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"michael thomas tari" Discussed on GSMC Fantasy Football Podcast

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"michael thomas tari" Discussed on GSMC Fantasy Football Podcast

"Look back to GMC fantasy football podcast. If you guys have not checked out our other podcast, please do so the MC podcast network. It we have a variety shows. We have a sports show that we do every single day. We have a baseball show in a soccer show. We once a week. We have a basketball show that we do twice a week with a football show four times a week, and of course, fancy football as you're listening right now twice a week Mondays and Fridays. So we gotta move on. We gotta move on to. I think maybe the most interesting position for this week in daily fantasy. I think you may agree with me wide receivers man, we have some really good options. I mean, we're looking at Michael Thomas Tari killjoy, nettle, men, Robert woods Brandin cooks other players to like Sammy Watkins, Ted Ginn. Josh Reynolds, Chris HOGAN, some of these players could have big days as we'll door sit. He came up big last week. All right, Jeff, I'm gonna go down the list until you what the prices are go go tell me, I though after I tell you. I'll just tell you the top five. Okay. Because there is a considerable drop off after top five in terms of price hit me, baby. One more time. You tell me if you think appropriately priced, or if you think there's a, you know, maybe somebody was wrong when they price these players Michael Thomas, eighty two hundred tyreek hill seventy seven hundred Julian Eshelman, sixty six hundred. Robert woods fifty seven hundred and Brandin cooks fifty three hundred. So Michael Thomas paces the position.

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