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Michael West as "Tree"   A Comedy Interview   Show #84 - burst 01

Standup Comedy "Your Host and MC"

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Michael West as "Tree" A Comedy Interview Show #84 - burst 01

"But he's a big guy that has seen a block out the sun. He wore a black leather jacket. Like kind of like you'd picture from the biker movies and black leather chaps and and was kind of an intimidating figure. Well okay you were scary looking guy you would come on stage in everybody in the room would kind of lean back a little bit and what was so interesting was that you had this kind of scary big persona on stage but off stage. A lot of the staff commented on you being one of nicest guys they ever worked with and by the way. Thank you for that When i told several the old staff people that i was going to be interviewing you. They were not only a very excited. That we connected but wanted to share that you're one of their favourite people to work with because you were such a nice guy off state so there's that but then when i would go through the rules at the beginning of my set rule number one was always tip your server would. Yeah we reinforce. The course of the evening because i came from a background of like over thirty years in food and beverage the bartender by cook in my mom's restaurant when i was thirteen. So so food beverages my blood. We'll show you imagine this. Big intimidating guy Laid out in black leather coming out and pointing at the audience. And saying you will tip the waitresses. I learned. I learned to why you say the word server servers. Well there you go but still. It was a great way to start off your set. So let's let's back up a little bit. Because i know what Working with you how. That was it laughs but Share with the audience. How did you kind of fall into. Stand up comedy. It's something that i had. Since i was a kid and i'm probably dating myself but growing up watching the old ed sullivan show and shows variety shows I always loved the when the comedian came again. You like checking green myron cohen You know the old borscht belt comics the first ones and then Involved into you know cosby carlin's Which she prior. Before he turned into richard pryor notice when people were watching. You know family watching it. Everybody was laughing and so everybody was in a good mood. And i always liked

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