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"michael simon lyndon johnson" Discussed on The Daily

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"michael simon lyndon johnson" Discussed on The Daily

"The daily is made I feel welcome. Andy Mills Lisa. Tobin Rachel Wester Lindsey Garrison any Brown clay tennis Koetter Pge coward. Michael Simon Lyndon Johnson Brad Fischer Larussa Anderson. Wendy door. Chris Would Jessica Chung Alexandra Leong Jonathan Wolf Lisa. Lisa Chow Eric. Kripke Mark George Luke. Vander blue a decent Egan Kelly. Prime Julia Longoria Sindhu. Yana on a someone. Dumb Jasmine Aguilara. MJ Davis Lynn. Austin Mitchell Sayer Cavuto. Monica F- start gave Dan Powell Dave Chiefs Shaw Sydney Harbour and Daniel special thanks to Sam Donaldson Michaela Bouchard Stella Tan. Julia Simon Common Lauren Jackson and Nora. Keller that's it for the daily. I'm Michael Barbaro. See You on Tuesday after the halting cutting. Hi This is Ellen Barry. I'm a reporter for the New York. TIMES MHM a few years ago. When I was posted in Delhi? I heard about a story that I couldn't forget out very long telephoto Lens and I got an image of this woman mm-hmm it was a story about a royal family living in the woods in complete isolation. When you say weird what do you mean? There's a feeling feeling that she was almost almost as she looks like a human animal and then went into the forest to meet the myself huck and what happened then was not at all what I expected very strange trouble. Finding my way out the jungle prince is a special miniseries by the New York Times. Listen wherever you get your podcasts..

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