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"michael john gruden" Discussed on Xtra Sports Radio 1300 AM

"And the cowboys new york giants are probably upset with cleveland croat philly grew up and get this get this guy yeah i would say so i think there over the fans in cleveland but neither here every day so we deal with injuries all the time john and certainly the mark he won this year of of many injuries had been aaron rodgers what we saw joe thomas go down in that streak stop we just saw and then in in your game not only brand new sheriff in the right guard for washington as a pro bowler excellent young guy but an older guy adjacent peters go down the left tackle for the eagles we saw that team without lane johnson last year right tackle for suspension in that line started to struggle what are the expectations talk about it from the old lyon aspect when you lose a guy like that the changes that occur can change axis in owes wise ass to give the next if it lane johnson over there are more help how how to do that adjustments go brian cloudier quarterback and as you know whoever agape quarter up there after blockade work crashed structure in critical situations for the rest of the seat and i don't know if you're gonna make a switch or not claim over there perhaps i think he was selected number four overall leonard draft eagle longterm answer it left jack fire now you're talking about a coup progressed your switches sometimes healthy at mid season but we need to do a lot of things to try to obviously help that left tackle chink launching spot grown quipped game that's what peter extremely well and they're going to have to rally around whoever that is but there are a couple of options with claims captain potentially moving over just stand with michael john gruden is with us so that was last week's game we'll get to this week's game another the big topics that we're talking about today's the situation with martavis bryant in pittsburgh and it's it's it's multi layered but let my basic question to you is this john because before you were head coach you were an offensive coach and so you you dealt with all of this before you've got a guy and and we can take the particulars out of it who is it nearly as big a part of the offences he wants.

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