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"michael harriot" Discussed on Patriots Beat

"And I think the biggest thing that you had issues with and looking back on our evaluations of Nikhil Harry and learning from that draft pick and things of that nature, you saw so little true press man coverage. Let's get in somebody's face and let's see if he can win. And the little sample size that Nikhil Harry did have against press man coverage was very poor as it translated to the NFL with the same thing. So I think the biggest thing that I had against the PAC 12 was one, the style of defense that they played was basically let's play a country country spot drop zone. We're going to sit back and cover four shells. Keep the top on the defense and let everything go underneath. And it allowed guys like Michael harriot to catch screen passes and drag routes and then take those for big plays after the catch. And the other thing that I would say is the speed of the conference, especially out in the PAC 12. To me, really took a hit over the last three, four, 5 years, going back to the Nikhil pic. And in that respect, I think that that was something that I saw on tapes with Drake London, for instance, right? Who I wasn't as high on with other people as well is these big receivers, these 6 foot three, 6 foot four guys that are posterizing people in the PAC 12, but are there actually running away from anybody, right? What's their game speed? Are they actually pulling away from defenses? And when you're not pulling away from PAC 12 DBs, I just have concerns from an evaluation standpoint. If you can't run away from a guy in the pack 12, then I really don't feel good about you running away from an NFL defensive back. Whereas when you look at the SEC guys, okay, like I can see AJ Brown pulling away from this guy, that really translates, right? Or even a guy like treylon Burks, who we all kind of soured on because of the 40 time and everything. At least he was out there running away from people in the SEC. So I think that's a big part of it with the PAC 12. So I am interested to see from that respect going into the Big Ten Ohio State Michigan, you know, some of these really blue bud power programs. Let's see what some of these guys look like. Now, in terms of the translation and projecting to the NFL against some of these defenses that have a little bit more overall team speed than what they were going up against in the PAC 12. Well, I think I mean at all positions too, the thing is the PAC 12, like you said, it's a very wide open game. Big Ten is not wide open..

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