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Bernie's Big Bet

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Bernie's Big Bet

"From The New York Times. I'm Michael Barr. This is the day today. We have the most and the most diverse coalition of Americans in the Obama coalition has become almost mythic within the Democratic Party for having United First Time. Voters people of Color. Latino Oh and Asian and native American moderates the Democrats from the mourn and independence from Concord. And yes some Republicans from Rural Nevada to win the presidency. This year we ended up winning more votes from young people. In White Latino and Asian American native American the votes from young people that trump and Clinton Kebab Bernie sanders is betting that he can win the presidency with with young voters and people of Color but without the moderates to do that there's campaign is listening to our brothers and sisters justice in the Latino community. He's counting on winning over an energizing. The Latino vote and the ultimate test of whether he will we able to do that is in California where Latinos are the single biggest non white voting block in the state. Where not only GonNa win this nationally? We're going to turn this state into a Bernie Sanders state so we can make force. We need young in California India overwhelmingly support sanders but to become the Democratic nominee. He will need all I call them. Field Bernie maybe to my goddaughter. He's alone maybe to some others. He's my colleague. Jennifer Medina went to California with the dailies Jessica Chung and Monica F- study to see how that effort is playing out. But he's my Theo. Al Ernie van. It's Friday January seventeenth. Okay so tell me about this reporting trip where did you go back. In December. We went to South L.. A. To a working class last neighborhood mostly black and Latino and we went to this quiet block lots of little small houses very neatly kept beautiful. It smells like flowers with flowers in their front yard and citrus trees squad a load of limits and it was a Saturday morning people walking their dogs and hanging out. Oh and the only noise really was the planes flying overhead to lax in. Why were you there so we were there for an event called Tamales for Teo Bernie? Teo was in uncle. Te'o as an uncle which is sort of the affectionate way. A lot of young Latinos have begun referring to Bernie Sanders and it just sort of speaks to the intimacy and affection. These young Latinos have for Sanders. uh-huh so there's these little events all over California that are basically designed to get people who are already excited strategizing and figuring ran out how they can convince friends and family members and people they live around to be as excited as they are what the Sanders campaign is really counting on these little events we'll have a ripple effect so say you get twenty people to show up but each of those people will convince five other people to vote for Sanders and those people will convince another. They're five people to vote for Sanders. And so on so we get there and we see people taping upped signs to the fence and sort of million about. It's just a handful of people who are here so far fast they're setting up tables and chairs errors and there's a little small blue tent and there is a lot of food in our tamales as promised. There are indeed tamales. There are big bags. Tamala list steaming tamales ready to doled out to whoever comes from so the organizer is Afonso Louise who is twenty eight and Works Exceed City government here in Los Angeles. I live here so this is my house. This is my and Affonso immediately. Seems a little bit nervous. Have you ever hosted a campaign but then tick well this thing. We my first time Jimmy. As we're talking people start to show up and everybody's a little little bit confused. Why were there with these? Big microphones talking to their friends. Anti Bernie you go. He's GonNa let me President Clinton's Day went. Yeah 'cause I believe in Bernie I've been following. That was in Zimbabwe him in Twenty fifteen and the primary and known. Why did you get involved? You've been probably twenty fifteen two dozen. I two thousand five when he was the first independent in two thousand dollars McCann Highschool. Okay I that was an elderly going into high school. But that's the moment when you had Iraq War Ghanistan where I was tired of the democratic so been drawn to sanders since two two thousand and five. I'll really represents what I've heard from a lot of young Latinos here in L. A.. which is that they were really I drawn to sanders over his stance on the Iraq? Doc War so in two thousand and five you were against the Iraq war started. There was no difference. In between policymakers in terms Democrat Republicans. And they're all like blindly voted for this war that at the end of the day. Send a lot of working class kids to tour a lot of south central kids a lot of kids from boyle heights kids from that. We have nothing else. Like if you live here you if you've been around here in the early two thousands of leap late nineties always saw driveways shootings and people people being killed. And when we the Democratic Party and Republican Party there was basically no difference into what their policies going. So that's the that's why at the day like I feel like Bernie's Bernese talking above and beyond because he he showed it from day one and from what he did and Burlington to to what he he voted in Congress at the time so it really represents what got many I really excited about sanders and explains what makes them so excited. Now he goes straight at the issue of the core. which is that? The the the day is greed corruption and lack of funding for for our neighborhood and he knows that because he grew up in Brooklyn so and there's a lot of similarities. Like you said and then I'll mention that he's a little what he thought. But can you explain what you mean by though He's it's still like he's he's he. He he knows what it is or he knows what it is. So that's sort of like I failed. And he has they identify with him. They really identify with him. What exactly do you make of that? They identify with him in spite of the fact that he's many decades older that he's from this east coast state that many of them have never been to and they identify with him because of his immigrant roots. His family immigrated and he's talked much more in recent recent times about his family coming from Europe to Brooklyn to escape persecution and Anti Semitism and a lot of these young Latinos see in his immigration in story their immigration story and feel really excited by that. So it's resonating. It's resonating definitely and it has really big. Consequences has has had meaningful impact on the rest of the race. Where it's drawing away from candidates? You might expect Latinos to support. I'm really compelled by I. The thing that you said which is like what compels you about Bernie is the immigrant story. There's another presidential candidate who also embodies the American dream so at at the time we spoke to Alfonso there actually was a liberal Latino in the race who Castro and I wonder why Bernie over for another American dream candidate unless the Chicano as It's it's hard because I think like yeah do you feel do you feel Guilty about it not feel guilty. It's more like well. I'm just seeing some guilty. And I think it's as Morley if if I had if I had seen him more as politically out there as Bernie in terms of like the policy really really out there I think I will be supporting him would would says he's in my mind. He's I'm considering him a little bit. Moderate what he's saying Castro just didn't speak to the things that I care about right. Castro just wasn't Out there enough for me. Castro wasn't loud enough early enough for me and Castro doesn't represent the exact kind of policies didn't represent the kind of policies. I WanNa see strong enough and early enough. A lot of the Bernie Sanders Young Latino supporters. Really like him because they see him as being passionate about the same things for decades and decades decades. There's actually like a sort of hobby side hobby of watching these old sanders tapes from the nineteen seventies and eighties and seeing how much they have not changed inch to now and seeing just how consistent how his message is still the same thirty forty years later and can you tell us just about I mean I know it's it's called Tamales Burning but tell us about the event like why did you decide to host this. And what are you hoping to do today so for today. I'm trying to get all my friends are already involved. He could collaborate collaborate how we can talk about more ways to get more people involved in the recipient in these neighborhoods because what I did notice in two thousand twenty fifteen. When he first ran I had never seen in any of my friends in this block? Talk about presidential candidate but then people were talking. We were just sit around and have drinks right here in the house play beer pong and then talk about it after like eight but I was more surprised how much messer stuck to people in my neighborhood. The strategy is just to have this sort of casual conversation appreciation. The same kind of conversation that was happening in two thousand fifteen that had nothing to do with the official campaign. He's trying to replicate that now officially and bring a bunch people together and talk about Sanders and then take it up a notch and talk about. How can they convince people who aren't already into voting or into center sanders specifically to do so? And why is that the approach. What do we need to know about the Latino vote in California to understand the strategy okay? So Latinos are the biggest non white ethnic voting block in California and they really could swing the election if they show up to vote but historically Latinos. We've had a much lower turnout. And the Latino is quite young compared to average voters so typically presidential campaigns or any campaign for that matter have I'm not necessarily catered to Latinos and certainly haven't gone into neighborhoods like south. La So these people are really trying to figure out how they can convince people who are not super engaged. Who might not even know that? There's an election in March and who are just more preoccupied with things like working two jobs and getting food on the table and just don't have time in their day to day lives to pay attention to politics so in the New York Times so funds. Those Dan Maximo comes home from his shift. As a machinist Mexico is sixty six years old. And you could tell right away that he's really really proud of his son and really happy that something's happening in his driveway. But he's also a little bit confused again. The Micron's the microphones. Who Do you Do you have a favorite in the Democratic primary By by then fighting but why why better than southern by barely Sunday. Why do you think it's better than Bernie Sanders? I'm not sure so I'll funds. Those data is not on the Sanders Bandwagon. Definitely not he feels pretty committed to Biden and you can hear it's just the sort of comfort comfort level. It's almost more emotional than anything else by the most inviting modern Television and then income from Obama. Prison things better. He hasn't convinced you know knocking. That we'll talk about about you. Know Biden is who knows who he sees on TV and he thinks of him as the vice president coming out of the Obama Administration and maximum really represents what I hear a lot from older Latinos. which is they see that connection to the Obama administration as a really good thing but among the younger set they feel really disillusioned with the Obama Administration? Why they think of Obama as being deported and chief this nickname he earned because of the deportations? That happened bender his administration so they see the Obama administration as something they want to move away from not back to and that's like that's what I'm saying is hard to convince people because 'cause they know him they didn't they voters vote on people that the already know so as we've been standing there talking a small crowd has gathered. It's about fifteen people. Everybody's gotten their food their coffee and taking their plates and sat down at the table. And everybody is Afonso walks over and start take kick it off around and see to see your name and why you support Bernie. My name is hi. May I've been Brady supporters. Since its first Ryan my name is and I tend supporting Bernie spends twenty sixteen. I'm Jillian The reason I support Bernie is because he's by far the most genuine untrustworthy candidate out of anyone running. We take absolutely every opportunity we can to talk about Bernie Ernie so even if that means talking to a group of of men or of people at a TACO stand problem talking to anybody industry you know to the person that sells tamales or the one that sally no ballet's to the homeless I sent to wherever maneuver alignment super node or wherever I mark. I'm going to talk to someone about presidential election. This is our community like this. We're not showing up to a meeting. Like totally did not expect it and he said WHO Bernie Sanders. And so we're like that's a great question. Let us tell you who he is. He's amazing and so they're basically comparing notes on how to pull off this strategy that you described right and they're kind of talking about what works and sort of sharing victory stories. There's a lot of pride and people talking about who they've managed to convince Including their own parents like my dad is all about like self responsibility. Self reliance not relying on the government not not needing anything from anyone. They grew up in a different era. The end they don't believe that everyone should have quote unquote a handout. And I tell him you know. That's not someone giving you a handout. You have rights in everyone should have equal access. And that's what we're fighting for. So this past April he became a citizen thin and he's going to vote for the first for the first time in his whole life. He's GonNa vote for Bernie Sanders. His first vote is going to Bernie Sanders. There's and like that is like so powerful. I'm curious if Alfonso's Data Biden supporter is hearing all this since this is happening. His own driveway funds dad has kind of been standing there the whole time but playing host. He's making sure everybody has enough food. and that everybody's comfortable and really standing there and taking it all in. He's had this kind of Ashli smile on his face the whole time and clearly listening to everything but as things start to wrap up one woman turns to him and says well what about you are you going to Fort Sanders Bro. Come up with the most simple Luca he tried to brush her off and change the subject And Alfonso kind of chimes in and says the woman to get a little. You know not my dad. He's not invincible. Sun admits that in this case. His Dad is little bit of a lost. Cause when it comes to bringing that's right not said. He must must muffled through on violence. You know and it's really indicative of the challenge that is facing Alfonso all the supporters Maximo told me with a great deal of pride that he has voted in every election since he became a citizen in nineteen eighty six. So here's somebody who votes all the the time and is going to be a casting vote but won't be for Sanders. They can't convince somebody who is a prime voter. Yeah and if Bernie doesn't win California and if he doesn't win California and and if he doesn't win Latinos in California it's really a bad sign for the campaign because they've put so much effort into it and really made clear that this is the way they think they can win so the question is if young. Latino voters can't convince someone like Maximo to vote for Sanders. Can this strategy actually work exactly Back at three am we invented. Smog reducing roofing granules that help improve air quality. This is John Banovich chief technology officer at three M we also create a glass bubbles to help make lighter weight vehicles that can travel farther unless fuel and wound care products that help protect skin and prevent complications of last year. Every new product three and brings to market has a sustainability value commitment good businesses about creating sustainable solutions. We want to drive impact for the greater. Good around the world. It motivates everything we do. My name is Francis row bliss. I'm a national and foreign correspondent for the New York Times. I'm so proud of the work that I've done here. It has taken me from the streets of Brooklyn to some one to Managua support. Prince I think people have a vision of reporters from the movies sitting at their desks. Pecking away the computer surrounded by old dirty newspapers papers while the city editor is barking in the background. I don't work in the newsroom. I work on the street. My sources are political dissidents convicts fugitives once. When in an ex-con told me that he had been framed for murder? I spent months investigating it. Because that's the kind of journalism that I do. The kind that requires bearing witness and giving a voice the voiceless if this kind of journalism is important to you you can support it by becoming a New York Times subscriber go to NY TIMES DOT COM slash subscribe. Okay journey where did you go next. I don't know that this. So we drive about an hour deep into the San Fernando Valley turn left Don San Marino street this is a part of La that is much more rural than what you typically think of people. Here have ranches and horses and trailers I the RV. These are people who have worked and this part of Los Angeles has a much more conservative and libertarian streak. We also know that many of the voters here would be first time voters so people who haven't shown up at the polls before but again the sanders campaign needs all Latinos in order to win so they are here to convince these people to and this event is targeting Charles and what Arturas Mexican cowboys. There's a big community of them in this part of La Admire. They're listening listening. So we get to this house and we'd go up to the door and as soon as we get to the backyard. We see all these guys standing there in snakeskin and boots and big belt buckles and big cowboy hats and it feels just like a party. People are all sitting around this pool again. There's lots the food here. It's very casual and who's hosting this show. Yeah so this event is being hosted by Jocelyn Garcia who is a staffer on the sanders campaign here in La. She's in charge of college outreach. But she's decided to do this event because of people father knows her father is a chattel and she got him turn by many of his friends and once again the sanders campaign is really using younger. Voters voters to reach out to older voters and try to get them into the fold lingered in which teams ten no che is dispersed Jocelyn starts. The event gathers everybody and there's also notice that those me numbers are file Nevada Rafael Navarre. Who is the state director for the Sanders Campaign in California the California for companion the Bernie Sanders the head of the entire Sanders campaign in California? Is that this little house scouting. What do you make about? It just goes to show how important important all of these small events are to the campaign that you have the state director with a couple of dozen people here to make the pitch himself. This campaign has prioritized retired. People that look like this country and let folks not just Latinos but other people of color the diversity so Jocelyn Rafael open it up last voiced skill and go through the Sanders Platform. Many people here are hearing about this all for the first time. And it's it's a lot to take in They go through Medicare for all those medicare for all the data tuition free college Puertas Jonoski turn around and they speak for several minutes just on the charter standing there with the arms folded sort of nodding. But there's when up else as they close and open it up for questions. The question start coming really quickly. Negotiators how is the Sander's campaign going to help their small businesses Ronald De. What will they do about the potheads? They see on the streets also cut it in the middle of a lot about taxes blisters. And what they really want to know is how are you going to get the money for this. Am I going to have to be paying more. In taxes. Taxes Persona can imagine me gets that minorities and the sanders campaign replies to them with localized does he does. Is the green new deal fi talking about the green new deal arguing that that will help. Small businesses Medicare atoms beginning. Negocios talk about how Medicare for all would mean that. Employers don't have to pay for employees health insurance. Bill lasted mutual members and say look the people who are going to be taxed or the millionaires and billionaires not you land Maria twister skill. But it's becoming really clear though. The toddlers are nodding their head and being really polite that these answers aren't really convincing them. Ultimately these are like progressive dancers for Conservatives on doodle. Con Bertie Yovany honesty setback. I punish so I guess listening to all this. I'm trying to you figure out if this strategy makes sense to you as a political reporter the first event I understand young Latino voters who are passionate about Sanders WanNa to help spread the word and maybe convince older Latinos why this guy is in their best interest but this event feels different. These are voters who need to be convinced of so many things right. They need to be convinced to care about politics. They need to be convinced that a progressive candidate is somehow in line with their more conservative -servative values and they need to be so convinced that they go out and vote on election day. Maybe for the first time I definitely agree totally here at the skepticism. And there's real reason to be skeptical. There's no question that the strategy absolutely relies on getting new voters and convincing people people who have never voted before and who don't see politics as part of their everyday lives to show up and vote in the primary for Bernie Sanders bus so when the event wraps I make really quick be lined to this group of Charles focused on one who had asked the most questions. What's his name is Victor Trinidad? And he's dressed in all black wearing cowboy boots and the belt buckle and you're wearing a cowboy hat. Do you consider yourself if a charter have a horse. So uh-huh come a cowboy as opposed to shuttle and it becomes pretty clear immediately that he is somebody with a fierce independent streak. Most important issues you asked about small business right. So what are the most. Do you own a small business landscape. Yeah so the most important issue for you is how to grow your small business owners. Or what do they offer. Yes for small businesses. That did you think of the answer your heart tonight. Did you feel like there was an answer to your question. John Martin while they wanted to hear just because it's kind of a short answer think it has to be more detail than noble. You're going to vote for Not Really I'm just GONNA follow. Who was going to get my book? Maybe it's him. I don't know so he's telling meet maybe I'll vote for sanders. I'm definitely going to vote for sure but I'm definitely going to vote. So why are you voting. This time time for the first time. I'm I'm GonNa vote just because I experienced letter racist that I wasn't used to prior to trump enough kind of just motivated me to vote against this behavior and this is something something we see a lot in the Latino community right now which is much more enthusiasm about voting because of trump and because of what people are experiencing happening. We now that you didn't feel like happened before. Trump just thirty looks say bad things that I don't WanNa say that's about it. The Democrat no as Independent. You have to request a ballot alad to vote as a Democrat. Do you know that I think are good ballots from the Melbourne I choose or I have to be registered you to vote in the primary confusing California thing to vote in the primary. You have to request a ballot if you're not registered as a democrat. That's crews. I don't think he'll do you that Margaret Richard. Just unless. Something's really motivates me confusing or anything tonight. That really motivates. You have to hear from the other guys Jenny. This does not it seemed like a good son. It does not seem like a good sign and it goes to show that while a lot of Latinos are very eager to vote against trump. It's much more difficult to get them to show up in a primary and vote for somebody else and it's not an easy process Jenny. Medina live near Mariam. Hi Jenny also Jedi fish so we speak to two young women. Miriam Cuesta Jennifer Nevada. Who are both with college? Students and both are diehard Bernie supporters. Use the term Bernie Bernie Bernie. Yeah there's always someone in in our family at Theo. You know knuckle who you just get along with. You know you understand them you know they might be different than Bernie is A. He's seen a lot as just an old the white man but he is. He still comes from an immigrant family. You know and so we understand each other even if our battles were different. He's our deal. We get that you know. He understands us even though he doesn't have to necessarily live US and they both both of their parents tonight. I brought my mom and my dad take over there leather jacket but as we're talking is she a registered voter. No neither of my parents. It becomes clear that her parents won't vote. Are they eligible. So that's another perspective that I feel like I think the majority of the people here are eligible voters And we we are not and in fact author of us are not so. It's your eligible voter Meriem. Herself cannot so what are you doing. And if you can't vote what do you do with your energy and your this and I think that's one of the reasons why am saw active because I can't vote. I can't even legally donate money to to any campaign and so all I have left is to put in the time and energy so I started a club on campus i. We started knocking on doors. We started making calls. We started asking just strangers on our campus. Do you support burning if you do make sure you're registered by this day. You're going to go job if you're not. Let me ask you some questions. Could you just in general just plant a scene. It's that's how I can contribute to him. If I can Cambodia. At least I can get another person for him to my place and then as I talked to Jennifer you eligible to vote. She can vote. Your parents eligible uh-huh and knowledgeable but but her parents cannot so just coming here and I wanted to humanize it for them. That don't know that politics isn't just Yvonne corruption. It's community community building bonding with people. Hope all of these things out. We hope to spread for the campaign liberty and so this just stuns me that of half a dozen people I'm speaking to at this event of maybe twenty people five of them. Five out of six of them cannot vote and why kept him they can't vote because they're not. US citizens season is here. Oh what do you take away from these two events that you went to in Los Angeles. What should we take away from this to events that you enter it goes to show? Oh how complicated. The Latino vote is not just in California but in the United States. which is it's young? It is mixed Dana's there are people who are citizens and pupil who are not their English speakers and Spanish speakers. It's a huge varied group and it requires a lot of outreach. To get the kind of enthusiasm we ask them to show up at the polls and make a difference but if you multiply these two events by as you can imagine this movement spreading throughout California and really tipping the scales to the Sanders Campaign So what they're really trying to do is create this brand new coalition that brings in all sorts of new Latino voters odors both young and old. And if it works it will probably seem almost obvious. In retrospect but what these two events show us is just how challenging challenging and labour-intensive the work is which is why the question of the Obama coalition without the moderates is being being tested in the sanders campaign. Right if this works it could revolutionize the way let's voters are thought of if it doesn't and then the sanders campaign loses Jenny. Thank you very much. Thank you Third love is a BRA and underwear company. That believes that everybody deserves serves a perfect fit. That's why they've donated over twenty million dollars worth of Roz to women in need and was more than eighty sizes including half-cups third. Love is on a mission to help help every woman feel comfortable and confidence inside and out go to their loved dot com slash daily to find your perfect fitting Bra and get fifteen percent off your first purchase. That's third love dot com slash daily for fifteen percent off. At this time I will. Administer administered the oath to all senators in the chamber in conformance with Article One section three clause six of the constitution and the Senate's impeachment rules. Here's what else you need ten rene. We'll all senators now stand or remain standing and raised their right hand on on Thursday. The Senate formally opened the impeachment trial of president trump. As chief justice. John Roberts swore in the body's the one hundred members as jurors do you solemnly swear that in all things to the trial of the impeachment of Donald John Trump president president of the United States now pending you will do impartial justice according to the Constitution and laws. So help you God moments moments later. The sergeant at arms announced the rules for the trial. Here you hear you hear. All persons are commanded to keep silent on pain imprisonment while the House of Representatives is exhibiting to the Senate of the United States articles of impeachment against Donald John Trump president of the the United States with that the Senate paused the trial until the beginning of next week Senate sitting as court of impeachment. Each moment is adjourned until Tuesday. January twenty first at one. PM THE GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTABILITY OFFICE A non-partisan federal watchdog found that president trump violated the law when he withheld four four hundred million dollars insecurity aid for Ukraine last year. A decision at the center of impeachment. Trial the office ruled ruled that trump's action violated the Impoundment Control Act a nineteen seventy four law that governs when and how the executive branch you can block money already allocated by Congress. The daily is made I feel welcome. Andy Mills Lisa. Tobin Rachel Wester Lindsey Garrison any Brown clay tennis Koetter Pge coward. Michael Simon Lyndon Johnson Brad Fischer Larussa Anderson. Wendy door. Chris Would Jessica Chung Alexandra Leong Jonathan Wolf Lisa. Lisa Chow Eric. Kripke Mark George Luke. Vander blue a decent Egan Kelly. Prime Julia Longoria Sindhu. Yana on a someone. Dumb Jasmine Aguilara. MJ Davis Lynn. Austin Mitchell Sayer Cavuto. Monica F- start gave Dan Powell Dave Chiefs Shaw Sydney Harbour and Daniel special thanks to Sam Donaldson Michaela Bouchard Stella Tan. Julia Simon Common Lauren Jackson and Nora. Keller that's it for the daily. I'm Michael Barbaro. See You on Tuesday after the halting cutting. Hi This is Ellen Barry. I'm a reporter for the New York. TIMES MHM a few years ago. When I was posted in Delhi? I heard about a story that I couldn't forget out very long telephoto Lens and I got an image of this woman mm-hmm it was a story about a royal family living in the woods in complete isolation. When you say weird what do you mean? There's a feeling feeling that she was almost almost as she looks like a human animal and then went into the forest to meet the myself huck and what happened then was not at all what I expected very strange trouble. Finding my way out the jungle prince is a special miniseries by the New York Times. Listen wherever you get your podcasts.

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