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"michelle bethany" Discussed on Watch What Crappens

"But this one, you know, will you give them a dinner show. That's the door -able dinner theater, that life is a cabaret, Mariah might if not a camera in hand. All bad. Like we can't just take a win. I don't know if you watched watch what happens live last night that I did. Because Bethany Bethany look what look at me me me me me, completely Beth meat out of her mind. You know, I think Bethany is on drugs. It's Bethany it's like she just did with Bethany before that possess. Hi, it's me. It's me. So she was on there. And they asked about land, and I thought she was pretty nice about Leon like considering all of this. She's like, but the way she's the wing like like what are you gonna do now? I'm clear. I'm clear in, I'm free. I'm free. What are you gonna do? She was kind of ice, but then Lou Ann can't just take a win. You know, she hadn't episode where people could get back on her side but immediately goes on Twitter and she's like, really friends. Don't keep. Yeah, I don't know Bethany my life. She did what a friend would do. You know, it's like even if you feel that way, optics Lou an optics, I will say this though, one thing that I am very impressed with about luanne. Is she really like people can come at her and she'd like is very unflinching? Like she's shockingly unflinching. She always has a comeback, whether she's right or not. But she really does not get rattled. And I'm almost like envious of that. And do you know that comedian Joel booster is a comedian? Is trust. That's it. Just wanna ask. No. Yeah. Party friday. Sorry, he's gonna go. No. But he he's like a he's like an up and coming very, very funny comedian, he's one of us, he's a gay and he he and actually our friend Michelle Collins were tweeting. I it was actually like a week ago or two weeks ago and talking about this whole Bethany and Michelle, Michelle Bethany and Lou Ann thing and his theory, which was so, great was that he said, basically Beth news had one locked and loaded for every single cast member. She's been able to take every cast member down. Eddie given time. And she's really never been able to like never been able to get to Lou. Like she's never it's not that Beth is trying to take someone down. But she has never been able to get inside the head ever, and it makes Bethany go nuts. And it's kind of an amazing therapy really think about it. I mean because as crazy as this episode was where she had the meltdown doesn't even compare to the berkshires episode where they had that fight and Bethany was just anything. Was throwing Lou ad way out there. Shaking your head or like, oh, really? Really? Really? So I think it's a great, I ran and that yet makes people like Bethany crazy, the end blue ink, wouldn't be affected by anything. I mean really she could see train coming for a baby. You know, on the train tracks, she'd be like really baby that such bad manners train track like she doesn't think, like normal people. You can't sick, you know, you can't see yes. She was he the train coming for a baby on the train tracks and go. Oh, really we're just gonna go right by my stop. Okay. Fine. I'll just stand up here. It'd be like baby. Baby, this common traded mos-. Love your like on though, motion just made that up. We're just like right. That in. Schemed me in a dream. I don't even know where that game. So they got to the house and Ramona. I'm Barbara I, which is hilarious that they even drove together. You know, Beth probably Ramona's big idea of making an effort towards Barbara is going in a car with her one time, but she comes in at the growth home, just us growth from uh supposed to do with right. And so it's just like, well, my clock is punched..

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