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"michael suelas" Discussed on The Morning Toast

"They all I realize how they do what they all say to me. It's so nice to see you. And I'm I keep house worth we'd never met. And I was like nice to meet you. Speaking of any cons friends. Kelly Ripa is heading to Riverdale as markan swallows his mistress. Quote. It's a family affair a dream. Come true says us magazine, but not me Kelly Ripa took to social media on Tuesday, November six the birthday of esteem morning show host Jackie ashtray to reveal that she'll be joining her husband markan Suelas and send Michael Suelas on the hitch. Riverdale, quote, it's a family affair Hiram mistress Twenty-three years of auditioning for a role. I was born to play coming soon. Two the CW riverdell who's on the show because he's about to play a young higher March. I had to tell you. I saw this. And I thought it was just like a funny caption. I didn't think it was real. Is it real Margaret? It's real. And I thought it was a funny caption to when I was honestly because you wonder why I saw the capture those. That's funny. Good for her because I think she's annoying. And then she was also on one of the moments for Indies top ten of plead the fifth and that she was being so funny. I'm like, maybe she isn't annoying. Maybe she is funny. And then this is actually true. So it's like not that creative. Agreed. And I do whenever I see her. I'm not even if I. Catch her show. I'm always impressed by her and her and her energy so early in the morning much. She's the energizer, but she's a definition of a morning show host like that's what you need to wake you up. I'm not here for this story. Yeah. Like it's too much. It's too much. I didn't really like the young Hiram thing is cute. But it's like you can't be hosted an actress because when then I either don't believe you as an actress. But I don't believe in hope because you know, it's so funny like this is really good ways. Like keep your eye on your man like he already gets to kiss her money. Logic wants this season because they never case. But like a mistress like he would have to roll around with and Kelly Ripa just definitely they want that to happen. So she's like, I can do it. Yeah. I volunteer as tribute. That was Kelly Ripa Mark comes home from a long day. Riverdale. Honey, they wanna give me a mistress. Matt great. We're going to develop my role so much. They are volunteers tribute. That's what happened. That's so crazy about actors like the acting life is like you are making out with people that aren't in your significant other all the time. And it's like how that inherently. That's an issue. I completely agree. How does any relationship with STAN that I could never be a spouse of an actor? I think that would be super difficult. I think if both of the actors our spouses. Both of the spouses are actors that that makes it a little bit easier because he had a level playing field. If it's only one that's like super hard. But like I can't let like if I was an actor and had to make up with like other hot actors like I would be upset about it. No. But then like Ben knew he would he become to set and like literally with his fists Arthur like you're giving us little brassiere action. Oh my goodness. This is this is a family show. Yeah. But they also watch MRs Doubtfire last night because he's playing on three or four months. Just like take you free form for constantly giving us like what we need. And a lot of what we don't need the fosters. But. Family show. Not a show about Davidenko. Not interested foster. No, that's not the show. I know. Okay. Big you made before. So we said like the same joke. Yeah. And I moved on. And I always forget about the part at the end. We're like he gets a TV show like with his voices in the dinosaurs. And then I'm like that is the toast speaking to the youth. Totally. That's why the movie speak sesame, Mr. Rogers. And I'll just tell the field was a big fat fucking bitch. Innova always be. She took his kids away from him. New an end like he wasn't a bad, dad. Not he's not great party. Right. And like when the donkey ate the cake..

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