd probably baby because they just don't have the capacity they're really being around okay for parents going home right now with their full-term preterm babies when they leave the hospital. What's the biggest piece of advice you have for them right now especially in this environment with covid. Nineteen and biggest piece of advice. Right now is to why her hand where a mask when you're in public and limit your visitor in the beattie. Okay now dr ziegler. I do have to ask you. You been a neonatologist for a long time. Now you've met a lot of families. Tell us a story that stood out for you of a you graduate. Who's really made a difference or a family. Who's made an impact on over your years as a neonatologist domini stories It's really hard to narrow one down. But i think the one that the most and unfortunately it wasn't a happy ending It was a baby that unfortunately passed away who soon premature babies. That didn't make it. And i still And remember the dad after it happened. Like calling me off me about and you really thought that it was his all because he had cleaned the bathroom Before he came to visit her and was convinced that day per. And i really hope that i got That this is. This is not a united nothing to do this but the only really stick with me because even through even further laws A stay in touch with me And actually in my office have a picture hanging that was supposed to be in her nursery And it just it. So i see it every day and i remember her and her anxiety and i know that they didn't have a good outcome but i hope that i was able to help Get through a really difficult time. Thank you thank you for for sharing that with us and it does show the impact that you make every single day on families that you don't even realize and i can tell you as a parent myself that you all do wonderful work and help so many each and every day dr ziegler have to thank you again. Thanks for being with us. Thanks for talking with us about covid nineteen and we appreciate you sharing your background and all that abington hospital is doing to help families during this challenging time. Thank you for having me as a pleasure. thank you for everything that today is a good day has done for not only the family but the staff. And we couldn't do it. We do without you guys. Thank you thank you.

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Part 1: Unlock The Vault!

The Young Turks

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Part 1: Unlock The Vault!

"A qualcomm we believe in staying connected and you can see us wherever five g is helping transform telemedicine supporting remote education empowering mobile. Pc's the invention ages here. Learn more at qualcomm dot com slash invention age. All right. that was bad as I i we're seeing the i uber. John rowland antica sparing in the legendary. Unlock the volts special. Just getting not let you there at all. It's the first time we're doing it. We'll see turns out so We we are trying to get your roll two million To keep young. Turks sustainable healthy at the progressive message out there and most importantly by the way guys eventually change. We might have to awesome progressives coming for you guys soon. That could go into this congress. So an where's the platform where they got started. Almost all of them right here because of you guys. So one of them was on earlier today in the conversation. Gary chambers gonna run for central richmond seat. He's been on damage report. He's been on the young turks he's been on the conversation at etc and if he would he's got a real shot at winning that seat. Oh it'd be amazing. You guys the change that i think this country needs and so that's why we do to. It dot com slash go so today in order to try to get to our goal. We're going to try to raise twenty five thousand dollars on the special. It's really hard or even shot now but we only just say. Hey just you know it's important so give us. We want to have fun to write over into is. We're gonna show you videos if we can get to certain goals So give us twenty five thousand dollars and we'll show you the first video. I'm kidding. I'm kidding okay coast. We'll we'll put up arbitrary numbers for the video. So we'll the first one will be about john So it's john's worst fear. So i haven't seen the john videos and i wanna see them so. Please make them happen. I don't know what it is. Okay good so we. We need to raise children hundred fifty dollars to see the video. That's wia unlock. The volt of both of the videos right and some of these are pretty embarrassing for all of us so john's worst fear if we get to two hundred fifty dollars watched that video then after that we've got a bunch of Video so i'm hoping get through these quickly in this half hour that i have with n john is. We really want to get to The race between hanana If you haven't seen that one you're among the few because we've shown a bunch of that stuff so there is a salt dragon is the salt. Okay no it's cool that i'm You know Spending the little. Free time i have Doing the special where you will humiliate me. I'm looking forward to that. Well you'll be. You don't know what happened soviet away so we've got a special director's cut with an alternate ending all right so anyway it's okay i You know i kick your ass on a daily basis. So i'll let you have this one jank all right and by the way we later in the program we got two hours. I'm gonna show videos where i lose two okay. I didn't think the videos so Asher kim astra's Producing the show today as you. Can we see the thermometer for the first time because this is the thermometer for this particular show. I assume we're starting zero. I don't know if we've gotten five bucks yet but zero. Yes that's right. It is in fact zero so we are going to track it and see by the way if we get through to videos video show. That'll be wonderfully embarrassing so you can look forward to that so But we gotta get through this one to get through all of them. John you remember what your worst fear was. I mean if i remember. I was warned that it's not the thing i would suggest is my worst fear so no i don't i don't know actually i'm not sure. Is it like just a room full of people like talking to me. I don't know sound pretty bad full of people talking to you. And i just one the other or no but it's that same room of people but they're all calling me one after the other phone calls rilo my god john you would hate life seems okay jank really which far john like the part where he signed onto a approximately fifty eight different full time careers is that is that the part. That's fun a lot of them involve meeting with people whether in person or over the city all day like all day meetings like who. That's not fun jake. John you host sean wednesday partly because and by the way donate a ty t. Dot com slash. Go so we get at least john's worst fear and it's not just that obviously guys you're helping the show and you're helping factory change and god. I might be as early as tomorrow. That i have amazing news for you guys. Okay so and you make all that puzzle but anyway john To a party using hosts on wednesdays is because i have to do been on wednesdays as so So what is business mean for for me says you know we say i run the company but people don't have a sense of what that means right. Plus they probably don't care what it means is a series of endless meetings and so meetings about everything you could imagine. Finance accounting marketing Personnel e you know. They're just one after another after another after another. That was an hour. That was an hour and a half. That was half an hour. Oh that one ran seven minutes late now. You really rude to the next set of folks that are in that meeting and you gotta catch up. jank yes. I think that does sound terrible. And i don't know for sure. Because i've never been invited any of these meetings and i'd like to keep it that way but it's not for me. The fear isn't a series of an hour meeting an hour and a half meaning thirty minute meeting. That might be tolerable. It's an hour meeting. That should have been twenty minutes an hour and a half meeting. That should have been thirty minutes and the twenty minute mean. That could have been one minute email. That's what really gets me. Yeah but also you gotta remember. No meetings actually efficient and so it's too much to ask for for meetings to be efficient like we make them as efficient as possible but in order to know and in order to have more efficiency. You'd have to have a lot more rude. none on. I just know. I need to bookmark what you just said. Because truer words have never been uttered by you or anyone else later like that is what you just said loses truth and justice. No meeting is ever efficient. Whose truth and justice. I think it's a fallen card anyway. That's uncover listening to the thermometer if we got two hundred and fifty and then on comeback this topic in the second hey On showing this. John meals we got another john video right after it. And so that's Early john videos on t y all those. You're so dorky and wonderful so that's another fifty dollars to get to that video but first let's see john's worst fear so we put on this movie and the movie is based on a true story. Yeah that's one of the things that makes it scarier. It's set in the back country. It's canadian movie. It's about two ideas a couple the off into the woods and get lost and they discover that they're being stalked by a bear that there bears in the area and that doesn't seem like a great horror movie. Bears are so much scarier than demons or dinosaurs. Or whatever because they're real and it's based on a true story and so there's some scenes of bear attacks that i wished that i had not seen because i can't unsee them now. Bears don't give the main goals of civilizations to get to a point where you're not easily reached by predators and then we offer ourselves up to them again is so foolhardy that's terrifying. I can't see anything. A polar bear coming out of the water. There can cover this distance in two hundred seconds job so during the night will be doing polar bear watches. So i'll stay up to a certain point and then you guys have to do the rest of them through the night the easiest way to do it is to our shifts the boulevards eric income from every direction from walk along the coasts. Up to the camp. Here it can come swimming from the ocean In all directions and can come down from the mountains here crossing from another area. You can't really see anything. It's too dark even with the flashlight. You can't really see much. See you start listening and trying to figure out what a polar bear would sound like if it was approaching on land or through the water. It sounds like that it sounds like that wave and every other wave when pretty much alone in the dark everything looks like the thing you're looking for and everything sounds like it. They keep thinking about is around the bend over there where the tracks came from. How long would it take a polar bear walking at. Its normal speed to go from not visible to in our camp. You can't see it with the flashlight but you can't have the flashlight on all the time. Do it every couple of minutes but what if you turned off the flashlight. Just around the bend. The one that's responsible for a polar bear walking right into camp. How no no instantly my favorite special of all time. I love that so much. We got it now. I think everybody was going to be awesome. Two hundred fifty dollars for early john videos. Typ dot com slash. Go okay now. this one. My favorite moment was when the norwegian nude or whatever was like Polar bears can come in any direction. And john said if mmediately swivelling all directions. So that's true. North which members have access to so hit the joint button below the. That's the premium level or k. You guys are gonna love choo north little. What was that. was that a wolf. What was then. It was an arctic fox. Oh my gosh hugh yeah. It was very cute. The heart our art do they. Do anything like predatory to humans. Like did they mess with you guys it all of that sort of that bit that you just saw me in the dark watching. Plumbers was two hours long. We condensed down to two hours in the darkness so he like slowly came closer. At first i only saw the flash light reflecting off of his is like one hundred yards away and i swore to god it was a polar bear like it sounds ridiculous because it's really small. It's you can't. It was more pitch-black than you're imagining. You literally could not see anything unless the flashlight was on. I thought that was the bare. But he's slowly came forward and then he sort of sculpt about he was looking for food they're kind of like scavenger is a little bit their q. q. Okay no friends are charen okay. That arctic fox the fact that you thought it was a polar bear just made my life it would have thought the same sir lookout it dark jank no i co-signed does says your because it's dark and you just see a set of is refusing. Great thing off of feral is off in the distance along the the water as always say. Let me let me ask the hard hitting questions at the audience really wants to know. Did you ever cuddle with one of these. Arctic foxes no. I didn't see this. One would come that close but i did feed a different arctic fox at one of the ghost towns. Who went to. I fed him like little bits of kind of out of my hand like he came up close to eat meat he was. He was a cute when he was like a bluish. Black very beautiful. Kinda wanna live there like there's no one else. They're just cute arctic foxes. You don't have to really later to anyone. You bears john. If i had known that video was that good. I said ten thousand dollars to year. It was like. I know it's all in fun. But and now you know that was like two and years ago. So i don't care anymore but that was. That was the scariest experience in my entire life. So so we really want one. Quick thing i got to add. I don't know why you were so afraid of bears because you certainly looked like one You know with a beard and everything camouflaged into the environment. It was totally fine. I was the one that looks like a bear. That's a different kind of bear right pretty long than two at the moment but it was freezing right next to glacier. Yeah i want to ask you more about that. This already opened up a thousand conversations but let me a check on the thermometer. great probably some the off. Okay yes yes. I'm gonna during this video. I'm going to decide if if it's like if it's cumulative or not anyway come back to you on that or the video. We ought to do a thousand dollars for or k. Because i love it so much. Anna's laughing at john with arctic fox okay not not hitting anyways. Let's laugh at john more early john videos. Let's watch birds. Another set of studies had some controversial conclusions. I there was one thousand nine hundred eighty six. That suggested that chemical component of semen could actually be used in treating depression now to be fair the authors make clear that that was just preliminary work. It's correlation all that but actually the biggest problem so far away market in a related vein two thousand and three study found that women who've rarely use condoms or less depressed and less likely to attempt suicide than women who often do controversy on the other hand for women who don't use protection. Depression tends to increase from the time that they lasted sex which wasn't true for women who did use condoms. The less that. I wanna mention is actually an ongoing project of colleague of mine at the university of texas at austin. He's running a number of experiments on students to see what the effective being disgusted is on our political views. Now you might think politics certainly makes me mad or maybe depressed but discussed it. Have you seen michelle walker on the campaign trail. I can't get enough of this special okay. These studies conducted purely by men. I don't know about one hundred percent. Productive women are way happier like when they don't use condoms like those study. I would love to go back. Really do like an analysis on the methodology behind those studies. So look i've got a lot about that too. But here's what i decided. Okay we are going to make cumulative and we will be a thousand bucks with louis. A bunch of Let's do another to fifty one and five hundred dollar one. So in other to fifty one will be anna on. Msnbc so her early days in a sense that was leave it or not. It was like ten years ago and i wonder. I wonder if you're nervous about that. I don't know and then plead the fifth game so that's When we plead the fifth on something we don't want to answer so that super awkward and then the thousand dollar anna one. So do the math on all that in a second bud a john in that last video. There's two favorite parts of mine. One is colleagues of mine. The university of texas austin. I mean he was a colleague of okay anyways and but my favorite part of that video was controversy. Okay here's the thing was that the cringes. Yes but it was not my fault. Literally every single thing in there was the fault of one in 'cause burien shoot wanted fun controversial college video so i was trying to be whatever that. What's okay okay. Well to be fair to me There was you know the higher ups had a talking. We had a talk basically and they were concerned that my focus on t y tu university was a little too dense and serious and they wanted a little more fun and so i figured i can keep ranting about four profit colleges if i just mix in submission videos from people who are currently in college And you know maybe film a frat party or whatever it is and so. I really relied on you. John to to bring in the fund and to be fair. That video was certainly fun. There's no question if but just not. For any of the reasons it was intended to be so guys keep it going at ti. T. dot com slash. Go because this is one of the most fun things i've ever done. I wanna go back that fox in a second. But i want to give you guys shadows because you're the best and you make this possible so jila a in hobe sound florida. Fifteen bucks chris m in a satan frisco who wrote that bill o'reilly imagined in san francisco. One hundred twenty seven bucks and you get the press on t. shirt as zachary z. In la as agra how you doing my run into you on fifteen bucks. Carl in bellmore new york. Twenty seven bucks. Jeff in tacoma washington. Fifteen bucks charles p ouaga. No way i said that right new york fifteen bucks ostler e in shrewsbury massachusetts Nice turkish name fifty bucks. Look at ryan in jacksonville. Five hundred bucks. You're the best thank you so much. And richard t. alexandra two hundred and fifty bucks. You're both getting the press on t. shirt and remember the geyser our fifteenth birthday this week. There was the oldest show an internet history. And so i notice a lot of guys giving fifteen bucks a hundred and fifty bucks. Fifteen hundred bucks. We love you for it. And ten bucks from jennifer in sacred florida as thank you jennifer to Okay so let me check the thermometer. Real quick comeback to fox is and we'll go to probably go to the next video given how things are going. Okay so i got you So we're at fourteen hundred on a thermometer. So that's i think good enough for the next few just real We're gonna run out of time. So let's just go to. Let's go to Anna on msnbc or baseless. And i wanna ask you after the video if If you were a little nervous back then or k. And and guys. I decided we had to twenty five. Hundred dollars will shoot for this. We'll have about ten minutes left. But i want to show you all the videos including the anna race so please please. Please help us get there. Crtv dot com slash go. These are so much fun on. Msnbc lewis watch now time to have some fun to end the show tonight. I like to introduce the country to the lovely atticus burien. she's my co host on the turks. We do many fun and thought provoking stories together every single day. And how you doing. I'm doing great. How are you doing awesome. Looks to it. What are you for i i all right well. Global warming beneficial to the welfare and business climate of montana. That's what one Montana representative says Joe rita's arguing in a new bill aimed at declaring global warming a natural occurrence that is caused by human activity. The bill would essentially outlaw science. Something that the first time legislator admits is a little radical but his rationale is global. Science is an ideal not an actual science works. Oh he's as global warming is real right he does say it's real and that it rocks. He does make an argument. That global warming could be beneficial to montana. So i'm gonna read you his quote. He says our weather is not going to change drastically but even if it does get warmer. We're going to have longer growing seasons. It can be very beneficial to the state of montana. Why are we going to stop this progress. Global progress in science has been banned. We're making braga anti you. Sit in the middle of the video so innocent so innocent so i. I don't know what was more innocent united video or the arctic fox definitely me and not video that arctic fox. I feel like it's a little sly. You know my my little. Yeah frisky behind the scenes but anyway no i watched that video and honestly like i really miss who i used to be if that makes any sense because that was i believe in two thousand ten and i was. I was not jaded at that point. Like i was still naive. And a lot of ways you can hear to. My voice voice is different. You're doing i am. Oh my god. I think i'm going to change the world and i will say like i chose the right. Plastic surgeon like. I totally did for my nose shop. One saying that is. Because i don't look that different from you know like my face doesn't look that different and i'm glad like there was a minor adjustment that made me really happy And it didn't change my face overall. So i'm happy with that. I look at that old video. And i'm like big ups doctor to you. Did a good job all right. I wanna ask you more about that but we might have more videos live. Can i see the thermometer. I did tell the twitch shot that if we got fifteen k will use part of it to bring in a polar bear to finish off what the fox started not dot com slash shows. Okay so So look we are all videos for this half hour amazing but keep it going guys because we i'll keep it going into the next half hour where i'm going to show you. Jr ni- arm-wrestling if you haven't seen that one you alone. I'd video and we got a lot of embarrassing videos of me. Jr nasa's back in the day so to dot com slash. Go okay so anna rookie. Before the other ones so were you nervous. Before that i msnbc head yeah hundred percent. I'm just overall just a different person. Like if msnbc asked me to come in and you know do a segment on an like. You guys have seen my cnn segments. Where i'm you know talking about bernie sanders and the democratic primary I used to think like this is it. This is making it being on. Msnbc or cnn or one of these big cable news networks. it's a big deal. I can't tell you guys how little of a deal it really is like. It's not a big deal. There's nothing to be nervous about. Our audience is much larger like the audience. That i speak to on a daily basis is much larger than the audience that i was speaking to in that cheesy. Msnbc segment. and. I'm going to say this other thing. Msnbc would only bring me in for the tail end of your show to talk about nonsense. And they had me do it because they thought i was cute but it wasn't about substance. It wasn't about political analysis. Obviously and i'm really proud of like how much i've grown since then in terms of you know just really understanding my own political identity but also feeling a lot more confident in myself and not being intimidated by like glorified cable news shows. I'm certainly not intimidated by that. However the thing i miss about myself is the optimism that i had In two thousand ten. That's what i mean. When i say i was so innocent like a very wide eyed optimistic person though. I'm timing i. I'm super optimistic. And you know and i've gone through a lot more so i'm telling you guys part of the reason why i think You know we do. The t dot com slash. Go and why we even exists is. Because i'm i'm writing it in the book i'm writing now we're gonna win or gay and and you should have tremendous hope so i'll talk more about that as we go but anyways we gotta go the next video so let's go to Plead the fifth game. Okay So i i don't i don't even remember this. So do we not have that one. Okay it was in the rundown. Oh that's okay. We're run out of time anyway and we promise you guys The generous race and you guys Delivered so let's give it to anika sperry has been talking. A lot of smack lately. Smack inspects back. Smack smack smack any smack about how she's going to beat me in a race. I mean here we are right back. Yeah you know. It's like jill. Pike redo all over asia right. Antica had seven of them. I i think god. We'll do it more when you come on here. But just let's let's start the borough now you're claiming what you could beat me in the sprint. And you could beat me in a long distance. Are these claims long distance for sure. Okay right okay but also trying to be like a brat or conceited or anything like that. I just think that i could beat you. In a distance race are you yeah. I'm pretty confident. We're getting close to the start of judgement. Sunday to here on june first in los angeles and you june in la typically referred to as june gloom when a small induced haze hovers over this fair city. Like a dirty disgusting bacteria fill blanket but today the sun is out and the question will shine brightly on the hyper competitive overly aggressive. Jack uber or his cagey. I've never heard of the rolling stones challenger and burien. We'll find out when we come back for judgment sunday to baby. Yes i did. I pushed really hard. And afterwards i felt like crap but i know that when it really comes down to it while i'm competing i will do whatever it takes to beat us newsletter. How much pain. And so she's magna. Wow okay asher do. We have a second video there. We do okay before we get to that and you should ever feel bad because those videos always made me look worse because you get to see my full body and the t shirt and shorts so they say it takes away from the joy of a winning then races. As roma's all of you know right but but it. I brought the joy back when you were so overconfident. Oh god that gave me life so if you don't mind me asking how old were you During this race so that's easy and so that was twelve years ago. Showed it in the graphic two thousand and eight right so that means i was Thirty eight oh. Yeah you in that video. You're like two months older than i'm gonna be your own by what i'll be in two months. Oh my god yeah. You've you've caught up too early. So sorry and and i love that we call the judgment sunday and i love the manque zara. Ara play announcer. So we're so out of time so let me. Let's show you the second half of the video. I i did bring this. I brought a problem. This is. I'm going to be the second. And if anna loses six of us this is three twelve. She can do it i don. I think he's not gonna crack. I don't think he's gonna crack but she is already giving up. I don't want her. No of course nobody wants you to you can do you can do we have. We have a development we have a development and we have a winner by technical knockout time. Tennyson seven thirty to seven minutes and thirty two seconds so glad she didn't finish you. Could you run faster. I can run fast here when it killed me. Today was not a good day for me. This is the best show she really would. I'm such a feel bad about it. Now wipe away. Your tears got wait. So anna was it. Just that you you blew yourself out like sprinting at the beginning or was it like an injury like you hurt your calf or what was it. I pulled a. I don't know if i pulled it but did something my hamstring. Because my strategy was my strategy was so stupid it was it was really dumb. And it's two thousand eight. I don't really fully know jank yet. Because remember i started working at ti. It and seven. And i thought that. I could intimidate him. By starting off with the sprints and getting a lead that's like so significant that he you know eventually gives up because he realizes like oh. She's actually pretty fast That was a bad strategy. I did have lead. But he caught up pretty quickly. And by sprinting. So hard i hurt myself and so i had to give up like i. I would have kept going. Because there's nothing more losing a racist one thing but there's nothing more embarrassing than giving up But i was genuinely terrified. That i was gonna cause serious harm to my body if i kept going because it was really painful But yeah i mean it is what it is it happened. It's fine You guys don't worry two thousand dollars and i'll show you a video where i lose. I'm not kidding. Dot com slash. Kgo thing about jank is. I'm pretty convinced that if you if the tables were turned and you had that injury you would have kept going like. That's the difference between us. I don't know. I don't know if that's yeah injuries injury. It's different than gutting it out right. And so if you're if i was genuinely worried that i that i i had already strained my hamstring and i might pull it and i might be out of action for three months six months a cetera. No i might not have kept going so now. Don't be yourself over it. Look at the the should be yourself up over. Was the original over-confidence right but you've way overcorrected for that already. I mean that was a literally a dozen years ago. And i think you're you've overcorrected. Your now too pessimistic about but no like so you just. You didn't know that you judge the book by its cover. Let's be honest about that. I did. I did hundred percent hundred percent and now looking back at it. I'm gonna say something pretty controversial because we're pretty far apart in age right you're good looking and you're actually in pretty good shape like i was kind of a terrible person by like judging a book by its cover. You weren't even not bad. Yeah i know. But i mean that's happened my whole life right so but thank you for saying that. That's very nice of you but But like i've i've two thousand times the post games and stuff like that and doctors are always surprised that i mean shame Because of how i look right and so It is what it is. But i love surprising people. That's why i want to do the race. Joe pye that's why i wanted to race with you. Because i know they're thirty eight years of experience of being athletic and running etc and so these johnny-come-latelies in your case anacom lays Our yeah i got this this guy right But but you would have finished the race normally and you would have lost. I wouldn't yeah but but e is so don't know sweat it. An obviously i were way way passive. I went john. I gotta ask you one super last thing when you saw the the fox's is in you originally thought it might that there was some chance that it was a polar bear. How scared were you. Now is really worried. I'm not enough to actually go get the gun like i didn't do that. And it wasn't one hundred percent alone. I think taylor was my camera guy. So he was he. Was there like not too far away with me But yeah i mean look. You don't understand like fifteen feet from our tents was a line of polar bear tracks. It wasn't like a purely hypothetical. Are polar bears the area. There had been one like a day or two earlier so i was. Yeah i was very word. That's awesome is but i like your strategy to you. Didn't you weren't worried about out running the polar bear. You're worried about outrunning taylor taylor. Don't drop the heavy camera. No no keep filming film. Does those gets you okay. Before we go to jaren hase's let me see the thermometer wartime. Typ dot com slash. Go five thousand four hundred twenty dollars a great keep going okay. We gotta take a break and john. You guys are the best. Thank you For for going through this pain a doing this as plenty of buses. We have buses for me coming up. And we got jr mega rich people at jr angry. At what would he sue. Stu so i'll talk to you about that. But the more we get contributions. The more videos will unlock. I'll tell you about that. A shadow some of your names when we come back so to dot com slash go. We'll be right back with more. Superfund videos all right. Awesome back on. Unlock the bolt junkier. Jr jackson hey cisco so Jr hasten i have been at the young turks for seventeen eighteen years something along those lines. Yeah it out loud. It sounds like a long time when it's it's been so long. Even the dodgers wanna world series and so So we got a lot of fun moments from those years The highlight is me and jr arm-wrestling which we got doing again. We gotta do it again. I'll is for sparing me and showing my scene from from that whole tournament. wanna talk about. I know you've made not we. We don't other video. We don't have the video. Don't worry thanks but we we will. We will talk about it so Since you guys went above and beyond in the first segment. I'm going to unlock the first video. Which is jared slamming. Rich people right out of the gate but for you. There's three more in this segment. Two thousand dollars a piece for that. Okay leading up to the arm wrestling one So i'm gonna recent names and asher. Can you put up the thermometer now. So let's see where we are so we can add see what three thousand moore's and it'll be a thousand a piece so So as a five thousand four hundred twenty six four two o. We'll do the next one is a one jair gets angry is what would. Hey sue do. These are all inappropriate. But yeah it'll be fun so okay so just just practice because by the way we will remember these videos. Funerals just started watching. We're gonna remember the these videos as they go play avenue no idea what i got mad about. I've no idea. I got mad plenty of times. I have no idea what i said about people and not only that we like just the fact that we've been at t y t for so long like we don't even remember what we were talking about. What normal current events were like a whole new generation that anything could be basel's on that that works so let's see what happens. Well as you guys know. Recently people found a lot of our old videos and they were like jake. Can you believe you said this. I'm like no. I can't believe it because i don't remember so anyway. All right so let me. i do. Shadows william ancient vancouver fifteen bucks schrief see and newstead hundred twenty seven bucks. You get the press on t shirt. John penn englewood. Oh john i mentioned earlier in the show so thousand englewood colorado so at a thousand bucks you get To be on the donor wall you get to press on hoodie with a super cool. Trt mike and you're awesome. James dean columbia south carolina hundred fifty bucks to get the press on t. shirt and our love tom t in moline illinois hundred twenty seven bucks you get the press on t. shirt elaine n in avondale new jersey twenty bucks we love you charlotte pm. Tucson twenty seven bucks samantha. Jean winchester oregon fifteen bucks twenty five bucks from robert c. and saddlebrook new jersey. I bet and saddlebrook my old days. I took my horse old town road and saddlebrook and michael m in hunter furring fifteen bucks so thank you guys fifteen bucks for our birthday fifteenth birthday this week for typ oldest show internet history all right. So here's jr slamming rich people. We got red. We got blue. We got green right there. All right. we're gonna fight lindsay lohan. Are you guys ready. are you ready. Are you saying. I'm going to make this app. This jackson live at the ivy check. The other been here before. But i'm very curious. Why the census soul in by going to fall over these things that i've always wanted about about nicer risk by you. Want have old raggedy things in the nice new ritzy thirty dollar. A plate pleases minnesota was to play but i think this could be behind that probably that i'm talking looking at their food right now just as we just missed security. Walk by and ask. Are you going to be able to your black ass if you're not enough movies if your name is denzel or nick cannon. I don't want you so when i come back here. They're gonna know who i am. I'm not gonna. I'm looking in but not for us moving and you know what they did. They dirks so you had the enough to remember when we did the enough protests and yeah and i remember wes clark started enough protests was clark junior when he was on the show. Like veteran's park or something. Yeah yeah right yeah. This is a lot of indications as to what you that wasn't how young were based off of hair linked a lot of times like size of your general torso in my mind. I mean it was a fun times. Things got sticky for that. I'm not gonna go that but yeah so whole hold thought. We've got an update on the thermometer. Let's take a quick look. Ty dot com slash. Kgo whoa forty off what we need another one hundred bucks. We need another hundred bucks to unlock the next video or k So if you guys can make that happen. That'd be amazing. Which he hit twenty thousand today so what happened next. I don't remember. This isn't the next video or allah willing. No no no. I'm saying like if things you says. Things got real afterwards. Something's got sticky after this. You guys said then. Video jackie and angry. What happened later. I got angry. I'm not sure if it was from that same bit. So i don't want spoiler but i got hey hatred and there was a pop rossi that who got mad because i was asking him. What are the ropes. Because we're playing. Paparazzi were got mad at other guys. Can we cut here on the platforms. Ron anyways a no we can't. That's why you guys blew me in the video so so no pop. Rats didn't like we were there. Simple there at the ivy. Like i just drove by the ib a few weeks ago. Every time i'm in that area. I remember that same vein. What happened because the paparazzi didn't like he's like really store is head was at my neck. So you guys know high. I like being vulnerable situation. Someone's getting aggressive is a very simple questions. He told me it gets the f. In cameron out of my epa days. whatever His across the street. Let me talk to him. So he's telling me to tell him to stop filming 'cause this not like he's some kind of secret agent your paparazzi. So so far. I started yelling like it was it was it was too. It was embarrassed him blow up as because apparently thinks he's a secret agent in number two. I had to release. Because i was mad at me. Agassi was he has many access for attack me. My neck my chest and i'm standing too close to him right now and i need to whip somebody's you know so i don't like being vulnerable and i was in a bad decision so i got mad. Aren't that's funny. So that's a character trait of a jr he's He's very cautious in that way or case pratt every situation like if he's thought about every exit point the moment he enters already knows yes building entrance points of this or my foot team. Yeah so i. I knew he was the one filming there. Did i know he wasn't camera because there wasn't anybody else at the time it was me. Jr he sues anna. Ben and dave. I think that was it at the time. Yeah and so and And and hastings was our only director. There wasn't any td's technical directors or anything like that And that's why you scroll hey steven spielberg of internet. Tv i ever ev director. Just taking any credit. At that point i was out of college. I'm like he's giving me credit. I'll take it. I'm going to be fresh guys. We did get like school credit. All those larry but he just conned out. Actually they'd get credit. So jared what's funny is how come full circle because at the end of that video you guys shot up like oh the the at back and listen to the young turks whatever right and and a couple years ago I went to the ivy or k. Blew it was It was a meeting with the person. I can't say which is even more pleased. Okay and i came out and paparazzi interview really emerges walked up the insert interview. Yeah jank jank and because they like and so. That's the thing i've done. A couple of red carpets. I've got interviewed by pop rousey a couple of times but so in the red carpet when there's like a thousand cameramen reporters et cetera. It's it's so funny because it's so starved for the people who don't want young turks. They're like who's that guy not bothering to take pictures. They're not doing anything. But if they're young turks red interview jay talking like a first on politic constantly attended. I remember those were like some of those. I mean armored going to some conventions invaders or dc. And you know you get a couple of people like that with spot gang arm. Recover aymer rick. Oh we were in occupy refer for week at occupy wall street and people would recognize jank but i remember when we did Politic combat first year and just being in that hub just the that group of people and just how recognizable jake was like everybody was just like oh jank jank oh tar dirk and i was just like so people are listening out there. Well since we hold up in the studio a lot of times we didn't know if it was working we saw the numbers but it's hard to know with why you know how real it was. That was really real anyways. Let's look at this out real quick. Trt dot com slash go. Let's see we got past six thousand two hundred forty right. We're on our way to the next video. Keep going so we can show you the what would he do. Which are often very controversy. Some a little scared of that video those segments were the most fun. Yeah okay well for this one. This one is yard getting angry. And i think slamming the supreme court. But let's let's find out. What are we afraid of. I mean if i feel like i'm a nineteen fifty three or nineteen forty seven again so the point where we're free that minorities are gonna take over. You know why because we think minorities are going to come into our wallets. They're going to take his lunch money. Because we don't know anything. Bob black folks. i don't know anything about black. So we take our same narrow minded. We don't know what rap video opinions about people and assessment of this and say. Can i have my kids around the rest of these kids who are doing. But they're coming from the inner city in places and i don't think they read. I don't think the right. I only was sell drugs. It's horrible in on saturday. Go through schools. You gotta realize something. These schools suck their horrible now. They weren't people pull themselves abundant bootstraps. You ain't got no straps you got a booth. He got worn out holes in some sneakers to work with what he wanted to do. Yeah waiting an and then the the kids in the schools. There's a handful that don't get the first school of their choice so they go to the next good school rather than the first this chance at. So we're going to deny people who go to some kind of decent school for some other kids. He go to the second grade. School do preaching was that was gold gold guys. Just somebody give twenty thousand gonna be this good this so many things is visually so many things there at the niger. Jr remember that house. The at me back there. So i you know it's dave was on vacation for that looks like iron. I remember those nights like healthier guys. Seriously how good were those days men. And how good word. The i hop trips and all that you wouldn't mcdonald's kicked in because i was the only thing we could get at that time like all right mcdonagh's breakfast is ready. Let's go get some. What do you watch. Jr flirt a fish. Yeah there was sort of. Was that rant and bobby. That's the you ain't got no straps on a boots thing that always plays an ad and So i'm full. The full context school choice. In rich people were mad because they were getting booted by minorities who don't have a bunch of money. They had to go to the second really good school so they were mad about neighbor complaining. And that's set me off. I went to dc schools as a kid. Even i lived in areas that weren't always best areas where the school sucks. My parents did all this. Megan just to get a decent school and a lot. Because there's no reason why. I am where i am. So he's got this. I got always. Why would you. Seo all you have to have a base. And i'm living proof of that. And it angered me that we're trying to deny access to education and then in doing so claiming their rapists jugular murders. That that's familiar. It's been the same. Republican party says to begin. Yes no longer while we should do another interview with you about like when you were grownup stuff like that and that chance that you gotta that school because that's a powerful story man that really is and and that line of got boots you ain't got no strap best lies in. Typ his so to dot com slash. Go we gotta eat the seven thousand two hundred forty delight unlike the next one and we still got the arm wrestling one guys. You've got wrestling bieber's jr and we've got what. Hey sue next so let me read out some names while we see we can get there And run out of time so if you can be great help out right now. Plus you help the show. Plus we try to deliver change for you guys in the progressive message at all rights. So jerry t in british columbia gift three bucks with abby brother. Eleanor in brooklyn fifteen bucks. Brian being kingsport tennessee. Seven bucks dennis. W k in santa rita g. You what's g you. I don't know that super interesting. I don i. i'll look it up but anyway dennis fifteen bucks. Thank you brother timothy. A in whitehall maryland. Fifteen bucks routine another home safe from a newark new jersey. Twenty seven bucks. Suzanne see boulder colorado or gave went to college Twenty seven bucks. Jim own good berg iowa. Twenty seven bucks jerry t in british columbia. Three bucks oh. I read that all right so Asher are we at seven to four or no not yet all we are. Oh okay great. So let's go to what would he sou stew. And then you got please keep it going so we can do the best one. Though i wanna gave you ever see that one you love it or not holding my breath for what would hate su su here here. I mean video. He's had bridge collapses in iraq. We've had it in china. We've had it in north korea. We've had it in here in the us. Minnesota i'm gonna ask you this either. A bridge collapses. You get to make the choice here okay. Either of bridge collapses in la and kills three people. Now it's in la your hometown so who knows it might be somebody you know right or in minnesota and now it's not using me to soda. Let's say alaska and kills thirty people. Okay or a bridge collapses in iraq and killed three hundred people so you got the us you got la and you got iraq. Three thirty three hundred. Hey what are you gonna go. I go at the. Which when i i happen regularly one. I'd have to have the one in alley the really. Yeah okay so. I would have thought you would have been like. Hey man i. I'm not gonna take any chances with anybody i know. I thought maybe you'd go with the compromise of thirty in alaska. No no i go with the lesser people. I'm not that cold blooded man all right okay all right let me ask you this there six people in nebraska. Three people in la bridge collapse la man. It'd be not all right okay. Listen i don't kill taito. Welcome in a good mood today. Okay you are being humanitas again tomorrow. We'll see what happens if the money in their team won. Just god that loves a suits. There's plenty of villain say hasselback. Hatha vaga just the one that i think of. I could you going to do that. But don i don't want them to you know let's just put it this way mendoza. Fair would be very busy if you ran for office. There's gonna be no launching campaigns that he buried in that stuff you know. You're like keep digging guys. There's something we've been putting videos up and you do for so long. Get a whole team. Go digging so i'll tell you. I guess something super interesting out of that And i read some more names and we gotta get now eight thousand two hundred and forty two unlike the arm wrestling one. We're almost out of time. In fact we are out of time but So when we did that. I was sure that i would pick the three people in la but at that time i wasn't married and didn't have kids or a now. Looking at that video again. I still would have picked three people in la in the original question but now three people in la or six people in nebraska gets a little tougher. We both have kids. I mean you almost feel like keep on. Rascal are asking for for like bad karma. So you don't wanna take a chance with people you love at this point like they seem to be just risking their own lives as it is as well they might have gotten coronavirus anyway. It's a red stain looking for it at least released nebraska nebraska. We're just playing okay. Yeah those a calmed down the same. The same thing though is that You gentlemen with our kids most of the time. So if they have a slimmer with yeah yeah so all right lynn. Let me see since we're out of time. Let me see where we are in the thermometer. Asher eight thousand seven. Oh my god. We're so close. We just gotta get like a like a hundred and fifty bucks or something. Let me read names. Let me see if we can get to a ty t. Dot com sochaux. Okay eight and ceo and hackensack new jersey fifty bucks. How fun is the name. Hackensack for a city Just m in bay shore new york two hundred twenty seven bucks you get. Press on t. Shirt just m o. Again and other hundred twenty seven mexican tutti shirts red be a mancado minnesota fifty bucks. I said minnesota there now. Lee s in oakland oaktown representing fifteen bucks. Cameron you an oroville. How grant even know oroville fifty five bucks and a station. T. and san jose fifty bucks. Stephanie t in julieta idaho. Reebok's hey idaho. Thanks for representing Don't worry we won't drop any bridges tonight okay. Two hundred fifty bucks from pat tean Say louis Part of Jr's old haunting grounds and two fifty getting t shirt and jean k. In saint simons island georgia fifteen bucks. Gene i assume that you were part of the folks who brought us Who got trump fired. Because you're in georgia so thank you make. Sure you're on the run off on january fifth Thank you for making progress or change possible at ti dot com slash. Go we've got an update asher on pins and needles. Did we make it right. Or wow dollar that okay. Okay coming in under the wire. All right so i should race between and i and i won for those of you who haven't seen it. Jr versus me an arm wrestling. Do not be sure about who's going to win or lose. Let's watch all right guys. This is that the marquee match up as you're gonna see were breaking the thunder whatever and wanted to watch jank j. all right. We're not rehash the rules. You know the rules no elbows providing how hold hands and you can't change the group okay. I so let's let's figure out the right guy for both of us so that we're comfortable and then when i say go one two three go and then you go Angie was right. Your hands are soft okay. One two three go. Oh yeah like to bull moose added hoc wow. This table is literally damage from dares elbow grinding on little hole into it. That sense of epic guys. Yeah now we spent that up because that lasted way longer in real life and and so we showed you the short version of that that took those resolves ten minutes minimum. I was just watching it. That was the semi finals by the way. Then i had to go up against andrew napier who had literally been practicing and learning techniques for arm wrestling. Remember that. you're is insanely like focused on some. He's going to do. He's going to do it so i am bodily by adhanom wrestles since that day and my arm hurt. I'm not exaggerating two weeks. After that what are you talking about. I just recovered. So nah i one of my favorite videos of all time to But speaking of videos we gotta go by the way. If you don't know who injured apiarists he used to be a producer and then he's the one who directed mad as hell. He was part of another team that won for another movie an oscar. he's amazing director. And if you haven't seen mad as hell all three of us are in that obviously check that out in anyways so Yeah that was. That was awesome. And i said many times like the number one number two right when you came back if anyone saw. I almost had you. You came back by. That was totally. Put my body weight into which was cheating anyway When you came back. I was disheartened. If my last push didn't work i was done my last question. They did work at that didn't work. I was done now. That was the last one jerry last time we did this video. We've done this video like this is our second time right along from the bowl. Last time we did this. You told me that and is haunting me everson. I thought if i couldn't just hung out a little longer just hung on a little longer hung on for ten minutes but apparently needed eleven. So our guys. Next is ricky and ben. We're gonna show you. We found the video where ben got attacked by a lead pipe. Holy cow start unlocking right now. Typ dot com slash kgo. Thatch too. I'm gonna have to watch all right ship into ship. The lead pipe store but make him tell the story of the grocery store breaking up a fight of check. It's my favorite been story of all time. There's no video there's another one the one coming up out of this thing so all right. We gotta take a quick break ice here. But you're not gonna wanna miss the lead pipes Video and the crazy ben story. That's all coming up a so we'll eight to four one is the last number and we'll do a thousand dollars for each video going forward to so keep going. Typ dot com slash goes so we can hit the ground running and do the next video as soon as we come back. I love you guys. We'll be right back.

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Twin Cities

Slate's Political Gabfest

1:15:59 hr | 1 year ago

Twin Cities

"Support for the Gab fest comes from Google from Connecticut to California Mississippi Minnesota millions of American businesses using google tools to grow online the the growth Google initiative supports small businesses by providing free digital skills workshops and one on one coaching in all fifty states. It's helping businesses get online connect with new customers and work more productively learn more at google dot com slash grow. That's google dot com slash grow hello and welcome to the slate political gap for timber nineteenth between nineteen the twin cities edition the Gab fest is live before a packed house breath at the Gerald Theater Saint Paul Minnesota. We expected quiet blatantness Minnesota Nice the quiet stillness of night ice fishing under the stars and instead we have the raucous brain ways crazed prairie mosh pit style. I'm David Plots of Atlas Obscure on my far-left. The man who only came to Minnesota because he thought it was Iowa the and fortunately he is. He's so blond that he fits right in here. CBS News CBS's sixty minutes. Excuse me John Dickerson. You know I went to camp here in Madison can't Michelle Walker so Cam Michelle Walk in the house yeah all right yeah so I'm just saying I got deep roots in this community interview in a mall. Does that count you did an interview in their malls outside of Minnesota and small Naumov America. That's true there is only one Mellon America but I made a lanyard. Is that other Voice of course this is a woman who eats her salad with a comb and her steak with a Samurai Sword Emily Babylon of the New York Times magazine Yale on today's Gab will take Democrat with decent mid Western values to be trump or coastal socialist Alita us do it instead then the rise of the chaos voter is America in deep trouble because we're suddenly overrun with nihilistic crazy voters who want to burn it all all down. Ben when it comes to writing fiction about politics the best there is is the twin cities owned curse. It felt we will talk about how to turn real. Political lives lives and real political wives into novels and plus. We will have cocktail chatter. We're coming to you from the heart of clutch our country the beating heart of the clock recy- The the the argument of her struggling campaign is that she is from a place that is the middle not just geographically but ideologically only by nominating someone with those qualities those credentials will the Democrats win the twenty two thousand presidential elections who John is she right about that. I heard someone say no already. That's a tough hometown crowd she. She can't even get an a man in her in her own pews well. I'm sorry I'm sorry senator. It's and she's so she won via landside here perform you know the old expression no one says as does the Minnesota Senate race so goes the presidency. It worked out. Yes folks before your Fritz Mondale with Humphrey to Saudi in what you want. Your me did Wyan so there you go. There's question first of all by the way can I say you mentioned you made reference to the New York Times story about the eating salad with a with a comb creative solutions for emergency situations. I mean what else does the prison now the stories about upgrading staff member for not having a fork and we just trying to make a dumb joke they did get the punch line out minded candidate who has emergency solutions for me solutions for Mersey Birdseye moments is important. Okay is well. This is the great question in in the race because what everybody's trying to figure out what the shape of the electric can look like for for the Democrats to win the nomination and then and then in the general election. What's the coalition. GonNa look like and then is that coalition movable is is it a campaign about persuasion or is it a a campaign about motivation just your base and the answer is that it's both but there is a big debate about among the liberal side of the of the Democratic Party that says we need the kind of enthusiasm that donald trump was able to bring out in his party and only through an enthusiastic appearance by the left. Will we be able to win and other people say well if you look at the the states that the electoral map Wisconsin Minnesota Michigan Pennsylvania Ohio Iowa even if those two those two may already be off the map they have a a disproportionate share of white working class voters in the Democratic Party which has had struggled with them since FDR still needs to be able to capture those kinds of voters. This is the big tension in the party and what interests me. Is that what this requires a lot of Democrats to basically do punditry about their neighbors. What do I mean eight percent of. Democrats say they would vote for a woman to be president isn't but only forty four percent of Democrats think other Democrats would do that so there. We know that electability is the number one thing that Democrats care about so they have to basically leap pundits about their neighbor. We emily going to vote for a woman well. I don't know if she is and then that that determines my vote if I'm a Democrat and so that add gets into very sticky territory when it comes to these questions what's the shape of the electric will the traditional Democratic Coalition turn out and are we as are are Democrats trying to convince new voters or just wrap up their existing ones so emily took struggling but but biden whose like old man in Qatar in the in the moderate accommodation est wing is doing just fine. It's he is he doing just fine for for the some of the rules. John talked about that Democrats. Believe that a return to normalcy as possible or because people think he's the only one who can win or because low information voters are stuck on him or because he's a great candidate. I mean all of above except I don't think we have a lot of evidence for the last possibility I mean we keep waiting for him right like I think it would be great for the party if he was a great candidate and I don't think he's bombed out as I think we predicted before he got the race because he has been such a lasy candidate in previous presidential cycle twenty one weeks before our yeah. There's a long way to go great eight. I do think that his appeal has to do with other people's perception of who could get elected. I don't think that's crazy. I mean there is this fundamental. You can be as feminist as they get and still think. Is it possible that Elizabeth Warren or Comma Harris could actually win and Dan. Do you want to take risk this time around given what happened to Hillary Clinton like if a woman gets nominated loses is going to be it for my lifetime. I I wonder about that. You really do you really sit and wonder and think maybe. I should support a man because of that. I don't think about it in that terms for myself. I self but I don't I do think there's a tension between our ideals about how gender and race and other immutable characteristics legal terms should play and then how we think they actually do play and I don't think it's wrong to be asking those questions and trying to pull for that issue and I I also think when I was writing about warrant and following her around she has this teacher. Lee Way about her that some people really caught in two two and other people find off putting and I don't think you can separate the fact that she's a woman from the way in which that place different audience one thing that's been interesting. The shape of the race as word is right now. There's a Wall Street Journal. NBC poll that just came out and seventy percent of Democrats say. It'll be fine if she was the nominee. That's the highest of all of them. She has increased that number something yes. I have no idea what it says but it's it's because Harrison's numbers have gone south south hard and so what the NBC poll shows is Biden's at thirty one and I believe this is true. Warns at Twenty Six and Sanders is at thirteen or fourteen. Harris has has gone from thirteen down to like five. She's really taken a hit which is interesting and I'm not sure why you guys may have thoughts but what it feels like is is that Vice President Biden Heiden has a snowball in his hands and it's it's spring and he's gotTa keep it alive until July the and and Elizabeth Warren who's got a plan for everything at twenty three thousand people shop in in in New York for her anti corruption speech that you gave this week is creating creating like I mean she's rubbing her hands together. She's opening the shade of the airplane. She has to blossom may like she's got the thing in her hand the metaphors they could still but the thing is that he's got the snowball so she's trying trying to create heat and that would make the snowball melt the flower. Does your son in you know. Does it buy all Arkansas. Tim Snowball has melted now. I like there's no mom that a freshman extended. Why does it matter what who Democrats will vote for what Democrats think is going to happen as opposed to the whole electorate what we wanted to know that answer well. That's the question whether you believe that the electorate is basically split where so partisan and there's nobody in the middle anymore and it's just all about turning out your team and then there's a new thing now and we'll get to this in the chaos topic but you know negative partisanship is is is more powerful now than ever before so it ends up being basically you don't vote for your person but against the other person's so how will that play and how do people anticipate that happening happening. Obviously Democrats have a big turnout benefit in Donald trump but he has a turnover benefit with with that whoever wins the presidency will win with zero independent both. We don't even know what we're really are anymore so I don't care what we want to know what they think. This is the question Russian eight who are they where they live and how many of them are there because of the live in states that don't matter man. That's GonNa say there are a lot of them in my stand right and then the question is are they people who so oh you are stay definitely but there's no. They're all they're all. DFL or they're white nationalist Berg former Labor DFL nice the the Lake Holon. Here's the thing though and the question is okay. Let's say you're suburban. Women will be something that people pay a lot of attention to because suburban. Republican women traditionally voted Republican might voted for Donald Trump because they worried about the supreme court are not GonNa vote from this time so they're going to stay home or are they going to turn out and vote for the Democrat those are so the question is then how many of those are around and what is staying home. Oh mean versus voting for a Democrat which what's the hurdle and then also there's an Andrew Yang Fan out in the in the stands and then and and then there's a question the white with the white working class vote for Democrats do they are they pulling over those voters who voted for Obama and then for trump. Is that a big enough. Group is that in these states or is that shiny object that shouldn't be chaste because you'll end up losing voters in another part of the coalition that you need all these are open questions and the thing is the punditry matters because it's terming how people blur making more sorting decision left one out which is will African American voters in Kiev dates turn out in numbers the way they did Warren Warren really catch on with those votes thirteen percent in the in the Journal poll and Obama himself forty six when she's a nominee the is that going to stick if you just to to ask more specific question do you. Emily think this is already. A two person. Race is this. It's already a warrant. Biden race and all and even sanders is now really trailing far behind his dinghy. I I've always been skeptical. That sanders could really grow his support. I don't like actually using grow as a verb and the way I just did sorry about that. Your metaphors withering as you suit got carried away. I've skeptical. I've always been skeptical that sanders could really vastly increase his support like he has a super committed base. I see you out there. We neglected you and the last election cycle. I feel regretful about that and yet I remain skeptical though I really appreciate his presence on the debate stage. I think that if Biden stumbles somebody else is going to be a real contender in this race. I kind of think it would be Buddha. Judge Edge probably but I don't really a Joan. We got so much time now. No I mean but that's the Sh- I mean I think there are probably two lanes and so right now. You've got in the in the liberal lane for and the moderate lane. You've got the two people in that. It'll be what it comes down to. It'll be interesting to see how the sorting Takes Place Between Sanders and Warren a lot of sanders voters and I know this because of the embedded. CBS Care Accordion and I were just talking about this they have. She spends all time with them. That means the reporter who had yeah ask why don't WanNa pre-campaign because when I was one of those and I was out there all the time I would hate when people would pretend they had been when they hadn't been so. I need to give credit to the person who is out there doing doing the reporting not the person who who isn't which is to say me. Nevertheless I have a microphone in front of me in any way what she was saying is that is that the AH ZANDER's voters have a passion infection for him that is simply transfer yeah and or indoor right none insurgents verbal end. What's is GonNa make it transfer and what does that look like and when does it happen because if you're if you're any kind of candidate you want something for your transfer of voters or affection. So of course this could turn. I think Sanders in Warren are playing very nice with each other in a way that suggests actually some the depth of allegiance and loyalty is opposed to something that's more surface level and could disintegrate in the time well and also as he as he said when I when when I interviewed him this I did actually do as he said I've known her for thirty years. I mean I'm not gonNA. Here's also other things so he say things. Go South for one of the two of them. Do they make a do they join join forces and basically say we need to combine and and go after the moderate or whoever's in that lane presumably it's Biden but it could be booted. Jj Club. Do you think emily that there. The Democrats are positioning themselves on issues in a way. That's going to be productive the general are we see this sort of aborted poor push on cabinet. Can I ask my question. No no the border push on cabin on impeachment. The General Push on impeachment Warren has made this very interesting corruption attack on. I I think that that polls really well so that does that feel so you like the the main the main front the main way to to win in two thousand twenty or do you have jim sense about what they should be doing. That would help them. In general I think I mean this is. I'm just kind of going off of the polls here and other people who look at the polls but I think when you look at economic shoes the way Warren is framing them. Yes that looks like a good argument to me. Directly goes after the same discontent that Donald Trump has successfully asphalt gone after it's populist but it's taking the target of the populism as America's corporate fat cats addressing inequality. She has a really league. I think she's very good at explaining what she thinks has gone wrong with the economy since nineteen eighty and and I think that's compelling but there are other things that I don't think fits right what if the elections more about identity and those kinds of issues and not intellectual case about the sharing the wealth and I mean voters that Liberal Harvard professor elitist. Yes yes talking. Trump will try to make it about that. If she's the general election candidate I mean the thing about Warren is that she actually is from Oklahoma and grew up get into identity fights. It's not like well. Actually I'm from I mean she tells all those stories I mean she's made that very central and whether that is enough to combat the fact that yes she did work at Harvard. I'm not sure but she has is an actual true organic response to those attack. Here's one thing I wonder about responding to those attacks and how it's GonNa take place in what form and in what one does as a candidate who we know that Donald Trump is going to get the nomination of his own party or we assume barring some crazy event so today he passed asked on along a tweet about congresswoman Alon Omar. That said that she was dancing on nine eleven okay. It was a smear she she wasn't when he passed along that tweet this by the way the president of the United States he said this is the New Democratic Party so this is this is super obvious right doc yeah. This is this is. This is negative partisanship. This has basically create an image of the opposite party that is that is so objectionable. You won't vote for for them right so my point is if that is where we are and it's where what data we September eighteenth imagine imagine the escalation. How do you think about that in terms of a candidate. Who is in the opposite party responding to something at that level? I mean I whoever the nominee is going to face this. It's not going to matter and so I think to be scared off from a more liberal candidate for that reason is a mistake. I don't think the Biden is necessarily going to be more effective responding to that one thing that Biden has strengths and I'm happy to lay them out but when I was listening to the word salad problematic answer he gave I was listening to that store that answer he gave about response to segregation which just went all over the place. I thought Oh my God can you imagine the debase between between trump and buy it and there's GonNa be right. They're going to insult each other and then they're going to like like Dhabi like it's just GonNa A. B. This really weird combination of nastiness and like wandering into the Wilderness answer well and here's an interesting maybe scientists she question but it's one on my mind will the when people are in the damaged. When people in the Democratic Party are thinking about who their nominee is going to be and what they're going to need to do against the likely Republican nominee did they think about it in terms of the debate stage context because turns out debates don't actually affect the or do they think about it in another context and and should that change the way they think about the candidate yeah I. That's a really good question. Can I ask you a different policy question so to answer the question now. NOPE nope. I'm David so here's my question to either both of you so in my mind the weakness right now among the Liberal Democrats is support for Medicare for all because because the idea of forcing people onto government run healthcare the costs thirty trillion dollars is not popular the public option the idea of choice strengthening obamacare obamacare Medicaid for all or some possibility of Medicare yes but the the Bernie version which is in four years we end private health insurance is not popular so what's if Warren's the candidate what's she going to do. She's sticking to that position more than I expect. Although in this strange way where she's sticking with it but nonstop I mean she says I'm on his plan but then had that shilly-shally on the on the cost questions leaving herself for him to say something like Oh we got there eventually sure sure and I think as long as the Republicans do things where they're going after obamacare which seemed to be doing with legal challenges the Democrats. It's a stronger issue for Democrats than Republicans and you don't have to pin yourself to that. I feel like she has pinned herself to more than I would have expected them to. The people at the last debate bates sorry to be so debate centric who gave the best answers were Kamla Harrison Buddha Judge Harris brought up the lawsuit just mentioned against to bring down obamacare and Buddha just says I trust Americans. Why can't we have choice for all so the question is go ahead. You can applaud for Emily for mayor Premier Pete Emily. You can apply for everyone. This is America for yourself -gratulations. Everyone the thing that is interesting to me about about Medicare for all first of all the the polling Ford is is highly volatile so people in theory like it and then once you start saying what's in it that it drops like a rock so that's one problem. The second thing is in the context context general election. What is the value argument behind it that that a Democratic nominee is going to use assuming they are in support of that to make a larger case to the public look like is it. We don't think thirty million people should be without healthcare. Do we think your costs are too much in your one illness away from bankruptcy. Do we think one hundred forty six million people dylan private insurance should have a new complexity in their life. What is so my my what interests me is whatever the set of policy proposals are that the Democrat runs on it seems to me that the only person who has you mentioned Kamala Harris she was able to take the issue and make it about President trump that that seems to me to be the Democrat needs to do and in the context of all the healthcare debate. Almost none of them have done that successfully in a way that has real throw weight in a general election and seems to if you can't do that. 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Oh provides free digital skills workshops and one on one coaching too small businesses in all fifty states helping them get online connect with new customers and work more productively really learn more at Google dot com slash grow all right all right all right dear minnesotans. I'm going to read you. Some statements and I want you to let me know if you agree with them by applauding. If you do okay I fantasize about a natural disaster wiping out most of humanity such that a small group of people can start over. I think society should be burned to the ground when I think about our political and social institutions. I cannot help thinking. Just let them all burn. We cannot fix the problems in our social institutions. We need to tear them down and start over. Sometimes I just feel like destroying beautiful things in the least appealing so an astonishing percent of Americans believe some of these statements forty percent according to a recent study believe that we need society society to be burned to the ground this was found by three social scientists. Danish one American like to have to Danish for breakfast and the paper is called a need for chaos the sharing sharing of hostile political rumors in advanced democracies. Tom Etzel The New York Times or to bury interesting column about that and we're going to couple that today. With another social science paper called democracy devouring itself the rise of the incompetent citizen and the appeal of right wing populism and the reason we're talking about that is these two papers taken together are painted truly dire dwyer dire picture of where we are as a country and they suggest that the United States and in fact possibly all oh all democracies are even in worship suspected so emily I'm GonNa ask you. I mean I can do this but what what did this need for. Chaos paper find find. Why is it so unsettling so I have to say. I think that the so I read this like ten sometimes forty percent of people agreed to this and then I decided that if you look at those questions closely okay if you answer them literally and you're talking about actually burning things to the ground bad but I bet a lot of people I mean I could imagine this answered them much more in this way of like yeah. I'm mad about some stuff and this is a a flawed world and rigs system we lived at we live in and and when you think about it that way it's not as alarm can describe what the study found what it found was that these folks like are really prevalent in those numbers but that also they are likely to be a spreading information on social media that social media has this is so this is this big question is social media changing the way people communicate in a way that then then takes these fringy views or these disordered blow everything up views and allows them to spread and gain political influence in a way that is destabilizing realizing for the democracy. The counter view is like there's nothing new about this. We've always had rumors. We've always had disinformation the fact that they're spreading more gets. That's exaggerated that when you look at people's news consumption almost everybody is actually looking at multiple news stories and news sources including mainstream ones and we're too concerned about pizza gate and a few and you know the Sandy Hook libellous lies and that we should stop obsessing messing about this because it doesn't actually make that big an effect and there are political scientists on both sides of the side right which is the people who want to burn down very dangerous so that what this study these these political scientists found was that when you look at how disinformation spreads it's not necessarily spread by people have a partisan motivations not necessarily people who are who are spreading it because they want to take down the Democrat candidate the Republican candidate. It's spread by people who want to take down the institutions themselves. They do not believe the institutions they want to increase chaos in the system and that there has been a market increase in the amount of chaos in the system because the ability of people to spread this information has grown the number of people who believe in in spreading this information has grown and it's quite dangerous and the elites and coupled with this other paper which would have said the elites have lost control of insulin leads have lost control of media. They've lost control of politics. They've lost control of the kind of master narrative of society and you. We're in a situation where the kind of nihilist list destructive narcotic forces that these folks believe in have overtaken us and there is no way to bring them back back in. There's no way to rein them in right so there's a lot of it so what one thing one thing is that the pizza gate in the most extreme stories and conspiracy theories that exist on both the left and the right are only a part of the puzzle what happens when you have chaos voters is they're happy to see chaos about a a whole range of stories and so it's not just the ones of the most absurd but any of the normal conflicts between urban rural religious non religion religious black white they are happy to see this information misinformation create just chaos and cacophony what that does so that's bigger because then that's people that's not people. I believe there's a pedophile ring in the bottom of a basement in a basement of pizza parlor. That doesn't even have a basement they help keep the noise in the fight on twitter social media and so that's the bigger group than just the crazies what that does is it shreds attention just in general right so you now have the what used to be as Andy Card. The former chief of staff George Bush said is what used to be the fringe is now the rug is that the fringe is now in the middle of the conversation and so it's harder to get that out of the way and then say okay now. I'm I'm just going to focus on this. One thing the other thing that social media has done is the something called the illusory truth effect which is once a person who's mildly into chaos. Send something out that we know is in bad faith we know is is the Omar Dancing on nine eleven. They know it's in bad faith. Just don't give a damn once. They spread that once that hits you. I I even the minute when you guys know this but even the minute you then are told no that's not true the first mover advantage of the false news still sticks in your head and and if the person who wants to act in bad faith keeps hammering home the thing that everybody says is a lie and keeps doing it it sticks in your head and that's the the real danger so you have chaos voters then you have voters who were anxious to be fed affirmation not information and I think that creates a much larger portion. You're about to jumping is making one more point about this. which is that the chaos one of the things that paradoxical about trump is trump is an agent of chaos who then offers himself as a solution to chaos that the one of the things he's been so successful at doing is to create and re tweeting this? Omar thing is an example of it to create the mistrust and create create the corruption create the anxiety create the fear and then say I am the answer. Only I can fix it and to do it with authoritarianism carrion. Ism as his answer so there's a there's this paradox trump is that he is he claims to be against chaos and yet is an agent of it and and I think if you look across in a bunch of countries view looking hungry if you look in Russia if you look in Brazil we have this phenomenon multiplying lying across the world and it's the same so that said things which is somebody who who posits there's chaos in society increases the amount of it and then and then comes forward with authoritarian authoritarian antidemocratic anti representative government solutions to to fix it and that's a fucking terrified place to be. I want to add the the rule of the mainstream media to this conversation because if the mainstream media didn't amplify the tweets etc etc and spend endless hours debating them on these fake cable news panels that are ginned up for conflict and treat the news like entertainment than the social media postings postings would have much less influence and the other thing about these chaos. Thursday is kind of Gremlin voters is that you don't think that's right. No it's right. Can I interrupt and have a conversation is that is that yes. The mainstream me has totally done that but that's a because the mainstream media is subject to all these forces of fragmentation fragmentation and loss of audience and and the the mainstream what the mainstream media is suffering from it. No longer has the authority at once had. It's lost the Authority not because it's it's covered a lot of tweets. It's lost thirty because media has itself just turned into this fragmented universe and CBS News. I'm sorry John Not Business is wonderful. You work for its great. CBS News does not have the gravity and weight that it had ten years ago thirty thirty years ago sixty years ago and it will never get it back and so I don't think it's I don't think it's enough to say oh. It's the mainstream media is doing this doing the dirty work for the president. I think it's you have to say these. Forces of fragmentation have have affected the media and government huck away too much like yes. There are these market forces forces is also true that we present ourselves as having some higher authority having some moral compass that guides us having some elevated principles balls and then we act we in fact often. WHO'S THE WE WE LOSE THE WE'RE NOT GONNA let anyone that's wrong but I especially feel this about television division. It's a small fraction of people who are like Cable News and it's a small fraction of audience and you're talking about box which is one of these agents of fragmentation well actually across or an end to some degree newspapers and we don't need to broaden it even more we can can well so institutional legitimacy for anything any right but that's because there's handrail and we have been and handed over. Yes we have we have we have. I know this is something we haven't handed it. No it's a it's contributory. It's not it's. It's not just a single. It's it's it's exactly the complexity that you talk about but but but as emily said whether it's a New York Times or CBS or Time magazine or any of those legacy big organizations that spend a lot of time making sure that their standards their job in part is to fight against now their businesses Mrs so they have to have people at Church Churn US Senate. It's the House of Representatives. It's every major universities every significant institution in this country. Ha has much less credibility than it did a year ten years ago but every single one that we have no responsibility eighty four right you have responsibility for universities also have right right so and also most of those institutions that you named. I still have people inside them. Who say we still believe in our existing original standards and we're GONNA fight against these forces and we shouldn't let those Dr Forces of darkness Ms Prevail even if some of them are coming from within our own house and we have to keep those standards because without standards it's madness and so that's the back also to the Gremlin voters that's now? I'm thinking of them so I guess I think they're surely there are some people who are like cackling over burning down the world. I in my gut feel like there are more people who just feel like no matter what I they do. My Life doesn't change and get better these politicians they yap about solutions it does it matter and I see this kind of entertainment phone news news that particularly trump has been so so good at promoting peddling and I'm just GonNa Laugh at it because there's no point and really paying attention to this. This game in my life hasn't changed enough etc.. I'm not saying those people are correct but I don't think it's I don't think that is crazy view and itself at all well and it's not just this president has taken the the link ever send space at the candidates used the same processes that are used to sell Lemon Fresh Pledge Ledge or any other consumer product. It has been on a straight trajectory to creating a situation where people feel like. I'm being gamed the way I'm gamed too by mud flaps APPs on the new car and so once that happens you detaches from what's happening in their real lives. That's been going on before. Trump people obviously deal at now. which is why it's so it's so striking politicians who in any party the way you change that is you inspire people is that you create these fires inside of each each voter by by kindling something in them that they feel in a common way that then brings them and lifts them through whatever it is that you appeal to them and and the paucity of inspirational speech in politics is striking? I mean that because that's the only way you can beat it. I don't I the I think that is just I mean really idealistic in a way that doesn't resonate I think you when you have the inequality that you have when you have a lack of a shared commonality shared sense of what the country is a lack of shared sense of mission to the country. The idea that political rhetoric is going to overcome these enormous remiss political economic social religious cultural forces seems hopeless so right now. It's obviously not just rhetoric but if you're GONNA GONNA do it. You have to so clearly been worse places than this. We did have a civil war. Six hundred thousand people died so we've been in worse places and the sensitive literally example. Well been anywhere from nine hundred sixty eight. This is worse than sixteen. Whether nine hundred sixty was pretty bad. You had the National Guard. You're dying. People getting shot in major cities. You Know Jersey City thirty people dying Detroit thirty six people dying like you. We don't yet have that so we have. We do mask. It's it's different. It's different shirt. Chur Paso shooting and you have Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King. I'm saying that that was nine sixty. It was pretty tough if year so my point is that there have been people now politics was a lot different back then you don't have the structural things in place that would create correction that you had you you max in a different way. You had authoritative news sources that had more a greater share market than they had a greater share because you didn't there where people I mean certainly if you look at the Wallace candidacy and you look even at the goldwater candidacy there were a lot of people supporting those do candidacies who felt that the shared facts were all made up organizing principle right or the fat Orlando which goes back to David's point about the chaos voters one of the things that this paper fines lines and that is true is that there's a convening force of social media that they didn't have in sixty four and sixty eight and that is that is what makes this different now and makes it much much harder order to beat back with rhetoric because you're you're immediately atomised unless you can kindle something in individual Americans and to suggest that at that Americans across the country are so bearing that they can't be moved. That's more chaos than people at the results actually think Mitch McConnell while I wouldn't give him the inspiring a word when he pursed night when he emphasizes look we've got one hundred and fifty judges confirmed that is is a real legacy a real accomplishment for his party that is that should move his base rate control this is this is the problem with it also goes to the fact that the Democrats trying to investigate and take testimony seems pretty ineffectual at this point now out. Maybe there's nothing that can be done about that. These subpoenas are in court in this kind of months-long way but it feels like hey you know you said you were going to get trump's tax turns. Where are they like the use of the House as a you're in control. I don't feel like we're seeing a whole lot of fruits of that Labor. 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The hosts are Ryan Kanoute's in and Caitlyn Baugh and they examined topics like would free college actually be better for everyone and is a recession really coming and what will the US do when it does arrive and what happens to a city when the minimum wage goes above fifteen dollars an hour the journal follows the money understand how people across our nation gain access as to power and how they wheeled it the journal a show about money business empower listen for free on spotify or wherever you get your podcasts gap best fans. We are so happy to have curtis. Sitton filled with us here in the twin cities. Curtis it is the author of five novels and one amazing collection short stories or novels include prep eligible which is a retelling of pride and prejudice American wife which is a a fictionalized Laura Bush her short story collection. You think I'll say it is amazing. It's just so good it. I read it was being adapted for television. True true true true once was totally should adapt that I will watch. Thank you thank thank you for our purposes curtis. Also the American novelist who is most attended and best at writing about politics. American wife is a masterpiece. She also wrote a serialized novella about the Obama inauguration for me. It's sleep back in two thousand nine that you've forgotten that now I wondered if you had you and I are the only ones we're the only three five in my she wrote a short story about Hillary Clinton for Esquire also for her collection and now be we still are beating heart. She is working on a book with the working title of Rodham. It's a bad about what if Hillary Rodham bill at Yale L. Law School in the way she really did fall in love but she hadn't married him and had gone to lead a life apart from his so I I I am so excited to read this book which we will get a chance to read next year at some point to Curtis. You tweeted this week. You had a great tweet this week. I seriously anything today anyway that I may have written the great American novel might not realize it because I'm female and because the cover will probably be either address or woman whose face you can't see so this this is just an FYI Hi so why. Why are you so excited about it. Why are you excited about Rodham a I first of all she has to finish head. It's a good it is it's funny because I think that when I tweeted that and I can understand why I in retrospect people thought I was completely finished with the book which I would say. I actually am ninety percent finished but you all know there's a difference between and been ninety percent finished reading your book one hundred percent. I think I had so there have been moments when I've thought like this not coming together as I had imagined this is. I've been working on it for two and a half years and I think I will say yesterday. I was having a day where I thought Oh my God like. It's even better than I hoped rapist. How dare does that roller coaster go like this or does it go. EKG chart so I actually feel like the general rule I think is that if you feel like you had a great day of writing your and you look back at what you produce you're usually wrong and if you feel like you had a really terrible day and you look back you also are probably like I was GonNa say you're right. I think that it's less I mean again. There are times when I'll and I wrote I mean I know this is in the year two thousand nineteen some people have some of us have lost our attention agency. I know this is a little bit daunting but it might be like a five hundred ish page but there's there's a lot to say about. IF HILLARY HADN'T MARRIED BILL IT turns out and but yeah I think that part of being a novelist just sort of getting to the other side of that almost no one writes novel novels about politicians or and no one writes novels but First Lady's you're now going to have written two novels about First Lady's SORTA SORTA because of course Hillary Yeah Yeah but you know what I'm saying here. I'd I'd do what you why. Are you drawn. Why were you drawn to Laura Bush. Why are you drawn onto Hillary Clinton so I think that I think it's fair to see a pattern. Although I would say like my interest in Hillary Clinton is more as like the first female major party nominee for president of the category icy here rather rather than as primarily doesn't marry bill you've actually couldn't hurt also David's defining merely by her husband and not by her own achievements. She isn't as well actually there are two things that sort of made me or like prompted me to write. The novel was when esquire reached out and said. Do you WANNA write a short story. This was in early two thousand sixteen and they said do you want to write a story from the perspective of Hillary Clinton and the funny thing was I had been invited because of my book American wife I had been invited to rate a few essays about Hillary Clinton and I had said No. Thank you like during the two thousand sixteen election leading up to it. I feel like almost nothing in can be written about like who Hillary Clinton is to the American public that hasn't already been said but to think like what does Hillary think of us is a completely different question. Like what does the world look like to her. Not Not what do we think of her. But what does she think of us. The other thing thing that I had this sort of slow realization is leading up to and after the two thousand sixteen election for plenty of Grade School Children Brin New Hillary Clinton as the presidential nominee but they actually had no idea who Bill Clinton was let alone that she had been married him and it's and it's it raises this question. If if we had like we've been we all experienced. Yeah Yeah and we've got this version. There's many things we've been told about her. For thirty years you know some of which have been some true some were false and were sort of true but it's like if you could strip away a lot like. I sometimes do think if she were the CEO of a fortune five hundred company or if she were you know like the president of a university and under some very random circumstances. I ended up sitting next to her to dinner party. I think I feel like I'd be like that. Woman is so who's smart and interesting and accomplished in instead somehow. It's like I have thoughts about like her. Headbands from you know nine hundred ninety two and and one of the things I really liked about the esquire story also depresses fault. I mean yeah the obsessions with a lot of her for in her pants suits and all that stuff that's like the point of this esquire story is to write about Hillary's experience of a journalist coming and repeatedly in her life and this invasive way a journalist too yeah reminded me of different people I was GonNa say though that Hillary says incredibly bland land things in your story even she's thinking more interesting thoughts and I wonder if that kind of voice and dialogue continues in the novel and that's hard because when someone voice or their internal voice of course is fascinating but if you keep having to produce these banal political local soundbites like how do you deal with no. It's much easier. Probably I mean first of all again. We all including me of course receive receive her as a public person but before she was a public person she was a private and so so and that's kind of in a way to me see that's the appeal of a five hundred page novel that you can like get to the point where the person is a public person but then you also can show them when they're like twenty four four thirty two and like maybe with a co-worker with someone they date or someone. They have a crush because I do. I do feel like we very weird thing. Where are we have this access to kind of like very detailed information about these public figures but then we we sort of pretend that they're not real three dimensional people like us like we are and they're not have you met either. Hillary Clinton or Laura Bush and would you want to if you haven't have you talked to if you have if you've talked to them them about their fictional selves so I think the short answer like almost all those questions is no I I if I were so sure. Laura Bush has read your book. She's a librarian so people people have said that but I do think she's so famous that I think that she she had to develop mechanisms for like tuning out that if if I said like someone said you cut US wrote about a book about you emily. Maybe you would find it. You're famous. I mean your your medium famous. Among among sleep plus listeners here in the New York Times readers so so I do think like if I were her I wouldn't have read read it and I have never met Hiller. I will say leading up to and then when American wife was published which was two thousand eight I would sometimes dream about Oh Laura Bush and in the dream we were introduced and she knew had written a novel about her and she thought it was distasteful but she was too polite eight to kind of call me out on it and I was the Laura Bush. Dreams have gone away but I have dreamed a few times of Hitler. Do you have an do you immerse yourself in Hillary Clinton so that the new character you create grows out of that or is it. Do you recognize two totally separate people when yeah that's a that's an excellent question so I have immersed myself in Hillary. Clinton put on my Hillary Clinton and and and I do it. I tried to sort of like like it's supposed to be a realistic. The premise is supposed to be realistically really really what would have happened and I will say this. I'm probably giving away too much but I've had very early readers who have to two who of the four tour like related to me but they're actually my harshest critics but they've said reading early passages where they fall in love at Yale. The law school like like is so convincing that I get upset knowing they're not going to be together and I reassure myself that they are together the life that seems to be like right where you want me. I know I know I know I will. I know we are the great American. It's gone so far down the rabbit hole that literally this is not a joke. I recently was like like should I move to Fayetteville Arkansas like it's actually it sounds delightful and then I found out my herald zillow or something nice this lovely lovely historic neighborhood but yet like fe I mean so hillary move there in in August nineteen seventy four when bill's running running for Congress in North West Arkansas and I again it sounds like a really great you know like academic sort of Hippie like all the liberals and the state stake. Go there and even though it's near Arkansas so you have lived. I think you've lived you grew up in Cincinnati. You've lived in Washington philly Saint Saint Louis now. You're in the twin cities. I want you to rank those cities. I will say this again. I lived in other places but I have lived in the Midwest for a lot of my life and I I do feel like it's really shocking eighteen to me that I didn't know how great the twin cities are there. I swear I'm not just saying yeah. It's a great like there are tons of writers. It's politically progressive. It's beautiful the lakes. It's actually agree. I might have to say that. Minneapolis is number one can I can. I say one other thing because I was listening. I definitely think Elizabeth Warren is electable uh-huh. Why do you feel confident about that. It's someone who's thought about female policy. It's on me it's like why isn't she like so many things it's like they have to the happen and then we know they can happen and it just seems like politics is so fluid and there's so many things things that it seems implausible and then afterwards it seems inevitable and also in terms of the thing you were saying about. Biden like imagining a biden trump face off. I really sincerely think and I like Amy Klobuchar Lake Comma the Harris. I I like Elizabeth Warren that like any woman who's reached the level of success they have has probably withstood a lot more like ugliness yes and criticism and it's probably tougher than any man who's achieved just drop the mic the the author of the forthcoming novel Rodham and the author of a whole bunch of other great novels Curtis. Thank you for joining up. They give all right. Let's go to cocktail chatter when you're having one of the very very many craft brews the city has what will you be chattering about was tremendously saddened this week by the death of cokie Roberts. Who is I mean. I feel lucky to think of her as like one of the female journalists I aspire to be. She seems to be someone who everyone everyone. I've talked to who has met her thought that she was a lovely person. She just seems to be one of those sparky. Generous presences that even in the cutthroat elbow throwing city of Washington is able to transcend some politics and maybe some of you saw there. Is this amazing photographs circulating this week of cokie Roberts. It's with Susan Steinberg and Nina Totenberg many years ago. There are fairly young women. They're wearing clothes that look very much of that era a and they're pioneers. They are changing the profession. They are these female voices on public radio before it was anything like easy to be that person and I feel Esto grateful to them and all the work they did. It's just the time to think about asked John Dickerson. What's your chatter amen to that thing about. cokie is that all the stories you hear or lots and lots of you. Here are things. She did out of the way people she she reached two who were not of her same age and was good too. You know yeah you want. You want those stories. Okay so as a as all of you know. I'm trying to finish a book still. I'm still trying to finish it. It's on the presidency and how the job is different than the thing we talk about during the campaigns and so enduring my research I was looking for a book that told people how to prepare to vote not like where to go to the polling place but had study issues what to how to think about a president and turns out. There aren't very many of those books but there were they were written for the elections of nineteen hundred one thousand nine hundred and nine hundred twelve. I don't know what happened. I don't happen to nineteen hundred four all on Ziplock bag. I ordered one of them. It is here tonight in a plastic bag and it smells like your grandmother's basement because that's probably where it came from and it's called great issues and national leaders live questions of the day discuss the voters guide for the campaign of Nineteen hundred people aw that's McKinley and that's William Jennings Bryan okay so I opened it and what fell out but this three page little pamphlet so this to me was more. This keyword to me was more interesting than the book. What is the pamphlet it is. Is the agents key to how to sell this book about how to prepare so awesome. This pamphlet is for for your private use. It is the key with which you are to open the door to success in selling this book. No one can succeed at any work without preparation and the more thorough the preparation the better the success. We give you this as a guide. We advise you memorize the description word for word. It's three. It's four pitches as we advise you to memorize. This word for word distracted in one thousand nine hundred dollars. They had a lot of time. We advise you'd members word for word and then beat it. All you can but be sure you never do worse ladies and Gentlemen I tell you that's just what I'm going to do because this is the most complete complete and in every respect to find his campaign book issued eat is authentic with new and fresh not printed from old plates profusely illustrated with portraits and illustrations nations so it turns out. This is not the actual book. The actual book is five hundred pages. This is as a teaser okay so and this what this teaser was four. It's got a cloth cover yeah. It's really I will turn to it but you may we may have a little show and tell yeah and that'll leave a little mark on your hands anyway this is this is the teaser that this is the era of. Do you want to show the class that what the pictures are like inside. This is Mrs William McKinley. Yeah it's chock full of photographs. The defined not made from old plates. These are fresh new photographs. This is the era of the door to door salesman so chaps in like lumpy suits in those hats they were always adjusting are racing towards the front door pushing aside the the the encyclopedia salesmen and pushing aside the fuller brush salesman so they can get to your front and show you Teddy Roosevelt. The vice presidential nominee McKinley and boy wasn't that important decision in January September nineteen o one McKinley Stevenson. The elder was the vice presidential out the Democrats. Wow who knew I knew there wasn't Adly Stevenson the elder older may I'm mark you down for a copy. What's IT GONNA take to put you in a new administration restauration today so peop-. The salesman would have been propelled by this pamphlet which I've made a copy because this is it's falling apart but anyway and they would be propelled by the words on these pages call attention to the fact that this is the most handsome and magnificent book the cover representing what the book stands for a thoroughly patriotic nonpartisan book a book which will be an ornament for the home table as well as most interesting useful and invaluable book for immediate use so from that breathless description. You can see basically what we have on Cable News today. David Pass me back the book please because it is written in the chatty EST for which I think we should return to frankly the chatty as kind of and sort of everything's great in America. Even though big things are happening. Here's the opening line. This will be the last presidential campaign of the century and in many respects he bids fair air to be one of the most interesting and most important the results of the Spanish war was to involve the United States in new and vast responsibilities whether rightly or wrongly that's key whether rightly or wrongly we have the Philippines Cuba but wait. There's more we have to Cuba Puerto Rico. Oh and Hawaii on our hands. What shall we do with them. Yes Mrs Smith. What shall we do it. So you see that rightly or wrongly. That's where the both sides comes from throughout this thing throughout throughout this it tells the seller to make sure that they point out that this is a nonpartisan book so but how do you sell the merchandise. Well you sell the campaign pain. This campaign will be the most interesting and most important campaign either. You and I have witnessed which you hear now right. Every campaign is the most important always think it's true yeah great issues embodying. I might say the life of the Republic. Come to the front. The national leaders must stand the most careful scrutiny the re they're real worth must be known whether whether they be men of honesty ability and experience and then in a twist that seems familiar today it is important to you and me whether the trusts shell boss everything so so that's Elizabeth Warren so you you go through. The book goes on for pages about how I'm supposed to instruct the sales per the a person is buying it and then we will close on the hard sell at the end if after showing you everything that's in this book and all the pictures. Here's the script for how it's supposed to end now. Don't miss her blank. Everybody wants this new fresh campaign book which is you see will be a book of lasting value for it contains the history of the past and present which needs frequently for reference and here's A. Place for your name now Mr and then it has instructions handing him. I'm your Pencil and pointing at the line on which you would like him to subscribe because remember. I'm just coming to show him the teaser. He's going to write his name and then I'll deliver the full book for you. Everyone who was seen. This prospectus seems to be pleased with it. You will see from these names parentheses showing your list of subscribers. What kind of people are attracted by why it and I am sure you will agree that you want your name down with the rest. Then it gives a little more instruction from the peer pressure. Yes exactly from this point in forward we leave the agent to execute his own tact and judgement. Be careful never to allow your customer to say no it appears that he is about to do so turn quickly to some interesting picture or subject and begin to explain seen or read some passage that will please him never lose yourself possession. This is the critical point and your tact and skill must all be brought to bear. You're at this place to book the order. So these days of course are gone. No one's no one sells their books in person before it's completed completed using deceptive and merging entertaining patter. That's done now by Amazon. That puts up early early linked to the book email. It's called the hardest job fourteen ninety nine Ninety Nine Act Now ladies and gentlemen you know the kinds of people will be buying this book and you will want to count yourselves among them it all right so my my chatter chatter is also like a John dickerson chatter. Actually it's not quite it will feature presidential audiotape though so some of you who know me know that I have a a real thing about pandas which is that I cannot stand them. I think they're fraudulent and lazy and neutered an ill-tempered and I grew up in Washington. DC and if you grew up in Washington DC and the seventies you were constantly dragged back to the zoo to see this pair of pandas that now gave to Nixon in nineteen seventy two when the US Open diplomacy with China and these pandas would sit lump plumpish Louis drearily occasionally molly nick keeper or failing to breed and then when they did manage to breed they would then sit on the baby that they'd had and suffocate it but they got away with it because Americans were duped by the kind of fancy paint job and the elegant for and it since then pandas had become tool of Chinese diplomacy and China rents pandas the United States at extortionate rates. You get a panda breeding pair there. I think they're four or five of them now in the US but China maintains ownership of all cubs that are more and so when it cub hits four years old they exfiltrated the cub back to China and and now they're getting caught up in the trump trade war because they there's a twenty year lease on a pair of pandas in Washington which the those are the marquee pandas the panthers and there's this fear that China's going to refuse to renew that lease when it comes up next year and there's a worried that they're going to be sent home. I am not worried about this war. Yes there could be a pan of work a I'm not worried about this but the Washington Post is worried about in the Washington. Post historically assigns more reporters to Japan beat than it does to. HHS and I wanna I just WANNA celebrate a really great piece of they did last month where they talked about the in fact these pandas could get sent back to China and it turns out they uncovered an amazing piece of audiotape which Richard Nixon when the pandas came to originally nineteen seventy-two was obsessed with the pandas and he had some of the same interests that I do in pandas and so there is this wonderful conversation that he had with the Washington Star reporter that he wanted to hype about the pandas arriving but he nixon had some reservations so we're just going to play the tape of Nixon talking to this Washington Star reporter her. That was a matter of fact Let me tell you an interesting thing about you must you can you can only use it on your own end riding on but I just talking to Rob Haldeman Autumn and who talked to his Chinese hosts and Desplechin. A meeting is very interesting. These are a male and the female problem with a problem however with penders enders is that they don't know how to make the only way they learn how to watch other pandas made you see and so they're keeping them in our little while leader under one's the sort of learn. You know how it's done around if they don't learn it they'll get over here. Nothing will happen so I guess what you should should have your best reporter her out there to see whether who's battersea will have learned so now that I give near the story of pandas. Let me let you get back to your more serious. He was right didn't learn anything if they failed entirely. That is our show for today. The GAVITT is produced by the twin cities zone Jocelyn Frank. Thank our researcher. A researcher is also midwesterner Chicago Bridge Dunlap Faith Smith and Brickley together this this show here in Saint Paul. Thanks to the Fitzgerald Theater for hosting Gabriel Roth is the editorial director of podcast June. Thomas is the managing producer you should follow us on on twitter at athlete Gabfest and tweet your chatter to us four Emily Baz Lan and John dickerson. I'm David Plots. Thanks for having US here Saint Paul aw we'll talk to you next week all right friends. Sir Thank you for the tears. You can keep that up in a second. We're going to have questions so we're GONNA have a brief Q. and A. So if you WANNA come there's Mike Stage left stage right yeah. Hi Joe Biden's agent capacity is kind of an open discussion especially since Julian Castro's attack on him during the debates which seemed to fail miserably in the polls does in the media so I'm wondering is there more politically expedient ter- polite or civil way for other candidates to bring up that issue and maybe more more importantly do they have a responsibility to even if it's not politically expedient given the stakes of a situation great question they the first real campaign cover was Bob Dole in nineteen ninety-six and this was a big question with Dole to and none of the candidates could figure out a way to do it and also in his case as it is a little bit with Biden to it's a stocking horse rather stuff. which is we think he's too moderate and all that? I don't know that there's a way to to to bring it up successfully. I mean I think basically the way the smart candidates candidates have done it is pushing into corners about things from the past which when he talks about them a he's constrained by the politics of the time be he knows that so you can see in his head him trying to figure out who is going to offend wine what he has to say which is just hard and complicated and then three. He'll tend to use expressions that I remember when Bob Dole referred to the Brooklyn Dodgers except the thing that thing is he was hip or that he knew because my son and daughter both have record players and play records all the time so it's a lot of people replaying records again but uh-huh but I think that's probably the best way for them to do it over here. So I've been thinking a lot about federalism lately as we're all want to do particularly in light of the trump administration's challenge of California's restrictions on emissions and I'm wondering what all of you particularly emily thinks about this kind kind of flip flopping of partisanship when it comes to federalism and state's rights. I'm you put that so well and I'm so glad you brought up the issue. It is pretty amazing to see particularly the lawyers in the Justice Department. Make these arguments which are so contrary to positions is that Republicans in particular have taken in the past not just about states rights and the kind of longer term like disfavored a a history of that term but also just the idea that we live in a laboratory of democracy and state should be able to have a lot of policy making authority because they are closer to the voters voters than the federal government so it is amazing to see people abandoned that position when it's no longer the policy answer they want the states to be giving hi there the term socialism seems to be a profanity these days that's used by the president and the right wing is is there a way that the left can recover that word and really actually show its definition so that the people that would benefit most from those policies could actually fight for it. There's a bunch of great quotes about this. There's Truman SP- famous one about Republicans always calling things socialists that are Gavitt fans that was just a teaser to hear the rest of our slate plus conversation go to sleep dot com slash gabfest plus become a slate plus member today hi hi I'm New York Times food columnist and Cookbook Author Melissa Clark and I'm here to tell you about my new podcast weeknight kitchen. It takes on one of the biggest dilemmas for busy people. What are we going to eat for dinner. In each episode you'll be with me and my kitchen as I work through one fantastic recipes to help you get three weeks and I hope I'll share helpful advice along the white right. It's a cooking show for beginners season cooks and everyone in between yet weeknight kitchen free on apple podcasts or anywhere you get your podcasts.

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Episode #258: End Of An Era

Five(ish) Fangirls Podcast

1:57:37 hr | 1 year ago

Episode #258: End Of An Era

"This is Jennifer Hale and you're listening to five ish fan girls podcast and I should go the squeaky all all the way to episode two hundred and fifty eight of the five Shankar's confronting fear is the destiny of agenda. Your destiny what could be one of the fight mature angle podcast so good dressed. Let's turn off the virtual table. See here's join this last week. This is Chrissie in Salt Lake City. This is Sally Allie from Wisconsin. And this is Rachel that currently ended Apple Deanna but actually coincidentally this is very appropriate in the hometown of Kylo Ren himself Adam he he is. Maybe he's home for Christmas. Who knows? I don't know I don't know if he's still his family lives here and I very appropriate that I'm hearing now It's actually funny I'll I'll put a link to the show. It's A. It's kind of an old old older clamp. That's not really really recent but at driver was on a Colbert at some point Something that wasn't star wars but anyway I Guess Colbert does a A segment where he reads like the like the town like events listings stings. Like you'd see like posted like the library or the local. Ymca or whatever he'll do it for whatever the like podunk little town that whoever the celebrity guests on the show is is from the guest on that show so he did it with Adam driver so it was postings for like early January of whatever year it was For Mr Waka Chachi watching The entire time chances like yes. I know that place. I know that I've been there. Welcome to community. Calendar your source for what's happening in and around Michelle Walker Indiana and and the Greater Michigan by State Machine area joining me as local boy made good or bad depending on which movie. You're watching Adam driver. Adam thank you Steven. You know what they say you can take the man out of miss you walk but the spirit of this town is something you can't miss you. Walk away from they. They do indeed say that. Let's get right to the actual events that are happening this month in the Greater Milwaukee Metroplex Adam on January twentieth many of the Niles L. Club will be hosting their monthly fish fry. They will be serving. Whitefish Baked Potato Coleslaw. It's all a part of their ongoing culinary. Mary series foods that are white. You athletes out there stop by Saint Patrick County Park next Wednesday for the cross country skiing cross country skiing. All the excitement of downhill skiing with. None of the excitement grew up as they are at a rival was born here actually moved here about Tan actors about the same age. Chauncey moved here. 'cause he's originally from Michigan again so he and and vibration moved to the same area at the same time it went to different high schools. But we're all the same age. It's like every things like if added are recess and they take about from your Johnson said yes. I totally understand I'd say quite kind of cool. Yeah I it's kind of it's kind of as as the longer Chauncey I've been together in the more I come up here to visit in the market to know the area so when we went and saw aw like the low rise Skywalker the few times we're Kylo Ren is being all you know Kyla Raton in my head on like nick. Just shut up your mish. Wocka that impress cure because punk she. It's like you grow up at him driver himself. He's he's he seems like a good guy he seems like he's character in part of his character is is kind of a Dork but we'll get out part is the part that's for Michelle Walk. We'll go with that. Bless your heart and I poked fun but it's a nice area the people here for the most part or varied ice and you know but hey days it is kind of small town USA. Hey Hey where everybody knows everybody's business and the most happening places the Walmart. So I grew up. I grew up in similar similar circumstances so I totally get. It was just a funny and then we were telling. My mother-in-law CIANCI's bomb about the video and one of the events was like come to the local like local nature park thing. It's like kids. This could check out animal. Skulls learned how to identify them and she's all Jews like. Oh they should've they should've had the because they've been there because it the boy scouts. She's like Oh yeah but they all have a helping the case studies through I. Yeah I'm pretty sure we. We've we had same same sort of thing where I grew up when when you're not helping the nature everybody got nature. Aw Hats but we're not getting never never forget where you came from A to Z data. We're going to have thirty eight out dried a retired conversations. It's going to be back GROWING UP IN INDIANA. You know he he he he may enjoy. That might be. I'd be a nice a nice change from all the rabid fan girls. I may have to tell that story at some point that this podcast just Louis. Oh Oh oh my tangent but hey when in Rome or in this case Machina you reminisce about Kylo ren identify animal skulls anyway Hopefully all of our listeners had a good Christmas Indoor Hanukkah Kwanzaa Festivus if that's your your COUPLA. We're we're we're we're we're all kind of in the middle of the end-of-year celebrate New Year's coming up. So you know. I hope you're doing whatever it is you're doing hopefully fleece Santa brought you lots of Nerdy Phantom goodness I am now the proud owner of a very heavy yet awesome reproduction of of I of Aga- Modo thank you very much even glaze snead's yeah take a little bit of video of it lighting up and put it on instagram or something so people can see it is very heavy metal and it is the heavy I could like chuck it. Somebody's head probably knock them out cold. Unless unless someone's breaking into your house probably probably best not to do that. Yeah yes but Thanos comes looking for for that particular Infinity Gem. He's GonNa he's GonNa get uh-huh concussion as well he should a uh Cha Cha OFF LIKE I don't like yes you did. That was totally not what I was expecting. Good Job Chauncey yes so yes So we don't really have any news talk about because everybody's been at home you you know in a in a coma. That's what I been doing other than the few times. I have to shuffle off to work Eh. And we don't really have any feedback So we're just going to jump into this week's topic which is is of course the latest in the Star Wars Canon episode nine the rising skywalker. So at this point spoiler oiler warning. Yes there will be spoilers aplenty to discuss your good better indifferent. Yeah and just as an as a warning there may also be spoilers for the last couple of episodes of the man delorean just because Tien so demand Mandalay laureate either. You may want to Hook but but I will point it. I will kind of interject here in here. You really should finish it. Yes and we will be doing a dedicated episode of the mandatory talking about Mental Orien- at some point. Yes we rather later you figure out when you really have to watch saga ALGA. If we don't have to wait too long season too. Yeah I guess I guess that's that's a bit of news. They did it calls to. Yes which is you know. That's a year after season one. So that makes total sense. Wait long which is good. In the meantime there is the Disney is finally only getting on the ball and there is merch out there with baby face on it so well I saw lose post. I that that had had the SOx at Disney spree s giveaway. And I'm like Oh there's no way I'm GonNa win this put try anyway but but yeah there's there there are pre orders for what they're calling the child's officious yet Disney put on thing like yeah. We're we have merchandise coming like in. May and here's where you can pre-order order it like. Maybe you should add this ready to go at Christmas. Just yeah yeah well you know it was A. It's a rock and a hard place kind of thing you know because it's like we've seen in the past with toys although usually it's it's companies outside like Lego or something but sell toys. Sometimes we'll get put online then. There's this is true so they wanted to keep baby. Yoda under wraps. At least till the end of the first episode it La- yeah at least the first episode so You Know Disney decided to gamble with it getting leaked and not not do any sort of merchandising are already thing and I think they're making up for it though it's like they bite have made aide in the last month and a half. I think I think they're licensing. Department is like J. thing everybody wants what's this thing and there's even unofficial t shirts in se Steph online of already saw ready cool and I'm like I want it up I've got. I've got a box. Whatever they're called to use it a box lunch after after after the start the new year and I was looking at making a shopping list ready to go and they've got all sorts of t shirts with the child? Lotte I might start listening. Yes my star. Wars pinterest board is full of mandatory. Baby Yoda Fan Art. Oh yeah all that stuff now. My current wallpaper on my my phone is somebody's fan art of baby. Yoda is from the same scene where he's outside with the bowl broth made it so that he's got a cup of cocoa and I might have that saves like several times on Pinterest but I regret nothing neither anyway. Yeah it's like we're trying to delay talking talking about something uncomfortable talking about something more fun. Well no way comfortable but ed there. There is some baggage we will slit. Let's let's say that. Yeah there's before we start getting into the duty. Gritty like real spoiler spoiler territory skywalker just initial thoughts. I saw it last night when we weren't sure we were going to make it but we did. And my first the first words out of my mouth when the credit started rolling in Jared Tournament and said what do you think I said this. This movie makes me hate the last Jedi even more because they wasted an entire movie over nonsense and when they could have been using that time to set up something really good with this amazing what could have been amazing. Payoff in rise of skywalker. I liked rise of skywalker with the asterisk of I wanted to set up of what they paid off. If that makes sense yeah little his I feel like I feel like they were and I get it. They were kind of in a in a rough spot with everything that had happened. And and Oh sorry I. Alex came in and is giving his opinion I kind of I I feel like like all the the interactions with the main three with Ray Po and Finn. I loved it and I was like. Why did you wait so long to do this? I Want I. I want a lot more of this. There's just I just I feel like I feel a little cheated. Yeah where the creditor started rolling and I looked at Chauncey and his opinion in in immediately after and even now. Because it's been more than a week is he. Likes this much better than the last Jedi which he did not like at all mostly because of what it did Luke Skywalker he. I don't know about his opinion of the other characters. Here's but I I. I Walk really heated. That like the last Jedi I and he liked this so much better. Better my opinion premium. I can almost feel like I need to see it again. Fair enough I wanNA see it again. I mean again. I don't know just I don't know if we're going to get to just because we've cut a lot of things going on in the next few weeks but I just I just sat there and I like at the beginning with everybody just just being together and doing their thing and and I just. I wish we'd had more of it and I feel like we missed out on a lot of things plus I mean there's there's a lot of really good storytelling ideas visitor here. And they just weren't given time to be fleshed out because again we wasted a an entire movie with nothing With with what I feel was nothing that they're actively ignoring which. I'm glad they're ignoring it. Because so much of that movie read the more I thought about it. It ticked me off and some of the and some of the post movie reaction from certain Certain parties ticked me off as well didn't get probably kicked me off more than the actual movie. Because I'm like I can tolerate a bad movie. I mean there's parts of Phantom menace. I like but you know I don't know I. I liked razor skywalker. I wanted to see more of that. Same sort of thing anyway. Hollywood did you think I I enjoyed it. Yeah I mean it seen it. The second time I mean it was nice to see the try. To course correct resolve. The suffer loss Djeddai lasted. I mean it was just you know and and they were trying to do a lot in kind. They were given I think. They've pretty much cordoned off. Though I ah happy with it but I wanted some. I wanted some more with rape polls would've loved seeing a little bit more with those Dominic Monaghan character. I wanted to know more back story about has to fly. Yeah Yeah grants character of tried. I think it would have like fried with a lie. Yeah here anymore. Back X story. Yeah I mean I feel like there's there's so much more to explore with with with with everything and even And I can't remember her name. The other girl who was they found her on the water planet and she was the other sheep in a storm trooper. Take Yeah oh I can't name name Janet. Okay Yeah Yeah and and you know she in Finn. I love it conversation between between those two. They had that same thing. I feel like we didn't get enough half of that. Oh you know. The the first order conscripted kids into being stormtroopers. That's tragic thing and that's kind of a big deal and then and at some point I don't know where jared found it but there is actually some a bit where you actually find out that she's lindos daughter. Yeah and I'm like that would have been so interesting to talk about the targeted. The families of the the rebel leaders leaders kidnap their kids. And said okay. You'RE GONNA YOU'RE GONNA fight for us now and that's all they know and you know Landau is looking for you know he. He's out trying to find his daughter or whatever they're going to expand on that in some in some books so I know like excrete is what about you kid just like I duNno. Let's find out and just like there was a lot was a loaded statement there. Yeah Yup I think new your daughter Likud just this so go find out and I'm like Oh everything everything anything. When when Lando did show up I was afraid he was just going to be there? As you know a last ditch fan service attempt. It was actually pretty good like that line. He says you know when they said. Oh we're going defined this way finder. And he says yeah. Yeah I know I was with lucrative was trying to find it. I'm like thank you for filling that in exactly. Yeah it's like oh go ahead. They say it's like leading up to the movie. We kept getting these announcements like. Oh Oh the so. And so has joined the cast and so joined the gas so we got all these new faces and really other than Richard E grant they they did not flesh them out no because they did not have the time because his movie is just. It's so it's full of a cut is it's it feels like you movies in one. Yeah and I I. It's like you know me I'm not an apologist. You know if I have an issue with something I will. I will say so. I almost feel bad picking this movie. We just because of the circumstances surrounding it because we went from having being a director Ryan Johnson with episode eight. Do his thing which us well within his right to to certain point of Lucasfilm does have people that are in charge of continuity supposedly right. I think they were sleeping sleeping on the job. The last few years I think but Yeah so it's like Ryan. Johnson came in with episode eight and tried to to breathe. Kind of some new life into the franchise so that we weren't just getting Because people complained about the Force Awakens Awakens essentially being a copycat of new hope so ri- Johnson comes and he's like okay. Well I'm not going to remake empire because it people will complain so he tried to do his own thing and then people will complain because it was true deference because you can't make anybody happy well it it's it's it's a difference between making it different than having new ideas and totally checking out everything. Well yeah or you'll feel having any respect respect for the source material brain. That's you know the people I know who are just totally loathe last Jedi and and would not go see he writes skywalker. Because of all that and you know I can understand where they're coming from you know we didn't want to. I don't want to make this into. Let's Bash jet I again. Because there's a gazillion zillion. We've already done that. We've done that. There are places on the Internet that have done it ad. NAUSEAM their place on the Internet. Still doing it. But it's just you do have to take this as a whole trilogy. 'cause that's presented him but at the have the whole thing mapped doubt they know yeah. They didn't know where it was going when they sat down when force awakens came came out like like they set up all these things. And you're like okay. What's going to happen and they're like Oh you know nothing? Nothing's going to happen with that. We don't care about that you know. Oh we're just going to change this. It's like you made made a promise. You promise eight off and it wasn't and like I have I had visions of like. Yeah the difference. Train Marvel Ervan Lucasfilm Marvel Kevin Feige and his his crew are in like their war room and they've got huge wall like color-coded like post didn't know and they've just got everything flushed out for the next fifty years and then over at Lucasfilm you've got like you know monkeys was typewriters and Kathleen Kennedy just throwing stuff at the wall opens stick you know. That's that's not a bad analogy depress. You had the crap out of me but I I. It's it's kind of what it feels like. And it's like it's like I love the force awakens like of all besides rogue wind and I think it'd probably the it's up there as far as my favorites Star Wars movie like the Force Awakens. Got Me more interested in End Star Wars. Yeah because before. That was like an whatever so that was. That was the the movie that brought me in an Hi I love the Force Awakens and I did not have necessarily have problems with the last night because I don't have that emotional attachment which meant that some people do then with absurd. Go ahead and you know there are certain bits in the rise of skywalker. Where you whether? It's intentional or not which I can't imagine what it's not intentional finally J.J. Abrams does anything without intention. Intention lost being. I think the exception He was the producer he wasn't writing. AH BLAME IT on the writers That there are a couple of times where you know like they tried to quote unquote fix things that were established it episode but at the same time there are a couple of things where it seems like kind of a middle finger to what Ryan Johnson did like screaming horse eroded the lead. You know there are some people and I will raise my hand to to to be to say I'm one of them. That says good do that because yeah because I I mean I I have that connection I have that I mean I did. Like Force Awakens. I saw what it was trying to do. I didn't like they broke up on that one. That one that one that that that that relationship has my heart and my soul and I mean I I don't I don't buy into this. Oh well you know people draw part. I'm like no no no no no this is fiction fantasy. This is what I do to get away from the real world. I want my happy. CBS Gosh Darn it. This is just a kid and you know yes. Your kid goes to the dark side. Let's see them. Let let's see work that out and figure out how to cope with this together and I kind of feel like rising skywalker tried to do that. You know as the best they could with Carrie Fisher you know she she she passed. It's tragic and we've warned her school and you know they did the best they could with with what with what they were able to do. And I think especially that that was part of my other point of why I don't necessarily want to completely nit pick this movie apart is is just because right Yup issues aside with directors and the writers and everything the fact that the plan what little plan they had was was the first movie was going to be on the second movie was going to be about Luke's and episode. I was going to be lay as movie. You know what general so you know. She she trained as a jet. I at one point but decided I realized that being general in politics that was her strong suit. So that's what we decided to do in went to become general with the reality resistance and everything as so this was going to be her movie movie. And when Carrie Fisher past dot just took any plans that they may have had in just totally blew them out of the water. Yeah about that. Yeah so you know. It's they did what they could with picking up the picking up the pieces losing essentially the central carrier in in who is supposed to be at the heart and soul of this specific movie exactly so act with you. Were mentioning off several and Faguy planning the marvel whole thing. There's there's a lot of people hoping that Kathleen Kennedy Steps Joan Salone For federal gets put in charge. Yeah I I I I said it in my facebook post came home last night after. We'd seen rises skywalker. Finale mandatory and we're like Fabbro and Feigen for Servino February and Baloney for all things too many F. words I met Baloney Baloney. That's Dave all as anyway but Yeah Yeah and then my one. One little quibble with loss jet last Jedi was kind of the way Luke was in all when ray handed the lifesaver. He takes toss it over and then we get to the. I'm going to be jumping here for rises worker when raised get actal putting it bonfire and the poor surges like Next she's about ready to throw the lightsaber and then for schools. Luke Jeddah's weapons should not be treated. This land had kettle. What did you do when that's one of those things that's like? Oh let's read calm but at the same. Sometimes it's like it's like Middle Finger to the previous movie so in a way I mean they did try to kind of fix it when Luke and he may have. They're talking to you because she's like I'm going to do what you did. And he's essentially he's all like no. I was an idiot for doing that. Ah Yes stupid. Don't do what I did. Yes like em like. Is this an apology. That I'm hearing must be guy walk. It's like where was where was four. Scores yielded a snack. Look upside the head with his killer. Schick my steak my steak sticking better than taking take it. You haven't seen that video. Go look it up. It's badly breeding again. uh-huh the list back from busting my steak birthday For your book with combusting Musty last and that was that was fun. At loggerheads child grew up. And then I I love all back to empire where you see luke raising the x Ray net. Yeah finally did it and they and they usually say music the yeah from one iota does it. Does it in an empire. So if there's any consistent bright spot throughout all of this is and you know obviously we talked about this a lot in the the last episode. Because he was our focus that John Williams score is once again all his fingerprints are all over it. We hear new pieces of music but then those those leitmotifs that we talked about in the last episode we get bits and pieces of the imperial March and raise theme. Go Sue this nice Evolution as she grows stronger and stronger in the force in into her into her powers. Artists and So by the time we get to the end of the day and we'll be like. Oh Yeah Yeah You know along along mm-hmm I ah Yes. He did star wars movie they gave Cameo unders. Yeah I told him I the one the one they really got me and I admit I mike like okay. Yeah you got me here as when Ray. She's in the wreckage of the old death star. And she goes into the room where you know where the emperor's Throne Room where we're emperor invader in. Luke had that last confrontation return of the Jedi. And you know you have the that music you know that he with you know that that exact same thing. I'm just like high nostalgia right now. I don't care that was that was fan service. It was well done and well-deserved so you earned that one. Yeah sneered at C.. Three you'll get a little earlier in the swan it she. Yeah I want to if my if my memory had been wiped as many times as his ass the has been white twice life that we know of although I love I. Love Beets are two later and he's like best friend. I would have remembered in our to just you know plugs in and gives him back his memory and I'd like Oh and obviously it has backed up a little while because it was like okay. Well there's classic are to just saying shut up you'll gold thing and let me. I mean talk about a cute little article in the way they were talking about it. I'm like Oh my gosh. This is going to be another retread of the Porguese. But I'm like he was actually Kinda Kinda snarky and I liked it interesting. Play is I love the seat. On the the Falcons before they're trying to get the NEAT they're spy with information. Been in Poland. We sit in as a chess table. Like I think you'd cheat their buddy like those those little. Oh character moments are the things that I'm like. This is what I wanted more of when I introduced these characters and force awakens. I'm like you know having all three of them together on a mission and going out and doing whatever it is doing and being able to play off each other and they get it. They bicker a little bit. They have disagreements. Yeah or it's how they how they work together and I feel like like all all three of those actors just worked really well and it's like why didn't you do more of this like these three young could have you know they could very well have been our new Lukanen Leah and I I wish you were to give them chance to but I will take what I can get because what we got. Very razors skywalker is awesome. That a the find out a little bit about post pass for he was a spice runner for my no like hey windows pogue in his own show on Disney. Come on uh-huh with him with him in the Pink Power Ranger I green is good as a pilot is can. You really be surprised that he would you know that. He probably got urged his you know his teeth flying by doing something essentially literally illegal. I believe it and I want to see it and trying to live up to the legend that was Hans throw little. Aw I imagine I imagine the exploits of Han Solo probably inspired many a future pilot really of of dubious. He is legality. Yes yes it's like. But he was a general in the in the resistant the rebellion Mons I wanna be just like him. Yeah so it was high at one point so captain at least I ghetto anyway. So we're jumping all over the place. We have our we kind of okay. So let's let's let's try to keep some semblance of order. I guess it's not necessarily like going through the movie. You kind of have highlight of three like major plot veins. I guess at this movie and eventually they all come together in that. That third. act like you do So you've got ray array and her still learning the ways of the force and her relationship with that and how it affects her relationship with Kylo Ren and as we all know even if you haven't seen the movie you've probably seen the trailers Emperor Palatine hair you know Lord essentially which is the darkest of the dark side of the force? So you've got yeah the light side which is rave Kylo Ren Palpa teen blue are the dark side. You've got the first order which are really at this point doing their own saying kind of a up until a certain point. And then you realize that Richard e grant's character apparently has been in contact with Taliban the entire time Yeah or got him on speed. Dial very quickly yeah. There's a lot of. There's a lot of struggles cross cross. Yeah Yeah and then you got the rest of the resistance which Po and Finn and the other character is they get like thirty seconds of screen time And how this is essentially the last stand you know. They need to bring down the first order and Hopefully the dark side of the force otherwise the entire universe is gonNA be lost which seems to be the case And with the amount of powers that they've got on on on their side. Yeah there's a lot of like these these these kind of veins and the kind of overlap for a little while and then they separate an avid flow until they finally come together to that giant. You know Gosh At the end but I've I some of the reviews that I I've watched didn't read a lot of people seem to focus on. Well the general idea for or the you know the motto motto. Or whatever you want to take from this movie is you know family and the family that you're born into doesn't necessarily matter her Who you are You can decide who you're going to be at the end of the day but kind of the same time the either who your difference. Because you've got ray who her with find out after told. Her parents are nobody. Nobody's you know she. She comes from nothing which you know what her for. Parents is probably nobody because they never really established whether Sir mother father that is the child of Talpet e I think uh I think he said it was the sun. Yeah I think I think Kylo Ren said it was her dad. Ok Employ uh-huh. Her father is the son of outfit. Yeah okay When did this happen? And who's Mama to Sun Appellate Sign. Are we going along. That's that's wrong. It reviews like who is. Who Will you would sleep with other it could it? It could have happened in his younger days. We don't know but you know he's wrinkly it could like you know he was. He was chancellor. The Senate and power power is very attractive. And he's a very very powerful wielder necessarily a road road that I want to go down. Somebody has at some point but there is the possibility that the mother wasn't a willing participants. True Yeah so I think Star Wars Ply something like that but it is a possibility considering how strong in the forest palpable team was. There's also there's there's fan theories running hot and crazy all over the place but I mean they even they even. There's even talk. I suppose or a theory about that. A palpitation manipulated the force. So that you know Anikin was born so in a yeah or darth plague is one of the Between PAT replace. Yeah because it's you know so from from I'm a very very certain point of view. Kylo I related. Yeah Yeah Yeah possibly awesome. which fan theory with so? It's yes so don't come after. Still alive that those blanks that have not not been filled in but it is yeah emperor yeah patting had a son that son married someone and they had ray and they decided to go on. The run presumably again attacked her again. This is a story that I'm like. Okay he that is interesting you have the son of a very powerful cith. Who apparently yet does has doesn't want anything to do with whatever his father is doing is trying to get away get him and his family away from this from this man and and it ends in tragedy? Yes but it's like. Oh my gosh that story I want that story ory you know whether it's whether it's a TV show or if it's its own movie or even a book or something. I'm like that sounds interesting. Sting in this is and we got we did get some of it and as much as I guess ray needed to know. But I'm like okay I wanNA know what led this man to decide. My father other is nuts. I don't want anything to do with whatever he's doing and I gotta get my family Atta here billion or something else like what's or or the resistance or whatever just like there's just so many things that have been alluded to that. I'm like you guys. You have so much opportunity to do something something with this. Please do something with this because I am interested. I will pay you money or things but then you get this. This whole idea a Well we seeing that ray has been tempted by the dark side supposedly. So it's like now that she knows who her grandfather was. And you know this this Sis Lord it's like you know she's GonNa face similar trials and tribulations that Luke did once he found out. Darth vader's is father. Yes like I've got a a direct relative who is obviously very evil. Does that mean saying that. I'M GONNA turn evil so they got that you've got kylo Ren who is still struggling with you know at the very beginning of the movie. He's like total right where we left him at the end of the last Jedi where he's just total Kylo Ren like I you know I I don't get in my way or I will choppy to bit. He's on he's on this planet just absolutely Supposedly that planets most afar which is where vader later you know had his like dwelling to put labels on any planets learning from guarding the galaxy. yes Ilia to put up a label on the screen So he's like full on Kylo Ren but then he keeps keeps you know. He keeps having these encounters people with them force skype Oliver encounters like that facetime time and he still. They're still part of him that struggling with being truly dedicated into the dark side. And you do eventually get some sort of redemption for him but it comes from his parents Yeah and a lot of a lot of my complaint with with Kylo Ren Ben Solo and everyone call him. Adam driver from Michigan Right. Yeah I'm just like My my biggest complaint with him is he does his. He's a redemption does not feel earned. I don't feel like we really got to know him beyond he's just as this. Mo whiny kid did who decided to rebel against his parents and and his uncle. And I mean I mean yes we were given that scene jet I. It was a flashback. I that's one in story. I wish another story. I wish we would have gotten more fleshed out so he can understand like what his deal is. And it's nice you know he's throwing a fit to throw a fit. Are you know. He's like that rebellious teen. Whose like Oh I don't you know I'm Gonna I'm GonNa Dress in black and be all depressed in whatever because it's cool will and and stuff like that which you know you gotTa admit that happens but it was it it? It's it's it's like I would have enjoyed enjoyed seeing a flip flop from from Luke's Story he's you know he's tempted. He's tempted by the dark side. He actually actually become you know goes to the dark side and now he's you know trying to tempt the other tempting in back from the light side. Kinda see that. DARTH vader's story from Darth vader's there's point of view except this isn't later. It's grandson and I could see her. We're going with it. But they just didn't get to spend time with it right in him is Ben's backstory. He was having all these conflict. Did Not being able to have anybody to talk where he felt like he was like okay. I need to do this. I need to do that. Luke's so busy. Khanna layer so busy that they haven't had a chance to really sit down and listened to him saying. Hey this is what I'm going all through help yeah Well seems like go ahead. It's it's it's like you know. He's he's doing this all oh alone it feels like and and yeah where where Luke is. He's trying to train this new generation of Jeddah. There's a lot going on in everybody's lives you know you're trying to you know in family life. I mean if you want you WanNa talk about realism in in in a fantasy setting family life. Sometimes that that that stuff stuff that stuff happens. It's so how do we. How do we deal with this? Well apparently here dad runs off and becomes a smuggler again. That kind of thing but but yeah it just. It just felt like I I would have. I watching the end of this movie and watching you know Ben Solo comeback from the dark side. I think I would have bought into it more. Had We gotten anything approaching explaining what what actually happened to him him or his. I mean maybe maybe there needs to be another prequel trilogy with him. I don't know it's probably impossible at this point but you know what I mean. Well even cut it to hook his reaction when we find out. He's the mole. He's just like I WANNA see Kylo Ren lose it. Almost makes me wonder was houck's the friend of his growing up and then something went went wrong and he got pulled along in now he's being treated like crud. Yeah I mean what what what what turned spy. I highly doubt it was a Kodama insulting his mother. and Ah Yeah I mean I mean he was he was a pretty missing villain and then turn them into A. I don't know what they it'd just why Richie grant is here. Yeah it'd be the bad guy it it almost seems like with Kyla and like everything that we learned about. His back story has been as been told kind of from other the people that from him recklessly. Yeah but it almost seems like it was telegraphed that he was going to turn to the dark side and there was nothing they could do about it like it was an inevitability like with Luke in in the last shot. I we get in those flashbacks aspects. We see that Luke supposedly sense Ben being drawn being tempted by the dark side and he had that moment and of where he hit rock bottom and was going to kill Ben because he just assumed that there was no saving leaving him and then in this one we learned that you know lay did go Sir Jedi training with Luke up to certain point but then had this vision vision about her son turning to the dark side and gave up her Jedi training. Because because why like us like my say dark side and there's nothing I can do about it therefore I must give up my head. I training ain't like everything that we have learned is like he was always GonNa turn to the dark side and there was just no stopping it. And I'm sitting here going. Like Luke you how deter durst forget invader vader back to the good side I mean this is an inevitability. Yeah I mean I know I know at the end of the day. It's because you know story the and we happen. Yeah great has to happen. But it's like it's like no wonder Kylo Ren Ben with down to pappy was because everybody just kind of threw their hands up in the air like he's lost. 'cause I know like play you gave up your your Jedi training. But wouldn't that have helped your son would have given given you the skills to to to win. We have fought more harder when that happened to try to prevent it even though it might be. You're losing battle you could say. Hey tried yeah I did it in my power to try to save US exactly. Yes and it's just. It's that that that interpretation again frustrates me. Because I love these characters so much I mean I see what I see what they went through in the original trilogy to beat the Empire to to have the have freedom and people you know being able to to live their lives and yet you you've got this son and you think think oh you know you think. Oh He's GonNa turn to the dark side. There's nothing I can do about it. There's no there's no way you know. He can't make his own choices if given the tools and the support to to do. So we're just you know he's he's a bad guy he's and you know and I get the feeling that that vision lay ahead probably was before Ben was born and it's like maybe did you guys treat him like he was gonna go bad like you if you do that when you expect is a self fulfilling prophecy is wearing yes or but then then this Palestine trying to pull strings to make it happen. Yeah that's and that's the thing is we. There's other there's all sorts of factors and stuff that we don't know but you know rushing any of that away then we've got ray who is kind kind of in the same boat where she strong with the force Luke when she goes to to you know in in the last Jedi I and he senses this is darkness and her but he doesn't do the same thing and then she doesn't follow the same path the bended become Kylo ren she was. She got the training she. She had people supporting her and she got the tools and she didn't turn they did reach are like it was inevitable like it was house with that. Yeah and even went pell Patina saying. Oh if you strike me down you can have the fleet. You can control everything and that that's like the only time she's really genuinely genuinely tempted. She's like I'm going to save my friends. Save the people I care about but I'm going to have to be the sister empress or whatever and then energy ends up not right well just to win it. One raised after training and said delay. I don't deserve it yet. Then when Leyla hugs and says don't be afraid of who you. Are you know now looking like you should have done that with Ben and maybe this is her learning from her steaks and being like what she's done to my son. I'm not GonNa do this with with with Ray. Yep but I just it just feels like character portrayal of Leia Han and Luke to say. Oh I have this vision and my this kid is going to be. Terror is going to is going to be evil so whatever my ads in the air and I don't care yeah it so so then he gets you know he gets to the point where you know. He's Kylo Ren who's got his nights and whatever and he's tearing across the Galaxy Ages you know whatever and he finally you throughout the course of this film he does turn and we do get Ben Solo back there for a little bit. He you know he does get turned back to a delight but in the process it cost him the life of his father the life of his mentor and eventually life of his mother which I knew that they were gonna GonNa kill Leah often because it just made sense and the fact that they worked it in a way so that essentially because she had had some Jedi training she was able to use essentially the force in her life force that we've we've learned about. Thank you mandatory and baby. Yoda a it using your own life force to heal people Baby under that I give me out the layup. Essentially flee use it because of Carrie Fisher's passing they had to kind of They used the MAS as kind of our allies sir. Narrator you're speaking are too. Yeah speaking audience like Laya knows what she has to do but we. She knows that it started to take everything. She has has the latest nearly surrenders herself through the forced to reach out to her son because she he realized that he's at a tipping point where he could be brought back Yup because he and he he like he turned to the dark side but he was never. We're fully indoctrinated into it. Really really was it. And that's why I think that's why I think they kind of just treated him and maybe not. Maybe this was. This was unconscious. I'm sure this was unconscious. But just they're like. Oh Yeah he's GonNa turn so like they just sort of so he's like. Oh well I'm supposed to turn to the dark side. So this is how dark side People Act Right. They you know threaten and they they throw fits and they destroy property and all this stuff in in where where a goofy looking mask because not because that's because it's part of my life support system but because it looks cool they it was so I mean I mean you're going going that way I can kind of see where kind of his hate using this term but I can't think of any of anything else poser. Closer at Yeah Yeah. It's yeah. Yeah he was just never a very convincing insane villain and you know maybe going. Maybe maybe now that we've we've kind of talked this out like you know what there's probably that's probably the reason. Why because is he never really turned he just he was expected to so he's like okay? Well I'm going to do what you do. The motions of and so he has you know his nights of Ren in which I think were woefully underutilized. I would have seen those guys actually do something other than just be you know grunt grunt troops. Yeah it's like they're they're you know in that opening opening scene just taken down people then like we don't really see them again until towards the very end by then he's turned coming back and he just looks all their butts on to it comes back full circle to the force awakens with but that conversation. Han and Leia has seen that Icons and is like what do you think your his father. It and then then that memory that then has a house as the data on the sites I go oh yes we. We've not gotten confirmation but I would put money down on that scene where we see hot again. That was supposed to be l.. Listen I bet probably no. You're probably right. That was probably we carry cash that they ran a harrison. Were like please voice basically really really blaze. There's all the money thing. Yes we'll take your one day yet. which again I'm not? Cut My hair or shave. But he you hear him say hey kid you care care return you see you see you see quote Unquote Hansel. It is such a chance and I'm wondering how much that costs them. Yeah although I do I will say this. I do like that. It was both Han end. Lay trying to reach their son. Yes says I was so ticked off at force. Force Awakens for when when when it came out that you know they had split up basically overall this and I'm like the like here's one here's one instance it's were yeah. They're not on screen together but they are both trying beyond the key to how their son and and this is actually this this is important to them like okay well better late than never it helps. It helps soothe my poor little fan girl heart. It doesn't fix it but the attempt so I I appreciate the attempts guys. Yeah well and I think it's a beautiful way for them. To Incorporate Incorporate Olaya into it considering they did not have carried that they were they were reusing footage from where it was very obvious previous movies that had not been used in the combination of that. And there's a couple of scenes where the camera her back is so the Cameras so cameras facing ray and she's talking to lay and you know I I know they do the best they do. But it's obvious that it's a body double right there. I'm just I'm just looking at it like yes I know. Carrie Fisher was shirt. I don't think she was really that short or it was they. They always manage to make her look a little taller in in Star Wars. Because I'm like she's not H. She was not a tall person go. They shot her in a way that she measured up. So she wasn't mean towered over by everybody else. So this body double again. They did the best they could with what they had. And I- blessing I want to do is be critical of you know well. You didn't do it right. I'm just like I noticed. She's she's the little short. Yeah Yeah but other than that I think they do a beautiful job with what they had available to them. And I think it was a beautiful sendoff for both lay and for for Kerry so the fact that they were able to to do it in a way so that she he was still Her character her character's choices still had an impact in the overall plot. How things went so as we finally got to Ford Holy Crap I was oh I was tearing up just I choose not really had a chance to like even when Honda like the planet was Gonna blow up like every Dogo? Oh go go go go the entire time. And they've not he's not really had to Taylor and then they almost made it look like they were GonNa Kill Chew off which was Kinda dumb during bring me. Well you know again trailers you gotta take them with a grain of salt but we do have a shot of Chewy and Landau in the Millennium Falcon Falcon. That had not happened in the movie. So yeah that happened. I'm like no way I mean I don't know what where that other transport came from or when it took off but they made it look pretty convincing that And I and I did. I did like that scene taken as a whole from from the whole you know if if I were to go back now and in and watch the movie again. That'd be like that moment. Were Ray you know. She's trying to stop the ship and she you know she accidentally uses force lightning and I was like whoa girl. Oh you just you you you done done gupte. Yeah edit later a friend yeah but like the two ooh yeah and I realize who that force lightning originally belonged to interest and I felt like that was a good character moment for her something that we really hadn't seen much of and that they know she's she's actually You know scared of this power that she has and you know she's she's just realizing what this what this mean like you know. She thinks she truly believe she killed a friend. And and you know that that was that was a a strong moment for her to to realize that. Yeah I've you know I have this power but I have to use it and I have to be in control when I use it and so I like that like that. That sort of thing I feel like was missing a lot from from the trilogy up into this point and I feel like maybe that should have happened in the last movie you went you know but then again if I'd been doing this I would've actually had trained her but we're not talking about that right now Yeah I just like there were some really good moments good character moments just from ray but for the others to them like yes. Thank Queue for giving me this. I mean better late than ever wish had come earlier but thank you thank you thank you thank you because this is what I wanted from the from these characters when you introduce them enforced for so I wanted to see and now I have. Yeah what do you think about pulling thin being forced sensitive I they say I yeah. I want that I want I wanted. That is when I waken came out and has been confirmed that that's what he wanted to tell. Ray It was not going to be a declaration of loves although I believe I believe Ray in before I believe Kylo and Ray I'm oh I'm sorry the Rilo fans out there and I've already already tussled with you all. I came Out I'll tell that story some other time. Maybe the names will be changed to protect the dots. That way. I I see Ray and pull a little that just from but then again go ahead. I mean I can see kind of just from the way that they were kind of in the beginning. It wasn't like wherever I did like that. That hugs that group Hug they had at the end of these three work. Great as as friends as Romance isn't is it necessary for these three in any way and I I like I like the friendship. Yeah it's it's it's my my not not just the crap that she kinda gives offie who says you could could Hop with the Falcons light. You lose your that those little moments I when I would that and that came at the beginning of the movie. I'm like Gosh. These characters are so wonderful together. Give me more of this please. It's like this is what was missing. His last wish. They wanted more of this. It's like it's like we got these. These great the character development in. It's like you know his stuff with our friends in the resistance and we're learning more about you know we're getting more forced four slower which is always fun. Oh yeah yeah I mean even if I mean I guess the forest healing stuff has been around taking the EU and everything but yeah. Yeah it's supposed to be like hop level of us. God like ours to be able to kill someone using using the forest which tells as you how powerful baby iota is If he's doing it yeah it. It's not something that's totally so far. Fetched like out. They've never established so Mike. Well it's the forest I mean. Yeah there's absolutely do the we've probably never seen so healing somebody. Yeah sure oh by that I mean what we think will be one can. We was doing after the gut ambush better tests. Can Raiders in was lean wounded. Yeah Yeah I believe it's yes and I. We believe it'll be one would be that that capable the horse out and you know ray array being a descendant of PAL patine that make that very strong bloodline it really is before and that can kind of be our segue into kind of the the the the big bad I guess. Because we've got this whole like will raise not gonNA turn dark Kylo Ren Dan is on the fence and eventually is going to turn. We need some sort of bad guy we can't do it doesn't star or death star Type Planet. So what are we gonNA do Imperial Star ships with death star laser capabilities. Don't like Tau Patine. which I I totally because okay? Can you invented this desk star. That can destroy destroy planets. You home that technology to the point where you give you give one of those things to every star destroyer. Sure who's that that I can buy as well. Yeah and that's enough to do it. Yeah well in in you know people. I've seen people like well. How the heck was he able to build such a fleet and like well I I think that PAL Patine And we can debate over the Palpa teen in this movie if that's the Og Patine. Or if he's they including himself and that's partly why he's been able to see capabilities because yes no was was a clone. I I honestly think that even pre episode one that Palestine has been laying the groundwork doc and not moly play. Puppet master is the everybody and he knew do that. He needed to play the long game in this. If he was going to be successful so I think even back before he took the Senate and became Chancellor and Oh eventually became emperor. And you know everything that we've seen him do throughout the night movies Is He has been playing pop master for literally decades. We we talked about this on the way and we had that if palpitation was behind an Akins burs we had this theory that he was gonna go pick him up. Pick pick etiquette when he's old enough and make him you know he's born born into slavery he you know it's terrible life. All these bad things have happened to him. PALPITATION would somehow finagle it to where his mother is killed by. Slavers palpitation comes in and picks up like you're going to be my apprentice a knight in shining armor. Guess what screwed it up is Obi Wan Quite Jin showed up. And it's like Oh force for sensitive slave. They've kid take you drinking entered into the plans. I mean we're talking like this is golden all the mart level raised. Its two two hundred. Yeah Yeah I lying about you know. The scenario in the dark side is path. The many things that was considered to be a natural and I know another year the tragedy of darth plague the wives. No I I felt story the jet hybrid tell you. It's a legend Doff. Players Doc Lord of the Sieff so powerful and so why is he could use the force to influence the midday chlorine NHS to create such another dockside. He could even you keep the ones he cared about from dying he he could actually save people from death. Dark side of the force is a moth way too many abilities. Some consider consider to be unnatural. But you know that's all you need because you remember that scene from revenge of the sixth your remember. It's one of the best scenes in that movie uh-huh Yup I believe it So if if if we get a novelization or of series of novels or whatever that they're all like Oh yeah and then the background papa team is doing this this and this and this. I'm like yeah. I totally believe that. He has been in the background wheeling wheeling and dealing in setting up things and he was probably on Exa goal. Yoke building up resources and ability. You know plants. Or whatever and workers you know teams workers to build you know these these cloning capabilities and the ability to to build these. These star destroyer yet started stories on the ships and stuff so a toy is just seeing what he was capable of love on screen as far as manipulation. I totally will leave that. He was doing that and ten times worse behind the scenes that we we did not see in. That's put him in the seat for this movie to come out of the shadows and be like I'm back bitches Let's see what happened up to for forty something years La. Aren't you surprised. Thank you eight or killed. Let me do I just a master. Indaba was beat. So yeah it's like the master volmer all of those guys. Nothing on penalties the king of the long game yes and this and this is the thing is like this is star wars. I I mean even if you aren't steeped in the EU. which I I I mean I know some things? I don't know everything but it just feels like you know the city and the Jeddah and there's just so many things going on underneath it just kind of feels like yeah. This feels right in another story. In any other franchise your story sorry. It might not work. Maybe a doctor who could it could work. It was like the master something but in Star Wars. This feels like like it. Would work anywhere would feel stupid stupid but here it up here. It's fine I like I said I. You know the SCISSOR nutty enough to do it and help a teens. The nuttiest of the mall. Oh Oh yes his. As far as his plot line in this is concerned I totally buy it because in the EU it's dark horse PALPITATION had a planet x Kinda like where he was building his own calls in he brought. Luke Colbert Turn Kim dark side and yeah so it's doable folks. been it's been that whole line about the if if killing of the SIP all the power sip within the next person yet that Steph takes an e book northlake reading the first chapter one of the one of the skills and otherwise. My power is gonNA happen to you. And that's because it's play is play that he's the one that institutes of to believe or gets rid of the ruler to one of the to will someone because it wasn't always rule true then someone instigated in that tyrod continue. Yeah yes they used to actually race and not just you know an order of force users but that that's why you know you have the planet of the cith in because that's where they actually you know lived and stuff so I don't know like if you if you jared Plays Like Knights of the Old Republic and and and the Old Republic Komo And so there's a lot of I've watched him and he's told me about this and there's a lot of lore around the system it's more than just. Oh the dark side. They're the bad guys. It's like there's actually some pretty pretty interesting stuff without getting to opt into it because I don't know everything and I wouldn't be able to explain it very well but there's things like lights side. CITH ingredient agree Jeddah and it's not all just excite light side that from. Yeah it's a spectrum. Yeah that's really fascinating and again Santa that you guys can work with and V wave wave or wave finder mysteriously like e CIG. Pollock Ron trae. You're in shape. Someone in a review. I was watching. It looks awful lot like a tack to that to the Board game. Something very similar looking Raza Pyramid type thing. I Class I had to. I had to laugh because we were watching in the theater and wealth as a creditor rolling. And we're kind of talking and just sort of decompressing digesting what we just watched by Glenn Bledstock at one point of the credits and it said Keefer of the Holocaust or something like that in the credits and I'm dislike. Okay uh-huh i. I do like that. That that paralleled. Oh and I think that also ties into ray and Ben being that that Diana had of the two sides of the same coin that palpitation is like like you know all the power of the Sieff came before me reside within me but then ray we see. Here's the beginning where she's trying to tap into you previous Djeddai and you know I don't know why. But she's like you know whether she's just looking for moral support or something something I don't know but then when she in palpitation have their final confrontation and she's having to to draw upon the power of Djeddai before her to give her that push to to fight back and we get that the the the voices races of the different Djeddai You know kind of letting US audibly know that you know the other. Jed Lead I before her are there with her in supports. I guess moral support Kinda like Harry Potter with the the the The stone I guess assume he's going to Baltimore but we get you know the are they're just faceless the throngs of whatever of some sort of manifestation of Papa teens will in this area next goal So there's the we don't necessarily get anybody specific but for ray when she's calling upon the jed eye and this'll be kind of way that we can get into some Trivia and stuff about the movie is among the voices that That are heard When ray calls upon the to to be with her include Liam Neeson's quite gun jen which his voice is very very distinctive of always stands out when when they've reused the voices Some of these characters. The not sure where. I don't recognize some of them but Freddie prinze junior as Conan Conan Jarvis He is in on rebels animated. I'm not much rebels yet. So see Angelique. Perrin are in as a eighty Leah that I think another rebels care her. Okay Frank Causes Iota. Of course uh-huh Alec Guinness as the older. Obi Wan Kanobi you Gregor as young. Obi Wan Samuel Jackson is Mace. Windu Jennifer Hale Who Apparently Voice of I secure game? I'm not sure which one no I I don't know Actually Stein who's Circuito I skied when I saw her in the the credits. alleviated Abajo as luminaries luminaires. unbelie there could be a video game or it could be from levels or callers. Ours is not a hundred percent. Sure Yeah Um and then Hayden Christianson as Annika skywalker but that is not reused. A US audio. He actually came back and audio. So so okay I have A. I have a quick story I told this in my comecon. Recap back in September timber But we haven't posted it on the feed yet. I don't think no but I can. I can probably tell the story now so I'll make it quick lake so in September. We had in McDermott and Hayden Christensen here for Salt Lake Comic on Phoenix. And they were going to do a panel with both of them and and then like the day of 'cause we were GonNa go to the day of the the announced Oh that panel has been cancelled. And everyone's like well. Why is everything okay? You know what what's going on. But we'd seen them at their autograph table and everything so that you know so they just canceled the panel flat out apparently Disney. It wasn't happy that they were doing a panel of COMECON. So they so they stick the lawyers on the COMECON people like like the day before four. Something like how and it was like okay guys. If you didn't want them to do a panel you should have said something when they were announced as guests so we were all like so so that the threw off alarm bells like okay. Well we know the emperor's coming back for this movie is Hating Christianson in this movie Louis that it was just sort of like way did not spoil but still spoil. Yeah Eagle craziness I Dodo. It would have been much easier for them to do the panel and yeah just be like Hayden neither confirm nor deny anything. Yeah Lust. Isn't that yeah. It's like oh it's going to be about the prequels which we were going to be there for that and we wanted to take him to be there to to see that and I mean it was like it. It was weird because I know they're not sick because we just seen a news article about how the both of them had gone to the Children's hospital here in Salt Lake Primary Children's to no visit with the kids like here. You Know Stars from Star Wars. These guys were cool and everything and you know because a lot of guests do that kind of thing when they when they coming. I'm sure they do it at other at other towns. Well I guess they're okay because they're out visiting with people in the community so that was just a really weird eared thing that happened and now the movies out. I'm kind of like okay. Well yes he was in the movie he was a little bit. But Yeah Anikin was there. It make sense ties back to the for the weekends at Mazda's placement to Kinda when they hear that you know these are your first steps now. Kinda yeah. Isn't it yeah. Then we get to this. It'll be one is saying these steps so that's That's Kinda Fun Speaking of immigrant he along with Peter Mayhew and Anthony. Daniels are the only three actors who have physically appeared at least in one. Movie of all three trilogies. Frank is does voice. Yoda in all three. Obviously but does physically appear as asked US James Earl Jones as the voice of Darth fader. Lithonia Daniels is the only actor to appear in all nine episodes of the the start of the the skywalker SAGA CPO in our to detour the only two characters to appear in all nine but officially Rtd to has changed actors right but yeah C. Three Po. Anthony Daniels is the only actor to appear in all dying. Yeah so so and then the Return of Landau and one of my favorite trek characters. That really should get should get his own like story or something. Wedge Antilles surprise. Jared is like oh my gosh. Do you know who that is. I'm like I don't know but I feel like I should ask me minute. Yeah it is the longest time for any of the Original actors to reprise their roles in thirty six years since either of those characters here's have appeared now a little bit of Trivia the character Gentili's Grunberg characters enough what we are actually related wedge is snapped step. Father married he married a wedge married snaps. Mother the kind of talk about it a little bit in the rise of the resistance novel that just came out a little while. That's cool unfortunately staff is no longer with US recipes. Kreindler water right. I saw that I was like at all Kilgore. Yeah I mean I guess I guess they had to do something to up the stakes and he was one character that we've seen a lot of running around at the resistance camp but still still. It's kind of like why am like more damage than you're Jerkin. All Right UH Our rose a sendoff which I I like. I liked her character so much better in this when I wish he'd been given given more to do but she seemed like she was a little more with it as as whatever the heck she was doing in the last one but yeah it's like yeah but she she she had some bitter writing this time. Thank goodness yeah yes. let's see here And well speaking a Wedge Antilles Desk Lawson who plays Wedge Antilles a McGregor's uncle so there's that the The the desert planet the GO-TO where they meet up with Lando. The first time which I totally called it that was Landau as soon as the stormtrooper. Got An era to the new year. Whatever your ED turnaround is like random person with a costume on a light? That's Landau was wearing. It's not exactly like it. But it looks like the the headpiece Atlanta Lando. Where's going into job as palace? At least that's what I thought when I bought it reminded me wasn't exactly the same but it looked like old Commercial from from like the eighties or something and it's a Landau and it's like a kid. I can't quote it exactly. I have to try and find Vince. Like like surprises. Landau in this guy but but yeah when C. Three. Po says the whatever planet they're on the Blah Blah Blah festival. It occurs every forty. Two years it's been forty two years since episode for because he kind of looked at him like your point we can see that this is the only Star Wars Movie Forge Carrie Fisher received top billing while the only Skywalker saga movie to give top ability to a woman why it took them forty two years to do so This is the not this is of the of this trilogy. Because now there's three trilogies This is the first trilogy in the Saga in which all three movies are released in the same decade. Yeah I one went from the late seventies early eighties. The prequels went from ninety nine nine to early two thousands so this has been purely in the twenty s See through. It's three three PEOs last line in this movie is did you hear that. That was also the first line in a new hopes So apparently security onset was so tight that Mark Hamill said it was like being in the CIA. Yeah totally believe it and yet somehow script still got out on the Internet. Yeah Oh yeah John Boyega oops apparently he was. It was his script and you changed apartments. It's an accident. Kept left the script behind and cleaning up the place found it put it on Ebay and apparently Disney Lucasville astle bought it so that they could get it back but yeah that was a jog lega script that ended up out on the Internet there for a while. So etfs did you to let's see So Oh Some of this. We've already covered some of the stuff they pulled from like the the palpitation. Cloning from the dark empire Comic Book Series So take a guess she. I guess she found a found. Those those extra extra things you could pull from there just a few well. LAYA training to become a judge from legends So Oh the at the grand finale. The big big showdown. When when PLO finally starts to lose faith and doesn't or does it take advice go show up to help them and then suddenly like every ship in the galaxy shows up Among other among the ships that are People managed to spot include ghost which is from Yaba lls and then the the Serenity from firefly. Oh my gosh her eat yes going to have to go back and watch uh-huh uh-huh out on on on on Blu Ray in in freeze and I'm sure there's probably some other stuck in there it. Yeah it just goes by so fast. Yeah we'll catch one ship that took off from whatever the planet they were on it was actually the Tanta. Vive from a new hope. Yeah I had and I had to joke about that. See that seed afterwards though When pose losing faith and then you know he's like nobody's showing up in the Landau is like like no I got? I got all sorts of people who was joking like because the the the last Jedi there was this whole thing about you. Know How we've put out a call for help and hopefully people a show up in this movie. They're like Oh we put out a call for help and nobody showed it up. And nobody still showing up and Blah Blah Blah but then a whole bunch of people show up. It's like it's because they didn't have Landau the first time in. This is a call back the half to to try to find links I in Youtube of the show as well as the reason people showed up. This time is because Landau went out. And you're like what what's in it for me. And he promise. Everybody cases is a Colt forty five. That's why they all showed up. Probably S on your left big. Okay this is a star wars Every for don't know back in today Billy Dee Williams. It was did a series of commercials for Colt. Forty five malt liquor and categorize. Wasn't it works every time no matter what actuation here and so it's like this. This is why they finally got help because Landau went out. Promised Everybody Colt forty five and it works every time so suddenly everybody really d Williams talks about coop. forty-five there are two rules. Remember you WanNa have a good time rule number one. Never run out of Colt forty five. We'll never to never forget rule number one. You want to know why. Keep plenty of Colt forty five you never know infringement show up. I don't claim you can have a better time with co forty five island without a but what chances the power of gold forty-five it works every time like party. I wonder besides doing the Tobias. The tobacco guest mining investment if there wasn't the Colt forty five. The bruins really folk could possible. The cage grew Atalay Vintage Bru. Yeah I've got a picked up a piece of fan art at a con years ago. It's in our spare bathroom and it's it's Landau and Hans Solo with a coal. It looks like an old digits. forty-five add add of them. Forty five it was like one for the rogues Nice. It works time. So there's a bright spots I mean they're not the the skywalker saw is not ending on like super high note. But it's not ending in the toilet either. No whatever that means and I I mean just just for me personally and I mean I I don't I I don't want to go into I'm tired of going into it but I just. I'm I'm glad I'm glad. Come on. Dead Horse Chrissy. I hope there's a horse anymore. It's just just a bloody hamburger. Ob Mess and yeah. You know but is disappointed as the last one and I thought that it was going going to just go spiraling downward I think rises skywalker had it was better than it had any right to be. I still feel like star. Wars deserve serve better. But I will take what I can get and I will go in ski overmanned Laurean and Baby Iota and all the goodness that comes from that. Because 'cause Dave Bologna and Jon favreau are are amazing. who saved my squeeze for that episode? But you know what we got. We got they. They ended on a high note. I feel and I can ask no more than that. And I'm I'm glad that they finally Kinda sat down and been like you know took took took the complaint seriously and worked in. You know we're worked. What what they could and it calls it a few years down the line that at the Ridley John Boyega and the guy who played Decide is come pass and do something with those characters. I'm inkling for Kodama in in series. I mean even though. They said that they don't WanNa do. I'm just hoping that they will rethink it. Yeah hope hopefully. They won't take as long as Harrison. Ford did ask. Yeah along at the same time. I would not mind if they just kind of set. Lake those characters aside for why am on later. You know down the road or do something earlier even right yeah. There's a knights of the old republic which is a video game Jr.. Jared showed me. There's been talk of that movie being made at some point and that story's actually really really good good and very interesting. I mean you WanNa talk jet I and all that lower. It's like holy up. I don't WanNA spoil it for anyone who does not know although it's been out for many many years so if you haven't played it or you know at least you know do yourself a favor like youtube videos or something because it is it. It is excellent appeared in the meantime. I Take Baby Yoda. Maybe oh to whatever's going to happen there which again other podcasts. For another day so anyway. So it's it's over for better or worse than they all right. I still have my quibbles but I've said my piece let if that horse go off to pasture yes with what life. It has. Left whatever's left it open loop actress. Yeah Yeah Yeah. Don't go that way that way only lies horror and sadness anyway but if if any of our listeners want want to chime in on their thoughts if you've seen Skywalker what did you think. Did you like it. Did you not like it. was there something you would different or something you'd rather seen or just I. If you thought it was great. Let us know cintas feedback our email addresses five ish fan girls at gmail.com you can also go to our website. which is the five ish angles dot com and we we have links there to oliver social media stuff FACEBOOK is kind of our big wind. We also do instagram and Youtube. Which is one place you can listen? Listen to us. You can also listen to us on itunes. Google play stitcher radio. Pretty much anywhere you get you. Can you can download podcasts. Yes we're there so look for us We also have a merchandise shop or a red bubble store. We've got shirts in bags and stuff with our logo. We have an Amazon store. We have a patriotic account. If you want to help support the show that all goes whatever that all goes back into bringing the show to your to your ear buds and we thank you all for supporting us as you have for these last few years and and where twenty nine hundred about to close out Thanks again for another awesome year guys and I think it was a pretty good one. We he had fun did a lot of cool stuff. So you'RE A and love you guys that well this'll be. We're not recording on our usual schedule. But it'll go up on the usual schedule so oh y'all won't know any different but we had our Christmas break. We will be We should be back to doing are are are saying with the doctor who actually get like get a little bit of a little bit of a respite. Fanta Y is yeah after star wars hangover and the doctor goes back but yes. We've got if you want to start prepping for feedback and the like we will be back with The premiere of Season Twelve series. Twelve of Dr. WHO which spy fall I think is the name of the episode New Year's Day And then of course the main Laurean we'll do a recap of the first season of that and then somewhere in there we will also do our fandom year in review which is going to be a lot a lot happens ears. So Oh so. That's what we've got coming up on the docket for the next few weeks. If you want to do some homework with that we shall assign offer this week. This is Chrissie in Salt Lake City saying good night. This is solid in Wisconsin. Saying good evening and this is Rachel in Miyoshi Anna driver. If you're in town come on over. We'll crack open talk forty. Fives works every TAB mm-hmm you have been listening to the five ish fan girls podcast. You could find more episodes and information at the five ish. Fan Girls Dot com any and all books movies games and then the other other forms of media mention our own operated by the respective copyright holders no copyright infringement is intended or implied if he wishes support the show the easiest way is to leave us a rating and review more ratings and reviews will make it easier for others to find the show. If you wish to support US monetarily you can do so at Patriots Patriots Dot com slash. Five ish fingers podcast. All money goes towards fees an equipment to keep the show going for official five girls merchandise. VISIT RED RED BUBBLE DOT com slash people slash five ish fan girls. We love hearing from our listeners and encourage feedback. You can email us at five ish. Fan Girls Gmail.com. L. Dot Com. You can also like and follow us on facebook at facebook dot com slash. Five girls. Thank you so much for listening and made the skwebe with you. Uh MM-HMM uh-huh aw uh-huh Yeah uh-huh aw UH.

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#758 - Jessimae Peluso

The Church of What's Happening Now

2:05:24 hr | 1 year ago

#758 - Jessimae Peluso

"Oh Shit it's the church so that was a tremendous bonnet greetings in podcast. It's February six. Two Thousand Twenty twenty. Get Your Shit together. The church or what's happening now is brought to you by Ziprecruiter. Listen It's two thousand twenty. You want the best in people around yellow. Japan's hiring is challenging. But there's one place you can go hiring a simple fast smart you ready grab a pen. ZIPRECRUITER ZIPRECRUITER ZIPRECRUITER's are growing businesses connect qualified candidates. The understand Mick. Ziprecruiter doesn't depend on candidates finding you. It finds them them for you. And its technology identifies people with the right experience and invites them to apply for your job so you get the qualified candidates. It's fast with results like that. No one to four out of five employers who post on Ziprecruiter get a quality candidate within the first day. The first day see why Ziprecruiter's effective the businesses of all sizes trust Ziprecruiter for free at the exclusive webpage. Just just go ziprecruiter dot com slash church that's ZIPRECRUITER DOT com slash church ziprecruiter. The smartest way to hire the church is also brought brought to you by ADT it. Oh Shit when it comes to supplements on. It's the best. Why do I know that they away? I smoke eighty four jointed a day. I'm fifty seven. I can't remember what I ate for breakfast. Bum still tip dot McGill unum saying it keeps your mind sharp alphabrain trade the fucking battleship of on it. That's what I live on. And now this fucking you got Chinese people. Walk around with masks double up on the fucking shrimp attack. Immune you know what I'm saying. Career down I gotta eat eight of those and put on like a fuck and has matt suit now just to get a spare rib. Can you believe it. So do me a favor. THEM CARNIVORE CORONA virus. Other fuck. It is go over. Get yourself some shrimp immune right now right now immediately and then get shrimp tact. What's the other one sport? Just in case you see Japanese guy and he breathes on you and you could start running for miles to run to the next Asian. I don't know who's got it gets accused. Okay until I get to the bottom. Everybody gets accused all right. Let's it go dot com right now by the way I let's not responsible for racial and motivational views views. and talking to you my own. Because I don't fuck anyway. GO TO DOT COM right now press in church boom and get ten percent off your iot restored delivered to the crib. They we welcome to the church. The beautiful and one of the best fucking twitter pages and the business. Just the Mike Peluso. What's up? How are you I am I one of the Best Shit? I love this shit because I can see you why you're doing it. Yeah the whole flock in the positions in the mornings and the evenings but in the evening the Bikini running through and you do everything very very classy. It's not everything is very funny and very silly. I'm sure that you don't get a lot of people say show me now. I don't I don't know I really don't I'm doing now. They see what you're doing it so it's not like she's doing it from Pumpkin. Right yeah pick tweets out those suga. Mamas Dick's none who wants. ooh I know there. It's not a it's an interesting body part. I think I'd rather I'd rather have because I know if I say it on this it's GonNa show up in my. Hey just a bunch of taints. It's we are now. I don't know I don't have an impressive one just by itself your your Dick Yeah. It's it's just okay so I've never really I've sent a couple times but it's not something that's ultimately I would go to casual Dick Energy. Dick Enter like mark casual very happy with it will use more depressed about it. That's good we'll send us I might dictate your mother. Ah Now nobody wants to see a picture of my age. As what's the first thing you noticed like the change like caller the caller caller changes. Yes that's getting like this weird og like like opaque via like Ed balls get darker darker tanning without pants on. No one will cover near chef. The only fucking years because the my deck number two months ago. Yeah those are fucked input then they get raped and they cry Bald Eagles. No you can you imagine walking and saying why had it sounds terrorists. So you're gay in crazy like the gay people that certain lifestyles. Sometimes they don't give a fuck. Sydney was wide open. And you we know but it's just crazy out there. It is crazy. Did you put your homeless on. I wanted to but I didn't. I wanted to put my butthole in the sun and and get the vitamin D right through the dirt star. But I didn't do it. Oh listen just go outside and get by them in your face and that's enough is enough. That's it yeah why we have apparent but why do we have to put her out you know. When they did the study it was twenty? One time I went to the doctor and he said the off the cuff. He goes by the way the physical title. You look good but you need more vitamin D GUAC and get sunlight. I got my car and I go. What the foxy talk about and weeks later months slate? I don't fucking know. I saw an ad article that Californians. I like the worst with Vitamin D. We don't get enough. No what what because when that outs was skin most Californians gather son because his son cancer. And whatever it's like fifteen minutes a day appear sunlight no SPF with the taxes. I fucking pay. The Sun is out. You guarantee if I there's a part of the day where you just have to return eighteen calls fucking what are you males or whatever but the cause of the main ones. When I go outside side I sit on my step? That's nice to thirty son. I'll just sit there for thirty minutes. Just call it get that fresh. Get that fresh D- does a tree right there which I'm getting chlorophyll. I'm getting fresh air. You live in California you pay these taxes you know. Let's talk to somebody who said they bought waterhouse and then moving down to the beach. Chattan I go you know. What are you thinking he goes? You know it's a pricey situation. But he goes on the black away from a fucking doc in starbucks I could walk and he goes if I want to be away from my family. I'm going to raise my kids on the beach. Yeah I see that. Want them to be the on the beach and sometimes we sit here while we live in Glendale. Fuck in. You're on the west of the ocean we the fuck in Houston fucking Syracuse from Colin. Wash Nobel and I'm from Talking Jersey places. One of us live on the beach. We all grew up on on the image of California beach. Did you do lakes as a kid. We did lakes closest we got to the ocean was like a dirty ass lake. Always like I I was on vacation like five through five lakes in my life. You'll be surprised surprise we have one of the dirtiest lakes in the country in Syracuse Onondaga. Lake it's just filled with trash just filled with chemicals so we don't really have. That had a lake dyson. Do Swimming right competitions that shit like that you did competitive swimming like for a while. I did not even bolder. Boulder res- I think that was a reservoir the war before I got locked up. I got into Masum program before and after she talked me into even doing biathlon where you ride ride a bike you swim a mile. One of those type of things sounds like a nightmare. Now was always nervous. No water now. Yeah why so yeah. I don't know why are you not a good swimmer. No tremendous limits is different than like a lake versus the pool. growers you gotTa pull you gotTa Lake and you have fucked emotion okay in rivers and then employ you go as a workout. You go to your friends out there you gotTA drain jumping off. Aw every time I go in a heated pool I can do a little exercise. Yeah you go all the way deep on your Benz you throw punches. The ten minutes I wanted to watch the video or just go. Water Aquatics just went daughter to take every year down to the New Year's we go down to a hotel and I think eighteen pools and the one that I'm sitting here talking on the back going trying to smoke a number freezing the guy in the pool. I see steam coming out of it when I checked in I asked the fuck can do all the pools called. He goes yeah. There's no heated pools the next day. I found that and I've been through this hotel four fucking times. They finally found that the pool writing funny is heated as fuck I mean Nice Warm Piss. He'd ooh I love Jacuzzi. Next to it that it's hot go back wardle interprets tremendous. That's nice like fuck it. I went down at all four days. Is this time and I would going because my shoulders done so I can't do. I can't do I to do the the other one I've ever thought about doing stem cells. So what I do is just pull push pull. The stem cells is needles and blood. Yeah that's right so you're you're what's your feeling that way. Though early on soon me and dean flew one time and he was telling me the procedure and Dean's a good guy. You Know Dean. Tell me that when they were taking the blood out to to clean it and then before they put it back on his neck he said he passed out. I'm not surprised while they were taking the blood out. She brought him back brought him a smoothie. fucking blood kept going. I I would die hematology movie I would die fruits. Listen when they take. If you're a normal fat suck a fat person like me when they take more than a little tube without the first thing you open in your eyes as you can of coke the blood sugar blood drive coke bargain which you right back tiptop Ma everything. Whatever was apt up to happen APP? And if you've got a Turkey sandwich with cheese you better give blood because a lot of time got to give blood with no food in your stomach right. That's torture no food no fucking coffee just my wash you gotta go down there. You gotta suck on that mouthwash the whole way down. That man is meant as good. You got soon as that needle on thinking about food I would bring fucking food when I was asking. You bribe Turkey Sandwich. Yeah I can make my wife Mason. Nice Day Swiss on toast host the motto to Cana Coke and I was walking to when when you have surgery and and they take it to recovery. They give that trashy hostile to ask the applesauce I whatever to blend into your system gestion question and then after that they show Turkey's which that you get a sandwich at imprisoned you really do you get a better. It's a seven eleven sandwich which I'm not against it. That's the worst. It's like a seven eleven sandwich had been left out in the air for a couple of days known on on not that bad I mean the hospital they give you a little flock in a little fucking yes. You're not like the fucking Swiss cheese. Jesus see your lipstick on dry mouth from Turkey Sandwich. What's going on with these? I know your big activist on stuff. Yeah I really loved it. You breast cancer talking. That's I don't know who else Alzheimer's also. Yeah that's my father passed away from it two thousand eighteen. I and I just come. You know smoke weed and talked to my fans at ten. I actually every Wednesday at five o'clock Pacific answer questions and just get stoned and bring awareness to the disease. Please let people know the stigma in the wrong things about it and try and bring some light to it and brings him joy. We'll void Alzheimer's or is it genetic. That's running your family from what I understand. The percentage of familial Alzheimer's like the genetic side is a very low percentage that it's mainly from the things that I've read and what I've learned that it's an inflammatory disease of the brain which is caused by a lot of extenuating. Waiting circumstances stress oxidative stress emotional stress environmental stress. Your Diet Diet's huge factor. There's really good book by Dr Lisa. Mosconi called brain food. which is all about the correlation between what you eat in the degradation of your brain and the synapses and all of the you know amyloid Malloy at build up the plaques at 'cause Alzheimer's and sort of how food can help prevent those those sort of things happening certainly because it changed the way e changed everything? Yeah I took a look at what I was eating and I was scared. I mean from a personal snl. Standpoint was my dad I didn't WANNA lose him but also I share his blood. So it made me worried that I'm going to be predisposition to this so you yeah no it made me definitely switch what I eat but I still enjoy shit. I like I mean fuck grilled. Cheese sandwiches are so good. Mac and cheese anything with cheese is so fucking good but the food is brutal on your body. It's brutal I mean it's like between a grape or a MAC and cheese. Come on Ingo Mac and cheese all day. Hey but it definitely made me switch it up considered void. I try to avoid dairy. I try to avoid processed meat mainly meeting general. We'll processed enriched flour any sort of fake bread anything that doesn't parish within a long time. I try and eat is healthy and clean as I can a really interesting study more than four slices of Bacon. Week fucking kill you. How many slices of Bacon and only two slices type weight watchers points right? That's good to pieces. You look younger and brighter than I've remembered for a long time. I talked to you last time I saw. You look like you've gotten more fit. Are you doing a lot. Yeah you look younger no weights. Yeah I folk. That I won't fuck it. I will not stop preaching Rogan podcast when it had the guy on about sleep sleep. y'All I had not thought preaching Adl. I love the Stephen An fucking Steven Tyler. PODCAST Rogan. I could name the top ten Rogan fucking podcast but the one that changed my life completely weight. Wise huge for us to sleep is huge guys and cleans itself self out. I didn't I think goof on them. I sweated my fucking daughter my wife. Anything that sacred to me this podcast. I stop taking naps at like three. Yeah when my father died something happened that my mother television. Those is amazing. You you you're era you triggering wise. You can't sleep in the daytime. You're waiting for so for a long time. I didn't take a nap. Started dating a stripper stripper in nine. Ninety fuck need an APP dating a sweet home into right she get up but we do. Oh I share. We go back stabbed when we take. We take the two thirty to five map and she'd get up she'd eat healthy. We know Turkey burgers mushrooms. And then I'd stop drop off at the Strip club. But she was the first person that introduced me. She's ten APPs there so I was out all day raise to one up. You're done and look at that generation now the generation and and then now mixing the cocaine Zanu Marina and so my all my God and then throw in disease. I acquired in like ninety ninety eight. I didn't know that is the number one grown disease and men that will take you up. It will take you out and people fucking don't have an idea he a- sleep apnea. We'll go. Yeah leap back deal will take you out so fucking quickly the first time late guys. I'm Tanya I'm telling you for your own good the first time you go on your mother your father your grandfather. It'd be listening. I heard you snarl last night just now. But you're doing stop it. Come to the realization that it's GonNa get worse. It might not be might not be two years but in three years as you gonNA start running into this fucking war unless you've had sleep apnea. It's tough to describe it. I hate doctors. What causes it? Do you know what causes it fat. The more prevalent in heavyweight guys. But no but Rogan's got it really. Yeah so that's interesting. That's right a member insane sleep at the mouth. But he's he's got the the the stature of like a a water buffalo right. You know what I mean. There's a lot of guys like when I went like that's funny when I when I first got diagnosed with it. The first time I went to the doctor for who is their carry gum down one to two thousand. One was the first time I even considered going to the doctor and Golden. Who's Dan I'm falling asleep? I am going into this is fucked up you have. We started talking about it and then I bumped into him at the impromptu goes hey I looked at shit up that should Achilles kill you at the time. It was killing Gwen. It was killing twenty five thousand people at Twenty five two thousand eight years something. No no no. I'm sorry the website at that time is getting twenty five thousand. It's a year like nobody really knew to about three. Reggie died tackle from Philadelphia. He doesn't sleep at because you wouldn't put the machine. It's that big machine shing. Yeah and it's got the pipe it goes to the base plugged into the wall. When you don't sleep it affects fucking every system? Now now I sit back and I think about it. I tried to talk to you. Younger guys don't want to sound like Oh he sounds like my dad. Let me tell you something man I think. All I'd have a slap lab lead things like I go like I was on a two hour nights. Guy Trump two hours a night three. That's bad it's bad now. When you're twenty you get away with? Oh Yeah because you have energy your in your in your life when you thirty you catch up to sort of X.. Your mindset it it affects your moods. Your hormone levels hoarders all cortisol thing in digestion. Gin you start gaining weight at one. When Lian I started doing the podcast I think I was holding on Tyke to ninety five and we started doing podcasts? Anti started going down the road. Monday and Wednesday. We're GONNA before forty five twelve to wake up at four and then Thursday. I get up at four to take a flight Friday radio so early Saturday I slept and then Sunday you sleep three hours. We get an amount of I get the hell out of the town. I remember going to dock. That was three forty fifty pounds. I looked at my die. Yeah I see quite by law rogue an ad that dude on yes and I listened to it. I got the book I read the book. I read like couple of areas twice. I agreed with him. Like I'm good on seven seven me too. I'm Solomon on seven. I'm I'm seven. I'm if I'm under six. I'm a demon Louis. Oh God if I get six hours older woman on good on sagging focused on seven okay. You know what this some nights I go to bed. Eleven and five o'clock my Dick is hard and fuck I gotta get up and get Coffee Offi and sometimes I get so high. I run my errands. Put up the PODCAST. I pick music. I sent a couple of emails. Yep I check this guy I send the email to this chick and also dirty. When wants mercy leaves with my wife? My wife gets back. We breakfast it's not my wife not gender. We've got eleven. I wake up with eleven and then get up you know like now I know I understand the importance so little sleet everyone with the whole saying about like sleeping success. Like you know someone. Someone told me before like I think it's one of my agents will. Maybe you need a sleepless and get more work done like that. It's the dumbest thing anyone has ever said anyone. No one who's successful has gotten there because of less sleep you know what I mean like. That whole idea is archaic nick now like the only way to really become successful and health in life and all of that is to take care of yourself. I and sleep is I've I've come. I really appreciate it every fucking morning. I get up and I'm great for You know I still go to comedy store. But I'm very grateful that I'm not a hospital friend of mine. Just Guy Gnosis with stage age one. Whatever can't say quarter early that's guys unbloodied quarterly Blah Blah Blah? You know so I think of how fortunate but you said he goes. What have you been doing? I do everything I could do like I drink water at night. I take those garlic pills on my art to clean up the arteries I go acupuncture therapy. Not The last three days. 'cause we've been living in Kreil fucking working therapy but I got to know lift heavy breathing a lot of weight doing a lot of stuff I do. I go to box. I go kick box if I can't you kick boxing class. Because he alternates on Tuesdays and Thursdays. When you're on the road to get you look up a little bit the fucking Prom on the road? Is You have two things on the road. A thing called time zone. Yeah especially when you go on from here East Really Auction House. I was finding if I was at a place for three days. Like if I got to a place on Thursday the Thursday night show if somebody had an eleven o'clock kick boxing class. That was uber. Is Uber Yet. Ramle I would take the fucking kick boxing class. Then you become friends with the people coming back sadly sadly it just wouldn't work no body your shot you're shot you're shot. You're shot like this weekend and I'm going to Boston and they want you to do five. AM press on Friday and then shows and it's just it's a lot and then you're back on a plane and and then you're back in the time zone. You're it's it's so much for for your body. Even if somebody was like young and healthy it takes a toll on you think around outfielder. God blesses I think of ever since he passed. How implants me alive? Yeah if I wanted to keep during what I was doing at this pace how I could do it and had to stick to it like you know how to sit my agent down explained to him. I'm not forty the eight forty six. I could sit there and tell you I feel among I feel fifty. I feel the change in the last two. It's like you feel more of basis like good or range. I feel great right but I need my rest right. You see what you. I need my pacing now the pace you know what listen Yup. I love going to comedy still last night. I had a great time I giggled. I giggle within back with the check out thirteen. That's not bad. I like quick. Quick Righteous de A big shoutout go birth father. Lois still a big shot out. You know I was talking to Joe was talking Jezernik connects. It's so easy to be. Yeah Yeah it's like two. Am You don't happen once a couple of weeks ago. Daw Aw but I cannot tell you do not miss those yeah of it being accorded to like where the fuck are we going. Ah Walk over the paint. Oh we get a call and go to cactus Yup cactus number eight vine across the street from Freddie Roach. Jim over would add all we will kill that I moved when I go into the store. We go right down a corner of the Santa Monica Boulevard. Sr Two right by Fairfax if you move in December Lebanon a corner two doors down this Mexican in place that had the best chicken taco chicken with Rice and beans smothered red sauce. Yeah with cheese. They burn the chill chill Nice crusty cheese. That would've fucking diet coke. Stop it you go home. You get five in those days as I used to sleep five hours. I know it's like nothing when I first moved to Hollywood and you'll be fine you wake up because breakdowns you get breakdowns at six. So whoever would be sending me the breakdowns. Those days my goal was to get up and get the breakdowns to the agent. By the time he got in the office Fazon the agent to go. Jesus fucking Christ. Joey dee is sending me email. I would let him know who who to call. What Time Yup like? Recall this guy. This is the role. I'm looking to get you know so no matter what time I sat five hours my sleep apnea got so bad for a while. How do you know if you have your sleep is any telltale signs if you don't have anybody sleeping with you? Is it just when you die rested you. You never really rested brewed on. Do not feel rested. By two o'clock you feel like this because you don't go into that REMM REMM. Yeah and even deeper into that deep ram yet so you feel kind of something isn't right in this is how bad guy for me. I would take Holy Shit. I'm completely open. It takes four time all PM. Six and I go to bed at one at one forty five. I'd be away. Stayed away the rest of them all my God. 'cause I knew go to bed I just wake up choking. How many? How many years did you do that? Like how long was that. How you slept or didn't from one level to an like it went from the snoring the me wake up my girlfriend's a liberal type shit Roommates telling me dog what the fuck it does sound like an animal. It was my roommate in in Hollywood. He came out one. Ninety US added. Put fucking here phones on last night. Oh man the towel around my head. What's going on you? You're not even disrupt it's to sleep disrupting know it was. I didn't really know what it was that I moved in with a girl and she was like. Hey man what does there's a a creature coming out of you there's a sleep apnea demon coming out of your respiratory system. Where right into this? The the snow was gone on for a few years. Yeah and I just wrote it off to snore but then I went through the six month process. Decimate at things things who will win like during your when you were awake no sleep go to bed and then next up and wake up my joke. Okay right you know choking and then I would. I would try to couch. And then I forget about the only way it sleep was on a certain slant had a sleep certain angle but pillows a certain way and then I figured out back Asleep Matab all these movie stars they buy homes eleven million dollar homes and after ten minutes in the shower. They gotta run out because there's no hot water even though this that you go somebody nicest house and they gotTa Be House and you shall by yourself time. This house gets cold. And you're like why a million dollar house hotline Outer is like a luxury lived in a building in Hollywood that they had a connection for the hot water factory which meant that. The hot water never ran out right so he got to the point where I was taking a pillow put in a garbage bag over now I would go in the bathroom. Locked the fucking indoor. Put the bathroom on Nice and hot and I would lay there and just let the hot water lamb and I would wake up. I get five or six hours sleep I sleep in the Tub Bob. A tub of water though with the shower hitting my okay. I thought you were like constant Whitney Houston went to sleep. That's how she died. Yeah People Colette. People always Gupta around or diet coke yes but an awkward matted. She died a coke because she was so coconut. And listen. The I mean we're here all family one of my biggest things when you when you do coke after a certain level you start getting paranoid. Yeah I've never done it ever so one of the biggest things after a while. When you're alone you make after you call justify eh coming over you call every check you now? That's not come and you start to like spiral on your mind by willing you start looking at windows and you start. Look under beds and you'll go to kitchen and see a shadow and all Senate some point the only safe place you feel with this addiction. It happened the last is five ten years of my diction my favorite places to Xiao. Wow what a certain position would lock the door close. Does it and I would have the curtain. Certain way you felt calm. And they're going to make a jerk off and hang out with hot water jerk off and I don't know how many sometimes I want to show hot. Water off. Sounds Great. Stay in the show until the hot water ran out. I go to Vegas if somebody I don't care who EXC fucking Abdulah Muhammad if Isis was doing a show and they wanted me to Oakland Vegas our go just for the show. Because I know I'm not going to run out of art. Show cocaine like a jerk off in their from for an eight th like I will leave restriction. Oh Yeah we're GONNA shout for an hour come on dry up leave the water running due to more line. Oh my line and go back in the fucking shit half a pill. Oh yeah you're destructible tractable. You must be bionic all through. That's and then the sleep apnea got to a level. I would get in the car with you. What's up dog? Nothing you'd be driving at the first light I'd fall on top and you go joey you'd pass out you'd fall asleep because this was the position of choice. The only way you could fall asleep right there that position white that when you fly do people like shake you awake getting there on time work defying all my Lord and I sat down I was like number two on the plane. I scam myself on like a neck. Brace the cat on me that whatever the fuck went up there playing and I thought she nine flight quite the heck took my head back and I fell asleep sleep. I woke up to a circle of people around me. I'll oh fuck stewardess. Wake me up calling Sir Sir. And all of a sudden like this guy came in you okay. We've never heard anything. Take all the planes. We've flown. Sounds like a jet engine put luggage in that. We had a physician position. The common check you out but you gotTA missed his flight. I'm like what are you talking about. Now you're GonNa miss this flight with sorry but we can't let you get plan I did. I was celebrated judge in Ireland. Drink enough and I didn't know another planet even taken off. No I didn't know what they were talking about. So probably our snarling. So fucking allowed on that plane. That people couldn't even more they give us the disruptive Thakin couldn't even hear himself more they came with security. Oh my early a medic. They kicked you off. Yeah they they didn't kick me off. There was nice as they could be. You're commend what was it wasn't it wasn't no nobody high priced. Do they let you flyer. They made you get off and maybe get off that adopted. Check my blood pressure and all this stuff and they said Okay you could get on the next white so I had to wait like five hours talking about your or something but that made me think like that was like wow that's something's going on going. Yeah Okay and I continue to avoid it is the only way to deal with it that machine other other treatment surgeries well now with technology. Technology is so great with it now more people have have acknowledged. Ah Guys have to just go get a sleep. Study Insurance COBB visit they address. Your insurance covers it and I know all the scams for you to pressure your insurance company happening. Yeah you'll have to explain to them that you get to sleep apnea but see you know a today's world we live in I. Just it's fucking amazing. How bad the medical I have great It doesn't matter echocardiogram two weeks ago. I just got the results yesterday and I had to make eighteen call. Aw Oh my Gosh Dr Klaus. You can't call them back the paperwork. It's horrible the loopholes the little just as deadly disease. Yeah like you can like I was at the point where I was about the fucking die. So what you have to do is get the sleep study they call you next day. You got it. This is the extremity are Gimme the machine insurance will tell you okay. Takes three days for approval. No it doesn't because I drive if I have to drive my wife so if I fall asleep behind the wheel and you have to tell them that. And that's when they'll make an appointment for you to go get your sleeps machine quickly if not the store you at that for another thirty fucking days and then you have to pick the model and wait another thirty. Today's such bullshit. So I got a Jo- Chadwick the ex manager from the IMPROV MIAMI. Yeah and a bartender had stolen so much money. From the Miami and PROB. They decided to lead the Miami Improv and opened up a little Rock Arkansas. Funny Bone Okay. It was a fucking it was the size. It was bigger than the comedy store. It was an old dance club. Yeah so they. I bought it and at that time I had long short and no no no no no I did not have anything. They just like me and they said the headline the rope. This Little Rock Arkansas. The Bible Belt. I just don't do too. Yeah Ralph Banana. The week before two weeks before that or a month or Ralphie opened the room and Ralphie said it was a good room at the time. Ralphie wasn't even on last comic standing anyway. But what I do remember is that they put us up in cheap hotels. I can't stand that they put Ralphie. Fuck uphold tally. Broke the so. The guy that owned. The hotel was a Korean guy. He was yelling bad. There Ralphie comes back from the grave will tell. That's all a lie. Listen he broke the bed and then brought another better then he wrote that one in the better hotel. But that's what worked out by the time I got there. We were at the hotel and you know. I don't know what night it y you know when the club causing says we'll put up with seven fifteen being the hotel lobby into the hotel lobby and I looked outside and see anybody so I sat on the fucking couch. That was minding my business. And next thing you know just okay. I'm getting woken up again. White Dude like just the most handsome fifty the euro dude. You've ever seen you stone cold gorgeous. Yeah he's Okay Sir. He was made to wait gift. You have three minutes of your your time. Yeah what the fuck. I thought it was one of COPS. I didn't know what he was and he was in his pocket and he gave me a card God and he goes. I'm Dr Such and such. You don't know me you don't know me I don't know you are but I I will tell you I miss Napa last five minutes listened to you and he goes now upfront and I'm looking at you you you have about two weeks left. What just like that? It's also really good business fucking around. It was great. I don't know I couldn't go to him. He was a little Rock Arkansas other than La. How could he town to sat down and said I just listened so last ask five minutes? You almost died for times because you choke right and then you pass the fuck out so that you stop your heart works. Yeah so like you go so you get with call. They called interruptions so he goes. I didn't even count I. I stalked them this lingo to me and at first I was little offended. By that time I was old enough that I could take criticism. Yeah if I was twenty two to get the fuck out in his business Nisa but by that time somebody had already told sucked and calm yet. I could have been good if you do that so I accepted people talking to me in that town. He wasn't even talking down to me. He was talking to me in a way that was very serious and he goes you know sleep apnea isn't there. You have it. And he goes at that. I'm joy he spent a number out at me. Like what kind of a number of people who died right. Let's statistics and they don't even know that die right and they're just there. There's dying in their sleep. This leads to obesity. It leads to diabetes so this is killing people like a snake an octopus. It's got at eight ways to kill you. He goes right now. You're dying in three of them shit. That's that's intense. The dying from something that goes on in your sleep saw he goes. I want you to do me a favor. You don't know me he goes does. This is my card and he put his hand down with my name is whenever he goes. It's out of my hands by. Yeah your skin color. US Josh Josh. Both told me he goes. Oh yeah there was a time there. Every time I'd see that's last time on CNN Z.. And he goes you tell by but this addiction. Yeah this is not sleeping accumulation of shit. I was at this. It's time I was probably three sixty five sixty five not not sleeping shit doing drugs on the road road. I mean that's what I'm saying here by ONIC. At that time. I didn't do the road I'd I'd gone on the road with Rogin but I figured out. Why rogin did what he did? Yep Rogan did what he did for the reason and I wasn't doing it like rogue during a completely opposite the Rogan and I was losing. Yeah I was lose now is just so. That's what made me start tightening. My road game. I came back. I told my wife would happen. And you know once you tell you girlfriends. We're you're like okay. Shits changed the follow up. We change it off. Work took me down there and I still remember getting the machine. The Guy Coming in and wake me up. I fell asleep neo anytime I would get in this position. This two minutes. I'd be talking to Yasser Sleep like that. Maybe I need to put some weight. It was really horrible and I advised is P- disease now you don't especially when they're like a silent killer I don't mean I know your dad just passed very sorry about that because because I have a best friend that he said he'd lived with his dad was ninety two. Yeah my dad was eighty years. I kimmy brutal. He said it was he only died he does not that. We didn't love him felt relief. He broke his nose. He wants to nurse He choked the wife Myra fifty years you woke up when might start choking my friends. Who are you in this bag? Shit like uh-huh dad was thrown his shit his roommate they just it changes everything. They don't start to recognize reminds you like he needed. He knew Jimmy. I guy has shimmy about six months ago his home. I know what you miss your that they would talk. Talk about. The end is not in a mess. That's the most of every rhode apart. Yeah you mourn them while they're alive because you a a piece of them dies yeah it's so brutal it's such a it's excruciating disease to deal with if you're the caregiver like if Jimmy was taken care of his dad that's it's so hard it's so expensive to take care of your family if they're at home they're sick and they're going crazy every single day something else something. Something new happens we were like well. I don't know what this is and it's so hard to not take it personally when your loved when a parent or your mother father is not sure who you are and talking shit to you. Because they don't know who you are. How do you not take that personally to fucking parent? It's a really. It's a brutal disease but it's also funny. There's a lot of funny shit that happens bins that you know you can't plan for like I've been working on it putting it into my set. The Day my boyfriend met my dad. My Dad answered the door with just a t shirt on and his Dick King and just below the And my dad didn't think anything was wrong with it. He's a k come on in and I just kind of look look at Derek. And he's like what to. I'm like I don't know. Take Your Dick out to. I don't know if this is like a Sicilian standoff and he just wants to see if you're going to take care of me I have no idea so that was just there. I had to like scoop them into the bathroom and get them taken care of this type of disease where you really have to have a humility about yourself in the situation in order to handle it one with dementia. Well you know buoyed voided by smoking. I mean you know how I feel. I'm in the same family with you when it comes to any sort of drug like that any sort of like you know Psychedelic or THC CBD. I saw a physical change in my father Charlotte's Web Charlotte's web company Stanley Brothers They reached out to me because they saw stories. I was posting about him and they sent me a care package really really nice care package and one of the things they sent me. Was this olive oil extra strength. CD tincture and sorry. It was just oil not a tincture. It was dry droplet. Put Him under your tub tongues like a sub lingual thing so my father was in the hospital. My sister and I were there and he's just you know when people get older they're just rigid. They just look uncomfortable in his face was like he. He had this expression of discomfort in so I looked at my sister and I was like what the fuck do we have to lose. This isn't GonNa he's not GonNa go wild on CBD. Let's just see what it does. So I put like four five drops under his tongue literally fifteen minutes later. My sister and I were just standing seeing. If we could see any visible effects checks we could see him decompress. We literally saw him relaxed his shoulders. His face went from a grimace to just relaxed he he took a breath and he started breathing normally and he just like it looked like he had rested for the first time in weeks. And that's when I was like well there's something to this this. That's not that scientific proof enough for me and that's all we want from people in our lives. Just people love them to have comfort. We'd want them going out. Shokhin motherfuckers enthroned Shit. You know it's brutal. It's like a prison seen in in some crazy jail cell the family through that no no one. Does you know no one does we. Were lucky though he was. He was sick for a year from diagnosis to death. So we got off off pretty easy. A lot of people sit with that disease for five six ten years beautiful yeah. The average is like eight years. The people are sick with the disease. Faulk for these solar degeneration. That's the sad thing watching it inevitable. It's a fucking train so Jimmy has two other the brothers so they both had families the way he goes got the point where every time they came in. He's like I'm on the police he's a burglar burglar Fuckin- sons were GonNA fucking burglars. Shit like that. Yeah it's wild L. Y.. Like I can't even imagine you know I've done more acid growing up. I know of somewhere along the line. The Bay of this. I don't think that's necessarily true. Oh I mean you live the life you know. There's people out there doing much words. You pay for looking at looking Ozzy Osbourne now. Yeah Parkinson's that's that's brutal at it. Those diseases are so brutal. Richard Pryor and Robin Williams thought he had it. But I think it was lou body Dementia we did the eighties cocaine. Okay and I'm just trying to be real nice bed. I'm I'm prepared because I did that. Eighties cocaine yeah knows what that does. The essential knows right and then we have to count and trauma. Tom Right to count. And my mom type trauma not getting that role yeah. CBS pilot you. You know traumatize our break of lives. All this is all tied into that times. You sit there you know. It's like they jason when when What's that disease you get Glaucoma? They make you smoke pot coma. Yeah you and I are preventing. I know that because of their marijuana use like yeah it's not GonNa make it worse if that's what you're worried about now. I'm Dr on Mondays on my instagram. But I'm not a real doctor but I I there's no science to say it gets. It makes anything worse with that if anything anything. It's a once a thousand times that desert Hara lives that lives in my head of me one day putting peanut butter in my ass and walked into a business taking on the wall. Because is because I did because I want a sandwich now for some reason reign of a brain develops to I forget what age twenty five. It's about twenty five. I did so much alice. Dj from fifteen to seventeen and then we went from from fifth from seventeen. Th Two thousand seven it was the straight central nervous co casually shocking in your system always tell people at the end I would towards the end like the last six months of my coke addiction. I was getting fucking a jolt in my spine. Line like a neurological reactions in. That was not good right now. Good good when I felt that I would finish the coca had now be it for the night to get any more or nothing. I felt that maybe four or five times and that was that I got off the fucking blow. Yeah so so. I know that I'm expecting some are you. Is it a fear of yours are you. Are you afraid of some sort of impact like some sort of Karmic karmic situation. Not Karmic it's more of. How could you send you feel coming to you? Get fucking nineteen seventy Calamar. Tough his cause of a made whatever Mustang all those American bill 'cause especially when they were built back then just take so much depends how you treat them along the way absolutely. There's something to that for sure to think of by tree them you know. Let me figure it out on paper. Here let's be mileage. Let's be honest on the on the family matter here. Yeah you figure from the age of seventeen thirty thirty five. NCA inside doctor. Well I think during those ages your hopefully. You're not seeing Dr just for a checkup fucking committee Tuesday which is one away. Yeah Dr Clint Media Right now. I still remember the chicks chicks monkey and seeing the drip posts podcasts Muni drip their ear like. I know that I've had all those things and you know throughout the foot. There was a couple years when you're broke comic. And you have to decide decide whether you gotta pay rent or go to the dentist and You know what Jack Daniels got fucking Afra- Africa Grandma blow and I ripped all these seats all they should this fall and stout All done with a wrench and with a wrench and a JAL. Please please Joe have no fucking idea when you're living with listen when you're living with pain inside look at my face and picking my face I would. I would have get imaginary bugs in my face and I would squeeze my face until I'm assuming Rogan SCABS. All over the fucking place it. It was like a different form of self mutilation from the addiction. Now I see it I see it. You know I would get a fucking head then. A little pimple. Now would squeeze it till the fucking route came. My Guy came out of its skin. A herring that. There's nothing that that's fucking cocaine making your cocaine made you paranoid like that. If I I've never touched it because I know if I did I would explode. I said so all the surgeries. I did those one molar. That wouldn't go. Yeah you call yourself surgery longest Hello full this one out so it was one two three four. I pulled out are the ones that I pulled hold. That was in the middle here for years. It was there from ninety two to two thousand. I don't sounds like an new-kids-on-the-block running the it had broken in half but it has become an abscess dentist. You'll oh by the absence. Yeah I'm living roof right absence for six years so if you haven't absence please go to the dentist immediately. Because they're so painful all in danger and with fill up with US shit joy this and it would shoot out so I would go to the comedy L. and they're finding like you position myself by thing with shootout in the jacket and and you wouldn't even know by the end how our let it fill up on purpose. Every two weeks doc jacket. And this I can't handle it like blood analyzing buggers and your wrench molars woody. What are you homeless fucking wrenching out? His heart and squeezing his absence Jusin people humid. Ask OGM lace ago watch loves you. He has such a deep love for because he knows how to my mind. I had this little. Oh my mouth let stem was just having a tooth like this is just a fuck and this is just the design. The tooth is completely different. This mall is gonNA take the shallow. It's like a bucket Mama I'm like so I had the bone and I swear to God I would feel it. It was like I was chewing tobacco once I felt this swallow them like it. Bother me at the still go up by five kid superhero and sometimes the whitehead would come on on this side and this will go this way and the fucking juice. The toots will go to to says that part about it was so happy Rosedale died from sleep apnea cutting poisoning people with your abscess. Choose the baby the medications you say she has to eat something personally. Give your fucking milkjam bulletin. That choose were no. It doesn't county. What do you mean coating your stomach means no buckton stomach? That's why I don't believe most things. Yeah because I live Buddha funk for six years you know those likes shows on. TLC Like my six hundred pound life and I- sex sent me to the ER. I lived with my abscessed tooth for years. needs to be a series. We're just people. Dr Pimple Popper Disgust. Aliyev Chinese him. Yeah it's so oddly. Satisfying the black hands here and like it looks like hooves come out of people's necks really metal. Listen I love Pimple Amaze is whitehead nice Michael McCann vomit. Already about the ones I was eighteen. I'm not GonNa like a story of this is one big insurance commercial the little surgeries so the my music assisted onto a out of you know we all got together once this lot when she goes I don't know and she put drawing Savan- it with a with a with a would. BANDAIDS now without that nine. Everybody made fun of me. What's up with the band aid next? Damn and Morgan up must be eighteen and I think the band And they love and the lump had gotten big. Forget just this touching now and it was like a whole opened up and it was. It's like a fly flew out a fucking though stream of pus ella drip down the mirror forgets. I was love with pimple popper after Couldn't wait to get another one like that. Sounds like one in your in your mouth for a few years one of my mouth that one Saturday then you ever get the one of the best of the ones you get some pussy. Gotten one of those so much. That sounds like herpes. Burpee you under your tongue pop it. No I don't know yeah. I think you should start a clinic for people. What the fuck is that? Immune system has overcome all these different after a while. You have so many things on your immune system just gives up. I think you're GONNA. I think you're GONNA outlive us all I really do I. Would I hope your words. It's all I just don't WanNa look half a retired old man with three years and somebody's gotTa push me technically. I live happily push you take me to the nobody I never wanted to be one of those dudes. That shows up dressed up in the suit like I was. Let's go from two years ago. I do not want to be one of those old. Like all of fame fucking warmed-over fuck squeezing your absence. Everybody in the audience. Yeah when when you when you're seventy five and you have a lot of issues you'll how you have so much fun you'll have so much fun you know like I got fucking my arm got cut. Didn't go to hospital a scar. God this one ear you could still see the V you see. That'd be or that. The what is that from Kostanic Symbol Glove on I was robbing a bookie game. Remember remember the Karma thing to jump up the fence and Iran and there was a six foot fence now watch his buying pathmark and West New York New Jersey and running at the dog on my talion. Look back because if you look back at Lowe's time and I jumped up grabbed the fence and I grabbed the Bob Wyatt with this guy's at I'd my fucking savage. I made it over the fence but want to get on the other side. My hand got caught and offense. I talk about bleeding and everything all the time the copter about eighty yards from me and and not get looking at him and my arm being caught in the Bob Y.. And meet and go like yell and I don't know how I did it. The God's grace I pulled myself up I loose knit and loosening it like the fueled blood anyway. And I'm like God I loosen it I drop. The dog was barking at defense. I just added fucking back home and I could feel the moisture in the glove and I went home l.. fucking changed my clothes. Wipe my face. I didn't pass out by the grace of God. Lakes couple minutes went to the ball. I told her money that that was waiting to make another Harada book. Told everybody stay. Yeah into our year envelope on April. Get the party. Started adding of them. Breaking News Terry Body. I sat there at the bar all night with his glove with another glove on it bleeding just drinking and people like what the global my boy by the minute business in his drinking all night next one I woke up and it was like a fucking mass. Rather go to my friend boneheads house. Oh good he sounds like a medical professional heroin addict. took the gloves off. And then this glove was tangled with this Kim. So I- Cocoa. We don't know what to do so they cut around the glove and they took me to the hospital with the skin so since it was after twelve hours day couldn't stitch it so they loosen the slick the glove. They took it out of the skin but the flap over and made me put you know goes goes on it and they said you'll going to move you lose the movement in this Vanja and possibly his fingers. You cut a tendon. I mean it was bad is guy. Is it good now see your indestructible or finger up. Yes that sounds like a great Easter Sunday Sunday off into marrying at Paulviollis Kidney. It'd be slow the Kidney Bandai in my bed turn me into Elmo are you okay are you a lively. No no this is. It's amazing raising the fact that you're still alive right. No wonder you're happy all the time like fuck it. No wonder he wakes up in like it's another day Aycock suckers guy. You're going to be fine. I will say that like any sort of neurological thing is not like Alzheimer's is not a normal part of getting older. But I don't I think you need to worry about it. I thank goodness. We forget. Member things from Nineteen seventy-three memory. Great Memory forget like if I don't log into into weight watchers right after I eat I gotta sit there for the Howard night. figure out what that sounds like selective forgetfulness. It's been bad lately but we're we're dated with so I I forget about two thousand fourteen year. Anything about two thousand sixteen. All I can tell you is from nineteen from two thousand backwards. I could tell you very more vividly. Maybe it's better for for your for your own good that you don't remember every single thing we're not meant to remember everything to be fair from two thousand fourteen to two thousand eighteen. We weren't digging about two thousand milligrams at at least twice a week and you're taking it more oven. How many are in you right now? Early on really good Africa. This took another beating beating those just. I don't remember those four years. People come on and be like hey nice to meet up on the PODCAST. Excellent three times. You said that was going around the ad they got going on now with the meeting. It was you that night I could see you doing that. I don't mind that was the bucket of comet acid mushroom. Aw Sure GonNa Pills we get all of that you can't do the Cornucopia jump into the DS corner. There's always awards gonNA work for you. Know via the CORNUCOPIA. I would shoot to another galaxy. I'd be an andromeda right. Now I'd be up there with Neil degrasse Tyson Jason floating on some fucking Milky Way another view Willingham high. All the time. You're sober right now. Lee that's bullshit one hundred. Your eyes haven't been opened auto fan. I have no idea it's just there do you have sleep apnea probably lean. You take care of yourself. I know they cute face. You better take care of that. No but I I was thinking about it. When you do need to go to sleep task number tapism right guys it's fucking easy asleep test the sleep apnea test? Are you staying facility. It's in a facility will pursue one night right. Yeah one nine. Are you you up yet to cozy bed feed you your mutate one time. Yeah right now. I'm supposed to go every year. The problem with me is when I love when I went remember when I went for sleep apnea I was at three nine. The yeah so is that your highest weight. low-floor eighteen but between the working out now and the weight lost. I lost all that weight. That was here. I like what I felt this bone minute appointment for the dock. Mom I got to. Aw I felt this thing in twenty fucking yeah I felt this is i. It was a so because I lost that weight here. Now I lift home still Bernau wait. Like I'm falling asleep on couches. Now Eh Fall Asleep on a plane a little bit you know not waking up by right grasping for my When you have the sleep sleep apnea world has come a long way about a year ago I busted up my all sleep apnea machine? Oh my God what am died. It didn't work. No it was just to let you know where I was then and were I am now. Because there's different gauges number twenty eight being the highest and I still needed help at twenty and twenty is me shooting like you've opened up a fire hydrant. No never opened myself in Brooklyn on the summer from the some some of the mass shooting. The twenty is that twenty is basically. Were keeping you alive by it. She's like what if if you don't secure the mass before you do it. You can't do it by because it's like when it's like when you shot when shocked by the man to this is seen at Tobey Maguire on a train like this. They had a fan the sizes building in front of them that they told you can get to under feet from it was like hurricane winds. That's that's what that twenty was like and I still had that old machine the closet and one that I let me to see where I was then and it was horrifying like I couldn't breathe a was coming in at such a pace strong for you. That's how fat big I was now a matt six to twelve so now they have. Technology has really come a long way so so they called flex machines and a flex machine is a machine that rate shoe. What you're feeling so if you need a six year at six if if for some reason that night you ate meat you drank alcohol and you dehydrated and you need twelve machine automatically adjust so you get twelve pounds of whatever fresh? I don't WanNa start talking about stuff on to know is it. Is it a pipe that like when you put it over your is it just a massacres. There to mass comes in the mail me. I like the mask mal combination right because gone through my mouth and I pushed casinos. And there's an escape vow right like an Arab. That's why I'm dying to fuck my wife with the sleep apnea mass. Because she'll get hit with the escape. Bombay bear fucked. She's getting out what I thought. Yeah the one is. EPA with the APP machinery of Bad Brooke. Those but I'll jokes aside so for some people they just get. Gold knows machine but you did the fault. Jim Norton refuses to use it. So he's GonNa live with sleep apnea rest light he. He likes torture John. Yeah he likes getting Skinnier by the years and he still has it and the mass botulism. There's there's people at the mass bothers you. Now that that happens is he like when I go to the doctor and they do the heart stop I always take my doctorate. Sonic House looking and he'll go this scarring from the SLEEP APNEA I go. What about the cocaine? He does not scarring from the apnea the twenty seven years ago Canaan really do nothing but the sleep apnea did more damage than the cocaine. What how does it scar you? I don't want to talk to line if anybody else knows. And they WANNA share this church site like anybody knows the specific. It does a party a heart that this taxes Lau by it was getting to the point and I just admitted it to my wife what I got the machine my body and how to just to it and I was waking up with my left side from my neck while away the my waist sore more like the heart was adjusting to heart was all this oxygen like it took the first night I got the machine I slept well well but then things are looking better from me thirty days it went I my skin color like everything was adjusting sixty. Today's ninety energy during the day. Yes have more energy during the day I you know I wasn't as inflamed because not sleeping bring inflamed junior. I already was starting to get to four. Eighteen was eighteen pounds once you start seeing the lump on the back back fat lump. That's yeah they just put the new Soviet head just a couple of days. That's a that's a hard truth because if you sleeping when you choke that means that your body goes into danger Sir releases the cortisol an corners or stalls STARS GLOMMA rates in. That's like a cortisol sack yes. So that's why when you see the people with that stuff they definitely have sleep apnea and the days are numbered people. We gotta take care of her body. That means your body's release and quarters quarters it's shock. I think I'm not a doctor. I'm just telling you what I've learned over the years from reading and from time to time I go back to the web page to see what new technologies or whatever you know have Thakin. Small machines. Now travel with yet streamline. I love my machine. I I love it. Do you have a travel one while I would travel one guy from my man. I'm going to give Michelle out over there. fucking Cleveland Larry's lowry's my men neck neck and the Monza got free machine. Yes wia broke. We went on the radio and we said we needed the wire is something I was. I gotTA niece extra sleep. Baton Machine Leggett. It's bran no and he gave it to me so now I got one for the road and one for the ticket like I said ever since I watched that Rogan podcast. I really do remember the guy's name. Yeah what was the guy's name the guest as a Doctor Samuel C. Rogue last. Yeah Yeah I will look about sleep and I ride we sleep why we I think. Yes that book dot. I forget the doctor's name gave it to somebody gave it to somebody and he rather was blown away. Yeah because he was sleeping and chunks. His son wasn't going right in his life. You need at least three of those cycles to hear sleep alike a a nine to twelve. He wake up and go to bed from three to six five at eight to ten at chimpanzees schedule. Them means that's be that's also begins asleep at me. You're waking up you don't know why choking up and I have that joke your your two days away from chokingly collegiate Shokhin. Your body is waking up for a reason and now it's taken starting to get skit because after a while you I hurt my hamstring and it was so weird that even after it didn't hurt I was walking a certain way. I'm still walking a certain certain way because my mind is protecting that like it's favoring logical so you think that maybe that's not hurting anymore employment kick some squatting Wadan Brennan -ticipant in because it's not brains anticipating when you have sleep apnea after awhile. What's fucked up about? Is that why why is going to sleep. It's like why are you gonNA come to my house smack. Would you come to my house and vice versa. Sleeping yes she no. You'RE GONNA get. You might die. Why would you you come to my house? Where every time for I smack in the face I would just like you do it on love? Why would you keep coming over? That's what it gets to the point. Kopecky like why. Am I going to go to sleep right. It's almost like your fall asleep on a chair. I led to an hour and a half and often you buy these starts accepting it. It's fucking Bro. It's fucking brutal. It was so crazy how we adapt and almost the adapting the thing that can be detrimental. And I'm very lucky. Lucky because I would take those six or seven eight thousand on PM's sleep and I was smoking a cigarette factory. Fuck three packs a day at night and then I would not with the cigarettes and you could have blown yourself up. I was like like a junkie. That carpet look like Ida by Ray. LIOTTA 's face pockmarked cigarette burns carpet for that Thakin apartment. How how how many people do you think have lived a life like what percentage alliance? He thinks a lot the people who didn't listen man. I grew up a lot of era so I didn't give a fuck. It's not like a reason to live. You know when you're just out there in the world alone he in the back of your mind like I'm alone I'm GonNa take chances are the people wouldn't be able to take defined your fans to come up to you after shows or message you who have lived a similar life and you've sort of. It's helped them through stuff. Everybody's lived like not everybody but each watch like I call uncut gems ems you watch one of my life for years that was bowral impeded the papal to have stress. There's life was that close to reality. That's that's fucking way Alo- always remember. I sold a membership to the mob. Two thousand is there. Are they taking new. Rowley and I made the guy pulled application to be your movie for years. I would see him and he go. They never called any day. They're GONNA call you. Aw Shit fucking show. It was just something that it was. If you'll going to my at that point in my life is of you'll be this stupid. I'm GonNa rob and that was that was that was my how survived by was how is alive. Dealer be the stupid I gotTa Rob You. If you if I'm like all your life if the Jessica Brings Mealy to buy out to coax and Lee Raba and lean and I know these you know his schedule he leaves a co God or this way stashes it. This is going down. Yeah stupid fuck. I'M ROB in. Do you think that all goes back back to like being growing up without a mom like not having that it all goes I love it all goes back to way you're raised Catholic and you really really really believe in God which I still do. We wouldn't I wouldn't be if Reno there wasn't higher power and the old in the world. You have your mother than the whites. Go Out when you're sixteen you. You know therapy nose day right. It was shame folded. Take care of yourself. So no was the they get myself I chose. I could live through Florida with family in California. My uncle I just shows for the first time I have had accepted into this neighborhood. Okay good I worked hard to get accepted into this fucking neighborhood. Now I gotTa pick up and leave fuck it so I stayed in that town and what happened to me mentally was I felt that my belief in God what God pace away a mother right what God takes away a mother and with funny was just in my i. I met this girl in eighth grade. That was fucking hot. I like Irish. Checks checks like strawberry blonde as she fair skin freckles. She was just good. loader always felt bad about this. I Day there for a few months very eighth grade. Chessel Bay innocent. She went to whole she went to we play for Saint Michel Cyo L.. She went to Holy Rosary Academy right. Then I was assigned. I wasn't trying for ninety days. sacrament ninety the thing happens I suck get head because always happened with sucking it at first. Yeah it that's you know. It's like the emissions at the admission to the policy of Hartford Catholic girls. I like the Irish girls and Italian girls right. You know faster Italian it. It was You know six seven dates and you looked at whow then you tried for the Pussy for another month and a half and then one night they let you touch it. It just a pat. Cry Little Petting Zoo whether you touch my pussy so dirty gross. What's God's going to thank God for God wants you to a horse not gonna offer and then what's you to be a horror? He said it. In the great soundbite relating my magma's you'll then they'll Mary and then your finger and that's another three-month process three months to get fingering finger. And then you know to leave within now ed nobody looking and then you have to make them come to him once you make them come with the finger now. They're now they're like hi. Can we get more of that it yet. Now they'd like that. Now you can work and stuff and then it takes another three months and it just a process it was just a fucking all. These girls have restraint. took me like a cheese dog and a high five from me to my mom raised me a certain way. You're a good boys also meet. I was warning as fuck. I'm GonNa sit here in town. It was good. I wanted to ask me too story. I'm the Rogan podcast about me. Being fifteen in love with take a mill from the neighbor she me to you know I was GonNa meet to fucking angel dust and got some flowers that my mother had the house in the bushes and I was going to tackle her with the flowers and fucking pussy. I'd never sucked the placebo for I saute cities before but I I was fucking just Raipur. Our I didn't know it's going to dive bomb ACA pussy out of the Blue Nose Day. ambusher pus because she was hot he was like thirty seven and I knew both adores but husband was like sixty and he knew he paid the sixty years girl after my own heart right now to get the old Fucker Bang. I bet she was viewed the name of a pretty woman Faye One syllable. That's the woman who knows how to put on a eyeliner. Stick it up. Yeah perky to shoes to wear what's called the Alta. Oh yeah which from the seventies and make it make it look like full milk jug and we played basketball to. She had two dogs that were blind signed to French. She had a heart so she would walk across the street and then put him down and things. Soon as we'd see her we'd let the ball boy. Go down the hill. So we'd have to go down and get it so he could just look at fe. Yeah did you ever get a sniff ever smeller. No one of as days WanNa Fuck Faye Faye was like the fucking prize the neighborhood to a hot daughters in what I'm saying like when your mother weather is hotter than the daughters yeah. You'll something in the water. I still see one of the daughters and facebook just gorgeous yeah. She's gorgeous so I right start talking to say you couldn't talk fakers. The husband was always in the bathroom always retired. He was all covered the bills hills. Yeah she was sucked his Dick. You know one of those type related right so he played basketball at night. We'd noticed when she comes to ninety already sleep leap ten salads also make a little night while kitty cat go out in the alley while take a mind with the dogs out. I always take the door blind. Want so we'd be out there playing bass while she come out with a flip flops. We'll tie daisy dukes. This way before daisy was even born. I'm sure he was wearing daisy. dukes caught up to the cheeks lip hanging out. Maybe a waving at you. Just be sitting in all. She was like God who just so finally. Actually I talked to her and I was flirting with failure beautiful today. Thank you suidide read. I Oh my God the balls is going to look at me dirty because he knew I was loaded with fat and finally one that that was my buddies. We got down we drink and shit. We got some angel dozen o clock and we listened to led Zeppelin too. It was for us us and we each did me call those Michael Speciale maybe Dominic Speciale. We all did a different instrument and we listened to led Zepplin to cover the cover and then they were GonNa like a Popular Party and now I come to the bottom again. I got homework home what he did Angel August. I'm like don't worry about plans. I was going to take down from behind the Bush behind the Bush Bush. Right I'll liberty avenue. She was an across the street. Go across the street into park. There's no lights in the park. And I was just GONNA run up on tackling. Give Her the flowers take on which I loved and then hopefully we're gonNA make out like in the movies it'll be like John Travolta Newton John in Greece right. I could've worked out. I really really believe this is this. This is why I do not like the whole thing of you coming back at me with some I did when I was twenty. You know it's it doesn't hold up. It's different Gary Don Chong thing known when you read the Radon chanting if anybody gets a chance do me a favor. Wavering read this. I'm trying to get her publicist to send the flowers and a gift certificate and a letter of thank you to ray down honest woman Radon Chung look a breakdown. Weinstein know about fucking Mick Jagger that when she was fifteen she thought may jagged bagging. It was not a me too moment. Was We knew exactly what we're getting ourselves into what she goes. Not I'm trying. To Attack Mick Jagger nothing like that. She goes spectrum to the situation put her in the video in nineteen eighty four to one song from his solo at the movie movie. They did a movie together or something like that but she fucking came out the idea and listen to a podcast on the Hollywood report a podcast. She came up and fucking said. Is that the fact that Radon Channel was she. was that woman right there so. She said she knew what she was doing all. Yeah why did this article come out at somebody talking interview. No no this is what a woman is is about. Yeah I can read this thing ray shifts rolling from men nineteen when she it was fifteen and he was studied three. Admission cancel interview accidentally blurted that she had sex with rock. When she was fifteen child Alena clarify the intimate? Make sure the relationship was consensual and jagged. Not Know Her age at the time he never asked me how old I was. I never told them. It never came up. I remember thinking he was cute. He taught tousled hair and I thought man. He's fucking beautiful. He did nothing wrong needed. Make me do anything. I didn't WanNa do Chung noted fully aware that irrelevant rela revelation may cause controversy. It was the seventies. It was a different era. I wasn't the victim. I don't want to get into trouble about this. It wasn't traumatizing advertising. I knew what I was doing wasn't is simple. Girl always act allows older than I was. Yeah I was grown up in fifteen describing herself as has low leader Chiang require sexual tries of the positive experience he had great lips according to chocolate to other relationship on two different occasions. Agents I after she attended a rowing down recording sessions and later after watching fleetwood. Mac with fucking Jag. I don't did not traumatize me. Any it wasn't a meat to moment. It was something that empowered with China explained that I knew the power to pick and choose whatever I wanted an experienced variants mixed with this. I thought almost fellow look. I WANNA cry because finally a woman says this went down. I talk about Said how he got poetry and a couple of weeks ago as a rock or a guy that came on the podcast was referred to me and people were mad. I put him on the bike as I did not know about the allegations of having sex with a fifteen year old was sixteen year old. Or whatever I don't know but I do know one one thing that one night I was watching fuck O- on Letterman. Like when I read the same Hilton Para Sutton was on Letterman. When she was getting in trouble and shit she got in trouble for years ago? Okay fifteen years ago. She was always in the news right a party. Girl and lashing acoustics could lead them and ask them he goes. I remember this start. When she goes away? Fourteen fourteen. She got him a parents. Don was in bed had might sneak out and go to flock in party. Now let me ask you a question. Chessmen Tommy Detroit. I'll tell you the truth. Feel I won't mind the journalists sixteen. If you snuck out of the house was it to be with a sixteen year old kid it never was. This is why when I rated when I read all this was like you know I know I still remember years ago. Ninety three my buddy gave me a job working a door and it was well known that there was like these twenty growth now like you know. Drinking Age was twenty one. They're all young wanting to be older older right. You know and this one. I read that Radon Jonathan. I was so happy that finally a woman said what are you fucking. It's not all me too much power. Yeah that's a fucking weird thing for women to say. Well look what she said she goes. I had control. I knew what I wanted. I know what I didn't want and reading that kind of made me happy on that subject but when you when when you lose your mother and everything you you WanNa you WanNa take a shoot on the world of course so from nineteen eighty three to nineteen eighty seven. My wife was to revenge right where you we filled with anger. If I saw pigeon in the middle of the street driving run the old that you're missing love. I did things that. Ah I never kicked that dog or an animal and that might that just a rat to the sky. That's what they call them. The Guy Rats in New York City. Just feel this fucking eight the society. Yeah I wanted the world to feel what I felt. Of course you know. So I wouldn't try added Guate- my way to make your world shitty. Yeah what's your mom's name Dinara but what I did was when I was in that waiting sell after I got sentenced for the kidnapping first time you were in the only time when I got sentenced. That's why we might piece of myself before you were talking about the cosmic revelation the climate revelation. I made peace myself that night that night about everything. I didn't go to jail for the kidnap where I was involved with two pieces shit. I'm friends at one of them today. Excuse me eleven daily. We spoke to come to a show like last year. Yeah yeah you reunited with them. Yeah but we with three pieces. Is this shit. If this was any other city said go fuck yourselves upgrading. Your Loses Colorado felt that break jarreds not on blame him they did. I wouldn't be delay black. I'm not whining but that was the you know would do something like that. Somebody who was angry at that time I had no reason reasonably angry at a at a job at an apartment I was living. It was the early years. The formative years stick with you to the the and go ahead was still like my twenty six twenty seven. You know I was pissed kids that had parents that would take you know. That was the first this weapon I would use or fucking really you got fucking parents that loss you don't so it was kind of learn how to reform. I love all that it wasn't that bad. Purse was a fucking Shit. I'm a fuck Horo and I think a lot of people can relate with that. A lot of people are looked at as bad people but everyone has a source of their trauma. Here's it there's a certain group of people don't but there's some people who just missed love of inexperienced loss like you did as a child without having that mother called Lake in a less you walked it. It's very hard to judge some. Somebody buys something they did for me. It could be three years. It can be twenty years. I know the guys walking up. I've seen people tate one name I'm GonNa tell you one name that will have met him. He was a fucking punk and today's sorry and he's one of my best friends but the respect that I have from a man is unparallel. I respect him more so the ninety percent of the people his name is Sam trip. I Love San okay. That's a guy right there as a salad. I could tell you twenty things. Sam Did twenty years. It's not that store that I wanted to joke that I wanted to show another one has been through some shit. He's been through some shit that nobody knows about. But at the same time I will tell you that I've seen Sam grow up to become a fucking man and comedian. Love arriving friend. You know. I'm tight with Sam Walton. Once a week and Woodham get you see people and you forgive all. That shit goes away doesn't even my man that doesn't match it didn't matter even give a fuck because I've seen them gross instead you're allowed to make mistakes and my world you know this shit that comes out now. Twelve years ago choked me at a party. These thing in your asshole known. Then go find yourself. It'd be stuck his finger in your push talk. uh-huh sniff his asshole. Then rude and fucking rude sense where we could talk about this. I don't don't judge anyone. I love hearing people story in nothing shakes off my axis. I've been humbled by life and I know people come from some. I'm intrigued by people stories in the factory to that you've come out on this side and you honestly look. I don't know what you think Lee. If you're still with us but I think I don't have seen him look better. You can see them pictures. Let's especially from years ago. Now it's you should put one of them apnea apnea machines on your asshole. See if it doubles down your this. It's not it's arm looking at things. Itam Tom Reacting to thing. Yeah you get older and you get smarter a little wiser. You said something about pacing certain pace yourself you try tried. I told I pull crystal yoga last night and KRISTA lease two weeks from having a baby you know and really yeah I think I think it's is that public news. Congratulations it. It's crazy how I explained to him that I go because he was telling me about six months ago. We had a conversation in the kitchen at the store and he goes. I go document you know can road. You know just a so a couple of other things to me I get it. You know I've been there. I get it and then when I found that the news I saw Week ago and I asked the money was due and he told me it's doing my birthday February nineteenth twentieth or something. Oh so expensive birthday present so the most expensive part the president nor my okay. I thought it was on hand. I was like Whoa so I was last night. I pulled aside and you know you're going to see when you have a child or I don't know what happened up. Who Was Age mercy family? Our looked at things combination. Pick one thing but I started to see where way you look at your time being. Oh yes not good. Point will continue egotistical point of view. I'm just talking about what what's what's most important to you. Being at the house where your daughter of flying to the Super Bowl you fucking jerk off friends energy being rose your energy being expelled expel Yup and that's shots right. I think I'm doing really well that I like cabinet. Good time I I understand you're getting married Syracuse but I fly for a living. Yeah you know I know you malet get married at the VFW again. You know like you have to learn your limitations now. I have to go due to New York next month and shoot a film you know so I know I gotta get plenty of reps and like my set on the. I'm doing two sets on the twentieth. I know those are my last because I got a focus on this film until the eighteenth or whatever the fuck this You just learn different things breath. I used to know. Listen there's nothing better than being a comic and going home at night and knowing you know what the fuck is your. Yeah especially epicenter fuck is your. It's eleven o'clock I just popped two hundred milligrams just to get started. Yeah just the ease into the night just to ease and just getting started. Another one's about an hour. I'm not seeing fucking the bed till three thirty four I'll be talking to dead relatives at four. Am but I read that book. I realized that USC USC fucking corneas the sound exactly. It does sound corny. But it's so vital like Joey really talent. Yeah look at yourself and go. There's a time on Warner battery now. Yep and consistency is key with sleep. Twelve thirty YEP around there for a while there I would go home on wine and watch sons Anneke e from eleven to eleven forty and eleven forty five often go to bed. Yup Nelson's Anakena fucked up my night. They also doing it. She outsider taping it. And then we're starting to ride ten and then writing twelve. And then what. His sons of anarchy one that would make my mind to engage. I had to pick one or the other so once I read that book I picked the time no more. There's only one night I have grads. And that's frightening on the road that's mine. I think it's got to get up on Saturday right. All I do is make breakfast at the hotel. Yeah then this damage breakfast starts at six and it runs the ten. If you're lucky I don't have to shut down and nine yeah. I don't have to leave if I had the lead time. I gotta take a shower and Bob I leave him in the whole town will have to put murky recent brush my teeth. Take my blood pressure. Medication Code Orange Pussy. She go down the dirty the monkey dirty monk I roll a joint. That's a fucking gentleman on Saturday morning. Already have a coffee in in the room but when I get up I hit it. I usually do that to my coffee so I see who called a check on what the wife Hyphen the kid. The coffees made Africa. Yeah you're still a little waking up right. You drink the coffee. Now you brush your teeth and you take your medication. Asian you roll a joint. I bring my jagged down. I bring my glasses down in case newspaper and I kill two birds one stone so I go down you fucking each of breakfast you talk to the waitress a little while you talk about how good the potatoes and then you get up you get another cup of coffee. Do you go lots of little stroll. Also you smoke fucking month through back then you go back into your room and you throw on fucking narcos some bullshit all sit on lifetime from like ten to eleven eleven o'clock in the morning you look at the clock and you're like fuck it. I wake up till lunch time. You you take the little three hours. Yester- sweet I knew up you wash it pussy and you take oils fancy oils quick. Quick Watch no pushy wash just equipped pussy wash just a quick shot. Yeah I'll shave on that. Now Hold Shave on yes just to take. A quick wine allows to go that local restaurant that Halley add the one. You're like Oh this is the one the lady told me about when I checked in cheeseburgers known for like like something that's known in the community. Yes that shame thing. You'll find the good lawyer but good local spot you you go to local spot. You're backing your own by three. This show start those two options. You got option number one. which is that for now? Now and then you don't option number two. It's just go to the gym. Maybe do the elliptical twenty throw some weights around fifty and then go back upstairs. Roll another off if you go to the gym if you take option number two you earned option number two joint role so after you work out you drink the water water. Lobbying a little protein shakes and the go around the quality. You hit that fucking number if you work at three and you get backed by ten two four eight. What's Nice hour or an hour and then you feel like a new own? God shows God then you wake up and you got another coffee. Yes now you rocking all yet. I if you're lucky you bang one out of wicklow journal busy and Shit Jerky what are you taking. Let's say three coffees four. Shit I take the shit when I come back from breakfast. I'll 'cause I always eat a couple of OATMEAL when I'm on the road on the buffet gotta get healthy to way sunny side up one piece a week. Those two pieces of Bacon light in the bud data and I hit a couple of those two coffees by the time I get upstairs. My Aso's ready. He's he's a government witness witness. Stopping three lumps come up. But it's really funny because my ass always holds back shy yes only releases uses the stuff that it needs to release it holds onto the stinky stuff. It had like a reserve. Shit is thank you so my asshole so my asshole asshole. I take a shit Friday. But it's a small one deer pellet midget Dick Dick and then as soon there's I land at. Lax Body knows. It safe body knows that were on the way home so now I grab it. Oh Book and I give them a twenty right off the bat. I don't even wait. People have to come up and they go get home because you're gonNA start smelling some we're gonNA hop boxes fucking free as a four or five dollars. Take the pre addicted special. By the time I get the fucking low hanging these making the left I seal is your asshole like like I Brown Cloud Kamau. Oh Yeah you're turtle headed in a word. I use the front seat talking Arabic. The one of his friends. I told you roll down the window. We'll get those guys calling back home so I just drop a couple five. They some back to the cave so they they fucking fuck a I make I make them go pass Lease House House on Laurel Canyon and make them make a right on Popeye's chicken there by chicken. I could feel the tip of this this shit. Yeah turn my asshole. Yup We get out he pops I tom thank you pretty much opened the door. Roll my luggage slu room take my computer into the office. I go right to the back off. I got the bomb ready. I all do fill up so I'll sit down Alpina my ass off left the first grenade right nice and easy. It's like a sixteen inch. Yep it comes out smooth the other ones sideways. It's like the way Lee was born. Yeah so I cook at. It's Lookin' by the time they need a little time to white my ass fill up the bond. Get the weed in the draw in the bathroom. You do a post. Oh shipborne rip listen to Maye pump the door so nobody because I have my own bathroom in the back on my back office and right there I take those last two bong hits and that last one when you cough piece of Shit flies out of your ass legal immigrant. I'm saying at motherfucker runs out like if you smuggle an immigrant on the train at amount in California and just opened them and tell them. Why is that Mexican run? Doug is like me familiar just running after that second bond when I cough and that piece of just lies that and that water splashes who home and sometimes I read your over twenty twenty six inches is in the Thompson girl. uh-huh them at seven in the morning sometimes from Hammer Thompson Gora from him you sent him to Lee. Why are you wipe your ass in between you gotta keep it fresh for this route to your shit out? If you get back together by the stakes now you have shit crossing. Yeah you don't want any real saying you don't WanNa you don't WanNa religious genocide we're ass fuck that we get this subject. What's wrong with this can be normal talking about your mother passing? Who is a fuck? That was forty years ago. That it's just fucking dead and buried so coming in versus the ants even the fucking dress by now. Learning how to be on the road and being healthy was what we were talking about being on the road and being healthy Yak back. This weekend. Laugh Boston February. Sixth through the eighth or ninth in Asheville North Carolina. The funke Tori 'em for Valentine's sometimes day really. Yeah just one night one night. Two shows special special event for all you lovers out there. You're around find this year ideal. How long have you been with this guy? A few years. Yeah long distance long distance for over two years. That's way to do it. Though you get to sorta spaces it was good for you. Take your time I mean. You don't get fingered as often as you want to but at least you look forward to. It is to have something to look forward to in dimiss living together kind of. We're still taking our time. We're just taking time. You know why rush into it lessen joy each other. I don't WanNa hate each other right away. I don't want us to be annoyed by each the other two students. I'm like I'm a lot. Why don't we just you know? Take this interview early. Yes yeah. I'm on the road every weekend in February. Yeah but that's good though. I mean I'm kind of complaining but not you know how it is a podcast. sharp-tongued podcast great videos twitter. You Make Me Sara tweet. I appreciate it why they've ever seen it. I love the sexto because you would always show you foot. Yeah you're yeah you're always very beautiful nicely. They are all cut up right now but they're nice. You always take care of your toes. I always take care of my toes and I was post pictures of my ask. But it's a trap. You Miss Him but have my butthole is just my butt. Cheeks is shower with a dog. Dog Man happened the masks on a thirst trap. I put information about Alzheimer's underneath it. In as a Hashtag ask for adults so you can click on it and then you can see all those posts than find Information in places to follow to get some help your lady time to come up and see on any time. It was great seeing at the store. Yeah I posted the picture. WHO's that hot blonde tucked in the corner? I was talking to the we do talk into my guys. You know getting the Stash Matter Matt. I came home. My helmet was exploded. That was like last. Last night was a Fox. I did good in the main room. But hey the bags. Thanks one of a handful of comics who are honest about their wives that people were there. These judges is it. They saw it. So it's a nice quality nice. My I came on feeling okay last Tuesday I came on feeling like I just left studio fifty. Yeah are the box edibles. Oh you know I was fucking stoned. Yeah are the like fifteen wins. Listen when you eat a comedy stolen you know no. You're hungry but they have the best steak fries in the flow. I've never really eat last night. Making dungeness crab. What the Fuck Pokey Hooky with making dungeness crab people eating dining his grab the comedy store Fantasy Shit but every night right I steal steak fries? I'm going there eating crab. Go Home I gotTa Fuck it and put it on my weight watchers thing refunding frozen you gotta gotta you gotta you gotTa make sure you keep tabs last Tuesday out so storm Tom. There was standing right next to the wing. Yeah they could stop. We would talk like walking. This is my last one of the wings went home. Twenty one's in the weight watchers almost blew it up the fucking actually after. I couldn't even go for fucking pizza. Joe's pizza I couldn't do my traditional last night. I had the points left but didn't go to Joe's pizza because my wife made meatloaf and it was fucking delicious so I'd rather say they point to the MEATLOAF. Yeah you got to pick and choose where you're putting those points. Our had the MEATLOAF and it was a lot better from how many how many points is twenty wings has got to be a lot of points but they want the thing that's save. You want that one. The ones in francs buttering right. That's what saved right the one frank. Forget it that's the fucking calories. Yeah the APP just shuts down shuts down for a week together. Twenty fucking wings is your fact. Fuck I can't imagine a hot wing with its two point is five points to ta table to table tubes tablespoons of blue cheese dressing Russian holy. Fuck blue cheese. That's why beaches dress or make a salad just us two tablespoons but makes that motherfucker. Yeah a lot of pepper. Trianon spread out a little bit. Its legs on it and the chunks men so much flavor you gotta smash them out the extra chunks. Yeah sticks the Blue Wings and love wings other so good it's fucking deadly are so deadly. Sadly it's Di it's a junk food appear junk food. If we had time I go right now and going over there. They gotta pay their leaves the lead role the month or two months. Where did you? How did you eat Li? I eat a lot. But no he's talking about what big wings Out of their small ones. I don't like them but I I need a lot of wings I love. I Love Buffalo. I most the ruling. I love football. I moved to La every Sunday do pizza and wings understood there where you can feel it hard to find good pizza. Yeah no no no. I'm knowsley the wings. The way domino's suck the wings Dahmer's in tiny. There's some local places that are okay here but none of them are great. Domino's it's not for wing. That's not pizza. I mean Domino's twos I take that back. There's been a bunch of road or I'm like let me get those nine nine thousand country. What last fucking twenty years? I told the story I went back to term one night I could not take like law and order was coming on. Yeah Darko out. A bunch of Shit and I. I'm down to a protein bar diving. fucking this stouffer tails. Yeah but impulse shit. They have in their marketplace pizza Whatever dominoes there's little caesars dominate? Yeah Yeah we get thin crispy though you gotta go on a computer. I ain't got time computer. I'll give you an extra twenty getting talking fifteen minutes fifteen minutes a day. Hey Tom Tom Kitt knocks on my door to gowns or so. I didn't ask to gowns was part of Dale. I just bring whatever you got. He brought me the pizza. been into the worst a two slices because the winningest slice. It was cut thin quest so lately four slices his dog. You know I went. I walked away in the hallway and I stopped it into the garbage. It's so bad I swear the my daughter's two hours later. I was in that hallway that God would stake in the pizza. That's how much disgusting Motherfucker I am. We'll leave you with that animals. Don't forget valentines weekend. I'm over at the Tempe Improv Thursday the thirteenth Friday and Saturday. The Party audie starts Thursday night we got we got fucking everything stars. They're making a comeback. John Lennon's going to be there. Beatles are going to be Bruce Parry Body Thursday night Thursday. Eight o'clock fucking Tempe Improv than the twenty eighth of February at treasure island and and Viva Las Vegas. You're going to be in Boston this Washington this week. It left Boston at Boston this weekend. Asheville North Carolina Carolina the funk. And then Dr Grins last weekend of February conclude is fun. It is a lot of fun. It's a good book. It is Michigan. Yeah Michigan's a good. The people that work with people and they love comedy. I've gone from each coming all the way to fuck and Michelle Walker. He bumming. What'd you call me? It's funny all the way up on top. It's where Penguin go to migrate and Michele Walker is a neighborhood. When Notre Dame is southern in the northern in Indiana Southern Michigan I developed Michigan? Good people great comedy audiences. Yeah they really are doctor grins. I'm Dr Doc the grants to clubs in grand rapids. The iota brothers had to clubs and grand rapids that Dr Grins and they had another one but fuck. That was a long time saying I want you guys a little story about some real quick before you go fucking anywhere. All right there was this guy cafe payout doors. CEO Dylan Moskowitz. He experienced how challenging hiring could be and after unsuccessfully searching for director of coffee for his organic coffee company but then some map a switch ziprecruiter and he saw an immediate difference and you could to by signing up for free at Ziprecruiter Dot coms and the charges brought to you by Ziprecruiter. I love these guys why because hiring is challenging. But there's one place place you could go. Were hiring is simple fast and smart and that's Ziprecruiter plane and that's it. They don't depend on candidates. It's finding you it finds them for you and it's what are you bothering me for. And its technology identifies people with the right experience experience and invites them to apply to your job. That's the difference so you get qualified candidates fast in fact at the post and his job on ziprecruiter Mister Moskowitz said he was amazed by how quickly the great candidates were applying and founders new director of coffee and just a few days. That's Ziprecruiter. Don't play games all right. You gotTA company. You're looking to make money in that time to play games. Thanks with Ziprecruiter. Zip Zip Zip. You've done with results like that. It's no wonder four five employers who post on Ziprecruiter US get a quality candidate within the first day Joyti talking about within the first day joy within the birthday. That's Janine you need that time and money. That's Uncle Joey. Saving you do me a favor. GO TO ZIPRECRUITER DOT COM slash church. Grab a pen ziprecruiter. Buddha dot com slash church. That's ZIPRECRUITER DOT com slash church. ZIPRECRUITER is the smartest way to hire. I also I wanNA talk to you about it my favorite. Why because this and they got a product you don't like it they'll give your money back and you don't have to talk in? Send them the product attic when somebody had was last time we bought weed. It wasn't good. They gave you the money back and we don't happen. That time much either believes in Alphabrain Brain works it's keeping together. It makes me forget what I had for lunch. I remember other things like what many heads Pussy. Look like. A nineteen eighty-four. I I don't fucking know many head. She gave good. They called the mindy. Had what do I know what happened. I look for how on facebook but I can find signed the head so I moved with my life. Anyway do me a favor. got on a DOT COM right. Now take a look at what they got from the CMT Coconut GonNa Coffee Cream to the jerky to the organic meant the chocolate protein Baas shrimp tax shrimp export now because of the Chinese people. Shrimp Deca Moon. I can't even go for a fucking spare now. I see a fucking come. Full Move Day breakthrough fuck and shrimp tech. immunes ain't that a bitch shrew and I got nothing is Chinese people you know I love you. Got The The diong tying me said only a few the dragon ninth ninety five anyway go to dot com right now press in church boom and get ten percent off your first order delivered right to your house. It's that planning that simple. I WanNA thank my girl. Jackson may boost one of my favorites. Thank you and prettier. Every time I see most important one. Thank you savages for supporting us and felicitous. Listen to church. Don't forget you bad motherfuckers. I know my man Pat Shea obt there Thursday night at the Tempe Improv. My girl from clock in my little Indian girlfriend is coming up. I forget what her name is out. Peg is a fuck combat as bet you coming up so the parties WII be at the Tempe Improv. One show Thursday to Friday to Saturday then Treasurer Island on the twenty eighth. I think is a twenty eight years ago. TREAS rallied coming for the weekend. What's going to cost you to go to Vegas bring your girlfriend? Let's have a good time. Why fuck around? I want my girl again. I want to thank the Christ killer phenomenal lately. He's looking North tiptop. Magoo look so happy I wanNA thank you guys. Yeah I love your mother. fuckers have a great week and I'll see you guys Monday morning ready to rock the rest you because I see in Tempe next week. Thank you for listening. Have Great Rate Week. God bless you guys.

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