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Fresh "Michael Keaton" from WCBS Programming

"Thunderstorms Thursday. Partly sunny and high of 86 degrees right now, mostly cloudy in the city. It's 83 degrees in Manhattan, 86 in West Milford, 87 in Deer Park. WCBS news. Time to 20 Plans are in motion to turn an abandoned North jersey rail line into a walking and biking trail. WCBS Steve Burns reports Right now all you can see your some abandoned railroad tracks and a lot of weeds have been a dormant rail line for the last 16 years. But Debra Kegan with the New Jersey bike and Walk Coalition, see something else entirely just has tremendous potential. The 8.6 mile line running from Montclair, New Jersey City is owned by North Fuck Southern Railway. And after a decade of advocacy, the company recently announced its ready to sell. Ah, great moment. We're very sorry about this moment. Kegan envisions people walking, biking relaxing along the line. It even has potential for commuters looking to avoid delays on the roads and rails option. Or biking and walking something we've seen. People are even more interested in as we've gone through coded. The process is far from over. Advocates still need to secure funding and run through engineering meets, especially around the Hackensack and Passaic River Bridges. Steve Burns. WCBS NEWS Radio 80 WCBS News time to 21. This is lying. Then radio I'm Jeffrey Lyons with a periodic post pandemic. Look ahead when we'll be able to see movies again in theaters together as they're meant to be seen. Ghostbusters after life coming next year, picks up the store with a new generation. And there's a new feature length animated Tom and Jerry Movie Coming with the voices of Chloe Grace Moretz. And Michael Pina. Aquafina is a voice in a new Disney animated movie called Reina and the Last Dragon and Michael Gandolfini, Son of the late James Gandolfini plays his father's Tony Soprano character in the many Saints of Newark. It's the prequel to The Sopranos. It's got a good cast to Corey Stoll, Vera Farmiga and John Birth now on actor whose faces more familiar than his name, But he's on the cusp of stardom and Oscar winner Jared Leto and J. K. Simmons team with Michael Keaton in more of us about a scientist who accidentally infects himself with what's called vampirism to Coin a word. The movies will be seeing together in theaters again soon. Let's hope that's lions and radio. I'm Jeffrey Lyons. WCBS news Radio 8 80 better tomorrow starts today with Wendy's breakfast tomorrow that says they can not. They can't where fresh eggs, rain like opportunity,.

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