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"michael jeffrey ralph" Discussed on Radio Bypass Podcast

"You really got me. That's my the hoop. Poles version from their debut album came out fifty years ago in nineteen sixty nine the album was called rock and roll Queen. And that introduced the world to certain Mick Ralphs born Michael Jeffrey Ralph's and this day March thirty first back in nineteen forty four. So Mick Ralph's, turning seventy five today. And if you're not familiar with Mick from his work with Martha hoople his first band, you might know him better from a second band, bad company. Mc win ended joint form bad company and put out their first record in seventy four and he continued to work with bad company throughout the rest of his career. And once in a while reuniting with Ian Hunter and some of his other bandmates from the Hoopoe, but bad company being his main ongoing band, and then he also formed a blues band just called Mick row. Blues band in twenty seven and they put out a record in twenty sixteen and that is probably going to be the last recorded output from Mick Ralphs because that same year, he suffered a pretty devastating stroke. So he still with us, but don't know if they'll ever be able to play guitar again. So anyway, as we're getting ready to do episode one hundred twelve of the radio bypass by cast thought, we do a little salute to Mick Ralph's, great guitar player on his birthday. So kicking it off with the very first thing we ever heard from Mr. Ralph's from that hoople. And now the last album from bad company with both him and the almighty ball Rogers in it, the students called electric land. It's.

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