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"Thank you so much for giving me a character in an experience that was so difficult to say goodbye to. Except that I don't have to say goodbye to it because everybody is everybody's now and that is such a gift. And Michael Neiman. I definitely consider the piano to be a gift. That's Holly Hunter accepting her best actress Oscar back in 1994 for her performance in Jane campion's the piano. Winning an Oscar, pretty big deal, Adam, but sort of pales in comparison to winning what are we calling these? Again, I think it's the we are the champions, right? Is that where we settled? We are the champions. And I thought I had some pretty good name options, but then we started hearing from our listeners, Andre kiddo, Charlottesville, Virginia, longtime listeners said when Josh mentioned the pianos as a possible name for the awards it made me think of the ivories, maybe someone can think of other possible connections, but it has a nice ring to it. It does, but then a few more came in, amber Noel said, grand campion chip. It can't be chip Gran final, something along those lines. And we also heard from Austin in Omaha, who said, while this suggestion for an awards title is almost nothing to do with any of Jane campion's films, I feel that my autocorrect has been forever altered due to my letterbox reviews of her films and having to consistently change champion back to campion. It's catchy and for whatever reason I feel like Harvey Keitel's PJ waters from holy smoke my personal favorite film thus far would appreciate it. I certainly enjoyed this dive into a filmmaker. I had zero experience with preceding this review and I look forward to catching up with the power of the dog. Austin ads that he looks forward to the podcast every week, even when Adam shirts the responsibility of catching up with what the rest of us went through with eternals. And he's looking forward to our picks for campion's champion. So we just simplified a little bit what amber and Austin were putting down and homage to Queen. We are calling this, we are the champions. Some good old fashioned brainstorming, right? That's it. We have come to the end of our campion, overview, our chronological series devoted to all 8 of her feature films, including her latest, the power of the dog. We'd like to end all of the series we do, whether it's devoted to the work of a single director, like the zoo reviews or it's a marathon devoted to a certain genre or maybe a single great movie year with some awards. Really just to reflect on the series as a whole. And evaluate what we appreciated most for this overview. We're going to share our favorite lead in supporting performances our favorite scenes and our camping moments as well as our favorite films. I don't know if you did this or you already posted it on letterbox, but I've got my ranking as hard as it was. And so we can do our camping overview list one down to 8. Before we do that, any major takeaways from this overview any surprises, Josh? Yeah, you know, I have that ranking too, and as I'm looking at it probably, and I shouldn't have been surprised by this. I kind of expected this, but in the cut is a film I was mixed to negative on as a lot of people were when it came out and now it's jumped up to a really strong tier in her filmography. So that's probably the biggest surprise for me coming away from this overview, I would say. Yeah, my reappraisal and appreciation of in the cut as well as, of course, my reappraisal and appreciation for the piano were the surprises for me of this series. A quick recap of the films we covered, sweetie, her 1989 debut, an angel at my table, the 1990 biopic about New Zealand author Janet frame, followed by the piano, her 1993 Oscar winning breakthrough. That was followed by the portrait of lady campion's adaptation of the Henry James novel, then we did 1990 9s holy smoke with Kate Winslet and Harvey Keitel. In the cut from 2003 with Meg Ryan and Mark Ruffalo, 2009s bright star about the relationship between poet John Keats, my man, John Keats, and Fannie Braun, and yes, the new power of the dog. We will start as we usually do with our favorite supporting performance. I'll give you some of the nominees here, Josh and see if I have collected what you think are the best options. Going in order, sweetie, gave us the title character, played by genevieve lemmon. I think you could also maybe throw Tom likes into the mix as Lewis. The piano, not only had Harvey Keitel, but Sam Neill and Anna Paquin, Oscar winning, Anna Paquin, the portrait of a lady, formidable here with John Malkovich, Barbara Hershey Martin Donovan, holy smoke, had Harvey Keitel in the cut. Mark Ruffalo, bright star, the pig, the Paul Schneider is. And the power of the dog offers Kirsten Dunst. Jesse Plemons and Cody Smith mcphee. I think it came down to these four. You tell me if I'm wrong. Lemon for sweetie. Maybe paquin for the piano and then ruffalo versus Martin Donovan. Where did you come out? Well, is it weird that my instinct was to only consider men? I mean, what's with this campion? Like always giving short shrift to the men. I don't get it in her movies. So I kind of thought I could go completely the other way and choose one of her more likeable male characters. Because there aren't a ton. Not that they're all villains. They're all complicated, but she does have two really likeable ones. You mentioned one of them. Martin Donovan's fading puck Ralph from the portrait of a lady and then wish us keats in bright star. Maybe that's more of a lead. I do feel like Abby Cornish is the lead there, but you know, it seemed truer to her work to choose one of her most complicated male characters. If you're going to go that way. And so I did go with Mark Ruffalo's detective malloy in the cut. Now generally, I got to say, I don't understand or go for the bad boy, appeal. And I think even more so when those qualities suggest a potentially abusive relationship and I think that's at play here because malloy for much of the running time, you think he's one of the suspects of these murders that have taken place. So that's, you know, makes him a little dangerous, but man, watching this movie again with more experience with campion's work, whatever it is, ruffalo is managing. This complete honesty about what he wants for Meg Ryan's fanny, what he's willing to give her, but then also combined with a really scary anger and a hostility. It just worked on me. I got it. I mean, I got the appeal for Annie, and thankfully I'm just revisit. Yeah, I got in the cut a little bit more. As I said, it's the champion title where my feelings shifted the most. They definitely shifted on the performances here, not only Ryan's, but ruffalo's as detective malloy. So that's where I'm going with my best supporting performance pick. Well, first, I'm glad that you did include Ben whishaw because I somehow overlooked him. And I think he at least needs to be in the running for best supporting. Probably not best lead performance, though you're right, I think that's arguable. I think Gabi Cornish certainly is the star of that film. I really did struggle between Donovan and ruffalo and there was a part of me that wanted to give it to Donovan just because he's a really underappreciated actor who I didn't even know was in this movie. It's one I hadn't seen before. I remember liking him and a lot of how Hartley stuff and he pops up as a character guy in some different films. Of course, over the past few decades. But watching him play that character who really is the only kind of sympathetic warm character in a film that's just filled with snakes. Portrait of a lady is really refreshing. But I think I ultimately went like you with Mark Ruffalo just because I think it had a bit of a higher degree of difficulty. Meaning Donovan, he's dying from the very beginning of the film. And you know he's inherently a good person, so of course he sympathetic. Even though I do think he gives him some complexity, I think he's a very easy character to like and Mark Ruffalo really is someone, especially as we see so much of that movie through Meg Ryan's characters, eyes and her perspective, he's someone we are a little bit scared of, but someone we are a little bit attracted to and ruffalo doesn't overplay anything, but he also doesn't underplay anything. There is, as you said, a real directness to him. And that ability to be someone that we can be a little bit scared of, but then at the same time, feel like maybe somehow they really should be together and you want them to be together. That's enough of a high wire act that I was really surprised even though maybe I shouldn't be by anything Mark Ruffalo does. I was surprised.

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