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"michael speights" Discussed on FinTech Insider

"Wow there you go boat you back from australia that must been quiet pole has sat on i thought i king and last but not lease matt cox hey thank you why don't you tell us a little bit about way from so fool the last two years i've been leading in science and innovation for nationwide and surprisingly most of that now is focused on what we can do for the opportunities michael making just like the frontex offensively my background prior to that has been all things retailer digital say going right back to internet banking my banking digital payments pretty much anything that's happened in a space of at something to do with seven michael speights and i've banking is is a gift well hokke so we've got people involved in the implementation of it we've got large industry players we've got you think tank we've got everyone we need so we've got an international audience we need to catch some people and bring some people up to speed with where we are off if you're going to explain opened banking psd to the implementation entity and all these crazy acronyms to someone who does know what's going on like what he eastall gavin the first thing to do is to writing the clock by two dot so we've probe companies that have been involved and payments and then tiger gatien which were the two new two artifacts of offer opened banking if you like they've been operating in starting in the us since late 90s first of all we had the bikes adult we before the frontex on then we had from the minorities a number of frontex start to adopt and utilize this and now we wearing the clock for worked note whereas in the us market there are tens of millions of people using the transactional data sets that we get through open banking.

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