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"michelle phage" Discussed on Gun Talk

"Or no. I know. Are you speaking to? Somebody who would say, oh yeah, that's the old Argentine Mauser blah, blah, blah, and this is a thing to know about it. Or at least somebody who's got somebody who's got a collection of books. Yeah, you can do Internet, but I don't know, man, when I walk in, the gunsmith's got a whole collection of books up there and they can hear. This is the one I want to be working with. And that's what I think I will do. Sure. Why not? I can talk some folks. I know and say they would recommend. Sounds good. I wish you luck with it. Thank you. All right, you take care. All right, yeah. Those old guns are kind of fun. They were military and back. I don't know what World War II ish before the war but before the second war and afterwards, there was a lot of gunsmithing done where they would sport arise. That was the term sport Arizona. Make them look like modern guns. And because you could buy those things for like $19, it was really nuts. And then you put like another 25 bucks into it with some gunsmithing and buy what Michelle phage in stock, right? Right. Oh my gosh. Where did you just hurt in a long time? Yeah, Adam, Missouri. Exactly right. And everybody would get a phage in stock. It usually would get the one that was semi inletted or non finished. And so now we're going to town with scrapers and Sanders and everything else and trying to get it all to fit. There were some that really turned out nice and there were some that were pretty much abominations. Yeah. And in true oh my gosh, there's so many mousers. There's so many books written on mousers. No kidding. I just did a quick check on Facebook. There are several miles or user groups. Yes. Because hop on there and maybe. Find support groups. You go, this is what it is. And they're going to ask about the proof marks because that's one of the ways to figure out what it is. And so fortunately, with our cell phone now, it's amazing. You can shoot close up pictures of stuff like that. It's crazy. Time was saying in my whispering in my ear, sweet nothings. You're saying that a lot of the mausers when they went to Argentina, they may have gone there as 7 MMS, but they came back into the U.S. as two two threes, et cetera. People had the modified when they brought them back in. So you can't just say, well, it's this model number, so it's definitely brought it back in. They re barreled it or reaching it or whatever. Yeah. Exactly. So once again, and even if, honestly, on something like that, even if it's marked something, I would still want a chamber cast to know that it had been re chambered correctly. Because you could end up with headspace issues or something. I'd put one in and see if it fits right and go, yeah, okay, we're good. Good. What can go wrong? Good idea. Because thing is, you don't know who it was who actually did the chambering on that. And sometimes our market will be able to stamp at 7 millimeter. Oh gosh, thanks for nothing. Okay, one of those. Narrows it down. Yeah. Or that could just stamp it rifle. Not as cool as my lover shotgun Tom one day. That's a shotgun. Why? Why not? Well, that's a good answer. Yeah, thank you in return. There it is. Who do you know that has one? We used to have, no, it didn't have two one one time. Winchester made a 90 four in four ten. It was a four ten lever action, and I thought this is the dumbest thing ever. I mean, it's like, what are you gonna do with this thing, right? I mean, this is stupid. This is gonna like it. And by the end of this media hut and it made you shoot, they got this thing. You go through the motions, you shoot some of this stuff. You go, that's stupid. Okay, we'll move on to the next station. I had so much fun shooting at you. It was crazy. I loved that little things. Like, okay, I am so embarrassed that I'm enjoying this. It's kind of like a 22 of shotguns in a way. Yes. Yeah. You just go, oh man, we were shooting a skeet with a lever action shotgun. Okay, this is just fun. So yeah, I get it. Now, if you could find one in 16 gates, now you'd have weird on top of weird. Oh, I love 16. We were talking about that too. I loved telling the story on 16 faded away. Well, back when skeet and trap were very popular in skeet, you shot skeet in four different gauges to compete. It was 12, 20, 28, and four ten. There was no 16 gauge competition. So if you shout a 16 gig, you could shoot it, but you could only shoot it in 12 gauge. So you were shooting against people who had more shot in their shot load. So you've given up a little bit there. As a result, those four gauges became the primary gauges. And people say, yeah, but the 16 gauge is great. It is great. It is wonderful. Especially and here's the key, especially if you have a shotgun that the frame of it was designed for the 16 gauge its size down. They don't just take a 12 gauge and chamber for 16. Oh, okay. The whole everything about us. Everything about it. Yeah, size down. Those are delightful when you can find those. In a letter with a silencer. Oh, my gosh. Yeah. Can you silence or suppress a shotgun? Oh yeah. Can you? Absolutely..

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