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"michael pav" Discussed on Spittin' Chiclets

"Now I'm going wild the head spinning, right? And I'm like, is that close enough for you? And he comes over to me and he goes, you know, you're in April. Yeah. I said, but, you know, you're showing his guy, you know, like it's just I said some really bad things. I wish I could take you in personal. I just went nuts about it and showing he was a fitness not coach and he'd always do his push ups. He was in way better condition than I was. And they do sit up, so I told Keith, I said, why don't you go and help show me? I think he just finished his sit ups. You can help lift him up off the ground, you know? So that's really terrible things to say. So we're going back and forth and now I lose it and I go, why don't you get off the F and ice all skate the guys? And he left. And he went off the ice. And now I'm looking around. I'm going all right, now what? I know I'm in a lot of trouble. I don't think he was going to leave. Yeah, he left. So I started skating the guys. So all of us are doing the suicide notes, the blue line back, red line by blue line back, and I've never hustled and worked so hard in my life. So it ends, and I know I'm in trouble, right? So come off the ice and Todd button was the assistant coach at that time with shorty and Todd's waiting for me. He goes, hey, show me he wants to see a type like really? That's a surprising to me. So I have my shirt off, got my hockey pants on still on my equipment. My gut's hanging out over my pants. And I walk into his office and he's like, did you say that I'm such and such? Like some of the things I said you would never say to a boss and I know and you should never. So I said, yeah, that's correct. And so then he started going over how you get to the point where you're a healthy scratch and he's explained it to me. Here's what we rated you the last game two out of 5 key fed two out of 5. Todd hedge a two out of 5. I could hold on here. All three of you guys came up with the exact same number. I can't believe that these two guys have the same number as you have. You know what I'm saying? So I'm not done yet. I should have just shut up, right? So he's like, get the hell out of my office and I left his office. It turned into a long few days. I can tell you that. But how many games ended up getting scratched? Just the one. Okay. Just the one. And to be honest with you, the story gets a little bit longer, but we lost the next game in Boston. And now we're in New Jersey and we're staying at the embassy suites. So you can see everybody. Everybody's room, you know, you can see where everyone's at. We've been now we're losing. So he's like, nobody leave their room until you meet with us in the conference room. And then you can go do whatever you want to do in the day we're not practicing. We had a whole day off. So I'm like, okay, so I sat in my room. From 8 a.m. to 11 o'clock at night. So every player went in and this is hanging over my head because I'd had this outburst, right? So I get a call from Joe Juno. He says, hey, Sony asked me who I wanted to play with and I told him I want to play with jonesy. So two hours later, I got Michael pav calls me. Joni asked me who I wanted to play with. I told him I want to play with jonesy. Another two hours Dale hunter calls me, hey, Sean he asked me, I told him I want to play with jonesy. Because I had told him I want to be traded and I just said this crazy outburst. So at 11 o'clock at night, I get the call to come down to this conference room and show me an intimidating man. He's right across from any looks at me and he goes, you still want to be traded. And I said, you know, I did. But since all the guys called me and said they want to play with me right decided I'm gonna stay. So you've now tripled down. This is it. I just can't stop myself, right? So he looks at me. He looks really at the 5th head, fist, you know? He wasn't a handshake. He gave you a little fist thing. The hairy knockout. He was a German. He was way ahead of his time. He was a German germaphobe. That's why I did it. Yeah, yeah. So he gave me that and I give him this one. Yeah, you're bowing. Yeah. So I walked out of the room, I gave Keith Elena wink on the way out of the room. Back in the lineup. True story. Is that the craziest thing? And I was making at that time 300 grand a year. I thought I was rich. Like I thought I had a great money, but I thought this is like I'm set for life. This is what I was thinking. I was so brain dead. Now we know why shiny went after co host so hot. He was a fitness, not about the donuts. They can actually happen on the donut. So did it get awkward? Jonesy, the play had to play Jones at the agent. The agent handled it a lot better than the player. That's for sure. The agent chuck, he chucked the briefcase and that was it. But you mentioned in that story, branford Ontario. So I guess the most second most famous hockey player ever from Bradford. There's about 9 more ahead of me. Man, I've been looking at that list. I told Gretzky. I told I said, hey, we're the highest scoring duo in the history of the NHL from the same town. And then I looked it up, there's like 9 guys from branford ahead of me. So I need to claim that. Chris gratins from there. Oh no way. Doug Jarvis is from there. The Iron Man, it's incredible the number of records are held from guys from brantford, right? Small town, right? There's 77,000 people. I would say that I was probably the least likeliest to find my way to the NHL I played junior C hockey. I read your I read at least the beginning of your book. It takes me a while. You're the forward business. He fell asleep. I got the Cole's notes, but yeah, like you were never super hyper focused on it where you would take your summers completely off. You enjoyed just being around the guys, especially during your junior C days. You guys are playing 30 games this season. Yeah. So you'd be done by the end of March and you would take from them to training camp completely off what was the title of that chapter, beers and chicken wings? I haven't read it. I don't recommend anyone reads it. Well, it was a great 5 reading level, so I figured it was right up my alley. It is. It is, yeah, so I was yeah, I played hockey because I love playing hockey. And I didn't do anything else. I never thought of the show. Never, I was playing junior C hockey. I was 17 years old and 18 years old. I went back. You know, I tried out for junior junior B on a team that rob Blake played for in my hometown called the branford classics. And I thought I'd make the team. You know, I was a good hockey player through midget. I was good. I wasn't great. I was smaller, 'cause I hadn't grown yet. I was a late bloomer. But I just thought I'd make the team and they cut me. And I was like, oh, now what do you do? And then I got a letter in the mail junior C hockey in Paris Ontario. It's like 15 minutes outside of branford. I'm like, well, I guess I'll try out there and see what happens. So I tried out for the team, barely made the team, and then all of a sudden started the.

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