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"michael meaker" Discussed on KIIS 102.7

"Five seconds of summer. Teachers back to work Rams prepping for the Super Bowl just normal day in LA. So now, there are these places that people rent out apartments and houses that people rent, and they do some sort of like crazy bright decorating to the rooms, and they charge you to go take pictures in the rooms as if they are your rooms for your Instagram posts, write a business like the ice cream museum. Well, that's one of the examples to, but let's say that Tanya does a fashion blog, you can actually find houses that you can rent to make it look like, it's your closet for the fashion. Block O today. You can post in a closet. So there's. New museum. That would be a pop up museum. It's open now through February seventeenth, but it's the disgusting foods museum. So eighty foods on display to be seen smelled tasted. Which is what a lot of people wanna post them eating this disgusting style because you get a lot of likes if you eat or drink mouse wine. Which is dead mice in a VAT of so it's not this is not real it's real dead mice in a VAT of rice mine. Chinese health tonics age for a year. Oh. These won't kill you. But like sheep eyeball juice now. It's among goalie and hangover cure, actually, try to cure the hang on. I have never eaten an eyeball. I've eaten a lot of things. I can't eat tonight cure a hangover. And they said if you eat this right now, it will get rid of your hangover. I would do it. I don't. So painful, and now with kids forget it like I want that out out at you put electrolytes in your water that doesn't work anymore. It does work. I mean. Yeah. It does eventually after a few hours a hangover goes away. But if this was an instant care, I've tried to sheep eyeball, juice. Well, let's get you drunk and hung over. All right fruit bat soup. You cashew Marzieh cheese. They leave it on the wheel of cheese outside so flies. Ken Lay eggs does not seem safe. The maggots will then eat the cheese and leave their excrement behind. No. This is true which adds to the flavor of the cheese. Now Vata could not he literally just made me sick to my stomach that I could nutty. Although I feel like one of our engineers should try that for us. What is the grossest thing you've ever eaten says? I I think it was chicken heart. I like chicken heart. I know you like chicken her that this was like maybe a week or two in our we are really early on into dating Michael Meaker like few months, and I go to have dinner at his parents house for the first time and we're eating like traditional like Argentinian like barbecue. Like so much meets different. Stop and everybody there as raven you have to try the chicken heart. And I was like, okay. Of course, I'm rude to maybe not try it. And I had like so all of this thing. And it was the worst thing, isn't it? It's so chewy itself grows. They were all like licking their fingers like he's been listed. They sees it put it on the grill. It's really good. I couldn't do it. And I never want you again. What's the grossest thing you've had? I've had pigs now before wow. Oh, I'm not gonna lie. Like this. Like, I can't like I don't really eat a lot of meat anymore because I'm so like gross out by it. So how do they prepare picks out? So I don't know if this is like this is probably other cultures too. But Serbians like at every Serbian party. They have like that full pig like on the like on the Barbie. Like the stick with the apple in his mouth. Yeah. And they you eat the whole thing luau. Yeah. Patty. What's the grossest thing you've had? I wouldn't see growth because I don't think food as growth, but I've had tacos associate which translates to brain tackles, the brain. The cal. I've had.

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