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"And 45 on WTO At 8 15 back to Dave Johnson And it's back to the popular WTO game show name name the home run hitter Swing a long drive right field How about a home run on opening night This one is going going and long gone Who would hit a home run an opening night the first two guests don't count It was Juan Soto Dave jagler had the call but that was my guess That was a problem That was the nationals only run nationals 5 one law cements Patrick Corbin charged with two runs at four plus settings He was chased in the 5th And Metz once again tonight Josiah grey against Max Scherzer Now second round of the masters is on the way sung JM of course opened that 567 Tiger Woods four strokes back and Matt ward senior editor of golf today at Augusta And one of the things that's really underappreciated about Tiger wood he has a real capacity to grind out rounds when he's really not hitting the ball super well I mean he only hit 9 of 18 greens He only had 8 to 14 fairways But found a way to a one under 71 against second round today capital city go go lost to the raptors 9 to 5 in the G league playoffs Hey cool book is out from Michael orman former local TV and sports executive 50 opening days at 50 years and two to stand out Park in 1992 and of nationals park in 2008 especially 2008 when Ryan Zimmerman hit the walk off home run in the 9th inning To top that again the book is opening day 50 for 50 And Diamondback Seth beer a three one walk off Homer to beat the Padres After all yes yesterday I don't know how we missed this was national beer day Dave Johnson WTP sports.

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