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"michelle michelle jason young" Discussed on True Crime Brewery

"True Crime Brewery contains disturbing content related to real life crimes. Medical Information is opinion based on facts of a crime and should not be interpreted as medical advice or treatment listener discretion is advised welcome to true crime Murray. I'm Jill and under and today we're talking about. The murder of Michelle Young Michelle Michelle Jason Young lived in a suburb outside of Raleigh North Carolina. They had a two year old daughter named Cassidy and Michelle was five months pregnant with their second child. Now by all accounts theirs was not a very happy marriage. Jason had several affairs and he spent a lot of time on the road for business on the morning of November third two thousand six Jason was out of town he had checked into a Hampton Inn in Huntsville Virginia Kenya one hundred and seventy miles from rally the night before at nine that morning he left a voicemail for Michelle's younger sister Meredith Fisher asking her to stop by his house and retrieved some papers for him. When Meredith arrived at the home she found Michelle brutally murdered in the master bedroom? Little Cassidy was there and she had been left unharmed now. It didn't take long for Jason to become the primary suspect in his wife's murder. Investigators instigators were able to poke holes in his alibi and put together a strong circumstantial case so join us at the quiet and today for his alibi the murder of Michelle Young this is a tragic story of a young. I'm pregnant mother who was actually beaten to death in her own home and her husband Jason would end up getting two trials but not everyone would be satisfied with the outcome now. What kind of a beer do we have today? I actually have a beer out of Raleigh. It's called Pie time brewed by Beryl culture brewing and blending when of your favorites. It's a wild male. This is the beer I'm excited to try because they haven't had it before. Nope it's a pretty nice we're very pretty beard so Magenta colour kind of purplish red little tiny thin head but a bit of lace then we get into the good stuff cherry raspberry jam coconut in the aroma similar to the taste cherry sour cherry coconut. I also got some Graham crackers in the taste. Wow that's interesting so it's Kinda like sitting down and eating your piece of Pie. Yeah I can see the Graham cracker yeah yum too nice sweet crispier very good all right well. Let's not hesitate. Let's open it right up desserts on okay. Let's go down to the quay and end in. Have some Pie your group down. There is happy to see us again. We went missing for a week or so. We did travel back to Maine saw some old friends. You got some golfing done but you know true. Crime Brewery never really left my mind cause. We're still working on the website and we started working on this case which actually I'm glad we had a week off. 'cause there was a lot of research to be done on. This certainly was yeah although it was interesting so it wasn't bad to do no no okay. Why don't you start us out and talk about the case okay? Allen and Linda Fischer had two daughters Michelle Yeoh this was born in nineteen seventy seven and meredith was born in nineteen eighty lived a comfortable middle class. Life Michelle is a nurturing child. She liked playing mother and teacher caring for her cabbage. Patch kids dolls she excelled in academics and as one of the more popular the kids in school both she and Meredith through cheerleaders from an early age and their mother coached them at Sayreville junior high but the Fisher family had their problems by the time Michelle became a teen her parents were sleeping in separate bedrooms bedrooms and barely speaking to each other they had made the decision to stay together for the sake of the children but the dysfunctional relationship was obvious to most everybody sure and is it really better to stay together for the kids or is it better to break up. I mean I think it's a double edged. Sword can go either way it can but I think if you can at least separate and get out of that toxic environment. That's that's benefit right and hopefully raise as the children in a cooperative way so that's the big if right yeah that doesn't happen too often so Michelle coped with attention in her home by putting Oliver Energy in the schoolwork in high school. She was a member of the National Honor Society was fluent in three languages and she co captained the cheering squad in her senior year cheerleading team when the Long Island cheerleading association's Championship by the time. I shall graduated high school she she had a full semester of college. Credits racked up from completing a P. courses now practical and organizers she was she started looking for colleges when she was in tenth grade. By the time she was a junior she had narrowed her list of four colleges colleges so her mind Linda took Michelle and Meredith on a road trip to visit them when they visited North Carolina state in Raleigh Michaud loved it she had no problem getting in there with her grades extracurricular activities and she continue to do really well in college sheared as and she made the wolfpack cheering squad as a freshman and then after she stopped cheering for the wolfpack she attended nearly every home football and basketball game all through her college years ears. She was a really loyal fan used truck. The cheerleading cushion wanted to concentrate on her studies taking too much time sure it does take a lot of time I mean it's just like a sport any other sport right but with money that Linda her mother had obtained when she divorced Michelle's father Alan. Linda bought a Condo just a few minutes away from the North Carolina State campus and Michelle was lucky because she was able to live there with her friends and her sorority sisters and chill she went on and earned her masters degree in accounting and that was in the year two thousand knows it just me or do you think it's a little weird. The MOM had to buy a condo right there so she could live there well weird. I don't know I mean we're going to find out as we talk about this that they had a very close relationship. Whether you think it's weird or not is a matter of opinion. I guessed but I do think if apparent Viseu Condo when you're in college that's pretty awesome. I guess Awesomeness winward for it. Well I mean it's lucky you don't have to live in a dorm. You don't have to pay your own rent hood as lucky I guess you could look at it. His <hes> also earning some income. Obviously they must've charge rent to the other girls that were living there palpably himself and when she does sell it she probably could make some money on it right so could be an investment could be that's true because you know paying for dorm isn't cheap either Norton. Some Michelle began her accounting career at a firm in downtown rally to that point in life Michelle had succeeded just about everything she tried the only real a sore spot in her life seemed to be relationship with her dad. After Allen and Linda divorced she and her dad headed decent relationship but that changed really quickly after he married his second wife and Michelle and the second wife if did not get along Michelle call her the evil step monster and her name was June and she didn't like Michelle in got to the point where she wouldn't even let Michelle visit her father in their New Jersey Hall so I don't know what all that's <music> out that seems super. Dysfunctional does not a real toxic environment holy cow well. I just wonder why her father would allow that. That's just not cool. I mean one thing we know when you marry someone in they have children. You have to accept their children as your own whether you like it or not and you don't do shit like that no even if kid causing the evil step monster it's up to June to allow her to visit sure and up to your dad yeah so to Michelle you know it seemed like her father chose his new wife over her and I can see why certainly would and her father and her became estranged so is in February of two thousand one when Michelle celebrated her twenty fourth birthday she was with friends at the Poorhouse Peo- you are a downtown rally pup Jason Young was at the bar and he was hanging out with some of his old college friends he accidentally knocked over Michelle's glass of wine and offered to buy her another glass and that's when they began to chat they were both recent North Carolina state graduates and they were both big wolf pack fans now at the time time Jason was living with his mother and stepfather in Bavard while working as a salesman for black and decker and before long he was making weekend trips to rally to spend time with Michelle so they got pretty serious pretty quickly. They did not a whirlwind courtship but it moves pretty fast it said and they're very different right. Is there like opposite people. Absolutely I guess they had the college sports in common but she associate area since so accomplished in he was kind of <hes> I don't know is a jerk too strong of a word well. Maybe he was Kinda flighty. Would you say lady petuous head of like a frat boy type mentality yeah now. That's that's a great description that gives you a good idea yeah so jason of decided he wanted to move back to Raleigh to be closer to the show so he rented a townhouse with his friend Ryan shod and got a job as a pharmaceutical sales representative with Panamerican lands the shows attracted to Jason's unpredictability and his practical jokes and probably his bad boy image did attractor Russell which I can see because he wasn't like some kind of slacker he had a decent job so I guess that would offset the whole breadth boy thing and she probably thought you know he's young. He's going to settle down more sure. He's responsible symbol enough to get this job she sending she'll change him. Yeah well. A lot of girls think that so Jason's mom pat young really liked Michelle right from the beginning because they both like to Cook Cook and they would share recipes and do stuff together so that was fine. Things weren't as great on the other side though since she was a little girl Michelle had planned a long engagement and a big wedding but in the summer of two thousand three she found out she was pregnant. She and Jason were living together but they hadn't made any marriage plans and not relieve in talked about it. Michelle was uncertain about how Jason would react to this news they had been together for two years but she knew that he loved his freedom and he was in no hurry to have kids and settle down so not surprisingly his first reaction was shot and he wasn't really happy he told Michelle wasn't ready for marriage or for fatherhood but somehow over the next couple of weeks. They did decide to get married so we don't know if she convinced him or if he reconsidered. We don't really know what the influences were there. Although it's implied that maybe she kinda talked him into it back because she did want to have this child and get married her absolutely he thinks are doing her much. Doubt the there is some pressure exerted right so it's more about pressure than love which is not a good start. It's not a good story so so not only was Michelle unmarried pregnant but she also had no health insurance so one practical thing was that if she jason married his policy would cover the birth of their child. It's no small inducement. I don't know if you get married over that. Though no I mean I think it's part of the puzzle here well. I mean they're probably thinking where together anyway so in when you're that early on you don't really know what it entails to the apparent. No you don't know so in August two two thousand three. Jason and Michelle were married at the Wake County Public Safety Center in downtown Raleigh. Linda was the only family member in attendance. Though the Aug ceremony served as the official wedding Michelle still planned the big wedding she had always wanted and that event happened on Friday October tenth. Listen a couple.

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