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Sheriff: Md. high school gunman had "prior relationship" with victim

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Sheriff: Md. high school gunman had "prior relationship" with victim

"News talk seven sixty wjr detroit thirty nine degrees at three o'clock good afternoon everyone i'm marie osborne authorities in southern maryland say a student gunman who shot and wounded two classmates at his high school this morning died after a school resource officer fired on him and ended the attack saint mary county sheriff tim cameron says investigators believe there was a prior relationship between the shooter and one of the victims but they can't say whether the gunman intended to hurt anyone else ro did his job engaged and stop the potential threat so beyond that we just may not have an answer it may be it may not be a random event that may be his intent but then we're guessing and of course beyond is intent what was i going to do beyond that we simply today don't know that i thought he's in texas are investigating the fifth bombing in the lone star state this month corresponding clayton neville says the explosion fedex facility in schertz texas north of san antonio comes amid a series of serial bombings in austin the bombing at the fedex facility in schertz texas happened when the package was on a conveyor belt shirts police chief michael hansen says it's not believed the package was intended to detonate at that facility we're confident that neither this facility nor any location and the shirts area was a target the austin police department says it responded to four hundred and twenty suspicious package calls between eight am yesterday an eight am today bringing the total number two more than twelve hundred since march twelve i'm clayton neville a fight outside of a restaurant has led to the suspension of an offduty detroit police commander and serious injuries to another man a criminal investigation underway into the detroit police commander who got into the fight with the bar customer police commander timothy leach was moonlighting as a bouncer at the bar during saint patrick's day march on march eleventh chief craig says commander leeches employment as a bouncer had not been authorized by the department idea i'm not going to get into the content but there was force clearly i determined based on my review of the video that there was forced us and chief craig they're saying he did review the video and the case fortyoneyearold michael karp rich of washington township is on life support at a local hospital the strongest storm of the season is set to slam into southern california prompting residents still recovering from january's deadly mudslides to evacuate again don't take your chances that warning for mark johnson with the national weather service for people in montecito oh where january's deadly mudslide hit.

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