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"michelle beltway" Discussed on True Crime Brewery

"It's interesting to me when he go through with this <hes> quickey public ceremony if you're already planning on the big one. I'm guessing that was for the insurance in just to have the paperwork okay. I'll go with that. It's all I can figure and about one month before that big wedding Michelle was offered a position as the financial specialists that was in the Tax Department of a company called Progress Energy. She planned to take a short maternity leave and to resume working as quickly as she could and having recently graduated from college in New York her assist Meredith was ready to leave her mother's house so the birth of her niece gave her an excellent Opportunity Meredith agreed that she'd moved to the Raleigh area when the baby was born and she could be cassidy's nanny when her sister returned to work so it was Michelle who asked her sister. Would you consider I know you've just graduated and you don't have a job or anything yet. Would you consider moving down here and taking care of the new baby and I guess that Jason was okay with that right. It was more the mother he had an issue. Oh yeah no question but no I think he was okay with that because that would hope Michelle and it would save money I would expect who would save money and it would get Michelle back to work who you quicker. Maybe and it's always you know depending on your family. It's usually better to leave your baby with a family member then a stranger hoosier yeah but the baby cassidy was in the Breech position in the final weeks of Michelle's else pregnancy and they tried the repositioning. What do they call that a version version which are terribly painful in half the time? They don't work anyway. I don't know that's a whole other topic. I just don't know why people are so hard about Herman or virginal delivery I know right I agree with you on that. I am totally okay with C.. Sections and in some countries that's what most people do but then you've got the whole natural thing and you know everybody has an opinion do they do but it almost seems like a lot of the obstetricians midwives insist on trying these of versions before versions these versions will their adverse right but it seems like a lot of them plan on doing that. Ah instead of just planning a C section yeah we'll anywhere. She ended up having a planned our scheduled Caesarean section which is what usually happens yeah yeah so the baby cassidy Elizabeth Young was born on March twenty ninth two thousand for and Michelle did really well with motherhood. She was way into it no problems. Everything seemed to go beautifully so the only thing she felt like she had missing from her big life. Plan was having the you know the really nice big big house with a yard and she wanted to buy a house. Well you're married. They have a kid. They have the dog right docs important. We need a house right so she really fell in love with this house. On Birch Leaf drive it was in the enchanted oaks subdivision. So how can you beat that that sounds like a fairytale books yeah and it was a lovely house really was the lots were large in wooded and the houses were spread out so there's plenty of privacy he had a huge kitchen and front and back yards and there was also a community pool that they could walk to so this is the ideal family neighborhood. It is an to me doesn't seem exactly like a simple starter home. Oh no not at all who's a big house but that's kind of how things are headed. I mean even in our neighborhood most of the young families moving in our building you know mcmansions their big houses were bigger than ours anywhere three car garages yeah yeah so I think that's kind of the way that things are. There really isn't the small starter home like there was you know in the fifties and sixties that you see in the movies kneeled movies so she and Jason came up with the down payment they qualified for a mortgage and they moved right in that July after purchasing their dream Home Michelle ever practical decided to have their wills prepared so Michelle and Jason agreed on everything except who was going going to be cassidy's guardian if they both died Michelle believed that meredith would be the best guardian for their daughter in Jason wanted his sister heather to be the Guardian and he did convince Michelle that it was more sensible bowl to have heather because she was already married and then they decided well. We'll revisit this issue in three years but will just choose heather for now because meredith is still single. She's working at a bar. I believe she's not nearly to settle this. Heather was no but just didn't make an agreement to revisit the issue would indicate to me that Michelle Beltway. If Meredith settled down got married that she would end up being named the guardian of the child well absolutely I mean another thing is if meredith was her. Nanny then meredith is going to have a a very close relationship with the child from the beginning right and that would make more sense but let's talk a little bit about Michelle's relationship with her mother because we're both a little on the fence about that or maybe you're even over the fence about that. You're not on the sense now. Okay you've jumped the fence a mover okay well. She dies been very close to her mother and when the the divorce happened with their mom and dad she was definitely on her mom's side but this became especially true when she needed to talk to someone about problems she was having in her marriage to Jason she would call in on her cell phone as she drove home from work every every day and they often spoke more than once a day. Linda was there with Michelle for Cassidy's birth. She became a frequent visitor to birch leaf drive to spend time with her granddaughter and because she was a schoolteacher Linda was able to spend a lot of time in Raleigh. During the summers. Especially and Michelle was just thrilled about this she loved it but for Jason he was really annoyed because he had a mother in law. Who seemed you know frankly kind of overbearing I? I don't think they liked each other now. And there's a lot behind that I mean I can kind of see if your wife's talking to her mom twice a day and telling her all of your problems. That's really not cool no see so you're not on the fence here over the fence too. I get the impression that Linda was kind of a but inskeep yes rather than discuss with her husband problems in their marriage she pointed out to her mother and what's what's mom undo she's GonNa Take Michelle's side right and it's never a good idea to talk to someone outside of your relationship about these problems because they're not gonNa let it go. You and your partner are GonNa make up. Get over it but these other people in your life are GonNa hold it against them right and I think that's what happened now. I like to give credit to a close mother daughter relationship. I think that's great but I do think this is a little not healthy. The marriage especially crosses to mind in terms. You've closeness hang up yeah. I think you're right but buying the Condo Kinda gave me that feeling to know. That's thought that from the start yeah yeah I think maybe in this is going a little bit far out there because I don't know that much about it but I do kind of get the feeling that Linda had this marriage that was just terrible and she was estranged from her husband before they even divorced and she really put her attention on her daughters and Michelle was the favourite because Michelle was the more accomplished daughter. You don't think there's any question Michelle was the favourite daughter yeah so by. The spring of two thousand six Michelle was pregnant again but this time they planned it. She and Jason traveled to provide over over the Memorial Day weekend to tell Jason's family this news Jason and Michelle left Cassidy with his mom and Stepdad that morning because they were planning to head back to rally and they wanted to go to starbucks and get some coffees I I jason was driving a Mitsubishi S._U._V. With Michelle in the passenger seat and he lost control of the car it nearly went off the road to their right and he steered sharply left and then the car fell more than one hundred feet. Hey down embankment into the French Broad River water started filling their car but Michelle and Jason were able to escape and they climbed up the embankment but the S._U._v. of course sunk into the river and and then they were both okay everything seemed fine but Michelle lost her pregnancy a few days later and I guess it was related I mean we don't really know I would think maybe the seat belts. Are something here Luke these. These were done in embankment or something one hundred feet that's quite a fall into the river and the cab of the vehicle stern fill with water. Yes there's some panic going on there so there is some suggestion by some people that he did this on the purpose. Wasn't there was proposed. I don't really see that though no now he didn't make any attempt to jump out of the car now in gem outlet the cargo for sort of their people right right right yeah so I don't know if you did it on purpose any people that knew them said that they had planned this pregnancy and they both wanted it 'cause they did say the Jason did want a son so couple of months later not even quite wait a couple months later Jason Outta town on a business trip when Michelle tested and found out she was pregnant again in when she told Jason he seemed pretty happy pretty excited about the news now. This new pregnancy had Michaud reconsidering her career career her son Ryland. That's the name they were gonNA. Give him wasn't until March two thousand seven but by early October two thousand six Michelle had prepared a five page presentation for her supervisors to convince them to let her work part-time our time after her son was born so it wasn't gonNA just be part time's pretty close to full time as more flextime. This woman was right on top of things to you. She planned so she was going to work Tuesday Wednesday Thursday ten hours a day with her mother providing childcare for this new baby yeah the mom doing the child care was a bone of contention well again. Jason didn't want his mother-in-law spending that much time at their house right and I can kind hennessy it but before we move forward with the problems in the young's marriage leading up to Michelle's murder. Let's just talk a little bit about Jason's Childhood in his young adult years because he did have quite a reputation as a womanizer and is kind of on obnoxious drunk but depending on your source he was either this fun loving imperfect guy or an unfaithful murderous manipulator or somewhere in between which is is usually where the truth lies so he grew up in Brevard North Carolina with his mother Pat and his two sisters heather and Kimberly. Their father died when Jason just five years old and when he was seven his mother began N.. Dating a guy named Gerald McIntyre may have eventually married and Gerald became a good father to pets kids now friend and family described Jason as outgoing and fun guy lots of friends. The android sports camping hiking even hiked the Appalachian trail two thousand plus.

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